Freedom Regulation

DePaul University is refusing to allow a conservative student group to host commentator and comedian Steven Crowder 2/16/18Education, Freedom,
Earlier this month, creationist Ken Ham was disinvited from speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma by student government organizers after intense pressured from campus LGBT activists, But the president of the university has reversed that decision 2/16/18Education, Freedom, Christianity
Conservative group at Lone Star College sues after admin unilaterally yanks status after hosting Abortion debate 2/15/18Education, Freedom, Abortion
Second Appeals Court Strikes Down Trump Travel Ban2/15/18Immigration, Freedom, Islam
Report: Political Environmentalism Is Hampering Research At Federally Funded National Laboratories 2/14/18Environmental, Science,
Ohio parents are battling for custody of their biological daughter who claims she is transgender, identifying as a boy. The 17yr old is currently living with her maternal grandparents and under temporary legal custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services. The teen claims she became suicidal over her parents' lack of support regarding her gender identity, including refusing to call her by her new chosen name. She was first hospitalized in 2016 and has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria. 2/13/18LGBT, Freedom,
Here is how you can circumvent Facebooks block on Jihad Watch2/13/18Indoctrination, Freedom, Media
UCLA students pay $2Million per year in social justice fees 2/12/18Education, Economics, Indoctrination
A debate coorganized by the College Republicans and College Democrats at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has been canceled after students protested the involvement of conservative pundit Bill Whittle, accusing him of racism and Islamophobia.2/12/18Indoctrination, Education, Freedom
Six South Dakota State University student senators are protesting a resolution denouncing a bill in the state legislature intended to protect free speech on college campuses2/12/18PC, Education, Freedom
Is the Global Warming Cult Finally Coming to Its Senses? 2/10/18Environmental, ,
The Obama DOJ Long History Of Politicization (LIST) 2/9/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Virginia bill would let colleges easily block routine FOIA requests2/9/18Freedom, Education,
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Absolutely Butchers Gay Wedding Cake Ruling And Its Not Even Close2/9/18LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Eric Holder Calls DOJs Apology to Tea Party Groups Targeted by IRS Unnecessary 2/9/18Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
I Should Know: Democrats Intel Abuse Is Reminiscent of My Work for Ceausescu2/9/18Conservative, Freedom, Obama
Dartmouth student accused of violence for oped on gender bias and diversity2/8/18Education, PC, Violence
Republicans tried to ban late term abortions in America, a measure that was sadly voted down. Among those who voted against the measure were 14 Catholic senators. Catholic Priest Father Dwight Longenecker believes that they should be excommunicated from the church. 2/8/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
A University of Central Florida student refused to wear a hijab on World Hijab Day and for that crime against humanity, a female Muslim student tried to get her expelled. 2/8/18Islam, Education, Freedom
Movie Theater Bans Doc Profiling Professed Former Homosexuals Who Were Bullied By Leftists 2/8/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Freedom
Creationist Ken Ham disinvited from speaking at Univ. of Central Oklahoma2/8/18Education, Freedom, Science
An FBI informant told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions to America with the expectation it would benefit Bill Clintons charitable efforts as then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed through a reset in U.S. Russia relations2/8/18Clinton, Freedom, Conservative
ENGLAND: Teacher Fired For Telling Lesbian Student God Loves You2/8/18Professors, LGBT, Christianity
Democrats Are Headed for a World of (Deserved) Hurt 2/8/18TDS, Freedom, Conservative
Sweden: Dental hygienist proves child refugees are actually adults, gets fired when he says: I would probably estimate that up to 80% of them were obviously adults. This can be seen, for example, on wisdom teeth that were fully grown; something that is only seen in adults 2/7/18Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
The University of Massachusetts Amherst recently conducted a campus climate survey, revealing that conservative students are among the most likely to face ostracism and unfair treatment on campus. 2/7/18Education, Freedom,
Group Tries to Prevent Team From Praying Before Games. West Branch high school basketball team in Beloit, Ohio has a nondenominational prayer before games. This is a tradition that the community appears to enjoy, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a group dedicated to defending the non existent constitutional separation between religion and government, is fighting to take it down. 2/7/18Christianity, Education, Freedom
THE CLINTON DOSSIER: Exposing the collusion between the DOJ and the Clintons. 2/7/18Clinton, Freedom,
New FBI Texts May Implicate Obama in FISAGate 2/7/18Obama, Freedom, TDS
California Will Block Oil And Coal Shipments, Risks Constitutional Battle 2/7/18Environmental, Freedom, California
VIDEO: Who Will Google Silence Next? Prager University2/7/18Media, Indoctrination, Video
CNN political contributor Carl Bernstein unleashed an ode to ridiculousness in response to the release of the GOP led Nunes memo. Bernstein lamented that the House Intelligence Committees exposure of ethics concerns in the FBI's Russian probe means that we may well have not seen such dark days for American democracy and its institutions. According to him, the country is at a crossroads due to demagogic authoritarian Donald Trump. 2/6/18TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
A California judge ruled the state couldnt force a cake shop owner to bake a cake for a gay couples wedding, ruling that doing so would constitute a violation of free speech.2/6/18Christianity, Conservative, LGBT
UK government review of Sharia courts reveals systemic discrimination against women (VERSE)2/5/18Islam, Immigration, Feminism
Study: Over Half of Universities in UK Actively Censor Speech2/5/18PC, Education, Freedom
Racially Insensitive: High School Cancels Screening Of Cool Runnings 2/5/18Education, Race, PC
5 Things You Need To Know About The Bombshell House Intelligence Memo (Ben Shapiro) 2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
The Memo Reveals the Coup against America 2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
Report: Georgetown Hijacked Funds Intended for Pro Family Campus Group 2/2/18Christianity, LGBT, Education
6 SERIOUS Outstanding Questions On The House Intelligence Memo (Ben Shapiro)2/2/18Freedom, TDS, Conservative
Stanford lied for a decade about discriminating against men in financial aid decisions2/2/18Education, Freedom, Feminism
Canada: M103 Heritage Committee report promises government action against Islamophobia2/2/18Islam, PC, Freedom
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar said the memo released by the House shows the actions taken by top FBI and Justice Department officials to investigate the Trump campaign constitutes treason. This full throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason2/2/18TDS, Conservative, Freedom
‘Whiteness Discussion Group Bars Whites from Asking Questions to Black Students on the campus of Kenyon College in Ohio, Juniper Cruz.2/2/18Education, Race, Freedom
California Professor: We Must Abolish White Democracy 2/1/18Race, Perverse, Professors
The Desperate Left: CNN Guest Calls Release of Nunes Memo a Constitutional Abomination2/1/18Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
A language resource guide from the University of Dayton cautions against the use of the terms husband and wife2/1/18Education, PC, Christianity
Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan partly blamed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for the recent increase in illegal immigration, arguing the courts decisions have created a legal environment friendly to foreign aliens. Homan said that the 9th Circuit decisions incentivize illegal crossings, suggesting immigrants know they will receive favorable treatment in its jurisdiction. 2/1/18Freedom, Immigration, Violence
Environmentalist students pressure Stanford to disinvite Charles Murray for some reason2/1/18Environmental, Education, Race
Amazon urged to pick LGBT friendly cities by gay activists for HQ2 2/1/18LGBT, Freedom, Economics
University of South Dakota banned screening of Muslim genital mutilation film because it was controversial2/1/18Freedom, Islam, PC
Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards: Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions 1/31/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
FBI TAKES ON ISLAMOPHOBIA: White nationalism seen as bigger threat than jihad terror1/31/18Freedom, Islam, Immigration
FBI officials review surveillance memo, could not cite any factual inaccuracies: source 1/30/18Freedom, TDS, Clinton
Dennis Prager: 3 Reasons the Left Wants Evermore Immigrants1/30/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
UK headteacher called Hitler, severely bullied into reversing hijab school ban 1/30/18Islam, Immigration, PC
ReasonTV: Why Is The U.S. Only Ranked 17th On The Human Freedom Index? 1/30/18Freedom, Conservative, Video
The Washington State Department of Licensing has issued an emergency rule to change drivers license requirements to help protect undocumented immigrants from a crackdown by federal authorities. Drivers no longer have to identify their place of birth. 1/27/18Immigration, Freedom,
VIDEO: Ben Stein: Parts of California, New York Appear to Be Seceding Like South Before Civil War 1/27/18Immigration, Freedom, Video
Students take over campus building, issue list of 23 demands, including expulsion of right wing student at The College of Wooster 1/26/18Education, Freedom,
Two anti Trump and pro Clinton FBI agents caught in the middle of a massive scandal regarding corruption and political bias at the nation’s leading investigative bureau allegedly used private devices to communicate with each other about government work while investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons use of a private email server.1/26/18Freedom, Clinton, TDS
YOUTUBE: KEEPING AMERICANS IN THE DARK ON ISLAM 1/26/18Media, Indoctrination, Freedom
DOJ Backs Conservative Groups Suing UC Berkeley For Hindering Conservative Speakers 1/25/18Education, Race, Freedom
Boulder, Colorado is taking legal action to force fossil fuel companies to cover the cost of damages caused by severe weather event 1/25/18Environmental, Freedom,
GERMANY cracks down on those who voice opposition to mass Muslim migration. Like good little soldiers, Facebook and Twitter are marching in lockstep with the German governments latest gestapo tactics, permanently banning accounts that dont fall in line with Angela Merkel’s master plan for population replacement.1/25/18Indoctrination, Immigration, Islam
California Democrats have proposed a new law that would slap a stiff $1,000 fine on waiters who offer diners plastic straws for their beverages 1/25/18Environmental, Economics, Freedom
Environmentalists Are Now Pushing To Tax Your MEAT 1/25/18Environmental, Economics,
John Kerry violated Logan Act by offering foreign policy advice to the Palestinians and slandering President Trump 1/25/18Liberal Bias, Freedom, Islam
DREAMers, protected by President Obama under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, blocked a vehicle entrance at Disneyland to protest the governments failure to extend DACA (Ben Shapiro) 1/24/18Immigration, Freedom,
Students in the University of Minnesota system pay between $336 and $873 per semester in mandatory student fees, providing more than $35 million every year to fund things like identity-based student groups and a quidditch club. At UMN Rochester campus, students must pay $2.00 per year for diversity programming, while the Twin Cities campus charges students $4.28 per year just to cover the costs of administering the other $430 in mandatory fees. 1/24/18Freedom, Indoctrination, Economics
A list of the revelations from the past few weeks surrounding the FBI investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government (Ben Shapiro)1/24/18Freedom, TDS,
French Men Face $100 Fines for Complimenting Women 1/24/18Freedom, Feminism, PC
California AG Sues Trump For Dinging Obama Fracking Rule1/24/18Environmental, TDS, Freedom
Mueller Investigation Targets Trump Over Supposed Obstruction. This Could Be A Massive Constitutional Crisis In The Making (Ben Shapiro)1/24/18Freedom, TDS,
Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Leaves Company to Advise Democratic Party for 2020 Elections1/24/18Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
Judicial Watch Sues For Strzok and Page Text Messages, Travel Records1/24/18TDS, Conservative, Freedom
The FBI’s top agent on the Trump Russia investigation sent a text message last year that one top Republican senator says suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion. The FBI said it does not have text messages for Strzok and Page for the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017; which just so happens to be the day that Mueller was appointed. 1/23/18Clinton, Obama, Freedom
Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are warming up to the idea of voting to release a 4 page memo that alleges FBI and Justice Department abuses related to the infamous Steele dossier and secret surveillance warrants obtained by the Obama administration. 1/23/18Clinton, Obama, Freedom
A federal jury ruled in favor of former Sheriff David Clarke in a lawsuit alleging that his Facebook posts infringed on a mans right to free speech 1/23/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
The Peoples Cube: Blocked By the Department of Defense 1/22/18Freedom, Indoctrination,
CENSORSHIP: UConn Bans Public From Hearing Shapiro Speak. UConn is a public, taxpayer funded institution1/22/18Freedom, Indoctrination,
More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy mission to support viewpoint diversity and free inquiry on campus. Several Heterodox members said that they were motivated to join after witnessing firsthand the corrupting influence of the increasingly authoritarian culture on campus. 1/22/18Professors, Conservative, Freedom
Designated terrorist group CAIR gets 2 Texas teachers fired for voicing their opinions of Islam on social media1/22/18Islam, PC, Professors
VIDEO: Arrest Xavier Becerra: CA Gov Candidate Calls for Sessions to Charge State AG Over New Immigration Law1/22/18Immigration, Conservative, Video
San Francisco strict short-term home rental laws just kicked in on Wednesday, and are already having a big effect on SF-based Airbnb. Listing plunged from over 10,000 to around 5,500, dropping around 4,760 listings, the site told the San Francisco Chronicle. Wednesday midnight was the deadline for hosts to register homes with the city for a $250 fee, or face fines as high as $1,000 a day.1/20/18Economics, Freedom,
Google says it is discontinuing its fact check feature because it proved to be too faulty for public use, directly attributing the decision to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The company has no date set for when it will return, if ever 1/19/18Freedom, Media, Conservative
ESPN hypes backlash against Trump supporter Kid Rock to pressure the NHL to cancel his All Star Game Performance1/19/18Freedom, TDS, Liberal Bias
Hamas linked CAIR files court challenge to governments Terrorist Screening Database. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S 1/19/18Islam, Violence, Freedom
Western Companies Bow to Chinese Bullying, Censor Mentions of Taiwan, Tibet on Websites1/19/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: California Threatens To Prosecute Businesses That Cooperate With ICE 1/18/18Immigration, Freedom,
SURVEY: Democratic students far more likely to support disinviting speakers than Republicans 1/18/18Freedom, PC,
Citrus Colleges rocketry club was selected to compete in NASAs annual Student Launch Competition, but is being prevented from attending because of California politics. The competition is being held in Alabama, which California added to a travel ban list after the state passed a law allowing faith-based adoption agencies to deny adoptions to gay couples 1/18/18Freedom, California, LGBT
Student journalists testify for Missouri bill that would protect them from official censorship 1/18/18Education, Freedom,
New York court breaks rules, refuses investigation into James Comey 1/18/18Clinton, Freedom,
State Department Hiding Game Changer Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees1/18/18Freedom, Islam, Immigration
College Students Can Report Each Other For Social Media Comments On Politics And Religion 1/17/18Freedom, Indoctrination, Education
VIDEO: New California declares independence from rest of state 1/16/18Economics, California, Freedom
Trump Administration To Investigate Prosecuting Sanctuary City Government Officials1/16/18Immigration, Freedom,
Four California residents who sustained injuries during the violent riots at UC Berkeley last year are suing both the school and the City of Berkeley for failing to intervene to ensure public safety. 1/16/18Violence, Education,
Anti Conservative Comic Convention Founder Banned Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo 1/16/18Freedom, Celebrities,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism 1/16/18LGBT, Conservative, PC
Twitter Employees Paid To View Private Sex Messages1/15/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Canadian OpEd by a Feminist: Parents Shouldnt Be Allowed to Have as Many Children as They Want 1/15/18Feminism, Environmental, Freedom
FBI, DOJ argue for dismissal of suit about their foreknowledge of Garland, Texas jihad attack1/15/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
Anti PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out1/15/18Professors, Freedom, Conservative
Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America? 1/14/18Economics, California,
How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It1/13/18Freedom, Media, Conservative
Catholic university, Georgetown, approves new gender and sexuality housing option 1/12/18LGBT, Education, PC
Canadian Government Requires Pledging Support for Abortion to Get Summer Jobs Funding 1/12/18Freedom, Abortion, Indoctrination
DACA: THE IMMIGRATION TROJAN HORSE: How the original DREAM act was designed to cover 90% of the illegal alien population in the US. 1/12/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
The New York state government backlash to Mississippi religious freedom law has forced the baseball team from the University of Southern Mississippi to give up several of its home games, costing it revenue shortly after it enacted millions of dollars in budget cuts and layoffs1/12/18Economics, Freedom, LGBT
Google new Fact Check operates just like Orwells 1984 ministry of truth 1/12/18Media, Liberal Bias,
Indictment Handed Out In Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One, Hillary Clinton 1/12/18Clinton, Freedom,
VIDEO: Schools Should BAN Best Friends?? Tucker Cant Take This Seriously1/11/18Education, PC, Freedom
WaPo: We Didnt Attack The Daily Caller, And Dont Know Why Google Is. One of the fact checks on The Daily Caller, which Google alleges was conducted by The Washington Post, was flagrantly misattributed and wrong1/11/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Republican senator sponsors bill to fund junk science in rape investigations. Memory and neuroscience experts told Yoffe there was little evidence backing these pseudoscientific claims that sexual assault creates neurobiological change, induces tonic immobility in the victim during the act, represses memories that can be accurately recalled much later (just not immediately after), and that contradictory or changing narratives are actually evidence of assault. 1/11/18Science, HoaxFraud, Freedom
School District Pays Transgender Student $800,000 After Banning Him From The Boys Bathroom1/11/18LGBT, Economics,
Facebook Bans Bestselling Author over The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama 1/11/18Freedom, Media, Obama
VIDEO: Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trumps Private DMs to DOJ 1/10/18Media, Conservative, Video
A college professor in Canada wrote an oped for The Washington Post which argues that social justice warriors are the true defenders of free speech and open debate. Apparently, he has never been struck in the head with a bike lock for disagreeing with one. 1/10/18Professors, PC, Freedom
Seattle New Sweetened Beverage Tax’Causes Prices To Skyrocket. Expected to bring in $15 Million in government revenue. However, out of the more than $2 million going to the Fresh Bucks program, only about $400,000 will be spent on produce vouchers. The rest, Beekman writes, will be dedicated to administrative costs, such as outreach, technology and hiring five additional city employees to carry out the programs expansion. The price increase for that Gatorade Frost variety pack is a whopping 64.6% after the sugary beverage tax is included.1/9/18Economics, Freedom,
NAACP Wants Gov. Abbott Banned from Participating in MLK Celebration 1/9/18Race, Freedom,
Left Wing Activists Still Trying To Defund Breitbart, Even Without Bannon1/9/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Federal appeals court gives green light to administrators to expel students for tweeting in colleges within states of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah or Wyoming. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals released a bizarre opinion exonerating an administrator who expelled a student because he called his ex girlfriend a psycho bitch on Twitter1/9/18Freedom, Media,
A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration's decision to end a program protecting young immigrants from deportation. U.S. District Judge William Alsup granted a request by California and other plaintiffs to prevent President Donald Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program while their lawsuits play out in cour 1/9/18Immigration, Freedom,
James Damore sues Google, claims tech giant discriminates against white conservative men 1/8/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Canadas Carbon Taxes, Other Boondoggles Add Pain to Record Cold Winter1/8/18Environmental, Economics, Freedom
University of Mississippi enforces zero tolerance policy for politically incorrect statements 1/5/18Freedom, Education, PC
Conservative comedian Eric Golub was temporarily suspended from Twitter for using the word bimbos to describe the mainstream media.1/5/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Private New York University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute threatens to charge student protesters with hate speech if their opinions arent civil1/5/18Freedom, Education,
Attorney General Sessions Missed An Opportunity To Promote Federalism Over Marijuana 1/5/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Michael Wolff Makes the Argument for Removing Trump Under 25th Amendment for being mentally unfit 1/5/18TDS, Freedom,
Trump, The Dreamers (DACA), And The Cognitive Dissonance On Upholding Immigration Law1/4/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Republicans scheme to give illegal immigrants citizenship 1/4/18Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Sen. Cory Gardner (R CO) is threatening to block future nominees for Department of Justice positions in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions planned announcement of a new, potentially tougher tougher policy on marijuana. Sessions plans to rescind a 2013 memo, issued under the Obama administration, that indicated that the Justice Department would refrain from enforcing federal drug laws in states that had legalized marijuana. Instead, the department will now leave enforcement and prosecution decisions up to individual U.S. Attorneys in each state. Sessions new policy could also bring federal law enforcement into conflict with state authorities. 1/4/18Freedom, ,
Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan: Its time for Jeff Sessions to go, as shown by the latest FBI leak 1/4/18Conservative, Media,
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding a key Obama-era policy that allowed states to regulate their own legal marijuana. Sessions had already announced in November that he would be cracking down on these kinds of guidance memos which essentially change laws without going through the formal process to do so. Famous guidance memos issued during the Obama administration include the transgender bathroom memo, which told schools to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice. 1/4/18Freedom, Obama, LGBT
Jeff Sessions Is Right to End Obamas Unlawful Approach to Marijuana Enforcement 1/4/18Obama, Freedom, Conservative
TRUMP DEMANDS PRISON FOR HUMA ABEDIN: Like her boss, the top Hillary Clinton aide broke espionage laws. 1/4/18Freedom, Clinton,
VIDEO: What Is Hate Speech? We Asked College Students by ReasonTV1/4/18PC, Conservative, Video
Twitter Suspends Sheriff Clarkes Account Over Media Criticism 1/3/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Pranksters add to California Border Signs that Welcome Felons, Illegals, MS13 because Democrats need the votes1/2/18Immigration, Violence, Conservative
In Germany, social media sites can now be fined if they do not immediately delete hate speech or fake news from their platforms. The sites will be given 24 hours or up to seven days, for legally complex cases, to delete the content after the user issues a complete. Social media sites that do not comply will be fined up to $60 million, which raises the question if the law were an earnest (though fascist) attempt to curtail hate speech or a cheap ruse to make revenue. 1/2/18Freedom, PC, Media
Ex Muslim, Anti Islam Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin Banned on Twitter 1/2/18Freedom, Islam, PC
California has leveled misdemeanor charges against 41 year old Mark Feigin after he sent five anti Muslim posts to the Islamic Center of Southern Californias (ICSC) Facebook page in 2016. 12/30/17Freedom, Islam, PC
Conservative student Deplorable Radio show at the University of Minnesota Morris remains banned from university airwaves 12/29/17Education, Freedom,
Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To Rig Bundy Trial. Bundy lawyer Bret D. Whipple told The New York Times I personally have never seen anything like this, especially in a case of such importance 12/29/17Freedom, Environmental,
Arizona banned from enforcing law against public school courses that promote resentment toward a race12/29/17Freedom, Education, Race
The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who were ordered to pay the money to a lesbian couple after declining to bake them a gay wedding cake in 2013, before gay marriage was legal in Oregon 12/29/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Teachers union cant stop publication of information from undercover conservative operation Project Vertias, judge rules 12/28/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
A group representing 23 institutions of higher learning in San Antonio penned an open letter earlier this month declaring that hate speech and inappropriate messages are not legitimate forms of free speech. 12/28/17Education, PC,
California has become the first state in the union to mandate the use of LGBT inclusive textbooks in elementary schools and have given parents no way to opt out 12/27/17LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
France allows Muslim street prayers but bans Christmas movie as too Christian12/26/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
EPA Responded To FOIA Request regarding the Clean Power Plan 2.5 Years Later. Federal agencies are required by law to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests within twenty working days. 12/26/17Environmental, Obama, Freedom
NBC News Ponders Whether First Amendment Is Too Broad 12/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
China censors have taken down 13,000 websites in 3 years 12/25/17Freedom, ,
Congress Launching Investigation Into Obama Admin After Hezbollah Report 12/21/17Obama, Islam, Freedom
University of Virginia now promises to recognize conservative club after outcry from former governor 12/21/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
University of Tennessee Knoxville Defends First Amendment in Tweet, Then Deletes After Backlash 12/21/17PC, Education, Freedom
Black Hills State University bans emails containing offensive comments about hair color 12/21/17Education, PC,
Christine Douglass Williams fired from Canadian Race Relations Foundation for writing for Jihad Watch12/21/17Freedom, Islam, Media
SCOTUS Keeps Rebuking Lower Courts That Rule Against Trump 12/21/17TDS, Freedom, Conservative
Facebook Becomes Even More Intrusive by Asking Users to Map Their Face 12/20/17Freedom, Media,
The University of Iowa pulled a bait and switch on a Christian student club by asking it to clarify its beliefs and then revoking its club status when it replied honestly, according to the clubs lawyer 12/20/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
A student at the University of California San Diego has been contacted to report to its Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination after hanging pro Kate Steinle posters across the campus 12/20/17Education, Freedom, Immigration
Canadian University only 3 of 23 faculty running for task force on free speech are overt defenders of free speech12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Nearly 33% of colleges and universities still substantially restrict free speech. 12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Former Acting AG Sally Yates Ignored Constitution, Now Demands Strict Adherence to It 12/19/17Liberal Bias, TDS,
Canadian Wilfrid Laurier University admits it violated its own rules to investigate TA for gender neutral Jordan Peterson debate video 12/19/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Facebook has slapped a user with a 7 day account suspension for a post in which the individual called for European governments to follow sensible migration policies12/19/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Most colleges have speech policies that are vague enough to censor students, says new report 12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Conservatives accuse University of Virginia of illegally rejecting YAF chapter 12/18/17Education, Freedom,
The official start of the great Twitter purge of 2017. The buildup has already left conservative accounts either banned or unverified for perceived hate speech (while many Antifa and Islam accounts remain). But according to the social media giant’s own rules, even if users associate with certain groups it doesnt like off of Twitter, they risk punishment and censorship 12/18/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Following the discovery of a white supremacist banner on the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), an Antifa group is joining calls for the schools police department to disarm and disband 12/18/17Race, Education, Freedom
More dead commenters appear to come out against net neutrality 12/18/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
REPORT: Federal Agency Committed Militaristic Operation Against Nevada Rancher12/18/17Freedom, Environmental,
UCLA recently hosted a Muslim American Workshop where attendees proposed a list of policy suggestions intended to help Muslim Americans. Suggestions included: banning anti sharia laws, eliminate 1st Amendment protections against hate speech, and ban anti Muslim President12/18/17Education, PC, Islam
VIDEO: Hollywood Wants Your Money and Your Mind (Prager University and Ben Shapiro) 12/18/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
CNN calls Net Neutrality Vote: End of Internet as We Know It12/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Google Is Using Its Immense Power To Censor Content That Doesnt Fit Its Political Goals 12/15/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Sifting through the arguments of gay wedding cake supreme court suit 12/15/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
There is now more freedom of speech in Beijing than in the San Francisco Bay area and this could kill the Silicon Valley tech industry. Silicon Valley tech liberal Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combinator; an accelerator program for Silicon Valley startups has triggered outrage in the tech community for having dared to suggest that political correctness has gotten so bad that it threatens to destroy their business model.12/15/17Freedom, PC, Conservative
GLAAD, the worlds largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization says Net Neutrality ruling is an attack on the LGBTQ community 12/15/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
THE ACADEMIC THOUGHT COLLECTIVE: Understading why opposing views are not allowed 12/15/17Conservative, PC, Freedom
In London, a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag was told she could not enter a McDonalds restaurant in Londonistan unless she removed it. Yet even after the accused employee was suspended and an apology issued by McDonalds, Muslim victim wannabes are standing outside the store, blocking the entrance so paying customers cannot get in 12/15/17Islam, PC, PC
Berkeley police face a deepening staffing crisis after more officers keep quitting 12/15/17PC, Violence, Freedom
Arkansas State sued for banning students from telling peers they have First Amendment rights 12/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
The University of Wyoming student government recently barred a conservative student group from requesting funding until January 2019 after it hosted an event featuring Dennis Prager. Senators ruled that Turning Point USA violated three policies related to on campus events, but the groups president believes that the technicalities are just an excuse for leftist students to curtail TPUSA influence.12/14/17Education, Freedom,
Net Neutrality Repealed, Left Loses Its DAMN MIND (ben shapiro)12/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
When Dodd Frank was enacted, we were told it was necessary to rein in the bad actors from Wall Street that brought the economy to its knees in 2008. Nearly 10 years later some of the largest banks are experiencing record profits while smaller institutions, like credit unions and small banks, are laboring under regulatory burdens never intended for them.12/14/17Freedom, Economics,
The lawyer hired by Canadas Wilfrid Laurier University to investigate a classroom incident involving gender neutral pronouns has publicly taken sides on an issue related to the investigation and already indicated he supports forced speech12/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
CNN Implodes Over Net Neutrality, Claims Exact Opposite Of What FCC chairman Ajit Pai Said 12/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Loses Net Neutrality Debate With Former FCC Chairman 12/14/17Media, Video, Freedom
A Christian student group has filed a lawsuit against the University of Iowa, alleging that the school tried to make it REVISE its Statement of Faith before reinstating its official status. A member of the group had claimed in 2016 that he was denied a leadership position in the group for being openly gay, a charge the group denies, saying the student was turned down because he rejected the groups core beliefs 12/13/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson sued Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, claiming she defamed him on national television by saying he had incited violence against police. McKessons action is one of a series of lawsuits stemming from BLM protests in Louisiana against 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling. McKesson, who was arrested at the protest but had his charges dismissed, received more than $100,000 in damages from Baton Rouge police, according to the New York Daily News. One police officer filed a counter suit, however, claiming protesters had thrown rocks at him and that McKesson had incited the violence. Pirro referenced this lawsuit on the show 12/13/17Media, Race, Video
California Pomona College ignores judges rejection of its Title IX procedures, and retries student with same approach 12/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Two FBI agents who were assigned to the special counsel on Russia, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, had texted each other during the 2016 campaign about protecting the country against Trump, according to reports. One of them, Strzok, had also led the FBIs Clinton email investigation, and watered down language that might have brought criminal charges for Hillary Clinton. 12/13/17Freedom, TDS,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Corruption@FBI 12/13/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Republican higher education bill could block Harvards war against all male clubs 12/12/17Feminism, Education, Freedom
The University of Illinois system released a new set of guiding principles that explicitly prohibit students from exercising a hecklers veto to prevent free speech on campus. During the past semester, students temporarily shut down the Homecoming parade, a woman aggressively disrupted a College Republicans meeting, and a school employee was arrested for assaulting two conservative students on campus. 12/12/17Education, Freedom,
Four Republican lawmakers recently handed a small victory to Democrats during a Senate debate on tax reform, helping to strip a provision that sought to exempt conservative colleges that do not take federal aid from paying a new endowment tax under consideration by Congress, refuse to explain why they support taxing conservative colleges that eschew federal aid 12/12/17Education, Freedom, Economics
VIDEO: The Fight Against Food Trucks 12/12/17Economics, Freedom, Video
The Director of LGBTQI Life at Vanderbilt University says college administrators should directly encourage student protests, even those that involve disrupting university functions12/11/17Freedom, Education, PC
A college adviser caught on video last month taking a conservative speakers speech at the University of Connecticut has been charged with attempted theft12/11/17Professors, Freedom, PC
In the UK, a teacher who was fired for calling a transgender student by her biological gender hit back at the school with a lawsuit. 12/11/17LGBT, Freedom, Professors
The Cole Memo: what it means for the future of cannabis 12/10/17Freedom, ,
Florida Man Gets 15 Years for Leaving Bacon at Mosque Plus 15 Years Probation; the same penalty a jihadist is facing for plotting to behead Geller12/8/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Tennessee State University warns against whistling in a suggestive manner on the grounds that it may constitute sexual harassment 12/8/17Education, PC, Freedom
Members of the Fordham University College Republicans were asked to leave an on campus coffee shop because their MAGA hats apparently violated the shops safe space policy12/8/17Education, Freedom, TDS
Minnesota School district sued for shutting down conservative club over criticism of flag protesters12/8/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
Facebook Informs Breitbart Gloria Allred Yearbook Forgery is Fake News12/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
ANDREW TORBA DISCUSSES DEFEATING THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONOPOLY: Gab founder shares a glimpse of the inner workings of Silicon Valleys war on free speech 12/8/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
YouTube quarantines hard hitting Polish government video about Europes migrant crisis 12/7/17Freedom, Islam, Media
New York Times Oped Chooses Abortion Over Free Speech. Yale Law professor and Planned Parenthood donor Linda Greenhouse had an oped of hers published in The New York Times in which she attempted to justify the state of California forcing pro life pregnancy centers and medical clinics to post notices alerting their clients where to get a taxpayer funded abortion.12/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Missouri High School Punishes Student for Referencing Facts About Muslim Extremism 12/7/17Islam, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: How Robert Mueller sabotaged counterterror training in 2012 12/7/17Islam, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: California Sues To Make Nuns Buy Birth Control12/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro DEFENDS Christian Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker 12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
The Gay Lobby Is Fighting For Special Rights, Not Equal Rights12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
Swedish government to ban websites that reveal ethnic origin of crime suspects 12/6/17Islam, PC, Freedom
The dark cloud of secrecy over the Oklahoma Holtzclaw case gives rise to suspicions that somebody is hiding something 12/6/17Freedom, Conservative,
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected Texas Democratic Rep. Al Greens bill to impeach President Donald Trump 12/6/17TDS, Conservative, Freedom
The Gay Couple In The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Are Vindictive Bullies, Not Victims. 12/5/17LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Conservative group (YAF) sues Berkeley for denying club status 12/5/17Education, Freedom,
Trump Gives Back Millions Of Acres of Public Lands To Utah: What This May Mean For The Future Of Government 12/5/17Environmental, Freedom, Conservative
Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic To Christian Baker In LGBT Rights Dispute12/5/17LGBT, Freedom,
Yale student oped writes that Charity is not enough and your money must be TAKEN from you 12/4/17Socialism, Economics, Education
Students call free speech violent while disrupting lecture at Western Washington University12/4/17Education, PC, Freedom
Supreme Court Allows Trumps Travel Ban To Go Into Full Effect, Associated Press Distorts, failed to accurately report the full scope of the travel ban, which included Venezuela and North Korea and instead portrayed it as a Muslim ban, as the AP failed to even mention those two countries. 12/4/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
UC Berkeley sued for banning Young Americans for Liberty as registered club12/4/17Education, Freedom,
Rhodes Scholar Claims Discrimination Against Conservatives Within the Organization 12/4/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
