MSNBC Wallace: Only Talking About Shooting Victims Because They are White 2/16/18Race, Guns, Media
Dubious Report That Florida Shooter Was White Supremacist Apparently Started With 4Chan Prank2/16/18HoaxFraud, Race, Media
Evergreen State College predicts nearly 20% drop in student enrollment2/16/18Education, Race,
Piers Morgan Goes Off His Rocker With Nikolas Cruz White Supremacist 'MUSLIM Tweet; says if shooter was Muslim laws would change; forgetting San Bernadino and Orlando Muslim shooters 2/15/18Celebrities, Islam, Guns
California High School Bans Racist National Anthem from Pep Rallies 2/14/18Patriotism, Race,
NYT Hires Leftist Editor, Fires Immediately Over Previous Use of Slurs in Tweets 2/14/18Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftists Bash Black Panther For Failing To Include LGBTQ Representation2/13/18LGBT, Race, PC
7th grade students assigned Draw Yourself as a Slave assignment2/12/18Race, Indoctrination, Education
Obama Portrait Artist Has Habit Of Painting Black People BEHEADING White People2/12/18Obama, Race, Perverse
Despite no increase in white supremacist activity at UCLA, profs still invoke Trump, Hitler2/12/18Professors, Race, TDS
National Anthem Kneeler and Complainer of police brutality, NFL player and San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for allegedly committing domestic violence and having illegal weapons 2/12/18Patriotism, Violence,
Mashable Complains Star Wars Creators Are All White Men2/9/18Race, Media, PC
UK: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl, tells her You cant be a virgin because youre white2/9/18Islam, Immigration, Violence
The Duluth, Minnesota schools no longer will require To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn so as to be considerate of all of its students because those books are racist2/8/18Remove History, Race, PC
Univision Anchor: Trump Wants to Keep America White 2/8/18TDS, Immigration, Race
Al Sharpton Says Trump Proposes Most Racist, Bigoted Policies2/7/18TDS, Race,
Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew criticism for teaching a course titled White Racism, now argues that black racism does not exist2/6/18Professors, Race,
Chris Matthews: GOP Picking on Nancy Pelosi Because She is an Ethnic Person2/6/18Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Colin Kaepernick Celebrates Super Bowl With $20K Donation To Group Named For Convicted Cop Killer Assata Shakur2/5/18Celebrities, Violence, Race
Ben Shapiro Skewers Younk Turks founder Cenk Uygur After He Says That Republicans Hate Cops2/5/18Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Racially Insensitive: High School Cancels Screening Of Cool Runnings 2/5/18Education, Race, PC
Turkey to meet with Pope, thank him for opposing Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital 2/4/18Christianity, Islam, Liberal Bias
UC Santa Barbara conference to celebrate self identifying women of color2/3/18Education, Race,
An Inside Look at a Social Justice Factory and Schools pumping Marxist literature and racial consciousness as young as kindergarten; profiling Minnesota schools 2/2/18Indoctrination, Race, PC
Reed College to revise Western Civ class after protests call it too Caucasoid and Eurocentric2/2/18Remove History, Education, Race
Black Celebs Want Monuments in Every State to Honor Kaepernick, Trayvon, Michelle Obama 2/2/18Race, Celebrities, Obama
‘Whiteness Discussion Group Bars Whites from Asking Questions to Black Students on the campus of Kenyon College in Ohio, Juniper Cruz.2/2/18Education, Race, Freedom
California Professor: We Must Abolish White Democracy 2/1/18Race, Perverse, Professors
Social Justice Teaching is lowering students test scores. Math scores for black students in 11th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 31% proficiency in 2014 to 14.6% in 2017. In reading, scores for black students in 10th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 51.7% proficiency in 2014 to 40% in 2017. 2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Pomona College adds social justice to stats curriculum2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Environmentalist students pressure Stanford to disinvite Charles Murray for some reason2/1/18Environmental, Education, Race
A syllabus for a political science course at California State University Dominguez Hills blasted President Trump as a white supremacist, failed businessman, orange reality star, and much more.2/1/18TDS, Professors, Race
Student activists invade Winston Churchill themed café, scream he was a racist1/30/18Remove History, Education, Race
Student oped: Harvard drag show is anti Queer, anti Brown, and anti Black1/30/18LGBT, Education, Race
Cleveland Indians Will Abandon Controversial Chief Wahoo Logo Next Year 1/29/18Remove History, Race, PC
A student group calling itself The Four Percent recently issued a lengthy list of demands to Oklahoma State University, including mandatory diversity training and punishments for racially insensitive language; the group also suggests that the school rename some of its buildings to honor prominent social justice activists of color 1/29/18Education, Race, PC
Lack Of Diversity In Video Games Is Like Experiencing Everyday Racism, Claims Canadian Study 1/29/18PC, Science, Race
A professor of religious studies at Michigan State University recently argued that white people who practice yoga are guilty of enjoying a system of power, privilege, and oppression. 1/26/18Professors, PC, Race
VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi says Trump Immigration Plan Seeks to Make America White Again1/26/18TDS, Immigration, Race
Evergreen State whitewashes lecture that equates white supremacy and free speech, calls it civil rights; Contradicting the hastily whitewashed marketing for the event starting a week earlier, Levine argued in favor of suppressing viewpoints that are oppressive or hurtful in the name of fighting white supremacists.1/25/18Education, Race, Indoctrination
Vermont High School to Fly the Black Lives Matter Flag 1/25/18Perverse, Education, Race
DOJ Backs Conservative Groups Suing UC Berkeley For Hindering Conservative Speakers 1/25/18Education, Race, Freedom
Bombshell Photo Emerges Of Obama Smiling With Black Nationalist Hate Group Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is known for embracing radically anti-Semitic and anti-white views, as even the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center has acknowledged 1/25/18Obama, Race, Islam
For nearly five years, going all the way back to the Trayvon Martin uproar, Breitbart News has aggressively documented CNN’s devolution into a 24/7 hate network. This week, CNNs climate of hate finally came home to roost when a Michigan man, provoked by CNN fake news crisis, allegedly made death threats against the far left network. 1/25/18Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is promising that the league is ready to increase its attention to so called social justice programs and campaigns. 1/24/18PC, Indoctrination, Media
Black Reporter Files Suit Against The Young Turks For Racial Discrimination 1/24/18Media, Race,
Hollywood Lefty Rob Reiner Diagnoses Govt Shutdown: Republican Racism 1/23/18Race, Celebrities,
Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard Organizes Classmates to Abolish Police in Los Angeles Public Schools 1/22/18Race, Violence,
WHEN RACIST ILLEGALS MURDER AMERICANS 1/22/18Immigration, Violence, Race
LOreal Fires Hijab-Wearing Model for Anti Israel Tweets 1/22/18Islam, PC, Race
Huffington Post Article: Make No Mistake, Trumps Government Shutdown Is About Racism 1/20/18TDS, Race, Media
Elizabeth Warren Just Found Herself In BIG TROUBLE1/20/18Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
More than 170 members of the Columbia University community have signed onto a petition calling for a boycott of a local bookstore for affirming Israels right to exist. 1/19/18Education, Race,
A black law professor at Fordham University argues that African Americans should embrace the notion that being black in America is a disability as a new legal strategy toward enacting protections for the black community against unconscious bias, stereotyping and structural inequality.1/19/18Professors, Race, Science
Angela Davis speaks at FSU, no riots. In 1970, Davis was implicated by more than 20 witnesses in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, fellow Black Panther George Jackson, by hijacking a Marin County, California courtroom and taking hostage the judge, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors. In an ensuing gun battle outside the court building, Judge Harold Haley’s head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Ms. Davis. To avoid arrest for her alleged complicity in the plot, Ms. Davis fled California, using aliases and changing her appearance to avoid detection.1/19/18Violence, Race, Socialism
Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult 1/19/18Freedom, Media, Indoctrination
Pro Lifers Are Modern Abolitionists And Pro Choicers Are Modern Slaveholders. Heres Proof. Matt Walsh 1/19/18Race, Abortion, Conservative
Rapper Cardi B: Hitler Trump Wishes Death on Anybody Not White1/19/18Race, Celebrities, TDS
Team of Professors unhappy with minority depictions in textbooks now. After reviewing nearly 1,500 images in K12 textbooks, they discovered that not only are women and racial minorities represented parallel to their representation in the population, but are even slightly over represented. Despite this progress, since racial minorities were barely depicted in textbooks just two decades ago, the team argues that this is actually worrisome, saying the representations of minorities and women have now become superficial and tokenistic1/18/18Professors, Race, PC
Multiple sources revealed this week that a senior Democratic advisor said late last year that her Senate committee prioritizes minorities and the LGBT community and does not care about anti Semitism1/18/18Liberal Bias, Race,
Angela Davis, a former member of the Communist Party USA, kicked off Florida State University week long MLK Day celebrations with a speech bashing President Trump1/18/18Socialism, TDS, Race
VIDEO: Lindsay Graham baits CNN reporter: Trump Is Absolutely Not A Racist 1/18/18TDS, Video, Media
Sen. Dick Durbin (D Ill.) is the only person accusing Trump of referring to Haiti and African nations as shithole countries. Four people at the meeting deny it. Ann Coulter1/18/18TDS, Conservative,
News reports omit race of man arrested for hate crime hoax. That is because he is black.1/18/18HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
As Trevor Noah Proves, the Left Just Can’t Stop Lying About Racism 1/18/18TDS, Race, Celebrities
An assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, argues in a recent academic journal article that valuing emotion as knowledge is a good strategy for deconstructing hegemonic white identity in the classroom 1/16/18Professors, Race, Science
New think tank at Duke focused on sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence1/16/18Education, PC, Science
Miami Dolphins to Fund Social Justice Programs 1/16/18Race, PC,
A class taught this spring at Ohio State University will review a parade of reasons why white heterosexual masculinity is allegedly problematic, tackling the topic from the constructs of racial issues, bullying, pop culture, societal expectations and much more, according to its syllabus. 1/16/18Race, Indoctrination,
VIDEO: Whoops! That Didn't Work! CNN Don Lemon Fails to fool MLK nephew that Trump is racist1/16/18Race, Conservative, Video
The New York Times Releases A Definitive List of Trump's Racism. Here is The Big Problem. Ben Shapiro1/15/18TDS, Race, Media
NAACP: Martin Luther King had a Dream that Included Solving Manmade Global Warming1/15/18Remove History, Race, Environmental
CNN: Celebrate MLK Because He Was A Socialist And Environmentalist! Ben Shapiro1/15/18Race, Environmental, Socialism
The University of New Hampshire is hosting a workshop this week for white faculty and staff members called Unpacking Whiteness: A workshop on examining whiteness and focusing your work to end systemic racism 1/15/18Education, Race, Indoctrination
Rice University Student newspaper defends advertisement that told white people: You are disgusting 1/15/18Education, Race,
SHITHOLES AND DOUBLE STANDARDS: Why the Lefts outrage over Trumps language is bogus1/15/18TDS, Race, Conservative
ACADEMIA RACISM INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: A college education now is all about dismantling whiteness1/15/18Education, Race, Conservative
VIDEO: The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party 1/15/18Race, Conservative, Video
The National Science Foundation has awarded $1 million to a Portland State University dean and some colleagues in order to diversify computer science. The dean added that white males are preparation privileged they are disproportionately exposed to computer technology and encouraged to pursue CS from a young age1/14/18Education, PC,
Rutgers professor: White women voted for Trump because sex difference is itself a racial structure1/14/18TDS, Professors, Race
Jesse Jackson: Trump Speaks Like A Racist, Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction 1/12/18Race, TDS,
Anderson Cooper Blares: Trump Tired of So Many Black People Coming to U.S 1/12/18TDS, Media, Race
CNN Don Lemon: The President Of The United States Is Racist1/12/18TDS, Media, Race
VIDEO: Leftists like BLM Shaun King Scream Racial Profiling After Police Shoot Black Teen, Charles Smith Jr. Then The Video Comes Out and the man had a gun 1/11/18Race, Violence, Liberal Bias
Three British professors recently promulgated the theory that statistics serve white racial interests because numbers are neither objective nor color blind. The QuantCrit approach has since attracted adherents among professors in the United States, several of whom have written their own articles suggesting ways of disrupting racism in research1/11/18Professors, Science, Race
EU boss calls Hungary and Poland racist and illiberal for refusing Muslim migrants1/11/18Race, Islam, Immigration
Columbia offers course on persistent racism of Trumpism1/11/18TDS, Race,
H&M Issues Apology For Racist Hoodie1/10/18Race, ,
University of Oregon symposium asks Whats Up With Whiteness? 1/10/18Education, Race,
University floods building with cops because of new White Racism class 1/10/18Race, PC, Education
Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, is scolding Republicans in Congress for considering amnesty for illegal aliens despite it likely disproportionately harming working class black Americans. The negative impact of illegal immigration on unskilled and low-skilled American workers has been established by various studies and discussed in numerous hearings, including, but not limited to, a 2008 Commission briefing. The testimony at the briefing indicated that illegal immigration disproportionately affects the wages and employment opportunities of African-American men. 1/10/18Immigration, Race,
A Professor claims that Asian American students reinforce colorblind racism by taking responsibility for integrating Asian international students on campus. Her theory suggests that normative whiteness in America actually causes Asian students to self segregate. To her dismay, Kwon discovered that despite such efforts at integration, many international Asian students preferred to spend time with classmates of their own nationality, and that most didnt express concern over the matter. The Professor believes that failing to take race into account when confronting various issues can be problematic because it ignores the structures of power that privileges whiteness and white supremacy 1/9/18Professors, Race,
NAACP Wants Gov. Abbott Banned from Participating in MLK Celebration 1/9/18Race, Freedom,
The journal, Whiteness in Education, claimed to publish peer reviewed academic articles on issues such as critical discussions of white racism, white identity, privilege, power, and intersectionality has resumed publishing after it went dark following a Campus Reform report on its unusually brief peer review process. 1/9/18Science, Race,
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Oprah on Ending Racism: Old White People Have to Die 1/9/18Race, Perverse, Celebrities
Native American students at the University of Denver are protesting the schools Pioneers nickname, saying it represents genocide and oppression1/9/18Remove History, Race, PC
James Damore sues Google, claims tech giant discriminates against white conservative men 1/8/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Brooklyn College Professor, Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and color blindness as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. 1/8/18Professors, Science, Race
FACT CHECK: NPR Reluctantly admits Trump Touts Low Unemployment Rates For African Americans, Hispanics 1/8/18Economics, Race, TDS
Canadian Liberal MP Labels Anti Islamic State Protesters White Supremacists1/7/18Islam, Immigration, Race
A San Diego State professor who has led an effort over the last few years to get the schools Aztec mascot abolished, calling it racist, has been found guilty of discrimination against a white student by the California Department of Justice 1/5/18Professors, Race, Remove History
A Northern California community college, Diablo Valley College, Professor Albert Ponce, recently told students they should be violating laws to combat white supremacy1/5/18Race, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid1/5/18Race, Conservative, Video
A professor at East Carolina University recently discovered that the diversity course, which is mandatory for Criminal Justice majors and minors, that she teaches isnt actually effective in changing students racial or gender biases 1/4/18Professors, Race, PC
ABC show ‘Blackist Advises Kids to Make Teachers Feel White Guilt for Better Grades 1/3/18Race, Media,
The American Psychological Association recently honored the creators of the controversial Implicit Bias Test with its highest award for academic research1/2/18Professors, Science, Race
Massive Murder Spike Due To Lack Of Police Presence, Complain Baltimore Residents 1/2/18Race, Violence,
Democrats plan MLK holiday teach ins to rally against Trump tax cuts 1/2/18Economics, Liberal Bias, Race
The SIT Graduate Institute recently published a thesis paper calling for educators to promote racial identity exploration so that students of color dont assimilate to whiteness12/29/17Education, Race,
Arizona banned from enforcing law against public school courses that promote resentment toward a race12/29/17Freedom, Education, Race
Racist BuzzFeed Publishes 37 Ways White People Ruin Everything12/28/17Media, Race,
Iran Supreme Leader Praises Black Lives Matter, Rips Trump 12/28/17Islam, Race,
Washington D.C. Restaurant Scraps Sneaker Ban After People Complain Dress Code Is Racist 12/28/17Race, ,
A Diablo Valley College professor recently told students they should violate many of our existing laws because they perpetuate a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system. The professor also argued that about 50% of the students in the room should not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because the American flag is not really representative of everybody12/27/17Professors, Race, Patriotism
Controversial Problem of Whiteness course reintroduced at University of Wisconsin12/27/17Race, Education,
Two San Diego State University professors contributed a chapter to a new anthology arguing that farmers markets are insidious white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized 12/27/17Professors, Race,
Nearly 33% of Of U.S. Homicide Spike Coming From 5 Chicago Neighborhoods. In Chicago last year, homicides jumped to 771, 58% higher than in 2015, and more than the number of murders in Los Angeles and New York combined 12/26/17Violence, Race,
New York Times says Trumps Fist in the air gesture is Racist12/26/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
In a recent piece published by Newsweek, professors claimed that Trumps insistence on saying Merry Christmas is connected to white nationalism. Washington State University professor Richard King said he sees such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle12/26/17Professors, TDS, Race
Rep. Jackson Lee Boots White Teacher from First Class, Calls Her Racist12/26/17Liberal Bias, Race,
Baltimore has Same Murder Rate as Venezuela at about 57.2 per 100,00012/22/17Race, Violence,
Portland State student oped: White people are sick12/22/17Education, Race,
New Coloring Book for Adults: I am So Sick of White Guys12/22/17Race, PC, Perverse
Tucker Carlson Shares Hilarious List Of 100 Racist Things12/22/17Race, Conservative, PC
Wisconsin Middle School Gives Students Privilege Test12/22/17PC, Perverse, Professors
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says imam call to buy from Muslims only is not discriminatory 12/21/17Islam, PC, Liberal Bias
Christian Bale Says America Would Be Better If White Dudes Werent Running Things 12/20/17Celebrities, Race,
Trees In Palm Beach Labeled Racist. The city of Palm Springs, California, plans to remove a row of trees that block a historically black neighborhood from a city owned golf course 12/20/17Race, PC,
Black Lives Matter Preacher Starts New Christian Denomination to Address Black Suffering12/20/17Christianity, Race,
University of Michigan teaches white employees how to overcome the discomfort of being white 12/19/17Education, Race, PC
The Columbia University College Republicans were mercilessly derided as Nazis and white supremacists during a semi annual comedy routine put on by the schools marching band. The leader of the College Republicans was called the Grand Wizard 12/18/17Education, Race,
New Study Examining Police Body Cameras Finds Police Behave Reasonably When They Use Force12/18/17Violence, Conservative, Race
Following the discovery of a white supremacist banner on the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), an Antifa group is joining calls for the schools police department to disarm and disband 12/18/17Race, Education, Freedom
Black Lives Matter Says To Boycott White Capitalism This Christmas 12/15/17Race, Economics,
In a recent academic journal, 2 University of Northern Iowa professors blast the prevalence of (whiteness informed civility) in college classrooms, saying that civil behavior reinforces white racial power. They say that endeavoring to treat everyone the same regardless of race, for instance, functions to erase racial identity in the attempt to impose a race evasive frame on race talk12/14/17Professors, Race, Science
Study finds anti-Semitism rampant among Muslim migrants in Germany 12/14/17Race, Islam, Immigration
A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite Jingle Bells to be a racist song and is urging people to shun the jaunty tun 12/14/17Professors, Race, PC
Mother Of Charlottesville Victim: Trump Responsible Because He Pushes Forward A Hateful Agenda12/14/17TDS, Race, PC
Hamas spokesman calls Trump racist and hateful, calls for blessed intifada12/14/17TDS, Islam, Violence
GQ: Man Rescuing Bunny From Wildfire Reveals Whites Hatred for Blacks 12/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson sued Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, claiming she defamed him on national television by saying he had incited violence against police. McKessons action is one of a series of lawsuits stemming from BLM protests in Louisiana against 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling. McKesson, who was arrested at the protest but had his charges dismissed, received more than $100,000 in damages from Baton Rouge police, according to the New York Daily News. One police officer filed a counter suit, however, claiming protesters had thrown rocks at him and that McKesson had incited the violence. Pirro referenced this lawsuit on the show 12/13/17Media, Race, Video
Pensacola State art instructors anti Trump creations put on display at college 12/12/17Professors, TDS, Race
Liberals are not happy that a New York Times columnist had the audacity to write about a college student declaring white DNA an abomination and how universities are increasingly promoting a disturbing animus for white people, taking as his inspiration a recent oped by a Texas State University student that garnered national attention. The column itself was rather mild and firmly rooted in contemporary liberal ideas. Bruni even spent a good chunk of the article attacking Trump. The one different thing about the op-ed is that it took note of the fact that higher education is producing toxic sentiments towards white people12/12/17Race, Media, Conservative
After 4 black Chicago teenagers live streamed a kidnapping, binding, and torture of a mentally disable 18yr old white man as they yelled fuck white people and fuck Trump and made him drink toilet water, cut him with a knife, and inflicted other physical abuse. All four suspects have been in custody since the attack but a lenient judge has just issued the first sentence in the case to the woman who filmed the entire thing. Her sentence? 200 hours of community service 12/11/17Race, Liberal Bias, TDS
A bakery is suing Oberlin College and its dean of students for slander, claiming that the school actively encouraged protests accusing the store of racial profiling 12/11/17Education, Race,
Feminist Lists 10 Questions You Should Ask On A First Date. They are INSANE. Includes: Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? And Do you think capitalism is exploitative? 12/11/17Feminism, Race, Economics
A black sailor who claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed actually staged the entire incident against himself12/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Police Murdered This Unarmed Man, But The Media Doesnt Care Because He is White12/8/17Race, Liberal Bias,
UCLA professor wrote an oped that called for a Black Christmas protest against White Capitalism12/7/17Economics, Professors, Race
Police Not Apologizing for Scaring BLM Activists with Motorcycles 12/6/17Race, PC, Conservative
ABC Sitcom Lauds Black Panther Riots 12/6/17Violence, Race, Media
Yale Native American student group accuses Polynesian dance group of appropriating Hawaiian and Tahitian culture12/5/17Education, PC, Race
A Virginia Tech professor declared that the modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy 12/5/17Professors, Race,
A British professor who recently took a temporary gig at Harvard University argued in a recent blog post that universities should impose a racial quota system to ensure that they accept enough minority students. Saying higher education is rife with institutional racism and white privilege, Kalwant Bhopal denies that racial quotas would lower academic standards, saying they would merely level the playing field for minority students.12/4/17Professors, Race, Science
The University Star, the student newspaper at Texas State University, has fired the author of a controversial opinion piece that proclaimed white death will mean liberation for all amid calls from a growing chorus of students that the paper should be defunded. 12/4/17Professors, Race, Perverse
Flawed Psychological Test Used Everywhere To Ignite Claims Of Implicit Bias. In a prolix article at Quartz.com, writer Olivia Goldhill delineates comprehensively how a single test administered to the freshman class at Yale University in 1998 has been used to justify claims of implicit bias commonly trumpeted by the Left, and how the original test, much to the discomfiture of those seeking to wield the epithet to target others, has serious flaws.12/4/17Science, Race, Conservative
A University of Colorado, Denver administrator is worried that white children may forfeit their humanity if they aren’t raised by sufficiently progressive parents in a recent academic journal article. Calls for critical race parenting of white children "to ward off white identity and whiteness before children succumb and forfeit their humanity in order to join the oppressor12/4/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Dr. Strange Director: Christians Are Greedy Racists 12/4/17Celebrities, Race, Economics
Student Oped in The Oberlin Review says Whiteness of student publications hinders journalistic integrity 12/3/17Education, Race,
Baltimore Bests 2016 Homicides with 319 Killed in 201712/1/17Violence, Race,
Evergreen State Student Paper Offers No Whites Allowed Opinion Section 12/1/17Education, Race, Freedom
University of Cal State San Marcos event highlights 14 ways whiteness oppresses society11/30/17Education, Race,
Texas State University published an oped in the student newspaper calling white people an abomination 11/29/17Education, Race,
Scholars warn that intersectionality is bringing back Soviet censorship tactics, Bolshevism. Faculty who push the theory of intersectionality are teaching students that America is a matrix of oppression. Intersectionality centers on the belief that the lived experience of members of marginalized groups is a better guide to society than previous societal norms established by the bourgeoisie. Soviet justification for censorship was centered around the classic communist talking point of the bourgeoisie, 11/29/17Socialism, PC, Feminism
A California State University Los Angeles professor is urging Americans to participate in Black Christmas by boycotting white corporations and fighting White Capitalism. Arguing that White supremacist capitalism is responsible for state-sanctioned violence against Black people11/29/17Professors, Race, Economics
Brown University is implementing a change to its graduate school application that will allow applicants to self identify as persons of color 11/29/17Education, Race, PC
NFL to Contribute $100 Million to Social Justice Causes as Part of Anthem Protest Surrender 11/29/17PC, Economics, Patriotism
Feminists Want Victorias Secret Fashion Show Looks Banned Over Cultural Appropriation11/28/17Race, PC,
The federal government has awarded more than $13 million this year in grants to colleges and universities for a program intended to promote diversity in the nursing field 11/28/17PC, Economics, Education
Stephen A. Smith says that The Black Athlete Has It Pretty Rough Because They Have Too Much Money11/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
A Florida Gulf Coast University professor is steadfastly defending a course titled White Racism that has become subject to intense criticism. The instructor, Dr. Ted Thornhill, argues that his course is not anti white; it is anti white racism, but also asserts that the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society11/28/17Professors, Education, Race
BET Soul Train Awards Host Starts Show On One Knee for Kaepernick 11/28/17Race, Patriotism, Celebrities
VIDEO: Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee 11/28/17Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
In Washington, D.C., where Ballou High School saw every one of its 164 seniors graduate, an investigation found that the schools administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences. Half of the graduates missed more than 3 months of school last year, unexcused. 20% were absent more than present, missing more than 90 days of school. The 2017 standardized tests revealed that just 9% of the students were proficient in English, while zero percent were proficient in math. Tragically, many of the college bound students cannot read or write 11/28/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Denzel Washington Blames Fatherless Homes, Not The System, For Mass Incarceration 11/27/17Race, Celebrities,
Black Churches in Morristown, New Jersey were vandalized, and the race claims heated up; only to be caught as another hoax11/27/17HoaxFraud, Race, Vandalism
A nurse at Indiana University Health was fired for tweeting that all white sons should be murdered 11/27/17Perverse, Race,
Meghan Markle, an actress of African American and Caucasian descent, struggled with how the press focused on her mixed race background in the beginning stages of her and the relationship. Like TIME Magazine and Daily Beast for example 11/27/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Elizabeth Warren says Trump calling her Pocahontas a Racial Slur11/27/17Race, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Fordham University recently highlighted a theology professors new book claiming that white Christians are responsible for racist policies and structural discrimination in America. She also asserts that the belief that Jesus is the savior of all people is discriminatory to those who do not share the Christian faith.11/27/17Christianity, Professors, Race
Baltimore Has Gotten So Violent Schools Are Canceling Field Trips There 11/27/17Violence, Race,
Baltimore school system has recommended closing four more city schools, in addition to two others previously announced, because of declining enrollment and poor academic performance. 11/27/17Education, Race,
Texas State Trooper Murdered on Thanksgiving Day, Suspect Caught 11/24/17Race, Violence,
University of Michigan students involved in the passed Israel divestment measure were caught on a clandestine recording rejecting the nationhood of Jewish people and preventing a Jewish student from joining a debate on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Say Jews Are Not a Nation and Zionism is a dirty political ideology11/24/17Race, Education, Freedom
Nazi Best Writing for Zee TV: ABC Drama Uses Hitler Follower to Represent Opposition to Affirmative Action 11/22/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Missouri High School Graffiti reading White Lives Matter and containing a racial slur was found written on a bathroom mirror at Parkway Central High School. Turns out to be another hoax, drawn by a non white student 11/21/17HoaxFraud, ,
VIDEO: Twitter Supports Racism?! 11/21/17Media, Race, Video
An anonymous professor complains that contrary to their reputation as liberal havens, college campuses are actually hotbeds of institutional racism11/20/17Professors, PC,
White Muslim Linda Sarsour to Host Women of Color Conference 11/20/17Race, HoaxFraud, Islam
New James Madison course: Black Lives Matter in the Era of a New Jim Crow11/20/17Education, Race,
ESPN Airs Special On NFL Player Michael Bennet Who Lied About Police Encounter To Seem Like A Victim11/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
