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A student group at Georgetown University, stands accused of being a hate group due to its advocacy of marriage as an institution based in man & woman conjugal union; university may sanction student group for promoting Catholic doctrine 10/20/17Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
UK anti terror watchdog says that Naïve young jihadis who return from fighting for ISIS in Syria should be allowed space to rejoin British society rather than face jail,10/20/17Islam, PC, Violence
CANADA: Minor League Hockey Coaches Forced Into Gender Identity Training 10/20/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
A graduate student teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania admitted to intentionally calling on white men last, and only if she has to, during class discussions 10/20/17Education, Race, Professors
A watchdog group sponsored by the U.K. Department of Health found staffers at an abortion clinic were paid bonuses for convincing women to go through with abortion procedures 10/20/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: A guest on CNNs New Day said that President Trump has an impulse to attack women and people of color because Trump defended himself from an allegation that he disrespected a Gold Star family 10/20/17TDS, Media, Race
British Healthcare System Considers Plan to Ban Surgery for Smokers and Obese Indefinitely; liberals say it has nothing to do with rationing healthcare (cough) 10/20/17Healthcare, ,
Canada: Muslim not guilty of sexual assault of wife because he thought he could force her to have sex 10/20/17Liberal Bias, Islam, PC
5 criminal illegal aliens, some accused of sexual abuse and forcible touching, were arrested by immigration officers after being released due to New York City sanctuary city policy. ICE located the 5 criminal illegal aliens previously released under New York City sanctuary guidelines, which bar local law enforcement from handing over criminal aliens for deportation. 10/20/17Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
San Jose State University lecturer threatens to beat the shit out of pro life protesters. The professor Kapell has previously taught at the University of Michigan, Swansea University, University of Michigan Dearborn, Wayne State University and several other institutions.10/20/17Perverse, Professors, Abortion
Another liberal church is teaching its congregation that breaking the law is perfectly in line with the Gospel by offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona 10/20/17Immigration, Christianity, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Liberals Love Trumps Tax Plan When Told It is Bernie Sanders Tax Plan 10/20/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Video
British outraged after Trump notes 13% UK crime rise amid spread of Radical Islamic terror; Trump accused of peddling fake news and spreading fear and xenophobia by wrongly blaming the rise on terrorism10/20/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Islam
ILLEGAL ALIEN RAPED 12yr old GIRL IN NORTH CAROLINA 10/20/17Immigration, Violence,
Liberal Billionaires Are Never Villains 10/20/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
The President of the University of California, Santa Cruz College Democrats club is facing backlash for standing up for her College Republican counterparts right to free speech 10/20/17PC, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: Who is the real target of the Congressional resolution against hate groups? Provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center 10/20/17Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
Womens Media Center Made Up an Award to Give Hillary Clinton 10/20/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Daylong conference at UCLA to explore how capitalism is persisting racial inequality10/20/17Economics, Education, Socialism
Hamas linked CAIRs Nihad Awad to speak at Harvard 10/20/17Islam, Perverse, Professors
The University of Arizona faced intense backlash in May after launching a program that would pay students $10 per hour to report any bias incidents; that the program has been ended indefinitely 10/20/17Education, PC,
Study Finds Police Body Cams Caused No Change in Policing 10/20/17Conservative, Violence,
VIDEO: Whitewashing Islam: Qasim Rashid on Women in the Quran by David Wood 10/20/17Islam, Violence, Video
Tariq Ramadan accused of rape, slapping victim, threatening her family. Tariq Ramadan, hailed as a Muslim reformer despite not rejecting any tenet of Quranic Islam, is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan (al Banna). Ramadan is renowned as a moderate and never identified with the outlook or policies of (al Banna), despite the fact that Ramadan has praised and never repudiated his grandfather10/20/17Islam, Violence,
Chapman University White, male student under fire for defending diversity of thought: called punchable, drag him, expel him10/20/17Violence, Education, PC
Gay Conservative Speaker Cancelled by NYU Republicans for Anti Sharia Stance 10/19/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
A University of Maryland sociology professor is suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter10/19/17Professors, TDS, Freedom
Daily Mail blames Islamophobic Pamela Geller for jihad plot to behead her over offensive free speech event 10/19/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Columbia University student is urging classmates to demand that the school cancel conservative speakers and tear down a Thomas Jefferson statue to combat white nationalists 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
VIDEO: Ted Cruz destroys Bernie Sanders anaology for Robin Hood 10/19/17Socialism, Conservative, Video
Newsweek Fails Fact Check On Clinton Foundation And Russia; Newsweek finally admits, Yes, the foundation received money and Bill Clinton was paid to give a speech, but claims there is no evidence the Clintons were paid by Russians to push through the uranium deal10/19/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Southern Indiana provides practice costumes to teach students how to dress for Halloween 10/19/17Education, PC,
Socialist group calls for extermination of capitalists. The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter at Iowa State University has repeatedly posted threatening tweets about conservatives, but the school maintains that the comments are a form of free speech. 10/19/17Education, Socialism, Violence
Michigan State University reports Noose Found in College Dorm and Turns Out to be a Shoelace10/19/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Joe Biden tells Liberals we hurt ourselves badly by opposing free speech 10/19/17Freedom, PC,
Muslim Ban? Tillerson State Department STILL discriminates against Syrian Christian refugees 10/19/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
The University of Montana Dean of Journalism objected to a major donors invitation of conservative professor Mike Adams to deliver an annual address for the scholarship program that she funds. The dean protested that Dr. Mike Adams appears to be siding with Christians in the culture war,' saying that some of his remarks could be interpreted as hate speech 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Christianity
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson to Democratic Strategist: Language is Not a Race10/19/17Immigration, TDS, Media
Muslim cleric: Women instigate men to rape and assault them 10/19/17Islam, Violence,
VIDEO: The College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz faced a 2 hour siege by protesters who said their very act of meeting quietly in the McHenry Library was violent racist activity until library staff had to call the police 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
A University of Connecticut professor frets that female students dont feel oppressed enough 10/19/17Professors, Feminism, PC
VIDEO: Ted Cruz Stomps Sanders: Whats The Difference Between A Socialist And A Democrat?10/19/17Socialism, Conservative, Video
Cornell Forms Task Force to Regulate Speech on Campus 10/19/17PC, Education, Freedom
College training uses stereotypes to assign privilege to create inclusive communities10/19/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
A Brown University program designed to provide male and female students with free feminine hygiene products has hit a snag after students complained the tampon company Brown selected was culturally approriating from Native Americans10/19/17Feminism, Education,
Fox TV show features Two White Men Harass Muslim Woman Then Dump BLM Activist Out of Wheelchair 10/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Rush Limbaugh: Look At All These Ways The Left is Imploding 10/19/17Conservative, ,
Judge slaps down college for judging accused student guilty without cross examination of accuser. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge told Pomona College it deprived an accused student of a fair hearing by finding him responsible with no opportunity to submit questions to his accuser, and ordered it to remove his 2 semester suspension 10/19/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
British prestigious Cambridge University Will Now Issue Trigger Warnings For Shakespeare Plays10/19/17Education, PC,
Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting. A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the groups existence is a threat to the safety of students.10/18/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
UK government: Manchester jihad massacre not a hate crime10/18/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
Pro Abortion Topless Feminists Attack Catholic Church With Firebombs And Poop. Over 40,000 pro abortion topless feminists hit the streets of Resistencia, Argentina, to demand taxpayer funded on demand abortion and the legalization of prostitution in a so called Boob Protest 10/18/17Abortion, Perverse, Feminism
