Dubious Report That Florida Shooter Was White Supremacist Apparently Started With 4Chan Prank2/16/18HoaxFraud, Race, Media
Piers Morgan Goes Off His Rocker With Nikolas Cruz White Supremacist 'MUSLIM Tweet; says if shooter was Muslim laws would change; forgetting San Bernadino and Orlando Muslim shooters 2/15/18Celebrities, Islam, Guns
HATE CRIME HOAX: I wonder who could possibly be behind a badly misspelled flyer threatening Muslims in Minneapolis 2/9/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
Virginia: Muslim who tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihadi pleads guilty to lying on applications 2/9/18Islam, Violence, HoaxFraud
HATE CRIME or another self inflicted Muslim Hate Crime Hoax? Suspect sought for vandalizing a Musims car in Cincinnati, Ohio, with graffiti that said: Trump America and Go Home Musslim and a Nazi swastika (Muslim favorite).2/9/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
Sweden: Dental hygienist proves child refugees are actually adults, gets fired when he says: I would probably estimate that up to 80% of them were obviously adults. This can be seen, for example, on wisdom teeth that were fully grown; something that is only seen in adults 2/7/18Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
Judge recommends James Madison university pay $850,000 to student it punished after exonerating him of rape claims 2/5/18HoaxFraud, Education, Economics
Woman Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Misconduct Now Running For Office2/5/18TDS, ,
Canada: Police drop investigation as Muslima who claimed to have received death threats refuses to cooperate1/31/18Islam, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: The Cathy Newman Lie 1791L1/31/18Media, HoaxFraud, Feminism
A Tennessee meat market owner is accused of carrying out a $1.2 million food stamp fraud scheme where he traded benefits for cash1/30/18HoaxFraud, Economics,
Sweden: 90% of Muslim migrants from Morocco caught lying about their age1/24/18Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
New California policy opens door to illegal immigrant voting 1/23/18Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Conservative Group Seeks Records About Thousands Of Noncitizen Voters In Texas1/22/18Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Elizabeth Warren Just Found Herself In BIG TROUBLE1/20/18Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
MUSLIM DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IN CANADA. Credulity for Muslim hoaxes, willful ignorance for Muslim attacks. 1/19/18Islam, HoaxFraud, Conservative
News reports omit race of man arrested for hate crime hoax. That is because he is black.1/18/18HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
State Department Hiding Game Changer Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees1/18/18Freedom, Islam, Immigration
Huffington Post: The girl who lied about her hijab being attacked by an Islamophobe deserves an apology1/17/18HoaxFraud, Islam, Media
Justin Trudeau Jumped On Bandwagon To Condemn Attack On Muslim Girl when someone reportedly tried to cut off her hijab. The Attack Never Happened. 1/15/18HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Islam
Hoax alert: Canadian schoolgirl claims man tried to cut off her hijab1/12/18HoaxFraud, Islam,
Republican senator sponsors bill to fund junk science in rape investigations. Memory and neuroscience experts told Yoffe there was little evidence backing these pseudoscientific claims that sexual assault creates neurobiological change, induces tonic immobility in the victim during the act, represses memories that can be accurately recalled much later (just not immediately after), and that contradictory or changing narratives are actually evidence of assault. 1/11/18Science, HoaxFraud, Freedom
The Washington Post has placed national reporter Janell Ross on leave after she was exposed giving a strategy briefing at a secret strategy conference for left wing donors, politicians and activists in November1/11/18Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
The Yale University psychology professor who has repeatedly diagnosed President Trump with a mental impairment appears to lack a valid license in the State of Connecticut. 1/10/18Professors, TDS, Science
HOAX: Leftists Fall For Parody Story About Trump Watching The Gorilla Channel 17 Hours Per Day (Ben Shapiro) 1/5/18HoaxFraud, TDS,
Oberlin tells federal judge that sex becomes rape when one partner says I am not sober1/3/18HoaxFraud, ,
David Brock, a Democratic operative and the founder of left wing Media Matters and another HIllary Clinton allys dumped at least $700,000 to prominent sexual harassment lawyer Lisa Bloom to fund women willing to accuse candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct the week before the presidential election, reports The New York Times.1/1/18Clinton, TDS, HoaxFraud
Hoax? Anti immigrant graffiti scrawled on Rutgers prayer room 12/29/17HoaxFraud, ,
17 campus hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes in 2017 12/26/17HoaxFraud, ,
Jury takes 28 minutes to acquit student accused of rape; years after he was expelled for it. A student expelled by the College of Charleston in 2014 for rape has been vindicated by the criminal justice system, though his life has already been ruined beyond repair. 12/26/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Eastern New Mexico mosque sprayed with graffiti and misspelled the word Christian?12/22/17Vandalism, HoaxFraud, Islam
Another study confirms women who go to college are far less likely to be raped12/21/17Feminism, Conservative, HoaxFraud
Illegal Alien Teen Lied About Age to Get Tax Funded Abortion 12/20/17Immigration, Abortion, HoaxFraud
Voter Fraud Investigation Launched in Alabama 12/20/17HoaxFraud, ,
More dead commenters appear to come out against net neutrality 12/18/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom promised two women they would be financially compensated for publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment in the waning months of the 2016 presidential election. In a text exchange with one of the accusers, Bloom indicates that a pro Clinton PAC might also be willing to provide financial support12/15/17HoaxFraud, TDS, Feminism
Germany: Muslim migrant who raped and murdered EU officials daughter is 33, not a teenager as he claims 12/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
California Pomona College ignores judges rejection of its Title IX procedures, and retries student with same approach 12/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Another Massachusetts Democrat Facing Massive Scandal. Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce was arrested and charged with running his office as a criminal enterprise and is now facing a 113 count indictment from the federal government. Joyce is reported to have gained $1 million through bribes and kickbacks and has also been charged with racketeering, extortion, honest services fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS12/11/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Wrote Note Under his Yearbook Signature 12/8/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
A black sailor who claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed actually staged the entire incident against himself12/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Democrat Congresswoman Corrinne Brown Sentenced to Prison for Fraud12/4/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
A church service in Alabama was disrupted featuring guest speaker Judge Roy Moore. Besides a leftist protester shouting accusations at Moore regarding his alleged misconduct with underaged girls, late night host Jimmy Kimmel sent a plant from his show to join the shenanigans to pose as a Moore supporter. Both men were eventually escorted from the building. 11/30/17HoaxFraud, Celebrities, Media
Canada: Jews most targeted for hate crimes, hate crimes against Muslims decrease 11/29/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Liberal Organizers Incentivize Protesters To Get Arrested. Organizers with the leftist group Housing Works told protesters they must risk arrest in order to be reimbursed for airfare to Washington, D.C. The group organized a large protest on Capitol Hill against the Republican led Tax Reform measure in the Senate Tuesday. Housing Works is based out of New York City, and aims to further the health of the LGBTQ community11/29/17Liberal Bias, LGBT, Economics
VIDEO: Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee 11/28/17Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
In Washington, D.C., where Ballou High School saw every one of its 164 seniors graduate, an investigation found that the schools administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences. Half of the graduates missed more than 3 months of school last year, unexcused. 20% were absent more than present, missing more than 90 days of school. The 2017 standardized tests revealed that just 9% of the students were proficient in English, while zero percent were proficient in math. Tragically, many of the college bound students cannot read or write 11/28/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Black Churches in Morristown, New Jersey were vandalized, and the race claims heated up; only to be caught as another hoax11/27/17HoaxFraud, Race, Vandalism
Veteran Evergreen State employee resigns in disgust, citing illegal spending of state money. The Writing Center had been using financial aid money intended for students to hire non student workers.11/27/17Education, HoaxFraud, Economics
Elizabeth Warren says Trump calling her Pocahontas a Racial Slur11/27/17Race, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
It has been 24 hours since news broke that Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady is under FBI investigation for allegedly paying his primary opponent to drop out of the race, but CNN has published zero articles and devoted zero airtime to the story 11/22/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Missouri High School Graffiti reading White Lives Matter and containing a racial slur was found written on a bathroom mirror at Parkway Central High School. Turns out to be another hoax, drawn by a non white student 11/21/17HoaxFraud, ,
Race Hoaxer Shaun King Attacks Trumps Words: calls him Ungrateful is the New Nigger 11/20/17TDS, Race,
White Muslim Linda Sarsour to Host Women of Color Conference 11/20/17Race, HoaxFraud, Islam
Roy Moore: Gloria Allreds Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are Completely Untrue. Moore specifically pointed to the initials D.A. that appear after the signature on the yearbook to further demonstrate that the yearbook inscription and signature represent what he described as a forgery and complete fabrication. The woman had a sigend document from Moore when his secretary stamp signed her divorce document back in 1999. When they forged the name onto this manual, they also included the initials of my receptionist, my secretary. Which were D.A. Delbra Adams. And certainly they forged it and this is a complete fabrication11/17/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
NBC Continues to Ignore Bob Menendez Corruption Trial to Cover Trump Drinking Water 11/17/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Massachusetts lawmakers approve bill to impose campus rape training derided as junk science; missing most of the same procedural protections as the guidance rescinded by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos11/17/17Science, Education, Freedom
How The Supreme Court Helped Bob Menendez Escape Conviction by blurring what is determined as an official act of corruption 11/17/17Freedom, Conservative, HoaxFraud
Democrat Bob Menendez Blames Racist Americans For His Trial, Vows Political Vengeance Against Opponents 11/16/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Race
Michelle Malkin: Media Silence on Bob Menendez: For the past 11 weeks, Bob Menendez has been on trial for 18 counts of bribery, fraud and corruption involving nearly $1 million in gifts and donations. A new Media Research Center analysis reported that ABC, CBS and NBC devoted 40 times more of their morning and evening TV newscast coverage this past week to Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore's alleged sexual assault accusers than to the ongoing federal trial of one of the Democrats most powerful, visible and entrenched figures on Capitol Hill. 11/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Islamophobia? Jews Represented 54% Of ALL Hate Crimes In 2016. Of the 1,538 hate crimes motivated by religious bias that were reported by law enforcement, a whopping 54% were anti Jewish; more than double the 25% that were anti Muslim. 11/13/17HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
Oberlin College Sued For Falsely Accusing Local Business Of Racism11/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti Roy Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office11/10/17TDS, HoaxFraud,
Tulane suspends accused student after ignoring his evidence, withholding details and ignored the results of a polygraph test that cleared a student, gave no reasoning when it found him responsible for sexual misconduct and arbitrarily hiked his punishment11/10/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
Hamilton College expelled male student even after coordinated sexual assault claims fell apart, lawsuit says 11/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
Fake hate: Black Air Force Academy cadet admits to racial slur vandalism 11/8/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Last week, a car on Kansas State University campus was vandalized with racist graffiti. Now confirmed as a hoax done by the car owner himself 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Hate crime hoaxer near Kansas State wont be charged for filing false police report 11/6/17HoaxFraud, Race, Liberal Bias
SHOCK REPORT: Obama Hid 470,000 Documents From Bin Laden Raid in order to perpetuate the lie that Al Qaeda was defeated after bin Ladens death, thus paving the way for Obamas 2012 victory. 11/3/17Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Democrat Journalists who Denied Democratic Primary Rigging For Clinton Look Really Stupid Now11/3/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Investigation: U.S. Foundations Gave Millions To Groups with Terror Ties. Groups like Islamic Relief Worldwide, which some countries have banned for allegedly funding Hamas and other terrorist organizations, have received millions of dollars from corporate charities like the GE Foundation, community foundations like the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and independent foundations like George Soros’ Open Society Foundation 11/3/17Economics, Islam, Violence
Arab Gangs Infiltrate Berlin Police: Department covering up criminal records of trainees with links to Arab crime clans, claims whistleblower. 11/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Donna Brazile Book Claims Proof Hillary Rigged 2016 Primary 11/2/17Clinton, HoaxFraud, Freedom
TripAdvisor users are accusing the site of deleting their accounts of rape and assault at Mexican resorts 11/1/17HoaxFraud, ,
Ku Klux Klan graffiti sprayed on a church in Missouri has turned out to be the work of a black man 10/31/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort Allegedly Laundered $75 Million In Russian Money 10/30/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Anti Muslim vandalism and slurs found on the Kent-Meridian High School campus this week. Likely another hoax. The majority of allegations of anti Muslim hate crimes reported to law enforcement and the media by designated terrorist group CAIR, never result in any arrests, because most of them turn out to be self-imposed hate graffiti/emails/letters, etc. or fake accusations of name-calling/hijab-grabbing, etc10/30/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Vandalism
One of the two unnamed companies in the grand jury indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, is reportedly the Podesta Group; a lobbying firm with strong ties to Hillary Clinton.10/30/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Clinton
DACA Drivers License Abuse Discovered in Georgia. There are 21,600 DACA recipients living in Georgia, but somehow, more than double are being issued drivers licenses. According to Georgia Department of Driver Services, 48,935 DACA recipients have received licenses10/27/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Muslim former professor who confessed to faking several anti Muslim hate crime incidents, gets away with a one year suspended sentence 10/26/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Professors
Bill OReilly claimed to have heard a recording of an anti Trump attorney bribing a woman to accuse the presidential nominee of sexual harassment during his 2016 campaign10/25/17TDS, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Illegal Aliens Have Been Casting Votes in Pennsylvania for 18 Years. State Department official Jonathan Marks told a state House committee that an agency analysis found 544 ballots cast out of more than 93 million ballots from 2000 through 2017. 10/25/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Fake hate alert: Black former student responsible for racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan U. 10/23/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Millionaire Muslim’ convicted of ripping off taxpayers for 18 YEARS by posing as a struggling single mother is finally kicked out of her government funded home10/23/17Economics, Islam, HoaxFraud
