A libertarian socialist organization recently spent several hours recruiting at Texas State University while prominently displaying an Antifa flag; says Antifa not terrorists2/13/18Education, Socialism
A feminist group that wants fraternities to accept female members is hosting an Anti Valentines event to protest a tradition rooted in capitalism and heteronormativity 2/13/18Feminism, Socialism
College class studies fascism from Mussolini to Trump2/9/18TDS, Socialism Professors
Socialist student group protests campus event honoring law enforcement at Cal State Fullerton 2/8/18Education, Socialism
An Inside Look at a Social Justice Factory and Schools pumping Marxist literature and racial consciousness as young as kindergarten; profiling Minnesota schools 2/2/18Indoctrination, Race PC
California Professor: We Must Abolish White Democracy 2/1/18Race, Perverse Professors
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders canceled an interview with a newspaper in his home state because he wasnt allowed to declare certain topics off limits 1/29/18Media, Liberal Bias
Former MLB pitcher dies in Venezuela amid socialist country medicine shortage 1/27/18Socialism,
British Historian Warns Universities Luring Millennials to Communism1/19/18Socialism, Indoctrination Education
Angela Davis speaks at FSU, no riots. In 1970, Davis was implicated by more than 20 witnesses in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, fellow Black Panther George Jackson, by hijacking a Marin County, California courtroom and taking hostage the judge, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors. In an ensuing gun battle outside the court building, Judge Harold Haley’s head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Ms. Davis. To avoid arrest for her alleged complicity in the plot, Ms. Davis fled California, using aliases and changing her appearance to avoid detection.1/19/18Violence, Race Socialism
Angela Davis, a former member of the Communist Party USA, kicked off Florida State University week long MLK Day celebrations with a speech bashing President Trump1/18/18Socialism, TDS Race
After a conservative journalist challenged a CNN tweet labeling socialism as cool, a Columbia University School of Social Work lecturer responded by blaming capitalism for both world wars, slavery, and genocide. When another user challenged him by asserting that Nazism was a movement of the left, Anthony Zenkus retorted that Hitler was a capitalist.1/17/18Professors, Socialism Media
The legacy media and the Left are practicing Soviet style psychiatry against Trump 1/17/18TDS, Science Socialism
CNN: Celebrate MLK Because He Was A Socialist And Environmentalist! Ben Shapiro1/15/18Race, Environmental Socialism
Sean Penn: Trump an Enemy of Mankind, Socialist Hugo Chavez is good though1/15/18Celebrities, TDS Socialism
SOCIALIST PARADISE: Several Dead, 15 Injured In Fight For Food In Venezuela 1/12/18Socialism, Violence
VIDEO: Communism will ALWAYS be Violent | Joseph Klein 1/11/18Socialism, Conservative Video
How to Beat the Cis Culture by Making up Progressive Words 1/9/18PC, Socialism Conservative
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOCIALISTS RUN OUT OF MONEY? 1/9/18Socialism, Conservative Economics
VIDEO: Demonstrators at a recent Antifa protest against Turning Point USA carried signs blasting the groups members as racists Nazis, and fascists, but struggled to define what those terms actually mean. 1/8/18Video, Education PC
SOCIALIST PARADISE: British National Health Service Cancels 50,000 Surgeries 1/5/18Socialism, Healthcare
Bernie Sanders Wears $700 Coat To Swear In New York Mayor 1/2/18Socialism, Liberal Bias Economics
BuzzFeed Editor: All I Want for Christmas is Full Communism Now12/19/17Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
Chapman University coins term: centrist privilege; meaning anyone who is not extreme leftist has some sort of privilege. Says conservatives have become so conservative that recognizing opposing viewpoints and reaching compromise in impossible. Says Centrism is as vile as right wing conservatism, but it contains the additional atrocity of having no social consequences for holding views that leave fellow Americans at a disadvantage12/17/17Education, Socialism
New George Washington U. student group seeks to embrace tradition of left wing radicalism; aka Communism 12/10/17Education, Socialism
Harvard student scorns casual communism of classmates 12/8/17Conservative, Socialism Education
Yale student oped writes that Charity is not enough and your money must be TAKEN from you 12/4/17Socialism, Economics Education
VIDEO: Is Fascism Right Or Left? By Dnesh Dsouza and Prager University12/4/17Socialism, Conservative Video
A California State University Los Angeles professor is urging Americans to participate in Black Christmas by boycotting white corporations and fighting White Capitalism. Arguing that White supremacist capitalism is responsible for state-sanctioned violence against Black people11/29/17Professors, Race Economics
Scholars warn that intersectionality is bringing back Soviet censorship tactics, Bolshevism. Faculty who push the theory of intersectionality are teaching students that America is a matrix of oppression. Intersectionality centers on the belief that the lived experience of members of marginalized groups is a better guide to society than previous societal norms established by the bourgeoisie. Soviet justification for censorship was centered around the classic communist talking point of the bourgeoisie, 11/29/17Socialism, PC Feminism
Ted Cruz Asks Maria Cantrell on CNN to Differentiate Democrat from Socialist on Taxes, She Flatlines 11/29/17Socialism, Economics Conservative
Before Socialism Collapsed Behind the Iron Curtain, It Failed Near Plymouth 11/22/17Socialism,
Bernie Sanders Asked About Bill Clintons Sexual Misconduct, Wholly Ignores It 11/20/17Clinton, Socialism Liberal Bias
Socialist heaven Venezuela, where the inflation rate reached a whopping 500% in July 2015, has seen its inflation rate skyrocket since July, reaching nearly 3500% on October 25, and still raging at 2662% as of November 10. 11/10/17Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: Dennis Prager: Why Socialism Makes People Selfish 11/10/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Blake Montgomery, BuzzFeed tech and protest reporter, claimed that the phrase victims of communism is a talking point for white nationalists11/7/17Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Communist Lies Killed 100 Million People 11/7/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Washington Post Writes 4,700 word essay: 100 years later, Bolshevism is back. And we should be worried. Discussing how we should be worried about Conservatives because they are todays Communists.11/7/17Socialism, TDS Remove History
A new survey reveals that more millennials would prefer to live under a socialist regime than a capitalist one, though only about 1/3 of respondents were able to successfully define the term socialism11/3/17Socialism,
NBC show Superstore Tries Homemade Obamacare, Realizes Socailized medicine does not work; immediately goes $37,000 in debt and Ends Up agreeing everyone should not pay the same rates 11/3/17Healthcare, Economics Socialism
The Chinese state publication Global Times praised White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly in an article dated Saturday for stating in an interview that the repressive communist system has apparently worked for the Chinese people. Despite China serially violates the human rights of its Christian population. Beijing tightly regulates Christian worship through state sponsored churches and imprisons and beats Christians who defy the government with underground worship. 11/3/17Socialism,
