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ESPN hypes backlash against Trump supporter Kid Rock to pressure the NHL to cancel his All Star Game Performance1/19/18Freedom, TDS, Liberal Bias
The Lie of Modern Feminism Is Beginning to Bite Feminists in the Butt 1/18/18Feminism, Conservative,
Linda Sarsour Backs Traitor Bradley Manning for Senate 1/17/18LGBT, Celebrities,
Dixie Chicks Singer Calls President Trump Mentally Ill and Elderly1/16/18TDS, Celebrities,
Anti Conservative Comic Convention Founder Banned Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo 1/16/18Freedom, Celebrities,
Sean Penn: Trump an Enemy of Mankind, Socialist Hugo Chavez is good though1/15/18Celebrities, TDS, Socialism
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, recently donated $33 million to a scholarship fund for illegal immigrant students. 1/15/18Immigration, Celebrities,
Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey Blame Trump for Hawaiian Missile Scare 1/15/18Celebrities, TDS,
Feminist Natalie Portman Wants Child Rapist Roman Polanski Pardoned1/12/18Celebrities, Liberal Bias,
LGBT Groups Silent Over Chelsea Handler's Homophobic Tweet 1/12/18Celebrities, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Tim Tebow revealed that he was almost a victim of abortion when doctors told his mother that he was a tumor and not a baby1/12/18Celebrities, Conservative, Abortion
Hank Azaria: The Simpson’ Will Definitely Address The Debate Over His Character Apu 1/12/18Celebrities, Media, PC
Jay Leno: Trump has Made Watching Late Night Depressing1/11/18Celebrities, TDS,
Conservative ABC Viewers Point Out Liberal Bias After Roseanne Gets A Reboot while Tim Allen show canceled1/11/18Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Oprah on Ending Racism: Old White People Have to Die 1/9/18Race, Perverse, Celebrities
Labour MP Jess Phillips has come to the defence of singer Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.1/9/18Perverse, Islam, Violence
Jimmy Kimmel says it is Unthinkable that Obama Controlled the Press 1/9/18Celebrities, Media, Obama
Hollywood, and Oprah Golden Globe Women Bravery is like watching the NFL lament concussions (Ben Shapiro) 1/8/18Celebrities, Conservative,
Conservative comedian Eric Golub was temporarily suspended from Twitter for using the word bimbos to describe the mainstream media.1/5/18Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Four Women Accuse Crash Filmmaker Paul Haggis of Rape and Sexual Misconduct1/5/18Celebrities, ,
ESPNs Max Kellerman reacted to the Houston Astros accepting the White House’s invitation to celebrate their World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying the team is on the wrong side of history because the Trump administration must not be normalized 1/4/18TDS, Celebrities, Media
Linda Sarsour Exposes Herself Once Again as Leftist Hypocrite 1/3/18Feminism, Celebrities,
Bill Nye: Blue States Will Impose Economic Sanctions Against Climate Change Denying States 12/29/17Environmental, Economics,
Debra Messing Blissfully Tearful As 13yr Old Son Sits During National Anthem 12/28/17Patriotism, Celebrities,
Formula One champion driver Lewis Hamilton apologised for posting a video to social media of him celebrating Christmas with his family, in which he tells his young nephew that Boys don’t wear princess dresses12/27/17PC, LGBT, Celebrities
Theresa May Wants to See a Female James Bond12/26/17Feminism, Celebrities, PC
Pam from the TV show THE OFFICE, or Jenna Fischer, tweets incorrect tweet about tax bill; gets 65,000+ Retweets and 225,000 likes for it12/26/17Celebrities, Economics, Media
Jodie Foster says Pretty Much Every Man Over 30 Responsible For Sexual Misconduct 12/22/17Celebrities, Liberal Bias,
Rosie ODonnell Attempts To Bribe Congress with $2 Million over GOP Tax plan 12/21/17Economics, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Dear Hollywood, These All-Female Remakes Are Dumb, Boring, Childish, And Demeaning 12/20/17Conservative, Feminism, Celebrities
Christian Bale Says America Would Be Better If White Dudes Werent Running Things 12/20/17Celebrities, Race,
Sarah Silverman says Patriotism is Perverted12/20/17Patriotism, Celebrities, Perverse
Hollywood Producer Gary Goddard Accused Of Sexually Abusing EIGHT Child Actors 12/20/17Celebrities, Violence,
Linda Sarsour: A Good Muslim Cant Sexual Assault12/19/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
Dear Hollywood: Stop Feminizing All the Boy Things 12/19/17Feminism, Conservative, Celebrities
Linda Sarsour Accused of Covering Up Sex Abuse, Fat Shaming Victim12/18/17Feminism, Islam, Celebrities
VIDEO: Hollywood Wants Your Money and Your Mind (Prager University and Ben Shapiro) 12/18/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Hollywood Celebrities Throw Christmas Fundraiser For Planned Parenthood 12/13/17Abortion, Celebrities, Christianity
Sheryl Crow Criticizes Country Stars for Not Pushing Gun Control 12/13/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
Jimmy Kimmel once again used his sons heart condition as a lever for talking about health care. This time, he talked about the Childrens Health Insurance Program, created by Republicans and now pressed forward by Republicans; last time, he used his sons heart condition to talk about the evils of altering Obamacare (Ben Shapiro)12/12/17Healthcare, Celebrities,
Chelsea Handler Promotes Feminism But Attacks, Fat Shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders 12/12/17Celebrities, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Feminists Angry Over Golden Globes Snubbing Female Directors12/12/17Feminism, Celebrities, PC
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Samantha Bee DEAD WRONG on Trump Tax Bill! | With Steven Crowder 12/12/17Economics, Celebrities, Video
Gloria Steinem Ridiculously Claims Trump Lost By 10 Million Votes 12/11/17TDS, Celebrities,
Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston: Climate Denial Is Like Not Believing In Gravity12/8/17Environmental, Celebrities, Science
Sarah Silverman says she was Scared and Shaken By Raising of American Flag 12/8/17Celebrities, Patriotism, PC
U.S. Gold Medalist: I Will Represent American People in South Korea, Not Trump 12/7/17TDS, Celebrities,
The Exorcist Features Gay Kiss With An Ex Priest. Showrunner Tells Critics: Fuck You12/6/17Perverse, Christianity, Celebrities
Chelsea Handler: Donald Trump Set The California Wildfire 12/6/17Celebrities, TDS,
VIDEO: Meryl Streep: Shut the Fuck Up Paul Joseph Watson 12/6/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Dr. Strange Director: Christians Are Greedy Racists 12/4/17Celebrities, Race, Economics
Call Me By Your Name, a movie about an adult mans sexual relationship with an underage boy, is 2017 best picture, according to the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.12/4/17Celebrities, Perverse, LGBT
Pop star Pink says she is raising her children to be gender neutral because her family lives in a label less household12/4/17Celebrities, LGBT, PC
In Wake of Harvey Weinstein, Men Wonder if Hugging Women Still OK12/4/17Feminism, Celebrities,
Leftist Writer Compares Peter Thiel To Charles Manson 12/1/17LGBT, Media, Celebrities