A Wyoming man who identifies as a transgender woman is on trial for raping a 10yr old girl in a bathroom. 10/18/17LGBT, Violence,
The Trump Administration Is Trying To Protect An Immigrant Baby. A Leftist Judge Ordered Him Killed 10/18/17Immigration, Abortion, Conservative
Virtuous Hollywood Lectures in New Anti Gun PSA and attacks NRA As Their Industry Collapses From Sex Scandals 10/18/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
London cops to stop investigating shoplifting and vandalism; arrests for offensive comments up 53% 10/18/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption 10/18/17Obama, Freedom,
STUDY: Administrative bloat is far worse at small liberal arts schools. The smallest private colleges spent 64 cents on administration for every dollar on instructional costs10/18/17Education, Economics,
VIDEO: California politician John Garamendi to CNNs Wolf Blitzer: Republicans Want to Physically Harm People 10/18/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Boston: Muslim found guilty of plot to behead Pamela Geller 10/18/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Two of the cofounders of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier, invoked their Fifth Amendment rights during a meeting with the House Intelligence Committee 10/18/17TDS, HoaxFraud, Clinton
Federal court rules World War I memorial cross must be torn down in Maryland10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
Desperate Harvard Professor Devises Plan to Put Hillary in White House 10/18/17Professors, TDS, Clinton
Muslim Boston University professor: Robert Spencer is Grand pooh bah of the legion of American Islamophobes 10/18/17Professors, Liberal Bias, Islam
Christian Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho drops Crusaders name 10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
VICE Journalist Commits Career Suicide Following Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations 10/18/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
California School Suspends Teacher for Kneeling During National Anthem 10/18/17Patriotism, Professors,
Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northams campaign created some fliers which elided his black running mate, Justin Fairfax, allegedly in order to please a local union10/18/17Race, Liberal Bias,
3 years ago, Stockton, California, was bankrupt. Now its trying out a basic income. 10/18/17Economics, ,
Despite Vegas and Media Narrative, Mass Killings Aren’t on the Rise10/18/17Gun Control, Conservative, Media
Northwestern University doubles its programming on deconstructing masculinity10/18/17Feminism, Education, PC
Elementary Schools Near Boston Cancel Halloween Parties, Not Inclusive Enough 10/18/17Education, PC,
VIDEO: An unidentified protester wearing a nylon stocking over his head was handcuffed by police after throwing a bucket of paint at a pro life display at Portland State University10/18/17Abortion, Vandalism, Education
Womans Egg Fertilized by Dog for Art Project 10/18/17Perverse, ,
LA Times editor warns Harvard: GOP moving farther right due to closed loop of conservative media10/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Education
Predominantly Black School Renamed After Obama Because He Looks Like Students10/18/17Obama, Education, Race
This Pro Abortion Fanatic Presented A Thought Experiment DESTROYING Pro Lifers. Here Are 4 Reasons He Fails Dramatically by Ben Shapiro10/17/17Abortion, Conservative,
FBI Learned Clintons Profited from Obama Approved Nuke Deal with Russia10/17/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
For the First Time, Majority of Americans Believe Faith Is Not Necessary for Morality. A new survey from Pew Research has shown that, for the first time, a majority of American surveyed believe that belief in God is not necessary for morality. Among the adults surveyed this year, 56% do not see religious faith as a prerequisite for virtue, up from 49% in 2011 10/17/17Christianity, Conservative,
Italy: Muslim migrant slits non Muslims throat, and victims family warns against racism10/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
College Anthropology Class: Scientific Facts Are Social Constructs10/17/17Science, Education,
California Now The First State To Legally Recognize A Third Gender 10/17/17LGBT, Science,
UK: Muslim migrant rapes woman 2 weeks after being allowed to stay in country, screams Allah is going to get you10/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Here is The Reason Why Pro Abortion advocates Rely On Worst Case Scenarios To Argue Their Point 10/17/17Abortion, Conservative,
NBC: Socialism is Key to Happiness 10/17/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
National defense is Islamophobic: Hawaii judge blocks latest version of Trump travel ban 10/17/17Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: The Latest Fashion Whites Shouldnt Wear 10/17/17Race, PC,
High school assignment had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca10/17/17Islam, Liberal Bias, Perverse
WHO PAYS WHAT IN TAXES? Is a system where over 45% of people pay no income taxes really fair? By Walter Williams 10/17/17Economics, Conservative,
Salon: Leftists Who Abuse Women Are Obviously Phony Liberals10/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
ICE issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Illegal Alien Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who was arrested on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 resident 10/17/17Immigration, Violence,
After Posting Political Message On Facebook supporting Trump, Restaurant Closes Due To Threats And Harassment 10/17/17Freedom, Violence, TDS
New Jersey: Muslim claims his wife wont leave home alone because of Trumps anti Muslim hysteria10/17/17Islam, PC, TDS
Hillary Cliton: Support Sexual Victims; Except Bill Clintons10/17/17Clinton, Liberal Bias, Feminism
REPORT: FBI Hid Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme 10/17/17Clinton, HoaxFraud, Freedom
Tucker Carlson: Illegal Immigration Eroding American Unity 10/17/17Immigration, Conservative,
NFL Gets (More) Political. The NFL endorsed criminal justice reform legislation, despite national outcry that the organization should work to distance itself from political debate 10/17/17Celebrities, ,
FBI Report: 57,000 Officers Assaulted While on Duty, 66 Killed in 2016 10/17/17Violence, ,
LSU students forced to pay $200 per semester for flashy new rec center with lazy river10/17/17Education, Freedom, Economics
Hillary Compares Her Election Loss to September 11th10/17/17Clinton, ,
The Wshington Post willfully ignored the Illegal Alien status of man who murdered teen in Virginia 10/17/17Immigration, Violence, Media
Demonic Clown Drag Queen Does Story Time at Michelle Obama Public Library 10/17/17Perverse, LGBT, Obama
VIDEO: Battle for the Soul of Western Civilization 10/17/17Islam, Conservative, Video
Newsweek Calls Innocent People Nazis for Criticizing Politics in Wolfenstein II 10/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
VIDEO: CNN says Trump Violating First Amendment and Should Be Removed. Say his Tweets ripping on the media are violating First Amendment and anyone in Congress who does not take action are violating their oath of office10/16/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Larry Flynt, the man who became a millionaire by publishing nude pics of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and who popularized hardcore pornography well beyond the limits set by Hugh Hefners Playboy,in his Hustler brand, has offered $10 million for any information that could potentially impeach President Trump 10/16/17TDS, Perverse, Liberal Bias
One dead, two injured in stabbing at same London Tube station site of jihad bombing last month 10/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Civil War Reenactors Targeted with Pipe Bomb 10/16/17Violence, ,
A British school with children ages 11 to 18 has changed its policies to allow biological boys to sleep in the girls dorms, wear skirts, and use gender neutral pronouns and girl names 10/16/17LGBT, LGBT, PC
California Democrat Who Says His Family Obtained Identification Illegally Will Challenge Dianne Feinstein In 2018 10/16/17Immigration, Freedom,
Threats Against Dana Loesch So Bad She is Forced to Move; posting photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death.10/16/17Video, Gun Control, Conservative
Yale columnist: Men at Yale are bad in bed because they are bad at listening to women10/16/17Feminism, Education, Media
UK council bans woman from market for selling Knights Templar mugs: Might be offensive to Muslims10/16/17PC, Islam, Immigration
FBI Confirms That James Comey Drafted Statement On Clinton Probe Months Before Investigation Ended 10/16/17Clinton, Freedom, Liberal Bias
MEDIA SILENCE: New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bob Menendez Is Still On Trial For Corruption 10/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
A University of Virginia professor wrote an OPED over the weekend arguing that faculty members, and not students, should have complete discretion over which speakers are invited to campus 10/16/17Professors, Freedom, Education
New York jihad bomber found guilty, New York Times identifies him only as New Jersey man; no mention of local mosque 10/16/17Islam, PC, Media
Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls For Christian Media To Expose Religious Persecution In Iran 10/16/17Conservative, Christianity, Media
Anti Islamization Freedom Party Surges in Austrias Election 10/16/17Conservative, Islam, Immigration
Yahoo puts out article that Conservatives are now champions of global warming after the recent hurricanes 10/16/17Environmental, ,
Florida governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Alachua County, Florida, home of the University of Florida, freeing up millions in aid for local law enforcement, who will try to keep the peace while white nationalist Richard Spencer speaks to students on campus 10/16/17Education, Race, Freedom
Austin Community College recently developed an Equity Report Card for individual departments to self assess how inclusive they are. 10/16/17Education, PC,