Member of Totalitarian Regime Invited to Speak at California College. Scripps College, a liberal arts women’s college in Claremont, California, just hosted a government official from Venezuela who spent three days peddling propaganda as a guest speaker 10/27/17Socialism, Liberal Bias Education
Socialist group at Kent State University suggests conservative peer belongs in Gulag 10/26/17Socialism, Perverse
A pizza parlor in Boston was forced to shutter its doors after an attempt to buck capitalism proved an utter failure for business. 10/25/17Economics,
The University of Rochester cancelled a Title IX seminar last week out of fear that a protest planned by liberal students would disrupt medical exams taking place in nearby classrooms. The protest was sponsored by the socialist group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The protesters promised to remain quiet during the presentation, but arrived carrying noisemakers.10/24/17Socialism, Feminism PC
Having fled Cuba, campus speaker warns Democrat Party hijacked by socialist, communist movement10/21/17Socialism, Education Conservative
VIDEO: Liberals Love Trumps Tax Plan When Told It is Bernie Sanders Tax Plan 10/20/17TDS, Liberal Bias Video
Daylong conference at UCLA to explore how capitalism is persisting racial inequality10/20/17Economics, Education Socialism
Socialist group calls for extermination of capitalists. The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter at Iowa State University has repeatedly posted threatening tweets about conservatives, but the school maintains that the comments are a form of free speech. 10/19/17Education, Socialism Violence
VIDEO: Ted Cruz destroys Bernie Sanders anaology for Robin Hood 10/19/17Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Ted Cruz Stomps Sanders: Whats The Difference Between A Socialist And A Democrat?10/19/17Socialism, Conservative Video
NBC: Socialism is Key to Happiness 10/17/17Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
Feminists Lose Their Minds After Womens March Announces BERNIE SANDERS Will Give Opening Address At Womens Convention10/12/17Feminism, Socialism
A University of California, San Diego student calling himself Karl Marx was detained and questioned after stabbing a free speech ball 10/9/17Vandalism, Socialism
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D IL) and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz are sympathetic to terrorist Puerto Rico separatist Oscar Lopez Rivera. As a teenager in Puerto Rico, after growing up in Chicago, Gutierrez belonged to the now defunct Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP). 10/1/17Liberal Bias, Perverse Socialism
New York Times Continues its Mission of Rehabilitating Communisms Image 9/27/17Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
Marxist professor doubles down on Trump must hang tweet 9/25/17TDS, Perverse Professors
Bernie Sanders: Cut U.S. Military Aid to Israel 9/23/17Socialism, Islam
Newsweek Mocks Trump for Stance Against Socialism 9/21/17Socialism, TDS Media
The president of the Clemson University chapter of the far left Students for a Democratic Society group recently posed for a social media photo waving an Antifa flag in front of the Victims of Communism Memorial 9/18/17Socialism, Violence Perverse
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Bernie in 1987: Medicaid for All would Bankrupt the Nation9/15/17Healthcare, Socialism Video
VIDEO: Thomas DiLorenzo: This is How Cultural Marxism Destroys Education9/9/17Education, Conservative Video
Bill de Blasio reminds weary New Yorkers what a menace and communist he really is 9/7/17Socialism, Freedom Conservative
VIDEO: Andrew Breitbart REVEALS The Exact Incident That RED PILLED Him and talks the Frankfurt school and Marxism9/7/17Socialism, Conservative Video
The Knights for Socialism (KFS) student group at the University of Central Florida (UCF) Facebook page is replete with statements such as, Republicans= Terrorists, and All cops are bastards9/5/17Socialism, Liberal Bias Education
Chinese Christians Beaten While Defending Church Property from Demolition 9/4/17Socialism, Christianity
VIDEO: If You Hate Poverty, You Should Love Capitalism by Prager university8/31/17Economics, Video Socialism
CNNs Fake Film About Elian Gonzalez 8/30/17Conservative, Media Liberal Bias
Denmark Moves Away From Leftist Past. Denmarks tax burden relative to gross domestic product is the highest in the world, estimated at roughly 47% in 2015, but the Finance Ministry said that should drop to 44%. The government has already cut registration fees for cars from 180% to 150%, and now plans to reduce that percentage even further, to 100%, in order to encourage the purchase of more cars.8/29/17Economics, Socialism
THE RED NEW YORK TIMES: FIRST IN FAKE NEWS; A dark history of promoting alternative facts to hide communist atrocities.8/25/17Media, Conservative Socialism
Violent Marxists Intend to Shut Down Berkeley March Against Marxism By Any Means Necessary led by the rabid Yvette Felarca8/24/17Violence, Socialism Freedom
Joe Scarborough: Trump Is Using Stalinist Terms in Reference to the Media 8/23/17Media, TDS Video
VIDEO: The Nazi Roots of the American Left (Dinesh DSouza)8/19/17Socialism, Conservative Video
It Turns Out One Confederate Statue Vandal Is A Pro North Korea Marxist8/17/17Remove History, Socialism
New York Times Jumps the Shark Again: Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism8/14/17Socialism, Feminism Media
When Commies Brawled With Nazis: 5 Things You Need To Know 8/14/17Socialism, Conservative
5 Ways Socialism Itself Turned Venezuela Into A Trash Heap 8/14/17Socialism, Conservative
Vietnam Communist Government Arrests And Tortures Christian Activists 8/11/17Socialism, Christianity Violence
How Theodor Adorno redefined Fascism by Dinesh DSouzaa8/11/17Socialism, Remove History Conservative
New York Times Touts Virtues of Environmentalist Vladimir Lenin 8/8/17Environmental, Socialism Perverse
REAL SOCIALISM: Two Main Opposition Leaders Snatched From Their Homes In Venezuela8/1/17Socialism, Violence
VIDEO: Marxist Collective Disbands After Deciding They are Too White and Too Wealthy7/28/17Socialism, PC Race
Young Marxist Clubs Sprouting Up Across the Country7/27/17Socialism,
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders: GOP Is Right Wing Extremist Party 7/25/17Socialism, Liberal Bias Video
Chuck Schumer: Capitalism Has Failed 7/24/17Socialism, Economics
Venezuela foreign minister announced that the socialist government would conduct a profound review of U.S.& Venezuela relations after President Trump referred to head of state as a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator and threatening further sanctions7/19/17Socialism, TDS
Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders wife is Accused of Bank Fraud, So She Blames Sexism7/18/17Feminism, Socialism HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Peter Thiel: Obamas Administration is Worse Than Marxism7/16/17Obama, Socialism Video
University of Wisconsin honors sycophant for Venezuelas Hugo Chavez with lifetime achievement award. Venezuela is a country sunk in misery, a country in which our people dont have access to food, medicines, and jobs. Venezuela is a country with no freedom of speech, no human rights, and no opportunities to provide for our families with minimum wage less than $50 per month. A country divided, collapsed, and injured thanks to Hugo Chávez. More than 80 student activists have been killed, and another 3,000 incarcerated in the past 3 months7/12/17Socialism, Perverse Education