The Common Application, a nonprofit that offers a college application accepted by more than 700 member colleges, has 10 different categories for Asian American applicants. It has three for whites and four for blacks; which is a violation of the 14th Amendment and its facilitating illegal discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions 11/20/17Education, Race,
Race Hoaxer Shaun King Attacks Trumps Words: calls him Ungrateful is the New Nigger 11/20/17TDS, Race,
CNN Guest: Trump Reluctant to Attack White Men 11/20/17TDS, Media, Race
Black Diversity VP at Apple Replaced by White Woman for Saying White Men can be Diverse11/20/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Professor: Scientists use seemingly empirical facts to explain how race, inequality are related. Also said that Scientists invented race as an explanation for social inequality and that researchers now must root their studies in realized experiences11/19/17Science, Professors, Race
Toronto City Council Youth Fellowship Internship Program: NON MUSLIMS NEED NOT APPLY11/19/17Islam, Freedom, Race
Florida Atlantic University professor RJ Boutelle said colleagues should fight against radical militarization of white men11/17/17Professors, Race,
Ambushed Cop Shot in Head in Baltimore. The police officer leaves behind a wife and 5 children11/17/17Violence, Race,
White inventor of white fragility term tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers 11/16/17Professors, PC, Race
Democrat Bob Menendez Blames Racist Americans For His Trial, Vows Political Vengeance Against Opponents 11/16/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Race
Dartmouth University hosts Whats Up With White People? event 11/16/17Education, Race,
Student oped at Claremont Colleges: Outdoor clubs are too white. Also writes: white imperialism, as well as the fact that three prominent naturalist figures in U.S. history happen to be white, generate this pervasive racial exclusion. 11/16/17Education, Race,
A group of fascists called the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) stormed into a university classroom where Hen Mazzig, a former Israeli Defense Force officer, was giving a speech and proceeded to heckle and harass his every word at the University of Illinois 11/15/17Education, Freedom, PC
SELLING BLACK MEN as slaves is alive and well in some Muslim countries 11/15/17Race, Islam, Remove History
MSNBC Horrified by Trumps Nomination of White Men as Judges 11/15/17Media, Race, TDS
William & Mary student pens oped arguing it is OK to vandalize fraternities because patriarchy, white supremacy, and inequality11/15/17Vandalism, Race, PC
Larry Elder: Black on Black Racism at Cornell 11/15/17Education, Race, Conservative
At Boston College, panel of white professors lament whiteness11/14/17PC, Professors, Race
Black high school students demand white principal of a Louisville, Kentucky high school to be fired ouster for saying that in taking a knee during the National Anthem like Colin Kaepernick, some students were choosing to take a knee for sensationalism 11/14/17Education, Race, Patriotism
Jemele Hill Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Black UCLA Players 11/14/17TDS, Race, Media
Newly obtained documents show anti Israel professors covertly took over major academic group. Nearly 17,000 documents belatedly turned over by current and former ASA leaders show that BDS supporters waged a campaign to covertly take control of the ASA and use it to support the BDS movement, 11/14/17Islam, Perverse, Professors
Last month a University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant came under fire for using a technique known as progressive stacking in her class — she would call on students of color first (black women get top priority), and at the very bottom of the pecking order were white men. The TA, Stephanie McKellop, had bragged on Twitter about using the discussion method, and when the denunciations began to roll in she called critics Nazis11/14/17Professors, Education, Race
White Man Believes He Is Filipino Woman. Another trans racial case 11/13/17LGBT, Race, PC
GQ Citizen of the Year: Colin Kaepernick 11/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Oberlin College Sued For Falsely Accusing Local Business Of Racism11/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
The Vice Chair of the Wisconsin College Democrats reportedly tweeted that I fucking hate white men on Twitter11/13/17Education, Race, Perverse
More than 100 black people are seeking permission from a judge to file a class action lawsuit and are hoping to implement policies preventing discrimination at Tesla. They also claim the company facility in Fremont, California is a hotbed for racist behavior11/13/17Environmental, Race,
The New York Times ran yet another execrable oped, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This oped argued that black children should not be friends with white children, and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly makes things awkward at Yeshiva University, a Jewish school (by Ben Shapiro) 11/13/17Professors, Race, Media
Johns Hopkins professor: Trump won election by invoking the history of white supremacy 11/12/17TDS, Professors, Race
Over 200 Ex CNN Employees File Suit Against CNN for Racial Discrimination 11/10/17Media, Race,
Brandeis University Theater department cancels play because some whites might be cast as Asians11/10/17Race, Education, PC
A professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania Wants Conservative Group, Turning Point USA, Banned For Promoting White Supremacy, and Authoritarianism11/10/17Professors, Freedom, Race
New San Diego State Course aims to rid students of racist, classist, heterosexist, ableist, privileged attitudes. The class is called Foundations of Cultural Competency in a Changing World, is taught by the director of Intercultural Relations. 11/10/17Education, PC, Race
Yale removes white mens portraits from hall to promote diversity; then says its temporary11/9/17Education, Race, Remove History
MSNBC Roland Martin Uses Moore Allegations to Smear All White Evangelicals11/9/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
NBC Bay Area runs photo of Richard Spencer with story about Robert Spencer event at Stanford 11/9/17Islam, Media, Race
San Diego State professors approve resolution to abolish Aztec mascot despite its popularity 11/9/17Remove History, PC, Race
A professor at Occidental College calls to end all fraternities; with exception to black fraternities 11/8/17Race, Professors,
April Ryan on CNN says Trump is Galvanizing Uneducated White Males With Race Issues 11/8/17Race, TDS, Liberal Bias
California NAACP: Get Rid Of The National Anthem, Its Racist 11/8/17Patriotism, Race,
Fake hate: Black Air Force Academy cadet admits to racial slur vandalism 11/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
The Drexel University professor who tweeted (all I want for Christmas is white genocide) recently blamed whiteness for the Texas massacre that killed 26 people 11/8/17Perverse, Professors, Race
VIDEO: ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE Explained11/7/17Race, Conservative, Video
Five universities participated in the first leg of the Check Your Blind Spots tour, which is intended to raise awareness about the impacts of unconscious bias in advancing diversity and inclusion within our campus and community11/6/17Education, Race, PC
Last week, a car on Kansas State University campus was vandalized with racist graffiti. Now confirmed as a hoax done by the car owner himself 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Student group Fossil Free Penn held a discussion on environmental racism as part of its weeklong engagement project called Divestfest, detailing how the negative impacts of fossil fuek industries disproportionately affect minorities, calling it environmentalracism 11/6/17Education, Race, Environmental
Hate crime hoaxer near Kansas State wont be charged for filing false police report 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
Columbia refuses to punish students for shouting down College Republicans speaker, but wont say why. More than 100 faculty, mostly in the humanities and social sciences, protested the Ivy League school’s investigation of the Robinson disruption, telling President Lee Bollinger in a letter that the protesters were victims. Professors issued one set of standards for white students and another set for students of color and Muslims. Students of color and Muslims should be held to a lower standard, faculty say 11/2/17Professors, Race, Freedom
DNC Excludes Straight White Men from Job Application 11/2/17Freedom, Race, Liberal Bias
Brandeis University has scrapped plans for the performance of a controversial play on its campus accused of being critical of the Black Lives Matter movement 11/1/17Education, Freedom, Race
ABCs Blackish show Calls Public School a Toilet; Sees Racism, Ignores School Choice11/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Education
Democrats Send the Country Further Down a Path of Division in Virginia by Ben Shapiro 11/1/17Conservative, Race, Liberal Bias
Planned Parenthood Encourages Black Women in America To Choose Abortion Over Pregnancy. They tweet: If you're a Black woman in America, it's statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth (Ben Shapiro) 10/31/17Abortion, Race, Perverse
White Family Swarmed, Beaten by Large Group of Black Teenagers in Baltimore; race never mentioned in any reports 10/31/17Race, Violence,
White sociology professor says Its racist for whites to have mixed race children; postsa series of tweets last week that suggest white people must forgo reproducing if they want to combat white supremacy 10/31/17Race, Perverse, Professors
CNN host Chris Cuomo said White House chief of staff John Kelly’s comments on Fox News about Confederate monuments were bigotry being ignored and rationalized10/31/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Ku Klux Klan graffiti sprayed on a church in Missouri has turned out to be the work of a black man 10/31/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Why Dont Media Treat Islamist Terror Attacks Like White Supremacist Terror Attacks? (Ben Shapiro)10/31/17Conservative, Violence, Media
A sociology professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) recently argued in an extensive series of tweets that the white nuclear family perpetuates racism 10/30/17Professors, Perverse, Race
Black student activists at Columbia University demand defunding of College Republicans: They say Conservatives oppose our humanity10/30/17Education, Race, Freedom
VIDEO: MSNBC: White House Treasury official Bruce Bartlett says Virtually All Racists Belong to Republican Party on Joy Reid show 10/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Dickinson College says its investigating a photo of an alleged student in a Halloween costume based on controversial and unaffiliated professional football player Colin Kaepernick because it is offensive 10/30/17Race, Education, PC
Progressive Parents Use Halloween to Shame Children About Their White Privilege10/30/17Race, PC, Conservative
The University of Illinois Student Government boycotted this weekends homecoming parade to protest the inclusion of the Chief Illiniwek mascot and take a stand against cultural appropriation10/30/17Race, Education, PC
DNC Official Says She Doesnt Want To Recruit 'Cisgender Straight White Males 10/30/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Shock Democrat Ad: Minority Kids Chased by White Man Flying Confederate Flag on Truck 10/30/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: SKINCARE IS RACIST! By Paul Joseph Watson 10/30/17Race, Conservative, Video
Why is San Francisco tCalifornias worst county for black student achievement? In San Francisco, the statistics for black students are especially grim. In fact, SF NAACP President Amos Brown told the local school board that it should declare a state of emergency, because just 19% of black students are proficient in English, compared to 31% of black students statewide. San Francisco, a progressive enclave, has the worst black student achievement of any county in California.10/28/17Education, Science, Race
NO MORE SHAKESPEARE: Yale Decolonizes English Department After Being Accused Of Too Much Whiteness. New standards have been implemented to guarantee a more diversified slate of courses. The course called: Major English Poet, is no longer a graduation requirement for Yale English majors 10/27/17Remove History, Race, PC
NEW YORK CITY: Black man throws unidentified liquid in 13yr old girls face after calling her a white bitch 10/27/17Race, Violence,
Hillary Clinton Campaign Spokesman Brian Fallon Calls Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Ed Gillespie, is A White Supremacist by Ben Shapiro 10/27/17Clinton, Race, Liberal Bias
Jane Fonda Says We are Only Paying Attention To Harvey Weinstein Because The Victims Are Famous And White by Ben Shapiro10/27/17Celebrities, Race, Conservative
VIDEO: How the academic Left parodies itself in the claim mathematics is whiteness 10/27/17Conservative, Professors, Science
Racism allegations fail to stop student government Vice President Impeachment at Clemson University. The black student leader, Jaren Stewart, says he was impeached for leading other members of the body to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance in a protest of the racial climate on campus. However, he was impeached for sexual harrassment allegations, theft, and trespassing. Media calling it racist10/27/17Race, Patriotism, Education
A Rutgers University professor is facing backlash over a series of aggressively anti-Semitic posts on his Facebook account 10/26/17Professors, Race,
University of Southern Indiana has advised its campus community to notice the color of peoples skin in order to not be oppressive.10/26/17Education, Race, PC
A history professor at UCLA announced plans to partner with anti-incarceration groups to shape Black Studies on campus, including one organization that has received at least $800,000 from George Soros Open Society Foundations and others with deep ties to Black Lives Matter. 10/26/17Race, Liberal Bias, Education
University hires Black Lives Matter activist, Caleb Stephen, who was banned from the School of Social Welfare building at the University of Kansas for threatening dean 10/26/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
CNN Host, Analyst Mock White People Who Say Whites Are Discriminated Against 10/26/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN analyst Angela Rye says: Trump Targets Black Women 10/25/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Cornell embraces racial diversity, eschews ideological diversity revealing that more than 96% of faculty political donations went to Democratic candidates; however, the University recently launched a task force devoted to diversifying faculty amid mounting demands from student activists. 10/25/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Emory University professor: whites inherently racist, men inherently sexist 10/25/17Professors, Race,
The University of Houston is home to an increasing radical and Hamas promoting chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, as is shown by the choice of that the campus host the SJP National Conference an event that spreads hatred of Jews and teaches Hamas propaganda techniques to SJP chapters who attend from across America. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a campus front for Hamas terrorists. SJP propaganda activities are orchestrated and funded by a Hamas front group, American Muslims for Palestine, whose chairman is Hatem Bazian and whose principals are former officers of the Holy Land Foundation and other Islamic charities previously convicted of funneling money to Hamas.10/25/17Islam, Violence, Conservative
The NAACP has issued a travel advisory for blacks, warning them that they arent necessarily safe if they book a flight on American Airlines and could face discrimination. 10/25/17Race, ,
Kellogg’s Corn Pops Box Accused of ‘Teaching Kids Racism’ because one of the Corn Pops is darker and is the janitor in the image 10/25/17Race, PC,
White privilege bolstered by teaching math, university of Illinois professor says. She also says that addressing equity in mathematics education will come when teachers can understand and negotiate the politics outside the classroom. Gutierrez is an established and admired scholar who has been published in many peer reviewed publications. Further, she says mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, “just like whiteness 10/24/17Professors, Race, Science
USC Professor says Universities Disciplining Leftist Students Who Shut Down Conservative Speakers Reinforce Institutionalized White Supremacy10/24/17Professors, Freedom, Race
STUDY: Credentials, not race, determine bar passage rates. University of Arkansas at Little Rock law professor published his findings on race based admissions policies despite being pressured for months to abandon his research. Robert Steinbuch and UCLA professor Richard Sander found that racial discrepancies in bar passage rates are primarily explained by student credentials, suggesting that more stringent entry criteria would eliminate the disparity 10/23/17Race, Science, Education
Augustana University, a small, private, South Dakotas college, an instructor Susan Claussen Bunger believes that the United States social and economic maladies are centered around white peoples grip on privilege. Says whites slaughtered, maimed way to power, little has changed today10/23/17Professors, Race,
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Calls GOP The RepubliKLAN Party10/23/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Fake hate alert: Black former student responsible for racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan U. 10/23/17HoaxFraud, Race,
VIDEO: Trevor Noah says I Know Trump Prefers White People Over Black People10/23/17Celebrities, Race, TDS
The White House slammed Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown for calling Stephen Miller, senior adviser to President Trump, a white supremacist. 10/22/17Race, Liberal Bias, TDS
A graduate student teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania admitted to intentionally calling on white men last, and only if she has to, during class discussions 10/20/17Education, Race, Professors
VIDEO: A guest on CNNs New Day said that President Trump has an impulse to attack women and people of color because Trump defended himself from an allegation that he disrespected a Gold Star family 10/20/17TDS, Media, Race
Florida Professor Thought State Troopers Were Armed Aryan Militia 10/20/17Professors, HoaxFraud, Race
Columbia University student is urging classmates to demand that the school cancel conservative speakers and tear down a Thomas Jefferson statue to combat white nationalists 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
VIDEO: The College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz faced a 2 hour siege by protesters who said their very act of meeting quietly in the McHenry Library was violent racist activity until library staff had to call the police 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
A Brown University program designed to provide male and female students with free feminine hygiene products has hit a snag after students complained the tampon company Brown selected was culturally approriating from Native Americans10/19/17Feminism, Education,
Michigan State University reports Noose Found in College Dorm and Turns Out to be a Shoelace10/19/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Predominantly Black School Renamed After Obama Because He Looks Like Students10/18/17Obama, Education, Race
Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northams campaign created some fliers which elided his black running mate, Justin Fairfax, allegedly in order to please a local union10/18/17Race, Liberal Bias,
Italy: Muslim migrant slits non Muslims throat, and victims family warns against racism10/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: The Latest Fashion Whites Shouldnt Wear 10/17/17Race, PC,
Newsweek Calls Innocent People Nazis for Criticizing Politics in Wolfenstein II 10/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Florida governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Alachua County, Florida, home of the University of Florida, freeing up millions in aid for local law enforcement, who will try to keep the peace while white nationalist Richard Spencer speaks to students on campus 10/16/17Education, Race, Freedom
Man charged in U. Maryland swastika vandalism is black former UMD employee10/15/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
VIDEO: THE TRUTH ABOUT DEANDRE HARRIS; the black guy who claimed he was attacked by white supremacists for nor reason; new video shows him hitting guy in the head with metal flashlight10/13/17Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
ARE WE ALL UNCONSCIOUS RACISTS? No: there is scant evidence to support the trendy implicit bias theory. 10/13/17Race, Conservative, Science
VIDEO: Larry Elder: Native Americans Are Not Saints 10/13/17Race, Conservative, Video
A recent California State University, Long Beach teach in charged that America was founded on white supremacy and racism, and built on a racist capitalist system, meant to weaken the minority 10/12/17Professors, Race, Economics
Al Sharpton: Jerry Jones Has a Plantation Kind of Mentality10/12/17Race, Media, Celebrities
University of Texas professor says cultural appropriation is like theft of intellectual property10/11/17Professors, Race, PC
George Ciccariello Maher, who has previously tweeted favorably about the ethnic extermination of white people, and who blamed the brutal massacre in Las Vegas on white people and men, threatens legal action in wake of administrative leave from Drexel University; calls it smear campaign by conservatives10/11/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Texas state representative, Briscoe Cain, speaking engagement at Texas Southern University was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists and later canceled 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
Students of color promise to shut down Charles Murray event at University of Michigan 10/11/17Education, Freedom, Race
Does Islam Rejects Racism? 10/9/17Islam, Conservative, Race
ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for social media violation calling for advertisers to boycott the Cowboys after owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench players who protest the American Flag. Espn paid $15 billion for Monday Night Football with the NFL10/9/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Bill Maher: Second Amendment Was to Protect Slavery 10/9/17Celebrities, Guns, Remove History
Bodycam Video of Police Shooting Sparks Outrage and Black Lives Matter Protest in Utah. They say Police Just Murdered Him Flat Out; but ignore the fact that he pulled a knife out on the officers10/9/17Race, Violence,
CNN Symone Sanders says White People Dont Get To Dis Black NFLers10/9/17Media, Race,
Dove Apologizes For Racist Ad Following Outrage From Race Baiting Trolls On Social Media 10/9/17Race, PC,
Dr. Seuss museum mural to be replaced amid claims of a racist depiction 10/6/17Remove History, Race, PC
UC Berkeley Professor: Hate Speech is Inherently Conservative; classifies all conservatives as racist for attributing successes of whites to society, that conservatives think whites are more evolved, racist government etc. Completely unaware his entire essay classifies a group of people and smears an entire class on actions of a few 10/6/17Professors, Race, Conservative
Two Seattle Pacific University physics professors argue that it is necessary to redefine our approach to science in order to combat white male privilege, which they believe is the primary reason that few women enter STEM fields 10/6/17Feminism, Race, Science
A private college (Albion College) president allegedly told a student government meeting that a young womans assault at the hands of campus protesters was justified on the grounds that the victim had privilege10/6/17Professors, Race, Violence
The Justice Department has launched an investigation into whether Harvard University uses discriminatory policies when admitting new students; most notably asians10/6/17Freedom, Education, Race
VIDEO: Michelle Obama: White Men Ruin Politics 10/5/17Obama, Race, Video
VIDEO: WhiteTrash Cinema10/5/17Conservative, Media, Race
Liberalism is white supremacy says Black Lives Matter protesters as they shut down ACLU free speech event at the College of William & Mary10/4/17Education, Race, Freedom
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Hopes for a Better World As White People Become the Minority10/4/17Celebrities, Race, Video
Illinois Deli Owner Glad a White Man Shot White People, says its Not Terror, but Community Outreach10/3/17Perverse, Race,
Librarian Who Refused Racist Dr. Seuss Books from Trump Loved Them When Obama was President10/3/17Professors, Race, Liberal Bias
Twitter Blows Up With Racism From the Left after Las Vegas Shooting 10/3/17Media, Race,
Dennis Prager: The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel; that America oppresses everyone but white, Christian, males 10/3/17Conservative, Race,
A professor of politics at Drexel University blames Vegas massacre on narrative of white victimization without any evidence10/2/17Professors, Race, Perverse
Evergreen State Punishes 80 Students For Berserk Race Protests That Shut Down Campus 10/2/17Freedom, Education, Race
University of North Carolina colored water fountain scandal was student hoax 10/2/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Colin Kaepernicks foundation donated $25,000 to a foundation named convicted cop killer Assata Shakur; part of a larger, $1 million pledge. There was also $2,500 earmarked for a program called Cop Watch; which trains volunteers to follow and video police officers9/30/17Race, Perverse, Violence
The Root politics editor Jason Johnson said Trumps response to Hurricane Maria damage to Puerto Rico was“what white nationalism looks like as policy 9/30/17Media, TDS, Race
Protesters At Harvard call Betsy DeVos a white supremacist9/29/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Spike Lee Cites American Racism as the Need for Politics in Sports on CNN9/29/17Celebrities, Race,
FBI: White nationalist violence at least as big a threat to U.S. as the Islamic State 9/29/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Violence
A black man from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was charged with targeting, assaulting and intimidating five white women at Blacklick Woods Metro Park because of his hatred for white people 9/29/17Race, Violence,
FBI STATS DEMOLISH NFL PROTEST NARRATIVE: There was a 53% increase in gun murders of police officers in 2016. 42% of all cop killers were black males, even though they constitute just 6% of the population and Nearly 900 more blacks were killed in 2016 compared with 2015, bringing the black homicide victim total to 7,881. Those 7,881 are 1,305 more than the number of white victims (which in this case includes most Hispanics) for the same period, though blacks are only 13% of American population9/29/17Race, Violence, Conservative
A Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine) Professor says meritocracy is a whiteness ideology9/29/17Professors, Race, PC
Black Students at Cornell Issue Six Pages of Demands to End Campus White Supremacy9/28/17Education, Race,
An enraged University of California, Riverside stole a classmates Make America Great Again hat, proclaiming that it represents genocide; says fuck your freedom of speech, boy9/28/17TDS, Education, Race
Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue writer and queen of feigning emotional injury, has done it again.Duca, who has previously joked about murdering men on the street out of microaggression, is happy to see Anthony Weiner go to jail because hes a white guy9/27/17Media, Race,
Two Canadian professors recently wrote an academic journal article arguing that white students from Western countries need to take workshops to confront their white fragility before going on study abroad trips 9/27/17Professors, Race, PC
HuffPost contributor Jesse Benn has concluded that any white athlete who stands during the national anthem is in full support of white supremacy. 9/27/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Minnesota: Leftists in city of jihad stabbing spree protest Iranian ex-Muslims speech: Islamophobia is White Supremacy 9/27/17Islam, Race, PC
Students at Reed College are protesting a required humanities class that focuses on texts from the great thinkers of ancient Greece and Rome, saying that forcing students to take a mandatory Western Civilization course is really harmful and are protesting predominantly white authors 9/27/17Remove History, Education, Race
A popular journal that claims to publish peer reviewed research on white privilege appears to have a highly questionable peer review process 9/27/17Education, Science, Race
Academics say whiteness journal has fishy peer review process that takes only 2 days to review instead of typically three to six months 9/27/17Science, Race,
The University Of North Carolina recently hosted a lecture warning faculty that the right wing media outrage machine is targeting faculty of color9/26/17Professors, Liberal Bias, Race
Al Sharpton Guest: Trump Wants Us Kneeling in the Cotton Fields Again9/26/17Media, TDS, Race
Keith Boykin: Trump Is A White Supremacist Who Thinks Hes A Slave Master9/25/17TDS, Media, Race
Sudanese Man Opens Fire in Predominantly White Tennessee Church, FBI Opens Civil Rights Case 9/25/17Violence, Race,
The Faculty Council at Ball State University looks to add diversity rating to faculty evaluations 9/25/17Science, Education, Race
Columbia Journalism Review: Journalists Can Objectively Say Trump Is Racist 9/25/17Education, Race, Media
Steelers to remain in locker room during the national anthem 9/24/17Patriotism, Race,
Oakland Athletics rookie Bruce Maxwell first MLB player to kneel during national anthem 9/23/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
President Trump called NFL players who kneel or sit during the national anthem sons of bitches, and said that teams should fire them. 9/23/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
VIDEO: Don lemon calls Larry Elder an Uncle Tom, Gets DESTROYED by Larry 9/23/17Race, Conservative, Video
A University of California, Berkeley professor recently called Ben Shapiro a racist, sexist, misogynist jerk who poses a threat to the campus community and that free speech laws fetishized free speech9/21/17Professors, Race, PC
Canadian Filmmaker Charges White Males $5 More For Tickets 9/21/17Race, Liberal Bias,
Atlantic Writer Says Trump Presidency Wrought By The Force Of Whiteness 9/20/17Media, Race, TDS
New York Times Slams Harvard For Rejecting A Woman Who Murdered Her 4yr old Child 9/19/17Violence, Liberal Bias, Race
White Privilege And The Oppression Economy 9/19/17Conservative, Race,
Students offered extra credit to determine their level of white privilege at San Diego State University9/19/17Education, PC,
Report: Over 40 Million People Are Enslaved Worldwide9/19/17Violence, Race,
To promote racial reconciliation after the deadly clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville last month, Brown University plans to offer segregated events to its black students and female Muslim students. 9/18/17Education, Race,
Seahawks Michael Bennett Gives Black Power Salute After Play 9/18/17Race, Celebrities,
University of Pittsburgh students are demanding that school officials disarm all university police while banning city cops from campus entirely 9/18/17Education, Race, Violence
Democrats Bring Back Segregation Signage: Hate has No Business Here9/18/17Race, ,
Hobby Lobby cotton display goes viral for being racist because selling cotton is racist gomsehow9/18/17Race, PC,
St. Louis Sees More Violence Over Cop Acquittal9/18/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Are Some Cultures Better than Others? Prager University9/18/17PC, Conservative, Video
U2 was forced to cancel its St. Louis concert scheduled Saturday over security concerns after Black Lives Matter activists clashed with police following the not guilty verdict of Jason Stockley in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.9/16/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill says President Trump is absolutely a white supremacist 9/15/17Media, Race, TDS
A white former police officer was acquitted in the 2011 death of a black man who was fatally shot following a high speed chase, with the judge declaring that he would not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor or fear of criticism9/15/17Race, Violence,
Black Lives Matter protesters converged upon St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewsons house, hurling rocks and breaking windows. Police in riot gear then deployed tear gas to force protesters away from the scene of the vandalism 9/15/17Race, Violence,
The National Science Foundation recently issued 27 new grants totaling more than $8 million to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.9/15/17Science, Education, PC
FACT CHECK: Was There Violence On Both Sides Of Charlottesville? 9/15/17Race, Conservative, Violence
Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to Nazis who marched in Charlottesville9/14/17Liberal Bias, Race, Freedom
Man Arrested in Louisiana After Threatening To Attack School and Kill All White People 9/14/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Trump Hysteria Defends Trump, Slams Leftists, Ungrateful Immigrants 9/14/17Race, Conservative, Video
Mike Isaacson, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a cofounder of the Antifa organization Smash Racism D.C. Justifies Antifa Violence And Jokes About Dead Cops9/14/17Perverse, Professors, Violence
Protesters Disrupt Red Sox Game to Call Everyone Racists9/14/17Race, ,
SDSU Professor to Teach Black Minds Matter Because Nearly All Educators Are Racist. His course, will tell future educators to use the classroom as a place of civil resistance against racism and to develop new pedagogical practices inspired by the intentional application Black Lives Matter principles of loving engagement, restorative justice, and collective value9/14/17Professors, Race,
