Leftists Sue Ohio Over Law Banning Abortions on Basis of Down Syndrome 2/15/18Abortion, ,
Conservative group at Lone Star College sues after admin unilaterally yanks status after hosting Abortion debate 2/15/18Education, Freedom, Abortion
Bill (Not A Scientist) Nye: says Fertilized Eggs Are Not Human: however, pro life leader responds writing: The predominance of human biological research confirms that human life begins at conception/fertilization. At fertilization, the human being emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism, a member of the species Homo sapiens, needing only the proper environment in which to grow and develop.2/9/18Abortion, Science, Celebrities
Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington promotes abortion to students via eugenics group2/9/18Abortion, Christianity, Education
Republicans tried to ban late term abortions in America, a measure that was sadly voted down. Among those who voted against the measure were 14 Catholic senators. Catholic Priest Father Dwight Longenecker believes that they should be excommunicated from the church. 2/8/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Celebrate The Down Syndrome Gerber Baby. Then Remember We Exterminate Babies Like Him (Matt Walsh)2/8/18Abortion, Conservative,
Sarah Silverman: Pro Life Law Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus2/5/18Celebrities, Abortion,
Abortion Activist Says She Wishes She Had Aborted Son 2/1/18Abortion, Perverse,
Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards: Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions 1/31/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Clergy Bless Late Term Abortion Clinic that performs third trimester abortions and is run by notorious abortionist LeRoy Carhart in Maryland1/30/18Christianity, Abortion, Perverse
The Senate failed to pass legislation that would prevent doctors from performing abortions on women who are 20 weeks pregnant or more. Research shows that a woman seeking an abortion at 20 weeks (five months) is 35 times more likely to die from an abortion than she was in the first trimester, 1/29/18Abortion, ,
The Senate is scheduled to take an initial vote next week on a measure that would prohibit abortions in the United States past the twentieth week of pregnancy. 1/26/18Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro on Abortion: Evil Is Still Evil Regardless of Identity Politics 1/25/18Abortion, Conservative, Video
NYC Professor launches profane tirad on twitter at Pro Life womens march: please sit down and shut the fuck up. 1/23/18Professors, Feminism, Abortion
Tim Tebow Mother to March for Life: Doctors Said to Abort Tim 1/22/18Abortion, Conservative,
The University of Arizona (UA) Womens Center encourages students to fight for reproductive justice by joining the schools Planned Parenthood club 1/22/18Abortion, Feminism, Education
Pro Lifers Are Modern Abolitionists And Pro Choicers Are Modern Slaveholders. Heres Proof. Matt Walsh 1/19/18Race, Abortion, Conservative
Sam and Kevin Sorbo: Abortion Is the Definition of Evil, Pure and Simple1/19/18Abortion, Conservative, Celebrities
Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Alive Because They Feel Pain. Abortion still Okay 1/17/18Abortion, ,
Poll Shows Majorities Favor Abortion Restrictions. Just 12% of Americans support the Democratic Party radical abortion platform, which effectively favors restriction free abortion on demand 1/17/18Abortion, Conservative,
Former Planned Parenthood VP Runs Group Allegedly Trying To Smear Pro Life Centers 1/12/18Abortion, ,
Tim Tebow revealed that he was almost a victim of abortion when doctors told his mother that he was a tumor and not a baby1/12/18Celebrities, Conservative, Abortion
Canadian Government Requires Pledging Support for Abortion to Get Summer Jobs Funding 1/12/18Freedom, Abortion, Indoctrination
California bill deems abortion a constitutional right 1/11/18Abortion, California,
University of Minnesota Professor With Down Syndrome Son: I Support Eugenic Abortion; just another example of an extremely pro abortion professor who preaches an anti life message and lacks any sort of coherent moral framework1/9/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Abortion is necessary for black women, apparently, according to a billboard campaign at an abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Planned Parenthood agrees. 1/9/18Abortion, ,
Planned Parenthood expanding to offer transgender hormone treatment. There are a total of 17 Planned Parenthood clinics that provide the transgender hormone therapy, 1/4/18Abortion, LGBT,
VIDEO: A University of Knoxville, Tenn., student claims it is okay to kill young children, because they cannot communicate like adults do, the pro choice college male 1/4/18Abortion, Perverse, Video
A sociologist at the University of California, San Francisco wants more comedians to joke about abortion, calling it new ground for television comedies to addres1/2/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Planned Parenthood Creates Pro Abortion License Plate 12/29/17Abortion, ,
Federal law enforcement officials found several preserved fetuses in a Detroit warehouse that belonged to a man who sold human body parts, newly revealed photographs show. 12/26/17Abortion, Perverse,
Pro life movement got a lift and the pro choice movements surreptitious attempt to blunt abortion reversal was defeated when the California Board of Registered Nursing said the pro life group Heartbeat International could grant continuing education units (CEUs) to nurses who study Abortion Pill Reversal.12/21/17Abortion, ,
Illegal Alien Teen Lied About Age to Get Tax Funded Abortion 12/20/17Immigration, Abortion, HoaxFraud
Ex Planned Parenthood Employee Describes Demonic Organization 12/20/17Abortion, Conservative,
Baby Born From Embryo Frozen for 24 Years, Leftists Complain12/20/17Abortion, ,
Abortion Activists Send Trump Holiday Condoms12/19/17Perverse, TDS, Abortion
Progressive Groups Mobilize Against Only Remaining Pro Life Democrats In Congress 12/18/17Abortion, ,
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill To Ban Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome 12/14/17Abortion, Conservative,
A pro abortion group in Ireland has taken the Lefts War on Christmas to a whole new level by hijacking the season of Advent to promote their deathly institution. The takeaway from their #AdventforChoice promo: the Virgin Mary should have had an abortion. 12/14/17Abortion, Christianity, Perverse
Hollywood Celebrities Throw Christmas Fundraiser For Planned Parenthood 12/13/17Abortion, Celebrities, Christianity
The FBI recently began reviewing allegations that the University of New Mexico illegally procured fetuses from a local abortion clinic to conduct medical research 12/13/17Abortion, Education,
