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Harvard yanks Chelsea Manning out of fellowship after second CIA snub. The university Institute of Politics swiftly reversed itself and disinvited intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning from coming aboard as a visiting fellow, after the former and current directors of the CIA blacklisted Harvard just hours after the announcement and CIA Director Mike Pompeo cancelled his speaking event in protest9/15/17Education, PC, LGBT
A California high school has warned its students that chanting USA! at sporting events could appear inappropriate and intolerant. 9/14/17Patriotism, Education, PC
Google Again Displays Pathetic 9/11 Commemoration 9/12/17Patriotism, Media,
Students Born After September 11th Want to Know What Happened, But Schools Arent Telling Them9/12/17Remove History, Patriotism, PC
School Bans American Flags, Students Protest with Flags, School Reverses Ban9/8/17Patriotism, Remove History,
HuffPo: Becoming a Racist is Unfortunate Side Effect of Serving Your Country 8/28/17Patriotism, Media, Race
Salon writes that the National Anthem is Another Neo Confederate Symbol8/28/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Social justice warriors want universities to ban veterans8/25/17Education, Patriotism, Freedom
Huffington Post Columnist: Does Serving In The Military Turn You Into A Racist?8/25/17Media, Race, Patriotism
ACLU posts photo depicting a white, blonde child wearing a Free Speech shirt and holding an American flag. The caption says: This is the future that ACLU members want. ACLU Twitter followers accuse of white supremacy and ACLU apologizes for its racism 8/24/17Race, PC, Patriotism
A feminist professor at Clark University recently lamented that she cringed upon seeing the American flag unfurled at Fenway Park Boston Red Sox game8/21/17Professors, Feminism, Patriotism
Washington Post Reporter Smears Iraq War Vets as Potential Extremists After Shilling for Hezbollah Terrorists8/16/17Perverse, Media, Patriotism
SMU restores 9/11 memorial to prominence, revises policy8/10/17Patriotism, Islam, PC
Vogue Magazine To Feature Transgender Traitor Chelsea Manning8/10/17LGBT, Perverse, Media
A painting of the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab hangs prominently in the Santa Ana, California, office of U.S. Rep. Lou Correa as part of a display showing the winners of a local student art competition 8/9/17Islam, PC,
School Dress Code Bans U.S. Flag, Then Administration Backpedals Hard8/4/17Patriotism, Education, PC
Southern Methodist University (SMU) is relegating a memorial to the victims of 9/11 to a secluded area of campus, rather than the central location it had occupied in past years so not to trigger anyone 8/1/17Education, PC, Patriotism
SURVEY: A new survey released by J.D. Power revealed the number one reason that NFL ratings dropped last season. 26% of respondents who watched fewer games last season pointed to the National Anthem protests as the #1 reason; 24% said they did so because of either the leagues image issues with domestic violence or with game delays, including penalties; Third highest at 20%, named excessive advertising7/27/17Patriotism, ,
Alyssa Milano says the Far Right has Hijacked the Word Patriot7/24/17Celebrities, Patriotism,
VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Gets Declaration Of Independence History Wrong; reads fake news from her phone live7/19/17Liberal Bias, Video, Patriotism
CNN Tweets Out TWO Fake Quotes On Fourth Of July 7/5/17Media, Patriotism,
Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Bashes America On 4th of July 7/5/17Patriotism, Race,
Salon: This 4th, Fly Your Flag Upside Down 7/4/17Media, Patriotism,
Doctors Say 4th Of July Sparklers Are Too Dangerous For Kids. Try BUBBLES AND POM POMS Instead 7/3/17Patriotism, PC,
Actual Associated Press Headline: Fourth of July brings mixed feelings for some minorities7/3/17Patriotism, Race, Media
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro exposes Marvel comics changing captain America to being a double agent and being a secret nazi; because America is actually the villain all along 7/3/17Patriotism, Conservative, Video