Former Hillary Clinton Aide says Matt Lauers Penchant for Sex Proves he had Gender Bias Against Hillary 11/30/17Clinton, Celebrities, Media
Actress Amber Tamblyn wrote an oped in the The New York Times calling for people to stop talking about proper consequences for various forms of sexual harassment and abuse; arguing that we should lump all men together, regardless of the level of crime. This is what toxic masculinity tastes like 11/30/17Feminism, Celebrities, Media
A church service in Alabama was disrupted featuring guest speaker Judge Roy Moore. Besides a leftist protester shouting accusations at Moore regarding his alleged misconduct with underaged girls, late night host Jimmy Kimmel sent a plant from his show to join the shenanigans to pose as a Moore supporter. Both men were eventually escorted from the building. 11/30/17HoaxFraud, Celebrities, Media
Bret Boone Twitter Shamed After Saying Sick of All the Liberal BS Surrounding Sexual Harassment Fixation 11/29/17Celebrities, PC,
BET Soul Train Awards Host Starts Show On One Knee for Kaepernick 11/28/17Race, Patriotism, Celebrities
Denzel Washington Blames Fatherless Homes, Not The System, For Mass Incarceration 11/27/17Race, Celebrities,
Meghan Markle, an actress of African American and Caucasian descent, struggled with how the press focused on her mixed race background in the beginning stages of her and the relationship. Like TIME Magazine and Daily Beast for example 11/27/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
British musician Morrissey says if given the chance, he would kill President Donald Trump to ensure the safety of humanity11/26/17Celebrities, TDS, Perverse
Actress Debra Messing Freaks That New York Times Lauded Ben Shapiro; Cancels Subscription11/24/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik takes little joy in Thanksgiving. She doesnt much like all the food, hates the slaughtering of innocent turkeys and feels ashamed that America celebrates a day of genocide 11/21/17Environmental, Celebrities,
VIDEO: Women of Ssaturday Night Live Ignore Sex Assault Victims, Pledge Support for Al Franken 11/21/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
ESPN Airs Special On NFL Player Michael Bennet Who Lied About Police Encounter To Seem Like A Victim11/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Oscar contender film Call Me By Your Name is a story about a 25yr old man seducing a 17yr old boy11/20/17Perverse, Celebrities,
Lena Dunham defends TV show Girls writer & producer accused of raping underage actress 11/17/17Celebrities, Feminism,
UK: Muslim teen arrested for plotting jihad attack at Justin Bieber concert 11/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick CRUSHES Hypocritical Chelsea Handler Over Moore Allegations 11/13/17Clinton, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
GQ Citizen of the Year: Colin Kaepernick 11/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Critic Slams Country Artists Monolithic Silence on Gun Control 11/10/17Gun Control, Media, Celebrities
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill voice support for gun control: We all want a safe country11/10/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Blows Gun Control Argument with Terrible Analogy 11/9/17Celebrities, Video, Gun Control
L.A. Marches Against Trump, but Where is the March Against Sexual Abuse in Hollywood? 11/4/17TDS, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Mila Kunis Donates To Planned Parenthood In Mike Pence's Name 11/3/17Abortion, Celebrities,
Separate The Art From The Artist phrase Is A Con Mans Principle; as Pope Saint John Paul II explained, neither the artists disposition nor the values inherent within their work are mutually exclusive 11/2/17Celebrities, Conservative, Christianity
Snoop Dogg Posts Another Trump Assassination Fantasy on his Instagram11/1/17Celebrities, TDS,
Kevin Spacey Talks About His Friendship With Bill Clinton 10/31/17Perverse, Clinton, LGBT
Dickinson College says its investigating a photo of an alleged student in a Halloween costume based on controversial and unaffiliated professional football player Colin Kaepernick because it is offensive 10/30/17Race, Education, PC
Netflix CANCELS House Of Cards In Wake Of Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment Allegations 10/30/17Media, Celebrities, Violence
Kevin Spacey Comes Out as Gay After Being Accused of Trying to Seduce a Teen 10/29/17Celebrities, Perverse,
Jane Fonda Says We are Only Paying Attention To Harvey Weinstein Because The Victims Are Famous And White by Ben Shapiro10/27/17Celebrities, Race, Conservative
Samantha Bee Creates Haunted House Based on Climate Change 10/26/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
THE LEFTIST ENABLERS OF PERV TERRY RICHARDSON: Conde Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson. Fashion magazine moguls at Conde Nast have now reportedly blacklisted soft porn celebrity photographer Terry Richardson from working on shoots for Vogue, GQ and Glamour. This new ban on contracting with Richardson was not instituted because of industry disgust with his 20+ years of misogynist images of young models and starlet but because he is disgusting like Harvey Weinstein. Richardson made a careertaking pictures of women simulating oral sex with bananas and cow teats; models urinating in snow etc10/25/17Conservative, Perverse, Media
Hollywoods Accused Harassers, Molesters, Rapists: The Rap Sheet, up to 50 So Far 10/25/17Celebrities, Violence,
Stevie Wonder Performs National Anthem On Knees10/24/17Patriotism, Celebrities,
Allegations Mount Against Hollywood Director Roman Polanski, Now Accused Of Molesting 10yr Old Model 10/23/17Celebrities, Violence,
Singer Sam Smith Talks Sexuality and Gender Identity says I Feel Just as Much a Woman as I Am a Man 10/23/17LGBT, PC, Celebrities
Report: Woody Allen Next Film Features Sex Between Adult and 15yr Old Girl 10/23/17Celebrities, Perverse,
VIDEO: Trevor Noah says I Know Trump Prefers White People Over Black People10/23/17Celebrities, Race, TDS
Virtuous Hollywood Lectures in New Anti Gun PSA and attacks NRA As Their Industry Collapses From Sex Scandals 10/18/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
NFL Gets (More) Political. The NFL endorsed criminal justice reform legislation, despite national outcry that the organization should work to distance itself from political debate 10/17/17Celebrities, ,
Larry Flynt, the man who became a millionaire by publishing nude pics of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and who popularized hardcore pornography well beyond the limits set by Hugh Hefners Playboy,in his Hustler brand, has offered $10 million for any information that could potentially impeach President Trump 10/16/17TDS, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Please Dont Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner 10/16/17Conservative, Perverse, Media
Actress Ellen Barkin suggests that Hollywood failing to help Harvey Weinstein accusers when they blew the whistle on his alleged sexual harassment is the same as the NFL not hiring Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand before the national anthem 10/16/17Celebrities, ,
