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Cherokee County Georgia Pastor used a gun to defend his family and shoot an intruder who broke into his home11/17/17Gun Control, ,
Northern California Shooter was Prohibited to Own Guns, Made Illegal Guns at Home 11/15/17Gun Control, Violence,
More than 100,000 convicted felons or other prohibited persons tried to buy guns each year during President Barack Obamas administration by lying on their applications, but the Justice Department only considered prosecuting about 30 to 40 people each year 11/15/17Obama, Gun Control,
CBS Promotes Bizarre Claim Against Gun Maker for Mass Murder Marketing11/15/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
At least five people are dead from an apparent random shooting spree in rural Northern California 11/14/17Violence, Gun Control, Education
Sandy Hook Families Push Suit Against Maker of Stolen Gun Used in Attack 11/14/17Gun Control, ,
Kutztown University professor Colleen Clemens fired off a series of tweets blaming toxic masculinity for the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas11/13/17Professors, Feminism, Violence
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill voice support for gun control: We all want a safe country11/10/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
Washington Post Critic Slams Country Artists Monolithic Silence on Gun Control 11/10/17Gun Control, Media, Celebrities
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Blows Gun Control Argument with Terrible Analogy 11/9/17Celebrities, Video, Gun Control
Hero dad stops attempted kidnapping of daughter with a gun. An investigation revealed that the teens believed the father to be wealthy and had hatched a plot to rob his house and kidnap his daughter, 11/9/17Gun Control, Violence,
USA Today released a video aimed at making people scared of AR15 rifles following the tragic mass shooting at the church in Texas. The video highlighted modifications and accessories that are in no way common on AR15 rifles and exist primarily for noveltys sake, like adding a 12 gauge shotgun to the AR15. 11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC, New York Times Reporters Lie About Texas Shooting to Dismiss Good Guy With a Gun Facts 11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
REPORT: Pentagon Knew About Crime Reporting Failures That Could Have Prevented Texas Shooting11/8/17Freedom, Gun Control,
CNN Camerota Calls Trumps Endorsement of Second Amendment Tired Talking Point11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Professor regrets tweeting that GOP, NRA want mass shootings11/7/17Professors, Gun Control, Perverse
Democratic Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) Claims There Should Be A Ban On Domestic Abusers Getting Guns. There Already Is.11/7/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
CNN Don Lemon: Thoughts and Prayers Didnt Prevent Texas Shooting; They Were Already Praying11/7/17Media, Gun Control,
The president of the American Psychological Association, Antonio E. Puente, PhD, issued a statement decrying President Trump for referring to attacks such as the massacre at a Texas church on Sunday a mental health problem, opining, Calling this shooting a mental health problem distracts our nations leaders from developing policies and legislation that would focus on preventing gun violence through a scientific, public health approach11/6/17Gun Control, TDS, Liberal Bias
Air Force Error Allowed Texas Shooter To Pass Firearm Background Check. The U.S. Air Force failed to report Texas church shooter Devin Kelley’s misdemeanor domestic violence charge to the FBI allowing him legally purchase firearms. The U.S. Armed Forces are required to report dishonorable discharges and misdemeanor assault charges to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System, that in turn would alert a firearms seller to deny purchase to any such offender. 11/6/17Gun Control, Conservative,
The Washington Post Just Ran A Completely Asinine Headline About The Texas Mass Shooting: Saying the two commonalities for mass shooters are guns and men by Ben Shapiro11/6/17Gun Control, Feminism, Media
VIDEO: Former NRA Instructor is the hero who shot Texas Church shooter11/6/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
New York Governor Cuomo SLAMS Praying For Shooting Victims: We Have Pastors, Priests And Rabbis To Offer Thoughts And Prayers: Ben Shapiro11/6/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
A trio of University of California Riverside professors argue in a newly published academic article that hegemonic masculinity is responsible for mass shootings 10/31/17Professors, Feminism, Gun Control
New York City Council Public Safety Committee voted to give gun permit applicants a written health warning on the dangers of firearms prior to issuing the permit. 10/30/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias,
Missouri College Creates Mandatory Class Teaching Patriotism And Guns10/26/17Gun Control, Patriotism, Education
Deaths in the U.S. from drug overdose surpassed deaths from gun homicides and motor vehicles, combined in 2015. Although finalized overdose death data has not yet been released for 2016, estimates indicate that overdose deaths are again set to eclipse total deaths from motor vehicle accidents and gun homicides 10/26/17Violence, Conservative, Gun Control
Virtuous Hollywood Lectures in New Anti Gun PSA and attacks NRA As Their Industry Collapses From Sex Scandals 10/18/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
Despite Vegas and Media Narrative, Mass Killings Aren’t on the Rise10/18/17Gun Control, Conservative, Media
Threats Against Dana Loesch So Bad She is Forced to Move; posting photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death.10/16/17Video, Gun Control, Conservative
