Miscellaneous articles

17-Year-Old Michigan Girl Charged with Raping 19-Year-Old Man at Knifepoint 1/19/17Misc, ,
Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is suing hundreds of native Hawaiians in an attempt to force them to sell plots of land that they have owned for centuries located around Zuckerberg’s 700 acre estate 1/19/17Misc, ,
San Francisco CEO Slams Racist, Bigoted, and Dumb midwestern folks. Despite over 15% of Californians were moving to Western and Midwest states, 17% of Connecticutians were leaving for the Midwest and South, and 13% of Massachusetts residents moved from their blue state to red states. Nearly a quarter of people from New York and New Jersey moved to red states in the Midwest, rust belt, and south. 1/9/17Misc, ,
Self-Driving Cars Can Be Hacked with ‘Just $43 and a Laser Pointer’ 12/30/16Misc, ,
Uber’s Un-permitted Self-driving Cars a Danger to Bicycles12/21/16Misc, ,
'Scientists' are trying to prove the theory of Gravity is wrong 12/19/16Misc, ,
Synthetic Opioid Deaths Surge 72 Percent, Ravage States Across US 12/18/16Misc, ,
YouTube has paid out over $1 billion to the music industry from advertising alone in 201612/7/16Misc, ,
URINE LUCK: San Francisco Says You Can Pee On The Sidewalk 12/1/16Misc, ,
Wasteful Federal Spending in 2016 Included Purchases of Embroidered Snuggies 11/28/16Misc, ,
The White Coat Waste Project to release a report about ' how government laboratories are conducting wasteful, bizarre and deadly experiments on beagles, hounds, and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—with little or no transparency about what is being done and what it costs taxpayers.' 11/17/16Misc, ,
What to do with bored Millennial employees 11/13/16Misc, ,
Trump Optimism Propels Dow to Best Week in Five Years 11/11/16Misc, ,
VIDEO: California wants to secession from the Union after Donald Trump victory 11/9/16Video, ,
Complaints of syringes and feces rise dramatically in San Francisco. Liberal Policies win again! 11/7/16Misc, ,
Elon Musk says there will be Universal wages paid by the government in the future after robots take your job 11/4/16Misc, ,
Millennials Are Entitled But Punished For Being Anything Else 9/30/16Misc, ,
Katy Perry puts out promotional video to get people to vote by being naked. Liberals are so classy 9/28/16Misc, ,
San Francisco’s real estate market has reached 'peak unaffordability': housing expert 9/21/16Misc, ,
NYC Kills Public Internet Kiosks Because Public Uses Them for Porn. Who would of thought that a government give-a-way would be abused 9/15/16Misc, ,
Feds Spend $1 Million to Fix Chicago... With URBAN FARMS! Chicago will receive the funds through the U.S. Agriculture Department’s (USDA) Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program9/13/16Misc, ,
John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit9/12/16Misc, ,
San Francisco’s BART system will begin shutting down elevators on Thursday to clean up (and prevent) future urine smells. Rather than working to stop people from peeing in the stations, it will instead spend $340,000 on science-fueled solution that will simply cover up the problem. In addition to reglazing 80 elevators with a liquid-proof coating, it is also installing a system with enzyme misters which is aptly named 'Urine-B-Gone' ; to neutralize bacteria on an hourly basis. Another liberal victory? 9/8/16Misc, ,
STUDY: 'Right-Wingers' are more sexually satisfied than Left Wingers 9/4/16Misc, ,
A big Supreme Court case you haven't heard of, regarding charging someone with a sawed off shotgun with a 'crime of violence'8/23/16Misc, ,
Gawker is officially done; selling for $135 million to Univision 8/18/16Misc, ,
Government loses $19 million in a military helmet recall that were made by prison inmates in Texas. Even though the government and taxpayers lost $19 million on the defective helmets, ArmorSource, the company responsible for the helmets, was awarded more government contracts because that's how government works.8/18/16Misc, ,
The U.S. plans to spend around $1.5 million to protect Asian elephants in their native countries this year8/15/16Misc, ,