QB Colin Kaepernick filing grievance for collusion against NFL owners 10/15/17Celebrities, Freedom, Patriotism
VIDEO: The Truth About Hollywood by Paul Joseph Watson 10/15/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Rep. Keith Ellison: Eminem Could Be The Colin Kaepernick Of The Rap World After Anti Trump Rap 10/13/17TDS, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan says President Trump Is the Great Divider10/13/17TDS, Celebrities,
Ismael Loutfi, a Muslim comedian, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that, contrary to the medias usual portrayal, there are moderate Muslims who are willing to denounce terrorism; But then he joked that it Makes me so mad. I just want to blow stuff up10/13/17Islam, Celebrities, Perverse
Newsweek wonders if Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer supporting Donalad Trump is why the Indians lost in the playoffs?10/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Al Sharpton: Jerry Jones Has a Plantation Kind of Mentality10/12/17Race, Media, Celebrities
VIDEO: Flashback: Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman For Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia 10/12/17Celebrities, Perverse, Video
Hollywood Should Never Lecture America Again10/12/17Conservative, Celebrities,
WEINSTEIN HYPOCRISY: How Hollywood Assisted Harvey Weinstein | Louder With Crowder (Meryl Streep calls Harvey Weinstein God, says she is sorry rapist Roman Polanski is in jail) 10/11/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Dumb and Dumber: Recap of Celebrity Responses to Las Vegas Massacre10/11/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama Praised Wonderful Human Being Harvey Weinstein in 2013 10/11/17Obama, Celebrities,
Bill Maher: Second Amendment Was to Protect Slavery 10/9/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Remove History
Under Pressure, New York Times Buried the Harvey Weinstein Sex Abuse Story 13 Years Ago 10/9/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Harvey Weinstein Blames Decades of Sexual Harassment on Right Wing Conspiracy 10/6/17Celebrities, Media, Perverse
Muslim Arab Idol Winner: Knifing a Jew makes you a hero 10/6/17Islam, Violence, Celebrities
Sheryl Crow: Guns are Infringing on Rights of All People If Few People Are Allowed to Have Semi Automatic Weapons 10/6/17Celebrities, Gun Control,
Harvey Weinstein, the distributor of the heavily disputed campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, bought the silence of younger female employees and actresses who had accused him of sexually harassing them 10/5/17Celebrities, Media, HoaxFraud
ABCs The View Supports Second Amendment - Except the Gun Part 10/5/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Media
Nancy Sinatra Wants Murderous NRA Members to Face a Firing Squad 10/5/17Perverse, Gun Control, Violence
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Hopes for a Better World As White People Become the Minority10/4/17Celebrities, Race, Video
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Reveals The Lies In Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Shooting Monologue 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
Late Night Talkers Push Gun Control, Tearful Kimmel Blames GOP for Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Celebrities, Video, Gun Control
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Everything Wrong With Jimmy Kimmels Las Vegas Rant | Louder With Crowder 10/3/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Conservative
VIDEO: Lena Dunham Politicizes A Tragedy and tries to make Las Vegas shooting about Gender 10/3/17Celebrities, Feminism, Video
Jimmy Kimmel Badly Contradicted Himself Last Night; because Kimmel opposes our response to terrorists but wants the same response when an American does a mass shooting10/3/17Gun Control, Celebrities, Conservative
Uninformed Actor Tweets Pretty Much Anyone Can Get Machine Gun10/2/17Gun Control, Celebrities,
Colin Kaepernicks foundation donated $25,000 to a foundation named convicted cop killer Assata Shakur; part of a larger, $1 million pledge. There was also $2,500 earmarked for a program called Cop Watch; which trains volunteers to follow and video police officers9/30/17Race, Perverse, Violence
Evan Rachel Wood Triggered After Steve Bannon Claims Actors Are Dumb As Ticks9/30/17Celebrities, ,
VIDEO: Spike Lee Cites American Racism as the Need for Politics in Sports on CNN9/29/17Celebrities, Race,
Seinfield actress Julia Louis Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer, Pushes Socialized Medicine9/28/17Celebrities, Healthcare,
VIDEO: Miley Cyrus is a Complete Idiot. Paul Joseph Watson 9/28/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
Cast of Greys Anatomy Takes a Knee 9/28/17Patriotism, Celebrities,
George Takei Compares Standing For National Anthem To North Korea, Gets Shredded 9/26/17Patriotism, Celebrities, LGBT
Lena Dunham Compares Trump to Dylann Roof 9/26/17TDS, Celebrities,
Actor Jesse Williams: This Anthem Thing is a Scam to Get More People to Fight Wars to Die9/25/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
Green Day Singer to Michael Moore: Trump Not Much Different From Saddam Hussein9/25/17TDS, Celebrities,
Anthem Performers Now Joining On Field Protests in NFL9/25/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
Spurs Coach Popovich BLASTS Trump Over NFL Comments: Our Country Is An Embarrassment To The World9/25/17TDS, Celebrities, Patriotism
Mother! Film Director: My Movie Flopped Because Americans Reject Science 9/25/17Celebrities, Science, Liberal Bias
Oakland Athletics rookie Bruce Maxwell first MLB player to kneel during national anthem 9/23/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
Leonardo DiCaprio says We Shouldnt Have People in Office Who Dont Believe in Science9/22/17Science, Celebrities,
Chelsea Handler Would Like to Trade President Trump for Kim Jong Un 9/22/17TDS, Celebrities,
Ellen DeGeneres Tells Megyn Kelly Trump Cant Come On Her Show: He is Dangerous To Gay People 9/21/17TDS, LGBT, Celebrities
Jimmy Kimmel responded to some of the backlash to his pleas for universal healthcare and took serious issue with a statement made by Brian Kilmeade on FOX & Friends earlier that day accusing him of pushing politics on people from his privileged status as a Hollywood elite by threatening to pound him 9/21/17Healthcare, Celebrities, Violence
Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch used his curtain call to lecture the British government for accepting only 20,000 Syrian refugees. Fuck the politicians he declared, asking the audience to contribute money to the cause. Then he looked into housing refugees himself, but decided against it because it would be unsafe9/20/17Celebrities, Islam, Violence
immy Kimmel Praised Five Countries Health Care Systems. Here Are Some Problems With Them 9/20/17Healthcare, Celebrities, Conservative
Seahawks Michael Bennett Gives Black Power Salute After Play 9/18/17Race, Celebrities,
VIDEO: EMMYS PROPAGANDA: How Liberalism is Ruining Entertainment | Louder With Crowder 9/18/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: President Trump Bashed 34 Times During Emmy 9/18/17Celebrities, TDS, Liberal Bias