Anti Fascists Applaud Speech Made Completely of Hitler Quotes7/10/17Socialism, Perverse
VIDEO: How to shut up a marxist (Jordan Peterson speech)7/10/17Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: John Stossel: Why so many adults like socialism? stupidity7/9/17Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Postmodern NeoMarxism: Diagnosis and Cure with Jordan Peterson 7/9/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Hawaii just became the first US state to pass a bill supporting basic income7/5/17Economics, Socialism
Venezuelas Poor, The 99%, Start Rebellion Against Socialist Regime, Where Is Bernie Sanders? 7/3/17Socialism, economics
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Blames Republicans For FBI Investigation Into His Wife 7/2/17Socialism, Video Liberal Bias
More than 1,500 professors, students, and left wing activists are expected to attend the Socialism 2017 conference in Chicago next month. The conference will feature more than 100 workshops exploring strategies to fight the right and build the left from a Marxist perspective. 6/30/17Socialism, Education PC
Joseph Stalin, Russia, and the 100 year failure of communism 6/27/17Conservative, Socialism
University of Georgia Socialist Group Under Police Investigation After Calling for Beheading Republicans 6/19/17Socialism, Violence Perverse
BERNIE SANDERS: GREEDY LYING SOCIALIST 1 PERCENTER 6/19/17economics, Socialism Conservative
According to the National Association of Secondary School Principals, nearly half of high schools in the United States no longer report class rank, or a senior class valedictorian because it is unhealthy competition6/16/17Education, PC Socialism
VIDEO: Why You Love Capitalism by Prager University6/15/17Socialism, economics Video
VIDEO: Tape Of Congressional Shooter Emerges Ranting About The 1% 6/14/17Violence, Liberal Bias Video
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Socialism IS Establishment Politics! | Steven Crowder 6/13/17economics, Socialism Video
A class at University of Wisconsin Madison studies how capitalism generates harms and is irrational in ways that hurt nearly everyone, according to a copy of the syllabus recently obtained through a public records act request by the MacIver Institute 6/12/17Education, PC economics
VIDEO: Sam Harris says Free Markets Must End and redistribution is the end game6/6/17economics, Socialism Video
Bernie Sanders Made Nearly A Million On His Book, Financial Disclosures Show 6/5/17economics, Socialism
Bernie Sanders predictably devoted much of his commencement address at Brooklyn College to railing against the income inequality he claimed is turning America into an oligarchic society run by billionaires 6/1/17economics, Socialism Education
An academic study from researchers at Brunel University London assessed 171 men, looking at their height, weight, overall physical strength and bicep circumference, along with their views on redistribution of wealth and income inequality. The study, published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal, ?found that weaker men were more likely to favor socialist policies than stronger men 5/25/17Socialism, Conservative
rutal Soviet Antireligious Propaganda 5/23/17Socialism, Christianity
Venezuelan Police Tired Of Fighting Starving Citizens To Protect Socialist Dictator 5/18/17Socialism, Violence
Revolutionary Communists at the University of California, Berkeley, denounce free speech 5/15/17Socialism, Education Freedom
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Tries to Teach Socialist Student Activist 5/15/17Socialism, Education Video
Venezuela released public health statistics for the first time in 2yrs, revealing skyrocketing infant and maternal mortality rates and a boom in diseases like malaria. Diphtheria, a disease Venezuela had fully eradicated by the 1990s, has returned 5/11/17Socialism,
VIDEO: Roger Scruton: Moral Relativism Will Be the Death Knell of Western Civilization 5/7/17PC, Socialism Video
VIDEOS: Thomas Sowell - Misconceptions about Germans 5/6/17Conservative, Video
People Literally Starving Thanks to Socialism in Venezuela 5/5/17Socialism,
Communist to Host Event at UC Berkeley On Driving Trump Supporters from Campus 5/4/17Socialism, Education
10 Famous People Who Praised Venezuelas Descent Into Socialist Hell 5/4/17Media, Socialism
VIDEO: Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism? -Prager University 5/1/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Fascist against Fascism: The Communists who founded Refuse Fascism say anyone who disagrees with them is a fascist. 4/28/17Socialism, Conservative Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism 4/27/17PC, Socialism Video
The president of the San Diego Community College faculty union is encouraging professors to cancel their classes, take a personal day, and bring their students to take the day off for International Workers Day protest, a Socialist holiday 4/26/17Socialism, Education
Bernie Sanders: Rich People Shouldn’t Own Too Many Yachts, Cars. He Owns Three Houses 4/21/17Socialism, economics
Tucker Carlson, Breitbart News Embrace Big Government Trumpian Redistributionism. We are all Socialists now 4/20/17Socialism, Freedom Conservative
Here is What The Left Is Teaching Your Kids About Communism in their new childrens communist book 4/17/17Socialism, Conservative Education
VIDEO: MIT Publishes a Childrens book called Communism For Kids -Steven Crowder 4/15/17economics, Conservative Socialism
Five Dead in Anti Socialist Protests In Venezuela4/14/17Socialism, Violence
VIDEO: The Origins of Political Correctness 4/14/17PC, Conservative Video
At Miami college founded by Cubans exiled under communism, officials shut down pro capitalism club 4/10/17Socialism, Education Freedom
Former Communist Party USA leader and Black Panther Party member Angela Davis spoke at George Washington University arguing for the abolition of the prison. Davis was among the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in 1970 3/31/17Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: How Socialism Ruined My Country3/30/17Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: What Is Socialism? -Andrew Klavan 3/29/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Venezuelas gold rush: Illegal miners face malaria, mercury poisoning and organised crime 3/21/17Socialism,
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Conquests And Cultures: An International History 3/21/17Conservative, Video Socialism
On St. Patricks Day, Learn What Marx and Engels Thought of Irish Immigrants 3/17/17Socialism, Conservative
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: How to Debate Socialism 3/17/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Democratic Socialists of America is one of the fastest-growing political groups. Membership Triples as Liberals Come Out of Their Ideological Closet 3/15/17Socialism,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson epic tirade on Marxists3/8/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Anti-Trump Communist Arrested For Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats3/3/17Violence, Socialism
SHOCKER: Socialist Venezuela Is Running Out Of Money3/3/17Socialism, economics