Florida Professor Thought State Troopers Were Armed Aryan Militia 10/20/17Professors, HoaxFraud, Race
Judge slaps down college for judging accused student guilty without cross examination of accuser. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge told Pomona College it deprived an accused student of a fair hearing by finding him responsible with no opportunity to submit questions to his accuser, and ordered it to remove his 2 semester suspension 10/19/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Michigan State University reports Noose Found in College Dorm and Turns Out to be a Shoelace10/19/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Two of the cofounders of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier, invoked their Fifth Amendment rights during a meeting with the House Intelligence Committee 10/18/17TDS, HoaxFraud, Clinton
REPORT: FBI Hid Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme 10/17/17Clinton, HoaxFraud, Freedom
MEDIA SILENCE: New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bob Menendez Is Still On Trial For Corruption 10/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Man charged in U. Maryland swastika vandalism is black former UMD employee10/15/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
VIDEO: THE TRUTH ABOUT DEANDRE HARRIS; the black guy who claimed he was attacked by white supremacists for nor reason; new video shows him hitting guy in the head with metal flashlight10/13/17Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
NCAA wont punishthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for offering fake classes that benefited student athletes, because it couldnt find any NCAA rules that were actually violated by the university10/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Media Matters chief David Brock has personally watched over and benefited from a scheme to hide donor identities that allowed progressives to funnel untraceable millions to initiatives against conservative and GOP causes around the nation, a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission charges 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Fake hate alert: Racist drawing at Binghamton U. leads to student town hall gripe session 10/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
Two Canadian professors at Nipissing University in Ontario brag of tricking students into social justice classes. They developed an approach they call Trojan horse pedagogy to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students.The professors argue that the ruse is justified because most students are not interested in learning about social justice 10/6/17Professors, PC, HoaxFraud
Democrats look to wreak havoc in GOP primaries. Discussing infiltrating GOP primaries to vote for least likely candidate to win 10/6/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
House Democrats ordered the systematic falsification of records showing how they spend their taxpayer-provided office budgets, according to lawyers for two former House information technology (IT) aides 10/5/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Harvey Weinstein, the distributor of the heavily disputed campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, bought the silence of younger female employees and actresses who had accused him of sexually harassing them 10/5/17Celebrities, Media, HoaxFraud
University of North Carolina colored water fountain scandal was student hoax 10/2/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
VIDEO: Red Pill Black (Candace Owens) on Her Journey From Left to Right (Live Interview) 9/28/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
Canada: Mosque charity controlled or influenced by Qatar organization that supports jihad terror 9/27/17Islam, Violence, HoaxFraud
A male professor who underwent a yearlong Title IX investigation claims that professional disagreements with female colleagues have been redefined as sexual harassment at University of Missouri St. Louis 9/25/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Education
How Obama is funding the anti Trump resistance9/23/17Obama, Freedom, Economics
UK Student Jailed For Falsely Accusing Taxi Driver Of Sexual Assault 9/21/17HoaxFraud, ,
New hoax? University of Michigan hit with two racist graffiti incidents in two days 9/21/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Scottie Nell Hughes Alleges Rape In New Filing Against Fox News and Host Charles Payne after she refused to get a payout for her sexual harrassment allegations 9/18/17HoaxFraud, Media,
The Maryland city that drew national attention this week for passing a measure to allow illegal immigrants and other non-citizens to cast ballots in local elections said the change is void because it didnt get enough yes votes. Any amendment to the city charter requires six yes votes for passage.9/16/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
A county grand jury in Ohio indicted several foreign nationals for election fraud related to the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.9/15/17HoaxFraud, ,
College Park, Maryland, home of the University of Maryland, voted this week to extend the vote to illegal immigrants who live in College Park to cast a ballot in local elections. 9/14/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to Nazis who marched in Charlottesville9/14/17Liberal Bias, Race, Freedom
Fake hate crime: Various threats made online against minority students at a Pennsylvania high school are not hate crimes, West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania law enforcement has determined, as the suspect turned out to be a black student9/13/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Fake flyers portray conservative student group Young Americas Foundation at George Washington University as hating Muslims as anti Muslim9/12/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Education
CNN Is Mad Because White Men Speak At Trump Voter Fraud Commission 9/12/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Memory and neuroscience experts warn Title IX training is driven by junk science 9/8/17Science, Freedom, HoaxFraud
20,000 Illegally Voted in 2016 Election in Chicago, New Hampshire 9/7/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
A federal court passed a vote on a Texas voter identification law which requires voters to present an accepted photo ID card; nullifying a previous order that ruled no ID is required.9/6/17HoaxFraud, Immigration, Conservative
University students are not innocent until proven guilty at approximately 75% of Americas top schools. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) released this figure and others in its Spotlight on Due Process 2017, a study scoring U.S. News & World Report 53 top universities on 10 criteria of due process.FIRE found that 39 out of 53 of the top institutions do not presume that accused students are innocent. Furthermore, only 47.2%t of the schools mandate the impartiality of judges or juries.9/5/17Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
A U.S. District Court Judge in the Southern District of California sentenced a political guru for helping a Mexican billionaire launder hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign of San Diego Democratic mayoral candidate Bob Filner, who eventually won. 9/1/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Linda Sarsour Uses Hurricane Harvey To Solicit Donations For Labor Groups 8/30/17Islam, Liberal Bias,
Three illegal immigrants from Brazil are accused of running an illegal check cashing scheme that laundered up to $100 million in New Jersey8/28/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor who has been dubbed the architect of Obamacare, has settled a lawsuit accusing him of filing fraudulent claims for government payments 8/24/17Healthcare, HoaxFraud,
Chuck Schumer asks Trump to disband voter fraud commission after Charlottesville violence 8/24/17Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud, TDS
Federal judge strikes down Texas voter ID law for having a discriminatory intent8/23/17HoaxFraud, Immigration, Race
Judge blasts Penn State for never asking rape accuser for evidence; lawsuit continues 8/19/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Police investigation outs serial fabricator of rape claims at Michigan college 8/16/17HoaxFraud, ,
3.5 Million more Registered Voters in U.S. than eligible adults 8/11/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Disney Just Shelled Out $177 Million After Calling Fast Food Meat Pink Slime 8/10/17Media, Environmental, HoaxFraud
DOJ: Stolen Identification Docs Sold to Illegal Aliens Used in Voter Fraud8/9/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Judge tosses USC rape prosecution: Videos show accuser initiated at key moments 8/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
Ireland: Muslim migrant arrested for supplying bogus IDs to Islamic State jihadis8/8/17Immigration, Islam, HoaxFraud
11 Counties Have More Voters than Voting Age Citizens 8/5/17HoaxFraud, ,
American Airlines Finds No Evidence Of Serial Liar Lena Dunhams Transphobic Airline Employees by Ben Shapiro8/4/17LGBT, Celebrities, HoaxFraud
Black Lives Matter Claimed Black Man Lynched by Cop; except It Was a White man who Suicide 8/3/17Race, HoaxFraud,
UK: Leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque is worse than sexually abusing an 11yr old girl8/3/17HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
Democrat Election Official Admits Illegal Votes Slip Through8/2/17HoaxFraud, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Judge blocked Cornell from suspending a male student who was already suing the university for gender discrimination, because it found him responsible for rape and refused to investigate his rape claim against his accuser. 7/31/17Freedom, Feminism, HoaxFraud
Remember back in February when an Asian UCLA law student was denied Airbnb accommodations due to her ethnicity? The Airbnb host is (or was) an adjunct at two institutions. 7/31/17HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Imran Awan and his brother Abid worked for several dozen Democratic U.S. Representatives, including several from California, according to a recent investigative report citing congressional staff data. The various allegations involving the Awan brothers are still being revealed. The brothers were accused of owing money to a Hezbollah-linked Iraqi politician earlier this year. In addition, they allegedly sent files from the offices of members of the House Foreign Affairs and Intelligence committees to remote servers, and stole hard drives that were later smashed 7/31/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations 7/31/17Environmental, HoaxFraud, Science
7 Food Stamp Recipients Pleaded Guilty for Taking Part in $5 Million Food Stamp Fraud in South Carolina7/30/17HoaxFraud, ,
Star Wars spoof paper on Jedi powers inside cells accepted by peer-reviewed science journals 7/26/17Science, HoaxFraud,
NPR calls fake rape accuser Emma Sulkowicz a survivor, hides that she is Mattress Girl 7/26/17HoaxFraud, ,
Peter Schweizer: Most Democrats Fail to Take Vital Precautions Against Fraudulent Foreign Donations 7/25/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Undocumented immigrant charged with illegal dentistry did procedures in NC7/25/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Study: 8,471 Cases of Double Voting Uncovered in 21 States7/24/17HoaxFraud, ,
A Florida high school principal who had teachers do his sons math homework, pressured teachers to alter grades, and charged students money to attend school-hours functions has been allowed to maintain employment within his district7/20/17Education, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
New York Times: Climate Alarmism Is Good Because Scaremongering Fixed Y2K Bug 7/19/17Media, HoaxFraud, Environmental
A black student athlete suspended by Colorado State for a rape his white partner denied ever happened is nearing a settlement in his 2016 gender discrimination lawsuit against the school. Jennifer DeLuna, the university director of diversity and inclusion, concluded he engaged in non consensual sexual intercourse with athletic trainer. However, that investigators ignored exculpatory evidence such as the trainers own testimony, which defended the sex as consensual 7/19/17HoaxFraud, Education, Liberal Bias
Democrats Keep Lying About Voter Suppression. These 5 Facts Show It Isnt Happening 7/19/17Conservative, HoaxFraud,
Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders wife is Accused of Bank Fraud, So She Blames Sexism7/18/17Feminism, Socialism, HoaxFraud
Male student suspended for helping girl not choke on her vomit sues university7/18/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Linda Sarsour invokes phony cemetery employee to explain why Jewish cemetery she raised $100,000 for got no money7/18/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Illegal Alien Working Under Stolen SS Number Charged with Molesting Young Girl 7/17/17Immigration, Violence,
LAWSUIT: California State University San Marcos withheld evidence from accused student, wouldnt let him defend himself7/17/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Male Student Falsely Accused of Raping Emma Sulkowicz, otherwise known as Mattress Girl, receives undisclosed settlement with Columbia7/17/17HoaxFraud, Education,
UK: Muslima falsely claims man pulled off her hijab in race hate attack7/16/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Tennessee mosque hit with bacon and graffiti reading We are vandal group7/12/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Several American Indians have accused a new Native American Studies professor of faking her ethnicity, using data from U.S. census records and ancestry websites 7/11/17Education, Race, HoaxFraud
ACLU Lawsuit Against Trump and Election Commission Attack on the Rule of Law as the ACLU fights to enable voter fraud7/11/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, HoaxFraud
New York: Jesus painting left at mosque being investigated as hate crime7/10/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Libreal Columnist for Missouri Columbia Daily Tribune Wrote About Dangerous Police Stop, Dashcam Video Proved Him Wrong 7/7/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
STUDY: Temperature Adjustments by Scientists Account for All Claimed Warming. A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Almost all the surface temperature warming adjustments cool past temperatures and warm more current records, increasing the warming trend, according to the studys authors. 7/6/17Environmental, HoaxFraud, Science
Berkeley student who says cops racially profiled, mistreated him has anti cop, anti white history 7/6/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Climate Mafia Caught Tampering With Evidence Again; earth surface temperature datasets have been adjusted to fit the climate change narrative7/5/17Environmental, Science,
Duke University admitted it used manipulated and completely fabricated data about respiratory illnesses to obtains grants from the Environmental Protection Agency, among other agencies. 7/3/17HoaxFraud, Science, Environmental
VIDEO: Dan Savage on Bill Maher Show complained that Republicans cheat to win elections and suggested Democrats start cheating in the same way to take back the government 7/3/17LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Democrat Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams Pleads Guilty in Federal Corruption Trial 6/30/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
Two Thirds Of Obamaphone Recipients May Have Lied About Being Poor6/29/17HoaxFraud, Obama,
Fake News: Audit Finds 17 Million CNN Followers Are Fake 6/29/17HoaxFraud, Media,
A man paid to register Virginia voters prior to the 2016 Presidential Election will spend at least 100 days in prison for submitting the names of deceased individuals to vote. 6/28/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea has found 150,000 people wrongly placed on the states voter rolls 6/28/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
A Muslim woman who was attacked by a stranger in Milwaukee in April told police that she did not believe that she was targeted because of her religion, a statement which is at odds with how her story was portrayed in the media by local and national Muslim civil rights groups 6/26/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
A 22yr old Muslim woman was arrested in Iowa after she was caught by security cameras setting fire to her own mosque in another fake hate crime attempt 6/26/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson & The Beneficiaries of Voter Fraud 6/26/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
New study claims most terrorists in US are right wing and not Muslim. Another study that manipulates variables to get its desired result, despite the study even showing Muslims killed more6/23/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Violence
Muslim Brotherhood linked Rep. Keith Ellison falsely claims 35 mosques attacked under Trump6/21/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Vandalism
So much fake hate during the 2016 to 2017 school year: a best of list 6/14/17HoaxFraud, Conservative,