Actress Ellen Barkin suggests that Hollywood failing to help Harvey Weinstein accusers when they blew the whistle on his alleged sexual harassment is the same as the NFL not hiring Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand before the national anthem 10/16/17Celebrities, ,
In the UK, you can be arrested for a hate crime for being unfriendly or expressing dislike toward Muslims 10/16/17Immigration, PC, Freedom
In Canada, an interview guide used to screen asylum seekers on their prayer habits and views on women who dont wear the hijabs. It also asked for their views on female bosses, terrorist attacks and ISIS. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says questionaire is inappropriate and eliminates the questions and says those answers are irrelevant to immigration apparently 10/16/17Islam, Immigration, PC
VIDEO: PBS Leftist: President Trump is a Destructive Jackass 10/16/17TDS, Media,
Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Team In Trouble For Sexist Tweets 10/16/17Feminism, PC,
Eastern Illinois Universitys Lincoln Hall eyed for name change 10/16/17Remove History, ,
California Bans School District Employees From Concealed Carry10/16/17Gun Control, ,
VIDEO: Ezra Levant: Jail for graffiti, but not rape? CANADIAN CITIZEN who scribbled No More Muslims on a bus stop wall is sentenced to 5 months in jail!10/16/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Nothing to See Here: New York Times self assessment Claims No Liberal Bias 10/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Two Police Officers Refused Service at Texas WhataBurger chain 10/16/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
University of Florida President is surprised and shocked that UF must allow free speech10/16/17Education, Freedom, PC
Please Dont Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner 10/16/17Conservative, Perverse, Media
The family of a Muslim U.S. Marine Corps recruit who committed suicide after two weeks in boot camp, is suing the Corps for $100 million 10/16/17Islam, PC, Economics
Persecution of Christians Has Increased Worldwide 10/16/17Christianity, Conservative,
Students at some London universities were given leaflets promoting extremists who call for homosexuals to be killed and say the punishment for mocking Allah is death10/16/17Education, Islam, Violence
QB Colin Kaepernick filing grievance for collusion against NFL owners 10/15/17Celebrities, Freedom, Patriotism
VIDEO: The Truth About Hollywood by Paul Joseph Watson 10/15/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
New York City: Muslim surgeon in jihad plot says it would be a great pleasure if we could slaughter citys Jews 10/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Nestlé Removes Christian Cross from Greek Yogurt Packaging; say We avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs10/15/17Christianity, PC,
Nigerian Christian: Why do they think Islam is a religion of peace? These people have been killing us for decades 10/15/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Man charged in U. Maryland swastika vandalism is black former UMD employee10/15/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Muslim spokesman Qasim Rashid claims Islam can help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals10/15/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: When Democrats Run Your State (here's what happens) 10/14/17Conservative, Video,
Gravity payments CEO pens article in that says his $70K for all employees experiment went well. His measurement? Employees had more money 10/14/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Germany: Migrant Gangs Turn Violent, Disrupt Popular Fair 10/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
California reduces punishment for knowingly transmitting HIV even for those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV positive. 10/13/17Perverse, LGBT,
Hezbollah Terrorists Entering Germany as Refugees. At least 950 active Hezbollah operatives known to Germany federal intelligence agency 10/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Nigerian Catholic bishop: Western politicians damage African Christianity by pandering to Islam10/13/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Missouri Lawmaker Who Called For Trumps Assassination Now Compares Him To Hitler 10/13/17TDS, ,
Al Gore: If We Disagree Slightly on Climate, Youre A Denier 10/13/17Environmental, Liberal Bias,
UK: Soldier of Allah threatens to bomb hospital, avoids terrorism charge10/13/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
Seattle University law school that stopped sponsoring debate because of conservative viewpoint now claims it didnt; now say it was a miscalculated and error10/13/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED CHILD MOLESTER REARRESTED IN TEXAS. The 27yr old was deported after serving a sentence for sexually abusing a 5yr old girl in Iowa 10/13/17Immigration, Violence,
25th Amendment: The Latest Left Wing Fantasy for Removing Trump10/13/17TDS, Media,
Democrat San Juan Mayor Accuses Trump Of Genocide Over Hurricane Response10/13/17TDS, ,
Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere, According to NASA 10/13/17Environmental, ,
Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Atheists Against A Pennsylvania County Religious Flag, Now The County Is Fighting Back with lawsuit10/13/17Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
VIDEO: University of New Hampshire professor tells class that US should ban all guns 10/13/17Professors, Gun Control, Video
UK: Muslim migrant rapist blames his rape on cultural differences and not understanding British law10/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Makes Comparison To DDay Over Russian Hacking Of Election10/13/17Media, TDS, Video
California Judge Refuses Illegal Immigrant Abortion Case; throws out ACLU lawsuit that tried to allow anyone to come illegally into the U.S. to get an abortion on taxpayer money10/13/17Immigration, Abortion, Freedom
ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLED KANSAS DEPUTY in Dunken Car Crash 10/13/17Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: THE TRUTH ABOUT DEANDRE HARRIS; the black guy who claimed he was attacked by white supremacists for nor reason; new video shows him hitting guy in the head with metal flashlight10/13/17Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
Trump Defends Cutting Obamacare Subsidies as Stinging Insurers 10/13/17Healthcare, Conservative,
Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan says President Trump Is the Great Divider10/13/17TDS, Celebrities,
Columbia University commits $100 million to faculty diversity 10/13/17Education, PC, Economics
Rep. Keith Ellison: Eminem Could Be The Colin Kaepernick Of The Rap World After Anti Trump Rap 10/13/17TDS, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
NCAA wont punishthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for offering fake classes that benefited student athletes, because it couldnt find any NCAA rules that were actually violated by the university10/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Nearly 200 pro life posters torn down at Catholic Loyola Marymount university 10/13/17Abortion, Vandalism,
Police Boycott FORD Over NFL Anthem Protest Support. A Louisiana Sheriff said this week that his office will no longer Purchase Ford Motor Co. products after the automaker announced they supported the NFL protests late last month 10/13/17Patriotism, Conservative,
Jeanne Mancini: Young People Know Abortion Hurts Women, Takes Life of Baby, and Damages Our Culture 10/13/17Conservative, Abortion,
VIOLENT ILLEGAL ALIEN TO BE DEPORTED FOR 5TH TIME in Texas10/13/17Immigration, Violence,
Dartmouth student leader says Homecoming honors legacy of colonialism 10/13/17Education, PC, Remove History
FBI Finds New Documents About Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting, even after the bureau claimed to not have any records related to the matter 10/13/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
Ismael Loutfi, a Muslim comedian, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that, contrary to the medias usual portrayal, there are moderate Muslims who are willing to denounce terrorism; But then he joked that it Makes me so mad. I just want to blow stuff up10/13/17Islam, Celebrities, Perverse
VIDEO: THE NEXUS REPORT: REGARDING BEN SHAPIRO by Bill Whittle. The New York Times bashes Ben Shapiro because he doesnt tell Conservatives they should be liberal 10/13/17Media, Conservative, Video
ARE WE ALL UNCONSCIOUS RACISTS? No: there is scant evidence to support the trendy implicit bias theory. 10/13/17Race, Conservative, Science
Getting Them Young: Educators in Edina, a wealthy Minneapolis suburb, subject children to an ABC book; A is for Activist, F is for Feminist, T is for Trans etc. Indoctrination at the most extreme levels10/12/17Perverse, Professors, Freedom
Pew Research Study shows Political Divide is increasing; because the Left is moving further Left, while the Right is remaining relatively the same10/12/17Conservative, ,
A recent California State University, Long Beach teach in charged that America was founded on white supremacy and racism, and built on a racist capitalist system, meant to weaken the minority 10/12/17Professors, Race, Economics
Vandals Target Conservative Writer, Warner Todd Hustons, Set Car on Fire 10/12/17Vandalism, ,
A Syrian refugee who sexually assaulted 6 women in London underpasses just one month after being granted asylum in the UK has had his sentencing delayed pending a claimed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis10/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A student group at California State University, Long Beach recently sent out an email warning that a TPUSA chapter has been formed on campus, soliciting ideas for ways to counteract them and show that conservatives are not welcome here10/12/17Education, PC,
Al Sharpton: Jerry Jones Has a Plantation Kind of Mentality10/12/17Race, Media, Celebrities