New York Times Hysterically Compares Trump to Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot 2/28/17Media, Liberal Bias Socialism
POLL: Half of college students believe their student loans will be forgiven after graduation 2/26/17Education, Socialism
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Dismantles Socialism2/25/17Economics, Socialism Video
Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food2/20/17Socialism,
The University of Central Florida Knights for Socialism urges young children to 'kill Donald Trump' 2/15/17Education, Socialism Violence
Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income: 'It's going to be necessary' 2/14/17Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: Austrian Economics Today - Peter Boettk 2/11/17economics, Conservative Video
Santa Clara University’s student government recently voted to deny a pro-capitalism campus club official recognition, citing the possibility that the group may invite conservative speakers, and that allowing it would be a stand against 'humanity' 2/7/17Education, PC Socialism
If Facebook makes billions from my data, I deserve the basic income as a dividend for my work. Journalist use Facebook data capturing to argue for Universal Basic Income (UBI) 2/7/17Socialism, Economics
College socialists at Columbia University: We need more violence against Trump and his supporters to be effective 2/3/17Socialism, Violence
Bernie Sanders tweets: Government Should Destroy Religious Freedom In Order To Fight 'Racism, Sexism, Homophobia' - Ben Shapiro2/3/17Christianity, Freedom Socialism
The Global Alliance for Justice, based in Tucson, is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, a communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down the Yiannopoulos event is sponsored by none other than George Soros2/3/17Violence, Socialism
Rhode Island governor looks to pioneer free tuition for all 1/22/17Socialism, Education
Bernie Sanders: America Not a Compassionate Nation, Worse Than Virtually Any Other Country On Earth 1/19/17Socialism,
CBO data shows Social Security won’t last for millennials 1/17/17Freedom, Socialism
Student socialists plan nationwide Inauguration Day walkout, claim Trump’s attacking millennials 1/17/17Socialism, Education
The State University of New York at Buffalo is set to hold a diversity workshop in March titled 'Capitalism or Crapitalism?' that seeks to 'explore capitalism as it relates to oppression'1/13/17Socialism, Education
VIDEO: Stossel 2016 12 09 Death By Socialism 720p 1/11/17Socialism, Conservative Video
Communist Leader to Bill O'Reilly: Trump is Hitler1/6/17Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
A nationwide student walkout is being planned for Inauguration Day by socialist groups and a student-workers union. Organizers plan to use the demonstration to highlight lists of policy demands, such as free college, free abortions, and the disarmament of police officers 1/5/17Socialism, Education
Socialist and 'anti-fascist' student groups are demanding that the University of California, Berkeley cancel a planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos. Alleging that there has been 'a recent increase in fascist activity" on campus, the students want protection from 'unacceptable' views such as Milo's 1/5/17Education, Freedom PC
Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Will Use Taxpayer Dollars to Protest Trump 1/5/17Freedom, Socialism Liberal Bias
Communist-style, worker-owned restaurant' closes. The high-wage, no-tip model resulted in a cash-strapped restaurant, sustaining higher operations costs with a high level of sales' 12/9/16Socialism,
Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes raises $10 Million to test out Univesal Income to see if free cash will help solve poverty12/9/16Socialism, Economics
Castro’s Torture of American POWs in Vietnam: An Untold Story 12/8/16Conservative, Socialism
UN’s Top Human Rights Body Holds Minute’s Silence For Fidel Castro 12/6/16Socialism,
The Chilling Reason Why Black Lives Matter Memorializes Fidel Castro — He's a Cop Killer 12/4/16Race, Violence Socialism
Samford University recently declined to recognize a prospective Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter because of the group’s 'inflammatory' anti-communist stance 12/1/16Education, Freedom Liberal Bias
Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox says Fidel Castro 'Authoritarian,' Just Like Trump 11/29/16Socialism, Liberal Bias
The Most Outrageous Reactions to Dictator Fidel Castro's Death 11/29/16Socialism, Conservative Media
VIDEO: American University Students Prefer Fidel Castro instead of Donald Trump 11/29/16Education, PC Video
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs. Geraldo Rivera over Fidel Castro 11/29/16Conservative, Video Socialism
When Did the Left Know the Truth about Fidel Castro and Cuba, and Why Does it Still Support the Communist Regime? 11/28/16Socialism, Conservative
Shocker: Black Lives Matter Comes Out in Defense of Castro 11/28/16Socialism, Race
Professors praise, defend Castro: ‘Inspiration, remarkable, powerful, complex’ 11/28/16Education, Socialism Liberal Bias
Fidel Castro's Socialism and Death 11/28/16Socialism, Conservative
VIDEO: Fidel Castro Dies, the Left Weeps - Ben Shapiro Show 11/28/16Conservative, Video Socialism
After false Castro claims, Kaepernick will hear it in Miami; Kap said Fidel Castro had Cuba with the highest literacy rate in the world and they spend more on education than on prisons. A study by the Brookings Institute found that total spending on prisons and jails in the United States is $80 billion a year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounts to $620 billion a year. Add in the $517 billion spent on postsecondary education, and the U.S. actually spends about 14 times as much on its education system as its prison system.11/27/16Race, Economics Celebrities
Obama Praises Fidel Castro while Donald Trump condemns his record of human rights abuse11/26/16Obama, Socialism
Obama’s Statement on Fidel Castro’s Death Whitewashes History 11/26/16Obama, Remove History Conservative
Colin Kaepernick Praises Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro 11/25/16Media, Socialism
California wants to succeed from the United States, and it would show how awful liberalism is if they became their own failed country 11/23/16Liberal Bias, Socialism
What America would be like without white people 11/6/16Race, Socialism
Roger Waters: 'National Trumpism' Just Like Hitler's 'National Socialism'11/2/16Liberal Bias, Socialism
Instead of defending America, Obama’s chosen representative agreed that our Communist enemies had a point about our lack of human rights and our imperialist foreign policy 11/2/16Obama, Socialism
VIDEO: Socialism is Unbiblical, Hurts the Poor and Minorities 11/2/16Socialism, Conservative Video
Social Justice vs Truth 10/28/16Race, Conservative Socialism
A sociology textbook in use at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne teaches that American exceptionalism has 'racist overtones' and that capitalism is to blame for 'the persistence of poverty' 10/25/16Education, Race Socialism
Two University of Chicago students were arrested Monday after chaining themselves together and blocking traffic to protest for free college tuition 10/25/16Socialism, Education PC
Corpses Exploding in Venezuelan Hospitals: Foreshadowing Socialism's Final Days of Ruin 10/19/16Socialism, Conservative
UCLA Communists Disrupt Republican Event, Call for Overthrow of U.S. 10/18/16Education, Socialism Freedom
VIDEO: Hitler Wasn't Christian Or Atheist But He Had A Religion 10/17/16Christianity, Conservative Video