Larry Elder: Moving the Goal Post on Racism 9/14/17Conservative, Race,
Assumption College, a small Catholic college in Massachusetts, was recently compelled to withdraw a speaking invitation for Charles Murray after determining that it would be unable to cope with violent protests, from Antifa 9/12/17Freedom, Education, Race
An ESPN anchor Jemele Hill says Trump is a White Supremacist 9/12/17Race, TDS, Media
CNN Is Mad Because White Men Speak At Trump Voter Fraud Commission 9/12/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
AMC Developing Black Lives Matter Series 9/12/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Pumpkin Spice Lattes fund white supremacy in Trump White House, according to feminist group9/12/17Race, TDS,
Officers of the Dallas Police Department arrested Dominque Alexander, the black activist that organized the 2016 anti police protest in Dallas that left 12 officers shot and five dead9/8/17Race, Violence,
A University of Georgia (UGA) engineering professor declared on Twitter that Trump and others in the Department of Justice are racists for repealing DACA 9/8/17Immigration, Race, Professors
Former New York Daily News writer Shaun King called for a national boycott of the NFL on Friday over its treatment of Colin Kaepernick. 9/8/17Media, Race, Celebrities
Three black caucus representatives write in The Harvard Crimson: Letting Charles Murray talk threatens the lives and freedoms of students 9/6/17Education, Race, Freedom
An anthropology professor at a community college in California hands out white privilege checklist, then warns students who stereotype will be punished 9/6/17Professors, Education, Race
Study: Most Minorities Have Experienced Little To No Discrimination In America. Only 31% of blacks reporting experiencing discrimination sometimes or often. Similarly, just 27% of Hispanics responded similarly, followed by 23% of whites, and 18% of Asians, according to the study. Discrimination owing to race or skin color was the most commonly reported cause around 10%9/5/17Race, Conservative,
City College of New York awards $1.2 mil for women of color activists only 9/5/17Education, Race,
MSNBC Fave: Ending DACA Is White Supremacy9/5/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Philadelphia Police Union President says: Black Lives Matter a Pack of Rabid Animals9/5/17Race, Conservative,
Slate: Anonymous NFL Execs Reveal They are Racist for Not Hiring Kaepernick; Spoiler Alert! This claim is completely false 9/4/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
New Hampshire Democratic Party chair referred to rural, disaffected voters as white supremacists and extremists9/4/17Liberal Bias, Race,
JIM CROW: Segregation Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms 9/3/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Why Jemele Hill Needs To Go From ESPN 9/3/17Media, Conservative, Video
An Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island argues that microaggressions invalidate meritocracy and equal opportunity for minorities 9/1/17PC, Professors, Race
U of Texas Prof Calls Young Black Trump Supporter Racist Names9/1/17Professors, Race,
A Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) was promptly cancelled this weekend after a banana peel was found hanging in a tree. A student said he threw the peel because he could not find a garbage can, but the incident made some students uneasy because it was probably a racist gesture8/31/17Race, PC, Education
Two law professors have been accused of racism and homophobia over an oped lamenting the breakdown of bourgeois culture and arguing that all cultures are not equal8/31/17Professors, Conservative,
Muslim columnist: To say Islam isnt a race is overly simplistic, and Islamophobia is racism 8/30/17Islam, Media, Race
A Maryland School Wont Let Kids Wear Washington Redskins Shirts 8/30/17Race, PC, Education
HuffPo: Becoming a Racist is Unfortunate Side Effect of Serving Your Country 8/28/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Pastor, Descendant of Robert E. Lee says we should Answer Gods Call, Find Inspiration in Black Lives Matter8/28/17Christianity, Race, Violence
Huffington Post Columnist: Does Serving In The Military Turn You Into A Racist?8/25/17Media, Race, Patriotism
Christopher Columbus Association Links Anti Statue Crowd Directly to KKK 8/25/17Remove History, Race, Conservative
Dartmouth offers race specific student advising programs8/25/17Education, Race,
Hurricane Harvey Dubbed Racist Because More Blacks Will Be Affected 8/25/17Media, Race, PC
Profesor says Cat in the Hat is racist and so is other kid literature8/25/17Professors, Race, PC
CNN has made no attempt to retract or modify a report which paints all supporters of President Donald Trump as white supremacists by default 8/24/17Race, Media, TDS
FLASHBACK: This Horrifying Audio Exposes Planned Parenthoods Anti Black Racism 8/24/17Abortion, Race, Conservative
Texas university offers course on white privilege8/24/17Education, Race, PC
ACLU posts photo depicting a white, blonde child wearing a Free Speech shirt and holding an American flag. The caption says: This is the future that ACLU members want. ACLU Twitter followers accuse of white supremacy and ACLU apologizes for its racism 8/24/17Race, PC, Patriotism
Black Lives Matter Leader Pens List Of 10 Demands For White People. They are Insane 8/24/17Race, Conservative,
A Clemson University professor took to Facebook recently to voice his contempt for Republicans in a post that called all members of the GOP racists 8/23/17Professors, Race,
Catholic Priest Leaves Ministry Because He was KKK Member 40 Years Ago 8/23/17Christianity, Race,
Student groups at the University of Virginia have issued a list of demands that includes racial quotas and mandatory education about Thomas Jeffersons connection to white supremacy8/23/17Education, Race,
Campus protester assaults wife of hellfire preacher because she was recording sermon 8/23/17Violence, Race, Education
Federal judge strikes down Texas voter ID law for having a discriminatory intent8/23/17HoaxFraud, Immigration, Race
Former DNC Chair Howard Dean: If You Vote For Republicans In The Midterms, Consider Yourself Racist8/22/17Race, Liberal Bias,
ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVa Game To Avoid Offending Idiots8/22/17Media, PC,
Brooklyn Law School and Harvard Law professor Argues Eclipse Racist Because its Only Passing Over White America 8/21/17Professors, Race,
Jesse Jackson: Electoral College Must Be ABOLISHED 8/21/17Race, Freedom,
University of Minnesota professor claims that Trumps proposals to deport illegal immigrants and regulate Muslim immigration are a form of racist nativism8/18/17Immigration, Professors, Race
NBA Star Kevin Durant Blames Trump For Racial Tensions, Refuses To Visit White House If Invited 8/18/17Race, Celebrities, TDS
VIDEO: Maxine Waters Calls Out White Nationalists in Trump Administration Like Ben Carson8/18/17TDS, Race, Video
CBS Shocked to Find Black Trump Voters Still Behind the President 100% 8/17/17Media, Race, TDS
Leftists Claim Serena Williams 1950s Themed Baby Shower Encouraged Racism 8/17/17Race, PC, Celebrities
FLASHBACK: Jesse Jackson Praised Trumps Work on Behalf of Minorities8/17/17Conservative, Video, TDS
Baltimore Vandals Replace Robert E. Lee Statue With Social Justice Statue Madre Luz. Madre Luz was erected by artist Pablo Machioli from papier mache and features a pregnant black woman with a baby on her back, and with one fist raised into the air, a signal typically associated with the black power movement of the 1970s8/17/17Remove History, Race,
VIDEO: Glazov Gang: Dinesh DSouza on The Big Lie About Charlottesville (How the Democratic party is party of Nazism and white nationalism) 8/17/17Race, Conservative, Video
Where Is the Corporate Disavowal of Black Lives Matter? 8/16/17Conservative, Race, Violence
ESPN Apologizes For Running Racist Segment Auctioning Off Players For Fantasy Football Draft 8/16/17Race, Media, PC
Jason Kessler, the MAN BEHIND Charlotesville RALLY SUPPORTED OBAMA. Supported Gun Control and Iran Deal8/16/17Race, ,
University of San Francisco Holding Segregated Student Orientation for the Black Experience8/15/17Education, Race,
Professor at CUNY says: privileging of standard English' is linguistic racism8/15/17Professors, Education, Race
Chicago Tribune: Angry White Men Fueling Racial Violence 8/14/17Race, Violence, Media
Black Lives Matter Founder Says Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech 8/14/17Freedom, Race,
A private investigator hired by Regis University has determined that a conservative student did not violate any laws or university policies by holding a Social Justice Bake Sale. Regis had accused Beck of violating university policy and federal law by selling items at different prices based on race and gender 8/14/17Conservative, Education, Race
Google, GoDaddy Cancel Neo Nazi Domain After Charlottesville Protest8/14/17Freedom, Race, Liberal Bias
An assistant professor at Portland State University recently argued that talking about higher obesity rates among blacks and Hispanics can help reproduce racial injustice and and high white obesity rates jeopardize whiteness8/14/17Professors, Education, Race
UK: Muslim rape gangs handed lower sentences because victims were white8/14/17Immigration, Islam, Violence
Media Obsessed with White Supremacist Killer, Buried Anti Trump Murder 8/14/17Race, Violence, Media
The head of the Psychology Department at Englands Birmingham City University said the chilling incident where a jogger shoved a woman into the path of a bus in London is the embodiment white male privilege 8/11/17Professors, Feminism, Race
Keith Ellison: The Republican Party Is The Party Of Racism 8/11/17Race, Liberal Bias,
Why Detroit Film Bombed - Andrew Klavan 8/11/17Conservative, Media, Race
A feminist professor at Grinnell College is offering a course this fall on American Whiteness that will focus on attacking racism by making whiteness visible 8/11/17Feminism, Education, Race
Jeffrey Lord Sarcastically Tweeted Sieg Heil to a Fascist, CNN Fired Him 8/11/17Media, Race,
Stanford University is slated to offer a class this fall called White Identity Politics, during which students will survey the field of whiteness studies and discuss abolishing whiteness, according to the course description. 8/11/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Was The Cat in the Hat Black? English Professor says Dr. Seuss book was really racist8/10/17Professors, Race, Video
Having white friends can be exhausting so we stick with nonwhites, Harvard student says 8/9/17Education, Race,
A University of Iowa education professor recently wrote an academic journal article explaining how she endeavors to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments, and pedagogy 8/9/17Professors, Race, Science
Brandeis University is offering a new $10,000 journalism grant for journalists interested in social justice issues. But white men arent allowed to apply 8/9/17Liberal Bias, Education, Race
Public Schools Must Develop Systems to Address Disparate Outcomes Among Minorities, Says Board 8/9/17Education, Race, Science
Fox Sports Skip Bayless On Kaepernick: Black Players Should Boycott First Game Of Season 8/9/17Media, Race, Celebrities
A Clemson University professor is comparing President Trump ban on transgender soldiers to Nazi eugenic propaganda, calling it ableism deployed to incarcerate or kill disabled people8/7/17TDS, Professors, Race
Forward, a website claiming to inform American Jews, has published a hit piece on President Donald Trump, his staff, and his supporters, Says Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon Worse for Jews Than Anti Israel Radical Sarsour 8/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Forward, a website claiming to inform American Jews, has published a hit piece on President Donald Trump, his staff, and his supporters, Says Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon Worse for Jews Than Anti Israel Radical Sarsour 8/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
University offers safe space that bans Straight White People Banned from College Safe Space 8/4/17PC, Education, Race
New York Times Upset that White Men Speak More In Movies8/4/17Media, PC,
VIDEO: DETROIT MOVIE (About Detroit Riots) REVIEW: Pure SJW Propaganda!! Steven Crowder 8/4/17Race, Media, Conservative
Harvards federal funding at risk as Trump administration reviews anti Asian preferences 8/4/17Race, Education, Freedom
North Carolina State University admin proposes exclusive housing for women of color8/3/17Education, Race,
Colin Kaepernicks Girlfriend Compares NFL Owners to Slaveholders, sayss Ray Lewis and those like him are House Negroes8/3/17Race, Celebrities,
Black Lives Matter Claimed Black Man Lynched by Cop; except It Was a White man who Suicide 8/3/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Dunkin Donuts Employee Denies NYPD Officers Service8/3/17Race, Liberal Bias,
A magazine called Affinity published a piece by an Asian teenager arguing that white men should be denied the vote because unlike people of color, they were never denied the vote in the U.S. 8/2/17Media, Race, Freedom
Tom Brokaw: We Need to be Reminded of U.S. Concentration Camps, Especially These Days'8/1/17TDS, Media, Race
CNNs Fareed Zakaria: Trumps Core Voters Were Anti Immigrant, Misogynistic, Homophobic, Stupid Racists 8/1/17TDS, Media, Race
Oregon school district to drop Lynch from school names due to racial implications7/31/17Remove History, Education, PC
Remember back in February when an Asian UCLA law student was denied Airbnb accommodations due to her ethnicity? The Airbnb host is (or was) an adjunct at two institutions. 7/31/17HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Howard Dean: Breitbart, Right Wing Media Racists7/31/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Cambridge University ethnic minorities officer: ALL white people are racist7/31/17Education, Race,
Joy Reid: Democrats Need to Stop Pining for White Trump Voters, Cater to Minorities 7/31/17Media, Race,
Police Officer killed while responding to crash was shot 14 times by black guy trapped in vehicle7/29/17Race, Violence,
The head of the Halal Certification Authority, which ensures food is prepared in accordance with Islamic law, wrote a bizarre Facebook post in which he said Australian women need to be fertilized by Muslim men and kept surrounded by Muslim babies because in another 40 years, their bigoted white men will be extinct7/28/17Islam, Race, Perverse
Conference teaches K12 educators how to combat whiteness in schools7/28/17Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Marxist Collective Disbands After Deciding They are Too White and Too Wealthy7/28/17Socialism, PC, Race
VIDEO: The View Whoopi Goldberg Hostin Ferguson Police chief Insist that Michael Brown Hands Up, Dont Shoot still Happened in Ferguson7/27/17Media, Race, Video
Two University of South Carolina professors argue in a recent paper that color blind racial attitudes are unethical and can also perpetuate White norm 7/27/17Education, Race,
NAACP Doubts That School Choice Helps Black Children7/26/17Education, Race,
Spelman College, a historically black all womens college, recently launched a $100,000 scholarship fund for self identified LGBTQ advocates7/25/17LGBT, Education, Race
Sweden Removes Classic Childrens Book Pippi Longstocking From Libraries For Being Racist 7/24/17Race, Education, PC
HBO Confederate Show Producer says Trump Brought Back Racism7/21/17Media, TDS, Race
Black Conservative Student: Heres What Happened To Me On Campus After I Openly Supported Trump7/21/17Conservative, Race, TDS
New York Times Writer thinks white women should move out of his way while walking on the sidewalk because he is black 7/21/17Media, Race,
USA Today Complains About Lack of Women and No Lead Actors of Color in Movie Dunkirk, which is an actual historical event that took place in the early days of World War II7/20/17Media, Race,
Game Of Thrones Creators Next Show: An America Where Slavery Still Exists; an alternate history series titled Confederacy, which would explore what would have happened if the South had successfully seceded from the Union and slavery still existed.7/19/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
A community college in New York is offering a starting salary in excess of $100,000 to fill its Chief Diversity Officer position.7/19/17Education, PC, Race
Purdue Hands Out Privilege Scorecards To Students7/19/17Education, PC, Race
Left wing activist and Womans March organizer Linda Sarsour accused CNN anchor Jake Tapper of being a member of the alt right, a small white nationalist faction on the far right.7/19/17Media, Race, Islam
Anti White, Anti Cop Vandalism In Berkeley NOT Deemed Hate Crime7/19/17Race, Liberal Bias,
According to 2 Texas A&M University professors, Public museums and memorials serve our nations foundational commitments to white heterosexual male supremacy7/19/17Education, Race, Feminism
Stefan Molyneux Diversity Means Non Whites7/18/17Conservative, Race, PC
An assistant professor at Georgia State University has published an academic journal article about how white professors contribute to oppression by failing to speak out against microaggressions 7/17/17Education, Race,
Feminist Critic Trashes New Doctor Who For Not Being Black And Transgender7/17/17Feminism, Race, PC
UK: Muslima falsely claims man pulled off her hijab in race hate attack7/16/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: ANTIFA Vandal Arrested For Graffitti and Slashing 30 Tires on 17 Vehicles; claims he was racially profiled7/15/17Violence, Race, Video
A group of student affairs professionals is calling the recent firing of a Pomona College LGBT Director who tweeted anti white sentiments an act of violence7/14/17Education, Violence, LGBT
Feminist writer Jody Allard calls her sons prospective rapists; says their inherent masculinity and whiteness is the problem they can never be free of 7/14/17Feminism, Media, Race
Womens Marchers Apparently Traveled All The Way To Fairfax, Va., To Call The NRA Racist7/14/17Feminism, Guns, Race
VIDEO: Evergreen College Student: Im Not Allowed To Speak Because Im White7/14/17Freedom, Education, Race
A New York University librarian recently felt compelled to pen a blog post bemoaning the racial fatigue she experiences in the presence of white people following an academic conference 7/14/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Schools Race Baiter and defines white privilege 7/14/17Race, Conservative, Video
Two feminist Geography professors recently wrote an article for an academic journal arguing that citations in scholarly articles contribute to white heteromasculinity by ignoring research by women and people of color7/13/17Feminism, PC, Science
Here is A List Of The Craziest Statements From Black Lives Matter On Its Anniversary 7/13/17Race, Conservative,
Two Illinois professors are using social justice video games developed by high school students to teach about white privilege and police misconduct7/13/17Education, PC, Race
Missouri Student Body President says the Founding Fathers would have applauded Mizzou race protests7/13/17Race, Liberal Bias, Education
Georgia State University sponsors Hip Hop and Social Justice conference 7/12/17Education, PC, Race
Women who outed LGBT parade that kicked out 3 Jewish women for being Jewish is moved to a sales role and prevented from writing. Her accurate portrayal of an unflattering moment for LGBT unity appears to have ended her journalism career, at least for now. 7/11/17LGBT, Media, Race
Teen blasts Fuck The Police Song at funeral when thousands of police officers were gathering to honor slain Officer Miosotis Familia, who was killed by Alexander Bonds while she sat in her squad car7/11/17Perverse, Violence, Race
Several American Indians have accused a new Native American Studies professor of faking her ethnicity, using data from U.S. census records and ancestry websites 7/11/17Education, Race, HoaxFraud
How the Anti Defamation League has Betrayed its cause and whitewashes Anti Semitism from the Left7/11/17Conservative, Race,
San Francisco Transit: Releasing Robbery Surveillance Videos Would Be Racially Insensitive 7/11/17Race, PC, Liberal Bias
THE MURDER OF OFFICER MIOSOTIS FAMILIA AND THOSE WHO KILLED HER; How the Media is silent when a black man murders a Hispanic female cop7/11/17Violence, Race, Conservative
The Chicago Theological Seminary offers a video on its website designed to help white people understand their privilege by donning a metaphorical pair of white privilege glasses7/10/17Education, Race, PC
After Caving to Black Lives Matter, Mizzou Closes Seven Dorms, Cuts 400 Jobs 7/10/17Education, Race,
Whitman College cancels classes for Power and Privilege Symposium7/10/17Education, PC, Race
Huffington Post pushing race into the $15 minimum wage debate7/9/17Economics, Media, Race
VIDEO: Howard Dean: NRA is White Supremacist Group7/7/17Guns, Liberal Bias, Video
A Hispanic Texas A&M University student complains on Twitter about a freshman orientation retreat. Another Latina student blasts her for being racist by complaining about skin color of the group, and is attacked as a whitewashed latina 7/7/17Education, Race, PC
Libreal Columnist for Missouri Columbia Daily Tribune Wrote About Dangerous Police Stop, Dashcam Video Proved Him Wrong 7/7/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
A Florida man punched a deputy in the face at a traffic stop and yelled Black Lives Matter! when being taken to jail 7/7/17Race, Violence,
Liberal media outlet Jezebel actually ran a headlinethat says: Im tired of watching brown men fall in love with white women onscreen7/7/17Media, Race,
MIT School of Architecture and Planning offers a diversity learning tree with a series of privilege checklists that readers can use to identify which forms of privilege they enjoy, including being unaware of their privilege7/7/17Education, PC, Race
Segregated grad ceremonies for blacks, Native Americans, undocumented students, LGBTQ 7/6/17Race, PC,
Berkeley student who says cops racially profiled, mistreated him has anti cop, anti white history 7/6/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Bashes America On 4th of July 7/5/17Patriotism, Race,
University of Kansas professor recently asserted that those who believe in Donald Trumps campaign slogan are deeply invested in white supremacy and the killing of minorities.7/5/17Violence, Education, PC
Law professors: Colin Kaepernick could sue NFL for race discrimination 7/3/17Education, Race,
Actual Associated Press Headline: Fourth of July brings mixed feelings for some minorities7/3/17Patriotism, Race, Media
Carleton University students in Canada throw a reoccupy Canada Day: for 150 years of racism, genocide and colonialism7/3/17Race, Education, PC
Deptartment of Justice (DOJ) Drops Efforts to Force Washington Redskins to Change Team Name7/3/17Freedom, Race, PC
Lawsuit: Black valedictorian at Cleveland High School had to share honor with white student with lower GPA 7/3/17Education, Race, PC
The University of Hawaii professor who made waves by declaring that universities should stop hiring white cis men has apparently expressed even stronger views on social media. Saying she distrusts white people, Piper Harron posted that cis het white people need to lose more, complaining that they want to even control their dismantling of privilege7/3/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: WHY PRIDE SUCKS — James Allsup 7/3/17LGBT, Conservative, Video
The Muslim president of a British university student union has commented that she would like to oppress white people and that Islam would take over if more folks would read the Quran; wants to make the Quran required reading in courses 7/2/17Islam, Freedom, Education
A class through the American College of Healthcare Sciences, which offers online schooling as well as a campus in Portland, offered a question on a quiz that reads: If I should move I can be pretty sure that I can rent or purchase housing in an area that I can afford and in which I want to live. The answer is (A), White Privilege 6/29/17Education, Race, Science
VIDEO: MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost Because Obama Is Black6/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, Obama
VIDEO: This is Why the Policies of the Left Actually Keep Minorities Down - Thomas Sowell 6/28/17Race, Conservative, Economics
Professor: Its racist if you say Obama was born in Kenya or like to use his middle name 6/27/17Education, Race, Obama
Professor who called whites inhuman assholes put on leave 6/27/17Education, Race, Perverse
Huffington Post says Eric Trumps New Haircut is Racist 6/26/17Media, Race, TDS
Shaun King Slams Christians Over Immigration Ban, Calls For Ban on White Men6/26/17Race, Media, Christianity
A feminist magazine is calling on white women to solve historical racism and white supremacy by aborting all their babies. 6/26/17Feminism, Race, Abortion
Washington Post Writer Accuses Bruno Mars Of Appropriating Black Culture And Funk Music6/26/17Media, Race, PC
Black Lives Matter NYC published an open letter slamming NYC Pride for the huge numbers of police helping protect their parade and the NYPD vehicles displaying Pride decals. 6/26/17Race, LGBT,
A youth football team in Texas was disbanded last year after sponsoring a controversial anti American protest. But now several NFL players have banded together to reward the team for its unpatriotic actions and help it reform. The coach is pledging to continue the anti American protests once they begin their new season and says that the team wont play the national anthem because it is a degrading song and insisted that the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner celebrates slavery, which is ignorant of the fact6/25/17Patriotism, Race,
An Occidental College professor argues that fraternities should be abolished because they are designed to hoard power and influence specifically for wealthy white men 6/23/17Feminism, Education, Race
A recent college preparatory event had Michigan high schoolers count up how many privileges they experience, and at the end of the exercise white students were singled out as having the most6/23/17PC, Education, Race
Allegations that a middle school teacher forced several students to stand and apologize for their white privilege have rocked a North Carolina school district6/22/17Education, Race,
The congressional intern Mediaite cast as a white supremacist Wednesday is actually black. Mediaite contributor Caleb Ecarma implied that Nate Washington is a white supremacist by linking his use of the term cuck to alt right and neo Nazi groups and framing his political views as racist, all the while leaving out mention of his race. He 100 percent tried to cast me as a white supremacist 6/22/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Student Senate at UC Santa Barbara passed a resolution condemning the actions of local establishment Giovannis Pizza and recommended a boycott due to allegedly racist behavior on the part of the restaurants management for declining to serve alcohol to two Mexican students with nontraditional IDs 6/22/17Education, Immigration, Race
Yale Dean Steps Down After Calling People White Trash in Yelp Comments 6/22/17Perverse, Education, Race
The professor at Essex County College in New Jersey who boasted on television about a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day celebration excluding whites was indefinitely suspended by her college. 6/21/17Education, Race,
Grand Valley State University is encouraging students to attend next years White Privilege Conference, even offering opportunities for scholarships to attendees. After questioning from Campus Reform, GVSU removed the page from its website 6/21/17Education, Race,
Liberals on Twitter are blaming white supremacy and Donald Trump for the murder of a Muslim teen, despite the fact that the suspected murderer is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador 6/20/17Race, Liberal Bias, Violence
Black sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, said whites should fucking die, calling them inhuman assholes, on Twitter 6/20/17Violence, Education, Race
University of Alabama student newspaper Opinions Editor Marissa Cornelius informs her white classmates that they are probably racist because they grew up in America 6/20/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Black Feminist gets Professor fired over a question that the black student got wrong because she answered that slavery destroyed the black family but it did not. Though the student was adamant that the professor did not use any racial epithets or pejoratives, she felt that the way Morelock responded to her correction exhibited racism6/20/17Education, Race, Remove History
Colin Kaepernick compares cops to slave catchers in a tweet after a Minnesota police officer was found not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile. 6/19/17Race, Media,
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes: Some Myths about Native Americans are True6/19/17Race, Conservative, Video
Report: The Only Two Black Jurors Were In Favor Of Acquitting The Cop In The Philando Case 6/16/17Race, ,
Sweden: Muslim migrant lectures Swedes about racism, then stabs man four times 6/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Petition Calls For An End To White Conservative Hiring Spree At MSNBC 6/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
A University of Florida professor claims that the American notion of patriotism is drenched in whiteness6/15/17Patriotism, Education, Race
Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Court Oversight Of Chicago Police Reform filed by groups including Black Lives Matter Chicago, is an attempt to force federal court supervision of the reform of the country’s second largest police force 6/14/17Freedom, Race,
Administrators at a Christian college in Indiana fired an employee and former student body president after he posed for a mock rap album cover, alleging that the picture was racially insensitive, even after one administrator liked the cover on Facebook.6/13/17PC, Education, Race
Group demands University of Chicago pay slavery reparations6/12/17Education, Race,
Google: Hiring Less White Men Is Progress 6/11/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Philadelphia LGBT Rainbow Flag Adds Black And Brown To Pander To Racial Minorities 6/11/17LGBT, Race, PC
Historically black college, Harris Stowe State University must pay white professor nearly $5 million for racial discrimination 6/9/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Battles Demented Anti White Racist Rationalizing Segregation6/7/17Race, Conservative, Video
Professors at a recent conference hosted by Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis on Critical Race Theory had professors discussed how there is no virtue in whiteness, with some saying whiteness is inherently violent6/6/17Education, Race, Violence
No Students At Six Baltimore City Schools Are Proficient in Math and English 6/6/17Education, Race,
Black Lives Matter idiot Shaun King Says He will Boycott NFL Because It is Anti Black. 70% of All Players Are Black 6/6/17Media, Race,
The KKK Is Not the Christian ISIS. Why that analogy is wrong 6/6/17Conservative, Race, Islam
Report: 75% Of Black California Boys Fail To Meet Reading And Writing Standards 6/5/17Education, Race,
Rejecting dead, white authors: Universities push progressivism with reading programs, says study6/5/17Remove History, Race,
Yet another video out of Evergreen State College shows a faculty member on the schools Equity Council berating her white peers for being those motherfuckers that were pushing against6/5/17Education, Race,
CNN hosts makes racist comment to 12yr old Spelling Bee Champion after asking her to spell cofefe and saying its root is not in Sanskrit, which is what youre probably used to using6/4/17Media, Race,
The new racial demand: White academics must keep their hands down when speaking 6/2/17Education, Race,
The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has created a new guide to help its members practice intersectional feminism; Claiming that the feminist movement needs more non white leaders, the post instructs white feminists to confront your privilege by recognizing other forms of discrimination that are upheld by the patriarchy. 6/2/17Feminism, Race, PC
VIDEO: Do White Americans Have White Privilege? Prager University 6/1/17Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: White Privilege Isnt Really A Thing 6/1/17Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Racists at Evergreen Not Pleased to Learn Recent Temper Tantrums Immortalized on Video5/30/17Education, Race, PC
Portland Mayor Wants Feds to Stop Alt Right Rallies After Train Murders despite being a Bernie Sanders Supporter5/30/17Freedom, Violence, Race
White Washington Post Food Critic Lambasts White Male Patriarchy, But Says White Chefs Can Make Burritos As Long AsThey Don't Make Money 5/29/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
White Supremacist Portland Stabber Was A Bernie Supporter, Threatened to Kill Trump Supporters 5/28/17Race, Media, Violence
UC Santa Barbara students allege bar questioning their IDs is racist 5/27/17PC, Race,
Leftist Students Target White Professor For Failing To Leave Evergreen State College Campus On a Day Without Whites 5/26/17Freedom, Education, Race
University of Chicago Students Ask for Segregated Dorms 5/26/17Education, Race,
Hunter College will offer students an Abolition of Whiteness course this fall to discuss how white supremacy and violence influence individual identity 5/25/17Education, Race,
Portland Leftists Destroy Female Business Owners Burrito Stand Because They are White and stealing hispanic culture by making burritos 5/24/17PC, Freedom, Race
The College Republicans at Hood college in Maryland have been cleared of any wrongdoing for their controversial display that garnered criticism from peers for including quotes that highlighted the black abortion rate and the mental instability of transgender people. 5/24/17Freedom, LGBT, Race
Milton Academy in Boston students hold sit in and 3 days off because of a blackface incident with a girl wearing a mudmask, and other fake racist incidents 5/24/17PC, Education, Race
