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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2017 @ 3:53 am

NBC Continues to Ignore Bob Menendez Corruption Trial to Cover Trump Drinking Water 11/17/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias quickly backed off from a boycott of Sean Hannitys show after Keurig was hit by a ferocious backlash to its boycott of the show days earlier; however, the real estate website appears to be holding firm to a months long boycott of Breitbart News. 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Media,
New York Times Blames Racism for Americans Wanting to Keep the Money They Earn11/17/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Feminist Nasty Woman Slut Shames Al Franken Accuser, Leaann Tweeden because she Appeared in Playboy is Asking for It. Completely breaking the feminist rules of slut shaming11/17/17Feminism, Liberal Bias, Media
Vox Is Unionizing Just Weeks After A Move Like This Closed Down Two Newsrooms11/17/17Media, Economics,
NBC Advises Having Less Kids to Save the Environment in the name of morality 11/16/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Unverifies Notable Trump Supporter, Laura Loomer, Outright Bans Alt Right Troll for Life11/16/17Freedom, Media, TDS
Terrorism Report: Deadliest Year For the West Since September 11th, 2001. Many mainstream media outlets tried to downplay the growing threat of Jihad in the West as depicted by the report, deciding instead to highlight the fact that the absolute number of deaths resulting from terrorism fell by 10 percent to around 29,300 compared to previous year. BBC reported the finding of the Global Terrorism Index under the headline: Global Deaths from Terrorism Drop. While that might be factually correct, there is no sugar coating the fact that terrorism-related deaths in developed countries increased by a staggering 650%. Turkey and France. Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Turkey all recorded the most deaths from terrorism in a single year since 2000 11/16/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
William & Mary student pens oped arguing it is OK to vandalize fraternities because patriarchy, white supremacy, and inequality11/15/17Vandalism, Race, PC
MSNBC Horrified by Trumps Nomination of White Men as Judges 11/15/17Media, Race, TDS
How The Pray For An Islamic Holocaust Fake News Happened. A widely reported claim that a Polish nationalist march in Warsaw featured a banner calling for an Islamic holocaust can be traced back to an inaccurate Wall Street Journal report. Unclear and incorrect language in TheWSJ report led to rampant inaccuracies in reports published by CNN, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Independent, The Guardian, and Vice News11/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Michelle Malkin: Media Silence on Bob Menendez: For the past 11 weeks, Bob Menendez has been on trial for 18 counts of bribery, fraud and corruption involving nearly $1 million in gifts and donations. A new Media Research Center analysis reported that ABC, CBS and NBC devoted 40 times more of their morning and evening TV newscast coverage this past week to Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore's alleged sexual assault accusers than to the ongoing federal trial of one of the Democrats most powerful, visible and entrenched figures on Capitol Hill. 11/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
CBS Promotes Bizarre Claim Against Gun Maker for Mass Murder Marketing11/15/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
UK top counterterrorism officers tell media to rein in coverage of the Islamic State and jihad terror 11/14/17Islam, Liberal Bias, Violence
TV Show The Simpsons Compare Kellyanne Conway To Hitler Propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels 11/14/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Minnesota: Star Tribune refuses to report name or background of Muslim migrant mall stabber 11/14/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Fake News: 53 Pastors Didnt Endorse Roy Moore After the Sexual Assault Allegations. Despite being reported by Newsweek and Huffington Post; among others 11/14/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Jake Tapper Admits Bill Clinton Accusers Werent Given The Same Respect As Moore Accusers 11/14/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times robs Pamela Gellers book of a spot on its bestsellers list despite outselling some of the books on the list11/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Report Alleges Huffington Post Creator Turned A Blind Eye To Sexual Harassment Of Female Employees 11/14/17Media, Violence,
Jemele Hill Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Black UCLA Players 11/14/17TDS, Race, Media
GQ Citizen of the Year: Colin Kaepernick 11/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The New York Times ran yet another execrable oped, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This oped argued that black children should not be friends with white children, and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly makes things awkward at Yeshiva University, a Jewish school (by Ben Shapiro) 11/13/17Professors, Race, Media
CNN Hammered for Omitting Unborn Child in Texas Church Massacre Death Toll 11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
MSNBC Joy Reid continued her pattern of spreading fake news on Saturday by falsely claiming that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies claimed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. This claim was debunked in July. While the intelligence report she mentions does express high confidence that Russia sought to undermine her campaign, it only represents the views of three agencies: the FBI, CIA and NSA. Clinton incorrectly claims this report shows consensus among 17 intelligence agencies.11/13/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Guests Compare GOP to Pedophiles, Hitler11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
YouTube finally removes jihad terror mastermind Anwar al Awlakis videos under growing pressure from governments and counterterrorism advocates, YouTube has drastically reduced its video archive of Mr. Awlaki, an American cleric who remains the leading English language jihadist recruiter on the internet six years after he was killed by a United States drone strike11/12/17Islam, Violence, Media
ABC News Jonathan Karl is in Vietnam covering Trump visit and interviewed several female students. When he asked them what they thought of the American leader, he was flabbergasted when it was something nice11/10/17TDS, Media,
VIDEO: CNN Host On Roy Moore Story: What Does It Matter If Media Is Biased?11/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Over 200 Ex CNN Employees File Suit Against CNN for Racial Discrimination 11/10/17Media, Race,
NEWS NANNY: THE RACE TO CENSOR INTERNET NEWS 11/10/17Freedom, Media, Conservative
Washington Post Critic Slams Country Artists Monolithic Silence on Gun Control 11/10/17Gun Control, Media, Celebrities
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, appeared on a counter extremism panel in Europe and promptly claimed Christianity was responsible for the Holocaust. 11/9/17Christianity, Liberal Bias, Perverse
The Washington Post says simply that Americans are not taxed enough and need to pay more11/9/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? By Prager University11/9/17Freedom, Conservative, Media
Newsweek Cover Controversy: Orange Penis Shaped Balloon Targets President 11/9/17TDS, Perverse, Media
The media attacked President Donald Trump Thursday for not insisting that journalists be allowed to ask questions at a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping, forgetting that former President Barack Obama did the same thing on his first trip to China.11/9/17TDS, Obama, Media
New York Times Columnist Via MSNBC: Trump a Brain Sucking, Brain Eating Disease11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: NBC Gushes Over Woman's Heroism For Flipping Off Trump 11/9/17TDS, Media, Perverse
NBC Bay Area runs photo of Richard Spencer with story about Robert Spencer event at Stanford 11/9/17Islam, Media, Race
Dan Rather Never Seen America This Bad Until Trump: We are Better Than This 11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Roland Martin Uses Moore Allegations to Smear All White Evangelicals11/9/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC, CBS Suggest Trump Was Compromised by Russian Prostitutes 11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
GQ Calls Rand Paul Asshole Neighbor After He was Attacked in His Own Yard11/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
CNN Camerota Calls Trumps Endorsement of Second Amendment Tired Talking Point11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Runs Column From Self Described Angry, Disapproving Feminist. Its As Atrocious As You would Guess11/8/17Feminism, Media,
ABC, New York Times Reporters Lie About Texas Shooting to Dismiss Good Guy With a Gun Facts 11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
New YorkTimes wants to Abolish Electoral College 11/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
USA Today released a video aimed at making people scared of AR15 rifles following the tragic mass shooting at the church in Texas. The video highlighted modifications and accessories that are in no way common on AR15 rifles and exist primarily for noveltys sake, like adding a 12 gauge shotgun to the AR15. 11/8/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
April Ryan on CNN says Trump is Galvanizing Uneducated White Males With Race Issues 11/8/17Race, TDS, Liberal Bias
Blake Montgomery, BuzzFeed tech and protest reporter, claimed that the phrase victims of communism is a talking point for white nationalists11/7/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Don Lemon: Thoughts and Prayers Didnt Prevent Texas Shooting; They Were Already Praying11/7/17Media, Gun Control,
Showtime's 'Show SMILF Packs More Moral Degeneracy Into First Episode Than Thought Possible. Within 30 minutes, the main character named Bridget, played by Frankie Shaw, neglects her child, denigrates prayer, promotes abortion, tries to have sex with a man while her child is hidden under a blanket in the same room, masturbates while fantasizing about some sort of multiple-man orgy, talks endlessly about her vagina size, is introduced to Hard Nipples Nelson by her friend's child aged porn addicted son, and more. 11/7/17Perverse, Media,
Washington Post Writes 4,700 word essay: 100 years later, Bolshevism is back. And we should be worried. Discussing how we should be worried about Conservatives because they are todays Communists.11/7/17Socialism, TDS, Remove History
Top Climate Research Scientist Blasts Media For Lying About Climate Research Report 11/6/17Environmental, Science, Media
The Washington Post Just Ran A Completely Asinine Headline About The Texas Mass Shooting: Saying the two commonalities for mass shooters are guns and men by Ben Shapiro11/6/17Gun Control, Feminism, Media
VIDEO: Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media by Prager University 11/6/17Media, Conservative, Video
NBC News: Americans must prepare for a future where terror is routine11/3/17Islam, Media, Perverse
Liberal New York Times and L.A. Times attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders over her weight and southern accent 11/3/17Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Hillary Named Democratic Woman of the Year on Same Day News Broke She Rigged Primaries 11/3/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Keith Olbermann Claims Trump Is Worse For U.S. Than Terrorists Murdering Thousands of Americans 11/3/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Democrat Journalists who Denied Democratic Primary Rigging For Clinton Look Really Stupid Now11/3/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
When four soldiers assigned to U.S. Army 3rd Special Forces Group were killed during a reconnaissance patrol in Niger earlier this month, Americans questioned why President Trump had put them there in the first place. But the Green Berets in Niger Were Part of Mission Obama Authorized 11/3/17Obama, TDS, Media
A Wall Street Journal reporter accused President Trump of hypocrisy because he didnt call for the death penalty for the Las Vegas shooter; apparently he does not know the Las Vegas shooter killed himself?11/2/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Forbes Editor Finds EPA Chief Bible Reference to be Scarier than Allahu Akbar 11/2/17Environmental, Science, Liberal Bias
CNN: The prayerful phrase Allahu akbar is a celebration of life 11/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Facebook Admits Russian Ads Sought to Undermine Trump After the Election. According to Facebook, the Russian ads posted to the social media giant were just as much aimed at Donald Trump as they were Hillary Clinton. In deposition before Congress, Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch said the company found ads aimed at undermining President Trump long after the 2016 election. 11/2/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
UK Is Tougher On Islamaphobic Facebook Posts Than ISIS Returnees 11/2/17Islam, Immigration, Freedom
Separate The Art From The Artist phrase Is A Con Mans Principle; as Pope Saint John Paul II explained, neither the artists disposition nor the values inherent within their work are mutually exclusive 11/2/17Celebrities, Conservative, Christianity
Foreign Polucy Magazine and former Newsweek journalist, Isaac Stone Fish, says: The most Trumpian thing most people do is overreact to a small terrorist attack after New York Jihad massacre that killed 8 people11/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Rogue Twitter Employee Deletes Donald Trumps Account On Last Day; Democrats celebrate11/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
The Washington Post soundly debunked the claim, made by numerous Democratic lawmakers, that the GOP tax reform bill will result in a tax increase for middle class households in a fact check writing: In their haste to condemn the GOP tax plan, Democrats have spread far and wide the false claim that families making less than $86,100 on average will face a hefty tax hike, the fact check reads. Actually, its the opposite. Most families in that income range would get a tax cut. Any Democrat who spread this claim should delete their tweets and make clear they were in error 11/2/17Economics, Media, Conservative
New York Times says Do not Be Afraid of Allahu Akbar, Its Just an Everyday Phrase11/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Liberal Bias
Twitter buried significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the last two months of the 2016 presidential campaign. Twitters systems hid 48% of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25% of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee 11/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
ABCs Blackish show Calls Public School a Toilet; Sees Racism, Ignores School Choice11/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Education
Democrats Threaten To Regulate Facebook, Twitter, Google: Do Something To Stop Russian Propaganda Or We Will (Ben Shapiro)11/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Glamour Names Pro Sharia Linda Sarsour Woman of the Year 11/1/17Media, Perverse, Islam
WATCH: CNN Falsely Claims That Terrorist Said God Is Great Instead Of Allahu Akbar10/31/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN host Chris Cuomo said White House chief of staff John Kelly’s comments on Fox News about Confederate monuments were bigotry being ignored and rationalized10/31/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Why Dont Media Treat Islamist Terror Attacks Like White Supremacist Terror Attacks? (Ben Shapiro)10/31/17Conservative, Violence, Media
VIDEO: ABC show The View Censors the word Jesus During 10 Commandments Discussion 10/30/17Media, Freedom, Christianity
The publisher of progressive publication The New Republic took a leave of absence after a slew of women came out to accuse him of workplace sexual harassmen 10/30/17Media, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC: White House Treasury official Bruce Bartlett says Virtually All Racists Belong to Republican Party on Joy Reid show 10/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
YouTube takes down critics parody video, then reposts it after backlash 10/30/17Freedom, Media,
Netflix CANCELS House Of Cards In Wake Of Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment Allegations 10/30/17Media, Celebrities, Violence
Shock Democrat Ad: Minority Kids Chased by White Man Flying Confederate Flag on Truck 10/30/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski said that her and Joe Scarboroughs hearts break for disgraced former panelist Mark Halperin after at least a dozen women accused Halperin in the last two days of sexual harassment or assault. 10/27/17Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Racism allegations fail to stop student government Vice President Impeachment at Clemson University. The black student leader, Jaren Stewart, says he was impeached for leading other members of the body to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance in a protest of the racial climate on campus. However, he was impeached for sexual harrassment allegations, theft, and trespassing. Media calling it racist10/27/17Race, Patriotism, Education
MSNBC Joy Reid lies again about Hillary Clinton Russia/Dossier report10/26/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Host, Analyst Mock White People Who Say Whites Are Discriminated Against 10/26/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Samantha Bee Creates Haunted House Based on Climate Change 10/26/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait incorrectly claimed Thursday that it was a GOP donor who first funded the Trump dossier. However, Steele was not subcontracted by Fusion GPS until after the GOP-affiliated donor backed out of the contract with the opposition research firm. It wasn’t until after the GOP donor stopped paying and the Democrats stepped in that Steele was retained by Fusion to create the dossier. The narrative that Republicans started the funding of the dossier is a common untruth being spread by media outlets10/26/17Clinton, Media, Conservative
The #TwitterPurge is upon as the social media platform is beginning to suspend any account breaking its new rules, which include some that many feel encroaches on free speech and that will specifically target conservatives. Cracking down on Hate Symbols, and Hateful Display Names which is completely subjective10/26/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook: Social media Jihad10/26/17Media, Islam, PC
CNN analyst Angela Rye says: Trump Targets Black Women 10/25/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
The EU Lectures Journalists about PC Reporting 10/25/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
THE LEFTIST ENABLERS OF PERV TERRY RICHARDSON: Conde Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson. Fashion magazine moguls at Conde Nast have now reportedly blacklisted soft porn celebrity photographer Terry Richardson from working on shoots for Vogue, GQ and Glamour. This new ban on contracting with Richardson was not instituted because of industry disgust with his 20+ years of misogynist images of young models and starlet but because he is disgusting like Harvey Weinstein. Richardson made a careertaking pictures of women simulating oral sex with bananas and cow teats; models urinating in snow etc10/25/17Conservative, Perverse, Media
Google’s search engine is more powerful in shaping politics than the tech company claims. Researchers found that the algorithm used by the leading search site in the world heavily favors Democratic candidates and the programming of the algorithm is a trade-secret. 10/25/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Democrats Said Trump Jr. Deserved Jail for Russian Collusion, But Clinton Justified for Doing Same 10/25/17TDS, Clinton, Liberal Bias
New York Times Joins Call For Trump Impeachment 10/24/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Devoted Just Four Minutes To Clinton Uranium Revelations 10/24/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Prager University sues YouTube, Google for blacklisting its conservative educational videos 10/24/17Freedom, Media, PC
Congressional auditors released a report on the potential economic effects of climate change that relied heavily on research funded by a foundation tied to Tom Steyey, the Democrats single largest political donor. The GAO report relied on interviews with 26 unnamed experts and two studies to make its recommendation that federal agencies use information on future global warming to take an initial step in establishing government wide priorities to manage such risks. The media is already trumpeting the report as a repudiation of the Trump administration. However, one of the studies GAO relied, called the American Climate Prospectus, was funded in part by the the Risky Business Project, which is in turn backed by a foundation founded by former hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer 10/24/17Environmental, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Vox Wants Censorship of Right Wing YouTubers | Louder With Crowder 10/24/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Calls GOP The RepubliKLAN Party10/23/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Toronto: Imam prays for the killing of the Jews, Toronto Star explains he didnt really mean it 10/23/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Robert Spencer responds to Toronto Star piece claiming imam didnt call for killing of Jews 10/23/17Islam, Media, Video
A new German law introducing state censorship on social media platforms came into effect on October 1st. The new law requires social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to censor their users on behalf of the German state. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online criminal offenses such as libel, slander, defamation or incitement, within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint; regardless of whether or the content is accurate or not. Social media companies receive seven days for more complicated cases. If they fail to do so, the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law 10/21/17Freedom, Islam, Media
Vox Media messy fight with extreme YouTube creators by 1791L 10/21/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias 10/21/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberal Billionaires Are Never Villains 10/20/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Womens Media Center Made Up an Award to Give Hillary Clinton 10/20/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: A guest on CNNs New Day said that President Trump has an impulse to attack women and people of color because Trump defended himself from an allegation that he disrespected a Gold Star family 10/20/17TDS, Media, Race
British outraged after Trump notes 13% UK crime rise amid spread of Radical Islamic terror; Trump accused of peddling fake news and spreading fear and xenophobia by wrongly blaming the rise on terrorism10/20/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Islam
Daily Mail blames Islamophobic Pamela Geller for jihad plot to behead her over offensive free speech event 10/19/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
A University of Maryland sociology professor is suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter10/19/17Professors, TDS, Freedom
Fox TV show features Two White Men Harass Muslim Woman Then Dump BLM Activist Out of Wheelchair 10/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson to Democratic Strategist: Language is Not a Race10/19/17Immigration, TDS, Media
Newsweek Fails Fact Check On Clinton Foundation And Russia; Newsweek finally admits, Yes, the foundation received money and Bill Clinton was paid to give a speech, but claims there is no evidence the Clintons were paid by Russians to push through the uranium deal10/19/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: California politician John Garamendi to CNNs Wolf Blitzer: Republicans Want to Physically Harm People 10/18/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
LA Times editor warns Harvard: GOP moving farther right due to closed loop of conservative media10/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Education
VICE Journalist Commits Career Suicide Following Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations 10/18/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Despite Vegas and Media Narrative, Mass Killings Aren’t on the Rise10/18/17Gun Control, Conservative, Media
Salon: Leftists Who Abuse Women Are Obviously Phony Liberals10/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The Wshington Post willfully ignored the Illegal Alien status of man who murdered teen in Virginia 10/17/17Immigration, Violence, Media
NBC: Socialism is Key to Happiness 10/17/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
Newsweek Calls Innocent People Nazis for Criticizing Politics in Wolfenstein II 10/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
VIDEO: CNN says Trump Violating First Amendment and Should Be Removed. Say his Tweets ripping on the media are violating First Amendment and anyone in Congress who does not take action are violating their oath of office10/16/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Yale columnist: Men at Yale are bad in bed because they are bad at listening to women10/16/17Feminism, Education, Media
Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls For Christian Media To Expose Religious Persecution In Iran 10/16/17Conservative, Christianity, Media
New York jihad bomber found guilty, New York Times identifies him only as New Jersey man; no mention of local mosque 10/16/17Islam, PC, Media
VIDEO: PBS Leftist: President Trump is a Destructive Jackass 10/16/17TDS, Media,
MEDIA SILENCE: New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bob Menendez Is Still On Trial For Corruption 10/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Nothing to See Here: New York Times self assessment Claims No Liberal Bias 10/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Please Dont Act Shocked And Appalled By Harvey Weinstein If You Celebrated Hugh Hefner 10/16/17Conservative, Perverse, Media
Gravity payments CEO pens article in that says his $70K for all employees experiment went well. His measurement? Employees had more money 10/14/17Economics, Media, Liberal Bias
25th Amendment: The Latest Left Wing Fantasy for Removing Trump10/13/17TDS, Media,
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Makes Comparison To DDay Over Russian Hacking Of Election10/13/17Media, TDS, Video
VIDEO: THE NEXUS REPORT: REGARDING BEN SHAPIRO by Bill Whittle. The New York Times bashes Ben Shapiro because he doesnt tell Conservatives they should be liberal 10/13/17Media, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Flashback: Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman For Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia 10/12/17Celebrities, Perverse, Video
Al Sharpton: Jerry Jones Has a Plantation Kind of Mentality10/12/17Race, Media, Celebrities
Newsweek wonders if Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer supporting Donalad Trump is why the Indians lost in the playoffs?10/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
A New York Times analysis of daily polling shows that Donald Trump voters view the National Football League more unfavorably than Hillary Clinton voters feel about Fox News 10/11/17Patriotism, Media,
VIDEO: American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News 10/11/17Media, Conservative, Video
New York Times Hired Feminist Writer To Be Their Gender Editor 10/11/17LGBT, PC, Media
VIDEO: Project Veritas' latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times,. Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times' extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and reveals an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Conservative student paper called‘propaganda by professor who leads publications committee at Wake Forest University10/10/17Professors, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Matters chief David Brock has personally watched over and benefited from a scheme to hide donor identities that allowed progressives to funnel untraceable millions to initiatives against conservative and GOP causes around the nation, a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission charges 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Twitter Bans Pro Life Campaign Ad 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
VIDEO: MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said that Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting President Trumps golf score is Kim Jong Un type of antics 10/10/17Media, TDS, Video
Associated Press says the Catholic Praying the Rosary is Islamophobic10/9/17Christianity, Islam, Media
ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for social media violation calling for advertisers to boycott the Cowboys after owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench players who protest the American Flag. Espn paid $15 billion for Monday Night Football with the NFL10/9/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson: Confiscation the Only Real Gun Debate10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFAs Tracks | Louder With Crowder 10/9/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
VIDEO: SNL Portrays American Gun Owners as Crazy Trailer Trash10/9/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Charts Daily Murders in Inner Cities Compared to Vegas Shooting 10/9/17Gun Control, Violence,
CNN Symone Sanders says White People Dont Get To Dis Black NFLers10/9/17Media, Race,
Under Pressure, New York Times Buried the Harvey Weinstein Sex Abuse Story 13 Years Ago 10/9/17Celebrities, Media, Liberal Bias
Poll: NFL No Longer America’s Favorite Sport. Only 42% of men from ages 34 to 54 had a favorable opinion of the NFL during September, a 31 point decrease from the 73% who responded to the August poll10/8/17Patriotism, Media, Conservative
Harvey Weinstein Blames Decades of Sexual Harassment on Right Wing Conspiracy 10/6/17Celebrities, Media, Perverse
Trump Expands Religious Exemptions From Birth Control Mandate. Media Melts Down 10/6/17Abortion, Media, TDS
STUDY: Obama Had 740% More Positive Media Coverage Than Trump 10/6/17Media, TDS, Conservative
Harvey Weinstein, the distributor of the heavily disputed campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground, bought the silence of younger female employees and actresses who had accused him of sexually harassing them 10/5/17Celebrities, Media, HoaxFraud
ABCs The View Supports Second Amendment - Except the Gun Part 10/5/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Media
New York Times Conservative (not really) Columnist argues to Repeal the Second Amendment10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
SHARIA COMPLIANT YOUTUBE removes Geert Wilders video about the terrorist prophet Mohammed10/5/17Media, Freedom, Islam
Media Leftists Ditch Facts in Favor of Anti-Gun Crusade; tout sound eliminating silencers and automatic rounds; two things that do not exist10/5/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Mainstream Media Networks Ignore Congress Passing 20 Week Abortion Ban 10/5/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: WhiteTrash Cinema10/5/17Conservative, Media, Race
Netflix Magic School Bus Reboot Scaring Kids with Climate Alarmism 10/5/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
YouTube Shuts Down Glazov Gang Channel’s Monetization10/4/17Freedom, Media, Islam
New York Times Says 521 Mass Shootings In Past 477 Days! Its database of mass shootings includes crimes related to gangs, robberies, and domestic abuse, as long as they have four victims; The NYT still neglects to characterize the motivations of the Orlando murderer, categorizing the attack as an unqualified mass shooting.10/4/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Blows Up With Racism From the Left after Las Vegas Shooting 10/3/17Media, Race,
News Media Leaps to Condemn NRA After Vegas Massacre 10/3/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC Guest: Hunters Use Suppressors So Deer Cant Hear Them 10/2/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
More Transgenders Are Regretting Surgery, But No One Wants To Talk About It 10/2/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
It isnt true that ISIS has a history of claiming others attacks as their own by Robert Spencer 10/2/17Islam, Violence, Conservative
The Root politics editor Jason Johnson said Trumps response to Hurricane Maria damage to Puerto Rico was“what white nationalism looks like as policy 9/30/17Media, TDS, Race
Washington Post Interviews 3rd Graders Who Hate Trump 9/29/17TDS, Media,
Networks Avoided Showing Outraged Fans Booing Anthem Protests; preached United despite evidence9/28/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Why didnt TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday?9/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Patriotism
New York Times Continues its Mission of Rehabilitating Communisms Image 9/27/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue writer and queen of feigning emotional injury, has done it again.Duca, who has previously joked about murdering men on the street out of microaggression, is happy to see Anthony Weiner go to jail because hes a white guy9/27/17Media, Race,
HuffPost contributor Jesse Benn has concluded that any white athlete who stands during the national anthem is in full support of white supremacy. 9/27/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Antifa Supporters Edit Groups Wikipedia Page to Downplay Terrorism Categorization 9/27/17Violence, Media, Freedom
The University Of North Carolina recently hosted a lecture warning faculty that the right wing media outrage machine is targeting faculty of color9/26/17Professors, Liberal Bias, Race
Al Sharpton Guest: Trump Wants Us Kneeling in the Cotton Fields Again9/26/17Media, TDS, Race
Google Doodle: Some Feminist Queer Theorist Of Chicana Studies. Her name is Gloria E. Anzaldúa, an author, poet and scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory,9/26/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
USA Today Praises NFL, Decries Racist Trump9/26/17Patriotism, Media, TDS
Keith Boykin: Trump Is A White Supremacist Who Thinks Hes A Slave Master9/25/17TDS, Media, Race
New York Times: The First Amendment Can Cause Physical Pain; Words Can be like Rape 9/25/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Columbia Journalism Review: Journalists Can Objectively Say Trump Is Racist 9/25/17Education, Race, Media
VIDEO: Don lemon calls Larry Elder an Uncle Tom, Gets DESTROYED by Larry 9/23/17Race, Conservative, Video
An institute at Columbia University has sued the Trump administration on behalf of seven critics whom he blocked on Twitter.9/22/17TDS, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Conan O’Brien wasnt expecting his audience to clap when he mentioned that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un called President Trump mentally deranged. Even for a leftist, the late night host couldn’t understand how even the most ardent anti Trumper could applaud something like that9/22/17TDS, Perverse, Media
Ellen DeGeneres Tells Megyn Kelly Trump Cant Come On Her Show: He is Dangerous To Gay People 9/21/17TDS, LGBT, Celebrities
Newsweek Mocks Trump for Stance Against Socialism 9/21/17Socialism, TDS, Media
Womens Media Summit advises to Boycott Films That Score Poorly On Gender Equality9/21/17Feminism, Media,
British PM Wants More Internet Censorship: Delete Extremist Content In 2 Hours. British prime minister Theresa May called upon executives from Microsoft, Facebook and Google to remove extremist content within two hours of notification. The move may prompt social media, search engines, and content platforms to embrace widespread censorship for compliance with her request.9/21/17Freedom, Islam, PC
Atlantic Writer Says Trump Presidency Wrought By The Force Of Whiteness 9/20/17Media, Race, TDS
immy Kimmel Praised Five Countries Health Care Systems. Here Are Some Problems With Them 9/20/17Healthcare, Celebrities, Conservative
Media Ignore Poll Showing Guns, Immigration More Important than Gender Equality, LGBT 9/19/17Gun Control, Media, LGBT
New York Times Slams Harvard For Rejecting A Woman Who Murdered Her 4yr old Child 9/19/17Violence, Liberal Bias, Race
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube deleting popular ex Muslim Arabic material criticizing Islam 9/19/17Freedom, Media, Islam
VIDEO: Why Twitter sucks by 1791L9/19/17Media, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Netflix Graphic Young Teen Sex Animated Show Sure to be a Hit with Pedophiles. The Show called Big Mouth is all about sex and masturbation with all the main characters being children under the age of 15 9/19/17Media, Perverse, Video
Independent (media publication) says: Focusing on London Tube bombers refugee status is shamelessly Islamophobic 9/19/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls on internet firms to remove extremist content within two hours 9/19/17Freedom, Islam, Media
Salon: Statue of Liberty No Longer Represents American Ideals9/18/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Scottie Nell Hughes Alleges Rape In New Filing Against Fox News and Host Charles Payne after she refused to get a payout for her sexual harrassment allegations 9/18/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Writing for TIME, author Stef Penney argues that the reason for the incessant explicit sex in her new book is not for triggering greater sales by titillating readers in a salacious way, but rather because she is a feminist 9/18/17Feminism, Perverse, Media