12 states are trying to take a California egg law to the Supreme Court, according to a lawsuit filed to block a California law requiring any eggs sold in the state must come from hens that have enough space to stretch out in their cages. This law has cost consumers up to $350 million annually due to the higher egg prices12/4/17Environmental, Economics, Freedom
Evergreen State Student Paper Offers No Whites Allowed Opinion Section 12/1/17Education, Race, Freedom
A top trade union official for the UK Border Force has revealed that illegal migrants can live a good life in Britain, with access to services and schools and little chance of ever being caught11/30/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Polish Anti Abortion Doctor Fired For Her Views Wins Case In Court 11/30/17Abortion, Conservative, Freedom
Trump Decision Is A Major Blow To The Administrative State. Lucia v. SEC, has major implications for the process by which federal agencies try or punish those in violation of laws or regulations. 11/30/17Conservative, Freedom,
University of Miami Ohio Pro life students sue public university for requiring trigger warnings on abortion memorial 11/29/17Education, Freedom, Abortion
Catholic Church Sues D.C. Metro For Blocking Religious Christmas Ads11/29/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
Christmas Themed Ad Campaign Rejected by D.C. Metro 11/28/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
Duke Professor Banned Student Journalists from Economics Course 11/28/17Professors, Freedom, Economics
Net Neutrality Protesters Target FCC Chairmans Home And Children 11/27/17Violence, Freedom,
Canada: Ottawa library cancels planned screening of documentary on Muslim migrants in Europe 11/27/17Islam, PC, Freedom
France President: Make Gender Based Insults Illegal 11/27/17Feminism, LGBT, PC
Former President Barack Obamas EPA used a social media platform to secretly promote the agency's policies in violation of federal law. Judicial Watch obtained 900 pages of documents showing the EPA used social media to lobby support for the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. The agency used Thunderclap, a platform that shares messages across Facebook and Twitter, to recruit outside groups to generate support for various environmental policies. Federal law prohibits agencies from engaging in propaganda. It also forbids agencies from using federal resources to conduct grassroots campaigns that prod U.S. citizens into browbeating lawmakers to act on pending legislation.11/27/17Obama, Environmental, Freedom
Everything You Need To Know About Why Net Neutrality Is A Terrible Idea and How it does not even impact companies like Google 11/27/17Conservative, Freedom,
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) employees have given an inordinate amount of money to Democrats compared to Republicans, records show. While a partisan tilt towards Democrats within a federal agency is not remarkable, the overwhelming tilt within the CFPB shows the extreme partisan and ideological tilt of the agency. CFPB employees have donated nearly $115,000 to various Democrats and Democratic committees between since the bureau opened in 2011. Mitt Romney received a $1,000 donation out of the 594 donor entries who listed the CFPB as their employer11/27/17Liberal Bias, Economics, Freedom
Facebook Removed This Small Town Business Ads For American Flags Because It Sell Guns11/24/17Patriotism, Guns, Freedom
University of Michigan students involved in the passed Israel divestment measure were caught on a clandestine recording rejecting the nationhood of Jewish people and preventing a Jewish student from joining a debate on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Say Jews Are Not a Nation and Zionism is a dirty political ideology11/24/17Race, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Eric Peters - Libertarian Car Talk: How cars are changing to meet fuel demands by environmentalist government 11/23/17Environmental, Freedom, Video
Atheists Are Now Suing An Animal Shelter For Having A Priest Say A Blessing11/22/17Christianity, Freedom,
The Russia Scandal Just Got Much Worse For Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama. Corruption: Shortly after the Uranium One story broke, various news reports claimed that it was much ado about nothing. But a review of a huge cache of newly available documents shows that, if anything, it was worse than previously thought. 11/22/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
Antifa group harasses prof over free speech event. A Lane Community College professor was recently targeted in social media posts by the local Antifa chapter in Eugene, Oregon, which was upset that he was helping to host a debate about free speech on college campuses 11/21/17Education, PC, Freedom
Canadian University apologizes for telling TA she broke the law by playing video of gender neutral pronoun debate featuring Jordan Peterson11/21/17Education, Freedom, PC
Democratic Rep. John Conyers (Michigan.), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said that all felons should have the right to vote 11/21/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
BRITISH AUTHORITIES prosecuting parents for not allowing their children to visit a mosque during school trips. A council in Britain is taking action to crack down on Islamophobia in response to some parents refusing to send their children on mosque visits arranged by schools 11/21/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Cornell Pro abortion students protested a debate on abortion last week, complaining that the inclusion of pro life views normalized the idea that it is okay to control peoples bodies 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
A school district in upstate New York got caught promoting the services of Americas largest abortion provider without telling the taxpayers who send their 14yr old children to school 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
Black Diversity VP at Apple Replaced by White Woman for Saying White Men can be Diverse11/20/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Video: Stanford dean Nanci Howe congratulates student fascists as they disrupt Robert Spencer event 11/20/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
The Racine Common Council in Wisconsin voted to have parents fined up to $1,000 if they don't do anything to stop their kids from bullying others at school 11/20/17Education, Freedom,
Boston College Student: Im a conservative, and my campus newspaper wont let me contribute11/20/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Sharia compliant Facebook removes Hungarian counter-jihad news site Dzsihádfigyelö 11/20/17Islam, Media, Freedom
FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One, memos show 11/20/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
Toronto City Council Youth Fellowship Internship Program: NON MUSLIMS NEED NOT APPLY11/19/17Islam, Freedom, Race
University of Minnesota Student radio hosts yanked from air, suspended after using the word tranny 11/17/17Education, PC, LGBT
Former ACLU director and now leader of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights opposes police body cameras. Because police can review body camera footage before writing their reports; writing that unrestricted footage review creates an illusion of accuracy because it produces a false impression about how much officers actually remember about an incident. It makes officers’ memories appear to be more accurate, and thus more credible, than the memories of other eyewitnesses; which can distort how an independent factfinder, like a judge or a jury, might understand how an incident truly unfolded.11/17/17Freedom, Violence, Liberal Bias
Stanford official Snehal Naik responds to charge that he sabotaged Robert Spencer event, issues no denial. Naik actively aided and abetted the destruction of Spencer event at Stanford University, making sure that the room was packed with student fascists who quickly walked out, and then barring those who wanted to come in from entering. 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Massachusetts lawmakers approve bill to impose campus rape training derided as junk science; missing most of the same procedural protections as the guidance rescinded by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos11/17/17Science, Education, Freedom
How The Supreme Court Helped Bob Menendez Escape Conviction by blurring what is determined as an official act of corruption 11/17/17Freedom, Conservative, HoaxFraud
A Canadian teaching assistant was reprimanded by her supervising professor for showing a video in class featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson and compares Jordan Peterson to Hitler 11/17/17Professors, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Can Government Force Speech Against Your Beliefs? Can state politicians demand a Catholic pregnancy center to pimp pro abortion propaganda. The state of California says yes. 11/17/17Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice will no longer issue guidance memos that have the effect of adopting new regulatory requirements or amending the law outside the federal government, and said the Justice Department would initiate a review of previously issued memos 11/17/17Freedom, Conservative,
Twitter Unverifies Notable Trump Supporter, Laura Loomer, Outright Bans Alt Right Troll for Life11/16/17Freedom, Media, TDS
Stanford deans Nanci Howe and Snehal Naik engineered destruction of Robert Spencer event11/16/17Education, Freedom, Islam
VIDEO: Free Speech Protesters Cant Compete with Ben Shapiro Supporters at UCLA. Shows how clueless they are 11/16/17Education, Freedom, PC
Menlo College professor blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: Worthy of a fascist state11/16/17Education, Freedom, Professors
University RA claims Catholic school tried to make him promote LGBTQ Mixer 11/16/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer confronts student fascists at Stanford University 11/16/17Education, Freedom, Islam
A group of fascists called the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) stormed into a university classroom where Hen Mazzig, a former Israeli Defense Force officer, was giving a speech and proceeded to heckle and harass his every word at the University of Illinois 11/15/17Education, Freedom, PC
Leftist students at Kennesaw State University (KSU) proudly shredded signs at a free speech event late last month, saying they promoted violence11/15/17Vandalism, PC, Freedom
Inside Higher Stanford Professor Jeremy Bauer-Wolf who attacks Robert Spencer for responding to attacks from Stanford students11/15/17Islam, PC, Conservative
Feminists Freak Over SCOTUS Hearing About California Forcing Pro Lifers To Promote Abortion. The law called the Reproductive FACT Act was signed into law in 2015 by California Governor Jerry Brown and stipulated that privately funded, state licensed medical facilities offering free ultrasounds and other services to pregnant women must give their patients the following notice: California has public programs that provide immediate free or low cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women 11/14/17Abortion, Feminism, Freedom
Stanford administrators will not enforce policy against disruption of speakers at Robert Spencer event 11/14/17Education, Freedom, PC
A Free Speech Wall erected by the Cal Poly College Republicans to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall was recently defaced with graffiti reading, please eat my ass Trump11/14/17Vandalism, Education, Freedom
Black high school students demand white principal of a Louisville, Kentucky high school to be fired ouster for saying that in taking a knee during the National Anthem like Colin Kaepernick, some students were choosing to take a knee for sensationalism 11/14/17Education, Race, Patriotism
Conservative students trying to obtain official recognition for a chapter of Turning Point USA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point were denied after a scheduled 20-minute meeting & vote turned into a three hour-complaint session by student activists 11/14/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Keith Fink, a former communications professor at the UCLA, recently revealed the dirty tricks that he says UCLA uses to silence conservatives on campus 11/14/17Education, Freedom, Video
New York Times robs Pamela Gellers book of a spot on its bestsellers list despite outselling some of the books on the list11/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
University of Oregon President: Social Justice Warriors Are Fascists. He said: One of the students who stormed the stage during my talk told the news media to expect resistance to anyone who opposes us. That is awfully close to the language and practices of those the students say they vehemently oppose. However, (Awfully close) is an understatement.11/13/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Stanford staff encourage students to tear down flyers for Robert Spencer talk11/13/17Professors, Vandalism,
Supreme Court Justices Keep Missing Conflicts Of Interest. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from a divisive immigration case that was argued in October, after her chambers identified a conflict of interest they inadvertently missed during the pre-argument conflicts audit. This is the third time in as many terms that a justice participated in a case despite a clear conflict of interest 11/13/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Liberal students at Tufts University are pressuring the student government to deny funding for the College Republicans to host an event featuring Ben Shapiro; say his views put them in danger 11/13/17PC, Education, Freedom
A former UCLA communications professor known for his staunch defense of free speech who was recently fired by the university offered a sobering message to a room full of conservative and libertarian students enrolled there. 11/13/17Education, Freedom,
UK Christian Teacher Suspended for Misgendering Transgender Student 11/13/17Christianity, LGBT, PC
California Governor Jerry Brown to protesters during climate speech: Lets put you in the ground11/11/17Environmental, Freedom,
A professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania Wants Conservative Group, Turning Point USA, Banned For Promoting White Supremacy, and Authoritarianism11/10/17Professors, Freedom, Race
NEWS NANNY: THE RACE TO CENSOR INTERNET NEWS 11/10/17Freedom, Media, Conservative
New York Nurse Gives Emotional Speech About Being Forced To Participate In An Abortion Against Her Will 11/10/17Abortion, Healthcare, Freedom
Tulane suspends accused student after ignoring his evidence, withholding details and ignored the results of a polygraph test that cleared a student, gave no reasoning when it found him responsible for sexual misconduct and arbitrarily hiked his punishment11/10/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority staffers have been instructed to eschew using ladies and gentleman and utilize non gendered words such as passengers, riders, and everyone, in their announcements11/10/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
Canadian Christian Couple Reportedly Denied Adoption For Believing Homosexuality Is Sinful 11/9/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Undercover tests at airports across the country, TSA agents allowed a terrifying amount of fake weapons and bombs to pass through baggage at security checkpoints. The failure rate of TSA agents missing a knife, gun, or explosives is between 70% to 80%11/9/17Freedom, ,
VIDEO: What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? By Prager University11/9/17Freedom, Conservative, Media
IN A MAJOR ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH, Toronto City Councillor calls for legislation that will ban rallies against the Islamization of Canada 11/9/17Freedom, Islam, PC
Harvard University College of Arts and Sciences faculty has rejected a motion to allow students, particularly those in Greek organizations, the right to free association 11/8/17Education, Freedom,
REPORT: Pentagon Knew About Crime Reporting Failures That Could Have Prevented Texas Shooting11/8/17Freedom, Guns,
Macomb Community College agreed to let a conservative student group promote fossil fuels in order to settle a federal lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom 11/8/17Education, Freedom, Environmental
Stanford fascists claim Robert Spencer is endangering fascist student who tore down posters about his event 11/8/17Vandalism, Education, Freedom
The Indiana Court of Appeals issued a stunningly broad ruling that shields Public university officials from any consequences when they violate the constitutional rights of people in the course of their duties.11/8/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
New YorkTimes wants to Abolish Electoral College 11/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
LGBTQ students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian private school in Southern California, now demand that the school end its support of traditional marriage and its disapproval of same-sex relationships on campus; basically, end their support of biblical morality. 11/7/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
A professor at Columbia University Law School recently discussed three ways that private colleges can ban speakers that students find threatening. According to Suzanne Goldberg, preemptively banning speakers whose views students fear will cause longer term harm may be the best approach11/6/17Education, Freedom, PC
How Islamophobia is killing the free world by Robert Spencer11/6/17Conservative, Islam, PC
SHOCK REPORT: Obama Hid 470,000 Documents From Bin Laden Raid in order to perpetuate the lie that Al Qaeda was defeated after bin Ladens death, thus paving the way for Obamas 2012 victory. 11/3/17Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
After refusing to let a pro life group participate in a Sexual Awareness Fair because its viewpoints do not meet our definition of sex positivity and sexual health awareness, an LGBT student group has now cancelled the event 11/3/17Abortion, LGBT, Freedom
Boise State clears professor under fire for criticizing radical feminists: no policy violations11/3/17Feminism, Professors, Freedom
Social justice extremists at Vassar College in New York have launched an assault on the Constitution and the founding principles of our society. In a response letter to a campus lecture given by William Jacobson titled: (Hate Speech is Sill Free Speech, Even After Charlottesville) the group Healing to Action (H2A) made it clear that any speech not approved by them cannot be covered by the First Amendment. H2A insists that the Constitution is inherently racist and therefore, free speech is for the protected class (whites) only. H2A doe not believe the First Amendment offers a blanket right to any individuals speech, but only that speech which has the collective well being of all members of our society in mind.11/3/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Victory! Georgetown Catholic student group will not be sanctioned by Catholic university for advocating for traditional marriage; despite attempts by LGBT activists to have the group defunded and stripped of its official status 11/3/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon have been occupying an administrative building for 12 days now, demanding that the school divest from Wells Fargo Bank, with its corporate partnerships with private prisons and the Dakota Access Pipeline, and switch to a more ethical one. The protesters, a gang of totalitarians called Reedies Against Racism, are so bullying that the school has had to close down its finance office this week, transport sensitive documents to a new location, and issue about two dozen no-contact orders against RAR for verbally harassing staff members.11/3/17Education, Environmental, Perverse
Stanford bans general public from Robert Spencer lecture 11/3/17Education, Freedom, PC
Uber Bans Conservative Laura Loomer for Questioning why Company Hires Islamic Terrorists11/2/17Freedom, Islam, PC
UCLA student leader, Tala Deloria, an organizer of the group Refuse Fascism, argues that civil discourse only serves to fan the flames of fascism and will do nothing to end the fascist regime currently occupying the White House 11/2/17Education, PC, Freedom
Dem. Senator Repeatedly Asks Judicial Nominee About His Religious Opinions On Same Sex Marriage 11/2/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Facebook Admits Russian Ads Sought to Undermine Trump After the Election. According to Facebook, the Russian ads posted to the social media giant were just as much aimed at Donald Trump as they were Hillary Clinton. In deposition before Congress, Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch said the company found ads aimed at undermining President Trump long after the 2016 election. 11/2/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Camille LeNoir is suing New Mexico State for rescinding a job offer after learning about her religious faith and embrace of heterosexuality. 11/2/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Columbia refuses to punish students for shouting down College Republicans speaker, but wont say why. More than 100 faculty, mostly in the humanities and social sciences, protested the Ivy League school’s investigation of the Robinson disruption, telling President Lee Bollinger in a letter that the protesters were victims. Professors issued one set of standards for white students and another set for students of color and Muslims. Students of color and Muslims should be held to a lower standard, faculty say 11/2/17Professors, Race, Freedom
Donna Brazile Book Claims Proof Hillary Rigged 2016 Primary 11/2/17Clinton, HoaxFraud, Freedom
UK Is Tougher On Islamaphobic Facebook Posts Than ISIS Returnees 11/2/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
DNC Excludes Straight White Men from Job Application 11/2/17Freedom, Race, Liberal Bias
Republican lawmakers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are pushing to eliminate mandatory student fees that go toward funding groups that some students may oppose 11/1/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Twitter buried significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the last two months of the 2016 presidential campaign. Twitters systems hid 48% of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25% of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee 11/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
College Republicans under investigation for thought crime for hosting conservative speakers such as Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich11/1/17Education, Freedom, PC
Democrats Threaten To Regulate Facebook, Twitter, Google: Do Something To Stop Russian Propaganda Or We Will (Ben Shapiro)11/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Brandeis University has scrapped plans for the performance of a controversial play on its campus accused of being critical of the Black Lives Matter movement 11/1/17Education, Freedom, Race
If Everybody Seems Corrupt, Its Because Washington D.C. Breeds Corruption (Ben Shapiro)11/1/17Freedom, Conservative,
WINNING FOR LIFE: Judge Halts California Law Forcing Pro Lifers To Advertise Abortions. A Riverside County Superior Court Justice Gloria C. Trask ruled that California has no right to force pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to post signs promoting state-covered abortions to their clients 10/31/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
Harvards Athletics Department is ordering student athletes to attend a total of five training programs related to gender, bias and sexual assault 10/31/17Freedom, Education, PC
Professors from across the political spectrum are expressing concerns about a proposal to weaken tenure protections in the University of Arkansas system. The new policy would allow professors to be fired for unwillingness to work productively with colleagues and other vague reasons, which critics see as a threat to minorities, including conservatives.10/31/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
Black student activists at Columbia University demand defunding of College Republicans: They say Conservatives oppose our humanity10/30/17Education, Race, Freedom
DNC Official Says She Doesnt Want To Recruit 'Cisgender Straight White Males 10/30/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI music professor under fire for responding to a Muslim students anti America post with several facts about Islam and Muslim women 10/30/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort Allegedly Laundered $75 Million In Russian Money 10/30/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Robert Spencer invited to speak at Stanford, Left fascists in an uproar 10/30/17Education, Freedom, PC
One of the two unnamed companies in the grand jury indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, is reportedly the Podesta Group; a lobbying firm with strong ties to Hillary Clinton.10/30/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Clinton
STUDY: Muslim migrants commit 84% of gross rape attacks in Sweden. Native Swedes come in 4th place, after Afghan, Iraqi and Somali Muslims. 2 out of 3 serious rapes are committed by Muslim asylum seekers or men who have been granted residence permits. In January 2017, the Swedish government refused to provide the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) with the task of developing new statistics on the origin of criminals. Despite the fact that it has been a decade since the latest report and Swedens demographics changed dramatically since then. The government unwillingness to produce official statistics caused independent researchers to put together this study.10/30/17Islam, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Gay grad student Alfred MacDonald within the philosophy department at University of Texas at San Antonio called into a campus administrators office and chastised for telling peers that in some countries, gay people are executed in the name of Islam10/30/17LGBT, Islam, PC
MUSLIM & LEFTIST-controlled UN to blacklist 190 companies doing business in Israel 10/30/17Economics, Freedom, Liberal Bias
YouTube takes down critics parody video, then reposts it after backlash 10/30/17Freedom, Media,
VIDEO: REAL CONVERSATIONS: Hate Speech Isn't Real | Change My Mind with Steven Crowder 10/28/17Freedom, Conservative, PC
Horseshoeing school sues California for ban on teaching students without high school diploma 10/27/17Education, Freedom,
A College Republicans meeting at the University of Illinois was disrupted by a woman who is allegedly a university employee. The woman proceeded to tear up literature belonging to the club, then seated herself in the presenters chair and refused to leave until campus police officers showed up and escorted her away 10/27/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Professor injured in Middlebury riot tells Congress free speech is national security issue 10/27/17Freedom, Education, Conservative
Google will be working with the George Soros funded Poynter Institute and the International Fact Checking Network as the tech giant ramps up efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation and fake news. 10/27/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Senate Democrats demand federal ban on saying build a wall in public schools. The Supreme Court 1969 Tinker decision is supposed to protect the constitutional rights of children in public schools, particularly peaceful political expression.Several Senate Democrats could not care less. They are demanding that the Department of Education illegally squelch childrens political speech they dislike 10/27/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Immigration
The Department of Justice, righting the wrongs that the Obama IRS committed when it waged an egregiously partisan campaign against Tea Party and other conservative groups, has reached settlements with the roughly 400 groups that were targeted. 10/26/17Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
An OFFICIAL STATEMENT has been issued in defense of the University of California Santa Cruz students who were recently arrested for disrupting a College Republicans meeting on campus condemning the school for defending the free speech of the CR group, saying its members do not deserve the freedom to spread an agenda of intolerance and terror, and embolden racist violence and bigotry 10/26/17Freedom, Education, PC
The #TwitterPurge is upon as the social media platform is beginning to suspend any account breaking its new rules, which include some that many feel encroaches on free speech and that will specifically target conservatives. Cracking down on Hate Symbols, and Hateful Display Names which is completely subjective10/26/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
DNC Chairman Tom Perez does not really understand the Constitution as he does not appear to understand precisely how the American electoral system actually works, nor where the guidelines for such elections appear. Perez claimed the Electoral College does not appear anywhere in the Constitution and is merely a figment of American tradition designed to dash the hopes of would-be First Women Presidents. Perez said The Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution; It doesn’t have to be there. the Electoral College does, in fact, appear in the Constitution, in Article II,10/26/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, Remove History
Facebook: Social media Jihad10/26/17Media, Islam, PC
A former FBI informant who blew the whistle on a high-profile bribery case involving a Russian energy company was intimidated by Obama administration lawyers into dropping a civil suit against the government last year, 10/26/17Obama, Clinton, Freedom
The Left Is Celebrating The Murder Of A Child, Proving Again That Leftism Is Satanism. 15yr old illegal immigrant had her abortion on taxpayer funds today. A fanatical judge stepped in to impose his will on a situation far outside the scope of his authority. The courts insisted that the girl must be allowed to get her abortion, despite lacking the power to infuse abortion rights into a non citizen minor. The decision turns the United States into an abortion mecca where pregnant people from around the globe can bypass their own country's abortion laws by coming here to dispatch their unwanted offspring. 10/25/17Immigration, Abortion, Perverse
Google’s search engine is more powerful in shaping politics than the tech company claims. Researchers found that the algorithm used by the leading search site in the world heavily favors Democratic candidates and the programming of the algorithm is a trade-secret. 10/25/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
USC Professor says Universities Disciplining Leftist Students Who Shut Down Conservative Speakers Reinforce Institutionalized White Supremacy10/24/17Professors, Freedom, Race
Prager University sues YouTube, Google for blacklisting its conservative educational videos 10/24/17Freedom, Media, PC
The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the second and final challenge to President Trumps executive order on refugees and migrants, concluding that the expiration of a 120 day ban on refugee resettlement ended the controversy 10/24/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a new rule in July that heavily restricts arbitration clauses, and opens companies to more frivolous class action lawsuits. This new rule, passed under the guise of consumer protection, is not just anti consumer and will make the elite class of trial lawyers even richer off the backs of consumers. 10/24/17Freedom, Conservative, Economics
Congressional auditors released a report on the potential economic effects of climate change that relied heavily on research funded by a foundation tied to Tom Steyey, the Democrats single largest political donor. The GAO report relied on interviews with 26 unnamed experts and two studies to make its recommendation that federal agencies use information on future global warming to take an initial step in establishing government wide priorities to manage such risks. The media is already trumpeting the report as a repudiation of the Trump administration. However, one of the studies GAO relied, called the American Climate Prospectus, was funded in part by the the Risky Business Project, which is in turn backed by a foundation founded by former hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer 10/24/17Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Vox Wants Censorship of Right Wing YouTubers | Louder With Crowder 10/24/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: UC Santa Cruz Student Democrat Attacked for Suggesting Republicans Have First Amendment Rights 10/23/17Education, Freedom, PC
Columbia students: Shouting down conservatives is free speech. Hundreds of Columbia University students are rallying in support of the free speech of the protesters who shouted down a Tommy Robinson lecture earlier this month. They are demanding that the administration abstain from punishing the protesters, calling the disruptive demonstration a model of informed political engagement.10/23/17Education, Freedom, PC
Leaders of LGBT organizations at Jesuit Georgetown have denounced the pro marriage group Love Saxa as homophobic, calling on the university to strip the group of funding and to deny it access to campus facility benefits.10/23/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
A new German law introducing state censorship on social media platforms came into effect on October 1st. The new law requires social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to censor their users on behalf of the German state. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online criminal offenses such as libel, slander, defamation or incitement, within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint; regardless of whether or the content is accurate or not. Social media companies receive seven days for more complicated cases. If they fail to do so, the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law 10/21/17Freedom, Islam, Media
VIDEO: Vox Media messy fight with extreme YouTube creators by 1791L 10/21/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
CANADA: Minor League Hockey Coaches Forced Into Gender Identity Training 10/20/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
The President of the University of California, Santa Cruz College Democrats club is facing backlash for standing up for her College Republican counterparts right to free speech 10/20/17PC, Education, Freedom
A student group at Georgetown University, stands accused of being a hate group due to its advocacy of marriage as an institution based in man & woman conjugal union; university may sanction student group for promoting Catholic doctrine 10/20/17Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
The University of Montana Dean of Journalism objected to a major donors invitation of conservative professor Mike Adams to deliver an annual address for the scholarship program that she funds. The dean protested that Dr. Mike Adams appears to be siding with Christians in the culture war,' saying that some of his remarks could be interpreted as hate speech 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Christianity
A University of Maryland sociology professor is suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter10/19/17Professors, TDS, Freedom
Columbia University student is urging classmates to demand that the school cancel conservative speakers and tear down a Thomas Jefferson statue to combat white nationalists 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
Cornell Forms Task Force to Regulate Speech on Campus 10/19/17PC, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: The College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz faced a 2 hour siege by protesters who said their very act of meeting quietly in the McHenry Library was violent racist activity until library staff had to call the police 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
Joe Biden tells Liberals we hurt ourselves badly by opposing free speech 10/19/17Freedom, PC,
Judge slaps down college for judging accused student guilty without cross examination of accuser. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge told Pomona College it deprived an accused student of a fair hearing by finding him responsible with no opportunity to submit questions to his accuser, and ordered it to remove his 2 semester suspension 10/19/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Gay Conservative Speaker Cancelled by NYU Republicans for Anti Sharia Stance 10/19/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting. A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the groups existence is a threat to the safety of students.10/18/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
London cops to stop investigating shoplifting and vandalism; arrests for offensive comments up 53% 10/18/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption 10/18/17Obama, Freedom,
The Trump Administration Is Trying To Protect An Immigrant Baby. A Leftist Judge Ordered Him Killed 10/18/17Immigration, Abortion, Conservative
After Posting Political Message On Facebook supporting Trump, Restaurant Closes Due To Threats And Harassment 10/17/17Freedom, Violence, TDS
National defense is Islamophobic: Hawaii judge blocks latest version of Trump travel ban 10/17/17Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
FBI Learned Clintons Profited from Obama Approved Nuke Deal with Russia10/17/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
LSU students forced to pay $200 per semester for flashy new rec center with lazy river10/17/17Education, Freedom, Economics
REPORT: FBI Hid Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme 10/17/17Clinton, HoaxFraud, Freedom
University of Florida President is surprised and shocked that UF must allow free speech10/16/17Education, Freedom, PC
UK council bans woman from market for selling Knights Templar mugs: Might be offensive to Muslims10/16/17PC, Islam, Immigration
A University of Virginia professor wrote an OPED over the weekend arguing that faculty members, and not students, should have complete discretion over which speakers are invited to campus 10/16/17Professors, Freedom, Education
California Democrat Who Says His Family Obtained Identification Illegally Will Challenge Dianne Feinstein In 2018 10/16/17Immigration, Freedom,
VIDEO: Ezra Levant: Jail for graffiti, but not rape? CANADIAN CITIZEN who scribbled No More Muslims on a bus stop wall is sentenced to 5 months in jail!10/16/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Two Police Officers Refused Service at Texas WhataBurger chain 10/16/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
In the UK, you can be arrested for a hate crime for being unfriendly or expressing dislike toward Muslims 10/16/17Immigration, PC, Freedom
Florida governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Alachua County, Florida, home of the University of Florida, freeing up millions in aid for local law enforcement, who will try to keep the peace while white nationalist Richard Spencer speaks to students on campus 10/16/17Education, Race, Freedom
FBI Confirms That James Comey Drafted Statement On Clinton Probe Months Before Investigation Ended 10/16/17Clinton, Freedom, Liberal Bias
QB Colin Kaepernick filing grievance for collusion against NFL owners 10/15/17Celebrities, Freedom, Patriotism
California Judge Refuses Illegal Immigrant Abortion Case; throws out ACLU lawsuit that tried to allow anyone to come illegally into the U.S. to get an abortion on taxpayer money10/13/17Immigration, Abortion, Freedom
Seattle University law school that stopped sponsoring debate because of conservative viewpoint now claims it didnt; now say it was a miscalculated and error10/13/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Atheists Against A Pennsylvania County Religious Flag, Now The County Is Fighting Back with lawsuit10/13/17Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
FBI Finds New Documents About Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting, even after the bureau claimed to not have any records related to the matter 10/13/17Clinton, Freedom, Obama
Getting Them Young: Educators in Edina, a wealthy Minneapolis suburb, subject children to an ABC book; A is for Activist, F is for Feminist, T is for Trans etc. Indoctrination at the most extreme levels10/12/17Perverse, Professors, Freedom
VIDEO: The Anti Hate Group That Is a Hate Group by Prager University10/12/17PC, Conservative, Video
Blue States Obstruct Requests On How Much Taxpayer Funds Are Being Spent Fighting Trumps Travel Ban 10/12/17Immigration, TDS, Freedom
Members of the Christian Union (CU) were banned from attending a freshman fair at the University of Oxford for fears that incoming students might face potential harm and feel unwelcome10/11/17Christianity, Education, PC
STUDY: Majority of college students hostile to free speech. The survey of more than 1,000 college students found that 56% support disinviting controversial speakers, while a 48% plurality believe that hate speech is not constitutionally protected 10/11/17Freedom, Education, PC
Toronto Schools Bans Word Chief As Offensive because it is viewed as derogatory to aboriginal groups 10/11/17PC, Freedom,
Texas state representative, Briscoe Cain, speaking engagement at Texas Southern University was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists and later canceled 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
Supreme Court Unanimously Sides with Trump on Travel Ban 10/11/17Immigration, Conservative, Freedom
Transylvania Universitys president recently asked Congress to enact legislation that would force Facebook to remove any postings of hate speech from its website 10/11/17Education, Freedom, PC
Students of color promise to shut down Charles Murray event at University of Michigan 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
A Washington D.C. pharmacy revealed that they deliver medications that treat serious health problems to members of Congress, including medications to treat Alzheimers disease10/11/17Freedom, Healthcare,
Planned Parenthood And Satanists Fight To Repeal Missouri Abortion Laws. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri alleging that its abortion laws are unconstitutional, an argument shared by the Satanic Temple whose own lawsuit is headed to the states Supreme Court. 10/11/17Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