CNN Analyst Repeats False Claim That Abortions Go Down Under Democrats: While it is true that abortion rates fell sharply under the Obama administration, multiple studies discount that drops in overall rates are party affiliated. Abortion rates have been dropping consistently since Ronald Reagan, no matter the president in office. According to a thorough report by leftwing Snopes, the claim that abortion rates only fall under Democrats is flatly false12/12/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Longtime Hormonal Contraception Use Linked To Breast Cancer. Seen 38% increase over 10 years 12/11/17Abortion, Healthcare,
CEO of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, has called proponents of Natural Family Planning (NFP) insane, dismissing them as backward rubes with no grasp on science. 12/8/17Abortion, Science,
DOJ Investigating Planned Parenthood for Selling Baby Parts 12/8/17Abortion, ,
New York Times Oped Chooses Abortion Over Free Speech. Yale Law professor and Planned Parenthood donor Linda Greenhouse had an oped of hers published in The New York Times in which she attempted to justify the state of California forcing pro life pregnancy centers and medical clinics to post notices alerting their clients where to get a taxpayer funded abortion.12/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: California Sues To Make Nuns Buy Birth Control12/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Will GOP Congress Fund Humanized Mice Made From Aborted Baby Organs? If you pay federal taxes, you have been funding the creation of humanized mice implanted with tissues taken from aborted babies12/6/17Abortion, Economics,
A group of pro abortion activists at Harvard recently staged a demonstration featuring abortion narratives, in an attempt to bring humanity, compassion, and empathy to the topic of pregnancy termination. 12/4/17Abortion, Education,
Polish Anti Abortion Doctor Fired For Her Views Wins Case In Court 11/30/17Abortion, Conservative, Freedom
University of Miami Ohio Pro life students sue public university for requiring trigger warnings on abortion memorial 11/29/17Education, Freedom, Abortion
U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Urges Abortion for Down Syndrome Babies 11/29/17Abortion, Perverse,
No Prison Time For Father Who Raped 11yr Old Daughter, Arranged Abortion in West Virginia11/27/17Abortion, Violence,
Christian college allegedly harasses pro life students after approving their Homecoming display11/21/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
STUDY: Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked to a Higher Risk of Suicide. Studies show risk of suicide doubles after a year and 30% higher after 7 years 11/21/17Abortion, Science,
Cornell Pro abortion students protested a debate on abortion last week, complaining that the inclusion of pro life views normalized the idea that it is okay to control peoples bodies 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
A school district in upstate New York got caught promoting the services of Americas largest abortion provider without telling the taxpayers who send their 14yr old children to school 11/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has issued no comment amidst the revelations that the man she once hailed as a leader of women Al Frankens sexual harrassment allegations. However, the abortion queen does, however, have plenty to say about the many elephants who will supposedly die thanks to President Trump lifting the ban on importing elephant trophies from overseas. 11/17/17Environmental, Abortion, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Can Government Force Speech Against Your Beliefs? Can state politicians demand a Catholic pregnancy center to pimp pro abortion propaganda. The state of California says yes. 11/17/17Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Most Premature Baby Ever Born, at 21 weeks, Is Now Thriving. Should that Raise Questions About Abortion? 11/16/17Abortion, Conservative,
Feminists Freak Over SCOTUS Hearing About California Forcing Pro Lifers To Promote Abortion. The law called the Reproductive FACT Act was signed into law in 2015 by California Governor Jerry Brown and stipulated that privately funded, state licensed medical facilities offering free ultrasounds and other services to pregnant women must give their patients the following notice: California has public programs that provide immediate free or low cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women 11/14/17Abortion, Feminism, Freedom
Thousands Of Brazilians Protest Topless against Proposed Abortion Ban11/14/17Abortion, Feminism, Perverse
CNN Hammered for Omitting Unborn Child in Texas Church Massacre Death Toll 11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
If Kids Cant Consent, Stop Pushing Sex And Birth Control On Them In Grade School 11/13/17Perverse, Conservative, Abortion
Report: FBI May Be Investigating Planned Parenthood Over Dealings In Aborted Fetuses 11/13/17Abortion, ,
Some 700,000 California women become pregnant each year, and over half of these pregnancies are unintended 11/13/17Abortion, ,
New York Nurse Gives Emotional Speech About Being Forced To Participate In An Abortion Against Her Will 11/10/17Abortion, Healthcare, Freedom
Steep spike seen in vandalism of pro life campus displays11/7/17Abortion, Vandalism,
Notre Dame flip flops, says employees will keep getting free abortion drugs 11/7/17Abortion, Christianity, Education
VIDEO: Im Pro Life | Change My Mind with Steven Crowder 11/7/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Refuses To Call Abortion Sinful: Live To Your Own Convictions11/6/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
The George Soros progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org claimed that 7 in 10 Americans are pro choice, which is a lie. Most polls show the country is split around 50%11/4/17Abortion, Liberal Bias,
After refusing to let a pro life group participate in a Sexual Awareness Fair because its viewpoints do not meet our definition of sex positivity and sexual health awareness, an LGBT student group has now cancelled the event 11/3/17Abortion, LGBT, Freedom
Mila Kunis Donates To Planned Parenthood In Mike Pence's Name 11/3/17Abortion, Celebrities,
University of Notre Dame announced Friday that student and employee health plans will no longer cover birth control, citing an Obamacare exemption offered by the Trump administration11/2/17Abortion, Education, Conservative
Planned Parenthood Encourages Black Women in America To Choose Abortion Over Pregnancy. They tweet: If you're a Black woman in America, it's statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth (Ben Shapiro) 10/31/17Abortion, Race, Perverse