Actor Will Smith hopes America can 'Cleanse' itself of Trump supporters; sounding a lot like Hitler when he wanted to cleanse Germany of Jews8/8/16Misc, ,
Study: At least 9,000 companies have left California from 2008 to 2015. California had almost the lowest poverty rate in the nation in 1977 at about 11.8% But after the migration of 9,000 businesses, California’s 16.4% poverty rate is substantially higher than the 14.5% national average and near the top overall8/6/16Misc, ,
Kobe Bryant talks about what he would tell his 17-year-old self about money now that he's retired. His comments could easily be applied to the Welfare State and Progressivism saying 'Purely giving material things to your siblings and friends may appear to be the right decision," the 37-year-old continued. 'the day will come when you realize that as much as you believed you were doing the right thing, you were actually holding them back' and 'You will come to understand that you were taking care of them because it made YOU feel good; it made YOU happy' and 'While you were feeling satisfied with yourself, you were slowly eating away at their own dreams and ambitions. You were adding material things to their lives, but subtracting the most precious gifts of all: independence and growth' 8/4/16Misc, ,
Tenessee Woman Bites Policeman in Attempt to Give HIV. A new tactic to attack police officers with 8/4/16Misc, ,
IRS says Facebook owers $3B to $10B in Taxes from Errors they made trying to hide money overseas 7/29/16Misc, ,
Conservative Journalist, James O'Keefe is assaulted by Bernie Sanders supporters while undercover pretending to support Hillary because Democrats are so peaceful7/28/16Misc, ,
The number of homicides committed in major cities during the first half of 2016 is up by more than 15% and overall violent crime is up more than 2% compared to the first half of 2015 7/26/16Misc, ,
Ardent Liberal Comedian Jimmy Dore Spits in Alex Jones' face. Classy Liberals 7/21/16Misc, ,
A patient accused of torturing a woman to death and who later escaped from a troubled Washington state psychiatric hospital because that's where liberals send disgusting murderers 7/20/16Misc, ,
Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative 7/16/16Misc, ,
Funny or Die Releases Video of Tom Green pretending to be Donald Trump rapping with the KKK and Nazi's7/15/16Misc, ,
Here are the key takeaways from the 28 newly declassfied pages from the 9/11 Saudi involvement 7/15/16Misc, ,
Washington Teriaki shop refuses to serve police officers; gets humiliated by backlash 7/15/16Misc, ,
NIGEL Farage quit as Ukip leader because of the huge strain that spearheading Britain's exit from the EU put on his personal life, party insiders revealed 7/5/16Misc, ,
Mexican Cartels have Infiltrated U.S. Military Agencies 6/26/16Misc, ,
Rapper who threatens Donald Trump in video caught flashing stolen guns in the video 6/10/16Misc, ,
Nancy Pelosi says the Federal Government is responsible for the creation of the iphone, not Apple or any other private company6/10/16Misc, ,
GAO says at least $136 billion in improper payments made by government. Showing how efficient the government is with taxpayer money6/6/16Misc, ,
14-year old Hispanic Trump protester who hit a police officer with a rock gets charged as an adult6/6/16Misc, ,
Anti-Donald Trump activist has launched a fund drive to help pay the legal bills of fellow protestors charged with fighting police and destroying property as they picketed against Trump6/3/16Misc, ,
Man arrested for killing the man who broke in his house and attempted to rape his wife. The attempted rapist had previously been arrested 12 times 5/31/16Misc, ,
Leftist Animal activists are outraged after a gorilla is killed by police in order to save a 4-year-old boy who fell in his Zoo enclosure5/29/16Misc, ,
U.S. District Judge Robert J. Bryan has thrown out evidence in a child pornography case because the FBI will not divulge the hacking techniques it employed to obtain the evidence5/27/16Misc, ,
Chain restaurants in the city will now face a $600 fine for not warning consumers about food containing a high amount of salt.5/27/16Misc, ,
Australian Women's National Soccer Team, one of the favorites for the Gold Medal, lost 7 to 0 to a team of 15 and under year old boys 5/25/16Misc, ,