The University of Illinois has capitulated to faculty complaints and rescinded a speaking invitation to Nobel Laureate James Watson, who has ruffled feathers with past comments about race.5/23/17Education, Race,
A New Jersey restaurant employee has been fired after writing a message on a receipt, insulting a police officer calling them pigs 5/23/17Race, ,
Israeli Cybercrime Police Arrest Israeli American Teen for 'Hundreds' of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide5/23/17HoaxFraud, Race, Violence
3 Black Mississippi teenagers were arrested after a 6yr old boy was killed in the back seat of a stolen car5/20/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Explains to Martin Bashirs How Hollwyoowd and Scripted Media is Left Wing; explains how one of the creators of Sesame Street, Mike Dan, VP of Childrens Television Network that is was created to reach out to black and hispanic children becaucse there is no reading material in those households5/20/17Media, Video, Race
Regis University Social Justice Bake Sale Under Investigation for Discrimination for giving a discount to LGBT and female students and charged Asians more than whites and blacks more than Hispanics 5/19/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Feminist journal directors support publication of transracial article; another blow to academic research and science 5/19/17Feminism, Race, PC
Black UCLA Students want $40 Million to Teach Everyone Cultural Awareness 5/19/17Race, Education, PC
UCLA is paying 8 to 10 students an undisclosed amount to serve as Social Justice Advocates next semester. An application form states that Social Justice Advocates will help their classmates navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies. 5/18/17Education, Race, PC
A University of Hawaii professor recently claimed that universities should stop hiring white cis men until the problem goes away. The Math professor, Piper Harron, never gets around to specifying which problem would be solved by culling cis white males from academia, but insists that real solutions require women of color and trans women 5/17/17Education, Race, PC
Following demands by St. Olaf students that alumnus Arne Christenson be removed from a university advisory board for his Conservative, Christian and pro Israel views, one of his former bosses is speaking up 5/17/17Christianity, Education, Race
Yale Dean June Chu was forced to apologize after she called people white trash and uneducated morons in a series of Yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses in the New Haven, Connecticut, area 5/17/17Education, Race,
A student group at the University of Washington held a teach in to promulgate the notion that Americas food system is built on racism 5/17/17Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Tucker Slams Liberal for Playing Race Card on Obamacare 5/17/17Race, Healthcare, Video
Bethel University Student apologizes for wearing Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt to class because its racist and offensive 5/16/17Education, PC,
Using its Harvard playbook, anti affirmative action group targets University of Texas for Asian discrimination 5/16/17Conservative, Education, Race
Bill Clinton pal compares immigration enforcement to Jim Crow in commencement speech 5/16/17Clinton, Race, Immigration
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Intellectually Dominates Black Racist Marc Lamont Hill With Ease 5/16/17Race, Conservative, Video
Leftist Media push white nationalist Richard Spencer and other fringe Conservatives with little following to try and make Conservatives look bad— Ben Shapiro 5/15/17Conservative, Media, Race
American University is blocking whites from cafe designated as sanctuary for nonwhites 5/15/17Education, Race,
Los Angeles Mayor Appoints LAPD Commissioner Who Backs Anti Police Groups 5/15/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Kára McCullough, Americas newly crowned Miss USA, is black, but the political Left is outraged that she believes healthcare is a privilege and not a right, and is not feminist enough for them 5/15/17Race, PC, Healthcare
Marvel Comics Cancels Black Lives Matter Themed Black Panther Due to Poor Sales 5/15/17Race, Media, PC
Black college cancels GOP senators commencement speech to protect marginalized students 5/15/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
REDFIN CEO Writes LinkedIn article about increasing diversity; gets destroyed in the comments5/15/17Race, Media, PC
VIDEO: Debunking White Privilege Explained in 5 Minutes by James Allsup5/15/17Race, Conservative, Video
A 47yr old police sergeant found out that he was part black from an Ancestry.com DNA test, he sued his police chief and the city of Hastings, Michigan, where he's employed, seeking at least $500,000 for alleged racial harassment 5/12/17Race, ,
Texas A&M Refuses to Discipline or Fire Professor Who Called for Whites to Be Killed5/12/17Race, Liberal Bias, Education
Racist Texas A&M Professor Advocates Violence Against Whites 5/11/17Education, Race, Violence
The University of Colorado is creating a special new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population 5/11/17Education, Race,
University of California Santa Cruz administrators recently agreed to meet to all four demands lodged by a black student group who commandeered a campus building and would not leave until their conditions were met5/11/17Education, Race,
Washington Post urges colleges to censor speech if someone thinks its racist5/11/17Race, Media, Freedom
HOAX: Note that used the n-word and threatened a black female student at St. Olaf College and sparked an intense protest that led to classes being shut down for a day as student demonstrators accused the school of institutional racism is confirmed as a HOAX 5/10/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
University Of Missouri Decided To Take Black Lives Matter Seriously. The Result: Nobody Enrolled 5/10/17Education, Race,
Cal Poly Professor Argues Squirrels Are Subjected to Racially Charged Media Bias 5/10/17Education, PC, Race
Racism Is Only Racism If It Comes From A Group The Left Hates. Ben Shapiro 5/10/17Race, Conservative,
Teaching Racism at (K—12) schools in America5/9/17Conservative, Education, Race
More than 70,000 activists aligned with the Womens March organization have signed a radical pledge demanding reparations for blacks, open border immigration policies and the defunding of the U.S. military. 5/8/17Feminism, Race, Patriotism
Asian student at the University of Wisconsin Madison Students Claims Racism over Burnt Toast 5/8/17Education, PC, Race
Wisconsin Students Demand Control Over Cops Because FucK THE POLICE Graffiti Vandal Got Busted 5/8/17Race, Education, Freedom
Kevin Shenkman: Ending Democracy as We Know It in Southern California. The race baiting lawyer in Malibu 5/8/17Conservative, Race,
Seattle Mayor Levies Diet Soda Tax to Tackle White Privilege. The mayor updated the rules of a proposed soda tax which would fund education for minorities to include diet drinks in order to combat the systemic racism of whites who tend to consume those more. 5/8/17Race, economics, Freedom
American University has agreed to give students of color an extension on final exams and establish a sanctuary for people of color following a racist incident on campus 5/8/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Two Days After Winning Leadership Award, Illegal Immigrant Student Suggests Celebrating Cinco De Mayo By Beating The Shit out of White People 5/5/17Immigration, Violence, Race
FBI Report: Officers Have Reduced Policing Due to Anti Cop Hostility 5/5/17Violence, Race,
Gonzaga University Tells Students That Cinco de Mayo Parties Are Racist 5/5/17Education, PC, Race
Reed College Radicals Complain That Course in Greco Roman Thinkers Needs More Non White Authors 5/5/17Remove History, Race, PC
Student Leader at University of Wisconsin Sends Out Farewell Letter Declaring All White People Are Racist 5/4/17Education, Race,
University of California, Santa Cruz students rushed the schools administration building demanding a dorm on campus be painted in (Pan Afrikan) colors. 5/4/17Education, Race, PC
University of Iowa trains white students on their white privilege 5/3/17Education, Race, PC
FBI: Black Lives Matter inspired Cop Killings The New Norm 5/3/17Race, Violence,
Husband of Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Fights To Keep Poor Black Kids Out Of His Kids School. Even though New York schools are the most segregated in the nation, rich white folks in New York are fighting to keep their kids schools white and Jones advised at a hearing with other parents to not talk to the media about their fight to keep their schools white 5/2/17Education, Race, Media
Feminist Apologizes for comparing Rachel Dolezal to transgenders 5/2/17Feminism, LGBT, Race
FBI files detailing speeches delivered by heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in American mosques in the 1960s show a different, more racist and radical face of the famed sportsman 5/2/17Race, Media, Islam
Explicit Kids Message Celebrated by Liberals for Fighting Bigotry 5/2/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The View host Joy Behar thinks Trump would have upheld slavery if he had the chance 5/2/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Local NBC Reporter Forced to Resign Over Quoting a Black Mans Use of N Word 5/2/17Media, Race, PC
An anonymous activist group at Brown University that publishes names of students accused of rape has gone dark after allegedly targeting minorities 5/2/17Feminism, Race, Education
Racial unrest has wracked St. Olaf College, a small campus in rural Minnesota, with students essentially taking over the campus with aggressive protests that forced administrators to cancel classes on Monday 5/1/17Education, Race, Violence
The mayor of Berkeley, California stated that he wonders if he would get so much hate if he were white instead of Latino. This follows the discovery that he belonged to the Facebook group of a local antifascist organization 4/28/17Liberal Bias, Race, Violence
Academic Jonathan Haidt Compares Campus Culture Of Crying Racism To Salem Witch Trials 4/27/17Education, Race, Conservative
Baltimore Is Begging Feds To Step In To Restore Law And Order 4/27/17Violence, Race, Conservative
At the University of Wisconsin Madison, where an unnamed white, female student was reported to the universitys bias incident reporting system for Glaring at two female peers 4/27/17Education, Race, PC
After parental outrage, Chicago area school ditches all-day white privilege seminar 4/26/17Education, Race,
A geology professor at Pomona College is pledging to use racial preferences to decide which students to accept into a class with a strict enrollment cap 4/26/17Education, Race,
Union members call Yale racist and sexist to improve their bargaining position 4/26/17economics, Education, Race
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Leftwing Nitwittery Exposed 4/26/17Race, Conservative, Video
Baltimore’s Dwindling Police Force 4/26/17Race, Violence,
Hair products company Shea Moisture faces backlash for their ad which featured both black and white actresses promoting the companys hair products, but Twitter users accused the company, which has historically tailored their products to black women, of abandoning their original customer base4/25/17Media, Race,
UW LaCrosse students protesting the cancellation of a Hmong heritage course due to low enrollment scoffed at plans to open the class to all students. 4/25/17Education, Race, PC
Math is Racist: The Atlantic points to a paper by Rutgers associate math professor Dan Battey whose theory suggests whiteness is to blame for the disadvantages aimed at minorities in math class 4/25/17Education, Race, PC
Newest Liberal version of history tries to say a black woman actually wrote Shakespeare and it was not WilliamShakespeare himself 4/24/17Remove History, Race,
College must fire white woman because she studies black communities, activists demand 4/24/17Freedom, Education, Race
Liberal Minister Tells Al Sharpton: Christians Invented a Jesus That is Too White4/24/17Christianity, Race, Remove History
Princeton study warns of robot racism, sexism. According to the researchers, robots have always exhibited racist and sexist word associations, such as connecting women with families and households but not professionalism or careers 4/24/17PC, Education, Race
Top California Lawmaker Says Threats To Defund Sanctuary Cities Represent White Supremacy 4/21/17Immigration, Race, Liberal Bias
University of Wisconsin Professor: Blacks Get Screwed by Whites in Charge of Government 4/21/17Education, Race,
A taxpayer-funded high school in North Carolina has come under criticism from local parents because a history teacher gave students a blatantly racist assignment involving a bomb shelter and an impending nuclear war. The assignment called (Bomb Shelter Activity)forces students to use skin color and ethnic background to choose four strangers who will be allowed enter a bomb shelter prior to a nuclear attack.4/21/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Dinesh Dsouza: Did America Steal Mexican Land? Excerpt from Dinesh Dsouza book: America: Imagine a World without Her4/21/17Race, Conservative, Video
Pomona College Professor Seeks To Enroll Students In Class Based On Race 4/20/17Education, Race,
Auburn Police Enforce Anti Masking KKK Laws on Anti Fascists Protesters like ANTIFA4/20/17Violence, Conservative, Race
Students At Western Kentucky University Vote For Reparations For Blacks, Including Free Tuition 4/19/17Education, Race,
MSNBC Asks: Does Fox News had a responsibility to replace ousted-host Bill OReilly with a non white male? 4/19/17Media, Race,
VIDEO: Vox video: This man just solved racism, explained by 1791L 4/19/17Race, Conservative, Video
The Huffington Post South Africa retracted a blog piece that argued for denying white men the vote after realizing the author might not even exist after originally defending the piece 4/17/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black students condemn (Truth) as invention of white people, want conservatives expelled 4/17/17Education, Race,
Actor from Showtime show Homeland, Mandy Patinkin, called White Men in the government and military (the bad guys) and declared forcefully that Muslim refugees are the safest possible citizens you could say hello to 4/17/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Science: Babys are Racist! Researchers at the University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), says while people aren't born racist, adorable little 6mo old infants often are 4/14/17Race, PC,
Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity4/14/17Education, PC, Race
Hearing Instructors in Sign Language Class Accused of Cultural Appropriation 4/14/17PC, Education, Race
Huffington Post advocates denying White Men the right to vote 4/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
MLB Commish Wants Cleveland Indians Mascot Replaced Away from Chief Wahoo 4/13/17Remove History, Race, PC
Clemson University Diversity Training says that Expecting People To Show Up On Time Is Racist 4/12/17PC, Education, Race
Leftist Researcher: Teachers Should Stop Requiring Standard English From Minorities, Too Oppressive 4/11/17Education, Race, PC
HOAX: Police have arrested a black male suspect in connection with a fire at a store owned by South Asian immigrants left damaged with a note from White America telling them to go back to where they came from4/11/17HoaxFraud, Race,
African migrants sold in Libya slave market 4/11/17Race, Islam,
VIDEO: Tommy Sotomayor and Dave Rubin: Racism, the Black Family, and Victimhood 4/7/17Race, Conservative, Video
War on Cops author Heather Mac Donald shouted down at UCLA by hysterical Black Lives Matter protest 4/6/17Race, Education, Freedom
Lansing, Michigan is refusing to comply with federal immigration officials in order to keep the city safe. Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero. Tries to defend the lawless position by saying its easy for white men like us to say 4/6/17Immigration, Freedom, Race
Skincare Company Nivea Forced to Pull White Is Purity Ad Over Ethnic Discrimination 4/6/17Race, PC,
Federal Court Finds LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination Covered By 1964 Civil Rights Act, which was the opposite of what the previous court found. Likely headed to Supreme Court 4/6/17LGBT, Race, Liberal Bias
A new course at the University of California, Santa Cruz examines the rise of Trump in the context of white supremacy, patriarchy, and Islamophobia and counts as a history credit4/6/17Remove History, Race,
Black Woman Allegedly Shouts Racial Epithets, Attacks White Couple, Hammers Their Car And Boat, Claws Mans Bloody Face 4/5/17Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Dinesh DSouza: Is America Stolen Land? Excerpt from Dinesh Dsouza book: America: Imagine a World without Her 4/5/17Race, Conservative, Video
Stanford Accepts Muslim Teen for Writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times on Application 4/4/17Education, Race, Islam
Uconn Womens Basketball coach Geno Auriemma Gets Attacked On Twitter By Own Daughter For His White Male Privilege after saying there are less female coaches because women choose to coach less4/4/17Feminism, Race,
Black Lives Matter Philly Bans White People From Its Meetings 4/3/17Race, ,
Skittles Draws Accusations of White Supremacy for Promoting LGBT Pride With White Candy 4/3/17Race, PC,
Washington Post article decried a growing gap in racial attitudes between white members of the Republican and Democratic parties. Liberal media lambasted this supposed evidence of growing Republican racism. But numbers the Post’s report ignored show the opposite – racism among Republicans has been plummeting for years4/3/17Race, HoaxFraud, Media
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Discrimination and the Law 4/3/17Race, Conservative, Video
ESPNs Rachel Nichols compares North Carolina HB2 Replacement to four black college students being refused at Woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. Basically it is as bad as racism 3/31/17LGBT, Media, Race
The Huffington Post publishes article by a Villanova University student who argues that being polite does not excuse the racism of those who are against illegal immigration. Picking up her dropped pencil, saying God Bless you after her sneeze or saying Good Morning still makes you racist 3/31/17Media, Education, Race
A California middle school is facing layoffs because of a law that limits funding to public schools with a high percentage of white students. 3/28/17Education, Race,
New York Times Journalists Expand List Of Racially Offensive Terms. The growing list of offensive terms held up for scorn by the Times journalists now includes: ethnic, person of color, illegal immigrant, urban, half 3/28/17Race, PC, Media
The Diversity Leadership Council at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, admitted that they had posted racist flyers around campus that called for a White America in order to start a dialogue 3/27/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Students majoring in English at Harvard University will soon be required to take a diversity course featuring authors that have been marginalized for historical reasons 3/27/17PC, Education, Race
White Genocide in South Africa: Bury Them Alive! White South Africans fear for their future as horrific farm attacks escalate 3/25/17Race, Violence,
Sudents at North Carolina State University placed signs across campus with the opening Dear White People and rip white people for racism and privilege3/24/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Liberalism and Marxist Collective Guilt3/23/17PC, Conservative, Video
A Beloit Colleges Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness administrator, gave a speech entitled, Working Against Whiteness in which he described whiteness as a way of thinking, a way of acting that is fundamentally opposed to Christianity 3/21/17Education, Race, Christianity
College Professor says Deportation and travel ban crises snub black peoples suffering 3/21/17Education, Race,
Anti-Racism Movement Reveals It Has Misleading Name3/21/17Conservative, Race, Immigration
VIDEO: The Young Turks Rebuttal: Race Baiting Stupidit - Steven Crowder 3/21/17Race, Video,
Feminist Writer says White People Are Evil 3/20/17Feminism, Media, Race
Student assaults basketball player for wearing hair braids 3/20/17Education, Race, PC
Spike Lee calls out teams for not signing free agent Colin Kaepernick. Despite Kaepernick OPTING-OUT of his own contract to be a free agent, Spike Lee says nothing about not signing Tim Tebow, who also has a post-season win under his belt 3/19/17Race, Liberal Bias,
Cal State Los Angeles professor says Yesterday’s slave catchers are todays police officers 3/16/17Education, Race,
An op-ed in the California State University-Long Beach student paper Daily 49er, Samantha Diaz argues that Milk is Racist3/16/17Media, Race, PC
New York Times op-ed with Drake Universitys Jennifer Harvey argues white parents who teach their children that all people are equal and are utilizing ineffective strategies for combating racism and making their white kids more racist 3/16/17Education, Race, Media
Elon University Scholar says White people who acknowledge their white privilege actually show their white privilege3/16/17Education, Race,
While rejecting the accusation that he celebrates racial and ethnic division, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos insisted on CNN that his opponents want to make America white again3/15/17Immigration, Media, Race
Left Tries To Rewrite Story Of Saint Michael Brown. Theyre Lying Again -Ben Shapiro 3/15/17Media, Race, Conservative
VCU says White male professors under fire, cited as obstacle to diversity and inclusion 3/14/17Race, PC, Education
The New York Board of Regents announced that it would dump the Academic Literacy Skills Test. They didnt dump the test, which was designed to test teachers on reading ability in order to raise standards, because there was anything wrong with the test per se. They dumped it because too many minority teachers were failing it - Ben Shapiro3/14/17Race, PC, Education
Leftists Distribute: 10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege List. I Actively Reject Their Stupidity -Ben Shapiro 3/13/17Race, Conservative,
NPR features an African-American studies professor Robin Means Coleman of the University of Michigan who asserts that King Kong has always been a tale about black lynching. A big, black ape who is absolutely obsessed with whiteness and particularly white women. That has to be cut down, she asserts. 3/13/17Race, PC, Media
George Washington University Study Guide: Only Whites Are Racist 3/10/17Education, Race,
Mizzou student election proves racism and sexism because white man won, critics say 3/9/17Education, Race, Feminism
TCU pays Black Lives Matter activist to call Donald Trump names for Unity Week3/8/17Education, Race,
Liberals go nuts when Ben Carson calls slaves immigrants. Forgetting Obama said: Certainly, it wasnt easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves 3/7/17Obama, Race, Liberal Bias
Pitzer College RA tells white people not to wear hoop earrings 3/7/17Race, Education, PC
A group of white faculty and staff members at MIT have formed a White Persons Accountability Group to help white people understand their roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it. 3/7/17Education, Race, PC
Black Lives Matter is Like the New American Revolution says MSNBC Chris Hayes3/6/17Media, Race,
Black Journalist Blames Whites for Child Abuse During Lecture and cited data from the federal Childrens Bureau to showing from 2006 to 2015 more than 3,600 black children died from maltreatment, and she blames whites for it 3/6/17Race, Violence,
Black Lives Matter Creator Accuses Trump Of Being Anti-Law And Order 3/1/17Race, Liberal Bias,
A campus flier hung at Scripps College advises students of color to charge their white peers for the emotional labor inflicted upon them3/1/17Education, Race,
Ohio University asst. director of Global Studies Program says White people are responsible for racism3/1/17Education, Race,
A Suburban Chicago high school is going forward with an All-School Seminar Day that features far-left speakers on subjects including police genocide against black Americans and suppression of their voting rights. The School insists there is no evidence of any political or social ideology or agenda 2/28/17PC, Education, Freedom
Chuck Schumer Desperate To Make Democrat Hill Staff Less White as some minority outside groups and lobbyists threaten to cut off funds to the Democrat Party if they see real change on this front2/28/17Race, ,
A Georgia judge has sentenced 2 white people to spend a combined 19 years in prison for shouting racial slurs, making armed threats and waving Confederate battle flags at a group of black people; 19 years! And they were charged with terrorism2/28/17Freedom, PC,
Leslie Jones Says She Wants to Punch White Women Who Say Black Lives Matter2/27/17Race, LGBT,
White Men Should Pay 5% Extra In Taxes Because They’re Privileged says Wesplain.com article2/27/17Media, Race,
Seattle Anti-Racism Preschool to Teach Toddlers Tolerance because you can never start the racial indoctrination early enough 2/27/17Education, Race,
Waittress fakes a racist note left on a tip, raises $3,600 from people on GoFundMe, then it turns out she faked the racist note herself 2/25/17HoaxFraud, Race,
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes Interviews Taleeb Starkes about Black Crime and Violence - The Free Speech Podcast Full Interview -Gavin McInnes2/24/17Race, Conservative, Video
University of Michigan students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism2/23/17Education, Race,
Keith Ellison Once Said Black People Don’t Have ‘Obligation’ To Obey Government2/23/17Race, ,
MSNBC Guest Says Anti-Semitism Now ‘Mainstream’ Behavior on the Right 2/22/17Media, Race,
Muslims at University of Texas Arlington: post on social media to Stuff Jews in the oven 2/22/17Islam, Violence, Race
Murder Rates In Four Major Cities Reach Highs Not Seen Since The 90s. Chicago highest murder rate since 1996, Memphis highest since 1985, Missouri too 2/21/17Violence, Obama,
Michigan State University will prohibit students from displaying whiteboards outside their dorm room doors starting next semester due to concerns about 'offensive' words and images 2/21/17Education, Race, PC
Minnesota high school band: We’re only buying music by composers of color 2/21/17Education, Race,
Liberals Want Gun Ranges to Stop Using Black Targets because of Unconscious Bias 2/21/17Race, PC, Guns
NBC News has released two propaganda videos constructed to insinuate American children believe President Trump is an racist and dangerous to the country. 2/20/17Media, Race,
University of Washington Tacoma's College Writing Center Declares American Grammar A ‘Racist,’ ‘Unjust Language Structure 2/20/17Education, Race, PC
Yale Women’s Center is happy with the decision to change the name of John C. Calhoun College to Grace Murray Hopper College, but SJW's and Feminists aren't satisfied because she was a WHITE woman 2/17/17Education, Race, Feminism
Trevor Noah: ‘When Are We Going to Start Treating Racism Like a Disease?’ 2/17/17Media, Race,
The New Black Panther Party: Black Racism Personified 2/17/17Conservative, Race,
A group of mostly white students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is demanding that the school offer a wholly free education to black students, even if they are convicted criminals. 2/17/17Education, Race,
Huffington Post says White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ Because Trump Won 2/17/17Media, Race, Christianity
VIDEO: Media lied about 'Nazi salute' at our rally: PROOF - Rebel Media 2/17/17HoaxFraud, Media, Video
Clemson students jump on anti-Calhoun College bandwagon to rename Tillman Hall at their own school 2/16/17Remove History, ,
Chicago High School Pushes Left-Wing Racist Seminar Despite Parents’ Concerns 2/16/17Education, Race,
Former NBA Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has decided that the film La La Land is racist. 2/15/17Media, Race,
Pepperdine University students protest Christopher Columbus day by dressing in black and white ribbons to call out the Italian explorer's 'celebration of genocide and racial oppression' 2/15/17Race, PC,
The upcoming Netflix series titled Dear White People receiving backlash already. The series, produced by the film's director Justin Simien, will follow college sophomore Samantha White, who is black, of the fictional Ivy League Winchester University as she lectures white people from her radio show 'Dear White People' about how they oppress people like her 2/14/17Media, Race,
Students at Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege2/14/17Education, Race,
Minnesota Senator Al Franken called President Trump 'racist' over the weekend for referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren; who claims to be part Native American as 'Pocahontas.' Left unmentioned, however, is Sen. Franken’s own history of using ugly and offensive language regarding women and minorities2/14/17Race, Conservative,
Racial Arsonists Prepare To Destroy Grammys For Insufficient Beyonce Worship - Ben Shapiro2/14/17Media, Race,
Black Lives Matter Leader: Blacks 'Superhuman,' Whites 'Subhuman'. Whiteness is not humxness, in fact, white skin is sub-humxn,' she wrote, using the gender-inclusive 'x' construction favored by identity politics fanatics. 'All phenotypes exist within the black family and white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness' 2/13/17Race, ,
Evergreen College Offers Workshop to Cure Your Racist, Sexist Toddler 2/10/17Education, Race, PC
A student government leader at Regis University denies that black people commit crime against each other 2/10/17Education, Race,
Ted Cruz: Democrats are the party of the KKK 2/10/17Race, ,
VIDEO: Dinesh DSouza: American black Culture is the cause of black failure. 2/10/17Race, Conservative, Video
Huffington Post Slam of Ted Cruz Accidentally Proves Him Right that the KKK was started by Democrats and the whole 'party switch' doesn't make sense2/9/17Media, Race, Conservative
Public School To Teach First Graders About ‘Black Lives Matter’2/9/17Education, Race,
Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe Urges Patriots to Boycott White House Visit After Super Bowl LI Win 2/9/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Left-wing attacks on Jewish students ‘largely ignored,’ says backer of anti-Semitism bill 2/8/17Liberal Bias, Education, Race
Racist Bill Proposed in Rhode Island Would Ensure Only Black Judges Get Appointed2/7/17Race, Liberal Bias, Freedom
NBA Coach Gregg Popovich Says Hard Work Won’t Help Blacks Attain American Dream, Too Much Racism 2/3/17Race, ,
University of New Hampshire is hosting an event to discuss the distinctions between 'White Privilege' and 'White Supremacy' which to them is likely to be no difference2/3/17Education, Race,
A women’s college is planning to hire new professors based on the color of their skin because of the 'demonstrated benefits' of nonwhite faculty. 2/3/17Education, Race, PC
Marc Lamont Hill Claims the Right Riots on Campus Too, Can't Name One Example 2/3/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN published an article and video about Breitbart Senior editor MILO Thursday which associated MILO with the alt-right and 'white nationalist' and 'anti-Semitic' activists despite his explicit rejection of them2/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Approximately 70 Ohio University students were held for criminal trespassing after they 'occupied' the fourth-floor lobby of the campus Baker Center with shouts of 'Fuck THE WHITE POLICE!'2/2/17Education, Race, PC
London Guardian makes the argument that violence against 'racists' should be tolerated in order to stop Donald Trump 2/1/17Race, Violence, Media
Reddit has banned its largest alt-right group, continuing a trend of social media platforms censoring the nationalist movement with ties to white supremacy 2/1/17Race, PC, Media
A black University of Pennsylvania student recently declared that his fall semester at the Ivy League institution was 'traumatic' because he had three white professors who refused to acknowledge their privilege 1/31/17Education, Race, PC
Small Connecticut Town Holding Essay Contest for High Schoolers on White Privilege 1/31/17Race, PC,
BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People' 1/30/17Race, PC, Violence
North Carolina State student: Garbage left on his car is ‘racism’ 1/30/17Race, PC,
Cleveland Indians working on changing Indian logo to appease the PC crowd 1/27/17Race, PC, Remove History
A class to be offered this spring at Ohio State University is an identity politics-based course that in large part is focused on teaching students how to detect microaggressions and white privilege 1/27/17Race, PC, Education
Pro-Life Youth Group Attacked by Thugs Yelling Racial Slurs in Southeast D.C. 1/27/17Abortion, Violence,
Jerry Seinfeld Slammed for ‘Black’s Life Matters’ Tweet where he mentions comedian Lewis Black and then says 'Black's Life Matters' 1/27/17Media, Race, PC
The head of the NCAAP has come out in stark opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s coming investigation into voter fraud, claiming it is 'racist.' 1/27/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Claremont McKenna College is offering a minorities-only meditation program to students who have experienced race-related stress. The program hopes to help ethnic minorities 'heal from racism- and race-related incidents' and is only available to minorities 1/26/17Education, PC, Race
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Buzzfeed Editor-in-chief Ben Smith for excluding whites from a fellowship position1/26/17Race, Media,
The president of the University of Oregon has refused to accept a demand that his institution rename a building honoring university founder Matthew Deady because of his pro-slavery views1/26/17Education, Race, Remove History
CAIR: Refusing Refugee Admissions Is Equivalent To Slavery 1/25/17Islam, Immigration, Race
VIDEO: Buzzfeed Reporter Gets Wrecked By Tucker Carlson and says White People are a Plague1/25/17Media, Race, Video