WINNING FOR LIFE: Judge Halts California Law Forcing Pro Lifers To Advertise Abortions. A Riverside County Superior Court Justice Gloria C. Trask ruled that California has no right to force pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to post signs promoting state-covered abortions to their clients 10/31/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
Pro Lifers Take Over Scary Stats Hashtag To Show Horrors Of Abortion 10/30/17Conservative, Abortion,
Frank Stephens, who has Down Syndrome and also has had a successful career as an actor, gave a powerfully moving and poignant speech before Congress as he combated those who would abort fetuses diagnosed with Down Syndrome, telling a congressional committee that proponents of aborting fetuses with Down Syndrome are pushing a final solution and asserting that his life is worth living10/27/17Abortion, Conservative,
The Left Is Celebrating The Murder Of A Child, Proving Again That Leftism Is Satanism. 15yr old illegal immigrant had her abortion on taxpayer funds today. A fanatical judge stepped in to impose his will on a situation far outside the scope of his authority. The courts insisted that the girl must be allowed to get her abortion, despite lacking the power to infuse abortion rights into a non citizen minor. The decision turns the United States into an abortion mecca where pregnant people from around the globe can bypass their own country's abortion laws by coming here to dispatch their unwanted offspring. 10/25/17Immigration, Abortion, Perverse
The new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) draft Strategic Plan defines a human being as beginning at conception. However, the term conception is vague and does not solve the issue. This distinction matters because fertilization occurs (a new human life starts) about five to seven days prior to implantation. HHS’ use of the muddled term “conception” is thus not only unscientific, but it also leads to scientific illiteracy and confusion for the general public10/24/17Conservative, Abortion, Science
A pro life display at Northern Kentucky University was vandalized less than two hours after its construction 10/23/17Abortion, Vandalism,
A watchdog group sponsored by the U.K. Department of Health found staffers at an abortion clinic were paid bonuses for convincing women to go through with abortion procedures 10/20/17Abortion, ,
San Jose State University lecturer threatens to beat the shit out of pro life protesters. The professor Kapell has previously taught at the University of Michigan, Swansea University, University of Michigan Dearborn, Wayne State University and several other institutions.10/20/17Perverse, Professors, Abortion
VIDEO: An unidentified protester wearing a nylon stocking over his head was handcuffed by police after throwing a bucket of paint at a pro life display at Portland State University10/18/17Abortion, Vandalism, Education
Pro Abortion Topless Feminists Attack Catholic Church With Firebombs And Poop. Over 40,000 pro abortion topless feminists hit the streets of Resistencia, Argentina, to demand taxpayer funded on demand abortion and the legalization of prostitution in a so called Boob Protest 10/18/17Abortion, Perverse, Feminism
The Trump Administration Is Trying To Protect An Immigrant Baby. A Leftist Judge Ordered Him Killed 10/18/17Immigration, Abortion, Conservative
This Pro Abortion Fanatic Presented A Thought Experiment DESTROYING Pro Lifers. Here Are 4 Reasons He Fails Dramatically by Ben Shapiro10/17/17Abortion, Conservative,
Here is The Reason Why Pro Abortion advocates Rely On Worst Case Scenarios To Argue Their Point 10/17/17Abortion, Conservative,
Nearly 200 pro life posters torn down at Catholic Loyola Marymount university 10/13/17Abortion, Vandalism,
California Judge Refuses Illegal Immigrant Abortion Case; throws out ACLU lawsuit that tried to allow anyone to come illegally into the U.S. to get an abortion on taxpayer money10/13/17Immigration, Abortion, Freedom
Jeanne Mancini: Young People Know Abortion Hurts Women, Takes Life of Baby, and Damages Our Culture 10/13/17Conservative, Abortion,
Planned Parenthood And Satanists Fight To Repeal Missouri Abortion Laws. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri alleging that its abortion laws are unconstitutional, an argument shared by the Satanic Temple whose own lawsuit is headed to the states Supreme Court. 10/11/17Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
Judge to Determine Case of Illegal Immigrant Crossing Border for Abortion 10/11/17Abortion, Immigration,
Twitter Bans Pro Life Campaign Ad 10/10/17Media, Liberal Bias, Abortion
Confused Atheists Call New Obamacare Religious Exemption A Burden To Religious Freedom; The Secular Coalition for America, an aggressively anti Christian lobbying group based in Washington, D.C., condemned the new birth control exemption by attempting to argue that allowing more religious freedom is in itself a substantial burden to religious freedom10/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Trump Expands Religious Exemptions From Birth Control Mandate. Media Melts Down 10/6/17Abortion, Media, TDS
Mainstream Media Networks Ignore Congress Passing 20 Week Abortion Ban 10/5/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Former Abortion Workers Expose the Predatory Money Making Machine 10/4/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: CONSISTENT ARGUMENT: Pro Gun AND Pro-Life? Here’s Why | Louder With Crowder 10/4/17Gun Control, Abortion, Video
Christian Group Takes Seven Years But Shuts Down Horrific Late Term Abortion Clinic 10/2/17Abortion, Christianity, Conservative
Pope Francis ripped into Trumps Decision to end DACA and said anyone who is pro life should be pro open borders. Then Pope Francis said the recent Hurricanes are because of global warming 9/11/17TDS, Christianity, Abortion
Dating Site OkCupid to Filter Millions of Users By Planned Parenthood Support 9/11/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Planned Parenthood CEO Says Everyone Has Right To Live. Watch Ben Shapiro Respond. 9/10/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
20 states have filed a brief that urges the U.S. Supreme Court to lift an injunction that has barred the release of the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthoods alleged practice of profiteering from the sale of aborted baby body parts9/9/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
Feminist Seeking Donations For Hurricane Victims To Have Abortions 9/1/17Feminism, Abortion,
Woman Threatens To Abort Baby Unless She Gets 4,000 Retweets8/28/17Abortion, ,
FLASHBACK: This Horrifying Audio Exposes Planned Parenthoods Anti Black Racism 8/24/17Abortion, Race, Conservative
Woman Dies In Late Term Abortion At New Mexico Clinic 8/23/17Abortion, ,