New California Laws Provide Protections to Immigrant Employees. The bill imposes an affirmative obligation on California employers to provide employees notification that ICE has determined they are lacking work authorization, thereby giving them advance warning that ICE may be considering their apprehension and removal from the U.S. through a workplace raid. If employers fail to do this, they can be fined $2,000 to $10,000 10/11/17Immigration, Freedom,
Students at Amherst College recently protested the mere presence of a conservative speaker, saying students shouldn’t have to feel afraid for their safety 10/10/17Freedom, Education, PC
Media Matters chief David Brock has personally watched over and benefited from a scheme to hide donor identities that allowed progressives to funnel untraceable millions to initiatives against conservative and GOP causes around the nation, a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission charges 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
ACLU Silent On Gay Coffee Shop Owner Who Kicked Out Christians. The gay shop owner forced the group to leave his business, telling them he would fuck Christ in the ass. The ACLU in the past has represented gay couples in lawsuits against Christians who refused certain services to them10/10/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Female Game Developer Fired For Calling Other Women Pretty 10/9/17Feminism, Freedom, PC
Student protesters shut down University of Oregon presidents speech to stand against fascism10/9/17Education, Freedom, PC
California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation lowering the maximum penalty for knowingly infecting or exposing a person to HIV to six months in prison. California To Have Harsher Penalty For Pronoun Violations Than For Knowingly Spreading HIV 10/9/17LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Pro colonialism article taken down after journal editor Bruce Gilley, political science professor at Portland State University receives credible death threats 10/9/17Violence, Education, Freedom
The head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the agency will begin carrying out immigration raids in local neighborhoods and workplaces after California became a sanctuary state. ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community 10/8/17Islam, Freedom,
Confused Atheists Call New Obamacare Religious Exemption A Burden To Religious Freedom; The Secular Coalition for America, an aggressively anti Christian lobbying group based in Washington, D.C., condemned the new birth control exemption by attempting to argue that allowing more religious freedom is in itself a substantial burden to religious freedom10/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
The Justice Department has launched an investigation into whether Harvard University uses discriminatory policies when admitting new students; most notably asians10/6/17Freedom, Education, Race
California can now start jailing people that refuse to use the preferred gender pronouns of nursing home residents after Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill. The law is limited to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but mandates that those who willfully and repeatedly refuse to use a transgender residents preferred name or pronouns can be slapped with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison10/6/17Freedom, LGBT,
UK: Police officer fired for Facebook post that was offensive towards Muslims10/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Democrats look to wreak havoc in GOP primaries. Discussing infiltrating GOP primaries to vote for least likely candidate to win 10/6/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Conservative students catch liberal vandals in the act in anticipation of Charlie Kirk speech at University of Illinois 10/5/17Education, Freedom,
University of Texas at San Antonio: Professor threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays 10/5/17Professors, Freedom, LGBT
House Democrats ordered the systematic falsification of records showing how they spend their taxpayer-provided office budgets, according to lawyers for two former House information technology (IT) aides 10/5/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Liberal Bias
UK: Muslim immigration judge has little idea of the law, isnt removed for fear of discrimination claim 10/5/17Islam, PC, Freedom
A push by the Trump administration to boost agricultural exports under the North American Free Trade Agreement could unintentionally increase illegal immigration from Mexico to the U.S 10/5/17Immigration, Economics, Freedom
SHARIA COMPLIANT YOUTUBE removes Geert Wilders video about the terrorist prophet Mohammed10/5/17Media, Freedom, Islam
Comedian Owen Benjamin was recently disinvited from a planned appearance at the University of Connecticut after he called NPR host Jesse Thorn a child abuser for allowing his 3yr old child choose their own gender, 10/4/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Freedom
YouTube Shuts Down Glazov Gang Channel’s Monetization10/4/17Freedom, Media, Islam
Liberalism is white supremacy says Black Lives Matter protesters as they shut down ACLU free speech event at the College of William & Mary10/4/17Education, Race, Freedom
University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk caught trying to get Donald Trump Jr. disinvited from event 10/4/17Education, Freedom, TDS
Leftists Exploit Las Vegas Shooting To Push Online Censorship 10/3/17Freedom, Guns, Liberal Bias
Evergreen State Punishes 80 Students For Berserk Race Protests That Shut Down Campus 10/2/17Freedom, Education, Race
Boise State University Professor Scott Yenor who critiqued radical feminism is accused of promoting violence, and targeted for termination 10/2/17Professors, Education, Freedom
California Environmental Bill will Ban Gas powered cars in the state by 20409/29/17Environmental, Freedom,
Hundreds of demonstrators came out to protest conservative commentator Ben Shapiro before and during his appearance at the University of Utah. The protest was largely peaceful until a female activist threw a punch following a heated argument, landing it squarely in the face of a man wearing a red hat9/28/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Antifa Supporters Edit Groups Wikipedia Page to Downplay Terrorism Categorization 9/27/17Violence, Media, Freedom
Scientist Blocked From Researching Reverse Gender Surgery, Might Be Offensive 9/27/17Science, LGBT,
VIDEO: CBC calls sharia law nothing to fear: Candice Malcolm warns that anti Islamophobia motion M103 could bring sharia law to Canada, and the state broadcaster says thats no big deal9/27/17Islam, PC, Video
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent $25,000 on a soundproof phone booth in Administrator Scott Pruitts office preventing outsiders from eavesdropping on the agency chief communications9/26/17Environmental, Freedom,
A male professor who underwent a yearlong Title IX investigation claims that professional disagreements with female colleagues have been redefined as sexual harassment at University of Missouri St. Louis 9/25/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Education
New York Times: The First Amendment Can Cause Physical Pain; Words Can be like Rape 9/25/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Faculty at California State Fresno ask campus cops to confront immigration officers, block them from campus 9/25/17Immigration, Professors, Freedom
How Obama is funding the anti Trump resistance9/23/17Obama, Freedom, Economics
Canada: Hearing features call for censorship and prosecution of Islamophobia 9/22/17Freedom, PC, Islam
An institute at Columbia University has sued the Trump administration on behalf of seven critics whom he blocked on Twitter.9/22/17TDS, Education, Freedom
A Muslim advocacy organization dubbed Muslim Advocates recently demanded that the Marriott International ban Act for America from holding its annual conference at the hotel. Best of all? The Muslim rights group cited inclusion as the reason for requesting that an entire group of people be banned from the hote 9/22/17Islam, Freedom,
The Cornell University student government passed a resolution condemning hate speech following two alleged racial incidents on campus9/22/17PC, Education, Freedom
When the University of Mary Washington refused to block the anonymous social-media app Yik Yak from the campus network, the Feminist Majority Foundation and its campus affiliate sued the public school and its current and former presidents on Title IX grounds. The feminists just lost big time: A federal judge ruled the school could actually find itself in legal trouble if it gave in to the feminists demands 9/22/17Feminism, Education, Freedom
British PM Wants More Internet Censorship: Delete Extremist Content In 2 Hours. British prime minister Theresa May called upon executives from Microsoft, Facebook and Google to remove extremist content within two hours of notification. The move may prompt social media, search engines, and content platforms to embrace widespread censorship for compliance with her request.9/21/17Freedom, Islam, PC
A University of California, Berkeley professor recently called Ben Shapiro a racist, sexist, misogynist jerk who poses a threat to the campus community and that free speech laws fetishized free speech9/21/17Professors, Race, PC
5th Grade Teacher Forcing Class to Use Gender Neutral Pronouns 9/21/17Professors, LGBT, Freedom
Environmentalists Try To Block Congress From Implementing New Ways To Fight Forest Fires 9/21/17Environmental, Freedom,
At least one protester was detained after a group of students interrupted a debate between the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. 9/21/17Education, Freedom, Violence
Government Employees in Four Largo City Lose Jobs After Abandoning Posts During Hurricane Irma; were worried the shelters wouldnt have room for their dogs and shocked that they were fired as opposed to just suspended 9/21/17Freedom, ,
California Sues Trump Over The Border Wall, Citing Environmental Laws 9/20/17Immigration, Environmental, Freedom
Rep. Barbara Comstock (R VA), introduced House Resolution 257 (HR 257), which offers protection against racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, for Muslims, yet excludes Christians from such safeguards 9/20/17Freedom, PC, Islam
Middlebury encourages leftists to threaten violence with interim event policy. College Policy Rewards Censorship And Makes Violent Threats Effective 9/19/17Freedom, Violence, Education
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube deleting popular ex Muslim Arabic material criticizing Islam 9/19/17Freedom, Media, Islam
POLL: 51% Of College Students Say Its Fine To Shout Down Offensive And Harmful Speakers Ben Shapiro 9/19/17Freedom, PC, Education
No punishment for student blockade of conservative speaker. Students blocked an appearance by conservative speaker Heather Mac Donald at Claremont McKenna College in April.9/19/17Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: Why Twitter sucks by 1791L9/19/17Media, Conservative, Video
UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls on internet firms to remove extremist content within two hours 9/19/17Freedom, Islam, Media
The California state legislature passed Senate Bill 54 designating California as a sanctuary state, which Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is expected to sign into law. Brown agreed to support the bill once it allowed for the state to work with immigration officials if the illegal in question was convicted of a violent crime 9/18/17Immigration, Freedom,
U.S. Government Wiretapped Paul Manafort Before And After Presidential Election. Although the CNN report does say the FBI found nothing conclusive, a separate report, this one in The Hill, says Mueller has warned Manafort to expect an indictment9/18/17Freedom, TDS, Obama
Berkeley Students Chant Speech Is Violence!9/15/17PC, Education, Freedom
College Park, Maryland, home of the University of Maryland, voted this week to extend the vote to illegal immigrants who live in College Park to cast a ballot in local elections. 9/14/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
UC Berkeley profs urge campus boycott, shutdown during upcoming Free Speech Week9/14/17Professors, Freedom,
Is Robert Spencers Jihad Watch a Hate Group? The SPLC says yes, but fails to make its case.9/14/17Islam, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Hillary Wants Electoral College Abolished 9/14/17Clinton, Freedom,
Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to Nazis who marched in Charlottesville9/14/17Liberal Bias, Race, Freedom
POLL: Majority of California Democrats (53%) Now OPPOSE Free Speech9/13/17Freedom, PC, Conservative
Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of 1984 Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media9/13/17Clinton, Freedom,
After frat bro yells build a wall, a Cornell student government wants to see a punishment 9/12/17PC, Education, Freedom
Robert Spencer: The left is trying to use Charlottesville as its Reichstag Fire moment; a chance to shut down all dissent9/12/17Conservative, Freedom,
Assumption College, a small Catholic college in Massachusetts, was recently compelled to withdraw a speaking invitation for Charles Murray after determining that it would be unable to cope with violent protests, from Antifa 9/12/17Freedom, Education, Race
US taxpayers will continue to fund UK based Hamas charity. Islamic Relief Worldwide IRW received $370,000 in US federal funding for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016 9/12/17Islam, Economics, Freedom
20 states have filed a brief that urges the U.S. Supreme Court to lift an injunction that has barred the release of the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthoods alleged practice of profiteering from the sale of aborted baby body parts9/9/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
VIDEO: Google Demonetizing More Politically Incorrect YouTube Videos 9/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
University Of California President Sues Over DACA Rollback9/8/17TDS, Immigration, Education
School Bans American Flags, Students Protest with Flags, School Reverses Ban9/8/17Patriotism, Remove History,
A petition is running on that targets: eBay, PayPal and for actively supporting racist sellers and buyers by allowing people to sell Confederate items and flags9/8/17Freedom, Remove History, Economics
Robert Spencer: Twitter Moves to Silence All Criticism of Islam 9/8/17Freedom, Media, Islam
Memory and neuroscience experts warn Title IX training is driven by junk science 9/8/17Science, Freedom, HoaxFraud
A Christian baker from Colorado, Jack Phillips, broke down over the vitriol thats been unleashed on him since he declined to service a gay wedding. Phillips found the accusation that he is just like a Nazi, launched, incredibly, by a government official, the most hurtful of all, especially since his father fought against the Nazis during WWI 9/7/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
EPA Developed Neighborhood Risk Tool For Eight Years But Nobody Uses It 9/7/17Environmental, Freedom,
Bill de Blasio reminds weary New Yorkers what a menace and communist he really is 9/7/17Socialism, Freedom, Conservative
VIDEO: Senator Dianne Feinstein attacked University of Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic and nominee for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, by accusing, The dogma lives loudly within you; which means, according to Feinstein, people of Christian faith should not be judges9/7/17Christianity, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Harry Browne on Governments Unrealistic Premise 9/7/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Walter Williams: We Are Now Moving Step by Step Towards Totalitarianism 9/7/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Leftist Editor: You Shouldnt Be Allowed To Even THINK Men Are Men And Women Are Women 9/6/17LGBT, Media, Freedom
VIDEO: Teacher Kicks Students Out of Class Over Trump Shirts, Compares to Swastika 9/6/17Freedom, Professors, Liberal Bias
The far left National Lawyers Guild (NLG) of the equally far left San Francisco has declared We are all Antifa, a group of militant anarchists9/6/17Violence, Freedom, Liberal Bias
How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage: Why do we care what Transgenders call themselves? Because you made me. 9/6/17LGBT, Conservative, Freedom
Democratic Congressman Anthony Brown told a group of progressive college students that he intends to help them eliminate any disagreement on campus by offering a bill in Congress to curtail hate speech at American universities 9/6/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, PC
Three black caucus representatives write in The Harvard Crimson: Letting Charles Murray talk threatens the lives and freedoms of students 9/6/17Education, Race, Freedom
University students are not innocent until proven guilty at approximately 75% of Americas top schools. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) released this figure and others in its Spotlight on Due Process 2017, a study scoring U.S. News & World Report 53 top universities on 10 criteria of due process.FIRE found that 39 out of 53 of the top institutions do not presume that accused students are innocent. Furthermore, only 47.2%t of the schools mandate the impartiality of judges or juries.9/5/17Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
UK Police Are Investigating Group for Hate Crime for Posters Warning of Grooming Gangs 9/5/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
UC Berkeley Now Wants Half Of 2,000 Seat Hall For Ben Shapiro Event Left Empty 9/5/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The REAL Agenda Behind YouTube Censorship with Paul Joseph Watson9/5/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
POLL: Half of Virginians dont understand how First Amendment works on campus. 50% of Virginians say colleges and universities should do more to protect individuals from discrimination even if doing so means there are negative consequences for voicing ones opinion 9/5/17Education, Freedom,
A law student at Edinburgh University has been accused by a school official of a hate crime for poking fun at ISIS on his Facebook page 9/5/17Islam, PC, Education
VIDEO: Walter E Williams: Why So Few Politicians Support the Constitution 9/5/17Conservative, Video, Economics
VIDEO: George Orwell Would Have Supported Antifa by Paul Joseph Watson9/3/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Walter E Williams: The Tyranny of the Elites 9/3/17Conservative, Video, Freedom
Google Threatened Conservative Site The Liberty Conservate To Take Down Article Google Finds Offensive or Lose Ad Revenue 9/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Man Eats Bacon in Front of Muslims in Sweden and Gets Convicted and Fined 9/1/17Islam, Freedom,
A Maryland School Wont Let Kids Wear Washington Redskins Shirts 8/30/17Race, PC, Education
A federal program (HUD) that spends $3 billion annually to combat poverty, provide affordable housing and develop needed public infrastructure is plagued with mismanagement and may be wasting a fourth or more of its annual budget, an analysis found. 9 of 10 most recent audits of funding awarded through the Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) program found serious flaws that allowed significant waste8/29/17Economics, Freedom,
ACLU Suing Trump Over Trans Military Ban 8/28/17LGBT, Freedom, TDS
A bakery in Bakersfield, Calif., is facing criticism for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple who posted about the ordeal on Facebook8/28/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: LGBT Bullying People Into Silence: California Trangender Pronoun Bill Imposes $1,000 Fine or 1 Year in Prison For Misgendering 8/27/17LGBT, Conservative, Video
ACLU Wants Border Agents to Suspend Duties So Illegals Can Escape Hurricane Harvey 8/25/17Immigration, Freedom,
California Could Start Jailing People Who Dont Use Transgender Pronouns 8/25/17LGBT, Freedom, PC
Several University of Nebraska professors harassed the president of the school Turning Point USA chapter while she was tabling on campus grounds 8/25/17Professors, Education, Freedom
Pro Trump Rally Cancelled Due To Violent Threats8/25/17Violence, Freedom, TDS
Social justice warriors want universities to ban veterans8/25/17Education, Patriotism, Freedom
Democrats and Nancy Pelosi green light violence by smearing mainstream group, Patriot Prayer, rallying in San Francisco as neo Nazis without any evidence whatsoever and contrary to everything the group website says8/25/17Conservative, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Swedish Anti Mass Migration Podcasts Taken Down by Soundcloud for Hate Speech8/24/17Freedom, Islam, PC
9th Circuit Rules That School Was Right To Fire Coach For Praying On 50 Yard Line by Ben Shapiro8/24/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Los Angeles is Now Fining Subway Manspreaders for Taking Up Excessive Space 8/24/17Freedom, Feminism,
The attorney representing ousted Google engineer James Damore, said that she is soliciting information from other Google employees subject to discrimination because of their political views, raising the prospect that she is preparing a class action lawsuit against the tech giant8/24/17Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
YouTube removes Robert Spencer playlist as inappropriate 8/24/17Freedom, Media, Race
Violent Marxists Intend to Shut Down Berkeley March Against Marxism By Any Means Necessary led by the rabid Yvette Felarca8/24/17Violence, Socialism, Freedom
Chuck Schumer asks Trump to disband voter fraud commission after Charlottesville violence 8/24/17Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud, TDS
Many Leftist are Wannabe Totalitarians says NYU Professor8/23/17Professors, Conservative, Freedom
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: 6 Ways the Left Curtail Free Speech 8/23/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Federal judge strikes down Texas voter ID law for having a discriminatory intent8/23/17HoaxFraud, Immigration, Race
Jesse Jackson: Electoral College Must Be ABOLISHED 8/21/17Race, Freedom,
ProPublica, which got Jihad Watch dropped from PayPal, never tried to verify SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) claims of hate 8/21/17Economics, Freedom, Liberal Bias
UC Berkeley Charges Young Americas Foundation $15,000 For Security At Ben Shapiro Speech 8/21/17Education, Freedom, Violence
PayPal removes ban on Jihad Watch 8/21/17Economics, Freedom, Islam
Net neutrality advocates frequently warn about the perils of internet service providers (ISPs) censoring the internet yet remain remarkably silent when Cloudflare, Google, and other companies censor free speech. GoDaddy decided to remove the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer from their web hosting, and Google decided to remove the white supremacist site from servers as well. Cloudflare also discontinued its service, even though they previously stated that they would defend their right to provide their services to ISIS related websites.8/21/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Judge blasts Penn State for never asking rape accuser for evidence; lawsuit continues 8/19/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
UCLA instructor: time to rethink free speech8/18/17Professors, Freedom,
Spotify Now Deciding What Music is Politically Acceptable for Listening 8/18/17Freedom, Media, PC
Anti Illegal Immigration Ads Violate Twitters Hate Speech Rules 8/18/17Media, Immigration, Freedom
A German court recently sentenced journalist Michael Stürzenberger to six months in jail for posting on his Facebook page a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, shaking the hand of a Nazi official in Berlin, in 1941. The prosecution accused Stürzenberger of inciting hatred towards Islam and "denigrating Islam" by publishing the photograph 8/18/17Freedom, Islam, Media
New York Times: The ACLU Should Stop Defending Right Wingers Freedom of Speech!8/17/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down Employees Anonymous Online Group That Favored Trump 8/16/17Freedom, Media, TDS
Ryerson University canceled a panel Wednesday dedicated to discussing the silencing of free speech on college campuses, citing campus safety8/16/17Education, PC, Violence
Twitter flags news tweet by Robert Spencer about Jew hating imam for violation of hateful conduct policy8/15/17Media, PC, Freedom
Google, GoDaddy Cancel Neo Nazi Domain After Charlottesville Protest8/14/17Freedom, Race, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter Founder Says Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech 8/14/17Freedom, Race,
A private investigator hired by Regis University has determined that a conservative student did not violate any laws or university policies by holding a Social Justice Bake Sale. Regis had accused Beck of violating university policy and federal law by selling items at different prices based on race and gender 8/14/17Conservative, Education, Race
California Farmer Goes To Court After Feds Fine Him Millions For Plowing His Own Field8/14/17Freedom, Environmental,
Los Angeles Wants Contractors to Disclose Border Wall Connections so they can blacklist them for participating 8/12/17Immigration, Freedom, Economics
Conservative And Independent YouTube Channels Hit By Censorship And Demonetization 8/11/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
YouTube personalities known as Diamond and having their Google (YouTube) platform of censoring their popular video channel because of their strong support of Trump 8/11/17Freedom, Media, TDS
Google CEO: Vast Majority Of Googlers Back My Decision To Fire Damore; despite poll showing 56% do not support his firing 8/11/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Rex Tillersons State Department hosts CAIR, among other radical Islamic groups 8/11/17Freedom, Islam, Violence
Congresswoman Calls NRA And Dana Loesch Domestic Security Threats 8/11/17Guns, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Department of the Interior (DOI) employees spent thousands of dollars on personal travel at government expense, according to an independent audit 8/10/17Freedom, Economics,
Two more suits filed to block Seattle new income tax which is blatantly against the state constitution8/10/17Economics, Freedom,
Chase Strangio, the American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who defended Chelsea Manning, distanced himself from the organizations defense of Milo Yiannopoulos. Refuses To Defend The First Amendment Because Milo Is Reprehensible 8/10/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Columbia University faces $250,000 fine for telling Muslim employees not to take so many breaks 8/10/17Islam, PC, Economics
VIDEO: I WONT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER; Paul Joseph Watson discusses demonitization of Conservatives by Google8/10/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Snopes says claim NJ town forbade criticism of Islam false, then quotes: No commentary regarding Islam permitted8/9/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Law professor warns: Congress must act on growing sexbot industry 8/8/17Professors, Freedom,
A Minnesota school educating students K12 has instituted a new gender inclusion policy that offers absolutely no chance for parents to opt out as conscientious objectors 8/8/17LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
A day after Google fired an employee who wrote a lengthy memo blasting the companys diversity policies, CEO Sundar Pichai wrote his own missive saying that people must feel free to express dissent 8/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Judge Rules That Banks MUST Give Loans To DREAMers Here Illegally in Refusal to dismiss Wells Fargo lawsuit. Judge Chesney argued that a California law that requires businesses to grant equal contract rights to all persons within the jurisdiction of the United States includes individuals including those who are here illegally. Furthermore, Judge Chesney also argued that federal law did not supersede the state's civil rights laws, thus justifying her refusal to dismiss the lawsuit. This is ridiculous. Federalism dictates that federal law trumps state law. Nothing in the Constitution states that federal law should be held in lower regard based on the feelings of anyone 8/8/17Immigration, Economics, Freedom
Professor at Wayne State University says punishing disruptive students is unfair to the left 8/8/17Education, Professors, Freedom
Maryland City To Vote On Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Cast Ballots8/8/17Immigration, Freedom,
VIDEO: EXPOSED: Googles Entirely Far Left Leadership! | Louder With Crowder 8/8/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: The Truth About the Google Diversity Memo by Paul Joseph Watson 8/8/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
GOP Senator Jeff Flake Wants to give nearly all illegal immigrants a path to legal status and would like to increase the number of newcomers America takes in every year. He believes that this is the only path forward for the GOP in a country with rapidly shifting demographics. 8/7/17Immigration, Freedom,
Chelsea Handler Wants Thought Crimes To Be A Thing8/7/17Celebrities, Freedom,
Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs 8/7/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
Google was rocked by the publication of an internal manifesto that alleged wide ranging political bias within the company. Now more Google employees are now speaking out 8/7/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
VIDEO: YouTube Surrenders 1791L 8/6/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is launching a preemptive legal assault against the Trump Administration’s promise to pull tens of billions of dollars of federal funding from sanctuary cities that do not cooperate in enforcement against illegal aliens 8/5/17Immigration, Economics, Freedom
Most Corrupt Congresswoman Maxine Waters Deems Trump The Worst Person She Has Ever Met; Here are reasons why Maxine Waters is corrupt 8/4/17TDS, Conservative, Freedom
University offers safe space that bans Straight White People Banned from College Safe Space 8/4/17PC, Education, Race
Public universities could ban Catholicism if appeals court upholds defunding of student paper8/4/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Harvards federal funding at risk as Trump administration reviews anti Asian preferences 8/4/17Race, Education, Freedom
UK: Christian woman prosecuted for talking about Christianity to a Muslim colleague 8/2/17Christianity, Islam, PC
A magazine called Affinity published a piece by an Asian teenager arguing that white men should be denied the vote because unlike people of color, they were never denied the vote in the U.S. 8/2/17Media, Race, Freedom
Professor who refuses to use gender neutral pronouns, Jordan Peterson, is mysteriously blocked from his YouTube channel 8/1/17Media, Freedom,
New Jersey: Court forbids residents to mention Islam or Muslim at public hearing on mosque construction 8/1/17PC, Islam, Freedom
UNC left wing law center might not get to sue the state anymore. The North Carolina Board of Governors is voting tomorrow on banning litigation filed by any UNC system center or institute, on the position that one part of the state shouldnt be suing another 8/1/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
VIDEO: YouTube to Censor Controversial Videos Paul Joseph Watson8/1/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Judge blocked Cornell from suspending a male student who was already suing the university for gender discrimination, because it found him responsible for rape and refused to investigate his rape claim against his accuser. 7/31/17Freedom, Feminism, HoaxFraud
Nazi Protesters Shout Down Ann Coulter During Free Speech Panel7/31/17Freedom, ,
DNC Deputy Chair Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) argued that President Trump uses Twitter in a manner that is comparable to the behavior of King George III and wants Trump banned from Twitter7/28/17TDS, Freedom,
A top lawyer for the FBI and close confidant to James Comey, General Counsel James A. Baker, is under a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice on suspicion of leaking classified national security information to the media7/28/17Freedom, TDS, Media
NSA Violated Civil Liberties 90+ Times Under Obama 7/27/17Obama, Freedom,
Google bows to Muslim pressure, changes search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad7/26/17Freedom, Media, PC
Ahead of a congressional hearing on free speech on college campuses, Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said that he would be willing to support legislation that withholds federal funding from public universities that limit students First Amendment rights 7/26/17Conservative, Freedom,
VIDEO: Journalist charged with hate motivated crime for criticizing Islam; Justin Trudeau welcomes FGM and Sharia7/26/17Islam, Immigration, Conservative
Harvard Alums Furious Over PC Committee Recommending Elimination of Social Clubs 7/25/17Education, PC, Freedom
UK: Police vow You cant hide from us if your spewing abuse from behind a computer screen7/25/17Freedom, PC, Islam
Britain wants to ban knives, when they should be banning Muslims7/25/17Islam, Violence, Freedom
Peter Schweizer: Most Democrats Fail to Take Vital Precautions Against Fraudulent Foreign Donations 7/25/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
University of Chicago Ethics Professor says Children Do Not Belong To Their Parents; government knows better than parents 7/25/17Education, Perverse, Freedom
Three members of the California State University, Fullerton College Republicans have filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the state to validate a recall petition against Democratic State Senator Josh Newman 7/24/17Freedom, ,
A Wichita makeup artist who won a national Kat Von D contest was disqualified aftering winning the contest because she had a Pro Trump photo on her Instagram 7/24/17Freedom, TDS, Liberal Bias
Canadian Professor reports to Hate Bias Unit criticism of policies that led to Muslim cop killing of unarmed woman 7/24/17Education, Freedom, PC
Harvard committee outlawed social groups based on 26% vote in favor; gives no explanation7/24/17Education, Freedom, Feminism
Drupal Targets CTO for removal because he believes in two genders 7/24/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Texas man ordered to pay $65,000 in child support for kid who isnt his 7/23/17Freedom, Economics,
President Trump Eliminates 860 Obama Era Federal Regulations7/21/17Freedom, Obama,
Berkeley, California radio station KPFA cancels Richard Dawkins event because he criticized Islam7/21/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Judge Refuses To Reverse Injunction Against Trump Executive Order. The injunction halts enforcement of the executive order nationwide and allows the lawsuits to be filed and go forward. The Justice Department said that Sessions memo says that cities that willfully refuse to comply with federal immigration law could lose grants from the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security, but not other federal funding, and that Orrick’s injunction was unnecessary7/21/17Immigration, Freedom,
Two leading free speech advocates are warning that teaching college students to view speech as violence only encourages them to counter opposing opinions with actual violence7/21/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Crowdfunding site Patreon banned Lauren Southerns account over claims her work would get people killed7/21/17Freedom, PC, Liberal Bias
PAYPAL & other Online Payment/Donation services kicking conservatives and counterjihadists off their sites7/21/17Freedom, Economics, PC
Dog Sitting is Illegal in New York 7/20/17Freedom, ,
Judge blocks soda tax plan to try to hire more cops. The Chicago Tribune reported that the Cook County Sheriffs Office was expected to begin training 66 new recruits but instead had to suspend them and lay off the 47 people that had already begun training last month. It seems the city put all its eggs into the soda tax-basket and it fell flat7/20/17Economics, Violence, Freedom
Professor claims campus free speech crisis is manufactured, Ignoring violent activists, 7/20/17Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
United States Postal Service Illegally Let Union Workers Campaign for Hillary & Other Democrats 7/20/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Court shocker: Girl must use girls locker room7/20/17LGBT, Conservative, Freedom
Californias Claremont McKenna College has issued discipline to ten students for blocking access to a speech by conservative Heather Mac Donald 7/20/17Freedom, Education,
In the UK, a 5yr odl girl was fined $150 for selling lemonade without a permit 7/20/17Freedom, Economics,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys Justin Trudeau on Bill C116 7/20/17Conservative, Video, LGBT
The American Association of University Professors has filed an amicus brief arguing professors at a public university should be exempt from public records act requests from a conservative think tank seeking to review the scholars’ unpublished climate change research7/19/17Education, Science, Environmental
UC Berkeley BLOCKS Ben Shapiro Event At University On September 14. Shapiro Vows To Fight Back7/19/17Education, Freedom,
University of Central Florida student has been suspended for cyberbullying after posting an apology letter from his girlfriend on Twitter; complete with spelling/grammar corrections. 7/19/17Education, PC,
Carl Sandburg College warns students that it reserves the right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against students who use offensive language, engage in hate speech, or make disparaging comments 7/19/17Education, PC, Freedom
Facebook Blocked 25 Catholic Pages Simultaneously, Most of the blocked pages had significant followings; between hundreds of thousands and up to 6 million followers each; Facebook claims it was a spam malfunction, yet only Catholic pages were affected7/19/17Media, Christianity, Freedom
Student government leaders representing universities across Oklahoma recently approved a resolution calling on state lawmakers and higher education regents to force professors to use trigger warnings7/18/17Freedom, Education, PC
NPR reportedly refused to air a radio interview with former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO despite verbal and written assurances to the contrary because he sounded too reasonable7/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Male student suspended for helping girl not choke on her vomit sues university7/18/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
The UKs Advertising Standards Authority, the self regulatory organization of the ad industry across the pond, is seeking to cut the cord on gender stereotypes. Fitness ads that depict women in swimsuits and children’s clothing ads that depict boys as geniuses in direct contrast to girls as princesses risk being banned7/18/17Media, PC,
Sharia Facebook removes Counter Jihad Coalitions page without explanation7/17/17Islam, Freedom, Media
LAWSUIT: California State University San Marcos withheld evidence from accused student, wouldnt let him defend himself7/17/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Students say Orange Coast College hired investigator to harass conservatives7/17/17Education, Freedom,
Robert Spencer: The West Adopts Sharia Blasphemy Laws 7/16/17Islam, Freedom,
A federal court ruled that praying at the opening of North Carolina county commission meetings is unconstitutional7/14/17Christianity, Freedom,
Florida Police Officer cites a man with a ticket and lists him as male, but he claims to be transgender. Now the entire department may have to undergo sensitivity training 7/14/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
Harvard proposes expelling students who join social clubs 7/14/17Education, Freedom, Feminism
VIDEO: Evergreen College Student: Im Not Allowed To Speak Because Im White7/14/17Freedom, Education, Race
Sharia UK: Burger vendor taken to court, fined for hate speech for criticizing Islam 7/13/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery. A Citigroup analysis finds each box gets a $1.46 subsidy. Its like a gift card from Uncle Sam. 7/13/17Freedom, Economics,
A Federal Judge Rules He Can Block Deportation Of Iraqi Illegal Immigrants in Detroit7/12/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
House Democrat Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Trump 7/12/17TDS, Freedom,
VIDEO: Facebook Shuts Down Anti Obesity Campaign Due to Fat Phobia 7/12/17PC, Media, Video
The Seattle City Council unanimously approved an income tax on wealthy residents of the city. The measure imposes a 2.25% tax on total income above $250,000 for individuals and above $500,000 for married couples filing their taxes together. As all powerful as the (Seattle) City Council may be, they do not have the power to change the state constitution. He added that there is a flat-out ban on local income taxes. The state constitution says taxes must be uniform within a class of property; a 1984 state law bars cities from taxing net income; and cities must have state authority to enact taxes. Mayor Ed Murray lauded the tax, ejaculating that Seattle is challenging this states antiquated and unsustainable tax structure by passing a progressive income tax, and adding it was a new formula for fairness7/11/17Economics, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock signed six new sexual assault bills that require defendants to prove they received consent to avoid prosecution for rape or sexual assault; Basically Need A Consent Contract Now To Avoid Rape Accusations7/11/17Feminism, Freedom,
Government stops blocking Christian geologist from studying Grand Canyon to settle lawsuit. The National Park Service allegedly kept him from doing research to study four sedimentary structures thought to be 245 million years old, because of his religious views he believes the earth is not that old 7/11/17Christianity, Freedom, Science
ACLU Lawsuit Against Trump and Election Commission Attack on the Rule of Law as the ACLU fights to enable voter fraud7/11/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Women who outed LGBT parade that kicked out 3 Jewish women for being Jewish is moved to a sales role and prevented from writing. Her accurate portrayal of an unflattering moment for LGBT unity appears to have ended her journalism career, at least for now. 7/11/17LGBT, Media, Race
Bombshell Report: Comey Memos Were GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, Contained Classified Material — Ben Shapiro7/10/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, TDS
Amish Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Improper FDA Labeling 7/10/17Freedom, Environmental,
VIDEO: ShoeOnHead Conservative Blogger Banned from Buzzfeed 7/10/17Freedom, Media, PC