Huffington Post: Obama DOJ Fought Texas Voter ID Law. Trumps New Civil Rights Chief Offered Tips On Writing It. 1/25/17Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Concerned Student Reports KKK on Campus: Wait, My Bad, That’s Lab Equipment1/24/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Jane Fonda: ‘Have To Include Race and Class In Everything We Do’ 1/21/17Race, Media,
The Democrats' Fight Against School Choice Is Immoral. The National Education Association spent $23 million during the last election cycle alone to elect politicians to keep low income Americans right where they are1/20/17Education, Race, Conservative
Spike Lee says he won’t be using Chrisette Michele’s music in an upcoming project because of her decision to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration 1/19/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Leftists SLAM Wyclef Jean For Saying MLK Thought All Lives Matter1/18/17Race, PC,
VIDEO: Celebrities Praise Racist Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood | Steven Crowder1/18/17Abortion, Celebrities, Race
Morehouse College prof calls blacks meeting with Donald Trump ‘mediocre Negroes’ 1/17/17Education, Race, Liberal Bias
New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps 1/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
VIDEO: DNC Chair Jehmoo Greene Tied Up In Knots Branded A Loser & Left Speechless about Healthcare and Race By Tucker Carlson1/17/17Race, Conservative, Video
The minimum wage has a racist history that is detrimental to minorities 1/16/17Economics, Race,
Black Lives Matter activists aim to 'reclaim' MLK as radical 1/16/17Race, Remove History, Violence
A 14-year-old student allegedly hoaxed a Twitter threat from a social media account that she claimed was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). 1/12/17HoaxFraud, Race,
The Internet gets slightly outraged over Steve Harvey's racist jokes about Asians. But if he was white, he would have been fired 1/12/17Race, PC, Media
Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson recently suggested that white people should open up 'individual reparations accounts' to literally pay back African Americans for slavery. 1/10/17Education, Race,
HS student’s LeBron James puppet ‘hung up’ for safe keeping brings charges of racism, despite that it was hung up because it wasn't completed and they didn't want it to get damaged1/9/17PC, Education, Race
Black Parents Sending Kids to Workshops on How to Deal with Racist Cops 1/9/17Race, ,
The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) student union at the University of London is demanding that philosophers Plato, Descartes, and Kant should be replaced by philosophers from Asia and Africa. 1/8/17PC, Remove History, Race
Obama Makes ASTONISHING Claim About Race Relations During His Presidency 1/7/17Obama, Race,
FBI Hate Crime Statistics: Anti-Black Hate Crimes Dropped Dramatically 1/6/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Obama Says Race Relations Aren't Getting Worse. Here Are 5 Ways We Know That Isn't True. 1/6/17Obama, Race, Conservative
'Anti-Racism Strategist' Calls Ft. Lauderdale Shooter ‘White Hispanic’1/6/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
54 People Shot During First Four Days of 2017 in Gun-Controlled Chicago1/5/17Violence, Race, Guns
President Barack Obama is finishing his term with a lengthy essay on criminal justice reform in the Harvard Law Review, arguing that Americans should recognize systemic racism in the system 1/5/17Obama, Race,
Northampton County (Pennsylvania) District Attorney John Morganelli announced charges against a white 14-year-old Saucon Valley High School student who had filmed a black classmate eating wings during a chicken wing eating contest. 1/5/17Race, Education, PC
VIDEO: White House unsure whether torturìng disabled man was a hate crime1/5/17Liberal Bias, Race, PC
VIDEO: Chicago Kidnapping: What They're Not Telling You - Paul Joseph Watson1/5/17Race, Conservative, Video
F**k Donald Trump, F**k White People!’: 4 People In Custody After Man Kidnapped, Tortured On Facebook Live 1/4/17Race, Violence,
Oakland Schools are already broke again after 2003 bailout. Teachers received a 14% raise while the school district declined by 850 students1/4/17Education, Race, Freedom
Northwestern begins two weeks of Black Lives Matter ‘programming’; flies BLM flag on campus1/4/17Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: CNN Panel Blame Trump for Racist attack on white person on Facebook live 1/4/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Journalist writes: that if you’re black, you’re better off having a black doctor than a white doctor because, you know, white doctors are racist.1/3/17Race, Media, Healthcare
Leftists Sending Ridiculous ‘Check Your Privilege’ Cards1/2/17Race, PC,
The 61% increase in law enforcement officers shot and killed in 2016 versus 2015 and a 53% overall increase in officers murdered in the performance of duty1/1/17Race, Violence,
Former Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy said Sunday that the Black Lives Matter movement was ultimately responsible for rising crimes rates in his city and nationally because it was making it harder for police to do their jobs. 1/1/17Race, Violence,
Fake News: A&E Pulls Series on 'KKK' after it's found that producers paid members to fabricate stories and distort the facts12/31/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
California Black Lives Matter Proud of Facebook Post Saying They Spit in Police Officer’s Starbucks 12/30/16Race, Violence,
A Painting that depicts police officers as pigs with guns pointed at black people is gracing a wall in the nation's capital.12/30/16Race, Obama,
No, Evan McMullin, Republicans don’t have a racism problem 12/28/16Conservative, Race, Liberal Bias
Radical leftists at Salon have deconstructed the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story as an example of white racist nostalgia. 12/28/16Media, Race, PC
Salon: If you are against white genocide you are racist 12/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
CNBC’s John Harwood took to Twitter and blamed Republican opposition to ObamaCare and racism as why President Obama’s Democratic Party lost so many seats nationwide during his administration 12/27/16Media, Race, Obama
A man who claimed to have been the victim of a racist hate crime actually hoaxed the incident, writing 'n*gger lovers' on his own garage door. Another Hate Crime Hoax 12/26/16HoaxFraud, Race,
American University in Washington, D.C. has installed a new statue on campus to raise awareness for a convicted cop-killer’s clemency campaign. 12/23/16Education, Race, Violence
Trump right again? Crime soars and cops under attack. Violence against police has also increased sharply. Shootings of police officers are up over 70% in 2016, and fatal ambushes are up by over 150%12/23/16Race, Violence, Obama
Black males between the ages of 18 and 24 commit homicide at 9.3 times the rate of white and Hispanic males of the same age. In New York City, blacks commit 75% of all shootings, though they are only 23% of the population. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings, and you account for between 97% to 98% of all shootings in New York City. A much smaller proportion of black homicide victims (4%) die from police shootings than the white and Hispanic homicide victims (12%) who die from police shootings 12/22/16Education, Race,
WSJ: 16 of the 20 largest police departments in the country reported a rise in homicides as of mid-December. The city of Chicago showed an astounding 56% increase in murders from 2015 12/22/16Violence, Race, Obama
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville was burned on November 1st, and the words 'Vote Trump' were spray-painted on the outside of it. On December 21 the Mississippi Department of Public Safety made an arrest in the arson case and the suspect is black 12/21/16HoaxFraud, Race,
Students at the University of Maryland have released a list of 64 demands in their effort make the campus more amenable to 'Marginalized, American Indian, Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, Pro-Palestine, and Undocumented' students and Muslim students want 'one room in each major building designated for prayer' and 'shuttle services to the local mosque for Muslim students to have access to a place of worship'12/21/16Education, PC, Islam
VIDEO: Debunking MTV’s '2017 Resolutions for White Guys' -Gavin McInnes12/21/16Race, Conservative, Video
Colorado State University’s administration has agreed to provide counseling for students who may be struggling with 'racial battle fatigue' and contemplate making Ethinic Studies and Gender Studies Mandatory classes 12/20/16Education, Race, PC
MSNBC Host Compares Gender-Specific Bathrooms to Racial Segregation 12/20/16Media, LGBT, Race
Connecticut high school suspended the word 'white' from his school's cheers, a frequently chanted word since East Hampton High colors are blue and, yes, white 12/19/16Education, PC, Race
MTV Releases the most racist video spot we've seen yet, called 'White Guy Resolution 2017'12/19/16Race, Media,
Oppressed Groups Vie for Most Attention at Students of Color Conference after Black Students clash with Muslim students over who is the most oppressed group 12/19/16Education, Race, PC
Spokeswoman for DC Public Schools says ‘abolish’ white men 12/17/16Education, Race,
Fake Black Activist Shaun King loves posting about fake hate crimes 12/16/16HoaxFraud, Race,
Two of the main British Film Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) awards will only be awarded to films which meet diversity targets, the British Film Institute (BFI) has announced 12/16/16PC, Race, Liberal Bias
IDENTITY POLITICS ARE ANTI-AMERICAN and why 'people of color' is a racist term 12/16/16Conservative, Race,
CBS News analyst compares Donald Trump to Charleston murderer Dylann Roof12/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
The Kellogg Company’s namesake nonprofit, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, has given over half a million dollars to the community organizing group Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), a pro-open borders group headed by Opal Tometi, one of the three co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. 12/15/16Race, ,
University of Arkansas redacts information on professor's study on the effects of race-based admissions policies because it might expose the prioritization of minoritiy admissions over others with equal scores. After extended legal battle, Arkansas will be forced to disclose the information12/15/16Liberal Bias, Freedom, Race
Joan Walsh: 'Moderate' Obama Unified White America, Yet Faced 'Whitelash' 12/15/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Ohio State Students hold moment of silence for Muslim student shot by police after attacking students with a knife because that was police brutality 12/14/16Islam, Education, PC
A man looking to blame President-Elect Donald Trump supporters for a hate crime confessed to police that he fabricated an incident involving a racially-charged message, a fire, and a staged abduction12/14/16Race, HoaxFraud,
The University of Colorado, Denver is offering a course called 'Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice' in 2017 which aims to explore 'the plight of people of color AND how Whites are also complicit in a system of race'12/14/16Education, Race,
Obama says 'we have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism' in America 12/13/16Obama, Race,
Oregon State University promises new class inspired by Donald Trump about how Blacks have historically resisted the 'white supremacy' 12/13/16Education, Race, PC
STUDY: Predicting Which Children Become Crminials: 20% of test subjects accounting for the majority of societal burdens for the whole group accounted for 82% of their children’s fatherless years 12/13/16Race, Conservative,
Chelsea Handley writes open letter about how white women do not appreciate their rights and have destroyed the country by voting for Trump 12/12/16Race, Media,
Medical students across the country are teaming up against what they purport to be widespread racism in their field, calling on their institutions to recognize the situation as a 'public health crisis.' and one of the major health issues in our country 12/12/16Education, Race, PC
Black Guy taped a note with racial slurs and the words 'KKK' and 'Trump' written on it to his ex-girlfriend's mailbox, set his ex-girlfriend's car on fire and then staged his own abduction to throw off detectives.12/12/16HoaxFraud, Race,
University of Penn Students Replace Shakespeare Portrait with One of Black Feminist Writer Because Diversity 12/12/16Education, PC,
Eastern Michigan University is in the process of implementing a 'Black Student 10-Point Plan' that would require faculty to build 'a course on Black studies' into 'the curriculum of every major'12/10/16Education, Race, PC
Ohio State stabber’s name added to list of nonwhites wrongly killed by police 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Race
Repulicans have more diversity among Senate positions. On top of having no minority chiefs of staff, less than 3% of blacks and Latinos have senior staff positions in Senate Democrats’ offices 12/8/16Race, ,
University of Illinois leaders: It’s racial profiling to question black student about stolen phone 12/8/16Race, Education, PC
Thanks liberals. Now, even food is racist12/7/16PC, Race,
Black Employees Suing CNN for Racial Discrimination 12/7/16Race, Media,
Buzzfeed Celebrates Anti-White Racism 12/7/16Race, Media,
The Messy Truth About Van Jones 12/7/16Conservative, Race, Media
Top 10 ‘real’ news stories that turned out to be fake12/6/16Environmental, Conservative,
University’s ‘Whiteness Forum’ takes ‘critical look at whiteness’ 12/5/16Education, Race,
VIDEO: David Horowitz at University of Michigan talks facts about race 12/5/16Conservative, Video, Race
The Chilling Reason Why Black Lives Matter Memorializes Fidel Castro — He's a Cop Killer 12/4/16Race, Violence, Socialism
A black man was arrested for allegedly spray-painting a 'racist' message followed with President-Elect Donald Trump’s and 'Black Bitch' as another Hate Crime Hoax 12/2/16Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
Professor: Americans Like Greek Yogurt Because Of White Cultural Appropriation 12/2/16Education, PC,
Columbia University Native American group wants reparations from the college 12/2/16Education, Race,
Cosmo: Victoria's Secret is 'Racist'! 12/1/16Media, Race, PC
Students at women’s college demand ‘woman of color’ as new president, decry ‘white feminism’ 12/1/16Feminism, Race, PC
Firing of University of Texas Coach Charlie Strong Labeled ‘Racism11/30/16Race, ,
Virginia district bans ‘Huck Finn,’ ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ due to racial terminology 11/30/16Race, Remove History, PC
15 veteran prosecutors unanimously recommended not to charge, Brentley Vinson, the police officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott Vinson with a crime. Still, protests breakout, and 4 were arrested 11/30/16Race, ,
Town Hall Cut Short After Charles Barkley Defends Police And Crowd LOSES It11/29/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs Tariq Nasheed Tweet Criticising the Cop who killed the Ohio State shooter a hero11/29/16Media, Conservative, Video
‘Anti-Racism Strategist’ Doesn’t Want White Cop Who Killed ‘Black Somali’ Terrorist Labeled a Hero 11/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Shocker: Black Lives Matter Comes Out in Defense of Castro 11/28/16Socialism, Race,
After false Castro claims, Kaepernick will hear it in Miami; Kap said Fidel Castro had Cuba with the highest literacy rate in the world and they spend more on education than on prisons. A study by the Brookings Institute found that total spending on prisons and jails in the United States is $80 billion a year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounts to $620 billion a year. Add in the $517 billion spent on postsecondary education, and the U.S. actually spends about 14 times as much on its education system as its prison system.11/27/16Race, Economics, Celebrities
Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Black Friday Shopping in Major Cities 11/25/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Black Lives and Social Policy 11/25/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter MATA - Bill Whittle 11/23/16Race, Conservative, Video
Toni Morrison: White Voters ‘Eagerly Embraced’ Donald Trump out of Fear of a ‘Collapse of White Privilege’ 11/22/16Race, Liberal Bias,
Bowling Green State University, another student alleged 'he had been pushed to the ground and robbed, all while the two perpetrators allegedly called him a racial slur.' Campus police determined that it was false.11/22/16HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Chants at an Anti-Police Rally: 'What's Better Than 14 Dead Cops? 15 Dead Cops!' 11/22/16Race, ,
Controversy after department posts photo of suspect who tried to kill deputy crying during arrest 11/21/16Race, PC,
Four Arrested in Beating of Trump Voter in Chicago 11/21/16Race, ,
San Antonio Police Officer Executed While Writing Traffic Ticket — Suspect: Black Man in Black Car 11/20/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Loud Mouth Black Lives Matter Supporter Loses Control 11/19/16Race, Video,
VIDEO: Why Do Blk People Celebrate Thug Culture? Thomas Sowell Returns 11/19/16Race, Conservative, Video
If you still believe that Trump is racist/sexist/homophobic — read this. 11/18/16Conservative, Race, Feminism
A Black man in Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now 'Trump country,'and threatened to lynch him11/18/16HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Rutgers professor that joked about shooting white people after Trump won is placed on leave 11/18/16Education, Race,
Twitter User creates two accounts to and tweets the same things, only changing the words 'white' with 'black' and when he used 'black' in the same hateful rants instead of 'white' he got banned, while he was fine on the account he used rants against 'white' people 11/18/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Whoopi Said Trump Nominee Wants to Bring Back Slavery, The View Removed Video 11/18/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Michael Brown’s Father: BLM Tried To Profit Off My Son’s Death 11/17/16Race, ,
San Francisco teacher defends using lesson which calls Donald Trump ‘racist,’ ‘sexist’ 11/17/16Education, Liberal Bias,
White students not allowed to speak at University of Michigan post-election walkout 11/17/16Education, Race,
White students create 'deconstructing whiteness' club at Pomona College by launching a new student group dedicated to 'owning our racism' and 'deconstructing our whiteness' 11/16/16Race, Education,
The American Jewish Committee has decided to team up with the financiers of the murder of Jews to oppose Trump 11/16/16Race, Islam,
2015 FBI Stats Show Again, Hate Crimes Against Jews More Than Double That of Muslims 11/14/16Islam, Race,
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell: Cultural Diversity A World View 11/13/16Race, Conservative, Video
Anti-Trump students spraypaint ‘AmeriKKKa’ on the flag ‘out of respect’ for Veterans Day11/12/16Education, Race, Patriotism
Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America 11/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
SMU revoked a promise to the daughter of a slain police officer that she could perform the first-serve at a volleyball game to honor her father, but after backlash, now claim the cancellation was a mistake.An email to the student's mother, which the school now claims was sent erroneously, explains that the cancellation was prompted by concerns that honoring a slain police officer could be seen as 'insensitive'11/11/16Education, PC, Race
UNC students walk out of class to protest Trump victory, ‘white America’ 11/11/16Education, Race,
Cornell professor wants general strike of black professionals, artists and academics due to Trump win 11/10/16Education, Race,
VIDEO: Group Brutally Beats Man While Yelling 'Don't Vote Trump'11/10/16Freedom, Video, Race
Accompanied by some shouts of 'F*** white America,' a group of American University students torched American flags after the election of Donald Trump 11/9/16Patriotism, Education, Race
Loyala University in Chicago's history course on slavery has a new section on Donald Trump 11/7/16Education, Race,
What America would be like without white people 11/6/16Race, Socialism,
Mediaite Reporter Panics During World Series, Thinks Strikeout Sign Is KKK Symbol 11/3/16Media, Race,
NYC health official: 'We must name racism as a cause of poor health' 11/3/16Race, PC,
Two Iowa Cops Ambushed and Murdered11/2/16Race, ,
Student Suspected of Plagarism pulls the 'Race' Card 11/2/16Education, Race, PC
Distinguished scholar’ lectures University of Washington crowd on whites’ ‘racial illiteracy’11/1/16Education, Race,
Most college students think America invented slavery, professor finds10/31/16Education, Race,
Two University of Maryland researchers claim that among racially biased white voters, fear triggers greater support for voter ID laws. In reality, it's common-sense to try and prevent fraud, but that's not important to the Liberal10/30/16Liberal Bias, Education, Race
Social Justice vs Truth 10/28/16Race, Conservative, Socialism
‘Racists go home!’ protesters attack University of Texas (anti)-affirmative action bake sale10/27/16Education, PC, Race
Black Harvard professor: Giving minorities safe spaces does more harm than good10/26/16Conservative, Race, Education
UW Madison won't denounce students' 'All White People are Racist' Hoodies10/26/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
A sociology textbook in use at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne teaches that American exceptionalism has 'racist overtones' and that capitalism is to blame for 'the persistence of poverty' 10/25/16Education, Race, Socialism
Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a violent protest on campus Friday to demand additional segregated 'spaces of color' for non-white students. The demonstration began at a key bridge on campus, where the protesters made a human chain to prevent white people from crossing, instead directing them to 'go around' by trudging across the stream10/25/16Education, Race,
ESPN Analyst uses the word 'noose' by describing University of Texas Head Football Coach Charlie Strong's job in danger and people get offended because he's black 10/22/16Media, Race, PC
Standford Activist plan protest of school president for no other reason than he is a white, heterosexual male10/21/16Education, Race, PC
Jorge Ramos makes a documentary about Donald Trump's influence on racism in America,10/21/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
PBS host Tavis Smiley talks about his fears that blacks in America might one day return to slavery if Donald Trump wins the election 10/21/16Race, Media,
Emery University is trying to establish 'Person's of Color' only events; continuing the revival of segregation 10/20/16Education, Race,
Illinois State University celebrated the Black Lives Matter movement by flying its official flag on campus 10/19/16Education, Race,
The War on Cops Continues: Body Armored Man attacked two police officers in California 10/18/16Race, Conservative,
Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin said Republicans need to realize and stand up against the 'enormously destructive' white supremacist 'empowerment' sparked by Donald Trump's run 10/18/16Race, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: The Falseness of Liberals pt 2 Liberal Guilt 10/18/16Conservative, Video, Race
Former Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams says that Female Trump voters aren’t ‘smart,’ Christianity is ‘disconnected,’ and whites males are ‘erasing history’10/17/16PC, Feminism, Christianity
VIDEO: Hillary Called Black Servant the 'N-Word' Claims Former Clinton Chef by Paul Joseph Watson 10/17/16Clinton, Race, Video
The NAACP will denounce Charter schools, despite polls repeatedly showing that, among blacks, support for charter schools is substantially higher than opposition. In heavily-black cities like Washington, D.C., many parents have voted with their feet, transferring their students into charter schools rather than keep them in standard public schools that are often viewed as failing 10/14/16Education, Race,
Northwestern University is planning to quadruple the number of safe spaces on campus for black students 10/14/16Education, Race, PC
Black Actors Appear With Hands Up in ‘Powerful Police Brutality PSA, well over a year before the 'Hands Up Don't Shoot' Narrative has been proven untrue 10/14/16Race, Media,
Black lives Matter protesters disrupt Ohio University homecoming game 10/13/16Education, Race,
A Conservative student group at Cal State LA made up mostly of black, Latino and Asian students was targeted Thursday by verbal assaults and vandalism protesting the club’s plans to host a conservative black female speaker on campus 10/13/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Black Singers are now declining to sing the National Anthem because of a controversial third verse, which uses the word 'slave' that is reinterpreted to be a reference towards black people, although it has nothing to do with the enslavement of blacks, but the enslavement of Americans to the British 10/13/16Race, Patriotism,
A Black Lives Matter rally Monday at Indiana University resulted in property damage as student protesters turned their ire on motorists while blocking traffic. 10/12/16Race, ,
Black Ivy League Professor says he's rather have his children mess with drugs than police because police are more dangerous10/11/16Education, Race,
Screenshots of a private online conversation among a group of North Carolina State University students that used the n-word and criticized Black Lives Matter were posted to social media, prompting the campus to erupt in controversy and calls for the students involved in the conversation to be punished 10/10/16Education, Race, Freedom
A student at Tufts University proposes a free speech resolution which has been viciously attacked by peers who suggest he’s only lobbying for free speech so he can be free to say racist and oppressive things 10/10/16Freedom, Education, Race
A University of Virginia Professor is put on paid leave after saying that Black Lives Matter is the most racist thing we've seen since the KKK, which is true10/10/16Education, Freedom, Race
Female police officer in Chicago is brutally beaten by attack but did not draw her gun because she was afraid of going viral and putting her department and family through media hell 10/7/16Race, PC, Media
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream show their support for black lives matter and many customers boycott 10/7/16Race, ,
Florida International University’s Campus Life department issued multiple calls for the entire student body to 'Stand with BSU,' the Black Student Union, in aligning themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement 10/7/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
The EEOC says criminal background checks and citizenship requirements are hindering the diversity of police departments10/7/16PC, Race,
Students at the University of Wisconsin is selling hoodies that say 'All White People are Racist' 10/6/16Education, Race,
Survey: 1/3 of Americans turn the NFL off now due to Black Lives Matter Protests 10/4/16Race, Conservative,
Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat 10/4/16Education, Race,
Judge Throws Out Black Lives Matter Lawsuit Against Ferguson The protesters 'have completely failed to present any credible evidence that any of the actions taken by these individuals were taken with malice or were committed in bad faith' 10/4/16Race, ,
Justice Clarence Thomas, the second black man to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, is practically absent from the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. Anita Hill, the woman who accused Thomas of sexual harassment, however, is given prominent billing in the museum10/3/16Race, Liberal Bias,
The Clinton's have a long history of supporting white supremacists. While Trump was receiving the Ellis Island Award with Rosa Parks for supporting brotherhood and diversity, Bill and Hillary were being mentored by segregationist Sen. J. William Fulbright, was a segregationist who signed the Southern Manifesto, a document that opposed racial integration of schools. 10/3/16Clinton, Race, Conservative
The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Redskins, who hoped to reverse an earlier U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that canceled the team’s trademarks based on a policy that 'prohibits registration of marks that may disparage persons or bring them into contempt or disrepute. 10/3/16PC, Freedom, Race
Sports Journalists Condemn ‘All Lives Matter’ Protestor as Racist, Then Cops Take Off His Gorilla Mask10/3/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
A Black Oberlin professor previously suspended over her anti-Semitic Facebook posts is now claiming that the disciplinary action taken against her was based on racism 10/3/16Race, Education,
A 17-year old high school student was jumped by one or more black guys and was beaten unconscious, and has his skull fractured in 3 places, because he supported the police on social media over black lives matter. The student took the threats on social media to the school principle, who did nothing, even though they're required to report credible threats to police, they decided not in this case 10/3/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes leaves Black Lives Matter supporter speechless when confronted with facts 10/2/16Race, Conservative, Video
Kansas University protesters say that using terms like 'blacks' and 'llegal' is an act of violence, as is supporting the construction of a border wall 9/30/16Race, PC, Education
Where Democrats Learned Racial Tribalism from American Communist Mary Frances Berry. A 'civil rights' icon's contribution to her party's moral collapse 9/30/16Race, Conservative,
MORE FORGOTTEN WHITE VICTIMS OF BLACK VIOLENCE. What are their loved ones thinking of 'white privilege'?9/30/16Conservative, Race,
U.N. Panel Demands the U.S. Pay Reparations 'Human rights' panel accuses American police of being modern-day lynchers9/30/16Race, Liberal Bias,
Black Racism goes mainstream. A movement based on race-hatred gets the thumbs up from the government, the media and the culture-at-large. 9/30/16Race, Conservative,
Black student leaders at Mizzou threaten to burn down fraternity house in racial spat over alledged racial slur and the fraternity gets suspended9/30/16Education, Race,
Black Lives Matter Chases Down and Beats a Man wearing a Trump hat9/29/16Race, ,
A man was shot by police in Southern California which sparked multiple protests of police brutality but now it comes to light that Federal officials tried twice to deport the 38-year-old man. He arrived in the U.S. in 1991 from Uganda, and was convicted for transporting and selling narcotics and also went to prison for a firearms charge but his native country, Uganda, refused to take him back 9/29/16Race, Immigration,
VIDEO: 15 Questions White People Have For BuzzFeed Racists by Paul Joseph Watson 9/29/16Race, Conservative, Video
A group of student activists at Texas A&M University is demanding that the school incorporate a mandatory anti-racism class into the core curriculum 9/28/16Education, Race,
Campus debate on Black Lives Matter called racist, shut down by protesters9/28/16Education, Race,
Black Lives Matter’s DeRay Mckesson: Can’t think of a reason when it’s OK for cops to kill a person 9/28/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter is Bringing Back Traditional Marxism (and Cultural Marxism) 9/28/16Race, PC, Socialism
Charlotte Protesters list their demands and they're hilarious: one of which is THE DEFUNDING OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT (2017 Budget: $246,644,617) and sending that budget to needy inner city communities 9/27/16Race, Conservative,
A New York High School Teacher says on social media that students who wear 'Trump gear' to school are racist 9/26/16Education, Race,
A Large group of protesters sit anad raise their fists as a black power symbol during national anthem at UNC football game9/26/16Education, Race,
MSNBC's Joy Reid lies again; tweeting a false narrative that the police planted a gun on Keith Lamont Scott9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
70% of Charlotte Rioters that are being arrested have out of state Id's; showing that these race baiters travel to provoke chaos 9/23/16Race, HoaxFraud, Media
On CNN, Dyson Claims 'Police Are the Manifestation of Terror Against Black Life'9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Mariners Suspend Steve Clevenger for Criticizing Obama, Anthem Protesters, Charlotte Rioters. 9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The University of Vermont’s Burlington campus is flying a Black Lives Matter flag alongside both the American and state flags because of all the honorable things they've done like murder police offers, assault people, raid and loot stores and property damage 9/23/16Education, Race,
Keith Lamont Scott, the latest martyr of Black Lives Matter and its media propaganda corps, was shot while waving a gun around had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. He had been hit with 'assault with intent to kill' charges in the 90s and his record of virtue included 'assault on a child under 12' and 'assault on a female' and he spent 7 years in jail for 'aggravated assault with a deadly weapon'9/23/16Race, Conservative,
A gun recovered at the scene of the fatal shooting of a black man by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, was loaded and fingerprints, DNA and blood from the weapon matched those of the victim9/23/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Steven Crowder #BlackLivesMatter vs America 9/23/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Police Chief Kerr Putney told Megyn Kelly tonight that dash cam and body cam videos of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott back up officers' claims that Scott did not comply with commands or drop the handgun he allegedly was holdin9/22/16Race, Video,