California Bans School District Employees From Concealed Carry10/16/17Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: University of New Hampshire professor tells class that US should ban all guns 10/13/17Professors, Gun Control, Video
Texas Tech College Student who Killed Cop Used Stolen Gun 10/12/17Gun Control, Violence,
Larry Elder: If No One Wants to Take Our Guns, Stop Saying the Opposite10/12/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Dumb and Dumber: Recap of Celebrity Responses to Las Vegas Massacre10/11/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
Debunking The Lie That GOP Politicians Are In The Pocket Of The National Rifle Association (NRA)10/11/17Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: Shocked Dildo waving female students cant digest peers argument that guns defend against rape 10/11/17Feminism, Gun Control, Video
VIDEO: Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti Gun Law! Watch Dianne Feinstein say she wants to take away all guns10/11/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson: Confiscation the Only Real Gun Debate10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: SNL Portrays American Gun Owners as Crazy Trailer Trash10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Bill Maher: Second Amendment Was to Protect Slavery 10/9/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Remove History
New York Times Charts Daily Murders in Inner Cities Compared to Vegas Shooting 10/9/17Gun Control, Violence,
In a speech from the Senate Floor on Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer suggested that if the dead could talk they would urge President Trump to break with the NRA. 10/6/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
Sheryl Crow: Guns are Infringing on Rights of All People If Few People Are Allowed to Have Semi Automatic Weapons 10/6/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
Media Leftists Ditch Facts in Favor of Anti-Gun Crusade; tout sound eliminating silencers and automatic rounds; two things that do not exist10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Nancy Pelosi Erroneously Claims Background Checks Would Have Stopped Vegas Shooter 10/5/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
ABCs The View Supports Second Amendment - Except the Gun Part 10/5/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Media
New York Times Conservative (not really) Columnist argues to Repeal the Second Amendment10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Bret Stephens Indeed Does Not Understand the Second Amendment10/5/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Nancy Sinatra Wants Murderous NRA Members to Face a Firing Squad 10/5/17Perverse, Gun Control, Violence
A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization adding that Congress must act on gun control 10/4/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Professors
New York Times Says 521 Mass Shootings In Past 477 Days! Its database of mass shootings includes crimes related to gangs, robberies, and domestic abuse, as long as they have four victims; The NYT still neglects to characterize the motivations of the Orlando murderer, categorizing the attack as an unqualified mass shooting.10/4/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Wisconsin Madison Students offer free dildos to those who will protest Katie Pavlichs pro 2nd Amendment talk10/4/17Gun Control, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: CONSISTENT ARGUMENT: Pro Gun AND Pro-Life? Here’s Why | Louder With Crowder 10/4/17Gun Control, Abortion, Video
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel CRITICIZES Ben Shapiro, See his response and great Liz Wheeler OAN 10 questions about guns 10/4/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
An adjunct professor at Eastern Connecticut State University argued in favor of repealing the Second Amendment after the tragic massacre in Las Vegas 10/3/17Gun Control, Professors,
Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data 10/3/17Gun Control, Conservative,
News Media Leaps to Condemn NRA After Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftists Exploit Las Vegas Shooting To Push Online Censorship 10/3/17Freedom, Gun Control, Liberal Bias
Late Night Talkers Push Gun Control, Tearful Kimmel Blames GOP for Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Celebrities, Video, Gun Control
Should The U.S. Adopt Australian Gun Laws? Here is Why That Would Never Work. 10/3/17Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Everything Wrong With Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Rant | Louder With Crowder 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Reveals The Lies In Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Shooting Monologue 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
Jimmy Kimmel Badly Contradicted Himself Last Night; because Kimmel opposes our response to terrorists but wants the same response when an American does a mass shooting10/3/17Gun Control, Celebrities, Conservative
Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S. 10/2/17Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: MSNBC Guest: Hunters Use Suppressors So Deer Cant Hear Them 10/2/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Hayley Geftman-Gold, a Vice President and Senior Counsel at CBS is fired after she posted on social media that she was not even sympathetic to shooting victims, because country music fans often are Republican gun toters10/2/17Perverse, Liberal Bias, Violence
It isnt true that ISIS has a history of claiming others attacks as their own by Robert Spencer 10/2/17Islam, Violence, Conservative
The Regressive Left Shills For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting 10/2/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias,
Las Vegas Massacre: 58 Dead, 500+ Wounded by Lone Shooter 10/2/17Gun Control, Violence,