VIDEO: President Trump Bashed 34 Times During Emmy 9/18/17Celebrities, TDS, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: EMMYS PROPAGANDA: How Liberalism is Ruining Entertainment | Louder With Crowder 9/18/17Celebrities, Conservative, Video
News networks ran almost twice as many scandalous stories about President Trump than about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, according to a study from The Media Research Center9/15/17Media, Conservative, Clinton
VIDEO: CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill says President Trump is absolutely a white supremacist 9/15/17Media, Race, TDS
Whoopi Suggests Antifa Was Made Up by the Right So They Could To Make the Left look bad9/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
FACT CHECK: Do 92% Of Americans Support DACA?: An Economist & YouGov poll taken before The White House’s announcement to rescind DACA last week showed that 48% of those surveyed wanted Trump to keep the program. The public was divided along party lines – 73% of Democrats wanted the program to continue, while only 43% of independents and 30% of Republicans supported its continuation. A NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll showed that 64% of respondents support the DACA program 9/15/17Immigration, Conservative, Media
Amazon Appears To Be Deleting 1 Star Reviews Of Hillary Clintons New Book 9/13/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Analysis: Trump Dominates Airwaves with 91% Negative Coverage 9/12/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Teen Vogue Writer says Dont Date Anyone Who Isnt a Feminist! 9/12/17Media, Feminism,
VIDEO: MSNBCs Joy Reid: Living Under Trump Worse Than Black Death, Slavery, Holocaust 9/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Is Mad Because White Men Speak At Trump Voter Fraud Commission 9/12/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
An ESPN anchor Jemele Hill says Trump is a White Supremacist 9/12/17Race, TDS, Media
Google Again Displays Pathetic 9/11 Commemoration 9/12/17Patriotism, Media,
AMC Developing Black Lives Matter Series 9/12/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Anchor Recalls Night Trump Won: I Was About To Throw Up9/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
TMZ reports Eric Bollings Sons death was caused by emotional torture of dad losing his job at Fox News 9/11/17Perverse, Media,
Former New York Daily News writer Shaun King called for a national boycott of the NFL on Friday over its treatment of Colin Kaepernick. 9/8/17Media, Race, Celebrities
VIDEO: Google Demonetizing More Politically Incorrect YouTube Videos 9/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Robert Spencer: Twitter Moves to Silence All Criticism of Islam 9/8/17Freedom, Media, Islam
Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos Creates Mass Panic After Suggesting Unfair Campus Sex Assault Rules Should Be Changed 9/7/17Liberal Bias, Education,
Leftist Editor: You Shouldnt Be Allowed To Even THINK Men Are Men And Women Are Women 9/6/17LGBT, Media, Freedom
STUDY claims Female Named Hurricanes Are Deadlier Because We are All A Bunch Of Sexists9/6/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
NBC News has published an article incorrectly claiming that New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who is on trial for corruption, is a Republican9/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
There Is Now A Spotify Playlist Supporting DACA 9/6/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Michelle Malkin: There Is No Such Thing As a Deserving DREAMer 9/6/17Conservative, Immigration,
The far left National Lawyers Guild (NLG) of the equally far left San Francisco has declared We are all Antifa, a group of militant anarchists9/6/17Violence, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Defends DACA Through Misleading Fact Check9/6/17Conservative, Media, Immigration
47 Conservatives Sign Open Letter Warning The Media About The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 9/6/17Conservative, Media,
Modern Family Producer Tweets To Christians Who Support Trump Ending DACA: Your Christianity Is Bullshit and Fuck You 9/5/17Celebrities, Perverse, Christianity
Southern Poverty Law Center Wont Classify Antifa as Hate Group9/5/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Conservative We Need Illegals To Rebuild Texas9/5/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
A law student at Edinburgh University has been accused by a school official of a hate crime for poking fun at ISIS on his Facebook page 9/5/17Islam, PC, Education
MSNBC Fave: Ending DACA Is White Supremacy9/5/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The REAL Agenda Behind YouTube Censorship with Paul Joseph Watson9/5/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
WaPo Tells Journalists: Downplay Antifa Violence, Never Describe as Left Wing: The Washington Post Margaret Sullivan posted an instruction manual on how journalists should be reporting on Antifa 9/4/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Game Of Thrones Star: Finale Was Supposed To Teach A Lesson About Donald Trump9/4/17Media, TDS, Celebrities
Sympathetic Media Scrambles To Trot Out Shiny Dreamers But Forgets All The Nightmares9/4/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Slate: Anonymous NFL Execs Reveal They are Racist for Not Hiring Kaepernick; Spoiler Alert! This claim is completely false 9/4/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The New York Times published an almost 1300 word news story about Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez corruption trial, without ever mentioning his party affiliation 9/4/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Why Jemele Hill Needs To Go From ESPN 9/3/17Media, Conservative, Video
Google Threatened Conservative Site The Liberty Conservate To Take Down Article Google Finds Offensive or Lose Ad Revenue 9/1/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberal Site That Facebook Uses To Sort Fake News Just Fact Checked A Satirical Website The Babylon Bee 8/31/17Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Times writes that Google Buys Off Non Profits To Silence Criticism8/30/17Media, ,
Muslim columnist: To say Islam isnt a race is overly simplistic, and Islamophobia is racism 8/30/17Islam, Media, Race
Politico published a cartoon mocking victims of Hurricane Harvey 8/30/17Media, Perverse,
CNN and Washington Post say that All The Studies Prove Climate Change Is Real8/30/17Environmental, Media, Science
CNNs Fake Film About Elian Gonzalez 8/30/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Keith Olbermann Calls DeVos Motherfucker After She Tweets Support for Hurricane Victims 8/29/17Perverse, Media,
VIDEO: CNN and MSNBC have been working double time to turn the Hurricane Harvey disaster into a conversation about climate change 8/29/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Politico Puts out story about Melania Trumps Snakeskin footwear while visting Houston for Hurricane Harvey8/29/17TDS, Media,
A federal judge has dismissed Sarah Palins defamation lawsuit against The New York Times for publishing an editorial linking her to the shooting of former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords 8/29/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Gallup POLL: 14% of Republicans, 62% of Dems Trust News Media 8/29/17Media, Liberal Bias,
HuffPo: Becoming a Racist is Unfortunate Side Effect of Serving Your Country 8/28/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Salon writes that the National Anthem is Another Neo Confederate Symbol8/28/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Internet Gets Fooled By Viral Photo Of Obama Serving Houston Victims 8/28/17Media, Obama,
VIDEO: Fox News Lisa Boothe called out Democrats for failing to denounce the violent rioting from left wing Antifa groups8/28/17Violence, Media, Video
VIDEO: Joe Scarborough on Antifa: There is Nothing Anti Fascist About Them8/28/17Violence, Conservative, Media
VIDEO: Liberal Propaganda Machine: Tucker Carlson RIPS Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 8/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Hurricane Harvey Dubbed Racist Because More Blacks Will Be Affected 8/25/17Media, Race, PC
Huffington Post Columnist: Does Serving In The Military Turn You Into A Racist?8/25/17Media, Race, Patriotism
Director James Cameron Slams Wonder Woman as A Step Backwards Because She is Pretty 8/25/17Celebrities, Feminism, PC
THE RED NEW YORK TIMES: FIRST IN FAKE NEWS; A dark history of promoting alternative facts to hide communist atrocities.8/25/17Media, Conservative, Socialism
CNN has made no attempt to retract or modify a report which paints all supporters of President Donald Trump as white supremacists by default 8/24/17Race, Media, TDS
Swedish Anti Mass Migration Podcasts Taken Down by Soundcloud for Hate Speech8/24/17Freedom, Islam, PC
The attorney representing ousted Google engineer James Damore, said that she is soliciting information from other Google employees subject to discrimination because of their political views, raising the prospect that she is preparing a class action lawsuit against the tech giant8/24/17Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
YouTube removes Robert Spencer playlist as inappropriate 8/24/17Freedom, Media, Race
In A World Where Reporting Is Dripping With Bias, Reporting Facts Becomes A Scandal in Wall Street Journal Leak Case to New York Times 8/24/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: NBC Aghast at Trumps Tirade; Might Be Threat to National Security8/23/17Media, TDS, Video
New York Times, Vox, Declare Corporations the Moral Voice of America8/23/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Wall Street Journal Editor Told Reporters To Stick To The Facts. Then they went behind Editor Gerard Bakers back and leaked private emails to the New York Times8/23/17Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Amy Schumer Netflix Special Failed, Yet She Complained Big Stars Earn More 8/23/17Celebrities, Feminism, Economics
Dennis Prager How the Mainstream Media Operate 8/23/17Conservative, Media,
Joe Scarborough: Trump Is Using Stalinist Terms in Reference to the Media 8/23/17Media, TDS, Video
CNN has been caught scrubbing one of its headlines over the weekend on Antifa and it sure helps make the leftist rioters appear non violent 8/22/17Media, Violence, Perverse
ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVa Game To Avoid Offending Idiots8/22/17Media, PC,
AMCs Preacher Depicts Jesus in Gratuitous Sex Scene8/22/17Christianity, Media, Perverse
Actor and activist George Clooney and his wife Amal, have become the latest high-profile public figures to donate $1 million to the far left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 8/22/17Celebrities, Media,
The New York Times Says Science Can Predict Climate Change As Accurately As Eclipses 8/21/17Environmental, Science, Media
ProPublica, which got Jihad Watch dropped from PayPal, never tried to verify SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) claims of hate 8/21/17Economics, Freedom, Liberal Bias
PayPal removes ban on Jihad Watch 8/21/17Economics, Freedom, Islam
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Blasts the Media for Defending Antifa8/21/17Conservative, Media, Violence
Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller smeared by fascist groups like George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 8/20/17Liberal Bias, Media, Islam
UK: Government funded Channel 4 creates recruitment video glorifying the Islamic Stat8/20/17Islam, Perverse, Media
Spotify Now Deciding What Music is Politically Acceptable for Listening 8/18/17Freedom, Media, PC
Anti Illegal Immigration Ads Violate Twitters Hate Speech Rules 8/18/17Media, Immigration, Freedom
A German court recently sentenced journalist Michael Stürzenberger to six months in jail for posting on his Facebook page a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, shaking the hand of a Nazi official in Berlin, in 1941. The prosecution accused Stürzenberger of inciting hatred towards Islam and "denigrating Islam" by publishing the photograph 8/18/17Freedom, Islam, Media
CBS Shocked to Find Black Trump Voters Still Behind the President 100% 8/17/17Media, Race, TDS
VIDEO: Wolf Blitzer Speculates Barcelona Attack May Be Copycat Of Charlottesville8/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
New York Times: The ACLU Should Stop Defending Right Wingers Freedom of Speech!8/17/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Openly Calls For Political Violence 8/16/17Violence, Media,
New York Times Reporter Saw Antifa Beating Supremacists, But It Wasnt Hate Filled8/16/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Politico Initially Offers False Claim That Trump Identified With The Alt Right 8/16/17Media, TDS,
CNN Correspondent: Antifa Wouldnt Get Violent if White Supremacists Stayed Home 8/16/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Major Figures Work To Mainstream Violent Antifa Protesters 8/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
ESPN Apologizes For Running Racist Segment Auctioning Off Players For Fantasy Football Draft 8/16/17Race, Media, PC
Arrest the Editor of the Washington Post 8/16/17Conservative, Media, Violence
Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down Employees Anonymous Online Group That Favored Trump 8/16/17Freedom, Media, TDS
CNN, MSNBC Ignore Violent Antifa Protesters 8/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Washington Post Reporter Smears Iraq War Vets as Potential Extremists After Shilling for Hezbollah Terrorists8/16/17Perverse, Media, Patriotism
The Left Celebrates Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion 8/15/17Abortion, Media, Perverse
Twitter flags news tweet by Robert Spencer about Jew hating imam for violation of hateful conduct policy8/15/17Media, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: Watch Don Lemon Whitewash Antifa In 90 Seconds 8/15/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Jumps the Shark Again: Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism8/14/17Socialism, Feminism, Media
New York Times Whines That Right Wingers Dont Appreciate Left Wing Propaganda On Campuses 8/14/17Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Obsessed with White Supremacist Killer, Buried Anti Trump Murder 8/14/17Race, Violence, Media
Chicago Tribune: Angry White Men Fueling Racial Violence 8/14/17Race, Violence, Media
MSNBC Pushes Blatant Lie That Right Wingers Committ 3x as many terrorist attacks as Muslims 8/14/17Media, Violence,
The New York Times questioned if climate change could be a bigger threat to Guam than nuclear war 8/11/17Media, Environmental,
Doc McStuffins, a popular Disney Junior cartoon aimed at preschoolers, released an episode titled The Emergency Plan that features two lesbian mothers 8/11/17LGBT, Media, Perverse
Jeffrey Lord Sarcastically Tweeted Sieg Heil to a Fascist, CNN Fired Him 8/11/17Media, Race,
Google CEO: Vast Majority Of Googlers Back My Decision To Fire Damore; despite poll showing 56% do not support his firing 8/11/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Conservative And Independent YouTube Channels Hit By Censorship And Demonetization 8/11/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
LGBT Site Hails 4yr Old Prince George As Gay Icon 8/11/17LGBT, Perverse, Media
Why Detroit Film Bombed - Andrew Klavan 8/11/17Conservative, Media, Race
Newsweek: First Lady Melania Trump is Normalizing High Fashion Stiletto Heels 8/11/17Media, TDS,
Google And Facebook Co Sponsoring Protest Of Pro Life Womens Health Care Clinic that provides free medical services and counseling to pregnant women; just not abortions8/11/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Media
ABC Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd says Radical Christians As Misguided And Frightening As Radical Muslims by Ben Shapiro8/11/17Christianity, Media, Violence
Bill Maher: My Bigger Fear Is That the US Is Becoming North Korea 8/11/17TDS, , Celebrities
The Washington Post Wants You To Know That Violent Rioters Just Hate Trump and decides to defend the violent fascist rioters 8/11/17TDS, Media, Violence
YouTube personalities known as Diamond and having their Google (YouTube) platform of censoring their popular video channel because of their strong support of Trump 8/11/17Freedom, Media, TDS
Guest on Charlie Rose: America Founded By Cult of Religious Nut 8/10/17Remove History, Christianity, Media
Disney Just Shelled Out $177 Million After Calling Fast Food Meat Pink Slime 8/10/17Media, Environmental, HoaxFraud
Jezebel Whines About the Demonization of Linda Sarsour 8/10/17Islam, Perverse, Media
Slate Demands People Stop Equating SCIENCE! with Truth 8/10/17Science, Media, Liberal Bias
Vogue Magazine To Feature Transgender Traitor Chelsea Manning8/10/17LGBT, Perverse, Media
Snopes says claim NJ town forbade criticism of Islam false, then quotes: No commentary regarding Islam permitted8/9/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Brian Williams: Our Job Is to Scare People to Death With Trump and North Korea.8/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Social justice is creeping into the world of Young Adult book publishing as intersectional feminists position themselves as censors and the arbiters of acceptable content. It poses a danger to the lucrative industry that spawned Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and innumerable other 8/9/17Feminism, Media,
Fox Sports Skip Bayless On Kaepernick: Black Players Should Boycott First Game Of Season 8/9/17Media, Race, Celebrities
New York Times Leaked Bombshell Climate Report Was Actually Public For Months8/8/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN says the Biggest Terrorist Threat is Anti Government White Supremacists, Not Islam 8/8/17Islam, Media, Violence
A misleading story on NBC Nightly News has led several news outlets to report incorrect information about the state of California agriculture, sparking fears that food prices might soon rise due to a supposed labor shortage. The report highlighted immigration fear and claimed a surge of arrests by the Trump administration was partly to blame. The problem: the central fact relied on by NBC News to back up the anecdotes of the single farmer interviewed is two years old. The connection to current debates over immigration or the Trump administration is simply imaginary 8/8/17Media, TDS, Liberal Bias
New York Times Touts Virtues of Environmentalist Vladimir Lenin 8/8/17Environmental, Socialism, Perverse
A day after Google fired an employee who wrote a lengthy memo blasting the companys diversity policies, CEO Sundar Pichai wrote his own missive saying that people must feel free to express dissent 8/8/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Daily Beast Columnist Says Trump a Modern Day Swastika 8/8/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
The Young Turks, Who Hate Money In Politics, Just Received $20 Million From A Hedge Fund 8/8/17Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC Analyst: Trump Sounds Like a North Korean Leader8/8/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: EXPOSED: Googles Entirely Far Left Leadership! | Louder With Crowder 8/8/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
American Air Flight Hits Terrible Turbulence, NBC News Blames Global Warming 8/7/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Google was rocked by the publication of an internal manifesto that alleged wide ranging political bias within the company. Now more Google employees are now speaking out 8/7/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
MTV nominated an anti Dakota Access Pipeline music video for an award celebrating last years environmentalist-led movement to scuttle the multi billion dollar oil project. 8/7/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Designer Thought it a Good Idea to Reclaim Swastika as Symbol of Peace; goes terribly wrong 8/7/17Media, PC, Conservative
Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs 8/7/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
VIDEO: YouTube Surrenders 1791L 8/6/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Swedish Artist Who Created Gay Jesus Says She would Never Do Gay Mohammed8/4/17Christianity, LGBT, Islam
New York Times reporters Adam Goldman and Nick Confessore and New York Magazine contributor Yashar Ali accused NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of threatening to fist the New York Times in an ad for the pro 2nd Amendment group; if they had checked the subtitles, they would have noticed the word FISK not Fist. Fake news 8/4/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
CBS News Pushed Myth that Lady Liberty was Originally Muslim 8/4/17Remove History, Media, Islam
Pink News says Muslims Are More Accepting of Homosexuality than Christians8/4/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Politico Article Compares Stephen Miller, a Jew, to Stalin, Killer of Jews 8/4/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
New York Times Upset that White Men Speak More In Movies8/4/17Media, PC,
Rolling Stone Article: Why Professional Cuddling is Booming To Deal With Trump 8/4/17TDS, PC,
VIDEO: DETROIT MOVIE (About Detroit Riots) REVIEW: Pure SJW Propaganda!! Steven Crowder 8/4/17Race, Media, Conservative
Teen Vogue says that White People Using GIFs Of Black People Is Racist 8/3/17Race, Media, PC whitewashes Islamic character of female genital mutilation8/3/17Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
VIDEO: Stephen Miller Embarrasses Cosmopolitan Jim Acosta For Stereotyping Immigrants 8/2/17Immigration, Media,
A magazine called Affinity published a piece by an Asian teenager arguing that white men should be denied the vote because unlike people of color, they were never denied the vote in the U.S. 8/2/17Media, Race, Freedom
CNNs Jim Acosta Thinks The Only People Who Speak English Live In Great Britain, Australia8/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
13 Insanities From CNN Joint Propaganda Project With Al Gore 8/2/17Environmental, Media, Conservative
MSNBC Joy Reid: Trump Personifies the Rage, Vulgarity of Right Wing Radio Listeners 8/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Trump More Dangerous than Kim Jong Un, Says Journalist 8/1/17TDS, Media,
Professor who refuses to use gender neutral pronouns, Jordan Peterson, is mysteriously blocked from his YouTube channel 8/1/17Media, Freedom,
CNNs Fareed Zakaria: Trumps Core Voters Were Anti Immigrant, Misogynistic, Homophobic, Stupid Racists 8/1/17TDS, Media, Race
VIDEO: Young Turks Ana Kasparian says Illegals Have No Access To Government Benefits8/1/17Immigration, Economics, Media
Tom Brokaw: We Need to be Reminded of U.S. Concentration Camps, Especially These Days'8/1/17TDS, Media, Race
The Washington Post is taking moral relativism to new heights. The Posts Beirut bureau chief Liz Sly and contributor Suzan Haidamous coauthored a fluff piece that essentially attempts to re-define the terrorist group Hezbollah as a legitimate political movement7/31/17Islam, Media, Violence
Howard Dean: Breitbart, Right Wing Media Racists7/31/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Joy Reid: Democrats Need to Stop Pining for White Trump Voters, Cater to Minorities 7/31/17Media, Race,
The New York Times and other news media outlets find it newsworthy that a top U.S. military commander, when asked a far fetched hypothetical question about a nuclear strike on China, replied that he would comply with an order on the matter if it came from President Trump 7/30/17TDS, Media,
VIDEO: CNN Gives Sympathetic Interview To MS13 Gang Members and allowed them to blame President Trump for making them stronger despite his aggressive crackdown on the gang 7/28/17Immigration, Violence, Perverse
A top lawyer for the FBI and close confidant to James Comey, General Counsel James A. Baker, is under a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice on suspicion of leaking classified national security information to the media7/28/17Freedom, TDS, Media
Boy Scouts Officially Apologize for President Trump 7/28/17TDS, Media,
The Week the Russia Conspiracy Theory Fell Apart 7/28/17Conservative, TDS, Media
Sarah Palin to Subpoena Two Dozen New York Times Reporters in Defamation Suit7/27/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: The View Whoopi Goldberg Hostin Ferguson Police chief Insist that Michael Brown Hands Up, Dont Shoot still Happened in Ferguson7/27/17Media, Race, Video
Google bows to Muslim pressure, changes search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad7/26/17Freedom, Media, PC
NPR calls fake rape accuser Emma Sulkowicz a survivor, hides that she is Mattress Girl 7/26/17HoaxFraud, ,
Leftist Journalist: The World Would Be Better if McCain Died in Vietnam 7/26/17Perverse, Media,
VIDEO: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON GOT OWNED! Calling out the BBC for Depicting a typical Roman Family as Black to be PC7/26/17Remove History, PC, Media
Liberals See Trump Speaking to Boy Scouts, Liken them to Hitler Youth7/25/17Perverse, TDS, Media
University of Chicago Ethics Professor says Children Do Not Belong To Their Parents; government knows better than parents 7/25/17Education, Perverse, Freedom
MSNBC Just Loves this Cartoon of McCain Suffering from Cancer in Hospital 7/25/17Perverse, Media,
Reza Aslan: No divide between Islam and American culture7/24/17Media, Islam, Liberal Bias
Actor T.J Miller explained the political agenda embedded within The Emoji Movie: Use Animation To Push Progressive Values To Kids; 7/24/17Perverse, Media,
Vox: If You Want To Reduce Carbon Emissions, Dont Be Rich 7/24/17Environmental, Media, Economics
Jake Tapper Falsely Claimed He Grew Up in Poor Neighborhood to Appear Like Common Folk 7/24/17Media, ,
Daily Show Claims Its The Most Accurate News7/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
HBO Confederate Show Producer says Trump Brought Back Racism7/21/17Media, TDS, Race
L.A. Times Writer Busted for Lying about John McCain 7/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Crowdfunding site Patreon banned Lauren Southerns account over claims her work would get people killed7/21/17Freedom, PC, Liberal Bias
New York Times Writer thinks white women should move out of his way while walking on the sidewalk because he is black 7/21/17Media, Race,
Feminist to hold martial-arts workshop to fight hyper masculinized journalism 7/21/17Feminism, Media, PC
Andrea Mitchell Cant Recall Single Moment Shes Shown Bias in Reporting. Here are many 7/21/17Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
New York Times says California is Enemy terroritory for ICE and paints illegals as victims 7/21/17Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
USA Today Complains About Lack of Women and No Lead Actors of Color in Movie Dunkirk, which is an actual historical event that took place in the early days of World War II7/20/17Media, Race,
Facebook Blocked 25 Catholic Pages Simultaneously, Most of the blocked pages had significant followings; between hundreds of thousands and up to 6 million followers each; Facebook claims it was a spam malfunction, yet only Catholic pages were affected7/19/17Media, Christianity, Freedom
Its been 72 hours since one of the lefts most prominent political organizations declared its support for a convicted murderer and domestic terrorist on the FBIs Most Wanted list, and not one establishment media outlet has covered it 7/19/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Game Of Thrones Creators Next Show: An America Where Slavery Still Exists; an alternate history series titled Confederacy, which would explore what would have happened if the South had successfully seceded from the Union and slavery still existed.7/19/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times: Climate Alarmism Is Good Because Scaremongering Fixed Y2K Bug 7/19/17Media, HoaxFraud, Environmental
VIDEO: Coldplay Releases Pro Immigration Video with Imagery of Trump Resistance7/19/17Immigration, TDS, Celebrities
Three prominent Democratic senators, Sens. Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and Kirsten Gillibrand declined to withdraw their support for Womens March after the organization declared support for cop killer terrorist Assata Shaku7/19/17Media, Violence, Liberal Bias
Leftist BBC Trumpeted The Gender Pay Gap. Turns Out They Have A GIANT Gender Pay Gap7/19/17Feminism, Economics, Media
Left wing activist and Womans March organizer Linda Sarsour accused CNN anchor Jake Tapper of being a member of the alt right, a small white nationalist faction on the far right.7/19/17Media, Race, Islam
Politico Deeply Concerned President Trump Not Physically Fit to Be President7/19/17Media, TDS,
Out Magazine, a Gay magazine says to Readers: Drop Your Gay Conservative Friends7/18/17LGBT, PC, Liberal Bias
NPR reportedly refused to air a radio interview with former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO despite verbal and written assurances to the contrary because he sounded too reasonable7/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The UKs Advertising Standards Authority, the self regulatory organization of the ad industry across the pond, is seeking to cut the cord on gender stereotypes. Fitness ads that depict women in swimsuits and children’s clothing ads that depict boys as geniuses in direct contrast to girls as princesses risk being banned7/18/17Media, PC,
Sharia Facebook removes Counter Jihad Coalitions page without explanation7/17/17Islam, Freedom, Media
Reebok Goes Political, Rips Trump And Outlaws Complimenting Women7/17/17Media, TDS,
Apple Celebrates Feminism With Islamic Headscarves And Breastfeeding7/17/17Feminism, Islam, PC
BBC Wonders Why the Rise in Acid Attacks? Assaults involving corrosive substances have more than doubled in England since 2012 and that this spike means the UK has the highest number of reported acid attacks per capita in the world. Fails to mention immigration, Muslims, or Islam entirely7/17/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
ABC Analyst Matthew Dowd Says One Can Be An Atheist And A Christian 7/17/17Christianity, Media,
Cosmo Shames Parents to Be for Having Gender Reveal Parties for their babies sex7/17/17Media, LGBT, PC
Ken Kurson: Media Runs The Democrats says former editor of the New York Observer7/17/17Conservative, Media,
Former daytime talker Phil Donahue said we have entered the darkest political moment in American history” when Donald Trump was elected7/17/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times OpEd Warns Women That Trump Wants Their Birth Control!7/17/17TDS, Media, Abortion
VIDEO: Teen Vogue Claims Toddlers Understand Consent 7/16/17Media, Perverse, Video
Huffington Post Seeks To Discover REAL AMERICA With A Tour Of 23 Cities; most of which, Hillary Clinton Won 7/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Feminist writer Jody Allard calls her sons prospective rapists; says their inherent masculinity and whiteness is the problem they can never be free of 7/14/17Feminism, Media, Race
Nancy Pelosi Enforced Same Dress Code Feminists Now Blame Paul Ryan For 7/14/17Liberal Bias, Feminism, Media
Christian Legal Group, The Alliance Defending Freedom, a non profit legal org that specializes in First Amendment cases, demands ABC News Retract Story Labeling Them A Hate Group. ABC, NBC, Mediaite, Newsweek and The Daily Beast all portrayed ADF as an anti gay hate group in their coverage of a speech that Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave at an event for the group earlier this week. The news outlets all relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left wing group that frequently smears conservatives as extremists, as the basis for labeling ADF a hate group. The group spokesman said: ABC News has committed journalistic malpractice. For ABC News to essentially cut and paste false charges against Alliance Defending Freedom by a radically partisan, violence-inciting organization like Southern Poverty Law Center is a discredit to ABC News and to the profession 7/13/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
STUDY: Men More Likely to Experience Online Harassment 7/13/17Feminism, Media, Conservative
Trump Intervenes, Grants Rejected Afghan Girls Entry Into Robotics Contest 7/13/17Feminism, Islam, Immigration
ESPN Chooses Michelle Obama to Give Arthur Ashe Courage Award for 25th ESPYS 7/12/17Media, Obama, Liberal Bias
Calexit Comic Book Imagines California in Revolt Against Trump Administration7/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Opinion: NRA Hurts Itself Via Unwavering Support for Law Enforcement 7/12/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Facebook Shuts Down Anti Obesity Campaign Due to Fat Phobia 7/12/17PC, Media, Video
VIDEO: The View Hosts Not Convinced Liberal Bias Exists on Campus 7/11/17Education, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDE: MSNBC political analyst & feminist Joan Walsh, questioned what message Ivanka Trump was trying to send at the G20 Summit by wearing a pink girly dress with bows. Walsh suggested that the dress Ivanka chose when sitting in for her father at the summit made her look like property and undermined her own value. 7/11/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
San Francisco Transit: Releasing Robbery Surveillance Videos Would Be Racially Insensitive 7/11/17Race, PC, Liberal Bias
Women who outed LGBT parade that kicked out 3 Jewish women for being Jewish is moved to a sales role and prevented from writing. Her accurate portrayal of an unflattering moment for LGBT unity appears to have ended her journalism career, at least for now. 7/11/17LGBT, Media, Race
Dennis Prager: The Atlantic Publishes All You Need to Know About the Left7/11/17Conservative, Media,
THE MURDER OF OFFICER MIOSOTIS FAMILIA AND THOSE WHO KILLED HER; How the Media is silent when a black man murders a Hispanic female cop7/11/17Violence, Race, Conservative
Bombshell Report: Comey Memos Were GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, Contained Classified Material — Ben Shapiro7/10/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, TDS
The Washington Post is suggesting the rhetoric of a right wing radio host may have inspired a man the paper does not acknowledge was a liberal to shoot up a GOP baseball practice in June. Without a speck of evidence that the shooter James T. Hodgkinson even listened to Bob Romanik, WaPo writer Peter Holley tried desperately to manufacture proof7/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
George Lopez: Deport Police Instead of Latinos 7/10/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: ShoeOnHead Conservative Blogger Banned from Buzzfeed 7/10/17Freedom, Media, PC
Huffington Post pushing race into the $15 minimum wage debate7/9/17Economics, Media, Race
Libreal Columnist for Missouri Columbia Daily Tribune Wrote About Dangerous Police Stop, Dashcam Video Proved Him Wrong 7/7/17HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Trump Facing 7x More National Security Leaks Than Obama or Bush7/7/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Townhall columnist and CNN Commentator Scottie Nell Hughes accuses Fox Host Charles Payne for Sexual Harassment Accusation. Hughes kept an ongoing affair with Payne because she believed he would help her chances of landing a position at the network and now says that her appearances on the network declined remarkably after she ended their relationship7/7/17Media, ,
Liberal media outlet Jezebel actually ran a headlinethat says: Im tired of watching brown men fall in love with white women onscreen7/7/17Media, Race,
CNN Reporter: Why Wont Trump Admit Russia Hacked The Election? 7/6/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers claimed on Twitter that Americans do not have a right to stay anonymous if they are expressing views she finds offensive. 7/6/17Freedom, Media, PC
Nic Roberston, CNN international diplomatic editor, falsely told viewers on that the chosen site of the upcoming G20 Summit was made to humiliate Trump, But as The Federalist pointed out, the Associated Press reported that Hamburg would be the venue for the summit a year ago when polls and the liberal media were predicting that Hillary Clinton would handily defeat Trump in the presidential election 7/6/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Tweets Out TWO Fake Quotes On Fourth Of July 7/5/17Media, Patriotism,
CNN Has Become a Blackmail Organization; This Is What the Mob Does; tries to blackmail trump wrestling meme 7/5/17Media, Conservative,
Media Fail: Support for Trumps Travel Ban At 60% 7/5/17Islam, Immigration, Conservative
New York Times Falls for Fake North Korea Twitter Account 7/5/17Media, ,
Salon: This 4th, Fly Your Flag Upside Down 7/4/17Media, Patriotism,
An article republished by Salon argues student loan providers and education secretary Betsy DeVos are committing economic terrorism and that student loans are helping Trump destroy America 7/3/17Media, TDS, economics
Actual Associated Press Headline: Fourth of July brings mixed feelings for some minorities7/3/17Patriotism, Race, Media
Scientists Criticize Stephen Hawkings Bizarre Claim Trump Will Push Earth Over The Brink7/3/17Media, Science, Environmental
VIDEO: Joy Behar Says Jesus Would Have Made Cake For Gay Weddings 7/3/17LGBT, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: Dan Savage on Bill Maher Show complained that Republicans cheat to win elections and suggested Democrats start cheating in the same way to take back the government 7/3/17LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Economics journalist from Vox Matt Yglesias Calls For $150 an Hour Minimum Wage and we should force the Federal Reserve to work out the numbers, because somehow it would create higher inflation, prevent unemployment, and relieve debts7/3/17economics, Media, Liberal Bias
Sally Kohn Destroyed on Twitter for Claiming Left Denounces Violence, Unlike Right 7/3/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Tries To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter. Twitter7/3/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: THE TRUTH vs CNN — Bill Whittle 7/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Doctor armed with assault rifle kills 1, injures 6 at New York City hospital: The problem is, that it was an AR15, NOT an assault rifle and the doctor was a Nigerian national and not a U.S. citizen 7/1/17Gun Control, Media, Violence