Wyoming School Gives Kids Shooting at Trump as Option in Multiple Choice Quiz10/12/17Perverse, Professors, TDS
Ohio State University students features a flowchart designed to help students determine whether their Halloween costume is racist; enthusiastically supports costumes that make fun of Donald Trump, but warns white students to avoid dressing as Prince or wearing traditional head wear from other cultures 10/12/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Sweden: Multiple people shot at several locations, gunman opened fire in busy market 10/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Flashback: Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman For Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia 10/12/17Celebrities, Perverse, Video
H.R. McMaster, national security adviser, labeled the September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks mass murder attacks, instead of calling them acts of terrorism10/12/17PC, Islam, Violence
U.S. withdraws from UNESCO, the U.N cultural organization, citing anti Israel bias 10/12/17Islam, Conservative,
FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief 10/12/17Liberal Bias, TDS,
Larry Elder: If No One Wants to Take Our Guns, Stop Saying the Opposite10/12/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Feminists Lose Their Minds After Womens March Announces BERNIE SANDERS Will Give Opening Address At Womens Convention10/12/17Feminism, Socialism,
Texas Tech College Student who Killed Cop Used Stolen Gun 10/12/17Gun Control, Violence,
Blue States Obstruct Requests On How Much Taxpayer Funds Are Being Spent Fighting Trumps Travel Ban 10/12/17Immigration, TDS, Freedom
VIDEO: Jesus Calls Zakir Naik Satan! For telling people that the Sign of Jonah proves against Jesus actually dying10/12/17Christianity, Islam, Video
VIDEO: The Anti Hate Group That Is a Hate Group by Prager University10/12/17PC, Conservative, Video
Newsweek wonders if Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer supporting Donalad Trump is why the Indians lost in the playoffs?10/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Hollywood Should Never Lecture America Again10/12/17Conservative, Celebrities,
Illegal immigrant accused of beheading mother to have charges dropped after judge ruled not mentally competent to stand trial. 10/11/17Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
STUDY: Majority of college students hostile to free speech. The survey of more than 1,000 college students found that 56% support disinviting controversial speakers, while a 48% plurality believe that hate speech is not constitutionally protected 10/11/17Freedom, Education, PC
Canada: 21yr old Muslim man savagely beats 75yr old woman in random assault, most severe beating doctor says he has ever seen 10/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Rutgers students dont need no facts to heckle a black speaker at a panel on identity politics 10/11/17Education, PC,
Members of the Christian Union (CU) were banned from attending a freshman fair at the University of Oxford for fears that incoming students might face potential harm and feel unwelcome10/11/17Christianity, Education, PC
New York Times Hired Feminist Writer To Be Their Gender Editor 10/11/17LGBT, PC, Media
University of Texas professor says cultural appropriation is like theft of intellectual property10/11/17Professors, Race, PC
Supreme Court Unanimously Sides with Trump on Travel Ban 10/11/17Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Lawyers: Muslim who plotted jihad massacres in New York City was unfairly arrested, has addiction issues and bipolar disorder10/11/17Immigration, PC, Violence
Debunking The Lie That GOP Politicians Are In The Pocket Of The National Rifle Association (NRA)10/11/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Boy Scouts Now Accepting Girls. It was a unanimous decision to completely reverse the entire premise of the century old organization 10/11/17LGBT, PC, Feminism
George Ciccariello Maher, who has previously tweeted favorably about the ethnic extermination of white people, and who blamed the brutal massacre in Las Vegas on white people and men, threatens legal action in wake of administrative leave from Drexel University; calls it smear campaign by conservatives10/11/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Planned Parenthood And Satanists Fight To Repeal Missouri Abortion Laws. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri alleging that its abortion laws are unconstitutional, an argument shared by the Satanic Temple whose own lawsuit is headed to the states Supreme Court. 10/11/17Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
Transylvania Universitys president recently asked Congress to enact legislation that would force Facebook to remove any postings of hate speech from its website 10/11/17Education, Freedom, PC
Toronto Schools Bans Word Chief As Offensive because it is viewed as derogatory to aboriginal groups 10/11/17PC, Freedom,
New York radio host and parent advocate Shannon Joy uncovered a federal public school survey given to children as young as 10 years of age, which includes inquiries regarding oral sex, sexting, thoughts of suicide, cocaine, and invasive questions concerning their home life 10/11/17Perverse, Education,
Girl Scouts Are Not Happy About Boy Scouts’ New Inclusive Policy10/11/17LGBT, PC, Feminism
Texas state representative, Briscoe Cain, speaking engagement at Texas Southern University was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists and later canceled 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
Dumb and Dumber: Recap of Celebrity Responses to Las Vegas Massacre10/11/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
VIDEO: American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News by the Veritas Project 10/11/17Media, Conservative, Video
A Washington D.C. pharmacy revealed that they deliver medications that treat serious health problems to members of Congress, including medications to treat Alzheimers disease10/11/17Freedom, Healthcare,
Pope Calls For Outright Condemnation Of Death Penalty In All Circumstances10/11/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Judge to Determine Case of Illegal Immigrant Crossing Border for Abortion 10/11/17Abortion, Immigration,
Students of color promise to shut down Charles Murray event at University of Michigan 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
A New York Times analysis of daily polling shows that Donald Trump voters view the National Football League more unfavorably than Hillary Clinton voters feel about Fox News 10/11/17Patriotism, Media,
Obamas Finally Release Statement on Friend, Donor Harvey Weinstein 10/11/17Obama, ,
What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies 10/11/17LGBT, Conservative,
Swiss government asked head of Islamic State jihad terror cell to work with Muslim migrants 10/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
New California Laws Provide Protections to Immigrant Employees. The bill imposes an affirmative obligation on California employers to provide employees notification that ICE has determined they are lacking work authorization, thereby giving them advance warning that ICE may be considering their apprehension and removal from the U.S. through a workplace raid. If employers fail to do this, they can be fined $2,000 to $10,000 10/11/17Immigration, Freedom,
FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama Praised Wonderful Human Being Harvey Weinstein in 2013 10/11/17Obama, Celebrities,
UK: Convicted London Tube jihad bombers accomplice hired as Labour Council Poster Girl; later fired upon learning their gaffe. Not hard to find her background info before hiring10/11/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Shocked Dildo waving female students cant digest peers argument that guns defend against rape 10/11/17Feminism, Gun Control, Video
VIDEO: Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti Gun Law! Watch Dianne Feinstein say she wants to take away all guns10/11/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
WEINSTEIN HYPOCRISY: How Hollywood Assisted Harvey Weinstein | Louder With Crowder (Meryl Streep calls Harvey Weinstein God, says she is sorry rapist Roman Polanski is in jail) 10/11/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Antifa Professors Washington Post OpEd: The Real Threat To Free Speech On Campus Is Angry Right Wing Whites 10/10/17Professors, Violence,
Texas Tech University communications arts student Hollis Daniels pulled a gun and shot a campus police officer in the head during a standard debriefing at police headquarters because his welfare check turned up evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia10/10/17Violence, ,
Australia: Muslim tells intel services, Its either you will become a Muslim or you will die by the sword10/10/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: Project Veritas' latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times,. Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times' extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and reveals an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Twitter Bans Pro Life Campaign Ad 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
State Department picks hijab wearing Somali Muslim to represent American youth at UN 10/10/17Liberal Bias, Islam, PC
Conservative student paper called‘propaganda by professor who leads publications committee at Wake Forest University10/10/17Professors, Media, Liberal Bias
Students at Amherst College recently protested the mere presence of a conservative speaker, saying students shouldn’t have to feel afraid for their safety 10/10/17Freedom, Education, PC
Wisconsin Calls for Plaque Near Lincoln Statue Recognizing His Brutality Towards Indigenous Peoples 10/10/17Remove History, ,