Bill OReilly: Gun Laws Will Not Stop Psychopaths From Harming People10/2/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Uninformed Actor Tweets Pretty Much Anyone Can Get Machine Gun10/2/17Gun Control, Celebrities,
VIDEO: Las Vegas Massacre: What Theyre NOT Telling You by Paul Joseph Watson 10/2/17Conservative, Video,
Media Ignore Poll Showing Guns, Immigration More Important than Gender Equality, LGBT 9/19/17Gun Control, Media, LGBT
Poll: Nearly Half Of Americans Have A Gun In Their House 9/12/17Gun Control, ,
Why Progressives Use The Made Up Term Assault Weapon9/5/17Conservative, Gun Control,
Gun Controlled Chicago: at Least 63 Shot, Eight Killed over Weekend8/21/17Violence, Gun Control,
24 Times Citizens Used Guns to Save Lives in Last 6 Weeks 8/11/17Gun Control, Conservative, Violence
Congresswoman Calls NRA And Dana Loesch Domestic Security Threats 8/11/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Freedom
New York Times reporters Adam Goldman and Nick Confessore and New York Magazine contributor Yashar Ali accused NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of threatening to fist the New York Times in an ad for the pro 2nd Amendment group; if they had checked the subtitles, they would have noticed the word FISK not Fist. Fake news 8/4/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
10 people have been killed, and 37 wounded across Chicago in past 3 days; an Anti violence activist among dead in another killed with an AR15 in Gun Controlled Chicago 7/16/17Violence, Gun Control,
Womens Marchers Apparently Traveled All The Way To Fairfax, Va., To Call The NRA Racist7/14/17Feminism, Gun Control, Race
Washington Post Opinion: NRA Hurts Itself Via Unwavering Support for Law Enforcement 7/12/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Howard Dean: NRA is White Supremacist Group7/7/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Video
A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction preventing California from enforcing its gun magazine confiscation law. The law, which prohibits the possession of a magazine with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds of ammunition, likely violates the Second Amendment rights of the plaintiffs in the suit7/3/17Gun Control, Freedom,
Doctor armed with assault rifle kills 1, injures 6 at New York City hospital: The problem is, that it was an AR15, NOT an assault rifle and the doctor was a Nigerian national and not a U.S. citizen 7/1/17Gun Control, Media, Violence
Liberal Journalists Outraged after NRA Points Out Leftist Violence 6/30/17Media, Gun Control, Violence
Dallas Morning News Calls out Itself and Washington Post for Misleading Gun Violence Stat; claiming that said 4.2% of American kids have witnessed a shooting in the past year 6/28/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Bill Nye Show Writer OK With Shooting Deaths of Old Ass White Conservatives if it Brings Gun Control 6/26/17Gun Control, Violence, Perverse
Media tout Gun Study that says 19 kids are killed or wounded each day by guns. Fail to mention the overwhelming majority are 16yr olds and 17yr olds and often criminals or gang members 6/21/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Seattles Gun Tax Backfires: Sales Drop, Gun Violence Surges. In the first 5 months of 2017, there have been eight more confirmed shootings than for the entirety of 2016. 6 of those victims are confirmed innocent bystanders. Breaking another record are the 155 reports of shots fired reported already this year which is more than any other previous year. In all of 2016, there were 132 reports of shots fired for the entire year 6/19/17Gun Control, ,
Reporting indicates the GOP baseball shooter used an SKS rifle to commit the GOP attack, and media outlets are already incorrectly labeling the gun an assault rifle. But the SKS is not an assault rifle 6/15/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Evy Poumpouras, a correspondent and security analyst for NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN, was invited on NBC to give expert opinion on the assassination attempt of congressional Republicans. This former Secret Service agent President Obama and current cast member on the CBS show Hunted inaccurately described how semiautomatic rifles and pistols function. Her remarks are what continue pushing the narrative that assault rifles are somehow more deadly than other firearms 6/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
Virginia Governor Calls For Gun Control At Scene Of Scalise Shooting 6/14/17Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: MSNBC Analyst Who Called for Terrorist Attack Now Bashing Guns for Bernie Supporter Shooting GOP Congressman 6/14/17Gun Control, Media, Video
Dana Loesch Tells Martha MacCallum This Isn’t a Gun Issue. Also 500K to 2.3 Million lives saved by guns annually6/14/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Celebrities applaud other celebrities for their gun control support, actress Kristen Stewart warned that it is time to dispel the idea that playing with toy guns is cool 6/8/17Gun Control, Media,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Wrecks Preppy Leftist Pastor On Gun Control 6/8/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Concealed carry permits rose 215 percent between 2007 and 2015, and the murder rate dropped 14% during that same time period 5/24/17Gun Control, ,
Mississippi Woman was always anti gun, until she came in contact with a home invader and was helpless 5/24/17Gun Control, ,
California Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty is pushing a bill to guarantee teachers will be unarmed and unable to shoot back should an attack occur5/22/17Gun Control, ,
Liberal Judge in New Jersey Releases Prisoner early at the recommendation of a single parole officer, then he kills his girlfriend, her co worker, and the police chief. He also had over 60 guns in his home, despite not being allowed to legally own firearms; more gun control success! 5/19/17Violence, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