Queer transgender activist says capitalism is ‘greatest threat to basic human rights’10/15/16LGBT, Freedom Socialism
VIDEO: Math vs Bernie supporter ft. Gavin McInnes10/10/16Socialism, Conservative Video
Central Connecticut State University will be hosting an all-day event on the evils of capitalism and the benefits of a socialist alternative, explicitly claiming that 'capitalism is the problem' with society.9/29/16Socialism, Education
Cultural Marxism is Destroying America9/29/16Conservative, PC Socialism
Black Lives Matter is Bringing Back Traditional Marxism (and Cultural Marxism) 9/28/16Race, PC Socialism
15% of the population in Socialist Venezuela are eating garbage to survive. Showing the glory of socialism yet again 9/19/16Socialism,
The Socialism Movement in Latina America is collapsing before our eyes; despite years ago receiving praise for its 'pink' version of socialism instead of 'red' communism9/8/16Socialism,
The Greater Clark County School Board in Indiana, is considering a plan to eliminate the valedictorian system because it creates 'unhealthy competition'9/2/16Education, PC Socialism
Bernie Sanders average donation was NOT $27, but $86 8/31/16Socialism, economics
Reality comes crashing down on socialist Venezuela; and their president, like all leftists, blame 'right-wing sectors' for its demise 8/18/16Socialism, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: After polls found that 69% of voters under 30 would vote for a socialist presidential candidate and 43% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism, Loyola University Maryland economics professor Thomas DiLorenzo writes 10 things Millennials need to know about socialism and how its awful8/17/16Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO 10 things Millennials Should Know About Socialism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo8/17/16Socialism, Conservative Video
Social Security will be bankrupt in 10 years8/13/16Conservative, Socialism
Bernie Sanders buys a $600,000 Lakefront home. So he likes Capitalism when he has money 8/9/16Socialism,
VIDEO: Can the Government Run the Economy?8/8/16Conservative, Video Socialism
Black Lives Matter wants to make Free College a Constitutional Right 8/2/16Education, Race Socialism
VIDEO: Milton Friedman's best moments 8/1/16Socialism, Conservative Video
Socialist Venezuela is implementing a government 'forced labor' law to combat the food crisis in the country will allow the labor ministry to force citizens to work the fields. Showing the glory of Socialism7/29/16Socialism,
VIDEO: Socialism Makes People Selfish 7/18/16Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Globalist Elites Really Screwed up picking Socialist country to host the Olympics. Broke, Crime, and poverty games in 20166/30/16Socialism, Conservative Video
The new Advanced Placement European History framework has received a makeover that eliminates religion’s influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignores Winston Churchill, whitewashes the evils of communism, and lauds the welfare state 6/29/16Education, Remove History Liberal Bias
Congratulations To Socialism - Venezuela Now Faces Imminent Famine 6/26/16Socialism,
Professor rejects Marxism after traveling the globe to 110 countries saying: ‘Socialism doesn’t work’ and that he 'came to recognize that socialism doesn’t work, and that its revolutionary imposition inevitably leads to cruelty, injustice and the loss of freedom6/17/16Socialism, Education
Socialist Utopia Venezuela is plagued with looting on a daily basis 6/14/16Socialism,
Indecent Exposure: The Gender Identity Gap and it's push by Cultural Marxism 6/10/16Conservative, LGBT Socialism
VIDEO: Free College Is NOT Free! No matter what Socialist Bernie Sanders says 6/6/16Conservative, Video Socialism
It appears Bill Maher has no idea what Socialism actually is 6/5/16Socialism,
How Bernie Sanders's Socialism Funds Massive Income Inequality6/4/16Socialism, Economics Conservative
Anti-Capitalism, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic Party 6/3/16Socialism, Conservative
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders vs Milton Freidman in Capitalism vs Socialism 101 6/3/16Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Mashable BANS Anti-Socialism Crowder Video. "Fair Use" Abuse 6/2/16Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
Socialism is only for the uninformed 5/31/16Socialism, Economics Conservative
New Poll says 55% of millennials want free college, $15 minimum wage, and don't want a border wall 5/27/16Education, Economics Socialism
Bernie Sanders speechless about failed Venezuelan socialism5/26/16Socialism,
Expert warns that the Venezuela-style hyperinflation will not end well for the United States5/25/16Socialism,
Coca Cola ends production in Venezuela as the SOCIALIST country runs out of sugar5/24/16Socialism,
College exam at school for engineering says government is for wealth redistribution5/21/16Education, Economics Socialism
Google honors Maoist who admired Osama Bin Laden5/19/16Socialism, Media
Karl Marx Rebuttal: Debunking Communism from 'The School of Life'5/19/16Socialism, Conservative Video
A North Carolina county is getting rid of naming 'valedictorians' because competition is unhealthy for the socialist world they're trying to create5/18/16Socialism, Education
How Bernie Sander's wife destroyed this college with boatloads of debt5/17/16Socialism,
VIDEO: Check out the grocery store looting in Socialist Venezuela 5/17/16Socialism, Video
Venezuelan apocalypse: Some updates on the epic failure of socialism in oil-rich Venezuela 5/17/16Socialism, Conservative
WSJ: Explaining Socialism to your child: It's mental poison that leads to human misery. Just look at Venezuela with filthy operating rooms, broken incubators and desperate patients lying in pools of blood, dying for lack of such basics as antibiotics.5/16/16Socialism,
Dying infants and no Medicine: Inside Socialist Venezuela's failing hospitals 5/15/16Socialism,
New CBO study says blame joblessness on minimum wage increases and welfare5/11/16Economics, Socialism
A breakdown of welfare use by immigrants versus native households. Central America and Mexico average over $8,000 per household5/9/16Immigration, Socialism
Bernie Sanders says the minimum wage increase to $15 would reduce welfare recipients, yet his claim is unjustified, since it would make more people unemployed and thus, increase welfare dependancy5/6/16Economics, Socialism
Newly Released Documents Detail how horrific socialism went for China with millions dead, torture, starvation, all the good stuff Bernie Sanders wants for you5/5/16Socialism,
Venezuela should be rich, but it's a massive fail thanks to Socialism5/4/16Socialism,
Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out5/4/16Socialism,
VIDEO: Food, medicine scarce as Socialist Venezuela crisis deepens 5/2/16Socialism, Video
Venezuela is now out of beer because Socialism is just THAT awesome4/30/16Socialism,
Why Socialism will always fail4/28/16Socialism, Conservative
VIDEO: Is America The Next Socialist Venezuela?4/28/16Socialism, Video
Student asks professor if it's okay to have people with guns come to your house if you don't give away half your wealth under socialism, professor says that the police never arrest anyone for not paying taxes4/27/16Education, Socialism
Socialist Venezuela doesn’t even have enough money now to pay for the paper to print more money to keep up with its hyperinflation, which will reach 720% this year4/27/16Socialism,