A youth football team in Texas was disbanded last year after sponsoring a controversial anti American protest. But now several NFL players have banded together to reward the team for its unpatriotic actions and help it reform. The coach is pledging to continue the anti American protests once they begin their new season and says that the team wont play the national anthem because it is a degrading song and insisted that the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner celebrates slavery, which is ignorant of the fact6/25/17Patriotism, Race,
Kellogg Community College claimed that it was vilified by a lawsuit filed against it after arresting three students for distributing pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus. 6/23/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
A University of Florida professor claims that the American notion of patriotism is drenched in whiteness6/15/17Patriotism, Education, Race
ESPNs Kellerman: NFL Is Injecting Politics by Playing the National Anthem at Games 6/15/17PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Rosie ODonnell Donates Big Bucks to NSA Leaker She Calls Brave Young Patriot 6/8/17Patriotism, ,
Ted Cruz OWNS Idiotic Harvard Professor Thesis On How America Was Created 6/2/17Patriotism, Remove History, Education
Residents of a Georgia neighborhood are outraged after being told by their homeowners association that they can only fly the American flag 23 days out of the yea 5/31/17Patriotism, Freedom,
Vox Trashes The United States Marine Corps On Memorial Day 5/29/17Patriotism, Media,
More than 70,000 activists aligned with the Womens March organization have signed a radical pledge demanding reparations for blacks, open border immigration policies and the defunding of the U.S. military. 5/8/17Feminism, Race, Patriotism
VIDEO: The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses? Prager University 5/3/17Patriotism, Conservative, Video
Michael Moore Celebrates Loss Of Vietnam War and Ben Shapiro shatters him 5/1/17Patriotism, Media,
NBC Sportswriter Craig Calcaterra, Complains That Baseball Patriotism is Political 4/17/17Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
The University of California, Davis Student Senate voted to strike down a bylaw requiring the American flag to be displayed at meetings because the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual 4/14/17Patriotism, PC,
Berkeley Thugs try to intimidate and attack a man for carrying an American flag 4/14/17Patriotism, Violence,
Drexel University Professor Says He Wants To Vomit After Watching Passenger Give Up First Class Seat For Uniformed Soldier3/29/17Patriotism, ,
An assignment at Iowa State University is raising eyebrows after students were asked to write an account of the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of Al Qaeda 3/27/17Islam, Violence, PC
VIDEO: Should We Remove Under God From The Pledge of Allegiance? -Ben Shapiro3/15/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Students Denounced As Racist For Wearing US Flag Colors. Students from one Iowan high school recently apologized to the principal of another Iowan high school when people found their choice of red, white and blue attire offensive 3/12/17Patriotism, PC,
Colin Kaepernick Refused To Stand With The National Anthem. Now That He's Jobless, He's Changed His Mind3/2/17Patriotism, ,
Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, DWS and Keith Ellison don't stand for ovation for fallen Navy Seal in Trump speech that had amazing standing ovation 3/1/17Patriotism, Liberal Bias,
Here Are All the Vile Things Celebs Said About Standing Ovation for Military Widow 3/1/17Patriotism, Media,
Trinity University students deface DSouza flyers to protest what they called propaganda. American flags outside one conservative student's dorm room were also hung upside down, apparently to indicate that the perpetrator considers DSouza a threat to America 2/27/17Patriotism, PC,
Louisiana Locals Express Outrage During Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Prayer at Sen. Bill Cassidy’s Town Hall 2/25/17Patriotism, ,
A Morehouse College professor asserts that Tom Brady’s support of Donald Trump is 'more threatening to America' than Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest 1/31/17Education, PC, Patriotism