Pop Sugar Magazine warns that water guns should not be allowed in the home because they normalize real guns 5/18/17Media, PC, Gun Control
Israeli man shoots his way out of vicious attack on him and his vehicle by Muslim savages in Judea & Samaria 5/18/17Gun Control, Islam, Violence
7th Grader Suspended for Liking Photo of Airsoft Gun On Instagram 5/8/17Gun Control, PC, Freedom
The St. Louis Post Dispatch cancelled column of black conservative journalist Stacy Washington after her most recent article defended the NRA against comparisons to ISIS and pointed out the media bias against guns. Washington was the only local conservative contributor 5/3/17Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
STUDY: 51% of Murders are Committed in 2% Of Counties 5/2/17Violence, Gun Control,
A student at the University of Texas at Austin reportedly used a concealed handgun to stop a knife attacker who had stabbed three people on campus Monday 5/2/17Gun Control, Violence,
More Guns, Less Crime Redux. Counties that have zero murders have by far the highest gun ownership rates 4/28/17Gun Control, Violence, Conservative
Gun Controlled Chicago: Over 1,000 Shooting Victims This Year4/27/17Violence, Gun Control,
Concordia College rejects gun club because NRA opposes gun control4/27/17Freedom, Gun Control, Education
US murders concentrated in 5 percent of counties 4/26/17Gun Control, Violence, Conservative
Missouri School of Journalism professor emeritus George Kennedy suggests the National Rifle Association (NRA) is more dangerous than Islamic State 4/20/17Gun Control, Media, Education
A High School Girl Had A Water Gun On Campus. Now She Is EXPELLED FOR A YEAR 4/19/17Gun Control, Education, Freedom
Anti-gun student group creates Student Body Armor ad 4/19/17Gun Control, ,
Politico says Trump Repealed Social Security Gun Ban Behind Closed Doors to Hide Benefits for Severely Mentally Ill which is another lie 4/10/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Media
Girl Suspended from Kindergarten for Pretending Stick is Gun 3/30/17Gun Control, Education,
Oklahoma Teenager kills 3 burglars who entered his home with an AR 153/28/17Gun Control, ,
Preschool Suspends Four-Year-Old For Bringing Shell Casing To School 3/23/17Gun Control, Freedom,
Accidental Gun Deaths lowest since 19033/22/17Gun Control, ,
Federal Court of Appeals Attacks Second Amendment3/21/17Gun Control, ,
University of Texas professors have taken to holding office hours at a gun-free bar on campus in order circumvent the Texas new campus carry law3/7/17Education, Gun Control,
The Advocate, a gay magazine, ran a column that claims, legal or illegal, all guns are the problem and called for the LGBTQ community to rally for more gun control 3/3/17LGBT, Media, Gun Control
Fake News: Trump signed the repeal of Barack Obamas gun ban for Social Security recipients and NBC News reported that Trump had signed a repeal of gun checks for people with mental illness; which is not true 3/2/17Gun Control, Media, Obama
Liberals Want Gun Ranges to Stop Using Black Targets because of Unconscious Bias 2/21/17Race, PC, Gun Control
New York Times Nicholas Kristof: Husbands are more Deadly than Terrorists; because of our ready access to firearms,' we should mostly 'fear spouses: Husbands are incomparably more deadly in America than jihadist terrorists' 2/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Hundreds of Germans have purchased illegal guns from a website called 'Migrants fright' in a bid to protect themselves against escalating attacks from newly arrived 'refugees' 2/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
House votes to undo Obama-era gun control rule2/2/17Gun Control, Obama,
Shootings in Democrat-run New Orleans are more than 100% higher than they were at this same point in 2016 2/1/17Gun Control, Violence,
Gun-Controlled Chicago: More Than 300 Shot in First 30 Days of 2017 1/31/17Violence, Gun Control,
Stupid Criminals Hold Up Gun Shop, Learn the Hard Way Why That’s A Bad Idea 1/13/17Gun Control, Violence,
A Pew Research Center survey shows that police officers support protecting citizens’ gun rights over passing more gun control by a margin of 3 to 1. 1/11/17Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: John Stossel Special on Gun Control 1/9/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Washington Post Journalist Learns What Happens When You Violate Basic Gun Safety Rules1/7/17Gun Control, ,
Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Kills 5 People at Airport mass shooting. Another Mass Shooting in a 'Gun-Free Zone'. The Fighter Claimed He Was Being 'Forced to Fight for ISIS' 1/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
54 People Shot During First Four Days of 2017 in Gun-Controlled Chicago1/5/17Violence, Race, Gun Control
Campus-carry activist at Ohio State shot dead near campus. Police do not think that it was random1/5/17Gun Control, Violence, Education
Armed Grandma Shoots, Chases Intruder from Home1/4/17Gun Control, ,
A Survey, conducted by Harvard and Northeastern universities and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, determined that only 22% of gun owners purchased a firearm without a background check1/3/17Gun Control, ,
4,385 shootings in Chicago in 2016, nearly 800 homicides1/1/17Violence, Gun Control,
VIDEO: Teen Destroys Buzzfeed Cuck's Views On 2nd Amendment 12/29/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
NYT praises globalist European gun control, calls for 'stronger federal control' 12/28/16Gun Control, ,
The state of Texas just finished its first semester with statewide campus carry laws, and the results are a smashing success for gun rights advocates 12/27/16Gun Control, Education, Conservative