Pro Life Democrat Predicts Abortion Litmus Test Will Cost Party Bigly 8/21/17Abortion, Conservative,
A group of pro-abortion University of Michigan professors recently suggested that abortion providers should be more open about the gruesomeness of their jobs. Despite the risk of pushback from pro-life groups, the professors believe that speaking more openly about the most disturbing aspects of their will give abortion providers validation and pride in their work 8/18/17Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Planned Parenthood Chief Says Pro Life Democrats Lack Principles8/16/17Abortion, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Late Term Abortion Facility: We Euthanize Babies in Womb 8/15/17Abortion, Video,
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law Tuesday legislation that dramatically expands abortion access for all women regardless of ability to pay or citizenship status 8/15/17Abortion, ,
The Left Celebrates Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion 8/15/17Abortion, Media, Perverse
Texas Bans Taxpayer Funded Abortions 8/15/17Abortion, Conservative,
What Does Planned Parenthood Do, Exactly, That Deserves Federal Funding?8/11/17Abortion, Conservative,
Google And Facebook Co Sponsoring Protest Of Pro Life Womens Health Care Clinic that provides free medical services and counseling to pregnant women; just not abortions8/11/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Media
James Franco Demolishes an Abortion Argument by Professor in 5 seconds 8/10/17Abortion, Celebrities,
Woman Who Had Abortion Says She Was Not Prepared For The Ungodly Mental Anguish 8/9/17Abortion, Conservative,
A Clemson University professor is comparing President Trump ban on transgender soldiers to Nazi eugenic propaganda, calling it ableism deployed to incarcerate or kill disabled people8/7/17TDS, Professors, Race
University of Chicago professor: It should be legal to kill newborn babies: it is time to add to the discussion the euthanasia of newborn7/27/17Abortion, Perverse, Violence
Planned Parenthood Issues Guidelines On How To Talk To Pre Schoolers About Transgenderism, Masturbation7/25/17Perverse, Abortion,
Planned Parenthoods New Guidelines Say Genitals Dont Determine Sex7/24/17Abortion, LGBT,
The Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) has yet to respond to letters from the chairs of congressional committees that made criminal referrals regarding allegations that Planned Parenthood and its partners in the biomedical procurement industry profited from the sale of the body parts of aborted babies7/21/17Abortion, ,
Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to Counter Trumps Pro Life Policy. The Mexico City Policy or called the global gag rule by the abortion industry and its allies; prohibits non governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive U.S. funds, including International Planned Parenthood, from providing or promoting abortions, as a method of family planning, overseas. Though Gates said her foundation will only fund contraception and sex education, and not abortion, LifeNews reports, but the money also will indirectly fund abortions7/20/17Abortion, ,
WNBA team Seattle Storm Partners With Planned Parenthood7/19/17Abortion, Feminism,
New York Times OpEd Warns Women That Trump Wants Their Birth Control!7/17/17TDS, Media, Abortion
Gallup Poll: 43% of Americans say abortion is morally acceptable, while 49% say it is morally wrong7/13/17Abortion, Conservative,
Abortion Elizabeth Warren Now Wants Congress To Fight For Helpless Babies by giving them free healthcare; forget murdering them in the womb7/12/17Abortion, Healthcare, Liberal Bias
Chelsea Handler says Trump Could Murder A Baby And Supporters Would Defend Him; which is odd coming from a hardcore abortion advocate 7/12/17Abortion, TDS, Celebrities
Hillary Clinton promotes Nasty Woman TShirts for Planned Parenthood 7/12/17Feminism, Abortion, Clinton
Melinda Gates Has No Clue How Catholicism Works. Thinks Catholic Church should accept abortion, homosexuality, and divorce to evolve with the present times7/12/17Christianity, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens called out by name specific news organizations for spreading what he called literally fake news about a Republican bill that established protections for pro lifers in Missouri 7/6/17Abortion, Media, Conservative
Students and faculty members at Kent State University recently held an art auction to raise money for Planned Parenthood. 7/6/17Abortion, Education,
FACT CHECK: Does Planned Parenthood Use Medicaid To Fund Abortions?7/5/17Abortion, ,
Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo Plans Massive Condom Giveaway To Prevent Human Overpopulation 7/3/17Perverse, Environmental,
According to a new study headed by University of Exeter Professor Charles Tyler, a fifth of all male fish are now transgender or intersex as a result of the chemicals in the water from contraception pills being flushed down drains at homes.7/3/17Environmental, Abortion,
Introducing GLOW, Another Great Show Ruined By Abortion Propaganda 6/30/17Abortion, Media,
VIDEO: Cecile Richards: Want Abortion Gone? Fund Planned Parenthood 6/29/17Abortion, Video,
A Canadian father simply asked to be alerted beforehand when and how his children, who were four and six, would be taught about homosexuality, abortion, the occult, and cultural relativism. Once notified, he could choose to keep them at home, so he could decide whether to withdraw them from class but they refused to accomodate the request. The Ontario Superior Court Justice ruled his Charter rights had been violated, but that was reasonable because of the competing Charter values of inclusivity, equality and multiculturalism, and public school boards statutory obligations. Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalitions senior political strategist, called Hughes assertion a brazen, unashamed admission that indoctrination was the goal6/29/17Freedom, LGBT, Abortion
Nancy Pelosi: Republicans are Dishonoring God by Attempting to Defund Planned Parenthood 6/28/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, MSNBC gave Richards the assist by using debunked state that abortions are only 3% of Planned Parenthoods services 6/28/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: CNN says Trumpcare Would Send Women to Mexico For Birth Control 6/27/17Abortion, Feminism, Healthcare
A feminist magazine is calling on white women to solve historical racism and white supremacy by aborting all their babies. 6/26/17Feminism, Race, Abortion
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that he would revise criminal charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt; the individuals were responsible for exposing Planned Parenthoods trafficking of aborted baby parts even after a San Francisco court dismissed 14 of the 15 charges6/26/17Abortion, Freedom,