A group of 'anti-fascist' fascists in Iowa City decided to burn multiple American flags, presumably under the assumption that a badass FexEd guy wasn't going to show up and utterly destroy their leftist party by putting out the fire 1/27/17Patriotism, ,
Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Know What America First Means’ 1/22/17Media, Patriotism,
Variety’s Inaugural Edition Has Liberal Celebs Dragging Flag on Floor 1/18/17Patriotism, Media,
Kellogg Community College is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket Constitutions and signing students up for a conservative student organization 1/18/17Education, Freedom, Patriotism
American Studies Professor: My Field is Now About Anti-Americanism saying 'The field is hostile to scholars who don’t want to use it just to berate American traditions and signal their imagined virtue'1/2/17Education, Patriotism, Remove History
Donald Trump crushed the veteran vote. They turned out record numbers for him. He had the greatest margin of victory among veteran voters, 61% to 34% That translated into 4.8 million more votes for him. Almost two million more veterans showed up at the polls this election than 2012 12/21/16Patriotism, ,
New NC Governor’s top advisor: Kaepernick is 'refreshing,' we shouldn’t 'honor warriors'12/14/16Patriotism, Liberal Bias,
University of Cincinnati Grad Student Balls Up Flag, Hangs It from Noose, Calls it ‘Art’ 12/8/16Patriotism, ,
A newly-released survey shows that the United States of America continues to be the best national brand among all the countries currently occupying the earth 12/8/16Patriotism, ,
In response to Hampshire College’s controversial removal of the American flag, 54 House Republicans have introduced a bill that would strip federal funding from flag-banning schools 12/6/16Education, Patriotism,
California HOA Orders Marine Wife to Remove Her American Flag 12/6/16Patriotism, Freedom,
University Officials: America-Themed Parties Are ‘Harmful’ And Offensive11/21/16Patriotism, Education,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson GRILLS Liberal Hampshire Student on Taking Down U.S. Flag 11/21/16Patriotism, Conservative, Video
Hampshire College has decided not to fly any flags at all on campus after students lowered, then burned, an American flag hanging from a campus flagpole on the eve of Veterans Da 11/20/16Patriotism, Education,
California family booed on flight bringing home soldier killed in Afghanistan, dad says11/18/16Patriotism, ,
University of Colorado Professors call Founding Fathers ‘terrorists,’ founding ideals a ‘fabrication’ 11/17/16Remove History, Patriotism,
A California high school physical education teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after she allegedly told a group of students, who refused to stand for the national anthem, that they would be deported under President Donald Trump11/17/16Patriotism, Immigration, Education
Students vandalize U.S. flags in face of Trump presidency 11/15/16Patriotism, ,
Anti-Trump students spraypaint ‘AmeriKKKa’ on the flag ‘out of respect’ for Veterans Day11/12/16Education, Race, Patriotism
VIDEO: Why Liberals Are Not Patriotic and Burn American Flags 11/10/16Patriotism, Conservative, Video
An American flag was vandalized with f**k you at the University of Tennessee to protest the election results. 11/9/16Patriotism, Education,
Accompanied by some shouts of 'F*** white America,' a group of American University students torched American flags after the election of Donald Trump 11/9/16Patriotism, Education, Race
Students protesting President-Elect Donald Trump stormed the University of Michigan library in the wee hours of the morning yelling profanities at the librarian and students trying to study. At least one protester also yelled profanities at police officers, and others allegedly planned to burn an American flag 11/9/16Patriotism, ,
Obama Admin Demands Soldiers Repay $15K Bonuses For Serving in Middle East 10/25/16Obama, Patriotism,
Anthem Singer at Basketball Game Kneels While Singing to Protest Racism and says that 'Taking a knee felt like the most patriotic thing I could do' 10/24/16Patriotism, ,