At first, the 2016 murder figures for gun-controlled Chicago drew attention by hitting 500, which was 32 higher than the total number of murders in 2015. Then the number of murders rose to 700, now approaching 80012/27/16Gun Control, Obama, Violence
Texas campus carry ‘non-issue’ after first semester 12/19/16Gun Control, ,
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a California state law requiring a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of all firearms 12/15/16Gun Control, ,
CDC: More Heroin Deaths Than Gun Homicides, Dems Want Drugs Legalized 12/9/16Healthcare, Gun Control,
Obama links Jihad Terrorism to be caused by Global Warming and the Second Amendment 12/6/16Obama, Environmental, Gun Control
See 5 Liberals who pushed Gun Control Narrative after Ohio State Muslim Stabbing 11/28/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Trump to Support Nationwide Concealed Carry 11/11/16Gun Control, ,
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out that jurists tend to act like the Second Amendment 'doesn’t exist' 10/28/16Gun Control, Conservative,
20 Gun Control Groups Endorse Hillary for President 10/27/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Judge Strikes Down Sandy Hook Suit Against AR-15 Manufacturer 10/14/16Gun Control, ,
Democratic Senate Candidate Russ Feingold says to undercover citizen that Hillary Would Issue Executive Grab on Guns 10/12/16Clinton, Gun Control,
Kim Kardashian Experiences Result of Strict Gun Control in Paris 10/3/16Gun Control, ,
Dramatic Footage: Woman Uses Gun to Defend Against Armed Home Invasion 9/23/16Gun Control, ,
New Report reveals just how badly Australia's Gun Ban has failed9/16/16Gun Control, ,
Gun control advocates are outraged over a film depicting a young woman being shot while wielding a dildo to defend herself from a home invader. The film is intended to highlight the absurdity of the "#CocksNotGlocks" protest, during which students carried large, colorful dildos to protest a law allowing concealed carry on college campuses.Activists call the film a 'threat' because they believe the lead actress looks somewhat like an anti-gun UT student 9/14/16Gun Control, PC,
Good Guy with Gun Rescues Woman and Baby from Attackers at Walmart 9/14/16Gun Control, ,
Katie Couric sued for $12 million for anti-gun deception9/13/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
From 1950 to 2010, not one mass public shooting took place in an area where citizens could arm themselves in self-defense 9/7/16Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: How Feds are Grabbing Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens 9/3/16Gun Control, Freedom, Video
VIDEO: Students at The George Washington University, one of the most expensive colleges in the world, want assault weapons banned, but cannot define what assault weapons are. Every student interviewed said they wanted a nationwide assault weapons ban, but when asked them to define assault weapons, their answers were hilariously wrong and/or ignorant.9/1/16Gun Control, Video, Liberal Bias
University of Texas Professor mocks Jesus and the Lord's Prayer at a Faculty sponsored anti-gun rally from the publicly funded institution 8/25/16Christianity, Gun Control, Education
A University of Miami law professor says the U.S. Constitution is used to 'justify irrational and destructive agendas' and has compared the NRA to Planned Parenthood, suggesting that Congress should investigate the gun rights group for 'profiting from dead children'8/16/16Gun Control, Christianity, Education
University of Texas students will attach 'giant swinging dildos' to their backpacks protesting the Second Amendment and Campus carry laws8/12/16Education, Gun Control,
Media is attempting to portray the Second Amendment as Bad because ISIS says they like it8/5/16Gun Control, Media,
Apple has engaged in virtual gun control as the company decided to replace the pistol emoji with a water gun emoji in the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system8/3/16Gun Control, PC,
Czech President and many Europeans are calling for arming citizens with guns to defend themselves against terrorism 8/2/16Gun Control, ,
Good Guy with a Gun Stops Suspect Attacking a Police Officer8/2/16Gun Control, ,
The New York Times Runs a Piece on Maine Restaurants Banning Patrons Who Support Gun Rights. If it was a Conservative Banning Gays, it would be Uproar 8/2/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
ATF Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners Personal Information 8/2/16Gun Control, Freedom, Obama
New Study by the Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health shows that 4 out of 5 criminals acquire their guns illegally 7/29/16Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: James O'Keefe catches Hillary Clinton Delegate saying she wants to ban guns and you do it by implementing 'common sense' gun laws until you outlaw guns7/25/16Gun Control, Video, Clinton
VIDEO: Steven Crowder Destroys Christopher Titus in a debate about Gun Control 7/22/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Tim Kaine: Ban 15-Round ‘Clips,’ Hold Gun Dealers Liable for Misuse of Firearms 7/22/16Gun Control, ,
Massachusettes announced that the state’s 30+-year-old ban on assault weapons would now be expanded to include rifles that look like, or can be modified to perform like, assault rifles; citing recent mass shootings around the nation in recent years and expanding the definition of assault rifles would make citizens safer7/21/16Gun Control, ,
After Massachusettes bans Ar-15's, there is a line out the door to buy them up before the Bill takes effect7/21/16Gun Control, ,
Baltimore man dead after shootout with cops. Was using an AR-15 rifle; even though Maryland has an 'assault weapons ban' which includes semi-autmoatic weapons like the AR-15 but magically, he still managed to get one7/15/16Gun Control, ,