U2 was forced to cancel its St. Louis concert scheduled Saturday over security concerns after Black Lives Matter activists clashed with police following the not guilty verdict of Jason Stockley in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.9/16/17Race, Violence,
Whoopi Suggests Antifa Was Made Up by the Right So They Could To Make the Left look bad9/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
CNN Host Anthony Bourdain Says He Would Poison Trump 9/14/17TDS, Celebrities, Perverse
VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Trump Hysteria Defends Trump, Slams Leftists, Ungrateful Immigrants 9/14/17Race, Conservative, Video
Jim Carrey to Michael Moore: Greed, Profit and Republicans Are the Enemy 9/12/17Celebrities, ,
Former New York Daily News writer Shaun King called for a national boycott of the NFL on Friday over its treatment of Colin Kaepernick. 9/8/17Media, Race, Celebrities
Jennifer Lawrence Says Hurricanes Are Punishment For Electing Trump 9/8/17Celebrities, TDS, Environmental
Modern Family Producer Tweets To Christians Who Support Trump Ending DACA: Your Christianity Is Bullshit and Fuck You 9/5/17Celebrities, Perverse, Christianity
Game Of Thrones Star: Finale Was Supposed To Teach A Lesson About Donald Trump9/4/17Media, TDS, Celebrities
Director James Cameron Slams Wonder Woman as A Step Backwards Because She is Pretty 8/25/17Celebrities, Feminism, PC
A new study out of Duke University suggests that for all the Hollywood rhetoric lamenting gender inequality, the film industry is actually among the worst offenders 8/24/17Feminism, Economics, Celebrities
Petition Calls for Replacing Confederate Monument with Statue of Missy Elliott 8/23/17Celebrities, Remove History, PC
Amy Schumer Netflix Special Failed, Yet She Complained Big Stars Earn More 8/23/17Celebrities, Feminism, Economics
Actor and activist George Clooney and his wife Amal, have become the latest high-profile public figures to donate $1 million to the far left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 8/22/17Celebrities, Media,
Neil DeGrasse Tyson: If You Believe In Eclipses, You Must Believe In Climate Change by Ben Shapiro 8/21/17Environmental, Science, Celebrities
NBA Star Kevin Durant Blames Trump For Racial Tensions, Refuses To Visit White House If Invited 8/18/17Race, Celebrities, TDS
VIDEO: Michael Moore: Trump Voters Might Not Be Rapists, But They Held the Woman Down 8/18/17Celebrities, TDS, Video
Leftists Claim Serena Williams 1950s Themed Baby Shower Encouraged Racism 8/17/17Race, PC, Celebrities
Jeffrey Dean Morgan an actor from television shows The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and Supernatural says Fuck You Trump8/16/17Celebrities, Perverse,
Bill Maher: My Bigger Fear Is That the US Is Becoming North Korea 8/11/17TDS, , Celebrities
James Franco Demolishes an Abortion Argument by Professor in 5 seconds 8/10/17Abortion, Celebrities,
Jennifer Lawrence, Who Told Trump Fuck You, Says America Must Move Past Divide and Anger8/9/17Celebrities, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Fox Sports Skip Bayless On Kaepernick: Black Players Should Boycott First Game Of Season 8/9/17Media, Race, Celebrities
Chelsea Handler Wants Thought Crimes To Be A Thing8/7/17Celebrities, Freedom,
American Airlines Finds No Evidence Of Serial Liar Lena Dunhams Transphobic Airline Employees by Ben Shapiro8/4/17LGBT, Celebrities, HoaxFraud
New York Times Upset that White Men Speak More In Movies8/4/17Media, PC,
Colin Kaepernicks Girlfriend Compares NFL Owners to Slaveholders, sayss Ray Lewis and those like him are House Negroes8/3/17Race, Celebrities,
Al Gore Huge Estate Used 21 Times More Energy Than Average U.S. Household In Last Year 8/2/17Environmental, Celebrities,
VIDEO: The View Whoopi Goldberg Hostin Ferguson Police chief Insist that Michael Brown Hands Up, Dont Shoot still Happened in Ferguson7/27/17Media, Race, Video
Actor T.J Miller explained the political agenda embedded within The Emoji Movie: Use Animation To Push Progressive Values To Kids; 7/24/17Perverse, Media, Celebrities
Alyssa Milano says the Far Right has Hijacked the Word Patriot7/24/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to Counter Trumps Pro Life Policy. The Mexico City Policy or called the global gag rule by the abortion industry and its allies; prohibits non governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive U.S. funds, including International Planned Parenthood, from providing or promoting abortions, as a method of family planning, overseas. Though Gates said her foundation will only fund contraception and sex education, and not abortion, LifeNews reports, but the money also will indirectly fund abortions7/20/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Coldplay Releases Pro Immigration Video with Imagery of Trump Resistance7/19/17Immigration, TDS, Celebrities
Chelsea Handler says Trump Could Murder A Baby And Supporters Would Defend Him; which is odd coming from a hardcore abortion advocate 7/12/17Abortion, TDS, Celebrities
Melinda Gates Has No Clue How Catholicism Works. Thinks Catholic Church should accept abortion, homosexuality, and divorce to evolve with the present times7/12/17Christianity, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Actor Johnny Depp, who has been a supporter of global warming activism, has a rather unusual way of expressing it: he owns 14 residences, including a French chateau and a chain of four islands in the Bahamas, as well as a steam powered 156 foot yacht 7/11/17Environmental, ,
George Lopez: Deport Police Instead of Latinos 7/10/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Actor and immigration activist George Clooney will move to Los Angeles with his wife Amal and newborn twins Ella and Alexander due to security concerns at his England estate 7/6/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Immigration
Spider Man Actor Andrew Garfield: Im Gay Without the Physical Act; Snowflakes not happy 7/6/17LGBT, PC,
Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Bashes America On 4th of July 7/5/17Patriotism, Race,
Celebrities Create Pro Immigration Music Video 6/28/17Immigration, Media, PC
VIDEO: Rob Reiner: We Need All Out War Against Trump 6/26/17Media, Celebrities, Violence
Celebs Unite To Keep Your Tax Dollars Funding Gruesome Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood 6/23/17Abortion, Celebrities,
Pulitzer Prize winning leftist American novelist, Michael Chabon, expressed his hope that President Trump would have a massive stroke 6/22/17Perverse, Violence, Media
Actress Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, called for some female senators to be added as members of the Senate healthcare reform working group that is currently crafting an Obamacare replacement. Carter also said there should be no conversation about gender politics until America is gender neutra 6/21/17Media, LGBT, PC
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: 5 John Oliver Coal Fallacies | Steven Crowder 6/19/17Environmental, Conservative, Video
15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP 6/14/17Media, Violence, Conservative