Media Matters chief David Brock has personally watched over and benefited from a scheme to hide donor identities that allowed progressives to funnel untraceable millions to initiatives against conservative and GOP causes around the nation, a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission charges 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Newsweek: ISIS may be withholding proof that Las Vegas shooting was jihad in order to discredit FBI10/10/17Islam, Violence, Conservative
The Latest Racist Statue: Teddy Roosevelt 10/10/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said that Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting President Trumps golf score is Kim Jong Un type of antics 10/10/17Media, TDS, Video
VIDEO: Top 5 Hate Crime Hoaxes | Louder With Crowder 10/10/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
ACLU Silent On Gay Coffee Shop Owner Who Kicked Out Christians. The gay shop owner forced the group to leave his business, telling them he would fuck Christ in the ass. The ACLU in the past has represented gay couples in lawsuits against Christians who refused certain services to them10/10/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: 11 Year Olds Forced to Listen to Social Justice Activist Without Parental Consent. Tells students that they dont have to stand for the pledge of allegiance because that would be showing you support Donald Trump. Topics such as suicide and police brutality were dumped on our children and not age appropriately explained. The speaker is also facing FELONY CHARGES FOR DRUG POSSESSION10/10/17Perverse, Education, Liberal Bias
California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation lowering the maximum penalty for knowingly infecting or exposing a person to HIV to six months in prison. California To Have Harsher Penalty For Pronoun Violations Than For Knowingly Spreading HIV 10/9/17LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Transgender Boy Named Homecoming King: Says God Saved Her From Christian School 10/9/17LGBT, Christianity,
Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson: Confiscation the Only Real Gun Debate10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim rape gangs still abusing girls across the country, authorities anxious to show its not an Islamic problem. Authorities behind an investigation that identified more than 700 women and girls as potential victims of sexual exploitation in North East England believe the abuse is happening far beyond areas where perpetrators have been caught. 10/9/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
ILLEGAL ALIEN RAPED 11 AND 12yr old girls in North Carolina 10/9/17Immigration, Violence,
Pro colonialism article taken down after journal editor Bruce Gilley, political science professor at Portland State University receives credible death threats 10/9/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Top American designer Marc Jacobs spoke at Oxford University and said that the culture of political correctness is killing creativity.10/9/17PC, Conservative,
The Colorado State University, Fort Collins campus was vandalized with spray painted phrases such as fuck Columbus and decolonize 10/9/17Vandalism, Remove History,
The U.S would not exist today if not for Islam. Because the fall of Constantinople to Muslims on May 29, 1453 closed the trade routes to the East. This was devastating for European tradesmen, who had until then since time immemorial had taken the land route through Constantinople and Anatolia to travel to India and trade for silk, spices and other goods. But when the Muslims conquered Constantinople, these tradesmen would have been taking their lives into their hands if they traveled by these ancient routes. As non Muslims in Muslim countries, they would have been subject to being taken hostage, or enslaved, or forcibly converted to Islam, or killed outright. The Columbus voyage was trying to ease the plight of European merchants by bypassing the Muslims altogether, and making it possible for Europeans to reach India by sea10/9/17Conservative, Islam, Violence
A University of California, San Diego student calling himself Karl Marx was detained and questioned after stabbing a free speech ball 10/9/17Vandalism, Socialism,
Does Islam Rejects Racism? 10/9/17Islam, Conservative, Race
Bill Maher: Second Amendment Was to Protect Slavery 10/9/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Remove History
ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for social media violation calling for advertisers to boycott the Cowboys after owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench players who protest the American Flag. Espn paid $15 billion for Monday Night Football with the NFL10/9/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Associated Press says the Catholic Praying the Rosary is Islamophobic10/9/17Christianity, Islam, Media
Student protesters shut down University of Oregon presidents speech to stand against fascism10/9/17Education, Freedom, PC
Under Pressure, New York Times Buried the Harvey Weinstein Sex Abuse Story 13 Years Ago 10/9/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
A fourth victim came forward to police and alleged being sexually assaulted by a African migrant massage therapist inside a Massage Envy in Lanham, Maryland10/9/17Immigration, Violence,
Female Game Developer Fired For Calling Other Women Pretty 10/9/17Feminism, Freedom, PC
When Pepperdine University ceded to demands and removed a Christopher Columbus statue from its Malibu campus earlier this year, the institutions president said it would be relocated to their campus in Florence, Italy; however, it has not been relocated and may not ever be 10/9/17Remove History, ,
New York Times Charts Daily Murders in Inner Cities Compared to Vegas Shooting 10/9/17Gun Control, Violence,
CNN Symone Sanders says White People Dont Get To Dis Black NFLers10/9/17Media, Race,
VIDEO: SNL Portrays American Gun Owners as Crazy Trailer Trash10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
More universities shun Columbus Day, decry colonialism10/9/17Remove History, ,
Dove Apologizes For Racist Ad Following Outrage From Race Baiting Trolls On Social Media 10/9/17Race, PC,
Bodycam Video of Police Shooting Sparks Outrage and Black Lives Matter Protest in Utah. They say Police Just Murdered Him Flat Out; but ignore the fact that he pulled a knife out on the officers10/9/17Race, Violence,
Illegal Alien Sentenced Just Two Years for Killing Texas Firefighter, Two Kids 10/9/17Immigration, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFAs Tracks | Louder With Crowder 10/9/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Stephen Paddock: Las Vegas shooter visited Middle East, police reveal 10/8/17Violence, ,
U. Minnesota snowflakes dont like College Republicans mural, so they vandalize it10/8/17Vandalism, ,
In the first nine months of 2017, the Swedish migration board has reported 2,875 serious incidents against their staff including threats of rape and assault, and threats to set fire to their offices 10/8/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Man who raped 12yr old and got her pregnant is awarded joint custody of her child; another win for liberal tolerance for criminals 10/8/17Violence, ,
Poll: NFL No Longer America’s Favorite Sport. Only 42% of men from ages 34 to 54 had a favorable opinion of the NFL during September, a 31 point decrease from the 73% who responded to the August poll10/8/17Patriotism, Media, Conservative
Fake hate alert: Racist drawing at Binghamton U. leads to student town hall gripe session 10/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
The head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the agency will begin carrying out immigration raids in local neighborhoods and workplaces after California became a sanctuary state. ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community 10/8/17Islam, Freedom,
Confused Atheists Call New Obamacare Religious Exemption A Burden To Religious Freedom; The Secular Coalition for America, an aggressively anti Christian lobbying group based in Washington, D.C., condemned the new birth control exemption by attempting to argue that allowing more religious freedom is in itself a substantial burden to religious freedom10/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Migrant Unemployment Hits Record High in Germany. The number of foreigners receiving unemployment benefits touches the 2 million for the first time in Germany. According to the Federal Office for Employment, there were 1,997,519 foreigners on the dole by the end of June, making it 406,570 or 25.6% more than in mid 201610/6/17Economics, Islam, Immigration
UC Berkeley Professor: Hate Speech is Inherently Conservative; classifies all conservatives as racist for attributing successes of whites to society, that conservatives think whites are more evolved, racist government etc. Completely unaware his entire essay classifies a group of people and smears an entire class on actions of a few 10/6/17Professors, Race, Conservative
Trump Expands Religious Exemptions From Birth Control Mandate. Media Melts Down 10/6/17Abortion, Media, TDS
California can now start jailing people that refuse to use the preferred gender pronouns of nursing home residents after Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill. The law is limited to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but mandates that those who willfully and repeatedly refuse to use a transgender residents preferred name or pronouns can be slapped with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison10/6/17Freedom, LGBT,
Two Canadian professors at Nipissing University in Ontario brag of tricking students into social justice classes. They developed an approach they call Trojan horse pedagogy to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students.The professors argue that the ruse is justified because most students are not interested in learning about social justice 10/6/17Professors, PC, HoaxFraud
3 Muslims charged in Islamic State jihad plot to target New York concerts, landmarks, subways10/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
New Report: GOP Baseball Suspect Committed Act Of Terrorism Fueled By Rage Against Republican Legislators 10/6/17Violence, Liberal Bias, TDS