Former Mcdonald's CEO writes about how the $15 minimum wage will only kill entry-level jobs at McDonald's because it will wipe out all of their franchise owners profit if they don't4/25/16Economics, Socialism
The American Experience Of A Too High Minimum Wage: Employment Down By 35%, GDP Down By 23%4/24/16Economics, Socialism
VIDEO: 'Democratic Socialism' is a dictatorship. 50.1% voting to take from the 49.9% because they have more & using the government monopoly to steal from others, is a form of dictatorship4/20/16Conservative, Video Socialism
Columbia University students pass out fliers to join Communism, and rant how their new political system, applied through the 'science of communism' would end all of America’s problems 'on day one' of the new socialist order4/19/16Education, Socialism
Brazil is another Socialist disaster in crisis4/19/16Socialism,
Bernie Sanders is a socialist leech that hasn't done much of anything and lived in a run down shack with a dirt floor until he was 404/18/16Socialism, Misc
Student with $226,000 in student loan debt for a speech pathology degree goes viral for announcing her support for Bernie Sanders because she needs her loans paid off by taxpayers4/18/16Socialism, Education
Dear Bernie Sanders voters: Socialism isn't new or revolutionary4/18/16Socialism, Conservative
Nearly half of Americans don't pay income tax. Stop whining4/18/16Economics, Socialism
Here's what Bernie Sanders tax plan would do to your paycheck. An average of 8% increase in taxes4/18/16Socialism, Freedom
Federal Report: China’s Suppression of Rights Getting Worse, Not Better. A new U.S. State Department report, which describes organizations and individuals that suffered egregious attacks on their religious, civil, and political rights 4/18/16Socialism, Christianity
Even the fight for $15 minimum wage is starting to recognize the cost of the $15 minimum wage4/15/16Economics, Socialism
Socialist views debunked on the radio 4/15/16Conservative, Guns
How Many More Innocents Will Socialism Kill?4/15/16Socialism, Conservative
The ethics of capitalism versus socialism4/14/16Conservative, Socialism
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy with Bill Whittle4/14/16Socialism, Conservative Video
If the $15 minimum wage won't reduce poverty, why do raise it?4/10/16Economics, Socialism
Economist refutes Bernie Sanders' claims of Socialism being great; points out Sweden had the 4th largest economy in 1970 and dropped to 14th afterwards4/8/16Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: Why Bernie Sanders is an Idiot4/8/16Socialism, Video
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders is dead wrong on the glory of Socialist Sweden says Swedish economist4/6/16Socialism, Video
VIDEO: Welfare Queen says Working is Stupid4/6/16Economics, Socialism
Liberals already starting to push for a $20 minimum wage now4/4/16Economics, Socialism
The $15 Minimum wage could max out states too4/4/16Economics, Socialism
The top three lies socialists tell themselves4/4/16Conservative, Socialism
Free College is too expensive and cost taxpayers an additional 15% to 25% of the paycheck in taxes for everyone4/2/16Education, Socialism Conservative
VIDEO: High School Teacher Talks openly on camera about indoctrinating his students with socialist thought4/1/16Video, Socialism Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Why Democratic Socialism Doesnt Work by Steven Crowder 3/31/16Socialism, Conservative Video
California minimum wage hike will cost taxpayers $3.6 Billion for the increase in government salaries alone3/30/16Economics, Socialism
Another Global Warming leader admits the Environmentalist movement is a giant fraud scam for wealth redistribution3/29/16Environmental, Socialism
Fidel Castro writes thank you letter to Obama titled 'Brother Obama' due to their dual commitment to communism and socialism3/28/16Obama, Socialism
VIDEO: No, Jesus was NOT a socialist3/26/16Socialism, Christianity
While visiting socialist Argentina, President Obama declines to defend Capitalism telling locals to 'do whatever works'3/25/16Socialism, Obama
College Student finds out how difficult it is to make money with big government, costing him $1,537 in permits to shine shoes part time in Washington D.C.3/25/16Socialism,
Obama says there's little difference between Communism and Capitalism3/25/16Obama, Socialism
The alleged 'experts' backing the $15 minimum wage increase are NOT experts. Most are big Marxist supporters and socialist unionists3/25/16Economics, Socialism
Professor who lived under Communist regime explaines why idiot professors are so prone to loving it and why they're wrong3/24/16Education, Conservative Socialism
Millennials like socialism, until they get jobs..3/24/16Socialism,
How the Liberalist class is destroying America and America cannot afford to support the liberalist class anymore3/23/16Conservative, Economics Freedom
Democrat Congressman says we can learn a lot from Cubans. Like how to be good Communists?3/22/16Socialism,
University of Michigan posters promoting an upcoming talk about the benefits of fossil fuels was ripped up and replaced with posters promoting a Socialist student group event. Liberals just cannot stand free speech if it doesn't fit their moronic cult3/22/16Freedom, Socialism Environmental
How Socialist liberals of the 1960s have primed millennials for Bernie Sanders socialism3/22/16Socialism, Education
Sportscenter Tweets praise for Fidel Castro, ignoring all his history of murder and dictatorship because he likes sports3/21/16Media, Liberal Bias Socialism
The highest tax rates in the world are mostly European countries3/21/16Socialism, Misc
A minimum wage hike is the wrong fix for poverty and actually hurts workers. Economics 101 still being denied by liberals3/18/16Economics, Socialism
Hillary Clinton wants taxpayers to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare3/18/16Immigration, Healthcare Socialism
CEO's forced to beef up automation due to minimum wage hikes. Liberals should stop rejecting economics. The minimum wage increases DOES cost jobs3/17/16Economics, Socialism
Online College group making free economics literacy courses for Bernie Sanders socialist supporters to learn how economics actually work3/16/16Socialism, Economics
Socialist Bernie Sanders takes a nice photo with terrorist connected group CAIR3/16/16Islam, Socialism
VIDEO: How Many People Has Socialism Killed? 3/15/16Socialism, Conservative Video
Humphrey Bogart destroys Bernie Sanders' take on economics3/14/16Socialism, Economics
The Trump movement might save us from Obama's Marxist PC movement3/13/16Education, PC Obama
New York's minimum wage raise to $15/hr will cost 65,000 jobs3/11/16Economics, Socialism
Carl's JR company says goodbye to California over taxes3/11/16Economics, Socialism
Former Soviet Union chess champion rips Bernie Sanders socialist supporters a new one3/11/16Socialism,
Since $15 minimum wage hike, Seattle has seen the largest 3-month drop in jobs EVER…3/9/16Economics, Socialism
Bernie Sanders is wrong: 95% of America's poorest counties are white 3/8/16Socialism, Race
Bernie Sanders' socialist success examples of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are all becoming less socialist and rejecting migrants3/5/16Socialism,
VIDEO: College students say the way to achieve the American Dream is by being giving free stuff. Love Bernie3/4/16Education, Socialism Video
VIDEO: Social Justice is just Socialism in disguise3/4/16Socialism, Video Conservative