UCLA students step on U.S. flag in protest of Bruin Republicans event10/17/16Patriotism, Education,
VP Nominee Tim Kaine says its 'un-American to be against immigration'10/16/16Immigration, Liberal Bias,
CBS Jim Nantz criticizes NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, and media jumps on him promoting the headline saying that Nantz was 'caught' as if it was a bad thing to criticize them10/14/16Patriotism, Media,
Black Singers are now declining to sing the National Anthem because of a controversial third verse, which uses the word 'slave' that is reinterpreted to be a reference towards black people, although it has nothing to do with the enslavement of blacks, but the enslavement of Americans to the British 10/13/16Race, Patriotism,
NBA Player Joakim Noah skips dinner with West Point Cadets for Anti-war stance. Even thoug Noah's father is from France and World War II kept his beloved France from being run by a tyrannical Nazi regime 9/30/16Patriotism, ,
Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of the October edition of TIME Magazine for creating discussions about racism and white privilege 9/22/16Patriotism, Media,
The Entire WNBA Team the Indian Fever Kneels During National Anthem9/22/16Patriotism, ,
High School Teacher Has ‘No Regrets’ for Stomping on American Flag in Classroom except he wants the student punished for taking the photo 9/21/16Patriotism, Liberal Bias,
Two University of Pennsylvania cheerleaders protested the American flag during the national anthem9/21/16Patriotism, ,
Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off at Hofstra with a slam poem mocking the Pledge of Allegiance saying 'I pledge allegiance to a segregated state of America. And to the capitalists for which it stands, one nation, under God, crippled by lack of liberty and justice for all' 9/20/16Patriotism, Education,
Obama-Appointed Judge Omits ‘So Help Me God’ From Naturalization Oath 9/16/16Patriotism, Obama, Christianity
VIDEO: Young People Question Importance of The Constitution 9/16/16Conservative, Video,
U.S. Women's soccer plays Megan Rapinoe Stands for Thailand Anthem Before Kneeling for ‘Star Spangled Banner’ 9/16/16Patriotism, ,
Missouri State Senator refuses to stand for Pledge of Allegiance citing racist America 9/15/16Patriotism, Race,
9/11 Posters trashed at the University of Florida 9/12/16Patriotism, Education,
Students at Occidental College trash all 2,997 American Flags at 9/11 Memorial Display 9/11/16Patriotism, Education,
Kate Upton Rips Kneeling Dolphins Players, ESPN Analyst Rips Upton 9/11/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Professor at Saddleback college rips down 9/11 memorial posters put up by the Young America Foundation. The professor has aroused controversy before when she sent an e-mail to colleagues blaming 'U.S. Imperialism' for the 9/11 attacks 9/9/16Education, Patriotism, Liberal Bias
Black Navy Sailor sits during National Anthem and raises Black Power fist9/9/16Race, Patriotism,
Liberal Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest appears on ESPN saying Colin Kaepernick is actually the 'best kind of American' 9/7/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Joy Behar says you're actually 'more American' for burning the American flag 9/6/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
Obama Praises Colin Kaepernick's protest; says there are 'legitimate issues' that Kaepernick is fighting for 9/5/16Obama, Race,
VIDEO: Students call Colin Kaepernick 'heroic' for protesting National Anthem 8/31/16Patriotism, Video, Education
A South Carolina High School Principle Bans American Flag at High School Football Games saying it could be used to 'taunt' others8/29/16Patriotism, PC, Education
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for National Anthem; saying he won't support a country that oppresses black people8/27/16Patriotism, Race,
Florida school sends parents an 'opt-out' form to prevent their children from reciting the 'Pledge of Allegiance' 8/24/16Patriotism, PC, Education
A CNN liberal moron said that Michael Phelps should give up the honor of being chosen as America's Flag-bearer in the Rio Olympics. The CNN host believes it should go to some black muslim olympian, Ibtihaj Muhammad, that nobody has ever heard of because 'right now America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great.' 8/8/16PC, Patriotism, Media