40 Instances of Violence or Violent Rhetoric from Left Since Trump Was Elected6/30/17Media, Perverse, Violence
Hundreds of staff members of The New York Times staged a 20 minute walkout over cuts to the papers staff and the elimination of its copy desk while some of them chanted no editors, no peace. 6/30/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Liberal Journalists Outraged after NRA Points Out Leftist Violence 6/30/17Media, Gun Control, Violence
Introducing GLOW, Another Great Show Ruined By Abortion Propaganda 6/30/17Abortion, Media,
Networks Dedicate 28 Times More Coverage to Trump Tweet Than Kates Law Passing House 6/30/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: An MSNBC guest decided to make some guesses about Trumps mental state on and even urged the president to call her for a therapy session 6/30/17TDS, Video, Media
VIDEO: CNN Producer: Voters Stupid as Shit– American Pravda: CNN Part 3 6/30/17Media, Conservative, Video
Fake News: Audit Finds 17 Million CNN Followers Are Fake 6/29/17HoaxFraud, Media,
VIDEO: MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost Because Obama Is Black6/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, Obama
New York Times Skeptical that Obama or Bush Lied Like Trump, Wants Examples 6/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, Obama
New York Times Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies Agree On Russia6/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
7 Stories About Illegal Immigrant Crime The Media Largely Ignored 6/29/17Immigration, Violence, Media
VIDEO: What is Fake News? Prager University and Andrew Klavan 6/29/17Media, Conservative, Video
Dallas Morning News Calls out Itself and Washington Post for Misleading Gun Violence Stat; claiming that said 4.2% of American kids have witnessed a shooting in the past year 6/28/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN uses Sesame Street character Elmo as propaganda sympathizing with refugee kids in an interview with CNN, remarking that they are just like kids in America6/28/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Celebrities Create Pro Immigration Music Video 6/28/17Immigration, Media, PC
CNNs Brian Stelter On CNN Defense after embarrassing mishaps: Anti Journalism Is Spreading Hate6/28/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Van Jones: Russia is Nothing burger– American Pravda: CNN Part 2 6/28/17Media, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: The Truth About CNN by Paul Joseph Watson 6/28/17Media, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: The Left Defends Its Right to Lie with CNN | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 3386/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Hidden Camera Catches CNN Producer Saying Trump Probably Right About Russia Witch Hunt and that it is mostly bullshit 6/27/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
STUDY: Produced for Axios by Newswhip found that it is in fact new conservative websites and social media pages, not the left wing ones, that are experiencing the bigger explosion under Trump 6/27/17Media, Conservative,
VIDEO: CNN FINALLY IMPLODES!! | Tucker Gladly Exposes Their Fake News Agenda 6/27/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: The Shame of CNN! | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 3376/27/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Huffington Post says Eric Trumps New Haircut is Racist 6/26/17Media, Race, TDS
Fake News Causes 3 CNN Journalists to resign. CNN published another Russiagate bombshell. The report, written by investigative journalist Thomas Frank, alleged that Donald Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci was under investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee for alleged contact with a $10 billion Russian investment fund just days before Trumps inauguration. The entire piece was based on a claim by a single, unnamed source 6/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Shaun King Slams Christians Over Immigration Ban, Calls For Ban on White Men6/26/17Race, Media, Christianity
A feminist magazine is calling on white women to solve historical racism and white supremacy by aborting all their babies. 6/26/17Feminism, Race, Abortion
A Muslim woman who was attacked by a stranger in Milwaukee in April told police that she did not believe that she was targeted because of her religion, a statement which is at odds with how her story was portrayed in the media by local and national Muslim civil rights groups 6/26/17HoaxFraud, Islam,
VIDEO: Rob Reiner: We Need All Out War Against Trump 6/26/17Media, Celebrities, Violence
Washington Post Writer Accuses Bruno Mars Of Appropriating Black Culture And Funk Music6/26/17Media, Race, PC
Huffington Post: You Should Care About Other People and if you do not support $15 minimum wage you are a bad person6/26/17Media, Liberal Bias, economics
CNNMoney Executive Editor Rich Barbieri has sent an internal memo to all staff instructing them that all Russia related stories must be cleared by him or another high-ranking executive, following a Breitbart News investigation which forced the retraction of a fake news story claiming the U.S. Senate was investigating an associate of President Donald Trump for alleged ties to Russia 6/25/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
Time Magazine Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Funding Used For Mammograms 6/23/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC Political Analyst: Republicans Close to Trump are Hugging a Suicide Bomber 6/23/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC Host Fudges Facts On Planned Parenthood. MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle incorrectly stated that Planned Parenthood has had huge increases in the number of essential womens health services they provide6/23/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Blames Global Warming For Bad Coffee6/22/17Environmental, Media,
Data Shows Media Covered Gabby Giffords Shooting Twice As Much As Steve Scalise Shooting6/22/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
The congressional intern Mediaite cast as a white supremacist Wednesday is actually black. Mediaite contributor Caleb Ecarma implied that Nate Washington is a white supremacist by linking his use of the term cuck to alt right and neo Nazi groups and framing his political views as racist, all the while leaving out mention of his race. He 100 percent tried to cast me as a white supremacist 6/22/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Pulitzer Prize winning leftist American novelist, Michael Chabon, expressed his hope that President Trump would have a massive stroke 6/22/17Perverse, Violence, Media
A Huffington Post reporter contended that Karen Handels win in Georgia special congressional election is bad for women 6/22/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Andrea Mitchell, poster woman of the propaganda mill 6/22/17Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Elle Magazine Writer: Bullied Conservative Females Deserve No Sympathy 6/21/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Media tout Gun Study that says 19 kids are killed or wounded each day by guns. Fail to mention the overwhelming majority are 16yr olds and 17yr olds and often criminals or gang members 6/21/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Anti Trump Facebook Employee Compares Combating Rape To Policing Hate Speech6/21/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Liberals Mock Student Brutally Murdered by North Korea 6/21/17Media, Perverse,
Actress Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, called for some female senators to be added as members of the Senate healthcare reform working group that is currently crafting an Obamacare replacement. Carter also said there should be no conversation about gender politics until America is gender neutra 6/21/17Media, LGBT, PC
Police and the local government in Herford, Germany, have been accused of covering up the rape of a child at an asylum home for almost two weeks6/20/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Violence
Affinity Magazine, the same site that promotes illegal immigration, trashed recently deceased Otto Warmbier for not following North Koreas laws. But immigrants to America still dont have to follow our laws. 6/20/17Immigration, , Immigration
Huffington Post published a piece trashing Rep. Steve Scalise for his LGBTQ voting record less than a week after he was shot by a radical left wing gunman 6/20/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Joy Reid: Republicans Created Conditions Leading to Shooting 6/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Google plans to fight the Islamic State with targeted ads6/20/17Media, PC, Islam
Rapper Protests Trump By Being As Gay As Possible 6/20/17LGBT, Media,
Evergreen State College students made clear that they have no respect for free speech if there is a chance that it will embolden racist. In conversations with Vice News, students proclaim that professor Bret Weinstein has validated white supremacists by objecting to a request that whites leave campus for a Day of Absence 6/20/17Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Washington Post Admits Single Payer Health Care Would be Astonishingly Expensive 6/19/17Healthcare, economics, Media
Lena Dunham on Fathers Day: You Dont Need a Father 6/19/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Colin Kaepernick compares cops to slave catchers in a tweet after a Minnesota police officer was found not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile. 6/19/17Race, Media,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: 5 John Oliver Coal Fallacies | Steven Crowder 6/19/17Environmental, Conservative, Video
Chuck Todd: After 5 Months in Office Trumps Presidency Is in Peril6/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, TDS
The New York Times offered a revisionist history of the ongoing crisis at Evergreen State College in Washington, ignoring left wing violence and smearing liberal professor Bret Weinstein (above), who is a victim of the chaos 6/18/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Viral Fake News Screenshot Montage. Check out the screenshots of blatant hypocrisies by the Left and Leftist Media 6/16/17Media, Liberal Bias,
20 Liberal Calls for Violence Against Republicans 6/16/17Media, Violence, Perverse
University of Michigan paper defends silencing speakers who outrage students with hate speech, came out in strident opposition to two bills proposed by state lawmakers to protect free speech on college campuses. 6/16/17PC, Education, Freedom
Petition Calls For An End To White Conservative Hiring Spree At MSNBC 6/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
If You Need Proof CNN Wants Trump and His Supporters Assassinated; Here It Is 6/15/17Media, Violence, Conservative
Yahoo Front Page Story Titled: Searching for conscience in Trumps Cabinet6/15/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The New York Times corrected an editorial on the GOP baseball shooting Thursday that baselessly accused Sarah Palin of inciting the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords 6/15/17Media, Liberal Bias,
ESPNs Kellerman: NFL Is Injecting Politics by Playing the National Anthem at Games 6/15/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Reporting indicates the GOP baseball shooter used an SKS rifle to commit the GOP attack, and media outlets are already incorrectly labeling the gun an assault rifle. But the SKS is not an assault rifle 6/15/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Busted For Falsely Blaming Palin For Giffords Shooting. Here is How They Corrected Their Dishonest Story 6/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
A Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn criticized the baseball shooter for poor planning, saying violent resistance has to be more organized to work. 6/14/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP 6/14/17Media, Violence, Conservative
VIDEO: Evy Poumpouras, a correspondent and security analyst for NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN, was invited on NBC to give expert opinion on the assassination attempt of congressional Republicans. This former Secret Service agent President Obama and current cast member on the CBS show Hunted inaccurately described how semiautomatic rifles and pistols function. Her remarks are what continue pushing the narrative that assault rifles are somehow more deadly than other firearms 6/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
VIDEO: MSNBC Analyst Who Called for Terrorist Attack Now Bashing Guns for Bernie Supporter Shooting GOP Congressman 6/14/17Gun Control, Media, Video
The Left Reacts With Predictable Viciousness in Wake of Scalise Shooting 6/14/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Atlantic magazine editor David Frum released a slew of tweets politicizing the congressional baseball shooting in Virginia, only to call on Americans to remember political decency just hours late 6/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Media To America: Dont Politicize An Obvious Act Of Political Violence 6/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
On the anniversary of the jihad massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Scott Simpson writes in the Advocate that the event brought Muslims and gays together, united as victims against the forces of hatred and bigotry that Donald Trump represents. Think about the intellectual contortions it took to get there. A Muslim gunned down 49 people and wounded another 53 at a gay nightclub in the name of Allah and Islam, and a gay leader writes in a gay magazine that the massacre has united people who hold the same beliefs as the killer with people who share the orientation of his victims against a man who has vowed to take steps to prevent such massacres from happening again 6/13/17LGBT, Media, Islam
VIDEO MSNBC Analyst Says Trump Travel Ban Like FDR Interning Japanese6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
LGBT Magazine Accuses Breitbart of Homophobia for Criticizing #ResistMarch 6/13/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Makes Absurd Claim that Trumps News Coverage has been All Positive and the Harvard Study that says its been nearly all negative is wrong 6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
The Comedy Central series Broad City will bleep out President Donald Trumps name in its upcoming fourth season, in what one actress describes as an attempt to rid the show of any mention of the president 6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The same hackers believed to have been behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta targeted employees at the conservative Heritage Foundation during the run-up to the 2016 election 6/13/17Media, Conservative,
The Washington Post left any mention of Islamic terrorism out of a recounting of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, referring instead to a terrorist shooting 49 people dead in the name of the Islamic State simply as gun violence 6/12/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
School teacher flips off White House during field trip, posts photo on social media 6/12/17Education, Media,
VIDEO: Facebook Helps Ex-Muslim Get Death Sentence! Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg helps investigate blasphemy in Pakistan and Man is Executed for Blasphemy on Facebook| Steven Crowder 6/12/17Media, Islam, Conservative
Google: Hiring Less White Men Is Progress 6/11/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
In raid of London jihad mass murderers safe house, copy of Quran opened to page describing martyrdom, but still not related to Islam 6/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Sunday that nothing former FBI Director James Comey laid out in his testimony showed President Trump committing obstruction of justice. 6/11/17Conservative, Media,
CNN Drops Reza Aslan show after he calls Trump a piece of shit 6/9/17Media, ,
A filmmaking company that is funded by United States taxpayers has produced a documentary that is supportive of teens having sex-change procedures and surgeries 6/9/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Headlines Misleading After Comey Testimony; Salon, calls the Comey testimony Trumps I am not a crook moment. The article is dedicated entirely to tying the Donald Trump Russian allegations to the Watergate scandal, after admitting, explicitly, that not a single law enforcement agency or media outlet have found any evidence that the president or anyone in his campaign colluded with the Russians. NBC and other media outlets ran similar headlines6/9/17Conservative, Conservative,
Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. Now that even former Director Comey has acknowledged that the Constitution would permit the president to direct the Justice Department and the FBI in this matter, let us put the issue of obstruction of justice behind us 6/9/17Conservative, Media,
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes: Reza Aslan is an Ass 6/9/17Islam, Conservative, Video
CNN Corrects Headline After Anonymous Sources Dead Wrong on Comey 6/8/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The 6 Most Important Revelations from the Comey Hearing 6/8/17Conservative, Media,
Former FBI Director James Comey acknowledged that he orchestrated the leak of a memorandum detailing his private interactions with President Donald Trump 6/8/17Conservative, Media,
Fake News: James Comey Confirms New York Times Trump and Russia Collusion Story False 6/8/17Media, Liberal Bias,
James Comey Drops Bomb On Democrat Narrative: Obama AG Loretta Lynch Pressured Me To Downplay Clinton Investigation 6/8/17Media, Clinton, Freedom
Celebrities applaud other celebrities for their gun control support, actress Kristen Stewart warned that it is time to dispel the idea that playing with toy guns is cool 6/8/17Gun Control, Media,
VIDEO: BBC Censors Allah From Interview About Muslim Attack Paul Joseph Watson6/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Democrat Narrative DESTROYED: Comey Opening Statement Says Trump Isnt Under Personal Investigation, Didn't Pressure Comey To Kill Russian Campaign Collusion Investigation6/7/17Media, Conservative,
CNN Anchors Want People Raped & 12yr Old Girls Exposed To Naked Men but hated an Obama rodeo clown; then deny Reza Aslan works for CNN6/7/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Michelle Malkin: YouTube Banned Me, But Not the Hate Imam 6/7/17Media, Freedom, Conservative
James Comey Confirms He Told Trump 3 Times He Was Not Being Investigated. Another media lie exposed6/7/17Media, Conservative,
VIDEO: More footage of CNN fake protesters after London Bridge6/7/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftists Outraged After Little Girl Barred From Soccer Tournament Over Short Hair. This Is Fake News. She was actually disqualified because she was listed as male on the team roster and even though she was mistakenly listed as male, she was not allowed to play on the girls team6/6/17Feminism, HoaxFraud, Media
After London jihad massacre, Facebook removes video claiming connection between terrorism and Islam 6/6/17Freedom, Media, Islam
It Appears As If The Real Crime In London Was Donald Trumps Tweets. Leftist Media Outraged at Trumps tweets on London Mayor Khan dismissing threat of terrorism. The actual terrorism the media is not so outraged about6/6/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Black Lives Matter idiot Shaun King Says He will Boycott NFL Because It is Anti Black. 70% of All Players Are Black 6/6/17Media, Race,
CNNs Jim Acosta accuses Trump of attacking London mayor because he is Muslim 6/6/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
CNN Host and Islam Apologist Reza Aslan Called Trump Piece of Shit After London Terror Attacks 6/5/17Liberal Bias, Violence,
CNN Caught Staging Muslim Demonstration in London. A guy on Twitter @markantro took a video of what appeared to be CNN staging a Muslim demonstration and posted it. According to @markantro, who witnessed the event firsthand said that CNN was creating the narrative6/5/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Andres Serrano created a controversial piece of art that helped launch the culture wars where he took a photo of a submerged crucifix inside a vat of his own urine and called it Piss Christ. His new exhibit will feature other works, including his 2015 Torture series which shows volunteers being degraded and shackled and tortured. Now he will feature a Donald Trump portrait among them all to show what America is now that Trump is president or something 6/5/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Reza Aslan hopes sitting Republican Senator Todd Akin gets raped 6/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Kathy Griffin Lectured Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Respecting Office of Presidency6/5/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
CNN hosts makes racist comment to 12yr old Spelling Bee Champion after asking her to spell cofefe and saying its root is not in Sanskrit, which is what youre probably used to using6/4/17Media, Race,
Katy Perry in Manchester: Touch the Person Next to You and Tell Them I Love You to Help Conquer Hate6/4/17Media, PC, Islam
VIDEO: Sam Harris Decimates Reza Aslan Over Islam 6/4/17Islam, Violence, Video
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Say You are Like The Taliban If You Dont Want to Force Nuns To Pay For Birth Control 6/2/17Media, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Kathy Griffin Will Hold Press Conference to Complain About Bullying From Trump Family 6/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
How To Raise A Feminist Son, According To The New York Times 6/2/17Feminism, Media, PC
Kathy Griffin Claims Old White Sexists Responsible For Her Downfall6/2/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
The Google Doodle for Friday, June 2, 2017, is the gay pride flag; more specifically, the man who created it, Gilbert Baker, who passed away earlier this year 6/2/17LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Princeton professor denounces Fox News for showing her anti Trump commencement speech6/2/17Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump Rejects Paris Climate Change Agreement, Whole World Loses its Mind 6/1/17Environmental, Conservative, Media
Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus, Republicans In Netflix Promo 6/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Extensive Study Contradicts Hillary Clinton Claim Fake News Prompted Election Loss6/1/17Clinton, Conservative, Media
How Long Will NBA Fans Tolerate Trump Bashing by Head Coaches? Larry Elder 6/1/17Conservative, Media,
Contrary to widespread reports, Manchester jihad mass murderers mosque did not report him to police 5/31/17Islam, Violence, Media
The Bravest Knight Fairy Tale is a new childrens story in order to indoctrinate the young to LGBT worldview 5/31/17LGBT, Media, PC
POLL: 54% of respondents in Sweden agreed that The Swedish media does not tell the truth about social problems associated with immigration, while only 27% said they disagreed. 5/30/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
BuzzFeed Hit With Lawsuit Over Trump Dossier 5/30/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: The Media Reaction to Manchester — Bode Lang5/30/17Islam, Conservative, Video
Pathetic Attempt for a study to advocate women are better than men. A Venture Capital Firms With More Teenage Daughters Perform Better. Though some mathematical modeling, they found that if each existing partners of a venture capital fund had a daughter instead of a son, the fund post successful deals, an initial public offering or IPO where returns exceed the capital invested, 31.6% of the time against the average 28.7% (the researchers offer a series of potential explanations for why that is, like diverse fund may result in more ideas, or that it would open up access to even better deals5/30/17Feminism, Media, economics
Vox Trashes The United States Marine Corps On Memorial Day 5/29/17Patriotism, Media,
New York Times Publishes Sympathetic Profile on Muslim Feminist Linda Sarsour, Ignores Her Own Bigotry 5/29/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
White Washington Post Food Critic Lambasts White Male Patriarchy, But Says White Chefs Can Make Burritos As Long AsThey Don't Make Money 5/29/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
White Supremacist Portland Stabber Was A Bernie Supporter, Threatened to Kill Trump Supporters 5/28/17Race, Media, Violence
FLASHBACK: Democratic Congressman Attacked Student Journalist And Democrats Defended It! In June 2010, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge, assaulted a reporter too anad they loved it — Ben Shapiro5/26/17Conservative, Violence, Media
Mark Zuckerberg wants a universal income, so shouldnt he start implementing it himself and put a standard minimum for all Facebook employees?5/26/17economics, Media, Conservative
Advertising Publication AdAge puts on front page: Mashup of Similarities Between Islam and Christianity since Islam is taking heat for so many terrorist attacks 5/25/17Islam, Christianity, Media
Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy believes Trumps rhetoric about Muslims could lead to terrorist attacks like the suicide bomber in Manchester, England 5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Cosmo Praises Muslim For Helping Ariana Grande Concert Goers with free rides, but the man is a Sikh, and Cosmo does not know the difference. After being called out, Cosmo deletes the tweet because a helpful Sikh serves no purpose to the narrative5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) offered one of the most ridiculous reasons for Islamic terror attacks that has ever been uttered; that these are the result of Muslims feeling isolated 5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
New York Times on Manchester jihad mass murderer: No one yet knows what motivated him to commit such a horrific deed5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Directors in Hollywood admit they check actors social media accounts to make sure they do not support Trump before Casting5/24/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, Media
Paypal Cancels Account and Keeps $6K for no reason 5/24/17Islam, Freedom, PC
Paul Joseph Watson reported death threats to Facebook and Facebook responds by threatening to terminate his account 5/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
VIDEO: Tomi Lahren: A Case In Banality by 1791L 5/24/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
CNN says UK Bombing Could be Right Wingers. During Anderson Coopers AC360 , CNN terror analyst Paul Cruickshank admitted that a suicide bomber was more than likely responsible for the explosion at Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert ended. However, he floated the idea that the bombing could have been part of a right wing extremist plot. 5/23/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Slate: Manchester Bombing Massive Act of Gender Based Violence; which is not how to spell Islam 5/23/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Ariana Grande Fans Using her Bunny Ears on Social Media to Promote Solidarity; because that will stop terrorism for sure 5/23/17PC, Media, Islam
Katy Perry made an impassioned plea for people to coexist and said that barriers or borders could detract from that goal following the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K5/23/17PC, Media, Islam
Australia: Leader of Muslim group that calls on non Muslims to be killed warns of Holocaust against Muslims 5/23/17Media, Islam, Immigration
AP Hires Leftist Activist as Freelancer to Sneak Into Closed Press GOP Event to Attack KellyAnne Conway; engaging in leftwing activism rather than journalism, 5/23/17Media, Liberal Bias,
After UK Bombing , Katie Hopkins, a columnist for Daily Mail Online, tweeted a call for men of the West to stand up for their families and demand action from the powers that be to combat terrorists. Hopkins named no group, named no individual, but her tweet was immediately tagged by a leftist insistent that Hopkins was inciting racial hatred 5/23/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Former CIA director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee that he was not sure if there was any evidence of collusion between the Russia and Trump campaign. 5/23/17Freedom, Media,
Twitter Co Founder Evan Willaims Says He is Sorry that Free Speech Led To Trumps Election. He said to the New York Times quote (I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place. I was wrong about that, Its a very bad thing)—Ben Shapiro5/22/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Bill Nye Trolled Online By THOUSANDS Of Tweets From Scientists 5/22/17Media, Conservative,
CNN Caught Lying About Fox News 5/22/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: How Viacom silences Daily Show critics — 1791L 5/22/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
6 Things We Learned from Facebooks Leaked Internal Rules on Terrorism, Sexual Imagery and Violence 5/22/17Conservative, Media, Freedom
Washington Post puts Removal of Confederate Statue on front page; Anthony Weiner admitting to sexting a 15yr old buried back in page 3.5/21/17Media, Liberal Bias, Remove History
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Media Bias on Steroids 5/21/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Explains to Martin Bashirs How Hollwyoowd and Scripted Media is Left Wing; explains how one of the creators of Sesame Street, Mike Dan, VP of Childrens Television Network that is was created to reach out to black and hispanic children becaucse there is no reading material in those households5/20/17Media, Video, Race
Peer Reviewed Journal Publishes Gender Studies Hoax Claiming Penises Cause Climate Change 5/19/17Media, Conservative, HoaxFraud
All the major New York Times and Washington Post stories about Trump colluding with Russia and James Comey conspiracy have in common is that they are based on source documents the outlets cannot authenticate, do not possess, admit are partial, and refuse to share 5/19/17Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Whoopi Goldberg says Obama was treated worse by the media than Trump 5/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Fact: There is Zero evidence of Trump/Russia collusion to swing the election — Ben Shapiro 5/19/17Conservative, Media,
VIDEO: Maxine Waters Cant Explain What Dems Stand for Besides Being Anti Trump 5/19/17Video, Media, Liberal Bias
Study: A Harvard study shows that in the first 100 days of Trump, 93% of News Coverage was Negative and that is a new record 5/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Why There Wont Be Any Evidence Of Russian Collusion, Explained In Just Two Paragraphs 5/19/17Conservative, Media,
Even Vox Admits: Democrats Are Falling For Fake News About Russia 5/19/17Media, Conservative,
VIDEO: Muslims and most leftists want you to believe that Israel is the equivalent of apartheid South Africa, a greater world threat than Iran, and a state bordering on the edge of Nazi fascism, whose products should be boycotted by the world 5/19/17Islam, Media, Video
The Self Flattering Myth that Elites just dont get Trump — Ben Shapiro 5/19/17Conservative, Media,
STUDY: Journalists Have Emotional And Alcoholic Issues; Journalists are in the Top 20% of Americans for alcohol consumption5/19/17Conservative, Media,
Pop Sugar Magazine warns that water guns should not be allowed in the home because they normalize real guns 5/18/17Media, PC, Gun Control
CNN and Washington Post Fake News and their Anonymous stories, now saying Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign, which he has said never happened and James Comey memo, which contradicts his own sworn testimony under oath. CNN and WAPO now in the gossip mag business 5/18/17Conservative, Media,
A Tape has now emerged from James Comey testimony before Congress in which Comey admits that he has not been pressured to end any investigation. That pressure was, of course, the basis of the Lefts claims regarding supposed obstruction of justice by Trump: that Trump told Comey he wanted him to drop the case, then fired him when he did not —Ben Shapiro 5/18/17Conservative, Media,
Huffington Post Defames Counterterror Expert, Former FBI Agent, John Guandolo As Anti Muslim Extremist5/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Germany: Court rules it acceptable for politician to be called Nazi slut on TV for opposing Muslim migrant influx 5/18/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
TIME Magazines Latest Cover is a hybrid of the Russia capital and the white house because trump is a Russian agent 5/18/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Democrats say Immigration Bill Would Fulfill Trumps Campaign Promise Of Mass Deportation 5/18/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
The CBS show Mom will donate all $250,000 of its Emmy campaign money to the abortion mill Planned Parenthood5/18/17Media, Abortion,
VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh: Obama Actually Did What Trump Is Accused of Doing 5/17/17Media, Conservative, Video
Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours 5/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Have the Democrats and the Media Signed a Suicide Pact? 5/17/17Conservative, Media,
Keith Olbermann Had a Breakdown, Wants Trump to Resign 5/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Great Moments in Fake News Journalism by Larry Elder; Obama lies in debate with Romney, Keith Ellison says George Wallace was a Republican, MSNBC says liberals vote for Obama because they are smart and more 5/17/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Reporters Erupt in Cheers Over Trump Hit Piece that cites anonymous former U.S. officials that Trump lead sensitive information to Russia with no evidence or proof 5/16/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Miss USA changes statements about healthcare after leftist backlash; now says healthcare is a righ 5/16/17Media, Healthcare, Feminism
Why the Mainstream Media Must Stop Citing Anti Hate Crusader Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 5/16/17Conservative, Media, PC
Sharia Italy: Newspaper editor charged with having publicly injured the Islam religion 5/16/17Islam, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Intellectually Dominates Black Racist Marc Lamont Hill With Ease 5/16/17Race, Conservative, Video
Former Muslims slam Facebook for shutting down their pages for disrespecting Islam 5/15/17Media, PC, Islam
Leftist Media push white nationalist Richard Spencer and other fringe Conservatives with little following to try and make Conservatives look bad— Ben Shapiro 5/15/17Conservative, Media, Race
Current and former U.S. officials, supposedly concerned thatTrump had shared some highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to the U.S. last week, leaked that information to the Washington Post 5/15/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Feminists Website: Everyday Feminism is on the verge of shutting down because nobody cares 5/15/17Feminism, Media,
Marvel Comics Cancels Black Lives Matter Themed Black Panther Due to Poor Sales 5/15/17Race, Media, PC
REDFIN CEO Writes LinkedIn article about increasing diversity; gets destroyed in the comments5/15/17Race, Media, PC
Michael Jacksons Daughter says Being Naked Is Spiritual Beautiful Thing, and Part Of Feminism 5/14/17Feminism, ,
CNN Devotes Two Segments to Trumps Executive Privilege for Eating Two Scoops of Ice Cream 5/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: CNN/MSNBC Fake News and Russian Collusion Montage5/14/17Media, Conservative, Video
ABC News analyst claims Muslim persecution bigger problem than Christian persecution 5/12/17Media, Islam, Christianity
California Polytechnic Institute Paper creates self censoring policy after conservative oped about gays was too offensive 5/12/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Portland State newspaper fires editor for quoting Muslim students Quran comment that Islam is okay with murdering people against Islam but they give them a choice to leave before murdering them5/12/17Education, Freedom, Islam
Comedy Central Gives Pro Sharia Activist, Linda Sarsour, a Platform to Mock the President5/12/17Islam, Media, Feminism
A Gay Editor at HuffPo has called upon his followers to harass GOP members of Congress at every turn, even in their private lives, allotting them no peace writing: Paul Ryan, the house speaker should not be able to attend any function, eat in public or enjoy dinner at home without hearing people, its time to move beyond polite protests within specific boundaries. Its time to escalate the expression of our outrage and anger in a massive way 5/12/17Media, Freedom, LGBT
The BBC has made a drama about girls affected by Muslim rape gangs with no mention of Islam in press releases or the trailer, the writer claiming there was no religious basis for this 5/11/17Islam, PC, Media
VIDEO: Condoleezza Disgraces The View Over Russia Collusion Allegations 5/11/17Media, Conservative, Video
SJWs (Erroneously) Accuse Facebook of Gender Bias and Discrimination 5/11/17Feminism, Media, PC
How the New York Times Proved Trumps Case for Firing James Comey 5/11/17Media, Conservative,
Washington Post urges colleges to censor speech if someone thinks its racist5/11/17Race, Media, Freedom
Legal Immigrants Rally AGAINST Sanctuary City Bills In Maryland shocks the New York Times 5/10/17Immigration, Media,
The New Free Speech Coalition Threatens the Tech Lefts Net Neutrality with a REAL Free and Open Internet 5/10/17Freedom, Media,
