Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik slams NRA, calls for civil disobedience to change gun laws 2/18/18Celebrities, Guns,
VIDEO: How Gender Roles Influence Society (Andrew Klavan) 2/17/18LGBT, Perverse, Video
6 Statistics About School Shootings You Need To Know 2/16/18Guns, Conservative, Violence
Paris suburb becomes jihadi breeding ground and recruitment zone for the Islamic State2/16/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
LYING ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE WITH STATISTICS (Daniel Greenfield)2/16/18Media, Guns, Conservative
Student paper accuses Harvard Christian group of homophobia and hate for hosting ex gay speaker 2/16/18LGBT, Christianity, Education
MSNBC Wallace: Only Talking About Shooting Victims Because They are White 2/16/18Race, Guns, Media
Texas: Plano councilman pressured to quit for calling for banning of Islam from schools 2/16/18Islam, PC, Education
After meeting with an illegal immigrant student who was detained by ICE shortly before New Years, UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ announced a massive expansion of resources for undocumented students on campus. $800K more allocated 2/16/18Education, Immigration,
Local law enforcement was called to the home of Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz 39 times since 2010 2/16/18Liberal Bias, Guns,
US federal agents said Friday they arrested 212 people in Los Angeles for violating federal immigration laws. 2/16/18Immigration, Violence,
Vandals Desecrate U.S. Flag at Utah High School, Fly ISIS Flag 2/16/18Patriotism, Vandalism, Islam
Australia Muslim teen planned maximum fire jihad massacre 2/16/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Ted Cruz Did A 15 Minute Interview With CNN and They Aired None Of It, Then Attacked Him For Not Coming On Air2/16/18Media, Liberal Bias,
DePaul University is refusing to allow a conservative student group to host commentator and comedian Steven Crowder 2/16/18Education, Freedom,
UCLA hosted campus talk on toxic masculinity and 10 students showed up2/16/18Feminism, Education,
Dubious Report That Florida Shooter Was White Supremacist Apparently Started With 4Chan Prank2/16/18HoaxFraud, Race, Media
MISSOURI: Designated terrorist group CAIR invades yet another State Capital building so they can whine to as many lawmakers as possible about Islamophobia2/16/18Islam, Liberal Bias,
Director Joss Whedon: ICE is Trumps SS2/16/18TDS, Immigration, Celebrities
THE ATTACK ON ACADEMIA? An assault from within.2/16/18Professors, Indoctrination, Education
Sweden: Pro Sharia advocate of polygamy and wife beating gets green light to open Islamic school2/16/18Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Evergreen State College predicts nearly 20% drop in student enrollment2/16/18Education, Race,
Informant Warned FBI About Parkland Shooters Desire To Shoot Up School, FBI IGNORED IT (Ben Shapiro) 2/16/18Liberal Bias, Violence, Guns
Oklahoma State Capital building officials let Muslims walk in and take over room to lay rugs down and pray2/16/18Islam, Liberal Bias,
No Collusion; Trump Declares Victory After Mueller Russia Indictments2/16/18TDS, Conservative,
Earlier this month, creationist Ken Ham was disinvited from speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma by student government organizers after intense pressured from campus LGBT activists, But the president of the university has reversed that decision 2/16/18Education, Freedom, Christianity
Raymond Ibrahim: The Hate Behind Muslim Tears and Outrage 2/16/18Conservative, Islam, PC
The View Condemns Pence for Talking to God, is Silent on Oprah Listening to Him 2/16/18Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
ICE Makes 100+ Arrests In SoCal, Says Los Angeles Uncooperative2/15/18Immigration, Violence, California
Leftists Sue Ohio Over Law Banning Abortions on Basis of Down Syndrome 2/15/18Abortion, ,
The FBI Keeps Missing Mass Shooters Before Its Too Late 2/15/18Guns, Violence, Conservative
VIDEO: Muslims have been working to poison US public schools with Islamic indoctrination since 1991 2/15/18Islam, Indoctrination, Video
Cornell professor: The American Dream now a hallucination2/15/18Professors, ,
CNN Amanpour Gives On-Air Bible Lesson to Push Gun Control Agenda2/15/18Guns, Christianity, Liberal Bias
ITALIAN MUSEUM under fire for discriminating against Italians and Christians by giving discounts only to Arab and Muslim visitors2/15/18Islam, PC, Christianity
Piers Morgan Goes Off His Rocker With Nikolas Cruz White Supremacist 'MUSLIM Tweet; says if shooter was Muslim laws would change; forgetting San Bernadino and Orlando Muslim shooters 2/15/18Celebrities, Islam, Guns
Scholars denounce victim-centered junk science approach to sexual assault2/15/18Science, Professors, Feminism
Second Appeals Court Strikes Down Trump Travel Ban2/15/18Immigration, Freedom, Islam
Comedian Blames School Shooting on Masculinity: Boys are Broken2/15/18Celebrities, Feminism, Guns
SELF HATING SWEDISH BISHOP welcomes loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer to be blasted from mosque loudspeakers2/15/18Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Conservative group at Lone Star College sues after admin unilaterally yanks status after hosting Abortion debate 2/15/18Education, Freedom, Abortion
DNC Fundraises Off Florida Shooting2/15/18Liberal Bias, Perverse,
5 Terrible Things the Media Communicates to Every Potential School Shooter 2/15/18Conservative, Violence, Guns
Former NBA Player Steve Nash: Constitution Very Old, Americans Brainwashed to Love Guns2/15/18Celebrities, Guns, Patriotism
Florida law enforcement officials identified the suspected gunman in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as Nicolas Cruz. 2/14/18Guns, Violence,
California High School Bans Racist National Anthem from Pep Rallies 2/14/18Patriotism, Race,
Report: Political Environmentalism Is Hampering Research At Federally Funded National Laboratories 2/14/18Environmental, Science,
Shooting At Florida High School, Sheriff Reports At Least 17 Victims 2/14/18Guns, Violence,
Univeristy of Dayton says Saying husband or wife violates Christian dignity, school says 2/14/18Education, PC, Christianity
NYT Hires Leftist Editor, Fires Immediately Over Previous Use of Slurs in Tweets 2/14/18Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Anti Military High School Teacher Remains Defiant, Refuses to Resign2/14/18Patriotism, Perverse, Professors
An Australian Professor of Physics is suing his university, which is trying to gag him from telling the truth about the “dying” Great Barrier Reef.2/14/18Environmental, Science, Professors
Nigeria: Muslim leader cites Qur’an verse to threaten violence over hijab ban (VERSE) 2/14/18Islam, Violence,
Chelsea Handler Blames Republicans For Florida School Shooting 2/14/18TDS, Celebrities,
Knife Attack in Paris Wounds Five 2/14/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Ohio parents are battling for custody of their biological daughter who claims she is transgender, identifying as a boy. The 17yr old is currently living with her maternal grandparents and under temporary legal custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services. The teen claims she became suicidal over her parents' lack of support regarding her gender identity, including refusing to call her by her new chosen name. She was first hospitalized in 2016 and has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria. 2/13/18LGBT, Freedom,
BuzzFeed Publishes Listicle Admiring Crotch Bulges of Male Lugers: seemingly admitting that male genitalia is different than female? Also, what would happen if a conservative outlet posted an article about the best olympic boobs? 2/13/18Feminism, Perverse, LGBT
Olympic Committee BACKS OFF After Ruling Team USA Must Remove Statue Of Liberty From Hockey Helmets. IOC had called the image too political for the Olympic Games.2/13/18Patriotism, Liberal Bias, PC
UK: Muslim threatens to blow up primary school, is spared jail time 2/13/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Illegal Alien Deported Three Times in Three Months Returned to Sell $400k of Meth 2/13/18Immigration, Violence,
Disney CEO Bob Iger Hosting Fundraiser For Vulnerable Dems In Mid Terms 2/13/18Media, Liberal Bias,
SANCTUARY CITY officials In Portland Oregon RELEASED ILLEGAL ALIEN SEX OFFENDER, HE THEN BRUTALLY RAPED A 65yr old WOMAN 2/13/18Immigration, Violence,
Keith Ellison Attended Multiple Meetings With Louis Farrakhan While In Congress 2/13/18Islam, Liberal Bias,
Trans Male On Testosterone Set To Win State Wrestling Tournament In Womens Division, 2/13/18LGBT, Feminism,
A feminist group that wants fraternities to accept female members is hosting an Anti Valentines event to protest a tradition rooted in capitalism and heteronormativity 2/13/18Feminism, Socialism,
Duke University College Professor says Libertarians Are Autistic 2/13/18Professors, ,
Italy: Muslim migrant rapes woman on multiethnic street in Rome2/13/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
The ties between several congressional Democrats and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan have already become a 2018 campaign issue. 2/13/18Islam, Liberal Bias,
Leftists Bash Black Panther For Failing To Include LGBTQ Representation2/13/18LGBT, Race, PC
CNN Dean Obeidallah: Trump Should Be Charged With Manslaughter! for Opioid Death 2/13/18TDS, Media,
A libertarian socialist organization recently spent several hours recruiting at Texas State University while prominently displaying an Antifa flag; says Antifa not terrorists2/13/18Education, Socialism,
Belgium: Muslim migrant almost kicks to death 87yr old man for criticizing Islam 2/13/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
FLASHBACK: Conan Insulted Haiti in 2005, Now Offended by Trumps Shithole Comment2/13/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Here is how you can circumvent Facebooks block on Jihad Watch2/13/18Indoctrination, Freedom, Media
CNN Runs Entire Segment On How Trump Says The Word Stupid2/13/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Joe Rogan - Wikileaks VS Hilary Clinton! 2/13/18Clinton, Conservative, Video
The View Joy Behar, Hostin Mock VP Mike Pence Christian Faith as Dangerous and Mental Illness2/13/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Male student at Dartmouth accused of misogyny for criticizing campus program that rarely hires men 2/13/18Feminism, Education,
Illegal Alien Kills Baby in crash involving ambulance in Winston Salem Virgnia2/12/18Immigration, Violence,
Washington Post publishes article by Muslim who served 13 years in federal prison for terrorism related charges titled: Muslims like me dont have theological beef with evangelicals. Its the prejudice against us thats the problem2/12/18Islam, Violence, Media
15 Media Outlets that Colluded with North Korea to Romanticize Their Slave State 2/12/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Obama Portrait Artist Has Habit Of Painting Black People BEHEADING White People2/12/18Obama, Race, Perverse
Despite no increase in white supremacist activity at UCLA, profs still invoke Trump, Hitler2/12/18Professors, Race, TDS
UCLA students pay $2Million per year in social justice fees 2/12/18Education, Economics, Indoctrination
Trump Hating Media Fawn Over Dictator Kim at Olympics 2/12/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Sweden to deport American student while giving jihadis housing and benefits 2/12/18Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
A debate coorganized by the College Republicans and College Democrats at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has been canceled after students protested the involvement of conservative pundit Bill Whittle, accusing him of racism and Islamophobia.2/12/18Indoctrination, Education, Freedom
7th grade students assigned Draw Yourself as a Slave assignment2/12/18Race, Indoctrination, Education
National Anthem Kneeler and Complainer of police brutality, NFL player and San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for allegedly committing domestic violence and having illegal weapons 2/12/18Patriotism, Violence,
An independent analysis has found that public universities in North Carolina finds spend nearly $17 million per year on diversity efforts, not including benefits and office materials. 2/12/18Indoctrination, Education, Economics
Philadelphia school pays kids $100 if they dont get into fights 2/12/18Economics, Education, Violence
Unilever, the second largest advertiser in the world has threatened Facebook and Google with a boycott if they do not take steps to curb anger and hate on their platforms 2/12/18Indoctrination, Media, Liberal Bias
Same Media That Cheered Kneeling For American Flag Rips Pence For Sitting For United Korean Flag 2/12/18TDS, Patriotism, Media
Germany: Muslim migrant murders dog by throwing him out of a high window2/12/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Six South Dakota State University student senators are protesting a resolution denouncing a bill in the state legislature intended to protect free speech on college campuses2/12/18PC, Education, Freedom
How the Left Plays at Oppression and Encourages Tyrants 2/12/18Conservative, Media, Indoctrination
Minnesota State Senators want to spend $18,000,000 of taxpayer money on Somali community development2/11/18Islam, Immigration, Economics
Huffington Post cries about ICE Set To Deport Undocumented Father Whose 5yr Old Son Is Battling Cancer. In 2006, at age 19, Berrones was caught driving with a fake license and deported to Mexico. He then twice reentered the country unlawfully to rejoin his family.2/10/18Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Medium article compares ICE and Trump supporters to Nazi Brownshirts2/10/18Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Is the Global Warming Cult Finally Coming to Its Senses? 2/10/18Environmental, ,
Google fined $21.1M for search bias in India 2/10/18Media, ,
The Obama DOJ Long History Of Politicization (LIST) 2/9/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Germany: Muslim migrant rapes 13yr old girl after being released from prison for attempted rape (VERSE)2/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Wealthy New Yorkers Fight To Keep Homeless Out Of Their Liberal Neighborhood 2/9/18Economics, ,
College class studies fascism from Mussolini to Trump2/9/18TDS, Socialism, Professors
Progressive Rabbi Says First Case of #MeToo in Bible: Eve Sexually Assaulted by God2/9/18Feminism, Christianity, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl, tells her You cant be a virgin because youre white2/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
STUDY: These Islands that environmentalists claim are Sinking From Global Warming Are Actually Growing In Size 2/9/18Environmental, ,
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Absolutely Butchers Gay Wedding Cake Ruling And Its Not Even Close2/9/18LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Bill (Not A Scientist) Nye: says Fertilized Eggs Are Not Human: however, pro life leader responds writing: The predominance of human biological research confirms that human life begins at conception/fertilization. At fertilization, the human being emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism, a member of the species Homo sapiens, needing only the proper environment in which to grow and develop.2/9/18Abortion, Science, Celebrities
Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington promotes abortion to students via eugenics group2/9/18Abortion, Christianity, Education
HATE CRIME HOAX: I wonder who could possibly be behind a badly misspelled flyer threatening Muslims in Minneapolis 2/9/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
REPORT: A record number of Bay Area residents are packing up and leaving San Francisco, many claiming the progressive policies have driven them away.2/9/18Economics, California,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro On Fox & Friends: Nobody Wants To Talk About The Real Drivers Of The Debt, And Thats Not Military Spending2/9/18Economics, Conservative, Video
Top Aideof Justin Trudeau says Critics are Nazis 2/9/18Liberal Bias, ,
Mashable Complains Star Wars Creators Are All White Men2/9/18Race, Media, PC
I Should Know: Democrats Intel Abuse Is Reminiscent of My Work for Ceausescu2/9/18Conservative, Freedom, Obama
Newsweek Insider Tells How Magazine is Imploding 2/9/18Conservative, Media,
Virginia: Muslim who tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihadi pleads guilty to lying on applications 2/9/18Islam, Violence, HoaxFraud
Bette Midler Calls For Violence Against Rand Paul 2/9/18Celebrities, Perverse,
Virginia bill would let colleges easily block routine FOIA requests2/9/18Freedom, Education,
Eric Holder Calls DOJs Apology to Tea Party Groups Targeted by IRS Unnecessary 2/9/18Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
THE ABNORMALIZATION OF TRUMP: What media coverage of a military parade tells us about the Lefts madness.2/9/18Patriotism, TDS, Conservative
UK: Imam says a woman must make herself available to her husband whenever he says Im ready, I need you 2/9/18Islam, Feminism,
HATE CRIME or another self inflicted Muslim Hate Crime Hoax? Suspect sought for vandalizing a Musims car in Cincinnati, Ohio, with graffiti that said: Trump America and Go Home Musslim and a Nazi swastika (Muslim favorite).2/9/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
The Fight of Our Lives: New Documentary Examines the Threats Facing the West 2/9/18Conservative, ,
Minnesota: Muslim student faces jihad terror charge, other students surprised because school is diverse 2/8/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Atlantic: Conservatives Must Vote for Democrats to Save Republican Party: Be a Dumbass, Vote Democrat2/8/18Media, Liberal Bias,
A University of Central Florida student refused to wear a hijab on World Hijab Day and for that crime against humanity, a female Muslim student tried to get her expelled. 2/8/18Islam, Education, Freedom
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the approximately 900 people in the U.S. under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) who have served, are serving, or have signed up to serve in the armed forces would not be deported. 2/8/18Immigration, ,
After conservative activist Charlie Kirk tweeted about conservative students being penalized for their views by professors, a liberal journalist replied that professors should drown the students instead of docking their grades.2/8/18Perverse, Professors,
Creationist Ken Ham disinvited from speaking at Univ. of Central Oklahoma2/8/18Education, Freedom, Science
As Iranian women cast off hijab as symbol of oppression, UK Foreign Office celebrates World Hijab Day 2/8/18Islam, Feminism, PC
Border Patrol Agents Stop Five MS13 Members from Illegally Entering U.S 2/8/18Immigration, Violence,
Salon Deletes Article Slamming The Bible After They Get Wrecked On Twitter2/8/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
SWEDISH POLICE IN FULL RETREAT as they flee Muslim migrant areas following series of grenade attacks 2/8/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Dartmouth student accused of violence for oped on gender bias and diversity2/8/18Education, PC, Violence
Celebrate The Down Syndrome Gerber Baby. Then Remember We Exterminate Babies Like Him (Matt Walsh)2/8/18Abortion, Conservative,
VIDEO: Antonio Sabato Jr. Drops Immigration Truth Bombs On The View Hosts2/8/18Immigration, Conservative, Video
Linda Sarsour at Pro Illegal Immigration Rally: Trump a Fascist and ICE is the Gestapo 2/8/18TDS, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Utah School Named After Andrew Jackson Renamed to Honor NASA Engineer 2/8/18Remove History, ,
In the first quarter after the tax reform bill; which will save taxpayers and corporations $1.5 trillion in taxes over ten years; tax revenues actually increased by $18 billion (5.2%) over the previous year, resulting in the government running a $51 billion surplus. 2/8/18Economics, ,
The Duluth, Minnesota schools no longer will require To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn so as to be considerate of all of its students because those books are racist2/8/18Remove History, Race, PC
UK Security Minister: ISIS Recruiting Jihadis on British Campuses2/8/18Islam, Immigration, Education
Movie Theater Bans Doc Profiling Professed Former Homosexuals Who Were Bullied By Leftists 2/8/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Freedom
An FBI informant told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions to America with the expectation it would benefit Bill Clintons charitable efforts as then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed through a reset in U.S. Russia relations2/8/18Clinton, Freedom, Conservative
Republicans tried to ban late term abortions in America, a measure that was sadly voted down. Among those who voted against the measure were 14 Catholic senators. Catholic Priest Father Dwight Longenecker believes that they should be excommunicated from the church. 2/8/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
ENGLAND: Teacher Fired For Telling Lesbian Student God Loves You2/8/18Professors, LGBT, Christianity
Parents Furious about Sexually Explicit Maya Angelou Math Assignment 2/8/18Perverse, Professors,
Socialist student group protests campus event honoring law enforcement at Cal State Fullerton 2/8/18Education, Socialism,
Bermuda Becomes First Country In The World To Repeal Same Sex Marriage2/8/18LGBT, Conservative,
Elementary principal comes out as transgender in middle of the school year2/8/18LGBT, Professors,
Quentin Tarantino Apologizes For Saying Roman Polanski Rape Victim Wanted It2/8/18Celebrities, Perverse, Violence
Democrats Are Headed for a World of (Deserved) Hurt 2/8/18TDS, Freedom, Conservative
Univision Anchor: Trump Wants to Keep America White 2/8/18TDS, Immigration, Race
Sweden: Dental hygienist proves child refugees are actually adults, gets fired when he says: I would probably estimate that up to 80% of them were obviously adults. This can be seen, for example, on wisdom teeth that were fully grown; something that is only seen in adults 2/7/18Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Thanks Illegal Immigrants For Breaking The Law, Says U.S. Owes Them 2/7/18Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Going Full #MeToo 2/7/18Feminism, Media,
Last fall, Columbia University pledged to spend an extra $100 million on diversity efforts over five years. Now American University is spending even more, even faster; pledging $121 Million over the next 2 years for diversity efforts 2/7/18Economics, Indoctrination, Education
ICE Reveals One Mexican Man Deported 44 Times from U.S. Coming in after are three other Mexicans who have racked up an impressive number of crossings and deportations: 35, 34, and 31 times earning third, fourth, and fifth place2/7/18Immigration, Violence,
Northeastern prof says he wouldnt mind seeing Trump dead2/7/18Perverse, Professors, TDS
An economics instructor at George Mason University says most of what students learn at college isnt used for their jobs 2/7/18Professors, Conservative, PC
Group Tries to Prevent Team From Praying Before Games. West Branch high school basketball team in Beloit, Ohio has a nondenominational prayer before games. This is a tradition that the community appears to enjoy, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a group dedicated to defending the non existent constitutional separation between religion and government, is fighting to take it down. 2/7/18Christianity, Education, Freedom
Remember the $1.7 billion that the Obama administration paid to Iran in 2016 after the release of five Americans held by Iran? The federal government traced the funds, only to discover the money was transferred to Hezbollah, the terrorist group in Lebanon; 2/7/18Obama, Islam, Violence
Study: New Minimum Wage Laws Will Eliminate More Than 260,000 Jobs in 2018 2/7/18Economics, ,
Denmark To Ban Islamic Veils 2/7/18Islam, Immigration, Conservative
Karem on CNN: Trump Believes Every Immigrant in this Country is a Killer2/7/18TDS, Immigration, Media
EU threatens military force against countries that refuse to take in Muslim migrants posing as refugees 2/7/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
THE CLINTON DOSSIER: Exposing the collusion between the DOJ and the Clintons. 2/7/18Clinton, Freedom,
UK: Theresa May government admits significant portion of the more than 400 Islamic State fighters who have returned to Britain are at large, unpunished, having been deemed no longer of national security concern2/7/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
New FBI Texts May Implicate Obama in FISAGate 2/7/18Obama, Freedom, TDS
UK: Teacher Showed ISIS Beheading Videos to Kids 2/7/18Islam, Professors, Perverse
DENMARK: Now even left wing Social Democrats are pushing anti-Muslim policies with ambitious plan to slash 3rd world Muslim migration2/7/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Rape Survivor: #MeToo Must Advocate For Gun Rights2/7/18Feminism, Guns, Conservative
Oklahoma: Muslim who attended flight school also participated in al Qaeda jihad training camp2/7/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
The University of Massachusetts Amherst recently conducted a campus climate survey, revealing that conservative students are among the most likely to face ostracism and unfair treatment on campus. 2/7/18Education, Freedom,
WaPo Columnist Says Having Babies Is A Collective Concern. No, It Isnt. (Ben Shapiro)2/7/18Media, Conservative,
Al Sharpton Says Trump Proposes Most Racist, Bigoted Policies2/7/18TDS, Race,
California Will Block Oil And Coal Shipments, Risks Constitutional Battle 2/7/18Environmental, Freedom, California
VIDEO: Who Will Google Silence Next? Prager University2/7/18Media, Indoctrination, Video
Stockton California will try Universal Basic Income 2/7/18Economics, California,
Plus size model Alexandra Thomas is fat shamed by her dermatologist: Im not just my weight2/7/18Feminism, PC, Science
VIDEO: Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot (Paul Joseph Watson)2/7/18Feminism, Conservative, Video
Illegal Immigrant in Maryland Urinating In Public Repeatedly Stabs Man Who Objected2/6/18Immigration, Violence,
A California judge ruled the state couldnt force a cake shop owner to bake a cake for a gay couples wedding, ruling that doing so would constitute a violation of free speech.2/6/18Christianity, Conservative, LGBT
CNN political contributor Carl Bernstein unleashed an ode to ridiculousness in response to the release of the GOP led Nunes memo. Bernstein lamented that the House Intelligence Committees exposure of ethics concerns in the FBI's Russian probe means that we may well have not seen such dark days for American democracy and its institutions. According to him, the country is at a crossroads due to demagogic authoritarian Donald Trump. 2/6/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
The only individual in the United States convicted over his involvement in the September 11th attacks has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over claims he is experiencing psychological torture while kept in solitary confinement 2/6/18Islam, Violence, TDS
Mainstream Journalists Try To Fact Check Americans Happy About Tax Cut, Get Destroyed 2/6/18Economics, Media, TDS
Stanford claims Robert Spencer is agitator for violence2/6/18Professors, Islam, PC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 500,000 women and girls in the United States are at risk of or have been subjected to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)2/6/18Feminism, Islam, Immigration
Who Owns This Economy, Obama Or Trump? 2/6/18Conservative, Economics, Obama
The Democratic Party Has Reached An UNREAL Level Of Support For Illegal Immigration 2/6/18Immigration, Conservative,
#METOO BACKLASH: Survey Shows Twice As Many Men Now Afraid To Mentor Women (Ben Shapiro) 2/6/18Feminism, ,
Italy: Up to 80,000 women have been subjected to genital mutilation2/6/18Islam, Feminism, Immigration
Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew criticism for teaching a course titled White Racism, now argues that black racism does not exist2/6/18Professors, Race,
General Motors will send 50,000 eligible employees a profit-sharing check of up to $11,7502/6/18Economics, ,
State Dept. Embraces Islamic Cleric Who Embraced Killing Americans in Iraq, Called for Israels Destruction. Also an inherent contradiction in the Trump State Department embracing the interfaith efforts of an Islamic cleric who openly states on his website that Christians are going to hell. Most embarrassing for the Obama White House was Bin Bayyahs approval of a 2004 fatwa authorizing the killing of Americans in Iraq and endorsing the Iraqi resistance2/6/18Islam, PC,
Chris Matthews: GOP Picking on Nancy Pelosi Because She is an Ethnic Person2/6/18Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Jim Carrey says he is dumping his Facebook stock and deleting his page on the social media platform in protest over reported Russian interference on the site during the 2016 presidential election 2/6/18Celebrities, TDS, Media
DREAMER CAUGHT MAKING VIDEOS IN MENS RESTROOM in Arkansas2/6/18Immigration, Violence,
At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. 2/5/18Immigration, Economics,
More Islamic State jihadis now in UK than Britons in Syria fighting the Islamic State. Up to 300 people who have returned from Syria after fighting for Isis are believed to be living in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, using innocent Muslims as cove 2/5/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Racially Insensitive: High School Cancels Screening Of Cool Runnings 2/5/18Education, Race, PC
Macys to launch Islamic supremacist hijab friendly fashion line that will include sharia compliant body covering modesty tops, pants, dresses, and abayas, a loose garment often worn by Muslim women2/5/18Islam, PC, Feminism
DC Comics targets middle schoolers with books dealing with difficult, divisive political issues2/5/18Indoctrination, PC,
Colin Kaepernick Celebrates Super Bowl With $20K Donation To Group Named For Convicted Cop Killer Assata Shakur2/5/18Celebrities, Violence, Race
Study: Over Half of Universities in UK Actively Censor Speech2/5/18PC, Education, Freedom
Ben Shapiro Skewers Younk Turks founder Cenk Uygur After He Says That Republicans Hate Cops2/5/18Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times: People Arent Having Kids Because They are Afraid Of Climate Change 2/5/18Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Greece: Muslim migrants receive $500 in free money every month2/5/18Islam, Immigration,
Taxpayers stand to lose billions because government doesnt require full repayment of student loans 2/5/18Economics, Education,
Princeton Physicist Points Out The Obvious: Climate Models Dont Work2/5/18Environmental, Professors, Science
ISRAEL begins deportation of mainly Muslim illegal invaders by paying them to leave2/5/18Islam, Immigration, Economics
Sarah Silverman: Pro Life Law Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus2/5/18Celebrities, Abortion,
Holy Cross student paper does away with Crusader moniker because warfare2/5/18Remove History, ,
American Beauty, True Blood Writer Creating Multicultural Series About Trumps America' 2/5/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC: Trump Base Dont Need Rationality, Just Russian Bots2/5/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Sweden: Muslim head of National Heritage Board downplays Swedish history, plays up historical role of Muslims2/5/18Remove History, Islam, PC
Jihadist Responsible for Mall of America Stabbing Spree Entered U.S. with Foreign Relatives 2/5/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: 5 Wrong Assumptions of Atheists. Atheism Kills2/5/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
Jimmy Kimmel Says Late Night Hosts Are All Liberal Because It Requires Intelligence.Ben Shapiro Responds. 2/5/18Celebrities, Conservative,
Judge recommends James Madison university pay $850,000 to student it punished after exonerating him of rape claims 2/5/18HoaxFraud, Education, Economics
UK government review of Sharia courts reveals systemic discrimination against women (VERSE)2/5/18Islam, Immigration, Feminism
Drunk Driver Who Killed Indianapolis Colts NFL Player a Two Time Deportee 2/5/18Immigration, Violence,
Woman Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Misconduct Now Running For Office2/5/18TDS, ,
Liberal Media Double Standard on Trump Stock Market Coverage2/5/18Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Democratic Senator Tom Carper says dreamer illegal immigrants should be hired to replace millions of Americans who supposedly are too unskilled, uneducated, unethical or drugged up to work for companies 2/5/18Economics, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Woman raped on bench after being led away from Tesco supermarket in horrific attack2/4/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
UK: First cousin marriages in Pakistani Muslim communities result in appalling disabilities for the offspring, huge costs for the taxpayers2/4/18Islam, Immigration, Healthcare
VIDEO: YOU CANNOT UNSEE THIS (Feminist Fight Club) Paul Joseph Watson 2/4/18Feminism, Conservative, Video
SLAP ON THE WRIST for UK Muslim rape gang who at gunpoint penetrated a 16yr old lost girl in every orifice multiple times 2/4/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Doritos Announces It is Making A Female Friendly Chip That Doesnt Crunch2/4/18Feminism, ,
Turkey to meet with Pope, thank him for opposing Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital 2/4/18Christianity, Islam, Liberal Bias
GOP Rep Peter King: More Evidence of Russia Collusion with Hillary Than with Trump 2/4/18TDS, Clinton,
Eminem Raps About Raping Conservative Ann Coulter 2/3/18Celebrities, Perverse,
UC Santa Barbara conference to celebrate self identifying women of color2/3/18Education, Race,
An elementary school in Staten Island has bagged a scheduled father daughter dance out of fear it would violate state Department of Education gender based guidelines.2/3/18Education, PC, LGBT
Previously Deported Mexican National Convicted of Raping 9yr Old Girl in Sanctuary City San Diego 2/3/18Immigration, Violence,
5 Things You Need To Know About The Bombshell House Intelligence Memo (Ben Shapiro) 2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
Report: Georgetown Hijacked Funds Intended for Pro Family Campus Group 2/2/18Christianity, LGBT, Education
U.S. Episcopal Diocese Votes To Stop Using Masculine Pronouns For God 2/2/18Christianity, PC, LGBT
VIDEO: MSNBC Commentator: People Need To Start Taking To The Streets. This Is A Dictator (regarding Trump) 2/2/18TDS, Media, Violence
An Inside Look at a Social Justice Factory and Schools pumping Marxist literature and racial consciousness as young as kindergarten; profiling Minnesota schools 2/2/18Indoctrination, Race, PC
The Memo Reveals the Coup against America 2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
Reed College to revise Western Civ class after protests call it too Caucasoid and Eurocentric2/2/18Remove History, Education, Race
Despite its focus on hate speech, Hamas linked CAIR refuses comment on U.S. imams calls to kill Jews2/2/18Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
German Gun Ownership Skyrockets Amid Soaring Migrant Crime Rates. The number of applications for small arms permits has set new records. In 2017, 557,560 people obtained such a license. In January 2016, only 300,949 people had a permit. This means ownership soared by a staggering 85% in just under two years. 2/2/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Swedish government gives Muslim migrant child rapist custody of children 2/2/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Stanford lied for a decade about discriminating against men in financial aid decisions2/2/18Education, Freedom, Feminism
VIDEO: Students hate Trump SOTU quotes, but they are actually Obama quotes 2/2/18TDS, Liberal Bias, Obama
6 SERIOUS Outstanding Questions On The House Intelligence Memo (Ben Shapiro)2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
Canada: M103 Heritage Committee report promises government action against Islamophobia2/2/18Islam, PC, Freedom
Black Celebs Want Monuments in Every State to Honor Kaepernick, Trayvon, Michelle Obama 2/2/18Race, Celebrities, Obama
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar said the memo released by the House shows the actions taken by top FBI and Justice Department officials to investigate the Trump campaign constitutes treason. This full throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason2/2/18TDS, Conservative, Freedom
The Atlanta Fed caused a stir by revealing its new forecast of a 5.4% growth in the GDP for the first quarter of 2018; which, should it prove to be correct, would be the strongest growth since 2009.2/2/18Economics, ,
Whiteness Discussion Group Bars Whites from Asking Questions to Black Students on the campus of Kenyon College in Ohio, Juniper Cruz.2/2/18Education, Race, Freedom
THE NEW YORK TIMES FACT CHECK FAIL: The NYTs fact-checking article on Trump SOTU address deserves special ridicule.2/2/18TDS, Conservative, Media
California Professor: We Must Abolish White Democracy 2/1/18Race, Perverse, Professors
Social Justice Teaching is lowering students test scores. Math scores for black students in 11th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 31% proficiency in 2014 to 14.6% in 2017. In reading, scores for black students in 10th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 51.7% proficiency in 2014 to 40% in 2017. 2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Muslim jurist: The occupation of the West will be done without war but quietly, with infiltration and subversion 2/1/18Islam, Immigration, PC
Credible Philosophers Attribute Consciousness to Inanimate Objects Like Rocks and Tableware 2/1/18Professors, Science,
Pomona College adds social justice to stats curriculum2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Los Angeles Homeless Problem Is Out Of Control. And Its All Their Own Leftist Governments Fault. 2/1/18Economics, Conservative,
Abortion Activist Says She Wishes She Had Aborted Son 2/1/18Abortion, Perverse,
Maxine Waters Says Trump Needs Parental Advisory 2/1/18TDS, ,
The Desperate Left: CNN Guest Calls Release of Nunes Memo a Constitutional Abomination2/1/18Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
University of South Dakota banned screening of Muslim genital mutilation film because it was controversial2/1/18Freedom, Islam, PC
Angel Family Member: I Was Totally Appalled When Democrats Booed Angel Families at State of the Union Address. Bill Hartzell, an Angel Family member whose 93yr old grandmother in law was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant from Mexico in 2013 2/1/18Immigration, Violence, Perverse
Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan partly blamed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for the recent increase in illegal immigration, arguing the courts decisions have created a legal environment friendly to foreign aliens. Homan said that the 9th Circuit decisions incentivize illegal crossings, suggesting immigrants know they will receive favorable treatment in its jurisdiction. 2/1/18Freedom, Immigration, Violence
PETA Wants Vegan Pizza in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2/1/18Environmental, Indoctrination,
Canada Rewrites Anthem To Be Gender Neutral 2/1/18Remove History, PC,
Amazon urged to pick LGBT friendly cities by gay activists for HQ2 2/1/18LGBT, Freedom, Economics
A language resource guide from the University of Dayton cautions against the use of the terms husband and wife2/1/18Education, PC, Christianity
PolitiFact Hires Fully Insane Former Congressman Grayson To Help Fact Check Them (Ben Shapiro)2/1/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Stephen King: Fatal GOP Train Crash Karma 2/1/18Celebrities, Perverse,
MSNBC Joy Reid: Only Fox News Viewers Have Heard of MS13 2/1/18Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
The Kids Arent Alright: Broken Families And Teenage Extremists2/1/18Conservative, ,
Environmentalist students pressure Stanford to disinvite Charles Murray for some reason2/1/18Environmental, Education, Race
A syllabus for a political science course at California State University Dominguez Hills blasted President Trump as a white supremacist, failed businessman, orange reality star, and much more.2/1/18TDS, Professors, Race
Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards: Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions 1/31/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Google and YouTube sponsoring a day long symposium featuring a roster of speakers including known Islamist anti-Semites, as well as known militant Islamists who are long time Israel bashers and Hamas supporters 1/31/18Media, Islam, Indoctrination
Obama Referenced Himself Nearly Four Times as Often as Trump in First SOTU Address 1/31/18Obama, ,
FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America 1/31/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Democrats took 100% of donations from Williams College in 2017 1/31/18Professors, Indoctrination,
Trump SOTU address reminder: NYC terrorists entered U.S. through chain migration, visa lottery 1/31/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: The Cathy Newman Lie 1791L1/31/18Media, HoaxFraud, Feminism
Leftist Pundit Thanks God for Fatal GOP Train Crash1/31/18Liberal Bias, Perverse,
Canada: Police drop investigation as Muslima who claimed to have received death threats refuses to cooperate1/31/18Islam, HoaxFraud,
All Inmates In NY State Prisons Are Getting FREE Electronic Devices 1/31/18Liberal Bias, ,
Arizona State hosts workshop on pleasure of touching yourself1/31/18Perverse, Education,
Bulgaria: Hizballah not mentioned in charges for 2012 bus bombing, despite clear evidence of its involvement 1/31/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
FBI TAKES ON ISLAMOPHOBIA: White nationalism seen as bigger threat than jihad terror1/31/18Freedom, Islam, Immigration
FBI officials review surveillance memo, could not cite any factual inaccuracies: source 1/30/18Freedom, TDS, Clinton
DREAMER SODOMIZED MULTIPLE BOYS, BETWEEN THE AGES 7 AND 9 in North Carolina 1/30/18Immigration, Violence,
ESPN Host Max Kellerman: Notre Dame Fighting Irish Mascot Offensive, Needs To Change 1/30/18Media, Remove History, PC
UK headteacher called Hitler, severely bullied into reversing hijab school ban 1/30/18Islam, Immigration, PC
Student activists invade Winston Churchill themed café, scream he was a racist1/30/18Remove History, Education, Race
Australian Government Funds Islamic Clothing Exhibition Featuring Hijab and Burqa1/30/18Islam, PC, Feminism
Cornell editorial calls ICE arrests federal overreach1/30/18Immigration, Education,
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIME: Another DACA Recipient Arrested For Human Smuggling 1/30/18Immigration, Violence,
New York Times Calls Nikki Haley Slut Over Rumor She Slept with Trump 1/30/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that President Trump owes a lot of the economic recovery to President Obama 1/30/18Obama, TDS, Economics
Prejudged: Liberals Warn Pundits Not To Call State Of The Union Presidential; New York Times columnist Charles Blow made it clear he will be banning anyone who uses the word, no matter what the president says.1/30/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Dennis Prager: 3 Reasons the Left Wants Evermore Immigrants1/30/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Philadelphia: Driver who tried to hit pedestrian, then attacked officer identified as Muslim named Khalil Lawal 1/30/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Clergy Bless Late Term Abortion Clinic that performs third trimester abortions and is run by notorious abortionist LeRoy Carhart in Maryland1/30/18Christianity, Abortion, Perverse
Women Scientists: Bill Nye Doesnt Speak For Science; The letters insistence on loading the scientific argument against Bridenstine by linking his positions on social issues is as nonsensical as Nye is as posturing as a scientific expert.1/30/18Science, Feminism, PC
ABC Chief Political Analyst Scolds Nikki Haley for Defending Herself: Have Some Integrity1/30/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Student oped: Harvard drag show is anti Queer, anti Brown, and anti Black1/30/18LGBT, Education, Race
Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Five Jihadis in the U.S. You Havent Heard Of 1/30/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
SJWs Threaten Conservative DC Comics Artist With Violence 1/30/18PC, Violence, Media
A Tennessee meat market owner is accused of carrying out a $1.2 million food stamp fraud scheme where he traded benefits for cash1/30/18HoaxFraud, Economics,
VIDEO: Do Democrats Want Amnesty or Voters? 1/30/18Immigration, Conservative, Video
DEMOCRATS STAND UP TO MODERATE MUSLIM EXTREMISM by Protecting the Muslim Brotherhood 1/30/18Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
ReasonTV: Why Is The U.S. Only Ranked 17th On The Human Freedom Index? 1/30/18Freedom, Conservative, Video
Trump Just Proved Democrats Dont Care About DREAMers (Ben shapiro)1/29/18Immigration, TDS, Conservative
Google Says Home Device Doesnt Identify Jesus to Ensure Respect1/29/18Christianity, Indoctrination, Media
UK: Childrens services rated good in Rotherham, where at least 1,400 children were victims of Muslim rape gangs1/29/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Washington Post: Americans can either preserve economic growth via massive immigration or cut immigration and become another aging and ailing Japan 1/29/18Immigration, Media, Economics
Cleveland Indians Will Abandon Controversial Chief Wahoo Logo Next Year 1/29/18Remove History, Race, PC
Washington DC Episcopalians Push Open Borders And A Gender Neutral God 1/29/18Christianity, PC, LGBT
Kamala Harris Compares Muslim Refugees to Jews Escaping Holocaust 1/29/18Liberal Bias, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: College Students Hate Trumps SOTU Address; Dont Realize It Hasnt Happened Yet 1/29/18TDS, Conservative, Video
The United States announced it was lifting its ban on refugees from 11 high risk countries, but said those seeking to enter the US would come under much tougher scrutiny than in the past. 1/29/18Islam, Immigration,
New Sponsor On Arizona Highway: The Satanic Temple 1/29/18Christianity, Perverse,
Philadelphia: Driver targets pedestrians, cops say it could be terrorism 1/29/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Senate failed to pass legislation that would prevent doctors from performing abortions on women who are 20 weeks pregnant or more. Research shows that a woman seeking an abortion at 20 weeks (five months) is 35 times more likely to die from an abortion than she was in the first trimester, 1/29/18Abortion, ,
REASON UNDER SIEGE IN THE ACADEMY of the Hard Left1/29/18Indoctrination, Conservative, Science
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders canceled an interview with a newspaper in his home state because he wasnt allowed to declare certain topics off limits 1/29/18Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Rants About Evils Of Republican Sexual Abuse. Meghan McCain Dismembers Her With Two Simple Questions. 1/29/18Media, Liberal Bias,
UK GOVERNMENT warns travelers to avoid Swedens Muslim No Go Zones1/29/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
A professor at Broward College in Florida cut an American flag in half, painted it white, and laid it on the ground as a doormat for a school art display1/29/18Professors, Perverse, Professors
CAIR Appeal filed over appalling, Islamophobic teaching material distributed in 7th grade social studies class (VERSE)1/29/18Islam, PC, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Shocker: Grammys Get Political, Fetch Lowest Ever Ratings 1/29/18Clinton, TDS, Celebrities
Lack Of Diversity In Video Games Is Like Experiencing Everyday Racism, Claims Canadian Study 1/29/18PC, Science, Race
EU vows to increase its welfare payments to Palestinian terrorists to make up for the billions in funding Trump has decided to cut 1/29/18Economics, TDS, Perverse
A student group calling itself The Four Percent recently issued a lengthy list of demands to Oklahoma State University, including mandatory diversity training and punishments for racially insensitive language; the group also suggests that the school rename some of its buildings to honor prominent social justice activists of color 1/29/18Education, Race, PC
UK: Muslim teen leaves flyers and CDs calling for jihad terrorism in two of Londons biggest hospitals 1/29/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama SLAMMED Illegal Immigration In Their State Of The Union Addresses 1/29/18Obama, Clinton, Immigration
Minnesota gubernatorial candidate under fire for calling Islam antithesis of Constitution1/29/18Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
TEXAS: Muslim arrested for arson after trying to set an apartment complex on fire 1/29/18Islam, Violence,
VIDEO: ANNOYING CELEBRITY HYPOCRITES (Paul Joseph Watson) 1/29/18Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Dreamers arrested, charged with smuggling illegal immigrants1/29/18Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory 1/29/18Environmental, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: California teacher slams military members as lowest of the low in classroom rant1/28/18Patriotism, Perverse, Professors
German childrens television channel features migrant teens learning how to remove a girls bra 1/28/18Perverse, Islam, Immigration
Labour MPs were instructed to block parliamentary efforts to ban Hezbollah entirely because party leaders want to encourage the group down a democratic path1/28/18Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
UK: May government rejects petition for Free Speech Act and end to hate speech laws 1/28/18Islam, Immigration, PC
VIDEO: Ben Stein: Parts of California, New York Appear to Be Seceding Like South Before Civil War 1/27/18Immigration, Freedom, Video
The Washington State Department of Licensing has issued an emergency rule to change drivers license requirements to help protect undocumented immigrants from a crackdown by federal authorities. Drivers no longer have to identify their place of birth. 1/27/18Immigration, Freedom,
VIDEO: We Dont Owe Them Anything: Mom of Son Killed By DREAMer Rips Protests, Rejects Path to Citizenship 1/27/18Immigration, Violence,
Former MLB pitcher dies in Venezuela amid socialist country medicine shortage 1/27/18Socialism, ,
38 Year Old Pedophile Claims He Likes Kids Because He is Trans Age 1/26/18LGBT, Violence,
Germany: Three Muslim migrants sexually assault mother with toddler in stroller 1/26/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Sen. Mark Warner (D, VA) made absurd remarks this week about the widely speculated classified GOP memo, claiming that the memo was filled with errors while admitting that he has not even viewed the four page document. 1/26/18Liberal Bias, ,
University of Michigan professor recently presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association arguing that male dominated textbooks may be partly to blame for the lack of women in the field. Betsey Stevenson found that 77% of the people represented in 8 leading texts are male, and concluded that concrete steps are needed to make textbooks reflect the diversity of the student body we would ideally like to attract1/26/18Professors, Feminism, Science
Germany: Pants sold with alarm to ward off Muslim migrant rapes 1/26/18Feminism, Islam, Violence
Matt Walsh: Dear Churches, If You Arent Making People Feel Judged, You Arent Doing Your Job1/26/18Conservative, Christianity,
Germany: Muslim teen stabs non-Muslim in the neck for looking at his mother provocatively1/26/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Senate is scheduled to take an initial vote next week on a measure that would prohibit abortions in the United States past the twentieth week of pregnancy. 1/26/18Abortion, ,
The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that maintains a list of conservative hate groups, now has more than 100 chapters on college campuses across the country 1/26/18Education, Indoctrination, PC
Google Home Device Cant Identify Jesus Christ, Knows All About Muhammad 1/26/18Media, Indoctrination,
YOUTUBE: KEEPING AMERICANS IN THE DARK ON ISLAM 1/26/18Media, Indoctrination, Freedom
Two anti Trump and pro Clinton FBI agents caught in the middle of a massive scandal regarding corruption and political bias at the nation’s leading investigative bureau allegedly used private devices to communicate with each other about government work while investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons use of a private email server.1/26/18Freedom, Clinton, TDS
FedEx Announces $3.2 Billion in Wage Increases, Bonuses Due to Tax Reform 1/26/18Economics, ,
Muslim Refugees arriving in Europe ask for wifi first, food and shelter second 1/26/18Islam, Immigration,
Media Includes BB Gun Incident in Sensationalized Reports on School Shootings 1/26/18Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
This Is A Mass Amnesty Bill, Full Stop: Restrictionists Blast White House DACA Proposal 1/26/18Immigration, Conservative,
DACA Entitlement Kids have changed my mind on DACA Amensty. They act outraged for not getting something that they are not entitled to. Their tantrums are not the behavior of people who are just like every other American except for the accident of foreign birth. In fact, the only Americans that the DACA activists resemble are the college crybullies who throw violent tantrums when conservatives show up on campus and demand safe spaces where they never face opposing views. Many DACA activists openly support notions of Brown Power1/26/18Immigration, Conservative,
Poll: Majority Of Small Business Owners Very Concerned About The Cost Of Health Care In 2018 1/26/18Healthcare, Economics,
Wenatchee Valley Community College to require diversity course for graduation 1/26/18Education, PC, Indoctrination
The MSM Faces the Truth About Sweden 1/26/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Germany: Judge removes crucifix from courtroom in trial of Muslim who threatened a convert to Christianity 1/26/18Christianity, Islam, Immigration
A professor of religious studies at Michigan State University recently argued that white people who practice yoga are guilty of enjoying a system of power, privilege, and oppression. 1/26/18Professors, PC, Race
Yes, 40% Of All Illegal Immigrants Overstay Legal Visas1/26/18Immigration, ,
VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi says Trump Immigration Plan Seeks to Make America White Again1/26/18TDS, Immigration, Race
Students take over campus building, issue list of 23 demands, including expulsion of right wing student at The College of Wooster 1/26/18Education, Freedom,
Stanford University: Robert Spencer is Dangerous1/26/18Islam, Education, Indoctrination
John Kerry violated Logan Act by offering foreign policy advice to the Palestinians and slandering President Trump 1/26/18Liberal Bias, Freedom, Islam
Did you get a Trump BUMP in your paycheck today? Here is a great thread’ on workers who didnt know why they got a raise 1/26/18Economics, Conservative,
legal immigrant who was a convicted child sex offender arrested at the border in Arizona 1/26/18Immigration, Violence,
Bias by the Minute: CNN Devotes 11 Times More Coverage to Trump Scandals Than Immigration Package 1/26/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
UK morning show feature of childrens book about terrorism sparks outrage 1/25/18Islam, Indoctrination, Violence
CNN Doles Out Marriage Advice: Let Someone Else Sleep With Your Spouse 1/25/18Media, Perverse,
California Democrats have proposed a new law that would slap a stiff $1,000 fine on waiters who offer diners plastic straws for their beverages 1/25/18Environmental, Economics, Freedom
Vermont High School to Fly the Black Lives Matter Flag 1/25/18Perverse, Education, Race
A White House immigration framework set to be introduced next week includes a path to citizenship for roughly 1.8 million younger illegal immigrants, a top administration in exchange for $25 billion to fully fund the border wall, an end to chain migration and ending the visa lottery system 1/25/18Immigration, Economics,
Canada: Leaked intelligence documents show greater threat of Islamic terror than government admits 1/25/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Environmentalists Are Now Pushing To Tax Your MEAT 1/25/18Environmental, Economics,
A New Jersey public school teaches Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last & final Messenger of God; describes Christians and Jews as infidels and praises Muhammad in gruesome detail for slaughtering them 1/25/18Islam, Indoctrination, Violence
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 2019 budget proposal calls for a state level Dream Act that would make illegal immigrants eligible for the New Yorks new free tuition program1/25/18Education, Immigration, Economics
YouTube investing $5 million to counter hate and promote tolerance 1/25/18Media, Indoctrination, PC
Boulder, Colorado is taking legal action to force fossil fuel companies to cover the cost of damages caused by severe weather event 1/25/18Environmental, Freedom,
FACEBOOK GOOGLE TWITTER 1984 ; How to fight the Lefts social media gulag1/25/18Indoctrination, Media, Conservative
Feminist icon Germaine Greer, who was recently named Australian of the Year at a gala event in London, rips #METoo movement; says maybe dont spread your legs (meaning maybe do not be a slut) 1/25/18Feminism, Celebrities, Conservative
For nearly five years, going all the way back to the Trayvon Martin uproar, Breitbart News has aggressively documented CNN’s devolution into a 24/7 hate network. This week, CNNs climate of hate finally came home to roost when a Michigan man, provoked by CNN fake news crisis, allegedly made death threats against the far left network. 1/25/18Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Students at the University of Florida cover themselves in fake menstrual blood to advocate free menstrual products on campus 1/25/18Feminism, Perverse,
German journalist: Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe 1/25/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
DOJ Backs Conservative Groups Suing UC Berkeley For Hindering Conservative Speakers 1/25/18Education, Race, Freedom
GERMANY cracks down on those who voice opposition to mass Muslim migration. Like good little soldiers, Facebook and Twitter are marching in lockstep with the German governments latest gestapo tactics, permanently banning accounts that dont fall in line with Angela Merkel’s master plan for population replacement.1/25/18Indoctrination, Immigration, Islam
While complaining that Palestinians will starve because of Trumps cuts, PA buys Abbas $50,000,000 private jet 1/25/18TDS, Economics, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro on Abortion: Evil Is Still Evil Regardless of Identity Politics 1/25/18Abortion, Conservative, Video
Evergreen State whitewashes lecture that equates white supremacy and free speech, calls it civil rights; Contradicting the hastily whitewashed marketing for the event starting a week earlier, Levine argued in favor of suppressing viewpoints that are oppressive or hurtful in the name of fighting white supremacists.1/25/18Education, Race, Indoctrination
Google Celebrates Virginia Woolf. The author fits snugly in the arms of the Left, for not only did she endorse a feminism that would later drive a deeper wedge between the sexes, she had little regard for both Jews and Christians; , referring to the Christian religion as an excuse for self righteousness 1/25/18Feminism, Media, Christianity
Bombshell Photo Emerges Of Obama Smiling With Black Nationalist Hate Group Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is known for embracing radically anti-Semitic and anti-white views, as even the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center has acknowledged 1/25/18Obama, Race, Islam
Left Wing Activists Turn on Chelsea Manning for Civil Meeting with Conservatives 1/25/18LGBT, Liberal Bias,
DREAMers, protected by President Obama under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, blocked a vehicle entrance at Disneyland to protest the governments failure to extend DACA (Ben Shapiro) 1/24/18Immigration, Freedom,
Sweden: 90% of Muslim migrants from Morocco caught lying about their age1/24/18Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Leaves Company to Advise Democratic Party for 2020 Elections1/24/18Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
Canada: Two accused jihad terrorists hired as anti radicalism consultants at taxpayer expense1/24/18Islam, PC, Violence
Former U.S. Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to at least 40 years of prison for molesting several young girls, but some members of the mainstream media think the real issue is President Trump. 1/24/18TDS, Violence, Perverse
Emory University informed staff members that they will now be required to undergo training in cultural humility and social justice1/24/18Indoctrination, Professors, PC
Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science will be hosted at the Northern California school next week and teach researchers how to practice a socially just science1/24/18Science, Feminism, PC
Keep Dreaming, Dreamers: Either laws apply to everyone or they dont 1/24/18Immigration, Conservative,
French Men Face $100 Fines for Complimenting Women 1/24/18Freedom, Feminism, PC
Mueller Investigation Targets Trump Over Supposed Obstruction. This Could Be A Massive Constitutional Crisis In The Making (Ben Shapiro)1/24/18Freedom, TDS,
Students in the University of Minnesota system pay between $336 and $873 per semester in mandatory student fees, providing more than $35 million every year to fund things like identity-based student groups and a quidditch club. At UMN Rochester campus, students must pay $2.00 per year for diversity programming, while the Twin Cities campus charges students $4.28 per year just to cover the costs of administering the other $430 in mandatory fees. 1/24/18Freedom, Indoctrination, Economics
Black Reporter Files Suit Against The Young Turks For Racial Discrimination 1/24/18Media, Race,
67 yr old DREAMER RAPED YOUNG GIRL IN NORTH CAROLINA 1/24/18Immigration, Violence,
A list of the revelations from the past few weeks surrounding the FBI investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government (Ben Shapiro)1/24/18Freedom, TDS,
Don Lemon Blames Trump for Death Threats Phoned Into CNN 1/24/18TDS, Media, Violence
VIDEO: Joy Reid is Patently INSANE!! Ben Shapiro OWNS Joy Reid on FOX over Budget Comments1/24/18Media, Conservative, Video
Democrats Target Facebook And Twitter AGAIN, Suggest Russian Bots To Blame For #ReleaseTheMemo. Here is What They're Really Up To. (Ben Shapiro)1/24/18Freedom, Indoctrination, Media
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is promising that the league is ready to increase its attention to so called social justice programs and campaigns. 1/24/18PC, Indoctrination, Media
A federal judge ruled that the University of Iowa must reinstate a Christian student group that had lost its official status for requiring its leaders to endorse a Statement of Faith1/24/18Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
UK: Facebook let Muslim repeatedly post videos calling for jihad violence 1/24/18Media, Islam, Violence
California AG Sues Trump For Dinging Obama Fracking Rule1/24/18Environmental, TDS, Freedom
Some Democrat mayors boycotted a meeting with President Trump because the Justice Department has threatened sanctuary cities, asserting that they will be denied public safety grant money if they don’t cough up documents proving they arent withholding information about the citizenship or immigration status of people in custody 1/24/18Immigration, TDS,
Newsweek Pakistan Editor Fasih Ahmed: Child Abuse and Slavery Produce Great Art1/24/18Perverse, Media, Violence
Judicial Watch Sues For Strzok and Page Text Messages, Travel Records1/24/18TDS, Conservative, Freedom
Pope Slams Fake News as Sign of Intolerance Spreading Arrogance and Hatred1/24/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
A University of Illinois professor was arrested for filming the student president of the Honor the Chief Society that seeks to bring back the Chief Illiniwek mascot. The professor is an ardent opponent of the mascot and makes documentaries and was trying to film the president of the opposition party with his pants down 1/23/18Perverse, Professors, Remove History
Feminists celebrate prostitutes (or sex workers) and champion as models for Womens March1/23/18Feminism, Perverse,
Oxford University was apparently troubled that men were outperforming women on math and computer science exams, so they decided to allow extra testing time in an attempt to alleviate the gender gap since female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure 1/23/18Feminism, Education, Science
Toronto: Random shooter of 7 is likely Muslim, cops say We havent been able to determine any motive whatsoever1/23/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
New California policy opens door to illegal immigrant voting 1/23/18Immigration, HoaxFraud,
A federal jury ruled in favor of former Sheriff David Clarke in a lawsuit alleging that his Facebook posts infringed on a mans right to free speech 1/23/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
Hollywood Lefty Rob Reiner Diagnoses Govt Shutdown: Republican Racism 1/23/18Race, Celebrities,
California Democrats Want Businesses To Give State Half Of What They Save From Tax Cuts1/23/18Economics, California,
The FBI’s top agent on the Trump Russia investigation sent a text message last year that one top Republican senator says suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion. The FBI said it does not have text messages for Strzok and Page for the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017; which just so happens to be the day that Mueller was appointed. 1/23/18Clinton, Obama, Freedom
A student-led Mens Project at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville aims to combat culturally defined masculinity and toxic masculinity in hopes of reducing sexual violence on campus. 1/23/18Feminism, Education, PC
NFL Bars Veterans Group From Running Super Bowl Ad Urging Fans To Stand For Anthem 1/23/18Patriotism, ,
Somali Born Ohio Man Sentenced For Aiding Terrorists by training with terrorists overseas and plotting to orchestrate a terrorist attack on American soil. Evidence seized by the FBI indicates that Mohamud planned to kill military officers and other government and military employees.1/23/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
NYC Professor launches profane tirad on twitter at Pro Life womens march: please sit down and shut the fuck up. 1/23/18Professors, Feminism, Abortion
SNOWFLAKE FEMINISM: The disempowering and incoherent modern feminist movement.1/23/18Feminism, Conservative,
Disney Latest Company To Offer Bonuses: Over 125,000 Employees To Receive $1,0001/23/18Economics, ,
Western Michigan University maintains a set of guidelines to help students avoid gender bias in writing, such as avoiding the terms mothering and fathering1/23/18Professors, PC, Indoctrination
Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are warming up to the idea of voting to release a 4 page memo that alleges FBI and Justice Department abuses related to the infamous Steele dossier and secret surveillance warrants obtained by the Obama administration. 1/23/18Clinton, Obama, Freedom
Belgium: Train station entrance closed after man charges at police with a knife (VERSE)1/23/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Left wing mega donor George Soros spent $10 million on lobbying in the last three months of 2017 alone1/23/18Liberal Bias, Indoctrination, Economics
VIDEO: Hitler was no Christian1/23/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
According to US News & World Report, America is now only the 8th best country in the world, down from #7 last year. The best country in the world is apparently Switzerland. Also most pollsters say the biggest cause of conflict is Religion1/23/18Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Our Views Are Not Extreme: Tucker Fires Back at Joy Reid for White Nationalist Criticism1/23/18Immigration, Conservative, Video
CENSORSHIP: UConn Bans Public From Hearing Shapiro Speak. UConn is a public, taxpayer funded institution1/22/18Freedom, Indoctrination,
Conservative Group Seeks Records About Thousands Of Noncitizen Voters In Texas1/22/18Immigration, HoaxFraud,
More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy mission to support viewpoint diversity and free inquiry on campus. Several Heterodox members said that they were motivated to join after witnessing firsthand the corrupting influence of the increasingly authoritarian culture on campus. 1/22/18Professors, Conservative, Freedom
Trump: Dems Who Protect Illegals Will Be Complicit in Every Murder They Commit 1/22/18Immigration, Violence, Conservative
ABC The View Co host Ana Navarro: Trump Legitimized and Empowered Racism, Misogyny 1/22/18TDS, Immigration, Race
UK Cop Says Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Too Nuanced to Prosecute1/22/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard Organizes Classmates to Abolish Police in Los Angeles Public Schools 1/22/18Race, Violence,
Designated terrorist group CAIR gets 2 Texas teachers fired for voicing their opinions of Islam on social media1/22/18Islam, PC, Professors
The Peoples Cube: Blocked By the Department of Defense 1/22/18Freedom, Indoctrination,
WHEN RACIST ILLEGALS MURDER AMERICANS 1/22/18Immigration, Violence, Race
The University of Washington College Republicans recently held an event inviting classmates to debate them on DACA, only to have their banner vandalized by two liberal students and threatened 1/22/18Immigration, Vandalism, Education
Canadian media conglomerate Rogers Communications is pulling Viceland Canada off the air after it terminated its $100 million deal with the millennial digital media company, citing poor ratings and massive revenue loss 1/22/18Media, Economics,
Vile, Hateful Signs Aplenty at Womens March1/22/18Feminism, Perverse,
UK school reverses hijab ban for small children after Islamophobia accusations 1/22/18Islam, PC, Education
VIDEO: MSNBC host Joy Reid admonished a Republican guest for using a legally correct term to describe illegal immigration because she said the term feels old and she is trying to change the conversation1/22/18Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Tim Tebow Mother to March for Life: Doctors Said to Abort Tim 1/22/18Abortion, Conservative,
The University of Arizona (UA) Womens Center encourages students to fight for reproductive justice by joining the schools Planned Parenthood club 1/22/18Abortion, Feminism, Education
Virginia Convert to Islam Plots Jihad Attack, Amasses Child Porn, Seeks Polygamous Marriage1/22/18Islam, Violence,
Size 26 Supermodel Poses Nude To Champion Womens Equality1/22/18Feminism, Perverse,
Muslim migrant flees to Sweden with new ID after being accused of sexually abusing 4yr old girl in Germany 1/22/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Despite receiving billions of dollars in government funding, Elon Musks SpaceX is unable to perform a rocket test fire due to lack of government assistance since the recent shutdown1/22/18Environmental, Celebrities,
Invasive Pacu Fish With Human Like Teeth Caught in Arizona Lake; fish native to South America. Officials say illegal dumping of foreign species has been an ongoing problem 1/22/18Immigration, Environmental,
UK: Police drop investigation of Muslim for grooming girl for rape gang because he blamed his nonexistent cousin 1/22/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Vice Calls Itself A News Organization, Then says not to root for the Patriots because Tom Brady and Bill Billichick like Trump1/22/18TDS, Media, Celebrities
Vandals target conservative student paper over holiday 1/22/18Vandalism, Education,
A Popular Anti Illegal Immigration Measure Didnt Turn California Blue1/22/18Immigration, California, Conservative
Trump administration pledges $55 million for religious and ethnic groups persecuted by the Islamic State 1/22/18Islam, Violence, Conservative
LOreal Fires Hijab-Wearing Model for Anti Israel Tweets 1/22/18Islam, PC, Race
Uber driver in US illegally charged with 4 California rapes1/22/18Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: Arrest Xavier Becerra: CA Gov Candidate Calls for Sessions to Charge State AG Over New Immigration Law1/22/18Immigration, Conservative, Video
Turkey: 90,000 mosques pray Quranic conquest prayers calling on Muslims to be ruthless against unbelievers1/21/18Islam, Violence,
Huffington Post Article: Make No Mistake, Trumps Government Shutdown Is About Racism 1/20/18TDS, Race, Media
San Francisco strict short-term home rental laws just kicked in on Wednesday, and are already having a big effect on SF-based Airbnb. Listing plunged from over 10,000 to around 5,500, dropping around 4,760 listings, the site told the San Francisco Chronicle. Wednesday midnight was the deadline for hosts to register homes with the city for a $250 fee, or face fines as high as $1,000 a day.1/20/18Economics, Freedom,
VIDEO: Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?1/20/18Immigration, Violence,
7 out o 10 Belgians are convinced that Muslims will soon take over their country1/20/18Islam, Immigration,
Elizabeth Warren Just Found Herself In BIG TROUBLE1/20/18Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
Campus police escorted two Trump supporters from the premises of the University of Southern California when a mob threatened their safety following a gubernatorial town hall. Protesters repeatedly heckled the Trump supporters during the debate, and several people later accosted them as they stood outside the venue, eventually leading campus police to offer to escort the pair to their car safely 1/19/18TDS, Video, Freedom
British Historian Warns Universities Luring Millennials to Communism1/19/18Socialism, Indoctrination, Education
Google says it is discontinuing its fact check feature because it proved to be too faulty for public use, directly attributing the decision to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The company has no date set for when it will return, if ever 1/19/18Freedom, Media, Conservative
Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult 1/19/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
Illegal immigrants demand guaranteed jobs from UC Berkeley1/19/18Immigration, Education,
Larry Elder: Under the New Trump Standard, Why Wasnt Obama Impeached? 1/19/18Conservative, TDS, Obama
PERPETUAL VICTIMHOOD: Designated terrorist group CAIR suing FBI for putting so many Muslins on the terrorist watch list for no reason 1/19/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
MUSLIM DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IN CANADA. Credulity for Muslim hoaxes, willful ignorance for Muslim attacks. 1/19/18Islam, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Middle Schoolers Learn About Graphic Sex And Gender From Anti Science Genderbread Person1/19/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
ESPN hypes backlash against Trump supporter Kid Rock to pressure the NHL to cancel his All Star Game Performance1/19/18Freedom, TDS, Liberal Bias
CNN has its Jaw On The Floor After Asking Democrats In Ohio What They Think Of Trump 1/19/18TDS, Media, Conservative
Unlike Mayor Bill DeBlasio sharia compliant New York City public schools, one Long Island school district will not be bribed or coerced into closing schools for two Muslim holidays each year 1/19/18Conservative, Islam, Education
New York Times is more worried that the U.S. census will be less accurate if illegal aliens are asked their citizenship status and would rather them lie by not being asked at all. UCLA professor argues that invasive questions like are you a U.S. citizen? need to be rethought in a culture that is battling over what it means to be an American1/19/18Immigration, Professors, Media
Hamas linked CAIR files court challenge to governments Terrorist Screening Database. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S 1/19/18Islam, Violence, Freedom
California Mayor vows to go to jail to break law with sanctuary policies 1/19/18Immigration, ,
A black law professor at Fordham University argues that African Americans should embrace the notion that being black in America is a disability as a new legal strategy toward enacting protections for the black community against unconscious bias, stereotyping and structural inequality.1/19/18Professors, Race, Science
More than 170 members of the Columbia University community have signed onto a petition calling for a boycott of a local bookstore for affirming Israels right to exist. 1/19/18Education, Race,
Democrat House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) was laughed at on Friday after he contradicted himself in the span of less than a minute and then was blown out in a vote on the House floor. 1/19/18Liberal Bias, ,
An Australian professor has taken aim at the small chairs used in early childhood education, calling them problematic. Such furniture can haunt individuals, and they symbolize the undervalued nature of teaching young children. Argues small classroom chairs reinforce sexism, disempower women1/19/18Professors, PC, Feminism
MEAN GIRLS, NASTY WOMEN & QUEEN BEES: The embarrassing collapse of the feminist movement 1/19/18Conservative, Feminism,
Designated terrorist group CAIR’s Canadian branch, National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM, formerly CAIR CAN) wants Trudeau to make the anniversary of a Quebec mosque shooting a day of remembrance and action on so called Islamophobia1/19/18Islam, PC, Violence
Medical Journal: Adolescence Now Lasts Until Age 241/19/18PC, Science,
Trump administration withholds additional $45 million from jihad terror-linked UNRWA 1/19/18Economics, Islam, Violence
Rapper Cardi B: Hitler Trump Wishes Death on Anybody Not White1/19/18Race, Celebrities, TDS
Western Companies Bow to Chinese Bullying, Censor Mentions of Taiwan, Tibet on Websites1/19/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
Angela Davis speaks at FSU, no riots. In 1970, Davis was implicated by more than 20 witnesses in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, fellow Black Panther George Jackson, by hijacking a Marin County, California courtroom and taking hostage the judge, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors. In an ensuing gun battle outside the court building, Judge Harold Haley’s head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Ms. Davis. To avoid arrest for her alleged complicity in the plot, Ms. Davis fled California, using aliases and changing her appearance to avoid detection.1/19/18Violence, Race, Socialism
Pro Lifers Are Modern Abolitionists And Pro Choicers Are Modern Slaveholders. Heres Proof. Matt Walsh 1/19/18Race, Abortion, Conservative
CNN Wolf Blitzer: Trump Alleged Shithole Comment is Threat to National Security1/19/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Sam and Kevin Sorbo: Abortion Is the Definition of Evil, Pure and Simple1/19/18Abortion, Conservative, Celebrities
VIDEO: California Threatens To Prosecute Businesses That Cooperate With ICE 1/18/18Immigration, Freedom,
ILLEGAL ALIEN RAPED 7yr old GIRL, GAVE HER HERPES in Indiana1/18/18Immigration, Violence,
LOreal Paris Advertises Hair Care Product With Muslim Model Who Wont Show Her Hair (Ben Shapiro)1/18/18Islam, PC, Feminism
German city uses taxpayer funds to promote wearing the burqa 1/18/18Islam, Economics, Feminism
News reports omit race of man arrested for hate crime hoax. That is because he is black.1/18/18HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
NewsweeK: Trumps Hair Loss Drug Could Lead to Erectile Dysfunction and Depression 1/18/18TDS, Perverse,
Angela Davis, a former member of the Communist Party USA, kicked off Florida State University week long MLK Day celebrations with a speech bashing President Trump1/18/18Socialism, TDS, Race
MAKING CALIFORNIA MEXICO AGAIN. No barriers between California and Mexico for leftist Democrats.1/18/18Immigration, California, Conservative
Sweden: Police station bombed in heavily Muslim city of Malmö, one of the no go zones1/18/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
A man accused of violently assaulting an elderly volunteer worker with a machete outside a homeless shelter in Vermont earlier this month is the son of a Somali refugee, 1/18/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