Charlotte riots because a black man was shot by a black police officer. The city went into chaos calling in the National Guard because of the property damage, looting, and attacks on innocent people like a photographer who was allegedly unconscious when rioters tried to toss him into a fire.9/22/16Race, ,
Tulsa Police Officer Charged in Terence Crutcher’s Death. Yes the justice system works9/22/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter says they will tear down Andrew Jackson monuments themselves in New Orleans 9/22/16Remove History, Race,
CHARLOTTE BURNING Soros-funded Black Lives Matter inflicts its terror in a sleepy Southern city. 9/22/16Race, Conservative,
Police Say Video Shows Keith Lamont Scott Had Gun in Hand 9/22/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Charlotte Riots: What They're NOT Telling You with Paul Joseph Watson 9/22/16Race, Conservative, Video
The View's Whoopi Goldberg says we should profile all white people to save us from domestic terrorism. 9/21/16Media, Immigration, Race
Massachusettes court rules that it's okay for black people to run from police offers to avoid being arrested because they're black. The court found that systemic racism in the Boston Police Department may be considered in conjunction with a suspect’s decision to flee from police during a stop.9/21/16Race, ,
George Mason University, Cal State Fresno, University of Wisconsin, among the schools holding segregated back to school events on their campuses because segregation is back in style 9/21/16Education, Race,
The brother of Keith Lamont Scott, the 43-year-old armed man shot by a black officer in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, went off when a reporter asked if there was anything they needed to know. 'Just know that all white people are fucking devils' 9/21/16Race, ,
The Yale Dramatic Association Board yesterday held new auditions for the play 'Wild Party' due to complaints about a white woman originally being cast in a role typically portrayed by a black man 9/20/16Race, PC,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Daily Wire Podcast Ep. 183 - Black Man Shot, Leftists Blame America 9/20/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Daily Wire Podcast Ep. 183 - Black Man Shot, Leftists Blame America 9/20/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Black People Dump Racist Democrat Party of Failure9/20/16Race, Video, Conservative
New York Times film critics suggest evaluating movies not on their artistic value, but whether they meet diversity initiatives 9/19/16Race, PC, Media
Social Justice Warriors say 'Harambe' memes are racist and show how Americans are using an African name to mock black people by talking about a gorilla 9/19/16PC, Race,
VIDEO: The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans -Prager University9/19/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro crushes Skip Bayless on Black Lives Matter, institutional racism9/17/16Conservative, Video, Race
Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown, who is currently facing felony charges for fraud, is trying to solicit donations online to fund her legal defense saying 'During my entire political career, I have fought racism, injustice and advocated for individuals who normally get left behind' and that's why you should feel bad for her and give her money9/16/16HoaxFraud, Race,
The head of a Dallas police organization is suing a collection of Black Lives Matter figureheads and other prominent individuals for allegedly inciting racial violence against American police officers 9/16/16Race, Conservative,
Missouri State Senator refuses to stand for Pledge of Allegiance citing racist America 9/15/16Patriotism, Race,
VIDEO: Reality Check: More Blacks Die While Football Players Whine About Cops 9/15/16Conservative, Video, Race
VIDEO: New York Times Columnist tells CNN that Trump's rise is just about race and America is just a racist country9/15/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Grade School Teachers to Wear Black Lives Matter Shirts to Class to Protest ‘Systemic Oppression’ 9/14/16Race, Education,
The Los Angeles Times paid a visit to Donald Trump’s Southern California headquarters in Long Beach and was stunned by the diversity of volunteers 9/14/16Media, Race,
Dean at Western Kentucky U. claims she’s victim of anonymous note ‘attacking her race’ 9/14/16Education, Race,
UNC Rape Case Reveals Race Double Standard. No feminist outrage here either9/14/16Education, Race, Conservative
Black Lives Matter protests global warming. The left-wing group also vocally endorsed BDS against the Jewish State and denounced charter schools. What do Global Warming, Israel and charter schools have to do with BLM’s supposed mission of denouncing police brutality? And what does Black Lives Matter’s obsession with gay rights have to do with police shootings? Nothing. And that’s the point. Black Lives Matter was always a scam. The protests made it a valuable property. And the payday came in. Black Lives Matter was never committed to black causes. Instead it exploited black identity politics and grievances to set up yet another front group for the left.9/13/16Conservative, Race,
The Sordid History of Liberals Calling Republicans Racists9/13/16Conservative, Race,
Williams: Academics, Media Wrong to Blame Crime on Poverty, Discriminatiom 9/12/16Conservative, Race,
Washington Post: Half of Trump supporters are racist because they don't overcite racism from the media in polls9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Feminists Launch a course so people can learn to heal themselves of 'toxic whiteness'. The course is supposed to tackle 'the emotions of guilt, powerlessness, and defensiveness associated with discussing racism'9/11/16Feminism, Race, PC
NAACP President Compares Colin Kaepernick to Rosa Parks9/9/16Race, ,
Black Navy Sailor sits during National Anthem and raises Black Power fist9/9/16Race, Patriotism,
Georgetown Slave Descendants Want A BILLION Dollar Reconciliation Fund /a>9/8/16Race, Education,
Corrupt Academics and the Media. Colluding forces of the left and how they do irrevocable damage to minority children9/7/16Conservative, Education, Race
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: New MTV documentary called 'White People' investigates white millennial privilege 9/7/16Conservative, Video, Race
CNN says 'Math is Racist' and how data is driving inequality 9/6/16Race, PC,
Liberals in the U.K. are now saying Climate Change is racist towards blacks and the only solution is to open all borders 9/6/16Race, PC, Environmental
New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on 'How to be a (Better) White Ally' and stating that all white people are racist 9/6/16Education, Race,
After banning Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus, Depaul University is launching a year long series of speakers that will discuss race and free speech. 9/6/16Education, Freedom, PC
Cal State LA joins UConn, UC Davis and Berkeley in offering segregated housing dedicated to black students 9/6/16Education, Race,
Black Iowa students setup a support group because being Black at the University of Iowa is really difficult. They said the purpose of the group is 'geared towards providing students who identify as African/African-American with an opportunity to join together to celebrate their successes as well as share their struggles at the university' 9/6/16Education, Race,
As more and more black Americans are supporting Donald Trump, they are being called 'racists' by many black Americans 9/5/16Race, PC,
Obama Praises Colin Kaepernick's protest; says there are 'legitimate issues' that Kaepernick is fighting for 9/5/16Obama, Race,
VIDEO: The video Black Lives Matter doesn't want you to watch 9/5/16Race, Conservative, Video
Dozens of College Republican posters were torn down and vandalized at Bridgewater State University for the second time while a Black Lives Matter display features one cartoon depicting a police officer kissing the ass of Uncle Sam while shooting a black man.9/3/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Teacher who angered Black Lives Matter activists is forced into retirement9/3/16Race, PC, Education
Black Lies Matter: In Chicago, blacks and whites each make up a little less than a third of the city population: blacks commit 80% of all shootings; and whites, a little over 1%; making blacks in the Windy City 80 times more likely to commit a shooting than whites. These disparities are repeated in cities across the country.9/3/16Race, Violence, Guns
5 Facts about Black Oppression that Colin Kaepernick needs to know 9/2/16Race, Conservative,
How Democratic policies so often hurt minorities; like Uber drivers and hair salons9/2/16Conservative, Freedom, Race
Liberals slam Jerry Rice for tweeting 'All Lives Matter'9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Violence: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room 9/1/16Conservative, Race,
Black Violence: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room 9/1/16Conservative, Race,
Hollywood Actor Don Cheadle calls Trump a 'POS' for his tweet about Dwayne Wade's cousin being shot dead in Chicago; says nothing about the two black felons who actually committed the crime 9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
New leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation show that the organization’s goal behind funding the Black Lives Matter movement is ultimately to federalize America’s police forces. 9/1/16Race, Freedom,
VIDEO: Large scale Black mob violence in places like Toronto and London; where slavery hasn't been legal9/1/16Race, Video, Conservative
The Democrats Own the Ills of the Inner Cities8/31/16Conservative, Race,
VIDEO: F**k Colin Kaepernick with Paul Joseph Watson 8/31/16Conservative, Video, Race
Spike Lee compares Colin Kaepernick to Jackie Robinson 8/30/16Race, ,
Elderly woman dies after being beaten and set on fire by a group of black workers who demanded money from her. Yet, there will be no protests or coverage about a hate crime here8/30/16Race, ,
Charlize Theron says that 'HIV is not transmitted by sex, It is transmitted by sexism, racism.' and also added that adding that the pandemic is predominantly the result of social discrimination in the West 8/30/16PC, Liberal Bias, LGBT
New Black Panther party leader comes out in support of Donald Trump because Democrats have been exploiting black votes and giving us nothing in return 8/29/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick's 'white privilege' exposed8/29/16Conservative, Video, Race
Cornell University has announced plans to rename Cornell Plantations, a large garden and arboretum located next to the school’s campus, after activists complained the current name is too evocative of slavery. Cornell Plantations will now be known as Cornell Botanic Gardens.8/28/16Race, PC, Education
Two brothers, both convicted felons, have been charged in the fatal shooting Friday of the cousin of NBA player Dwyane Wade, because when you committ crimes with liberal politicians, you're the victim and deserve a slap on the wrist 8/28/16Race, ,
Two brothers, both convicted felons, have been charged in the fatal shooting Friday of the cousin of NBA player Dwyane Wade, because when you committ crimes with liberal politicians, you're the victim and deserve a slap on the wrist 8/28/16Race, ,
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for National Anthem; saying he won't support a country that oppresses black people8/27/16Patriotism, Race,
Another Hate Crime Hoax as a spanish speaking woman is falsely accused of writing on a restaurant receipt 'we only tip citizens' and the media jumps all over it8/26/16HoaxFraud, Race, Immigration
A Chicago rapper was shot in a drive-by shooting while filming a Black Lives Matter video8/26/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Reality Check: The Government Can't 'Fix' Black Men 8/25/16Race, Conservative, Video
Hamilton College is offering courses this year exploring concepts such as 'white privilege' and the role of masculinity, power structures, and global capitalism in competitive athletics. 8/24/16Education, Race, PC
The State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton) is offering a training class titled 'StopWhitePeople2k16,' to instruct residential assistants (RAs) on how to deal with 'uneducated' people who don’t believe in ideas like white privilege8/24/16Education, Race, PC
ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’ Turns Lochte into Symbol of White Privilege 8/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
California State University Fresno held a three-day student retreat for black students that aimed to foster inclusion and help incoming blacks adjust to the white privilege in college life 8/23/16Education, Race, PC
Gang of men yelled 'Black Lives Matter' before beating up 7 white people8/23/16Race, ,
After Black Lives Matter announces its plan to shut down Elvis vigil at Graceland, police prevent protesters from attending and the Huffington Post calls it 'racism' saying they prevented 'Black People' from attending 8/19/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
A University of Washington Activist Professor hosts a workshop intended to 'provide an in-depth analysis of the specific ways that racism manifests through white fragility' and the professor says that 'White fragility is the concept that due to living in a social environment that insulates them from racial stress, whites have not had to build their capacity for constructive cross-racial engagement' 8/18/16Education, Race,
Appalachian State University students must walk past a 'privilege board' denouncing their white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender privilege any time they enter the Student Union 8/18/16Education, Race,
White House Indian education official accused of assaulting Native American over Redskins 8/18/16Race, PC, Freedom
CNN edits Milwaukee shooting 'victim's' sister calling for violence and make it appear as if she was calling for peace 8/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Black Lives Matter cashes in for $100 Million in funding from Liberal groups 8/16/16Race, ,
Baltimore police lieutenant suspended after calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘thugs’: Reports 8/16/16Race, Freedom, PC
Oregon State to require freshman to take Social justice online course 8/15/16Education, Race, PC
An independent journalist has quit reporting from Milwaukee, saying that the situation is too dangerous for anyone who looks like a white person to be walking the streets 8/15/16Race, Media,
Sheriff David Clarke: Riots Caused by ‘Failed Liberal Urban Policies in These Ghettos Like Milwaukee’8/15/16Conservative, Race,
Sheriff David Clarke: Riots Caused by ‘Failed Liberal Urban Policies in These Ghettos Like Milwaukee’8/15/16Conservative, Race,
At National Librarian Conference, suggestions of segregation is applauded to separate blacks from other groups in the name of safe spaces 8/15/16Education, PC, Race
OBAMA'S MILWAUKEE: Race Rioters openly target white people 8/15/16Conservative, Obama, Race
Black Lives Matter is too busying rioting in Milwaukee to care about theh 52 people shot (mostly black) over the weekend 8/15/16Race, Conservative,
George Soros spent $33 million to bankroll Black Lives Matter Protests in Ferguson 8/15/16Race, ,
Chicago Cop's Son Shot Dead on Visit Home From College. No Black Lives Matter protest over this one 8/15/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Black violence invades sweet corn festival in Cedar Rapids Iowa Yes, Iowa 8/15/16Race, Video,
Black Lives Matter to shut down Graceland in protest. They say they chose Graceland because 'it demonstrates one of Memphis’s most common forms of financial inequality and because the site has ties to … the death of unarmed teen Darrius Stewart' 8/14/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter Rioters targeting 'white people' for 'beat downs' 8/14/16Race, ,
Milwaukee agitators shout ‘black power,’ attack white drivers 8/14/16Race, ,
Milwaukee calls in National Guard after blacks started burning police cars, shooting at police, looting, burning down of stores because a black man was killed after pointing a semi-automatic pistol at a police officer 8/13/16Race, ,
Student at Pitzer College puts out an ad for new roommate as long as they aren't a white person. Says it's not racist because people of color can't be racist and another student said 'People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces. It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self-preservation'. Apparently the school agrees that racism is okay as long as it's against white people8/11/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Snapchat Removes Filter Inspired by Japanese Animation After Claims of Racial Insensitivity, since the cartoon capability made users eyes slanted 8/11/16PC, Race,
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter/BLM/SJW Owned Compilation 2016 8/11/16Race, Conservative, Video
One of the nation’s oldest academic associations will no longer allow panels of 'all-male and all-white' scholars, leading it to reject more than one-third of proposals for its 2016 conference 8/10/16Race, ,
A University of North Carolina at Charlotte study shows the devastating consequences of abortion on minorities, revealing that voluntary infanticide is by far the leading cause of death for both blacks and Hispanics8/10/16Abortion, Race,
A University of North Carolina at Charlotte study shows the devastating consequences of abortion on minorities, revealing that voluntary infanticide is by far the leading cause of death for both blacks and Hispanics8/10/16Abortion, Race,
Hampshire College offers voluntary segregation for 'historically marginalized' students8/10/16Education, Race,
Subway Employee Drugs the drink of a Police Officer. The war on cops continues 8/10/16Race, ,
Chicago Car Theif Shooting is the latest Martry for Black Lives Matter 8/10/16Race, ,
Details of Black Lives Matter's Reparations Demands8/9/16Race, ,
A group of students at the Claremont Colleges are in search of a roommate, but insist the roommate not be white 8/9/16Education, Race,
Chicago Gangs are Plotting to Shoot Police Officers 8/8/16Race, ,
An Illinois college has restricted certain sections of a mandatory introductory course to black students because Leftists love segregation now 8/8/16Education, Race,
An Oklahoma State Professor says that predominately white colleges are 'hotbeds' for white supremacy8/8/16Education, Race,
Auburn University has raised tuition every year since 2005, and also spends $800K annually on diversity staffers8/8/16Education, Race, PC
A Boston University student steals a Trump sign and destroys it and posts her crimes on social media. The idiot girl said of her crime 'I was angry. Tired of people like me being served injustice daily' and 'White supremacists love sitting comfortably in their privilege, so my goal is to make them uncomfortable as possible' 8/7/16Education, PC, Race
A Boston University student steals a Trump sign and destroys it and posts her crimes on social media. The idiot girl said of her crime 'I was angry. Tired of people like me being served injustice daily' and 'White supremacists love sitting comfortably in their privilege, so my goal is to make them uncomfortable as possible' 8/7/16Education, PC, Race
The University of Wisconsin-Stout has announced that 'two of three historic paintings depicting interactions between white traders and First Nations people' will be taken down from the school’s Harvey Hall due to their 'potentially ‘harmful effect’ on students and other viewers 8/6/16PC, Race, Education
Black College Democrat turns Republican and talks about how other Blacks treat him now8/5/16Race, Conservative,
How to Fight Black Lives Matter Harrassment 8/4/16Conservative, Race,
A University of Georgia doctoral student says Dress codes are white privilege: saying the 'dress code as it exists in schools means some bodies are more privileged over others' and that enforcing dress codes is trying to enforce whiteness on people8/4/16Education, Race, PC
STUDY: Young black men hired less when employers can’t ask about criminal history. Again showing the 'Ban the Box' progressive push actually hurts black people8/4/16Education, Race, PC
Black Lives Matter Demands NYPD Be Abolished8/2/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter wants to make Free College a Constitutional Right 8/2/16Education, Race, Socialism
VP of the University of Houston's Student Government Association was suspended after responding to the Dallas police murders last month in a Facebook post, 'Forget #BlackLivesMatter. More like AllLivesMatter' 8/2/16Education, Race, PC
George Washington U. law prof files complaint against Freddie Gray case prosecutors citing similar ethics violations, 'fraudulent or misleading tactics,' not providing evidence to the defense, and 'charging the officers without probable cause' as the reasons for the complaints; similar to the Duke Rape Case 7/31/16Freedom, Race,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys Black Lives Matter, case by case 7/31/16Race, Conservative, Video
At DNC, Black Lives Matter interrupts moment of silence for Fallen Police 7/28/16Race, ,
New Slavery Reparations Website Asks Whites for Money and Services to Relieve their White Guilt7/28/16Race, ,
The organizer of a 'Black DNC Resistance March' in Philadelphia Tuesday demanded white supporters and media move to back of the crowd 7/26/16Race, ,
Seattle University students occupy Dean's office for 24 days until she resigned. The students demanded a new cirriculum that 'Decentralizes Whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc' that would only be 'taught by prepared staff from marginalized backgrounds, especially professors of color and queer professors'. In other words, these students want to be taught their imaginary version of PC history7/25/16Education, Race, PC
Star Trek's, Zachary Quinto, said to Time magazine regarding Donald Trump's VP pick of Mike Pence that 'these two old white men, who represent everything that is negative in history' because white men represent everything negative in history; forget Western Civilization7/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Hispanic Democrat implies Obama is being racist for endorsing a Black Femocrat Candidate for Senate seat over Hispanic Democrat candidate. The race card knows no boundries 7/23/16PC, Race,
VIDEO: The Problem with Black Lives Matter 7/22/16Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Debunks every Black Lives Matter case in under 3 minutes 7/20/16Race, Conservative, Video
Media Paints Steve King as a Racist for Defending Western Civilization and Christianity 7/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
University of Colorado black athletes call the athletic center 'the plantation' saying the revenue they generate pays for white students to play golf and tennis. Forgetting that it’s the leftist policy of Title 9, requires revenue from football and basketball to fund women's sports programs in the name of equality7/19/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is calling for the complete 'abolition of whiteness'; saying only then will America see an end to racism 7/18/16Education, Race,
Universities nationwide are creating more segregated spaces for students of color, from housing and social gatherings to protests and grief sessions because to the Left, segregation has now become good7/18/16Education, Race,
Huffington Post says 'All Lives Matter' Millennials are America's Race Problem 7/17/16Race, PC, Media
Three Police Officers Dead in Baton Rouge, attack prompted from Black Lives Matter unrest 7/17/16Race, ,
Three Black Men Shot Live on Camera, Black Lives Matter Ignores7/14/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Why Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Under Barack Obama 7/14/16Obama, Race, Conservative
Man in Black Lives Matter Shirt shoots at Cops home 17 times. Violent felon had recently been released from prison after serving half of a 12-year sentence 7/13/16Race, ,
Man in Black Lives Matter Shirt shoots at Cops home 17 times. Violent felon had recently been released from prison after serving half of a 12-year sentence 7/13/16Race, ,
Pokémon Go, the mobile virtual reality game for smart phones has been dubbed a threat to black America, according to leftist media idiots7/13/16PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Texas Tech black student group hides Twitter account after ‘Blue lives don’t matter’ tweet 7/13/16Education, Race,
VIDEO: Steven Crowder Debunks Black Lives Matter7/13/16Race, Conservative, Video
Black Lives Matter Activists says we should 'Disarm the Police'7/12/16Race, ,
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate of black teens reached 40% in June; which is a 12% increase since May because the $15 minimum wage increases actually hurt the black community7/12/16Economics, Race,
16-year-old Black Trump supporter is getting death threats for supporting Donald Trump 7/12/16Race, Liberal Bias,
Newly released affidavit reveals reason cops shot Alton Sterling – if only the media had waited for facts 7/12/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly dodged and deflected questions when being questioned on Hillary Clinton being let off without being charged with a crime for her e-mail scandal and Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton only a week prior7/12/16Clinton, Race, Freedom
Black Lives Matter is a Movement Built on Lies 7/12/16Race, Conservative,
The New York Times and the Leftist Media have Blood on their hands 7/12/16Race, Conservative, Media
The New York Times and the Leftist Media have Blood on their hands 7/12/16Race, Conservative, Media
Black Lives Matter Leader Calls for Running Over, Shooting Police on video7/12/16Race, ,
Chief Brown to Young Black Men: Stop Protesting and Become Part of the Solution 7/12/16Race, Conservative,
Four Arrested in Detroit after Threatening to Kill White Police Officers7/12/16Race, ,
New Black Panthers vow armed protests at GOP convention7/12/16Race, Freedom,
VIDEO: Conservative activist jailed after pulling gun on gang of thugs7/12/16Race, Video, Liberal Bias
White House Petition To Recognize BLM As Terrorist Org. Gains 100,000 Signatures7/11/16Race, Conservative,
CNN's Hill Goes Berzerk After Houck Recalls Blacks Commit More Crime. Despite Crime statistics showing this to be true, you can't say it, showing how difficult it is to have a conversation about race 7/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter Member tells her neighbor to 'Kill All White Babies' 7/11/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter Protester 'Triggered' by having White People at their rally 7/11/16Race, PC,
Black Lives Matter Mob curses, threatens to knock out Fox Reporter 7/11/16Race, Media,
How the Left Lies when Blacks are shot by Police 7/11/16Race, Conservative,
Black Harvard economist finds no racial bias in officer-involved shootings 7/11/16Race, Conservative,
Joe Biden says 'Institutional Racism' Still Exists Among Police. But gives no specifics to support the statement 7/11/16Race, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich speaks about Obama's failed Race Relations 7/11/16Obama, Conservative, Video
Sheriff Clarke: 'Obama's Set This Whole Country on Fire With His Race Politics'7/10/16Obama, Race, Conservative
21 Police Officers Injured as St. Paul Black Lives Matter Freeway Protest Turns Violent. Concrete objects, bricks, and other objects throw at police7/10/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter rally protesters say the US engaged in ‘genocide’ against blacks, capitalism must go 7/10/16Race, ,
So far in 2016, 26 police officers have been killed; up 44% since last year thanks to Black Lives Matter violence 7/10/16Race, ,
How Many People have to Die because of Black Lives Matter 7/9/16Race, Conservative,
Obamas Biggest Failure: The president has substantially set back race relations in the United States. 7/9/16Obama, Race,
Micah Xavier Johnson, the 25-year-old man suspected of killing five police officers in Dallas, adhered to radical 'Black Power' ideology, his Facebook page shows. It also shows him outwardly admitting he wanted to kill police officers, especially white cops7/8/16Race, ,
Rudy Giuliani: If Black Lives Matter Really Cared About Black Lives, They'd Care About Black Crime 7/8/16Race, Conservative,
A middle school student in accused other students of sending racist text messages, but police found the 6th grader lied, promoting victimhood culture. Another hate crime hoax 7/8/16Education, Race, HoaxFraud
After Black Man kills 5 police officers, injures 7 more during a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protests, video shows protesters taunting police about the killings 7/8/16Race, ,
Black Power Group Claims Responsibility for Killing Police in Dallas7/8/16Race, ,
A California Community College paid thousands to political leader who praises cop killers, for ‘diversity’ training 7/8/16Education, Race, PC
Right on Cue: CNN Panelists Blame Guns for Dallas Massacre of Police Officers 7/8/16Media, Liberal Bias, Guns
So Far No Solidarity Hashtags for Fallen Police Officers, Twitter Rife With Calls to Kill Cops 7/8/16Race, Media,
VIDEO: The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack. It was the result of Blacks Lives Matter and the Leftist Media 7/8/16Race, Conservative, Video
Latino gang members firebombed black residents to drive them out of Boyle Heights project in Los Angeles, California 7/7/16Race, Immigration, Violence
A 68-year-old Vietnam veteran was violently attacked and called a 'white motherf**ker' after a thug overheard his conversation with a gas station attendant about how he planned to vote for Donald Trump. Imagine if that had happened in reverse to a Black Obama voter? 7/6/16Liberal Bias, Race, PC
Marvel Introduces Iron Man's Replacement: a Black Teenage Girl; making sure they're as diverse as possible7/6/16PC, Race, Media
A research study by the University of Michigan shows that'Ban the Box' (BTB) legislation actually leads to more racial discrimination, not less because it causes recruiters to make assumptions about an applicant's criminal history based on their race, leading to increased racial disparity7/5/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Black teacher says all white people in Oklahoma should die -- Local news praises him for humility 7/4/16Race, Video, Liberal Bias
An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from 'white privilege,' while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers. 7/2/16Education, Race, PC
New Poll shows Asian Men make the highest hourly wages at $24/hr. White Men $21/hr, Black men $15, Hispanic Men $14 7/1/16Economics, Race,
According to Skidmore College's Bias Response Group Donald Trump’s campaign slogan of: 'Make America Great Again' is a 'racialized, targeted attack,' not protected 'political speech,' 7/1/16Education, PC, Race
Why Are Immigration Advocates So Quick to Play the Race Card? 7/1/16Immigration, Race, Conservative
Court rules: Philly school discriminated against whites, $2.3 million in damages after cancelling a $7.5 Million contract because the company had too many white people 6/28/16Race, Freedom, Education
16-year old black kid puts on brass knuckles and punches 12-year old white kid in the back of the head and continues to punch him on the ground. No media or race outrage whatsoever 6/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
16-year old black kid puts on brass knuckles and punches 12-year old white kid in the back of the head and continues to punch him on the ground. No media or race outrage whatsoever 6/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Fat Black Woman Demands Reparations For All Fat Black Women 6/28/16Race, PC,
New Harvard Study shows 'Diversity Programs' are actually decreasing diversity 6/28/16PC, Race,
VIDEO: The Worst of Black Lives Matter 6/28/16Race, Video, PC
Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams Earns a Standing Ovation After Powerful BET Awards Speech Denouncing Racism in America and Blaming Everything on White People 6/27/16Race, ,
al Qaeda urges lone wolf terrorist to target 'whites' to avoid 'hate crime label' 6/27/16Islam, Race,
Black Lives Matter Protesters Crash and Disrupt LGBT Event 6/26/16Race, LGBT,
Professor compares transgender bathrooms to 1960’s segregation 6/25/16Education, Race, LGBT
Black Albany Students Finally Confess to hoax 6/22/16Race, HoaxFraud,
BLACK CONSERVATIVE GAY PATRIOT banned from Facebook for posting this pro-Trump video6/22/16Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Black professor: ‘White Rage’ responsible for black community’s struggles6/22/16Education, Race,
Is Mass Incarceration Causing Crime in Black Communities? Leftists says 'Yes', the facts say 'No' 6/21/16Race, Conservative,
Feminists blames 'white entitlement' 6/17/16Race, Feminism, PC
VIDEO: DEBUNKING 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America by Gavin McInnes6/17/16Race, Conservative, Violence
Author and activist Michael Eric Dyson is calling on blacks to march on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with 'revolutionary intentions' and preparedness for violence 6/15/16Race, Freedom,
VIDEO: At University of Missouri Black Lives Matter Activists Hijack and take over a Vigil for the Orlando Gay Bar Shooting 6/14/16Race, Freedom, Video
VIDEO: Debunking White Guilt and Colonialism Guilt 6/10/16Race, Conservative, Video
Democratic Lawmaker says the word 'illegal' is racist 6/9/16Immigration, PC, Race
Ann Coulter: You Can’t Say 'Mexican Judge', but You Can Sure Say 'White Jury'! 6/9/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
It's okay to be racist if you're on the left 6/7/16Race, Conservative,
Britain's 'Equality Conference' bans straight, white men. You can't make this stuff up6/7/16Race, ,
Communist leader and Black Lives Matter activist says that people need 'to do whatever is necessary to stop Trump' which includes violence 6/6/16Race, Freedom,
Hillary's campaign signalling it's morally justified to assassinate Trump is going to trigger a race war 6/5/16Race, Liberal Bias,
Liberals making ads arguing that AirBnB is racist because blacks get turned down more for renting homes 6/2/16Race, PC,
Students slammed peers, profs., and family members who are white and/or male in a private Facebook group for students in the undergraduate Claremont college consortium 'who identify as women of color' 6/2/16Education, Race,