Keith Olbermann Wants Trump Impeached For Firing Comey. Yet he wanted Comey Fired just a few months ago 5/10/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Stephen Colbert Has to Remind His Audience That They Like James Comey Now 5/10/17Media, ,
Senior Newsweek Writer Hopes GOP Families Experience Torture, Sickness, and Death 5/9/17Media, Violence,
Piers Morgan Wants to Smash His Head Into a Brick Wall Over Emma Watsons Genderless Award; calling it a masterpiece of political correctness5/9/17Conservative, Media, PC
A Stanford Feminist wrote in the Stanford Daily about how she and her friends get afraid on campus because of the ever present fear of being attacked and raped thanks to feminist rape fear mongering false statistics 5/8/17Feminism, Media, Education
The New Yorker Mocks The American Revolution: American Revolution A Needless And Brutal Bit Of Slaveholders 5/8/17Remove History, Media,
YouTube CEO Claims Interrupting A Woman Is A Microaggression 5/6/17Media, PC,
Former Hillary Clinton Spokesperson says to MSNBC: I Dont Know How the Hell You Can Say Hillary Clinton Is Unpopular 5/6/17Media, Clinton,
VIDEO: YouTube Caught Blatantly Promoting Young Turks5/6/17Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Democrat Senator Admits NO EVIDENCE of Trump/Russia Collusion 5/4/17Conservative, Video, Media
Fake Martyr Maxine Waters Says She Putting Her Career On The Line To Resist Trump 5/4/17Media, ,
Dutch police accused of bribing newspaper to bury data on Muslim migrant crime 5/4/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
10 Famous People Who Praised Venezuelas Descent Into Socialist Hell 5/4/17Media, Socialism,
Facebook is hiring 3,000 new employees for its community operations team whose job will be to remove posts that are flagged as inappropriate by users5/3/17Freedom, Media,
The St. Louis Post Dispatch cancelled column of black conservative journalist Stacy Washington after her most recent article defended the NRA against comparisons to ISIS and pointed out the media bias against guns. Washington was the only local conservative contributor 5/3/17Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
#FireColbert Trending After Unhinged, Homophobic Trump Tirade 5/3/17LGBT, Media,
Conservatives seem to be turning away from ESPN. YouGov has a chart showing when they started dropping5/3/17Media, ,
22 people are dead in Manchester and seven in London at the hands of Islamic jihadists. Meanwhile, the supposedly anti extremism Quilliam Foundation claims that the threat from far right groups is as severe as the jihadist threat 5/3/17Islam, Violence, Liberal Bias
Husband of Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Fights To Keep Poor Black Kids Out Of His Kids School. Even though New York schools are the most segregated in the nation, rich white folks in New York are fighting to keep their kids schools white and Jones advised at a hearing with other parents to not talk to the media about their fight to keep their schools white 5/2/17Education, Race, Media
FBI files detailing speeches delivered by heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in American mosques in the 1960s show a different, more racist and radical face of the famed sportsman 5/2/17Race, Media, Islam
Bill Nye Ice Cream Cartoon Condemns Monogamous Heterosexual Sex As Unnatural And Immoral 5/2/17LGBT, PC, Media
Explicit Kids Message Celebrated by Liberals for Fighting Bigotry 5/2/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The View host Joy Behar thinks Trump would have upheld slavery if he had the chance 5/2/17Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Local NBC Reporter Forced to Resign Over Quoting a Black Mans Use of N Word 5/2/17Media, Race, PC
Michael Moore Celebrates Loss Of Vietnam War and Ben Shapiro shatters him 5/1/17Patriotism, Media,
New York TimesColumnist Stephens Says There Are Still Questions About Global Warming Predictions. The Left Loses Its Mind -Ben Shapiro 5/1/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberals are Trying to Convince America Tucker Carlson is a Nazi, White Supremacist because he is supported by the Alt Right 5/1/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Conservative writer David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has been banned from CNN and his own alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley 5/1/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
Climate scientists are canceling their subscriptions to The New York Times because the paper hired a columnist who is skeptical of man-made global warming 4/28/17Media, Environmental, Freedom
Feminists defending Islam trumps their concern for the rights of women. Germaine Greer justifies child marriage and says female genital mutilation is not Islam 4/28/17Feminism, Islam, Media
New York Times Readers Finally Fed Up with Cultural Appropriation Nonsense about Salads 4/28/17Media, PC,
Deputy assistant police commissioner Neil Basu said in March: We must all accept that there is a possibility we will never understand why he did this to dismiss the idea the Westminister JIhadi attacker did it for Islam. Last message the Jihadi left said he was doing it for Islam. How inconvenient for the mainstream narrative to exclude that from the story4/28/17Media, Islam, Violence
VIDEO: How Vox lied to you about sanctuary cities4/28/17Immigration, Media, Video
New York Times Blames Conservatives for Causing Violence on Campus. Calls Conservatives to stop provoking liberals with free speech 4/27/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
The View Host Joy Behar Likens Illegals in Sanctuary Cities to Jews in Nazi Germany 4/27/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
The Atlantic claims that conservatives want to restrict Muslims religious freedom 4/27/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump Proposes Massive Tax Cuts, Washington Post Says He is Doing It To Help His Businesses4/27/17economics, Media, Liberal Bias
ESPN Published Poem Dedicated To Cop Killer For Some Reason 4/27/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Washington Post writer is Raising Her Cats Gender Neutral to Help Society 4/27/17LGBT, Media, Video
Bill Nye Thinks It Is Time To Penalize People For Having Extra Kids 4/26/17Liberal Bias, Media, Environmental
Meet Your New Local Meteorologists: Global Warming Alarmists 4/26/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Recode pushes article about ESPN laying off 100 people; makes no mention of their politicizing of sports as the problem 4/26/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Google is expanding its AdSense hate-speech policy 4/26/17Freedom, PC, Media
The New York Times has now published here a sly apologetic for totalitarian censorship and comes out in favor of Leftist thuggery against dissenters on campus4/25/17Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
Politico: Liberal Media Bubble Even Worse Than You Think 4/25/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Hair products company Shea Moisture faces backlash for their ad which featured both black and white actresses promoting the companys hair products, but Twitter users accused the company, which has historically tailored their products to black women, of abandoning their original customer base4/25/17Media, Race,
Math is Racist: The Atlantic points to a paper by Rutgers associate math professor Dan Battey whose theory suggests whiteness is to blame for the disadvantages aimed at minorities in math class 4/25/17Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Neil Degrasse Tyson's CuIt of Science 4/25/17Media, Conservative, Video
Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald is potentially looking to sue more than 90 other individuals for Twitter messages similar4/24/17Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
New York Times Editor Would not Print Female Genital Mutilation Because it's Too Culturally Loaded 4/24/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Poll: Trump Would BEAT Hillary by much wider margin if they they had The Election again Today 4/24/17Conservative, Media,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: Neil Degrasse Tyson mistakes science for religion 4/22/17Media, Conservative, Video
Huffington Post Columnist, Chris Cali, writes Trump Supporters Deserve To Die 4/21/17Media, Violence,
Agence France Presse (AFP), third largest international news agency behind AP and Reuters, Employs Palestinian Activist to Cover Israeli Conflict 4/21/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Elon Musk Wants Brain Computer Cyborgs 4/21/17Environmental, Media,
New York Times Apologizes For Inaccurate Tweet Comparing Patriots Crowd Size At Trump White House And Obama White House 4/21/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Washington Post Tries To Slander The Conservative Movement By Linking It To Radicals 4/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The Nation Likens CO2 Emissions In Syria to Sarin Gas Attack writing: If Trump and his cronies really cared about children killed by noxious gases, they would not be trying to spew ever more CO2 into the atmosphere 4/20/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Missouri School of Journalism professor emeritus George Kennedy suggests the National Rifle Association (NRA) is more dangerous than Islamic State 4/20/17Gun Control, Media, Education
Tucker Carlson, Breitbart News Embrace Big Government Trumpian Redistributionism. We are all Socialists now 4/20/17Socialism, Freedom, Conservative
Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg: Gender Can Be Whatever You Want It to Be 4/20/17LGBT, Media, PC
YouTube Troll Hilariously Edits Sam Harris Audio Clips Making Him Say Absurd Things 4/19/17HoaxFraud, Media,
MSNBC Asks: Does Fox News had a responsibility to replace ousted-host Bill OReilly with a non white male? 4/19/17Media, Race,
MSNBC counterterror expert Malcolm Nance calls for Islamic State jihad bombing of Trump property 4/19/17Media, Violence,
VIDEO: Vox video: This man just solved racism, explained by 1791L 4/19/17Race, Conservative, Video
The New York Times publishes an article written by a Palestinian man leading a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. But the essay, from Marwan Barghouti, leaves out the fact he is in prison because he was convicted of killing five Israelis in terrorist attacks more than a decade ago. 4/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
NBC Sportswriter Craig Calcaterra, Complains That Baseball Patriotism is Political 4/17/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
The Huffington Post South Africa retracted a blog piece that argued for denying white men the vote after realizing the author might not even exist after originally defending the piece 4/17/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Actor from Showtime show Homeland, Mandy Patinkin, called White Men in the government and military (the bad guys) and declared forcefully that Muslim refugees are the safest possible citizens you could say hello to 4/17/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: YouTube censorship of the Right is based on THIS myth 4/15/17Media, Conservative, Freedom
Hollywood Director, Josh Fox, says bombing ISIS only creates more Terrorists so we shouldnt bomb them 4/14/17Media, Liberal Bias,
German Muslim Woman Writes Book Critical of Islam, Gets Abandoned by Fellow Feminists 4/14/17Feminism, Media, Islam
Aly Raisman goes topless in and says Women do not have to be modest in order to be respected. Raisman also spoke about the need to support girls when they are going through puberty. 4/13/17Feminism, Media,
Huffington Post advocates denying White Men the right to vote 4/13/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
After a Transgender is outed on the TV Show Survivor, trans activist go to social media saying outing a Transgender is an Act of Violence 4/13/17LGBT, Media, PC
In 2013, Chris Matthews Said Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons 4/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Sports Writers Vow Never to Play Golf With Donald Trump4/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
British newspaper Daily Mail agreed to pay damages to Melania Trump over published allegations regarding her modeling career. The newspaper said she had provided services beyond simply modeling and another article suggestied she was a paid escort during her modeling career. The Daily Mail and its Mail Online will pay an undisclosed amount ($3M estimated) to Melania Trump and a published an apology 4/12/17Media, HoaxFraud, Conservative
Swedish Editorial: Ban Cars to Reduce Terrorism 4/12/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmeri admitted that there is a liberal media bias, but laughingly asserted that it actually makes the press hit Democrats harder 4/12/17Media, Clinton, Liberal Bias
The Foo Fighters, Mary J. Blige, St. Vincent, Björk, Bon Iver, and comedians Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Margaret Cho have all jumped aboard a new boxed set of tracks to be released on 7-inch vinyl records called7 inches for Planned Parenthood to raise money for the quote (Life-Saving) work that Planned Parenthood does 4/12/17Abortion, Media,
LAWSUIT: Cornell refused to investigate female students alleged rape of fraternity member 4/12/17Feminism, Education,
Rolling Stone Settles With UVA Dean Smeared In Hoax Rape Story 4/12/17HoaxFraud, Media,
ASSOCIATED PRESS is demanding that China increase online censorship to stop Islamophobia4/11/17Media, PC, Islam
Piers Morgan asks Why Isnt Christian Genocide Dominating Mainstream Media. Thats a good question4/11/17Media, Christianity, Islam
One Year Ago, Boston Globe Predicted Post-Trump Dystopia; Boy, Were They Wrong4/10/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Ms. Magazine Promotes Female Muslim Rappers Pro Hijab Video 4/10/17Feminism, Islam, Media
Politico says Trump Repealed Social Security Gun Ban Behind Closed Doors to Hide Benefits for Severely Mentally Ill which is another lie 4/10/17Gun Control, Liberal Bias, Media
CNNs Reza Aslan Thinks Orthodox Jews Are Just Like Radical Muslims 4/10/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton floated a conspiracy theory the U.S. bombing attack on Syria could very well be an attempt by the administration to get out from under the claim that they are colluding with Russia4/10/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Why Does the West Keep Colluding with Terrorists? Like other criticisms of Hirsi Ali, the effort was to portray her as the problem itself rather than as the response to a problem 4/9/17Islam, Conservative, Media
Louis C.K. Reveals What An Intellectually Honest Pro-Abortion Argument Sounds Like In New Netflix Special 4/7/17Abortion, Media,
Van Jones: Trump Should Give Susan Rice Presidential Medal of Freedom 4/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Sally Kohn Claims Democrats Never Used Nuclear Option. Gets Destroyed from her own statements back in 20134/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Avengers director Joss Whedon warns Trump might start rounding up and murdering gays.4/6/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Salon Magazine Claims Human Fetuses are Part Person, Part Thing4/6/17Abortion, Media,
Lena Dunhams Girls Calls Unborn Baby Parasite Growing Inside of You4/5/17Abortion, Media,
CNN Don Lemon Refuses to Cover Susan Rice Unmasking Reports 4/4/17Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC Guest Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Provides Mammograms4/3/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post article decried a growing gap in racial attitudes between white members of the Republican and Democratic parties. Liberal media lambasted this supposed evidence of growing Republican racism. But numbers the Post’s report ignored show the opposite – racism among Republicans has been plummeting for years4/3/17Race, HoaxFraud, Media
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Launches Equal Pay Campaign for Women 4/3/17Feminism, economics, Media
Al Gore and his production team just announced there will be a sequel to his disproven 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth 3/31/17Environmental, Media,
ESPNs Rachel Nichols compares North Carolina HB2 Replacement to four black college students being refused at Woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. Basically it is as bad as racism 3/31/17LGBT, Media, Race
The 15 felony charges leveled at two activist journalists behind a series of explosive Planned Parenthood undercover videos is such an egregious abuse of the law that even the Los Angeles Times felt compelled to call it a disturbing government overreach3/31/17Freedom, Abortion, Conservative
Clueless Alicia Keys Deletes Tweet Romanticizing Islamic Veil even though Islamic Women have to wear it or face punishment3/31/17Islam, PC, Media
The Huffington Post publishes article by a Villanova University student who argues that being polite does not excuse the racism of those who are against illegal immigration. Picking up her dropped pencil, saying God Bless you after her sneeze or saying Good Morning still makes you racist 3/31/17Media, Education, Race
According to a guide published by the Gustavus Adolphus College library, popular conservative news sites are fake news and should be avoided. Sites like The Daily Caller and Breitbart are listed as conservative utter garbage/conspiracy theories and sensational or clickbait, while Slate and Vox are considered great in-depth sources of news. 3/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Education
Liberals Attack Mike Pence for Being Faithful to His Wife 3/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Vox Interview Features the Worst Description of Christianity Ever. The secular author says Christianity is like a video game that you get points from God 3/30/17Christianity, Media,
After Gang Rape Arrests, Washington Post Reporter Tries to Build Sympathy for Illegal Aliens by reaching out to lawyers asking for illegals that viewers would sympathize with 3/29/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Chris Matthews Compares Trump’s Children to Rapist Sons of Saddam Hussein 3/28/17Media, Liberal Bias,
USA Today ran an article claiming that Trumps election has led to the Muslim hijab to become a symbol of resistance and feminism 3/28/17Media, Islam, Feminism
New York Times Journalists Expand List Of Racially Offensive Terms. The growing list of offensive terms held up for scorn by the Times journalists now includes: ethnic, person of color, illegal immigrant, urban, half 3/28/17Race, PC, Media
British Police Say They Have No Idea What Drove London Parliament Terrorism 3/28/17Media, Islam, Violence
60 Minutes Admits that Mostly Affluent and College Educated Liberals Fall for Fake News 3/27/17Media, HoaxFraud,
UK politician says Westminster attacker was violent Christian before he was a violent Muslim 3/27/17Christianity, Islam, Media
Melissa Harris Perry, Who Wore Tampon Earrings On National TV Goes On Anti-Science Abortion Rant 3/27/17Abortion, Media,
VIDEO: MY LAST EVER VIDEO? -Paul Joseph Watson Will YouTube Censor Extremists Channels like mine? 3/24/17Media, Conservative, Freedom
More big brands pull ads from YouTube in widening boycott; putting pressure on YouTube to censor and blacklist creators who could be labeled racist or hate content; which is gaining momentum to use to censor conservatives 3/24/17Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
George Eaton, political editor of the UKs leftist New Statesman Finds The Silver Lining in London Terror Attack: Diversity of Victims 3/23/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Cosmo: Men Are Sexist If They Enjoy Giving Their Female Partner Sexual Pleasure 3/23/17Feminism, Media, PC
Obama former national security adviser, Susan Rice, who in 2012 publicly blamed the Benghazi tragedy on a YouTube video and lied to everyone, penned an op-ed for The Washington Post, in which she blasted President Trumps false statements 3/22/17Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Congressman Devin Nunes confirmed that some of President Trumps personal communications were in fact collected by the Obama administration during the 2016 election 3/22/17Freedom, Media, Obama
CBS Political Correspondent: Supreme Court Needs Judges With No Legal Background 3/21/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Cosmo Features story about 9 Reasons that Constitutional Originalism is Bullshit -Ben Shapiro 3/21/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Khizr Khan now admits that Trump administration did not block him from attending Toronto event 3/21/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Forbes magazine names Islamic Republic of Iran a COOL travel destination for 2017, says visitors must obey Sharia 3/21/17Media, Islam,
VIDEO: The Young Turks Rebuttal: Race Baiting Stupidit - Steven Crowder 3/21/17Race, Video,
New York Post reporter Dean Balsamini wore a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat around the liberal enclaves of Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York and was cursed and condemned 3/20/17Liberal Bias, Media,
Feminist Writer says White People Are Evil 3/20/17Feminism, Media, Race
Latest Snowflake Outrage: Wonder Woman Has No Armpit Hair 3/20/17Feminism, Media, PC
Iran Leader says Gender Equality is a Zionist Plot. Liberals not outraged 3/20/17Feminism, Media, Islam
Donna Brazile FINALLY Admits She Fed Clinton Town Hall Questions 3/18/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
More Bias from Associated Press: Those Pesky Republican Science Deniers regarding new EPA orders. The AP said (Trumps proposed budget would gut programs for science and the environment, reflecting the Republican's rejection of mainstream science)3/17/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
The FBI arrested a Twitter user for allegedly causing Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald to have a seizure. The suspect, John Rivello, was arrested by the FBI at his Maryland home. Rivello, 29, is being charged under a federal cyberstalking statute and will appear in federal court in Dallas 3/17/17Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
The Atlantic admits that Secularism has made the world worse writing: Secularism is indeed correlated with greater tolerance of gay marriage and pot legalization. But it’s also making Americas partisan clashes more brutal. 3/17/17Conservative, Media,
Climate change denial is a crime against humanity which should be punishable by trial in a world court says Monty Pythons Eric Idle3/17/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
ESPNW Writer Shows Her Obsession with Gender, While Scolding America for Its Obsession with Gender 3/17/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon said that he wishes he could rip pages out of the Bible as soon as he arrives in a hotel room3/16/17Media, Christianity,
An op-ed in the California State University-Long Beach student paper Daily 49er, Samantha Diaz argues that Milk is Racist3/16/17Media, Race, PC
Google is now directing its review teams to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive in search results 3/16/17Freedom, PC, Media
New York Times op-ed with Drake Universitys Jennifer Harvey argues white parents who teach their children that all people are equal and are utilizing ineffective strategies for combating racism and making their white kids more racist 3/16/17Education, Race, Media
Sean Spicer calls out the Crickets from the media when lawmakers deny Russia ties3/16/17Media, Conservative,
VIDEO: MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin misled over 5,000 people3/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
The Roman Empire did not fall because of lack of funding for its labor department. It should have increased defense spending, restricted immigration, and stopped its governmental overreach domestically. Something New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof does not understand 3/16/17Media, Conservative,
While rejecting the accusation that he celebrates racial and ethnic division, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos insisted on CNN that his opponents want to make America white again3/15/17Immigration, Media, Race
Left Tries To Rewrite Story Of Saint Michael Brown. Theyre Lying Again -Ben Shapiro 3/15/17Media, Race, Conservative
Trump Paid $38 Million In Taxes In One Year Alone. Here Are 9 Times Democrats Claimed Trump Paid No Taxes: Hillary Clinton, Maddow, Bernie Sanders, E.Warren, Tim Kaine, Howard Dean etc.3/15/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias,
Salon writer believes Open borders are the only path to defeating President Donald Trump 3/15/17Immigration, Media,
NPR features an African-American studies professor Robin Means Coleman of the University of Michigan who asserts that King Kong has always been a tale about black lynching. A big, black ape who is absolutely obsessed with whiteness and particularly white women. That has to be cut down, she asserts. 3/13/17Race, PC, Media
VIDEO: CNN cuts feed when Obamacre victim starts to share story 3/13/17Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
Cancer Patient Mocked for Nazi Hair by Samantha Bee 3/10/17Media, ,
Dont Believe the Media Hype, Americans Are More Optimistic Since Obama Left 3/10/17Conservative, Media, Obama
Sally Kohn Claims NYC's Weather Indicates Global Warming. Weather Experts Then Mock Her. 3/10/17Environmental, Media,
A list of fake news websites recommended to students by Harvard University labels almost every leading center-right website as an illegitimate source of news. The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, Breitbart News, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Free Beacon, Independent Journal Review (IJR), The Blaze and The Weekly Standard are all on the list 3/10/17Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Reza Aslan says Islamophobia was made up by a few clowns in 2014; showing just how ignorant of history he is 3/10/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
The Washington Post says Planned Parenthood is Non-Partisan, despite 99% of their political donations going to Democrats 3/9/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: What if the media had covered World War II the way it covers jihad??3/9/17Conservative, Video, Media
VIDEO: Trevor Noahs Trump Derangement Syndrome 3/9/17TDS, Media, Video
Feminist Author Says To Young Girls: Dont Read Books By Men3/8/17Feminism, Media,
Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett has revealed that her ability to judge what is good and what is evil, her Moral Compass, comes from her Vagina 3/8/17Feminism, Media,
CNN Cuts Feed After Congressman Speaks Truth About Refugees and Terrorism 3/8/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Why Coastal Liberals Cant Understand Rural Trump Voters Explained By Victor Davis Hanson on Tucker Carlson 3/8/17Conservative, Video,
Liberals go nuts when Ben Carson calls slaves immigrants. Forgetting Obama said: Certainly, it wasnt easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves 3/7/17Obama, Race, Liberal Bias
New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof Solicits Felony: Asks IRS to Leak Trumps Tax Records, which is itself, a felony 3/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Norway immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug slams the liberal media after being accused of wearing a crucifix necklace merely as a prop to promote xenophobic views3/6/17Christianity, Media, Islam
Emma Watson believes her Boobs Are Empowering, after criticizing Beyonce for showing part of her boobs 3/6/17Feminism, Media,
Black Lives Matter is Like the New American Revolution says MSNBC Chris Hayes3/6/17Media, Race,
CNN publishes story questioning whether Jesus ever existed 3/6/17Christianity, Media, Remove History
FAKE NEWS MEDIA in Europe falsely claim there are 10 attacks per day on Muslim refugees allegedly by neo-Nazis 3/6/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Immigration
British Muslim Actor: Lack of Diversity on TV Driving Young People to ISIS3/3/17Media, PC, Islam
The Advocate, a gay magazine, ran a column that claims, legal or illegal, all guns are the problem and called for the LGBTQ community to rally for more gun control 3/3/17LGBT, Media, Gun Control
Disney Airs First Gay Kiss in Children’s Cartoon on Star vs. the Forces of Evil airs on the Disney XD channel3/2/17LGBT, Media,
Report: How Biased is the Media Against Trump? 88% of Coverage in First Month Was Negative 3/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Fake News: Trump signed the repeal of Barack Obamas gun ban for Social Security recipients and NBC News reported that Trump had signed a repeal of gun checks for people with mental illness; which is not true 3/2/17Gun Control, Media, Obama
New York Times writer Thomas Friedman says We Were Attacked on Nov. 8, 2016, Just Like on 9/11. Calls Trump's Election a moral 9/11 3/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Here Are All the Vile Things Celebs Said About Standing Ovation for Military Widow 3/1/17Patriotism, Media,
Oscar Celebrities show their progressive benevolence as global do-gooders by raising hundreds of millions for abortions. However, they exhibit a cold indifference toward the actual wants and needs of their supposed beneficiaries in the Third World. Most people in third world countries are against abortion. Added to the fact that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 to stop the multiplication of the unfit and to stop impoverished, nonwhite women from breeding like weeds as she put it 3/1/17Abortion, Media, Conservative
Bette Midler Tries to Fact-Check Trump when he said More than 4,000 were Shot in Chicago, sends an article that links to 762 homicides; I guess she doesn't understand the difference. And yes, there were 4.385 shootings3/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
CNN Chris Cuomo sought to play down the decay of America’s economy by saying that even though 94 million Americans are out of the labor force and over 43 million people are now living in poverty; and over 43 million Americans are on food stamps, that has nothing to do with the strength of the Obama economy 3/1/17Media, economics, Obama
Liberals Get a Pass: 4 Times the Media Ignored Leftists Comments About Pedophilia 3/1/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Hysterically Compares Trump to Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot 2/28/17Media, Liberal Bias, Socialism
The Oscars celebrate some guy named Gary from Chicago, and parade him as signs of change; despite being a multiple convicted felon and a registered sex offender who was convicted of attempted rape 2/28/17Media, PC,
The next time Leonardo Dicaprio or any other celebrity try to lecture on Climate Change, remember this: A-listers flew eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to do their brows for the Oscars 2/28/17Media, Environmental, Conservative
Feminists Complain: If You Sexually Harass Siri on Your iPhone, She Doesn't Fight Back. A Feminist writes that bots such as Apple’s Siri exhibit signs of submissiveness that not only reflect the feelings of dominance among men but also reinforce the concept that women are made to be submissive 2/27/17LGBT, PC,
Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos declared on Friday that the United States belongs to Latino migrants, emphatically stating to a Spanish-speaking audience quote: Let me repeat this: Our country, not theirs. It is our country. And we are not going to leave. We are nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States and quote So when they attack us, we already know what we are going to do. We are not going to sit down. We will not shut up. And we will not leave. That is what we are going to do,2/27/17Immigration, Media,
Leslie Jones Says She Wants to Punch White Women Who Say Black Lives Matter2/27/17Race, LGBT,
White Men Should Pay 5% Extra In Taxes Because They’re Privileged says article2/27/17Media, Race,
VIDEO: Hollywood doesn't know ANYTHING about Politics. Taking on actors at the Oscars - Ben Shapiro2/27/17Conservative, Video, Media
Washington Examiner: Trump Hit With 33 Fake News Stories, 1 a Day 2/24/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Terror Leader Who authorized NYC Bombing and then tells the New York Times that We're Totally Not Terrorists' s 2/24/17Islam, Violence, Media
The 10 Worst Cases of Very Fake News 2/24/17Conservative, Media,
The Huffington Post removed a Norwegian writer’s blog post arguing that President Trump was “absolutely right about Sweden” when he criticized the liberal country’s immigration policies2/23/17Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Politico Says Trump's Decision to Withdraw Transgender Bathroom Protections Causes Uproar 2/23/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN's Cuomo: 12-Year-Old Girls Who Don't Want To See Penises In Locker Rooms Are 'The Problem,' 'Intolerant' 2/23/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Guest Says Anti-Semitism Now ‘Mainstream’ Behavior on the Right 2/22/17Media, Race,
Here’s Bill Maher Condoning Sex With Minors 2/22/17Media, ,
Salon Condemns Milo, but only after deleting their own pedophile normalizing articles 2/22/17Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump 'could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job' 2/22/17Media, Freedom,
Retired WNBA Star Candice Wiggins says the WNBA's Lesbian culture broke her spirit to keep playing. She said yhere is a very, very harmful culture running throughout the WNBA, which saw her get bullied during her eight-year career because she is heterosexual.2/21/17LGBT, Media,
A former CIA official who resigned as National Security Council spokesman earlier this month pointed the finger at President Trump in the Washington Post. Edward Price claimed his resignation had nothing to do with politics, and blamed Trump’s 'disturbing actions' instead. However, Price is a big democrat and donated the legal maximum $2,700 to Hillary Clinton's campaign 2/21/17Media, Conservative,
Judd Apatow On Trump Presidency: 'I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped' 2/20/17Media, PC,
NBC News has released two propaganda videos constructed to insinuate American children believe President Trump is an racist and dangerous to the country. 2/20/17Media, Race,
Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Told THIRTY-SEVEN Lies2/20/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Louis Farrakhan, the racist founder of the Nation of Islam welcomed to stage in Detroit to chants of ‘Allah Akbar’. Farrakhan said 'America will never be made great again, Her days of greatness are over. The God of justice has come.'2/20/17Islam, Violence,
Politico May Be Fudging The Truth In This Story On Pence And Obamacare Repeal 2/20/17HoaxFraud, Healthcare, Media
Establishment media mocks Trump for Sweden comment while Swedish Moderate Party's demand for billions for police amid growing crisis 2/20/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Gay Pizza Hut Spokesman promotes Pedophilia as he goes on radio shows romanticizing his gay experience with a 18-19yr old camp counselor when he was 13 years old 2/20/17LGBT, Media,
Mainstream media outlets in Britain such as the BBC and the Observer have falsely implied that poll-topping, populist firebrand Geert Wilders made an attack on all Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands when he blasted foreign criminals, in headlines on their websites 2/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Washington Post says there is no bias from them against Trump. LOL 2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Trevor Noah: ‘When Are We Going to Start Treating Racism Like a Disease?’ 2/17/17Media, Race,
As talk about Obamacare repeal and replacement heats up, the liberal publication Vox took to social media to hear from fans and American citizens who benefitted the most from the health care law. However, Vox got completely roasted with negative responses from individuals who were screwed by the Obamacare, proving that it’s not very affordable after all.2/17/17Healthcare, Media,
Dr. Steven Beutler made the diagnosis in a piece for the progressive independent journal The New Republic he called, A Medical Theory for Donald Trump’s Bizarre Behavior' where with no evidence he diagnoses Trump with Syphilis because of his bizarre behavior2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Media lying about ICE roundup. Media reports have called the Operation Cross Check arrests of criminal aliens a mean-spirited effort by ICE officials and the Trump Administration, despite the fact that this operation has been carried out in the past. More than 2,000 criminal aliens were rounded up in March 2015, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. The nearly 700 arrests in last week’s operation pales in comparison, yet the mainstream media appears to have lost total perspective in its attacks on the men and women tasked to protect our nation from these criminals. 2/17/17Immigration, Media,
The 3 Most Critical Lies the AP Told About the Supposed Trump National Guard Order 2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Media lied about 'Nazi salute' at our rally: PROOF - Rebel Media 2/17/17HoaxFraud, Media, Video
Chuck Todd Whines for Republicans to ‘Take Off Your Partisan Hats’ to Defend Press, Gets Hammered 2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Post says White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ Because Trump Won 2/17/17Media, Race, Christianity
CBS anchor John Dickerson: Press ruined its reputation 'on its own' 2/17/17Media, ,
Sports Writing, Now a Leftist Profession, Has Long Tradition2/17/17Conservative, Media,
NFL Runs 'Love Has No Labels' Campaign to promote gay marriage 2/16/17LGBT, Media, PC
Actress Scarlett Johansson says she’s not sure people are cut out to be in monogamous relationships which, she believes, require 'a lot of work' 2/15/17Feminism, Media,