WALSH: Christians In The East Lose Their Lives, But Christians In The West Are Losing Their Souls 1/18/18Conservative, Christianity, Islam
7 Time Deportee Charged with Stabbing Mans Neck in California. Sanctuary Success! 1/18/18Immigration, Violence,
Voters Gave L.A. Lawmakers Billions Of Dollars To Solve The Homeless Crisis. So Why Are Tens Of Thousands Of People Still Sleeping On The Streets? According to the official Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, done every January by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), in 2017, on any given night, there were 57,794 people experiencing homelessness, 42,828 of whom, 74%, were unsheltered. The number of tents and makeshift shelters jumped from 4,797 to 5,858 on any given night, a 22% increase. A Los Angeles Times report from June 2017 said L.A. public works crews have cleaned 16,500 homeless encampments since 2015, removing more than 3,000 tons of trash, part of a $14 million cleanup effort.1/18/18Economics, California,
Student journalists testify for Missouri bill that would protect them from official censorship 1/18/18Education, Freedom,
ICE Plans Major Sweep In San Francisco Area, Targets 1,500 Illegal Aliens 1/18/18Immigration, California,
Team of Professors unhappy with minority depictions in textbooks now. After reviewing nearly 1,500 images in K12 textbooks, they discovered that not only are women and racial minorities represented parallel to their representation in the population, but are even slightly over represented. Despite this progress, since racial minorities were barely depicted in textbooks just two decades ago, the team argues that this is actually worrisome, saying the representations of minorities and women have now become superficial and tokenistic1/18/18Professors, Race, PC
MSNBC Host Joy Reid Forced To Apologize For Smearing Conservative Writer David French. She tweeted We have truly entered the age of insanity when the conservative argument in favor of risking nuclear war is, ‘don't worry, it will only kill Democrats and minorities. Shame on you, @DavidAFrench, wrote Reid. 1/18/18Media, Liberal Bias,
SURVEY: Democratic students far more likely to support disinviting speakers than Republicans 1/18/18Freedom, PC,
Austria: Study shows that Muslim migrants have Medieval views of Jews, gays, women and Infidels 1/18/18Islam, Immigration, LGBT
Sen. Dick Durbin (D Ill.) is the only person accusing Trump of referring to Haiti and African nations as shithole countries. Four people at the meeting deny it. Ann Coulter1/18/18TDS, Conservative,
Democrats Claim They Have Votes To Shut Down The Government To Help Illegal Immigrants, Media Blame Republicans. When Republicans pass a continuing resolution Obama refuses to sign, and the government shuts down, thats Republicans fault. When they try to pass a continuing resolution and Democrats prevent that passage, thats Republicans fault (Ben Shapiro)1/18/18Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Citrus Colleges rocketry club was selected to compete in NASAs annual Student Launch Competition, but is being prevented from attending because of California politics. The competition is being held in Alabama, which California added to a travel ban list after the state passed a law allowing faith-based adoption agencies to deny adoptions to gay couples 1/18/18Freedom, California, LGBT
Multiple sources revealed this week that a senior Democratic advisor said late last year that her Senate committee prioritizes minorities and the LGBT community and does not care about anti Semitism1/18/18Liberal Bias, Race,
VIDEO: Lindsay Graham baits CNN reporter: Trump Is Absolutely Not A Racist 1/18/18TDS, Video, Media
Harvard Prof Still Thinks There is a Way Hillary Clinton Could Become President 1/18/18Clinton, Professors,
New York court breaks rules, refuses investigation into James Comey 1/18/18Clinton, Freedom,
The Lie of Modern Feminism Is Beginning to Bite Feminists in the Butt 1/18/18Feminism, Conservative,
USA Today: 3.6 Million Illegals Have Entered U.S. as Children 1/18/18Immigration, ,
Muslim teachers bizarre religious rant, behavior under investigation after cops called to classroom1/18/18Islam, Professors,
As Trevor Noah Proves, the Left Just Cant Stop Lying About Racism 1/18/18TDS, Race, Celebrities
State Department Hiding Game Changer Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees1/18/18Freedom, Islam, Immigration
CNN doctor Sanjay Gupta claimed that President Donald Trump has heart disease, contradicting an assessment from Trumps own personal doctor1/17/18TDS, Media,
UK: Muslim saying he was with death squad sent by Allah recruited children at local mosque for jihad massacres1/17/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Meet The Professor Helping Antifa Dox Far Right Extremists1/17/18Perverse, Professors,
Paul Krugman: Conservative Protest of Left Wing Politics Reveals Ignorance, and Bigotry1/17/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Apple announced one of the largest corporate spending plans since Trump signed the Republican tax reform bill, and pledged to open a second domestic campus, make a $38 billion payment on its overseas cash holdings, and give $2500 in stock awards to some of its employees. Announced a 5 year investment plan, which combined with its tax payments, will equal $350 billion dollars in total spending within the United States. Worth $750 billion, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. 1/17/18Economics, Conservative,
After a conservative journalist challenged a CNN tweet labeling socialism as cool, a Columbia University School of Social Work lecturer responded by blaming capitalism for both world wars, slavery, and genocide. When another user challenged him by asserting that Nazism was a movement of the left, Anthony Zenkus retorted that Hitler was a capitalist.1/17/18Professors, Socialism, Media
VIDEO: Cory Booker Refers To Illegal Immigrants As Americans1/17/18Immigration, Liberal Bias, Media
Huffington Post: The girl who lied about her hijab being attacked by an Islamophobe deserves an apology1/17/18HoaxFraud, Islam, Media
President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan deal on immigration on, saying that it did not represent the platform he ran on when campaigning for president 1/17/18Immigration, Conservative,
CNN Says Trump Doctor is a Fanboy, Ignoring He Was Also Obamas Doctor 1/17/18TDS, Obama, Media
College Students Can Report Each Other For Social Media Comments On Politics And Religion 1/17/18Freedom, Indoctrination, Education
46% percent of Americans either strongly or somewhat approve of the law as of early January, compared to just 37% when the bill was entering the final stages of debate in late December1/17/18Economics, ,
Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Alive Because They Feel Pain. Abortion still Okay 1/17/18Abortion, ,
Linda Sarsour Backs Traitor Bradley Manning for Senate 1/17/18LGBT, Celebrities,
Cost of California High Speed Train costs just jumped another $2.8 billion for the first section1/17/18Economics, ,
Poll Shows Majorities Favor Abortion Restrictions. Just 12% of Americans support the Democratic Party radical abortion platform, which effectively favors restriction free abortion on demand 1/17/18Abortion, Conservative,
One of the largest entitlement programs in the country is incentivizing prescription drug trafficking and exacerbating the national opioid epidemic, according to a Senate report. The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released a Major Staff report, which details how Medicaid policies governing prescription drug prices, expanded at the state level through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2014, perversely incentivize opioid abuse and illicit sales, as well as larger scale trafficking operations involving both criminal drug lords and respected doctor1/17/18Healthcare, Violence,
NYT: Republican Kentucky Medicaid Reform Will Kill the Poor1/17/18Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
The legacy media and the Left are practicing Soviet style psychiatry against Trump 1/17/18TDS, Science, Socialism
Facebook Says Group Wanting To Burn Christian Mom Alive Meets Community Standards1/16/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Why LGBT Activists Cant See Whats Wrong With A 9yr Old Drag Queen1/16/18LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
Austria: Muslim migrants, including bearded 12yr old, sexually assault 13yr old girl at ice rink 1/16/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Miami Dolphins to Fund Social Justice Programs 1/16/18Race, PC,
An assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, argues in a recent academic journal article that valuing emotion as knowledge is a good strategy for deconstructing hegemonic white identity in the classroom 1/16/18Professors, Race, Science
The more of us choose to stay silent, the more dangerous it becomes for the few who continue speaking out1/16/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Trump Administration To Investigate Prosecuting Sanctuary City Government Officials1/16/18Immigration, Freedom,
Dixie Chicks Singer Calls President Trump Mentally Ill and Elderly1/16/18TDS, Celebrities,
A class taught this spring at Ohio State University will review a parade of reasons why white heterosexual masculinity is allegedly problematic, tackling the topic from the constructs of racial issues, bullying, pop culture, societal expectations and much more, according to its syllabus. 1/16/18Race, Indoctrination,
Anti Conservative Comic Convention Founder Banned Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo 1/16/18Freedom, Celebrities,
Four California residents who sustained injuries during the violent riots at UC Berkeley last year are suing both the school and the City of Berkeley for failing to intervene to ensure public safety. 1/16/18Violence, Education,
Where was the Lefts Outrage When Obama Called Libya a Shitshow?1/16/18Obama, TDS, Liberal Bias
New think tank at Duke focused on sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence1/16/18Education, PC, Science
Hey Liberals: Think Shihole Is Bad? We Had To Explain Oral Sex To Our Kids When Clinton Was President. 1/16/18TDS, Clinton, Conservative
Antifa fascists find a champion and leader in Stanford Professor David Palumbo Liu 1/16/18Perverse, Professors,
Video: Sarah Sanders Wrecks Leftist Hypocrisy: If Trump Racist, Why Did NBC, Chuck Schumer Pal Up? 1/16/18TDS, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Trump aces cognitive exam1/16/18TDS, Conservative,
VIDEO: New California declares independence from rest of state 1/16/18Economics, California, Freedom
Obama ICE Didnt Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants Ties to Terrorism1/16/18Immigration, Obama, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam by John Stossel1/16/18Media, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Whoops! That Didn't Work! CNN Don Lemon Fails to fool MLK nephew that Trump is racist1/16/18Race, Conservative, Video
REPORT: DACA Illegals committ twice the crime rates as native citizens. Unfortunately, if the goal of DACA is to give citizenship to a particularly law abiding group of undocumented immigrants, it is accomplishing the opposite of what was intended. As Table 8 shows, DACA age eligible undocumented immigrants are 250% more likely to be convicted of crimes than their share of the population. Those too old for DACA status are convicted at a relatively low rates (45.7% more than their share of the Arizona population) 1/16/18Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism 1/16/18LGBT, Conservative, PC
Twitter Employees Paid To View Private Sex Messages1/15/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Justin Trudeau Jumped On Bandwagon To Condemn Attack On Muslim Girl when someone reportedly tried to cut off her hijab. The Attack Never Happened. 1/15/18HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Islam
The University of New Hampshire is hosting a workshop this week for white faculty and staff members called Unpacking Whiteness: A workshop on examining whiteness and focusing your work to end systemic racism 1/15/18Education, Race, Indoctrination
German state TV series features woman teaching boy how to pray to Allah 1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Indoctrination
The New York Times Releases A Definitive List of Trump's Racism. Here is The Big Problem. Ben Shapiro1/15/18TDS, Race, Media
SHITHOLES AND DOUBLE STANDARDS: Why the Lefts outrage over Trumps language is bogus1/15/18TDS, Race, Conservative
200 Muslim migrants storm Spanish border, attack police to claim EU asylum 1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
NAACP: Martin Luther King had a Dream that Included Solving Manmade Global Warming1/15/18Remove History, Race, Environmental
CNN: Celebrate MLK Because He Was A Socialist And Environmentalist! Ben Shapiro1/15/18Race, Environmental, Socialism
CANADIANS, do you know what happens with tens of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars that Justin Trudeau has been giving to UNRWA? (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) which primarily funds terror group Hamas run schools for so called Palestinian refugees in Gaza. During the 2014 war in Gaza, the UN found rockets and missile launchers hidden inside UNRWA schools. In just the past year, the UN has uncovered three terror tunnels dug under UNRWA schools. UNRWA education program teaches children to be suicide bombers in the name of Allah and wage a war of jihad against the West. 1/15/18Islam, Liberal Bias, Violence
ACADEMIA RACISM INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: A college education now is all about dismantling whiteness1/15/18Education, Race, Conservative
Canada: Islamophobia pusher calls Christian evangelicals Bible thumping ultra conservatives1/15/18Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
Canadian OpEd by a Feminist: Parents Shouldnt Be Allowed to Have as Many Children as They Want 1/15/18Feminism, Environmental, Freedom
New App Allows You To Create A Consent Contract Before You Sleep With Someone 1/15/18Feminism, ,
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, recently donated $33 million to a scholarship fund for illegal immigrant students. 1/15/18Immigration, Celebrities,
Chrysler Brings Jobs Back From Mexico 1/15/18Economics, ,
Netherlands: Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys for second year in a row1/15/18Islam, Immigration,
VIDEO: The Mass Brainwashing of Germany by Paul Joseph Watson 1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Democratic lawmakers dont like the methodology that the Government Accountability Office used to find that its difficult to buy firearms illegally on the internet because it does not confirm their talking points1/15/18Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey Blame Trump for Hawaiian Missile Scare 1/15/18Celebrities, TDS,
Germany: Muslim migrant teens attack couple after wife refuses to show respect 1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Sean Penn: Trump an Enemy of Mankind, Socialist Hugo Chavez is good though1/15/18Celebrities, TDS, Socialism
Rice University Student newspaper defends advertisement that told white people: You are disgusting 1/15/18Education, Race,
FBI, DOJ argue for dismissal of suit about their foreknowledge of Garland, Texas jihad attack1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Why Are the Iranian Protesters Islamophobes? 1/15/18Islam, PC, Conservative
Not only does Japan reject more than 99% of asylum seekers, as of today, it will curb asylum seekers right to work, despite the tight labor market1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Conservative
Anti PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out1/15/18Professors, Freedom, Conservative
VIDEO: The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party 1/15/18Race, Conservative, Video
Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America? 1/14/18Economics, California,
VIDEO: Trudeau Canadian Government Enabling Female Genital Mutilation? 1/14/18Feminism, Perverse, Islam
Rutgers professor: White women voted for Trump because sex difference is itself a racial structure1/14/18TDS, Professors, Race
UK: Army recruitment video features Muslim soldier praying1/14/18Islam, Immigration,
The National Science Foundation has awarded $1 million to a Portland State University dean and some colleagues in order to diversify computer science. The dean added that white males are preparation privileged they are disproportionately exposed to computer technology and encouraged to pursue CS from a young age1/14/18Education, PC,
Daily Beast Reporter Resigns After Blatantly Plagiarizing Article 1/14/18Media, ,
MSNBC Rubin Slams GOP Guest As Inhumane Beast, Raised by Wolves due to immigration stance1/14/18Immigration, Liberal Bias, Video
Oregonians will save nearly $1.5 billion annually under tax overhaul, state analysis finds1/13/18Economics, ,
Greyhound bus chased by police after illegal immigrant threatens passengers 1/13/18Immigration, Violence,
Convicted Leaker Chelsea Manning Files To Run For Senate In Maryland. Manning, was, at one time, Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army Private convicted in 2013 of one of the single largest leaks of classified intelligence in United States history. Manning submitted 750,000 documents, including video, State Department cables, and information on suspected terrorists, to Wikileak 1/13/18LGBT, Patriotism,
How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It1/13/18Freedom, Media, Conservative
STUDY: Sex Differences In Brain Anatomy Present In 1 Month Olds1/12/18LGBT, Science,
Canadian Government Requires Pledging Support for Abortion to Get Summer Jobs Funding 1/12/18Freedom, Abortion, Indoctrination
CNN Don Lemon: The President Of The United States Is Racist1/12/18TDS, Media, Race
Tim Tebow revealed that he was almost a victim of abortion when doctors told his mother that he was a tumor and not a baby1/12/18Celebrities, Conservative, Abortion
New York University law professor Parallels Trump with How Hitler Attacked Media to Rise to Power 1/12/18Professors, Media, TDS
The New York state government backlash to Mississippi religious freedom law has forced the baseball team from the University of Southern Mississippi to give up several of its home games, costing it revenue shortly after it enacted millions of dollars in budget cuts and layoffs1/12/18Economics, Freedom, LGBT
An Antifa student group at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) has proposed that Law Enforcement Appreciation Day be rebranded as Law Enforcement Incineration Day 1/12/18Violence, ,
Ireland: Muslim on welfare pleads guilty to funding the Islamic State (VERSE)1/12/18Islam, Economics, Violence
LGBT Groups Silent Over Chelsea Handler's Homophobic Tweet 1/12/18Celebrities, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Hoax alert: Canadian schoolgirl claims man tried to cut off her hijab1/12/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
Woman stabbed 13 times by Palestinian jihadis asks: Is the UK funding the terrorists who tried to murder me? The answer is YES. The PA spent a total of 1.237 billion shekels ($358 million), or about 7% of the annual budget, on terrorist stipends last year. If the Palestinian Authority is giving any money at all to jihad terrorists, and the UK is giving any money at all to the Palestinian Authority, then yes, the UK is funding the jihad terrorists who tried to murder Kay Wilson. 1/12/18Islam, Economics, Violence
Jesse Jackson: Trump Speaks Like A Racist, Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction 1/12/18Race, TDS,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Trumps Shithole Comment: Trump Said Something That Almost Every Single Person in America Actually Agrees With 1/12/18TDS, Conservative, Immigration
Intolerance at Cornell: After my Fox News appearance, bullying and threats began. It got so bad I sought counseling 1/12/18Conservative, Education, Liberal Bias
Anderson Cooper Blares: Trump Tired of So Many Black People Coming to U.S 1/12/18TDS, Media, Race
Former Planned Parenthood VP Runs Group Allegedly Trying To Smear Pro Life Centers 1/12/18Abortion, ,
Catholic university, Georgetown, approves new gender and sexuality housing option 1/12/18LGBT, Education, PC
Feminist Natalie Portman Wants Child Rapist Roman Polanski Pardoned1/12/18Celebrities, Liberal Bias,
DACA: THE IMMIGRATION TROJAN HORSE: How the original DREAM act was designed to cover 90% of the illegal alien population in the US. 1/12/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Obama rips Fox News viewers: You are living on a different planet1/12/18Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
California has a legally dubious proposal to bypass tax reform. California legislators are openly scrambling to enable this massive tax evasion by pushing to create California Excellence Fund 1/12/18Economics, California,
Google new Fact Check operates just like Orwells 1984 ministry of truth 1/12/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Hank Azaria: The Simpson’ Will Definitely Address The Debate Over His Character Apu 1/12/18Celebrities, Media, PC
SOCIALIST PARADISE: Several Dead, 15 Injured In Fight For Food In Venezuela 1/12/18Socialism, Violence,
VIDEO: Media: Wages Will Not Increase Because of Tax Reform (Wages Increase 1/12/18Economics, Media, Conservative
Indictment Handed Out In Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One, Hillary Clinton 1/12/18Clinton, Freedom,
VIDEO: What Fire and Fury tells us about us1/12/18TDS, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Leftists like BLM Shaun King Scream Racial Profiling After Police Shoot Black Teen, Charles Smith Jr. Then The Video Comes Out and the man had a gun 1/11/18Race, Violence, Liberal Bias
Pew: Islam to Become the Second-Biggest Religion in the U.S. by 2040 1/11/18Islam, Immigration,
According to the Post. They reported that Trump lost his temper and stated, Why are we having all these people from shiyhole countries come here? He was apparently referring specifically to African countries and Haiti, and he contrasted those countries with Norway 1/11/18TDS, Immigration,
VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To Ban a Way of Talking Through Shadow Banning1/11/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
California High Minimum Wage Set to Hurt the Poor as Jack in the Box Automates 1/11/18Economics, California,
Three British professors recently promulgated the theory that statistics serve white racial interests because numbers are neither objective nor color blind. The QuantCrit approach has since attracted adherents among professors in the United States, several of whom have written their own articles suggesting ways of disrupting racism in research1/11/18Professors, Science, Race
WaPo: We Didnt Attack The Daily Caller, And Dont Know Why Google Is. One of the fact checks on The Daily Caller, which Google alleges was conducted by The Washington Post, was flagrantly misattributed and wrong1/11/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times writes: Scientifically Speaking, Trump is Threat to Democracy1/11/18TDS, Media,
VIDEO: Schools Should BAN Best Friends?? Tucker Cant Take This Seriously1/11/18Education, PC, Freedom
Princeton Study Tosses Cold Water On Method Used For Measuring Climate Change. Climate scientists grossly underestimate the effect cloud cover has on global temperatures, according to researchers at Princeton University’s environmental institute. Climate models factor in too much of the suns daily heat into their projections about what the Earth’s land temperatures could look like long term. Inaccuracies in accounting for daily cloud cycle distorts the effectiveness of a tool scientists use to measure climate change1/11/18Environmental, Science,
Columbia offers course on persistent racism of Trumpism1/11/18TDS, Race,
EU boss calls Hungary and Poland racist and illiberal for refusing Muslim migrants1/11/18Race, Islam, Immigration
The National Association of Scholars, a higher ed watchdog group, recently excoriated the College Board for failing to remove progressive propaganda from its AP European History exam. The NAS has publicly criticized the exam for things like ignoring the role of individualism in European history and validating a Soviet propaganda phrase, but says the College Board responded only with superficial changes1/11/18Professors, Indoctrination,
Jay Leno: Trump has Made Watching Late Night Depressing1/11/18Celebrities, TDS,
Republican senator sponsors bill to fund junk science in rape investigations. Memory and neuroscience experts told Yoffe there was little evidence backing these pseudoscientific claims that sexual assault creates neurobiological change, induces tonic immobility in the victim during the act, represses memories that can be accurately recalled much later (just not immediately after), and that contradictory or changing narratives are actually evidence of assault. 1/11/18Science, HoaxFraud, Freedom
An economics professor recently warned that the increasingly leftist skew within higher education is likely to get worse before it gets better. After remaining relatively consistent at 40% to 45% for three decades, Phil Magness observes that the percentage of self identified liberal professors has shot up to 60% since 19981/11/18Professors, ,
The Washington Post has placed national reporter Janell Ross on leave after she was exposed giving a strategy briefing at a secret strategy conference for left wing donors, politicians and activists in November1/11/18Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Teachers Union One Percenters Make More than $300K Per Year 1/11/18Professors, Economics,
Finland investigates gay politician for criticizing Islam1/11/18Islam, LGBT,
California bill deems abortion a constitutional right 1/11/18Abortion, California,
Conservative ABC Viewers Point Out Liberal Bias After Roseanne Gets A Reboot while Tim Allen show canceled1/11/18Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Walmart Raises Minimum Wage to $11 After Trump Tax Cuts 1/11/18Economics, ,
SJW Book Burners Target shows MASH, Taxi, WKRP, Cheers, Pepé Le Pew 1/11/18Media, PC,
Facebook Bans Bestselling Author over The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama 1/11/18Freedom, Media, Obama
You Dont Need To Go To College. And You Probably Shouldnt1/11/18Conservative, Education,
Womens March 2018 will ditch the pink pussy hats. The reason: The sentiment that the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who dont have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink 1/11/18Feminism, PC, Perverse
School District Pays Transgender Student $800,000 After Banning Him From The Boys Bathroom1/11/18LGBT, Economics,
The Real Issues Underlying the Dreamer Debate1/11/18Immigration, Conservative,
VIDEO: Communism will ALWAYS be Violent | Joseph Klein 1/11/18Socialism, Conservative, Video
Republican House Bill Exchanges DACA Amnesty for Mandatory EVerify, Ending Chain Migration, Border Wall Funding, and Legal Immigration Cuts 1/10/18Immigration, ,
A college professor in Canada wrote an oped for The Washington Post which argues that social justice warriors are the true defenders of free speech and open debate. Apparently, he has never been struck in the head with a bike lock for disagreeing with one. 1/10/18Professors, PC, Freedom
How to successfully stop illegal immigration: Follow Israels model 1/10/18Immigration, Conservative,
ICE raids more than 100 stores across the country, arresting 21 people. Derek Benner, a top ICE official, said that the operation was the first of many and a harbinger of whats to come for employers that dont comply with the law. 1/10/18Immigration, ,
VIDEO: Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trumps Private DMs to DOJ 1/10/18Media, Conservative, Video
Switzerland Rejects Citizenship Bids Of Residents Who Were Once On Welfare. The nation recently enacted a new civil rights act that prevents residents who received welfare benefits from becoming citizens until they pay back the money they took. 1/10/18Immigration, Economics,
The Yale University psychology professor who has repeatedly diagnosed President Trump with a mental impairment appears to lack a valid license in the State of Connecticut. 1/10/18Professors, TDS, Science
GERMAN HIGH COURT refuses to allow Turkish jihadist to be deported to Turkey because he might face inhumane treatment1/10/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Mans Democrat Family Cheered When He Came Out Gay, Shunned Him for Turning Republican 1/10/18LGBT, Liberal Bias,
A Louisiana school superintendent complained of obscenities and death threats directed at himself, his family and staff on Wednesday after a teacher who questioned his pay raise was roughly handcuffed at a school board meeting and taken to jail. 1/10/18Professors, ,
VIDEO: Atheism Kills1/10/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
University of Oregon symposium asks Whats Up With Whiteness? 1/10/18Education, Race,
H&M Issues Apology For Racist Hoodie1/10/18Race, ,
Palestinian Authority Paid $358 Million to Convicted Terrorists in 2017. The PA received $712 million from the U.S. in 2016 alone.1/10/18Islam, Violence, Economics
Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein suggested a bad cold may have impaired her mental faculties and caused her to release Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpsons testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee without telling committee chairman Chuck Grassley 1/10/18Liberal Bias, ,
University floods building with cops because of new White Racism class 1/10/18Race, PC, Education
Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, is scolding Republicans in Congress for considering amnesty for illegal aliens despite it likely disproportionately harming working class black Americans. The negative impact of illegal immigration on unskilled and low-skilled American workers has been established by various studies and discussed in numerous hearings, including, but not limited to, a 2008 Commission briefing. The testimony at the briefing indicated that illegal immigration disproportionately affects the wages and employment opportunities of African-American men. 1/10/18Immigration, Race,
German Childrens Program Showed Relationship Between Teen, Adult Migrant. The documentary Malvina, Diaa and Love was broadcast in November on the publicly funded German television channel Kika, which is directed at children aged three to 13, and has been slammed by many as propaganda as it favourably presents a largely one sided relationship between a 16yr old German girl and an adult Syrian asylum seeker1/10/18Islam, Immigration, Indoctrination
Googles New Fact Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites1/9/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Federal appeals court gives green light to administrators to expel students for tweeting in colleges within states of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah or Wyoming. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals released a bizarre opinion exonerating an administrator who expelled a student because he called his ex girlfriend a psycho bitch on Twitter1/9/18Freedom, Media,
University of Minnesota Professor With Down Syndrome Son: I Support Eugenic Abortion; just another example of an extremely pro abortion professor who preaches an anti life message and lacks any sort of coherent moral framework1/9/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Labour MP Jess Phillips has come to the defence of singer Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.1/9/18Perverse, Islam, Violence
WALSH: This Cross Dressing Child Is Not Expressing Himself. He Is Being Sexually Abused.1/9/18LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
A Professor claims that Asian American students reinforce colorblind racism by taking responsibility for integrating Asian international students on campus. Her theory suggests that normative whiteness in America actually causes Asian students to self segregate. To her dismay, Kwon discovered that despite such efforts at integration, many international Asian students preferred to spend time with classmates of their own nationality, and that most didnt express concern over the matter. The Professor believes that failing to take race into account when confronting various issues can be problematic because it ignores the structures of power that privileges whiteness and white supremacy 1/9/18Professors, Race,
How to Beat the Cis Culture by Making up Progressive Words 1/9/18PC, Socialism, Conservative
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOCIALISTS RUN OUT OF MONEY? 1/9/18Socialism, Conservative, Economics
The journal, Whiteness in Education, claimed to publish peer reviewed academic articles on issues such as critical discussions of white racism, white identity, privilege, power, and intersectionality has resumed publishing after it went dark following a Campus Reform report on its unusually brief peer review process. 1/9/18Science, Race,
ANOTHER MINIMUM WAGE FAIL: Red Robin Restaurants Eliminate All Busboys 1/9/18Economics, ,
UK: Muslim couple plotted Christmas jihad massacre after meeting on online dating site 1/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Left Wing Activists Still Trying To Defund Breitbart, Even Without Bannon1/9/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
NAACP Wants Gov. Abbott Banned from Participating in MLK Celebration 1/9/18Race, Freedom,
Abortion is necessary for black women, apparently, according to a billboard campaign at an abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Planned Parenthood agrees. 1/9/18Abortion, ,
Laziness is a virtue! University of Denver Professor argues in the research journal Qualitative Inquiry that lazy practices can become useful for postqualitative inquiry that seeks to disrupt normative explanations of the world. As political action, laziness, then provides postqualitative inquiry with an additional tool for contributing to social justice via social research. Laziness combats the neoliberal condition in which academic research is situated and might serve as a virtue of postqualitative inquiry.1/9/18Professors, Science,
President Trumps economic boom is undeniably underway which means that the Left will grow increasingly strident and desperate in the lead up to this years midterm congressional elections and beyond.1/9/18TDS, Economics, Liberal Bias
More than 150 University of Chicago professors and lecturers are protesting a socially regressive plan to build an Obama Center next to the schools campus. Not only does the current plan involve forfeiting huge portions of public parks to the private Obama Foundation, the professors say, but it would also impose hundreds of millions of dollars in additional costs to the taxpayers.1/9/18Economics, Professors, Obama
UK: Muslim tells teenage army cadets Better be careful because me and my ISIS brothers will kill you all 1/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Seattle New Sweetened Beverage Tax’Causes Prices To Skyrocket. Expected to bring in $15 Million in government revenue. However, out of the more than $2 million going to the Fresh Bucks program, only about $400,000 will be spent on produce vouchers. The rest, Beekman writes, will be dedicated to administrative costs, such as outreach, technology and hiring five additional city employees to carry out the programs expansion. The price increase for that Gatorade Frost variety pack is a whopping 64.6% after the sugary beverage tax is included.1/9/18Economics, Freedom,
Native American students at the University of Denver are protesting the schools Pioneers nickname, saying it represents genocide and oppression1/9/18Remove History, Race, PC
Jimmy Kimmel says it is Unthinkable that Obama Controlled the Press 1/9/18Celebrities, Media, Obama
It took a week for the media to report that the man who drove his car 120mph into a police car in California, killing one officer, is a MUSLIM, but his immigration status still unreported 1/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
A recent history conference hosted a session on resisting immigration control, American nationalism, and what it perceived to be the resurgence of xenophobic policies. This roundtable will take serious the idea that historians have an obligation to provide a useable past that can be applied to debates and actions concerning policy and the enforcement of laws, and that historians learn from engaging with community based organizations,” 1/9/18Immigration, Professors, Remove History
Google Targets Daily Wire, Other Conservative Sites With Left Wing Fact Checks, Immunizes Left Wing Sites 1/9/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Scholars: Recent protests in Iran partly due to climate change1/9/18Professors, Environmental,
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Oprah on Ending Racism: Old White People Have to Die 1/9/18Race, Perverse, Celebrities
Trump EPA Is On Course To Retire Half Its Staff 1/9/18Environmental, ,
Public university, University of California Santa Barbara offers step by step instructions on deep throating during oral sex1/9/18Education, Perverse,
A LOT OF BLOOD ON A LOT OF HANDS CREATED THE IRAN THREAT: How Democrats from Jimmy Carter to Obama created the Iran Threat1/9/18Obama, Islam, Conservative
There is no reason why ALL $400 million in annual U.S. funding for UNRWA (for Palestinians) should not be cut off permanently because its funding terrorists1/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Washington State Governor: State Legislature Has 59 Days to Save the World 1/9/18Environmental, ,
A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration's decision to end a program protecting young immigrants from deportation. U.S. District Judge William Alsup granted a request by California and other plaintiffs to prevent President Donald Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program while their lawsuits play out in cour 1/9/18Immigration, Freedom,
What, Indeed, Is the Quran?1/9/18Christianity, Islam, Conservative
Yale Expert: Trump Could Cause Extinction of Human Species. Dr. Brandy Lee, a professor of psychiatry at Yale, a university that is supposed to be highly respected, told Newsweek that, if possible, she and other like-minded psychiatrists would be declaring a public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible1/8/18Professors, TDS, Science
MS13 gang member who stabbed 15 year-old girl 13 times, sliced off tattoo, pleads guilty to murder1/8/18Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: Demonstrators at a recent Antifa protest against Turning Point USA carried signs blasting the groups members as racists Nazis, and fascists, but struggled to define what those terms actually mean. 1/8/18Video, Education, PC
Another major impact of the decision could be a decline in the amount of money that Salvadorans in the United States send home. Remittances now surpass $4.5 billion a year, accounting for about 17% of the country’s GDP, 1/8/18Immigration, Economics,
Author Michael Wolff: Anti Tump Book Has No Political Agenda 1/8/18TDS, ,
James Damore sues Google, claims tech giant discriminates against white conservative men 1/8/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Brooklyn College Professor, Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and color blindness as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. 1/8/18Professors, Science, Race
Hollywood, and Oprah Golden Globe Women Bravery is like watching the NFL lament concussions (Ben Shapiro) 1/8/18Celebrities, Conservative,
Two Star General Denied Promotion for Calling Female Staffer Sweetheart1/8/18Feminism, PC,
New Feminist Business School at Everegreen college Will Help You Battle Both Capitalism And The Patriarchy 1/8/18Feminism, Economics,
Antifa Marxist Teacehr Yvette Felarca has been ordered to pay the legal fees of a conservative student at the University of California-Berkeley after she failed to get a permanent restraining order filed against him 1/8/18Violence, Professors,
Erotic Gay Clothing Line Features 9 Year Old Boy Dressed In Drag As Covergirl1/8/18LGBT, Perverse,
Canadas Carbon Taxes, Other Boondoggles Add Pain to Record Cold Winter1/8/18Environmental, Economics, Freedom
FACT CHECK: NPR Reluctantly admits Trump Touts Low Unemployment Rates For African Americans, Hispanics 1/8/18Economics, Race, TDS
Canadian Liberal MP Labels Anti Islamic State Protesters White Supremacists1/7/18Islam, Immigration, Race