The Federal Election Commission has slapped the Michigan Democratic Party with a whopping $500,000 fine after the commission ruled the party had underreported cash contributions at bingo fundraisers by $4.4 million.6/13/17HoaxFraud, ,
Welfare Fraudsters Allegedly Steal $287,000 from PA Government, Some Using Food Stamps to Buy Heroin 6/13/17HoaxFraud, ,
The Department of Justice wont prosecute VA executives accused of intentionally misleading Congress about cost overruns at the new VA hospital in Denver 6/9/17Healthcare, HoaxFraud,
12 employees of a Democrat linked group focused on mobilizing black voters in Indiana are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last years general election in order to meet quotas 6/9/17HoaxFraud, ,
Report: PETA Produced Fake Animal Abuse Video as Part of Attempted Viral Awareness Campaign6/7/17Environmental, HoaxFraud,
UC to investigate claims Napolitano tampered with audit. An April report claimed that University of California President Janet Napolitano screened responses to a state audit before they were filed 6/7/17HoaxFraud, Education,
VIDEO: More footage of CNN fake protesters after London Bridge6/7/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftists Outraged After Little Girl Barred From Soccer Tournament Over Short Hair. This Is Fake News. She was actually disqualified because she was listed as male on the team roster and even though she was mistakenly listed as male, she was not allowed to play on the girls team6/6/17Feminism, HoaxFraud, Media
Linda Sarsour Has Raised $80K For Anti Muslim Hate Crime That Allegedly Did Not Happen 6/5/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
CNN Caught Staging Muslim Demonstration in London. A guy on Twitter @markantro took a video of what appeared to be CNN staging a Muslim demonstration and posted it. According to @markantro, who witnessed the event firsthand said that CNN was creating the narrative6/5/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
FACT CHECK: Did 17 Intel Agencies All Agree Russia Influenced The Presidential Election?6/1/17TDS, HoaxFraud,
New York: Pakistani student admits abduction & robbery by racists never happened 5/31/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a leftist nonprofit, is discovered to be the perpetrator who faked over 100,000 comments supporting government regulation of the internet appear legitimate. Gaming a regulatory rulemaking in this way is highly deceptive and completely undermines the integrity of the public comment process. More troubling, the potential privacy breach of knowingly using other peoples email addresses without their permission to submit comments would be unprecedented 5/31/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
REPORT: Virginia Has Booted 5,556 Non Citizens From Voter Rolls Since 20115/30/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Rape Hoaxer Mattress Girl Performs Bondage Now to Resist Trump 5/30/17HoaxFraud, Feminism,
A single, dubious rape accusation by a student who had ample reason to lie led the Ivy League school to deny tenure to Mukund Vengalattore, who would have otherwise sailed through his tenure review. The dean repeatedly overturned findings in his favor, even before she told him he had been accused of rape 5/24/17HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
VIDEO U.S. Made Over Trillion Dollars of Improper Payments over the years: from $125 billion in 2014; to $137 billion in 2015; to the most recent estimate of $144 billion in 2016 which includes estimates for 112 programs at 22 federal agencies, so it is a pervasive problem, 5/23/17economics, HoaxFraud,
Israeli Cybercrime Police Arrest Israeli American Teen for 'Hundreds' of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide5/23/17HoaxFraud, Race, Violence
Men behind Conceptual Penis hoax published in peer reviewed scientific journal says academics trades respectability for ideological crusades 5/22/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Education
Peer Reviewed Journal Publishes Gender Studies Hoax Claiming Penises Cause Climate Change 5/19/17Media, Conservative, HoaxFraud
Judge throws out Texas clock boy discrimination incident because it lacked ANY FACTS to justify the case, says judge 5/19/17Islam, Education, PC
Democrat Campaign Worker Recorded Bragging about his Voter Fraud Schemes 5/19/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Feds Hide Report Exposing Failures to Prevent Visa Overstays 5/18/17Immigration, HoaxFraud, Freedom
Hundreds of thousands of fake posts supporting a government takeover of the internets most essential infrastructure bombarded a FCC forum for public comments on net neutrality in the past month5/17/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
FALSE CLAIMS TO US CITIZENSHIP: Prior the Amnesty of 1986 that was part and parcel of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), it was estimated that roughly 1 million illegal alien would emerge from the shadows under the auspices of that one time amnesty program. By the time the IRCA amnesty program ended more than 3.5 million such aliens stepped out of the shadows.5/16/17Immigration, Conservative, HoaxFraud
Comparing the case of the 2 Maryland Illegals who were not charged with raping 14yr old because she sent lewd text messages and comparing the evidence to Mattress girl Emma Sulkowicz, who texted fuck me in the butt, among other lewd text messages, was a college student, and had no evidence but was praised by Ann Coulter 5/11/17Conservative, Feminism, Violence
Saudis Paid for U.S. Veteran Trips to Lobby Against 9/11 Lawsuit Law 5/11/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
HOAX: Note that used the n-word and threatened a black female student at St. Olaf College and sparked an intense protest that led to classes being shut down for a day as student demonstrators accused the school of institutional racism is confirmed as a HOAX 5/10/17HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Designated terrorist group CAIR issues another report on the alleged spike in anti-Muslim hate incidents 5/10/17HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
VIDEO: Board Member Attacked for Sharia Law in San Diego Schools (Fake News). School Board member made ludicrous charges of being attacked due to his program to implement Sharia law in the schools in San Diego. His contact information was posted, and that somehow, is considered an attack5/5/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Education
Another Hate Crime Hoax. A church organist vandalized his own church with a swastika and pro Trump graffiti in order to mobilize a movement 5/4/17HoaxFraud, Christianity,
The co founder of End Rape on Campus may have heavily embellished or wholly invented her alleged rape, which helped spark the influential anti-rape campus crusade of the past few years 5/2/17HoaxFraud, Feminism,
Social Security Administration (SSA) officials gave $5.8 million to dead Californians and sent checks living people being listed as dead 5/2/17HoaxFraud, ,
How California DMV Could Settle the Question of Voter Fraud 4/28/17Conservative, HoaxFraud, Immigration
Liberty University discriminated against a football player because he’s male and libeled him as a rapist with no evidence, hours before he was cleared 4/27/17HoaxFraud, ,
Newest Liberal version of history tries to say a black woman actually wrote Shakespeare and it was not WilliamShakespeare himself 4/24/17Remove History, Race,
Report: In 2016, only 2.65% of those immigrating into Italy were awarded asylum as refugees, with the vast majority staying in the country as illegal, undocumented immigrants4/24/17Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
500 ineligible voters cast ballots in North Carolina 4/21/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Illegal Immigrants Can Now Obtain IDs In Chicago 4/21/17Immigration, Freedom,
New York Times Apologizes For Inaccurate Tweet Comparing Patriots Crowd Size At Trump White House And Obama White House 4/21/17HoaxFraud, Media,
YouTube Troll Hilariously Edits Sam Harris Audio Clips Making Him Say Absurd Things 4/19/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Key electronic voter logs used in the Georgia special election to fill a vacant Congressional seat were swiped from the pickup truck of a poll worker has raised the specter of fraud in the hotly contested race to fill the state's sixth district seat left open when Tom Price was named Health and Human Services secretary4/18/17HoaxFraud, ,
FCC Kept Obamaphone Fraud Secret Until After It Expanded the Expensive, Corrupt Program 4/18/17Obama, HoaxFraud, Freedom
Kansas Prosecuting Illegal Immigrant For Casting Vote4/13/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
British newspaper Daily Mail agreed to pay damages to Melania Trump over published allegations regarding her modeling career. The newspaper said she had provided services beyond simply modeling and another article suggestied she was a paid escort during her modeling career. The Daily Mail and its Mail Online will pay an undisclosed amount ($3M estimated) to Melania Trump and a published an apology 4/12/17Media, HoaxFraud, Conservative
LAWSUIT: Cornell refused to investigate female students alleged rape of fraternity member 4/12/17Feminism, Education,
Rolling Stone Settles With UVA Dean Smeared In Hoax Rape Story 4/12/17HoaxFraud, Media,
HOAX: Police have arrested a black male suspect in connection with a fire at a store owned by South Asian immigrants left damaged with a note from White America telling them to go back to where they came from4/11/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Fake deportation notices that freaked out students were actually posted by progressive groups4/11/17HoaxFraud, Education,
The father of a male student who committed suicide after he was accused of sexual harassment by a classmate at the University of Texas has filed a lawsuit against the school for infringing on his son’s Title IX liberties 4/11/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Colleges have spent $60 million to resolve sexual-assault complaints, says insurance survey 4/11/17Education, economics, HoaxFraud
42 ineligible voters because they were either dead, felons, or not registered to vote in Florida for local sheriff election. But voter fraud never happens right? 4/7/17HoaxFraud, ,
Washington Post article decried a growing gap in racial attitudes between white members of the Republican and Democratic parties. Liberal media lambasted this supposed evidence of growing Republican racism. But numbers the Post’s report ignored show the opposite – racism among Republicans has been plummeting for years4/3/17Race, HoaxFraud, Media
458 People Being Investigated For Voter Fraud In New Hampshire 3/31/17HoaxFraud, Immigration,
The Diversity Leadership Council at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, admitted that they had posted racist flyers around campus that called for a White America in order to start a dialogue 3/27/17HoaxFraud, Race,
60 Minutes Admits that Mostly Affluent and College Educated Liberals Fall for Fake News 3/27/17Media, HoaxFraud,
Media Slams Rick Perry for being anti gay for criticizing Texas A&M for changing student election. Robert McIntosh handily beat out his openly gay competitor, Bobby Brooks. He received 4,977 votes compared to Brooks 4,214. But the results were overturned later that night, after the student election board received anonymous complaints that McIntosh intimidated voters. He was not initially given a chance to defend himself, but was immediately disqualified, and Brooks was declared the winner 3/24/17LGBT, Education, Freedom
Students at the University of Missouri–Kansas City could soon decide to fire staff and administrators responsible for (victim-blaming and invalidation of rape) who call rape claims alleged3/22/17HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Canada: Man charged with threatening to shoot people inside mosque is Muslim 3/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Khizr Khan now admits that Trump administration did not block him from attending Toronto event 3/21/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Minnesota university student leader tweeted a threat that Jews will get what coming for them. But when it was noticed, he denounced the Islamophobic smear campaign against him 3/20/17Islam, Violence, Education
Donna Brazile FINALLY Admits She Fed Clinton Town Hall Questions 3/18/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump Paid $38 Million In Taxes In One Year Alone. Here Are 9 Times Democrats Claimed Trump Paid No Taxes: Hillary Clinton, Maddow, Bernie Sanders, E.Warren, Tim Kaine, Howard Dean etc.3/15/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Media Falsely Claims High School Girl Disqualified from Basketball Game Due to Hijab. You can wear a Hijab, but only if you sign a waiver for it. She did not have a signed waiver3/14/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
Report: Dozens of 17-year-olds voted illegally in Wisconsin primary3/13/17HoaxFraud, ,
Anti-feminism posters at American University investigated as a hate crime 3/10/17Feminism, PC, HoaxFraud
NEW YORK: Muslim supremacist troublemaker claims Islamophobia and racial profiling are why he was handcuffed when he refused to allow his bag to be checked before boarding Staten Island Ferry 3/10/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Scotland: Muslim teacher forged letter from colleague saying Dont trust Muslim teachers3/10/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Liberal Activist Pleads Guilty To 14 Counts Of Voter Fraud; That Thing The Left Says Doesnt Happen 3/9/17HoaxFraud, ,
University of Michigan student admits to hoax she said was linked to post-election surge in hate crimes 3/8/17HoaxFraud, ,
FAKE NEWS MEDIA in Europe falsely claim there are 10 attacks per day on Muslim refugees allegedly by neo-Nazis 3/6/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Immigration
Can women use sexual coercion against men? Lawsuit forces Indiana University to face possibility3/3/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Judge vindicates Amherst College blacked ou’ student expelled for rape because accuser blabbed to Huffington Post 3/3/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Hoax Alert: A non-white Minnesota high school student has been disciplined after it was determined he was responsible for racist and antisemitic graffiti found in a school bathroom 3/2/17HoaxFraud, Education,
Another fake anti-Muslim hate crime: Leftist put up Muslim internment posters as cautionary tale 3/2/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
Two administrators at Harvard University have been accused of embezzling $110,000 of funding earmarked for disabled students, allegedly spending the money on cell phones, computers, and even sex toys 3/1/17Education, HoaxFraud,
LAWSUIT: Female rapes disabled student then gets him expelled, university fires his dad 3/1/17Education, HoaxFraud,
Tech Expert says ObamaCare defenders online were paid to post positive stories. The study sampled over 200,000 Facebook posts defending Obamacare and found that 60% came from as few as 100 profiles. 60% of all the posts were made from 100 profiles, posting between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time. They were paid to post. 2/28/17Healthcare, HoaxFraud,
Former Convenience Store Owner Sentenced to 33 Months for $2.8M Food Stamp Fraud 2/27/17HoaxFraud, ,
Waittress fakes a racist note left on a tip, raises $3,600 from people on GoFundMe, then it turns out she faked the racist note herself 2/25/17HoaxFraud, Race,
A Capital University student has confessed to concocting several hate crime incidents at the school as a way to get attention. 2/24/17HoaxFraud, ,
Becoming transgender convinces student to accuse former lover of sexual assault 2/23/17LGBT, Freedom, HoaxFraud
The Social Security Administration paid $1 billion in benefits to those who did not hav 2/23/17Immigration, Economics,
Student admits inventing rape by two Sacred Heart University football players to draw sympathy from a potential boyfriend 2/22/17HoaxFraud, ,
Headscarf-Wearing Lindsay Lohan Says She Was 'Racially Profiled' at London Airport2/21/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
Politico May Be Fudging The Truth In This Story On Pence And Obamacare Repeal 2/20/17HoaxFraud, Healthcare, Media
Dr. Steven Beutler made the diagnosis in a piece for the progressive independent journal The New Republic he called, A Medical Theory for Donald Trump’s Bizarre Behavior' where with no evidence he diagnoses Trump with Syphilis because of his bizarre behavior2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Media lied about 'Nazi salute' at our rally: PROOF - Rebel Media 2/17/17HoaxFraud, Media, Video
Another Fake hate crime in Ohio: Muslim charged with painting anti-Arab graffiti2/17/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
Serial Bride, Liana Barrientos, finally caught, after she wed 10 men over 11 years as part of a green-card scam, 2/15/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Olympian and first Muslim-American female to win gold for the United States who is also an American citizen born and raised in New Jersey, claimed last week that she had been detained and questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents for two hours without explanation. Then her, and the media, tried to make it seem like it was due to Trump's Executive Order, but this actually happened in December, under Obama. Hoax2/14/17Media, HoaxFraud,