Obama says it's 'easier to get a gun' than access to a computer 7/14/16Obama, Gun Control,
Armed Citizen kills man with assault robber holding up a Waffle House. Interesting stat: Only 248 murders were known to have been committed using rifles of any type7/13/16Gun Control, ,
Actor blames the NRA for the Michigan shooting where an inmate grabbed a deputy's gun and shot two baliff's in a court room. Immediately gets shot down for his stupidity 7/12/16Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
Right on Cue: CNN Panelists Blame Guns for Dallas Massacre of Police Officers 7/8/16Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
A professor who described himself as an 'anti-gun type' is under investigation for threatening to kill everyone at the NRA by shooting them up7/7/16Education, Gun Control,
New Gun Control Bill in CA Would Allow People to have Firearms Confiscated from Co-Workers7/1/16Gun Control, Freedom,
'Assault Weapons’ Ban, Firearms Licensing Did Not Stop Terrorist with AK-47 in Istanbul Airport 7/1/16Gun Control, ,
California Enacts more Laws Attacking the Second Amendment7/1/16Gun Control, ,
New Poll Shows Millennials are more Pro-Gun than you think 6/30/16Gun Control, ,
Gun Control is the New Jim Crow 6/28/16Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: The Myth of Leftists Attacking the 'Well-Regulated Militia' portion of the Second Amendment6/28/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Oregon Mother Shoots Home Invader hiding in her kids bedroom. Liberals furious because they hate when guns protect people 6/27/16Gun Control, ,
Here's a List of 200 Celebrities that want you to give up your guns but have armed body guards to protect them 6/26/16Gun Control, ,
How Much Does Immigration Reduce Mass Shootings? Spoiler Alert, it doesn't 6/23/16Immigration, Conservative, Gun Control
VIDEO: Steven Crowder Schools SkyNews on Gun Control 6/23/16Conservative, Video, Gun Control
VIDEO: Debbie Wasserman Schultz can't explain Democrats' gun control strategy beyond sit-in 6/23/16Gun Control, Video,
VIDEO: Paul Ryan slams Democrats for sit-in for Gun Control a 'publicity stunt,' calls out their fundraising off it 6/23/16Video, Gun Control,
VIDEO: CNN Host Stumped with Gun Facts 6/23/16Gun Control, Video, Media
CBS Ridiculed On Social Media Following Anti-Gun Segment 6/22/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
The AR15 is Not an Assault Weapon6/22/16Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Guns, Islam, and Orlando with Bill Whittle 6/21/16Conservative, Video,
Guns and Homophobia don't kill people, Muslm terrorists do 6/17/16Conservative, Islam, Gun Control
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro goes off on Trevor Noah after Orlando attack about Gun Control 6/17/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Top Gun Stats that Liberals Don't Want you to Know6/16/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Responding to the terror attack at Pulse Orlando by pushing more gun control is a not-so-subtle way of treating law-abiding Americans like terrorists6/16/16Gun Control, Conservative,
The American Left is doing exactly what Italy and Germany did in the 1920s and 1930s. Take control of everything, and then take guns away 6/15/16Conservative, Gun Control, Freedom
Michael Moore gets destroyed on Twitter by a gun expert after he makes false claims about guns 6/15/16Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: This Week in Liberal Ridiculousness #96/15/16PC, Conservative, Video
The AR 15 is the perfect gun for home self defense 6/15/16Gun Control, Conservative,
New York Times advocates Congress secretly suspending American's Second Amendment rights 6/14/16Gun Control, Media, Freedom
No, the Orlando Muslim shooter did not use an AR-15, it was a Sig Sauer MCX carbine 6/14/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Egregious: MSM Went Out of Their Way to Blame Whites, Guns but Never Islam 6/14/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
The Assault Weapons ban is a stupid idea being pushed by stupid people. Liberals don't understand what an assault weapon is. 6/13/16Gun Control, Conservative,
The Next Time Someone Calls an AR-15 an Assault Rifle, Show Them This 6/13/16Gun Control, ,
On the same night as Orlando shooting, a retired police officer stops an armed attack at a Florida Bar. Obama still says good people having guns defies common sense6/13/16Gun Control, ,
ABC Blames the Orlando Terrorist Shooting on the Election Rhetoric and Guns in America, not Islam ofcourse 6/12/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Crazy Liberal Triggered By Guns Is Put In A Verbal Straight Jacket By Tucker Carlson on Gun Rights6/11/16Gun Control, Gun Control,
California Court rules Americans don't have the right to carry a concealed permit. Unconstitutional6/9/16Gun Control, ,
Hillary Clinton says the government has the right to take away your 2nd Amendment rights 6/5/16Gun Control, ,
Katie Couric's 'Gun Documentary' director said that the producer was able to get a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns in less than four hours and without a background check and 'it's perfectly legal', but it turns out, it's not legal at all 6/3/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Georgia Republican Governor vetoes Gun Rights and Religious Liberty Bill because he's scared of liberals6/2/16Gun Control, Freedom,
Katie Couric gun-control documentary edited out the gun advocates responses. Instead she put in out of context silences to make it look like they had no answer to her questions, when what really happened was they immediately responded for 4 minutes, but was never included in the documentary and was edited that way to make gun advocates look stupid5/25/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