Gun Control Fail: Investigators in the (GAO) were dispatched to see whether private online sellers were engaging in selling firearms to people who are prohibited from owning firearms. The investigators attempted dozens of times to illegally purchase firearms from online sellers on the surface web, but were completely unsuccessful going 0 for 72. 1/6/18Guns, ,
A Northern California community college, Diablo Valley College, Professor Albert Ponce, recently told students they should be violating laws to combat white supremacy1/5/18Race, Perverse, Professors
CNN: Dont Get Married, You will Be Happier, Thinner, and Have More Sex 1/5/18Perverse, Media, Liberal Bias
Based on interviews with 8 female STEM students, two professors recently concluded that masculine norms are to blame for the lack of female STEM graduates. According to the professors, these masculine norms include asking good questions, capacity for abstract thought and rational thought processes, motivation, independent thinking, and a relatively low fear of failure. 1/5/18Feminism, Professors, Science
About 1 millions American employees are set to receive up to $3,000 in bonuses in light of President Donald Trump’s tax cut, according to an analysis done by Americans for Tax Reform.1/5/18Economics, ,
Almost Half of DACA Aliens Can Barely Speak English, 25% Functionally Illiterate1/5/18Immigration, Education,
SOCIALIST PARADISE: British National Health Service Cancels 50,000 Surgeries 1/5/18Socialism, Healthcare,
THE TRUMP COLLUSION CONSPIRACY THEORY FALLS APART; what you get for 7 months and $7 million.1/5/18TDS, Conservative,
A Swedish professor is making international headlines after refusing to obey an instructional gender quota at his university that called on him to teach a feminist author as part of his course curriculum to ensure gender balance 1/5/18Professors, Conservative, Feminism
REPORT: 90% of the 10 point increase in Germany violent crime came from refugees. 1/5/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
California Vows to Resist Trump New Offshore Drilling Policy1/5/18Environmental, TDS,
THE LEFTS SIEGE OF OUR UNIVERSITIES by David horowitz1/5/18Education, Conservative,
Transgender Women: Men Wont Date Us Because Theyre Insecure And Weak 1/5/18LGBT, Liberal Bias,
University of Mississippi enforces zero tolerance policy for politically incorrect statements 1/5/18Freedom, Education, PC
Conservative comedian Eric Golub was temporarily suspended from Twitter for using the word bimbos to describe the mainstream media.1/5/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Attorney General Sessions Missed An Opportunity To Promote Federalism Over Marijuana 1/5/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Georgetown University recently approved a residential living space reserved exclusively for students interested in exploring gender and sexuality 1/5/18LGBT, PC, Education
A San Diego State professor who has led an effort over the last few years to get the schools Aztec mascot abolished, calling it racist, has been found guilty of discrimination against a white student by the California Department of Justice 1/5/18Professors, Race, Remove History
AL GORE: Global Warming Means Bitter Cold1/5/18Environmental, ,
A former Walt Disney World Muslim employee, Abderrahmane Sebti, has filed a lawsuit against the theme park, seeking $75,000 for a claim that Disney discriminated against him based on his nationality (but he really means because of his religion Islam and the excessive demands for special accommodations it makes on employers 1/5/18Islam, PC,
Private New York University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute threatens to charge student protesters with hate speech if their opinions arent civil1/5/18Freedom, Education,
Michael Wolff Makes the Argument for Removing Trump Under 25th Amendment for being mentally unfit 1/5/18TDS, Freedom,
HOAX: Leftists Fall For Parody Story About Trump Watching The Gorilla Channel 17 Hours Per Day (Ben Shapiro) 1/5/18HoaxFraud, TDS,
Four Women Accuse Crash Filmmaker Paul Haggis of Rape and Sexual Misconduct1/5/18Celebrities, ,
False Prophets of Islamic Multiculturalism1/5/18Conservative, Islam, PC
VIDEO: The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid1/5/18Race, Conservative, Video
New York City to spend $50,000,000 on security infrastructure, including 1,500 steel street barriers 1/4/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Republicans scheme to give illegal immigrants citizenship 1/4/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Trump, The Dreamers (DACA), And The Cognitive Dissonance On Upholding Immigration Law1/4/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
California State University Northridge class final exam questions blast Trump as bigot, tout Hillary as unifier 1/4/18TDS, Clinton, Professors
On January 1, the Canadian province of Ontario raised its minimum wage from $11.60 an hour to $14/hour. According to the Bank of Canada, because of the forced wage hike there will be an estimated 60,000 fewer jobs available in Ontario by 2019. Not just that, businesses are beginning to do what businesses do: react to changes in the market by notifying customers they are raising prices1/4/18Economics, ,
A GBH research note signals that Apple is set to bring back approximately $200 billion of its $252 billion foreign cash portfolio as a result of tax breaks that the company will now receive 1/4/18Economics, ,
Nearly 100 Companies Giving Back More Due To Tax Breaks, DOW Breaks Records, New Jobs Soar, Layoffs Crash, Manufacturing Booms; which represents the fastest 1,000 point jump in history.1/4/18Economics, Conservative,
A professor at East Carolina University recently discovered that the diversity course, which is mandatory for Criminal Justice majors and minors, that she teaches isnt actually effective in changing students racial or gender biases 1/4/18Professors, Race, PC
ESPNs Max Kellerman reacted to the Houston Astros accepting the White House’s invitation to celebrate their World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying the team is on the wrong side of history because the Trump administration must not be normalized 1/4/18TDS, Celebrities, Media
Planned Parenthood expanding to offer transgender hormone treatment. There are a total of 17 Planned Parenthood clinics that provide the transgender hormone therapy, 1/4/18Abortion, LGBT,
The New York Times Proves It Hates Religious Americans With This Obituary1/4/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Question for the Pope: If Islam is in itself a good religion, as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?1/4/18Christianity, Islam, PC
Dr. Marc Siegel: Smoking pot routinely may seem harmless but dont be fooled (even if its legal)1/4/18Conservative, ,
Actor Asner Presumes to School Conservatives on Constitution; says to Daily Beast If right wingers truly understood what the Constitution meant they wouldn’t use it as a crutch every time they screw over the poor and the disenfranchised1/4/18Celebrities, Liberal Bias,
Sen. Cory Gardner (R CO) is threatening to block future nominees for Department of Justice positions in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions planned announcement of a new, potentially tougher tougher policy on marijuana. Sessions plans to rescind a 2013 memo, issued under the Obama administration, that indicated that the Justice Department would refrain from enforcing federal drug laws in states that had legalized marijuana. Instead, the department will now leave enforcement and prosecution decisions up to individual U.S. Attorneys in each state. Sessions new policy could also bring federal law enforcement into conflict with state authorities. 1/4/18Freedom, ,
Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan: Its time for Jeff Sessions to go, as shown by the latest FBI leak 1/4/18Conservative, Media,
VIDEO: A University of Knoxville, Tenn., student claims it is okay to kill young children, because they cannot communicate like adults do, the pro choice college male 1/4/18Abortion, Perverse, Video
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding a key Obama-era policy that allowed states to regulate their own legal marijuana. Sessions had already announced in November that he would be cracking down on these kinds of guidance memos which essentially change laws without going through the formal process to do so. Famous guidance memos issued during the Obama administration include the transgender bathroom memo, which told schools to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice. 1/4/18Freedom, Obama, LGBT
Justice Department investigating Clinton Foundation over pay to play allegations 1/4/18Clinton, ,
Study: Network Coverage of Trump Gossip Book Beats Out Iranian Uprising 1/4/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Feminists think Maybe Sex Robots Will Make Men, Not Women, Obsolete 1/4/18Feminism, ,
Jeff Sessions Is Right to End Obamas Unlawful Approach to Marijuana Enforcement 1/4/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
TRUMP DEMANDS PRISON FOR HUMA ABEDIN: Like her boss, the top Hillary Clinton aide broke espionage laws. 1/4/18Freedom, Clinton,
VIDEO: What Is Hate Speech? We Asked College Students by ReasonTV1/4/18PC, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: California mayor under fire for blaming liberals for homeless rise 1/4/18Economics, California, Video
VIDEO: Tucker SLAMS Keith Ellison For His Long History Of Abhorrent Views 1/4/18Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
Drag Club for Children to Open in NYC1/3/18LGBT, Perverse,
Islamic State jihadi posts selfie from NYC: We are in your own Backyard1/3/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Proudly Shows Off New Antifa Book to Strike Fear in Trump 1/3/18Liberal Bias, Violence, TDS
Harvard womens studies course will teach students new models of sexuality1/3/18Feminism, Education,
Linda Sarsour Exposes Herself Once Again as Leftist Hypocrite 1/3/18Feminism, Celebrities,
Somali Immigrant Tried To Rape Woman In Labor 1/3/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Oberlin tells federal judge that sex becomes rape when one partner says I am not sober1/3/18HoaxFraud, ,
Twitter Suspends Sheriff Clarkes Account Over Media Criticism 1/3/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Germany: Muslim attacks several people with knife, calls one infidel, and then taken to psychiatrist1/3/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
To get over hippie stoner image that holds down enrollment, UC Santa Cruz lowers its standards. The Los Angeles Times reports the campus dropped its minimum GPA for transfer students from 2.6 to 2.4, which is the UC systemwide minimum1/3/18Education, Science,
Texas Imam Apologizes for Preaching Kill the Jews1/3/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Plans to Sue U.S. Government Over State Tax Break Change1/3/18Economics, Liberal Bias,
A theology professor at Morgan State argues in a recent academic journal article that white Christians tend to support Donald Trump because they are facing an existential crisis1/3/18Christianity, Professors,
Homeless Hero at Manchester Bombing Site Admits He Robbed Dying Terror Victims1/3/18Media, Violence, Perverse
Student protester hit by car as she blocked freeway sues UC San Diego. The accident crushed her pelvis, fractured her leg, and caused other serious injuries. In her suit filed in late November, partly blames campus officials for her injury, arguing they should have stopped the protest before it got dangerous. The complaint also lists the University of California Regents, the city and county of San Diego, the state of California, and the driver of the vehicle as defendants in the lawsuit. 1/3/18TDS, Education, PC
Ireland: Muslim migrant stabs three, killing one, attacks cops with iron bar, cops search for motive 1/3/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
ABC show ‘Blackist Advises Kids to Make Teachers Feel White Guilt for Better Grades 1/3/18Race, Media,
A sociologist at the University of California, San Francisco wants more comedians to joke about abortion, calling it new ground for television comedies to addres1/2/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
New York Times Coverage Sympathetic with Iran Regime. More disturbing than the Times toeing the line for an authoritarian theocracy is the fact that the venerable paper of record is making tons of cash selling exclusive, high-end tours to Iran through their Journeys program. The Times promotes these things like they are selling cabins on a luxury sea cruise. The basic package of the tour costs $8,000 and reportedly brings the NYT at least $1.5 million each year. 1/2/18Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Massive Murder Spike Due To Lack Of Police Presence, Complain Baltimore Residents 1/2/18Race, Violence,
Ex Muslim, Anti Islam Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin Banned on Twitter 1/2/18Freedom, Islam, PC
The American Psychological Association recently honored the creators of the controversial Implicit Bias Test with its highest award for academic research1/2/18Professors, Science, Race
In Germany, social media sites can now be fined if they do not immediately delete hate speech or fake news from their platforms. The sites will be given 24 hours or up to seven days, for legally complex cases, to delete the content after the user issues a complete. Social media sites that do not comply will be fined up to $60 million, which raises the question if the law were an earnest (though fascist) attempt to curtail hate speech or a cheap ruse to make revenue. 1/2/18Freedom, PC, Media
Bernie Sanders Wears $700 Coat To Swear In New York Mayor 1/2/18Socialism, Liberal Bias, Economics
Pranksters add to California Border Signs that Welcome Felons, Illegals, MS13 because Democrats need the votes1/2/18Immigration, Violence, Conservative
Since London elected its first Muslim mayor, Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY Up. From the years 2015 and 2016 to 2016 and 2017, homicides in London rose by 27.1%. Youth homicide jumped 70%. Serious youth violence was up 19%. Robbery was up 33.4%, while home burglaries rose by 18.7% Theft went up by over 10,000 incidents in a year, up 33.9%, and there were more than 4,000 additional knife crime incidents under Khan than under his predecessor, a rise of 31.3% Rape in the capital rose by 18.3%, while there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3% on the previous year. 1/2/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Democrats plan MLK holiday teach ins to rally against Trump tax cuts 1/2/18Economics, Liberal Bias, Race
Trump shocks with 12 big immigration wins, critics decry fewer immigrants entering US 1/2/18Immigration, ,
David Brock, a Democratic operative and the founder of left wing Media Matters and another HIllary Clinton allys dumped at least $700,000 to prominent sexual harassment lawyer Lisa Bloom to fund women willing to accuse candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct the week before the presidential election, reports The New York Times.1/1/18Clinton, TDS, HoaxFraud
2018 Will Be the Year Feminists Target Little Boys 1/1/18Feminism, Perverse, Conservative
Street Gang Brutally Beats Up Paris Police Woman Over New Years Celebrations 1/1/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Pope: Those who decry security risks of Muslim migrants demean the human dignity of the sons and daughters of God1/1/18Christianity, Islam, Liberal Bias
U.N. Chief Issues Red Alert Against Nationalism, Xenophobia, Climate Change for 2018 1/1/18Liberal Bias, TDS,
Boys prefer trucks! STUDY: A study published in the journal Infant and Child Development by John A. Barry of University College London’s Institute for Womens Health found that young children tend to prefer toys typed to their gender1/1/18LGBT, Science,
PBS Broadcasts Crusade Myths for the Holiday Season 1/1/18Islam, Remove History, Christianity
Feminists: Princess Play is Important for Girls, But Only if Princesses Are Sword Wielding Warriors1/1/18Feminism, ,
California has leveled misdemeanor charges against 41 year old Mark Feigin after he sent five anti Muslim posts to the Islamic Center of Southern Californias (ICSC) Facebook page in 2016. 12/30/17Freedom, Islam, PC
6 Insane California Laws That Go Into Effect Monday including The entire state will now ignore U.S. immigration law and You can make up your gender on official state IDs12/29/17California, Immigration, LGBT
UK: Delivery drivers reveal London No Go Zones made too dangerous to work by acid attacks and knife crime 12/29/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Elizabeth Warren Gets Decimated After Claiming To Believe In Science12/29/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Science
Arizona banned from enforcing law against public school courses that promote resentment toward a race12/29/17Freedom, Education, Race
Planned Parenthood Creates Pro Abortion License Plate 12/29/17Abortion, ,
Video: Londons Police Commissioner says rape gangs have been part of our society for centuries; not Islamic 12/29/17Islam, PC, Violence
The SIT Graduate Institute recently published a thesis paper calling for educators to promote racial identity exploration so that students of color dont assimilate to whiteness12/29/17Education, Race,
Redfin CEO: Silicon Valley Is Going To Leave Silicon Valley12/29/17Economics, ,
Conservative student Deplorable Radio show at the University of Minnesota Morris remains banned from university airwaves 12/29/17Education, Freedom,
Female Apple Employee Makes Twice as Much as Male CEO, But Inequality and Stuff 12/29/17Economics, Feminism,
The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who were ordered to pay the money to a lesbian couple after declining to bake them a gay wedding cake in 2013, before gay marriage was legal in Oregon 12/29/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Hoax? Anti immigrant graffiti scrawled on Rutgers prayer room 12/29/17HoaxFraud, ,
Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To Rig Bundy Trial. Bundy lawyer Bret D. Whipple told The New York Times I personally have never seen anything like this, especially in a case of such importance 12/29/17Freedom, Environmental,
Bill Nye: Blue States Will Impose Economic Sanctions Against Climate Change Denying States 12/29/17Environmental, Economics,
Why Are Accused Sexual Harassers Overwhelmingly on the Left? 12/29/17Liberal Bias, ,
WaPo Sympathetic to Illegal Alien Facing Deportation Despite Two Busts for DUI 12/29/17Immigration, Violence,
A biology professor from San Jose State University recently argued in several tweets that chromosomes dont determine sex. The tweets were written in response to Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain, who had tweeted a picture of the XX and XY chromosomes as reminder of how many genders there are12/28/17Professors, Science, LGBT
Racist BuzzFeed Publishes 37 Ways White People Ruin Everything12/28/17Media, Race,
James Madison University wants more of its faculty members to become inclusive teachers, and so is offering a $250 stipend to professors who participate in a program on inclusivity and multiculturalism12/28/17Professors, Education, PC
Two professors at Oregon State University (OSU) recently published an academic article warning that personal trainers and gym instructors are guilty of perpetuating fat oppression and anti fat bias while on the job. 12/28/17Professors, PC, Science
Afghan Refugee Stabs 15yr old German Girl to Death 12/28/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A group representing 23 institutions of higher learning in San Antonio penned an open letter earlier this month declaring that hate speech and inappropriate messages are not legitimate forms of free speech. 12/28/17Education, PC,
Illinois: Muslim truck driver made no attempt to stop and crashed into seven vehicles, killing four girls aged 17 to 20yrs old12/28/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Washington D.C. Restaurant Scraps Sneaker Ban After People Complain Dress Code Is Racist 12/28/17Race, ,
Pew: Trump Media Coverage Three Times More Negative Than For Obama 12/28/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Iran Supreme Leader Praises Black Lives Matter, Rips Trump 12/28/17Islam, Race,
Vandals Paint Confederate Statue Pink 12/28/17Vandalism, ,
New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed a conspiracy theory on CNN, insinuating that the tax bill was intentionally designed to hurt blue states before falsely claiming that the U.S. Senate had no senators from blue states.12/28/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Teachers union cant stop publication of information from undercover conservative operation Project Vertias, judge rules 12/28/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Debra Messing Blissfully Tearful As 13yr Old Son Sits During National Anthem 12/28/17Patriotism, Celebrities,
California has become the first state in the union to mandate the use of LGBT inclusive textbooks in elementary schools and have given parents no way to opt out 12/27/17LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Revisiting the Media Predictions by the New York Times, Washington Post, Mark Cuban, and others who predicted economic collapse if Trump won the election12/27/17Economics, TDS, Media
EDUCATIONAL ROT: The roots of Americas epidemic of substandard teachers by Walter Williams 12/27/17Education, Conservative, Professors
A Diablo Valley College professor recently told students they should violate many of our existing laws because they perpetuate a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system. The professor also argued that about 50% of the students in the room should not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because the American flag is not really representative of everybody12/27/17Professors, Race, Patriotism
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated anyone hashtagging Merry Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas or Jesus a far right wing extremist 12/27/17Liberal Bias, Christianity,
Texas Border Patrol Agent Shot By Gunman In Mexico12/27/17Immigration, Violence,
New York University Professor Justin Lerner and Simmons College Professor Anjali Fulambarker urge their colleagues to cultivate a space free from microaggressions by adopting a social justice agenda in class12/27/17Professors, Education, PC
Nearly 450,000 People Fled New York, Illinois, and California In 201712/27/17Economics, Immigration,
Controversial Problem of Whiteness course reintroduced at University of Wisconsin12/27/17Race, Education,
Formula One champion driver Lewis Hamilton apologised for posting a video to social media of him celebrating Christmas with his family, in which he tells his young nephew that Boys don’t wear princess dresses12/27/17PC, LGBT, Celebrities
Two San Diego State University professors contributed a chapter to a new anthology arguing that farmers markets are insidious white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized 12/27/17Professors, Race,
Washington Post writes Now That Obama Has Been Gone a Year, America Returns to Misery12/27/17TDS, Obama, Media
Kent State University instructions for aspiring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender allies instructs trainees to avoid assuming that men and women in committed heterosexual relationships are actually heterosexual. 12/27/17LGBT, Education,
VIDEO: Father Of Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant in California Slams Sanctuary States12/27/17Immigration, Video, Violence
CBS Claims Republican Voters Are Against Repeal of Obamacare12/27/17Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
Google Celebrates Christmas By Replacing Jesus And Santa With Tropical Birds 12/27/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Most research supports theory that student financial aid leads to increased tuition 12/27/17Education, Economics,
The War Against Confederate Monuments Continues 12/27/17Remove History, Vandalism, Conservative
World Health Organization Says Playing Video Games Too Much Is A Mental Disorder, Transgenderism Isnt12/27/17LGBT, Science,
In a recent piece published by Newsweek, professors claimed that Trumps insistence on saying Merry Christmas is connected to white nationalism. Washington State University professor Richard King said he sees such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle12/26/17Professors, TDS, Race
Washington Post Republishes Old Jesus Isnt Real Piece On Christmas Day12/26/17Christianity, Media, WAPO
Germany: Record Number of Migrants Living off Welfare. An estimated 600,000 of the newly arrived refugees are currently living on the dole despite being young and apparently employable12/26/17Economics, Islam, Immigration
The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) offers Social Justice House for wannabe activists 12/26/17Education, PC,
New York Times says Trumps Fist in the air gesture is Racist12/26/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Nearly 33% of Of U.S. Homicide Spike Coming From 5 Chicago Neighborhoods. In Chicago last year, homicides jumped to 771, 58% higher than in 2015, and more than the number of murders in Los Angeles and New York combined 12/26/17Violence, Race,
Feminist Professors say that selfies perpetuate classic gender roles 12/26/17Feminism, Professors,
France allows Muslim street prayers but bans Christmas movie as too Christian12/26/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
The U.S. paid 22% of the U.N. $5.4 billion budget for 2016 and 2017, the maximum contribution allowed. State Department documents confirm the U.S. allocated $1.2 billion toward the budget during these years; or 22% of their budget12/26/17Economics, ,
17 campus hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes in 2017 12/26/17HoaxFraud, ,
New York Times Paul Krugman: If We Survive Trump, Make Pink Pussy Hats The Symbol Of Our Delivery From Evil (by Ben Shapiro)12/26/17TDS, Media, Perverse
NBC News Ponders Whether First Amendment Is Too Broad 12/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Compares Himself to Edison, Ford, Gandhi 12/26/17Liberal Bias, ,
The parent of a teen girl who is transitioning to become a boy is urging the increasing number of families coping with the radical transgender movement to fight back rather than succumb to its ideology12/26/17LGBT, Conservative,
Merrimack College is offering undergraduates an opportunity to earn a degree in social justice 12/26/17Education, PC,
Federal law enforcement officials found several preserved fetuses in a Detroit warehouse that belonged to a man who sold human body parts, newly revealed photographs show. 12/26/17Abortion, Perverse,
Jury takes 28 minutes to acquit student accused of rape; years after he was expelled for it. A student expelled by the College of Charleston in 2014 for rape has been vindicated by the criminal justice system, though his life has already been ruined beyond repair. 12/26/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Theresa May Wants to See a Female James Bond12/26/17Feminism, Celebrities, PC
EPA Responded To FOIA Request regarding the Clean Power Plan 2.5 Years Later. Federal agencies are required by law to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests within twenty working days. 12/26/17Environmental, Obama, Freedom
Topless Feminist from the militant group FEMEN Snatches Baby Jesus From His Crib at the Vatican AGAIN; says God is a woman 12/26/17Feminism, Christianity,
ILLEGAL ALIEN SUFFOCATED HER OWN BABY DAUGHTER to death in Texas12/26/17Immigration, Violence,
United Nations Budget Slashed By $285 Million 12/26/17Economics, ,
Rep. Jackson Lee Boots White Teacher from First Class, Calls Her Racist12/26/17Liberal Bias, Race,
Pam from the TV show THE OFFICE, or Jenna Fischer, tweets incorrect tweet about tax bill; gets 65,000+ Retweets and 225,000 likes for it12/26/17Celebrities, Economics, Media
Orlando gay club jihad murderers wife says killer liked homosexuals because they were sympathetic to Muslims 12/26/17Islam, Violence, PC
University of California Merced Students Want To Promote Prof Who Threatened Shapiro 12/26/17Perverse, Professors,
UK: No go zone Bradford headed for disaster, non Muslims scared12/26/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
The leading voice in the U.S. Senate to reduce immigration levels, Sen. Tom Cotton (R, AR), says it is not a nativist view to want a national immigration policy that benefits American citizens, rather than foreign nationals.12/26/17Immigration, Conservative,
CNN Laments Popularity of Fascist Thomas the Tank Engine, and Paw Patrol TV Shows 12/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
VIDEO: John Stossel: Why is the West so Rich? 12/26/17Economics, Conservative, Video
Egypt hands UK document proving Muslim Brotherhood involvement in London jihad terror attacks; the muslim brotherhood is of course, also connected to CAIR 12/25/17Islam, Violence,
China censors have taken down 13,000 websites in 3 years 12/25/17Freedom, ,
Germany: Muslim students surround Jewish student, scream Hitler was good! Because he killed the Jews 12/25/17Perverse, Islam, Immigration
Confederate statue in Georgia vandalized to the tune of $200,000 officials say 12/24/17Vandalism, Remove History,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro just gave an AMAZING Speech, on why Collectivism is evil and violates every single one of the 10 Commandments 12/24/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Media Gone Mad: Trump Derangement Syndrome 12/24/17TDS, Conservative, Video
California Governor Jerry Brown Pardons 132 illegal immigrant criminals to avoid deportation. Another move for the sanctuary state of california 12/23/17Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell: Examples of Absurd Liberal Misinformation12/23/17Conservative, Video,
VIDEO: Heather Mac Donald: How Much More Delusional Can University Students Get? 12/23/17Education, PC, Video
Swarthmore College is offering a course next year that will survey queer and trans readings of biblical texts by using queer and trans theoretical approaches, with faculty staying silent on the specifics of the course material.12/22/17LGBT, Christianity,
VIDEO: Liberals Love Republican Tax Plan if they are told it is the Bernie Sanders plan 12/22/17Economics, TDS, Video
Young Turks founder, Cenk Uygur Is Super Sorry He Called Women Genetically Flawed in older blog posts. Blames Conservatism because he says he was Conservative then and that is why he said those things12/22/17Media, Liberal Bias,
California Law Enforcement Stops Major Terrorist Attack At Pier 39 in San Francisco From Happening 12/22/17Islam, Violence,
VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Compares Tax Bill to Frankenstein, Turns Out She has not read either 12/22/17TDS, Economics, TDS
Portland State student oped: White people are sick12/22/17Education, Race,
Salon Offers Most Pathetic Attempt Yet to Equate Trump to a Genocidal Dictator; because replacing the lottery with a more secure immigration system is soft Hitler.12/22/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington DC Subway Bans Christmas Ads but Offers Gay Dating and Sex sites ads12/22/17LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
GERMANY: Exterminating the Christ in Christmas, so as not to offend Christianity-hating Muslims12/22/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Baltimore has Same Murder Rate as Venezuela at about 57.2 per 100,00012/22/17Race, Violence,
Ravens president: Protests have caused no shows at stadium 12/22/17Patriotism, ,
UK Intel Agents Train Truckers to Stop Jihadis From Hijacking Vehicles for Terror Attacks12/22/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Jodie Foster says Pretty Much Every Man Over 30 Responsible For Sexual Misconduct 12/22/17Celebrities, Liberal Bias,
Wisconsin Middle School Gives Students Privilege Test12/22/17PC, Perverse, Professors
According to newly released data, nearly 95% of all foreign nationals in DOJ custody are illegal aliens in the U.S. In total, there are 58,766 known or suspected foreign nationals in federal prisons at the end of the 2017 Fiscal Year. This includes 39,455 foreign nationals who are in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody and 19,311 foreign nationals under U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) supervision. 12/22/17Immigration, Violence,
Student protesters at Reed College spent weeks occupying its administrative building, demanding the school cut its tie with Wells Fargo. Their activism wasnt enough. Reedies Against Racism had been occupying Eliot Hall since late October, requesting the Portland private college divest from Wells Fargo because of the companys ties to private prisons, police militarization and the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The occupation, which lasted nearly two months, included student activists sleeping in tents and on couches and floor mats in the presidents office12/22/17Education, Environmental, Conservative
New Coloring Book for Adults: I am So Sick of White Guys12/22/17Race, PC, Perverse
EUROPES TOLERANCE FOR TERRORISTS: The outrage in Amsterdam continues.12/22/17Conservative, Islam, Violence
Tucker Carlson Shares Hilarious List Of 100 Racist Things12/22/17Race, Conservative, PC
Australia: Muslim who drove into crowd in Melbourne complained about mistreatment of Muslims after his arrest 12/22/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Joe Scarborough Likens Nikki Haley to Mob Boss for Defending Israel 12/22/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Eastern New Mexico mosque sprayed with graffiti and misspelled the word Christian?12/22/17Vandalism, HoaxFraud, Islam
When States Hike the Minimum Wage, Women Lose Jobs . California minimum wage to increase to $11 and counting12/22/17Economics, Feminism,
VIDEO: MORE Media Asks if GOP Tax Cuts Help 3 American Families. The Results Surprise Them 12/22/17Economics, Media, Video
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that he believes returning Jihadists like those ISIS members headed back to Canada after losing the fight abroad can be rehabilitated into powerful voices against radicalism within Canada12/21/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Reveals Shocking New Statistics on Illegal Immigrant crimes: Illegals account for 22% of Murders, 18% of Frauds, 33% of Money Laundering, 29% of Drug Trafficking, 72% of Drug Possession12/21/17Immigration, Violence, Video
Numerous feminist professors in Al Franken home state of Minnesota decline to condemn him 12/21/17Feminism, Liberal Bias,
Congress Launching Investigation Into Obama Admin After Hezbollah Report 12/21/17Obama, Islam, Freedom
Minneapolis: Muslim migrant stabs woman 14 times, local media ignores incident 12/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
South Carolina Higher Ed Failing to Teach Constitution. A 2015 survey of institutions of higher learning, 42% of Clemson students never take a course on the founding documents of the U.S. In fact, several schools fail to require the study of founding documents for one year. Those include University of South Carolina (USC), Clemson University, The Citadel, College of Charleston, Francis Marion University, Lander University, SC State, and Winthrop 12/21/17Education, Patriotism,
Former Obama deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes mused about the deaths of top Republicans on Twitter Thursday before being scolded by GOP Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who was severely injured in the June Congressional baseball practice shooting. 12/21/17Liberal Bias, Obama, Perverse
According to the United Nations, there are approximately 258 million migrants around the globe representing a nearly 50% increase over the last 17 years 12/21/17Immigration, ,
Finland: Muslim migrant rapes his girlfriend and then burns her alive12/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Walmart Going Cashier Free, Developing New Delivery System12/21/17Economics, ,
Transgender volleyball player debuts in Brazils top league, sets sights on Tokyo Olympics12/21/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Rosie ODonnell Attempts To Bribe Congress with $2 Million over GOP Tax plan 12/21/17Economics, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
A set of guidelines distributed by an employee within a department of the University of Minnesota urged readers to consider neutral themed (Christmas) parties, and declared decorations should be general, and not specific to any one religion 12/21/17Professors, Christianity, PC
Sesame Street Receives $100 Million Grant to Create Programming for Syrian Refugee Children12/21/17Islam, PC, Perverse
Tom Brokaw says Fox News On a Jihad12/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
SCOTUS Keeps Rebuking Lower Courts That Rule Against Trump 12/21/17TDS, Freedom, Conservative
Bard College pronoun FAQ: regularly ask for others pronouns12/21/17LGBT, Education, PC
University of Tennessee Knoxville Defends First Amendment in Tweet, Then Deletes After Backlash 12/21/17PC, Education, Freedom
University of Virginia now promises to recognize conservative club after outcry from former governor 12/21/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
The Daily Wire Talks With EPI Managing Dir. Michael Saltsman Regarding Shocking New Minimum Wage Study12/21/17Economics, Conservative,
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says imam call to buy from Muslims only is not discriminatory 12/21/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: NBC Host to Ryan: Are You Living in a Fantasy World? 12/21/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Pro life movement got a lift and the pro choice movements surreptitious attempt to blunt abortion reversal was defeated when the California Board of Registered Nursing said the pro life group Heartbeat International could grant continuing education units (CEUs) to nurses who study Abortion Pill Reversal.12/21/17Abortion, ,
Black Hills State University bans emails containing offensive comments about hair color 12/21/17Education, PC,
Germany, UK Foil Major Islamist Terror Attacks Ahead of Christmas12/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Christine Douglass Williams fired from Canadian Race Relations Foundation for writing for Jihad Watch12/21/17Freedom, Islam, Media
United Nations voted 128 to 9 to condemn President Trumps decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as his declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel12/21/17TDS, ,
Ann Coulter: Republicans Should Try Doing Something Popular12/21/17Conservative, Economics, Immigration
Another study confirms women who go to college are far less likely to be raped12/21/17Feminism, Conservative, HoaxFraud
What small businesses are doing to prepare for Canadian minimum wage hike; Before the increase has even kicked in, business owners have been forced to increase prices and delay or eliminate hiring plans, particularly of young workers12/21/17Economics, ,
AT&T, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Fifth Third Bancorp, and Comcast all announce employee bonus after Tax Bill passes 12/20/17Economics, Conservative,
Illegal Alien Teen Lied About Age to Get Tax Funded Abortion 12/20/17Immigration, Abortion, HoaxFraud
The University of Iowa pulled a bait and switch on a Christian student club by asking it to clarify its beliefs and then revoking its club status when it replied honestly, according to the clubs lawyer 12/20/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
9 Things You Need To Know About The Big Republican Tax Reform (Ben Shapiro) 12/20/17Economics, Conservative,
Sarah Silverman says Patriotism is Perverted12/20/17Patriotism, Celebrities, Perverse
UK: Four Muslims arrested for Christmas jihad mass murder plot12/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: 8 Overwrought Reactions to Tax Reform12/20/17Economics, Liberal Bias, TDS
ANCHOR BABY RAPED 10YR OLD GIRL IN ARKANSAS 12/20/17Immigration, Violence,
Osaka University Professor: Princes in Snow White snf Sleeping Beauty are sex offenders12/20/17Professors, Feminism, PC
Cologne to Try Respect Bracelets to Stave Off Muslim Sex Attacks on NYE 12/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Trees In Palm Beach Labeled Racist. The city of Palm Springs, California, plans to remove a row of trees that block a historically black neighborhood from a city owned golf course 12/20/17Race, PC,