Two Seattle Pacific University physics professors argue that it is necessary to redefine our approach to science in order to combat white male privilege, which they believe is the primary reason that few women enter STEM fields 10/6/17Feminism, Race, Science
A private college (Albion College) president allegedly told a student government meeting that a young womans assault at the hands of campus protesters was justified on the grounds that the victim had privilege10/6/17Professors, Race, Violence
Dr. Seuss museum mural to be replaced amid claims of a racist depiction 10/6/17Remove History, Race, PC
Switzerland does not know 90% of identities of asylum seekers10/6/17Islam, Immigration,
A member of the University of Minnesota College Republicans was accused of violence and verbal and physical assault for challenging a classmate who was vandalizing one of the clubs signs. 10/6/17Education, Liberal Bias, Violence
Harvey Weinstein Blames Decades of Sexual Harassment on Right Wing Conspiracy 10/6/17Celebrities, Media, Perverse
UK: Police officer fired for Facebook post that was offensive towards Muslims10/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Justice Department has launched an investigation into whether Harvard University uses discriminatory policies when admitting new students; most notably asians10/6/17Freedom, Education, Race
In a speech from the Senate Floor on Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer) suggested that if the dead could talk they would urge President Trump to break with the NRA. 10/6/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
STUDY: Obama Had 740% More Positive Media Coverage Than Trump 10/6/17Media, TDS, Conservative
The Left Begin Their Takedown of Christopher Columbus 10/6/17Remove History, ,
Switzerland: Muslim refugee cleric prays that Allah destroy the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians and Shia10/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Muslim Arab Idol Winner: Knifing a Jew makes you a hero 10/6/17Islam, Violence, Celebrities
Activists in Colorado staged a die in demonstration, protesting the fossil fuel industry a day after a sniper shot and killed several people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. 10/6/17Environmental, ,
Sheryl Crow: Guns are Infringing on Rights of All People If Few People Are Allowed to Have Semi Automatic Weapons 10/6/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
VIDEO: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS ACTUALLY WAS A GREAT MAN | Ep. 37 10/6/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Why We Should Privatize the Postal Service 10/6/17Economics, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump 10/6/17Professors, TDS, Video
VIDEO: John Guandolo (President, Understanding the Threat): Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas. 10/6/17Islam, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Victor D. Hanson: How the Obama Presidency Destroyed Todays Democratic Party 10/6/17Obama, Conservative, Video
University of Texas at San Antonio: Professor threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays 10/5/17Professors, Freedom, LGBT
VIDEO: Michelle Obama: White Men Ruin Politics 10/5/17Obama, Race, Video
A PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver recently filmed a TedX Talk criticizing the unfairness of thin privilege, and calling for more fat acceptance in society10/5/17Professors, PC, Science
Nancy Sinatra Wants Murderous NRA Members to Face a Firing Squad 10/5/17Perverse, Gun Control, Violence
Only 7% of Yale professors identify as conservative, survey finds 10/5/17Education, Liberal Bias,
House Democrats ordered the systematic falsification of records showing how they spend their taxpayer-provided office budgets, according to lawyers for two former House information technology (IT) aides 10/5/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Liberal Bias
New York Times Conservative (not really) Columnist argues to Repeal the Second Amendment10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Netflix Magic School Bus Reboot Scaring Kids with Climate Alarmism 10/5/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim immigration judge has little idea of the law, isnt removed for fear of discrimination claim 10/5/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Media Leftists Ditch Facts in Favor of Anti-Gun Crusade; tout sound eliminating silencers and automatic rounds; two things that do not exist10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington State University will spend $275,000 to hire a new vice president of community, equity and inclusive excellence, as part of a concrete step to address diversity issues on campus. 10/5/17Education, PC, Economics
Amherst College in Massachusetts is offering students a chance to find the answer to the question: Why Some Females Become Conservative leaders? 10/5/17Feminism, Education,
Conservative students catch liberal vandals in the act in anticipation of Charlie Kirk speech at University of Illinois 10/5/17Education, Freedom,
Nancy Pelosi Erroneously Claims Background Checks Would Have Stopped Vegas Shooter 10/5/17Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
SHARIA COMPLIANT YOUTUBE removes Geert Wilders video about the terrorist prophet Mohammed10/5/17Media, Freedom, Islam
Harvey Weinstein, the distributor of the heavily disputed campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, bought the silence of younger female employees and actresses who had accused him of sexually harassing them 10/5/17Celebrities, Media, HoaxFraud
ABCs The View Supports Second Amendment - Except the Gun Part 10/5/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Media
Mainstream Media Networks Ignore Congress Passing 20 Week Abortion Ban 10/5/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
A push by the Trump administration to boost agricultural exports under the North American Free Trade Agreement could unintentionally increase illegal immigration from Mexico to the U.S 10/5/17Immigration, Economics, Freedom
Bret Stephens Indeed Does Not Understand the Second Amendment10/5/17Gun Control, Conservative,
VIDEO: WhiteTrash Cinema10/5/17Conservative, Media, Race
CZECH REPUBLIC stands firm against taking any more Muslims into their country 10/5/17Immigration, Islam, Conservative
Over the past six years, the share of Democrats saying the government should do more to help the needy, even if it means going deeper into debt, has risen 17 % (from 54% to 71%) 10/5/17Conservative, Economics,
Comedian Owen Benjamin was recently disinvited from a planned appearance at the University of Connecticut after he called NPR host Jesse Thorn a child abuser for allowing his 3yr old child choose their own gender, 10/4/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Freedom
YouTube Shuts Down Glazov Gang Channel’s Monetization10/4/17Freedom, Media, Islam
Liberalism is white supremacy says Black Lives Matter protesters as they shut down ACLU free speech event at the College of William & Mary10/4/17Education, Race, Freedom
New York Times Says 521 Mass Shootings In Past 477 Days! Its database of mass shootings includes crimes related to gangs, robberies, and domestic abuse, as long as they have four victims; The NYT still neglects to characterize the motivations of the Orlando murderer, categorizing the attack as an unqualified mass shooting.10/4/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Psychiatrist warns of time bomb in Germany: Todays migrants are not integrable10/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization adding that Congress must act on gun control 10/4/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Professors
Study: Vegetarian Babies More Likely To Abuse Drugs: According to a new study from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, pregnant mothers who avoid meat throughout all nine months of carrying their child further increase the risk of their offspring abusing drugs or alcohol later in life; citing B12 vitamin deficiency 10/4/17Environmental, Science,
VIDEO: Former Abortion Workers Expose the Predatory Money Making Machine 10/4/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
Arkansas: Muslim ex cop threatens to blow up Law Enforcement Training Academy 10/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Of the 51 politically oriented events hosted by the University of Vermont during the 2016 to 2017 school year, just two featured identifiably conservative speaker 10/4/17Education, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Hopes for a Better World As White People Become the Minority10/4/17Celebrities, Race, Video
University of Wisconsin Madison Students offer free dildos to those who will protest Katie Pavlichs pro 2nd Amendment talk10/4/17Gun Control, Perverse, Education
Austria Cuts Social Benefits To Stem Migrant Tide: 3 out of 9 Austria states have decided to cut welfare payments for migrants arriving in the Central European country10/4/17Economics, Islam, Immigration
Harvard moves forward with decision to delete Puritans from alma mater song 10/4/17Remove History, Christianity,
South Carolina: Imam says men are better than women, a woman is her husbands prisoner 10/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Massachusetts Only Confederate Memorial, A Grave Marker, to Be Removed 10/4/17Remove History, ,
University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk caught trying to get Donald Trump Jr. disinvited from event 10/4/17Education, Freedom, TDS
Professor SUSAN STRYKER AND TRANSGENDER STUDIES 10/4/17LGBT, Conservative, Science
VIDEO: CONSISTENT ARGUMENT: Pro Gun AND Pro-Life? Here’s Why | Louder With Crowder 10/4/17Gun Control, Abortion, Video
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel CRITICIZES Ben Shapiro, See his response and great Liz Wheeler OAN 10 questions about guns 10/4/17Gun Control, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Daniel Greenfield Moment: Its Not About the Anthem, Its About America 10/4/17Patriotism, Conservative,
Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data 10/3/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Antifa allegedly stalking Berkeley College Republicans; bathroom message: Kill all BCRS10/3/17Education, Violence,
Edmonton Somali Refugee in Canada that conducted the latest terrorist stabbings will Not Be Charged With Terrorism10/3/17Islam, Violence, PC
Librarian Who Refused Racist Dr. Seuss Books from Trump Loved Them When Obama was President10/3/17Professors, Race, Liberal Bias
A coalition of graduate students at Cornell University has issued a set of demands to school officials due to recent social injustices committed on and around campus 10/3/17Education, PC,
Illinois Deli Owner Glad a White Man Shot White People, says its Not Terror, but Community Outreach10/3/17Perverse, Race,
An adjunct professor at Eastern Connecticut State University argued in favor of repealing the Second Amendment after the tragic massacre in Las Vegas 10/3/17Gun Control, Professors,
News Media Leaps to Condemn NRA After Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Tufts University student newspaper blasted the schools Economics Department for promoting capitalist ideologies (profits) instead of social justice 10/3/17Economics, Education, PC
Paris: Five Muslims arrested for jihad bomb plot in apartment building in chic Paris neighborhood 10/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Twitter Blows Up With Racism From the Left after Las Vegas Shooting 10/3/17Media, Race,
Leftists Exploit Las Vegas Shooting To Push Online Censorship 10/3/17Freedom, Gun Control, Liberal Bias
Late Night Talkers Push Gun Control, Tearful Kimmel Blames GOP for Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Celebrities, Video, Gun Control
Should The U.S. Adopt Australian Gun Laws? Here is Why That Would Never Work. 10/3/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Dennis Prager: The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel; that America oppresses everyone but white, Christian, males 10/3/17Conservative, Race,
VIDEO: Lena Dunham Politicizes A Tragedy and tries to make Las Vegas shooting about Gender 10/3/17Celebrities, Feminism, Video
New York Probes German Bank for Links to Palestinian Terrorist Group 10/3/17Islam, Violence,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Everything Wrong With Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Rant | Louder With Crowder 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Reveals The Lies In Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Shooting Monologue 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
Jimmy Kimmel Badly Contradicted Himself Last Night; because Kimmel opposes our response to terrorists but wants the same response when an American does a mass shooting10/3/17Gun Control, Celebrities, Conservative
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Explains The Biggest Problem For Conservatives 10/3/17Conservative, Video,
Professor says God Bless America is a warmongering song10/2/17Professors, Patriotism,
Las Vegas Massacre: 58 Dead, 500+ Wounded by Lone Shooter 10/2/17Gun Control, Violence,
The Regressive Left Shills For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting 10/2/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias,
Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S. 10/2/17Gun Control, Conservative,
Ohio professors label GOP lawmakers as extremists. One GOP state representative, Candice Keller, has had her house pelted with feminine hygiene products, received death threats, and had fake accounts used to smear her on social media. 10/2/17Professors, Perverse, Liberal Bias
More Transgenders Are Regretting Surgery, But No One Wants To Talk About It 10/2/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Boise State University Professor Scott Yenor who critiqued radical feminism is accused of promoting violence, and targeted for termination 10/2/17Professors, Education, Freedom
Hayley Geftman-Gold, a Vice President and Senior Counsel at CBS is fired after she posted on social media that she was not even sympathetic to shooting victims, because country music fans often are Republican gun toters10/2/17Perverse, Liberal Bias, Violence
A group of University of California, Berkeley students recently attempted to protest their own exam and demanded a take home essay with significant time to prepare in its place 10/2/17Education, PC,
Christian Group Takes Seven Years But Shuts Down Horrific Late Term Abortion Clinic 10/2/17Abortion, Christianity, Conservative
A professor of politics at Drexel University blames Vegas massacre on narrative of white victimization without any evidence10/2/17Professors, Race, Perverse
NBA to Players: You Must Stand for National Anthem 10/2/17Patriotism, ,
Uninformed Actor Tweets Pretty Much Anyone Can Get Machine Gun10/2/17Gun Control, Celebrities,
Evergreen State Punishes 80 Students For Berserk Race Protests That Shut Down Campus 10/2/17Freedom, Education, Race
Norwegian Army Chief: Europe Must Destroy Islam in Order to Survive 10/2/17Islam, Immigration, Conservative
VIDEO: MSNBC Guest: Hunters Use Suppressors So Deer Cant Hear Them 10/2/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Las Vegas Massacre: What Theyre NOT Telling You by Paul Joseph Watson 10/2/17Conservative, Video,
It isnt true that ISIS has a history of claiming others attacks as their own by Robert Spencer 10/2/17Islam, Violence, Conservative
Bill OReilly: Gun Laws Will Not Stop Psychopaths From Harming People10/2/17Gun Control, Conservative,
University of North Carolina colored water fountain scandal was student hoax 10/2/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Toronto District School Board released a 170 page guidebook for teachers that recommended a variety of religious intrusions into the public school system. A list of announcements it suggests be read before or after the playing of O Canada include the Muslim greeting (As-salamu alaykum). This would have placed Islam in the school system, above the National Anthem and above every other creed. The school now backtracks10/2/17Islam, PC, Education
VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson; Explains why California is Failing Despite Silicon Valley & all its Wealth 10/2/17Conservative, Video, Economics
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D IL) and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz are sympathetic to terrorist Puerto Rico separatist Oscar Lopez Rivera. As a teenager in Puerto Rico, after growing up in Chicago, Gutierrez belonged to the now defunct Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP). 10/1/17Liberal Bias, Perverse, Socialism
Texas High School Coach Cuts Star Players For National Anthem Protest 10/1/17Patriotism, Conservative,
Muslim Terrorist in Edmonton Crashes Car into Police Vehicle, Stabs him 4 times. Then takes Uhaul and rams 4 pedestrians. Came to Canada as Somali refugee and was investigated by police before for extremisim but was determined to be not a threat 10/1/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Hillary Clinton Never Returned Donations From Owner of Site Linked to Underage Prostitution 10/1/17Clinton, Perverse,
VIDEO: Pope Francis tells Muslim migrants: You are warriors of hope 10/1/17Christianity, Islam, PC
After Edmonton jihad attack, Globe and Mail and founding Chair of the Canadian chapter of CAIR warns against those who spread hatred against Muslims10/1/17Islam, Liberal Bias,
4 DREAMERS MURDERED TWO PEOPLE IN UTAH 10/1/17Immigration, Violence,
VIDEO: Gad Saad Explains How Islam Will Defeat The West: Canadian Politicians and the Abyss of Infinite Darkness (THE SAAD TRUTH_515) 10/1/17Conservative, Conservative, Video
Colin Kaepernicks foundation donated $25,000 to a foundation named convicted cop killer Assata Shakur; part of a larger, $1 million pledge. There was also $2,500 earmarked for a program called Cop Watch; which trains volunteers to follow and video police officers9/30/17Race, Perverse, Violence
Evan Rachel Wood Triggered After Steve Bannon Claims Actors Are Dumb As Ticks9/30/17Celebrities, ,
Human Smugglers Continue Leaving Migrants to Die in Texas Heat. 5 More Illegal Immigrants nearly die in Texas heat. 9/30/17Immigration, ,
The Root politics editor Jason Johnson said Trumps response to Hurricane Maria damage to Puerto Rico was“what white nationalism looks like as policy 9/30/17Media, TDS, Race
Kindergartner Kneels for Pledge of Allegiance9/29/17Patriotism, ,
Washington Post Interviews 3rd Graders Who Hate Trump 9/29/17TDS, Media,
California Environmental Bill will Ban Gas powered cars in the state by 20409/29/17Environmental, Freedom,
A black man from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was charged with targeting, assaulting and intimidating five white women at Blacklick Woods Metro Park because of his hatred for white people 9/29/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Spike Lee Cites American Racism as the Need for Politics in Sports on CNN9/29/17Celebrities, Race,
Protesters At Harvard call Betsy DeVos a white supremacist9/29/17Education, Race,
Yahoo Poll: 62% of NFL fans plan to watch less football because of National Anthem Protest 9/29/17Conservative, Patriotism,
Dallas Renaming Four Schools Named After Confederates 9/29/17Remove History, ,
Australian Priest Assaulted For Supporting Traditional Marriage 9/29/17Christianity, LGBT, Violence
Bridgewater State University has placed a professor on paid leave following revelations that he made disparaging comments about Trump supporters on social media such as Fuck Anyone Who Voted For Donald Trump9/29/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: College Students Describe Bias Against Conservative Women On Campus9/29/17Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
FBI: White nationalist violence at least as big a threat to U.S. as the Islamic State 9/29/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Violence
A Florida school teacher is planning on setting up a Satanic display that specifically calls children to Hail Satan next to a Christmas display in December9/29/17Christianity, Perverse, Professors