City of Seattle denies FOIA requests to find out how much revenue they've generated from it's new gun tax, which was said to generate revenue for gun violence programs, but was really an attempt to get rid of gun shops5/24/16Gun Control, Freedom,
California Senate expediting new gun restriction laws5/19/16Gun Control, ,
Media idiot Tom Brokaw says allowing Americans to have guns causes homegrown acts of terror5/18/16Gun Control, ,
Federal Judge strikes down Washington D.C.'s concealed carry law because its blatantly Unconstitutional5/17/16Gun Control, ,
Liberals want doctors to start talking to patients about gun control5/17/16Gun Control, Healthcare,
VIDEO: Hillary Clinton says the Second Amendment is wrong and we should take everyone's guns away5/16/16Gun Control, Video,
Katie Couric just decides to make up that the majority of gun owners want more gun control5/13/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Students gun art banned from University campus. Prison shanks and numchucks are okay though5/8/16Education, Gun Control, Freedom
80-year old Great Grandmother shoots and kills intruder who stabbed her husband. But Liberals still want to take our guns5/6/16Gun Control, ,
College will pay $50,000 after for censoring free speech for the group that was recruiting pro gun-rights students 5/5/16Education, Freedom, Gun Control
Georgia student stabbed to death on the same day the Georgia governor vetoed the campus carry bill, which would allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms on campus5/4/16Education, Gun Control,
Connecticut approves gun seizures for accused domestic abusers regardless if there is proof they actually committed a crime. Forget the Second Amendment says Connecticut legislators5/4/16Gun Control, Freedom,
Obama making moves to strip older American's of their 2nd Amendment rights5/3/16Gun Control, Obama,
Man saves family from home invasion, with a gun! Imagine that. Guns do save lives4/27/16Gun Control, ,
Professor refuses to write recommendations for students who are gun enthusiasts because it's okay to discriminate if you're liberal4/20/16Education, Gun Control, Liberal Bias
Students at the University of Washington want campus police to not carry guns anymore because all cops are racist and police having firearms is bad4/19/16Education, Gun Control, Race
What happens when two Constitutional Rights come into conflict? For example gun rights vs. gay rights4/15/16Freedom, Feminism, LGBT
Sandy Hook lawsuit agains Gun Manufacturers will continue to move forward because somehow, gun makers are responsible for gun deaths4/14/16Gun Control, ,
Judge literally ignores the law PLCAA law that says gun makers are not liable in civil lawsuits to push gun control litigation making them responsible for Sandy Hook. Unbelievable how judges can blatantly ignore the actual law4/14/16Gun Control, Freedom,
Hillary Clinton says U.S. gunmakers are turning citizens into terrorists4/12/16Gun Control, ,
If leftists get their way in being able to sue gun manufacturers for gun deaths, will they go after alcohol companies next?4/10/16Conservative, Gun Control,
Armed citizen in Texas saves security guards life with concealed weapon4/9/16Gun Control, ,
What does the Second Amendment actually mean?4/9/16Gun Control, ,
A week after restaurant Jack-in-the-Box backs Gun Control group it has two locations shot up and another robbed at gunpoint. Nice move idiots4/5/16Gun Control, ,
North Dakota professor says she will call the police if ROTC students carry their guns on campus while on the way to training excercises. ROTC students use guns for training but if they do she will call the cops3/22/16Education, PC, Gun Control
Thugs trash mans Trump sign on his lawn, pull gun out on him, neighbor was armed and pulled out his own gun. Then they fled3/20/16Freedom, Gun Control,
Hillary Clinton says Supreme Court is wrong on Second Amendment rights3/19/16Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Vox Gun Control video completely debunked3/17/16Gun Control, Video, Media
Concealed weapons owner fatally kills criminal attacking 711 clerk with machete in attempted robbery3/14/16Gun Control, ,
U.S. Doesn't make top 10 in murder rate, despite the largest amount of guns3/2/16Gun Control, ,
Bernie Sanders calls banning all guns except for hunting. Forget the 2nd amendment2/29/16Gun Control, Socialism,
Hillary Clinton says Gun lobby wants to give terrorist guns. Couldn't be more false2/29/16Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Freedom
CDC Reports 3x as many people died due to accidental falls, than gun homicide (excluding suicide)2/22/16Gun Control, ,
Fully Automatic Nerf Guns for kids making Liberal Gun Control advocates heads explode2/18/16Conservative, Gun Control,
Metal Star changes stance on Gun Control after being at Paris attacks2/16/16Gun Control, ,
Texas open carry law has zero incidents in first 6 weeks; liberals predictions of chaos not yet seen2/8/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Gun-Control jerks trying to shut down a college shooting club2/2/16Gun Control, Freedom, Education
Uniformed Police Officer escorted out of college class; teacher uncomfortable with gun1/29/16Gun Control, PC,
Town forces citizens to write an essay, and $1,100 training, to buy a gun1/25/16Gun Control, Freedom,
UCF Police says gun owners are 'threat to themselves' 1/15/16Gun Control, Education,
Democrats file bill to confiscate thousands of guns1/13/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Hollywood follows Obama's gun control script1/13/16Gun Control, Media,
Mike Rowe destorys Obama's gun control1/11/16Gun Control, Conservative,
Obama hosting 'invitation only' event at GMU about gun control1/6/16Gun Control, Obama,
Obama to fight gun violence by freeing terrorists1/1/16Gun Control, ,
Notre Dame professor links lenient gun laws to racism12/28/15Gun Control, Education,
Gun-Homicide Rate Decreased as Gun Ownership Increased 12/10/15Gun Control, ,