Time Magazine Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Funding Used For Mammograms 6/23/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Celebs Unite To Keep Your Tax Dollars Funding Gruesome Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood 6/23/17Abortion, Celebrities,
VIDEO: MSNBC Host Fudges Facts On Planned Parenthood. MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle incorrectly stated that Planned Parenthood has had huge increases in the number of essential womens health services they provide6/23/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Court Tosses Out 14 Charges Against Reporter Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Harvesting, Selling Baby Parts 6/22/17Abortion, Freedom, Conservative
Senate Health Care Bill Defunds Planned Parenthood6/22/17Abortion, Healthcare,
VIDEO: Dinesh DSouza helps liberal understand Liberty; covers healthcare, abortion, and environmental arguments6/18/17Abortion, Healthcare, Video
WNBA Agrees To Support Abortion With Every Ticket Sold 6/16/17Abortion, ,
Gallup poll, just 29% of Americans want unlimited abortion up to birth 6/12/17Abortion, ,
The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that parents may sue a doctor for failing to tell them their child may be born with a birth defect so the mother could have an abortion, 6/11/17Abortion, Freedom,
Canadian Pro Life Leader To Pastors: Your Silence Is Killing Us!6/5/17Abortion, Christianity,
DOJ Urged to Investigate Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Transfers 6/1/17Abortion, ,
Teen Parades Around in Condom Bra to Promote Planned Parenthood to 5th Graders5/31/17Abortion, Education,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: BuzzFeeds Radical Abortion Propaganda | Steven Crowder 5/30/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
California Forces YouTube To REMOVE Damning Tapes Of Planned Parenthood Doctors Discussing Atrocities 5/26/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Here is the 12 Catholic colleges with graduation speakers who support same-sex marriage, abortion and more5/25/17Christianity, Abortion, Education
VIDEO: Undercover Video Exposes Horrifying Truth About Abortion Industry 5/25/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
The College Republicans at Hood college in Maryland have been cleared of any wrongdoing for their controversial display that garnered criticism from peers for including quotes that highlighted the black abortion rate and the mental instability of transgender people. 5/24/17Freedom, LGBT, Race
Study: Adult Like Nerves Developing In 1st Trimester5/24/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Tomi Lahren: A Case In Banality by 1791L 5/24/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
In only 5 years, the nonprofit, Human Coalition, has saved over 6,200 babies from abortion 5/22/17Abortion, Conservative,
Cal State San Marcos has been sued by pro life students enrolled at the school who accuse the public university of viewpoint discrimination for funding left causes using mandatory student fees while refusing to also fund conservative ones. They spent $296,498 to the Gender Equity and LGBTQA Pride centers, which has used that money to host a wide variety of speakers and events touting sexual promiscuity and pro abortion themes and denied a pro life group $500 5/18/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
The CBS show Mom will donate all $250,000 of its Emmy campaign money to the abortion mill Planned Parenthood5/18/17Media, Abortion,
Gloria Steinem Says Abortions Can Prevent Global Warming, Compares Trump to Hitler 5/16/17Environmental, Abortion,
A Fresno State University professor was recently caught on camera scrubbing pro life message off of the sidewalk and encouraging several of his students to do the same 5/11/17Abortion, Abortion,
VIDEO: Pro Abortion Politicians Mislead Women About Planned Parenthood Services5/3/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
A pro choice professor accused pro life organizations of child pornography for using images of dead fetuses as a rhetorical device during a debate at Purdue University 5/2/17Abortion, Education, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Angry Asst Principal Curses Young Pro Life Activists, Goes Completely Insane 4/28/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
Cree Erwin, 24, Died From A Botched Abortion. Now Her Brother Is Sounding The Alarm On Planned Parenthood 4/25/17Abortion, ,
A pro life group at Cal State Dominguez Hills will be allowed to partake in a social justice fair after originally being denied and facing backlash 4/24/17Abortion, ,
Old Planned Parenthood Pamphlets ADMIT Abortion Kills The Life Of A Baby 4/21/17Abortion, Conservative,
University leaders ban pro life flag display, say it created an unsafe environment 4/20/17Abortion, Education, Freedom
Meet The Lefts New Hero: A Christian Doctor Killing Innocent Babies In The Name Of Christ 4/18/17Abortion, Christianity,
Washington State student tears down pro life display because it really made me angry 4/17/17Abortion, ,
Trump Kills Obama Regulation Prohibiting States From Defunding Planned Parenthood4/13/17Abortion, Obama, Freedom
Vandals remove posters and chalking that promoted ex abortionist talk at University of Colorado4/13/17Abortion, Violence,
Ben Shapiro schools feminist who tries to use rape abortions as reasons to let them be legal4/13/17Abortion, Feminism, Conservative
The Foo Fighters, Mary J. Blige, St. Vincent, Björk, Bon Iver, and comedians Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Margaret Cho have all jumped aboard a new boxed set of tracks to be released on 7-inch vinyl records called7 inches for Planned Parenthood to raise money for the quote (Life-Saving) work that Planned Parenthood does 4/12/17Abortion, Media,
Louis C.K. Reveals What An Intellectually Honest Pro-Abortion Argument Sounds Like In New Netflix Special 4/7/17Abortion, Media,
Salon Magazine Claims Human Fetuses are Part Person, Part Thing4/6/17Abortion, Media,
Texas State University Student Freaks When He Encounters Pro Life Demonstration 4/6/17Abortion, Education,
Lena Dunhams Girls Calls Unborn Baby Parasite Growing Inside of You4/5/17Abortion, Media,
Students at all female Catholic Alverno College display graphic, pro-sex poster of a large vagina 4/4/17Feminism, Education, Christianity
MSNBC Guest Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Provides Mammograms4/3/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
The 15 felony charges leveled at two activist journalists behind a series of explosive Planned Parenthood undercover videos is such an egregious abuse of the law that even the Los Angeles Times felt compelled to call it a disturbing government overreach3/31/17Freedom, Abortion, Conservative