A Politico profile of a new anti-Trump protest movement calling itself Indivisible reported that conservatives are spreading unfounded rumors that the group is 'being driven by wealthy donors like George Soros. While the Indivisible Movement has yet to provide funding information, all of the groups, Politico fails to mention all of the groups surrounding it are funding by George Soros2/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Top Dems Fall for Fake News Propagated by the NY Times, Use it to Slam GOP. The New York Times published a tweet attributed to now-resigned national security advisor Michael Flynn. It simply said, 'scapegoat.' But as it turned out, the message originated from a fake account masquerading as Flynn, which Nancy Pelosi comments on at press conference. 2/14/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Maryland considers teaching kids that boys are presumed guilty in rape accusations 2/14/17Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Northwestern University issued a campus alert that women had 'potentially' been drugged and raped at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) house, it failed to mention some material information. Northwestern didn’t know the identities of the alleged victims and that the drug-and-rape report didn’t come from any of them. It came from an anonymous tip 2/13/17Education, HoaxFraud,
Comedian Sarah Silverman got an earful from her social media followers on Sunday after appearing to mistake a pair of bright orange construction markings for swastikas painted by neo Nazis2/13/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Illegal alien woman in Texas sentenced to 8 years in prison for voter fraud. She had voted in five elections in Dallas before her registration was canceled in April 20152/11/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Was Caught Telling 40 Lies2/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Media Lie: Right Wingers More Violent Than Muslim Extremists 2/8/17Conservative, Video, Islam
NOAA To Review Allegations That Scientists Manipulated Global Warming Research 2/6/17HoaxFraud, Environmental,
Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data 2/4/17Environmental, HoaxFraud,
Famous Berkeley Prof Suggests That Violent Protesters At Milo Event Were Right-Wing Plants2/3/17Media, Violence, HoaxFraud
Many liberals in the media breathlessly reported that judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, founded a fascist club while in high school. But reporters didn’t dig deep enough to discover that there never was such a club, and the whole story was a joke 2/3/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Clock Boy Lawsuit Against Ben Shapiro Dismissed, Shapiro Awarded Attorneys Fees for false accusation of Islamaphobia lawsuit 2/2/17Islam, Freedom, Media
Muslim leader defends Trump immigration order after mosque burns down because it was probably a fake hate crime2/2/17Islam, HoaxFraud,
HOAX: Detroit Man Who Said Trump's Travel Ban Killed His Iraqi Mother Was LYING 2/1/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Media
Australia’s ABC: There is no record of a refugee being part of any of the terrorist acts that have occurred in the US . Washington Mall Shooter, Ohio State University knife attacker, NJ Bomber, and Minnesota mall stabber?1/31/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
FALSE: Colleges cant shield information on international students from the feds1/31/17Education, Immigration, HoaxFraud
Internal Documents at Energy Dept Scrubbed of Climate Change So Trump Wont Cut Programs 1/27/17Environmental, HoaxFraud,
The Atlantic Publishes Article Ripping Ultrasounds; but then Has to Issue This MASSIVE List of Corrections1/27/17Abortion, Media, HoaxFraud
The head of the NCAAP has come out in stark opposition to President Donald J. Trumps coming investigation into voter fraud, claiming it is racist. 1/27/17Race, HoaxFraud,
Radical feminists are hysterically stoking fear and loathing of Ulta Sound machines because revolutionary developments in sonography have endangered their agenda of unrestricted abortion 1/26/17Abortion, HoaxFraud,
Hillary Clinton could have received 800,000 votes from noncitizens. More voter fraud 1/26/17Immigration, Clinton, HoaxFraud
Report: Substantial Evidence Over a Million Illegal Aliens Voted in 2016 1/25/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
ABC News Caught Deceptively Editing Quote to Criticize Trump Administration 1/25/17Media, Liberal Bias,
A New Jersey man pleaded guilty Monday to a food stamp fraud scheme that defrauded the government of more than $800,000. 1/25/17Immigration, HoaxFraud,
9 Things You Need To Know About The Campus Rape Epidemic Myth 1/25/17Feminism, Education, HoaxFraud
Huffington Post: Obama DOJ Fought Texas Voter ID Law. Trumps New Civil Rights Chief Offered Tips On Writing It. 1/25/17Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Concerned Student Reports KKK on Campus: Wait, My Bad, Thats Lab Equipment1/24/17Race, HoaxFraud,
The New York Times quietly issues a correction to the lie it pushed back in December when it was advantageous for Democrats to push it. The editorial emphasized what turned out to be a false claim that the paper has opposed the electoral college system for 80 years, which of course, is not true1/24/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Utah: Hijabi tries to get on wrong school bus then cries Islamophobia when kicked off1/24/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
Cory Booker Tweets Fake Benjamin Franklin Quote To Attack Trump1/23/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Minnesota: hijabi fighting white boy video was a HOAX1/21/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
Reporters apologized for spreading a fake New York Times story bashing Rick Perry Thursday after new facts came to light that undermined the main focus of the story that Perry had no idea what the Department of Energy does 1/19/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Five New Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes 1/17/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps 1/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Fake Polls? How CNN And ABC Are Fudging The Numbers To Tank Trumps Favorability 1/17/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Hate Hoax Epidemic of the Left 1/15/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
Judge rejects subpoena on rape accuser who admitted she violated blacked-out student and admitted in text messages to performing oral sex on her blacked out sex partner, but she won’t have to submit to a deposition in that student’s lawsuit against Amherst College for expelling him as a rapist because it would cause the hoaxer trama' to have to show up1/13/17Freedom, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
The ACLU Edited a Video of Their Testimony to Make Ted Cruz Look Bad 1/13/17HoaxFraud, ,
Police disproved a claim about a post-election, anti-Muslim 'hate crime' against a San Diego State University student, the, er, victim has decided not to pursue charges. 1/12/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
A 14-year-old student allegedly hoaxed a Twitter threat from a social media account that she claimed was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). 1/12/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers 1/12/17HoaxFraud, Conservative,
Organization Claims Fight for $15 Uses Paid Protestors Against Trump Nominee1/12/17HoaxFraud, Economics,
Federal court says University of Virginia violated a students right to due process by punishing him severely after exonerating him of rape allegations.1/11/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Education
CNN Buries Buzzfeed Over Fake Trump Story 1/11/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Even as the IRS was struggling to explain to Congress why it could not produce copies of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails, the agency was paying $12 million for an email backup system that it could not and did not use1/10/17Freedom, HoaxFraud,
Media Misleads saying Obama didn't increase the size of governent1/7/17Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
More Proof Academia Is Useless: Harvard Study on Electoral Integrity Ranks N. Carolina Alongside Iran1/6/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Education
Obesity Advocacy Group says that 'weight stigma' is what leads to chronic obesity.1/6/17PC, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
The Student Coalition for Progress at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pushed a petition that alleged The University Young Americans for Freedom chapter is a hate group and its members and efforts create a hostile environment on campus.1/6/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
FBI Hate Crime Statistics: Anti Black Hate Crimes Dropped Dramatically 1/6/17HoaxFraud, Race,
Germany: Muslim migrants who witness 'right-wing hate crimes' to be immune from deportation 1/6/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Immigration
Ann Coulter: The Great Hijab Cover-Up and the 9,456,723 hate crimes alleged by Americas leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)1/4/17Conservative, Islam, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: The Left-Wing Electoral Integrity Project says 27 states are less Democratic than North Korea 1/4/17Media, Conservative, Video
Taxpayers face $1 Billion bill over green energy subsidy scandal1/3/17Environmental, HoaxFraud,
British Investigation Finds Record Number of Charities Are In Fact Terror-Front Groups1/2/17Islam, Violence, HoaxFraud
University of Michigan professor Susan Dynarski managed to twist a survey to say the exact opposite of its results, which indicated that economists think school vouchers will help education, but she changes the results to suggest that economists thought it wouldnt help education1/2/17Education, HoaxFraud,
Fake News: A&E Pulls Series on KKK after it's found that producers paid members to fabricate stories and distort the facts12/31/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Report: Homeland Security Officials Took Millions in Bribes to Look the Other Way' on Drug Cartels12/31/16Immigration, Obama, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Why Liberals Stage Fake Hate Crimes12/30/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
California has issued 806,000 to illegal aliens in the past two years12/29/16Immigration, HoaxFraud,
10 Lies Secretary of State Kerry Told During His Big Middle East Peace Speech - Ben Shapiro 12/28/16Conservative, HoaxFraud,
Designated terrorist group CAIR urges FBI to join local police in a fake hate crime investigation of a pig carcass dumped at Lawton Islamic Center. 12/28/16HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering12/28/16Environmental, HoaxFraud,
Biggest Fake News Story: Global Warming and Phony Consensus 12/28/16Environmental, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: RIGHT ANGLE: IS VOTER FRAUD REAL? -Bill Whittle12/27/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
A man who claimed to have been the victim of a racist hate crime actually hoaxed the incident, writing n*gger lovers on his own garage door. Another Hate Crime Hoax 12/26/16HoaxFraud, Race,
NJ Textbook says The Crusades have had lasting effect on Muslims and that 'Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues' today. Despite The Crusades being a late, small-scale, defensive action after 450 years of Islamic jihad had conquered and Islamized over half of the Christian world. But the myth that the Crusades were unprovoked protocolonial aggression against a wholly innocent Muslim world persists, and has even made its way into public school textbook 12/22/16Education, PC, Islam
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville was burned on November 1st, and the words 'Vote Trump' were spray-painted on the outside of it. On December 21 the Mississippi Department of Public Safety made an arrest in the arson case and the suspect is black 12/21/16HoaxFraud, Race,
University of Michigan, a man allegedly threatened to burn a Muslim woman if she didn’t remove her hijab (Muslim head covering) after Donald Trump was elected president is proven false. Another fake hate crime12/21/16HoaxFraud, Education, Islam
A Nassau Community College student was arrested after allegedly drawing over 100 swastikas on campus since President-Elect Donald Trump’s election, along with anti-Semitic phrases and symbols 12/21/16HoaxFraud, Race,
Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said that he did what was necessary in 2012 when he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years 12/21/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
A viral video of a man escorted from a Delta Airlines flight supposedly for speaking in Arabic is the work of Adam Saleh, a popular YouTube prankster with a history of admittedly fake videos and intentionally provocative antics on airplanes12/21/16HoaxFraud, ,
Actress Jessica Chastain Falsely Accuses Marlon Brando of Rape 12/21/16HoaxFraud, ,
A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed. 12/21/16Christianity, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Liberals fall for fake news story claiming former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called for boycotting the Mall of America in Minnesota over its black Santa Claus is false 12/20/16HoaxFraud, ,
Two Babson College students who are President Donald Trump supporters have been cleared of accusations that they harassed other students after celebrating Trumps victory with police finding no evidence to support the hate crime claims 12/20/16Education, HoaxFraud,
Comedian Michael Ian Black shared a link to a fake news website in an attempt to criticize Breitbart News as Jew bashers in a post on his social media account 12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
The 11 Worst Fact-Checks By Facebook's New Fact Checkers 12/17/16Conservative, Media, HoaxFraud
HOPE NOT HATE, a charity that combats extremism, published a report on November 28th purportedly revealing a mass outbreak of online hate-speech after the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, a week before the Brexit referendum in June. In the month after the killing at least 25,000 people sent more than 50,000 tweets celebrating her death or praising her murdere, but turns out to be false. There were only about 1,500 12/17/16HoaxFraud, PC, Freedom
Minnesota Football Players Boycott Football Activities and potentially Bowl Game over players suspended over fake rape. Even though an investigator who watched a video Djam took of the incident wrote that she does not appear to be upset by the sexual activity and does not indicate that she wants it to stop' 'and the sexual contact appears entirely consensual12/16/16HoaxFraud, Education,
Fake Black Activist Shaun King loves posting about fake hate crimes 12/16/16HoaxFraud, Race,
Four University of Minnesota football players were suspended for several games early this season following allegations of a sexual assault on September 3. However, the quartet was never arrested and prosecutors ended up declining to press charges after reviewing the evidence. Still four players were re-suspended, but another six players were suspended in addition, thanks to Title 9 12/15/16HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Facebook enlists Left-Wing pretend Fact Checkers to regulate its newsfeed and mark Conservative content as fake news so they can't be promoted12/15/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Loretta Lynch Slips and Admists there is No evidence of Russian interference in election 12/15/16HoaxFraud, ,
37% of Detroit Precincts had more votes than voters 12/14/16HoaxFraud, ,
The 18yr old Muslim college student who claimed three men shouting Donald Trump called her a terrorist and attempted to rip off her hijab on the New York subway has been arrested for filing a false report 12/14/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
A man looking to blame President-Elect Donald Trump supporters for a hate crime confessed to police that he fabricated an incident involving a racially-charged message, a fire, and a staged abduction12/14/16Race, HoaxFraud,
A California mosque received a voicemail from an individual with a middle eastern accent who threatened to drop a bomb' on the mosque. Sounds like another hate crime hoax 12/13/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Environmentalists Make Misleading Claims on Oil Divestment Pledges Report 12/12/16HoaxFraud, Environmental,
Black Guy taped a note with racial slurs and the words 'KKK' and 'Trump' written on it to his ex-girlfriend's mailbox, set his ex-girlfriend's car on fire and then staged his own abduction to throw off detectives.12/12/16HoaxFraud, Race,
Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Islamic and Black Lives Matter Attacks Radical Right Terrorist Plots12/10/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Ohio State stabbers name added to list of nonwhites wrongly killed by police 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Race
Fake News: According to Yahoo News, Hillary won the most votes 'ever received,' even though she's 4 million votes off the mark. Not 10,000 or 100,000, but 4 million votes 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Snopes Deliberately Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry State Dept. 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Another Hoax: Son of Sopranos Actor Fakes Hate Crime 12/8/16HoaxFraud, ,