U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson denied an emergency motion filed by the State of Hawaii that would broaden the familial exceptions to President Trumps travel ban to include grandparents; finally a liberal judge follows the law 7/7/17Immigration, Freedom, Conservative
Trump Facing 7x More National Security Leaks Than Obama or Bush7/7/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
California Democrats organization files lawsuit against College Republicans at California State University, Fullerton for gathering signatures to recall California State Senator Josh Newman after the Democrats passed a gas tax increase in California 7/7/17Education, Freedom, Economics
Oklahoma Attorney General defends campus chapel from atheists7/6/17Christianity, Freedom,
CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers claimed on Twitter that Americans do not have a right to stay anonymous if they are expressing views she finds offensive. 7/6/17Freedom, Media, PC
Sharia France: Do not dare to criticize Islam 7/6/17Islam, Liberal Bias, PC
A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction preventing California from enforcing its gun magazine confiscation law. The law, which prohibits the possession of a magazine with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds of ammunition, likely violates the Second Amendment rights of the plaintiffs in the suit7/3/17Guns, Freedom,
Deptartment of Justice (DOJ) Drops Efforts to Force Washington Redskins to Change Team Name7/3/17Freedom, Race, PC
CNN Tries To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter. Twitter7/3/17Media, Liberal Bias,
California Democrats organization files lawsuit against College Republicans at California State University, Fullerton for gathering signatures to recall California State Senator Josh Newman after the Democrats passed a gas tax increase in California7/3/17Freedom, Education,
The Muslim president of a British university student union has commented that she would like to oppress white people and that Islam would take over if more folks would read the Quran; wants to make the Quran required reading in courses 7/2/17Islam, Freedom, Education
The Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel at East Central University (de)Christianizes chapel because anti religion group said it looks religious by having 3 Latin crosses on the top of and inside the building, Bibles, and a Christian altar 7/2/17Christianity, Freedom, Education
The University of California, Berkeley is trying to get a judge to dismiss the First Amendment lawsuit filed by conservative students after the school blocked Ann Coulter from speaking 6/30/17Education, Freedom,
A court in Germany has authorized a group of self appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law in the city of Wuppertal. The law they were cleared of vioilating outlaws uniforms that are threatening, such as those of Hitlers brownshirts 6/30/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
Democrat Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams Pleads Guilty in Federal Corruption Trial 6/30/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: Eugene Volokh - Campus Speech Intolerance 6/30/17PC, Freedom, Video
Parents Of U.K. Baby Barred From Potential Life Saving Treatment In U.S. Prepare For Sons Mandated Death after a European Court on Human Rights barred them from bringing their ill baby to the United States for such potentially life saving treatment 6/30/17Freedom, Healthcare,
A Canadian father simply asked to be alerted beforehand when and how his children, who were four and six, would be taught about homosexuality, abortion, the occult, and cultural relativism. Once notified, he could choose to keep them at home, so he could decide whether to withdraw them from class but they refused to accomodate the request. The Ontario Superior Court Justice ruled his Charter rights had been violated, but that was reasonable because of the competing Charter values of inclusivity, equality and multiculturalism, and public school boards statutory obligations. Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalitions senior political strategist, called Hughes assertion a brazen, unashamed admission that indoctrination was the goal6/29/17Freedom, LGBT, Abortion
A Trump supporter who is also a licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) was arrested Monday in a tiny town in southeast Los Angeles County known as Cudahy for allegedly pulling a gun and brandishing it as a left wing mob surrounded his car at a gas station after a protest rally outside the city hall 6/28/17Violence, Freedom,
The Governor of Louisiana vetoed a campus free speech bill, declaring that it would be overly burdensome to ensure the First Amendment rights of students 6/28/17Education, Freedom, PC
Government bans prayer to God; Christian preschool forced to thank sun and rain for meals instead 6/28/17Christianity, Indoctrination, Freedom
California Politicians Break Their Own Travel Ban ONE DAY After Issue over religious liberty and LGBT issue 6/27/17LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Christians Not Second Class Citizens! Supreme Court case Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer dealt with playgrounds since Missouri has a state program providing grants to help provide rubberized, recycled tires to cover playground to keep kids safe. However, one highly ranked preschool and daycare was excluded from obtaining the funds because it is run by a church. Case ruled in churches favor 6/27/17Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
SCOTUS Gives Green Light to Enforce Part of Travel Ban from Muslim Countries; Only citizens who have connections to the U.S are extempt 6/26/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
Islam critic Wild Bill detained, arrested in Canada for smuggling hate speech on his iPad. He was detained for hours, arrested, and had his iPad confiscated and sent to Ottawa for a forensic investigation; he was warned that he could be slapped with a tariff of an unknown sum for smuggling his own words into Canada 6/26/17Islam, PC, Freedom
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that he would revise criminal charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt; the individuals were responsible for exposing Planned Parenthoods trafficking of aborted baby parts even after a San Francisco court dismissed 14 of the 15 charges6/26/17Abortion, Freedom,
The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear a landmark religious liberty case about Colorado Baker concerning the rights of merchants who object to participating in gay weddings given their moral and theological convictions. 6/26/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Gay Pride marchers with Jewish flags told to leave Chicago parade 6/26/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Kellogg Community College claimed that it was vilified by a lawsuit filed against it after arresting three students for distributing pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus. 6/23/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
Wisconsin Advances Bill to Suspend or Expel Students who Disrupt College Speakers 6/23/17Conservative, Education, Freedom
A law allowing business owner to deny service to LGBT couples was ruled enforceable in Mississippi by a federal court. The U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th circuit struck down a district court’s injunction against the law, which now allows business owners to refuse to serve gay, lesbian, or transgender couples on grounds of religious objection and also permits clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples6/23/17LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
The Supreme Court constrained the rights of property owners, establishing a test that favors government officials in assessing the loss of property value caused by government regulations6/23/17Freedom, ,
California Bans Government Travel List to 8 States: Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama because of LGBT Discrimination for Religious Liberty 6/23/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Germany raids homes of 36 people accusing of hateful social media postings 6/22/17Freedom, Islam, PC
Court Tosses Out 14 Charges Against Reporter Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Harvesting, Selling Baby Parts 6/22/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
A stunning 61%, believe businesses should not be allowed to refuse services or products to gay people based on religious grounds6/22/17Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
A Northwestern University professor argued that hate speech should be a form of expression that is subject to legal limitation and that racist hate speech causes negative outcomes like cigarette smoking and PTSD, and should therefore be banned just like incitement to violence. 6/22/17PC, Education, Freedom
Refusal to use transgender pronoun is harassment under Trumps new school instructions 6/21/17LGBT, Education, PC
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California thinks colleges okay to block speakers who might fulminate a big problem by speaking freely about things leftists disagree wit 6/21/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, PC
Labour MP Rushanara Ali has called for marches by extremist groups be banned; but only singled out right wing demonstrators in her call for legislation 6/20/17Liberal Bias, Freedom,
Evangelical Christians are under fire as an Alberta school board is demanding a Christian school stop teaching offensive scripture that indicts homosexuality as a sin 6/19/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment 6/19/17Freedom, PC, Conservative
Left Cries Foul Over Christian Schools Right To Vouchers. The Lighthouse Christian Academy of Bloomington, Ind. has been the center of the debate about school choice ever since Senate Democrats claimed that the school discriminated against LGBT students 6/19/17Christianity, LGBT, Education
EU sues Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic for not taking Muslim migrants6/18/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
VIDEO: Dinesh DSouza helps liberal understand Liberty; covers healthcare, abortion, and environmental arguments6/18/17Abortion, Healthcare, Video
The United States Postal Service Is eCommerces Biggest Challenge says J.C. Penney CEO 6/17/17Freedom, Economics,
MIAMI man faces 25 YEARS in jail just for leaving an anti Muslim voicemail at a mosque6/16/17Islam, Freedom, Liberal Bias
University of Michigan paper defends silencing speakers who outrage students with hate speech, came out in strident opposition to two bills proposed by state lawmakers to protect free speech on college campuses. 6/16/17PC, Education, Freedom
Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.6/16/17Freedom, LGBT, PC
Muslim teacher wants school board president canned for calling him anti American on Twitter 6/15/17Islam, Education, PC
A professor at a California college was reported to his dean after one of his exam questions asked whether it was fair for biologically male athletes who are transgender to compete against women6/14/17LGBT, Education, PC
Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Court Oversight Of Chicago Police Reform filed by groups including Black Lives Matter Chicago, is an attempt to force federal court supervision of the reform of the country’s second largest police force 6/14/17Freedom, Race,
7 Times The Obama Administration Obstructed Justice; George Zimmerman, black panthers, Firing Of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin, Interference In Navy Court Martials by Ben Shapiro6/13/17Obama, Conservative,
AG Sessions Shuts Down Obama Era Scheme that Funneled Billions to Left Wing Groups When big banks are sued by the government for discrimination or mortgage abuse, they can settle the cases by donating to third party non victims. The settlements do not specify how these third-party groups could use the windfall. This is how The Obama Justice Department, headed by Loretta Lynch, forced corporations embroiled in litigation to settle their lawsuits by donating the settlement to groups like La Raza, the Urban League, and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition. 6/13/17Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
California Democrats control both legislative chambers in the state. New legislation sponsored by them increases the already-high gas tax by 12 cents. Democrats are claiming that the bill will fund green initiatives and infrastructure repair, but the leftists are in hot water after they refused to turn it into a referendum, instead forcing it into law in Apri 6/13/17economics, Freedom,
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) threatened to have Congress appoint a special counsel, despite the Supreme Court’s decision that it is unconstitutional for Congress to appoint any federal official 6/13/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) said that she does not agree with states rights because President Donald Trump believes in restoring states authority on a wide range of issues, including education and health care insurance markets 6/13/17Liberal Bias, Freedom,
U.S. Soccer team announced that members of both its mens and womens teams will wear rainbow-colored jerseys to celebrate LGBTQ month, devout Christian soccer player Jaelene Hinkle withdrew from the team 6/12/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
The internet demonstrates a physical manifestation of structural racism, according to a New York University professor 6/12/17Education, Race, PC
A white human sexuality professor at Chico State University in California wrote two posts in response to student who wrote in the in the school paper the Campus Rape Culture is a myth and Gender is biology. The school supports the obscene professor. 600 copies of the Orion with students column were thrown away the day it was distributed, its newsroom office door was vandalized with (Rape Apologist News) and the author, Roberto Fonseca received social media messages threatening violence 6/12/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
D.C., Maryland Attorneys General Sue Trump for Unprecedented Constitutional Violations for his business dealings with foreign governments6/12/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that parents may sue a doctor for failing to tell them their child may be born with a birth defect so the mother could have an abortion, 6/11/17Abortion, Freedom,
Sharia UK: Two arrested over video of Quran burning 6/9/17Islam, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Dutch prosecutors have announced they will not be pursuing charges against firebrand Dutch politician Geert Wilders for a speech he made in Austria in 2015. 6/9/17Conservative, PC, Freedom
Gay Trump Supporters Denied Entry Into Charlotte Pride Parade 6/9/17LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
James Comey Drops Bomb On Democrat Narrative: Obama AG Loretta Lynch Pressured Me To Downplay Clinton Investigation 6/8/17Media, Clinton, Freedom
The House passed the Financial Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs Act, a highly controversial measure that stands virtually no chance to pass the Senate. Among the most significant provisions are measures that allow banks to escape heightened regulatory requirements and cut stress tests back from their current annual schedule, while the bill also eviscerates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In all, the measure takes aim at the Dodd-Frank reforms, which sought less risk and higher capital levels from an industry linked to the crisis and the accompanying Great Recession 6/8/17economics, Freedom, Conservative
Michelle Malkin: YouTube Banned Me, But Not the Hate Imam 6/7/17Media, Freedom, Conservative
Eric Holder slammed for Fast and Furious obstruction 6/7/17Freedom, Obama,
After London jihad massacre, Facebook removes video claiming connection between terrorism and Islam 6/6/17Freedom, Media, Islam
Michigan Court Tells Woman She will Have To Accept Men In Her Planet Fitness Locker Room6/6/17LGBT, Freedom,
MAP: Growing number of states consider free speech bills6/6/17PC, Education, Freedom
Ontario, Canada Makes Disapproval Of Kids Gender Choice Potential Child Abuse6/5/17LGBT, Freedom, PC
New Oregon Transgender Equity Law Will Let Criminals Hide in Plain Sight. The new law eliminates the requirement that changes to someones name or gender identity must be posted publicly by the courts. It also allows court cases involving gender identity changes on birth records to be sealed6/5/17LGBT, Violence, Freedom
Harvard Rescinds Admission Of Incoming Students For Posting Offensive Memes In Facebook Chat Group 6/5/17PC, Education, Freedom
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to restore national security immigration ban. The Supreme Court should strike down all the blocks on Trump’s immigration bans, in light of the statute that gives the President sweeping authority to restrict immigration which says: (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.6/2/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
An Arizona based environmental group plans to sue the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to block the Trump administration from moving forward on the testing of prototypes for its proposed border wall. 6/2/17Environmental, Immigration, Freedom
New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Declares NYC Will Defy Trump, Commit To Global Warming Agreement 6/1/17Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Paris: Trump Blocks First of Obamas Three Authoritarianisms 6/1/17Environmental, Obama, Freedom
The City of East Lansing, Michigan, will not let a Christian farmer participate in their farmer's market because of his views on gay marriage. The farmer is fighting back through legal action against the city. 6/1/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ordered a taxpayer funded school district in Wisconsin to allow a female transgender student who dresses like a boy and otherwise identifies as male to use the boys bathrooms and locker rooms on school premises 5/31/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a leftist nonprofit, is discovered to be the perpetrator who faked over 100,000 comments supporting government regulation of the internet appear legitimate. Gaming a regulatory rulemaking in this way is highly deceptive and completely undermines the integrity of the public comment process. More troubling, the potential privacy breach of knowingly using other peoples email addresses without their permission to submit comments would be unprecedented 5/31/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Residents of a Georgia neighborhood are outraged after being told by their homeowners association that they can only fly the American flag 23 days out of the yea 5/31/17Patriotism, Freedom,
Portland Mayor Wants Feds to Stop Alt Right Rallies After Train Murders despite being a Bernie Sanders Supporter5/30/17Freedom, Violence, Race
Leftist Students Target White Professor For Failing To Leave Evergreen State College Campus On a Day Without Whites 5/26/17Freedom, Education, Race
California Forces YouTube To REMOVE Damning Tapes Of Planned Parenthood Doctors Discussing Atrocities 5/26/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Obamas FBI Passed Around Classified Information On American Citizens To People Outside Government5/26/17Obama, Freedom,
VIDEO: Your Employment Ends Where My Feelings Begin — James Allsup 5/26/17Conservative, Video, Freedom
Feminists sue University of Mary Washington for not protecting them from hostile Yik Yak comments5/25/17Feminism, Education, PC
JUDICIAL TYRANNY: Fourth Circuit Upholds National Stay on Trump Travel Ban Executive Order, Blames Trumps Religious Intolerance, Animus, And Discrimination 5/25/17Immigration, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Civil War Museum in Georgia Closes Doors After Politician Demands Confederate Flags Be Eliminated5/25/17Remove History, Freedom,
Ben And Jerrys To Aussies: No Same Sex Marriage, and is revenging itself on the Aussies by banning customers from having two scoops of the same flavor at 26 stores in Australia 5/25/17LGBT, Freedom,
Federal Dietary Fat Guidelines Not Backed Up by Any Evidence 5/25/17Conservative, Freedom,
Portland Leftists Destroy Female Business Owners Burrito Stand Because They are White and stealing hispanic culture by making burritos 5/24/17PC, Freedom, Race
A single, dubious rape accusation by a student who had ample reason to lie led the Ivy League school to deny tenure to Mukund Vengalattore, who would have otherwise sailed through his tenure review. The dean repeatedly overturned findings in his favor, even before she told him he had been accused of rape 5/24/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Directors in Hollywood admit they check actors social media accounts to make sure they do not support Trump before Casting5/24/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, Media
A Kentucky elementary school teacher has been suspended for three days for speaking out about continued bullying and violence in her school and classroom 5/24/17Education, Freedom, Violence
University of Maryland Chinese student scorned for by peers for praising free speech 5/24/17Education, PC, Freedom
The liberal sports media establishment is ramping up its pressure on the organization that governs college sports to punish the state of Texas as its gets ready to pass its own version of the North Carolina transgender bathroom bill 5/24/17LGBT, Freedom, Education
The College Republicans at Hood college in Maryland have been cleared of any wrongdoing for their controversial display that garnered criticism from peers for including quotes that highlighted the black abortion rate and the mental instability of transgender people. 5/24/17Freedom, LGBT, Race
Paypal Cancels Account and Keeps $6K for no reason 5/24/17Islam, Freedom, PC
CALIPHORNIA: Parents fight school on the right for a student to make a culturally insensitive video about Islamic terrorism5/24/17Education, PC, Islam
Paul Joseph Watson reported death threats to Facebook and Facebook responds by threatening to terminate his account 5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Teaching Senate What Statistics Are and Bias Medical and Psychiatric testimony that is being used to ban free speech5/24/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Opening Words at Senate Hearing on bill c16 which rules not calling someone by their gender identity as a form of harrassment5/24/17LGBT, Conservative, Video
VIDEO U.S. Made Over Trillion Dollars of Improper Payments over the years: from $125 billion in 2014; to $137 billion in 2015; to the most recent estimate of $144 billion in 2016 which includes estimates for 112 programs at 22 federal agencies, so it is a pervasive problem, 5/23/17economics, HoaxFraud,
Former CIA director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee that he was not sure if there was any evidence of collusion between the Russia and Trump campaign. 5/23/17Freedom, Media,
After UK Bombing , Katie Hopkins, a columnist for Daily Mail Online, tweeted a call for men of the West to stand up for their families and demand action from the powers that be to combat terrorists. Hopkins named no group, named no individual, but her tweet was immediately tagged by a leftist insistent that Hopkins was inciting racial hatred 5/23/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Rochester student government says Gendered terms like brotherhood are textual discrimination 5/23/17Education, PC,
Twitter Co Founder Evan Willaims Says He is Sorry that Free Speech Led To Trumps Election. He said to the New York Times quote (I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place. I was wrong about that, Its a very bad thing)—Ben Shapiro5/22/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: How Viacom silences Daily Show critics — 1791L 5/22/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
6 Things We Learned from Facebooks Leaked Internal Rules on Terrorism, Sexual Imagery and Violence 5/22/17Conservative, Media, Freedom
CANADA: Senior citizens being displaced from retirement housing to make room for illegal alien Muslim fake refugees5/21/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
A high school teacher resigned after facing vicious backlash; including a death threat for writing a column that cited the Bible 5/19/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Judge Placed On Leave When Officials Discover Shes Not A US Citizen 5/18/17Immigration, Freedom,
Trumps deputies have begun to remove a pro transsexual legal time bomb hidden inside Obamacare by officials working by Obama 5/18/17Conservative, LGBT, Healthcare
Judicial Watch sues Obama administration over a Freedom of Information Act request regarding what influence the administration had in the government takeover of a portion of the internet 5/18/17Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Feds Hide Report Exposing Failures to Prevent Visa Overstays 5/18/17Immigration, HoaxFraud, Freedom
Atheist organization, Freedom from Religion Foundation, is suing the Texas attorney general over prayers before court proceedings and government meetings 5/17/17Christianity, Freedom,
Following demands by St. Olaf students that alumnus Arne Christenson be removed from a university advisory board for his Conservative, Christian and pro Israel views, one of his former bosses is speaking up 5/17/17Christianity, Education, Race
Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours 5/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Hundreds of thousands of fake posts supporting a government takeover of the internets most essential infrastructure bombarded a FCC forum for public comments on net neutrality in the past month5/17/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
After DePaul University allowed College Republicans to invite Gavin McInnes to speak last fall, the administration decided to ban McInnes from campus today. 5/17/17Education, PC, Freedom
IRS Officials Say Their Lives Are in Danger if They Testify About Tea Party Bias 5/16/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Using its Harvard playbook, anti affirmative action group targets University of Texas for Asian discrimination 5/16/17Conservative, Education, Race
Sharia Italy: Newspaper editor charged with having publicly injured the Islam religion 5/16/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Former Muslims slam Facebook for shutting down their pages for disrespecting Islam 5/15/17Media, PC, Islam
Los Angeles Mayor Appoints LAPD Commissioner Who Backs Anti Police Groups 5/15/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Leaders of Britain First arrested over Muslim teen rape campaign for inciting religious hatred, because being against Muslim rape is religious hatred 5/15/17Freedom, Islam, Violence
Revolutionary Communists at the University of California, Berkeley, denounce free speech 5/15/17Socialism, Education, Freedom
Canadian Landlord fined $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for failure to take his shoes off in his Muslim tenants unit while showing the space to potential occupants 5/15/17Freedom, PC, Islam
Black college cancels GOP senators commencement speech to protect marginalized students 5/15/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Hawaii Lawyer: Trump Exec Order Violates 1st Amendment Because Honor Killings Are Islamic 5/15/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
Kentucky shirt company wins religious freedom case against lesbian couple who sued him for discrimination for not making pro LGBT shirts 5/14/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Authorities in Sweden are prosecuting a 70yr old woman for a hate crime for writing on Facebook that she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars5/14/17Freedom, PC, Islam
Pittsburgh School Cancels Mothers and Fathers Day Activities to Respect Non Traditional Families 5/12/17LGBT, Education, PC
California Polytechnic Institute Paper creates self censoring policy after conservative oped about gays was too offensive 5/12/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Portland State newspaper fires editor for quoting Muslim students Quran comment that Islam is okay with murdering people against Islam but they give them a choice to leave before murdering them5/12/17Education, Freedom, Islam
A Gay Editor at HuffPo has called upon his followers to harass GOP members of Congress at every turn, even in their private lives, allotting them no peace writing: Paul Ryan, the house speaker should not be able to attend any function, eat in public or enjoy dinner at home without hearing people, its time to move beyond polite protests within specific boundaries. Its time to escalate the expression of our outrage and anger in a massive way 5/12/17Media, Freedom, LGBT
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Drops Undeniable Truth Bombs About Religion In Debate 5/12/17Christianity, Freedom, Video
A Fresno State University professor was recently caught on camera scrubbing pro life message off of the sidewalk and encouraging several of his students to do the same 5/11/17Abortion, Abortion,
Washington Post urges colleges to censor speech if someone thinks its racist5/11/17Race, Media, Freedom
300 schools in Australia have signed on to new transgender policy which would allow schools to facilitate the gender transition of students as young as 6yrs old without parental consent 5/10/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
The New Free Speech Coalition Threatens the Tech Lefts Net Neutrality with a REAL Free and Open Internet 5/10/17Freedom, Media,
Single Gender Clubs ruled Discrimination at University of Rochester 5/9/17Freedom, Feminism, LGBT
Professor faces disciplinary proceedings for calling diversity training a waste of time 5/8/17Freedom, Education, PC
Wisconsin Students Demand Control Over Cops Because FucK THE POLICE Graffiti Vandal Got Busted 5/8/17Race, Education, Freedom
7th Grader Suspended for Liking Photo of Airsoft Gun On Instagram 5/8/17Guns, PC, Freedom
Seattle Mayor Levies Diet Soda Tax to Tackle White Privilege. The mayor updated the rules of a proposed soda tax which would fund education for minorities to include diet drinks in order to combat the systemic racism of whites who tend to consume those more. 5/8/17Race, economics, Freedom
The City of L.A. has crisis with an exploding homeless population, rising violent crime rate, deteriorating and potholed roads, and air pollution so bad that a word smog was invented for it. But with all these pressing issues at hand, the L.A. city council found time to dive into foreign policy and demand an investigation into President Donald Trump, hoping to find impeachable offenses to remove him from office. 5/6/17economics, Freedom,
Canadian Senate passes bill that removes the right to revoke citizenship from terrorists 5/6/17Freedom, Islam, Violence
FBI Report: Officers Have Reduced Policing Due to Anti Cop Hostility 5/5/17Violence, Race,
The newly elected student government President and Vice President at Clemson University are already ruffling feathers with a proposal to institute mandatory LGBTQ ally training for faculty and staff. 5/5/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
VIDEO: Father Christopher Wyrick Has Epic Rant Against Sharia Being Taught In schools 5/5/17Islam, Education, Freedom
Conservative professor fired for defending students marriage views loses court battle 5/4/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Facebook is hiring 3,000 new employees for its community operations team whose job will be to remove posts that are flagged as inappropriate by users5/3/17Freedom, Media,
The St. Louis Post Dispatch cancelled column of black conservative journalist Stacy Washington after her most recent article defended the NRA against comparisons to ISIS and pointed out the media bias against guns. Washington was the only local conservative contributor 5/3/17Media, Liberal Bias, Guns
VIDEO: The Political Ramifications of Islamic Fundamentalism by Robert Spencer at Gettysburg College 5/3/17Islam, Conservative, Video
An FBI translator who had top-secret security clearance no less, traveled to Syria and married the ISIS operative she was charged with investigating5/2/17Islam, Obama, Freedom
Left fascists at University of Buffalo Robert Spencer lecture refuse to allow discussion of jihad threat5/2/17Islam, Education, Freedom
UCLA: Coddling Hamas on Campus While Trampling the First Amendment 5/2/17Education, Islam, Violence
Conservative writer David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has been banned from CNN and his own alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley 5/1/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
The President of Orange Coast College Republicans, stood before the leaders of his college and declared that as a homosexual Hispanic from a low income household, he faces discrimination on campus for being a Republican and said Republicans are the most targeted minority on our campus, and it is the duty of this board to defend minority students 4/28/17Education, Freedom,
Climate scientists are canceling their subscriptions to The New York Times because the paper hired a columnist who is skeptical of man-made global warming 4/28/17Media, Environmental, Freedom
A Northern Arizona University Professor accosts a student for reading his Bible prior to the start of one of his classes 4/27/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Christian Seattle Pacific University, must celebrate panromantic gender identity, LGBTQ students demand 4/27/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Concordia College rejects gun club because NRA opposes gun control4/27/17Freedom, Guns, Education
Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Sanctuary City Order Is A Big Democratic Donor4/26/17Freedom, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Ann Coulter pulls out of speaking at the University of Cal Berkeley because threats of violence have been made and she was not confident that local law enforcement could guarantee her safety4/26/17Freedom, Violence, Education
Bill Nye Thinks It Is Time To Penalize People For Having Extra Kids 4/26/17Liberal Bias, Media, Environmental
Google is expanding its AdSense hate-speech policy 4/26/17Freedom, PC, Media
VIDEO: Tucker Debates Free Speech With Liberal Professor 4/26/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
A federal judge temporarily blocked a key portion of an immigration-related executive order Trump signed in January that would allow the federal government to withhold funding from sanctuary citie 4/25/17Immigration, economics, Freedom
The New York Times has now published here a sly apologetic for totalitarian censorship and comes out in favor of Leftist thuggery against dissenters on campus4/25/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Andrew Cuomos Anti Pipeline Stance is Devastating to New York Economy. The projected loss to the region by 2020 adds up to 78,400 jobs and nearly $7.6 billion in economic activity and the displacement of $4.4 billion in labor income. New York alone would see $1.6 billion less in state GDP and the loss of 17,400 jobs4/25/17Environmental, economics, Freedom
College must fire white woman because she studies black communities, activists demand 4/24/17Freedom, Education, Race
Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald is potentially looking to sue more than 90 other individuals for Twitter messages similar4/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Illegal Immigrants Can Now Obtain IDs In Chicago 4/21/17Immigration, Freedom,
Howard Dean: Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment4/21/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, PC
Obama Operatives Direct Town Hall Disruptions Nationwide 4/20/17Freedom, Obama,
Tucker Carlson, Breitbart News Embrace Big Government Trumpian Redistributionism. We are all Socialists now 4/20/17Socialism, Freedom, Conservative
University leaders ban pro life flag display, say it created an unsafe environment 4/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Because Of Security Threats 4/19/17Education, Freedom, Violence
A federal judge in Alabama ordered Auburn University, a public university, to allow white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer Richard Spencer to speak on campus 4/19/17Freedom, ,
Campus Fascism Rising4/19/17Conservative, Freedom,
A High School Girl Had A Water Gun On Campus. Now She Is EXPELLED FOR A YEAR 4/19/17Guns, Education, Freedom
Georgia Gwinnett College tried to dispel a First Amendment lawsuit by claiming that it removed a preacher from campus because his discussion of the Gospels rose to the level of fighting words. Apparently, the Gospels are dangerous 4/18/17Christianity, Freedom, Education
Public High School Censors Students Article Criticizing Safe Spaces 4/18/17Education, Freedom,
FCC Kept Obamaphone Fraud Secret Until After It Expanded the Expensive, Corrupt Program 4/18/17Obama, HoaxFraud, Freedom
VIDEO: YouTube censorship of the Right is based on THIS myth 4/15/17Media, Conservative, Freedom
Huffington Post advocates denying White Men the right to vote 4/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Court ruling means Virginia students can be suspended for offending transgender peers4/13/17LGBT, Freedom, Education
Trump Kills Obama Regulation Prohibiting States From Defunding Planned Parenthood4/13/17Abortion, Obama, Freedom
Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri call for violence after Republicans invite Robert Spencer to speak about Islam 4/13/17Violence, Education, Freedom
The University of South Alabama is reminding staff to respect First Amendment rights after a student was threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to remove a Trump sign from his dorm window. 4/12/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The University of Massachusetts Boston is cutting more than 20 summer courses in order to pay Labor Union as part of a project labor agreement that requires unions to be the sole and exclusive source of job-site labor 4/12/17economics, Education, Freedom
At Miami college founded by Cubans exiled under communism, officials shut down pro capitalism club 4/10/17Socialism, Education, Freedom
Wisconsin lawmakers force students to pay for sex toys, undermine their free speech 4/10/17Education, Freedom,
California Passes 12% Gas Tax 4/7/17Freedom, ,
War on Cops author Heather Mac Donald shouted down at UCLA by hysterical Black Lives Matter protest 4/6/17Race, Education, Freedom
Lansing, Michigan is refusing to comply with federal immigration officials in order to keep the city safe. Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero. Tries to defend the lawless position by saying its easy for white men like us to say 4/6/17Immigration, Freedom, Race
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a new policy that wont allow students to graduate from high school unless they present a plan to the government on what their post-graduation plans are.4/6/17Education, Freedom,
Public University of New Hampshire takes down a hate speech art display that criticizes sexual harassment 4/6/17Freedom, PC,
Judicial Watch: Smoking-Gun Documents Prove Obama IRS Targeting Worse Than We Thought 4/5/17Obama, Freedom,
7 Times The Obama Administration Used Government To Target Its Political Opponents 4/4/17Conservative, Obama, Freedom
Iowa State agrees to stop requiring students to self-censor in order to graduate4/4/17Education, Freedom,
How to fund California infrastructure fixes: Tax hikes or rearranging spending priorities? How California Democrats hold infrastructure hostage4/4/17economics, Freedom, Conservative
Democrats Have Enough Votes For A Neil Gorsuch Filibusterd 4/3/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Obama national security advisor, Susan Rice, repeatedly requested information from the intelligence community on members of the Trump transition team and campaign, unmasking them to an audience beyond the intelligence community in the process - Ben Shapiro4/3/17Freedom, Obama,
A federal judge has rejected Trumps free speech defense against a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a campaign rally for saying get them out, get them out4/1/17Freedom, Violence,
California Threatens First Amendment Protections With Fake News Ban. The text of the amended statute is vague. It does not explicitly define what constitutes a false or deceptive statement, allowing subjective interpretations of misinformation, or fake news, a label that individuals use to describe stories or narratives that they do not agree with 3/31/17Freedom, ,
College drops charges against Christian student who challenged Muslim professors claims about Jesus 3/31/17Christianity, Islam, Freedom
The 15 felony charges leveled at two activist journalists behind a series of explosive Planned Parenthood undercover videos is such an egregious abuse of the law that even the Los Angeles Times felt compelled to call it a disturbing government overreach3/31/17Freedom, Abortion, Conservative
A Texas State University history professor called the employers of at least two conservatives, one a current student, and tried to get them fired over a political disagreement on Facebook3/31/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
North Dakota State University went after Christian students for showing bias, records show 3/31/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
PRO-LIFE WIN: Senate Overturns Obama Regulation Forcing States To Fund Planned Parenthood 3/30/17Abortion, Conservative,
VIDEO: Students Sign Petition to Ban Professors that support Trump 3/30/17Education, Freedom,
Australia: Muslim MP wants to make offending Muslims a criminal offense3/30/17PC, Islam, Freedom
2 undercover pro-life advocates responsible for exposing Planned Parenthoods profiting off of selling fetal tissue from abortions now face 15 felony charges for recording others without consent, 3/29/17Abortion, Freedom,
A former student is suing Montana State University for more than $225,000, alleging that he was suspended for expressing anti transgender views in a private conversation with a professor 3/29/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: Public school turns computer lab into mosque, bars non Muslim students3/29/17Islam, Education, Liberal Bias
NCAA Issues Ultimatum To North Carolina: You Have 48 Hours To Repeal Transgender Bathroom Bill 3/28/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word mankind instead of a gender neutral alternative. 3/28/17Freedom, Education, PC
Los Angeles Pierce College stops YAF student from handing out the Constitution in Spanish3/28/17Education, PC, Freedom
House votes to block Obama online privacy aattempt 3/28/17Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim professors claim that Jesus wasnt crucified 3/27/17Christianity, Islam, Freedom