PRO-LIFE WIN: Senate Overturns Obama Regulation Forcing States To Fund Planned Parenthood 3/30/17Abortion, Conservative,
Universiry of North Carolina features (Nasty Women) exhibit to raise money for Planned Parenthood featuring A sketch of a naked woman, spread eagle during her menstrual cycle spilling out over the floor, A drawing of a woman blowing her brains out with two fingers etc. 3/30/17Feminism, Abortion,
California bill would require public universities provide students abortion pills 3/29/17Abortion, Education,
2 undercover pro-life advocates responsible for exposing Planned Parenthoods profiting off of selling fetal tissue from abortions now face 15 felony charges for recording others without consent, 3/29/17Abortion, Freedom,
Melissa Harris Perry, Who Wore Tampon Earrings On National TV Goes On Anti-Science Abortion Rant 3/27/17Abortion, Media,
A proposed California bill would require universities to cover abortion pills under their student insurance plans or lose state funding 3/20/17Abortion, Education,
Tomi Lahren says she is Pro-Abortion because she is Pro-Constituion; even though the Constitution says in the 14th Amendmend: (No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law)3/17/17Abortion, Conservative,
An ACLU attorney says the second-trimester abortion procedure known as Dilation & Evacuation (D&E), or dismemberment abortion, is not inhumane 3/15/17Abortion, ,
Anti-Science Planned Parenthood: Abortions Arent Just for Women!3/14/17Abortion, Liberal Bias,
A pro-life group is challenging Kutztown University after employees repeatedly scrubbed away messages that a student group had drawn on campus sidewalks for National Pro-Life Chalk Day 3/14/17Abortion, ,
Democratic Texas state Rep. Jessica Farrar thinks there's an equivalence between killing an unborn child and a man masturbating. In an attempt to paint pro-life legislation as sexist, Farrar introduced a satirical measure to fine men $100 for their masturbatory emissions. The bill cites each emission outside of a vagina an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life 3/13/17Abortion, Feminism,
The Washington Post says Planned Parenthood is Non-Partisan, despite 99% of their political donations going to Democrats 3/9/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Student pro-life display casually vandalized in broad daylight at University of Colorado3/9/17Abortion, Education,
Student Government at Boston College rejected a resolution affirming that pro-life advocacy is a legitimate use of advocacy 3/2/17Education, Freedom, Abortion
Campaign In Protest Of Trump Raises $190 Million For Abortions3/2/17Abortion, ,
Oscar Celebrities show their progressive benevolence as global do-gooders by raising hundreds of millions for abortions. However, they exhibit a cold indifference toward the actual wants and needs of their supposed beneficiaries in the Third World. Most people in third world countries are against abortion. Added to the fact that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 to stop the multiplication of the unfit and to stop impoverished, nonwhite women from breeding like weeds as she put it 3/1/17Abortion, Media, Conservative
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has announced her opposition to the repeal of Obamacare if it means defunding Planned Parenthood or eliminating the state’s expansion of Medicaid 2/24/17Healthcare, Abortion,
Pro-life activists: Catholic universities must reclaim their values and defend life 2/15/17Abortion, Conservative, Christianity
Teen Vogue tries to normalize abortion for teens by offering advice on the perfect post-Abortion gift2/13/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
A newly developed MRI scan allows parents to see detailed images of the beating heart of even a 20-week unborn baby, as well as clear pictures of the baby stretching its legs and even swallowing in the womb. 2/9/17Abortion, ,
Ben Shapiro Debunks Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments2/9/17Abortion, LGBT, Conservative
Parents in the UK who claim they would have aborted their children if they had known they were disabled in utero have been awarded what amounts to 87 million tax-payer dollars in a 'wrongful birth' lawsuit. Yes, 'wrongful birth,' as in specific babies, in this case with disabilities, should not have been born, but murdered in the womb 2/8/17Abortion, ,
The George Washington University’s Young America’s Foundation chapter was met yesterday with pro-choice protesters at their Cemetery of the Innocents display. Two of the protesters even ripped up a sign put up 'In Memory of the Lives Lost to Abortion,' justifying the vandalism by claiming that pro-lifers are 'not letting people have the choice over their own bodies'2/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Violence
Healthcare Expert: GOP Senators’ Obamacare Replacement Plan Expands Taxpayer Funding of Abortions 2/2/17Healthcare, Abortion,
Why Aren't Abortion-Loving Leftists Calling Beyonce's Babies 'Fetuses'?2/2/17Abortion, Conservative,
Tucker Carlson Destroys Abortion Argument with one question: Gursuch wrote in a book about ethics, 'All human beings are intrinsically valuable and the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.' Do you believe that?' asked Carlson.2/1/17Abortion, Conservative,
By Subsidizing Planned Parenthood, the U.S. is funding abortion1/31/17Abortion, ,
The BRUTAL TRUTH About Abortion and 'Choice' 1/28/17Abortion, ,
The Atlantic Publishes Article Ripping Ultrasounds; but then Has to Issue This MASSIVE List of Corrections1/27/17Abortion, Media, HoaxFraud
Pro-Life Youth Group Attacked by Thugs Yelling Racial Slurs in Southeast D.C. 1/27/17Abortion, Violence,
VIDEO: Will Media Report? Massive Crowds at 2017 March for Life1/27/17Abortion, Conservative, Video
Radical feminists are hysterically stoking fear and loathing of Ulta Sound machines because revolutionary developments in sonography have endangered their agenda of unrestricted abortion 1/26/17Abortion, HoaxFraud,
LAWSUIT: Another New York college funds abortion-rights student groups but won’t fund pro-life group 1/25/17Education, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Texas lawmaker who introduced bill criminalizing abortion: Women should be more ‘personally responsible’ for sex1/25/17Abortion, ,
House Passes Bill To Permanently Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions 1/24/17Abortion, ,
Will March For Life Get Equal MSM Coverage? (Hint: No!) 1/24/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Planned Parenthood Employees Admit Name ‘Deceiving’ Since They Specialize in Abortion 1/24/17Abortion, ,
These Were The 15 Stupidest Signs At Saturday’s Women’s March 1/23/17Feminism, Conservative,