After Feminists Win Battle to Allow Females in Combat, hardly any actually sign up; shocker! 8/1/16Feminism, PC, Patriotism
Vandals in Tennessee Burn 79-year old womans American flags. She responds by flying 20 of them7/4/16Patriotism, ,
Leftist Trash America on July 4th with #AmericaWasNeverGreat on Twitter7/4/16Patriotism, Media,
Vox explains why The American Revolution was a 'Mistake': Arguing Abolition would have come faster without independence, independence was bad for Native Americans, and America would have a better system of government if we’d stuck with Britain so we shouldn't celebrate the Fourth of July 7/4/16Media, Liberal Bias, Patriotism
Illinois Man Charged With Desecrating American Flag After Posting Photos On Facebook 7/4/16Patriotism, ,
Gallup Poll: Millennials the Least Patriotic Generation7/3/16Patriotism, ,
VIDEO: Bill Whittle's Firewall: Brexit and Independence Day 7/3/16Conservative, Video, Patriotism
Less than one-third of the top colleges and universities in the United States require history majors to take even a single course in American history 7/2/16Education, Patriotism,
Ashamed to be American: Towns cracking down on Patriotism for the 4th of July 7/1/16Patriotism, ,
LGBT Crowd Burns American Flag for 'Transgender Rally' in San Francisco6/26/16LGBT, Patriotism, Video
Burning the American flag was illegal as recently as 1989. And it should be illegal again 6/6/16Patriotism, Conservative,
Trump protesters rip of the American Flag, say America was never great 6/2/16Patriotism, ,
Muslim woman attacks Atlanta residents with their own American flag flying on Memorial Day6/2/16Islam, Patriotism,
California is seeking to institute a new K-12 history and social science curriculum that is decidedly leftist and anti-America. Blames America for all the worlds problems6/2/16Education, Patriotism, Liberal Bias
A 27-year old black man was arrested after running over a Memorial Day display with 160 crosses honoring over 5,000 soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War5/29/16Patriotism, ,
California liberals deface Vietnam veteran memorial in Venice, California 5/27/16Patriotism, ,
Anti-Trump protesters shout 'Viva La Mexico' while burning the American flag5/25/16Patriotism, Immigration,
CAIR officials say fallen U.S. soldiers should not be honored on Memorial Day, but fallen terrorist should. This is not a joke 5/24/16Islam, Patriotism,
Even though students aren't required to recite the 'Pledge of Allegiance' in schools, Atheists still aren't satisfied, and now Florida just passed a law that students don't even have to stand because liberals hate America and their country isn't worth standing for5/16/16Patriotism, ,
The Senate used money from benefit cuts to military veterans in the 2016 budget to pay for the resettlement of an additional 3,000 Afghan interpreters in the United States5/16/16Freedom, Patriotism, Immigration
Students refuse to say that America is exceptional because they're leftist professors have convinced them it isn't5/10/16Education, Patriotism, PC
University of Virginia students say that identifying as 'American' and criticizing someone's taste in food are microaggressions that are not protected by free speech5/9/16Education, PC, Patriotism
Government tells kids they can't sing the 'National Anthem' at 9/11 Memorial if they don't have permits4/23/16Freedom, Patriotism,
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists spit on and step on the American flag4/3/16Race, Video, Patriotism
VIDEO: Harvard students are offended by the American flag3/29/16Education, Patriotism, Video
New York schools pledge allegiance to international flag. Liberal indoctrination at its best3/5/16Education, Patriotism, PC
Steels workers ordered to remove American flags from their trucks or be fired3/4/16Patriotism, Freedom,
Liberal Media says the Pledge of Allegiance should be abolished. Calls it 'toxic' 2/17/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
The word 'Founding Fathers' is now being banned 2/10/16Patriotism, Freedom, PC