The Pentagon finds over $125 Million in administrative waste, so they decided to hide it 12/6/16Obama, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Top 10 real news stories that turned out to be fake12/6/16Environmental, Conservative,
A Villanova University student has asked police to drop their investigation into an incident in which she alleged she was attacked by white male Trump supporters. Another Hoax 12/5/16HoaxFraud, Education,
VIDEO: Injustice Treatments of Male Students in College Rape Accusations. Woman accuses man 21 months later12/4/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
A black man was arrested for allegedly spray-painting a 'racist' message followed with President-Elect Donald Trump’s and 'Black Bitch' as another Hate Crime Hoax 12/2/16Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
Some Cities Want Their Noncitizen Immigrants to Vote. San Francisco considers opening up local elections to newcomers. 12/1/16HoaxFraud, Immigration, Freedom
Williams College employee falsely accused student of rape so she wouldnt get fired11/30/16HoaxFraud, Education,
Muslim Scholar from Georgetown says on Tucker Carlson that Americans are more likely to be killed by Right-Wing Extremists than by Muslims11/30/16Islam, Conservative, Video
One of the heirs to the Fiat automobile fortune, Lapo Elkann, has been arrested in New York for allegedly faking his own kidnappin 11/29/16HoaxFraud, ,
A complaint regarding homophobic harassment supposedly done in the name of Donald Trump has been investigated by North Park University and deemed to be a hoax 11/24/16HoaxFraud, Education,
VIDEO: 15 Confirmed Fake Hate Crime Hoaxes by Liberals Recently11/24/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
More fake hate: ‘Harassing, threatening’ notes sent to North Park U. student were bogus 11/23/16HoaxFraud, ,
More Trump inspired hate crime hoaxes pop up on campus 11/22/16HoaxFraud, ,
Bowling Green State University, another student alleged 'he had been pushed to the ground and robbed, all while the two perpetrators allegedly called him a racial slur. Campus police determined that it was false.11/22/16HoaxFraud, Education, Race
A woman from Kirkland, Washington has admitted that she lied and fabricated a story of sexual assault, claiming that she did so as she was distraught over the recent election 11/21/16HoaxFraud, ,
Pomona College is paying students to protest Donald Trump being elected President11/21/16Education, HoaxFraud,
The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work encouraged its professors to offer students extra credit to participate in an anti Trump rally in downtown Pittsburgh. 11/18/16Education, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
A Black man in Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now 'Trump country,'and threatened to lynch him11/18/16HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Bowling Green State University, a student has admitted to making up a story that three white guys clad in 'Trump' shirts called her a racial slur and then threw rocks at her11/17/16HoaxFraud, Education, PC
According to the non-partisan group 'VoteStand,' following an analysis of 180 million voter registrations, it has been determined that more than 3 million non-citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election. 11/16/16Immigration, HoaxFraud, Clinton
The Anti Latino graffiti at Elon University is all a big hoax, perpetrated by a student of the very ethnicity the message targeted. Another Hoax11/13/16HoaxFraud, Education,
A Muslim student who reported her hijab was pulled from her head and was robbed by Donald Trump supporters will now face charges for the false claims 11/11/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Employees at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in southern Arizona were instructed to manipulate veterans’ wait times so they appeared shorter, a newly released investigation shows 11/11/16Healthcare, HoaxFraud,
Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections 11/7/16HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Liberal Fact Checkers are Fact less 11/3/16HoaxFraud, Conservative,
California resident finds 83 unused 2016 voter ballots at his home over the weekend — each ballot had a different name but were all addressed to his neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment — causing concern and serious suspicion of voter fraud 11/3/16HoaxFraud, ,
Mexican Illegal Immigrant caught voting 5 times in Texas 11/3/16Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Two University of Maryland researchers claim that among racially biased white voters, fear triggers greater support for voter ID laws. In reality, its common sense to try and prevent fraud, but that's not important to the Liberal10/30/16Liberal Bias, Education, Race
John Bentel, formerly the State Department Director of Information Resource Management of the Executive Secretariat, was deposed by lawyers for watchdog group Judicial Watch in U.S. District Court. He refused to answer by invoking his Fifth 10/25/16Clinton, HoaxFraud,
Virginia is for Bribers: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Democrat cabal gave 'nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the FBI who helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use'10/25/16Clinton, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Apparently, there is no such thing as Voter Fraud in Virginia 10/25/16HoaxFraud, Conservative,
16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company 10/24/16HoaxFraud, ,
Latest fake Trump accuser, Karena Virginia, writes for the virulently anti Trump leftist rag, the Huffington Post 10/24/16HoaxFraud, ,
VIDEO: Leftist Tactics of Deception - Rush Limbaugh10/23/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
Pretend Fact Checker Politifact, Trump also said that Russia has 1,800 nuclear warheads and has expanded its arsenal while the U.S. has not. PolitiFact admitted that Trumps claim was factual, but it rated the statement as half true for supposedly missing the big picture 10/21/16HoaxFraud, ,
After Fake Muslim Hate Crime on a bus is proven to be false, the family that made up the incident has fled to Pakistan10/19/16HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
VIDEO Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud 10/18/16HoaxFraud, Conservative, Video
Obama Boasts how it helps that Democrats control the voting machines 10/18/16HoaxFraud, Obama,
James O'Keefe sting shows how Democrats collude and train liberals to instigate violence at Conservative political rallies saying 'We train up our people, wherever they are, to — and I work with a network of groups, we train them up on how to get themselves into a situation on tape, on camera, that we can use later'10/17/16Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud, Clinton
VIDEO: In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging. 10/17/16Conservative, Video, HoaxFraud
Leaked E-mails show Democrats believe that Obama Flooded the polls with illegals in order to win back in 200810/15/16Obama, HoaxFraud,
Illegal Immigrant caught that has voted in 20 state and federal elections and ofcourse, she voted Democrat10/14/16Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Huffington Post delivers another Islamophobia Hate Crime Hoax, about a he was beaten all the way home by others on a bus. However, no students who were interviewed witnessed an altercation. The bus driver did not witness an altercation. The child did not report to the bus driver any injury. 10/14/16HoaxFraud, Media, Islam
American Muslim Terrorist affiliate, CAIR, is stirring up fake anti-muslim hate speech towards police in Alabama 10/10/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Man who says he was punched randomly in the throat in an act of Islamophobia, was a longtime Muslim activist, an employee of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar-funded Brookings Institution and was previously active at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the Muslim Students Association, a Muslim Brotherhood (and terrorist) affiliate 10/6/16Islam, HoaxFraud,
Illegal Aliens in Virginia are registering to vote at staggering rates and the state of virginia, which also made it legal for felons to vote, because Virginia is a swing state found 1,046 aliens who registered to vote illegally.' And that was only a small sample of eight counties in the state who responded to the requests. 10/3/16Immigration, HoaxFraud,
A student at James Madison University, has confessed to re-registering 19 deceased Virginians to vote in the 2016 election 10/1/16HoaxFraud, Education,
Washington State Elections are basically on the Honor System. It's reported the Washington Mall shooter is not a U.S. citizen, but is instead considered a permanent resident or green card holder, and that despite this status, Cetin 'registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.9/30/16HoaxFraud, Freedom, Immigration
A federal judge ruled in favor of a former Brown University student Wednesday, saying the student was wrongly suspended from school for an alleged sexual assault without receiving due process. In the process, he also aggressively chastised Brown University students for harassing him with 'ignorant' emails attempting to make him rule the other way9/29/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Hillary Clinton's 'Stronger Together' book, which had a 1.7 star rating with over 1,200 reviews, but Amazon took action to remove most of the negative reviews so that her book would rate better on their site9/26/16Clinton, Liberal Bias,
A Former NSA analyst and counterintelligence officer explains why the FBI investigation on Hillary's email case was a sham for the beginning and the feds never had any intention of prosecuting HIllary Clinton 9/25/16Conservative, Clinton, HoaxFraud
The NYC/NJ Bomber’s Father Never Contacted FBI to Discuss his Son’s Interest in Jihad despite him lying to the media saying he did to make it look like he's a moderate law-abiding Muslim. It was actually the FBI who contacted the father about his sons potential radicalization9/24/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
More Voter Fraud; this time in Colorado with dead people casting ballots 9/23/16HoaxFraud, ,
70% of Charlotte Rioters that are being arrested have out of state Id's; showing that these race baiters travel to provoke chaos 9/23/16Race, HoaxFraud, Media
Psychology's reproducibility crisis: why statisticians are publicly calling out social scientists 9/23/16HoaxFraud, Education,
VIDEO: Milo Debunks Fake Lesbian Hate Crimes in Under 10 Minutes 9/18/16LGBT, HoaxFraud, Violence
Wisconsin Woman and Son Accused of Stealing $3 Million in Food Stamps 9/17/16HoaxFraud, ,
Hillary Clinton caught in ANOTHER LIE. Saying she was accused of taking a man's spot in her Harvard Law admissions test and he'd have to go to Vietnam if she got it. However, the draft deferment ended over a year before she took the test 9/16/16Clinton, HoaxFraud,
Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown, who is currently facing felony charges for fraud, is trying to solicit donations online to fund her legal defense saying 'During my entire political career, I have fought racism, injustice and advocated for individuals who normally get left behind' and that's why you should feel bad for her and give her money9/16/16HoaxFraud, Race,
A Chinese billionaire who has contributed $2 million to the Clinton Foundation and attended a fundraiser at Hillary Clinton’s home in 2013 has been kicked out of China’s National People’s Congress on accusations of bribing his way into office9/15/16Clinton, HoaxFraud,
Another Muslim Hate Crime in New York City turns out to not be a hate crime9/15/16Islam, HoaxFraud,
Say you’re sexually harassed to stop clock on student loan repayment. A California lawmaker asked the U.S. Department of Education to clear the way for alleged victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault to get 'forbearance' from having to pay back their student loans on time9/14/16Education, Feminism, HoaxFraud
Ohio: Iranian millionaire and adult children get food stamps and Medicaid9/13/16Islam, Immigration, HoaxFraud
How some illegal immigrants bait people to become 'victims' which help them get citizenship in the United States9/8/16Immigration, HoaxFraud,
14 Muslims arrested in $16 Million Food Stamp fraud in Baltimore9/2/16Islam, HoaxFraud,
From 2011 to 2015, the IRS flagged nearly 1.1 million tax returns where someone appeared to have stolen a valid Social Security number (SSN), according to an inspector general report which found that the IRS failed to notify or provide assistance to the victims of such employment-related identity theft which is likely because the most likely ones who are abusing those SSNs are illegal immigrants 8/31/16Immigration, Obama, HoaxFraud
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 38/31/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
The false sexual misconduct filings that Yale activists believe to be true, lead them to suggest that Yale is more dangerous than a crime ridden city like Detroit8/30/16Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Rider University student has rape charges dropped after another false rape claim; but the school still expels him anyway8/30/16HoaxFraud, Freedom,
An official FBI alert from August 18 was leaked to Yahoo News. The alert stated the FBI had uncovered evidence showing that at least two state election systems were penetrated by hackers in recent weeks. The FBI quickly issued warnings to election officials across the country to ramp up security on their systems 8/29/16HoaxFraud, ,
Oklahoma Muslim man charged in terrorism hoax after allegedly sending letter containing white powder to a mosque8/26/16Islam, HoaxFraud,
A North Carolina Muslim student, is suing her university for not providing her an armed security escort to protest a Trump rally and to all her classes after she says she received online threats but could not provide any evidence of a threat to her because its a hoax 8/26/16Islam, Education, HoaxFraud
Another Hate Crime Hoax as a spanish speaking woman is falsely accused of writing on a restaurant receipt 'we only tip citizens' and the media jumps all over it8/26/16HoaxFraud, Race, Immigration
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 28/24/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
140 Chicago stores charged with Food Stamp fraud 8/23/16HoaxFraud, ,
VIDEO: Muslim Store owner in Buffalo. NY committs more food stamp fraud. His family flips off camera and shouts Fuck America in response8/23/16HoaxFraud, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: Watch a Hillary Clinton campaign workers committing voter fraud in Las Vegas and having anti-Trump stickers on non-partisan voter registration sheets8/20/16HoaxFraud, Video, Clinton
Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 1 8/19/16Conservative, Education, Freedom
The National Association of College and University Attorneys wrote a paper telling Universities to delete e-mails about proceedings when wrongly charging and punishing a student falsely accused of rape 8/17/16Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Hillary Clinton Drafts new plan to allow illegal immigrants to vote8/15/16Clinton, Immigration, Freedom
VIDEO: Why Voter Fraud is a Massive Problem. 1.8 Million registered voters are dead and 2.8 Million people are registered to vote in multiple states 8/15/16Freedom, Conservative, Video
Wayne State University professor who blamed the Flint, Michigan water crisis on 'structural racism' and cuts in state revenue apparently based his research on faulty data 8/11/16Education, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Dozens of whistleblowers are saying the Obama Administration is doctoring reports and the Pentagon fabricated data in intelligence reports to claim that America’s fight against ISIS was going better than it really was. Even more incredible, military analysts familiar with the report said that head of CENTCOM’s intelligence directorate, Maj. Gen. Steven Grove, and his civilian deputy, Gregory Ryckman, deleted emails and files from computer systems before the inspector general could examine them – essentially destroying evidence of 'cooking the books'8/11/16Obama, HoaxFraud, Islam
A Student kicked off campus before he was even informed of anonymous rape allegations. The Administrator didn't even talk to the alledged victims before she took action to kick him out. The Male student is suing8/3/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
George Washington U. law prof files complaint against Freddie Gray case prosecutors citing similar ethics violations, 'fraudulent or misleading tactics,' not providing evidence to the defense, and 'charging the officers without probable cause' as the reasons for the complaints; similar to the Duke Rape Case 7/31/16Freedom, Race,
Another fake rape hoax at a boston university. The women who is claiming she was raped, wrote a lengthy post criticizing the schools ruling that she was not raped and is triggering backlash from irrational feminists7/29/16HoaxFraud, Education, Feminism
WikiLeaks Releases e-mails of DNC and showing how they approved fake Trump ads to make him look sexist 7/22/16Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud,