President Trump made good on his pro-life promises by reinstating the Mexico City Policy, cutting billions of dollars in federal funds from organizations seeking to kill unborn children through the institution of abortion. 1/23/17Abortion, ,
Lena Dunham's Creepy 'Love Letter' Video to Planned Parenthood 1/23/17Abortion, ,
Women’s marchers say pro-lifers can’t be feminists 1/22/17Abortion, Feminism,
Pope Tells Marchers ‘Life Is to Be Protected Unconditionally from the Moment of Conception’ 1/21/17Abortion, Christianity,
Catholic university of St. Thomas in Minnesota plans to bus students to both the state and national Women’s Marches on Saturday despite the anti-Trump movement’s explicit pro-abortion stance 1/19/17Abortion, Feminism, Education
A federal judge blocked Texas' efforts to steer Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood, becoming the latest state's effort to fall short.1/19/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Celebrities Praise Racist Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood | Steven Crowder1/18/17Abortion, Celebrities, Race
A Students for Life chapter has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Colorado State University of denying funding for an event because officials objected to its pro-life theme 1/17/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Women's March Excludes Pro-Life Feminists1/17/17Feminism, Abortion,
Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards called on the GOP to 'triple the funding for Planned Parenthood.' adding 'If there were more members of Congress who could get pregnant, we wouldn’t be arguing about birth control.' 1/13/17Abortion, Feminism,
Most congress members who graduated from Catholic colleges are pro-choice, survey finds 1/13/17Abortion, Christianity,
Canadian Teen Series 'Degrassi' celebrates Abortion with #noregrets empowering feminist abortion episode1/13/17Abortion, Feminism, Media
How Much Cash Did Abortion Mill Planned Parenthood Pocket From Selling Baby Parts? There is evidence that in one case, a vendor for PP, Stem Express, a for-profit tissue procurement company based in Folsom, California, paid PP $55 for an aborted baby’s brain, then made a 2,800 percent profit by selling it to a customer for over $3,000. 1/5/17Abortion, ,
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton family crony, is pledging to veto a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks in order to protect business in his state1/4/17Abortion, Liberal Bias,
The Thomas More Society has filed an appeal seeking to overturn a court order allowing the University of Washington to heavily redact documents related to its involvement in the transfer of aborted fetal tissue. 1/3/17Abortion, ,
Report: Church of Scientology Forcing Women Into Abortions1/3/17Abortion, ,
POLL: Gallups Poll shows Americans pretty split on Abortion 1/1/17Abortion, ,
Gay teens protest Trump, raise money for Planned Parenthood by selling ‘pussy pops’ and sending them to Donald Trump12/29/16LGBT, Abortion,
Christian Pro-Life Organization In Australia Hit With Driving Car Bomb 12/23/16Abortion, Violence,
11 Things You Need To Know About Planned Parenthood 12/21/16Conservative, Abortion,
Republicans on the special House committee investigating the supply chain of aborted fetal tissue have asked authorities to investigate a total of 15 cases in which the law may have been broken 12/21/16Abortion, ,
Pro-life organization Americans United for Life (AUL) provides details of hundreds of violations of state laws regulating abortion clinics 12/13/16Abortion, Freedom,
Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a bill on Tuesday banning abortions after 20 weeks, but he also vetoed a stricter law which would have outlawed the practice from the moment of a baby's first detectable heartbeat 12/13/16Abortion, ,
A teacher at a private school in British Columbia, Canada has been fired for expressing his personal opinion about abortion 12/12/16Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
Gloria Steinem Refuses to Pay Taxes If Planned Parenthood’s Funding Eliminated 12/10/16Abortion, ,
A School Principal in Indiana was caught on video giving a pro-life group a hard time outside of his school about their placards and the literature it was handing out 12/10/16Abortion, Freedom,
John Legend: Planned Parenthood 'Protects People from an Oppressive Government' 12/9/16Abortion, Liberal Bias,
Mayor De Blasio: NYC Will Fund Planned Parenthood If Trump Defunds It 12/8/16Abortion, ,
Pro-Life Win: Ohio Senate Passes 'Heartbeat Bill'; legislation would ban abortions on babies with a beating heart, which can be detected as early as six weeks12/7/16Abortion, ,
Anglican Pastor Facing Jail Time for Praying Outside Planned Parenthood 12/5/16Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Milo Yiannopoulos on Abortion 12/3/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
French TV Bans Smiling Down Syndrome Kids So as Not to Offend Post-Abortive Women 11/25/16PC, Abortion, Freedom
Nick Cannon blasts Planned Parenthood’s ‘genocide’ against black people11/23/16Abortion, ,
John Oliver Tells Audience: In Wake of Trump Win, Donate to Planned Parenthood 11/14/16Abortion, Media,
Tax-Funded Planned Parenthood Spending $38 Million to Push Hillary and Pro-Abortion Democrats11/4/16Abortion, ,
Virginia High School Opens Planned Parenthood Club 10/28/16Abortion, Education,
Poll: 58% Americans Opposed Tax Payer Funded Abortion10/27/16Abortion, ,
Pro-abortion vandals at Catholic university scrawl over ‘Love them both’ pro-life message 10/26/16Abortion, Education,
Depaul College Republicans flyer titled 'Unborn Lives Matter' taken down and University President calls the slogan 'Bigotry'10/23/16Abortion, Education, Freedom
Partial-Birth Abotion is ripping a baby apart. The basic idea behind the procedure is to remove the fetus partially from the womb, where it is most commonly killed by puncturing the skull with scissors or a similar implement 10/20/16Abortion, ,
Catholic university bans ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ posters10/19/16Abortion, Education,
Marquette’s feminism club has now publicly condemned Thursday’s pro-life display at the Catholic institution as 'damaging to the mental health of students' and an act of 'public shaming'. 10/17/16Feminism, Abortion,
Marquette University Democrat leaders praise the vandalism of Pro-Life displays10/16/16Abortion, ,
Liberal activists tore down flyers for a pro-life event at California State University, Los Angeles and replaced them with posters encouraging women to get abortions. 10/14/16Abortion, PC,
An abortion-rights group at a Catholic Loyola University in Chicago hosted a 'papaya workshop' last month that showed students how to perform abortions using a tropical fruit.10/7/16Abortion, Education,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument 10/6/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