Journalist Jeremy Scahill has stated that he will not be appearing on the HBO show 'Real Time With Bill Maher' alongside Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as he believes the show will allow MILO to 'incite violence'2/15/17Media, PC,
Media Hound Trump over Russia Dealings, Silent When Clintons Made ‘Tens of Millions of Dollars’ from Russia 2/15/17Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Former NBA Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has decided that the film La La Land is racist. 2/15/17Media, Race,
Under Armour CEO Bullied Into Renouncing Trump Support 2/15/17Freedom, Media,
VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly calls out the Stunning Display of Media Dishonesty disregarding the 680 immigrants rounded up by ICE officials were mostly convicted criminals 2/15/17Immigration, Media, Video
Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Olympian and first Muslim-American female to win gold for the United States who is also an American citizen born and raised in New Jersey, claimed last week that she had been detained and questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents for two hours without explanation. Then her, and the media, tried to make it seem like it was due to Trump's Executive Order, but this actually happened in December, under Obama. Hoax2/14/17Media, HoaxFraud,
Top Dems Fall for Fake News Propagated by the NY Times, Use it to Slam GOP. The New York Times published a tweet attributed to now-resigned national security advisor Michael Flynn. It simply said, 'scapegoat.' But as it turned out, the message originated from a fake account masquerading as Flynn, which Nancy Pelosi comments on at press conference. 2/14/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
The upcoming Netflix series titled Dear White People receiving backlash already. The series, produced by the film's director Justin Simien, will follow college sophomore Samantha White, who is black, of the fictional Ivy League Winchester University as she lectures white people from her radio show 'Dear White People' about how they oppress people like her 2/14/17Media, Race,
Racial Arsonists Prepare To Destroy Grammys For Insufficient Beyonce Worship - Ben Shapiro2/14/17Media, Race,
Teen Vogue tries to normalize abortion for teens by offering advice on the perfect post-Abortion gift2/13/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Comedian Sarah Silverman got an earful from her social media followers on Sunday after appearing to mistake a pair of bright orange construction markings for swastikas painted by neo-Nazis2/13/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Nicholas Kristof: Husbands are more Deadly than Terrorists; because of our 'ready access to firearms,' we should mostly 'fear spouses: Husbands are incomparably more deadly in America than jihadist terrorists' 2/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
Yes, CNN is Fake News. Fake Newsman Jake Tapper and Fake Newsman Chris Cuomo, both of whom took whiny umbrage at being called Fake News while purveying Fake News 2/12/17HoaxFraud, Media,
VIDEO: SJW Samantha Bee Can't Stop Lying! -Steven Crowder 2/11/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Joe Rogan on The Young Turks dishonesty 2/11/17Conservative, Video, Media
Lena Dunham: Feminists Must Enlighten White Women Who Voted for Trump 2/10/17Feminism, Media,
Lib Networks Gush Over Deported Woman, but Leave Out 1 Key Fact From Her Past. Illegal immigrant Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos became a national sensation when she was deported to Mexico after living in Arizona for 21 years. In 2008, she was convicted of using a fake Social Security number to get hired, a crime that is a felon 2/10/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Huffington Post Slam of Ted Cruz Accidentally Proves Him Right that the KKK was started by Democrats and the whole 'party switch' doesn't make sense2/9/17Media, Race, Conservative
New York Times Warns Trump that Designating Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Org Could Make ‘Entire Muslim World’ His Enemy 2/9/17Islam, Media,
Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe Urges Patriots to Boycott White House Visit After Super Bowl LI Win 2/9/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Eva Longoria: ‘I’m a Really Good Director Because I’m a Woman’2/9/17Feminism, Media,
POLL: Most Democrats Think Christians in Muslim World Treated Better Than Muslims in U.S. 56%t of Democrats told Rasmussen that Muslims living in the U.S. are mistreated because of their faith while only 46% believe Christians in the Islamic world are persecuted over their faith 2/9/17Islam, Christianity,
Daily Beast crows that Sean Spicer 'makes up Atlanta Islamist terror attack' after he cited Atlanta, instead of Chattanooga where in July 2016, a Muslim named Muhammad Abdulazeez murdered four Marines and one sailor at a reserve center in Chattanooga2/8/17Media, Liberal Bias,
After Super Bowl Ad Flap, 84 Lumber CEO Says She Backs Trump and Border Wall 2/8/17Immigration, Media,
Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Was Caught Telling 40 Lies2/8/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Brian Williams, Guest Blame Eroding Trust of Establishment Media on Conservatives 2/8/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: CAUGHT: The Young Turks Advocate Violent Riots! -Steven Crowder 2/8/17Media, Conservative, Video
84 Lumber Ad Promotes Illegal Immigration during Super Bowl2/6/17Immigration, Media,
USA Today likens Steve Bannon to Islamic State caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 2/6/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: 2 Minutes of Mainstream Media Backtracking Really Puts 'Fake News' In Perspective 2/6/17Media, Conservative, Video
POLL: Nearly 7 out 10 Democrats believe Islam 'encourages violence about the same as other religions,' according to a new CBS poll 2/5/17Islam, Christianity,
Famous Berkeley Prof Suggests That Violent Protesters At Milo Event Were Right-Wing Plants2/3/17Media, Violence, HoaxFraud
Marc Lamont Hill Claims the Right Riots on Campus Too, Can't Name One Example 2/3/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Many liberals in the media breathlessly reported that judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, founded a 'fascist club' while in high school. But reporters didn’t dig deep enough to discover that there never was such a club, and the whole story was a joke 2/3/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Uber CEO bows to pressure, ditches Trump advisory council over immigration2/2/17Freedom, Media, PC
Twitter to Donate $1.6 Million to ACLU in Response to Trump Executive Order2/2/17Media, PC, Immigration
'Clock Boy' Lawsuit Against Ben Shapiro Dismissed, Shapiro Awarded Attorneys' Fees for false accusation of Islamaphobia lawsuit 2/2/17Islam, Freedom, Media
Senate Democrats say they will filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch if he is not “mainstream” and is “radical,” but they will not specify exactly what they mean by the terms2/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN published an article and video about Breitbart Senior editor MILO Thursday which associated MILO with the alt-right and 'white nationalist' and 'anti-Semitic' activists despite his explicit rejection of them2/2/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
HOAX: Detroit Man Who Said Trump's Travel Ban Killed His Iraqi Mother Was LYING 2/1/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Media
Reddit has banned its largest alt-right group, continuing a trend of social media platforms censoring the nationalist movement with ties to white supremacy 2/1/17Race, PC, Media
Poll: 49% of Americans Support Trump’s Travel Order while 41% strongly oppose 2/1/17Islam, Immigration, Media
London Guardian makes the argument that violence against 'racists' should be tolerated in order to stop Donald Trump 2/1/17Race, Violence, Media
Muslim Killers vs. Muslim Victims: When a Muslim goes on a killing spree, it is nothing to do with Islam, and police are stationed at mosques to protect Muslims from Islamophobia. When Muslims are killed, it has everything to do with Islam(ophobia), and police are stationed at mosques to protect Muslims from Islamophobia. 2/1/17Conservative, Media, Violence
According to a new poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult, 49% of voters approve of Trump’s presidency so far, while 41% disapprove. That is a stark contrast from the latest Gallup poll, which claims only 45% of voters approve of how Trump has handled things in office so far, with 48% disapproval 2/1/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Katie Couric is tackling the 'complex' subject of gender in a new documentary for National Geographic, “Gender Revolution'1/31/17LGBT, Media,
Australia’s ABC: 'There’s no record of a refugee being part of any of the terrorist acts that have occurred in the US' . Washington Mall Shooter, Ohio State University knife attacker, NJ Bomber, and Minnesota mall stabber?1/31/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a temporary ban on refugees while 37% oppose; which is completely opposite of the media's rage over Trump's temporary immigration ban 1/30/17Immigration, Conservative,
Travel Ban Unconstitutional? Well, Democrats Did It, Too. Obama's State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011. President Jimmy Carter also banned Iranians. President FDR, limited the number of Jewish refugees amid fears that Nazi spies could enter. In 1939, a ship carrying hundreds of Jews was refused entry. More than a quarter of the passengers perished in the Holocaust 1/29/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Seven Inconvenient Facts About Trump’s Refugee Actions: it's not a Muslim ban, it's based off of security reviews conducted by Obama, it's only temporary, it's a national security measure and not an arbitrary expression of supposed xenophobia 1/29/17Immigration, Conservative, Media
Left-Wing ABC News Democrat Martha Raddatz seemed confounded over President Donald Trump’s motivation for prioritizing the admission of Christians and other religious minorities seeking refuge from Muslim-majority states over Muslims. Forget the whole genocide thing 1/29/17Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Despite today’s liberal outrage over President Donald Trump’s refugee executive order, many liberals in 1975 were part of a chorus of big name Democrats who refused to accept any Vietnamese refugees when millions were trying to escape South Vietnam as it fell to the communists.1/29/17Immigration, Liberal Bias, Media
Jerry Seinfeld Slammed for ‘Black’s Life Matters’ Tweet where he mentions comedian Lewis Black and then says 'Black's Life Matters' 1/27/17Media, Race, PC
New York Times loses their minds being called the 'opposition' by Trump administration. Yet, this NYT Column they published previously shows they said they were his opposition before he was elected1/27/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The Atlantic Publishes Article Ripping Ultrasounds; but then Has to Issue This MASSIVE List of Corrections1/27/17Abortion, Media, HoaxFraud
FAKE NEWS: Media Report State Department Employees Quit En Masse. They Were Fired - Ben Shapiro 1/26/17Media, Liberal Bias,
NYT Editorial Board Horrified That Trump Wants To Fight ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’1/26/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Leftist and its mainstream media apparatus are churning out, at record speed, #WeAreAllMuslims, sob stories about the children of war, and similar drivel. 1/26/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Digital Media Darlings BuzzFeed, Vice & Vox Losing Their Luster? 1/26/17Conservative, Media,
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Buzzfeed Editor-in-chief Ben Smith for excluding whites from a fellowship position1/26/17Race, Media,
ABC News Caught Deceptively Editing Quote to Criticize Trump Administration 1/25/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Journalist Tim Pool: Fusion Told Me to Side with Young Liberals ‘Regardless of the Facts’ 1/25/17Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Buzzfeed Reporter Gets Wrecked By Tucker Carlson and says White People are a Plague1/25/17Media, Race, Video
SNL Writer Suspended Indefinitely For Viciously Targeting 10-Year-Old Barron Trump 1/24/17Media, ,
Will March For Life Get Equal MSM Coverage? (Hint: No!) 1/24/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
The New York Times quietly issues a correction to the lie it pushed back in December when it was advantageous for Democrats to push it. The editorial emphasized what turned out to be a false claim that the paper has opposed the electoral college system for 80 years, which of course, is not true1/24/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter removed my ‘SJW ideology’ post with no explanation, says anti-PC professor 1/23/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Cory Booker Tweets Fake Benjamin Franklin Quote To Attack Trump1/23/17HoaxFraud, Media,
Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Know What America First Means’ 1/22/17Media, Patriotism,
The 'Fake News' Censorship Industry 1/21/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Jane Fonda: ‘Have To Include Race and Class In Everything We Do’ 1/21/17Race, Media,
New York Post NFL Writer Sends, Then Deletes, Tweet Comparing Trump Inauguration to Pearl Harbor, 9/11 1/20/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Reporters apologized for spreading a fake New York Times story bashing Rick Perry Thursday after new facts came to light that undermined the main focus of the story that Perry had no idea what the Department of Energy does 1/19/17Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Washington Post Calls Yale Professor ‘Anti-Intellectual’ For Joining Trump Cabinet 1/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
PROOF: CNN Knows Climate Change Is a Big Fat Hoax1/19/17Environmental, Media,
Variety’s Inaugural Edition Has Liberal Celebs Dragging Flag on Floor 1/18/17Patriotism, Media,
Head of the German daily broadsheet Die Welt has called on Germans to oppose U.S. President-elect Donald Trump by being more multicultural and more 'gay.' 1/17/17Media, LGBT,
New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps 1/17/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Fake Polls? How CNN And ABC Are Fudging The Numbers To Tank Trump’s Favorability 1/17/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
New Hollywood Blacklist: Oppose Trump or Face Career Ruin, Racism, Sexism, Threats 1/17/17Liberal Bias, PC, Media
Huffington Post says Hillary Clinton is the 'legitimate' President Elect; continuing their crusade against facts 1/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Canadian Teen Series 'Degrassi' celebrates Abortion with #noregrets empowering feminist abortion episode1/13/17Abortion, Feminism, Media
YouTube has removed the channel for popular conservative blog Legal Insurrection, taking down every video allegedly without prior warning. 1/13/17Freedom, Media, PC
The liberal media is finally admitting what it has refused to acknowledge for years: conservatives are better looking than liberals. Duh. The Washington Post even said, 'Conservatives really are better looking, research says,' citing a study from the Journal of Public Economics confirming that generally when voters assume good-looking politicians on television are ideologically conservative, they are correct. 1/13/17Media, Conservative,
The Internet gets slightly outraged over Steve Harvey's racist jokes about Asians. But if he was white, he would have been fired 1/12/17Race, PC, Media
Two Black Men Sexually Assault White Woman Outside Shopping Center, Media Ignore1/11/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN Buries Buzzfeed Over Fake Trump Story 1/11/17HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Feminists say Ryan Gosling 'Sexist' for Thanking Mother of His Children at Golden Globes 1/11/17Feminism, PC,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Deconstructs Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech 1/11/17Media, Conservative, Video
That Time Meryl Streep Gave Standing Ovation for Child Rapist Roman Polansk1/9/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Nude Like Kim K. 1/9/17LGBT, Media,
January Jones Happy Son Doesn't Have Father: No One Teaching Him 'Sh**ty Things' 1/9/17Feminism, Media,
Media Misleads saying Obama didn't increase the size of governent1/7/17Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Even the L.A. Times Is Sick of 'Safe Spaces' and then goes after Conservative groups 1/6/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
'Anti-Racism Strategist' Calls Ft. Lauderdale Shooter ‘White Hispanic’1/6/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Ellen defends excluding gospel singer: Christian values not ‘inclusive’ because she doesn't support gay marriage. Pharrell says you have to choose which side you are on, and somehow, that's being inclusive1/6/17LGBT, Freedom, Media
Communist Leader to Bill O'Reilly: Trump is Hitler1/6/17Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
The Anti-Science Mainstreaming of Mental Illness - Ben Shapiro 1/4/17Conservative, PC, LGBT
Chuck Schumer Slogan: Repealing Obamacare Will 'Make America Sick Again' 1/4/17Media, Liberal Bias, Healthcare
VIDEO: CNN Panel Blame Trump for Racist attack on white person on Facebook live 1/4/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Left-Wing Electoral Integrity Project says 27 states are less Democratic than North Korea 1/4/17Media, Conservative, Video
Black Journalist writes: that if you’re black, you’re better off having a black doctor than a white doctor because, you know, white doctors are racist.1/3/17Race, Media, Healthcare
Van Jones: Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Keith Ellison is future of Democratic Party. In 2008, Ellison accepted $13,350 from the Muslim American Society (MAS) to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The Muslim American Society is a Muslim Brotherhood organization1/2/17Islam, Media,
UK: Star axed from reality game show for saying 'all terrorists are Muslim'1/2/17PC, Islam, Violence
New York Times still doesn't understand the minimum wage issue. There are some 160 million workers in that economy. Of whom some 96% get more than the federal minimum wage. And of the 4% left some half are getting tips on top of their wages so don't really count in this matter. That leaves us with 2% of the workforce languishing on minimum wage. There's very definitely some intrinsic reason why the other 98% are getting more so it would seem reasonable that there's some reason the 2% aren't. 1/2/17Economics, Media, Conservative
CRACKED.COM: Defending child molesters, 'Pedophiles are not bad people, they’re just misunderstood'1/2/17Media, Violence, PC
Fake News: A&E Pulls Series on 'KKK' after it's found that producers paid members to fabricate stories and distort the facts12/31/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Joint FBI-Homeland Security report fails to prove Russians behind Clinton leaks 12/30/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook Bans Users Over Years-Old Posts With Words Like 'Cracker' and 'Tranny' 12/30/16Freedom, Media, PC
New York Times Economist Paul Krugman Tweets' Obamacare was a huge success story' 12/29/16Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
Radical leftists at Salon have deconstructed the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story as an example of white racist nostalgia. 12/28/16Media, Race, PC
Salon: If you are against white genocide you are racist 12/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Lies & Crybabies Over 'Fake News' Blowback Against MSM 12/27/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
CNBC’s John Harwood took to Twitter and blamed Republican opposition to ObamaCare and racism as why President Obama’s Democratic Party lost so many seats nationwide during his administration 12/27/16Media, Race, Obama
The Atlantic Asked Readers to Pick ‘Worst Leader of All Time’: G.W. Bush, Reagan, are popular picks over Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro etc.12/27/16Media, Liberal Bias,
New law signed by Obama targets independent media outlets, websites, for elimination under NDAA and any Conservative outlet that could be classified as 'Fake News'12/26/16Obama, Freedom, Media
CNN: 'Don’t stigmatize Muslims. In America, the 1% of the country that is Muslim will be a core part of the front-line defense against homegrown radicalism and terror' 12/23/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Associated Press Sympathizes With Berlin Jihadist 12/23/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post and Daily Beast Question whether the Virgin Mary was really a virgin Ahead of Christmas12/23/16Christianity, PC, Remove History
Huffington Post advocates Atheist group the American Humanist Association (AHA) is demanding a stop to public school children participating in nonprofit Operation Christmas Child, which collects shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies, toothpaste, and soap for needy children 12/22/16Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
CEO of, the fact-checking website that was recently named as one of Facebook’s 'fake news' arbiters, has been accused in divorce proceedings of appropriating company funds which he allegedly spent on expensive holidays and prostitutes 12/22/16Media, Liberal Bias,
A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, 'historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed.' 12/21/16Christianity, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Host Compares Gender-Specific Bathrooms to Racial Segregation 12/20/16Media, LGBT, Race
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Works Double-Time To Make Berlin, Turkey Attacks NOT Seem Like Terrorism 12/20/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Salon Compares Trump’s Private Security To Hitler’s SS12/20/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Harvard lecturer worries in Slate that Berlin jihad attack will 'give a big boost to the far-right' 12/20/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
9 Scapegoats Progressives Blame for Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Loss 12/19/16Clinton, Media,
Actor-comedian Michael Ian Black shared a link to a fake news website in an attempt to criticize Breitbart News as 'Jew-bashers' in a post on his social media account 12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
MTV Releases the most racist video spot we've seen yet, called 'White Guy Resolution 2017'12/19/16Race, Media,
Washington Post says Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims for being a Virgin 12/19/16Media, Christianity, PC
A Newsweek reporter with epilepsy charges that a tweeted strobe flash from a Donald Trump supporter triggered a seizure – and is now pressing charges against the Twitter user12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Media Liberals Argue Russian Ambassador killed by terrorist will bring the 'countries closer together'12/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
'New York Times' Covers Chicago Murders, but Doesn't Mention Chicago's Near-Century of Democrat Control12/19/16Violence, Media, Liberal Bias
The 11 Worst Fact-Checks By Facebook's New Fact-Checkers 12/17/16Conservative, Media, HoaxFraud
National Geographic Displays Transgender 9-year-old on the cover of the magazine promoting transgenderism 12/16/16LGBT, Media, PC
Two of the main British Film Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) awards will only be awarded to films which meet diversity targets, the British Film Institute (BFI) has announced 12/16/16PC, Race, Liberal Bias
New York Times to Vacate ‘at Least’ Eight Floors as Profits Tumble 12/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Post Editor Says He Can't Have Friends Who Voted For Trump 12/16/16Media, PC,
Facebook Fact-Checker PolitiFact Funded by Clinton Foundation Donor 12/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Newsweek writer claims assault because of Tweet12/16/16PC, Media,
A new video of U.S. celebrities urging electors to vote against President-elect Donald Trump was made by an organization whose website was registered in a foreign country, despite its accusations that foreign influence was to blame for Trump’s victory in the presidential election12/15/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Joan Walsh: 'Moderate' Obama Unified White America, Yet Faced 'Whitelash' 12/15/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook enlists Left-Wing pretend 'Fact-Checkers' to regulate its newsfeed and mark Conservative content as fake news so they can't be promoted12/15/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias says the Electoral College Is 'Democracy's Ugliest Anachronism' 12/15/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CBS News analyst compares Donald Trump to Charleston murderer Dylann Roof12/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
POLITICO has fired Julia Ioffe over the vile tweet suggesting Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, are having sexual intercourse 12/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The latest fake news climate story has the winning headline: 'Scientists are frantically copying US climate data fearing it might vanish under Trump.' 12/14/16Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook restores Robert Spencer’s account after popular outcry 12/14/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post says to Seize Trump Tower by Eminent Domain 12/13/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
The New York Times has hired Politico‘s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush, after Wikileaks outed chummy and even subservient emails from Thrush to Democratic operatives in the 2016 election cycle 12/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Chelsea Handley writes open letter about how white women do not appreciate their rights and have destroyed the country by voting for Trump 12/12/16Race, Media,
Liberals using cats to effeminize men; saying that owning cats may move men away from 'toxic masculinity,' which is apparently responsible for violence and mass shootings 12/12/16Feminism, Media,
Rap Sheet: 32 Fake News Reports Pushed By Post-Election National Media12/12/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Daily Beast writer Olivia Nuzzi shames Republican women for having children12/11/16Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Fake News: According to Yahoo News, Hillary won the most votes 'ever received,' even though she's 4 million votes off the mark. Not 10,000 or 100,000, but 4 million votes 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Google is Censoring 'Offensive' Auto Complete Results about Black Crime12/9/16Race, Freedom, Media
Keith Ellison bolts New York Times interview to avoid questions about his ties to the Nation of Islam 12/9/16Media, Islam,
Snopes Deliberately Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry’s State Dept. 12/9/16HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
CBS Ignored Pro-life Center Arson, Covered Planned Parenthood Blaze 12/8/16Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Employees Suing CNN for Racial Discrimination 12/7/16Race, Media,
The Messy Truth About Van Jones 12/7/16Conservative, Race, Media
Buzzfeed Celebrates Anti-White Racism 12/7/16Race, Media,
New York Times is Gracious About Stein’s Doomed Recount, But Trump, GOP Are Undemocratic Sore Losers 12/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
After an Afghan migrant raped and killed a 19-year-old woman in Germany, Facebook responded by banning a German woman for 'hate speech' because she posted a picture of the murderer. 12/7/16Freedom, Islam, Violence
Liberals in the Media say Trump is inheriting an 'ecnomic boom' 12/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: CNN runs segment on how Trump could put Muslims in camps 12/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Adult Swim cancels pro-Trump comedy show ‘Million Dollar Extreme' because it is too Alt-Right 12/6/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Who is more Authoritarian: Trump or the Media?12/6/16Conservative, Media,
Top 10 ‘real’ news stories that turned out to be fake12/6/16Environmental, Conservative,
'Family Guy' Calls Jesus a 'D*ck' 12/5/16Media, Christianity,
YouTube Removes PragerU Video of Pro-Israel Muslim over ‘Hate Speech’ 12/5/16Freedom, Media, PC
Washington Post writer blames Trump for being single 12/5/16Media, PC,
Media Goes Defcon 1 Over Trump Phone Call, Ignores Obama’s $1.83 Billion Weapons Sale to Taiwan 12/5/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post labels website Naked Capitalism 'fake news' and now the site demands a retraction or will sue 12/5/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Snowflake Millennials Butthurt Over New TV Show Portraying Them as Snowflakes 12/4/16PC, Media,
VIDEO: Progressive Pundit: OSU Cop ‘Rushed To Judgment’ By Shooting Attacker 12/2/16Media, Education, PC
Cosmo: Victoria's Secret is 'Racist'! 12/1/16Media, Race, PC
Leftist Writer Asks Hollywood to Make ALL Lead Characters Gay 11/30/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Kellogg Adds Name to List of Advertisers Boycotting Breitbart over ‘Hate Speech’ along with AllState, Earthlink, and Ad-buying tool AppNexus11/29/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Dan Rather Praises AP's Decision to Call Alt-Right Racist 11/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Most Outrageous Reactions to Dictator Fidel Castro's Death 11/29/16Socialism, Conservative, Media
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs Tariq Nasheed Tweet Criticising the Cop who killed the Ohio State shooter a hero11/29/16Media, Conservative, Video
The Muslim who attacked 11 people at Ohio State was featured in OSU's newspaper In August and he talked about feeling trepidation over exercising his Muslim faith on campus 11/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
‘Anti-Racism Strategist’ Doesn’t Want White Cop Who Killed ‘Black Somali’ Terrorist Labeled a Hero 11/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
New Harry Potter movie 'Fantastic Beasts’ is liberal propaganda at its finest 11/28/16Conservative, Media,
Colin Kaepernick Praises Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro 11/25/16Media, Socialism,
Larry Elder: Democrats and the Nazi Card11/25/16Conservative, Media,
Reddit CEO: We suppressed pro-Trump posts 11/25/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN’s Amanpour Defends Integrity of Press, Warns Trump ‘A Threat to Our Profession’ 11/23/16Media, Liberal Bias,
TeenVogue Celebrates Model Who Stripped in Public to Protest Objectification 11/23/16Feminism, Media,
Esquire: the PC Culture Problem 11/23/16Media, PC,
CNN Falsely Claims Breitbart News ‘Most Prominent Platform’ for Nazi Salute and ‘White Supremacists’ 11/22/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The New War on Conservative Media 11/22/16Media, Conservative,
In response to complaints, some brands are pulling ads placed on Breitbart 11/22/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
EU Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims11/18/16Islam, Immigration, Media
A Black man in Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now 'Trump country,'and threatened to lynch him11/18/16HoaxFraud, Media, Race
ESPN Viewers Dropping Fast, Network Now Admits it Mistreated Conservatives 11/18/16Media, Liberal Bias,
James Woods quits Twitter over 'alt-right' censorship11/18/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof: Respond to Trump by joining Hamas-linked CAIR 11/18/16Media, Islam,
Twitter User creates two accounts to and tweets the same things, only changing the words 'white' with 'black' and when he used 'black' in the same hateful rants instead of 'white' he got banned, while he was fine on the account he used rants against 'white' people 11/18/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump’s Digital Director says Twitter CEO Personally Censored Our Campaign11/18/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Whoopi Said Trump Nominee Wants to Bring Back Slavery, The View Removed Video 11/18/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
China Loves America’s Push To Censor Facebook11/17/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
John Legend: Trump’s ‘Hitler-Level’ Rhetoric Could Turn U.S. Into Nazi Germany 11/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Actor Michael Shannon says Trump won because: 'The big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic assholes,' and 'You can call it the United States of Moronic Fucking Assholes'.11/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Professor Creates List of 'Fake News' Sites and Includes Prominent Conservative Outlets like Red State and The Blaze 11/16/16Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Eviscerate Bannon; Encourage Vulgar, Anti-Christian Dan Savage11/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Slate says There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter 11/15/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Liberal Publication the Atlantic says Transitioning to another gender is 'healthy' even though it mutilates your body11/15/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
NYT Columnist: Trump's Election a 'Moral 9/11'11/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
John Oliver Tells Audience: In Wake of Trump Win, Donate to Planned Parenthood 11/14/16Abortion, Media,
VIDEO: Who's laughing now? Compilation video shows media making fun of Trump thinking he can be President 11/11/16Conservative, Video, Media
Liberal Media Ignores Violence Against Trump Supporters, Focuses On Unproven Anti-Trump Stories11/11/16Media, Liberal Bias,
No, Cosmo, America didn't fail women by electing Trump 11/11/16Conservative, Media, Feminism
Muslim, Democrat Woman Voted For Trump — Silences CNN Host With Her Explanation For Why She Did It11/11/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Telegraph’s train columnist Monisha Rajesh expressed a desire that Donald Trump be assassinated 11/11/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America 11/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Assassination Threats Against President-Elect Donald Trump Flooding Social Media 11/11/16Media, Liberal Bias,
West Wing Creator Aaron Sorkin Pens Utterly Moronic Letter to Daughters Envisioning Post-Apocalyptic Trump Universe 11/10/16Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Joy Behar Laments Republican Election: ‘The Only Checks and Balances is The View’ 11/10/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Democrat Media Complex Will Never Understand What Happened Tuesday Night 11/10/16Conservative, Media,
Hollywood Stars Change Their Mind about Leaving America after Trump won11/10/16Media, ,
WikiLeaks emails show Clinton camp tipped off on CNN poll – and even more moderator questions 11/8/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Andrew Sullivan on MSNBC: Trump, Coulter Are Racist, Fascist Islamophobes 11/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Latest CoverGirl is a Hijab-Wearing Muslim Woman 11/7/16Media, PC, Islam
The New York Times suggests that America should abandon its political foundations and consider something more King Georgian: a monarchy. 11/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Bill Maher says the media has cried Wolf Too Many Times, But Trump Really IS Hitler 11/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell blatantly lies—saying Hillary Clinton is not under FBI investigation 11/4/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Mediaite Reporter Panics During World Series, Thinks Strikeout Sign Is KKK Symbol 11/3/16Media, Race,
TIME Magazine says Hillary Clinton may lose her White House bid because of penises, not because of her corruption or scheming, but because of male genitalia.11/3/16Clinton, Media, Feminism
Weather Channel Uses Kids to Scare Parents That Climate Change Destroying Earth11/3/16Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
YouTube blocks a video on left wing censorship and blames YouTube's algorithm blacklists educational footage11/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN cuts ties with Donna Brazile after hacked emails show she gave Clinton campaign debate questions10/31/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
After Hillary Clinton's e-mail investigation re-opens, the big networks spend time slamming FBI Director James Comey 3 to 1 10/31/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Huffington Post: Muhammad was a feminist, 'explicitly taught the radical equality of women and men' 10/30/16Islam, Media, PC
11 Stupid Things Vox Media journalist Matthew Yglesias Has Said10/26/16Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
CNN Money’s chief business correspondent Christine Romans says because Millennials can't pay $300 a month for Obamacare, the solution is to charge millennials more money for refusing to enroll10/25/16Healthcare, Media,
Report: U.S. Ranks 41st in Global Index of Press Freedom – Behind Ghana10/25/16Media, Conservative,
FLASHBACK: LEFT-WING MEDIA ATTACKS CLAIM OBAMACARE PREMIUMS WILL RISE. Media attacks 2010 'right-wing' claims that Obamacare will cause premiums to skyrocket 10/25/16Healthcare, Conservative, Media
An editor of Austria’s largest paper, is to be tried for hate speech over a commentary he wrote about the migrant crisis last year calling them 'testosterone-driven Syrians' for their aggressive sexual assaults everywhere10/25/16PC, Freedom, Islam
Sesame Street Preaches Trans Politics to Parents 10/24/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
ESPN Analyst uses the word 'noose' by describing University of Texas Head Football Coach Charlie Strong's job in danger and people get offended because he's black 10/22/16Media, Race, PC
PBS host Tavis Smiley talks about his fears that blacks in America might one day return to slavery if Donald Trump wins the election 10/21/16Race, Media,