Media scum Gawker point out Venezuela socialism is a disaster, but socialism is still good 3/2/16Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
Bernie Sanders calls banning all guns except for hunting. Forget the 2nd amendment2/29/16Guns, Socialism
Socialist Venezuela is the worst performing economy in the world2/27/16Socialism,
After Tax Income for all Americans will fall by estimated 13%. In other words, everyone with a job will be 13% less rich under Bernie Sanders2/25/16Socialism, Economics
A Breakdown of the misguided leftist hate of capitalism and Bernie Sanders idiocy2/24/16Conservative, Socialism Misc
Poll: Nearly 60% of Democrats think socialism is a good idea for America2/22/16Freedom, Socialism Liberal Bias
Small Business Owners write about how the minimum wage increase destroys their business2/20/16Economics, Socialism Conservative
Minimum wage hike immediately costs 11,000 lost jobs in major city2/18/16Economics, Socialism
Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Healthcare plan isn't even realistic2/17/16Healthcare, Socialism
Bernie Sanders has always been a complete loser. Just look at his background2/17/16Socialism, Economics
Free College: The gateway drug to socialism2/17/16Socialism,
VIDEO: Breaking down the differences between socialism, communism 2/15/16Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders: Secret Communist Agenda 2/12/16Socialism, Video
VIDEO: How the Rich Exploits the Poor Through Liberal Economics | RE: Keynesian, Socialism and Communism 2/12/16Socialism, Economics Conservative
Venezuela Is Socialist, Senator Sanders. Any Questions? 2/5/16Socialism,
Study shows minimum wage hike in 6 major cities DOES reduce jobs. Liberals hate economics2/4/16Economics, Socialism
VIDEO: Socialism: a maggot in the marketplace2/1/16Socialism, Video Economics
Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in colleges1/29/16Socialism, Economics Education
Fast food worker explains why she deserves better pay than paramedics1/27/16Socialism, Economics
First time in history federal government spending more on healthcare than social security1/27/16Socialism, Healthcare
Bernie Sanders medicare for all is economically ridiculous1/25/16Socialism, Healthcare Freedom
United States Department of Commerce Welfare Statistics. 35% on welfare, and 39 states have welfare benefits that exceed an $8 per hour job1/23/16Economics, Socialism
California Liberals want your IRA1/20/16Socialism, Misc Freedom
Former Harvard professor blasts creeping totalitarianism on college campus1/20/16Socialism, Liberal Bias Education
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Appeal of Socialism to Intellectuals 1/18/16Socialism, Conservative Video
More Iowa democrats identify as socialists than capitalists1/15/16Socialism,
Socialist looking to replace religion with socialism1/15/16Socialism, Christianity
Socialist Venezuela declares emergency as its economy falters 1/15/16Socialism,
Free Community College would cost New York City $232 million per year1/13/16Socialism, Obama
BLM Leader wants to Abolish Capitalism1/12/16Socialism, Race Economics
Hillary dodges difference between socialist and democrats1/5/16Socialism, Liberal Bias
California wants to push gig workers into Unionization12/16/15Socialism, Unions
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders and his Radical Socialist-Communist Past 12/11/15Socialism, Video
U of Maryland co-op aims to fight capitalism, corporate greed12/9/15Socialism, Education
Rutgers remembers pro-communist alum with week-long celebration12/8/15Socialism, Education
Study: Minimum wage hurts young workers12/7/15Socialism, Economics
Socialism Is Dead. Mises Was Right. 12/5/15Socialism, Conservative
How Bernie Sanders has already won (according to the media)12/2/15Socialism, Liberal Bias Media
Hillary promising more than $1 trillion to increased government12/1/15Socialism, Liberal Bias
52% of Millennials favor bigger government11/23/15Socialism,
VIDEO: You know you're an Idiot if you vote for Bernie Sanders11/17/15Socialism, Video
College Socialist Leader gets destroyed on TV11/12/15Socialism, Education
Tennessee school thinks giving impoverished children free school lunches will help test scores. Test numbers actually went down11/10/15Education, Liberal Bias Socialism
Denmark is NOT the socialist utopia Bernie Sanders describes11/3/15Socialism, Economics
75% of economist oppose the minimum wage increase and say it will have a negative impact on the poor, not help at all11/1/15Economics, Socialism
No, Denmark and Sweden are not socialist utopia's10/15/15Socialism, Economics
Bernie Sanders claims more people in poverty today than ever in US history 9/24/15Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: The Frankfurt School, Critical Theory and How America Fell Victim to Europe's Progressive Ideas -Michael Walsh9/17/15Socialism, Conservative Video
Bernie Sanders' $18 trillion campaign9/15/15Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: A detailed explanation of cultural marxism9/11/15Socialism, Conservative Video
More than 90% of Muslim Refugees are on WELFARE! But we still keep bringing them over9/10/15Islam, Immigration Socialism
VIDEO: Dave Ramsey Breaks Down Capitalism vs. Socialism 9/10/15Socialism, Conservative Video
Millennials can’t distinguish Democrats, socialists8/11/15Socialism, Liberal Bias
Democratic party leader can't distinguish the difference between a democrat and a socialist8/1/15Socialism,
Sanders Proposes Tax on Billionaires to Reduce Wealth Inequality 6/25/15economics, Socialism
69% of Millennials would vote for a socialist candidate6/22/15Socialism,
Study Marxism to understand Hillary6/16/15Socialism, Conservative
Its time for socialism in the US6/8/15Socialism, Media Freedom
STUDY: Welfare lowered incentives for people to work. The study concludes: Changes in the provision of welfare and social insurance, possibly linked to the mid-90s welfare reforms, explain about 50% of the decline in desire to work among nonparticipants. 6/1/15Economics, Conservative Socialism
Liberals arguing to give homeless people free housing5/28/15Socialism, Liberal Bias Economics
VIDEO: Stossel 2015 02 13 Capitalism Vs Communism 5/27/15Socialism, economics Video
The Fight for $15 minimum wage ignores 100 years of evidence it doesn't work5/16/15Economics, Socialism Conservative
Socialist Venezuela has had 13,000 physicians flee the country in search of greener pastures4/17/15Socialism,
Venezuelan hotels asking guests to bring their own toilet paper because socialism is great for all4/2/15Socialism,
Wage hike killing city restaurants3/24/15Socialism, Economics Freedom
FCC Cites George Soros Funded, Neo Marxist Founded Group 46 TIMES In New Regulations on Net Neutrality 3/12/15Freedom, Socialism
Seattle restaurants closing rapidly by increased wages3/4/15Socialism, Economics
53% of Americans under 30 view socialism favorably2/12/15Socialism,
Socialist paradise Venezuela is a disaster. Low on all supplies2/3/15Socialism,
Denmark is far from the happiest country on earth1/30/15Socialism, Economics
Vermont's single payer healthcare system is derailed; costs double within a year1/25/15Socialism, Healthcare
Denmark is not the happiest place on earth. Their free healthcare sucks, they pay 58% to 72% in taxes, everything is abnormally expensive, and they are all basically the same race, religion, and culture and they spend nothing on defense1/11/15Socialism, Economics
Obama's free Community College plan to cost $34 billion per year1/9/15Socialism, Obama Education
Holland's 75% tax fails dramatically12/23/14Socialism, Economics