A Federal Judge in Wisconsin carved out an exception to state law that requires all voters to show photo IDs at the polls so that illegal immigrants can vote. Liberals: Fighting for the right to committ fraud7/19/16Immigration, Freedom, HoaxFraud
How to spot a Media Hoax 7/18/16Conservative, Media, HoaxFraud
Left Wing U.K. Activist Fakes Neo-Nazi Knife Attack from 'Right Wing Extremist' who called him a 'Gay Communist'. Another hate crime hoax7/17/16HoaxFraud, LGBT,
A middle school student in accused other students of sending racist text messages, but police found the 6th grader lied, promoting victimhood culture. Another hate crime hoax 7/8/16Education, Race, HoaxFraud
Democrat Rep Corrine Brown faces charges on Charity Fraud in Florida 7/8/16HoaxFraud, ,
‘Rape culture hysteria’ is based on a ‘Big Lie’ that qualifies as hate speech: BOOK REVIEW7/1/16Education, HoaxFraud, Media

Hillary Lied Under Oath and said She Checked in on Benghazi Survivors – But Called JUST ONE of 35 Survivors
6/30/16HoaxFraud, ,
Gay YouTube Star Fakes Hate Crime by injuring himself, blaming bigotry and police treating him like a second-class citizen. Turns out its another hoax6/29/16LGBT, Fraud, Media
Liberal Petition for U.K. to have a re-vote for 'Brexit' finds a lot of forged signatures and thousands from foreign countries. Cheaters6/26/16Liberal Bias, ,
VIDEO:The Rapey World of Feminists. Recapping some of the Henious False Accusations of women being 'raped' for being drunk and evidence proves they consented 6/26/16Feminism, HoaxFraud, Conservative
CNNs Clinton Cash Fact Check Ends in Embarrassment for Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel6/23/16Media, Liberal Bias,
ICE Grossly Misrepresenting Crimes committed by released illegal aliens 6/22/16Immigration, Liberal Bias,
National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges against 301 Individuals for Approximately $900 Million in False Billing6/22/16Healthcare, HoaxFraud,
Black Albany Students Finally Confess to hoax 6/22/16Race, HoaxFraud,
‘Maybe I said yes’: Police report in university Fake Rape Hoax shows accuser’s ambivalence6/21/16Feminism, Education, PC
Liberal Site Vox Becomes Internet Laughingstock After Writing About ‘Grenade Launcher’ Mod to AR-15 6/21/16Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Michael Moore gets destroyed on Twitter by a gun expert after he makes false claims about guns 6/15/16Guns, Conservative,
Another guy gets accused of a fake rape hoax. This time its an NFL player and it's quickly crushed 6/11/16Feminism, ,
This is what University rape hoax's have become. Montana judge says of University 'the behavior of University officials in investigating and prosecuting this matter offends the Court's sense of fundamental fairness and appears to fall short of the minimal moral obligation of any tribunal to respect the rights and dignity of the accused' 6/10/16Education, Freedom, Feminism
WSJ: ‘Title IX has become a political weapon’ to assign guilt without evidence at University's. It makes schools carry out punishments 'before any adult has examined the evidence, assessed the credibility of the witnesses, or provided a fair and impartial inquiry'. Noting the 500% increase in Title IX complaints in 4yrs, the board concludes: 'Either the Vikings are invading U.S. campuses or Title IX has become a political weapon' 6/8/16Freedom, Education, Feminism
No, half of college athletes are not rapists you Feminists Liars. Look at how Ridiculous this Bogus Study is and what it Claims 6/7/16Feminism, Liberal Bias, Media
Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested. A review of 323 criminals released in New England from 2008-2012 found that as many as 30% committed new offenses, including rape, attempted murder, and child molestation6/4/16Immigration, ,
Katie Couric's 'Gun Documentary' director said that the producer was able to get a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns in less than four hours and without a background check and 'it's perfectly legal', but it turns out, it's not legal at all 6/3/16Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
UCLA Feminists call in a Fake bomb-threat to end a Conservative speaking event after police stopped them from ambushing the event earlier6/1/16Feminism, Freedom, PC
Detroit school officer made $1.2M for fake tutoring5/26/16Education, ,
Katie Couric gun-control documentary edited out the gun advocates responses. Instead she put in out of context silences to make it look like they had no answer to her questions, when what really happened was they immediately responded for 4 minutes, but was never included in the documentary and was edited that way to make gun advocates look stupid5/25/16Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Hundreds of dead people are voting in California polls. Gee, I wonder why liberals are fighting the perfectly sensical law that requires ID to vote5/25/16Freedom, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Democrats leveraging voter ID fraud and corruption to help democrats win. Threaten illegals with deportation if they don't register to vote as Democrat5/24/16Immigration, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Media headline reports two lesbians were arrested for kissing in public, but the left out the part about being arrested for attacking a police officer was why they were arrested5/21/16Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
In 2015 NASA warned of accelerated melting of Antarctic sea ice and blamed it on Climate Change. Now in 2016, NASA massive increase in sea ice and still blames it on Climate Change5/18/16Environmental, ,
Black Iowa student who claimed he was attacked without provocation and chanting racial slurs while beating him up that causes outcry on Iowa campus turns out to be another hate crime hoax. Video footage shows him being the aggressor in multiple fights after being kicked out of a bar. How many hoaxes does it take5/17/16Race, Education, Media
The Obama administration won't let Ben Rhodes testify on the deception of the Iran Deal because it will make Obama look like the liar he is5/16/16Obama, Islam, Media
Blue Lives Matter display at Darmouth vandalized by Black Lives Matter supporters5/14/16Education, Race,
State Department purged video archive to cover up deception of Iran nuclear deal negotiations 5/10/16Islam, Liberal Bias,
Activists manipulated research to smear Exxon mobile and create legislation to sue oil companies for global warming5/9/16Environmental, Liberal Bias,
After some Bananas were hung from a tree inciting racial protests from students, Clemson University has found out who did it but no charges or punishment will be carried out and no information released. And that's because the people who did it were black and were trying to incite racial protests. Another hate crime hoax5/5/16Education, Race,
Transgender women who claimed she was 'humiliated' being kicked out of women's bathroom by security turns out to be another hoax as security camera footage shows the women leaving the bathroom on her own5/3/16LGBT, ,
Three black women indicted for being the aggressors in an altercation they claimed to be racially targeted. Media enjoyed the riots that came after the fake incident5/3/16Education, Race, Media
Female student straddles and starts kissing a guy and then he gets suspended for rape5/3/16Education, Feminism, Freedom
Over 100 fake hate crime hoaxes in the past decade explains how the left will cheat to win5/2/16PC, Freedom, Media
9 Fake Hate Crime Hoaxs (some video) 5/2/16HoaxFraud, ,
Climate scientist caught tampering with climate records AGAIN4/28/16Environmental, Freedom,
LGBT Activist group has media report 26 boxes filled with signatures objecting the North Carolina bathroom bill, but since liberals like to cheat, the Governor posts a photo showing that 24 of the 26 boxes were signatures from people out of the state4/26/16LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Racist drawing on school whiteboard of black person hanging from a noose with the N-word next to it with a #whitepower, turns out to be another hate crime hoax and was drawn by two black students4/26/16Race, Education, Liberal Bias
Federal judge upholds North Carolina voter ID-law, supporting rational thought by requiring voters to have ID's and prevent voter fraud4/26/16Freedom, ,
Climate scientists caught cheating again and working to block auto-archiving data so they can change it and nobody will know4/22/16Environmental, Freedom,
California voter registration has skyrocketed in 2016. Over 850,000 registrations in the months between January 1 and March 31 which is twice as much as was registered during the same period in 2012. The vast majority are registering with the Democrat party, an increase of 185%. and 98% of the new registrants were Latinos, FRAUD ANYONE?4/21/16Immigration, Freedom,
University of North Carolina Transgender cooks up her own fake hate crime hoax against College Republicans of North Carolina that failed to fool anyone on Reddit4/19/16Freedom, Education,
Gay man tries another fake 'hate crime' anti-LGBT hoax, fradulently saying that a cake he bought at Whole Foods said 'Fag' on it, but security footage proves otherwise4/19/16LGBT, ,
Leader of a black student group at Kean University, Kayla McKelvey, makes fake racist threats to get more publicity for her groups 'rally on racial issues'. The threats also prompted a group of black ministers to call for school President Dawood Farahi to resign, saying the threats showed that he hadn't done enough to address racial tension on campus4/18/16Race, HoaxFraud, Education
Leftist keep pushing the college rape LIE, that 1-in-5 women are victims of sexual assault that comes from an anonymous, unverified study taken years ago that is complete BS4/11/16Education, Feminism,
Despite the WaPo's claims, the Baby Boomers retiring is Not the reason for the drop in the labor workforce. It's actually the labor rate of people age (25-54) that have dropped the most4/2/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Woman admits she lied about being slashed in face, called ‘terrorist’ in lower Manhattan 4/1/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Bernie supporters caught posting ads being paid $15/Hr to protest at Trump event3/31/16Socialism, HoaxFraud,
Eastern African Immigrant fakes a Pro-Trump vandalizing 'hate crime.' Another hate crime Hoax3/26/16HoaxFraud, Media,
U.K. Muslim Woman lies to police about hate crime incident where she was punched for wearing a hijab3/19/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Fact-Checking the New York Times bias and misleading claims about the 'success' of Obamacare3/16/16Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
University of Texas advocates hiding evidence that rape allegations made by girls could be false3/14/16Education, Freedom, Feminism
Far Left Activist go to Trump rally wearing Nazi armbands are actually Hillary Clinton supporters3/14/16Liberal Bias, Freedom,
Liberals claiming only 6% of terrorist attacks are done by Muslims. That couldn't be farther from the truth and here's why3/11/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Lesbian professor punches herself in the face and reports it as a 'hate crime' that she got punched at a Toby Keith concert for being gay. Another hate crime hoax3/11/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Falsifies Trump rally Nazi salute3/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
In in Britain, the murder of a popular imam was spread far and wide as another 'Islamophobic hate crime' – until his killer also was found to be a Muslim. 3/7/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
The Doctored Science of Global Warming3/3/16Environmental, Conservative, HoaxFraud
After black women create 'hate crime' hoax, professor says they are justified because they 'started a conversation about race'3/2/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
KKK Members found in Trump rally. Media outraged. However, it turns out they are black and trying to make Trump supporters look bad2/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Michigan Muslim fabricated 'Islamophobic' plot to bomb majority-Muslim high school 2/23/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Hillary Clinton voters allowed to vote before registering, caught on tape2/21/16Liberal Bias, Freedom, Misc
Obama Administration working hard to make sure illegals can vote2/21/16Freedom, Obama, Immigration
Another Fake Sexual Assault Case made by a 60-year old Feminist Actress 2/12/16HoaxFraud, Feminism,
Feminists have a conniption because someone publicized the 'he said' side of a major 'he said-she said' rape claim that shows 'Mattress Girl' is making it up2/5/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
300 scientists want NOAA to stop hiding its global warming data1/28/16Environmental, ,
21 LGBT People who Faked Hate Crimes 1/21/16HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Professor DEBUNKS study claiming right-wing extremists in U.S. more deadly than Islamic terrorists 1/18/16HoaxFraud, Islam, Education
The Popular Myth That Right-Wing Extremism Kills More Than Islamic Terrorism in U.S. Since 9/11 1/17/16Conservative, Violence, Islam
Mexican-American man in Palo Alto attacked by rival gang, blames it on white racists 1/12/16HoaxFraud, Immigration,
Right Wing Extremism vs. Islamic Extremism in the United States: A Look at the Numbers 1/11/16Conservative, Violence, Islam
Muslim woman fined after LYING about being attacked for wearing hijab 1/8/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
A MUSLIM woman who claimed she was assaulted for wearing a hijab days after the Paris attacks has been fined after CCTV footage proved she had made the whole thing up. 1/8/16Islam, HoaxFraud,
Houston Mosque set on fire in hate crime story; turns out to have been done by a Muslim. Another hate crime hoax1/5/16HoaxFraud, Islam,
Southern Poverty Law Center says right-wing extremists groups grew by one third 1/4/16HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Salon article condeming Islamaphobia arsen attack on Mosque, but perpetrator is Muslim12/30/15Media, HoaxFraud,
Wrongly Accused Strike Back With Lawsuit against William Paterson University for false arrest, malicious prosecution, and civil rights violations for Rape Hoax12/23/15HoaxFraud, Education, Freedom
Campus hate crime hoaxes: A best-of list (2015 edition)12/21/15HoaxFraud, Conservative, Education
Politifact lies again. Says Trump's travel ban is not like Jimmy Carters, because Trump's is against an entire religion. Despite his ban not specifying any religion 12/17/15HoaxFraud, Immigration,
NEWSWEEK: 'The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis'. Translation: The Injustice of what happens to Men falsely accused of rape by Feminism 12/10/15Feminism, HoaxFraud,
Yale finds no evidence of racist halloween party; another hate crime hoax12/10/15HoaxFraud, Education, Islam
Esquire: What Your Favorite Cities Will Look Like if We Do Nothing About Climate Change. More Climate Propaganda12/10/15Environmental, HoaxFraud, Media
Suspect charged in 'anti-Muslim hate crime' touted by Hamas-linked CAIR is named Mohamed and a Muslim12/7/15HoaxFraud, Islam,
Feminists are Against Mandatory Rape Kit Testing on Victims; because it might prove they are lying 12/4/15Feminism, Freedom,
Racist White Power Letters from police department was a hoax. Made by black police officers12/3/15Race, Video, Liberal Bias
Article says most mass shooting are by white men….yet it is not true12/2/15Guns, Media, Freedom
Harvard 'hate crime' in which strips of black tape were stuck over pictures of black professors hanging inside Harvard Law School’s halls. 11/30/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Vanderbilt Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Blind Girl's Dog's Poop11/18/15Race, ,
Black man pretends to be white person and messages out on social media he's going to shoot all black people on campus in another hate crime hoax 11/17/15HoaxFraud, Race,
NOAA’s climate change science fiction11/11/15Environmental, ,
Missouri students make up a sighting of the KKK on campus for another hoax11/11/15HoaxFraud, Education, Race
Climate Change Hoax spiraling into global tyranical beast11/7/15Environmental, ,
Berkley High School finds a screenshot on a library computer that implied there would be a 'PUBLIC LYNCHING DECMBER 9th 2015.' which quickly prompted a walkout. However, a perpetrator would come forward, but the school wouldn't identify the student or race of the student. Wonder why 11/6/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Manufacturing climate nightmares: misusing science to create horrific predictions11/5/15Environmental, Conservative,
Black man arrested for setting black churches on fire; another racism hoax11/2/15Race, Media,
VIDEO: Texas Journalist lies about racist police altercation. See proof10/29/15Race, Video, Liberal Bias
Another fraternity student falsely accused of a gay hate crime10/15/15Education, LGBT, Freedom
Another young man falsely accused of rape commits suicide10/8/15HoaxFraud, ,
Vox puts out ridiculously misleading gun statistics. Don't mention that 80% of gun related deaths in America are gang-related and not law abiding citizens 10/3/15Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
At the University of Delaware, students discovered three 'nooses' near the hall where the Black Lives Matter group had protested conservative commentator Katie Pavlich the day before. Except that the objects weren’t nooses; after an investigation, they were determined to be 'remnants of paper lanterns' leftover from a previous event.