New Swedish Consent Laws Could Require Written Permission For Sexual Relations 12/20/17Feminism, ,
Ex Planned Parenthood Employee Describes Demonic Organization 12/20/17Abortion, Conservative,
UK: Muslims threaten to kill Muslim boxer for putting up a Christmas tree 12/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Woman Writes Short Story About Awkward Casual Consensual Sex, positions herself as a victim, Wins $1 Million Advance (Ben Shapiro) 12/20/17Feminism, Perverse, Media
CNN Asks NPR if Fox News is Really News 12/20/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Christian Bale Says America Would Be Better If White Dudes Werent Running Things 12/20/17Celebrities, Race,
STUDY: According to a new study of more than 50 schools course catalogues, Americas top universities have been wholly infected by a leftist worldview. With classes on topics such as queering God and the racist nature of capitalism, an entire generation is being indoctrinated. 12/20/17Education, Conservative, Professors
Facebook Becomes Even More Intrusive by Asking Users to Map Their Face 12/20/17Freedom, Media,
Pervasive media bias about the GOP tax bill has caused a vast majority of people to believe they are going to receive a massive tax hike if President Trump signs it into law. In 2018, 80% of households get tax cuts. In WSJ poll, 17% of people think they are getting tax cuts. 12/20/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Hollywood Producer Gary Goddard Accused Of Sexually Abusing EIGHT Child Actors 12/20/17Celebrities, Violence,
Baby Born From Embryo Frozen for 24 Years, Leftists Complain12/20/17Abortion, ,
Dear Hollywood, These All-Female Remakes Are Dumb, Boring, Childish, And Demeaning 12/20/17Conservative, Feminism, Celebrities
CNN host John King admitted that the Republican tax bill is giving damn good money to working families living paycheck to paycheck12/20/17Economics, Media,
A student at the University of California San Diego has been contacted to report to its Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination after hanging pro Kate Steinle posters across the campus 12/20/17Education, Freedom, Immigration
Voter Fraud Investigation Launched in Alabama 12/20/17HoaxFraud, ,
Black Lives Matter Preacher Starts New Christian Denomination to Address Black Suffering12/20/17Christianity, Race,
H.R. McMaster Does It Again: Calls Islamic Terrorism Irreligious12/20/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
SWEDEN SHOCKER: Muslim migrants gang rape 17yr old girl, then pour lighter fluid in her vagina and set it on fire 12/19/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
CNN promoted a new childrens book on Sunday that portrays Santa Claus as a gay man, calling the controversial book a fresh, new twist on Santas story. 12/19/17LGBT, Perverse, Media
Islam has special privileges in the UK: Muslims have been bullying Britain and the leftists are their helpers 12/19/17Conservative, Islam, Liberal Bias
The University of Rochester Medical Center has created a whole administration to promote culturally sensitive artwork to combat visual microaggressions12/19/17Education, PC,
Linda Sarsour: A Good Muslim Cant Sexual Assault12/19/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
Nine Million American Men Pushed Out of Workforce by Cheap Labor Policies, Says Obama Economist12/19/17Economics, Obama,
Canadian University only 3 of 23 faculty running for task force on free speech are overt defenders of free speech12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Nearly 33% of colleges and universities still substantially restrict free speech. 12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Facebook has slapped a user with a 7 day account suspension for a post in which the individual called for European governments to follow sensible migration policies12/19/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim refugee pocketed $52,000 in benefits after secretly returning to Somalia because he missed the sunshine12/19/17Islam, Immigration, Economics
Here Are The 12 Republicans Who Voted Against Tax Reform; 5 from New York, 4 from New Jersey, 2 from California12/19/17Economics, Conservative,
Abortion Activists Send Trump Holiday Condoms12/19/17Perverse, TDS, Abortion
BuzzFeed Editor: All I Want for Christmas is Full Communism Now12/19/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Michigan teaches white employees how to overcome the discomfort of being white 12/19/17Education, Race, PC
France: Mayors of seven major cities say they are backed up against a wall by unending Muslim migrant influx12/19/17Islam, Immigration,
Study on Patriotism: Conservatives Score 75% Higher Than Left Wingers. 67% proud to be American on the right compared to 37% on the Left 12/19/17Patriotism, ,
Most colleges have speech policies that are vague enough to censor students, says new report 12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Showtimes Shameless Series Champions Superior Canadian Healthcare 12/19/17Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
10 Illegal Aliens Found Dead During Recent Texas Freeze 12/19/17Immigration, Violence,
Sweden to raise retirement age to pay for Muslim migration; out of the 1.2 million migrants who flooded into Germany in 2016, only 34,000 or 2.8% have found a job, while only 0.33% found jobs in Sweden. In Britain, migrants were found to be a net drain of between £115 and £160 billion. Liberal leaders still accuse right wing parties of lying about immigration12/19/17Islam, Immigration, Economics
Former Acting AG Sally Yates Ignored Constitution, Now Demands Strict Adherence to It 12/19/17Liberal Bias, TDS,
Robot Sex Conference Co Founder Claims Event Venue Changed Because Of Islamic Extremists Threats 12/19/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Canadian Wilfrid Laurier University admits it violated its own rules to investigate TA for gender neutral Jordan Peterson debate video 12/19/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Middle Class To Get 23% Of Cuts12/19/17Economics, ,
Dear Hollywood: Stop Feminizing All the Boy Things 12/19/17Feminism, Conservative, Celebrities
Penn State exchange admin defends student who praised September 11th and openly says he wants dead U.S. soldiers. Faculty condemns student group calling out his comments and suggesting they be taken more seriously. Admin calls the outrage over his comments hateful and intolerant12/18/17Education, Perverse, Professors
The Columbia University College Republicans were mercilessly derided as Nazis and white supremacists during a semi annual comedy routine put on by the schools marching band. The leader of the College Republicans was called the Grand Wizard 12/18/17Education, Race,
60 Minutes claims 74% of extremist related killings in US in last 10 years by right wing extremists, not jihadis 12/18/17Media, Islam, Violence
NBC Still Investigating NBC: Chris Matthews Is 9th Staffer Accused of Misconduct12/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
2 Immigrant DREAMERS MURDERED MAN IN NORTH CAROLINA 12/18/17Immigration, Violence,
The official start of the great Twitter purge of 2017. The buildup has already left conservative accounts either banned or unverified for perceived hate speech (while many Antifa and Islam accounts remain). But according to the social media giant’s own rules, even if users associate with certain groups it doesnt like off of Twitter, they risk punishment and censorship 12/18/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
UCLA recently hosted a Muslim American Workshop where attendees proposed a list of policy suggestions intended to help Muslim Americans. Suggestions included: banning anti sharia laws, eliminate 1st Amendment protections against hate speech, and ban anti Muslim President12/18/17Education, PC, Islam
There Are Either 2 Genders Or Infinite Genders, Says Zenos Paradox12/18/17Conservative, LGBT, Science
REPORT: Federal Agency Committed Militaristic Operation Against Nevada Rancher12/18/17Freedom, Environmental,
Conservatives accuse University of Virginia of illegally rejecting YAF chapter 12/18/17Education, Freedom,
Train derails in Seattle, killing at least 6 people and injuring 77 more. Months ago Antifa in Seattle Bragged about Sabotaging Railroad Tracks to Block Fracking 12/18/17Violence, Environmental,
New York Times columnist praises Trump for winning against ISIS, hits media for not giving credit12/18/17Media, TDS, Conservative
New Study Examining Police Body Cameras Finds Police Behave Reasonably When They Use Force12/18/17Violence, Conservative, Race
Colleges are increasingly offering programs on the dangers of masculinity, teaching male students to combat issues such as toxic masculinity, rape culture, and violence against women. Campus Reform contacted five schools that currently offer such programs, but none could provide specific evidence that the programming is effective at reducing violence on campus 12/18/17Feminism, Education, PC
Kennesaw State University president Sam Olens, has resigned his position after coming under fire for attempting to prevent university cheerleaders from taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. 12/18/17Education, Patriotism, Professors
UC-San Francisco fires Title IX director who couldnt keep up with repeated changes to harassment definitions12/18/17Feminism, Education,
Progressive Groups Mobilize Against Only Remaining Pro Life Democrats In Congress 12/18/17Abortion, ,
Internationalist student group at George Washington University calls to ban 2 books considered to be written by the Japanese far right12/18/17Remove History, Education,
Trump Drops Climate Change As National Security Threat that Obama labeled it12/18/17Conservative, Environmental, Obama
Soaring Economic Enthusiasm Boosts Trumps Approval Rating 12/18/17Conservative, Economics,
Linda Sarsour Accused of Covering Up Sex Abuse, Fat Shaming Victim12/18/17Feminism, Islam, Celebrities
Yes, the war on Christmas is alive and well at some universities12/18/17Christianity, Education, PC
More dead commenters appear to come out against net neutrality 12/18/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
The Church In America Is Dying And It Isnt Because Your Cashier Said Happy Holidays12/18/17Conservative, Christianity, PC
Following the discovery of a white supremacist banner on the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), an Antifa group is joining calls for the schools police department to disarm and disband 12/18/17Race, Education, Freedom
CBS Drama conveys that Mens Rights and Misogynistic Murder Go Hand in Hand12/18/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Hollywood Wants Your Money and Your Mind (Prager University and Ben Shapiro) 12/18/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Legalizing the Dreamers through DACA would cost $26 billion12/18/17Immigration, Economics, Video
VIDEO: 100% Proof the Quran is False! 12/18/17Islam, Conservative, Video
The Obama administration gave a free pass to Hezbollahs drug trafficking and money laundering operations; some of which were unfolding inside the U.S; to help ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track, according to a bombshell report12/17/17Obama, Islam, Violence
UK government refuses to say whether proclaiming divinity of Christ is a hate crime 12/17/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
6 Big Minimum Wage Increases in 2018 12/17/17Economics, ,
Chapman University coins term: centrist privilege; meaning anyone who is not extreme leftist has some sort of privilege. Says conservatives have become so conservative that recognizing opposing viewpoints and reaching compromise in impossible. Says Centrism is as vile as right wing conservatism, but it contains the additional atrocity of having no social consequences for holding views that leave fellow Americans at a disadvantage12/17/17Education, Socialism,
VIDEO: Google building new AI center in China that China wants to use to destroy the U.S. 12/17/17Media, Economics,
Italian city removes Christmas tree from town hall to avoid offending Muslims 12/17/17Islam, Immigration, Christianity
The 11 Worst Fact Checks By Facebooks New Fact Checkers 12/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The New 2018 Federal Income Tax Brackets & Rates 12/17/17Economics, ,
SALON column: Sorry, NRA: The U.S. was actually founded on gun control. LOL 12/16/17Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Quebec children to get sex ed starting in kindergarten 12/16/17Perverse, Indoctrination,
Canada: Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside bank12/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom promised two women they would be financially compensated for publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment in the waning months of the 2016 presidential election. In a text exchange with one of the accusers, Bloom indicates that a pro Clinton PAC might also be willing to provide financial support12/15/17HoaxFraud, TDS, Feminism
2 University of Colorado professors have proposed using classrooms to counter the injurious effect on students caused by Donald Trumps election. Omar Swartz and Lucy McGuffrey advocate using a creative approach to social justice to contest increased social inequality and exclusionary discourse toward immigrants that is now being amplified by the Trump Administration12/15/17Professors, TDS, Perverse
A Pace University Professor (NY) published a pro Palestine childrens book which has outraged some Jewish groups by praising intifada, an Arabic word that also refers to two violent uprisings against Israel that left thousands dead. Not suprisingly, the muslim professor wears a bag on her head12/15/17Professors, Islam, Perverse
Ahead of New Years Eve, Cologne Police Gear Up to Prevent Repeat of Mass Sexual Assaults 12/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
In London, a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag was told she could not enter a McDonalds restaurant in Londonistan unless she removed it. Yet even after the accused employee was suspended and an apology issued by McDonalds, Muslim victim wannabes are standing outside the store, blocking the entrance so paying customers cannot get in 12/15/17Islam, PC, PC
University of Minnesota memo says that wrapped gifts, Santa, Christmas trees are not appropriate12/15/17Christianity, Education, PC
Denmark: School cancels Christmas to avoid preaching to Muslim students 12/15/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Black Lives Matter Says To Boycott White Capitalism This Christmas 12/15/17Race, Economics,
UK: Ten more Muslims on trial for operating cynical and predatory child sex ring with girls between 13 and 15 12/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
New Poll Reveals Patriotism Gap. 1 in 5 liberals say that would rather live in another country. Only 1 in 3 liberals are proud to be an American.12/15/17Patriotism, Conservative,
GERMAN CITY cancels Hanukkah festivities due to increased ‘security concerns from Islamic jihad terrorism against Jews 12/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Sifting through the arguments of gay wedding cake supreme court suit 12/15/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
There is now more freedom of speech in Beijing than in the San Francisco Bay area and this could kill the Silicon Valley tech industry. Silicon Valley tech liberal Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combinator; an accelerator program for Silicon Valley startups has triggered outrage in the tech community for having dared to suggest that political correctness has gotten so bad that it threatens to destroy their business model.12/15/17Freedom, PC, Conservative
Canadian Senate passes bill to remove mention of barbaric cultural practices from law banning FGM, polygamy; because calling those things barbaric is culturally insensitive12/15/17Islam, PC, Perverse
CNN calls Net Neutrality Vote: End of Internet as We Know It12/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Study: Gender Pay Gap Caused By Girls Aspiring to Lower Paid Jobs; not discrimination in London12/15/17Economics, Feminism, Conservative
Princeton latest Ivy League school to host BDSM tutorials 12/15/17Education, Perverse,
Two brothers in northern Sweden in their mid thirties have been convicted of sexually abusing 5 children between the ages of three and 14 over 1,000 times; and the harshest sentence they got was 14 years in prison12/15/17Violence, Liberal Bias, Perverse
GLAAD, the worlds largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization says Net Neutrality ruling is an attack on the LGBTQ community 12/15/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook Responds To Former Execs Saying The Site Is Evil after a former Facebook vice president admitted I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works 12/15/17Media, ,
THE ACADEMIC THOUGHT COLLECTIVE: Understading why opposing views are not allowed 12/15/17Conservative, PC, Freedom
Google Is Using Its Immense Power To Censor Content That Doesnt Fit Its Political Goals 12/15/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Berkeley police face a deepening staffing crisis after more officers keep quitting 12/15/17PC, Violence, Freedom
A pro abortion group in Ireland has taken the Lefts War on Christmas to a whole new level by hijacking the season of Advent to promote their deathly institution. The takeaway from their #AdventforChoice promo: the Virgin Mary should have had an abortion. 12/14/17Abortion, Christianity, Perverse
Arkansas State sued for banning students from telling peers they have First Amendment rights 12/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
Chain migration imported 120,000 foreign nationals from terrorist funding countries since 200512/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Mother Of Charlottesville Victim: Trump Responsible Because He Pushes Forward A Hateful Agenda12/14/17TDS, Race, PC
A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite Jingle Bells to be a racist song and is urging people to shun the jaunty tun 12/14/17Professors, Race, PC
The lawyer hired by Canadas Wilfrid Laurier University to investigate a classroom incident involving gender neutral pronouns has publicly taken sides on an issue related to the investigation and already indicated he supports forced speech12/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
The University of Wyoming student government recently barred a conservative student group from requesting funding until January 2019 after it hosted an event featuring Dennis Prager. Senators ruled that Turning Point USA violated three policies related to on campus events, but the groups president believes that the technicalities are just an excuse for leftist students to curtail TPUSA influence.12/14/17Education, Freedom,
STUDY: California Will Lose 400,000 Jobs By 2022 Because Of Minimum Wage Hike12/14/17Economics, California,
Tulane student government fights white supremacy by voting to change Herbert Hall building name 12/14/17Remove History, ,
ISIS was defeated and the Media does not care. The caliphate is a smoking ruin. It courted conflict with the great powers. It craved Armageddon, and it got its wish. No one knows ISIS exact casualty figures, but its fighters have died by the tens of thousands. Ive spoken to men who were directly involved in the air campaign, and they have told me that the public doesnt yet understand the sheer scale and ultimate effectiveness of the American attacks12/14/17Conservative, Islam, Violence
In a recent academic journal, 2 University of Northern Iowa professors blast the prevalence of (whiteness informed civility) in college classrooms, saying that civil behavior reinforces white racial power. They say that endeavoring to treat everyone the same regardless of race, for instance, functions to erase racial identity in the attempt to impose a race evasive frame on race talk12/14/17Professors, Race, Science
Study finds anti-Semitism rampant among Muslim migrants in Germany 12/14/17Race, Islam, Immigration
2 Dead, Several Injured In Dutch Stabbings by someone who attended a mosque 12/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Liberals dominate 96% of political events at Carleton12/14/17Education, ,
FAKE NEWS: New York Times Reports Trump Lied 500% More In 10 Months Than Obama Did In 8 Years (Ben Shapiro)12/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
New York Times says Obama Only Lied 18 Times in 8 Years; Trump Off the Charts 12/14/17TDS, Obama, Media
VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Loses Net Neutrality Debate With Former FCC Chairman 12/14/17Media, Video, Freedom
Net Neutrality Repealed, Left Loses Its DAMN MIND (ben shapiro)12/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Germany: Two Muslims arrested, raids in Berlin over Islamic State jihad mass murder threats 12/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Sexual Harassment Complaints at Harvard up by 65%12/14/17Education, Feminism,
CNN Implodes Over Net Neutrality, Claims Exact Opposite Of What FCC chairman Ajit Pai Said 12/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: Is opposition to Muslims only Maryland housing development just Islamophobia? 12/14/17Islam, Immigration, PC
A contributor who writes for Politico, The New York Times, and several other leftist publications, including Slate and Mother Jones, took to Twitter to call out Donald Trump Jr for cussing out his preschool teacher when he was 3yrs old? 12/14/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Hamas spokesman calls Trump racist and hateful, calls for blessed intifada12/14/17TDS, Islam, Violence
When Dodd Frank was enacted, we were told it was necessary to rein in the bad actors from Wall Street that brought the economy to its knees in 2008. Nearly 10 years later some of the largest banks are experiencing record profits while smaller institutions, like credit unions and small banks, are laboring under regulatory burdens never intended for them.12/14/17Freedom, Economics,
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill To Ban Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome 12/14/17Abortion, Conservative,
Hungarians overwhelmingly reject George Soros Plan for mass migration in National Consultation 12/14/17Islam, Immigration, Conservative
GERMAN city of Cologne to hand out anti rape wristbands for women to wear to stop Muslims from raping and sexually assaulting them 12/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Immigrant DREAMER Driver in high speed street race that killed 16yr Ledford High student in Thomasville, North Carolina wanted after being released from hospital 12/14/17Immigration, Violence,
A Christian student group has filed a lawsuit against the University of Iowa, alleging that the school tried to make it REVISE its Statement of Faith before reinstating its official status. A member of the group had claimed in 2016 that he was denied a leadership position in the group for being openly gay, a charge the group denies, saying the student was turned down because he rejected the groups core beliefs 12/13/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
No, We Arent Stealing From The Poor By Allowing The Rich To Keep More Of Their Own Money 12/13/17Economics, Conservative,
The FBI recently began reviewing allegations that the University of New Mexico illegally procured fetuses from a local abortion clinic to conduct medical research 12/13/17Abortion, Education,
Germany: Muslim migrant who raped and murdered EU officials daughter is 33, not a teenager as he claims 12/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has declared the city a Trump free zone announcing on late night television that he intends to prevent the president from even stepping foot within the citys boundarie12/13/17Liberal Bias, TDS,
Chuck Todd to Megyn Kelly: Trump Seems To Get More Enraged by Female Criticism12/13/17TDS, Feminism, Media
GQ: Man Rescuing Bunny From Wildfire Reveals Whites Hatred for Blacks 12/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Here are some of the most outrageous college classes of 2017. A recent survey of course catalogs detailing classes taught at colleges nationwide this school year has revealed that current higher education trends include an emphasis on queering topics, teach that gender is a choice and a fluid construct, and argue that capitalism is evil. 12/13/17Education, LGBT, PC
Los Angeles Wants To Put Its Shelter Animals On An All Vegan Diet12/13/17Environmental, California,
UK: Muslim dentistry student had bomb making material and video on tactics for stabbing and beheading 12/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A group of conservative scholars has weighed in on the College Boards latest revisions to its Advanced Placement European history framework, saying the changes include some positive elements but still ignores European historys important contributions to the modern world. The framework also continues to snub Christopher Columbus, gloss over Soviet genocide, and doesnt even use the word liberty. Last year, the group of right of center scholars led the charge in criticizing the new framework after it was released, pointing out that it eliminated religions influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignored Winston Churchill, whitewashed the evils of communism, and lauded the welfare state.12/13/17Remove History, Education, Professors
Hollywood Celebrities Throw Christmas Fundraiser For Planned Parenthood 12/13/17Abortion, Celebrities, Christianity
Washington Post editorial board sent a big THANK YOU to Alabama voters for choosing Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore, which in its opinion, saved the state from further historical embarrassment: 12/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Democrats Back Away From DREAMers, Wont Force Vote On Clean Immigration Bill 12/13/17Immigration, ,
Sex Slave Survivor of Christian Killing Group Al Shabaab Describes Gang Rapes, Forced Abortions 12/13/17Islam, Violence, Feminism
Sheryl Crow Criticizes Country Stars for Not Pushing Gun Control 12/13/17Celebrities, Guns,
California Pomona College ignores judges rejection of its Title IX procedures, and retries student with same approach 12/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
The man in charge of the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem has taken it upon himself to refuse to meet with Vice President Pence when he visits the Old City of Jerusalem in December. According to Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is where Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected.12/13/17Christianity, TDS,
Two FBI agents who were assigned to the special counsel on Russia, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, had texted each other during the 2016 campaign about protecting the country against Trump, according to reports. One of them, Strzok, had also led the FBIs Clinton email investigation, and watered down language that might have brought criminal charges for Hillary Clinton. 12/13/17Freedom, TDS,
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson sued Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, claiming she defamed him on national television by saying he had incited violence against police. McKessons action is one of a series of lawsuits stemming from BLM protests in Louisiana against 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling. McKesson, who was arrested at the protest but had his charges dismissed, received more than $100,000 in damages from Baton Rouge police, according to the New York Daily News. One police officer filed a counter suit, however, claiming protesters had thrown rocks at him and that McKesson had incited the violence. Pirro referenced this lawsuit on the show 12/13/17Media, Race, Video
UK Schools Turning Gender Neutral. Hundreds of schools in the UK take steps to break down the binary division between male and female12/13/17LGBT, Perverse, PC
Executives from major airplane manufacturers Boeing and AirBus will reportedly head to Iran next week to hammer down multi-billion dollar deals to sell the Islamic Republic a new fleet of commercial planes amid a congressional crackdown on Tehrans continued use of commercial aircraft to transport weapons and terrorist fighters across the region. 12/13/17Islam, Violence, Economics
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Corruption@FBI 12/13/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Ben Shapiro California deserves Trumps tax plan. Its been passing the fiscal buck for years12/13/17Conservative, Economics, California
Olympics Channel Profiles Trans Male Athletes Ascent To Play In NCAA Womens Volleyball 12/12/17LGBT, PC,
illegal alien given sanctuary in San Francisco has been found guilty of the murders of five family members in 2012 12/12/17Immigration, Violence, California
Hundreds of professors have signed onto a letter calling for New York City to remove monuments honoring Theodore Roosevelt and Christopher Columbus, saying the statues of the historical figures represent white supremacy12/12/17Remove History, Professors,
NBC News Sympathizes with Illegal Aliens Facing Deportation12/12/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Juanita Broaddrick is Disappointed Her Comments Were Not Included In TIME Magazines #MeToo Issue12/12/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Germany: Muslim migrant spits on customers food in restaurant, makes Hitler salute12/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Federal officers in New Jersey arrested 101 illegal immigrants; most with criminal histories; during a targeted, 5 day operation12/12/17Immigration, Violence,
University of Wisconsin quietly ends controversial masculinity program12/12/17Feminism, Education, PC
CNN Analyst Repeats False Claim That Abortions Go Down Under Democrats: While it is true that abortion rates fell sharply under the Obama administration, multiple studies discount that drops in overall rates are party affiliated. Abortion rates have been dropping consistently since Ronald Reagan, no matter the president in office. According to a thorough report by leftwing Snopes, the claim that abortion rates only fall under Democrats is flatly false12/12/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
New Jersey high school will use gender neutral caps, gowns for graduation this year 12/12/17LGBT, Education, PC
Barbie is going full SJW and it is not a good look, or good for sales. For example, the September BarbieStyle Instagram account featured Barbie wearing a People Are People Tshirt designed by Christian Siriano to protest President Trumps immigration ban. 12/12/17Perverse, PC, Immigration
German government investigating nearly 1,000 cases of Islamic jihad terrorism12/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Attorney General Jeff Sessions called out Baltimore for its sanctuary city policy, claiming city leaders are only helping to facilitate criminal activity by dangerous gangs like MS13. 12/12/17Immigration, Violence, Conservative
The University of Illinois system released a new set of guiding principles that explicitly prohibit students from exercising a hecklers veto to prevent free speech on campus. During the past semester, students temporarily shut down the Homecoming parade, a woman aggressively disrupted a College Republicans meeting, and a school employee was arrested for assaulting two conservative students on campus. 12/12/17Education, Freedom,
HYPOCRITE: Kirsten Gillibrand Held Hands With Alleged Rapist Bill Clinton, Praised Him 12/12/17Liberal Bias, Clinton, Conservative
Republican higher education bill could block Harvards war against all male clubs 12/12/17Feminism, Education, Freedom
Jimmy Kimmel once again used his sons heart condition as a lever for talking about health care. This time, he talked about the Childrens Health Insurance Program, created by Republicans and now pressed forward by Republicans; last time, he used his sons heart condition to talk about the evils of altering Obamacare (Ben Shapiro)12/12/17Healthcare, Celebrities,
Liberals are not happy that a New York Times columnist had the audacity to write about a college student declaring white DNA an abomination and how universities are increasingly promoting a disturbing animus for white people, taking as his inspiration a recent oped by a Texas State University student that garnered national attention. The column itself was rather mild and firmly rooted in contemporary liberal ideas. Bruni even spent a good chunk of the article attacking Trump. The one different thing about the op-ed is that it took note of the fact that higher education is producing toxic sentiments towards white people12/12/17Race, Media, Conservative
Albert Fox Cahn, legal director for New Yorks Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, Angry at law enforcement for their treatment of the would be terrorist12/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Four Republican lawmakers recently handed a small victory to Democrats during a Senate debate on tax reform, helping to strip a provision that sought to exempt conservative colleges that do not take federal aid from paying a new endowment tax under consideration by Congress, refuse to explain why they support taxing conservative colleges that eschew federal aid 12/12/17Education, Freedom, Economics
The amount of money the federal government spends on the food stamp program has hit a 7year low, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data outlining the cost of the food stamp program. 12/12/17Economics, ,
Feminists Angry Over Golden Globes Snubbing Female Directors12/12/17Feminism, Celebrities, PC
Chelsea Handler Promotes Feminism But Attacks, Fat Shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders 12/12/17Celebrities, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Ohio: Muslima gets 3 years for aggravated vehicular homicide in crash that killed 7 month year old boy 12/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Pensacola State art instructors anti Trump creations put on display at college 12/12/17Professors, TDS, Race
CBS show 'an With a Plan believes it is Sexist to Think Women Shouldnt Be Construction Workers 12/12/17Feminism, Media, PC
CNNs Jim Acosta Pulls Stunt Immediately After Being Warned That If He Did There Would Be Consequences 12/12/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Spain Man Beaten To Near Death By Left Wing Extremists For Wearing Flag Suspenders: the argument started over Victor wearing suspenders adorned with the Spanish flag. Police opened an investigation into the attack and discovered that the two men who attacked Victor possibly belong to a radical leftist group12/12/17Violence, ,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Samantha Bee DEAD WRONG on Trump Tax Bill! | With Steven Crowder 12/12/17Economics, Celebrities, Video
Merriam Webster Announces Its Word of the Year: Feminism12/12/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Fight Against Food Trucks 12/12/17Economics, Freedom, Video
A Purdue University engineering professor recently lamented the emphasis on academic rigor, calling it a dirty deed that upholds white male heterosexual privilege; calls for doing away with the notion of academic rigor entirely, suggesting that higher education pursue other ways of knowing in order to build a community for inclusive and holistic engineering education12/11/17Professors, Science, Education
Gloria Steinem Ridiculously Claims Trump Lost By 10 Million Votes 12/11/17TDS, Celebrities,
Australia Bracing for Christmas Islamist Terror Attack12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
NYC subway jihad bomber chose location because of its Christmas posters12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Attempted Terrorist Attack in NYC: Jihadists Suicide Vest Malfunctioned 12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
DID YOU KNOW that since 2001, more than 178,000 Bangladeshi Muslims (where todays NYC terrorist hails from) have entered the U.S. under chain migration12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Feminist Lists 10 Questions You Should Ask On A First Date. They are INSANE. Includes: Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? And Do you think capitalism is exploitative? 12/11/17Feminism, Race, Economics
ICE Operations Collar Nearly 50 Criminal Illegal Immigrants in Kentucky and Michigan 12/11/17Immigration, Violence,
Another Massachusetts Democrat Facing Massive Scandal. Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce was arrested and charged with running his office as a criminal enterprise and is now facing a 113 count indictment from the federal government. Joyce is reported to have gained $1 million through bribes and kickbacks and has also been charged with racketeering, extortion, honest services fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS12/11/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Even More of CNNs Russia Bombshell Reporting Retracted 12/11/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
UC Berkeley Students Rip Down Kate Steinle Poster Hung at Vigil 12/11/17Vandalism, Immigration, Violence
A bakery is suing Oberlin College and its dean of students for slander, claiming that the school actively encouraged protests accusing the store of racial profiling 12/11/17Education, Race,
Longtime Hormonal Contraception Use Linked To Breast Cancer. Seen 38% increase over 10 years 12/11/17Abortion, Healthcare,
CNN Obsesses Over Trumps Diet Coke Consumption While NYC Under ISIS Attack12/11/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
In the UK, a teacher who was fired for calling a transgender student by her biological gender hit back at the school with a lawsuit. 12/11/17LGBT, Freedom, Professors
Typical of so called fact checking sites linked to George Soros and the far let, Media Bias & Fact Check categorizes Barenaked Islam as an Extreme Right Hate Group using the widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as their main source 12/11/17Media, Liberal Bias,
After 4 black Chicago teenagers live streamed a kidnapping, binding, and torture of a mentally disable 18yr old white man as they yelled fuck white people and fuck Trump and made him drink toilet water, cut him with a knife, and inflicted other physical abuse. All four suspects have been in custody since the attack but a lenient judge has just issued the first sentence in the case to the woman who filmed the entire thing. Her sentence? 200 hours of community service 12/11/17Race, Liberal Bias, TDS
An individual who was acquainted with the founders of al Qaeda and recruited into a terrorist cell by one of them; who was sentenced to death for the murder of an Egyptian policeman; who is consistently leveling threats at world leaders; and who is currently living in the U.S. calls to murder Donald Trump. The individual in question is Muslim Brotherhood operative and Chairman of the March for Justice, Nidal Sakr. Recently, who has yet to be punished for his alleged murder. Will he be punished for this crime? To issue a threat against the President is a federal crime. As stated in US Code Title 18, Section 87112/11/17Islam, Violence, TDS
GOP Tax Bill Will Cause Democrat controlled states like California and New York To Face Reality 12/11/17Economics, Conservative,
The Director of LGBTQI Life at Vanderbilt University says college administrators should directly encourage student protests, even those that involve disrupting university functions12/11/17Freedom, Education, PC
A college adviser caught on video last month taking a conservative speakers speech at the University of Connecticut has been charged with attempted theft12/11/17Professors, Freedom, PC
Pew Research Center published updated figures about the growing Muslim population in the broader EU region (i.e. the 28 European Union member states plus Switzerland and Norway). The figures are truly dramatic. Unless there are radical changes to the present policies towards immigration, 30.6% of the population in Sweden will be Islamic by the middle of the century. Sweden is as good as finished. 12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Social Security Wont Give You Security (Prager University) 12/11/17Economics, Conservative, Video
Robert Spencer: ISIS: THE CALIPHATE DREAM IS OVER 12/11/17Conservative, Islam, Violence
New George Washington U. student group seeks to embrace tradition of left wing radicalism; aka Communism 12/10/17Education, Socialism,