Jorge Ramos makes a documentary about Donald Trump's influence on racism in America,10/21/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Joe Scarborough Rips MSM Hypocritical 'Freak Out' Over Trump Refusing to Blindly Accept Election Result 10/20/16Media, Conservative, Video
Donald Trump Calls Some Mexican Illegals 'Bad Hombres,' and CNN Panel Loses its Mind 10/20/16Media, Liberal Bias,
5 Times Democrats Claimed that U.S. Elections are Rigged 10/20/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Gay Magazine says that Peter Thiel Isn't Gay Because He Supports Trump. He's just a man who has gay sex, but not truly gay10/19/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is working directly with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to an email published by WikiLeaks. 10/19/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
According to Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, was seeking to meet with Podesta to discuss the 'next steps' necessary for Zuckerberg’s 'social action.' 10/19/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
After Fake Muslim 'Hate Crime' on a bus is proven to be false, the family that made up the incident has fled to Pakistan10/19/16HoaxFraud, Islam, PC
Madonna Offers Blowjobs for Hillary. Showing the class of the Left 10/19/16Clinton, Media,
Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne Vindicated by FBI Documents on Hillary Clinton’s Character, But Predicts Media Will Still Ignore Him 10/19/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Aziz Ansari, other Muslim 'comedians' spread hysterical lies about Trump position on Muslims 10/19/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Russell Simmons tells the DailyShow that 'Probably More Christians Are Radicalized' Than Muslims 10/18/16Christianity, Islam, Media
Minnesota Muslim Protest Against HBO Terrorism Project 10/18/16Islam, Media,
Glenn Thrush, the chief political correspondent for Politico, told John Podesta that he was a 'hack' for sending an entire section of an article pertaining to Podesta for approval before publication. To conceal his lack of journalistic integrity, Thrush asks Podesta to 'Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this'10/17/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
CNN’s Chris Cuomo Claims It’s Illegal for the Public to View Hillary Emails Released by WikiLeaks 10/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
How Media Has Ruined The 2016 Election | Louder With Crowder 10/15/16Media, Conservative, Video
Two Boston Police officers were shot by a Black Muslim Convert but the Media has removed any references that he was Muslim to prevent Islamophobia 10/14/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
James O’Keefe has become the latest high-profile conservative to be banned from Twitter, just as he released a series of damning interviews against Hillary Clinton 10/14/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Actors Appear With Hands Up in ‘Powerful Police Brutality PSA, well over a year before the 'Hands Up Don't Shoot' Narrative has been proven untrue 10/14/16Race, Media,
CBS Jim Nantz criticizes NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, and media jumps on him promoting the headline saying that Nantz was 'caught' as if it was a bad thing to criticize them10/14/16Patriotism, Media,
Huffington Post delivers another Islamophobia 'Hate Crime' Hoax, about a he was beaten all the way home by others on a bus. However, no students who were interviewed witnessed an altercation. The bus driver did not witness an altercation. The child did not report to the bus driver any injury. 10/14/16HoaxFraud, Media, Islam
Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, now a regular columnist for the left-wing British newspaper The Guardian, hypocritically dismissed three women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct 10/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
While MSM Ignores, Here Are the Most Damning Podesta Email Leaks So Far 10/13/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
NBC edited out Juanita Broaddrick's interview where she makes references that could have been damaging to Hillary Clinton about how Hillary actively worked to suppress her10/13/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
The massive trove of emails by Clinton confidant John Podesta released by Wikileaks has exposed journalists from a variety of media organizations who are in bed with Hillary Clinton; showing just how rampant the liberal media corruption is 10/11/16Clinton, Media, Conservative
YouTube blacklists Prager University, the popular conservative channel that promotes Christian-Judeo values because Conservatism is 'hate speech' 10/11/16Freedom, Media,
Nets Air 198 Minutes on Trump Tape; Just Seven Minutes on Broaddrick Rape Story 10/11/16Media, Liberal Bias,
After Kathy Shelton, the woman who was raped by a 41-year old man when she was 12 that Hillary Clinton is on tape laughing about getting the rapist off with a light sentence, Twitter takes the opportunity to promote, not her brutal raping that HIllay defended, but that she was paiad $2,500 for her interiews 10/10/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Joy Behar calls the women Bill Clinton raped 'Tramps'10/10/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post Blogger Complains That Trump Used Female Pronouns to Refer to Hillary Clinton10/10/16PC, Media, Video
Politifact posts another lie that Hillary Clinton did not laugh about getting rapist of Kathy Shelton 10/10/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Huffington posts blasts a women's group against LGBT totalitarianism and objects to a 'strong women' commercial because they look transgender, which caused liberal outrage. However, they object women who look like men being sterotyped, but tell the public, to believe men are actually women, because they conform to female stereotypes, which doesn't make sense10/8/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump calls drugs like heroin being smuggled over the border 'poison' and a Washington Post reporter twists his words to make it seem like he was talking about the immgrants themselves 10/7/16Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
Female police officer in Chicago is brutally beaten by attack but did not draw her gun because she was afraid of going viral and putting her department and family through media hell 10/7/16Race, PC, Media
Joe Scarborough and MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe' crew claimed that Bill Clinton 'accidentally told the truth' when he recently criticized the Affordable Care Act10/6/16Healthcare, Media,
Teachers Union President says that Donald Trump is creating schoolyard Bullies and filling them with Hate 10/4/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Smug New York Times: Now That Trump Leads Hillary in Ohio, Buckeye State No Longer Important, Filled With Uneducated Whites10/3/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Sports Journalists Condemn ‘All Lives Matter’ Protestor as Racist, Then Cops Take Off His Gorilla Mask10/3/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Can You Trust The Press? By Prager University 10/3/16Media, Conservative, Video
More MSM Absurdity: Bloomberg Host Says Bill Clinton Was Not Impeached Over 'Lying' 9/30/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
VIDEO: Journalist destroys 3 liberals refusing to condemn President Obama's failures 9/30/16Obama, Conservative, Video
Media Admire 'Beauty' of New York Times Book Review Comparing Trump to Hitler 9/30/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: 15 Questions White People Have For BuzzFeed Racists by Paul Joseph Watson 9/29/16Race, Conservative, Video
Non-Muslim Student Suspended for Bringing Homemade Phone Charger to School, NO White House Invite. There must’ve been something different about “Clock Boy” Ahmed. What could that have been?9/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC Is Alarmed Over Trump's Fat Shaming, But Fat Shamed Christie 9/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Nearly 20 Mins on Trump’s ‘Miss Piggy’ Remark, Silence on Clinton Chief of Staff Immunity 9/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Washington Post doesn't want to be called 'the media' anymore because it's too 'vague' but really, they don't want to be called the media because it's become a total joke and is synonomous with liar9/26/16Media, ,
Mariners Suspend Steve Clevenger for Criticizing Obama, Anthem Protesters, Charlotte Rioters. 9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC's Joy Reid lies again; tweeting a false narrative that the police planted a gun on Keith Lamont Scott9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
After Attack, Univision is Worried about Anti-Muslim Hate, not the stabbing victims9/23/16Islam, PC, Media
On CNN, Dyson Claims 'Police Are the Manifestation of Terror Against Black Life'9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
70% of Charlotte Rioters that are being arrested have out of state Id's; showing that these race baiters travel to provoke chaos 9/23/16Race, HoaxFraud, Media
Clinton Foundation Honors Wife of Palestinian Terrorist but that gets zero mainstream media coverage 9/22/16Clinton, Media,
Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of the October edition of TIME Magazine for creating discussions about racism and white privilege 9/22/16Patriotism, Media,
The Dallas Morning News: 'Islamophobia' leads to high cholesterol, obesity, and cancer' which is odd that a subjective term could lead to such health illnesses 9/22/16Islam, PC, Media
New York Times does a piece covering the Muslim founder of and because the push for polygamy is in full force 9/21/16LGBT, Media,
After Facebook offers its employees $10,000 and $15,000 bonuses if they live within ten miles of campus, along with other incentives by Google and Apple to live close, apartment buildings with illegal immigrants are being kicked out of their homes to make room for these young professionals who simultaneously advocate for open borders. Unbearable hypocrisy 9/21/16Immigration, Liberal Bias, Media
Fusion TV spoke with University of Wisconsin sex-toy historian (Wisconsin taxpayers are paying for a sex-toy historian) Hallie Lieberman regarding the wide assortment of Trump themed sex toys and porn available for purchase this election season who said that it helps delegitimize Donald Trump by saying 'At least in our culture, Trump on a butt plug delegitimizes him.' 9/21/16Media, Education,
The View's Whoopi Goldberg says we should profile all white people to save us from domestic terrorism. 9/21/16Media, Immigration, Race
Twitter Suspends Women’s Rights Group After Criticizing Saudi Arabia 9/21/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
The Guardian’s U.S. bureau appears to have denied the Rotherham and Cologne rape scandals as 'made up' while attacking a gay, feminist, sexual assault victim and Breitbart contributor, claiming her experiences of sexually aggressive migrant men is 'openly, wildly racist'9/20/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Washington post Worries That Sexism May Be Why Hillary’s Not Pulling Away from Trump. Yep, that's gotta be it9/20/16Clinton, Media, Feminism
CNN, NBC Cuts Clinton Calling NYC Attack ‘Bombing’ to Slam Trump’s Strong Reaction 9/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN Panel Blames Gallup's new poll on the all time low in lack of trust in the media is all Trump's fault, not the liberal media's fault 9/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN's Sally Kohn says she is Happy Free Speech is Under Assault on College Campuses 9/19/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times film critics suggest evaluating movies not on their artistic value, but whether they meet diversity initiatives 9/19/16Race, PC, Media
The White House says the U.S. is in a 'Narrative fight' with ISIS9/19/16Islam, PC, Media
Vice Reporter causes a ruckus and asked to leave by the hotel manager at a Trump event. After he refuses, he's arrested and Vice News puts out stories about how Trump Fascism is here arresting people for nothing 9/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Joy Reid: Not True That Republicans Passed Civil Rights for African-Americans That Democrats Opposed9/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN host Sally Kohn: Pro-speech conservatives just afraid of multiculturalism and conservatives fighting for free speech on college campuses are merely finding creative new ways to 'attack diverse principles'9/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Snowden' Actress Encourages Masturbation Education for Young Girls 9/16/16Feminism, Media,
Reporters LOSE IT – STAND ON CHAIRS, SCREAM at Trump Press Event9/16/16Media, ,
Liberals go nuts that Jimmy Fallon didn't attack Donald Trump on his show 9/16/16Media, ,
The Huffington Post makes a satirical video with Kristen Bell which rips stay-at-home-moms and pushes the feminist myth of the gender pay gap9/15/16Feminism, Economics, Media
VIDEO: New York Times Columnist tells CNN that Trump's rise is just about race and America is just a racist country9/15/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro SHREDS CNN's Brian Stelter, Media's Anti-Trump Bias 9/15/16Conservative, Video, Media
New Gallup Poll: American Trust in Media Plummets to All-Time Low 9/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Time Writer: Hillary's 'Remarkable and Strong;' Health Only an Issue 'Because She's a Woman' 9/14/16Feminism, Clinton,
CNN's Cuomo Turns Discussion of Trump's Daycare Plan into Gay Rights Debate 9/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
An editor at The Huffington Post is denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for giving women a 'slap in the face' by proposing they receive six weeks of paid maternity leave9/14/16Feminism, Media,
The Los Angeles Times paid a visit to Donald Trump’s Southern California headquarters in Long Beach and was stunned by the diversity of volunteers 9/14/16Media, Race,
Brian Williams: Obama Is ‘A Communicator Who Can Deliver That Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen’ 9/14/16Obama, Media,
San Francisco PBS affiliate KQED is offering a Common Core-ready lesson plan designed for public school teachers who want to indoctrinate students with a love for open borders and a deep suspicion of anyone who favors the immigration restrictions proposed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump9/14/16Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Bill Clinton says Hillary 'frequently faints' but CBS edits that out of the interview 9/13/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Katie Couric sued for $12 million for anti-gun deception9/13/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
The media is refusing to cover another scandal: VA has ''quietly stopped sharing data on the quality of care at its facilities with a national database for consumers despite a 2014 law requiring the agency to report more comprehensive statistics to the site so veterans can make informed decisions about where to seek care'9/13/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Clinton Supporter: 10 Million Americans Get Pneumonia a Week 9/13/16Media, Video, Clinton
GQ: Protesting Obama Same as Protesting Anthem, Flag 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
CNN, MSNBC Sprinted to Spin Hillary’s 9/11 Health Episode as Just Conspiracies 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Most Blatant Pro-Hillary Lies Yet as MSM Cites Oppressive Weather, Pantsuit for Collapse 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
VIDEO: MSNBC's embarassing attempt to make Hillary Clinton's fainting episode totally normal and caused by heat 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Ohio columnist compares jihad terrorism to car accidents by writing 'You’re far more likely to die in a traffic accident than in a terrorist attack in Ohio. But a recent poll shows terrorism ranks among the top four concerns for Ohioans, while car accidents received no mention'9/12/16Islam, Media,
Washington Post: Half of Trump supporters are racist because they don't overcite racism from the media in polls9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Hillary Clinton faints at 9/11 Memorial ceremony. Will the media finally admit Hillary's health is a real issue and not a 'right-wing' conspiracy theory?9/11/16Clinton, Media,
Kate Upton Rips Kneeling Dolphins Players, ESPN Analyst Rips Upton 9/11/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
The National Press Club, which prides itself on freedom of speech, cancels an 'Alt Right' conference because Conservatism is hate speech 9/9/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberal Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest appears on ESPN saying Colin Kaepernick is actually the 'best kind of American' 9/7/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
The Canadian government has announced its decision to no longer refer to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) by its name and will instead call the group by the Arabic acronym Daesh 9/7/16Islam, PC,
Joy Behar says you're actually 'more American' for burning the American flag 9/6/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC's Joy Reid and Rolling Stone Accuse Republicans of Stealing Elections 9/5/16Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Times pushes Democrats to overthrow 'Far-Right' in Congress 9/5/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Media Networks cut the live feed of Trump speaking at a black church in Detroit as soon as the moment the bishop was blessing him 9/3/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Milo Yiannopoulos harsh response to biased ABC interviewer on Leslie Jones 9/3/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
YouTube has started its crusade to censor out Conservative content. Youtube is now de-monitizing content that it decides does not fit its guidelines, and it's clear that Conservative content will be targeted heavily 9/2/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, PC
Washington Post advocates shutting down Conservative radio because they promote hate9/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC’s chief political analyst Matthew Dowd admitted that if the focus is on Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, then Hillary Clinton will lose the election9/2/16Clinton, Media,
American Citizens need to protect themselves against the self-proclaimed 'Guardians' of the Liberal Media9/2/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
California Passes Planned Parenthood-Backed Bill Criminalizing Health Care Sting Videos so undercover reporters cannot expose the injustices of liberal strongholds like Planned Parenthood 9/2/16Abortion, Freedom,
Leftist Media says that questioning Hillary's health is sexist 9/2/16Clinton, Media, Feminism
VIDEO: Hillary Threatens War With Russia and the Media is completely silent9/2/16Clinton, Video, Liberal Bias
Liberals slam Jerry Rice for tweeting 'All Lives Matter'9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The Media's Dirty ties to Hillary Clinton and how they're so desperate they're scalping their own kind to protect her9/1/16Conservative, Clinton, Media
Hollywood Actor Don Cheadle calls Trump a 'POS' for his tweet about Dwayne Wade's cousin being shot dead in Chicago; says nothing about the two black felons who actually committed the crime 9/1/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
John Kerry says the media should cover terrorism less so 'people wouldn't know what's going on.' Yes he actually said that 8/30/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Mainstream Media Admit Anti-Trump Bias, but say It's Necessary and a 'moral imperative'; annoting themselves the ability to committ wrongdoing8/29/16Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
CNN Censors a Donald Trump Tweet calling Hillary Clinton 'Crooked Hillary' and changes it to just 'Hillary'8/29/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
The Leftist Media spinning its machine to make Colin Kaepernick's anti-Americanism as a noble fight to end racism8/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Facebook has intervened in a political dispute between Muslim reformist and activist Shireen Qudosi and Muslim leader Javed Ali by banning Qudosi permanently from Facebook after she stood up for Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro, who provided training in San Diego to various police departments on what to be aware of when fighting radical Islam. Mauro was subjected to a silencing campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which attempted to shut down the training sessions by inundating the police with complaints 8/28/16Islam, Liberal Bias, Media
CBS Host calls illegal immigrants 'undocumented workers.' because calling them illegal is wrong8/28/16Immigration, PC, Media
Australia SBS says Jihad doesn ot mean war against non Muslims 8/28/16Islam, Violence,
PBS caught cutting 'Green Party' nominee Jill Stein's criticism of Hillary Clinton and Obama from interview8/26/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Chestfeeding: Cosmo Reports from New Trans Frontier where transgenders breastfeed even when identifying as a man but a biological woman 8/25/16LGBT, Media, PC
British Television shows will now be monitored for their ethnic, gender and sexual orientation diversity as part of a new scheme to be rolled out eventually across the whole of British television 8/25/16Freedom, PC, Media
VIDEO: Even College students acknowledge if Trump had a foundation that did what the Clinton Foundation has done, the media would cover it a lot more 8/24/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Film Critic Richard Roeper reiterated his review that deemed feminist Ghostbusters a 'horrifying mess' while pointing that film critics were less than honest when reviewing the film to push the Feminists agenda 8/23/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
If California Bill 1671 passes, films like 'Vaxxed' will be outlawed. 'Vaxxed' is the film that details the confessions of a CDC researcher, William Thompson, who states that he and his colleagues buried data in a key study on the MMR vaccine and how it can cause autism8/23/16Healthcare, Freedom, Media
ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’ Turns Lochte into Symbol of White Privilege 8/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Why does the Media keep calling Trump supporters 'unedcuated white men' when n the last election, an even greater majority of African-American males who voted for President Obama had no college on their resume8/23/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Huffington Post, AP, and Salon, among others link Ryan Lochte as a Trump supporter, even though he expressed his public support for Obama back in 2012 and has said nothing about supporting Trump at all. But since he did something wrong, the media concludes he MUST be a Trump supporter 8/22/16Media, Liberal Bias,
American Journalism has collapsed. By torching its remaining credibility in service of Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards 8/21/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Why is the Media going crazy over Ryan Lochte when Hillary Clinton and Obama do this all the time? 8/20/16Conservative, Clinton, Obama
Muslims get in a massive fight at French beach which the media blamed on 'islamaphobia', turns out to have been started because Muslims were attacking tourists and local youths, which video footage confirms to be the truth 8/20/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
After Black Lives Matter announces its plan to shut down Elvis vigil at Graceland, police prevent protesters from attending and the Huffington Post calls it 'racism' saying they prevented 'Black People' from attending 8/19/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
BBC says refusing Sharia Law is 'Islamaphobia' 8/19/16Islam, Media, PC
Lesbian Website Recants Review of Gay Latina Taco Character from the movie 'Sausage Party' after backlash from Lesbians who 'questioned the consent between the sexual encounter with the taco and the hot dog bun8/18/16Feminism, PC, Media
Feminist Magazine says that Bill Clinton isn't such a bad guy for raping Juanita Broaddrick back in 1978, because he called her and apologized and everything 8/17/16Feminism, Clinton, Media
Anne Coulter: A perfect example of how the media blatantly lies in attempt to make Conservatives look bad8/17/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: CNN & MSNBC Protecting Hillary Clinton, Cutting Off Guests, Media Bias 8/17/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Buzzfeed says Juanita Broaddricks Conservatism damages her credibility and clearly implying that only left-leaning rape victims are credible 8/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN edits Milwaukee shooting 'victim's' sister calling for violence and make it appear as if she was calling for peace 8/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
VIDEO: MSNBC with Cokie Roberts says those who support Trump are 'Morally Tainted'8/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Twitter is trying to avoid handing over data about Milo's suspension and the removal of his verified check mark. It is legally obliged to provide this information but is working hard to avoid it8/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
An independent journalist has quit reporting from Milwaukee, saying that the situation is too dangerous for anyone who looks like a white person to be walking the streets 8/15/16Race, Media,
Suspected shooter in Queens slaying of Muslim Imam that was blamed on Donald Trump and 'Islamaphobia' turns out to have been a hispanic settling score in Muslim-Hispanic feud 8/15/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
An imam and his associate were killed in New York and Muslims are blaming Donald Trump, despite Witnesses providing leads to the NYPD described the shooter as a tall man of Hispanic descent8/13/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
How those 'evil' Koch brothers the liberal media talks about all the time funds charities that help young Americans find employment 8/12/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
A straight Daily Beast reporter who trolled the Olympic Village trying to get hook-ups from gay dating apps is under fire for sharing the details publicly when some of the closet gay olympians come from countries that are hostile to homosexuality and could get them killed 8/12/16LGBT, Media,
Twitter's CEO in 2015 reportedly asked its media team to censor abusive tweets directed toward President Obama during a question-and-answer session 8/11/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Buzzfeed Identifies Twitter's problem as its commitment to free speech, which interferes with efforts to combat so-called 'abuser' and because too many white males are in the leadership team, they don't totally committ to liberal fascism and censorship 8/11/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
A Muslim man arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a mentally retarded woman was previously quoted by local media in June as representative of Muslims opposing 'bad things' and bemoaning the fact that the 'picture of Muslims is getting worse'. Another symbol of 'Islamaphobia' the media pushed proved to be justified8/10/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton 8/10/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on Liberal Media Hypocrisy about Donald Trump 8/10/16Conservative, Video, Media
MSNBC's Chris Matthers still doesn't understand what Hillary Clinton did wrong in Benghazi 8/9/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC Cuts Live Stream when Donald Trump starts talking about Hillary Clinton's support for ISIS. Coincidence?8/8/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
New York Times Admits to Unprecedented Bias against Donald Trump, but blame him for their bias because he's just so evil and racist they have no choice but to throw out all ethics of journalism in order to stop him 8/8/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The New York Times Promotes a video of violent Trump supporters, delierately ommitting the violent Bernie and Hillary supporters, especially at San Jose Trump rallies 8/8/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Pat Caddell: Media Protects Clinton with ‘Biggest, Most Secure Bubble I Have Ever Seen’8/8/16Clinton, Media, Conservative
A CNN liberal moron said that Michael Phelps should give up the honor of being chosen as America's Flag-bearer in the Rio Olympics. The CNN host believes it should go to some black muslim olympian, Ibtihaj Muhammad, that nobody has ever heard of because 'right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great.' 8/8/16PC, Patriotism, Media
Racism, not Refugee Rape, Is Causing Agitation in Twin Falls, Claims Local TV Outlet 8/8/16Islam, Immigration, Liberal Bias
ABC Political Commentator Cokie Roberts says Trump calling Hillary 'Unhinged' is Sexism 8/7/16Feminism, Media, PC
Olympics: Media, Democrats Blame Trump if Los Angeles Loses 2024 Bid 8/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Muslim cleared in Charlie Hebdo massacre after a 'huge campaign aimed at releasing Hamyd, who was then a teenager, with classmates eventually providing an alibi then led to him being released without charge' and he was touted as a victim of 'Islamophobia.' Now he has been arrested for trying to join the Islamic State. Shocker! 8/7/16Islam, Media, PC
The New York Times says the Invention of Fire has caused Sexism, Global Warming, and Smoking 8/5/16Media, Feminism, PC
Media is attempting to portray the Second Amendment as Bad because ISIS says they like it8/5/16Gun Control, Media,
A Jewish man apologizes to Muslim woman at Barnes and Noble for 'bigotry' and the Media applauds it as a national story about the hardship of being Islamic in America. As it turns out, she is a jihad supporter and the daughter of a convicted Islamic jihadi terrorist and a a 'radical Palestinian activist with Muslim Brotherhood connections' herself8/5/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
The Media Propaganda outlets contribute to the death of people around the world8/3/16Media, Conservative,
A New 14-month study shows a total of $190,500 was donated by employees of Twitter and Facebook to Trump and Hillary Clinton, and Clinton was on the receiving end of 98 percent of those donations8/3/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
How the Huffington Post Is Helping to Elect Donald Trump8/3/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook bans Bisexual Conservative Writer because banning Conservatives is what Social media does these days 8/3/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Slate Puts Mother of 5-Year-Old Rape Victim on Trial 8/2/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
SJW Network, VOX, just accidentally disproved the gender-wage gap 8/2/16Feminism, Economics, Media
'The View' Panel Denies that the Media has a Liberal Bias. HAHAHA8/2/16Media, Liberal Bias,
An analysis by the Media Research Center shows coverage of the Khan family has thus far received 50 times more coverage on the major networks for their speech at the DNC than Pat Smith about her son who was killed in Benghazi 8/2/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The New York Times Runs a Piece on Maine Restaurants Banning Patrons Who Support Gun Rights. If it was a Conservative Banning Gays, it would be Uproar 8/2/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Why Liberals cannot grasp the nature of Islam. A study of 45,000 immigrant youths found that while increasing religiosity among Christian youths made them less violent, increasing religiosity among Muslim youths actually made them more violent. Not more violent 'if they join Islamic State' — but more violent, period. 21% of the Hadith is devoted to Political Violence and 67% of the Sira is devoted to political violence8/2/16Islam, Conservative, Media
Khizr Khan Has Written Extensively On Sharia Law 8/1/16Islam, Media,
MSNBC Host Shouts Down Guest for Saying That 33,000 of Hillary's E-Mails Are Missing 8/1/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Plans for mega-mosque scrapped after citizen uprising in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Media calls it Anti-Muslim bigotry8/1/16Islam, Media,
The Munich Shooter is Driving the Media Nuts7/31/16Conservative, Islam, Media
Twitter is caught censoring Conservatives again, this time censoring Donald Trump campaign fundraising to try and interfere with the election anyway it can7/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The French News Outlets will stop Publishing Photos and Names of Terrorists saying that it glorifies and inspires other terrorists, but in reality, they don't want the public to see the names and faces of the Islamic terrorist because it could increase 'Islamaphobia' 7/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Trump Shushes Aggressive NBC Reporter Katy Tur, Media Flips Lid, Crying 'Sexism'7/27/16PC, Media, Feminism
Facebook forbids the posting of links to the WikiLeaks data on leaked DNC e-mails. Continuing the Conservative Censorship 7/26/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Star Trek's, Zachary Quinto, said to Time magazine regarding Donald Trump's VP pick of Mike Pence that 'these two old white men, who represent everything that is negative in history' because white men represent everything negative in history; forget Western Civilization7/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Slate tells millennials to not let THEIR PARENTS watch Fox News. Block their channel if you can says the Liberal Cesspool7/24/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
VIDEO: Twitter Suspends Conservative Breitbart Contributor Account For Complaining About Getting Death Threats from a Black Muslim Man on Twitter 7/24/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Caught Censoring DNC Leaked e-mail Trending hashtag7/23/16Media, Liberal Bias,
BBC Scrubs the Muslim name from the Munich terrorist killer to make him look like he isn't Muslim 7/23/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Young Turks host Ana Kasparians calls Alex Jones a 'Fat F*ck' after making a name for herself fighting against 'fat shaming' 7/22/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC's 'The View' co-host Joy Behar likened the Republican Party’s platform to Hitler’s 'Mein Kampf'7/21/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Twitter Execs won't say whether they believe in Freedom of Speech or not 7/21/16Freedom, PC, Media
VIDEO: Members of the Young Turks have an absolute meltdown when confronted by Alex Jones and InfoWars 7/21/16Conservative, Video, Media
Ardent Liberal Comedian Jimmy Dore Spits in Alex Jones' face. Classy Liberals 7/21/16Perverse, Media,
Twitter Bans Mil forever because he violated the Twitter terms again for a scathing review of the new 'Ghostbusters Movie'7/20/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Michelle Malkin: The Left's Hypocrisy of the emotional tale of grieving moms who hate Hillary Clinton 7/20/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Truth about Milo and Twitter and how Leslie Jones incited targeted harrassment but Milo was banned 7/20/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberals show their true colors by ripping on Melania Trump's English at RNC speech7/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Media Paints Steve King as a Racist for Defending Western Civilization and Christianity 7/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
How to spot a Media Hoax 7/18/16Conservative, Media, HoaxFraud
Huffington Post says 'All Lives Matter' Millennials are America's Race Problem 7/17/16Race, PC, Media
Three Black Men Shot Live on Camera, Black Lives Matter Ignores7/14/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Pokémon Go, the mobile virtual reality game for smart phones has been dubbed a threat to black America, according to leftist media idiots7/13/16PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Newly released affidavit reveals reason cops shot Alton Sterling – if only the media had waited for facts 7/12/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The New York Times and the Leftist Media have Blood on their hands 7/12/16Race, Conservative, Media
CNN's Hill Goes Berzerk After Houck Recalls Blacks Commit More Crime. Despite Crime statistics showing this to be true, you can't say it, showing how difficult it is to have a conversation about race 7/11/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Black Lives Matter Mob curses, threatens to knock out Fox Reporter 7/11/16Race, Media,
Right on Cue: CNN Panelists Blame Guns for Dallas Massacre of Police Officers 7/8/16Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
So Far No Solidarity Hashtags for Fallen Police Officers, Twitter Rife With Calls to Kill Cops 7/8/16Race, Media,
Marvel Introduces Iron Man's Replacement: a Black Teenage Girl; making sure they're as diverse as possible7/6/16PC, Race, Media
Leftist Trash America on July 4th with #AmericaWasNeverGreat on Twitter7/4/16Patriotism, Media,
Vox explains why The American Revolution was a 'Mistake': Arguing Abolition would have come faster without independence, independence was bad for Native Americans, and America would have a better system of government if we’d stuck with Britain so we shouldn't celebrate the Fourth of July 7/4/16Media, Liberal Bias, Patriotism
VIDEO: Black teacher says all white people in Oklahoma should die -- Local news praises him for humility 7/4/16Race, Video, Liberal Bias
Illegal Immigrant shoots three people dead. Media ignores because he's an illegal immigrant 7/1/16Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
‘Rape culture hysteria’ is based on a ‘Big Lie’ that qualifies as hate speech: BOOK REVIEW7/1/16Education, HoaxFraud, Media