Black Riots demonstrate progress of critical race theory12/2/14Socialism, Race
Venezuela rationing food, because socialism is the best!10/22/14Socialism,
VIDEO: Hard lesson in Socialist schemes as students realize with if you don't get to keep your good grades, you won't study hard; which is why Socialism always fails10/1/14Socialism, Conservative Video
New report says 35% of Americans are on welfare8/20/14Economics, Socialism
Millennials favor small government if they have to pay more taxes for big government. Proving college liberals are morons7/10/14Socialism,
VIDEO: The Truth About Che Guevara — Stefan Molyneux6/26/14Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Socialist gets an economics lesson4/21/14Economics, Socialism Video
Millennials switch their views on the welfare state as they make more money4/11/14Socialism,
Socialism has killed over 100 Million people3/25/14Socialism,
Answering How Many People Socialism has Killed. Nearly 130 Million people3/2/14Socialism,
Minimum Wage hike will cost 500,000 American jobs says non-partisan CBO2/18/14Economics, Socialism
Proof Scandanavian countries socialist happiness is a myth1/27/14Socialism,
VIDEO: The Frankfurt School 1/27/14Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: The Truth About Karl Marx — Stefan Molyneux1/11/14Socialism, Conservative Video
Leftist economist Mark Weisbrot scolded 'Venezuela haters' by claiming that 'this economy is not the Greece of Latin America', but like other Socialist countries, its 2016 and their in ruin 11/7/13Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Capitalism vs. Socialism - Dave Ramsey Rant 10/22/13Socialism, Conservative Video
Socialist country has to carefully ration out toilet paper because socialism is amazing9/21/13Socialism,
Welfare pays better than working in many states across the country8/21/13Economics, Socialism
The average welfare benefits are $27,000 in Missouri8/21/13Economics, Socialism
Study: The Statistics showing how welfare can be more beneficial than actually working8/19/13Economics, Socialism
Liberalism's Deep Roots in Socialism and Control; Your Rights come from the State, not from God8/6/13Liberal Bias, Socialism Conservative
Only 25% of Government Welfare funds go to citizens. 75% go to administrative costs to implement those programs6/25/13Economics, Socialism
Socialist Utopia Venezuela has to ration food, electricity, and toilet paper because socialism is awful5/23/13Socialism, praises Hugo Chavez's 'economic miracle' of socialism. Fast forward to 2016 and they're in economic chaos3/6/13Socialism, Media Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Frankfurt School and The Destruction of Society 3/2/13Socialism, Conservative Video
From 2007 to 2010 the number of children living in poverty in California grew by 30% and one out of five children in Cali overall grow up in poverty1/1/13economics, Socialism
Scandanavian Socialist Success exposed and debunked12/6/12Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: Obamas Halloween! Steven Crowder Redistributes Halloween candy10/30/12Socialism, Conservative Video
Media reports Occupy violent offenders as 'right wing' as opposed to actually 'left-wing'9/11/12Socialism, Media Economics
The Death Count of Socialism. It's well in the millions8/7/12Socialism,
Vladmir Lenin Childrens Ministry 6/20/12Perverse, Socialism
VIDEO: If people want to redistribute wealth, how do they respond to being asked to redistribute GPA's?4/20/12Socialism, Video Economics
America spends nearly $1 Trillion to fight poverty annually and fail4/11/12Socialism, Economics
How Herbert Marcuse Convinced a Generation that Censorship Is Tolerance & Other Politically Correct Tricks. Marcuse, a leader of the Frankfurt School was the originator of the catch phrase: Make Love Not War 3/30/12Conservative, Socialism
Denmark has highest level of private debt in the world. Socialist utopia?3/22/12Socialism,
Denmark, alledgedly the happiest place on earth, is second in the world in anti-depressant usage3/11/12Socialism,
Raising minimum wage forces employers to cut healthcare benefits3/1/12Economics, Healthcare Socialism
VIDEO: Milton Friedman Schools a Young Michael Moore about Ford not installing a block that costs $13 but might cost lives 1/14/12Conservative, Video Socialism
Nowegian socialist countries facing major welfare problems despite liberal praise 12/7/11Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: The History of Cultural Marxism & Political Correctness by Bill Whittle 7/30/11PC, Conservative Video
Does Scandanavian Socialism actually work? No. Here's the real causes of the low poverty rates4/11/11Socialism, Economics
VIDEO: The History of Political Correctness (Complete) 3/30/11Socialism, Conservative Video
VIDEO: Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness - Documentary 1/24/11Socialism, Conservative Video
FDR's Second Bill of Rights; based on coercive redistribution1/18/11Socialism, Conservative
VIDEO: Milton Freidman vs Socialist11/4/10Socialism, Conservative Video
There are more unemployed people in California than the entire population of Nevada, Vermont, and New Hampshire combined10/22/10Misc, Socialism
The myth of Scandanavian Socialist wonders6/22/10Socialism, Economics
Why California is the next Greece5/11/10Misc, Socialism
Militant Atheist Objects: Anti Religion Museums in the Soviet Union 2/22/10Socialism, Christianity
Che Guevara: The Fish Die by the Mouth 12/23/09Socialism,
So who is this Che Guevara then? 12/9/09Socialism,
VIDEO: Glenn Beck vs a Stupid Communist 3/5/09Socialism, Video
SALON: Nazis and Hitler: the Rights casual, trivializing political insults. Salon writes how cheap, unfair, leftist being called Hitler and Nazis are. Now look at what they do today10/1/07Media, Liberal Bias
Research paper confirms raising minimum wage hurts workers and employers in the long run8/1/06Economics, Misc Socialism
The Killing Machine : Che Guevara, from Communist Firebrand to Capitalist Brand 7/11/05Socialism,
The Scandanavian Standard of Living Myth4/17/05Socialism, Economics
Robert Heilbroner fessed up to the failure of socialism 1/25/05Socialism, Conservative
Socialist Utopian countries that liberals love have higher suicide rates1/1/05Socialism, Economics
Marxists 'Art of War' on terrain1/1/01Socialism,
Frankfurt School: Eros and Civilization. Herbert Marcuse 19551/1/00Socialism,
Pope Pius XI famously responded when asked whether socialism was compatible with the Christian worldview, the two cannot be reconciled. 1/1/00Christianity, Socialism
Cuban Terrorism in the United States in 1965: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara1/1/00Socialism,
Fidel Castro Betrayed Che Guevara With Moscows Help, Says Former Guerrilla 1/1/00Socialism,
Welfare is paying more than minimum wage and even significantly in some states9/19/95Economics, Socialism
The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness. Herbert Marcuse added that the new slogan, Make Love, Not War, was exactly what he was talking about: The fight for eros is a political fight. In 1969, he noted that even the New Lefts obsessive use of obscenities in its manifestoes was part of the Great Refusal, calling it a systematic linguistic rebellion, which smashes the ideological context in which the words are employed and defined 1/1/92Conservative, PC Socialism
THE DISMAL FATE OF SOVIET-TYPE ECONOMIES: MISES WAS RIGHT by Gertrude E. Schroeder9/1/91Socialism, Conservative
AFTER COMMUNISM By Robert Heilbroner in the New Yorker 9/10/90Socialism,

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