California Governor Jerry Brown went Biblical; saying that President Donald Trump does not fear God because he does not believe in climate change 12/10/17TDS, Environmental, Christianity
VIDEO: The Dangers of a Transgender Ideology | The Daily Signal 12/10/17LGBT, Science, Video
The Cole Memo: what it means for the future of cannabis 12/10/17Freedom, ,
MS13 foiled in attempt to kidnap, kill teen boy on Long Island. 3 other suspects came to the U.S. as unaccompanied minors or DACA 12/9/17Immigration, Violence,
During the presidential campaign, Democrats were peddling the most salacious Trump dossier allegations to news reporters, a new documentary about the dossier revealed 12/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
UK Teachers Union Urges Gay Teachers to Come Out in the Classroom, Teach LGBT Experiences12/9/17LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Female Entrepreneur Says Google Women in Tech Program Ostracized Her for Being Conservative12/9/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Florida Man Gets 15 Years for Leaving Bacon at Mosque Plus 15 Years Probation; the same penalty a jihadist is facing for plotting to behead Geller12/8/17Islam, PC, Freedom
CNN Reports Bombshell Exclusive In Russia Probe. Gets Key Fact Wrong, Kills Entire Story. 12/8/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
DOJ Investigating Planned Parenthood for Selling Baby Parts 12/8/17Abortion, ,
CEO of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, has called proponents of Natural Family Planning (NFP) insane, dismissing them as backward rubes with no grasp on science. 12/8/17Abortion, Science,
UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus12/8/17Christianity, Islam, PC
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed in a tweet that House Republicans voted for a bill which would invite violent criminals, domestic abusers and convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons. But, she lied. The bill passed by the House does not eliminate or narrow any federal limitations that prevent violent criminals from owning guns and also contains provisions to incentivize better federal record-keeping to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.12/8/17Guns, Liberal Bias, Violence
Major Feminist Group Elects Trans Man As Leader: Trans men are not only stripping women of awards and sports championships, they are now also leading feminist organizations, which completely smacks in the face their idea of patriarchy12/8/17LGBT, Feminism,
Washington State Next to Offer No Gender Birth Certificates12/8/17LGBT, PC,
Members of the Fordham University College Republicans were asked to leave an on campus coffee shop because their MAGA hats apparently violated the shops safe space policy12/8/17Education, Freedom, TDS
Tennessee State University warns against whistling in a suggestive manner on the grounds that it may constitute sexual harassment 12/8/17Education, PC, Freedom
A black sailor who claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed actually staged the entire incident against himself12/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Fake Science: Misleading Headlines Claim To Have Found The Gay Gene 12/8/17Science, LGBT,
Minnesota School district sued for shutting down conservative club over criticism of flag protesters12/8/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
Top Transgender Weightlifter: I Have No Advantage Over The Biological Women I Beat 12/8/17LGBT, Feminism, Science
The New York Times wrote Friday that Russian government attempts to connect with Donald Trump aide Hope Hicks undercut the theory that the Kremlin had deep ties with the Trump campaign.12/8/17TDS, Media, Conservative
Austria: Muslim arrested for plotting jihad massacre at Christmas market 12/8/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
BBC Sending Reporters to School to Teach Kids How to Spot Fake News12/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Porn Star August Ames generated controversy within the adult entertainment world after she refused to have unprotected sex with an actor who had done gay porn. Her reasoning behind that decision was that she was worried about getting a sexually transmitted disease from the man.That decision brought down an internet mob that hounded the bisexual porn star for her homophobia. The pressure proved too much for Ames, and she hung herself 12/8/17LGBT, PC,
Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston: Climate Denial Is Like Not Believing In Gravity12/8/17Environmental, Celebrities, Science
ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLED 14 MONTH OLD GIRL IN HEAD ON CRASH in North Carolina12/8/17Immigration, Violence,
Sarah Silverman says she was Scared and Shaken By Raising of American Flag 12/8/17Celebrities, Patriotism, PC
Writer who exposed junk science in Title IX cases warns that real courts arent the answer, either12/8/17Feminism, Education, Science
ICE Takes Down 27 Illegal Immigrants In Michigan During Day Long Operation 12/8/17Immigration, Violence,
Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Wrote Note Under his Yearbook Signature 12/8/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Latest FBI Hate Crime report shows no anti Muslim backlash12/8/17Islam, PC, Violence
ICE Takes Down 27 Illegal Immigrants In Michigan During Day Long Operation 12/8/17Immigration, Violence,
Chris Matthews says Al Franken Resignation Proves The Democratic Party Is Too Pure12/8/17Liberal Bias, Media,
Facebook Informs Breitbart Gloria Allred Yearbook Forgery is Fake News12/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Police Murdered This Unarmed Man, But The Media Doesnt Care Because He is White12/8/17Race, Liberal Bias,
A woman has become engaged to her favorite chandelier 12/8/17Feminism, PC, LGBT
Harvard student scorns casual communism of classmates 12/8/17Conservative, Socialism, Education
7 Times CNN Botched The News In 201712/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
The Disney Channel is no longer safe for our kids12/8/17LGBT, PC, Media
ANDREW TORBA DISCUSSES DEFEATING THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONOPOLY: Gab founder shares a glimpse of the inner workings of Silicon Valleys war on free speech 12/8/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
The tip of the spear 35,000 jihadists are present in UK, about two WWII divisions. 12/8/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Nancy Pelosi says God Sides with Democrats 12/7/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
New York Times Oped Chooses Abortion Over Free Speech. Yale Law professor and Planned Parenthood donor Linda Greenhouse had an oped of hers published in The New York Times in which she attempted to justify the state of California forcing pro life pregnancy centers and medical clinics to post notices alerting their clients where to get a taxpayer funded abortion.12/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Students question Catholic school Loyola University in Chicagos emphasis on Christmas 12/7/17Christianity, Education, PC
POLL: Pew Research Center Poll shows 25% of women think the physical differences between men and women are not based on biology, but based on societal influences. 18% of men also think biological differences are because of society expectations 12/7/17Science, Feminism,
UCLA professor wrote an oped that called for a Black Christmas protest against White Capitalism12/7/17Economics, Professors, Race
YouTube quarantines hard hitting Polish government video about Europes migrant crisis 12/7/17Freedom, Islam, Media
9 of 20 Richest Counties in U.S. in Washington D.C. Suburbs 12/7/17Economics, ,
Muslim cleric says Offensive Jihad means attacking infidels in order to conquer their countries and bring them into the fold of Islam12/7/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Shape Shifting Phony. Here Are 10 Times She Flip Flopped Positions 12/7/17Conservative, Liberal Bias,
U.S. Gold Medalist: I Will Represent American People in South Korea, Not Trump 12/7/17TDS, Celebrities,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Guest says Giving Illegal Immigrants Jobs Is What Americans Want12/7/17Immigration, Video,
Missouri High School Punishes Student for Referencing Facts About Muslim Extremism 12/7/17Islam, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: How Robert Mueller sabotaged counterterror training in 2012 12/7/17Islam, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: California Sues To Make Nuns Buy Birth Control12/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Obama Compares Era Of Trump To Hitler 12/6/17Obama, TDS,
The House passed a bill that allows concealed carry permit holders in different states to legally carry their firearms in other states. 12/6/17Guns, Conservative,
The Lefty West Coast Has A HUGE Homeless Problem: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report that showed nearly 554,000 homeless people across the country during local tallies conducted in January. That figure is up nearly 1% from 2016. Of that total, 193,000 people had no access to nightly shelter and instead were staying in vehicles, tents, the streets and other places considered uninhabitable. The unsheltered figure is up by more than 9% compared to two years ago. While the overall homeless population in California, Oregon and Washington grew by 14% over the past two years, the part of that population considered unsheltered climbed 23% to 108,000. That is in part due a shortage of affordable housing. In booming Seattle, for example, the HUD report shows the unsheltered population grew by 44% over two years 12/6/17Economics, Conservative,
Harvard votes to permanently discriminate against all male and all female clubs, to protect inclusivity12/6/17Education, PC,
Swedish government to ban websites that reveal ethnic origin of crime suspects 12/6/17Islam, PC, Freedom
A sociology professor at the University of California, Merced recently told students that he would not be willing to debate Ben Shapiro but he is willing to fight him in an MMA fight 12/6/17Professors, Perverse,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro DEFENDS Christian Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker 12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
The Gay Lobby Is Fighting For Special Rights, Not Equal Rights12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
Universities strive for Christmas free campuses12/6/17Education, PC, Christianity
The Exorcist Features Gay Kiss With An Ex Priest. Showrunner Tells Critics: Fuck You12/6/17Perverse, Christianity, Celebrities
Will GOP Congress Fund Humanized Mice Made From Aborted Baby Organs? If you pay federal taxes, you have been funding the creation of humanized mice implanted with tissues taken from aborted babies12/6/17Abortion, Economics,
Jesuit Priest: Jesus Doesnt Care If You Say Merry Christmas12/6/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
ABC Sitcom Lauds Black Panther Riots 12/6/17Violence, Race, Media
VIDEO: Robert Spencer on the media whitewash of Allahu Akbar12/6/17Islam, Media, Conservative
Chelsea Handler: Donald Trump Set The California Wildfire 12/6/17Celebrities, TDS,
Number of Refugees Into U.S. Drops 83% Under Trump 12/6/17Islam, Immigration, Conservative
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected Texas Democratic Rep. Al Greens bill to impeach President Donald Trump 12/6/17TDS, Conservative, Freedom
Big Educations Bad Month12/6/17Economics, Education,
OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE WAS COMING FROM INSIDE THE FBI: When lying to the FBI wasnt a crime by Daniel Greenfield12/6/17Conservative, Clinton, Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Here is How We Can Really Thwart Muellers Bogus Trump Investigation12/6/17Conservative, TDS, Liberal Bias
The dark cloud of secrecy over the Oklahoma Holtzclaw case gives rise to suspicions that somebody is hiding something 12/6/17Freedom, Conservative,
THE CASE FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA 12/6/17Conservative, Islam, PC
Atlantic Writer: I Believe Al Franken Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too12/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Police Not Apologizing for Scaring BLM Activists with Motorcycles 12/6/17Race, PC, Conservative
VIDEO: Meryl Streep: Shut the Fuck Up Paul Joseph Watson 12/6/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: VOX REBUTTAL: The REAL Reason American Healthcare is So Expensive | With Steven Crowder 12/6/17Healthcare, Conservative, Video
Professors call rightwing reporting a form of violence. 11 professors complain of violence directed at scholars by Trump inspired rightwing individuals and groups. 12/5/17Professors, Education, PC
UK officials knew about Manchester and London Bridge jihad murderers before attacks, didnt stop them 12/5/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
L.A. Times Cartoonist Smears Trump Administration as White Supremacists 12/5/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
A Virginia Tech professor declared that the modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy 12/5/17Professors, Race,
HuffPost Finds Problems in Christmas Classic: Rudolph the Marginalized Reindeer 12/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
The Gay Couple In The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Are Vindictive Bullies, Not Victims. 12/5/17LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Kutztown University students received an email Tuesday morning inviting them to earn additional extra credit for attending a rally against the GOP tax plan hosted by the faculty.12/5/17Perverse, Professors, Economics
Washington Post Twists Kate Steinle Murder Into White Nationalist Issue 12/5/17Media, Immigration, Violence
Search Nazi Or Racist On Twitter And Guess Who Comes Up? Thats Right! Trump! 12/5/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Conservative group (YAF) sues Berkeley for denying club status 12/5/17Education, Freedom,
Trump Gives Back Millions Of Acres of Public Lands To Utah: What This May Mean For The Future Of Government 12/5/17Environmental, Freedom, Conservative
UK: Muslims planned to bomb Prime Minister’s residence and murder Theresa May 12/5/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic To Christian Baker In LGBT Rights Dispute12/5/17LGBT, Freedom,
Yale Native American student group accuses Polynesian dance group of appropriating Hawaiian and Tahitian culture12/5/17Education, PC, Race
New York Times Launches Stunning Defense Against Raising Taxes On The Wealthy12/5/17Economics, Media,
Oregon State University is moving forward to rename some campus buildings despite thin or even contradictory evidence that their namesakes were connected to slavery. Of the Arnold Dining Center, Avery Lodge, Benton Hall, Benton Annex and Gill Coliseum, three of which are to be renamed. 12/5/17Remove History, ,
Robert Mueller collusion investigation has begun to implode. Mueller has put together a pack of partisan lawyers, many of whom contributed campaign cash to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats; stonewalled demands from House lawmakers for information; and, most recently, reports emerged in both The Washington Post and The New York Times that a lead FBI investigator sent anti Trump texts to a mistress. Weirdly, the investigator, Peter Strzok, wasnt fired, just quietly demoted to the Bureau's human resources department. 12/5/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Clinton
VIDEO: REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind Steven Crowder 12/5/17LGBT, PC, Violence
Dont be fooled: Muslims dont have the same family values as Christians 12/5/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
DISTURBING: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion Calling For ISIS Fighters To Be Prosecuted12/5/17PC, Islam, Violence
Students call free speech violent while disrupting lecture at Western Washington University12/4/17Education, PC, Freedom
Supreme Court Allows Trumps Travel Ban To Go Into Full Effect, Associated Press Distorts, failed to accurately report the full scope of the travel ban, which included Venezuela and North Korea and instead portrayed it as a Muslim ban, as the AP failed to even mention those two countries. 12/4/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
The Southern Poverty Law Center classified Omar Mateens jihad massacre in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida as right wing extremism, and there are others who still insist that the attack had nothing to do with Islam or jihad. Now the wife of Orlando jihad mass murderer says she knew he was preparing for jihad12/4/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says Antifa Not a Hate Group 12/4/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
POLL: Voters overwhelmingly oppose the Democrats threat to shut down the government unless the GOP provides an amnesty to roughly 3 million illegals, according to a new poll by Rasmussen 12/4/17Immigration, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Yale student oped writes that Charity is not enough and your money must be TAKEN from you 12/4/17Socialism, Economics, Education
NORWAY: Woman severely beaten by Syrian Muslim invader when she demanded he return the phone he had just stolen 12/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A professor at MiraCosta College offered her Anthropology 102 students extra credit to attend an campus LGBT TedTalk featuring oral presentations and a drag show. Other extra credit options include a Social Justice Symposium and a lecture on climate change 12/4/17LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Indiana rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants 12/4/17Immigration, Violence, Conservative
CNN Jim Acosta Calls on Press to Resist 12/4/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Australia: Police tell bartenders, waiters and cleaners to be ready to combat Islamic State jihadis12/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Anglican Minister: We Should Pray for Prince George to be Gay 12/4/17Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
Penn State Professor Argues that Eating Meat Perpetuates Patriarchy 12/4/17Professors, Feminism, Environmental
General McMaster says Jihadis are really irreligious criminals who use a perverted interpretation of religion12/4/17Islam, PC, Violence
Dear Liberal Christians, It is Not The Government's Job To Give To The Poor. It is Yours 12/4/17Christianity, Economics, Conservative
A former official with the FBI says Americans will have to adjust to a new country where terrorism is routine because halting immigration is not who we are 12/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A University of Colorado, Denver administrator is worried that white children may forfeit their humanity if they aren’t raised by sufficiently progressive parents in a recent academic journal article. Calls for critical race parenting of white children "to ward off white identity and whiteness before children succumb and forfeit their humanity in order to join the oppressor12/4/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Call Me By Your Name, a movie about an adult mans sexual relationship with an underage boy, is 2017 best picture, according to the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.12/4/17Celebrities, Perverse, LGBT
Dr. Strange Director: Christians Are Greedy Racists 12/4/17Celebrities, Race, Economics
NORTHERN ITALY: Locals protest the opening of yet another African Muslim illegal alien shelter. Like many towns in Italy, the small city of Ventimiglia is suffering, the direct result of the influx of African Muslim illegals posing as refugees. The tourist business is way down, shops are struggling, and women are afraid to go out on the streets at night, for fear of being attacked by the predominantly young male Muslim invaders. 12/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
7 Myths About the GOP Tax Reform 12/4/17Economics, Conservative,
The University Star, the student newspaper at Texas State University, has fired the author of a controversial opinion piece that proclaimed white death will mean liberation for all amid calls from a growing chorus of students that the paper should be defunded. 12/4/17Professors, Race, Perverse
A British professor who recently took a temporary gig at Harvard University argued in a recent blog post that universities should impose a racial quota system to ensure that they accept enough minority students. Saying higher education is rife with institutional racism and white privilege, Kalwant Bhopal denies that racial quotas would lower academic standards, saying they would merely level the playing field for minority students.12/4/17Professors, Race, Science
Mexican Illegal Deported More Than a Dozen Times Found Guilty in Sex Assaults 12/4/17Immigration, Violence,
A vandal targeted the home and vehicle of a Donald Trump supporter with spray paint and a blunt object twice this past weekend in Somerville, Massachusetts. 12/4/17TDS, Vandalism,
Flawed Psychological Test Used Everywhere To Ignite Claims Of Implicit Bias. In a prolix article at, writer Olivia Goldhill delineates comprehensively how a single test administered to the freshman class at Yale University in 1998 has been used to justify claims of implicit bias commonly trumpeted by the Left, and how the original test, much to the discomfiture of those seeking to wield the epithet to target others, has serious flaws.12/4/17Science, Race, Conservative
UC Berkeley sued for banning Young Americans for Liberty as registered club12/4/17Education, Freedom,
Washington Post Writer Laments Medias 2016 Kid Gloves Treatment of Trump12/4/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Pop star Pink says she is raising her children to be gender neutral because her family lives in a label less household12/4/17Celebrities, LGBT, PC
Democrat Congresswoman Corrinne Brown Sentenced to Prison for Fraud12/4/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
12 states are trying to take a California egg law to the Supreme Court, according to a lawsuit filed to block a California law requiring any eggs sold in the state must come from hens that have enough space to stretch out in their cages. This law has cost consumers up to $350 million annually due to the higher egg prices12/4/17Environmental, Economics, Freedom
In Europe, Volunteers have criticised the Red Cross charity after receiving a communication telling them to remove crucifixes from the walls of their branches as the organisation looks to become more secular 12/4/17Christianity, Remove History, Islam
Rhodes Scholar Claims Discrimination Against Conservatives Within the Organization 12/4/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
CNN Commentator Gets Triggered Over Al Franken Being Compared To Moore 12/4/17Media, Liberal Bias,
In Wake of Harvey Weinstein, Men Wonder if Hugging Women Still OK12/4/17Feminism, Celebrities,
MSNBC Nut Warns Mentally Ill Trump Headed Toward Violence 12/4/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
A group of pro abortion activists at Harvard recently staged a demonstration featuring abortion narratives, in an attempt to bring humanity, compassion, and empathy to the topic of pregnancy termination. 12/4/17Abortion, Education,
MSNBC Joy Reid Apologizes for Charlie Crist Gay Attacks from decades old post 12/4/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Is Fascism Right Or Left? By Dnesh Dsouza and Prager University12/4/17Socialism, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Robert Spencer (DHFC, Nov. 2017)12/4/17Conservative, Video, Education
GERMANY: African Muslim migrant stabs young woman in the neck because she rejected his sexual advances 12/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Student Oped in The Oberlin Review says Whiteness of student publications hinders journalistic integrity 12/3/17Education, Race,
DILLARDS Department Store under fire for refusing to hire a Muslim woman who wears an Islamic supremacist headbag. CAIR files complaint 12/3/17Islam, PC,
NYC VEHICULAR JIHAD? Following stabbing fight at Hookah Bar, car going 50mph slams into people on sidewalk outside Queens bar 12/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
France Christmas market cancelled due to high security costs 12/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
After erroneous Flynn report, ABC News suspends Brian Ross 12/2/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Senate passed a $1.4 trillion tax reform bill. The tax reform bill marks the first major overhaul of the American tax code in three decades; lowering the U.S. corporate tax rate, currently the highest in the industrialized world, from 35% at the federal level to 20%, eliminates deductions for state and local income and sales taxes but retains deductions of up to $10,000 in local property taxes. The Senate bill also repeals the Obamacare individual mandate forcing all citizens to purchase health insurance or pay a hefty tax penalty12/2/17Economics, ,
Leftist Writer Compares Peter Thiel To Charles Manson 12/1/17LGBT, Media, Celebrities
Leftis media outlet Vox wasnt impressed when Vice President Mike Pence talked about his standing rule to never be alone with a woman or attend an event with alcohol served without his wife by his side. They wrote it Doesnt make women safer, and is disingenuous at best because it does more to protect men in power from scandals than protecting female virtue. Now Vox Nixes Open Bar at Party to Protect Women 12/1/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Theresa May says There are those who conduct acts of terror in the name of Islam, but it is not in the name of Islam 12/1/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
A Trinity College professor says popular dating site OkCupid invisibilizes LGBTQ people through an attractiveness algorithm that favors white, heterosexual, cisgender, Western males who are able-bodied, healthy, and aged appropriately. A spokesperson for OkCupid vehemently denied the claim, pointing out that it has 22 gender options and 12 orientations to choose from, and even lets users select up to five descriptions at once. 12/1/17LGBT, PC, Professors
Germany: Explosive device planted on childrens carousel at Christmas market 12/1/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
No, Acquitting Kate Steinle Killer Wasnt Reasonable by Ben Shapiro 12/1/17Immigration, Violence, Conservative
Third Border Patrol Agent Assaulted in One Week 12/1/17Immigration, Violence,
UConn students hold Meeting of Healing following conservative speakers visit to campus 12/1/17Education, PC,
After Robert Spencer event, Stanford hosts Muslim speaker who falsely claims Islam means peace. In reality, Islam means submission, not peace. Nor does the (you) in (Peace be upon you) refer not just to Muslims but to all of humanity. Islamic law directs Muslims to say Peace be upon you only to fellow Muslims.12/1/17Islam, PC, Professors
Hundreds of students at about 50 universities held protests this week against Republican tax reform proposals, claiming they would raise taxes on graduate students by nearly 400%. The protesters are especially upset at a provision that would eliminate tax exemptions for graduate student tuition waivers, which complement stipends as compensation for graduate student employees. 12/1/17Economics, Education,
Robert Spencer: Everyone who is concerned with human rights and free society should be an Islamophobe12/1/17Conservative, Islam, PC
Michelle Malkin Excoriates Nancy Pelosi And Other Sanctuary City Supporters After Steinle Verdict 12/1/17Conservative, Immigration, Violence
Michael Flynn has entered his guilty plea and will reportedly testify against President Donald Trump that Trump told him to talk to Russians12/1/17TDS, ,
Baltimore Bests 2016 Homicides with 319 Killed in 201712/1/17Violence, Race,
Evergreen State Student Paper Offers No Whites Allowed Opinion Section 12/1/17Education, Race, Freedom
How the PC term Happy Holidays is far from some inclusive gesture, but rather a suppressive insult cooked up by rabid secularists that seek to morph Christmas into incoherence 11/30/17PC, Conservative, Christianity
New York Times Glorifies Antifa Fashion in Style Section 11/30/17Perverse, Media, Liberal Bias
Newsweek Attacks Ivanka for Plagiarizing Her Own Speech11/30/17Media, TDS,
University of Cal State San Marcos event highlights 14 ways whiteness oppresses society11/30/17Education, Race,
A church service in Alabama was disrupted featuring guest speaker Judge Roy Moore. Besides a leftist protester shouting accusations at Moore regarding his alleged misconduct with underaged girls, late night host Jimmy Kimmel sent a plant from his show to join the shenanigans to pose as a Moore supporter. Both men were eventually escorted from the building. 11/30/17HoaxFraud, Celebrities, Media
Disney Debuts First Boy Princess in Star vs. the Forces of Evil 11/30/17Perverse, LGBT, Media
Marvel Comics Editor admits he used Asian pen name for years. HuffPost blasts him for cultural appropriation. Still ignores Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Cherokee 11/30/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Campus cops defend vandalism, destruction of property at the University of Florida told conservative students that they couldnt prevent classmates from vandalizing flyers for an upcoming event, saying the flyers are no longer yours once they are posted. 11/30/17Vandalism, Education,
Polish Anti Abortion Doctor Fired For Her Views Wins Case In Court 11/30/17Abortion, Conservative, Freedom
Pew Research says the Muslim Population in Europe will at least triple by 2050 even if mass migration is halted. Population of Muslims will be at least 11% as Muslim women are averaging 2.6 children each 11/30/17Islam, Immigration,
Canada to redact more than 5,000 records from questionnaire asking Muslim asylum seekers about religion. They will expunge any data on religious and cultural practices collected from Muslim refugee claimants who had crossed the U.S. border at a popular informal crossing in Quebec because it has been deemed to be offensive11/30/17Islam, Immigration, PC
The University of Nebraska insists it is not hostile to conservatives, but voter registration records reveal that professors in major academic departments are overwhelmingly Democratic. Of 203 professors in the 7 departments, 108 are registered Democrats and just 16 are Republicans, a ratio of nearly 7 to 1. 11/30/17Education, Liberal Bias, Professors
Former Hillary Clinton Aide says Matt Lauers Penchant for Sex Proves he had Gender Bias Against Hillary 11/30/17Clinton, Celebrities, Media
Robert Spencer: For the Left, IslamophobiaIs a Much Bigger Threat Than Jihad Terror11/30/17Islam, PC, Conservative
UK: Car explodes into fireball near London Christmas market, cops say its non suspicious 11/30/17Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Trump Decision Is A Major Blow To The Administrative State. Lucia v. SEC, has major implications for the process by which federal agencies try or punish those in violation of laws or regulations. 11/30/17Conservative, Freedom,
Canada: Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque 11/30/17Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Actress Amber Tamblyn wrote an oped in the The New York Times calling for people to stop talking about proper consequences for various forms of sexual harassment and abuse; arguing that we should lump all men together, regardless of the level of crime. This is what toxic masculinity tastes like 11/30/17Feminism, Celebrities, Media
A top trade union official for the UK Border Force has revealed that illegal migrants can live a good life in Britain, with access to services and schools and little chance of ever being caught11/30/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Jury Finds Illegal Immigrant NOT GUILTY In Kate Steinle Murder. Think the 7 time convicted felon who had been deported 5 times only charged with felony possession of a weapon11/30/17Immigration, Violence,
The Guardian calls Robert Spencer, a leading American Islamophobe11/30/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
SOW THE FREE LOVE WIND, REAP THE SEXUAL DEBASEMENT WHIRLWIND. The bitter fruit of a destructive generation.11/30/17Conservative, Perverse,
HuffPost senior reporter Ashley Feinberg apologized for an insensitive tweet that essentially predicted Senator John McCain would die in the near future, leaving his family to benefit from an overhauled estate tax11/30/17Perverse, Media, Liberal Bias
Donald Trump retweets videos of Muslims being violent, Labour MPs call for him to be banned from UK events 11/29/17TDS, Islam, Violence
Texas State University published an oped in the student newspaper calling white people an abomination 11/29/17Education, Race,
Brown University is implementing a change to its graduate school application that will allow applicants to self identify as persons of color 11/29/17Education, Race, PC
Ted Cruz Asks Maria Cantrell on CNN to Differentiate Democrat from Socialist on Taxes, She Flatlines 11/29/17Socialism, Economics, Conservative
A California State University Los Angeles professor is urging Americans to participate in Black Christmas by boycotting white corporations and fighting White Capitalism. Arguing that White supremacist capitalism is responsible for state-sanctioned violence against Black people11/29/17Professors, Race, Economics
ICE Arrests 42 Criminal Aliens Released by Sanctuary New York11/29/17Immigration, Violence,
In Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2011, when he was just 14 years old, Mohammed Ali Mohammed raped two women and robbed them at knifepoint. For the last 6 years, the Somali refugee has been in a juvenile detention center. This week, a judge announced a new sentence that involved no prison time. Instead, the 20yr old received five years probation and was released back to society.11/29/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Illegal Immigrant Trying To Cross Border Attacks Officer Stopping Him, Released, Attacks Another Officer Three Days Later 11/29/17Immigration, Violence,
Liberal Organizers Incentivize Protesters To Get Arrested. Organizers with the leftist group Housing Works told protesters they must risk arrest in order to be reimbursed for airfare to Washington, D.C. The group organized a large protest on Capitol Hill against the Republican led Tax Reform measure in the Senate Tuesday. Housing Works is based out of New York City, and aims to further the health of the LGBTQ community11/29/17Liberal Bias, LGBT, Economics
The New York Times editorial board turned into a political action committee and took over the NYT Opinion account on Twitter to openly oppose the GOP tax plan and urge voters to reject it in order to protect the Obamacare tax penalty. 11/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, Economics
University of Miami Ohio Pro life students sue public university for requiring trigger warnings on abortion memorial 11/29/17Education, Freedom, Abortion
NFL to Contribute $100 Million to Social Justice Causes as Part of Anthem Protest Surrender 11/29/17PC, Economics, Patriotism
Canada: Jews most targeted for hate crimes, hate crimes against Muslims decrease 11/29/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Santa Monica College is preparing to spend $60,000 to update a popular computer lab in order to make way for a new $500,000 social justice center11/29/17Education, PC, Economics
Italy: Town with seven inhabitants to receive 80 migrants 11/29/17Islam, Immigration,
Catholic Church Sues D.C. Metro For Blocking Religious Christmas Ads11/29/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
Bret Boone Twitter Shamed After Saying Sick of All the Liberal BS Surrounding Sexual Harassment Fixation 11/29/17Celebrities, PC,
Scholars warn that intersectionality is bringing back Soviet censorship tactics, Bolshevism. Faculty who push the theory of intersectionality are teaching students that America is a matrix of oppression. Intersectionality centers on the belief that the lived experience of members of marginalized groups is a better guide to society than previous societal norms established by the bourgeoisie. Soviet justification for censorship was centered around the classic communist talking point of the bourgeoisie, 11/29/17Socialism, PC, Feminism
NBC Fires Matt Lauer for Sexually Assaulting Female Staffer in 201411/29/17Media, Violence,
German Jews stop wearing Kippot due to Muslim attacks (VERSE) 11/29/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Urges Abortion for Down Syndrome Babies 11/29/17Abortion, Perverse,
NPR Fired Its Chief News Editor After Claims Of Sexual Harassment 11/29/17Media, Violence,
Trinity College in Dublin Ireland has been approved which will protect students from ever having to hear the gender specific term freshman ever again. 11/29/17Education, PC, LGBT
Gabby Giffords Cites Las Vegas Attack as Reason to Oppose Concealed Carry 11/29/17Guns, ,
You can thank Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton for Libya thriving slave trade, where Africans are ‘having their organs harvested, bodies mutilated and roasted like kebabs11/29/17Obama, Clinton, Violence
Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants.. A rape case so brutal that even Swedish main stream media is reporting about it shows signs of total collapse of moral and culture in Swedish society. A neighbor who witnessed the brutal attack chose to ignore the it. He later stated to the police that he has learned not to see or hear too much. Seeking help after the rape, the woman rang the doorbell of one apartment to ask for assistance to call the police. But the man who opened the door ignored her appeal and turned the bloody victim soaked in the rapists’ bodily fluids away. The woman then managed to get to the Fittja city center to seek help but there she was told she was disgusting. Nobody wanted to help her. A guy told her she was disgusting and she had sperm in her hair, reads the police repor11/28/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
San Diego State University history Professor Pablo Ben told a room full of students recently that President Donald Trump is a racist 11/28/17Professors, Race, TDS
Beating Wife if She Denies Sex is OK, Say Islamic Schoolbooks in UK11/28/17Perverse, Professors, Islam
Southern Poverty Law Center says Robert Spencer and David Horpwitz are not interested in civil debate and are pretend experts. LOL 11/28/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Education
A Florida Gulf Coast University professor is steadfastly defending a course titled White Racism that has become subject to intense criticism. The instructor, Dr. Ted Thornhill, argues that his course is not anti white; it is anti white racism, but also asserts that the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society11/28/17Professors, Education, Race
Feminists Want Victorias Secret Fashion Show Looks Banned Over Cultural Appropriation11/28/17Race, PC,
Christmas Themed Ad Campaign Rejected by D.C. Metro 11/28/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
Florida: Convert to Islam gets 25 years for jihad plot to blow up synagogue 11/28/17Islam, Violence,
MSNBC contributor that joked about the possibility of his daughter being raped, back in 2009 and now his old tweet is going viral. His tweet read: Dont care re Polanski, but i hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man with a great sense of mise en scene, Seder tweeted.11/28/17Perverse, Media,
VIDEO: Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee 11/28/17Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Princeton Professpr on MSNBC: Trump is a Bigot, Period11/28/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Germany: Muslim migrant deliberately rams car into revellers outside disco, police rule out political motive, but they almost always do that, no matter what the evidence is. 11/28/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
No, The Senate Tax Reform Bill Doesnt Raise Taxes On Low Income Americans. CNN, Washington Post, and New York Times blatantly lie about tax bill. CNN writes: Poor Americans would lose billions of dollars worth of federal benefits under the Senate GOP tax bill, according to a new CBO report. This is largely because the legislation would eliminate the individual mandate, which requires nearly all Americans to get health insurance or pay a penalty. This would result in 13 million fewer people having coverage in 2027. So, in other words, the Senate tax bill allows individuals not to buy health insurance. How does that take money out of the pockets of the poor? It doesnt. It simply means they have the option to avoid buying insurance, which means that they wouldnt take advantage of tax subsidies; but the CBO counts this as a tax increase, since revenue to the Treasury would increase through a drop in payouts. And a huge number of those who would be dropping out of the insurance program are supposedly on Medicaid; which means they wont drop out at all, since Medicaid is basically free. 11/28/17Economics, Healthcare, Media