California is seeking to institute a new K-12 history and social science curriculum that is decidedly leftist and anti-America. Blames America for all the worlds problems6/2/16Education, Patriotism, Liberal Bias
New documents show that Clemson University new the 'banana banner' incident was not racial, yet they made no effort to make that public6/1/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Yale Students Tell English Profs to Stop Teaching English: Too Many White Male Poets 6/1/16Remove History, Education, Race
A group of liberali idiot students is calling for prisons to be banned and criminals freed because they are racist 5/31/16Race, ,
Black Liberal representative doesn't want to teach the Declaration of Independence in schools because 'its racist'5/31/16Race, Freedom, Education
Dozens shot over Memorial Day Weekend in Liberal run Chicago 5/30/16Race, ,
commencement speaker at University of Delaware graduation says that America remains a deeply unjust country that has not resolved issues of slavery, racial oppression and white supremacy5/30/16Education, Race,
Skidmore College is receiving two grants worth $1.2 million to 'explore diversity through art' and is planning new courses to complement art exhibits from “diverse or traditionally underrepresented artists. I wonder why college tuition is rising so much?5/26/16Education, Race,
Bill O'Reilly: Black Lives Matter is Killing Americans5/26/16Race, Conservative,
Detroit school officer made $1.2M for fake tutoring5/26/16Education, ,
Black Lives Matter Activists ambush a Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event at Depaul University, while 16 paid security guards sit and do nothing5/25/16Freedom, Education, Race
The radical Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of the legal system5/24/16Race, Freedom,
The University of Missouri is paying the price for it's fostering of Black Lives Matter protests with $32 million budget shortfall5/23/16Education, Race, PC
New David Banner rap video shows white police officer being tortured and hanged, but they have a disclaimer it's not to incite violence so it's cool5/23/16Race, Media,
Obama signs bill to ban words 'Negro' and 'Oriental'5/22/16Obama, Race,
ESPN trying to shame the Washington Redskins is media elitism at its finest5/22/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
The CDC is blaming 'racism' and 'homophobia' cause gay men to have high HIV rates5/21/16Race, PC,
Espn analyst declares Native Americans are too stupid to know that the Washington Redskins name is 'racist'5/21/16Race, Media, PC
National Security Advisor Susan Rice told graduates at Florida International University that the presence of too many 'white, male, and Yale' staffers is posing a threat to the security of America5/20/16Race, Education,
90% of Native American's are not offended by the Washington Redskins name5/19/16Race, PC, Media
Black high school student attacks white teacher on video. No racist protests for this one5/19/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Iowa student who claimed he was attacked without provocation and chanting racial slurs while beating him up that causes outcry on Iowa campus turns out to be another hate crime hoax. Video footage shows him being the aggressor in multiple fights after being kicked out of a bar. How many hoaxes does it take5/17/16Race, Education, Media
Democratic Senator says GOP is blocking Obama's Supreme Court nominee because he is black. The race card is at it again!5/17/16Race, Obama,
Seattle College students continue sit-in to protest cirriculum being 'too white' and demand new cirriculum of their choosing and the University president's resignation5/17/16Education, PC, Race
California State Northridge University will replace Shakespearean images in library with images of authors 'of color' 5/17/16Education, PC, Race
The poverty rate for black Americans is the same it was 40 years ago, despite more blacks triple the amount of blacks the graduate college5/17/16Race, ,
Seattle University Students Protest Ciriculum for having Too Many Dead White Males 5/17/16Remove History, Education, Race
Blue Lives Matter display at Darmouth vandalized by Black Lives Matter supporters5/14/16Education, Race,
Wisconsin public school to dedicate $500,000 to teaching Black Lives Matter agenda to your children5/13/16Education, Race, PC
If the case for slavery reparations ever goes to trial, liberals will not like what they hear5/11/16Race, Conservative,
After Donald Trump chalking, University of Illinois students must take a mandatory 'minority culture' class to graduate5/10/16Education, Race, PC
Professor called racist and protest was organized for creating a hostile climate for correcting a black student's grammar and spelling5/10/16Education, Race, PC
Facebook manually inserted Black Lives Matter into 'trending' news feeds to artificially boost the movements popularity5/9/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Social Justice Warrior hero is actually a rich kid who's father made $8.5Million last year5/9/16Race, PC,
Obama using government coercion and subsidies to get poor people to move to more upper class areas to be more 'equal' and it has disastrous results already5/8/16Obama, Freedom, Race
The Liberal Protest Effect: Alabama Prison inmates go on strike and demand better conditions because prison should be a decent place to hang out5/7/16Race, PC,
Rapper ties noose around her neck, advocates people destroy the American flag in protest of 'Confederate Heritage month' in Mississippi5/6/16Race, Patriotism, Remove History
Students at University of Denver told not to wear sombreros or fake mustaches for Cinco De Mayo, calling it an 'extension of racism'5/6/16Education, PC, Race
The National Park Servce Deputy Director says blacks don't visit National Parks because the trees remind them of lynching slaves and therefore, trees are symbols of racism5/6/16Race, PC,
After some Bananas were hung from a tree inciting racial protests from students, Clemson University has found out who did it but no charges or punishment will be carried out and no information released. And that's because the people who did it were black and were trying to incite racial protests. Another hate crime hoax5/5/16Education, Race,
Black Activists makes video threatening white people if they don't pay slavery reparations5/3/16Race, ,
California State University students threatening to starve themselves if the school doesn't meet their demands for lower tuition and increased diversity funding5/3/16Education, Race, PC
Conservative Black Scholar disinvited from speaking at college for being Conservative and the school is scared of protests5/3/16Education, Race, Freedom
Three black women indicted for being the aggressors in an altercation they claimed to be racially targeted. Media enjoyed the riots that came after the fake incident5/3/16Education, Race, Media
The U.N. says the Flint, Michigan water crisis was caused by 'racism' and class 'discrimination5/3/16PC, Race, Economics
Missouri students say that police only exists to protect white male privilege5/2/16Education, Race,
Students call a black cartoonist racist for making fun of black lives matter5/2/16Education, Race, PC
The New Progessive Racism5/2/16Race, Conservative,
Black Lives Matter activists boasts on social media about how good it felt to make a white waitress cry4/29/16Race, ,
Obama's DOJ dedicating $1.75 Million to help juvenile criminals arrested from protests and call them 'justice involved youth' 4/29/16Obama, Race,
Students at Portland Community College white male hating event, block camera man from recording even though it's a public event and he's allowed to. Administraters continue to allow it to happen as the mob persists preventing him from filimg their horrendous behavior4/29/16Education, Race, Freedom
School makes mandatory social justice course with contrasts Rodney King and Anti-police music4/28/16Race, PC, Education
Oregon State University spent $11,500 on racially segregated social justice retreats to discuss 'white privilege' 4/27/16Education, Race,
Study of the Interactive Role of Parental Closeness and Parental Incarceration4/26/16Race, ,
Liberals are now saying that security cameras and data collection are 'racist'4/26/16PC, Race,
56% of Academic Honor Court cases at UNC are of people of color. Academic cases include any incidents of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism or cheating on an assignment. As expected, they are blaming racism for the problem

4/26/16Education, Race,
Racist drawing on school whiteboard of black person hanging from a noose with the N-word next to it with a #whitepower, turns out to be another hate crime hoax and was drawn by two black students4/26/16Race, Education, Liberal Bias
Students at the University of Oklahoma are fighting back against the schools mascot of 'Boomer' and 'Sooner' saying the names are racially offensive to indigenous people4/21/16Education, PC, Race
Coastal Carolina to host a Black Lives Matter activists itching to murder white people, to be their keynote speaker on Civil Rights4/21/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
Black student arrested at the University of Wisconsin after spray painting 'fuck the police' and 'the devil iz a white man' while school administraters are worried students may suffer from PTSD over the arrest4/21/16Education, Race,
VIDEO: Avoiding Rape is 'White Privilege'4/21/16Race, Video,
Hillary tells a black church she is going to 'systematic racism'. Ofcourse she doesn't say how or even what about the U.S. is 'systematically racist' but who cares about those details4/20/16Race, ,
Student editorial debunking 'white privilege' causes students who were offended to gather and talk about their sensitivity and immunity to truth4/20/16Education, Race, PC
UConn decides to combat the 55% graduation rate for black males compared to the 83% graduation rate for all students by segregation with all black dormitory wing4/20/16Education, Race,
Students at the University of Washington want campus police to not carry guns anymore because all cops are racist and police having firearms is bad4/19/16Education, Guns, Race
Students at the University of Washington want campus police to not carry guns anymore because all cops are racist and police having firearms is bad4/19/16Education, Guns, Race
Cornell proposes race-based elections which would allow only students of color to be able to vote on candidates of color. Nevermind race-based elections are illegal and racist in the U.S.4/18/16Education, Race,
Leader of a black student group at Kean University, Kayla McKelvey, makes fake racist threats to get more publicity for her groups 'rally on racial issues'. The threats also prompted a group of black ministers to call for school President Dawood Farahi to resign, saying the threats showed that he hadn't done enough to address racial tension on campus4/18/16Race, HoaxFraud, Education
Head speaker at teacher conference says being honest, hardworking, and disciplined are tools for white supremacy in the education system and all teachers should be activists4/16/16Education, Race, Liberal Bias
White privilege conference opens with requests for donations for a guy who shot a police officer4/15/16Race, ,
Depaul University students pushing for 'hate crime' for those who write anything pro-Trump4/15/16Education, Race, Freedom
When Conservative students mock the word 'trigger warning' in ways leftists don't like, they reinterpret the meaning to a gun threat. Unreal4/15/16Education, Race, Freedom
Iowa college freaks out over 'white power' written on someone's truck…only to find out that someone vandalized the truck who wrote that and the owner had no idea it was there. Another fake hate crime4/14/16Education, PC, Race
Universities forcing white students acknowledge their 'white privilege'4/13/16Education, Race,
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder publicly announces praying to Allah to have the strength to not kill white people4/13/16Race, ,
Black Lives Matter block rail trains to Minnesota Twins home opener; saying white silence equals violence4/12/16Race, Freedom,
NFL to produce virtual reality diversity training where the viewer is a black woman getting harrassed by a white man4/11/16PC, Race,
Bill O'Reilly challenges the racial component of blacks in prison when every study shows blacks committ significantly higher levels of crime4/11/16Conservative, Race,
VIDEO: Cultural appropriation is totally bs and here's why4/11/16Conservative, Video, Race
Black Lives Matter organizer says black-on-black crime is a myth; system setup to screw over black people4/7/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Former NFL Star Ray Lewis challenges black lives matter, saying if they really matter, why are black people are killing black people so much and why blacks are determined to always be 'vicims'4/7/16Video, Race,
VIDEO: Even Bill Clinton rips Black Lives Matter protester for protecing criminals4/7/16Video, Race,
Harvard Law protestors occupy buildings and make demands to hire critical race theorists, promote staff of color to management positions, and educate staff and students about cultural competency4/6/16Education, Race, PC
University of Washington protests a discussion on racial equality with a new list of demands; which include renaming two streets and a 25% increase in hiring faculty of color because despite opening an office of race and equity in response to a BLM protest last year4/6/16Education, Race, PC
College Professor calls for 'Whiteness' to be abolished. Says the world would be at peace without white people, yet doesn't explain why black people are killing each other far more than whites4/6/16Education, Race,
Universities offer 'privilege walks' so students can feel bad about themselves even though they've done nothing wrong by being born white to parents that are law abiding citizens with jobs4/5/16Education, PC, Race
Female rapper takes to twitter to call for the gang-rape of Sarah Palin and feminists have no problem with it4/5/16Race, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Professor says chanting 'All Lives Matter' is covert racism4/4/16Education, PC, Race
Portland State University protestors shut down another board of trustees meeting, demanding that they pay for their tuition, among other demands and claims of racism4/4/16Education, PC, Race
No, I'm not privileged because I'm white4/4/16Conservative, Race,
Law professers call posting 'All Lives Matter' sign on campus an 'incident of intolerance'4/4/16Education, Race,
Nine Duke students are refusing to leave building until administraters meet their demands and end 'institutional racism' on campus4/4/16Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists spit on and step on the American flag4/3/16Race, Video, Patriotism
Former Black Panther rips Obama, says he's done nothing but drive us apart4/2/16Race, Obama,
College Newspaper loses funding after criticizing Black Lives Matter. Now that's tolerance!4/1/16Education, Race, Freedom
VIDEO: Portland Community College 'Whiteness' Conference defends blacks raping white women. Say its racist to bring that up4/1/16Education, Video, Race
Obama's favorite broadway show 'Hamilton' puts out ad for non-white actors, violating New York City Human Rights Law. Then lies saying it was approved by the Broadway Union, when it wasn't3/31/16Race, ,
Chicago having the deadliest year since 2008. Obama has changed the country!3/31/16Race, ,
Liberal Media ponders the question 'Can white people be victims of hate crimes?'. The obvious answer is yes, but liberals having to think about says a lot about how warped they are3/30/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
How Liberal Policies destroyed the black family3/29/16Race, ,
High School student gets the wrath of liberals for saying Michael Brown was a thug. Which he was3/29/16Race, Freedom, Education
Column claims that while black and latinos are getting screwed they are remaining calm while whites are getting radical. Forgetting the Black lives matter movement and riots in Ferguson and Baltimore among others. That's calm?3/28/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Black College student grabs white male student to lecture him and why he's not allowed to have dreadlocks because he's white and that's her culture, not his3/28/16Video, PC, Race
The Left, not Donald Trump, are the real racial arsonists3/24/16Conservative, Race, Media
University cancels 'Vagina Monologues' because they say it only represents 'white women' and is therefore racist3/24/16Race, Feminism, PC
How Obama has actually hurt the black community during his presidency3/24/16Obama, Race,
Black guy slashes woman's neck with a knife solely because she's white and white people are responsible for 'the system'. No riots. No media attention for this 100% racially motivated crime3/22/16Race, Media,
Black students in Baltimore protest schools dress code. Say dressing appropriately is 'forced assimiliation' and ignores the 'rich culture and history of black hair'. No joke3/22/16Education, Race, PC
Dozens of American University professors sign petition calling 'All Lives Matter' sign is white supremacy and should be called as such. Equality is now racist3/22/16Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Strolling through Chicago's South Side shows the way Obama voters live. Garbage everywhere, but it's all the white mans fault somehow3/20/16Race, Obama, Video
Black women unhappy with Obama after he nominates a white male to replace Justice Scalia. Not racist or sexist according to the media3/17/16Race, Obama,
Harvard studens discuss whether whites should kill themselves over white privilege3/16/16Education, Race,
Don't Believe your Liberal Professor. Institutional Racism and Sexism are all lies3/16/16Education, Race,
Black Lives Matter promises mass aggressive riots if Trump wins3/16/16Freedom, Race,
Obama says black women have more pressure than other women to be beautiful than other women. The race baiting continues3/15/16Obama, Feminism, Race
Black Students at Wisconsin protest for third time this week, demanding to end racist standardized testing3/14/16Education, Race,
University of Kansas buys off race activist with $90,000 for multicultural government3/14/16Education, Immigration,
Crazy MSNBC host says her firing was ofcourse, racist3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Legislatures finally pushing back on Black Lives Matter, bill introduced to make them pay for their damages3/14/16Conservative, Race,
Chicago rioters threaten to rape white women because they're 'racist white bitches3/12/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Anti-Trump protestors spilling racist comments to Trump supporters3/12/16Video, Race,
U.S. Soldiers indoctrinated with 'white privilege' course3/9/16Race, PC,
University of Missouri administrators have to hide from BLM activist. That's how bad it's become3/9/16Education, Race,
Bernie Sanders is wrong: 95% of America's poorest counties are white 3/8/16Socialism, Race,
Black Lives Matter Threatens to shut down school over teachers 'racist' comments. Despite saying nothing racist at all3/7/16Education, Race,
Students to receive therapy for stress dealing with classmates wearing a mini sombrero at party3/7/16Environmental, PC, Race
Tennessee Students interrupt basketball game for cuts in Diversity funding3/7/16Education, Race,
Harvard Law school to scrap its 'Crest' over loose links to 18th century slave owner3/5/16Race, Education, Remove History
Chicago having the Deadliest start to the year in two decades. ACLU effect has officers timid3/3/16Race, ,
After black women create 'hate crime' hoax, professor says they are justified because they 'started a conversation about race'3/2/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
2016 'Color of Crime' report shows shocking statistics of crimes including murder and rape committed by minority groups3/1/16Race, Misc,
Texas Police Chief calls out schools Anti-Police Black History Month Program2/29/16Race, Liberal Bias,
State Police boosted academy diversity by ignoring background checks for minorities2/29/16Race, PC,
Black Students at University at Trump ralley to protest are kicked out. Media claims they weren't doing anything and calls it racist2/29/16Media, Race, Education
Fire Alarm Pulled to disrupt a Conservative 'When Diversity Becomes a Problem' speech. Tolerance?2/26/16Race, Freedom, Education
Professors at FSU change lesson plans to relate to Black Lives Matter BLM2/26/16Education, PC, Race
Professor says white people still breed dogs to kill black people2/25/16Race, Education, Liberal Bias
Reporter attacked by BLM protestors at Ben Shapiro college campus speech2/25/16Freedom, Race, Education
NDSU to change school fight song because it says the words 'red man' 2/25/16Education, PC, Race
KKK Members found in Trump rally. Media outraged. However, it turns out they are black and trying to make Trump supporters look bad2/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Buzzfeed creates anti-white video to somehow promote racial equality. It's not racist to attack white people for their skin color2/24/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Protestors threaten student group after Pro-Life Flyers on campus2/24/16Education, Abortion, Race
Hillary Clinton says White People need to Recognize their 'Privilege' and practice 'humility2/24/16Race, PC, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter Co-founder says white people ought to 'give up something' and the phrase 'all lives matter' is a new racial slur2/24/16Race, PC,
Entire Krystal's staff refuses to serve white police officer2/23/16Liberal Bias, Race,
Huffington Post pushing for Slavery Reparations2/22/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Obama Thanks Black Lives Matter for all their outstanding work of destroying businesses2/21/16Obama, Race, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter says supporting the Constitution is white supremacist. Need to abolish Constitution 2/20/16Race, Education,
VIDEO: Black Poet Lies about racist encounter with police. See video proof2/19/16Race, Video, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Smackdown in Seattle with Ben Shapiro 2/19/16Race, Conservative, Video
Two Wisconsin students posts picture of their faces covered in special cleanser, since its black, students are angry calling it racist 2/18/16Race, PC, Education
Black Leaders say the debate over replacement of Justice Scalia & Obama's nominee is about race2/18/16Race, Obama,
PBS Documentary on Black Panther Party removes all of their violence to make them look like good guys2/18/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Joy Behar: ‘Racist’ Senate Won’t Confirm Scalia Replacement Because of Obama’s ‘Color’2/17/16Race, Obama, Media
Obama to meet with Race activists, Sharpton, BLM2/17/16Race, Obama,
BLM Group Ambushes a Marine who served 8 years in Iraq. No Media calling for Hate Crime or any coverage at all2/17/16Race, Media,
BLM Group Ambushes a Marine who served 8 years in Iraq. No Media calling for Hate Crime or any coverage at all2/17/16Race, Media,
College Professor Caves to 13-hour sit in bullying to change cirriculum to be more Black and Latino2/17/16Education, Race,
White Students at Northwestern University undergoing 'Whiteness Deconstruction' Program2/17/16Race, Education, PC
Media outlet wondering if Obama is to blame to the enormous racial divide since his presidency. The answer is yes although they won't quite admit it2/17/16Media, Obama, Race
Michelle Obama: Blacks should Always Vote Democrat; forget thinking for yourself2/13/16Obama, Liberal Bias,
Asian police officer charged with manslaughter; Supporters say he was only guilty because he was Asian & if he was white, he wouldn't be charged2/13/16Race, ,
New ABC show 'Blackish' blames white people for number of blacks that can't swim2/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black College Feminists get upset because Steph Curry's wife is not slutty; say it's cause she's not black enough or something2/11/16Education, Race, PC
Story about Oakland Tech growth, but media headline says 'Oakland Teen Develops App to Combat POLICE BRUTALITY'2/11/16Media, Race,
Southern Oregon University warns students to check their 'Privilege' at the door; especially you white Christians!2/10/16Education, Race, Christianity
Princeton Professor arrested for speeding, suspended license, says it was racist2/10/16Race, PC, Education
Media: Asking people who go to the same school & have the same last name is now racist2/3/16Race, Media,
Students clash over waving Confederate flags in school cafeteria2/1/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Larry Elder Destroys The Concept of White Privilege 2/1/16Race, Conservative, Video
Segregated dorms for males 'who identify as Black' coming to UConn1/30/16Race, ,
ESPN Bomani Jones on Cam Newton Bashing: Simple Reality the Country Does Not Like Black People Very Much 1/29/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Nearly half of young black men in Chicago are out of work, out of school1/28/16Race, Obama,
Nursing students taught white privilege and police brutality at Ohio State1/28/16Race, Education,
NAACP says blacks going to police station to vote is racist; too many have warrants1/28/16Race, ,
University offers 'Social construction of whiteness' course1/28/16Race, Education,
Florida Muslim leader calls Jews 'Pigs' and 'monkeys'1/27/16Race, Islam,
Muslims fill refugee camps with swaztikas1/27/16Race, Islam,
Major Universities offering course credit for attending 'White Privilege' conference1/27/16Race, Race, Education
University of California petitions to remove 'slave patrol' (or police) from campus1/26/16Race, Race,
Article implies Einstein was product of white privilege with headline1/26/16Race, Media,
UCSB Multicultural center to host 'microaggressions workshop' 1/25/16Race, PC, Education
Duke student equates free speech to white supremacy1/25/16Race, Freedom, Education
White people can't talk about 'white privilege'; it only makes it worse1/22/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Marine recruiter turns down teen because of Confederate flag tatoo1/22/16Race, ,
Black People are worse off since Obama took office1/21/16Race, Obama, Economics
Ohio State encourages students to participate in Black Lives Matter1/21/16Race, Race, Education
UCSB students demand investigation into white student group fighitng back on BLM1/19/16Race, Education,
Black Principal orders to teacher to start opinions with 'As a white woman I...'1/18/16Race, Education,
Portland College focuses on how whiteness promotes racial inequality1/18/16Race, Education,
VIDEO: Larry Elder and Dave Rubin: Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism 1/15/16Race, Conservative, Video
Ohio State to host Black Lives Matter symposium on campus1/14/16Race, Education,
College to sponsor trips to Black Lives Matter protests1/13/16Race, Education,
BLM Leader wants to Abolish Capitalism1/12/16Race, Economics, Socialism
High school forcing kids to attend 'racial identity' classes1/12/16Race, Education,
Duke students petition to fire opinion editor for column criticizing black culture1/12/16Race, Race,
Fewer freshman applying to U of Missouri; graduate student applications down drastically1/12/16Race, Education,
Missouri student who wrote criticism of 'Black Lives Matter' gets lesson in hate1/8/16Race, Education,
Universities engaging in 'privilege walks' to help spread awareness of racial privileges1/7/16Race, Education,
Unfounded discrimination claims lead to resignation of Missouri State diversity VP1/6/16Race, Education,
From 2013 to 2016, medical schools nationally admitted 57% of black applicants with low MCATs of 24 to 26 but only 8% of whites and 6% of Asians with those same low scores, a1/5/16Race, Liberal Bias, Education
Oregon State to hold racially-segregated 'social justice' retreats12/31/15Race, Education,
Media says not paying College Athletes is because of racial prejudice12/30/15Media, Race, Education
If Asians Make More Than Whites Then What Should We Do About The US Racial Pay Gap. White Men make 83 cents on the dollar to Asian males 12/30/15Economics, Race, Conservative
STUDY: White police officers killed 'unarmed black men' in less than 4% of fatal police shootings in 2015. More than 80% of the victims were armed with objects that could cause death or severe injuries, ranging from knives to machetes to automobiles and more than 75% of the fatal police-involved shootings were in direct response to a violent suspect wielding a deadly weapon 12/26/15Race, Conservative,
Students say cafeteria food is racists; make demands, including fried chicken on menu12/21/15Race, Education,
Black Student Cries Racism--- if can't pay $65 fee, $60K annual tuition may be too much12/19/15Race, Education,
Boston College students protest whiteness with song; list their demands12/17/15Race, Education,
University Professor: The 'invention of white race' created racism12/15/15Race, Race,
BLM leader can't provide any evidence of racists claims to support Islamaphobia12/14/15Race, ,
Former prof. says plans for Temple Univ. stadium is white supremacy12/11/15Race, Education,
Portland State University claims racism and bombards the board of trustees meeting, forcing the board to set a new meeting by phone. Liberal fascism again12/11/15Education, PC, Race
Kids cancer fundraiser deemed microaggression by Kansas BLM protesters12/9/15Race, PC,
Hoax of black cop sending threatening letter to himself12/5/15Race, Liberal Bias,
Racist White Power Letters from police department was a hoax. Made by black police officers12/3/15Race, Video, Liberal Bias
Cal Poly students submit laundry list of diversity demands12/2/15Race, Education,
Student posts fake black hate crime threats on social media. Another hate crime hoax12/1/15Feminism, Education,
Harvard 'hate crime' in which strips of black tape were stuck over pictures of black professors hanging inside Harvard Law School’s halls. 11/30/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys white privilege11/28/15Race, Video, Education
Baltimore had 78% increase in murder rate after the riots of Freddie Gray 11/24/15Race, Violence,
VIDEO: Political Correctness is the Problem11/21/15PC, Video, Race
College Students make their demands11/20/15Race, Education,
How Racism is a complete joke today11/18/15Race, Conservative,
University of Vermont holds privilege retreat for students who 'self-identify as white'11/18/15Race, Education,
Vanderbilt Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Blind Girl's Dog's Poop11/18/15Race, ,
Black man pretends to be white person and messages out on social media he's going to shoot all black people on campus in another hate crime hoax 11/17/15HoaxFraud, Race,
Ohio University pleading 'redskin' drink is offensive11/16/15Race, PC, Education
4-year-old leads chant at UCLA Black Lives Matter walkout11/16/15Race, Education,
Yale teacher resigns for protecting free speech and 1st amendment over Halloween costumes11/15/15Race, Freedom,
Dartmouth students lead profane Black Lives Matter protest11/14/15Race, Education,
Preacher punched by Mizzou anti-racist protesters11/13/15Race, Education,
Black Vanderbilt professor latest target of racial protests11/13/15Race, Education,
University of Minnesota rejects 9/11 memorial as racist11/12/15Race, Education, PC
Ithaca protesters accuse classmate of racism for defending president11/12/15Race, Education,
Rutgers creating committee to study racist history, suggest atonement11/12/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: 'Safe Space' Students Silence Asian Woman For Saying 'Black People Can Be Racist' 11/12/15Race, PC, Education
Missouri students make up a sighting of the KKK on campus for another hoax11/11/15HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Ithaca college stages walkout for Mizzou11/11/15Race, Education,
Students for Justice blame 'zionist' professors for high tuition costs11/11/15Race, Education,
Afrikan Black Coalition seeks to 'overthrow the Constitution,' 'stop white people'11/10/15Race, Education,
U of Missouri President quits over racism football team strike11/9/15Race, Education,
Professor asks for muscle to remove reporter from protests; forget First amendment11/9/15Race, Freedom, Video
Yale Student screams at professor for denying her 'safe space'11/6/15Race, Freedom, Education
Berkley High School finds a screenshot on a library computer that implied there would be a 'PUBLIC LYNCHING DECMBER 9th 2015.' which quickly prompted a walkout. However, a perpetrator would come forward, but the school wouldn't identify the student or race of the student. Wonder why 11/6/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Black man arrested for setting black churches on fire; another racism hoax11/2/15Race, Media,
College Student launches hunger strike over Planned Parenthood contract cancellation11/2/15Race, Abortion, Media
NC State provides detailed diagram for what Halloween costumes are racist10/29/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: Texas Journalist lies about racist police altercation. See proof10/29/15Race, Video, Liberal Bias
SC Police Officer fired for doing his job; critics protest his aggressiveness10/28/15Race, Education,
College Professor says agriculture is 'capitalist, racialized patriarchy'10/27/15Race, Education,
Brown University says improving Race Relations is more important than free speech10/23/15Education, Freedom, Race
Ole Miss student senator faces calls for resignation after supporting state flag10/22/15Race, Education,
Criticizing Black Lives Matter costs school paper $17,000; half its funding cut10/20/15Race, Education, Freedom
UD launches $1 million diversity initiative in response to nonexistent hate crime10/20/15Race, Education,
New Jersey school nixes Halloween, cites diversity10/20/15Race, Education, Freedom
Mizzou students deface, call for removal of 'racist, rapist' Thomas Jefferson statue10/13/15Race, Remove History, Education
Portland State course aims to ' make whiteness strange'10/5/15Race, Education,
At the University of Delaware, students discovered three 'nooses' near the hall where the Black Lives Matter group had protested conservative commentator Katie Pavlich the day before. Except that the objects weren’t nooses; after an investigation, they were determined to be 'remnants of paper lanterns' leftover from a previous event.