FBI STATS DEMOLISH NFL PROTEST NARRATIVE: There was a 53% increase in gun murders of police officers in 2016. 42% of all cop killers were black males, even though they constitute just 6% of the population and Nearly 900 more blacks were killed in 2016 compared with 2015, bringing the black homicide victim total to 7,881. Those 7,881 are 1,305 more than the number of white victims (which in this case includes most Hispanics) for the same period, though blacks are only 13% of American population9/29/17Race, Violence, Conservative
Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon claimed on Twitter that the estate tax applies only to estates worth more than $11 million, However, the estate tax applies to gross estates worth more than $5.5 million9/29/17Economics, Conservative,
VIDEO: Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 6: The Rapid Growth of Islam by David Wood 9/29/17Conservative, Video, Christianity
A Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine) Professor says meritocracy is a whiteness ideology9/29/17Professors, Race, PC
Catholic university Marquette to host LGBT Pride Prom dance in campus ballroom9/28/17LGBT, Education, Christianity
An enraged University of California, Riverside stole a classmates Make America Great Again hat, proclaiming that it represents genocide; says fuck your freedom of speech, boy9/28/17TDS, Education, Race
UK: Devout Muslim father once jailed for raping schoolgirl beats his daughter and her boyfriend with hammer 9/28/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
How Much Is Illegal Immigration Costing You? Here Are The Numbers9/28/17Immigration, Economics, Conservative
Black Students at Cornell Issue Six Pages of Demands to End Campus White Supremacy9/28/17Education, Race,
Charges filed against Muslim passenger and former professor of Islamic Studies who complained of allergies on Southwest flight and was forcibly removed, demanded dogs be removed from airplane because Muslims hate dogs former 9/28/17Professors, Islam,
Hundreds of demonstrators came out to protest conservative commentator Ben Shapiro before and during his appearance at the University of Utah. The protest was largely peaceful until a female activist threw a punch following a heated argument, landing it squarely in the face of a man wearing a red hat9/28/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Norway Immigration Minister: Norwegians are experiencing now the fear that Israelis have experienced for decades 9/28/17Conservative, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: Steven Crowder Infiltrates Antifa At Shapiro Event, Antifa Offers Weapons 9/28/17Violence, Conservative, Video
The Department of Justice has filed a discrimination suit against an American company for allegedly hiring foreign workers before U.S. citizens as that violates the Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative the department launched earlier this year9/28/17Immigration, Economics,
Georgetown Law professor says eff Sessions threatens the basic premises of American law; does not explain how though9/28/17Professors, TDS,
Cast of Greys Anatomy Takes a Knee 9/28/17Patriotism, Celebrities,
Elementary School Library REJECTS Kids Books Donated By Melania Trump 9/28/17TDS, Education,
VIDEO: Answering Islam 11: Where Does the Bible Call Jesus the Son of God? David Wood 9/28/17Christianity, Video,
Seinfield actress Julia Louis Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer, Pushes Socialized Medicine9/28/17Celebrities, Healthcare,
Networks Avoided Showing Outraged Fans Booing Anthem Protests; preached United despite evidence9/28/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Why didnt TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday?9/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Patriotism
VIDEO: Miley Cyrus is a Complete Idiot. Paul Joseph Watson 9/28/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Red Pill Black (Candace Owens) on Her Journey From Left to Right (Live Interview) 9/28/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
HuffPost contributor Jesse Benn has concluded that any white athlete who stands during the national anthem is in full support of white supremacy. 9/27/17Patriotism, Media, Race
WNBA Finals Team Boycotts Anthem. Crowd Boos Lustily. 9/27/17Patriotism, ,
Scientist Blocked From Researching Reverse Gender Surgery, Might Be Offensive 9/27/17Science, LGBT,
Pope Francis: Christ himself asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open9/27/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: Hillary Clinton says Hopefully Trump Hasnt Ordered the Killing of People and Journalists 9/27/17Clinton, TDS, Video
A popular journal that claims to publish peer reviewed research on white privilege appears to have a highly questionable peer review process 9/27/17Education, Science, Race
Michigan State Police Director Apologizes After Posting Meme Criticizing #TakeAKnee 9/27/17Patriotism, PC,
In Cabarrus County, North Carolina, 8th graders were given a 19 page survey about their sexual behaviors without parents being informed 9/27/17Perverse, Education,
Minnesota: Leftists in city of jihad stabbing spree protest Iranian ex-Muslims speech: Islamophobia is White Supremacy 9/27/17Islam, Race, PC
More than 10 Clemson University student senators remained seated during the Pledge of Allegiance at the latest Student Senate meeting 9/27/17Education, Patriotism,
Chicago Police Officers Kneel in Protest, Now Face Disciplinary Action9/27/17Patriotism, ,
Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue writer and queen of feigning emotional injury, has done it again.Duca, who has previously joked about murdering men on the street out of microaggression, is happy to see Anthony Weiner go to jail because hes a white guy9/27/17Media, Race,
Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in New York9/27/17Immigration, Economics, Conservative
Antifa Supporters Edit Groups Wikipedia Page to Downplay Terrorism Categorization 9/27/17Violence, Media, Freedom
Students at Reed College are protesting a required humanities class that focuses on texts from the great thinkers of ancient Greece and Rome, saying that forcing students to take a mandatory Western Civilization course is really harmful and are protesting predominantly white authors 9/27/17Remove History, Education, Race
New York Times Continues its Mission of Rehabilitating Communisms Image 9/27/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
Oklahoma Beheading Trial: Is Obeying the Quran a Form of Mental Illness? Robert Spencer9/27/17Conservative, Islam, Violence
Brown University Student theater production explores nuances of lesbian identity9/27/17LGBT, Education, PC
A new report from the California Department of Public Health shows that California is #1 spot in the race for most cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and congenital syphilis in 2016 9/27/17Healthcare, ,
Two Canadian professors recently wrote an academic journal article arguing that white students from Western countries need to take workshops to confront their white fragility before going on study abroad trips 9/27/17Professors, Race, PC
Michelle Obama: Women Who Voted For Trump Voted Against Their Own Voice 9/27/17TDS, Feminism, Obama
Student fees help fund Diversity Leadership Certificate at The University of New England 9/27/17Education, PC,
Canada: Mosque charity controlled or influenced by Qatar organization that supports jihad terror 9/27/17Islam, Violence, HoaxFraud
George Washington University committee will explore renaming problematic campus buildings 9/27/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Speech at University of Utah Sept 27, 2017 FULL SPEECH 9/27/17Conservative, Video,
VIDEO: CBC calls sharia law nothing to fear: Candice Malcolm warns that anti Islamophobia motion M103 could bring sharia law to Canada, and the state broadcaster says thats no big deal9/27/17Islam, PC, Video
VIDEO: Are Men and Women the SAME or Not? Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Hillary Fangirls Gender Hypocrisy 9/27/17Clinton, Feminism, Video
The University Of North Carolina recently hosted a lecture warning faculty that the right wing media outrage machine is targeting faculty of color9/26/17Professors, Liberal Bias, Race
Lena Dunham Compares Trump to Dylann Roof 9/26/17TDS, Celebrities,
California State University, Long Beach is looking for a new professor to teach classes on transgender studies and gender variant theories9/26/17Science, LGBT, PC
Al Sharpton Guest: Trump Wants Us Kneeling in the Cotton Fields Again9/26/17Media, TDS, Race
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent $25,000 on a soundproof phone booth in Administrator Scott Pruitts office preventing outsiders from eavesdropping on the agency chief communications9/26/17Environmental, Freedom,
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Kneels on House Floor 9/26/17Patriotism, ,
Google Doodle: Some Feminist Queer Theorist Of Chicana Studies. Her name is Gloria E. Anzaldúa, an author, poet and scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory,9/26/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
USA Today Praises NFL, Decries Racist Trump9/26/17Patriotism, Media, TDS
George Takei Compares Standing For National Anthem To North Korea, Gets Shredded 9/26/17Patriotism, Celebrities, LGBT
Federal Agent Ambushed, Shot While Carrying Groceries Outside Publix Grocery Store 9/26/17Immigration, Violence,
Keith Boykin: Trump Is A White Supremacist Who Thinks Hes A Slave Master9/25/17TDS, Media, Race
Sudanese Man Opens Fire in Predominantly White Tennessee Church, FBI Opens Civil Rights Case 9/25/17Violence, Race,
Marxist professor doubles down on Trump must hang tweet 9/25/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
New York Times: The First Amendment Can Cause Physical Pain; Words Can be like Rape 9/25/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias

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