More millennials live at home than live with a spouse for the first time in 130 years. So yeah, things have been going well under Obama5/24/16Misc, Obama,
Democratic Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, who made it legal for felons to vote so democrats could get more votes, is under FBI investigation over campaign donations5/23/16Misc, ,
The government is testing vaccines that permanently alter DNA5/18/16Misc, ,
$13 Million food stamp fraud ring busted5/11/16Misc, ,
Feds spend $35 million on retarded research love why primates love Metallica music videos5/10/16Misc, ,
The head of America's largest Teachers Union says Donald Trump is to blame for bullying in schools5/5/16Misc, ,
America is losing top talent to China because there are 'more opportunities than in the U.S' which is a reflection of what the stagnant growth of the economy under Obama5/3/16Misc, ,
Scott Walker's initiative to kick Unions out of schools is having great success5/3/16Misc, Unions,
Colorado parents who don't vaccinate their children receive an order to register their children with the state or face legal action; even though there is no such law whatsoever to justify that claim5/2/16Misc, ,
Survey says: 34% of San Francisco Bay Area residents are ready to leave 5/2/16Misc, ,
The Big Bang blow atheism out of the water4/26/16Misc, ,
New York City mayor may face criminal prosecution for illegal fundraising to get Democrats elected4/26/16Misc, ,
Intel laying off 12,000 workers that have been replaced with imported workers with H1B visas4/21/16Misc, Immigration,
America's addiction to pleasure is harming the family, and society4/19/16Misc, ,
Bernie Sanders is a socialist leech that hasn't done much of anything and lived in a run down shack with a dirt floor until he was 404/18/16Socialism, Misc,
Liberal mayor of Charlotte arrested for accepting bribes4/14/16Misc, ,
Over 6,800 people miss their Spring Break flights in one week due to the TSA showing AGAIN that the government sucks at everything4/14/16Misc, ,
U.S. businesses hold $14 Trillion in hidden tax havens overseas. Apple, Google, Facebook etc. All the 'progressive' liberal companies who favor more taxes for social programs, just don't ask them to pay for the programs4/14/16Misc, ,
State department takes one year to provide Benghazi documents to investigating committee4/9/16Misc, ,
Americans spend more on taxes than they spend on food, housing, and clothing COMBINED4/6/16Freedom Regulation, Misc,
Festival threatened by 'high-level government officials' not to show anti-vaccine film4/6/16Freedom Regulation, Misc,
California City paying people as much as $1,300 per month not to kill other people and say its to help them get their life together. Yet, the rest of us law abiding citizens only have to foot the bill4/6/16Misc, ,
Ford to build $1.6 Billion plant in Mexico because taxes are too high in America4/5/16Misc, ,
The TSA paid $1.4 Million for an app that can be built in 10 minutes; another example of how efficient the government is4/5/16Misc, ,
Chicago prisoners family will receive $4.9 million, despite an investigation revealing the officers did nothing wrong4/4/16Misc, ,
A Democratic Senator is pushing to get chewing tobacco banned from Major League Baseball; another example of liberalism trying to make sure they control everything4/3/16Misc, ,
A lot of FBI agents are going to resign if Hillary is not indicted says expert4/1/16Misc, ,
Whistle Blower inside IRS says that the corruption inside the government agency is 'Jimmy Hoffa' level of abuse and corruption4/1/16Misc, ,
Bernie supporters caught posting ads being paid $15/Hr to protest at Trump event3/31/16Misc, ,
Official FDA Report admitting vaccines may cause autism. See page 113/30/16Misc, ,
New report quitley admits that vaccines have 'austism' listed as one of the side effects 3/30/16Misc, ,
How the Fall of Rome resembles Western Society today3/28/16Conservative Take, Misc,
Robert De Niro documentary linking vaccines to autism is being blacklisted form viewing3/26/16Misc, ,
The highest tax rates in the world are mostly European countries3/21/16Socialism, Misc,