9/30/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
VIDEO: Watch ESPN Lefties blast Richard Sherman for criticizing Black Lives Matter 9/27/15Race, Video, Liberal Bias
Two student government presidents, two racial slurs, too few details to justify the sweeping narrative 9/25/15HoaxFraud, Race, PC
VIDEO: University of Delaware cries racism for string hanging from a tree. They say it resembles a noose even though its just string that held a lantern that was torn down9/24/15Race, Video, Education
Ahmed's clock false racism probe; kid did not invent clock, designed to look like bomb to get attention9/19/15Race, Media, Education
'White Only' and 'Black Only' signs at the University of Buffalo turn out to be a campus activist’s 'art project' 9/17/15HoaxFraud, Race,
Berkeley attempts to circumvent ban on affirmative action9/14/15Race, Education,
#BlackLivesMatter leader to teach Yale Divinity School course9/10/15Race, Liberal Bias, Education
Berkeley student not diverse enough to be sexual assault commissioner9/10/15Race, Education,
Minnesota Black Lives Matter Chants about Killing Cops8/31/15Race, ,
Media outlet refuses to call cop killer 'black'; instead: 'Dark-Complexioned Male'8/29/15Race, Media,
Black Radicals call for lynching and hanging of whites and police8/28/15Race, ,
VIDEO: Discussion about BLM & Baltimore riots8/25/15Race, Conservative, Video
U. of Md. names a law class after Freddie Gray8/21/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: Bill OReilly: Liberal Criminal Justice Policies Are Putting All Americans in Danger; releasing criminals as early as possible8/18/15Violence, Conservative, Video
We Examined Black Lives Matter Activists (Shaun King) Claim He Was Victim of Mob Assault and What We Found is the police report lists him as white; the police report describe his injuries as minor, and it was a 1 on 1 fight and was never reported as a hate crime. It was King aggressively trying to get $8 from some girl over CDs of his she accidentally broke8/17/15Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
Northeastern University tells RAs that white men can't be oppressed8/14/15Race, Education,
Sheriff Clarke says Obama started the war on police8/13/15Race, Obama,
Sheriff Clarke says Obama started the war on police8/13/15Race, Obama,
Prof. arrested after falsely claiming she was profiled8/7/15Race, Education,
Author: everything is white people's fault; and 9/11 first responders are 'menaces of nature'7/22/15Race, Media,
MIT fellow: Thomas Jefferson a ‘rapist’, ‘white power’ 7/20/15Race, Remove History, Education
Prof.: blacks perpetuate racism by believing in American Dream7/15/15Race, Education,
New MTV show publicly shames white people for 'what they have done to America'7/9/15Race, Media,
Professor jokes about whites committing 'mass suicide' because of slavery guilt7/3/15Race, Education,
Another Black Church Arson Hoax; more fake victim hoax's to spark outrage at Conservatives7/1/15Race, Conservative,
DOJ releases race crime statistics7/1/15Race, ,
DOJ releases race crime statistics7/1/15Race, ,
Activists set fire to the American flag at a Brooklyn park that memorializes thousands of Revolutionary War heroes Wednesday in protest of 'systemic racism'7/1/15Patriotism, Race,
Black suspect arrested after leaving racist messages outside of a black church in another hate crime hoax6/30/15HoaxFraud, Race,
University of Wisconsin says denying your racist is racist6/27/15Race, Education,
Huffington Post says Confederate Flag supporters are racists and traitors6/24/15Race, Media,
Harry Reid demands UNLC change its 'Rebel' mascot in wake of Charleston shooting6/24/15Race, ,
BLM leaders deface public monuments6/22/15Race, ,
Media blames all white people for Charleston shooting6/18/15Race, Media,
71% of MSNBC Viewers Agree -- You Can Be Black if You Want6/17/15Race, Media, PC
VIDEO: Everyone is Racist6/2/15Race, PC, Video
Study Claims 92% of Biracial Children with Black Dads are Born out of Wedlock 6/2/15Race, Conservative,
University Professor who wrote 'kill all white men' to keep her job5/27/15Race, ,
VIDEO: The Reasons Why Democrats Are the Party of Slavery and Victimization by ZoNation 5/27/15Race, Conservative, Video
DOJ says Slavery to blame for Baltimore Riots5/19/15Race, Liberal Bias,
'Whiteness history' speaker says that whites owe $20 trillion in slavery reparations5/16/15Race, ,
Baltimore Riots destroy 30 businesses, cause $9 million in damages5/14/15Race, ,
Boston professor blames white males for US's problems5/9/15Race, Education,
Indian Americans are the richest ethnic group in the United States, earning a median income of $100,547 in 2013, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Compare that to $51,939, which was the median income for all Americans during the same period5/8/15Race, Economics,
VIDEO: Facts white people can't talk about5/5/15Race, Video, PC
Hate Network: Five Times CNN Whipped Up Violence In Baltimore5/4/15Media, Race, Violence
Duke noose incident called an inside joke that went horribly wrong 5/1/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Indian Americans Richest Community in US with Average Income $100,5474/30/15Race, Economics,
Blacks are less than 13%t of the national population, but according to the U.S. Department of Justice, they accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008. 4/29/15Race, ,
Baltimore is the result of a purely Democrat problem4/29/15Race, Liberal Bias,
Multiple White Reporters punched covering Baltimore riots; Media silent on reverse hate crime4/28/15Media, Race,
Baltimore riots lead to 235 arrests, 20 injured officers 4/28/15Race, Violence,
Columnists reject 'All Lives Matter'4/24/15Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Texas College demands change in graduation speaker; Governor not diverse enough4/22/15Race, PC, Education
TV Star cries racist encounter with police and her son. Video proof shuts her down3/27/15Race, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: The Truth and Liberalism Don't Mix. 'Hands up don't shoot' never happened3/18/15Race, Conservative, Video
The Irish Slave Trade: The Forgotten White Slaves 3/17/15Race, ,
Starbucks encouraging baristas to talk about race3/16/15Race, ,
U.S. citizens of Asian descent have made sizable gains in income and wealth in the past 25 years. According to the study, Asian American median wealth in 2013 stood at $91,440, about 70% of the level of whites. Their wealth increased 43% since 1989 (inflation adjusted), but Whites gained only 3% to $134,008 in that same time period 3/15/15Race, Economics,
Asians Get Penalized 50 points for SATs. Blacks get bonus of 230pts and Hispanics receive bonus of 185pts on College Admissions SATs2/21/15Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist? Ben Shapiro2/11/15Conservative, Video, Race
The Ferguson Effect on crime is very real1/27/15Conservative, Race,
ASU offers 'US Race Theory & Problem of Whiteness' Class1/23/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: Which Black Lives Matter to the BLM movement?1/22/15Race, Conservative, Video
Harvard Students: Chanting U.S.A. back to Black Lives Matter is racist because of all the oppression and everything12/16/14Education, PC, Race
Black Lives Matter shouting to Kill Police officers12/13/14Video, ,
VIDEO: Dinesh D'Souza: Racism Is Not The Cause Of Black Failure12/11/14Race, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: The Truth about Al Shaprton12/10/14Race, Video, Conservative
Black Riots demonstrate progress of critical race theory12/2/14Race, Socialism,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro discusses Chris Rock & White guilt12/2/14Race, PC, Video
A University of Chicago student who claimed his Facebook page was hacked and filled with racist and violent messages against him and another student has now admitted he faked the attack. 12/1/14HoaxFraud, Race,
VIDEO: Guillory: Black People Are Being Used by Democrats 10/29/14Race, Video, Conservative
VIDEO: The Lies of Ferguson10/28/14Race, Video, Media
In Arizona, a Navajo high school emerges as a defender of the Washington Redskins 10/26/14Race, PC,
Race Baiting MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry was born into a White Mormon Family 10/1/14Race, Media,
College Students cite band aids & bras are examples of 'white privilege'9/10/14Race, ,
British police push rape cases under the table to avoid being called racist8/26/14Race, PC,
The Myth of Republican Racism8/26/14Conservative, Race,
Media suggest privileged whites rape too much; more illegals will stop that; forgetting illegals committ far more rape7/21/14Media, Race,
NBC Edits Zimmerman 911 tape6/27/14Race, Media,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro On Redskins Name Controversy5/22/14PC, Video, Race
VIDEO: Why Liberals always call other people racists that don't agree with them5/21/14Conservative, Video, Race
Liberal activist brutally raped by black guy; blames white people for the crime5/14/14Race, ,
VIDEO: MTV's New Campaign to Cleanse Racism is very very Marxist5/8/14Race, PC, Video
In a new book, Massachusetts Democratic senator and potential presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempts to rewrite history regarding the controversy surrounding her Native American ancestry that emerged in the 2012 Senate campaign. To be fair, most reviews note that Warren has never substantiated her claims of Native American heritage, which is true. The larger and unaddressed issue, however, is whether or not Warren falsely claimed minority status in order to gain an unfair advantage in her academic career. This was a question that was unresolved at the end of the 2012 campaign and it remains unresolved with the publication of Elizabeth Warren's book.4/22/14Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
61 Democrats and 24 Republicans voted against the 1965 Civil Rights Act 4/10/14Race, Conservative,
Black people represented more than 80% of the violent crimes in Oakland. 844 of the 1,091 firearms assault suspects were described as African American. 8,228 of the 9,491 robbery suspects last year were described as African American. 1,034 of 1,439 people suspected in assaults with weapons other than firearms were said to be African American. 27 of the 32 suspects arrested last year for homicides were African American.3/28/14Race, Conservative,
The Grand Valley State University student who found racist graffiti on her dorm room door’s whiteboard in mid-February is the same person who put it there3/24/14HoaxFraud, Race,
Media says Conservatives hijacked colorblindness and set civil rights back decades1/20/14Race, Media,
Media says racism was at the heart of Reagan's presidency1/11/14Race, Media,
MSNBC Apologizes for mocking Mitt Romney's black grandson. Lesson: it's okay to be 'trans-racial' as long as you are not republican1/4/14Race, Media,
Mother of house fakes hate spray paint and reports as hate crime12/4/13Race, HoaxFraud,
2 Vassar College students claimed they were victims of a series of hateful messages posted on students’ residences, the messages were revealed to be a hoax perpetrated by the two students themselves. 11/27/13HoaxFraud, Race,
Black Minister sets porch on fire in fake hate crime 11/3/13Race, HoaxFraud,
7 Black Witnesses Back Officer Wilson´s Account of the Michael Brown student10/23/13Race, Media, Video
Red Lobster employee fakes racist note9/10/13Race, ,
Black Student running for class president sends racists text messages to himself8/27/13Race, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Students orchestrate fake hate crimes in Ohio8/23/13Race, Education,
European Slaves in The Islamic Empire8/20/13Race, Islam,
15 Moronic Things Liberals Call Racism Since Obama Was Elected8/17/13Race, Media, Freedom
Black Panthers put $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman7/21/13Race, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: The Reality of Multiculturalism -Thomas Sowell7/12/13Race, Conservative, Video
Rasmussen Poll: More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics. Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way 7/3/13Race, ,
VIDEO: Progressives, Liberals and Race - Thomas Sowell 7/1/13Race, Conservative, Video
George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin6/28/13Race, ,
MSNBC: 'White supremacy' is a pretty big part of all of this opposition to Obama5/15/13Race, Media,
VIDEO: Arizona Classes Taught from an Anti-White, Mexican-American Point of View3/15/13Education, Immigration, Video
Coddling of College Hate Crime Hoaxers3/6/13Race, PC, Education
Black Americans Wealth Stats 2/28/13Race, ,
4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2012 compared to 112 black men killed from both justified and unjustified police-involved killings annually during this same period. Also, 372 total persons were killed each year by police and 373 persons were killed by being struck by lightning1/1/13Race, Conservative,
2013 FBI crime statistics show higher rates of crimes by blacks and hispanics1/1/13Race, Misc,
60% of Rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, 70% of long-term prison inmates grew up without a father in the home12/1/12Race, Economics, LGBT
VIDEO: Black American tells truth On Illegal Aliens in South Central 11/11/12Race, Immigration, Video
Police: Louisiana woman set herself on fire, wrote racial slurs10/24/12HoaxFraud, Race,
Hate Crime Hoax of the Month10/23/12Race, Education, Freedom
The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words8/31/12Media, Race, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Chris Matthews doesn't realize that by assuming 'food stamp president' pertains to black people only is racist 8/28/12Race, Media, Video
The Arab slave trade: 200 million non Muslim slaves from all colors and nationalities 8/27/12Race, Islam,
Jeremiah Wright: America’s Elite Colleges Infect Black People’s Brains With ‘White Racist DNA’7/8/12Race, , Education
Islams Role in Slavery 7/2/12Race, Islam,
MSNBC smears conservatives as racists6/21/12Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Questioning Obama is Racist6/16/12Race, Media, Obama
MSNBC says reporter interrupting Obama was because he's black 6/15/12Race, Media,
STUDY: In New York City, blacks and Hispanics committed 98% of all shootings in 2016; whites, who, at 34% of the population, the largest racial group in the city, committed less than 2% of all shootings6/1/12Race, Violence,
A Censored Race War: Media ignores racially motivated black-on-white crime5/15/12Race, Media, Freedom
House Democrats trained to make race the issue 5/11/12Race, Conservative,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs Jehmu Greene: Tempers flared and race was invoked during this heated debate about the authenticity of Elizabeth Warren American Indian heritage.5/4/12Race, Conservative, Video
Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and likely Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Scott Brown, has been defending herself against allegations that she used her Native American heritage to advance her law career. 5/1/12Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Five Myths of the 'Racist' Criminal Justice System4/16/12Race, Conservative,
TThe Talk: Nonblack Version; the article that got John Derbyshire fired from National Review for criticizing the talk black parents have to tell their kids the world is racist 4/5/12Race, PC, Conservative
Critical Race Theory made by the racists for the racists 4/1/12Race, Conservative,
Al Sharpton threatens Civil Disobedience of Zimmerman isn't arrested3/30/12Race, ,
How Trayvon martin case became national story3/29/12Race, Conservative,
Playing the Race Card again3/28/12Race, Conservative,
The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain 3/11/12Race, ,
The fight over voter id goes to United Nations3/9/12Race, Liberal Bias,
Harvard Professor wants to eliminate white race2/26/12Race, Education,
Montclair State students are charged with faking racist graffiti2/15/12HoaxFraud, Race,
University of Wisconsin-Parkside student confesses to creating the list and noose made of rubber bans threatening black students because she wanted greater attention to the issue 2/3/12Race, Education, HoaxFraud
Planned Parenthood lies about providing mammograms2/2/12Race, Abortion,
VIDEO: White People are Leaving California 12/28/11Race, economics, Video
From 1980 through 2008, 93% of black victims were killed by blacks killers — not police. There is no epidemic of police killing black people in America. It simply is not true. 11/30/11Race, Conservative,
85% of rapes in New York city were committed by blacks or hispanics9/13/11Immigration, Race,
85% of rapes in New York city were committed by blacks or hispanics9/13/11Immigration, Race,
Diversity making colleges much more expensive7/14/11Race, PC, Education
11-year-old girl lured into bathroom and gang raped by 7 guys from black and hispanic gangs3/29/11Immigration, Race,
President Obama says Tea Party are all a bunch of racists3/3/11Race, Obama,
Obama says Tea Party is racist3/2/11Race, Obama,
A black student at the University of Virginia Law School makes up fake hate crime by white police2/11/11HoaxFraud, Race,
How the State,Welfare, and Liberal policies have destroyed the black family1/22/11Race, Economics, Misc
VIDEO: Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats by Alfonzo Rachel 7/14/10Race, Video, Conservative
VIDEO: Muhammad Ali speaks about Racial Integration. Can you imagine of Donald Trump said this? 7/9/10Race, Video,
DOJ won't prosecute black panthers because slavery happened6/30/10Race, ,
VIDEO: Hillary Clinton praises Robert Bird, a former KKK leader, calling him a 'mentor'6/28/10Clinton, Race, Video
New York Times admits: Blacks committed 66% of all violent crime in New York in 2009, including 80% of shootings and 71% of robberies. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98% of reported gun assaults; meaning that blacks in New York are 50 times more likely to commit a shooting than a white New Yorker 6/25/10Race, Violence,
Children coming from single parent homes 50% more likely to be in poverty as adult, twice as likely to be arrested6/16/10Race, LGBT, Misc
Andrew Breitbart offers $10,000 for anyone who can prove 'n-word' was used in Tea Party protests…no reply4/26/10Race, Media, Freedom
Liberal blogs spread false rumour that a town hall protester yelled a death threat at a Democratic congressman3/26/10HoaxFraud, Race,
GOP fought hard for civil rights bills in 1960s 3/25/10Race, Conservative,
Left-Wing Hate crime hoaxer pleads guilty in Denver12/22/09Race, ,
Media: Republicans are racist and want people to die, that's why they don't like ObamaCare8/23/09Media, race, healthcare
ObamaCare protesters are racist8/18/09Race, Healthcare,
In 1940, only 15% of blacks were born out of wedlock. Today 65% of born out of wedlock, which makes them more likely to commit crime & be in poverty8/12/09Race, LGBT, Economics
University of Delaware coerces students to think like they do3/31/09Race, Liberal Bias, Education
Marriage & Poverty by the numbers. Traditional Families reduce Crime & Poverty1/2/09Race, LGBT, Economics
Study: The Black Family and Mass Incarceration1/1/09Race, ,
7 out of 10 black voters in California voted against Prop 8; showing blacks know that homosexuality is NOT like race 11/7/08LGBT, Race,
Study: A Retrospective View of Corporate Diversity Training From 1964 to the Present7/1/08PC, Race,
Obama tells small town in Penn republicans are racists4/11/08Race, Obama,
Black Long Island father who fatally shot a white teen after a false rape claim gets light sentence and tension ensures 3/20/08HoaxFraud, Race,
Western Reserve University assistant professor received a six-month prison sentence Friday for falsely reporting to the FBI that she received racially-charged hate mail. 11/16/07HoaxFraud, Education, Race
GWU students admits fake hate crime hoax11/5/07Race, Education,
Black crime statistics show that 85% of black homicide victims are male, so feminists should shutup8/1/07Race, Feminism,
Study Shows Diversity training only makes things worse and less diverse 8/1/07PC, Race,
The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States: In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man 5/3/07Race, Violence, Conservative
A 14yr old Black Girl Shot by Mexicans because she was black 1/17/07Race, Immigration, Violence
The PC holidaycalled Kwanza was Invented in 1966 by a convicted felon who was accused of torturing two women, one who claimed he beat her with an electrical cord 11/22/06Violence, PC, Perverse
Some actual facts that you're never told about slavery back when Vice wasn’t a complete shithead publication12/1/05Race, Conservative,
Another Hate Crime Hoax; more people pretending to be victims5/9/05Race, Education,
Black Student sends racist notes to peers 4/28/05HoaxFraud, Race,
Doctoral Degree Awards to African Americans: Blacks earned 13, or about 1%, of the nearly 1,200 doctorates in physics. In computer science, blacks won 0.7 % of all Ph.D. awards. In the atmospheric sciences, less than 1% of all doctorates went to blacks. In chemistry, only 2.3% of PhDs went to blacks. In the earth sciences such as geology, oceanography, and the atmospheric sciences, blacks were 1.3 % of all doctoral recipients, down from 2.3% in 2003. In the ocean and marine sciences, only 1 of the 190 PhDs in the discipline was awarded to an African American. In 2004, 148 African Americans were awarded a PhD. in the biological sciences. But they were only 2.5% of all doctorates awarded in the discipline. Black PhD awards in the biological sciences did increase by 37% from 2003. That year, blacks were awarded 1.9% of all doctorates in the biological sciences 1/1/05Science, Education, Race
Minority Groups and the Great Depression: The first federal minimum wage legislation, the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, gained support from workers due to its ability to 'keep contractors from using cheap colored labor rather than employ the more expensive whites. Workers unions, which excluded minorities, lobbied for more privileges and laws benefiting union workers. As a result, unemployment for minorities during the Depression was double that of the average unemployment rate at the time.1/1/03Economics, Race,
Gallip Poll: The South, a part of the country that one would not historically associate with racial harmony, does not actually fare as poorly as some other parts of the United States. None of the 14 most highly segregated urban areas are in the South11/19/02Race, Conservative,
In the 1990s, blacks and Hispanics became detectives almost five years earlier than whites and took half the time as whites did to be appointed to deputy inspector or deputy chief. 7/1/02Race, Liberal Bias,
People seem to forget the FDR was the President who put the Japanese in interment camps 1/1/01Race, ,
More Than 4.5 Million African Americans Now Hold a Four-Year College Degree 1/1/01Race, ,
Harvard Critical Race Theory1/1/01Race, Education,
Slaves of a different color. Historians mostly ignore the fact that some white people, too, were enslaved before the Civil War.6/15/00Race, ,
Black families with middle class incomes rose almost 40% between 1940 and 1970, it has inched up only another 10% since then. Between 1988 and 1994, the racial gap in reading grew from 2.5 to 3.9 years; between 1990 and 1994, the racial gap in math increased from 2.5 to 3.4 years. In both science and writing, the racial gap has widened by a full year.3/1/98Race, Economics, Conservative
CNN Poll in 1997 shows Most black teenagers say racism has little effect on daily lives; 62% blacks and 58% whites believe racism is a big problem. However, when specifically asked about racism in their own lives, 89% of black teenagers said racism was a small problem or not a problem at all 11/17/97Race, Conservative,
Media says criticism about immigrants clubbing puppies to death is 'racist'12/16/95Race, Media,

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