The Comedy Central series Broad City will bleep out President Donald Trumps name in its upcoming fourth season, in what one actress describes as an attempt to rid the show of any mention of the president 6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Makes Absurd Claim that Trumps News Coverage has been All Positive and the Harvard Study that says its been nearly all negative is wrong 6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Gay Pride Activists Vandalize Trump Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame 6/12/17LGBT, ,
Celebrities applaud other celebrities for their gun control support, actress Kristen Stewart warned that it is time to dispel the idea that playing with toy guns is cool 6/8/17Gun Control, Media,
Rosie ODonnell Donates Big Bucks to NSA Leaker She Calls Brave Young Patriot 6/8/17Patriotism, ,
Celebrities applaud other celebrities for their gun control support, actress Kristen Stewart warned that it is time to dispel the idea that playing with toy guns is cool 6/8/17Gun Control, Media,
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Kathy Griffin Lectured Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Respecting Office of Presidency6/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Katy Perry in Manchester: Touch the Person Next to You and Tell Them I Love You to Help Conquer Hate6/4/17Media, PC, Islam
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter Destroy Victim Kathy Griffin who demonstrates the left ideology of victimhood; calls out Obama and other climate change proponents on details of riding private jets 6/4/17Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
Kathy Griffin Claims Old White Sexists Responsible For Her Downfall6/2/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Kathy Griffin Will Hold Press Conference to Complain About Bullying From Trump Family 6/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Say You are Like The Taliban If You Dont Want to Force Nuns To Pay For Birth Control 6/2/17Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Ted Cruz Busts Elon Musk for Flying Private Jet While Lecturing Trump on Global Warming 6/2/17Environmental, Conservative,
Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus, Republicans In Netflix Promo 6/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Directors in Hollywood admit they check actors social media accounts to make sure they do not support Trump before Casting5/24/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, Media
Katy Perry made an impassioned plea for people to coexist and said that barriers or borders could detract from that goal following the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K5/23/17PC, Media, Islam
Ariana Grande Fans Using her Bunny Ears on Social Media to Promote Solidarity; because that will stop terrorism for sure 5/23/17PC, Media, Islam
Arnold Schwarzenegger says Trump plan to go back to using coal is taking us back to the Stone Age 5/21/17Environmental, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Explains to Martin Bashirs How Hollwyoowd and Scripted Media is Left Wing; explains how one of the creators of Sesame Street, Mike Dan, VP of Childrens Television Network that is was created to reach out to black and hispanic children becaucse there is no reading material in those households5/20/17Media, Video, Race
Whoopi Goldberg says Obama was treated worse by the media than Trump 5/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The CBS show Mom will donate all $250,000 of its Emmy campaign money to the abortion mill Planned Parenthood5/18/17Media, Abortion,
Miss USA changes statements about healthcare after leftist backlash; now says healthcare is a righ 5/16/17Media, Healthcare, Feminism
Michael Jacksons Daughter says Being Naked Is Spiritual Beautiful Thing, and Part Of Feminism 5/14/17Feminism, ,
Comedy Central Gives Pro Sharia Activist, Linda Sarsour, a Platform to Mock the President5/12/17Islam, Media, Feminism
Stephen Colbert Has to Remind His Audience That They Like James Comey Now 5/10/17Media, ,
Piers Morgan Wants to Smash His Head Into a Brick Wall Over Emma Watsons Genderless Award; calling it a masterpiece of political correctness5/9/17Conservative, Media, PC
10 Famous People Who Praised Venezuelas Descent Into Socialist Hell 5/4/17Media, Socialism,
#FireColbert Trending After Unhinged, Homophobic Trump Tirade 5/3/17LGBT, Media,
VIDEO: The View host Joy Behar thinks Trump would have upheld slavery if he had the chance 5/2/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
5 Things You Need To Know About The Hospital Where Jimmy Kimmel Took His Son, And Why It is Not A Case For Obamacare 5/2/17Healthcare, ,
FBI files detailing speeches delivered by heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in American mosques in the 1960s show a different, more racist and radical face of the famed sportsman 5/2/17Race, Media, Islam
Husband of Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Fights To Keep Poor Black Kids Out Of His Kids School. Even though New York schools are the most segregated in the nation, rich white folks in New York are fighting to keep their kids schools white and Jones advised at a hearing with other parents to not talk to the media about their fight to keep their schools white 5/2/17Education, Race, Media
Michael Moore Celebrates Loss Of Vietnam War and Ben Shapiro shatters him 5/1/17Patriotism, Media,
The View Host Joy Behar Likens Illegals in Sanctuary Cities to Jews in Nazi Germany 4/27/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: Neil Degrasse Tyson mistakes science for religion 4/22/17Media, Conservative, Video
Elon Musk Wants Brain Computer Cyborgs 4/21/17Environmental, Media,
Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg: Gender Can Be Whatever You Want It to Be 4/20/17LGBT, Media, PC
Actor from Showtime show Homeland, Mandy Patinkin, called White Men in the government and military (the bad guys) and declared forcefully that Muslim refugees are the safest possible citizens you could say hello to 4/17/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Hollywood Director, Josh Fox, says bombing ISIS only creates more Terrorists so we shouldnt bomb them 4/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The Foo Fighters, Mary J. Blige, St. Vincent, Björk, Bon Iver, and comedians Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Margaret Cho have all jumped aboard a new boxed set of tracks to be released on 7-inch vinyl records called7 inches for Planned Parenthood to raise money for the quote (Life-Saving) work that Planned Parenthood does 4/12/17Abortion, Media,
Louis C.K. Reveals What An Intellectually Honest Pro Abortion Argument Sounds Like In New Netflix Special 4/7/17Abortion, Media,
Avengers director Joss Whedon warns Trump might start rounding up and murdering gays.4/6/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Lena Dunhams Girls Calls Unborn Baby Parasite Growing Inside of You4/5/17Abortion, Media,
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Launches Equal Pay Campaign for Women 4/3/17Feminism, economics, Media