Christian clubs cant be forced to accept non-Christian leaders under new Kentucky law3/24/17Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
A federal judge in Virginia ruled Friday against blocking Trumps executive order that called for temporarily stopping the entry of immigrants from six majority-Muslim nations and refugee admittance overall 3/24/17Immigration, Conservative,
Media Slams Rick Perry for being anti gay for criticizing Texas A&M for changing student election. Robert McIntosh handily beat out his openly gay competitor, Bobby Brooks. He received 4,977 votes compared to Brooks 4,214. But the results were overturned later that night, after the student election board received anonymous complaints that McIntosh intimidated voters. He was not initially given a chance to defend himself, but was immediately disqualified, and Brooks was declared the winner 3/24/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: MY LAST EVER VIDEO? -Paul Joseph Watson Will YouTube Censor Extremists Channels like mine? 3/24/17Media, Conservative, Freedom
Wellesley Student Creates Database of Professors Who Commit Microaggressions or Fail to Respect Students’ Pronoun Preferences 3/24/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
More big brands pull ads from YouTube in widening boycott; putting pressure on YouTube to censor and blacklist creators who could be labeled racist or hate content; which is gaining momentum to use to censor conservatives 3/24/17Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Los Angeles Police Department Wont Honor ICE Requests To Notify Them Of Illegal Status3/23/17Freedom, Immigration, Violence
A teenage boy and his parents have filed a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania high school saying that administrators tried to shame the boy for being intolerant and demanded that he undress with girls in the school locker room to make it seem natural. 3/23/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
Preschool Suspends Four-Year-Old For Bringing Shell Casing To School 3/23/17Guns, Freedom,
SUBMISSION: Canada Passes Anti-Islamophobia Bill 3/23/17PC, Islam, Freedom
Smaller turnout at Charles Murray lecture makes students suspect critics snapped up tickets so others could not attend 3/22/17Education, Freedom,
Students at the University of Missouri–Kansas City could soon decide to fire staff and administrators responsible for (victim-blaming and invalidation of rape) who call rape claims alleged3/22/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Congressman Devin Nunes confirmed that some of President Trumps personal communications were in fact collected by the Obama administration during the 2016 election 3/22/17Freedom, Media, Obama
The IRS under Obama was used as a weapon against Tea Party and conservative groups, denying them tax exemptions and burying them in miles of bureaucratic red tape lasting years for those who finally were approved. But, an After School SATAN CLUB was fast-tracked to nonprofit status in just 10 days 3/22/17Obama, Freedom, Christianity
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio detailed how NYC schools will not cooperate with ICE3/22/17Immigration, Freedom,
A group of Wellesley College professors claims speakers with objectionable (or offensive) views are not only offensive to students, but actually diminish their liberty 3/21/17Education, PC, Freedom
U.S. Appeals Court Thoroughly Rejects Atheist Groups Attempt to Stop Public Prayer 3/21/17Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
CBS Political Correspondent: Supreme Court Needs Judges With No Legal Background 3/21/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Cosmo Features story about 9 Reasons that Constitutional Originalism is Bullshit -Ben Shapiro 3/21/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Florida state prosecutor Aramis Ayala is ignoring state law and has publicly stated she would never seek the death penalty for criminals. 3/21/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
The New Jersey State Legislature passed a resolution asking public institutions to serve as safe zones for illegal immigrants, and Stockton University has already eagerly agreed to comply 3/20/17Immigration, Education, Freedom
Senate Democrats find the originalist interpretation of the Constitution to be troubling when questioning Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court justiceship 3/20/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
5 Appeals Court Judges Explain Why Donald Trumps Immigration Order is Legal. 3/17/17Conservative, Freedom, Immigration
The FBI arrested a Twitter user for allegedly causing Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald to have a seizure. The suspect, John Rivello, was arrested by the FBI at his Maryland home. Rivello, 29, is being charged under a federal cyberstalking statute and will appear in federal court in Dallas 3/17/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Canadian poll: Only 14% like anti-Islamophobia motion M-103 that criminalizes criticism of Islam3/17/17Islam, Freedom, Conservative
Plaintiff behind Trump immigration ban suit runs Muslim Brotherhood mosque. Imam Ismail Elshikh, a native of Egypt, leads a Muslim Brotherhood-tied mosque in Honolulu, Hawaii, and claims he is suffering irreparable harm by President Trump’s temporary travel ban. The proof that his mosque is affiliated with the Brotherhood is found in the court records for Honolulu County, which lists the deed holder as the North American Islamic Trust 3/17/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Rush Limbaugh: We Are on the Verge of a Genuine Constitutional Crisis and if the Supreme Court doesnt overturn this (Trump EO), or if Trump doesnt just ignore it like Andrew Jackson did, then we are getting to the point where the president, because of the judiciary, will have totally lost constitutional authority to defend the country because of this little ruling in Hawaii that was made possible by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. And its all about this idiotic notion that a presidential candidate on the campaign trial making statements is the equivalent of an inaugurated president stating policy3/17/17Conservative, Freedom,
Google is now directing its review teams to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive in search results 3/16/17Freedom, PC, Media
Virginia Officials Arrested For Violating Voter Protection Laws for campaigning at polling place3/16/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
A federal District Court judge in Maryland is considering whether he should order President Donald Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year 3/16/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
LGBTQ groups want NCAA to limit championship tournaments to gender inclusive sites 3/15/17LGBT, Freedom,
A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked Trumps new travel ban just hours before the ban was set to go into effect 3/15/17Freedom, Immigration,
Study: Campuses With Privileged, Wealthy Students More Likely to Censor. The more economically exclusive the institution, the more likely the students have attempted to hinder free speech. 3/15/17Education, Freedom, PC
Tennessee files constitutional challenge to refugee settlement program 3/14/17Freedom, Immigration, Islam
Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Immigration Executive Order 3/12/17Immigration, Freedom,
Taxpayers funded eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants with more than $291 million between 2012 to 2016 3/10/17Immigration, Freedom,
Female student slams instructor for axing paper on myth of gender wage gap. Professor says Gender Wage Gap is real so she needs to look into Feminist sources3/10/17Feminism, economics, Freedom
IRS Locates 6,924 Documents Related to Tea Party Targeting 3/10/17Obama, Freedom,
Several States Sue Trump Over New Immigration Executive Order 3/9/17Immigration, Freedom,
Nearly 100 Santa Clara University professors have signed an open letter blasting the administration’s decision to override the Student Senates rejection of a Turning Point USA chapter, a Conservative Group3/9/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Free speech resolution withdrawn at Bucknell, where professor called Milo organizers fascists3/9/17Education, Freedom,
The Barnard College Board of Trustees voted to divest stock holdings in fossil fuel companies that deny climate change, but has yet to actually define who exactly are climate deniers 3/8/17Environmental, Freedom,
WikiLeaks Exposes Obama CIA Covert Global Hacking Program 3/7/17Obama, Freedom,
Norway immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug slams the liberal media after being accused of wearing a crucifix necklace merely as a prop to promote xenophobic views3/6/17Christianity, Media, Islam
California sheriffs say sanctuary state bill would prevent immigration officials from going after violent offenders 3/6/17Immigration, Freedom, Violence
Wikileaks Destroys Obama and Reveals His History Of Wiretapping Friends and Rivals 3/5/17Obama, Freedom,
A judge has been accused of helping an illegal Mexican immigrant escape a courtroom where immigration officials were waiting to arrest and possibly deport him. 3/3/17Immigration, Freedom,
Hundreds of students shouted down Libertarian author and political scientist Charles Murray during a lecture at Vermont Middlebury College, forcing him to move to a private room and stream the lecture online. The speaker and Professor Assaulted by College Protesters 3/3/17Education, Freedom, PC
Can women use sexual coercion against men? Lawsuit forces Indiana University to face possibility3/3/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Judge vindicates Amherst College blacked ou’ student expelled for rape because accuser blabbed to Huffington Post 3/3/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Ruling against University of California-San Diego satirical student paper that mocked safe spaces could gut civil rights law 3/3/17Education, Freedom,
UC-Berkeley students continue to harass members of the College Republicans, recently destroying two of the group's signs and posting flyers comparing them to Nazis 3/2/17Education, Violence, Freedom
Student Government at Boston College rejected a resolution affirming that pro-life advocacy is a legitimate use of advocacy 3/2/17Education, Freedom, Abortion
College Student at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina Suspended after Challenging Rules against Free Speech 3/2/17PC, Education, Freedom
Jeff Sessions says We are Having A Lot of Troubling Leaks, A Lot of It Would Appear To Be In Violation of the Law 3/2/17Freedom, Conservative,
LAWSUIT: Female rapes disabled student then gets him expelled, university fires his dad 3/1/17Education, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: Ted Cruz: Our Lawless Courts3/1/17Conservative, Video, Freedom
University of Southern California has postponed Dave Rubin speech indefinitely for security concerns, and said that they wanted armed guards at his event3/1/17Education, PC, Violence
The House Judiciary Committee is investigating a claim that the Obama admin funneled billions of dollars to leftist organizations through the Department of Justice. 3/1/17Obama, Freedom,
Motivational Posters Removed at Langley After Feminists Claim Sexist, and Male-Supremacist Language 3/1/17Freedom, Feminism,
VIDEO: Is Parliament Censorship A Slap At Free Speech? Richard Corbett of the British Labor party on Tucker Carlson. From now on, speech that includes racist or xenophobic ideas will be shut down in Parliament at the discretion of the Speaker and can actually stop the live broadcast and censor the video from the language3/1/17Freedom, PC, Video
Two lawsuits proceeding through the federal courts threaten to expose and disrupt a scheme the Obama administration concocted in 2012 to confiscate all the profits from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac (the government’s two mortgage giants) with a plan to divert billions of dollars to pay essential Obamacare insurance subsidies that Congress had refused to fund 2/28/17Obama, Freedom,
After Lawsuit From Shapiro And YAF, CSULA Now Will Let Conservatives Speak On Campus 2/28/17Conservative, Freedom,
The National Council of La Raza, an organization that promotes the Reconquista of the southwest United States, called President Trumps Executive Order a Declaration of War on the Hispanic community equivalent to the slave trade 2/28/17Immigration, Violence, Freedom
Christian Worship to Be Replaced with Multi-Faith Assemblies in British Schools2/28/17PC, Freedom, Christianity
A Suburban Chicago high school is going forward with an All-School Seminar Day that features far-left speakers on subjects including police genocide against black Americans and suppression of their voting rights. The School insists there is no evidence of any political or social ideology or agenda 2/28/17PC, Education, Freedom
A Georgia judge has sentenced 2 white people to spend a combined 19 years in prison for shouting racial slurs, making armed threats and waving Confederate battle flags at a group of black people; 19 years! And they were charged with terrorism2/28/17Freedom, PC,
Judicial Watch Report: Paul Penzone, the newly elected Sheriff in Arizona is releasing nearly 400 criminal aliens every 10 days. Even though some of them have committed serious crimes. Illegal Alien Ever Valles, was released in December even though he was a known gang member with a lengthy and violent criminal history and was arrested this month and charged with shooting a man to death during a robbery at a rail station 2/27/17Immigration, Violence, Freedom
Parents who oppose their children and teenagers being forced to share bathrooms and shower rooms with opposite-sex kids must begin putting aside their prejudices, says a leading transgender activist2/27/17Freedom, LGBT, Education
A New York City police union official criticized Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the his police commissioner for sanctuary city protections granted to criminal aliens. The city stands to lose millions in federal law enforcement grant money, Breitbart Texas reported. The city could also be forced to repay more than $60 million in previously received law enforcement grants 2/27/17Immigration, Freedom,
Connecticut Govenor Dannel P. Malloy indirectly threatens jobs of police officers if they follow federal immigration laws2/27/17Immigration, Freedom,
Leaked audio from an anti-Trump protest group meeting reveals activists with anti-Trump group Indivisible plotting how to best manufacture a hostile environment at a town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana2/27/17Freedom, Violence,
Antifa group openly promotes violence and vandalism at Clemson 2/27/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Immigrant activists want city of Charlotte to pay legal costs of those fighting deportation 2/27/17Immigration, Freedom,
Student protesters at San Francisco State are obstructing access to on-campus ATMs until their school ends its relations with Wells Fargo, a company supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline 2/24/17Environmental, Education,
Becoming transgender convinces student to accuse former lover of sexual assault 2/23/17LGBT, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Google has launched a new AI program called Perspective to detect 'abusive' comments online in an effort to crack down on hate speech 2/23/17Freedom, ,
A California lawmaker was removed from the state Senate floor after refusing to stop delivering a speech criticizing late liberal state Senator Tom Hayden for his leadership role in the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960s. Many fled South Vietnam and blame the U.S. anti-war movement for undermining American forces and contributing to the victory by the communist North 2/23/17Freedom, ,
CSULB compiling data on students sexual orientations. California State University-Long Beach is inviting students to divulge their nontraditional sexual orientations and gender identities so it can share the statistics with state lawmakers and the general public 2/23/17Education, Freedom,
Dozens of posters at UC Irvine advertising a campus talk that will take a critical look at the alleged rape epidemic at universities and the widely touted claim that 1 in 5 female students are the victims of sexual assault have been torn down2/22/17Feminism, Education, Freedom
MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump 'could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job' 2/22/17Media, Freedom,
A Lutheran pastor’s talk at Washington University in St. Louis on the goodness and importance of procreation and marriage between a man and a woman prompted two separate protests by students and professors who accused the event and its speaker of hate-mongering 2/21/17Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Militant vegan drives neighborhood nuts trying to make every restaurant 100% vegan. She's already ruined one restaurant and pushing for more. Adami launched her company, Veganizer, in 2015 with the goal of converting restaurants all over the city to a menu in which half the options are meat- and dairy-free 2/21/17Environmental, Freedom,
Senators Elizabeth Warren, Senator Al Franken, and Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse oppose student vouchers, and send their children and grandchildren to expensive private schools that costs from $35,000 to $45,000 per year 2/21/17Education, Freedom,
California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing cuts to higher education scholarships for middle class students while increasing scholarship funding for illegal immigrant students. Jerry Brown projects that the cut will $115 million per year by 2021, but the Legislative Analyst's Office estimates that the cost of financial aid for DREAMers will grow from $67 million last year to $88.6 million this year. 2/21/17Education, Freedom,
A Yale University group named Engender expressed its intention to lobby the university's administration to force fraternities to accept women according to Title IX 2/21/17Freedom, LGBT,
POLL: by Harvard-Harris, some 80% of American voters said they disapproved of localities not notifying federal immigration officials when they come in contact with an illegal alien, a policy that has been adopted by major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 2/21/17Immigration, Freedom,
Nestle Leaves California to get away from Anti-Capitalist Lawmakers and because California’s wacky laws have turned the Golden State into a venue of choice for activist groups to file costly class action lawsuits or to launch anti-corporate PR campaigns against big, wealthy targets like Nestle. The candy corporation will enjoy $16 million in tax incentives 2/20/17Economics, Freedom,
The Catholic bishop of San Diego attacked U.S. President Donald Trump, telling his audience of social justice warriors that they must disrupt Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises 2/20/17Christianity, Economics,
A conservative communications professor at UCLA claims his department chair is effectively blocking students from enrolling in his popular 'Free Speech on Campus' class in a decision that’s likely politically motivated 2/20/17Education, Freedom,
Canada: Protesters outside mosque where imam prayed for killing of unbelievers could face hate crime charges 2/20/17Islam, Freedom, PC
The public university of Southern Maine revoked its demand for the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom to pay $450 in security fees to host a state lawmaker for a speech about immigration policy 2/20/17Education, Freedom,
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Warns Against Turning Away from Globalization 2/17/17Freedom, ,
VIDEO: UC Berkeley has a regressive leftist Stasi that surveils conservative students 2/17/17Education, Conservative, Video
Washington State Supreme Court upholds decisive blow to freedom, as Arlene's Flowers is not allowed to refuse floral service to a gay wedding. Ironically, businesses are allowed to refuse to carry Ivanka Trump products2/16/17Freedom, LGBT,
DOJ Won’t Prosecute FBI Exec Who Made Subordinates Create False Records2/16/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Obama
UCLA bans Robert Spencer's book: Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama and Beyond from a Free Speech event on campus 2/16/17Islam, Education, PC
The president of the University of California, Irvine College Republicans was denied access to the UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference because she wasn’t there for 'the right reasons' 2/15/17Education, Freedom, Feminism
Some Democrats are refusing to pay taxes in protesting Donald Trump 2/15/17Freedom, ,
Under Armour CEO Bullied Into Renouncing Trump Support 2/15/17Freedom, Media,
In the First Quarter of this fiscal year, October through January, the federal government collected a record-breaking $1.08 Trillion of your tax dollars and turned around and blew it all in the same time frame. In fact, they spent $1.24 Trillion, which is more than a $156 billion deficit2/15/17Freedom, Economics,
This Is Treason: Intelligence Community Working Against President Trump In Move To End American Democracy 2/15/17Freedom, Conservative,
A University of Buffalo Pharmacy student pleads with New York Andrew Cuomo because he won't let any state sponsored activities travel to North Carolina over their pro-biology bathroom law 2/14/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
Maryland considers teaching kids that boys are presumed guilty in rape accusations 2/14/17Education, Freedom, Feminism
Blocking traffic, damaging property, rioting, and other forms of extreme protest behaviours can reduce popular support for social movements, a new study concludes 2/13/17Education, Freedom,
Contributor to NPR who fled Afghanistan with his family has been charged with misdemeanor assault and failing to obey an officer for blocking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. public school 2/13/17Freedom, PC,
VIDEO: Fighting Back Against Speech Intolerance 2/13/17Video, Freedom,
Texas Governor Greg Abbot fires back at NFL for threatening to pull Super Bowl. Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick has been leading the charge to get SB 6 passed; his spokesman Alejandro Garcia told AP, 'Despite persistent misinformation in the media, under Senate Bill 6, all Texas teams will be able to set their own policies at the stadiums and arenas where they play and hold their events. There is no conflict with the NFL’s statement today and Senate Bill 6' 2/13/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
NFL more forceful about proposed Texas 'bathroom bill'. Threatening to take Super Bowl from Texas if they don't let boys use the girls bathroom 2/11/17Freedom, LGBT, PC
There’s An Alt-Left, And It’s Trying To Make America Ungovernable2/11/17Conservative, ,
US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been prevented from entering a public school in Washington D.C. by a group of protesters 2/10/17Education, Freedom,
Bucknell Economics Professor Marcellus Andrews wrote a tempestuous email titled, 'An Open Letter to Professor Wooden, the Faculty and the students of Bucknell,' in which he called for 'a steep and lasting price' to be imposed upon the student libertarian group of 'racists and fascists' that invited a conservative speaker to speak on campus last February 2/10/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
San Francisco is taxing the rich to pay for free community college 2/10/17Economics, Freedom,
RADICALIZING FOR VANDALISM WITH CAMPUS IDENTITY POLITICS. How campus identity politics studies are a taxpayer funded violent campus cult. 2/10/17Conservative, Education,
We Have an Equality Problem in America: The Left Wants Freedom out of Education 2/9/17Freedom, Education, Conservative
Win for Religious Liberty! The state of Georgia agreed to pay $225,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit, after state officials dismissed an employee because of sermons hegave in his capacity as a lay minister 2/9/17Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
JUDICIAL TYRANNY: 5 Biggest Legal Stupidities In The Ninth Circuit's Decision To Stop Trump's Executive Order - Ben Shapiro 2/9/17Freedom, Islam, Immigration
A student residential community advisor at the University of Minnesota was not re-hired after her performance review noted that she failed to adequately promote social justice principles 2/8/17PC, Education, Freedom
California Democrats pushing legislation aimed at helping poorer families be able to take Beach Vacations. If passed, Assembly Bill 250 would direct the state Coastal Conservancy to develop new, low-cost accommodations and improve existing affordable accommodations, with the goal of making a trip to the beach more accessible for families that don’t have a lot of money and might have to travel far2/8/17Liberal Bias, Economics, Freedom
The George Washington University’s Young America’s Foundation chapter was met yesterday with pro-choice protesters at their Cemetery of the Innocents display. Two of the protesters even ripped up a sign put up 'In Memory of the Lives Lost to Abortion,' justifying the vandalism by claiming that pro-lifers are 'not letting people have the choice over their own bodies'2/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Violence
Santa Clara University’s student government recently voted to deny a pro-capitalism campus club official recognition, citing the possibility that the group may invite conservative speakers, and that allowing it would be a stand against 'humanity' 2/7/17Education, PC, Socialism
Racist Bill Proposed in Rhode Island Would Ensure Only Black Judges Get Appointed2/7/17Race, Liberal Bias, Freedom
California Lawmaker Wants Schools To Teach About Russian Hacking Of Election! (video)2/7/17Freedom, Education,
Travel-ban judge James Robart makes decision based on whopping lie 2/7/17Freedom, Immigration,
Student senate at Santa Clara University rejected a petition to form a campus chapter of Turning Points USA, a conservative activism group, because opponents of the group complained that its presence would make them feel “unsafe' 2/6/17Education, Freedom, PC
A Christian street preacher was locked up and charged with a hate crime for quoting from the Book of Genesis in response to a gay teenager’s questions on how God views homosexuals 2/6/17Freedom, Christianity, LGBT
In New Haven, Connecticut, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters blocked traffic on I-95 and blocked an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient and an emergency procedure was needed to be performed inside the ambulance instead of in the hospital 2/6/17Freedom, PC,
Progressive students at Marquette University are upset that conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak on campus later this week, citing 'Black History Montn' 2/6/17Freedom, PC, Education
The Seattle judge who temporarily banned the White House’s refugee reform plan acted after mistakenly claiming the federal government has not arrested jihadi migrants from the seven Muslim countries covered by the reform. But the federal government has arrested and jailed at least 76 people since 2001 from the seven countries covered in the first stage of the president’s reform 2/6/17Freedom, Immigration,
How Leftist Politics on the bench, and Washington State Judges clear violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers and is potentially detrimental to national security. 2/6/17Conservative, Freedom, Immigration
Impeach Judge James Robart for violating sovereignty and Constitution - See more at: 2/6/17Freedom, Immigration,
Bernie Sanders tweets: Government Should Destroy Religious Freedom In Order To Fight 'Racism, Sexism, Homophobia' - Ben Shapiro2/3/17Christianity, Freedom, Socialism
'Clock Boy' Lawsuit Against Ben Shapiro Dismissed, Shapiro Awarded Attorneys' Fees for false accusation of Islamaphobia lawsuit 2/2/17Islam, Freedom, Media
Uber CEO bows to pressure, ditches Trump advisory council over immigration2/2/17Freedom, Media, PC
Senate Democrats say they will filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch if he is not “mainstream” and is “radical,” but they will not specify exactly what they mean by the terms2/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
A protest against Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley turned violent Wednesday night, with protesters even throwing explosives at police officers, but, incredibly, only one arrest has been reported. 2/2/17Violence, Education, PC
Nordstroms Removes Ivanka Trump's fashion line from website2/2/17Freedom, PC,
University of California Riverside student Mitzie Perez is suing bank giant Wells Fargo because it denied her a student loan last summer 2/1/17Immigration, Education, Freedom
Canada to hire 55 people to monitor 'hate speech' 2/1/17PC, Freedom,
Reddit has banned its largest alt-right group, continuing a trend of social media platforms censoring the nationalist movement with ties to white supremacy 2/1/17Race, PC, Media
Cornell branded student a sexual harasser for underwear theft with no evidence 2/1/17Education, Freedom,
VIDEO: Leftists 'protest' at MILO UC Berkeley event with violence (Full Compilation #1) 2/1/17Education, Freedom, Video
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson FULL Interview With Milo Yiannopoulos UC Berkeley Riots! 2/1/17Education, Freedom, Video
A federal judge in Los Angeles may have goofed his order barring the U.S. government from canceling valid immigration visas in connection with President Donald Trump’s refugee policy 2/1/17Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Transgender bathroom mandate ignores science and harms children, legal groups tell Supreme Court1/31/17Freedom, LGBT,
Clemson students, the first-year experience class at Clemson University is designed to provide freshmen with ethical guidelines on how they should act on campus is filled with 'progressive propaganda'1/31/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Democrats in the California Senate ramped up their fight Tuesday against President Donald Trump, advancing bills that would create a statewide sanctuary for people in the country illegally, provide money to pay lawyers for immigrants facing deportation and hamper any attempt to create a Muslim registry. 1/31/17Freedom, Immigration,
Resistance from within: Federal workers push back against Trump; trying to sabatoge his administration in open insubordination1/31/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Senator David Perdue to Sally Yates: Refusing to Defend the United States Is Irresponsible 1/31/17Freedom, Immigration,
Marquette University Staff Caught Sabotaging Shapiro Event 1/30/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Sally Yates, second-in-command in former president Barack Obama’s justice department and now acting Attorney General until Jeff Sessions or another appointee is confirmed, ordered Justice Department lawyers not to defend President Trump’s temporary immigration ban 1/30/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Immigration
President Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, after she refused to defend his executive order to restrict immigration and refugees from six high-risk countries in the Middle East 1/30/17Freedom, Immigration, Conservative
'Suitable For Framing', a frame store in Aspen refuses services to a girl who wanted to frame photos of her at Trump's inaguration becuase they don't service Trump supporters1/27/17PC, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Campus liberals at Portland State University try to censor free speech event featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, Dave Rubin, and Peter Boghossian called 'The New Campus Thought Police: Controversial Authors Tackle Free Speech and Safe Spaces.' 1/27/17Education, Freedom, PC
Here Are The 5 Craziest Things Big City Democratic Mayors Are Pledging To Do To Fight Trump On Illegal Immigration 1/26/17Immigration, Freedom, Conservative
Purdue kicks out ROTC student after girlfriend accuses him of snuggling without consent 1/26/17Feminism, Freedom, Education
Canada’s sharia-friendly Prime Minister is attempting to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on Canadians 1/25/17Islam, Immigration, PC
Huffington Post: Obama DOJ Fought Texas Voter ID Law. Trumps New Civil Rights Chief Offered Tips On Writing It. 1/25/17Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
The New York Times quietly issues a correction to the lie it pushed back in December when it was advantageous for Democrats to push it. The editorial emphasized what turned out to be a false claim that the paper has opposed the electoral college system for 80 years, which of course, is not true1/24/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
The mayor of Los Angeles has set up a 'justice fund' to help, among others, criminal illegal aliens fight deportation orders. 1/24/17Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The Texas judge presiding over the Obama’s Administration’s executive amnesty case has issued an order saying that the unethical behavior from the federal government’s attorneys has been 'nothing short of stunning. And the DOJ’s behavior in this ongoing case, like the DAPA program itself, 'has been completely shameless, totally unethical, and against American principles of fairness'. 1/23/17Immigration, Obama, Freedom
Twitter removed my ‘SJW ideology’ post with no explanation, says anti-PC professor 1/23/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump pledges to cut business regulations by 75% or more 1/23/17Freedom, ,
Texas Christian University prof mandates students visit mosque on Good Friday. Attending the trip and therefore not worshiping Christ on Good Friday – is worth 10 percent of the entire course, or a whole letter grade1/22/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Man-hating Feminist Wants to Take Away Men's Rights 1/22/17Feminism, Freedom, Video
LGBT Activists Throw 'Queer Dance Party' at VP-Elect Pence's House 1/19/17LGBT, Freedom,
Spike Lee says he won’t be using Chrisette Michele’s music in an upcoming project because of her decision to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration 1/19/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Kellogg Community College is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket Constitutions and signing students up for a conservative student organization 1/18/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
A 66-year-old German man has been given a suspended three-month prison sentence for hate speech after he distributed leaflets in his town calling migrants 'parasites'1/18/17PC, Freedom, Islam
School Employee Fired for Correcting Student’s Spelling1/17/17Freedom, Education, PC
CBO data shows Social Security won’t last for millennials 1/17/17Freedom, Socialism,
A Students for Life chapter has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Colorado State University of denying funding for an event because officials objected to its pro-life theme 1/17/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Left-Wing Activists Plotting To Use Butyric Acid At Trump Event 1/16/17Freedom, Violence,
Totalitarians at the University of California, Davis shut down an appearance by gay conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos and former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli Friday night. 1/16/17Freedom, PC, Violence
Nearly 60% of LGBT people in Australia say it should be illegal for a pastor or religious minister to refuse to marry a same-sex couple. A whopping 94.3% of respondents opposed any exemption allowing a religious organization to deny use of its property for a same-sex wedding 1/16/17LGBT, Freedom,
YouTube has removed the channel for popular conservative blog Legal Insurrection, taking down every video allegedly without prior warning. 1/13/17Freedom, Media, PC
Judge rejects subpoena on rape accuser who admitted she violated blacked-out student and admitted in text messages to performing oral sex on her blacked-out sex partner, but she won’t have to submit to a deposition in that student’s lawsuit against Amherst College for expelling him as a rapist because it would cause the hoaxer 'trama' to have to show up1/13/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Judge Thwarts Obama EPA’s Lawless War on Coal1/13/17Obama, Environmental, Freedom
Rosie O'Donnel Wants 'Martial Law' to Stop Trump Inauguration 1/12/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
The University of Wisconsin, River Falls is cracking down on potentially offensive language by telling students to 'check yourself' before using terms such as 'illegal alien' 'ugly' or even 'you guys' 1/12/17Education, PC, Freedom
Finland: Gay man on trial for warning about Islam on Facebook1/12/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Minnesota: First Somali-Muslim Legislator Takes Oath on Giant Koran 1/12/17Islam, Freedom,
Federal court says University of Virginia violated a student’s right to due process by punishing him severely after exonerating him of rape allegations.1/11/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Education
Democrats cry foul on Trump education nominee because she supported due-process group for men falsely accused of rape1/10/17Feminism, Freedom, Education
Even as the IRS was struggling to explain to Congress why it could not produce copies of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails, the agency was paying $12 million for an email backup system that it could not and did not use1/10/17Freedom, ,
Ellen defends excluding gospel singer: Christian values not ‘inclusive’ because she doesn't support gay marriage. Pharrell says you have to choose which side you are on, and somehow, that's being inclusive1/6/17LGBT, Freedom, Media
The Student Coalition for Progress at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pushed a petition that alleged The University's Young Americans for Freedom chapter is a hate group and its members and efforts 'create a hostile environment on campus.'1/6/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Transgender Sues Catholic Hospital For Refusing To Perform Hysterectomy, but the Media Say She's a Man?1/6/17LGBT, Healthcare, Freedom
Study: Harvard's 'Implicit Association Test' found 'very little evidence' that making individuals aware of their implicit biases 'has anything to do with changes in a person's behavior.' 1/6/17Conservative, PC,
New York has now issued the United States’ first non-binary gender birth certificate 1/5/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
Socialist and 'anti-fascist' student groups are demanding that the University of California, Berkeley cancel a planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos. Alleging that there has been 'a recent increase in fascist activity" on campus, the students want protection from 'unacceptable' views such as Milo's 1/5/17Education, Freedom, PC
orthampton County (Pennsylvania) District Attorney John Morganelli announced charges against a white 14-year-old Saucon Valley High School student who had filmed a black classmate eating wings during a chicken wing eating contest. 1/5/17Race, Education, PC
Three students at the University of Puget Sound are appealing their suspension for creating a public shame list called 'Bigots of Puget Sound'. Accusing 22 students and faculty members of being racist, misogynistic, sexist, or transphobic as 'a form of activism'. 1/5/17Education, PC, Freedom
Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Will Use Taxpayer Dollars to Protest Trump 1/5/17Freedom, Socialism, Liberal Bias
College force conservative students to lobby for leftist causes and lower court says this is okay. Rhode Island College ordered him to lobby for the program’s ideological view, outside the classroom1/4/17Education, Freedom,
A judge ruled that Georgia must allow students who qualify for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to receive in-state tuition at state colleges and universities despite Georga state law forbidding anyone 'unlawfully present' in the state from enrolling in state universities.1/4/17Education, Immigration, Freedom
Americans Fleeing Left-Wing High-Taxed States. The Northeast continues to experience a moving deficit with New Jersey (63% outbound), New York (63%) and Connecticut (60%) making the list of top outbound states for the second consecutive year,'the National Movers Study notes. 'Pennsylvania (56%) also joined the top outbound list this year.' 1/4/17Economics, Freedom,
Oakland Schools are already broke again after 2003 bailout. Teachers received a 14% raise while the school district declined by 850 students1/4/17Education, Race, Freedom
House Passes Legislation To Erase Last Minute Obama Admin Regulations1/4/17Obama, Freedom,
VIDEO: You Spent $75,000 On 25 Bicycles! - Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On GSA Officials 1/3/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Supreme Court Finds Obamas Religious Tactics Unconstitutional1/3/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO Trey Gowdy Get ALL Muslims out of our Government1/3/17Islam, Conservative, Video
A Texas judge has temporarily blocked the Obama administration's new requirements for transgender care, granting a preliminary injunction Saturday to several states and religious health organizations suing over the rules12/31/16LGBT, Freedom, Obama
Report: Homeland Security Officials Took Millions in Bribes to 'Look the Other Way' on Drug Cartels12/31/16Immigration, Obama, HoaxFraud
Joint FBI-Homeland Security report fails to prove Russians behind Clinton leaks 12/30/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook Bans Users Over Years-Old Posts With Words Like 'Cracker' and 'Tranny' 12/30/16Freedom, Media, PC
Obama Oversees Year of Mass Regulation, Record 97,000 Pages of Red Tape12/30/16Obama, Freedom,
Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes will sue President Barack Obama for designating over 1.6 million acres as national monument land12/29/16Obama, Freedom, Environmental
Hawaii Café Won't Let you Eat There if you voted for Trump. Tolerant Liberals aren't they? 12/28/16PC, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Obama issues one more Land Grab in Utah, but won't face residents 12/28/16Obama, Freedom,
Welcome to Canada! Where Truth is a Human Rights Violation. The New Bill C-16 legally recognizes that one’s outfit and hairstyle supersede one’s biology as defining characteristics of gender. It’s a human rights violation to argue that a man, with all male parts, in a wig and dress is still a man. Apparently, the only thing that sets women apart from men is a ten-dollar Walmart shopping list. 12/28/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