Buzzfeed Censors Rape Victim Because of Political Correctness and her opinion did not fit the Feminists narrative7/1/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
FCC, FEC Insiders Warn: Internet Regulations for Conservative Voices Very Near 6/30/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Democratic members of the FEC, voted to punish Fox News over criteria changes for the network’s first Republican presidential primary debate – but were blocked by Republican commissioner saying 'This is nothing short of censorship of news coverage, and it is wrong'6/30/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Washington Post tries to defense the Gender Wage Gap Myth by saying Surveys shouldn't believe Men because they lie. That's why it shows they work more and according to the Washington Post, that isn't true and so the Gender Wage Gap exists6/30/16Feminism, Economics, Media
Gay YouTube Star Fakes Hate Crime by injuring himself, blaming bigotry and police treating him like a second-class citizen. Turns out its another hoax6/29/16LGBT, Fraud, Media
9-Year old Autistic girl having surgery to remove breasts and become transgender after seeing a transgender boy on the TV show Degrassi. Leftists Transgender therapist of the girl gave her approval to have sugery after two meetings. Her mother can't do anything to stop her either, despite her unstable medical history. Just unbelievable 6/29/16LGBT, Media, Freedom
The Worst Smear Site in America: Southern Poverty Law Center, it's lies, it's promotion of 'hate' from opposition, and encouraging violence in retaliation to 'hate'6/29/16Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
CNN Headline Says Benghazi Report found 'no wrongdoing' of Hillary Clinton, despite it being a complete and total lie 6/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Why Our Leaders Won't Name the Enemy, Because it Would Destroy their False Case6/28/16Conservative, Liberal Bias, PC
GOP Benghazi report charges Obama-Clinton did nothing to save lives6/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Sneering NYT: ‘Fear That Brexit Has Given License to Xenophobia’ 6/28/16Islam, Immigration, Media
Facebook's Zuckerberg Rejects Walls for Others, Builds a 6-ft wall around his new Hawaii home for Himself6/28/16Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
16-year old black kid puts on brass knuckles and punches 12-year old white kid in the back of the head and continues to punch him on the ground. No media or race outrage whatsoever 6/28/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Newly Released Benghazi Info from Committee shows plenty of incompetance on Hillary Clinton that leftist still deny6/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Benghazi Panel Faults Hillary Clinton. Liberals still in denial 6/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
You won't be able to handle the level of idiocy that Leftists Diversity and Open Borders panels say out loud 6/28/16Liberal Bias, PC, Media
Left censorship is going from bad to worse. Massive rapes of Muslim women protected by media attacking Conservatives6/27/16Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
Hillary caught not turning over a critical e-mail that said she was hacked. Despite saying publicly they were never haked 6/27/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The Huffington Post is trying to convince people the Men can have Periods like women 6/24/16Feminism, PC, Media
Right on Cue: Media Liberals call 'Brexit' voters, racist xenophobes 6/24/16Islam, Immigration, Media
Vox Notes Cluelessness of Oxford Students on Brexit Vote. Exposing the 'bubble' that liberals live in that's detatched from the real world 6/24/16Media, Liberal Bias,
6 Radical, Crazy, Insane, Nutball, Liberal Things 6/24/16Conservative, Media, PC
NBC Producer calls the guy who tried to assasinate Trump, a 'good guy with a gun' because to the left, the ends always justify the means 6/23/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN’s Clinton Cash ‘Fact-Check’ Ends in Embarrassment for Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel6/23/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: CNN Host Stumped with Gun Facts 6/23/16Gun Control, Video, Media
UC Berkeley, CAIR label conservative outlets part of 'US Islamophobia Network'6/22/16Islam, Education, Media
VIDEO: Twin Falls Idaho Government leaders covering up the rape of a 13-year-old girl by Muslims 6/22/16Video, Media, Islam
CBS Ridiculed On Social Media Following Anti-Gun Segment 6/22/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
AUDIO Confirms the three Muslim Refugee Boys in Idaho raped a special needs 5-year-old girl. No feminsts or media outrage 6/22/16Islam, Immigration, Media
VIDEO: Facebook Censors a Post showing a Muslim threatening to sodomize a man and his mother 6/22/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
BLACK CONSERVATIVE GAY PATRIOT banned from Facebook for posting this pro-Trump video6/22/16Race, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The Insidious Power of the Media Disinformation Campaign for Hillary Clinton 6/21/16Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
Liberal Site Vox Becomes Internet Laughingstock After Writing About ‘Grenade Launcher’ Mod to AR-15 6/21/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
DOJ replaces the word 'Allah' with 'God' in Orlando Muslim shooters 9-1-1 transcript 6/20/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
New Study shows the Liberal Media Dedicates 4x Coverage of Trump Controversies than Hillary Clinton Scandals 6/20/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro goes off on Trevor Noah after Orlando attack about Gun Control 6/17/16Gun Control, Conservative, Video
Reddit Will Adjust Algorithm To Censor Trump Supporters Following Orlando Shootings 6/16/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Google deletes Conservative Harper web results upon Liberals request6/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The Orlando Shooter said he did it for 'ISIS' but the New York Times can't figure that out, blaming Conservatives without using the word 'Islam' in the entire piece6/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Facebook threatens to suspend the Women for Trump Facebook Page for 'offensive posts' because liberals have been reporting them for posting videos from Fox News to shut their page down 6/15/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Exposed: Society of Professional Journalists 'Guidebook' on Spinning Islamic Terror Stories in the Media 6/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
New York Times advocates Congress secretly suspending American's Second Amendment rights 6/14/16Gun Control, Media, Freedom
Egregious: MSM Went Out of Their Way to Blame Whites, Guns but Never Islam 6/14/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Two Lesbians Trying to Force Queer Relationships on their Son6/14/16LGBT, Video, Media
Reddit caught censoring discussions about the Orlando gay bar shooting 6/13/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
New York Daily blames NRA for Orlando Shooting, not radical Islam ofcourse 6/13/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
ABC Blames the Orlando Terrorist Shooting on the Election Rhetoric and Guns in America, not Islam ofcourse 6/12/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Liberal journalist from Esquire visits the border. Comes backand writes an article saying 'Trump is right' we need a border wall 6/10/16Immigration, Video, Media
The lawyers’ association to which Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs was co-founded by a man who publicly bragged about Hispanics taking over California and all of the state’s governmental institutions–and insisted that whites should go back to Europe 6/9/16Immigration, Media, Liberal Bias
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Leftist Wishes Murder on Republican Lawmakers 6/9/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Tax-Funded Government News Agency Campaigning Against Trump 6/9/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Ann Coulter: You Can’t Say 'Mexican Judge', but You Can Sure Say 'White Jury'! 6/9/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Proof Google is Manipulating Search Results to favor Hillary Clinton 6/9/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Video
Huffington Post Advocates Violence against Trump supporters writing: 'Violent resistance matters. Riots can lead to major change' 6/8/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Another Bogus Liberal 'study' supposedly proves most male college athletes are rapists. Staying true to the Feminists agenda 6/8/16Feminism, Freedom, Liberal Bias
No, half of college athletes are not rapists you Feminists Fascists 6/7/16Feminism, Liberal Bias, Media
Creator of the cartoon 'Dilbert' says he's publicly supporting Hillary Clinton out of fear for his own safety, like many others are going to do 6/6/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
Buzzfeed cancels RNC ads on their media property because they say Donald Trump is racist. They also noted that this won't effect their coverage of the election, which is laughable6/6/16Media, Liberal Bias, PC
DISH Network drops Conservative news channel from it's network that doesn't demand any fees from DISH, but dropped them because they're Conservative 6/6/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Andrea Mitchell Blames Donald Trump for the violence and eggings at Trump Rallies in San Jose 6/5/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Vox Media says supporters of Donald Trump will continue to be menaced at campaign rallies because their Democrat assailants view Trump as 'an existential threat'6/3/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
A mob of Mexican protesters outside Donald Trump rally in San Jose, physically assault a female Trump supporter, and pelting her with eggs. Media still not covering it 6/3/16Freedom, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Katie Couric's 'Gun Documentary' director said that the producer was able to get a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns in less than four hours and without a background check and 'it's perfectly legal', but it turns out, it's not legal at all 6/3/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Mashable BANS Anti-Socialism Crowder Video. "Fair Use" Abuse 6/2/16Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
MTV has become a Democratic cess pool of pushing liberal agenda's on young people6/1/16Media, Liberal Bias, Conservative
New EU IT Facebook Code colluding tocontrol messaging about open borders and globalist organization 6/1/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Washington Post tries to stop Trump by arguing North Korea wants him to win5/31/16Media, Liberal Bias,
ESPN Columnists says we should get rid of the singing of the 'National Anthem' before sporting events5/29/16Patriotism, Media,
ISIS sex slaves being sold on Facebook for $8,000 but Facebook is busy censoring Conservatives5/29/16Islam, Media,
Study says 50% of 'misogynistic tweets are actually posted by women5/26/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
ISIS jihadist has been allowed to spew violent hatred on Twitter for 6 MONTHS without being banned while the social media giant censors conservatives for their political opinions5/26/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
The Huffington Post writes article about how Bernie Sanders is only relevant because liberal men are sexist. Writing 'The Bernie vs. Hillary Battle All Boils Down to Sexism'5/26/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook Community page touts the health benefits of female genital mutiliation. Feminists aren't concerned with this. Too busy attacking men and conservatives5/26/16Media, Feminism, Islam
How the left bought the media to lie and sell the Iran deal 5/26/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
New 'Captain America' comics depicts those opposing Muslim migrants to Nazis5/25/16Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
Katie Couric gun-control documentary edited out the gun advocates responses. Instead she put in out of context silences to make it look like they had no answer to her questions, when what really happened was they immediately responded for 4 minutes, but was never included in the documentary and was edited that way to make gun advocates look stupid5/25/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Robert Spencer on CAIR's Promotion of Hate Crime Hoaxes5/24/16Islam, Conservative, Video
We need to start prosecuting 'hate crime' hoaxes. It's happening too much5/23/16Conservative, Media,
New David Banner rap video shows white police officer being tortured and hanged, but they have a disclaimer it's not to incite violence so it's cool5/23/16Race, Media,
Huffington Post applauds Muslims women calling her a 'Peace Activist' only to find out later that she hates jews with all her black heart. HuffPo did it again!5/22/16Media, Islam,
ESPN trying to shame the Washington Redskins is media elitism at its finest5/22/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Despite what the media tells you, two-thirds of America are against Obama's Tranny Bathroom coercion5/22/16Obama, LGBT, Media
Al qaeda calls 'Clock Boy' an 'Inspiration'5/21/16Islam, Media,
Espn analyst declares Native Americans are too stupid to know that the Washington Redskins name is 'racist'5/21/16Race, Media, PC
Media headline reports two lesbians were arrested for kissing in public, but the left out the part about being arrested for attacking a police officer was why they were arrested5/21/16Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
VIDEO: The sad truth of the left painting opposition to Islamic radicals as 'bigotry'5/20/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Google honors Maoist who admired Osama Bin Laden5/19/16Socialism, Media,
Black girl beats on white student while saying 'remember your mother f**king skintone' and the media is completely silent. What would this look like if it was the other way around5/19/16Race, Socialism, Media
Charlotte Observer says girls need to overcome the discomfort of seeing male genitals in their locker rooms5/19/16LGBT, Media, Freedom
Black high school student attacks white teacher on video. No racist protests for this one5/19/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Huffington Post publishing a series of articles trying to convince Christians to give up to Islam5/19/16Media, Islam, Christianity
Leftist media outlet Salon continues pushing for sympathy and compassion for pedophilia5/18/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Seth Meyers says not letting boys use girls bathrooms is like Jim Crow laws5/18/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
The Media is ignoring a major part of the Facebook scandal. They aren't just censoring Conservative articles in trending stories. Facebook censors individual member pages, blogs, smaller media outlets, and discussion groups reflecting a conservative point of view5/18/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Post says Jesus was the first 'transgender man' and tries to argue that's why letting males in girls bathrooms is okay5/18/16Christianity, Media, LGBT
2009 memo shows how Hillary Clinton leverages shows like Oprah, Ellen, and 'The View' to promote her agenda, because she connects better with low information voters5/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Buzzfeed anti-Trump story proven a hoax. The Liberal media is at its lying ways again5/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Black Iowa student who claimed he was attacked without provocation and chanting racial slurs while beating him up that causes outcry on Iowa campus turns out to be another hate crime hoax. Video footage shows him being the aggressor in multiple fights after being kicked out of a bar. How many hoaxes does it take5/17/16Race, Education, Media
The Media: One of Hillary Clinton's last ally's5/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Why the New York Times went after Trump over sex allegations but ignored Bill Clinton's long list of sexual allegations from women5/17/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Congressman: Classified Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation how incompetant Obama handled the situation5/16/16Islam, Obama, Media
The Obama administration won't let Ben Rhodes testify on the deception of the Iran Deal because it will make Obama look like the liar he is5/16/16Obama, Islam, Media
My Conservative page got blocked by Facebook 5/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
30 little boys raped by Muslim men in Turkish refugee camp. Doesn't bother liberals at all5/14/16Islam, Media, Immigration
Katie Couric just decides to make up that the majority of gun owners want more gun control5/13/16Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Social Justice Warriors attack UCLA students after they hold signs saying there are only two genders, male and female5/11/16Education, LGBT, Media
Check out how the Left-Wing Media distorts what's going on in North Carolina with the ridiculous headlines condemning the 'Transphobic' bathroom law that says boys have to use boys bathrooms5/10/16Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Facebook manually inserted Black Lives Matter into 'trending' news feeds to artificially boost the movements popularity5/9/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
How the Media selectively filters out the pictures of Islam's brutal genocide against Christians to protect Muslims5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Government officials are exploring ways they can regulate online free speech, especially regarding political matters5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
More e-mails show how CNN worked with Hillary Clinton to promote her priorities5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Curt Schilling says ESPN only tells Conservatives not to share their political opinions5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Even the New York Times confesses there is tremendous 'liberal intolerance' at Universities5/9/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Jennifer Lopez releases new feminist video playing various 'oppressed' women roles because America is so horrible to women apprently5/6/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
The new Ghostbusters trailer with an all-female cast breaks the record for most dislikes on YouTube. And leftists are blaming misogyny for not liking it5/5/16Feminism, Media,
Obama foreign policy guru brags about how the administration lied to sell the Iran deal5/5/16Obama, Media,
Here's how the Left-Wing Media has created the outcry for the North Carolina LGBT bathroom bill requiring boys to use the boys bathroom only5/5/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Former Facebook newsfeed cuator explains that Facebook deliberately suppresses Conservative news sites5/4/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Liberal Media puts out ad about how oppressing it is to not allow men into women's bathrooms5/3/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Three black women indicted for being the aggressors in an altercation they claimed to be racially targeted. Media enjoyed the riots that came after the fake incident5/3/16Education, Race, Media
Gay Lobby Demands more Gay Movie Characters even though they are already OVER-REPRESENTED by 460% 5/3/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
The Left's Thought-Fascism hits ESPN5/2/16Freedom, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC show has a terrorist shout 'Make America Great Again' before murdering someone, as to depict Trump is going to cause mass murder or something5/2/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Over 100 fake hate crime hoaxes in the past decade explains how the left will cheat to win5/2/16PC, Freedom, Media
Hillary Clinton claimed to be a person of faith lol. Liberal Publication ThinkProgress writes Hillary Clinton Is Now The Most Religious Candidate Running For President 5/2/16Clinton, Christianity, Media
ESPN filters Curt Schillings 'bloody sock' Game 6 performance from Boston Red Sox documentary because he doesn't want boys to use the girls bathroom4/30/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
After major backlash, Will Ferrell backs out of Ronald Reagan satire making fun of him with Alzheimers4/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan with Alzheimers in disgraceful Conservative bashing comedy4/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Times openly ignores the long list of incidents of men dressing up as women and invading women's bathrooms 4/28/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
Left-Wing Media outlet Salon accidentally admits that the mainstream media works to manipulate public opinion4/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
The State department can't keep track of their cover--ups in Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal4/26/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Racist drawing on school whiteboard of black person hanging from a noose with the N-word next to it with a #whitepower, turns out to be another hate crime hoax and was drawn by two black students4/26/16Race, Education, Liberal Bias
LGBT community losing support for NC bathroom law4/22/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
VIDEO: Liberals have made hate fashionable. Conservatives need to start spending to counter their media narrative instead of just ignoring them4/22/16Conservative, Video, Media
Southwest passenger who was kicked off plane for alledgedly speaking arabic and thus, was a case of 'Islamaphobia' actually was making threatening remarks says passenger who overheard the altercation that speaks arabic4/20/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
The Media celebrates an anti-Donald Trump rap video that openly advocates for murdering Trump and promoting violence against Trump supporters4/19/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Hillary Clinton camp says she's unpopular because she's a woman and it has nothing to do with her being a liar4/18/16Feminism, Liberal Bias, Media
The Left-Wing Media bubble may be bursting4/16/16Media, Conservative,
New documents released show that Hillary lied about Benghazi and the State Department covered it up4/15/16Liberal Bias, Media,
Facebook employees colluding to stop Donald Trump. Discuss filtering newsfeeds to keep him away from users4/15/16Freedom, Liberal Bias, Media
VIDEO: Muslim Students attack Canadian school children and liberal media deletes the story4/15/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg blasts Trump's border wall proposition, despite having 16 securities guard protecting his security 24 hours a day4/14/16Immigration, Media,
Major Newspaper censors story about two Muslims who choked a girl with a chain while shouting 'Muslims rule the world' in a shocking example of politically correct-driven censorship4/11/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Obama's willing executioners in the media. So many scandals by Obama, yet the media rarely ever pay any attention to cover for him4/9/16Media, Obama,
VIDEO: Liberal tyrants imprisoning Conservative media bit by bit4/7/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Female rapper takes to twitter to call for the gang-rape of Sarah Palin and feminists have no problem with it4/5/16Race, Liberal Bias, Feminism
VIDEO: CNN host gets upset when the story of Hillary Clinton on tape laughing about a pedophile rapist she helped become innocent as a lawyer back in 1975; despite her being on tape laughing about it4/5/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Media headlines story of Muslim woman who was run over with car by 'right-wing' anti-Muslim protesters. But then the driver turns out to be Muslim and not 'right-wing'...Bias anyone?4/4/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
How Marissa Mayer choose Kim Kardashians Ass and overpaid New York Times and Time Inc writers to officially sink Yahoo4/4/16Media, ,
Leftist are upset about a new medal giving to military members fighting ISIS because its insensitive to Muslims4/2/16Media, Islam, PC
Despite the WaPo's claims, the Baby Boomers retiring is Not the reason for the drop in the labor workforce. It's actually the labor rate of people age (25-54) that have dropped the most4/2/16Obama, Media, Liberal Bias
Report claims that those who are educated are doing great in the recovery. But the actual statistics say the rate has remained unchanged and even dropped for people with only some college4/1/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Esquire does a piece on some gender androgony person who isn't a 'him' or a 'her' also pointing out the World Health Orgranization doesn't discuss biology when defining male or female. Another example of scientific corruption3/31/16Feminism, PC, Media
HuffPo Muslim justifies Islamic Terrorism and Murder. Also challenges anyone to find 10 quotes in the Quran that justify murder. It didn't take long to find 10 and here they are3/30/16Islam, Media,
Liberal Media ponders the question 'Can white people be victims of hate crimes?'. The obvious answer is yes, but liberals having to think about says a lot about how warped they are3/30/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
MSNBC says Hillary shouldn't be prosecuted because she's running for President, saying there's a higher bar for her as opposed to the rest of us when it comes to crimes3/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Times says there's no common profiile for terrorist making it hard to identify them with no single profile. Despite the single common indicator is Islam3/28/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
How the bias leftist Media tried to ignore the Clinton e-mail scandal 3/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Column claims that while black and latinos are getting screwed they are remaining calm while whites are getting radical. Forgetting the Black lives matter movement and riots in Ferguson and Baltimore among others. That's calm?3/28/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
New York Times is upset that Trump puts America first over other countries because that's not nice or PC to say3/27/16Media, Liberal Bias,
A Comprehensive overview of how the Clinton E-mail scandal went down3/27/16Media, Liberal Bias,
HuffPo says North Carolina bill making people use the bathrooms of their biological sex is a win for bigots3/26/16Media, Feminism, LGBT
The New York Times idiocy of the minimum wage3/26/16Media, Economics,
Eastern African Immigrant fakes a Pro-Trump vandalizing 'hate crime.' Another hate crime Hoax3/26/16HoaxFraud, Media,
Here's what the NBA doesn't want you to know about it's boycotting of North Carolina over the LGBT bathroom bill3/25/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
The Left, not Donald Trump, are the real racial arsonists3/24/16Conservative, Race, Media
Black guy slashes woman's neck with a knife solely because she's white and white people are responsible for 'the system'. No riots. No media attention for this 100% racially motivated crime3/22/16Race, Media,
Buzzfeed pushes article celebrating fatness and obesity. Promoting a young, obese, girl who is 'courageous' for showing off her belly in public and refuses to be 'fat shamed'. Good health is now discriminatory3/22/16PC, Media,
Sportscenter Tweets praise for Fidel Castro, ignoring all his history of murder and dictatorship because he likes sports3/21/16Media, Liberal Bias, Socialism
VIDEO: Who's to blame for Media violence? Al Shaprton delivers cop killing rant 3/21/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Fact-Checking 10 Lies You Were Told about Islam (Part 3)3/18/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
California College student who stabbed four students was a radical muslim. Media won't call it terrorism3/17/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Vox Gun Control video completely debunked3/17/16Gun Control, Video, Media
Trump and the Left's false accusations of Fascism and Obama's failed foreign policy3/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Obama
Fact-Checking the New York Times bias and misleading claims about the 'success' of Obamacare3/16/16Healthcare, Media, Liberal Bias
House votes 393 to 0 that ISIL is committing Christian 'Genocide'. The media and Obama admin still won't call it Genocide3/15/16Media, Christianity, Islam
Media refuses to mention liberal megadonor George Soros is funding Chicago riots3/15/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
California KKK leader endorses Hillary Clinton. Still awaiting the media backlash3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Crazy MSNBC host says her firing was ofcourse, racist3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Liberal Media CNN gives the crazy arrested Trump protest attacker a voice because he is so great3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Chicago Police officer says the Trump rioters were much more aggressive than media reported3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Media blames Trump for Chicago riots by a rate of 15-to-13/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
ABC working hard to make Republicans look cold and ruthless in fictional show3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Fact-Checking 10 Lies You Were Told about Islam (Part 2)3/12/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Media asks people to refuse sex to anyone who would vote for Trump. Tolerance?3/11/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Gay activists protesting movie that depicts gay marriage families negatively3/11/16LGBT, Freedom, Media
Liberals claiming only 6% of terrorist attacks are done by Muslims. That couldn't be farther from the truth and here's why3/11/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Fact-Checking 10 Lies You Were Told about Islam (Part 1)3/11/16Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Lesbian professor punches herself in the face and reports it as a 'hate crime' that she got punched at a Toby Keith concert for being gay. Another hate crime hoax3/11/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Calling Trump a fascist makes people not understand what fascism is3/10/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Media Blames Fox News, Right-Wingers, for Hillary Clinton's trust issues3/8/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: CNN compares Trump's camp to the rise of ISIS. Liberal Intolerance strikes again3/8/16Liberal Bias, Media, Video
We told you gay marriage was a slippery slope. Pedophilia, and incest has already been defended by media. Now it's polygamy3/8/16Media, LGBT, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MTV releases video scolding men for being male3/8/16Feminism, PC, Video
California tells Supreme Court illegal immigration is making the state stronger, despite not paying taxes and receiving benefits3/8/16Immigration, Media,
Backlash of Caitlyn Jenner's support of Ted Cruz shows liberals are the real bigots3/7/16Conservative, Media, Feminism
Cnn Commentator says Trump will suspend Habeas Corpus and start internmant camps3/7/16Media, ,
Media Falsifies Trump rally Nazi salute3/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Even the Washington Post admits, Hillary sent classified e-mails herself3/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Backlash of Caitlyn Jenners support of Ted Cruz shows liberals are the real bigots3/7/16LGBT, Media,
Meet the Anti-Religious Sitcom called 'The Real O'neal's bashing Catholics everywhere3/4/16Christianity, LGBT, Media
Media tells women to divorce their husband if they vote for Donald Trump3/3/16Media, Freedom, PC
Media scum Gawker point out Venezuela socialism is a disaster, but socialism is still good 3/2/16Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
Progressives-Just give up. Global Warming fallacy has been exposed with the new warming pause3/2/16Environmental, Media,
After black women create 'hate crime' hoax, professor says they are justified because they 'started a conversation about race'3/2/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Calling out the Global Warming 'Pause' deniers2/29/16Environmental, Media, Conservative
NYT reporter says 'F**K You to Secret Service agent, gets slamed. Says he never touched the agent, video proof shows he choked. Media still condemns2/29/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Even Liberal Media members are geetting worn out with Hollywood lectures on race, sexism, Climate Change2/29/16Media, PC,
Black Students at University at Trump ralley to protest are kicked out. Media claims they weren't doing anything and calls it racist2/29/16Media, Race, Education
Feminist Article talking about how 'empowering' it is to not shave your armpits2/26/16Media, Feminism,
Government frets over iphone while 100,000 Syrians enter U.S. 2/26/16Immigration, Media,
New York Times Columnist Jokes about assasinating Trump2/25/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Member of 'The View' says she'll leave the country if any Republican is "NOMINATED". Showing just how stupid media folks are2/25/16Media, Liberal Bias,
KKK Members found in Trump rally. Media outraged. However, it turns out they are black and trying to make Trump supporters look bad2/25/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Buzzfeed creates anti-white video to somehow promote racial equality. It's not racist to attack white people for their skin color2/24/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Snopes Tries to Rebut Woman Hitchhiked across Europe to prove Islam is nice but gets raped and murdered 2/23/16Islam, Violence, Media
Twitter bans Conservative accounts, keeps #KillDonaldTrump because that's not 'hatespeech' apparently2/22/16Freedom, Media,
Huffington Post pushing for Slavery Reparations2/22/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
New York Times suggest Climate Change could cause Contagious Cancer2/22/16Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Liberals, Media, lie saying Bush lied about WMD's in Iraq. They all thought Iraq had them too. See statements2/21/16Media, Misc,
How should a Feminist Vote? Article headline unintentionally highlights the tribal voting of democrats & the inability to think for themselves2/19/16Liberal Bias, Media, Feminism
Media downplays and disguises Muslim women going to Jewish Synagogues & asking suspicious questions about when large crowds gather there2/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Liberal Media outlet says Millennials can relate to ISIS. We're not all that different see!2/19/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Cure for 'Islamophobia'? Fox Orders Pilot of Muslim Family Sitcom2/18/16Media, Islam, PC
New York Daily News front page calls Donald Trump the Anti-Christ2/18/16Media, Liberal Bias,
PBS Documentary on Black Panther Party removes all of their violence to make them look like good guys2/18/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Joy Behar: ‘Racist’ Senate Won’t Confirm Scalia Replacement Because of Obama’s ‘Color’2/17/16Race, Obama, Media
BLM Group Ambushes a Marine who served 8 years in Iraq. No Media calling for Hate Crime or any coverage at all2/17/16Race, Media,
Media outlet wondering if Obama is to blame to the enormous racial divide since his presidency. The answer is yes although they won't quite admit it2/17/16Media, Obama, Race
Liberal Media says the Pledge of Allegiance should be abolished. Calls it 'toxic' 2/17/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Banning and Targeting Conservatives is 'very real' says inside source2/16/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Media calls Justice Scalia "Judicial Terrorist'2/16/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Washington Post Says Being Nicer To Muslims Will Stop Islamic Terrorism2/12/16Media, Islam, PC
Media Criticized Navy SEALS for Shooting Osama Bin Laden Too Many Times2/12/16Media, ,
New ABC show 'Blackish' blames white people for number of blacks that can't swim2/11/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Story about Oakland Tech growth, but media headline says 'Oakland Teen Develops App to Combat POLICE BRUTALITY'2/11/16Media, Race,
Hillary campaign blatantly black-mailing the media & the media happy to comply…2/10/16Media, ,
Media says women should lecture their men about owning a gun2/10/16Media, PC, Liberal Bias
News Network Al-Jazeera, admits to editing out segments that depicted Muhammad negatively 2/8/16Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Liberals "expose" Peyton Manning donated to a Republican; so you should hate him….tolerance anyone?2/6/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Mass Stabbings in Chicago; Liberal Media silent on calls for knife control or BLM protest2/6/16Media, PC,
Feminists have a conniption because someone publicized the 'he said' side of a major 'he said-she said' rape claim that shows 'Mattress Girl' is making it up2/5/16Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Media: Asking people who go to the same school & have the same last name is now racist2/3/16Media, Race,
No, Washington Post, D.C. Snowstorms are not because of climate change2/3/16Media, Media, Freedom
Right on Queue: CNN says criticism of Hilary is sexist2/2/16Media, ,
NBC Comedy suggest Jesus was gay2/2/16Media, Media,
Media portrays groups fighting for women against Muslim immigrants as 'far-right' radicals1/31/16Media, ,
Time Magazine says Lena Dunham's body is 'iconic'; her fatness is perfect for the new Barbie1/31/16Media, PC,
Huffington Post says Christians should just accept Muhammad as a prohpet1/30/16Media, Islam, Christianity
Internet goes crazy over husband posting picture of wife's 'period outfit'...feminists flip out1/29/16Media, Media,
ESPN Bomani Jones on Cam Newton Bashing: Simple Reality the Country Does Not Like Black People Very Much 1/29/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