9/30/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
The Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys and Why the grim portrait painted by the new AAU study does not reflect reality. 9/29/15Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Two student government presidents, two racial slurs, too few details to justify the sweeping narrative 9/25/15HoaxFraud, Race, PC
Despite 'Diversity' claim, colleges $200K student speakers feature no conservatives9/23/15Liberal Bias, Conservative,
Ahmed's clock false racism probe; kid did not invent clock, designed to look like bomb to get attention9/19/15Race, Media, Education
A breakdown of global warming scientists grotesque distortion of facts and research to fit their narrative9/19/15Environmental, ,
'White Only' and 'Black Only' signs at the University of Buffalo turn out to be a campus activist’s 'art project' 9/17/15HoaxFraud, Race,
The real college 'rape culture': Young women are believing the sexual grievance industry lies, putting innocent men at risk 9/10/15Freedom, PC, Education
Clinton Campaign: “Whatever you can get away with just do it” 9/10/15Clinton, Conservative, Video
50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked and it's being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk. 9/9/15Obama, HoaxFraud, Islam
Study manipulates data to provide false conclusion Catholics support gay marriage8/30/15LGBT, Media,
VIDEO: Katrina Anniversary: Media's 10 Most Outlandish Hurricane Predictions Full of Hot Air8/26/15Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Woman's Fake Rape Claim against Cleveland Police Officer 8/20/15HoaxFraud, Feminism, Video
We Examined Black Lives Matter Activists (Shaun King) Claim He Was Victim of Mob Assault and What We Found is the police report lists him as white; the police report describe his injuries as minor, and it was a 1 on 1 fight and was never reported as a hate crime. It was King aggressively trying to get $8 from some girl over CDs of his she accidentally broke8/17/15Race, HoaxFraud, Violence
Fake Hate: 9 False Discrimination Stories the Media Ran With 8/10/15HoaxFraud, ,
Professor arrested after falsely claiming she was profiled8/7/15Race, Education,
A lesbian couple faked a hate crime and burned their Tennessee home to the ground 8/5/15HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Gay Bar Owner in Chicago burns down own bar, claims it was a gay hate crime 8/4/15HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Planned Parenthood's 3% Abortion Lie 8/3/15Abortion, ,
Feminist says 'who cares' if the UVA frat members were harmed by the Rolling Stone story--the 'Jackie' lie served a greater purpose 7/30/15Feminism, Freedom, HoaxFraud
False rape accuser who caused man to be arrested receives no punishment for her fake rape hoax 7/28/15HoaxFraud, Feminism, Liberal Bias
California court's decision rips off an ugly scab and reveals how colleges mistreat their male students 7/15/15Freedom, Education,
Activists predictably fall back on the claim that only 2% of rape accusations are false. This isn't accurate. First, the 2% figure refers to false reports made to the police; which are recorded because they are punishable by law. But no such penalties exist on college campuses. Making men targets 7/14/15HoaxFraud, Freedom, Conservative
VIDEO: Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax7/12/15Environmental, Conservative, Video
Gay man in Utah reports to police he was beaten up for being gay and 'die fag' was written on his arm, yet its found out that it was another 'hate crime' HOAX, and he did this to himself7/11/15LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
How the EPA works with Left-Wing Activists to falsify claims7/7/15Environmental, Conservative,
Baltimore woman’s ‘relentlessly gay’ fundraiser revealed as apparent hoax 7/2/15HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Another Black Church Arson Hoax; more fake victim hoax's to spark outrage at Conservatives7/1/15Race, Conservative,
Society gets more outraged over rape lies that are politically incorrect than rape lies that aren't 7/1/15Conservative, HoaxFraud, Media
Woman accused of false rape claim 'after fitness watch proved she wasn't dragged from bed' 7/1/15HoaxFraud, ,
$2.7 million east Harlem food stamp fraud6/30/15Immigration, ,
Black suspect arrested after leaving racist messages outside of a black church in another hate crime hoax6/30/15HoaxFraud, Race,
Is there a college 'rape culture,' or are too many college women mistaking consent for sexual assault? 6/26/15Education, Conservative, HoaxFraud
FLASHBACK: ABC's ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015 6/12/15Environmental, Media, HoaxFraud
NOAA Fiddles with Climate Data to erase 15yr cooling hiatus6/4/15Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Tahera Ahmad, who is linked to assorted Muslim Brotherhood pressure groups like CAIR and ISNA, claimed that the flight attendant denied her an unopened Diet Coke and gave her an opened Diet Coke instead. Cries Islamophobia. Turns out to be another hoax 6/4/15HoaxFraud, Islam,
State charges alleged serial false rape accuser, but she disappears 5/26/15HoaxFraud, ,
Columbia University graduate Emma Sulkowicz, the mattress-toting face of the sexual grievance industry and the purveyor of a highly questionable rape claim lodged against a male classmate subsequently cleared of wrongdoing by both the university and the district attorney, has made yet another questionable accusation against yet another presumptively innocent male; this time, it's the president of the University 5/21/15HoaxFraud, Feminism, Education
Article pretending to be objective quickly reveals itself to be yet another tired piece advocating that we should just believe rape accusers and stop getting so hung up over fairness for the accused. Says due process for accused men is 'subtle misogny'5/18/15Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Woman is facing a first-degree misdemeanor after allegedly filing a false report of rape. 5/12/15HoaxFraud, ,
Woman who consented to sex claims she was 'raped by rape culture'. Writing a Feminist article saying 'Yes Means No' 5/6/15Feminism, PC, Freedom
Lambs to the Slaughter: The Hofstra False Rape Case 5/1/15Feminism, HoaxFraud,
Duke noose incident called an inside joke that went horribly wrong 5/1/15HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Police to charge girl for falsely accusing hispanic man of rape 4/29/15HoaxFraud, ,
Student cries sexual assault for waking up with kiss in the morning from boyfriend4/21/15Feminism, ,
A whirl around the world of false rape claims 4/15/15Conservative, HoaxFraud, Feminism
Surprising win for men's civil liberties’ in Stanford’s sexual-assault report helps falsely accused men4/14/15Education, HoaxFraud,
A student on suspension from San Diego State University has sued the school over the way it is handling an investigation against him for sexual misconduct 4/14/15Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Feminists, be careful what you wish for--if journalists thoroughly investigated the typical college sexual assault claim, it would be the end of 'rape culture' 4/13/15Feminism, Conservative, HoaxFraud
The UVA Fiasco and 'Believe the Survivor' Syndrome. Mattress girl colluded with the two other accusers prior to any of them filing charges against the alledged rapist4/10/15Media, Feminism, Conservative
In the case against a 19-year-old Pinal County man accused of 30 counts of sexual assault and abuse against 13 different alleged victims. Court documents reveal the alleged victims might have colluded with each other and falsified their stories to police investigators. 4/3/15Feminism, HoaxFraud,
TV Star cries racist encounter with police and her son. Video proof shuts her down3/27/15Race, Liberal Bias,
Jewish student admits drawing swastika in Jewish frat in another hate crime hoax 3/19/15HoaxFraud, Education,
Woman's second rape lie sent an innocent man to jail for eight months 3/10/15Freedom, HoaxFraud,
Corporation ties to student accused of serving GHB questioned Charges dropped against Phi Psi member accused of giving drink with GHB after tests invalidated3/6/15Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: RapeHoax: The Joshua Strange Story 3/5/15Video, HoaxFraud,
Campus Rape Culture is a Myth 3/5/15Education, Feminism, Conservative
Gay man fakes hate crime and claims he was abducted; turns out to be another hate crime hoax3/3/15HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Students at Berkeley protest against fairness for college men accused of rape 2/27/15Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
New Jersey Muslim guilty of murder that was initially blamed on 'Islamophobia' 2/27/15HoaxFraud, Islam,
Woman falsely accuses man she barely knew of rape in order to reconcile with her mother, turns his life into a living hell 2/24/15HoaxFraud, ,
The Case for Anonymity for Men and Boys Accused of Rape: The Final Word 2/21/15Conservative, HoaxFraud, Freedom
University of Texas-Arlington: Muslim student admits she made up story about being threatened at gunpoint2/14/15HoaxFraud, Islam,
Is mattress-toting Emma Sulkowicz a rape victim or a woman who manufactured her own victimhood with a story that's a moving target? Here's the timeline. 2/9/15HoaxFraud, Conservative,
The Fiddling with temperature data is the biggest scientific scandal ever2/7/15Environmental, ,
Some Chilling Facts about 'Mattress Girl' makes it appear she made the whole thing up 2/3/15Education, Feminism, HoaxFraud
2014 in review: The presumptively innocent strike back at the Massive Wave of Rape Hoax's 12/31/14Education, Feminism, Conservative
Muslim Man Arrested In Islamic Center Vandalism Was Targeting A Bully, Fresno Police Say12/27/14HoaxFraud, Islam,
Eight campus rape hoaxes eerily similar to the University of Virginia rape hoax12/14/14Media, Education, Feminism
The great campus rape hoax: Law Professor John Banzhaf said that illegals crossing the border have more rights than college men accused of rape12/14/14Freedom, Education, HoaxFraud
Students challenge Rolling Stones false Virginia rape story12/10/14Media, Education, Feminism
The 1 in 5 women sexually assaulted is a total lie. Here are the actual DOJ college rape statistics and the number is actually 1 in 52, which is lower than non-college women12/1/14Education, Feminism,
A University of Chicago student who claimed his Facebook page was hacked and filled with racist and violent messages against him and another student has now admitted he faked the attack. 12/1/14HoaxFraud, Race,
Ny Times: word 'illegal immigrant' was made by anti-immigrant groups; but Times used it 3,000+ times before 199011/17/14Freedom, Media,
North Carolina investigating voter fraud by Democrats11/2/14Freedom, Immigration,
Video shows campaign worker helping illegal immigrant vote10/30/14Liberal Bias, ,
VIDEO: The Lies of Ferguson10/28/14Race, Video, Media
14% of illegals were registered to vote and some did10/24/14Immigration, Freedom,
Study: Illegal Alien Votes change the election10/24/14Freedom, Immigration,
Viral video showing NYPD cop profiling Muslims is a hoax intended to smear police and stymie counter-terror efforts 10/21/14HoaxFraud, Islam,
Vox: 'Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards convict young men of sexual assault for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that’s necessary for the law’s success'. Translation: it's cool of innocent men are punished if it means the advancement of Feminism10/13/14Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Another 'Islamophobic' hate crime took place in Germany in February, when there was an arson attack at the Central Mosque in Cologne10/10/14HoaxFraud, Islam,
Immigrant charged with $6 million food stamp fraud9/25/14Immigration, HoaxFraud,
How Democrats committ voter fraud9/22/14Freedom, Conservative,
Immigrant sentence to prison in $2 million medicare fraud scheme9/22/14Immigration, Healthcare,
Three Immigrants Sentenced in $20 Million Miami Health Care Fraud Scheme9/18/14Immigration, Healthcare,
immigrant $6.5 million medicare fraud sentenced to 75 months in prison9/8/14Immigration, Healthcare,
Gay Apple Store customer in Portland falsely claims employee wrote homophobic slur on receipt 8/12/14LGBT, HoaxFraud,
Politifact refutes Gov.Perry's 3,000 illegal murder claims by ignoring the state data, cites own experts opinion instead7/23/14Immigration, Media,
Dishonest global warming reports are good, as long as they promote certain agenda, paper says7/12/14Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Dearborn: Muslim confesses to burning Qur’ans at Islamic center 7/7/14HoaxFraud, Islam,
Iraqi American man arrested while burning Qur'an which was originally pushed by the media as 'islamaphobia' 7/3/14Islam, HoaxFraud,
United Educators is an insurance company owned by more than 1,000 colleges and universities says 72% of insurance payouts are counter suits for injustices of falsely accused men of rape 6/29/14Education, Freedom, PC
NBC Edits Zimmerman 911 tape6/27/14Race, Media,
Liberals say woman's prison sentence for fake rape will deter woman from reporting rape6/5/14Feminism, Liberal Bias,
Democrats, stop fighting voter ID laws5/30/14Freedom, Immigration,
Immigration hero & one of Time's 100 Most Influential people, is a complete fraud; made up sex trafficking background5/30/14Media, immigration, Liberal Bias
Brett Sokolow, the head of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management, paints a chilling picture about the hostility on American college campuses to the rights of men accused of sexual violence5/27/14Education, Freedom, PC
In a new book, Massachusetts Democratic senator and potential presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempts to rewrite history regarding the controversy surrounding her Native American ancestry that emerged in the 2012 Senate campaign. To be fair, most reviews note that Warren has never substantiated her claims of Native American heritage, which is true. The larger and unaddressed issue, however, is whether or not Warren falsely claimed minority status in order to gain an unfair advantage in her academic career. This was a question that was unresolved at the end of the 2012 campaign and it remains unresolved with the publication of Elizabeth Warren's book.4/22/14Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Feminist Ban Bossy campaign discredited statistics4/21/14Feminism, Freedom,
California: Muslim guilty of killing wife whose murder was blamed on 'Islamophobia'; another hate crime hoax 4/17/14Islam, HoaxFraud,
Obama is fighting for the Civil Right to committ voter fraud4/14/14Freedom, Obama,
Feminist continue to push debunked claims4/10/14Feminism, ,
Media: Right-Wing Extremists more deadly than terrorists; strategically leave out 9/11 deaths in data4/4/14Liberal Bias, Media,
Woman is on trial for allegedly falsely accusing her boyfriend of repeatedly raping and assaulting her -- 11 times -- which caused him to be arrested, charged and held in custody for 30 days, and used the allegations as 'extenuating circumstances' in a failed attempt to dodge her exams 4/3/14HoaxFraud, ,
Feminists Activists say Prosecuting rape liars 'violates human rights,' and rape victims' advocates want it to stop. Who cares if they made it up?4/2/14Feminism, Freedom, PC
More than 24 Million voter registrations were invalid, no voter I.D. helps liberals3/26/14Immigration, Freedom,
The Grand Valley State University student who found racist graffiti on her dorm room door’s whiteboard in mid-February is the same person who put it there3/24/14HoaxFraud, Race,
Disasters Cost More Than Ever, But Not Because of Climate Change. The telling story about the 'noble lie' corruption in the climate science, and the scurrilous behavior of activists to advance their political agenda.3/19/14Environmental, Conservative, HoaxFraud
The faulty science behind the ban bossy campaign3/13/14Feminism, Conservative,
Transgender fakes hate crime attacks3/5/14Feminism, Conservative,
Hercules Transgender Teen Admits Making Up Story Of School Bathroom Assault 3/4/14LGBT, HoaxFraud,
Media fabricates story of a mom stopping her child from attending a classmate’s birthday party because their parents were gay 2/16/14LGBT, HoaxFraud,
Global Warming Is The Greatest And Most Successful Pseudoscientific Fraud In History2/9/14Environmental, Conservative,