Inside the mind of a former Leftist3/16/16Conservative Take, Misc,
Yes, it is Illegal to protest Trump rallies3/14/16Misc, ,
Maryland State Senate has hearing on new act that forces vending machine snacks to meet health standards3/9/16Freedom Regulation, Misc,
Taxpayers to pay $50 Million for Marins to move tortoises out of desert. Great use of funds?3/8/16Misc, ,
Scientific paper inferring a creator made the human hand to be retracted3/3/16Misc, ,
2016 'Color of Crime' report shows shocking statistics of crimes including murder and rape committed by minority groups3/1/16Race, Misc,
Philidelphia mayor wants to tax 'sugary drinks' to help fund 'green jobs' as well as other initiatives2/29/16Misc, Liberal Bias,
A Breakdown of the misguided leftist hate of capitalism and Bernie Sanders idiocy2/24/16Conservative Take, Socialism, Misc
Multiculturalism denies men's sexual nature2/24/16Misc, PC,
Top 20% pay 87% of all Federal Income tax. So yes, rich people pay taxes. 45% of homes don't pay any income taxes2/24/16Wage Inequality, Misc,
Sheriff David Clarke: Progressives ‘Have Failed to Fix Poverty, To Fix Families, To Fix Schooling, Or To Fix Health’2/24/16Conservative Take, Misc,
Judge Orders Investigation into Obama fake SSN & Birth Certificat2/24/16Obama, Misc,
Swedish Liberal party calling for legalization of incest, necrophilia. Arguing legislation shouldn't be denied because some think its disgusting2/22/16Liberal Bias, Misc,
Hillary Clinton voters allowed to vote before registering, caught on tape2/21/16Liberal Bias, Freedom Regulation, Misc
Liberals, Media, lie saying Bush lied about WMD's in Iraq. They all thought Iraq had them too. See statements2/21/16Media, Misc,
New Google Chrome extensions change's word 'Pro-Life' to 'Anti-Choice' to make saving lives of babies more demonizing2/20/16Abortion, Freedom Regulation, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: A Woman walks everyone through all of Hillary Clinton's scandals in six minutes2/11/16Misc, Video,
Government offers $90K to work at 'Burning Man' 1/26/16Misc, ,
The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market1/26/16Misc, ,
Everyone gets a trophy: girls team booted from league because they're 'too good'1/24/16Misc, Conservative Take,
California Liberals want your IRA1/20/16Misc, Socialism, Freedom Regulation
California is 12% of U.S. population, but houses 30% of the nations welfare recipients1/19/16Wage Inequality, Misc,
Looking into the hundreds of millions of dollars the U.S. Government wastes1/17/16Misc, Conservative Take,
STUDY: All employees are equal, but some are more equal than others: dominance, agreeableness, and status inconsistency among men and women 11/17/15Misc, ,
Where does the $35 Billion in Global Economic aid actually go?10/29/15Misc, ,
Police Office denied service at Dunkin Donuts. Refusing service to anyone else still not okay to the media10/5/15Liberal Bias, Misc,
Arby's refuses to serve police officers. If it was a gay person, the media would be outraged9/3/15Liberal Bias, Misc,
Parents sue the city because son committed suicide for 'bullying'8/14/15Misc, Education,
Transgender California inmate to receive sex reassignment surgery on taxpayer dollars8/7/15Misc, Feminism,
Zimbabwe doesn't cry for Cecil the Lion8/4/15Misc, ,
Broke student blames parents for savings fund spending spree7/21/15Misc, Education,
Liberal judge in Oregon says a man filming up a 13-year-old girl's skirt at Target is not a crime. Judge says it's 'appalling' but not a crime2/6/15Misc, ,
VIDEO: Republicans are smarter than Democrats; and more liberal1/7/15Video, Conservative Take, Misc
The tax system is going to collapse under its own weight12/25/14Misc, Conservative Take,
VIDEO: How to speak Liberal11/6/14Conservative Take, Video, Misc
Statistics of taxes and taxpayer support for the 50 largest companies shows how these 'progressive' organizations hide money overseas10/29/14Misc, ,
Seattle Coffee shop refuses to serve cops. Media argues they are excercising their right to refuse service to anyone. Businesses not catering gay weddings still get sued8/17/14Media, Liberal Bias,