ESPNs Rachel Nichols compares North Carolina HB2 Replacement to four black college students being refused at Woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. Basically it is as bad as racism 3/31/17LGBT, Media, Race
Clueless Alicia Keys Deletes Tweet Romanticizing Islamic Veil even though Islamic Women have to wear it or face punishment3/31/17Islam, PC, Media
Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon said that he wishes he could rip pages out of the Bible as soon as he arrives in a hotel room3/16/17Media, Christianity,
Cancer Patient Mocked for Nazi Hair by Samantha Bee 3/10/17Media, ,
Trevor Noahs Trump Derangement Syndrome 3/9/17TDS, Celebrities, Video
Oscar winner Cate Blanchett has revealed that her ability to judge what is good and what is evil, her Moral Compass, comes from her Vagina 3/8/17Feminism, Media,
Emma Watson believes her Boobs Are Empowering, after criticizing Beyonce for showing part of her boobs 3/6/17Feminism, Media,
Bette Midler Tries to Fact-Check Trump when he said More than 4,000 were Shot in Chicago, sends an article that links to 762 homicides; I guess she doesn't understand the difference. And yes, there were 4.385 shootings3/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Oscar Celebrities show their progressive benevolence as global do-gooders by raising hundreds of millions for abortions. However, they exhibit a cold indifference toward the actual wants and needs of their supposed beneficiaries in the Third World. Most people in third world countries are against abortion. Added to the fact that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 to stop the multiplication of the unfit and to stop impoverished, nonwhite women from breeding like weeds as she put it 3/1/17Abortion, Media, Conservative
Bette Midler Tries to Fact-Check Trump when he said More than 4,000 were Shot in Chicago, sends an article that links to 762 homicides; I guess she doesn't understand the difference. And yes, there were 4.385 shootings3/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Here Are All the Vile Things Celebs Said About Standing Ovation for Military Widow 3/1/17Celebrities, Perverse, Liberal Bias
The next time Leonardo Dicaprio or any other celebrity try to lecture on Climate Change, remember this: A-listers flew eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to do their brows for the Oscars 2/28/17Media, Environmental, Conservative
Why Modern Feminism is Trash: Sarah Silverman's Rant Against Men 2/28/17Feminism, Conservative,
The Oscars celebrate some guy named Gary from Chicago, and parade him as signs of change; despite being a multiple convicted felon and a registered sex offender who was convicted of attempted rape 2/28/17Media, PC,
The Oscars celebrate some guy named Gary from Chicago, and parade him as signs of change; despite being a multiple convicted felon and a registered sex offender who was convicted of attempted rape 2/28/17Media, PC,
Why Modern Feminism is Trash: Sarah Silverman's Rant Against Men 2/28/17Feminism, Conservative,
VIDEO: Hollywood doesnt know ANYTHING about Politics. Taking on actors at the Oscars - Ben Shapiro2/27/17Conservative, Video, Media
Leslie Jones Says She Wants to Punch White Women Who Say Black Lives Matter2/27/17Race, Violence,
Here’s Bill Maher Condoning Sex With Minors 2/22/17Media, ,
VIDEO: Gay Pizza Hut Spokesman promotes Pedophilia as he goes on radio shows romanticizing his gay experience with a 18-19yr old camp counselor when he was 13 years old 2/20/17LGBT, Media,
Judd Apatow On Trump Presidency: I Feel Like Ive Just Been Raped2/20/17Media, PC,
Trevor Noah: When Are We Going to Start Treating Racism Like a Disease?2/17/17Media, Race,
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Warns Against Turning Away from Globalization 2/17/17Freedom, ,
Under Armour CEO Bullied Into Renouncing Trump Support 2/15/17Freedom, Media,
Former NBA Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has decided that the film La La Land is racist. 2/15/17Media, Race,
Actress Scarlett Johansson says she’s not sure people are cut out to be in monogamous relationships which, she believes, require 'a lot of work' 2/15/17Feminism, Media,
Racial Arsonists Prepare To Destroy Grammys For Insufficient Beyonce Worship - Ben Shapiro2/14/17Media, Race,
Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Olympian and first Muslim-American female to win gold for the United States who is also an American citizen born and raised in New Jersey, claimed last week that she had been detained and questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents for two hours without explanation. Then her, and the media, tried to make it seem like it was due to Trump's Executive Order, but this actually happened in December, under Obama. Hoax2/14/17Media, HoaxFraud,
The upcoming Netflix series titled Dear White People receiving backlash already. The series, produced by the film's director Justin Simien, will follow college sophomore Samantha White, who is black, of the fictional Ivy League Winchester University as she lectures white people from her radio show 'Dear White People' about how they oppress people like her 2/14/17Media, Race,
Comedian Sarah Silverman got an earful from her social media followers on Sunday after appearing to mistake a pair of bright orange construction markings for swastikas painted by neo-Nazis2/13/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Joe Rogan on The Young Turks dishonesty 2/11/17Conservative, Video, Media
VIDEO: SJW Samantha Bee Cant Stop Lying! -Steven Crowder 2/11/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Lena Dunham: Feminists Must Enlighten White Women Who Voted for Trump 2/10/17Feminism, Media,
Eva Longoria: Im a Really Good Director Because Im a Woman2/9/17Feminism, Media,
Fox Sports Shannon Sharpe Urges Patriots to Boycott White House Visit After Super Bowl LI Win2/9/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Jerry Seinfeld Slammed for Blacks Life Matters Tweet where he mentions comedian Lewis Black and then says Blacks Life Matters1/27/17Media, Race, PC
SNL Writer Suspended Indefinitely for viciously targeting Baron Trump1/25/17TDS, Perverse,
Lena Dunhams Creepy Love Letter Video to Planned Parenthood1/23/17Abortion, ,
Chelsea Handler wont interview Melania Trump because she 'can barely speak English' 1/23/17Liberal Bias, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro STOMPS Neil Degrasse Tyson 1/23/17Conservative, Video,
Lindsey Graham: I Dont Know What America First Means1/22/17Media, Patriotism,
Jane Fonda: Have To Include Race and Class In Everything We Do1/21/17Race, Media,
Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is suing hundreds of native Hawaiians in an attempt to force them to sell plots of land that they have owned for centuries located around Zuckerberg’s 700 acre estate 1/19/17Misc, ,
Spike Lee says he won’t be using Chrisette Michele’s music in an upcoming project because of her decision to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration 1/19/17Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Variety’s Inaugural Edition Has Liberal Celebs Dragging Flag on Floor 1/18/17Patriotism, Media,