HuffPo mandates Trump be called a 'liar' 'racist' or 'xenophobe' in every post1/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
HuffPo writes about how Christianity should accept Muhammed as a prophet1/28/16Media, Christianity,
Pro Refugee Celebrity dared to spend 7 days with refugees with no guards1/28/16Immigration, Islam,
Media says Trump is exposing conservative movement; GOP will die after everyone finds out1/27/16Media, Liberal Bias,
ABC avoids Hillary Clinton challenger at rally1/26/16Media, ,
Article implies Einstein was product of white privilege with headline1/26/16Media, Race,
Liberal Media mad that Corporations are donating water to Flint water crisis1/26/16Media, ,
Reddit Moderators Screen and remove story of female killed by refugee in europe1/25/16Media, Islam, Freedom
Democrats cry 'racism' after Obama is called a child1/25/16Media, Liberal Bias, Media
Liberals say trans people get periods too; bigoted to say only women get periods1/24/16Media, Feminism,
Media: Enforcing laws against public uriniation is racist1/24/16Media, ,
White people can't talk about 'white privilege'; it only makes it worse1/22/16Media, Race, Liberal Bias
15yr old stabbed to death for protecting girl against refugee sexual assault; media silence1/19/16Media, Media,
Professors admit U of Louisville promoting liberal agenda1/18/16Media, Media, Education
How Twitter made ISIS recuriting possible1/16/16Media, Islam,
Liberals say Benghazi soldiers are all liars1/14/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Hollywood follows Obama's gun control script1/13/16Media, Gun Control,
Media claims Trump bigger threat than ISIS1/1/16Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN newscaster shocked to learn Bill Clinton has 14 sexual assault accusers12/31/15Media, ,
Salon article condeming Islamaphobia arsen attack on Mosque, but perpetrator is Muslim12/30/15Media, HoaxFraud,
Media says not paying College Athletes is because of racial prejudice12/30/15Media, Race, Education
USC professor says Trump supporters are the least educated12/29/15Media, Education,
Atheist Mega-Donor Geroge Soros: talking bad about Islam is playing into hands of Islamist12/29/15Media, Media,
Forbes says GOP is responsible for Christian Persecution in Middle East12/26/15Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Huffington Posts advocates Christians stop using Christmas Lights 12/25/15Media, Christianity,
ABC to glorify Gay Rights movement in documentary12/22/15Media, LGBT,
CNN Report compares Muslim migrants to Jesus Christ12/22/15Media, Christianity, Freedom
How the Secular movement is destroying our values12/22/15Media, Freedom,
How Twitter protects feminists but ignores ISIS12/15/15Media, Islam,
New research paper shows the Climate Computer Models have been very different from the Climate that we've seen and the computer models have been wrong A LOT 12/15/15Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Esquire: What Your Favorite Cities Will Look Like if We Do Nothing About Climate Change. More Climate Propaganda12/10/15Environmental, HoaxFraud, Media
CAIR Director says U.S. is partially to blame for San Bernardino jihad shootings12/4/15Islam, Media,
Liberals attack Christian call to 'pray for victims' of San Bernadino12/3/15Media, Christianity,
Media Leftists blame Republicans for San Bernadino shooting; not Islam12/3/15Media, ,
Article says most mass shooting are by white men….yet it is not true12/2/15Media, Gun Control, Freedom
How Bernie Sanders has already won (according to the media)12/2/15Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN Says Anti Abortion Rhetoric causes violence 12/1/15Abortion, Violence, Liberal Bias
Liberal Media can't stop saying Trump is like Hitler; forget Hitler was a radical leftist11/30/15Media, Conservative,
New York Magazine says a large number of college men are capable of rape 11/24/15Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tried to use a Bible passage to argue in favor of Obama's Syrian refugee policy 11/22/15Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Liberals say we can defeat ISIS with niceness11/21/15Media, Islam,
Whoppi Goldberg says Hitler was a Christian; despite enormous evidence to contrary11/18/15Media, Christianity, Freedom
Washington Post: its time to 'eradicate religion'11/16/15Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
It turns out Gawker has a Gender-Wage Gap11/16/15Feminism, Economics, Media
Huffington Post likes double standards just fine when they hurt presumptively innocent men, not when they favor them 11/12/15Media, Liberal Bias, PC
UC Berkeley Dems to frame GOP as racist during Tuesday's debate11/8/15Media, Education,
LA Times mocks Houston voters who 'believed' they were fighting for religious liberty11/4/15Media, LGBT, Freedom
Black man arrested for setting black churches on fire; another racism hoax11/2/15Media, Liberal Bias,
College Student launches hunger strike over Planned Parenthood contract cancellation11/2/15Media, Race, Education
Al Jazeera staffers admit its a propaganda mouthpiece…10/30/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Will Smith's son compared himself to Galileo for wearing women's dresses; media applauds10/21/15Media, PC,
Dan Rather: Still Wrong After All These Years about 'RatherGate' 10/19/15Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN piece: Shame people for using 'he' or 'she' instead of gender neutral pronoun 'ze'10/15/15LGBT, Media, PC
Shoddy Journalism caused GamerGate10/13/15Media, Feminism, Liberal Bias
Another Liberal Media Outlet Claims Colleges are covering up epic numbers of rape reports; except they aren't and the author is a retard10/13/15Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Salon blames Oregon shooting on 'traditional masculinity' 10/9/15Media, Liberal Bias, PC
California schools 'bring your bible to school day' faces discrimination backlash10/8/15Media, Media,
Muslim Immigrant rapes 10-yr old Minnesota girl; media refuses to call him an immigrant10/8/15Media, Immigration, Islam
Vox puts out ridiculously misleading gun statistics. Don't mention that 80% of gun related deaths in America are gang-related and not law abiding citizens 10/3/15Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Media Pedophile author says Republicans are 'real monsters' not pedophiles10/1/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Salon writer: 'I would Engage in Sex Play with a child…I would never deny that' 10/1/15Media, LGBT,
The Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys and Why the grim portrait painted by the new AAU study does not reflect reality. 9/29/15Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
VIDEO The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia9/22/15Media, Video, LGBT
Another college rape scare survey that is not reliable but pushed by the Leftist Media 9/22/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Media says people should be more tolerant of child molesters9/21/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Salon writer okays pedophilia 9/21/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Ahmed's clock false racism probe; kid did not invent clock, designed to look like bomb to get attention9/19/15Media, Race, Education
Media member confesses Liberal bias9/18/15Media, ,
The institutionalized hostility to the rights of college men is not a 'war on men,' clucks female writer9/16/15Freedom, Education, Feminism
STUDY: Liberals swear more on Twitter than right wingers. 2 of the top 10 words used by liberals are shit and fuck. For Conservatives its God and Psalm9/16/15Media, Perverse,
ABC Bans American Flag Pens and other Patriotic paraphernalia9/15/15Patriotism, Media,
Media supports confessed pedophile and racist; because she's a trans-feminist9/12/15Media, ,
Media suggest Kim Davis should be 'burned at the stake' 9/10/15Media, LGBT,
VIDEO: The Truth about the Migrant Crisis9/7/15Media, Video, Islam
Notice all the mega-hurricanes since Katrina? Me neither. Media mum on their 2005 doomsday projections.9/5/15Environmental, Conservative,
Study manipulates data to provide false conclusion Catholics support gay marriage8/30/15Media, LGBT, Freedom
Media outlet refuses to call cop killer 'black'; instead: 'Dark-Complexioned Male'8/29/15Media, Race,
Ohio University student Rachel Baker plans to retweet the names of the presumptively innocent accused of sexual harassment8/28/15Education, Freedom, Feminism
VIDEO: how the Left took hollywood8/26/15Media, Video, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Katrina Anniversary: Media's 10 Most Outlandish Hurricane Predictions Full of Hot Air8/26/15Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Media: White Masculinity and Conservativism are killing us all8/2/15Media, Feminism,
Feminist says 'who cares' if the UVA frat members were harmed by the Rolling Stone story--the 'Jackie' lie served a greater purpose 7/30/15Feminism, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Author: everything is white people's fault; and 9/11 first responders are 'menaces of nature'7/22/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Oxford Study: Republicans are smarter than Democrats and the media surely hasn't reported it7/22/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Salon says Conservative hosts get people murdered7/15/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Gay man in Utah reports to police he was beaten up for being gay and 'die fag' was written on his arm, yet its found out that it was another 'hate crime' HOAX, and he did this to himself7/11/15LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
New MTV show publicly shames white people for 'what they have done to America'7/9/15Media, Race,
Washington Post mocks religious freedom, Christianity7/7/15Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Society gets more outraged over rape lies that are politically incorrect than rape lies that aren't 7/1/15Conservative, HoaxFraud, Media
Media publication bans views against gay marriage6/28/15Media, LGBT, Freedom
Time Magazine advocates ending tax exemptions for religious institutions6/28/15Media, Christianity, Freedom
Muslims toss 4 homosexuals of building; not a word from liberal media6/27/15Media, Islam, LGBT
CNN Thinks its Time to Take Down Thomas Jefferson Memorial; citing racism6/24/15Remove History, PC, Media
Huffington Post says Confederate Flag supporters are racists and traitors6/24/15Media, Race,
CNN says Confederate Flag incites violence after massacre 6/24/15Remove History, Violence, Liberal Bias
Media blames all white people for Charleston shooting6/18/15Media, Race,
71% of MSNBC Viewers Agree -- You Can Be Black if You Want6/17/15Race, Media, PC
The Hunting Ground's Amy Ziering: '92% to 98% of people who report rape are telling the truth.'. Despite there is no evidence anywhere of that statement being supported 6/16/15Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
FLASHBACK: ABC's ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015 6/12/15Environmental, Media, HoaxFraud
Its time for socialism in the US6/8/15Media, Socialism, Freedom
Journalists call opinions against Caitlyn Jenner stupid & wrong6/4/15Media, Feminism, Liberal Bias
New York Times changes immigration tune after being saved from bankruptcy by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Helu6/1/15Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
Science Journal has to retract study that didn't paint gays in positive light5/26/15Media, LGBT, PC
NY Times: Importance of Mothers & Fathers is an 'absurdity'5/25/15Media, LGBT,
Article pretending to be objective quickly reveals itself to be yet another tired piece advocating that we should just believe rape accusers and stop getting so hung up over fairness for the accused. Says due process for accused men is 'subtle misogny'5/18/15Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Media says The GOP hates anyone that isn't male and white5/8/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Media Muslim Darling: Garling 'should be tried and executed' for Muhammad cartoon5/7/15Media, Islam,
NY Times: "Free Speech Aside" demonstrates massive level of media hypocricy5/4/15Media, Islam,
Hate Network: Five Times CNN Whipped Up Violence In Baltimore5/4/15Media, Race, Violence
VIDEO: Progressives & Liberal Media lie a lot, Sarah Silverman's lie, Virginia Rape, Memories Pizza etc5/1/15Conservative, Video, Media
Multiple White Reporters punched covering Baltimore riots; Media silent on reverse hate crime4/28/15Media, Race,
Columnists reject 'All Lives Matter'4/24/15Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Madonna gets blasted by gays for Margaret Thatcher post4/21/15Media, Abortion,
Politico says GOP supporting religious liberty is political suicide4/10/15Media, Christianity, Freedom
The UVA Fiasco and 'Believe the Survivor' Syndrome. Mattress girl colluded with the two other accusers prior to any of them filing charges against the alledged rapist4/10/15Media, Feminism, Conservative
UVA retracts debunked rape scandal4/5/15Media, Education, Liberal Bias
Charles Barkley says religious freedom and bible is about discrimination4/3/15Media, Christianity,
MSNBC cuts microphone on opposition4/1/15Media, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Disney launching pilot show about Gay Bully Dan Savage3/30/15Media, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Gay Rights is destroying common sense3/22/15Media, Media, Freedom
HuffPo says Christian's should support Satanic statue at Oklahoma statehouse3/8/15Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Things a 'god guy' would never do written by some feminist3/7/15Media, Feminism, Liberal Bias
MSNBC still failing attempt to move away from 'left tv'2/23/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Media says Chapel Hill shooters leftist ideology is not important2/15/15Media, LGBT, Freedom
New York Times writer Jessica Valenti tries to justify her hostility to due process for men with a rationale that doesn't hold water 2/12/15Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Cracked Defends Pedophilia by writing 5 Ways We Misunderstand Pedophilia (That Makes it Worse)2/8/15Media, Violence, PC
Some Chilling Facts about 'Mattress Girl' makes it appear she made the whole thing up 2/3/15Education, Feminism, HoaxFraud
Former editorial page editor of the school's student newspaper, the Columbia Spectator, admits that the campus news media didn't cover Mattress Girl's story impartially, critically, or thoroughly. But goes out of his way to wave his PC credentials to avoid that excoriation he seems to dread. So in the end he was wrong, but still right, somehow2/3/15Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Michelle Obama praises Hollywood for promotion of gay marriage1/31/15Media, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Obama calls homosexuality a 'lifestyle choice'; media completely silent1/24/15Media, LGBT, Obama
Danish Newspaper won't reprint cartoons; admitting Muslim 'violence works'1/9/15Media, Islam,
Twitter bans #womenagainstfeminism hashtag; #KillAllMen still okay12/31/14Media, Freedom, Feminism
Online site changes headline of republican hating article12/18/14Media, ,
Eight campus rape hoaxes eerily similar to the University of Virginia rape hoax12/14/14Media, Education, Feminism
Feminist journalist thinks women wrapping Christmas presents is oppressive12/10/14Media, Feminism,
Students challenge Rolling Stones false Virginia rape story12/10/14Media, Education, Feminism
Washington Post argues to believe the Rape victim no matter what the evidence says. Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist 12/6/14Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Feminists fighting to show nipples on Instagram; screening women's nipples is oppressive11/21/14Media, Feminism,
Ny Times: word 'illegal immigrant' was made by anti-immigrant groups; but Times used it 3,000+ times before 199011/17/14Media, Freedom,
The Progressive's War on the Stay at Home Mom11/4/14Media, Feminism,
Immigrant charged with raping University of Delaware student; media only interested in white male college rape cases11/3/14Media, Education,
Obama is the most racist president in United States history11/3/14Obama, Media,
Liberal media tries to normalize Lena Dunham's rape of younger sister11/1/14Media, Feminism, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Lies of Ferguson10/28/14Media, Race, Video
Vox: 'Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards convict young men of sexual assault for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that’s necessary for the law’s success'. Translation: it's cool of innocent men are punished if it means the advancement of Feminism10/13/14Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
Race Baiting MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry was born into a White Mormon Family 10/1/14Race, Media,
Failed war on poverty redefined as success by the Media9/20/14Media, Conservative, Economics
Liberals fight against poverty and its 50 years of failure9/19/14Media, Economics,
ESPN analyst says men need to be reprogrammed and proclaims that when men say 'you throw the ball like a girl,' it leads to domestic violence against women. 9/16/14Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Society so scared of being called racists, they ignore sexual abuse of youngsters8/27/14Media, Islam, PC
Mexican fugitive wanted for raping 11yr old girl; media not interested in immigration status8/22/14Media, Immigration,
Seattle Coffee shop refuses to serve cops. Media argues they are excercising their right to refuse service to anyone. Businesses not catering gay weddings still get sued8/17/14Media, Liberal Bias,
Media: Conservatives are wrong to try and Preserve History; re-branding America as evil is better 8/14/14Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Democrats Arguing that Obama can decide whether or not to enforce the law regarding immigration 8/3/14Obama, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Politifact refutes Gov.Perry's 3,000 illegal murder claims by ignoring the state data, cites own experts opinion instead7/23/14Media, Immigration,
12yr old girl raped by gardener, all media outlets call him "man"; no mention of Mexican or his illegal immigration status7/22/14Media, Immigration,
Media suggest privileged whites rape too much; more illegals will stop that; forgetting illegals committ far more rape7/21/14Media, Race,
NYTimes says it's great people transfer money from our economy to other countries; Carlos Slim Helu influence?7/10/14Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
NY Times says Obama should give illegals crossing border 'caregivers & lawyers"7/3/14Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
NBC Edits Zimmerman 911 tape6/27/14Media, Race,
Immigrant repeatedly rapes 26yr old doctor; media refuses to call him an illegal immigrant6/24/14Media, Immigration,
Media shocked that sometimes victims actually lie to get sympathy6/5/14Media, Liberal Bias,
Immigration hero & one of Time's 100 Most Influential people, is a complete fraud; made up sex trafficking background5/30/14Media, immigration, Liberal Bias
Nintendo to push gay marriage on children5/19/14Media, LGBT,
HGTV Cancels show after hosts were found out to be Conservative5/8/14Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: MTV's Look Different Campaign is Marxism5/8/14PC, Media, Video
Ohio man charged with molestation; Media forgets to mention his illegal immigration status4/24/14Media, Immigration,
Washington Posts claims Mexico's Gun Control laws model for the US4/14/14Media, Gun Control,
Media: Right-Wing Extremists more deadly than terrorists; strategically leave out 9/11 deaths in data4/4/14Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Proof the Media is biased towards the Homosexual agenda 3/21/14LGBT, Conservative, Media
Contrary to Media, Most Americans don't believe Climate Change is serious threat3/13/14Media, Environmental, Freedom
Mexico's economy is bad because of Carlos Slim Helu; who bought the NYTimes in 20083/5/14Media, Liberal Bias,
illegal immigrants arrested for child porn ring; Media Headline says 'Bloomington Men arrested for false documents'2/28/14Media, Immigration,
Only one Media outlet picks up story of illegal immigrant rape ages 11 & 132/26/14Media, Immigration,
Hispanic man rapes 9yr & 11yr old step-daughters; media doesn't mention his race or illegal immigration status2/14/14Media, Immigration,
VIDEO: Why is the Media promoting gay rights?2/8/14Media, LGBT, Video
NBC gives 13x more coverage on anti-gay law in Russian than Syrian attacks on Christians2/6/14Media, Christianity,
VIDEO: MSNBC Tweets that Conservatives will hate a biracial Cheerios Commercial because Conservatives are racists 1/30/14Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Global Warming activists are searching for a new enemy to target as global warming is collapsing 1/24/14Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Media says Conservatives hijacked colorblindness and set civil rights back decades1/20/14Media, Race,
Media says racism was at the heart of Reagan's presidency1/11/14Media, Race,
VIDEO: Rolling Stone wants income equality and the world will be better for it1/7/14Media, Conservative, Economics
MSNBC Apologizes for mocking Mitt Romney's black grandson. Lesson: it's okay to be 'trans-racial' as long as you are not republican1/4/14Race, Media,
Lesbian is gang-raped by men; not a single news outlet mentions they're mexican12/18/13Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Man arrested in rape/muder of 4yr old; Media doesn't mention the criminal,&victims' 10 family members all illegal aliens11/21/13Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Publicly Funded University of Maryland Defends ESPN Kevin Blackistone Comments that the National Anthem is a War Anthem and should not be played at sporting events 11/10/13Patriotism, Education, Media
Leftist economist Mark Weisbrot scolded 'Venezuela haters' by claiming that 'this economy is not the Greece of Latin America', but like other Socialist countries, its 2016 and their in ruin 11/7/13Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
7 Black Witnesses Back Officer Wilson´s Account of the Michael Brown student10/23/13Race, Media, Video
Yale Study: Tea Party voters know more about science than general population and the media is appalled10/17/13Media, Liberal Bias,
After 22yr search & lengthy article; NY Times forgets to mention everyone in the case are illegal immigrants10/12/13Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Feminists student makes fake post on social media, pretending to be a Conservative who threatens to rape her because she's liberal. An angry feminist rally ensues, and then investigators found out she made the post herself10/12/13Feminism, Media,
VIDEO: Boys Education mocked by MSNBC feminists9/18/13Media, Feminism, Video
15 Moronic Things Liberals Call Racism Since Obama Was Elected8/17/13Media, Race, Freedom
Journal News Editor fired after publishing gun ownership map 8/7/13Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Ny Times says 'anchor babies' is a derisive term; gives no recommendation for replacement word6/15/13Media, Immigration,
The NY Times: Climate Change has paused because we just got lucky6/11/13Media, environmental, Liberal Bias
MSNBC: “White supremacy” is a pretty big part of all of this opposition to Obama5/15/13Media, Race,
The Irrational fear of questioning Islam and how the word ‘Islamophobia’ has been used as a political weapon rather than as an honest way of communicating an idea5/15/13Islam, Conservative, Media
A different Juan Carlos Sanchez rapes 12yr old girl; media has no interest in citizenship status5/13/13Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Here's the video of Hillary Clinton lying about the Benghazi attacks and blaming the video three days later, after it was known the anti-Muslim video wasn't the cause. Lies lies lies5/7/13Liberal Bias, Media, Video
Media: Boston Bombing shouldn't change anyone's opinion on immigration4/20/13Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
King of Fearmongers: Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center, scaring donors since 1971 4/15/13Conservative, Violence,
Associated Press bans using the word 'illegal immigrant' in its stories4/2/13Media, Immigration,
College student rape incident found out to be a hoax, after it was found out she put out multiple Craigslist ads to have someone beat her up in exchange for sex4/2/13Education, Feminism, Media
Two illegals kidnapp & sexually assualt girls; media no interest in this college sex scandal 3/26/13Media, Education,
Media attacks 'Feminist housewives' as 'bullshit'3/19/13Media, Feminism,
Your Politics Are Indicative Of Which Sports You Like. Here is a chart that shows the skew per sport based on politics 3/19/13Media, ,
Why isn't the New York Times exposed on their corruption with Carlos Slim Helu?3/12/13Media, Liberal Bias, Immigration
SPLC says right-wing 'hate groups' on the rise3/8/13Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN cited bogus hate group lists3/6/13Media, ,
MSNBC hosts insists radical Islam's cause is poverty; not religion (despite the facts)3/6/13Media, Islam, praises Hugo Chavez's 'economic miracle' of socialism. Fast forward to 2016 and they're in economic chaos3/6/13Socialism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Fox's The Five Attacks MSNBC's Chuck Todd For Denying Widespread 'Liberal Media Bias'2/20/13Media, Liberal Bias,
CNN anchor blames asteroid on global warming2/10/13Media, Environmental,
CNN says President shouldn't be sworn in with Bible1/17/13Media, Christianity,
Actual rate of gun ownership lower than what 'experts' say in America1/12/13Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
Media compltely ignores story of leftist immigrant trying to have sex w/ 10yr &13yr old girls & admitted sex with 5yr old 12/29/12Media, Immigration,
Abnoxious liberal quotes of 201212/20/12Media, PC, Liberal Bias
Liberals fall for Hoax Study that Fox News viewers are mentally deficient12/10/12Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Prior to misleading the American people by reporting that the deadly Benghazi attack was just a response to an offensive YouTube video as opposed to, terrorism, our UN Ambassador's Shocking False Rape Claim about men being given Viagra in Syria to rape women as a war weapon12/5/12Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Media columnist says the NRA is the new KKK12/3/12Media, Gun Control, Liberal Bias
Media host: The Tea Party should all just be beheaded11/27/12Media, Liberal Bias,
NBC Scare Tactics: Climate Change May Put Statue of Liberty Underwater11/27/12Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Madonna gives odd Obama endorsement, calls him Muslim9/25/12Media, Obama,
Media reports Occupy violent offenders as 'right wing' as opposed to actually 'left-wing'9/11/12Media, Economics, Socialism
The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words8/31/12Media, Race, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Chris Matthews doesn't realize that by assuming 'food stamp president' pertains to black people only is racist 8/28/12Race, Media, Video
New York Times plagiarizes with Obama campaign8/17/12Media, Obama, Freedom
Global Warming Sky Still Falling, CNN Assures8/8/12Media, Environmental,
Huffington Post defends sex-selective abortions7/29/12Abortion, Media,
Hamas-linked CAIR and one of their dhimmi pals vilify Michele Bachman for her call for an investigation of Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood familial connections 7/25/12Clinton, Islam,
Feminist Punches Guy in the face for making a 'rape' joke…Feminists say it was okay7/9/12Feminism, Media,
Media: Meet Pedophiles who mean well6/30/12Media, ,
MSNBC smears conservatives as racists6/21/12Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Questioning Obama is Racist6/16/12Media, Race, Obama
MSNBC says reporter interrupting Obama was because he's black 6/15/12Media, Race,
Media positions guy deemed innocent of rape to have 'chilling effect' on rape victims6/6/12Media, ,
VIDEO: Former ABC Boss still denies media bias and defends leftist journalism 5/25/12Media, Liberal Bias,
A Censored Race War: Media ignores racially motivated black-on-white crime5/15/12Media, Race, Freedom
Washington post Romney Hit piece falls apart5/10/12Media, Conservative,
Astonishing Liberal gloating over Breitbart's death…liberalism shows its class5/2/12Media, ,
Media Ignores Cleveland Occupy Bombing plot5/2/12Media, Economics, Freedom
Media calls terrorist plotting NY subway bomb attack an 'American citizen'; despite being born/raised in Afghanistan5/1/12Media, Immigration,
The Real reason the media is attacking ALEC4/23/12Media, ,
Liberal Writer: I Wish I’d Been Aborted4/15/12Media, Abortion,
Lesbian activists says Ann Romney never worked a day in her life4/12/12Media, ,
The Left's war on conservative women4/12/12Media, Conservative,
Huffington Post: The Science of Truthiness: Why Conservatives Deny Global Warming3/26/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Media ignores Occupy movements violence spree3/23/12Media, Economics,
NBC attacks Kirk Cameron's religious beliefs as Hate Rhetoric3/20/12Media, Christianity,
Huffpo says Conservative's inherently are reason-less3/14/12Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Republicans rejection of climate change disaster scenarios means they are without reason3/13/12Media, Environmental,
Bill Maher says Christians want to go back in time3/9/12Media, Liberal Bias, Media
Left-wing attacks on women get little press3/5/12Media, ,
No Bush didn't lie about WMD's in Iraq, everyone else thought he had them too3/2/12Misc, Media,
Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart3/1/12Media, ,
Media says Conservative Media is just racist in general, all dissenting opinions of liberalism basically are3/1/12Media, Freedom, Liberal Bias
New York Times Uses False Data to Smear Koch Brothers2/28/12Media, ,
Romney Finds out why George Stephanopolus mentioned contraception ban at debate2/22/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Inside Media Matters2/12/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Post says Conservatives are bad because they're less evolved for the second time 2/8/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Illegal immigrant previously deported 3 times, rapes 8yr old at sleepover; only 1 small newspaper reports it1/24/12Media, Immigration,
Republicans are less evolved humans1/11/12Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Idiodic Liberal Quotes of 20111/2/12Media, PC, Liberal Bias
Time Magazine names Occupy Movement Time Person of the Year12/14/11Media, Economics,
Miley Cyrus pledges support for Occupy movement11/29/11Media, ,
NBC Nightly News Blames Halloween Snowstorm on Global Warming11/3/11Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Journalist claims Republicans waging a war on science and reason10/25/11Media, Liberal Bias,
Media Networks Ignore Occupy Arrests10/25/11Media, Liberal Bias,
NY Times reporter is Occupy activist10/24/11Media, Conservative, Economics
Salon Journalist claims Republican war on science 10/15/11Media, Liberal Bias,
July 4th celebrations creating republicans8/31/11Media, Patriotism,
Town with 80% Hispanic population upset with push for border control…clearly 80% hispanic is not enough7/31/11Media, Immigration,
NBC claims tea party are terrorists7/29/11Media, Liberal Bias,
'BBC's biased climate science reporting isn't biased enough' claims report7/21/11Media, environmental,
Uproar as Media muzzles climate change sceptics7/21/11Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Media outlet: 'Fat-Shaming' is a 'hate crime'6/16/11Media, PC, Freedom
Liberals say that Requiring Voters to provide I.D. is taking us back to the Jim Crow laws6/6/11Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
Huffington Post thinks California is going broke because businesses are not paying enough taxes 4/7/11economics, Media,
VIDEO: PBS Exposed! Hidden Camera Rocks Sesame Street3/24/11Liberal Bias, Media, Video
Murder who crossed border to be born in U.S, but grew up in Mexico that killed 4, labeled by Media as "U.S. Boy"2/10/11Media, Immigration,
VIDEO: Liberal Media Promotes Hate of Conservatives. Don't actually like tolerance2/10/11Video, Conservative, Media
VIDEO: Why Nobody Trusts the Media 2/6/11Media, Liberal Bias,
Extreme Liberal Keith Olberman's worse quotes of all time1/24/11Media, Liberal Bias,
Seattle illegal immigrant rapes girls ages 4yr-10yr for several years; Media won't mention immigration status1/21/11Media, Immigration,
How Hollywood makes marriage look horrible; contrary to stats1/7/11Media, Conservative,
Group of hispanics & two black men brutally gang-rape 16yr old white girl ; Media silent on race or immigration status12/24/10Media, Immigration,
The Heidi Jones False Rape Saga 12/19/10Media, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
More fear-mongering about males: NY Times writer refuses to hire superbly qualified babysitter, because he's male12/7/10Media, Liberal Bias,
Feminists berate Hollywood for portraying women as helpless victims, but insist that is what women are in the bedroom 11/27/10Feminism, Media, PC
E-mail lists reveal journalists rooting for liberalism in reporting6/25/10Media, Education,
Katie Couric Fawns over left-wing feminism6/23/10Media, ,
Media pumps up Arizona boycott for enforcing federal immigration law5/1/10Media, Immigration,
Andrew Breitbart offers $10,000 for anyone who can prove 'n-word' was used in Tea Party protests…no reply4/26/10Media, Race, Freedom
Leftists pretend to be Tea Parties & to act racist4/16/10Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Ready, Set, Lie, about everything Islam3/16/10Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
Media report: 'The Jihadist Next Door' looks like Americans becoming radical; but just look at names 'U.S.' terrorists….1/31/10Media, PC,
Liberal moronic quotes of 20091/4/10Media, Liberal Bias,
Media: Republican critics of Obama are traitors; all dissenting opinoins of leftist are1/1/10Media, Liberal Bias,
The NYTimes most idiodic quotes of 201412/16/09Media, Liberal Bias,
Media claims terrorist group are 'Americans from Minnesota'; but they're actually immigrants with foreign names11/24/09Media, Islam, Immigration
Researches finally confess and admitt they committed Global Warming fraud 11/23/09Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Media: terrorist suspect U.S. citizen "David Coleman Headley", real name "Daood Sayed Gilani" raised in Pakistan11/19/09Media, PC,
MSNBC: Muslims in America that contact al-Qaeda is not a crime; shouldn't be investigated for it11/9/09Media, Liberal Bias,
Horrific gang-rape of high school girl by group of Latinos; LA Times makes no mention of race or citizenship11/7/09Media, Immigration,
MSNBC claims religious people are like the Taliban10/22/09Media, Christianity,
Media pledges support for convicted rapist9/30/09Media, ,
Media: Republicans are racist and want people to die, that's why they don't like ObamaCare8/23/09Media, race, healthcare
Media headline: 'First Known American Suicide Bomber' ; ….he's a Somalian immigrant named Shirwa Ahmed7/12/09Media, Immigration,
NYTimes: Anyone opposed to Climate Change legislation is betraying the planet6/28/09Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Bill Whittle on Media Bias 4/17/09Media, Liberal Bias,
Left Wing Radio Host: Republicans are Domestic Terrorists2/12/09Media, Liberal Bias,
Liberal Blogs like Dailey Kos report people shouted 'kill him' referencing Obama at a Sarah Palin ralley. After investigation, video reported the shouter yelled 'he's a redistributor' 10/28/08HoaxFraud, Media, Liberal Bias
Global Warming will turn humans into cannibals4/2/08Media, Media,
Calling out Media Matters Bias11/15/07Media, Conservative,
SALON: Nazis and Hitler: the Rights casual, trivializing political insults. Salon writes how cheap, unfair, leftist being called Hitler and Nazis are. Now look at what they do today10/1/07Media, Liberal Bias,
ABC Media Bias in Duke Rape Case…how eager the media was to cover white on black crime…truth doesn't matter9/4/07Media, Liberal Bias,
Justice Delayed in Duke Rape Case9/1/07Media, ,
NYTimes writes Carlos Slim Helu got his money by theft; one year before Carlos Slim Helu bought the NYTimes8/28/07Media, Liberal Bias,
Media refuses to comment on citizenship status of illegal who killed teen girl in accident; despite needing a translator6/27/07Media, Immigration, Liberal Bias
ESPN Bomani Jones Duke lacrosse celebrated for wrong reasons 2/26/07Media, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Looking back at Wendy Murphy's false sexual assault statements12/31/06HoaxFraud, Feminism, Liberal Bias
North Carolina officials say they're tired of working statutory rape cases; Media silent since it's overwhelmingly Hispanic8/3/05Media, Immigration,
Two of Three rapes in Norway are by Muslims; U.S. Media calls them 'Swedish men' not immigrants or muslims7/24/05Media, Islam,
Fudging the Numbers on Hate Crimes 5/23/05HoaxFraud, Islam, Violence
The president of the National Association for Women creates fake rape hoax4/20/05Education, Feminism, Media
How the Media and CAIR fake the numbers for hate crimes against Muslims3/23/05Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
NYTimes only reveals men who brutally raped & murdered two Texas girls were illegal in last resort race death row appeal3/14/05Media, Immigration,
6 murdered in Chicago by Mexican immigrant who was arrested a dozen times; Media blames gun, not immigration8/29/03Media, Immigration, Gun Control
Timothy McVeigh writes in last letter he is 'agnostic' and not Christian6/11/01Media, Christianity,
Media says requesting immigrants to assimilate to American culture is hate speech3/8/99Media, PC, Liberal Bias
Media says criticism about immigrants clubbing puppies to death is 'racist'12/16/95Media, Immigration, PC
Once Upon a Time, the New York Times DID understand the minimum wage argument1/14/87Economics, Media,

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