Harry Reid's Decision for the 'Nuclear Option' allowing nearly all judicial and executive nominations to proceed to a Senate vote with a simple majority has backfired on Democrats bigtime; who now have no ability to block any of Trump's nominations 12/28/16Conservative, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The Obama Legacy: Adding $9.2 trillion to National Debt, $1 Trillion in Obamacare Tax Increases over next decade, $870.3 billion: in Estimated economic cost of new federal government regulations finalized since Obama took office $750 billion in Americans global trade deficit in 2015 and $690 billion Increase in student debt 12/28/16Obama, Economics, Freedom
The University of Oregon tells professors that if you say things about race, sexual orientation, sex, religion and so on that enough people find offensive, you could get suspended and possibly even fired. Goodbye Free Speech 12/27/16PC, Education, Freedom
New law signed by Obama targets independent media outlets, websites, for elimination under NDAA and any Conservative outlet that could be classified as 'Fake News'12/26/16Obama, Freedom, Media
A statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the French municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as 'ayatollahs of secularism' 12/25/16Islam, Christianity, Freedom
Dreaming of a ‘Green’ Christmas? 11 Traditions Environmentals Want To Ban12/25/16Environmental, Conservative, Freedom
Environmentalists are really worried that your home’s Christmas lights will ruin the planet.12/25/16Environmental, Christianity, Freedom
A loophole in federal law allows Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees and other federal workers get away with deleting millions of official records created using cellphone text messaging, according to government transparency experts12/23/16Environmental, Freedom,
Michigan: DOJ sues Sterling Heights for rejecting mosque in residential neighborhood 12/23/16Freedom, Islam, PC
Seattle judge says kids can sue government for climate change inaction12/23/16Environmental, Freedom,
Ivanka Trump Accosted by Gay New York Lawyer and kicked off plane. Then complains on social media he was just talking, but earlier his husband tweeted he was intentionally harrassing her. Deletes Twitter account after12/22/16Freedom, PC, LGBT
Democrats, Jacobins, Soviets, Nazis, all have in common the ideologue that has waged war against a common enemy: Christmas. 12/22/16Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
Louisiana – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is attacking a public Christmas display, this time targeting a small, Louisiana town’s nativity scene 12/22/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
A Colby College professor Professor denies that college campuses are 'liberal echo chambers' 12/22/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
A Texas health instructor who is also an immigrant from Guatemala has charged her former employer for discrimination after she lost her job for refusing to teach contraception, which violates her religious beliefs. 12/22/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Climate hothead from Penn State can continue suing his conservative critics, court rules 12/22/16Environmental, Education, Freedom
A French mayor will be tried on hate charges over comments that include a claim the number of Muslim students in his city was a 'problem' 12/22/16PC, Islam, Immigration
A French mayor will be tried on hate charges over comments that include a claim the number of Muslim students in his city was a 'problem' 12/22/16PC, Islam, Immigration
A deal to undo the North Carolina law known as the 'bathroom bill' fell apart when legislators couldn't agree on a plan to the repeal the measure, a sign of the bitter political divide within the state12/21/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
President Barack Obama's administration is in line to issue regulations totaling $6 billion during the 'midnight period' between Election Day but before the inauguration. The $6 billion comes from 5 regulations and estimates the regulations will add 350,000 hours of additional paperwork12/21/16Obama, Freedom,
Georgia Gwinnett College repeatedly restricted how an evangelical Christian student could communicate with passers-by on the public campus, even stopping him from proselytizing in a designated free speech zone, according to a new lawsuit 12/20/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Obama administration engaged in a calculated effort to dismantle an Energy Department program so it could focus on meeting the goals of the president's climate change agenda, even going as far as to fire scientists that disobeyed strict orders not to talk to members of Congres 12/20/16Obama, Environmental, Freedom
House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop criticized President Obama's announcement banning offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, calling the move an 'abuse of power' and 'naive and unprecedented'12/20/16Obama, Environmental, Freedom
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory announced he would call legislators back to the Capitol on Wednesday to repeal the law known as HB2, which excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from antidiscrimination protections. The law also requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in many public buildings 12/19/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
Left-wing activists descend upon state capitals and protest in a last-ditch effort to sway votes -- or, at the very least, to cast a cloud of illegitimacy over the presidency of Donald Trump 12/19/16Freedom, ,
A Newsweek reporter with epilepsy charges that a tweeted strobe flash from a Donald Trump supporter triggered a seizure – and is now pressing charges against the Twitter user12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Professor punished for ‘sexual misconduct’ of singing Beach Boys to students because 'California Girls' is 'Sexual in Nature' 12/19/16Freedom, Education, PC
HOPE NOT HATE, a charity that combats extremism, published a report on November 28th purportedly revealing a mass outbreak of online hate-speech after the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, a week before the Brexit referendum in June. In the month after the killing at least 25,000 people sent more than 50,000 tweets celebrating her death or praising her murdere, but turns out to be false. There were only about 1,500 12/17/16HoaxFraud, PC, Freedom
Minnesota Football Players Boycott Football Activities and potentially Bowl Game over players suspended over fake rape. Even though an investigator who watched a video Djam took of the incident wrote that 'she does not appear to be upset by the sexual activity and does not indicate that she wants it to stop' 'and the sexual contact appears entirely consensual' 12/16/16HoaxFraud, Education,
Students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison are petitioning their school’s administration to revoke a conservative club Young America Foundation's charter and put its leaders 'through intensive diversity training' 12/16/16Freedom, Education, PC
A former police officer fired for flying the Confederate flag at her suburban Atlanta home has filed a federal lawsuit saying her termination violates her constitutional right to free speech 12/16/16Freedom, PC, Remove History
University of Arkansas redacts information on professor's study on the effects of race-based admissions policies because it might expose the prioritization of minoritiy admissions over others with equal scores. After extended legal battle, Arkansas will be forced to disclose the information12/15/16Liberal Bias, Freedom, Race
Four University of Minnesota football players were suspended for several games early this season following allegations of a sexual assault on September 3. However, the quartet was never arrested and prosecutors ended up declining to press charges after reviewing the evidence. Still four players were re-suspended, but another six players were suspended in addition, thanks to Title 9 12/15/16HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
George Soros, Big Banks And Google Fund Anti-Trump Resistance Group 12/15/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Gay Activist Gets Brady Bunch Star Fired From Radio Host Job because of statements about Muslims. The quotes of Muslim scholars and the Koran prove she was correct 12/14/16Freedom, Islam, LGBT
Facebook restores Robert Spencer’s account after popular outcry 12/14/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Texas School Bans Charlie Brown Christmas Poster 12/13/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
Video: CAIR Backs DOJ Discrimination Claim for Virginia Mosque Ban 12/13/16Islam, Obama, Freedom
Pro-life organization Americans United for Life (AUL) provides details of hundreds of violations of state laws regulating abortion clinics 12/13/16Abortion, Freedom,
Unions Shift Focus to State and Local Government12/13/16Freedom, ,
Protesters Storm Stage, Disrupt Rep. Luis Gutierrez Speech at Refugee and Immigrant Conference 12/13/16Education, PC, Freedom
Washington Post says to Seize Trump Tower by Eminent Domain 12/13/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
An anti-Christian group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has criticized a recent decision by the Air Force Academy not to punish an assistant football coach for posting Bible verses on Twitter12/12/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
A teacher at a private school in British Columbia, Canada has been fired for expressing his personal opinion about abortion 12/12/16Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
ACLU Sues Indiana Town Over Cross Atop Christmas Tree; Town Caves 12/12/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
German Muslim Politician Supports Introduction of Sharia Law in Europe 12/12/16Islam, Immigration,
Pro-Trump students at elite St. Louis area school allege discriminatory treatment by staff 12/11/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A School Principal in Indiana was caught on video giving a pro-life group a hard time outside of his school about their placards and the literature it was handing out 12/10/16Abortion, Freedom,
Michigan university threatens to arrest conservative students for ‘free speech ball,’ drawing lawsuit 12/9/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders has been declared guilty of hate speech and inciting racial discrimination for leading a chant calling for 'fewer, fewer' Moroccans in the Netherlands. 12/9/16Freedom, PC,
Google is Censoring 'Offensive' Auto Complete Results about Black Crime12/9/16Race, Freedom, Media
The faculty advisor of the California Polytechnic University College Republicans is being targeted by the school’s Queer Student Union for failing to prevent the club from inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to campus. The flyers accuse Dr. Brian Kennelly of bringing a 'white supremacist Nazi' to campus 12/8/16LGBT, Education, Freedom
Hillary Clinton advises to Censor the Internet or People will Die!12/8/16Clinton, Freedom, PC
Left-wing propagandist Michael Moore has called on his followers to 'disrupt the inauguration' of President-elect Donald Trump. 12/7/16Freedom, Violence, Liberal Bias
Colleges Banning Religious Christmas Displays 12/7/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Johns Hopkins University placed adjunct economics professor Trent Bertrand on paid leave for the rest of the semester due to his unwillingness to comply with political correctness12/7/16Freedom, Education, PC
After an Afghan migrant raped and killed a 19-year-old woman in Germany, Facebook responded by banning a German woman for 'hate speech' because she posted a picture of the murderer. 12/7/16Freedom, Islam, Violence
Harvard University law professor Lawrence Lessig has pledged his legal expertise to any Elector who wishes to betray the voice of the people and vote against President-elect Donald Trump 12/6/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The Pentagon finds over $125 Million in administrative waste, so they decided to hide it 12/6/16Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
California HOA Orders Marine Wife to Remove Her American Flag 12/6/16Patriotism, Freedom,
YouTube Removes PragerU Video of Pro-Israel Muslim over ‘Hate Speech’ 12/5/16Freedom, Media, PC
Anglican Pastor Facing Jail Time for Praying Outside Planned Parenthood 12/5/16Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
PETITION TO OVERTURN DEMOCRATIC ELECTION NOW MOST POPULAR EVER. Almost 5 million people want a democratically elected president to be prevented from taking office and replaced with a candidate who lost 12/2/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
A group of American University students protested Wednesday to demand the firing of a Board of Trustees member, simply for meeting with Donald Trump 12/2/16Education, Freedom, PC
Samford University recently declined to recognize a prospective Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter because of the group’s 'inflammatory' anti-communist stance 12/1/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
BuzzFeed Targets Christian ‘Fixer Upper’ Hosts for (Maybe) Not Having Gay Clients 12/1/16LGBT, Freedom,
Some Cities Want Their Noncitizen Immigrants to Vote. San Francisco considers opening up local elections to newcomers. 12/1/16HoaxFraud, Immigration, Freedom
According to a new report released by the Government Accountability Office, the federal government is on track to forgive at least $108 billion in student debt in the coming years12/1/16Education, Freedom,
George Washington University students scolded for expressing their fear over publicly discussing their Conservative beliefs 11/30/16Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
The Cosecha Movement, responsible for organizing this month’s sanctuary campus walkout, is plotting a second nationwide operation to illegally occupy hundreds of administrative buildings 11/30/16Education, Freedom, Immigration
$1 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars spent on hospitals and infrastructure in Palestine 11/30/16Freedom, Healthcare,
An online petition is calling for the firing of a University of North Carolina-Wilmington criminology professor, claiming that he harassed and threatened a student by publishing her name in an op-ed. The student was the Muslim Student Association leader who sued her school after she threatened to shut down a Trump rally and the University didn't provide her security escorts to class everyday 11/29/16Freedom, Education, PC
Kellogg Adds Name to List of Advertisers Boycotting Breitbart over ‘Hate Speech’ along with AllState, Earthlink, and Ad-buying tool AppNexus11/29/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Millennial Michigan elector receives death threats for backing Trump11/29/16Freedom, Violence, Liberal Bias
Monument to Christian missionaries under review by Williams College censorship committee 11/29/16Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
Public university accused of violating Catholic students’ religious freedom: Lawsuit 11/29/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
French TV Bans Smiling Down Syndrome Kids So as Not to Offend Post-Abortive Women 11/25/16PC, Abortion, Freedom
Reddit CEO: We suppressed pro-Trump posts 11/25/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Butt Hurt Democrats Demanding Recount only in States Hillary Clinton lost - Paul Joseph Watson 11/24/16Freedom, Conservative, Video
After Hillary Clinton loses,Democrats introduce legislation to abolish the Electoral College11/23/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Nearly 50 British University Academics Sign Open Letter Demanding MILO Ban 11/22/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
In response to complaints, some brands are pulling ads placed on Breitbart 11/22/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
James Woods quits Twitter over 'alt-right' censorship11/18/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
the University of South Florida Global Initiative for Civil Society and Conflict, which is a University 'think tank' has received more than $4 million in state and federal funds – yet is so poorly run that its employees aren’t sure who the director is and its mission appears to be sucking in money with no accountability/a>11/18/16Education, ,
A Marxist, a Venezuelan diplomat and an illegal alien headlined a meeting of organizers of the Trump resistance as they announced their plan to shut down Chicago on Saturday and Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day 11/17/16Freedom, ,
China Loves America’s Push To Censor Facebook11/17/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump voter attacked by two Hillary supporters on subway train 11/17/16Freedom, ,
Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government 11/17/16Obama, Freedom,
U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Cummings placed a temporary injunction against the Department of Labor from enforcing its new Persuader Rule in July after several companies and trade groups filed suit against the department. The new rule would have forced employers to disclose any legal advice they receive regarding unionization campaigns, even if those lawyers and consultants did not interact with workers or publicly advocate in the workplace—the previous disclosure standard, which was one of Obama’s most controversial labor policies, which critics say would have hampered the First Amendment rights of employers 11/16/16Obama, Freedom,
Student beat up for wearing Trump hat at anti-Trump protest11/16/16Freedom, PC,
According to the non-partisan group 'VoteStand,' following an analysis of 180 million voter registrations, it has been determined that more than 3 million non-citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election. 11/16/16Immigration, HoaxFraud, Clinton
Student attacked for carrying Trump flag: School blames him, not attackers11/14/16Education, Freedom,
Famous Swedish TV Chef Attacked by Muslims Over Resemblance to Trump 11/14/16Freedom, ,
California high school teacher attacked by student during ‘chaotic’ anti-Trump protest 11/13/16Education, Freedom,
Matt Maloney, CEO of the food-delivery website Grubhub, issued an email to his employees Wednesday stating that if anyone agrees with President-elect Donald Trump's sentiments, then they should resign 11/11/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
More than 2.4 million people had signed a petition to the U.S. Electoral College, urging its members to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton11/11/16Freedom, Clinton, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Group Brutally Beats Man While Yelling 'Don't Vote Trump'11/10/16Freedom, Video, Race
Acts of intimidation, violence and vandalism reported after Trump win 11/10/16Freedom, PC,
The University of Michigan recently released a guide for creating gender-inclusive classrooms, advising professors to avoid 'harmful' phrases like 'ladies and gentlemen” and 'your mom and dad'11/10/16Freedom, LGBT, Education
Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections 11/7/16HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Students and faculty at a Catholic college are up in arms over a professor suggesting that Catholic unity is more important than cultural diversity and try to get him fired 11/7/16PC, Freedom, Christianity
Rutgers student fired from campus newspaper after writing ‘illegal alien’ in column 11/7/16Immigration, Education, Freedom
Students threatened with arrest for handing out Constitutions11/3/16Education, Freedom,
JUST AS YOU EXPECTED: Southern Poverty Law Center’s $300 million war chest likely being funded by Muslim terrorist states11/3/16Freedom, ,
German government ORDERS schoolchildren to visit mosques after parents refused school trip 11/3/16Islam, PC, Freedom
YouTube blocks a video on left wing censorship and blames YouTube's algorithm blacklists educational footage11/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Historic Black Church Burned With 'Vote Trump' Painted on Wall 11/2/16Liberal Bias, Conservative, Freedom
Chico State athletes not allowed to say ‘coward,’ ‘rape,’ ‘spaz’ or ‘shemale’ 11/1/16PC, Education, Freedom
Pittsburgh Youth for Trump activists once again faced vulgar comments and vandalism while tabling on campus, with several liberal students even making death threats against them11/1/16Education, Freedom,
A Florida State University residence hall has been decorated with a bulletin board portraying Thanksgiving as a reminder of the Pilgrims’ ineptitude and racism 11/1/16Education, Freedom,
University of Minnesota labor economist Dr. Morris Kleiner concluded that occupational licensing has cost consumers $203 billion per year and 2.85 million fewer jobs in America 11/1/16Economics, Freedom,
A professor fighting against political correctness at New York University has been forced to leave the classroom in response to his colleagues’ mounting concerns regarding his 'incivility.' of going against Social Justice Totalitarianism 10/31/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Parents of a German teenager may face a trial for refusing to pay ‘truancy’ fine after refusing to allow their son to go to a local mosque on a school field trip out of fear that it would lead to his indoctrination by Muslim leaders 10/30/16Islam, Freedom, Education
Liberal creates 106 ticketmaster accounts to buy up tickets and not attend a Milo Yiannopoulos event, because protesting has become 'ineffective' so more drastic measures need to be taken to not allow others to hear Conservatives speak 10/29/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Thousands of online comments and threats from LGBT people have been directed against two young gay men who expressed their opinions about the current presidential race. The Gay Thought Police are like Soviet-Era Bullies 10/28/16LGBT, Freedom,
The Obama administration is using billions of dollars in banking fines to fund radical left-wing activist groups that work to elect Democrats, according to an eye-opening new study from a nonpartisan research institute 10/28/16Obama, Freedom,
At Yale, Almost three-quarters of those who participated (2,054 respondents from across the political spectrum) say the school 'does not provide a welcoming environment for conservative students to share their opinions on political issues'10/27/16Liberal Bias, Education, Conservative
PC Crowd signs petition to ban a YouTuber, who is way too skinny, but they want to ban her simply for her looks creating a negative body image 10/27/16PC, Freedom,
Prager: YouTube vs. Conservative Speech Will YouTube do to the internet what the left has done to Prager University? 10/25/16Freedom, Conservative, Video
An editor of Austria’s largest paper, is to be tried for hate speech over a commentary he wrote about the migrant crisis last year calling them 'testosterone-driven Syrians' for their aggressive sexual assaults everywhere10/25/16PC, Freedom, Islam
Members of Tufts University’s Greek system have been told they could face 'serious disciplinary sanctions'— including a possible investigation by the campus police — for wearing Halloween costumes that offend peers or make the campus community 'feel threatened or unsafe' 10/25/16Freedom, Education, PC
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that charges a $7,500 fine for those who advertise their residence on a home-sharing service ike AirBnB because the government wants to regulate housing and make more money10/25/16Freedom, ,
Public university allows ‘viewpoint-based’ discrimination for unpopular speech, group claims10/25/16Education, Freedom, PC
Wikileaks reveals that George Soros, in anticipation of a meeting with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, requested Podesta read a memo accusing President Barack Obama of emboldening radical Islam in Malaysia in order to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) passed. 10/24/16Freedom, ,
Depaul College Republicans flyer titled 'Unborn Lives Matter' taken down and University President calls the slogan 'Bigotry'10/23/16Abortion, Education, Freedom
The Obama administration plans to appeal a judge’s ruling that allowed schools to temporarily ignore the administration’s guidelines on transgenders in the bathroom 10/21/16LGBT, Obama, Freedom
Columbia University is making it harder for students to hold it accountable for how the Ivy League school runs 'gender-based misconduct' proceedings.It has previously banned students from bringing a recording device into the proceedings, and now Columbia has stopped accusers and accused students from even 'transcribing' what happens during proceedings. 10/19/16Education, Freedom,
Growth of non-academic college bureaucrats more than doubles in last 25 years 10/19/16Freedom, Education,
Students at Iowa State University have been put on notice that if they don’t comply with the official “harassment” policy they risk putting their graduation on hold. 10/18/16Education, Freedom, PC
UCLA Communists Disrupt Republican Event, Call for Overthrow of U.S. 10/18/16Education, Socialism, Freedom
Transgender activists attack free speech rally to defend professor who won’t say ‘ze’10/17/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
Canadian Activists File Lawsuit to Force Cleveland Indians to Drop Chief Wahoo, Nickname 10/17/16PC, Freedom,
Queer transgender activist says capitalism is ‘greatest threat to basic human rights’10/15/16LGBT, Freedom, Socialism
Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders can be tried on charges of inciting racial hatred, a court in The Hague ruled on Friday, setting the stage for a politically charged test of freedom of speech laws in the Netherlands 10/14/16Islam, Freedom, PC
James O’Keefe has become the latest high-profile conservative to be banned from Twitter, just as he released a series of damning interviews against Hillary Clinton 10/14/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Members of a feminist club at Sierra College are slapping students with citations when they engage in behavior that could make another 'feel uncomfortable and/or threatened.' making 'kissing noises, whistling' and many other mundane behaviors 10/14/16Feminism, PC, Freedom
Students at John Hopkins University are protesting an scientific study that found no evidence that genetics play a significant role in determining sexual orientation, undermining the 'born that way' argument favored by LGBT activist, because any science that runs contrary to what liberals want it to say should be banned 10/14/16LGBT, PC,
New York City Council members approved a resolution condemning Islamophobia 10/14/16Islam, PC, Freedom
Christian Florist Wonders if There’s Still Room for Christian Businesses in America10/13/16Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
Harvard Law grad: History of free speech ‘racist’ and ‘oppressive,’ concept needs a ‘second look’ 10/12/16Education, Freedom, PC
Hillary supporters destroy ‘fascist,’ ‘racist' free speech wall at CSU 10/12/16Education, Freedom, PC
Conservatives Protesting Bill Clinton's rape of women are attacked at rally 10/12/16Clinton, Liberal Bias,
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has been disinvited from speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven because his conservative views were deemed too 'polarizing' 10/11/16Education, Freedom, PC
YouTube blacklists Prager University, the popular conservative channel that promotes Christian-Judeo values because Conservatism is 'hate speech' 10/11/16Freedom, Media,
A University of Virginia Professor is put on paid leave after saying that Black Lives Matter is the most racist thing we've seen since the KKK, which is true10/10/16Education, Freedom, Race
Screenshots of a private online conversation among a group of North Carolina State University students that used the n-word and criticized Black Lives Matter were posted to social media, prompting the campus to erupt in controversy and calls for the students involved in the conversation to be punished 10/10/16Education, Race, Freedom
A student at Tufts University proposes a free speech resolution which has been viciously attacked by peers who suggest he’s only lobbying for free speech so he can be free to say racist and oppressive things 10/10/16Freedom, Education, Race
Supreme Court splits decision on Obama's internet give-a-way, allowing internet control to move to internationalists bodies 10/7/16Obama, Freedom,
Oregon Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake a Cake for Gay Couple Closes 10/7/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
American University plans ‘restorative justice’ sanctions against students who commit acts of bias 10/6/16Education, Freedom, PC
A creationist scholar receives a six-figure settlement from California State University Northridge, because the scholar had been fired after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops horn and publishing his findings, which are evidence of a 'young earth' which would contradict evolutuonists claims 10/5/16Freedom, Christianity, Education
Massachusetts’ legislature added 'gender identity' to the list of protected classes covered by the state’s anti-discrimination laws. The Commission Against Discrimination has used the new law to declare that any church that holds 'secular' events 'open to the public' must conform and cannot challenge anyone’s chosen gender identity and can criminally charge pastors for using the wrong gender pronoun 10/4/16Christianity, LGBT, PC
University of Kansas mob surrounds conservative students, suggests they leave school 10/4/16Freedom, Education, PC
A former NASA climate scientist is urging a full-court press against the fossil fuel industry to get the hundreds of trillions of dollars necessary for the next generation to combat global warming.10/4/16Environmental, Freedom,
FBI Colluded with Democrats, Team Clinton on Email 'Prosecution.' Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices,10/3/16Clinton, Freedom,
The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Redskins, who hoped to reverse an earlier U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that canceled the team’s trademarks based on a policy that 'prohibits registration of marks that may disparage persons or bring them into contempt or disrepute. 10/3/16PC, Freedom, Race
The GAO’s analysis found that before 2012, 24% of profitable large corporations owed no income tax in 2011, 22% owed nothing in 2010 and 21% owed nothing in 2009. 10/2/16Freedom, ,
University of California’s Janet Napolitano Attacks ‘Free Speech Darwinism’ 10/1/16Education, Freedom,
Washington State Elections are basically on the 'Honor System'. It's reported the Washington Mall shooter is not a U.S. citizen, but is instead 'considered a permanent resident or green card holder,' and that despite this status, Cetin 'registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.'9/30/16HoaxFraud, Freedom, Immigration
The Obama Administration is crafting an illegal bailout to prop up the President’s health-care law.News leaked this week that the Obama Administration is moving to pay health insurers billions of dollars through an obscure Treasury Department account known as the Judgment Fund.Obama is pulling Unconstitutional moves to spend money where Congress wouldn’t9/30/16Obama, Healthcare, Freedom
Two professors who voiced conservative viewpoints at Grand Valley State University in Michigan were reported to the school’s bias response team by students in their class, 9/30/16Education, PC, Freedom
Student Sues Catholic School for $1 Million After Rejecting Same-Sex Homecoming Date 9/29/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Obama administration sues gay Trump supporter and venture capitalist Peter Thiel's company, because he supports Trump and his company hires on merit and not racial quotas 9/29/16Obama, Freedom,
Govenor Brown Allows Felons in County Jail to Vote in California Elections saying that not letting felons in prison vote, is discrimination, solely because most of those felons are going to vote for Hillary Clinton in a 'effort to "speed their transition back into society,' 9/29/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Appalachian State University is contending that its desire to minimize controversy over pro-Trump chalkings on campus takes precedence over state and federal laws protecting free speech at public institutions 9/29/16Education, Freedom, PC
A federal judge ruled in favor of a former Brown University student Wednesday, saying the student was wrongly suspended from school for an alleged sexual assault without receiving due process. In the process, he also aggressively chastised Brown University students for harassing him with 'ignorant' emails attempting to make him rule the other way9/29/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Four States Block Obama's Transfer of the Internet to international bodies with lawsuit. Haulting the October 1st give-a-way9/29/16Obama, Freedom,
College students who openly support Trump censored, threatened, bullied by professors, peers 9/26/16Education, Freedom,
500 million Yahoo email accounts were hacked in 2014 – making it the largest data breach in U.S. history. Even more troubling is the fact that the perpetrators have been reported to be 'state-sponsored' actors – with China and Russia among the likely suspects. Still, Obama wants to give the Chinese and Russian governments more control over how the Internet operates by promising to shut down the federal government budget so that he can meet his goal of giving away a portion of America’s control over the Internet to these foreign governments by October 19/26/16Obama, Freedom,
A 70+ year-old female landlord in Massachusetts was sentenced by the state's Supreme Court to serve jail time and undergo a mandatory class on Islam after being convicted of assault and battery on a Muslim tenant in 2012. The landlord, Daisy Obo, is also a Christian minister. Not only does she deny ever having pusher her tenant, but says being forced to take classes on Islam violates her freedom of religion. The incident was caused after the Muslim the tenant had complained about the apartment's heat and electricity and appeared to have more than a dozen people living in her apartment 9/23/16Freedom, Islam, Christianity
The Northwestern University President told students that those who deny the existence of microaggressions are 'idiots,' while those who dismiss the importance of trigger warnings are 'lunatics' 9/23/16PC, Education, Freedom
Liberals signing a petition to force In-n-Out burger to sell 'meat free' options against their will9/23/16Freedom, Environmental,
Silicon Valley Developers are ditching Oculus VR because the founder, Palmer Luckey, has posted Pro-Trump memes on the internet; although it's not really about the memes, it's because he's anti-Hillary Clinton and therefore he should be quiet or be punished. Liberal Fascism is a thing now. On social media, indie developers are denouncing Luckey and his involvement, with some threatening to drop Oculus Rift support from games until Luckey steps down or is removed from his job 9/23/16PC, Freedom,
Twitter suspends conservative law professor for his response to Charlotte protestors for tweeting 'Run them down'9/22/16Education, Freedom, PC
Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise That Will End Trump’: The Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote9/21/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Twitter Suspends Women’s Rights Group After Criticizing Saudi Arabia 9/21/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Florida Library bans the graphic novel 'Clinton Cash' because they don't want people to know what she really is 9/20/16Freedom, Clinton,
Obama encourages the U.S. to relinquish our freedoms to fall in line with international governments for security reasons 9/20/16Obama, Freedom,
In 2015 federal civilian workers had an average wage of $86,365, according the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. By comparison, the average wage for the nation's 112 million private-sector workers was $58,726. When benefits such as health care and pensions are included, the federal compensation advantage over private workers is even larger. In 2015 total federal compensation averaged $123,160 or 76% more than the private-sector average of $69,9019/20/16Economics, Conservative,
University of West Florida says they ‘sincerely apologize’ for wrongly derecognizing College Republicans after declassifying their organization because Conservativism is hate speech. After being caught discriminating against Conservatives, they now say it was an administrative 'error' that lead to their declassification 9/19/16Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
CNN's Sally Kohn says she is Happy Free Speech is Under Assault on College Campuses 9/19/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
The University of Miami has cancelled an event featuring conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos, citing unspecified 'security concerns' just days after Yiannopoulos had posted a video to YouTube blaming liberal professors for the current climate of censorship on college campuses 9/19/16Freedom, Education, PC
Virginia Supreme Court to take up Transgender case with extremely broad definitions of what constitutes 'discrimination' since a student 'has no idea what words or conduct might be interpreted as discriminating on the basis of ‘gender identity,’ and therefore does not know what speech or conduct might subject him to discipline, including suspension' 9/19/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
Two young girls were forced to change for swim class in front of a biological boy according to their mothers, who say attempts to get the Clover Unified School District to accommodate the young, intermediate school girls were ignored. 9/17/16LGBT, Freedom,
CNN host Sally Kohn: Pro-speech conservatives just afraid of multiculturalism and conservatives fighting for free speech on college campuses are merely finding creative new ways to 'attack diverse principles'9/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Brown University Law professor says that school faculty should act as 'gatekeepers' against social justice and filter out acceptable free speech 9/16/16PC, Education, Freedom
After announcing a year-long lecture series on free speech on college campuses, DePaul University's first installment will be geared explicitly towards how students can limit their speech and none of the events scheduled argue in favor of free expression9/15/16Education, Freedom, PC
Over 150 professors at the University of Chicago are pushing back against their Dean of Students for explicitly rejecting 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' in a letter to students because students need to be protected from hate speech and thoughts they don't like 9/15/16Education, PC, Freedom
Michigan approves rules letting boys in girls’ locker rooms statewide over the wishes of the majority of parents 9/15/16LGBT, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Berkeley Mob Shuts Down Free Speech 9/15/16Freedom, Video, PC
Vox's Sports Blog: NCAA Leaving NC 'Meaningless' Until It Expels BYU 9/14/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
The Department of Homeland Security admitted they have not explored the use of (invested in) 'deception detection technology' for screening refugees and other visa applicants despite a law signed last year directing the agency to do so9/14/16Islam, Immigration, Freedom
University of Miami blocks Donald Trump's website on their Wi-fi. That's how incredible the liberal bias is against him 9/13/16Education, Freedom, PC
A Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) memo signaled an openness to using federal funds earmarked for court settlements to bailout health insurance companies struggling under Obamacare9/13/16Obama, Freedom, Healthcare
The Sewanee: University of the South College Republicans chapter has reportedly been suspended after continuing with its annual '9/11: Never Forget Project,' despite being denied permission to do so because it would promote 'Islamaphobia'9/13/16Education, Freedom, PC
NCAA pulls championship games from NC over transgender bathroom law9/13/16LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Harvard faculty is returning to ‘the Puritan era’ by punishing students for their associations, particularly Conservative or Christian organizations 9/13/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
West Point’s top general said Friday that people complaining about prayer at an Army football game had completely 'valid concerns,' saying the football coach would apologize for his actions and adding that he has already gone through reeducation9/12/16Christianity, Freedom,
The Obama legacy: Big government's failed pitchman 9/12/16Obama, Conservative, Freedom
Chamber of Commerce chief: Attacks on our rights must be challenged9/12/16Obama, Conservative, Freedom
The Obama legacy: An assault on the Bill of Rights 9/11/16Obama, Conservative, Freedom
Martin R. Castro, a Chicago Democrat and Obama appointee as chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, believes 'religious freedom' and 'religious liberty' are nothing more than 'code words' for discrimination and intolerance. 9/9/16Christianity, Freedom,
The National Press Club, which prides itself on freedom of speech, cancels an 'Alt Right' conference because Conservatism is hate speech 9/9/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Biological Male transgender student harrasses young girls in locker room; families are suing for Title IX invading their privacy 9/8/16LGBT, Education, Freedom
Teenager was refused a Donald Trump cake for her 18th birthday party by Albertsons bakery after she requested a design featuring an American flag that read 'Trump 2016'9/7/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Brown University president Christina Paxson wrote an op-ed in favor of safe spaces and trigger warnings on campus, and argued that they have been mischaracterized as threatening to free speech and academic freedom by writing 'In the setting of private institutions, this is not a First Amendment issue,' 'Private colleges and universities could restrict the expression of ideas and beliefs within their campuses, if they chose to do so' 9/7/16Freedom, Education, PC
After banning Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus, Depaul University is launching a year long series of speakers that will discuss race and free speech. 9/6/16Education, Freedom, PC
Goldman Sach's bans employees from making contributions to Donald Trump; but Hillary Clinton donations still okay.9/6/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: How Feds are Grabbing Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens 9/3/16Guns, Freedom, Video