VIDEO: President of NASA space & research center exposes global warming fraud2/9/14Environmental, Conservative,
Proof Scientists have changed past temperature today to fit global warming model2/2/14Environmental, Conservative,
Study: Less than 15% of Illegals vote, but significantly more than 0%. Yes, voter fraud happens 1/14/14Immigration, HoaxFraud,
Climate Change Scammers Worst Week Ever1/3/14Environmental, Conservative,
Gay man in Tennessee charged claims he was attacked and had a homophobic slur written on his forehead, later charged with making a false report 12/24/13HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Vermont woman makes up false rape claim12/18/13HoaxFraud, ,
The art of stealing elections: the story of voter fraud 12/15/13HoaxFraud, ,
92% of immigration judges approve 'credible fear' assylum applications; meaning you should lie about being raped12/12/13Liberal Bias, Immigration,
Mother of house fakes hate spray paint and reports as hate crime12/4/13Race, HoaxFraud,
Gay Waitress fakes hateful note11/28/13LGBT, Christianity,
2 Vassar College students claimed they were victims of a series of hateful messages posted on students’ residences, the messages were revealed to be a hoax perpetrated by the two students themselves. 11/27/13HoaxFraud, Race,
Geroge Soros Crony on Morning Joe: Current Energy Policies ‘Partly Caused’ Typhoon11/12/13Environmental, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: Human caused Global Warming Greatest Deception11/3/13Environmental, Conservative,
Black Minister sets porch on fire in fake hate crime 11/3/13Race, HoaxFraud,
Feminists student makes fake post on social media, pretending to be a Conservative who threatens to rape her because she's liberal. An angry feminist rally ensues, and then investigators found out she made the post herself10/12/13Feminism, Media,
Red Lobster employee fakes racist note9/10/13Race, ,
Manufacturing the fake hate crime of the year8/23/13Race, Conservative,
Why Liberals really oppose voter I.D; it prevents them from getting illegals to vote democrat8/17/13Freedom, , Freedom
Man tries to comfort a crying woman, she falsely accuses him of rape and has him arrested 6/27/13HoaxFraud, Freedom,
Global Warming 'Consensus': Cooking the Books5/21/13Environmental, HoaxFraud,
VIDEO: The Psychologist who declassified homosexuality from being a mental illness talks about how the LGBT movement has gained control and corrupted psychology and science4/3/13LGBT, Video,
College student rape incident found out to be a hoax, after it was found out she put out multiple Craigslist ads to have someone beat her up in exchange for sex4/2/13Education, Feminism, Media
The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie4/2/13Environmental, Conservative,
Most US hate crime not reported, justice statistics say 3/21/13HoaxFraud, ,
Coddling of College Hate Crime Hoaxers3/6/13Race, PC, Education
Woman jailed after 11th false rape claim in a decad2/26/13HoaxFraud, ,
Actual rate of gun ownership lower than what 'experts' say in America1/12/13Guns, Media, Liberal Bias
Most Corrupt Politicians of 2012 12/31/12HoaxFraud, Freedom,
The Unspeakable Rape Hoax of Brian Banks12/28/12HoaxFraud, ,
The monstrous rape lie that sent an innocent man to prison for four years 12/20/12HoaxFraud, Freedom, Feminism
Proof she lied: CCTV helped Amy Winehouse’s ex secure not guilty verdict in rape trial 12/16/12HoaxFraud, ,
The terrible consequences of a false rape claim: sometimes, beatings and even death 12/13/12HoaxFraud, Conservative, Feminism
Woman made false rape claim because she was 'moody' and upset a male friend wasn't paying attention to her; then she recanted and said she'd been 'kicked'; then changed 'kicked' to 'fallen' 12/13/12HoaxFraud, Education,
Liberals fall for Hoax Study that Fox News viewers are mentally deficient12/10/12Freedom, , Media
13-year-old boy subjected to six months of horror after being falsely accused of rape. Girl who made up the story gets 4-months of detention12/10/12HoaxFraud, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Gay Man charged after false rape claim because he was upset his boyfriend dumped him12/6/12LGBT, HoaxFraud,
Woman admits she filed rape report after not enjoying date 12/5/12HoaxFraud, ,
College administrator's Twilight Zone moment: we aren't determining whether there was a rape when we expel a young man for rape 12/1/12Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
A 22-year-old woman is going to jail for 21 months after she falsely accused her former step-father of raping her twice even though she had not seen him in year 11/30/12HoaxFraud, ,
Attempted rape claim at university parking garage false, say police 11/28/12HoaxFraud, ,
Making a false claim of attempted apparently isn't a crime to the University of Cincinnati police 11/28/12Education, PC, HoaxFraud
Woman who falsely accused her own dad of rape facing jail 11/27/12HoaxFraud, ,
The Office of Civil Rights’ mandated procedures for investigating sexual assault are tilted heavily against the accused party. The institution can hire 'neutral fact-finders' who produce the equivalent of a grand jury presentment, deny the accused an advisor of his choice, add witnesses that the accused student does not request, forbid the students from cross-examining his witnesses, and judge the student according to a 50.1 % preponderance of evidence standard, an approach that mocks even the pretense of due process 11/26/12Freedom, Obama, Feminism
College student expelled for alleged sex offense is afforded no due process at all: the most shocking display of academic hubris we've encountered 11/9/12Freedom, Feminism, Education
Police: Woman Lied About Sex Assault in 5 Points 10/31/12HoaxFraud, ,
Gay man fakes hate crime of being assaulted 10/30/12HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Police: Louisiana woman set herself on fire, wrote racial slurs10/24/12HoaxFraud, Race,
Hate Crime Hoax of the Month10/23/12Race, Education, Freedom
Voter Fraud Complaint Filed against Florida Democrats10/5/12Immigration, Freedom,
Lesbian who alleged Nebraska hate crime charged with lying about attack 8/21/12HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Man who claimed he was beaten for being gay admits he made it all up after police receive video of him hitting HIS OWN head after back-flipping off a curb 8/9/12HoaxFraud, LGBT,
The summer when a rape lie pitted a town against its boys 8/2/12HoaxFraud, ,
Lesbian Fakes Hate Notes at Central Connecticut State University 7/3/12HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Wife Caught on Tape saying she is going to make up a claim that her husband beat her to punish him 6/12/12HoaxFraud, ,
Blogger busts EPA's fake statistics6/10/12Environmental, Conservative,
University of Maryland: It is 'worth the risk' to punish innocent college men in order to nab more sex offenders 5/9/12Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs Jehmu Greene: Tempers flared and race was invoked during this heated debate about the authenticity of Elizabeth Warren American Indian heritage.5/4/12Race, Conservative, Video
Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and likely Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Scott Brown, has been defending herself against allegations that she used her Native American heritage to advance her law career. 5/1/12Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Fraud by illegal immigrants destroying children’s lives. A Carnegie Mellon CyLab survey discovered that children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults4/26/12Immigration, HoaxFraud,
A 23-year old woman met up with her husband to try to patch up her broken marriage. They had sex, but he refused to end their estrangement, so she went to the police and falsely accused him of rape. 4/11/12HoaxFraud, ,
An innocent man named Michael Zenquis was beaten by an angry mob after he was wrongly accused of raping an 11-year-old girl3/22/12HoaxFraud, ,
Innocent man murdered and the killer goes to prison, because a girl made up a rape claim 3/1/12HoaxFraud, ,
1.8 million dead people have registered to vote…liberals still hate voter I.D. because they can't vote Democrat2/27/12Immigration, Freedom,
Violence ensures because of a fake rape claim causing injuries 2/24/12HoaxFraud, ,
Montclair State students are charged with faking racist graffiti2/15/12HoaxFraud, Race,
University of Wisconsin-Parkside student confesses to creating the list and noose made of rubber bans threatening black students because she wanted greater attention to the issue 2/3/12Race, Education, HoaxFraud
Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn't fit their apocalyptic global warming11/28/11Environmental, Liberal Bias,
A 23-year-old San Antonio woman instigated a murder by lying to her boyfriend about being raped in an attempt to cover up the fact she was two-timing him 11/23/11HoaxFraud, ,
VIDEO: The ABC Caught Lying about Climate Change9/5/11Environmental, Conservative,
Are Category 6 Hurricanes Coming Soon?8/23/11Environmental, ,
VIDEO: IPCC's Ben Santer admits GW hoax8/17/11Environmental, Conservative,
Gay Man Makes Up Assault Charge in another hate crime hoax in Iowa 7/29/11HoaxFraud, LGBT,
A Gay University of North Carolina freshman Quinn Matney claimed that he was branded on his wrist by a unknown male for being gay and that the man approached him near his dorm and pressed a metal brand into his wrist while uttering a gay slur. The student said the third- and fourth-degree burns from the brand caused him to lose feeling in his fingers. Turns out to be another hoax 6/12/11HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Liberals say that Requiring Voters to provide I.D. is taking us back to the Jim Crow laws6/6/11Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Man nearly beaten to death with a clawhammer after fake rape claim 4/18/11HoaxFraud, ,
Election Fraud is Ruining America (And How to Fix It)4/1/11HoaxFraud, ,
17yr old's unbelievable arrest for rape crime; finally released3/17/11Feminism, ,
A black student at the University of Virginia Law School makes up fake hate crime by white police2/11/11HoaxFraud, Race,
Forbes: The Climate Crisis Hoax1/3/11Environmental, Conservative,
The Heidi Jones False Rape Saga 12/19/10Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Women tells rape lie because she was late for work, blames diet for nearly destroying man's life12/2/10HoaxFraud, ,
Police have determined the reported attack and rape in a Louisiana high school bathroom never really happened 11/15/10Education, HoaxFraud,
One of the more chilling wrongful rape claims in recent times: the woman who sent a man to prison for five years because she was bored 11/12/10HoaxFraud, Freedom,
The Injustice of a False Rape claim for a Bucknell University student11/2/10Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee set up a phony interview and had people fake calls to ask staged questions as if there were concerned citizens asking questions. The event was set up as an interview, but was entirely scripted. 8/5/10HoaxFraud, ,
Andrew Breitbart offers $10,000 for anyone who can prove 'n-word' was used in Tea Party protests…no reply4/26/10Freedom, , Media
Liberal blogs spread false rumour that a town hall protester yelled a death threat at a Democratic congressman3/26/10HoaxFraud, Race,
LGBT Group Fakes Hate Swaztika and blames another group who they are outspoken about as a bunch of bigots 2/1/10HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Computerized Voter Fraud in Snohomish County Washington 1/1/10HoaxFraud, ,
Left-wing hate-crime hoaxer pleads guilty in Denver 12/22/09HoaxFraud, ,
Researches finally confess and admitt they committed Global Warming fraud 11/23/09Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Five men released after gang rape hoax falls apart due to video 9/18/09Feminism, Liberal Bias,
The awful price of a false rape claim: one man dead, one going to prison for 7 years8/26/09HoaxFraud, ,
Texas Democrat uses testimony of a fake doctor to support Obamacare 8/12/09HoaxFraud, Healthcare,
Examining illegal immigration-related document fraud and identity theft that is committed primarily for the purpose of employment. 6/1/09Immigration, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Man viciously attacked, suffers 'devastating brain injuries,' over false rape claim 3/5/09HoaxFraud, ,
A 19-year-old female Elmhurst College student lied when she said she was assaulted by a masked gunman and said her locker was defaced with a Nazi symbol and incendiary phrases a week prior to the alleged attack 1/19/09HoaxFraud, Islam,
Liberal Blogs like Dailey Kos report people shouted 'kill him' referencing Obama at a Sarah Palin ralley. After investigation, video reported the shouter yelled 'he's a redistributor' 10/28/08HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Nancy Pelosi makes up a fake Bible verse in order to use it to promote environmentalism4/24/08Christianity, Environmental, HoaxFraud
Black Long Island father who fatally shot a white teen after a false rape claim gets light sentence and tension ensures 3/20/08HoaxFraud, Race,
Arlington mom who cried rape gets five years in slaying after husband beats to death the man she claimed raped her, but she was actually having an affair3/5/08HoaxFraud, ,
The Stunning Reality of Voter Fraud 12/4/07HoaxFraud, ,
Western Reserve University assistant professor received a six-month prison sentence Friday for falsely reporting to the FBI that she received racially-charged hate mail. 11/16/07HoaxFraud, Education, Race
GWU students admits fake hate crime hoax11/5/07Race, Education,
The left fakes the hate at GWU over Muslim hate Posters attibuted to Young America Foundation (YAF)10/9/07HoaxFraud, ,
Women cries rape to save boyfriend from going to jail for beating ex-boyfriend5/12/07Feminism, ,
Minnesota Gay man Paul Marquardt reported that he was taunted for his sexual orientation and attacked by four men last week but turns out to be another fake hate crime5/2/07HoaxFraud, LGBT,
ESPN Bomani Jones Duke lacrosse celebrated for wrong reasons 2/26/07Media, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Looking back at Wendy Murphy's false sexual assault statements12/31/06HoaxFraud, Feminism, Liberal Bias
Women claimed false rape to disguise her affair12/29/06Feminism, LGBT,
Fudging the Numbers on Hate Crimes 5/23/05HoaxFraud, Islam, Violence
Voter Fraud And Intimidation (National RNC Email on Election Theft By Gregoire)5/19/05HoaxFraud, ,
Another Hate Crime Hoax; more people pretending to be victims5/9/05Race, Education,
17-year-old girl, a top athlete who leads the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, told authorities she was the perpetrator of the incidents, which included scrawling 'die fag' on her car and at school among other hateful incidents. But they turn out to be all done by the girl herself. 5/9/05HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Black Student sends racist notes to peers 4/28/05HoaxFraud, Race,
The president of the National Association for Women creates fake rape hoax4/20/05Education, Feminism, Media
GOP says that Felons, dead people voted in Washington. Massive voter fraud scame 1/26/05HoaxFraud, ,
Dead People voted in Washington Election1/6/05HoaxFraud, ,
Gay Missouri Man told police that two attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife, and attempted to carve the word 'Fag' on his forehead. Later, Elliott admitted to police that the injuries were self-inflicted because it was written backwards12/28/04HoaxFraud, LGBT,
A psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California fakes own hate crime. Kerri Dunn had spoken publicly on topics such as hate crimes and racial tolerance broke the windows, slashed the tires and spray-painted anti-Semitic slurs on her own car12/12/04Education, HoaxFraud,
Muslim fakes hate crime fire but is eventually caught in the scam9/30/04Islam, HoaxFraud,
Muslim sets fire to his own store to collect insurance money, claims Islam hatred is the cause8/24/04HoaxFraud, Islam,
55yr man moves to U.S. only 10yrs from collecting social security despite not haveing put anything into social security, to be a dishwasher, then he murders his wife with a hammer and only gets PROBATION because he has a different culture11/15/01Immigration, PC,
How Johnson Won Election He'd Lost because of voter fraud2/11/90HoaxFraud, ,

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