VIDEO: Celebrities Praise Racist Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood | Steven Crowder1/18/17Abortion, Celebrities, Race
New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps 1/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
New Hollywood Blacklist: Oppose Trump or Face Career Ruin, Racism, Sexism, Threats 1/17/17Liberal Bias, PC, Media
New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps 1/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
New Hollywood Blacklist: Oppose Trump or Face Career Ruin, Racism, Sexism, Threats 1/17/17Liberal Bias, PC, Media
The Internet gets slightly outraged over Steve Harveys racist jokes about Asians. But if he was white, he would have been fired 1/12/17Race, PC, Media
Rosie O'Donnel Wants 'Martial Law' to Stop Trump Inauguration 1/12/17Freedom, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Deconstructs Meryl Streeps Golden Globes Speech 1/11/17Media, Conservative, Video
Feminists say Ryan Gosling sexist' for Thanking Mother of His Children at Golden Globes 1/11/17Feminism, PC,
January Jones Happy Son Doesnt Have Father: No One Teaching Him sh**ty Things' 1/9/17Feminism, Media,
That Time Meryl Streep Gave Standing Ovation for Child Rapist Roman Polansk1/9/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Nude Like Kim K. 1/9/17LGBT, Media,
Ellen defends excluding gospel singer: Christian values not ‘inclusive’ because she doesnt support gay marriage. Pharrell says you have to choose which side you are on, and somehow, thats being inclusive1/6/17LGBT, Freedom, Media
Prince Charles says that Populism' (or Trump) Will Give Rise to New Holocaust and the Prophet Muhammad Sought Freedom of Worship; fails to mention anything about him beinga warloard 12/23/16Liberal Bias, Islam,
Actor-comedian Michael Ian Black shared a link to a fake news website in an attempt to criticize Breitbart News as 'Jew-bashers' in a post on his social media account 12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Two of the main British Film Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) awards will only be awarded to films which meet diversity targets, the British Film Institute (BFI) has announced 12/16/16PC, Race, Liberal Bias
Joan Walsh: 'Moderate' Obama Unified White America, Yet Faced 'Whitelash' 12/15/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Chelsea Handley writes open letter about how white women do not appreciate their rights and have destroyed the country by voting for Trump 12/12/16Race, Media,
John Legend: Planned Parenthood 'Protects People from an Oppressive Government' 12/9/16Abortion, Liberal Bias,
‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller Accused of Smacking Uber Driver Over Trump 12/9/16Violence, ,
Left-wing propagandist Michael Moore has called on his followers to 'disrupt the inauguration' of President-elect Donald Trump. 12/7/16Freedom, Violence, Liberal Bias
Adult Swim cancels pro-Trump comedy show ‘Million Dollar Extreme' because it is too Alt-Right 12/6/16Media, Liberal Bias,
'Family Guy' Calls Jesus a 'D*ck' 12/5/16Media, Christianity,
After false Castro claims, Kaepernick will hear it in Miami; Kap said Fidel Castro had Cuba with the highest literacy rate in the world and they spend more on education than on prisons. A study by the Brookings Institute found that total spending on prisons and jails in the United States is $80 billion a year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounts to $620 billion a year. Add in the $517 billion spent on postsecondary education, and the U.S. actually spends about 14 times as much on its education system as its prison system.11/27/16Race, Economics, Celebrities
Colin Kaepernick Praises Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro 11/25/16Media, Socialism,
Toni Morrison: White Voters ‘Eagerly Embraced’ Donald Trump out of Fear of a ‘Collapse of White Privilege’ 11/22/16Race, Liberal Bias,
Whoopi Said Trump Nominee Wants to Bring Back Slavery, The View Removed Video 11/18/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Actor Michael Shannon says Trump won because: the big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic assholes,' and 'You can call it the United States of Moronic Fucking Assholes'.11/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
John Legend: Trump’s ‘Hitler-Level’ Rhetoric Could Turn U.S. Into Nazi Germany 11/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Famous Swedish TV Chef Attacked by Muslims Over Resemblance to Trump 11/14/16Freedom, ,
John Oliver Tells Audience: In Wake of Trump Win, Donate to Planned Parenthood 11/14/16Abortion, Media,
Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America 11/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Hollywood Stars Change Their Mind about Leaving America after Trump won11/10/16Media, ,
West Wing Creator Aaron Sorkin Pens Utterly Moronic Letter to Daughters Envisioning Post-Apocalyptic Trump Universe 11/10/16Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Hollywood Stars Change Their Mind about Leaving America after Trump won11/10/16Media, ,
Elon Musk says there will be Universal wages paid by the government in the future after robots take your job 11/4/16Economics, ,
Aziz Ansari, other Muslim 'comedians' spread hysterical lies about Trump position on Muslims 10/19/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Madonna Offers Blowjobs for Hillary. Showing the class of the Left 10/19/16Clinton, Media,
Gay Magazine says that Peter Thiel Isnt Gay Because He Supports Trump. Hes just a man who has gay sex, but not truly gay10/19/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Russell Simmons tells the DailyShow that 'Probably More Christians Are Radicalized' Than Muslims 10/18/16Christianity, Islam, Media
NBA Player Joakim Noah skips dinner with West Point Cadets for Anti-war stance. Even thoug Noahs father is from France and World War II kept his beloved France from being run by a tyrannical Nazi regime 9/30/16Patriotism, ,
Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of the October edition of TIME Magazine for creating discussions about racism and white privilege 9/22/16Patriotism, Media,
The Entire WNBA Team the Indian Fever Kneels During National Anthem9/22/16Patriotism, ,
The Views Whoopi Goldberg says we should profile all white people to save us from domestic terrorism. 9/21/16Media, Immigration, Race
Snowden' Actress Encourages Masturbation Education for Young Girls 9/16/16Feminism, Media,
Liberals go nuts that Jimmy Fallon didnt attack Donald Trump on his show 9/16/16Media, ,
The Huffington Post makes a satirical video with Kristen Bell which rips stay-at-home-moms and pushes the feminist myth of the gender pay gap9/15/16Feminism, Economics, Media
Kate Upton Rips Kneeling Dolphins Players, ESPN Analyst Rips Upton 9/11/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Obama Praises Colin Kaepernicks protest; says there are 'legitimate issues' that Kaepernick is fighting for 9/5/16Obama, Race,