Muslims try to force man to take down American flag1/28/16Patriotism, ,
Walmart forces vet to remove hat due to dress code, hijab walks on by1/28/16Patriotism, ,
American Flag pictures removed from student yearbook12/11/15Patriotism, Education,
Seattle Pacific University American Flag banned for Veterans Day11/10/15Patriotism, Education,
VIDEO: Administrators literally shred Constitution after reporter calls it 'oppressive' and 'triggering' 11/3/15Education, PC, Patriotism
Phoenix school back tracks and deletes Tweet over American Flag Ban when playing largely Hispanic school10/23/15Patriotism, ,
Homeowners in Utah being Fined for Flying the American Flag10/2/15Patriotism, Freedom,
San Diego State forces students to take down American flag9/29/15Patriotism, Education,
New Mexico student ordered to remove American flag from dorm room window9/21/15Patriotism, Education,
ABC Bans American Flag Pens and other Patriotic paraphernalia9/15/15Patriotism, Media,
University of Illinois bans American Flag9/12/15Patriotism, Education,
Students say American Flag represents 'hate speech'9/4/15Patriotism, PC,
Tennessee school tells students they will be kicked out of school for bringing an American Flag8/24/15Patriotism, Education, Freedom
Liberals increasing burning of American Flag7/3/15Patriotism, ,
Activists set fire to the American flag at a Brooklyn park that memorializes thousands of Revolutionary War heroes Wednesday in protest of 'systemic racism'7/1/15Patriotism, Race,
Millennials in San Diego make move to ban American Flag6/30/15Patriotism, ,
U.S. Citizens sign petition to ban the American Flag6/29/15Patriotism, Video, Freedom
Obama Creates Petition to Ban American Flag6/29/15Patriotism, Obama,
Officials Calling for American Flag to be Banned6/25/15Patriotism, Freedom,
What's next for Liberals? Banning the American Flag? Yes and Yes6/25/15Patriotism, Freedom,
University of California says calling America the 'Land of Opportunity' is offensive6/15/15Patriotism, Education, PC
73yr old veteran ordered to remove American Flag4/9/15Patriotism, Freedom,
Judge outraged the Police Sheriff defied his American Flag Ban and displayed it3/11/15Patriotism, Freedom,
UC Irvine Bans American Flag3/7/15Patriotism, Education, Freedom
California Court bans American Flag in school3/1/15Patriotism, Education, Freedom
Harvard Students: Chanting U.S.A. back to Black Lives Matter is racist because of all the oppression and everything12/16/14Education, PC, Race
Small Wisconsin Town Sued for Defying ban on American Flag and Impeach Obama signs10/23/14Patriotism, Freedom,
Chicago Firefighters ordered to remove any patriotic stickers from vehicles9/11/14Patriotism, ,
Supreme Court says American Flag can be banned if it's 'disruptive'4/4/14Patriotism, ,
Publicly Funded University of Maryland Defends ESPN Kevin Blackistone Comments that the National Anthem is a War Anthem and should not be played at sporting events 11/10/13Patriotism, Education, Media
VIDEO: Arizona Classes Taught from an Anti-White, Mexican-American Point of View3/15/13Education, Immigration, Video
New Jersey Town Considering Bannning American Flag1/18/13Patriotism, ,
New York Mayor proposes American Flag Ban1/17/13Patriotism, Freedom,
VIDEO: Mexicans Burn American Flag In Los Angeles 7/31/12Patriotism, Immigration, Video
American Flag Ban at Massachusettes Apartment Complex7/12/12Patriotism, Education,
School pulls 'God Bless America' and replaces with Justin Bieber song6/10/12Patriotism, Liberal Bias,
July 4th celebrations creating republicans8/31/11Patriotism, Media,
California boy ordered to remove American flag from his bike11/12/10Patriotism, Education,
Environmentalists trying to ban fireworks because they aren't 'eco-friendly'6/29/10Environmental, Patriotism,
VIDEO: Americans Fight Mexican Nationalism in California 5/28/10Patriotism, Video,
VIDEO: Mexican Students Protest Patriotic Clothing 5/11/10Patriotism, Video,
Teacher deems American flag offensive5/10/10Patriotism, Education,
Court upholds American Flag Ban at school5/5/10Patriotism, Education,
VIDEO: American Muslims celebrating 9/11 11/6/09Islam, Video, Patriotism
Flag Ban lifted in Apartment Complex10/19/09Patriotism, ,

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