Gangs make latin America the most violent region of the world. Higher homicide rates despite less guns4/17/14Gun Control, Misc,
Two Thirds of Prisoners rearrested for new crime within 3yrs of being released4/15/14Misc, ,
DOJ report says 67% of the 400,000+ criminals released in 2005 went on to get arrested again within 3 years 4/1/14Misc, ,
Congressional budget Office estimates job lose increase fact sheet2/1/14Wage Inequality, Misc,
VIDEO: Liberal moron of the year12/5/13Video, Misc,
Google Fined $17M By State Attorneys General For Safari Hack 11/18/13Misc, ,
North Carolina vetos drug testing for welfare recipients8/15/13Misc, ,
Microsoft's X-Box One is the greatst spy machine ever created7/16/13Misc, ,
Firearm statistics from 1993 to 20115/1/13Gun Control, Misc,
Statistics for Immigranat Guest Work Labor4/24/13Immigration, Misc,
VIDEO: The Facts of Life for Liberals1/17/13Video, Conservative Take, Misc
From 2007 to 2010 the number of children living in poverty in California grew by 30% and one out of five children in Cali overall grow up in poverty1/1/13Misc, Socialism,
2013 FBI crime statistics show higher rates of crimes by blacks and hispanics1/1/13Race, Misc,
55 Reasons Calfornia is the worst state in America12/12/12Misc, ,
60% of Rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, 70% of long-term prison inmates grew up without a father in the home12/1/12Race, Wage Inequality, LGBT
Conservative states sweep the top 5 in best run state goverments. California the worst along with other liberal states11/27/12Misc, ,
Harry Reid: Lot's of people told me Romney doesn't pay taxes so it has to be true, why wouldn't it be?8/2/12Misc, ,
in 2012 California has 34% of Welfare recipients but only 12% of U.S. population7/28/12Misc, ,
Joy Behar wants to see Romney's house burn down6/12/12Misc, ,
Biden blames tea party for lull economy5/22/12Misc, ,
Organic Food may make you a jerk5/21/12Misc, Environmental,
Bill Gates foundations polio vaccine paralyzes over 47,000 in India4/20/12Misc, ,
Mj Rosenberg sacrificed for Media Matters4/12/12Misc, Conservative Take,
Southern Poverty Law Center's creepy mission3/10/12Misc, Conservative Take, Wage Inequality
No Bush didn't lie about WMD's in Iraq, everyone else thought he had them too3/2/12Misc, Media,
2012 FBI statistics for crime and rape between white and black people1/1/12Race, Misc,
VIDEO: A History breakdown of the Democratic party and its racism12/13/11Conservative Take, Video, Misc
VIDEO: Liberals don't know why they're protesting10/9/11Video, Conservative Take, Misc
Europe court rules satellite TV is a 'human right'8/8/11Misc, ,
How the State,Welfare, and Liberal policies have destroyed the black family1/22/11Race, Wage Inequality, Misc
VIDEO: Understanding how Liberals Think1/15/11Video, Conservative Take, Misc
VIDEO: How Liberals argue10/22/10Video, Conservative Take, Misc
There are more unemployed people in California than the entire population of Nevada, Vermont, and New Hampshire combined10/22/10Misc, Socialism,
Children coming from single parent homes 50% more likely to be in poverty as adult, twice as likely to be arrested6/16/10Race, LGBT, Misc
Crisis facing California budgets5/22/10Misc, ,
Why California is the next Greece5/11/10Misc, Socialism,
The Obituary of Common Sense…Thanks Liberalism5/1/10Conservative Take, Misc,
Top 101 Cities with Single-Parent Households1/1/10Misc, ,
In 1940, only 15% of blacks were born out of wedlock. Today 65% of born out of wedlock, which makes them more likely to commit crime & be in poverty8/12/09Race, LGBT, Wage Inequality
Demcoratic Official: it's okay to be corrupt because I'm doing it for good3/29/09Misc, Liberal Bias,
Marriage & Poverty by the numbers. Traditional Families reduce Crime & Poverty1/2/09Race, LGBT, Wage Inequality
Households headed by Conservatives give 30% more to charity than Liberal households12/20/08Misc, ,
Story of Franklin D. Roosevelt's nomination and his Democratic Convention story5/14/07Misc, ,
Research paper confirms raising minimum wage hurts workers and employers in the long run8/1/06Wage Inequality, Misc, Socialism
Study: Is Making Divorce Easier Bad for Children?10/1/04Misc, ,

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