YouTube has started its crusade to censor out Conservative content. Youtube is now de-monitizing content that it decides does not fit its guidelines, and it's clear that Conservative content will be targeted heavily 9/2/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, PC
Washington Post advocates shutting down Conservative radio because they promote hate9/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
How Democratic policies so often hurt minorities; like Uber drivers and hair salons9/2/16Conservative, Freedom, Race
California Passes Planned Parenthood-Backed Bill Criminalizing Health Care Sting Videos so undercover reporters cannot expose the injustices of liberal strongholds like Planned Parenthood 9/2/16Abortion, Freedom,
Feminist writer says trying to talk to a woman with headphones on is sexual harrassment 9/2/16Feminism, Freedom,
VIDEO: Uncommon Sense: YouTube Shows Their True Colors 9/2/16Conservative, Video, Freedom
University of Illinois student Senate wants 'substantial consequences' for 'intolerance' which has no official definition, but can be accurately defined as anything they don't like 9/1/16Freedom, Education, PC
STUDY: The Cato Institute has found that freedom of speech is under assault on college campuses across the country. Academics today 'consider freedom of speech just another American eccentricity, like guns and religion.' He believes that this thinking, mirrored within the UN and the EU, has led to 'growing antagonism' towards freedom of speech at American universities, especially within politically active groups on campus. 9/1/16Freedom, Education, Conservative
New leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation show that the organization’s goal behind funding the Black Lives Matter movement is ultimately to federalize America’s police forces. 9/1/16Race, Freedom,
Supreme Court upholds North Carolina's voter ID law, which prevents from requiring voters to provide ID to vote8/31/16Freedom, Immigration,
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 38/31/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
The false sexual misconduct filings that Yale activists believe to be true, lead them to suggest that Yale is more dangerous than a crime ridden city like Detroit8/30/16Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Obama will bypass the Constitution and pass a Climate Change multinational treaty because he doesn't care about our laws8/30/16Environmental, Obama, Freedom
Homeowner's association tells a homeowner to take down a 'pro-police' flag from because it offended some people 8/30/16Freedom, ,
A Manchester Councillor who transitioned from male to female ten years ago has complained to the police and Bolton Council after a fellow councillor used the pronoun 'he' to refer to him 8/30/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
Rider University student has rape charges dropped after another false rape claim; but the school still expels him anyway8/30/16HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Clemson University officials approaches two men praying on campus and tells them they are not allowed to pray here because this is not a designated free speech area 8/29/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
College Professor denounces free speech. Claiming that free speech is unfounded, because the intention is not to foster an environment of healthy discourse. Instead, free speech proponents only want a cover under which they 'can say racist or sexist things without consequence,' which amounts to violence. 8/29/16Education, Freedom,
WSJ: Obama is giving the control of the internet to the U.N.8/29/16Obama, Freedom,
Facebook has intervened in a political dispute between Muslim reformist and activist Shireen Qudosi and Muslim leader Javed Ali by banning Qudosi permanently from Facebook after she stood up for Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro, who provided training in San Diego to various police departments on what to be aware of when fighting radical Islam. Mauro was subjected to a silencing campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which attempted to shut down the training sessions by inundating the police with complaints 8/28/16Islam, Liberal Bias, Media
A staff training video from a county of Public Schools in Maryland informs teachers and administrators not to notify parents that, on overnight field trips, their daughters might bunk with 'male students who identify as girls.' 8/27/16Education, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Debates sjw on FOX: 'Words Not To Be Used On College Campuses'8/27/16Freedom, PC, Video
Trump supporters attacked at Minnesota fundraiser and police did nothing; because they were ordered to 'stand down' and not protect the Trump supporters just like they were in San Jose8/26/16Liberal Bias, Freedom,
British Television shows will now be monitored for their ethnic, gender and sexual orientation diversity as part of a new scheme to be rolled out eventually across the whole of British television 8/25/16Freedom, PC, Media
Atheists Lawsuit blocks $65,000 from an approved city tourism grant for the National Baptist Convention8/25/16Christianity, Freedom,
Public Northwestern State University in Louisiana has a speech code that permits students to express their beliefs freely for 2 hours per week at 3 predetermined locations. The policy requires students to apply 24-48 hours in advance before holding a public demonstration or assembly, and limits such activities to 'one, 2-hour time period every 7 days, commencing on Monday.' 8/25/16Education, Freedom,
Judges rule Maryland redistricting lawsuit can move forward. The 'redistricting' was drawn up by Democrats to ensure they can retain 7 of the 8 Consgressional seats are under Democrat control. The lawsuit may ultimately end up in the Supreme Court, as this case of 'gerrymandering' may the biggest in a generation and have serious consequences in the future 8/24/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Massachusetts will become the first state to begin imposing a tax on every trip arranged via a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft and use the money generated from this fee to subsidize its failing taxi industry8/24/16Freedom, ,
Transgender wins lawsuit suing a barber who ran a Men's barbershop and declined to cut her hair because they don't cut women's hair, but this woman identifies as a man and won her lawsuit for discrimination8/24/16LGBT, Freedom,
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 28/24/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
If California Bill 1671 passes, films like 'Vaxxed' will be outlawed. 'Vaxxed' is the film that details the confessions of a CDC researcher, William Thompson, who states that he and his colleagues buried data in a key study on the MMR vaccine and how it can cause autism8/23/16Healthcare, Freedom, Media
George Soros working to expand voter pool by 10 Million in order to help Democrats. In the hacked e-mails, it said they would accomplish this 'by lowering barriers to voter registration through the various forms of modernization and increased ballot access while sustaining and expanding the franchise by establishing strong protections against vote suppression, denial and dilution' 8/23/16Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Professor at Madison College is under investigation for mentioning God in class8/22/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
ONLY about 1% of the U.S. population is Muslim and practices Islam, but 40% of religion-based workplace complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in 2015 were Islam-related and filed by Muslims, including whether Muslims can be fired for refusing to handle pork or alcohol at work 8/20/16Islam, PC, Freedom
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 1 8/19/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
White House Indian education official accused of assaulting Native American over Redskins 8/18/16Race, PC, Freedom
The National Association of College and University Attorneys wrote a paper telling Universities to delete e-mails about proceedings when wrongly charging and punishing a student falsely accused of rape 8/17/16Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
London’s first Muslim mayor has secured millions of pounds to fund a police 'online hate crime hub' to work in 'partnership with social media providers' to criminalise 'trolls' who “target anything leftists don't like8/16/16Freedom, Islam, PC
Baltimore police lieutenant suspended after calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘thugs’: Reports 8/16/16Race, Freedom, PC
Twitter is trying to avoid handing over data about Milo's suspension and the removal of his verified check mark. It is legally obliged to provide this information but is working hard to avoid it8/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Oklahoma Wesleyan University is the first college to challenge the Department of Education’s five-year-old 'guidance' that ordered schools to judge students accused of rape under a low evidence standard or lose their federal funding.8/15/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: Why Voter Fraud is a Massive Problem. 1.8 Million registered voters are dead and 2.8 Million people are registered to vote in multiple states 8/15/16Freedom, Conservative, Video
Controversy surrounding secretly recorded videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing fetal tissue sales has morphed into a California proposal that would punish media companies for reporting on certain undercover videos. But media groups say the bill, which is on the verge of clearing the Legislature, could have a ‘chilling effect’ on free speech and set the state up for First Amendment court battles 8/15/16Abortion, Freedom,
Hillary Clinton Drafts new plan to allow illegal immigrants to vote8/15/16Clinton, Immigration, Freedom
New Book reveals how Democrats and Big Government Elites scare, threaten, and harrass Americans out of Free Speech 8/13/16Conservative, Freedom,
VIDEO: Sue Obama administration to block Internet grab, group urges8/13/16Freedom, Conservative, Video
Dancing Baby video may go before Supreme Court to determine if the YouTube videos can be censored 8/12/16Freedom, ,
Lawyers fear being handcuffed by new ABA anti-bias rule 8/11/16Freedom, PC,
Florida art professor penalizes students for saying 'melting pot'8/11/16Freedom, PC, Education
California Democrat Ricardo Lara will amend SB 1146 that will remove a provision that would open California religious colleges to litigation if they enforce lifestyle expectations that disfavor LGBT students, such as a prohibition on same-sex intimacy and prevent Transgender students from being able to sue if their colleges kept them out of housing, bathrooms or locker rooms reserved for the other biological sex 8/11/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Twitter's CEO in 2015 reportedly asked its media team to censor abusive tweets directed toward President Obama during a question-and-answer session 8/11/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Buzzfeed Identifies Twitter's problem as its commitment to free speech, which interferes with efforts to combat so-called 'abuser' and because too many white males are in the leadership team, they don't totally committ to liberal fascism and censorship 8/11/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Clemson Protesters are already planning protests months before Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on campus and call Freedom of Speech 'garbage'8/10/16Education, Freedom, PC
A new website explains how a California bill that would pull grants from private religious colleges negatively affects minority students, an argument that is also being made by leading evangelicals 8/10/16Education, Christianity, LGBT
VIDEO: Why Planned Parenthood is Suing Family Policy Institute of Washington8/10/16Freedom, Abortion, Video
LGBT group wants BYU excluded from Big 12 for Mormon beliefs8/9/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
A high school football coach who lost his job after defying orders to stop praying at the 50-yard line today is suing the school district after they allow Buddhist chants but not Christian prayers8/9/16Christianity, Freedom,
Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom; It Broke Criminal Law and is a Felony 8/6/16Obama, Freedom,
A State Department spokesman broke into hysterics at the mention of 'transparency and democracy' caught on video.8/5/16Freedom, Obama,
Virginia will allow over 40,000 violent felons to, including sex offenders, murderers, and rapists on school grounds to visit polls during school hours and will allow violent convicted felons to sit on juries, run for public office8/5/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Supreme Court puts a hold on forcing schools to let transgender students use wrong bathroom8/4/16LGBT, Freedom, Education
Obama Illegaly Pays $400 Million Ransom to Iran and the White House admits that Iran might use it to Sponsor Terrorism 8/3/16Obama, Islam, Freedom
New USDA Nutritious Food Push will hurt people on Food Stamps. The law requires that Stores must make 85% of their food revenue from fresh and uncooked items; which means convenient stores that serve hot food will be forced to drop out of accepting food stamps and again shows how stupid liberal government policies are8/3/16Freedom, ,
A male student at Columbia University will be allowed to proceed with a lawsuit accusing the school of 'anti-male' bias in its handling of a female student’s sexual assault accusations8/3/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
A Student kicked off campus before he was even informed of anonymous rape allegations. The Administrator didn't even talk to the alledged victims before she took action to kick him out. The Male student is suing8/3/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
The American Bar Association is mulling a rule change that will enable them to selectively discipline and even disbar individual lawyers whose values are traditional rather than progressive8/3/16Freedom, ,
FBI documents released by Judicial Watch include interviews with IRS employees in the Cincinnati tax exempt office run by Lois Lerner that prove employees were under instructions to bury the applications of Tea Party groups8/3/16Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Facebook bans Bisexual Conservative Writer because banning Conservatives is what Social media does these days 8/3/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Feminist scholar’s research finds that ‘yes means yes’ sex policies don’t work in practice 8/2/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
VP of the University of Houston's Student Government Association was suspended after responding to the Dallas police murders last month in a Facebook post, 'Forget #BlackLivesMatter. More like AllLivesMatter' 8/2/16Education, Race, PC
ATF Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners Personal Information 8/2/16Guns, Freedom, Obama
Duke Compares Requiring I.D. To Vote in the Election to Jim Crow Laws 8/2/16Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Depaul Bans Ben Shapiro for being Conservative and spreading hate speech8/1/16Education, Freedom, PC
George Washington U. law prof files complaint against Freddie Gray case prosecutors citing similar ethics violations, 'fraudulent or misleading tactics,' not providing evidence to the defense, and 'charging the officers without probable cause' as the reasons for the complaints; similar to the Duke Rape Case 7/31/16Freedom, Race,
A judge who made it nearly impossible for male students accused of rape to argue they were victims of reverse discrimination by their colleges has been rebuked by his appeals court; saying the schools fear of being sued does not justify automatically ruling the man is guilty without due process7/29/16Education, Freedom, PC
A list of Hillary Clinton's Proposed Tax Hikes7/29/16Clinton, Freedom,
The DOJ Could force Music Streaming to go out of business 7/29/16Freedom, ,
VIDEO: Julian Assange reveals Google's political ties to Hillary Clinton & President Obama 7/28/16Clinton, Conservative, Video
Facebook forbids the posting of links to the WikiLeaks data on leaked DNC e-mails. Continuing the Conservative Censorship 7/26/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
A Jesuit university employee who was suspended and investigated for the 'hate crime' of believing in two genders has been reinstated by the school 7/25/16Education, Freedom, LGBT
VIDEO: Twitter Suspends Conservative Breitbart Contributor Account For Complaining About Getting Death Threats from a Black Muslim Man on Twitter 7/24/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Execs won't say whether they believe in Freedom of Speech or not 7/21/16Freedom, PC, Media
Twitter Bans Mil forever because he violated the Twitter terms again for a scathing review of the new 'Ghostbusters Movie'7/20/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Truth about Milo and Twitter and how Leslie Jones incited targeted harrassment but Milo was banned 7/20/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
A former gay professor, who was forced out of his position against same-sex parenthood after being raised by two lesbians himself is fighitng for the first amendment rights of children for gays saying gay children cannot speak openly about their problems at home because the LGBT community is so hostile to anyone against them 7/19/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
A Federal Judge in Wisconsin carved out an exception to state law that requires all voters to show photo IDs at the polls so that illegal immigrants can vote. Liberals: Fighting for the right to committ fraud7/19/16Immigration, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Leftist group Freedom From Religion Foundation sends letters to public schools saying that taking field trips to the new Noah's Ark exhibit violates the First Amendment somehow7/18/16Christianity, Freedom, Education
Christian Billboard Denied for GOP Convention, Pro-Atheism Sign Greets Instead 7/14/16Christianity, Liberal Bias, Freedom
As This School District Sets New Transgender Guidelines, Parents Fight for Transparency7/14/16Education, LGBT, Freedom
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg violated the code of conduct for federal judges when she trashed Donald Trump. The code states federal judges should not publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for public office 7/13/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
New Black Panthers vow armed protests at GOP convention7/12/16Race, Freedom,
Democrats: Climate Change is too important to wait for Democracy, so we should just overrule it and do what we want7/12/16Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
‘Tyranny’ of Brown University’s censorship culture is featured in new documentary7/12/16Education, Freedom, PC
Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly dodged and deflected questions when being questioned on Hillary Clinton being let off without being charged with a crime for her e-mail scandal and Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton only a week prior7/12/16Clinton, Race, Freedom
How the Fight To Ban Climate Denial is Really about Free Speech 7/12/16Environmental, Freedom, Conservative
Farmers lobbying for the right to fix own tractors after government regulations and attempts to make machinery software licensing instead of owned to make more money7/9/16Freedom, ,
Obama Pushes More Federal Oversight of Cops After Dallas Attack on Cops 7/9/16Obama, Freedom,
Three professors at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) are taking the state to court over the constitutionality of concealed firearms carry on the college campus7/7/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Supreme Court Stands by and Watches as Religious Freedom Is Curtailed by declining to take up the case of Stormans v. Wiesman 7/6/16Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
Gays sue Christian dating site '' for not allowing same-sex couples, because it's against their religion. Now will be forced to allow gay men and lesbian couples on They never stop 7/3/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
New Gun Control Bill in CA Would Allow People to have Firearms Confiscated from Co-Workers7/1/16Guns, Freedom,
Feds Ask for 27-month delay to release Hillary Clinton staff e-mails 7/1/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Hillary Clinton aid Huma Abedin has Terrorist ties 7/1/16Conservative, Freedom,
Democratic members of the FEC, voted to punish Fox News over criteria changes for the network’s first Republican presidential primary debate – but were blocked by Republican commissioner saying 'This is nothing short of censorship of news coverage, and it is wrong'6/30/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
FCC, FEC Insiders Warn: Internet Regulations for Conservative Voices Very Near 6/30/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Ontario government tells court: No opt outs for LGBT lessons, its embedded in all subjects and grades 6/30/16LGBT, Professors, Freedom
9-Year old Autistic girl having surgery to remove breasts and become transgender after seeing a transgender boy on the TV show Degrassi. Leftists Transgender therapist of the girl gave her approval to have sugery after two meetings. Her mother can't do anything to stop her either, despite her unstable medical history. Just unbelievable 6/29/16LGBT, Media, Freedom
Law Enforcement Sources have traced one of the guns used in the Paris terrorist attacks to the 'Fast and Furious' gun-running program Obama illegally conducted6/29/16Obama, Freedom,
VIDEO: The Consequences of Texas v. Supreme Court. Scott Ott wonders if the overturning of a Texas abortion law by the US Supreme Court has set a disastrous precedent that will haunt us forever.6/29/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
Longwood University’s website claims that challenging someone’s pro-choice view is a micro-aggression6/28/16Abortion, PC, Freedom
Influential judge and University of Chicago lecturer trashes Constitution saying we don't need it anymore. And this is coming from a JUDGE 6/28/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Court rules: Philly school discriminated against whites, $2.3 million in damages after cancelling a $7.5 Million contract because the company had too many white people 6/28/16Race, Freedom, Education
Supreme Court declines to hear religious liberty case that forces family-owned pharmacies to offer morning after pill against their religious beliefs. Another blow to religious liberty6/28/16Christianity, Freedom, Abortion
The EPA Sets Newest Regulatory Record. The EPA paperwork burden now stands at 188 million hours. To put this in perspective, it would take more than 94,200 employees working full-time (2,000 hours a year) to complete one year of EPA paperwork6/28/16Environmental, Freedom, economics
Expert says Campus Conservatism faces Discrimination, Suppression at College Campuses 6/27/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Leftist Radicals Attack Media in Sacramento at Trump Rally shouting ‘no cameras’ as they tried to grab their equipment and shove them away from the crowd6/27/16Freedom, ,
Democrats Continue to Call For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics 6/27/16Environmental, Freedom,
Idaho Muslim 'rape' of 5-year old girl case: Obama prosecutor 'silencing Americans with threats of arrest'6/27/16Islam, Freedom,
The FBI spends between $600 Million and $800 Million to monitor 'Americans' and may spend close to $1 Billion in 2017. In by monitoring 'Americans' it means monitoring immigrants that may have terrorist connections or making plotting attacks. Immigration is expensive indeed 6/27/16Immigration, Islam, Freedom
Atheists Target A New Texas Town Over Public Reference To God6/24/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
The Democrats and LGBT Movement's Sinister Plan to crack down on Christian Schools 6/23/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Krauthammer: President Obama was Intellectually Dishonest by over-stepping his boundries of authority in the Immigration Decision that was struck down 6/23/16Immigration, Freedom, Video
BLACK CONSERVATIVE GAY PATRIOT banned from Facebook for posting this pro-Trump video6/22/16Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Protesters kicked off campus for flying Mississippi state flag with the Confederate symbol in it6/21/16Remove History, Education, Freedom
The University of California, Irvine has suspended its College Republicans chapter for an entire year after the group hosted controversial conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos6/21/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A California bill intended to protect LGBT people from discrimination in colleges could also deprive as many as 42 Christian colleges of their First Amendment rights. The bill would prohibit schools that claim exemptions from Title IX anti-discrimination provisions from requiring attendance at chapel or taking religious studies courses 6/20/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
‘Dump Trump’ Activists Block Traffic in Dallas and many are being paid to do so6/17/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
A nationwide transgender protest has led several all-female colleges to let biological males who identify as women to be accepted 6/17/16LGBT, Freedom, Education
Reddit Will Adjust Algorithm To Censor Trump Supporters Following Orlando Shootings 6/16/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Democratic Senator is upset that we have 'due process' in America because it's slowing down their ability to push Gun Control regulations through the system 6/16/16Freedom, ,
Google deletes Conservative Harper web results upon Liberals request6/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The American Left is doing exactly what Italy and Germany did in the 1920s and 1930s. Take control of everything, and then take guns away 6/15/16Conservative, Guns, Freedom
Ted Cruz is fighting Obama to not allow the regulation of the internet to be taken over by globalists and the U.N. 6/15/16Obama, Freedom,
Facebook threatens to suspend the Women for Trump Facebook Page for 'offensive posts' because liberals have been reporting them for posting videos from Fox News to shut their page down 6/15/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Obama administration deleted critical information that may have prevented 2 Muslim terror attacks6/15/16Obama, Islam, Freedom
Free speech a ‘thorny issue,’ says Duke task force 6/15/16PC, Education, Freedom
Author and activist Michael Eric Dyson is calling on blacks to march on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with 'revolutionary intentions' and preparedness for violence 6/15/16Race, Freedom,
Police are refusing to release the immigration status of the Walmart shooter who killed two people. But his name is 'Mohammad Moghaddam' so its obvious he's Muslim 6/14/16Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Obama aligning with Feminists to 'change' the internet and screen anything that offends fat feminists 6/14/16Obama, Feminism, Freedom
New York Times advocates Congress secretly suspending American's Second Amendment rights 6/14/16Guns, Media, Freedom
VIDEO: At University of Missouri Black Lives Matter Activists Hijack and take over a Vigil for the Orlando Gay Bar Shooting 6/14/16Race, Freedom, Video
Reddit caught censoring discussions about the Orlando gay bar shooting 6/13/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The Destruction of Due Process of law in sexual-assault cases and the ruin of Men who are merely accused is exactly what the banshees of political correctness want, since due process hampers getting convictions in such cases 6/13/16Feminism, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Cleveland to Ban Trump supporters outside RNC. A move even the liberal ACLU calls unconstitutional. 6/10/16Freedom, ,
This is what University rape hoax's have become. Montana judge says of University 'the behavior of University officials in investigating and prosecuting this matter offends the Court's sense of fundamental fairness and appears to fall short of the minimal moral obligation of any tribunal to respect the rights and dignity of the accused' 6/10/16Education, Freedom, Feminism
Why today’s young women are just so FEEBLE: They can’t cope with ANY ideas that challenge their right-on view of the world, says a top academic 6/9/16Feminism, Conservative, Freedom
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Leftist Wishes Murder on Republican Lawmakers 6/9/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Proof Google is Manipulating Search Results to favor Hillary Clinton 6/9/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Video
NC State University student to undergoe university sanctions as punishment for Conservative content on his social media account. Now that's tolerance!6/8/16Freedom, Education, PC
WSJ: ‘Title IX has become a political weapon’ to assign guilt without evidence at University's. It makes schools carry out punishments 'before any adult has examined the evidence, assessed the credibility of the witnesses, or provided a fair and impartial inquiry'. Noting the 500% increase in Title IX complaints in 4yrs, the board concludes: 'Either the Vikings are invading U.S. campuses or Title IX has become a political weapon' 6/8/16Freedom, Education, Feminism
Expert: Supreme Court Could Strip Congress of Control Over Immigration in Obama v. Texas case. Giving the Executive branch unlimited power 6/8/16Immigration, Obama, Freedom
A Federal judge ruled that North Carolina State University’s policy of requiring students to obtain a permit before expressing themselves on campus is a violation of free speech right. Liberals unhappy because it will limit their ability to censor Conservatives6/8/16Education, Freedom,
Facebook, Twitter, Google pledge to censor 'hate speech'which can be accurately translated to mean anything they don't like can and will be banned6/8/16Freedom, PC,
VIDEO: Must See Video Compilation shows Trump Supporters Violently Assaulted6/8/16Freedom, Video,
Bisexual, Latino professor chased out — for being too conservative 6/8/16Education, Freedom, PC
California LGBT bill attempts to overrule colleges’ First Amendment religious freedom rights 6/8/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
New York City spends $265,000 on ad campaigns to promote transgender bathrooms 6/7/16LGBT, Freedom,
Obama administration erases from the transcipt the part where the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked if he can say there were no lies in the Iran deal! They try to erase that statement where he said 'no' from public record 6/7/16Obama, Freedom,
Prominent Harvard Law professor: ‘The rule of law’ and ‘the First Amendment’ are ‘almost entirely without content’ 6/6/16Freedom, Conservative,
Communist leader and Black Lives Matter activist says that people need 'to do whatever is necessary to stop Trump' which includes violence 6/6/16Race, Freedom,
Creator of the cartoon 'Dilbert' says he's publicly supporting Hillary Clinton out of fear for his own safety, like many others are going to do 6/6/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
You can now be fined up to $250,000 in New York for using the wrong gender pronoun because it's LGBT 'discrimination' 6/6/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
Italy tells Christians to pray in silent to avoid offending Muslims6/6/16Christianity, PC, Islam
VIDEO: Obama administration is withholding e-mails from Hillary Clinton about TPP trade deal until after the election. Which is about 4x longer than normal FOIA requests because they are deliberately concealing that information until after the election6/6/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Video
Andrea Mitchell Blames Donald Trump for the violence and eggings at Trump Rallies in San Jose 6/5/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
San Jose Police Chief failed to protect Trump supporters at the San Jose rally on purpose 6/5/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
New report reveals that over 400 Tea Party and Conservative groups were targeted in Obama's corrupt IRS scandal 6/5/16Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Obama's collaboration with Madness 6/5/16Obama, LGBT, Freedom
US Muslim Leader: 'Allahu Akbar! Islam Is Here to Dominate'6/5/16Islam, Freedom,
Vox Media says supporters of Donald Trump will continue to be menaced at campaign rallies because their Democrat assailants view Trump as 'an existential threat'6/3/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
A mob of Mexican protesters outside Donald Trump rally in San Jose, physically assault a female Trump supporter, and pelting her with eggs. Media still not covering it 6/3/16Freedom, Immigration, Liberal Bias
A school in California barred a 9-year-old child from wearing presidential candidate Donald Trump’s trademark red hat, featuring the words 'Make America Great Again' 6/3/16Education, Freedom, PC
We Are Afraid': Swedish Schoolchildren Beg Principal to Save Them From Violent Muslim Migrants 6/3/16Islam, Immigration, Freedom
A public school in California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch and sent a Sheriff to his home to let them know how serious California schools are against religion 6/3/16Christianity, Freedom, Education
Fort Riley cancels Delta Force hero's prayer breakfast speech because he's Christian. Which is now 'hate speech' 6/3/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
VIDEO: White Trump Supporters Attacked and 'Chased Down Like Prey' by Latino Mob 6/3/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
VIDEO: Mobs of Latinos Attack Trump Supporters after Trump Rally 6/3/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
VIDEO: Barrered & Bloodied - Protesters Attack Trump Supporters, Burn Flag 6/3/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
VIDEO:White Trump Supporter gets savagely punched to the ground by Mob of Mexicans 6/3/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
VIDEO: Hispanic Trump supporters attacked by Hispanics at San Jose rally 6/3/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
LAWSUIT: University lets rape accuser bring experienced lawyer, won’t let accused bring one in another blatantly false rape allegation hoax 6/2/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Report shows colleges spent $35 million on government grants to research 'how many hairs are on bees', how a bee sting feels on a penis, and other idiotic, wasteful studies 6/2/16Education, Freedom,
Georgia Republican Governor vetoes Gun Rights and Religious Liberty Bill because he's scared of liberals6/2/16Guns, Freedom,
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist says the Support of Transgenderism and Sex-Change Surgery Is ‘Collaborating With Madness’ 6/2/16LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
ACLU Boss quits job after her daughter is frightened by having to go to the bathroom with grown men thanks to the transgender law6/2/16LGBT, Freedom,
California Lawmakers Poised To Make It Illegal To Question Global WarmingB 6/2/16Environmental, ,
5 Reasons Obama's 'Transgender' bathroom policy is foolish 6/1/16LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Another college rape hoax. Girl accuses a male student of raping her because he liked one of her friends istead of her6/1/16Education, Freedom,
UCLA Feminists call in a bomb-threat to end a Conservative speaking event after police stopped them from ambushing the event earlier6/1/16Feminism, Freedom, PC
DOJ Moves to Shield Immigration Records of Illegals Improperly Granted Exec. Amnesty. Obama pushing back against a federal judge’s order sanctioning government lawyers for misleading the court about the implementation dates for executive amnesty. 6/1/16Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A Pennsylvania public high school is ending its long tradition of offering a prayer or benediction during its graduation ceremony due to atheist complaints 6/1/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
ACLU wins lawsuit to block funding for religious colleges 5/31/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Black Liberal representative doesn't want to teach the Declaration of Independence in schools because 'its racist'5/31/16Race, Freedom, Education
California bill passes to make it easier to prosecute 'Climate Change Deniers' 5/31/16Environmental, Freedom,
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer added a last minute amendment to a bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. The addition would allow the Justice Department to delay any legal action against foreign governments indefinitely5/27/16Freedom, Islam,
An Associate Professor of Sociology at DePaul University announced her intention to resign, accusing the University President of 'reinforcing existing inequalities' due to his support for the free and equal exchange of ideas5/27/16Education, PC, Freedom
Northwestern plans to end freedom of association for most student groups. The University is planning to force student groups that require an interview or application process to let ANYONE join, or risk losing their student funding. Your group can be infiltrated by enemies now 5/27/16Education, Freedom, PC
Army ROTC student’s political campaign suspended for ‘transphobic’ Facebook comments where he said he didn't support transbathrooms so that makes him racist or something 5/27/16Education, LGBT, Freedom
Chain restaurants in the city will now face a $600 fine for not warning consumers about food containing a high amount of salt.5/27/16Economics, Freedom,
Yale professors who defended freedom of speech that sparked protests at Yale last fall, have resigned amid reports of students refusing to accept diplomas from the professors5/26/16Education, Freedom,
VIDEO: Cal State-LA mulls blocking conservatives from speaking on campus via bureaucracy5/26/16Freedom, Education, Liberal Bias
Bills aim to force California Christian colleges to embrace transgenders or lose funding. If approved, would disqualify Christian colleges from receiving state-funded student financial aid if the institutions deny students on the basis of their 'sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.' What’s more, the bill would disallow colleges from obtaining waivers from the U.S. Department of Education on the issue5/26/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
TRANSGENDER VETERAN SUES CHRISTIAN BARBER: Two months after a Southern California barber cited scripture as a reason for denying a haircut to a transgender Army veteran, Kendall Oliver has filed suit, alleging a violation of civil rights5/26/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Forced investment in green energy is costing taxpayers extraordinary amounts of money we could use5/26/16Environmental, Freedom,
After lawsuit over gender-pronouns, schoolw ill implement new disciplinary rules regulating pronoun usage. Say goodbye First Amendment5/25/16Freedom, Education, LGBT
Eleven states suing Obama over transgender bathroom coercion from the government5/25/16Freedom, Education, LGBT
Black Lives Matter Activists ambush a Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event at Depaul University, while 16 paid security guards sit and do nothing5/25/16Freedom, Education, Race
House Democrats file legislation that would amend the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to ensure religious exemptions cannot be applied to any health care service, including abortion and gender transition treatments 5/25/16Freedom, Christianity, Abortion
Hundreds of dead people are voting in California polls. Gee, I wonder why liberals are fighting the perfectly sensical law that requires ID to vote5/25/16Freedom, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Obama Admin. Sued Business Because It Kept Male Employee Out Of Women’s Room. Deluxe Financial Services, denied that it violated any anti-discrimination laws but agreed to settle the case for $115,000 in order to avoid further costs of litigation5/25/16LGBT, Freedom, Obama
VIDEO: Anti-Trump Supporters Attack Handicap man outside Trump Rally, New Mexico5/25/16Freedom, Video, Immigration
The Corrupt IRS colluded to delete records and break federal law5/24/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Students at Bellevue College demand expulsion for 'hate speech', a new Muslim prayer room, and low-cost full lunch packs5/24/16Education, Islam, Freedom
Democrats leveraging voter ID fraud and corruption to help democrats win. Threaten illegals with deportation if they don't register to vote as Democrat5/24/16Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The radical Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of the legal system5/24/16Race, Freedom,
City of Seattle denies FOIA requests to find out how much revenue they've generated from it's new gun tax, which was said to generate revenue for gun violence programs, but was really an attempt to get rid of gun shops5/24/16Guns, Freedom,
Obama has added 20,642 new regulations during his presidency5/23/16Freedom, Obama,
Student at Southern Oregon University (SOU) was forced to suspend his campaign for a senate seat on his school’s student government after an opposing candidate filed a grievance against him for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns5/23/16Freedom, PC, LGBT
Why the coercive, habitual abuser of power DOJ should be abolished5/22/16Freedom, Conservative,
New documents show Obama officials were deliberately obstructing congressional probes into the border gun-running operation 'Fast and Furious'5/21/16Obama, Freedom,
Illinois has over 50,000 government employees making over $100,000 per year costing taxpayers $8 billion per year for crappy government work5/20/16Freedom, ,
Judge Orders DOJ Lawyers to Undergo Ethics Training after they knowingly and repeatedly misrepresented the implementation dates for executive amnesty in both oral and written offerings to the court5/20/16Freedom, Immigration,
House Democrats trying to leverage Obama's executive LGBT law to withhold money for contracted businesses5/19/16Obama, Freedom, LGBT
Charlotte Observer says girls need to overcome the discomfort of seeing male genitals in their locker rooms5/19/16LGBT, Media, Freedom
NYC TO FINE BUSINESSES THAT DON’T USE CORRECT GENDER PRONOUNS. Failing to refer to transgenders as 'ze' or 'hir' a violation of human rights5/18/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
Court decides to move forward in impeachment of the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen because the IRS is corrupt like everyone in the Obama administration 5/18/16Freedom, ,
Canada prepares its citizens for nationwide ban on 'transphobia' making 'hate speech' punishable by up to 2 years in prison5/18/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