Hollywood Actor Don Cheadle calls Trump a 'POS' for his tweet about Dwayne Wades cousin being shot dead in Chicago; says nothing about the two black felons who actually committed the crime 9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberals slam Jerry Rice for tweeting 'All Lives Matter'9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The Leftist Media spinning its machine to make Colin Kaepernicks anti-Americanism as a noble fight to end racism8/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Film Critic Richard Roeper reiterated his review that deemed feminist Ghostbusters a 'horrifying mess' while pointing that film critics were less than honest when reviewing the film to push the Feminists agenda 8/23/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Actor Will Smith hopes America can 'Cleanse' itself of Trump supporters; sounding a lot like Hitler when he wanted to cleanse Germany of Jews8/8/16TDS, ,
Star Treks, Zachary Quinto, said to Time magazine regarding Donald Trumps VP pick of Mike Pence that these two old white men, who represent everything that is negative in history' because white men represent everything negative in history; forget Western Civilization7/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Ardent Liberal Comedian Jimmy Dore Spits in Alex Jones' face. Classy Liberals 7/21/16Perverse, Media,
Actor blames the NRA for the Michigan shooting where an inmate grabbed a deputys gun and shot two baliffs in a court room. Immediately gets shot down for his stupidity 7/12/16Liberal Bias, Gun Control,
Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams Earns a Standing Ovation After Powerful BET Awards Speech Denouncing Racism in America and Blaming Everything on White People 6/27/16Race, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro goes off on Trevor Noah after Orlando attack about Gun Control 6/17/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
New David Banner rap video shows white police officer being tortured and hanged, but they have a disclaimer its not to incite violence so its cool5/23/16Race, Media,
Seth Meyers says not letting boys use girls bathrooms is like Jim Crow laws5/18/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
2009 memo shows how Hillary Clinton leverages shows like Oprah, Ellen, and the View' to promote her agenda, because she connects better with low information voters5/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Curt Schilling says ESPN only tells Conservatives not to share their political opinions5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Jennifer Lopez releases new feminist video playing various 'oppressed' women roles because America is so horrible to women apprently5/6/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
The new Ghostbusters trailer with an all-female cast breaks the record for most dislikes on YouTube. And leftists are blaming misogyny for not liking it5/5/16Feminism, Media,
Gay Lobby Demands more Gay Movie Characters even though they are already OVER-REPRESENTED by 460% 5/3/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
ESPN filters Curt Schillings 'bloody sock' Game 6 performance from Boston Red Sox documentary because he doesnt want boys to use the girls bathroom4/30/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
After major backlash, Will Ferrell backs out of Ronald Reagan satire making fun of him with Alzheimers4/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan with Alzheimers in disgraceful Conservative bashing comedy4/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Media celebrates an anti-Donald Trump rap video that openly advocates for murdering Trump and promoting violence against Trump supporters4/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg blasts Trumps border wall proposition, despite having 16 securities guard protecting his security 24 hours a day4/14/16Immigration, Media,
Musician Bryan Adams joins the cultural cronyism by cancelling show over NC law requiring boys to use boys bathrooms, but he didnt cancel his show in Egypt which throws gay people in jail 4/11/16Liberal Bias, LGBT,
Hollywood liberals petitioning to have Donald Trumps star on the Hollywood walk of fame removed because they dont like him and liberals love sensoring anything they oppose4/8/16PC, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Former NFL Star Ray Lewis challenges black lives matter, saying if they really matter, why are black people are killing black people so much and why blacks are determined to always be 'vicims'4/7/16Video, Race,
Bruce Springsteen continues the onslaught of political and religious warfare by leftist; canceling his show in NC because the state is forcing people to use bathrooms according to their biological sex4/7/16Liberal Bias, PC, LGBT
Female rapper takes to twitter to call for the gang-rape of Sarah Palin and feminists have no problem with it4/5/16Race, Liberal Bias, Feminism
How Marissa Mayer choose Kim Kardashians Ass and overpaid New York Times and Time Inc writers to officially sink Yahoo4/4/16Media, ,
Barbara Streisand blames Hillary Clintons failures on sexism3/28/16Liberal Bias, ,
Backlash of Caitlyn Jenners support of Ted Cruz shows liberals are the real bigots3/7/16LGBT, Media,
Member of the View' says she'll leave the country if any Republican is "NOMINATED". Showing just how stupid media folks are2/25/16Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Times Columnist Jokes about assasinating Trump2/25/16Media, Violence,
Caitlyn Jenner says its more difficult being Republican in Hollywood than being transgender2/18/16LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Manny Pacquiao loses Nike deal over being against gay marriage; Nike says being against LGBT is discriminatory2/18/16LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Liberals expose Peyton Manning donated to a Republican; so you should hate him; tolerance anyone? The hypocrisy is unbearable2/6/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Time Magazine says Lena Dunhams body is 'iconic'; her fatness is perfect for the new Barbie1/31/16Media, PC,
Get ready for University of Missouri's mandatory diversity training w/Katy Perry to kick off1/28/16PC, Education,
Whoppi Goldberg says Hitler was a Christian; despite enormous evidence to contrary11/18/15Media, Christianity, Freedom
Trans Community Protests Caitlyn Jenner because shes Republican11/12/15LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Will Smiths son compared himself to Galileo for wearing womens dresses; media applauds because its courageous to be mentally ill10/21/15Media, PC,
VIDEO: How the Left took hollywood8/26/15Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Caitlyn Jenner accepts Arthur Ashe award for 'courage'7/16/15LGBT, PC, Liberal Bias
Journalists call opinions against Caitlyn Jenner stupid & wrong6/4/15LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Progressives & Liberal Media lie a lot, Sarah Silvermans lie, Virginia Rape, Memories Pizza etc5/1/15Conservative, Video, Media
Madonna gets blasted by gays for Margaret Thatcher post4/21/15LGBT, Media,
TV Star cries racist encounter with police and her son. Video proof shuts her down3/27/15Race, Liberal Bias,
Liberal media tries to normalize Lena Dunhams rape of younger sister11/1/14Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias

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