US Gun Violence actually on the decline12/6/15Gun Control, ,
San Bernadino weapons were not legal guns12/4/15Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: California gun laws the San Bernardino terrorists broke.12/4/15Gun Control, Islam, Violence
Obama Blames 2nd Ammendment, not terrorism for San Bernadino shooting12/3/15Gun Control, Obama, Liberal Bias
Obama's inconsistent definitions of 'mass shootings' attempted to skew data towards gun control advocates12/3/15Gun Control, Obama,
Article says most mass shooting are by white men….yet it is not true12/2/15Gun Control, Media, Freedom
The U.S. isn't the only country that has 'mass shootings'12/1/15Gun Control, ,
More Gun Control arrises Democrats10/31/15Gun Control, ,
Groups advocate college censorship; block certain websites; block anonymous posts10/28/15Gun Control, Freedom,
A Look at the Facts on Gun-Free Zones 10/20/15Gun Control, ,
Clinton's 40% of Guns are sold at gun shows is very wrong10/16/15Gun Control, Conservative,
Poverty is a better indicator of gun violence than gun ownership and is why gun control will never work10/5/15Gun Control, ,
Vox puts out ridiculously misleading gun statistics. Don't mention that 80% of gun related deaths in America are gang-related and not law abiding citizens 10/3/15Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Gun Control Advocates get Owned at their own rally10/2/15Gun Control, Video,
If Gun Control works in Europe, where are terrorists getting weapons?9/5/15Gun Control, Conservative,
Australia’s Gun Ban Results in More Guns Than Ever…New Findings 9/5/15Gun Control, ,
80% of Gun deaths are drug-related and tied to gangs, not law-abiding gun owners8/1/15Gun Control, ,
The Australia Gun Control Fallacy6/25/15Gun Control, Conservative,
Obama Lies about mass shootings not happening in other countries6/22/15Gun Control, Obama,
Court rules that the 'Right to Bear Arms' includes the right to buy arms5/16/15Gun Control, Freedom,
Australians own more guns than ever with more than 37,000 licenses issued in five years in NSW alone and American pop culture 'is to blame' 4/2/15Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Your Second Amendment analyzed by expert in english language & interpretation10/24/14Video, Conservative, Gun Control
92% of 'Mass shootings' since 2009 have occurred in GUN FREE ZONES10/11/14Gun Control, ,
Gangs make latin America the most violent region of the world. Higher homicide rates despite less guns4/17/14Gun Control, Misc,
Why Mexico's gun control laws are NOT the model for the US4/15/14Gun Control, Conservative,
Washington Posts claims Mexico's Gun Control laws model for the US4/14/14Gun Control, Media,
VIDEO: Top 10 Dumbest Anti Gun Quotes By Politicians 1/24/14Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Violent crime and gun homicide rate going down despite gun ownership rising1/1/14Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Army Veteran Destroys Obama's Gun Control Plan in 3 minutes12/15/13Gun Control, Video,
VIDEO: Gun Control & 2nd Amendment with Ben Shapiro 12/10/13Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Journal News Editor fired after publishing gun ownership map 8/7/13Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
STUDY; CDC Study: Use of Firearms for Self-Defense is ‘Important Crime Deterrent. The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council released the results of their research through the CDC compiled data from previous studies in order to guide future research on gun violence, noting that almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year 7/17/13Gun Control, Conservative,
Gun Sales soar, Gun violence plummets5/14/13Gun Control, ,
Firearm statistics from 1993 to 20115/1/13Gun Control, Misc,
VIDEO: See a Gun Spokesman prove why Gun Control is not very smart2/22/13Gun Control, Video,
Joe Biden advises wife to shoot a shotgun on their property2/21/13Gun Control, ,
Actual rate of gun ownership lower than what 'experts' say in America1/12/13Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys Piers Morgan on gun control1/10/13Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro owns Piers Morgan 1/10/13Gun Control, Conservative, Video
15-year-old defends home against burglars shoots them with fathers AR-151/9/13Gun Control, ,
Journal News hires armed security to defend itself after publishing gun ownership map 1/2/13Gun Control, ,
Washington D.C. has more guns and decreased murder rate12/11/12Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro & Brian Lilley - CNN Blames Manliness For Gun Violence 12/4/12Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Media columnist says the NRA is the new KKK12/3/12Gun Control, , Liberal Bias
Gun Violence statistics from Gun Law Center shows gun violence on the decline11/16/12Gun Control, ,
America is 28th in gun homicide rate despite possessing the most guns. Gun Control advocates hate statistics7/22/12Gun Control, ,
Obama making a play to confiscate guns? Opening paragraph says yes7/16/12Gun Control, Obama, Freedom
VIDEO: A lesson in Gun Rights11/4/10Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Gun Violence on the decline10/27/09Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: New York Democrat lawmaker who backed assault weapons ban doesn't understand what a 'barrel shroud' is that is to be regulated by the new law 4/18/07Gun Control, Video, Freedom
6 murdered in Chicago by Mexican immigrant who was arrested a dozen times; Media blames gun, not immigration8/29/03Media, Immigration, Gun Control
Death by gun control; after massive gun control, tyranny often follows; see examples4/5/02Gun Control, Conservative,
Only 21% of gun crimes are used with guns bought through a retailer. Because criminals usually don't buy guns legally anyways 11/1/01Gun Control, ,

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