BET Soul Train Awards Host Starts Show On One Knee for Kaepernick 11/28/17Race, Patriotism, Celebrities
The federal government has awarded more than $13 million this year in grants to colleges and universities for a program intended to promote diversity in the nursing field 11/28/17PC, Economics, Education
Juli Briskman who was fired for flipping off Trump, Made a GoFundMe page was set up in her honor, and in just 22 days, raised over $130,000 after 5,774 people pledged donations11/28/17Liberal Bias, Perverse,
Stephen A. Smith says that The Black Athlete Has It Pretty Rough Because They Have Too Much Money11/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
George Soros launches media blitz against Hungarian government over its opposition to Muslim migrant influx 11/28/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Barbie Backs Gay Marriage On Instagram11/28/17LGBT, Media,
Washington Post Dismisses Myth of Left Wing University Bias 11/28/17Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Anti Trump Media: White House Christmas Decor Spooky, Like a Scene from The Shining11/28/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Boycotting White House Christmas Party Because Of Trumps Attacks11/28/17TDS, Media,
Duke Professor Banned Student Journalists from Economics Course 11/28/17Professors, Freedom, Economics
A Response To Ben Shapiro: Christians Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Voting For Roy Moore 11/28/17Conservative, Christianity,
Dennis Prager: If It Damages America, It is Good for Democrats11/28/17Conservative, Patriotism,
In Washington, D.C., where Ballou High School saw every one of its 164 seniors graduate, an investigation found that the schools administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences. Half of the graduates missed more than 3 months of school last year, unexcused. 20% were absent more than present, missing more than 90 days of school. The 2017 standardized tests revealed that just 9% of the students were proficient in English, while zero percent were proficient in math. Tragically, many of the college bound students cannot read or write 11/28/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Fordham University recently highlighted a theology professors new book claiming that white Christians are responsible for racist policies and structural discrimination in America. She also asserts that the belief that Jesus is the savior of all people is discriminatory to those who do not share the Christian faith.11/27/17Christianity, Professors, Race
Black Churches in Morristown, New Jersey were vandalized, and the race claims heated up; only to be caught as another hoax11/27/17HoaxFraud, Race, Vandalism
A nurse at Indiana University Health was fired for tweeting that all white sons should be murdered 11/27/17Perverse, Race,
Ohio State student government adds meeting break to accommodate Islamic prayers 11/27/17Islam, Education, PC
Baltimore Has Gotten So Violent Schools Are Canceling Field Trips There 11/27/17Violence, Race,
Net Neutrality Protesters Target FCC Chairmans Home And Children 11/27/17Violence, Freedom,
Elizabeth Warren says Trump calling her Pocahontas a Racial Slur11/27/17Race, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
No Prison Time For Father Who Raped 11yr Old Daughter, Arranged Abortion in West Virginia11/27/17Abortion, Violence,
Denmark: Rapes Increased 232% Since Liberals Took Power 11/27/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Everything You Need To Know About Why Net Neutrality Is A Terrible Idea and How it does not even impact companies like Google 11/27/17Conservative, Freedom,
A Denver Coffee shop, Ink! Coffee, displayed a sidewalk sign that said Happily Gentrifying the Neighborhood Since 2014 outside a store drawing outrage from liberals. Outrage over the message, fueled by anger over a city being dramatically transformed by an influx of newcomers, quickly spread on social media. A window was broken at the shop and White Coffee painted on the building and about 200 people protested there Saturday. The shop founder promised to educate himself and his colleagues about the issue and show ways to express his contrition.11/27/17Vandalism, PC,
France President: Make Gender Based Insults Illegal 11/27/17Feminism, LGBT, PC
Womanspreading: Feminists Seek To Combat Manspreading By Taking Up More Room 11/27/17Feminism, ,
SWEDEN: Muslim migrants have made Sweden so dangerous for women, armed police escorts are now available to accompany joggers on their runs 11/27/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Supreme Court, again eschewing the chance to issue a major ruling on gun rights, turned down a challenge to Marylands state ban on assault weapons brought by various groups, including the NRA. The Court cited, Kolbe v. Hogan, a federal appeals court ruled that assault weapons, including the AR15, were not protected by the Second Amendment. The appeals court used the Supreme Courts 2008 Heller decision to buttress its own; the Heller decision included a line suggesting the M16 rifle, a military version of the AR15, could be banned by states and cities.11/27/17Guns, ,
Former President Barack Obamas EPA used a social media platform to secretly promote the agency's policies in violation of federal law. Judicial Watch obtained 900 pages of documents showing the EPA used social media to lobby support for the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. The agency used Thunderclap, a platform that shares messages across Facebook and Twitter, to recruit outside groups to generate support for various environmental policies. Federal law prohibits agencies from engaging in propaganda. It also forbids agencies from using federal resources to conduct grassroots campaigns that prod U.S. citizens into browbeating lawmakers to act on pending legislation.11/27/17Obama, Environmental, Freedom
USC is planning a series of mandatory wellness courses for freshmen involving topics such as sex, spirituality, substance abuse and sexual assault, among others. 11/27/17Education, PC,
CNN has accused President Donald Trump of making journalists unsafe and threatening the free press by attacking their network, but the network seemingly forgot when former president Barack Obama did the same thing to Fox News.11/27/17Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Denzel Washington Blames Fatherless Homes, Not The System, For Mass Incarceration 11/27/17Race, Celebrities,
Pakistan: Muslim boy arrested for raping chicken (VERSE)11/27/17Islam, Perverse,
Meghan Markle, an actress of African American and Caucasian descent, struggled with how the press focused on her mixed race background in the beginning stages of her and the relationship. Like TIME Magazine and Daily Beast for example 11/27/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Veteran Evergreen State employee resigns in disgust, citing illegal spending of state money. The Writing Center had been using financial aid money intended for students to hire non student workers.11/27/17Education, HoaxFraud, Economics
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) employees have given an inordinate amount of money to Democrats compared to Republicans, records show. While a partisan tilt towards Democrats within a federal agency is not remarkable, the overwhelming tilt within the CFPB shows the extreme partisan and ideological tilt of the agency. CFPB employees have donated nearly $115,000 to various Democrats and Democratic committees between since the bureau opened in 2011. Mitt Romney received a $1,000 donation out of the 594 donor entries who listed the CFPB as their employer11/27/17Liberal Bias, Economics, Freedom
Canada: Ottawa library cancels planned screening of documentary on Muslim migrants in Europe 11/27/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Ladies, Remember Men Are Dangerous. Now Share A Bathroom With Them And Dont Carry A Gun. 11/27/17Conservative, Feminism, Guns
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cuts pay for injured Canadian Special Forces while spending taxpayer money on rehab for returning ISIS jihadists 11/27/17Islam, Immigration, Economics
Denmark: Teen Muslima who plotted jihad massacre at Jewish school jailed for eight years 11/27/17Islam, Violence,
EU Official: Europe Has No Strategy For Impending Wave of African Immigration 11/27/17Islam, Immigration,
VIDEO: The Modern University 1791L 11/27/17Education, Conservative, Video
Only about 30% of California 9th graders are expected to earn a bachelors degree, with the vast majority falling off the path to college in the last two years of high school or the first two years of college 11/27/17Education, California,
Baltimore school system has recommended closing four more city schools, in addition to two others previously announced, because of declining enrollment and poor academic performance. 11/27/17Education, Race,
MSNBC Panelist Calls Republicans a Domestic Terror Group11/26/17Media, Liberal Bias,
British musician Morrissey says if given the chance, he would kill President Donald Trump to ensure the safety of humanity11/26/17Celebrities, TDS, Perverse
New Jersey: Allah charged with murder, robbery, carjacking, unlawful possession of a handgun (VERSE)11/26/17Islam, Violence,
Teachers Attend LGGBDTTTIQQAAP Sensitivity Training11/26/17LGBT, Education, PC
The Problem of Sex 11/26/17Conservative, Perverse, Feminism
Merkel Pressured To Keep Doors Open For Migrants To Stay In Power11/26/17Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
John Jay College of Criminal Justice is causing a stir with an art exhibition featuring works created by current and al-Qaeda jihad terrorists formerly Guantánamo Bay detainees. Pentagon spokesperson recently noted that the Department of Defense has questions on where the money for the sales was going, but a professor who helps curate the exhibit claims she has not been contacted by the authorities.11/25/17Education, Perverse,
UK Police letting terrorist and crime suspects go free. Meanwhile, the number of arrests over hateful comments posted online rising as much as 877% in some parts of England, the Met boasting of having more than 900 specialist hate crime investigators, and officers touring mosques to tell worshippers to report any perceived slights to their community.11/25/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Anti terrorism concrete barriers are being disguised by wrapping them up as Christmas presents under the tree 11/25/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Will Chicago Close Another 50 Schools? 11/25/17Education, Economics,
Church of Sweden Castrates God: No Saying He Or Lord; must use gender neutral language11/24/17Christianity, Feminism, LGBT
Man Raped A Teenage Girl. Now He Might Be Moved To A Female Prison because he identifies as transgender11/24/17LGBT, Violence, Liberal Bias
Texas State Trooper Murdered on Thanksgiving Day, Suspect Caught 11/24/17Race, Violence,
Leftist Writer Strikes Again: If You Have A Penis You Probably Deserve Murdering11/24/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Amazon Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL! Calls Jesus a fictional character | With Steven Crowder 11/24/17PC, Christianity, Liberal Bias
DEMOCRAT NEWS NETWORK: CNN Fails To Report These 24 Democrat Sex Scandals 11/24/17Media, Liberal Bias,
German government to bring back the children of Islamic State jihadis from Germany 11/24/17Islam, Immigration,
Georgetown Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson declared on MSNBC that President Trump wakes up every morning to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a country that he has turned into his psychic commode 11/24/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Allegedly unbiased Washington Post reporter Janell Ross caught plotting liberal agenda with billionaire George Soros 11/24/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Italy: Muslim migrant crisis sees half of citizens feel like strangers in their own country11/24/17Islam, Immigration,
An historic church which has rung its bells since 1779 is to be silenced after a single noise complaint, in a move residents say threatens the traditions and history of the medieval town. 11/24/17Christianity, PC, Remove History
George Soros linked NGO demands EU accept 540,000 migrants from poor countries11/24/17Islam, Immigration,
Larry Elder: I Got Fired For Calling Out Liberal Hypocrisy on Clintons 11/24/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
The U.S. State Department has courted controversy by announcing it will plough $700,000 into Hungarian media, angering the Hungary anti globalist, conservative government11/24/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Immigration
YouTube Bashes Thanksgiving and Spreads the Leftist Indigenous Lie11/24/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
The New McCarthyism: Dr. Jordan Peterson Labeled Hitler By Liberal Professors11/24/17Professors, Education,
GUN CONTROL FAIL: Terrorists Use BANNED Guns To Murder 235 Egyptians, Media Fails To Report11/24/17Guns, Islam, Violence
ABC The View host Joy Behar tells MSNBC: I am Being Told by God to Save This Country11/24/17Media, TDS, Christianity
Actress Debra Messing Freaks That New York Times Lauded Ben Shapiro; Cancels Subscription11/24/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook Removed This Small Town Business Ads For American Flags Because It Sell Guns11/24/17Patriotism, Guns, Freedom
TIME Names Hillary Clinton book What Happened the NON FICTION Book of the Year 11/24/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Michigan students involved in the passed Israel divestment measure were caught on a clandestine recording rejecting the nationhood of Jewish people and preventing a Jewish student from joining a debate on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Say Jews Are Not a Nation and Zionism is a dirty political ideology11/24/17Race, Education, Freedom
Why the Left Hates Thanksgiving 11/23/17Conservative, Remove History,
SUNY Albany event calls Thanksgiving'a day of mourning11/23/17Remove History, Education, PC
Atop the Q2 3.1% increase in real GDP, and 3.0% in 3Q, the New York Federal Reserve Bank predicts that 4Q output will expand by 3.8%. This far outpaces the feeble average annual GDP growth rate of 1.5% on President Obama. Meanwhile, the IMF expects global GDP to rise by 3.5% this year. So much for a Trump inspired global recession11/23/17Economics, ,
UK: Muslim doctor who molested student nurse and blamed it on different cultural norms gets to keep his job11/23/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Eric Peters - Libertarian Car Talk: How cars are changing to meet fuel demands by environmentalist government 11/23/17Environmental, Freedom, Video
POLICE: Illegal Alien MS13 Gang Member Decapitated Man, Cut His Heart Out Inside Sanctuary County 11/22/17Immigration, Violence,
Virginia: Islamic conference decries US as land of infidels; says Americans should be forced to accept Quran 11/22/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Atheists Are Now Suing An Animal Shelter For Having A Priest Say A Blessing11/22/17Christianity, Freedom,
VIDEO: CREEPY UNCLE JOE. Joe Biden history of groping women11/22/17Perverse, Conservative, Video
Leftist Writer: I Hate White People; Lets Not Pretend The U.S. Is Better Than North Korea 11/22/17TDS, Media, Race
The Russia Scandal Just Got Much Worse For Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama. Corruption: Shortly after the Uranium One story broke, various news reports claimed that it was much ado about nothing. But a review of a huge cache of newly available documents shows that, if anything, it was worse than previously thought. 11/22/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
It has been 24 hours since news broke that Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady is under FBI investigation for allegedly paying his primary opponent to drop out of the race, but CNN has published zero articles and devoted zero airtime to the story 11/22/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Anne Coulter: The History of Sex in America, Part 111/22/17Conservative, ,
GQ Profiles How To Ruin Thanksgiving For Trump Voters: Its Your Civic Duty11/22/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Stanford University Mark Jacobson accused the National Academy of Sciences of defamation for publishing an article this summer that questioned Jacobsons 2015 article about renewable energy, also published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Seeking $10 Million in damages for debunking his claims that we can have 100% renewable energy by 205511/22/17Environmental, Science,
Nazi Best Writing for Zee TV: ABC Drama Uses Hitler Follower to Represent Opposition to Affirmative Action 11/22/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Before Socialism Collapsed Behind the Iron Curtain, It Failed Near Plymouth 11/22/17Socialism, ,
Austria: Muslim migrants in Vienna receive more money than working class pensioners11/22/17Islam, Immigration, Economics
Washington State Governor Commuted Sentence Of Prisoner Serving Life Sentence. Now He is Accused Of Murder. 11/22/17Liberal Bias, Violence,
What You Need to Know About Tax Reform 11/22/17Economics, Conservative,
Harvard Womens Center to roll out Gender 101 training courses11/22/17Education, PC, LGBT
ILLEGAL ALIEN KIDNAPPED 15yr old GIRL, RAPED HER in GEorgia 11/22/17Immigration, Violence,
New York Times Unlinks Charles Manson from the Left, Calls Him Harbinger of the Right 11/21/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Minnesota: Muslims investigated for ISIS ties include theater student, father of four, and jujitsu instructor11/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A border studies professor says she is upset with National Geographic for two of its reality tv shows which she contends exalt border patrol agents in various ways.11/21/17Immigration, Professors,
Brooklyn College says it is undertaking an effort to keep New York police officers out of sight after some students spotted members of law enforcement using public restrooms on campus and were triggered by their presence11/21/17Education, PC,
VIDEO: Was America Founded On Slavery? Ben Shapiro 11/21/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
Canadian University apologizes for telling TA she broke the law by playing video of gender neutral pronoun debate featuring Jordan Peterson11/21/17Education, Freedom, PC
Germany: Muslim migrants destroy their free housing, repairs will cost $23,000 11/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Study: A LOT Of Young People Think Compliments, Drink Invites Are Forms Of Sexual Harassment11/21/17PC, Conservative,
Longest Serving Democrat Congressman. John Conyers of Michigan Paid Off Female Staffer to Keep Quiet About Sexual Advances. The alarming Congressional Office of Compliance (COC) report which has logged over 260 federal misconduct settlements since 1997 costing taxpayers at least $17 million11/21/17Liberal Bias, Economics, Perverse
Missouri High School Graffiti reading White Lives Matter and containing a racial slur was found written on a bathroom mirror at Parkway Central High School. Turns out to be another hoax, drawn by a non white student 11/21/17HoaxFraud, ,
Antifa group harasses prof over free speech event. A Lane Community College professor was recently targeted in social media posts by the local Antifa chapter in Eugene, Oregon, which was upset that he was helping to host a debate about free speech on college campuses 11/21/17Education, PC, Freedom
UK: Muslim road rage driver who sent five men flying after mowing them down in his van during Ramadan has had his prison sentence cut because he had been fasting for 20 days at the time of the incident.11/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik takes little joy in Thanksgiving. She doesnt much like all the food, hates the slaughtering of innocent turkeys and feels ashamed that America celebrates a day of genocide 11/21/17Environmental, Celebrities,
THE LIE THAT REELECTED OBAMA: Al Qaeda was not on the run while POTUS 44 was in office 11/21/17Obama, Islam, Violence
VIDEO: Women of Ssaturday Night Live Ignore Sex Assault Victims, Pledge Support for Al Franken 11/21/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Christian college allegedly harasses pro life students after approving their Homecoming display11/21/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Ben Shapiro: The New York Times is Lying about Charles Manson: The radical Left cheered Manson, including former Northwestern University professor and wife to Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn. Never mind that Manson hung out with cultural figures ranging from Dennis Wilson to Neil Young to Jerry Rubin. 11/21/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Hundreds of posters advertising an upcoming Rick Santorum speech at George Washington University were vandalized within 24 hours, including those posted on students dorm rooms. 11/21/17Vandalism, ,
Charlie Rose Fired By CBS Over Sexual Harassment Allegations 11/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Collection Of Creepy Al Franken Photos Groping Women11/21/17Liberal Bias, Perverse,
Student who stole MAGA hat faces up to one year in jail after DA files charge 11/21/17Education, TDS,
Democratic Rep. John Conyers (Michigan.), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said that all felons should have the right to vote 11/21/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Confederate flag carving in bathroom stall sends U. Maryland students to counseling center11/21/17Remove History, Education, PC
BRITISH AUTHORITIES prosecuting parents for not allowing their children to visit a mosque during school trips. A council in Britain is taking action to crack down on Islamophobia in response to some parents refusing to send their children on mosque visits arranged by schools 11/21/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Tesla new vehicles didnt send the stock soaring and that could signal a new reality for the company 11/21/17Environmental, Economics,
VIDEO: Twitter Supports Racism?! 11/21/17Media, Race, Video
VIDEO: UNDERCOVER: Transgenders ACTIVELY Targeting Children and Medicaid! With Steven Crowder11/21/17LGBT, Perverse, Video
If Liberals hate tax cuts so much, the GOP should allow people to pay a higher rate if they choose to. Here is how 11/21/17Economics, Conservative,
STUDY: Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked to a Higher Risk of Suicide. Studies show risk of suicide doubles after a year and 30% higher after 7 years 11/21/17Abortion, Science,
Cornell Pro abortion students protested a debate on abortion last week, complaining that the inclusion of pro life views normalized the idea that it is okay to control peoples bodies 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
The L.A. Times publishes piece about The human side of infamous cult leader Charlie Manson. Says he is not so different from us 11/20/17Perverse, Media, Liberal Bias
Video: Stanford dean Nanci Howe congratulates student fascists as they disrupt Robert Spencer event 11/20/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
An anonymous professor complains that contrary to their reputation as liberal havens, college campuses are actually hotbeds of institutional racism11/20/17Professors, PC,
Black Diversity VP at Apple Replaced by White Woman for Saying White Men can be Diverse11/20/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A school district in upstate New York got caught promoting the services of Americas largest abortion provider without telling the taxpayers who send their 14yr old children to school 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
UK Christmas in the age of jihad: Armed guards, concrete barriers and metal detectors around festive markets11/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
French Postal Service Refuses to Deliver to Migrant No Go Zone Citing Danger to Staff11/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Oscar contender film Call Me By Your Name is a story about a 25yr old man seducing a 17yr old boy11/20/17Perverse, Celebrities,
Boston College Student: Im a conservative, and my campus newspaper wont let me contribute11/20/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Remember when the Mayor of Paris threatened to sue FOX News for reporting on Muslim NO GO Zones in Paris? The Mayor claimed it was an insult to her city for FOX News to make the false claim that several Muslim-dominant areas in Paris are so dangerous, police and fire fighters refuse to go there without armed escorts. After her threat, FOX News quickly forced several of its anchors to make on-air apologies for the reports on French NO GO Zones which allegedly had no basis in fact. Now French courier Chronopost has announced that it will not deliver any packages in the No Go Zone because it is too dangerous 11/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Race Hoaxer Shaun King Attacks Trumps Words: calls him Ungrateful is the New Nigger 11/20/17TDS, Race,
Sharia compliant Facebook removes Hungarian counter-jihad news site Dzsihádfigyelö 11/20/17Islam, Media, Freedom
New James Madison course: Black Lives Matter in the Era of a New Jim Crow11/20/17Education, Race,
The prestigious scholarship program Rhodes Trust announced its 32 scholars for 2018 and about half of the scholars are aspiring social justice activists. 11/20/17Education, PC, Science
White Muslim Linda Sarsour to Host Women of Color Conference 11/20/17Race, HoaxFraud, Islam
Photos Show Al Franken Grabbing Arianna Huffington Breast, Buttocks 11/20/17Liberal Bias, Perverse, Violence
New Jersey will move toward a $15 minimum wage next year, Democratic Gov.elect Phil Murphy pledged alongside fellow Democrats who control the Legislature. 11/20/17Economics, ,
MSNCS Chris Matthews Laments Being Too Tough on Bill Clinton11/20/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Guest: Trump Reluctant to Attack White Men 11/20/17TDS, Media, Race
The Common Application, a nonprofit that offers a college application accepted by more than 700 member colleges, has 10 different categories for Asian American applicants. It has three for whites and four for blacks; which is a violation of the 14th Amendment and its facilitating illegal discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions 11/20/17Education, Race,
France seeks to ban Muslim street prayers in Paris after clashes 11/20/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
U.K. bakery chain Greggs has come under heavy fire from Christians for replacing the baby Jesus with a sausage roll on their Christmas 2017 Advent calenda 11/20/17Christianity, ,
Bernie Sanders Asked About Bill Clintons Sexual Misconduct, Wholly Ignores It 11/20/17Clinton, Socialism, Liberal Bias
ESPN Airs Special On NFL Player Michael Bennet Who Lied About Police Encounter To Seem Like A Victim11/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
The Racine Common Council in Wisconsin voted to have parents fined up to $1,000 if they don't do anything to stop their kids from bullying others at school 11/20/17Education, Freedom,
Irish Catholic Priest Tells Christians to Abandon the Word Christmas11/20/17Christianity, PC, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: City Women VS Marriage & Kids with Lauren Southern 11/20/17Feminism, Conservative, Video
BREAKING: NYT Suspends Famed Reporter Glenn Thrush Over Allegations Of Sexual Harassment 11/20/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One, memos show 11/20/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
House and Senate Tax Plans: A Comparison 11/20/17Economics, ,
In spite of Pope Francis repeated declarations that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, one of the Islamic States (ISIS) main targets still remains the Vatican 11/19/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Professor: Scientists use seemingly empirical facts to explain how race, inequality are related. Also said that Scientists invented race as an explanation for social inequality and that researchers now must root their studies in realized experiences11/19/17Science, Professors, Race
Toronto City Council Youth Fellowship Internship Program: NON MUSLIMS NEED NOT APPLY11/19/17Islam, Freedom, Race
VIDEO: Romina Boccia on MSNBC's AM Joy to discuss tax reform 11/19/17Economics, Media, Healthcare
The University of Nebraska, Lincoln announced that is will release a lecturer who had harassed and berated conservative students tabling on campus 11/18/17Professors, Perverse,
CNNs program, New Day, Only Gives 1 Min to Murdered Cop, Spends 3 Min on Corrupt Cop 11/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti Trump protest, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk 11/18/17Professors, TDS, Violence
VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson: The Hypocrisy of the Left over Equality 11/18/17Conservative, Video, Economics
UK: Mother converts to Islam, is murdered by her Muslim husband for wearing Western clothes 11/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
FACT CHECK: George Soros group, was initially founded as a grassroots operation to oppose impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton. 11/17/17Clinton, Liberal Bias,
Womens NCAA Champion, South Carolina, Decline White House Invitation 11/17/17TDS, ,
University of Oklahoma Gender Ally Program instructs trainees in eight different sets of pronouns 11/17/17LGBT, Education, PC
Feminist Nasty Woman Slut Shames Al Franken Accuser, Leaann Tweeden because she Appeared in Playboy is Asking for It. Completely breaking the feminist rules of slut shaming11/17/17Feminism, Liberal Bias, Media
Stanford official Snehal Naik responds to charge that he sabotaged Robert Spencer event, issues no denial. Naik actively aided and abetted the destruction of Spencer event at Stanford University, making sure that the room was packed with student fascists who quickly walked out, and then barring those who wanted to come in from entering. 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
At Garden City Community College (GCCC) in Kansas, A Muslim college basketball player was kicked off the team because he kept taking practice shots on the court while everyone else stood at attention for the national anthem 11/17/17Patriotism, Islam, Education
A Canadian teaching assistant was reprimanded by her supervising professor for showing a video in class featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson and compares Jordan Peterson to Hitler 11/17/17Professors, Education, Freedom
A New official figures from the Austrian Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice, AMS) show that NONE of the 90,000 Muslim fake refugees in that country are employed, and that all are still parasiting off the welfare system nearly three years after they invaded that country. 11/17/17Islam, Immigration, Economics
New Zealand: Muslim migrant rapist not deported, soon to be back on the streets 11/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
University of Minnesota Student radio hosts yanked from air, suspended after using the word tranny 11/17/17Education, PC, LGBT
Ambushed Cop Shot in Head in Baltimore. The police officer leaves behind a wife and 5 children11/17/17Violence, Race,
Florida Atlantic University professor RJ Boutelle said colleagues should fight against radical militarization of white men11/17/17Professors, Race,
Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has issued no comment amidst the revelations that the man she once hailed as a leader of women Al Frankens sexual harrassment allegations. However, the abortion queen does, however, have plenty to say about the many elephants who will supposedly die thanks to President Trump lifting the ban on importing elephant trophies from overseas. 11/17/17Environmental, Abortion, Liberal Bias
NBC Continues to Ignore Bob Menendez Corruption Trial to Cover Trump Drinking Water 11/17/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
U.S. troops in Afghanistan taught for years not to oppose culturally accepted practice of child sex abuse 11/17/17Islam, Violence, Perverse
Former ACLU director and now leader of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights opposes police body cameras. Because police can review body camera footage before writing their reports; writing that unrestricted footage review creates an illusion of accuracy because it produces a false impression about how much officers actually remember about an incident. It makes officers’ memories appear to be more accurate, and thus more credible, than the memories of other eyewitnesses; which can distort how an independent factfinder, like a judge or a jury, might understand how an incident truly unfolded.11/17/17Freedom, Violence, Liberal Bias
Roy Moore: Gloria Allreds Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are Completely Untrue. Moore specifically pointed to the initials D.A. that appear after the signature on the yearbook to further demonstrate that the yearbook inscription and signature represent what he described as a forgery and complete fabrication. The woman had a sigend document from Moore when his secretary stamp signed her divorce document back in 1999. When they forged the name onto this manual, they also included the initials of my receptionist, my secretary. Which were D.A. Delbra Adams. And certainly they forged it and this is a complete fabrication11/17/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region11/17/17Vandalism, Islam, Immigration
New York Times Blames Racism for Americans Wanting to Keep the Money They Earn11/17/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Massachusetts lawmakers approve bill to impose campus rape training derided as junk science; missing most of the same procedural protections as the guidance rescinded by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos11/17/17Science, Education, Freedom
Democrat Running For Ohio Gov Opens Up About Sexual Escapades With 50 Attractive Female11/17/17Perverse, Liberal Bias,
UK Mulls Transferring £400 million to Iran in Bid to Free British National 11/17/17Islam, Violence, Economics
Brenda Lawrence, the Michigan Democrat who introduced legislation to require congressional staffers to take an online course on sexual harassment, kept her chief of staff, Duron Marshall, in his job despite reportedly being warned by three female former staffers that he had sexually harassed them. Now the Chief of Staff resigns after sexual harrassment allegations 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Violence,
How The Supreme Court Helped Bob Menendez Escape Conviction by blurring what is determined as an official act of corruption 11/17/17Freedom, Conservative, HoaxFraud
CONNECTICUT: Parental outrage and community backlash forces public middle school to cancel Islamic indoctrination speaker Annam Choudhry11/17/17Islam, Education, Perverse quickly backed off from a boycott of Sean Hannitys show after Keurig was hit by a ferocious backlash to its boycott of the show days earlier; however, the real estate website appears to be holding firm to a months long boycott of Breitbart News. 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Media,
VIDEO: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan Blasts Trump: says America Became Great Killing Indians, Enslaving Africans 11/17/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Islam
THE NEW SCHOOL in New York City has invited pro-sharia, fake feminazi Linda Sarsour and other notorious antisemites to lead a panel on antisemitism11/17/17Perverse, Professors, Liberal Bias
Feminists Lose It Over Violent App That Removes Womens Makeup 11/17/17Feminism, PC,
Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah inflict your revenge upon them11/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Cherokee County Georgia Pastor used a gun to defend his family and shoot an intruder who broke into his home11/17/17Guns, ,
Vox Is Unionizing Just Weeks After A Move Like This Closed Down Two Newsrooms11/17/17Media, Economics,
Lena Dunham defends TV show Girls writer & producer accused of raping underage actress 11/17/17Celebrities, Feminism,
Trump holds off reversing ban on elephant trophy imports11/17/17Environmental, ,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Can Government Force Speech Against Your Beliefs? Can state politicians demand a Catholic pregnancy center to pimp pro abortion propaganda. The state of California says yes. 11/17/17Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Jonathan Haidt: Leftism is the New Fundamentalist Religion (WATCH AT 3 MINUTES WHERE HE OPENLY ADMITS TO BLACKLISTING CHRISTIANS FROM SCIENTIFIC CATEGORIES) 11/17/17Christianity, Science, Liberal Bias
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice will no longer issue guidance memos that have the effect of adopting new regulatory requirements or amending the law outside the federal government, and said the Justice Department would initiate a review of previously issued memos 11/17/17Freedom, Conservative,
WAPO article titled: Im a feminist. I study rape culture. And I dont want Al Franken to resign, actually argues that it is more acceptable for democrats to commit sexual assault than republicans 11/17/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
University departments endorse Campus Antifa Network 11/16/17Perverse, Professors,
NBC Advises Having Less Kids to Save the Environment in the name of morality 11/16/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim teen arrested for plotting jihad attack at Justin Bieber concert 11/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
White inventor of white fragility term tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers 11/16/17Professors, PC, Race
Democrat Bob Menendez Blames Racist Americans For His Trial, Vows Political Vengeance Against Opponents 11/16/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Race
Student oped at Claremont Colleges: Outdoor clubs are too white. Also writes: white imperialism, as well as the fact that three prominent naturalist figures in U.S. history happen to be white, generate this pervasive racial exclusion. 11/16/17Education, Race,
JOHN GUANDOLO, Former FBI special agent and counter-terrorism expert tells Congress that U.S. mosques should NOT be afforded the same legal rights as churches 11/16/17Islam, Conservative, Christianity
Twitter Unverifies Notable Trump Supporter, Laura Loomer, Outright Bans Alt Right Troll for Life11/16/17Freedom, Media, TDS
A professor at San Diego State University has advised her students against generalizing gender terms that favor men in the papers, arguing for more verbose gender neutral language instead. 11/16/17LGBT, Education, PC
Terrorism Report: Deadliest Year For the West Since September 11th, 2001. Many mainstream media outlets tried to downplay the growing threat of Jihad in the West as depicted by the report, deciding instead to highlight the fact that the absolute number of deaths resulting from terrorism fell by 10 percent to around 29,300 compared to previous year. BBC reported the finding of the Global Terrorism Index under the headline: Global Deaths from Terrorism Drop. While that might be factually correct, there is no sugar coating the fact that terrorism-related deaths in developed countries increased by a staggering 650%. Turkey and France. Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Turkey all recorded the most deaths from terrorism in a single year since 2000 11/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Stanford deans Nanci Howe and Snehal Naik engineered destruction of Robert Spencer event11/16/17Education, Freedom, Islam
VIDEO: Free Speech Protesters Cant Compete with Ben Shapiro Supporters at UCLA. Shows how clueless they are 11/16/17Education, Freedom, PC
BELGIUM: Muslim migrant youths riot in the streets throwing rocks and projectiles at police, setting cars on fire, and destroying storefronts for the second time this week11/16/17Vandalism, Islam, Immigration