New York Law firm actively trying to delay and block the court-ordered payments to families of Iranian bombing because they support terrorists5/17/16Freedom, Islam,
Vatican Cardinal to American's: God is being eroded from your country5/17/16Religion, Freedom,
Law professors sign open letter objecting to the Obama administration of federal overreach by redefining sexual harrassment to the point it is Unconstitutional5/16/16Obama, Freedom, LGBT
Obama’s Threat to Defund Schools Over Trans Bathroom Issue Violates Federal Law5/16/16Obama, LGBT, Freedom
The American Library Association names 'The Holy Bible' on it's 'Most Challenged Books' list for its 'religious viewpoint', but the Quran advocating murdering and raping women is not on the list 5/16/16Religion, Freedom,
My Conservative page got blocked by Facebook 5/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Senate used money from benefit cuts to military veterans in the 2016 budget to pay for the resettlement of an additional 3,000 Afghan interpreters in the United States5/16/16Freedom, Patriotism, Immigration
Obama DOJ will threaten schools with stripping of funding if they don't let biological males into women's bathrooms5/12/16Obama, Freedom, LGBT
Rebuttle: Left Wing economist false argument for expanding government is debunked5/11/16Conservative, Economics, Freedom
Wyoming rancher beats the EPA who was threatened with a $16 million fine for building a pond on his property5/10/16Environmental, Freedom,
University of Maryland students block traffic to protest the $8.25 minimum wage, which is $1 higher than the national average5/10/16Education, Freedom, Economics
The language in Milo Yiannopoulos's college tour promotional poster has Universities organizing 'safe zone' training to help students cope with language5/10/16Education, PC, Freedom
Obama's war on gender privacy5/10/16Obama, Freedom, LGBT
Attorny General Loretta Lynch says states cannot insist a man is a man and a woman is a woman5/10/16Freedom, LGBT,
Obama’s Lawsuit Against North Carolina Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent 5/10/16LGBT, Obama, Freedom
Government officials are exploring ways they can regulate online free speech, especially regarding political matters5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Only 10% of State Department officials took the proper training for FOIA requests5/9/16Freedom, ,
The ACLU files a lawsuit in Mississippi attempting to gain momentum for the end of religious liberty5/9/16LGBT, Religion, Freedom
VIDEO: Women discuss the unintended consequences of bathrooms bills and locker room policies and the threat to women5/9/16LGBT, Video, Freedom
North Carolina suing the Federal Government right back for the NC LGBT Transgender bathroom law5/9/16LGBT, Freedom,
Obama administration facing lawsuit for systematically obstructing transparency5/9/16Obama, Freedom,
Even the New York Times confesses there is tremendous 'liberal intolerance' at Universities5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Obama using government coercion and subsidies to get poor people to move to more upper class areas to be more 'equal' and it has disastrous results already5/8/16Obama, Freedom, Race
Students gun art banned from University campus. Prison shanks and numchucks are okay though5/8/16Education, Guns, Freedom
VIDEO: See all the disgusting acts of Anti-Trump protesters in Oregon which include, mooning people, blocking exists, waving Mexican flags, Communist flags, and cursing5/7/16Freedom, Video,
Congress now trying to psychologically profile your children and datamine your children's values to Big Brother knows how to change them5/6/16Education, Freedom, Religion
Over 2,000 felons have already registered to vote in Virginia after the governor ignores the Constitution5/6/16Freedom, ,
Ebay implements Sharia, and blocks auction for the 'Draw Mohammad' cartoon winner from selling the drawing5/5/16Islam, Freedom,
College will pay $50,000 after for censoring free speech for the group that was recruiting pro gun-rights students 5/5/16Education, Freedom, Guns
Cancellations over the North Carolina LGBT Bathroom Bill; the hypocrisy is silent5/5/16LGBT, Freedom,
Here's how the Left-Wing Media has created the outcry for the North Carolina LGBT bathroom bill requiring boys to use the boys bathroom only5/5/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Conservatives and people who are economically literate, need to fight the $15 minimum wage because it is a Civil Rights issue5/4/16Economics, Freedom,
The ACLU is trying to coerce it's values onto Christian colleges5/4/16Education, Freedom, Religion
Elementary school cancels their annual 'Father & Daughter Dance' because it wasn't 'inclusive' enough because it left mothers and sons out5/4/16PC, Freedom,
DOJ threatens to sue North Carolina and strip their federal education funding due to not letting boys in girls bathrooms in the LGBT bathroom law5/4/16Freedom, LGBT,
Connecticut approves gun seizures for accused domestic abusers regardless if there is proof they actually committed a crime. Forget the Second Amendment says Connecticut legislators5/4/16Guns, Freedom,
Student suing Missouri State University over being kicked out because of his Christianity5/3/16LGBT, Religion, Freedom
Conservative Black Scholar disinvited from speaking at college for being Conservative and the school is scared of protests5/3/16Education, Race, Freedom
Female student straddles and starts kissing a guy and then he gets suspended for rape5/3/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
What massive government surveillance is doing to your mind5/3/16Freedom, ,
San Diego State President has car blocked for supporting the First Amendment5/2/16Education, Freedom,
College students form shield to block a Pro-Life display on campus5/2/16Abortion, Freedom, Education
The Left's Thought-Fascism hits ESPN5/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Over 100 fake hate crime hoaxes in the past decade explains how the left will cheat to win5/2/16PC, Freedom, Media
ESPN filters Curt Schillings 'bloody sock' Game 6 performance from Boston Red Sox documentary because he doesn't want boys to use the girls bathroom4/30/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
Liberal groups upset that National Park Rangers uniforms look too much like Border Patrol's uniforms and they're scaring illegal immigrants so the uniforms need to be changed4/30/16Immigration, Freedom,
Southern California hispanics riot at Trump rally, violently attack Trump supporters, destroy police cruiser, lots of blood4/29/16Immigration, Freedom,
The EPA stashes $6.3 Billion in hidden accounts that are not under congressional authority and have no transparency. We don't know what this money is doing4/29/16Environmental, Freedom,
The FBI is reportedly investigating whether the Hillary Clinton provided government access and official favors in exchange for cash contributions to a tax-exempt organization run by the Clintons4/29/16Freedom, ,
Students at Portland Community College white male hating event, block camera man from recording even though it's a public event and he's allowed to. Administraters continue to allow it to happen as the mob persists preventing him from filimg their horrendous behavior4/29/16Education, Race, Freedom
The Transgender threat to boys and men4/29/16LGBT, Conservative, Freedom
Student government at Drake University votes overwhelmingly to not recognize a Conservative group, because they disagree with their views and they are liberal fascists4/28/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Climate scientist caught tampering with climate records AGAIN4/28/16Environmental, Freedom,
Drake University student government overwhelmingly votes down recognizing a Conservative student group because Conservative views are 'hate speech'4/27/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
University police investigating a 'hate crime' of someone telling a student that there are only two genders, male and female4/27/16Education, Freedom, LGBT
Overregulation has cost America over $4 Trillion in economic growth since 19804/27/16Freedom, ,
Obama has doubled the Federal debt, and it's totally Unconstitutional4/26/16Obama, Freedom,
The war on religious liberty affects all Americans negatively, not just religious people4/26/16Freedom, Religion, Conservative
Federal judge upholds North Carolina voter ID-law, supporting rational thought by requiring voters to have ID's and prevent voter fraud4/26/16Freedom, ,
The Federal Government is forcing Universities across the nation to openly violate theirs, and all their students First Amendment Rights in 'sexual harrassment speech' litigation4/26/16Freedom, Education,
Obama's has DOUBLED the national debt and it's totally Unconstitutional4/26/16Obama, Freedom,
LGBT Activist group has media report 26 boxes filled with signatures objecting the North Carolina bathroom bill, but since liberals like to cheat, the Governor posts a photo showing that 24 of the 26 boxes were signatures from people out of the state4/26/16LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Virginia Governor blatantly breaks the Constitution to try and help democrats win the election. Allows felons to vote, including felons convicted of murder and rape4/25/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
UN OFFICIAL: The Real Reason For The Global Warming Scare is to Kill of Capitalism4/25/16Environmental, Freedom, Economics
ESPN Firing Curt Schilling for saying boys can't use girls bathroom is very un-American4/24/16Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Privacy: Why do we even have bathrooms and the LGBT law4/23/16LGBT, Video, Freedom
Government tells kids they can't sing the 'National Anthem' at 9/11 Memorial if they don't have permits4/23/16Freedom, Patriotism,
Harvard Law students want the FBI to investigate their 'Conservative' critics4/23/16Education, PC, Freedom
Climate scientists caught cheating again and working to block auto-archiving data so they can change it and nobody will know4/22/16Environmental, Freedom,
Climate Alarmism and the Muzzling of Independent Science by the Left4/21/16Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Here's how the Leftist movement is exactly like the fascist movements of the past4/21/16Conservative, Freedom,
Leftist making moves to have 'The Bible' banned from libraries4/21/16Religion, Freedom,
Pennslyvania man hides in women's batrhoom, records 10-year-old girl going to the bathroom. This is the future of women's bathrooms4/21/16LGBT, Freedom,
The NBA threatens to move the All-Star game out of North Carolina if they don't change the bathroom law because common sense and privacy are discrimination now4/21/16LGBT, Freedom,
California voter registration has skyrocketed in 2016. Over 850,000 registrations in the months between January 1 and March 31 which is twice as much as was registered during the same period in 2012. The vast majority are registering with the Democrat party, an increase of 185%. and 98% of the new registrants were Latinos, FRAUD ANYONE?4/21/16Immigration, Freedom,
Federal health officials refuse to give Congress hundreds of subpoenaed documents on Obamacare’s failed co-ops so that people will continue enrolling in the deeply troubled program4/20/16Healthcare, Obama, Freedom
Georgia Pastor is files religious discrimination lawsuit for being fired from government job because he said homosexuality is a sin4/20/16Religion, Freedom,
Curt Schilling fired from ESPN for commenting on Facebook post about the North Carolina bathroom law writing "a man is a man no matter what they call themsevles4/20/16Freedom, LGBT, PC
Women on Amazons original series 'transparent' are uncomfortable using the unisex bathrooms on the set, but are afraid to come forward because they will be labaled 'transphobic'4/19/16LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
Tennessee to sue the Obama Administration over forcing the state to accept Syrian 'refugees' that the govermnet doesn't know if they are terrorists or not and potentially endangering citizens4/19/16Freedom, Obama, Immigration
Pearl Jam cancels concert in North Carolina over new law passed where boys have to use the boys bathroom. Continuing the cultural cronyism4/18/16LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
University of Michigan now classifying 'blame' as 'sexual violence'. Which is scary considering 'blame' can be for anything including not spending enough time together could now be 'sexual violence' 4/18/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
VIDEO: How Islam Killed Free Speech in just 30 years4/18/16Islam, Freedom, Video
Here's what Bernie Sanders tax plan would do to your paycheck. An average of 8% increase in taxes4/18/16Socialism, Freedom,
Eight of Ten Americans are upset with the Federal Government. And yet, liberals are trying to expand government to fix the problem4/16/16Freedom, ,
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: the real motive for the Islamic migration to the west4/16/16Islam, Conservative, Video
Leftists trying to control and regulate tax software (Like Turbotax) and say it will be free. Except it will be paid with our tax dollars so it won't be free at all 4/15/16Freedom, ,
What happens when two Constitutional Rights come into conflict? For example gun rights vs. gay rights4/15/16Freedom, Feminism, LGBT
Obama has collected an average of $124,000 per U.S. job during his socialist presidency4/15/16Obama, Freedom,
Four reasons the massive Obama Government spending is even worse than taxes4/15/16Obama, Conservative, Freedom
Liberals upset that moms are throwing students free 'Jesus Lunch' at a public park because to liberals, religion is evil4/15/16Religion, Education, Freedom
When Conservative students mock the word 'trigger warning' in ways leftists don't like, they reinterpret the meaning to a gun threat. Unreal4/15/16Education, Race, Freedom
Depaul University students pushing for 'hate crime' for those who write anything pro-Trump4/15/16Education, Race, Freedom
Facebook employees colluding to stop Donald Trump. Discuss filtering newsfeeds to keep him away from users4/15/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
A retired Lt. Gen who served as ambassador to Afghanistan, will not be able to teach at Northwestern Institute for Global Studies because he's Conservative. 46 faculty members and professors petition for his removal because he's a threat to the schools 'integrity'4/15/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
60 more corporations join the insanity movement of saying not letting boys using girls bathrooms is discrimination4/15/16LGBT, PC, Freedom
Ohio University students demand police action after Conservative student group mocks their 'safe spaces' 4/14/16Education, Freedom,
Judge literally ignores the law PLCAA law that says gun makers are not liable in civil lawsuits to push gun control litigation making them responsible for Sandy Hook. Unbelievable how judges can blatantly ignore the actual law4/14/16Guns, Freedom,
High Taxes bring in a record of $1.48 Trillion in tax revenue the past six months, but in the same period the government spent $1.941 Trillion, leaving the U.S. with a $461 Billion deficit. A record haul in tax revenue, and still can't balance the budget4/14/16Obama, Freedom,
TV Scientist Bill Nye is okay with throwing climate change deniers in jail; joining the growing list of fascists 4/14/16Environmental, Freedom,
Climate Change advocates colluding to destroy Exon Mobile new documents show4/14/16Freedom, Environmental,
Tennessee Attorney General threatens that the state will lose $1.2 Billion in federal education funding for passing a law that forces boys to use boys bathrooms4/13/16Freedom, Feminism, LGBT
New York University cancels Left vs Right debate because the Conservative speaker in the debate was too Conservative for them4/13/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
An Iowa College has a new hate speech reporting system with plans to punish 'bias' free speech4/13/16Education, Freedom, PC
Coca-Cola, Paypal, and Apple renounce North Carolina bathroom law, but continue to do business where cross dressing and gay sex are illegal. Hypocrisy?4/13/16LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
Uncle Sam going after CEI (and anyone else) that is critical of global warming because leftist hate the First Amendment4/13/16Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter block rail trains to Minnesota Twins home opener; saying white silence equals violence4/12/16Race, Freedom,
University bans golf team from using Trump course because the administration doesn't like his 'rhetoric'4/12/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Education
Democratic Senator praises essay arguing for the criminalization of climate change deniers4/12/16Freedom, Environmental,
Liberalism's blatant, repeated attempts to change free speech and the First Amendment; especially attacking Climate Change skeptics4/12/16Freedom, Environmental,
The Leftists efforts to criminalize climate change 'deniers' is a crime and the opposite of free speech4/11/16Environmental, Freedom,
The push to prosecute climate change deniers continues to grow regardless of the First Amendment4/11/16Environmental, Freedom,
Leaked Senate Bill shows how the government wants to require all companies to make their data accessible to the government4/9/16Freedom, ,
Liberal Judge rules that 'right to work' is Unconstitutional saying Unions have the right to money from your paycheck4/9/16Freedom, Unions,
The New Leftist Fascist Role Model: Kamala Harris raiding Conservative investigative reporters home after Planned Parenthood was found selling aborted baby parts4/9/16Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Obama wants the government to coerce everyone into voting and make it mandatory; despite that being the opposite of freedom4/8/16Freedom, Obama,
The U.N. is now trying to get regulated government control over the worlds oceans4/8/16Freedom, Environmental,
VIDEO: College students crash 'Students for Trump' discussion at PSU because liberals hate free speech4/8/16Video, Education, Freedom
Obama wants you to give the government access to your data in return for protection4/7/16Obama, Freedom,
Arizona college will charge all students $30 fee to help fund illegal immigrant scholarships4/7/16Immigration, Education, Freedom
Another college protest at a Ben Shapiro talk at University. Black Lives Matter still working to silence all opposition 4/7/16Education, Freedom,
Terrorist linked organization CAIR, files lawsuit claiming the U.S. Governments terror watch list is discriminatory because there are too many Muslims on the list4/7/16Islam, Freedom,
New York school cancels Ted Cruz speaking event after students threatened a boycott because now Cruz is racist, misogynistic, and homophobic4/7/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Liberal leader says the long lines at Wisconsin voting sites are because of voter ID requirements. Thinks people who are not citizens getting to vote would really expedite things and be way more fair4/7/16Immigration, Freedom,
VIDEO: Liberal tyrants imprisoning Conservative media bit by bit4/7/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Paypal cancels plans to open office in NC over bathroom law, but still does business in Malaysia, Singapore, and even Dubai who often throws people in jail for being homosexual but paypal has no problem with those countries. hypocrisy?4/6/16Freedom, Feminism, Liberal Bias
Americans spend more on taxes than they spend on food, housing, and clothing COMBINED4/6/16Freedom, Misc,
Festival threatened by 'high-level government officials' not to show anti-vaccine film4/6/16Freedom, Misc,
Here comes government trying to get the $100 bill ban so they have everyone's money on the 'grid' and can take it if needed4/6/16Freedom, ,
More bakers in Texas targeted by gay rights activists for declining to bake a gay wedding cake4/5/16LGBT, Freedom, Religion
Paypal cancels expansion into North Carolina after law forces people of to use the bathrooms of their biological sex. Showing their tolerance for other positions4/5/16Freedom, Feminism, Liberal Bias
California Unions Demand $15 Minimum Wage; It Will Destroy A Third Of The State 4/4/16Economics, Freedom,
New WikiLeaks documents show that European elites are deliberately trying to cause financial chaos to use as an opportunity to seize power. See the documents and transcripts4/3/16Freedom, ,
Gay activist threaten to burn down bakery owner's house and sodomize son4/3/16LGBT, Freedom,
College Newspaper loses funding after criticizing Black Lives Matter. Now that's tolerance!4/1/16Education, Race, Freedom
UVA Illegal Immigrant group demands that 'xenophobes' be barred from student government. The lesson being, if you actually believe in enforcing the law, that is grounds for dismissal3/29/16Education, Immigration, Freedom
High School student gets the wrath of liberals for saying Michael Brown was a thug. Which he was3/29/16Race, Freedom, Education
Homosexuals harrass and threaten Christian Bakers, threatening to burn down their house, take their son and sodomize him with a broken beer bottle and more3/28/16LGBT, Religion, Freedom
Hollywood threatens to boycott Georgia for law protecting religious liberty. They says its persecution of homosexuals to not marry them3/26/16Freedom, Religion,
Hacker Group Anonymous makes threats to Cruz, orders him to drop out of the race. If you think our freedoms aren't being attacked by all sides, even hackers are going after Conservatives3/26/16Freedom, ,
Here's a list of ISIS wins on U.S. college campuses. ISIS and Liberals have a similar agenda of coercion3/25/16Education, Islam, Freedom
VIDEO: The Left's Revivial of the Fascists Movement here in America3/25/16Conservative, Video, Freedom
ACLU Leader fighting bill that punishes unlawful assembly of protesters shutting down roads & businesses. Says it's a Bill against free speech, despite the protesters constantly infringing on others freedoms3/24/16Conservative, Freedom,
Obama Admin says they have the power to make churchers fund abortions3/24/16Abortion, Religion, Freedom
Protesters plan to get arrested in riots and protests against Trump. Still peaceful protesters?3/24/16Freedom, ,
Disney threatens to remove business from state of Georgia if they pass a bill protecting religious people. More businesses politicizing our way of life and holding state governments hostage3/24/16Freedom, LGBT, Religion
College campares 'Vote Trump 2016' message written in chalk to a 'cross burning'. Dedicates 'emergency funds' to any student group that want to sponsor a response event3/23/16Education, PC,
How the Liberalist class is destroying America and America cannot afford to support the liberalist class anymore3/23/16Conservative, Economics, Freedom
Feminists call Amazon to stop selling anything Donald Trump because they disagree with him. Typical leftist fascist 3/22/16Feminism, Freedom,
Students call Trump support on 'unsafe' on campus. Demanding the school officially denounce Trump because they disagree with him and he somehow makes them feel unsake at school3/22/16Education, Freedom, PC
University of Michigan posters promoting an upcoming talk about the benefits of fossil fuels was ripped up and replaced with posters promoting a Socialist student group event. Liberals just cannot stand free speech if it doesn't fit their moronic cult3/22/16Freedom, Socialism, Environmental
Tennessee will cancel a vote on a bill that would protect freedom of speech on college campuses and prevent punishments for microaggressions because they're afraid of ISIS 3/22/16Education, Freedom, Islam
Mexico attempting to interfere with U.S. election3/21/16Freedom, Immigration,
VIDEO: Tuscon Police officer says Trump protesters as the 'most hateful people I've ever seen' 3/21/16Freedom, Video,
St.Mary's students car vandalized for having Trump stick on it. Also harassed on social media3/20/16Education, Freedom,
Trump protestor caught and arrested after slapping a police horse in the face. What a wonderful group of people these Trump protestors are3/20/16Freedom, ,
Thugs trash mans Trump sign on his lawn, pull gun out on him, neighbor was armed and pulled out his own gun. Then they fled3/20/16Freedom, Guns,
Left-Wing activists block roads to Trump rally. Liberal fascists at it again trying to subvert our freedom3/19/16Freedom, ,
The NFL is using the Super Bowl as a bargaining chip to mess with government policies3/19/16Freedom, LGBT,
Anti-Trump protestors tear down security checkpoints, push police back. Not very peaceful protesting is it?3/19/16Freedom, ,
Law professor suggests ending Democracy in order to stop Donald Trump. Tolerance?3/18/16Education, Freedom,
VIDEO: Social Justice Warrior says white people can't film protests. Tolerance?3/18/16Freedom, Video, Race
FCC's plan to take over the internet is in full swing3/18/16Freedom, ,
Hillary Clinton wants taxpayers to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare3/18/16Immigration, Healthcare, Socialism
Liberals and LGBT community fighiting Kansas passing 'religious liberty' bill, which allows campus religious groups to reject people who join their religious group that don't share the group's actual religion. Liberals call that discrimination3/17/16Education, Religion, Freedom
58% of Liberals prefer political correctness over freedom of speech3/16/16Religion, Freedom, PC
Leftist Protests are the second coming over the Nazi 'Brownshirts' who used the exact same tactics3/16/16Freedom, PC,
Black Lives Matter promises mass aggressive riots if Trump wins3/16/16Freedom, Race,
Hacker Group 'Anonymous' has declared war on Donald Trump. LIBERALS WILL NOT STOP THE ATTACK ON OUR FREEDOMS3/15/16Freedom, ,
VIDEO: Sheriff David Clarke takes on Socialist Trump protestor3/15/16Freedom, Video, Conservative
Media refuses to mention liberal megadonor George Soros is funding Chicago riots3/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
College Satanists movement work to silence budding Conservatism on campus. Liberals are such wonderful, moral groups of people aren't they? 3/15/16Education, Religion, Freedom
VIDEO: How liberal protesters are trying to silence the right 3/15/16Conservative, Video,
Far Left Activist go to Trump rally wearing Nazi armbands are actually Hillary Clinton supporters3/14/16Liberal Bias, Freedom,
University of Texas advocates hiding evidence that rape allegations made by girls could be false3/14/16Education, Freedom, Feminism
Chicago Police officer says the Trump rioters were much more aggressive than media reported3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Wisconsin fighting potential for the government to ban plastic bags and regulate more of private businesses3/14/16Environmental, Freedom,
Chicago Trump riots organized by Hillary Clinton3/12/16Freedom, ,
Leftist facist Chicago protestors shut down Trump rally. Shut down all dissent is the liberal facists plan3/11/16Freedom, ,
The ACLU switches position on religious freedoms to comply with more current liberal orthodoxy3/11/16Religion, Freedom, LGBT
Colleges and Liberals cannot stand free speech. Trump riots just another example. But there's more3/11/16Conservative, Freedom,
Media asks people to refuse sex to anyone who would vote for Trump. Tolerance?3/11/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Gay activists protesting movie that depicts gay marriage families negatively3/11/16LGBT, Freedom, Media
Justice Department may prosecute climate change deniers. Goodbye first amendment3/10/16Freedom, Environmental,
Swedish Bus Driver Suspended over sharing Anti-Immigration articles3/9/16Freedom, Immigration,
Mark Zuckerberg and other Tech CEOs fighting to open U.S. Labor to illegal aliens3/9/16Immigration, Freedom,
University students petitioning to rewrite history in a social justice college3/9/16Education, PC, Freedom
Pittsburgh student harrassed over 'hate speech' for being Conservative3/9/16Education, PC, Freedom
Maryland State Senate has hearing on new act that forces vending machine snacks to meet health standards3/9/16Freedom, Misc,
Colorado State student Senate facing impreachment for voting against diversity bill. Tolerance?3/8/16Education, PC, Freedom
Firefighter loses job over religious themed book3/7/16Freedom, Religion,
VIDEO: Ben Shaprio continues speech despite liberal fascist pulling the fire alarm3/5/16Education, Freedom, Video
Steels workers ordered to remove American flags from their trucks or be fired3/4/16Patriotism, Freedom,
College tells students in assignment to confess being atheist if they're Christian, or confess to being gay if you're straight3/4/16Education, Freedom, Religion
University of Pittsburgh students feel 'unsafe' and in 'tears' over Conservative speaker visiting campus3/3/16Education, PC, Freedom
Media tells women to divorce their husband if they vote for Donald Trump3/3/16Media, Freedom, PC
Oregon Bakery's appeal on being fine $135,000 for declining to bake cake for gay wedding could destroy the First Amendment3/2/16LGBT, Freedom, Religion
VIDEO: What if God became a SJW3/1/16Conservative, Video,
Bernie Sanders calls banning all guns except for hunting. Forget the 2nd amendment2/29/16Guns, Socialism, Freedom
Hillary Clinton says Gun lobby wants to give terrorist guns. Couldn't be more false2/29/16Guns, Liberal Bias, Freedom
HS students say anti-LGBT stickers are 'hate speech' and not First Amendment protected 2/29/16Freedom, LGBT, PC
Atheist group appeals failed lawsuit to ban WWI memorial Cross2/29/16Religion, Freedom,
Fire Alarm Pulled to disrupt a Conservative 'When Diversity Becomes a Problem' speech. Tolerance?2/26/16Race, Freedom, Education
University ROTC students banned from starting Conservative club, officials refuse to say why2/26/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Obama administration quietly concedes defeat in ridiculous 'sanctuary cities' policy2/25/16Immigration, Freedom, Obama
Reporter attacked by BLM protestors at Ben Shapiro college campus speech2/25/16Freedom, Race, Education
Leftist Mob Threatens Mafi-Style Attacks on Germans who protested against Refugees2/24/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Islam
Harry Reid pushes for endless litigation in Immigration courts, at taxpayers expense2/24/16Immigration, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Atheists lose battle to remove Jesus statue from Montana sky resort2/24/16Religion, Freedom, PC
Former ACLU President says Liberals are to blame for erosion of free speech on college campuses. Conservatives already knew that2/23/16Education, Freedom,
Twitter bans Conservative accounts, keeps #KillDonaldTrump because that's not 'hatespeech' apparently2/22/16Freedom, Media,
Poll: Nearly 60% of Democrats think socialism is a good idea for America2/22/16Freedom, Socialism, Liberal Bias
Harvard Professor advocates registering republican to vote in primary to sabatoge Trump2/22/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
State College Cancels Ben Shapiro speaking event saying it would cause a 'threat to their lives' if he speaks there2/22/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Education
Hillary Clinton voters allowed to vote before registering, caught on tape2/21/16Liberal Bias, Freedom, Misc
Obama Administration working hard to make sure illegals can vote2/21/16Freedom, Obama, Immigration
Black Lives Matter says supporting the Constitution is white supremacist. Need to abolish Constitution 2/20/16Race, Education,
Auburn University tells students they need a permit for free speech2/20/16Education, Freedom,
New Google Chrome extensions change's word 'Pro-Life' to 'Anti-Choice' to make saving lives of babies more demonizing2/20/16Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Denmark now selectively regulating free speech (especially in regards to Islam)2/19/16Islam, Freedom,
Obama's attempt to transform Supreme Court on thin ice2/19/16Obama, Freedom, Conservative
Obama's background in Filabustering Supreme Court nominees who aren't liberal2/19/16Obama, Freedom,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro on Leftism and Free Speech2/19/16Video, Conservative, Freedom
Manny Pacquiao loses Nike deal over being against gay marriage; Nike says being against LGBT is discriminatory2/18/16LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
University bans Chick-Fil-A from campus for their CEO supporting traditional marriage; says that's discriminatory2/18/16LGBT, Freedom, Education
Caitlyn Jenner says it's more difficult being Republican in Hollywood than being transgender2/18/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Freedom
College holds 'Group Therapy' session to recover from a Conservative speaking at a campus event. Tolerance!2/18/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Education
Man arrested in Scotland for 'offensive' facebook post about Syrian refugees2/17/16Freedom, Islam, PC
Twitter Banning and Targeting Conservatives is 'very real' says inside source2/16/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
33 schools ignore Congressional request to change restrictive speech codes2/16/16Education, Freedom,
VIDEO: Twitter creates committee to regulate speech2/12/16Freedom, PC, Conservative
Conservative event disrupted by BLM & Feminists smearing fake blood on themselves2/10/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
The word 'Founding Fathers' is now being banned 2/10/16Freedom, PC,
Twitter targeting Trump supports; free speech for Hillary & Bernie supporters2/8/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
News Network Al-Jazeera, admits to editing out segments that depicted Muhammad negatively 2/8/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Old Feminists say Women who don't vote for Hillary are going to hell; the tolerance brigade ok with it2/8/16Freedom, Liberal Bias,
No, Washington Post, D.C. Snowstorms are not because of climate change2/3/16Freedom, , Environmental
Gun-Control jerks trying to shut down a college shooting club2/2/16Freedom, Guns, Education
Major Online Media site to close comment sections on topics of 'Islam' and “immigration'2/1/16Freedom, PC,
Fat Feminist Lena Dunham telling Twitter to screen more speech to protect women2/1/16Freedom, Feminism,
Dutch police monitor anti 'refugee' protest calls on social media; not massive rapes1/30/16Freedom, Islam, Video
Facebook screening targeting Conservatives1/29/16Freedom, Conservative,
Police visit mans house for saying Europe's refugee strategy was a 'bad plan' on twitter1/28/16Freedom, PC,
Feminists move to redefine english words like 'nagging' and 'bossy' to be more PC1/26/16Freedom, ,
Dutch police visit homes of people critical of asylum centres on Twitter, urging to delete posts1/26/16Freedom, Islam,
Swedish Police Chief expects WW III in Europe in a few years1/26/16Freedom, , Islam
Duke student equates free speech to white supremacy1/25/16Freedom, Race, Education
Town forces citizens to write an essay, and $1,100 training, to buy a gun1/25/16Freedom, Guns,
Reddit Moderators Screen and remove story of female killed by refugee in europe1/25/16Freedom, , Media
Bernie Sanders medicare for all is economically ridiculous1/25/16Freedom, , Healthcare
Teenage immigrant gangrape met with slap on the wrist in Europe1/24/16Freedom, , Islam
LSU Professor fire over free speech1/21/16Freedom, Education,
University professor calling for muscle officially suspended1/21/16Freedom, Education,
Like Marxists, Officials continuing to suppress any science counter to Climate-Change1/21/16Freedom, Environmental, Freedom
California joins the effort to persecute free speech and scientific dissent of climate change; showing their true fascist colors1/21/16Freedom, Environmental,
California Liberals want your IRA1/20/16Freedom, , Misc
College mandates 'bias-free language' as school policy, then denies it 1/18/16Freedom, Education,
Harvard Professor: 'When I speak in favor of Israel, I need armed guards'1/14/16Freedom, Education,
USC students required to detail sexual history before attending classes1/12/16Freedom, Education,
Why Won't European officials do anything about rape explosion1/12/16Freedom, , Islam
University of California encourages reporting 'unwanted jokes'1/7/16Freedom, Education,
43% of college students say safe spaces higher priority than free speech1/6/16Freedom, Education,
Democrats lobbying to destroy free speech to protect Islam1/6/16Freedom, , Islam
Columbia University adopts free speech statement; keeps restrictive speech code;1/5/16Freedom, Education,
Hillary Clinton says when men are accused of rape by a woman, they are guilty until they can prove they are innocent 1/5/16Feminism, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The Left's defunding of objective climate science1/1/16Environmental, Conservative, Freedom
Muslims are Persecuting Christians all over the world12/31/15Islam, Religion, Freedom
Democrats pass bill making critizing of Islam 'hate speech' and is threfore punishable by law. Goodbye First Amendment 12/30/15Islam, Freedom, PC
Half of Public colleges restrict free speech12/28/15Freedom, Education, Liberal Bias
Planned Parenthood uses King Herod's slaughter to promote abortion as 'a social good'12/28/15Freedom, , Abortion
Wrongly Accused Strike Back With Lawsuit against William Paterson University for false arrest, malicious prosecution, and civil rights violations for Rape Hoax12/23/15HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
How the Secular movement is destroying our values12/22/15Freedom, , Religion
CNN Report compares Muslim migrants to Jesus Christ12/22/15Freedom, , Media
The Myth of the Muslim Hate Crime Epidemic12/21/15Freedom, , Islam
The Gay Agenda and the Real World12/19/15Freedom, , LGBT
Students sign petition to appeal 1st amendment12/18/15Freedom, Education,
VIDEO: Students caught signing petition to repeal 1st amendment12/16/15Freedom, Conservative, Education
VIDEO: Liberalism at Home12/9/15Freedom, Conservative,
VIDEO: Do College Students Really Hate Free Speech? 12/8/15Education, PC, Freedom
Feminists are Against Mandatory Rape Kit Testing on Victims; because it might prove they are lying 12/4/15Feminism, Freedom,
Article says most mass shooting are by white men; yet it is not true12/2/15Freedom, , Media
Obama says new Climate Tax is the most elegant way to stop Climate Change12/1/15Environmental, Obama, Freedom
Democrats, Millennials, most likley to favor government restriction on free speech11/24/15Freedom, Education,
VIDEO: The truth about Microagression part 111/21/15Freedom, Conservative, PC
VIDEO: The truth about Microagression part 211/21/15Freedom, PC, Conservative
Kansas University leaders who didn't proclaim 'Black Lives Matter' might be impeached11/18/15Freedom, Education,
Whoppi Goldberg says Hitler was a Christian; despite enormous evidence to contrary11/18/15Freedom, , Media
College professor: no moral right to more than one child11/16/15Freedom, Education,
Yale teacher resigns for protecting free speech and 1st amendment over Halloween costumes11/15/15Freedom, Race,
22 Times Obama claimed Climate Change a greater threat than terrorism11/14/15Freedom, , Obama
9yr old boy threatened with sexual harrassment lawsuit over love letter11/13/15Freedom, PC, Education
Students demand crackdown against Free Speech11/13/15Freedom, Education,
Yale protesters occupy president's lawn to deliver new diversity demands11/13/15Freedom, , Economics
Trans Community Protests Caitlyn Jenner because she's Republican11/12/15LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Yale students spit on free speech advocates11/11/15Freedom, Education, Freedom
Call the Police of something offends you11/10/15Freedom, Education, PC
University of Missouri 'hate speech' reporting is above the 1st amendment11/10/15Freedom, Education, PC
What does Intolerance of student activism mean?11/10/15Freedom, Education, PC
Professor asks for muscle to remove reporter from protests; forget First amendment11/9/15Freedom, Race, Video
Feds lie about federal government earnings using flawed stats. Despite the escalation of federal compensation over the years, labor unions still complain that federal workers are underpaid. Looking only at wages, they say that federal workers suffer from a large 'pay gap' compared to private-sector workers. They point to an annual memo released by the Federal Salary Council, which in 2015 indicated that federal workers were underpaid by 35% .But these results differ from other studies, and they are based on complex and nontransparent calculations that some experts argue are "deeply flawed. 11/9/15Economics, Conservative,
Yale Student screams at professor for denying her 'safe space'11/6/15Freedom, Race, Education
LA Times mocks Houston voters who 'believed' they were fighting for religious liberty11/4/15Freedom, , Media
The sexual grievance industry mounts a furious challenge to the Safe Campus Act--and the rationales are stomach-turning. Because these 'Victim' organizations need ways to create more 'victims'; whether they are true or false 11/3/15Freedom, Feminism,
Bremerton Football coach suspended for leading prayers10/31/15Freedom, , Religion
Groups advocate college censorship; block certain websites; block anonymous posts10/28/15Freedom, Guns,
House Sub-Committee examines global crisis of religious freedom10/27/15Freedom, Religion,
Feminist groups want schools to be required to monitor social media10/26/15Freedom, , Feminism
30% of college libs say the First Amendment is outdated; half unaware no exceptions to 'hate speech' were made10/25/15Freedom, Education,
Anti-feminist author dis-invited to speak at College because it could be 'harmful' since she's not liberal10/23/15Freedom, Education,
Georgia Tech deans claim the word ‘cheer’ is sexist10/23/15Freedom, PC, Education
Brown University says improving Race Relations is more important than free speech10/23/15Education, Freedom, Race
UT student paper censors pro-campus carry opinions10/21/15Freedom, Education,
Title IX guru says lowering the standard of proof in sexual assault cases does not 'take' due process from anyone. But it couldn't be more untrue10/21/15Freedom, Education,
Criticizing Black Lives Matter costs school paper $17,000; half its funding cut10/20/15Freedom, , Race
New Jersey school nixes Halloween, cites diversity10/20/15Freedom, , Race
Scientists who urged the government to sue Climate Change skeptics gets millions of dollars from taxpayers10/17/15Environmental, Freedom,
Another fraternity student falsely accused of a gay hate crime10/15/15Education, LGBT, Freedom
Christians are 'Prime Target' for ISIS10/14/15Freedom, , Islam
Univ. of Akron will no longer require students to pre-register 'expressive speech'10/9/15Freedom, Education,
A recent Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows that 44% of college women think that when a woman gives a guy a 'nod in agreement,"' that isn't enough for consent10/7/15Feminism, Freedom, PC
Federal employees on average earned 78% more in total compensation than private sector workers in 2014, according to a new study from the CATO Institute10/6/15Economics, Conservative,