The House of Representatives passed a massive tax reform bill on aimed at cutting taxes for businesses and individuals, which is a major step in the Trump administrations effort to overhaul the tax system. 11/16/17Economics, ,
Dartmouth University hosts Whats Up With White People? event 11/16/17Education, Race,
University RA claims Catholic school tried to make him promote LGBTQ Mixer 11/16/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer confronts student fascists at Stanford University 11/16/17Education, Freedom, Islam
UN Climate Change Fund Backing Questionable Projects 11/16/17Environmental, Economics,
Menlo College professor blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: Worthy of a fascist state11/16/17Education, Freedom, Professors
Democratic Calls For An Ethics Committee On Franken Are Total Meaningless Garbage. This One Statistic Shows Why. Between 2007 and 2016, the Senate Ethics Committee imposed zero sanctions against anyone (Ben Shapiro)11/16/17Conservative, Liberal Bias,
Al Franken Outed for Alleged Sexual Assault 11/16/17Liberal Bias, Violence,
UAE to Germany: To stop Islamic jihad terrorism, monitor the mosques. The minister for tolerance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), told German DPA news agency as he commented on the security situation in Europe. He added that the governmental noninvolvement into the activities of religious communities is what has led to the rapid rise of extremism 11/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Most Premature Baby Ever Born, at 21 weeks, Is Now Thriving. Should that Raise Questions About Abortion? 11/16/17Abortion, Conservative,
Almost one third of 214 U.S. based MS13 gang members arrested in an international sweep were invited into the United States by President Barack Obamas Unaccompanied Alien Children policy. The group of 214 MS13 members were arrested, 193 of them were illegal aliens. 64 of the 193 illegals are would-be dreamers because they illegally crossed the border while claiming to be minors11/16/17Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: The Truth About Soy Boys (Truth about Buzzfeed wimpy males) with Paul Joseph Watson 11/16/17Environmental, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: The High Cost of Good Intentions Featuring John Cogan. According to John Cogan, entitlement programs such as pensions, Medicaid, and Social Security are costing us $7,500 and 55% of U.S. households receive some kind of assistance to at least 1 federal entitlement program11/16/17Economics, Conservative, Video
Northern California Shooter was Prohibited to Own Guns, Made Illegal Guns at Home 11/15/17Guns, Violence,
Flashback: Democrats Applauded Accused Rapist Bill Clinton After His Impeachment11/15/17Clinton, Perverse, Liberal Bias
CBS Promotes Bizarre Claim Against Gun Maker for Mass Murder Marketing11/15/17Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftist students at Kennesaw State University (KSU) proudly shredded signs at a free speech event late last month, saying they promoted violence11/15/17Vandalism, PC, Freedom
MSNBC Horrified by Trumps Nomination of White Men as Judges 11/15/17Media, Race, TDS
William & Mary student pens oped arguing it is OK to vandalize fraternities because patriarchy, white supremacy, and inequality11/15/17Vandalism, Race, PC
More than 100,000 convicted felons or other prohibited persons tried to buy guns each year during President Barack Obamas administration by lying on their applications, but the Justice Department only considered prosecuting about 30 to 40 people each year 11/15/17Obama, Guns,
A group of fascists called the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) stormed into a university classroom where Hen Mazzig, a former Israeli Defense Force officer, was giving a speech and proceeded to heckle and harass his every word at the University of Illinois 11/15/17Education, Freedom, PC
Purdue University is offering a six-credit, LGBTQ themed study abroad program called sex, history, and the cities to visit sex shops, strip clubs, lingerie stores, [and] porn shops11/15/17LGBT, Perverse,
Michelle Malkin: Media Silence on Bob Menendez: For the past 11 weeks, Bob Menendez has been on trial for 18 counts of bribery, fraud and corruption involving nearly $1 million in gifts and donations. A new Media Research Center analysis reported that ABC, CBS and NBC devoted 40 times more of their morning and evening TV newscast coverage this past week to Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore's alleged sexual assault accusers than to the ongoing federal trial of one of the Democrats most powerful, visible and entrenched figures on Capitol Hill. 11/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
SELLING BLACK MEN as slaves is alive and well in some Muslim countries 11/15/17Race, Islam, Remove History
University College London hosts speakers who defend Hamas jihad mass murder 11/15/17Education, Perverse, Islam
SCOTUS Justice Roberts Obamacare Decision Vindicates Inclusion Of The Individual Mandate In Tax Reform Bill. The Obamacare Mandate Removal will save $300 billion in federal revenue and result in roughly 13 million more uninsured over the next decade, according to the CBO. 11/15/17Economics, Healthcare,
Inside Higher Stanford Professor Jeremy Bauer-Wolf who attacks Robert Spencer for responding to attacks from Stanford students11/15/17Islam, PC, Conservative
University of Memphis nursing assistant professor Wishes Cold Death on Press Secretary Sanders: 11/15/17Perverse, Professors,
This Mexican State Is So Violent That Morgues Are Shutting Down 11/15/17Immigration, Violence,
A student sex columnist at a California university recently wrote approvingly of a fictional relationship between a 32yr old man and a 15yr old boy, one in which the fictional adolescent male ends up pregnant by the older man. 11/15/17Education, Perverse,
How The Pray For An Islamic Holocaust Fake News Happened. A widely reported claim that a Polish nationalist march in Warsaw featured a banner calling for an Islamic holocaust can be traced back to an inaccurate Wall Street Journal report. Unclear and incorrect language in TheWSJ report led to rampant inaccuracies in reports published by CNN, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Independent, The Guardian, and Vice News11/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Larry Elder: Black on Black Racism at Cornell 11/15/17Education, Race, Conservative
VIDEO: The video of extreme Muslim animal abuse of a helpless donkey 11/15/17Environmental, Islam, Violence
Illegal Alien in Wisconsin Impregnates 14yr old Teen Stepdaughter to Try to Avoid Deportation 11/14/17Immigration, Violence,
New York Times robs Pamela Gellers book of a spot on its bestsellers list despite outselling some of the books on the list11/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Senate Republicans will add the repeal of Obamacare individual mandate to the tax bill, Senate leaders11/14/17Economics, Healthcare, Conservative
TV Show The Simpsons Compare Kellyanne Conway To Hitler Propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels 11/14/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Minnesota: Star Tribune refuses to report name or background of Muslim migrant mall stabber 11/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Virginia School Gives 11yr old students Inappropriate Quiz; asking them nicknames for secret lovers of parents like Mistress and Boytoy 11/14/17Perverse, Professors,
Black high school students demand white principal of a Louisville, Kentucky high school to be fired ouster for saying that in taking a knee during the National Anthem like Colin Kaepernick, some students were choosing to take a knee for sensationalism 11/14/17Education, Race, Patriotism
UK top counterterrorism officers tell media to rein in coverage of the Islamic State and jihad terror 11/14/17Islam, Liberal Bias, Violence
Conservative students trying to obtain official recognition for a chapter of Turning Point USA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point were denied after a scheduled 20-minute meeting & vote turned into a three hour-complaint session by student activists 11/14/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A Free Speech Wall erected by the Cal Poly College Republicans to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall was recently defaced with graffiti reading, please eat my ass Trump11/14/17Vandalism, Education, Freedom
Feminists Freak Over SCOTUS Hearing About California Forcing Pro Lifers To Promote Abortion. The law called the Reproductive FACT Act was signed into law in 2015 by California Governor Jerry Brown and stipulated that privately funded, state licensed medical facilities offering free ultrasounds and other services to pregnant women must give their patients the following notice: California has public programs that provide immediate free or low cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women 11/14/17Abortion, Feminism, Freedom
Dartmouth professor to donate half of book proceeds to Antifa 11/14/17Perverse, Professors,
Jemele Hill Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Black UCLA Players 11/14/17TDS, Race, Media
Stanford administrators will not enforce policy against disruption of speakers at Robert Spencer event 11/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
At least five people are dead from an apparent random shooting spree in rural Northern California 11/14/17Violence, Guns, Education
VIDEO: Keith Fink, a former communications professor at the UCLA, recently revealed the dirty tricks that he says UCLA uses to silence conservatives on campus 11/14/17Education, Freedom, Video
Fake News: 53 Pastors Didnt Endorse Roy Moore After the Sexual Assault Allegations. Despite being reported by Newsweek and Huffington Post; among others 11/14/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Jake Tapper Admits Bill Clinton Accusers Werent Given The Same Respect As Moore Accusers 11/14/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
At Boston College, panel of white professors lament whiteness11/14/17PC, Professors, Race
Democrat Congressman Accused By 10 Women Of Sexual Harassment Claims He is The Victim 11/14/17Liberal Bias, Violence,
Newly obtained documents show anti Israel professors covertly took over major academic group. Nearly 17,000 documents belatedly turned over by current and former ASA leaders show that BDS supporters waged a campaign to covertly take control of the ASA and use it to support the BDS movement, 11/14/17Islam, Perverse, Professors
Sandy Hook Families Push Suit Against Maker of Stolen Gun Used in Attack 11/14/17Guns, ,
Last month a University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant came under fire for using a technique known as progressive stacking in her class — she would call on students of color first (black women get top priority), and at the very bottom of the pecking order were white men. The TA, Stephanie McKellop, had bragged on Twitter about using the discussion method, and when the denunciations began to roll in she called critics Nazis11/14/17Professors, Education, Race
Thousands Of Brazilians Protest Topless against Proposed Abortion Ban11/14/17Abortion, Feminism, Perverse
Report Alleges Huffington Post Creator Turned A Blind Eye To Sexual Harassment Of Female Employees 11/14/17Media, Violence,
UK Christian Teacher Suspended for Misgendering Transgender Student 11/13/17Christianity, LGBT, PC
Germany: No terror charge for Muslim migrant who attacked shoppers while screaming Allahu akbar wanting to kill Christians. While they believe the attack was religiously motived, prosecutors say they have found no evidence that Ahmad A. had any links to terror organisations like the Islamic State terror group11/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
The New York Times ran yet another execrable oped, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This oped argued that black children should not be friends with white children, and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly makes things awkward at Yeshiva University, a Jewish school (by Ben Shapiro) 11/13/17Professors, Race, Media
MSNBC Guests Compare GOP to Pedophiles, Hitler11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
White Man Believes He Is Filipino Woman. Another trans racial case 11/13/17LGBT, Race, PC
The Vice Chair of the Wisconsin College Democrats reportedly tweeted that I fucking hate white men on Twitter11/13/17Education, Race, Perverse
Barbie Debuts Hijab Wearing Doll 11/13/17Islam, PC, Perverse
Canadian Muslim Woman tried to attack people at a tire store in Toronto with a large knife and golf club. Tells courtroom: I meant to harm those people. I reject all counsel here. I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I dont want to have any allegiance to you. Damn your legislation, damn your nationality, go to hell 11/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Kutztown University professor Colleen Clemens fired off a series of tweets blaming toxic masculinity for the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas11/13/17Professors, Feminism, Violence
Stanford staff encourage students to tear down flyers for Robert Spencer talk11/13/17Professors, Vandalism, Islam
If Kids Cant Consent, Stop Pushing Sex And Birth Control On Them In Grade School 11/13/17Perverse, Conservative, Abortion
Report: FBI May Be Investigating Planned Parenthood Over Dealings In Aborted Fetuses 11/13/17Abortion, ,
GQ Citizen of the Year: Colin Kaepernick 11/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Islamophobia? Jews Represented 54% Of ALL Hate Crimes In 2016. Of the 1,538 hate crimes motivated by religious bias that were reported by law enforcement, a whopping 54% were anti Jewish; more than double the 25% that were anti Muslim. 11/13/17HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
Professor Debbie Christel developed fat fashion pedagogy upon critical feminist and narrative pedagogies, and seeks to fight fat stigma by promoting activism to erode the thin centric orientation among students. 11/13/17Feminism, Professors, PC
CNN Hammered for Omitting Unborn Child in Texas Church Massacre Death Toll 11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
More than 100 black people are seeking permission from a judge to file a class action lawsuit and are hoping to implement policies preventing discrimination at Tesla. They also claim the company facility in Fremont, California is a hotbed for racist behavior11/13/17Environmental, Race,
University of Oregon President: Social Justice Warriors Are Fascists. He said: One of the students who stormed the stage during my talk told the news media to expect resistance to anyone who opposes us. That is awfully close to the language and practices of those the students say they vehemently oppose. However, (Awfully close) is an understatement.11/13/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party every year 11/13/17Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Border Patrol rescues illegal immigrants stuck in storm drains underground 11/13/17Immigration, ,
MSNBC Joy Reid continued her pattern of spreading fake news on Saturday by falsely claiming that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies claimed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. This claim was debunked in July. While the intelligence report she mentions does express high confidence that Russia sought to undermine her campaign, it only represents the views of three agencies: the FBI, CIA and NSA. Clinton incorrectly claims this report shows consensus among 17 intelligence agencies.11/13/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberal students at Tufts University are pressuring the student government to deny funding for the College Republicans to host an event featuring Ben Shapiro; say his views put them in danger 11/13/17PC, Education, Freedom
YEAR OF THE SWORD: A CENTURY OF CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: How the grandparents of todays Christian victims of ISIS were also butchered by Muslims.11/13/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
ANTI TRUMP ResistanceThemed Hotel Coming To D.C.11/13/17TDS, ,
Supreme Court Justices Keep Missing Conflicts Of Interest. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from a divisive immigration case that was argued in October, after her chambers identified a conflict of interest they inadvertently missed during the pre-argument conflicts audit. This is the third time in as many terms that a justice participated in a case despite a clear conflict of interest 11/13/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
A former UCLA communications professor known for his staunch defense of free speech who was recently fired by the university offered a sobering message to a room full of conservative and libertarian students enrolled there. 11/13/17Education, Freedom,
Oberlin College Sued For Falsely Accusing Local Business Of Racism11/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Some 700,000 California women become pregnant each year, and over half of these pregnancies are unintended 11/13/17Abortion, ,
Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick CRUSHES Hypocritical Chelsea Handler Over Moore Allegations 11/13/17Clinton, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
US admits American arms given to Iranian jihadists in Iraq11/13/17Islam, Violence,
VIDEO: What is the Truth About the First Thanksgiving? Prager University 11/13/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
An illegal immigrant from Guatemala was charged on in the 2015 bludgeoning death of a Westchester socialite whose playboy son helped break up New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s marriage. 11/13/17Immigration, Violence,
Belgium: Muslims riot, burn cars, injure 22 police officers in celebrations over soccer victory 11/12/17Islam, Violence, Vandalism
Johns Hopkins professor: Trump won election by invoking the history of white supremacy 11/12/17TDS, Professors, Race
YouTube finally removes jihad terror mastermind Anwar al Awlakis videos under growing pressure from governments and counterterrorism advocates, YouTube has drastically reduced its video archive of Mr. Awlaki, an American cleric who remains the leading English language jihadist recruiter on the internet six years after he was killed by a United States drone strike11/12/17Islam, Violence, Media
Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4 Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth. Three out of four college educated Democrats seem to believe that a man can be a woman if he just says so, regardless of his biology, genetics, and genitalia, according to a skewed survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.11/12/17Science, LGBT, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The New Sexual Puritans by Paul Joseph Watson 11/12/17Feminism, Conservative, Video
As Trump attempts a transgender military ban, Germany celebrates its first trans commander 11/11/17LGBT, TDS,
California Governor Jerry Brown to protesters during climate speech: Lets put you in the ground11/11/17Environmental, Freedom,
Body count blamed on MS13 violence grows in New York suburbs11/11/17Immigration, Violence,
A professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania Wants Conservative Group, Turning Point USA, Banned For Promoting White Supremacy, and Authoritarianism11/10/17Professors, Freedom, Race
Brandeis University Theater department cancels play because some whites might be cast as Asians11/10/17Race, Education, PC
UK government discriminates against Christian refugees from Syria. 10,801 Syrian refugees who came to the US under Obama in 2016, only 56 were Christian. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, declared that politically correct officials were institutionally biased against Christian refugees in the UK11/10/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Socialist heaven Venezuela, where the inflation rate reached a whopping 500% in July 2015, has seen its inflation rate skyrocket since July, reaching nearly 3500% on October 25, and still raging at 2662% as of November 10. 11/10/17Socialism, Economics,
Over 200 Ex CNN Employees File Suit Against CNN for Racial Discrimination 11/10/17Media, Race,
New York Nurse Gives Emotional Speech About Being Forced To Participate In An Abortion Against Her Will 11/10/17Abortion, Healthcare, Freedom
Violent Somali MUSLIM criminal who has been jailed 13 times wins £80,000 payout in the UK because Muslim sympathizing judge decided he was kept in detention for too long while awaiting deportation 11/10/17Violence, Islam, PC
Tulane suspends accused student after ignoring his evidence, withholding details and ignored the results of a polygraph test that cleared a student, gave no reasoning when it found him responsible for sexual misconduct and arbitrarily hiked his punishment11/10/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: CNN Host On Roy Moore Story: What Does It Matter If Media Is Biased?11/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
ABC News Jonathan Karl is in Vietnam covering Trump visit and interviewed several female students. When he asked them what they thought of the American leader, he was flabbergasted when it was something nice11/10/17TDS, Media,
University of Connecticut is recruiting 20 male students for an 11 week program to help them stop mansplaining and interrupting others11/10/17Feminism, Education,
New San Diego State Course aims to rid students of racist, classist, heterosexist, ableist, privileged attitudes. The class is called Foundations of Cultural Competency in a Changing World, is taught by the director of Intercultural Relations. 11/10/17Education, PC, Race
US Army mulling giving traitor Bowe Bergdahl $300,000 back pay 11/10/17Patriotism, Liberal Bias,
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority staffers have been instructed to eschew using ladies and gentleman and utilize non gendered words such as passengers, riders, and everyone, in their announcements11/10/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
Washington Post Critic Slams Country Artists Monolithic Silence on Gun Control 11/10/17Guns, Media, Celebrities
Gay Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is pumping more money into an ad campaign designed to convince lawmakers that President Donald Trump should be impeached. 11/10/17LGBT, TDS, Liberal Bias
France: Three people injured after car deliberately hits students11/10/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A New York university has removed a professor from teaching inside the classroom after using the term shemale as part of a controversial transgender themed quiz. 11/10/17LGBT, Education, PC
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill voice support for gun control: We all want a safe country11/10/17Celebrities, Guns,
Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti Roy Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office11/10/17TDS, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: Dennis Prager: Why Socialism Makes People Selfish 11/10/17Socialism, Conservative, Video
UK Study: Gender Pay Gap Fundamentally Misleading11/10/17Feminism, Economics,
NEWS NANNY: THE RACE TO CENSOR INTERNET NEWS 11/10/17Freedom, Media, Conservative
What if Elites Are Nothing Special At All? 11/10/17Conservative, Christianity,
ILLEGAL LADY KILLERS.CONS: What happens when false documented predators find sanctuary in America.11/10/17Immigration, Violence, Conservative
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, appeared on a counter extremism panel in Europe and promptly claimed Christianity was responsible for the Holocaust. 11/9/17Christianity, Liberal Bias, Perverse
UK school assignment: Write a letter to family about converting to Islam: Furious stepfather refuses to let his stepdaughter, 12, complete her homework after she is asked to pen them a note about becoming a Muslim 11/9/17Islam, Immigration, Perverse
The Washington Post says simply that Americans are not taxed enough and need to pay more11/9/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Canadian Christian Couple Reportedly Denied Adoption For Believing Homosexuality Is Sinful 11/9/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
New York Times Columnist Via MSNBC: Trump a Brain Sucking, Brain Eating Disease11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim doctor molests nurse, blames Britains different cultural norms. A married Pakistani doctor molested Muslim student nurse, 21, then blamed different cultural norms’ in the UK saying she appeared sexually available because she had previous boyfriends,11/9/17Islam, PC, Violence
Undercover tests at airports across the country, TSA agents allowed a terrifying amount of fake weapons and bombs to pass through baggage at security checkpoints. The failure rate of TSA agents missing a knife, gun, or explosives is between 70% to 80%11/9/17Freedom, ,
Stanford student writes Islamic texts dont advocate violence because Malala Yousafzai is peaceful. Do they teach logic at Stanford? Do they even teach rational thought? This is so embarrassing for Siena Fay that I am embarrassed myself in commenting on it. Islam doesnt have a doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates violence against unbelievers because Malala doesn’t advocate violence? (Quran verses)11/9/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
Rutgers University has hired a former spokesman for Syrian President Bashar Assad to teach courses on international criminal law. UN Watch charges that Adi acted as an apologist for the mass murder committed by the Assad regime against his own people. In 2014, former Secretary of Defense Condoleezza Rice withdrew from giving Rutgerss commencement speech after being labeled a war criminal by students and faculty11/9/17Violence, Perverse, Professors
Occidental Professor Warns: Be Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men; Masculinity is Hazardos Ideology11/9/17Professors, Feminism,
San Diego State professors approve resolution to abolish Aztec mascot despite its popularity 11/9/17Remove History, PC, Race
Washington D.C. will put a statue of one of its former mayors outside of city hall dedicated to the late Marion Barry, who was once caught on video smoking crack in a hotel room with a former girlfriend. 11/9/17Liberal Bias, Perverse,
Two MS13 gang members that are in the country illegally and are wanted fugitives for various murders in the U.S. were recently caught hiding in the Sanctuary city of Maryland 11/9/17Immigration, Violence,
IN A MAJOR ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH, Toronto City Councillor calls for legislation that will ban rallies against the Islamization of Canada 11/9/17Freedom, Islam, PC
Germany: Muslim migrants systematically persecuting Christian refugees, especially converts from Islam11/9/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
MSNBC Roland Martin Uses Moore Allegations to Smear All White Evangelicals11/9/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC, CBS Suggest Trump Was Compromised by Russian Prostitutes 11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
A former high ranking government official who is an intelligence expert regarding nuclear weapons says that Obamas Iran nuclear deal is a complete failure as Iran most likely has had nuclear weapons for over a decade.11/9/17Obama, Islam, Conservative
Nearly 100 children had to be evacuated from their pre school in central Israel, after Arab Muslim construction workers at a nearby building site began hurling rocks into the school through a window, while making vulgar gestures towards staff members 11/9/17Islam, Violence,
Video: San Diego City Council honors Hamas linked CAIR with special day of appreciation 11/9/17Islam, PC, Perverse
Former Asst. FBI Director: Clinton Crimes 20 Times Bigger than Watergate 11/9/17Clinton, ,
VIDEO: NBC Gushes Over Woman's Heroism For Flipping Off Trump 11/9/17TDS, Media, Perverse
Georgia Southern Professor Delores Liston, and Regina Rahimi, who teaches at Armstrong State University. Have new book that includes chapters on using learning to engage with social justice, the link between ethics and social justice, and using personal narratives to fight for social justice in the classroom11/9/17Education, PC, Professors
Dan Rather Never Seen America This Bad Until Trump: We are Better Than This 11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
The media attacked President Donald Trump Thursday for not insisting that journalists be allowed to ask questions at a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping, forgetting that former President Barack Obama did the same thing on his first trip to China.11/9/17TDS, Obama, Media
John Hamed, Jr. repeats as fact several myths about Muslims and Columbus trying to give Muslims credit for discovering the New World 11/9/17Remove History, Islam,
Newsweek Cover Controversy: Orange Penis Shaped Balloon Targets President 11/9/17TDS, Perverse, Media
VIDEO: What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? By Prager University11/9/17Freedom, Conservative, Media
Yale removes white mens portraits from hall to promote diversity; then says its temporary11/9/17Education, Race, Remove History
NBC Bay Area runs photo of Richard Spencer with story about Robert Spencer event at Stanford 11/9/17Islam, Media, Race
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Blows Gun Control Argument with Terrible Analogy 11/9/17Celebrities, Video, Guns
Hero dad stops attempted kidnapping of daughter with a gun. An investigation revealed that the teens believed the father to be wealthy and had hatched a plot to rob his house and kidnap his daughter, 11/9/17Guns, Violence,
VIDEO: Sweden Is OUT Of CONTROL: Tucker Carlson REACTS To Situation In Sweden 11/9/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Drexel University professor who tweeted (all I want for Christmas is white genocide) recently blamed whiteness for the Texas massacre that killed 26 people 11/8/17Perverse, Professors, Race
Harvard University College of Arts and Sciences faculty has rejected a motion to allow students, particularly those in Greek organizations, the right to free association 11/8/17Education, Freedom,
A professor at Occidental College calls to end all fraternities; with exception to black fraternities 11/8/17Race, Professors,
Duke University offers scholarship that excludes heterosexual students 11/8/17LGBT, Education, Liberal Bias
CNN Camerota Calls Trumps Endorsement of Second Amendment Tired Talking Point11/8/17Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
California NAACP: Get Rid Of The National Anthem, Its Racist 11/8/17Patriotism, Race,
The Indiana Court of Appeals issued a stunningly broad ruling that shields Public university officials from any consequences when they violate the constitutional rights of people in the course of their duties.11/8/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
German schoolteacher: Mass Muslim migration, the radicalisation of Islam making education impossible11/8/17Education, Islam, Immigration
GQ Calls Rand Paul Asshole Neighbor After He was Attacked in His Own Yard11/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
USA Today released a video aimed at making people scared of AR15 rifles following the tragic mass shooting at the church in Texas. The video highlighted modifications and accessories that are in no way common on AR15 rifles and exist primarily for noveltys sake, like adding a 12 gauge shotgun to the AR15. 11/8/17Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Hamilton College expelled male student even after coordinated sexual assault claims fell apart, lawsuit says 11/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
CLIMATE CHANGE FAIL: Upcoming Arctic Blast Set For Record Colds11/8/17Environmental, ,
ABC, New York Times Reporters Lie About Texas Shooting to Dismiss Good Guy With a Gun Facts 11/8/17Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
REPORT: Pentagon Knew About Crime Reporting Failures That Could Have Prevented Texas Shooting11/8/17Freedom, Guns,
TuesdayVIrginia Elections Reveal That Many Americans Are Suffering From a Mental Disorder 11/8/17Conservative, ,
Fake hate: Black Air Force Academy cadet admits to racial slur vandalism 11/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Illegal Alien in Omaha, Nebraska Charged with Four Counts of Sexually Assaulting Children 11/8/17Immigration, Violence,
Stanford fascists claim Robert Spencer is endangering fascist student who tore down posters about his event 11/8/17Vandalism, Education, Freedom
April Ryan on CNN says Trump is Galvanizing Uneducated White Males With Race Issues 11/8/17Race, TDS, Liberal Bias
Macomb Community College agreed to let a conservative student group promote fossil fuels in order to settle a federal lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom 11/8/17Education, Freedom, Environmental
New York Times Runs Column From Self Described Angry, Disapproving Feminist. Its As Atrocious As You would Guess11/8/17Feminism, Media,
New YorkTimes wants to Abolish Electoral College 11/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop 11/8/17Education, Perverse,
A professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) recently argued in favor of using art education to help kids turn out queer. Complaining that heteronormativity is pervasive in school curricula, Adam Greteman suggests that we can, and perhaps should, help our kids turn out queer” through "queer affirmation strategies in class11/7/17LGBT, Professors, Perverse
S&P Global Markets new report puts the price at $5.2 trillion to implement national level plans to comply with the Paris agreement. But that figure is based on financial estimates individual countries submitted to the UN. Of the 189 countries that have submitted NDCs, only about 60 have included specific financial estimates of the costs, meaning the total would likely tally up far beyond the $5 trillion stated, the S&P reported, which adds that spending is not nearly enough to meet the goals of the Paris accord. The UN estimates national plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions to shave 0.2 degrees Celsius off projected 3.2 degrees Celsius of warming by 2100. $5.2 trillion to avert 0.2 degrees Celsius of projected warming.11/7/17Environmental, Economics,
LGBTQ students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian private school in Southern California, now demand that the school end its support of traditional marriage and its disapproval of same-sex relationships on campus; basically, end their support of biblical morality. 11/7/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Professor regrets tweeting that GOP, NRA want mass shootings11/7/17Professors, Guns, Perverse
AFRICAN REFUGEE RAPED WOMAN IN BUSHES OUTSIDE CITY HALL in Phoenix, Arizona 11/7/17Immigration, Violence,
France: Nine Muslims arrested in anti terror raids as jihad massacre in Nice is thwarted 11/7/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst recently explained that the school fears losing tuition revenue if President Trump follows through on repealing DACA 11/7/17Education, Immigration, Economics
Blake Montgomery, BuzzFeed tech and protest reporter, claimed that the phrase victims of communism is a talking point for white nationalists11/7/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
Notre Dame flip flops, says employees will keep getting free abortion drugs 11/7/17Abortion, Christianity, Education
Video: UK supermarket chain Tesco runs Christmas ad featuring hijab wearing Muslims 11/7/17Islam, PC, Christianity
Apple has accumulated more than $128 billion in profits offshore, and probably much more, that is untaxed by the United States and hardly touched by any other country. Nearly all of that was made over the past decade11/7/17Economics, Liberal Bias,
Democratic Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) Claims There Should Be A Ban On Domestic Abusers Getting Guns. There Already Is.11/7/17Liberal Bias, Guns,
Steep spike seen in vandalism of pro life campus displays11/7/17Abortion, Vandalism,
St. Cloud, Minnesota, site of jihad attack by Muslim migrant, rejects immigration moratorium 11/7/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A Pennsylvania Democrat officially resigned from the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners Resigns After Being Charged With Child Porn, Includes Kids Sexually Abused By Animals from ages 2yrs old to 6yrs old 11/7/17Perverse, Violence,
Students bemoan effort to plant trees in Israel, call it ecological imperialism 11/7/17Environmental, ,
Showtime's 'Show SMILF Packs More Moral Degeneracy Into First Episode Than Thought Possible. Within 30 minutes, the main character named Bridget, played by Frankie Shaw, neglects her child, denigrates prayer, promotes abortion, tries to have sex with a man while her child is hidden under a blanket in the same room, masturbates while fantasizing about some sort of multiple-man orgy, talks endlessly about her vagina size, is introduced to Hard Nipples Nelson by her friend's child aged porn addicted son, and more. 11/7/17Perverse, Media,
Chicago Approaching its 600th Homicide for the Year 11/7/17Violence, ,
Impeached Perjurer Bill Clinton: Trump Voters More Vulnerable To False Claims by Ben Shapiro11/7/17Clinton, Liberal Bias,
CNN Don Lemon: Thoughts and Prayers Didnt Prevent Texas Shooting; They Were Already Praying11/7/17Media, Guns,
VIDEO: Communist Lies Killed 100 Million People 11/7/17Socialism, Conservative, Video
Washington Post Writes 4,700 word essay: 100 years later, Bolshevism is back. And we should be worried. Discussing how we should be worried about Conservatives because they are todays Communists.11/7/17Socialism, TDS, Remove History
VIDEO: Minute Physics is wrong by 1791L 11/7/17Feminism, Science, Video
VIDEO: ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE Explained11/7/17Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Im Pro Life | Change My Mind with Steven Crowder 11/7/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: John Stossel: Let Them Leave! 11/7/17Economics, Conservative, Video
Air Force Error Allowed Texas Shooter To Pass Firearm Background Check. The U.S. Air Force failed to report Texas church shooter Devin Kelley’s misdemeanor domestic violence charge to the FBI allowing him legally purchase firearms. The U.S. Armed Forces are required to report dishonorable discharges and misdemeanor assault charges to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System, that in turn would alert a firearms seller to deny purchase to any such offender. 11/6/17Guns, Conservative,
Top Climate Research Scientist Blasts Media For Lying About Climate Research Report 11/6/17Environmental, Science, Media
Germany: Muslim who plotted jihad massacre was given asylum without any vetting at all 11/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A Sociology PhD Professor from Emory University argues in a new book that efforts to get more women into STEM fields could actually diminish their happiness 11/6/17Professors, Science, Feminism
Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Refuses To Call Abortion Sinful: Live To Your Own Convictions11/6/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Five universities participated in the first leg of the Check Your Blind Spots tour, which is intended to raise awareness about the impacts of unconscious bias in advancing diversity and inclusion within our campus and community11/6/17Education, Race, PC
Last week, a car on Kansas State University campus was vandalized with racist graffiti. Now confirmed as a hoax done by the car owner himself 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Hate crime hoaxer near Kansas State wont be charged for filing false police report 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
A Trump Hating Socialist Attacks Rand Paul at His Home, Breaks Five Ribs 11/6/17TDS, Violence,
UK: Muslim migrants granted permission to stay in Britain indefinitely, then form rape gang 11/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
New York Governor Cuomo SLAMS Praying For Shooting Victims: We Have Pastors, Priests And Rabbis To Offer Thoughts And Prayers: Ben Shapiro11/6/17Liberal Bias, Guns,
A professor at Columbia University Law School recently discussed three ways that private colleges can ban speakers that students find threatening. According to Suzanne Goldberg, pre