Abotion vandals in the Argentinean city of Neuquén have desecrated a Catholic cathedral as part of a "women's rights" protest. 10/5/16Abortion, ,
40 Years of Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Unborn Lives – Hillary Clinton Wants It Stopped 9/30/16Abortion, Clinton,
A masked man at Ohio University attacks a Pro-Life display on campus with a club and threatens a Pro-Life supporter. He has not been caught at this time9/19/16Abortion, Education,
VIDEO: Debunking Planned Parenthood's '3%' Abortion Myth 9/14/16Abortion, Video,
California State University offers counseling to anyone offended by the Pro-Life displays on campus9/8/16Abortion, Education, PC
California Passes Planned Parenthood-Backed Bill Criminalizing Health Care Sting Videos so undercover reporters cannot expose the injustices of liberal strongholds like Planned Parenthood 9/2/16Abortion, Freedom,
The Left's Dark History of Eugenics, its relation to Planned Parenthood, and how it's making a subtle comeback for the betterment of the human race by the Left 9/2/16Conservative, Abortion,
Cheering Abortion: Pro-Choice Advocates Praise Killing, While Tearing Down Women 8/26/16Abortion, Feminism, Conservative
University of New Mexico’s dean of the School of Medicine has admitted that college staff utilized the brain tissue of aborted babies “for dissection by high school students at a summer camp. 8/24/16Abortion, Education,
Controversy surrounding secretly recorded videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing fetal tissue sales has morphed into a California proposal that would punish media companies for reporting on certain undercover videos. But media groups say the bill, which is on the verge of clearing the Legislature, could have a ‘chilling effect’ on free speech and set the state up for First Amendment court battles 8/15/16Abortion, Freedom,
A University of North Carolina at Charlotte study shows the devastating consequences of abortion on minorities, revealing that voluntary infanticide is by far the leading cause of death for both blacks and Hispanics8/10/16Abortion, Race,
VIDEO: Why Planned Parenthood is Suing Family Policy Institute of Washington8/10/16Freedom, Abortion, Video
Feminist 'Ghostbuster' Leslie Jones Will Headline Abortion Concert8/9/16Abortion, ,
Catholic university's new vice provost is former chair of abortion provider8/8/16Abortion, Education, Christianity
Despite its supposed focus on healthcare at its clinics, abortion provider Planned Parenthood will be adding politics into the mix by registering voters at its clinics, at colleges 8/7/16Abortion, ,
Evidence collected by the state’s Attorney General suggests that the University of New Mexico may have illegally procured aborted body parts for research. 8/3/16Abortion, ,
The Democratic Party’s 2016 platform calls for allowing unlimited taxpayer funding for elective abortions for Medicaid recipients, a moved slammed as 'crazy' by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin 7/14/16Abortion, Healthcare,
There were 6,117 second trimester abortions after 12 weeks in Texas throughout 2014 7/6/16Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Abortion is immoral and its sexist and racist too 7/4/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
New Poll shows that only 17% of millennials agree with Hillary Clinton’s extreme stance on abortion 6/30/16Abortion, Liberal Bias,
University: Arguing pro-life views is an ‘assault’ microaggression 6/29/16Abortion, PC, Education
When Abortion Fans Let the Truth Slip. Latest DNC document calls for revocation of all restrictions on abortion, all, including partial-birth abortion, by which full-term children are carved up in the womb and they want you to pay for them too 6/29/16Abortion, ,
VIDEO: The Consequences of Texas v. Supreme Court. Scott Ott wonders if the overturning of a Texas abortion law by the US Supreme Court has set a disastrous precedent that will haunt us forever.6/29/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
Chelsea Handler Says God Supports Abortion in ‘Playboy’ Essay 6/28/16Abortion, ,
Supreme Courts Abortion ruling actually hurts women 6/28/16Abortion, Conservative,
Longwood University’s website claims that challenging someone’s pro-choice view is a micro-aggression6/28/16Abortion, PC, Freedom
Supreme Court declines to hear religious liberty case that forces family-owned pharmacies to offer morning after pill against their religious beliefs. Another blow to religious liberty6/28/16Christianity, Freedom, Abortion
21-year old student gets life in prison after killing her baby shortly after giving birth in her sorority house. Yet if she had killed the baby moments earlier, it would have been acceptable since abortions are basically the same thing6/27/16Abortion, ,
Abortionists See Patient Safety as a Burden for themselves, not to women 6/27/16Abortion, ,
Democrat Platform Calling for Taxpayer Funded Abortions 6/26/16Abortion, ,
‘Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade 6/17/16Abortion, Christianity,
Abortionist Quits after seeing her own Baby on Ultrasound 6/10/16Abortion, ,
A special House panel investigating the market for fetal tissue released new documents that they said show the procurement company StemExpress marked up the price for body parts, organs, and other tissue from aborted babies 400% to 600% when selling the samples to researchers. 6/6/16Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Assaulted at a Planned Parenthood Rally 6/4/16Abortion, PC, Feminism
Abortionists, lawmakers work to ban baby body-parts investigations after Planned Parenthood was caught on video selling aborted baby body parts5/26/16Abortion, ,
Documents obtained from the St. Louis Fire Department to settle a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit detail nearly five dozen medical emergencies at the city’s Planned Parenthood abortion business, nearly double what had been previously revealed5/26/16Abortion, ,
House Democrats file legislation that would amend the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to ensure religious exemptions cannot be applied to any health care service, including abortion and gender transition treatments 5/25/16Freedom, Christianity, Abortion
Abortionist calls 911 after trying to kill a baby and failed and baby was still alive5/24/16Abortion, ,
LGBT student group at Montana State University is protesting an $8 million gift from donor because he's in favor of traditional marriage and pro-life5/24/16LGBT, Abortion, Education
Abortion body parts selling company thumbs it's nose up at Congress when they requested documents5/6/16Abortion, ,
Indiana opens the first 'baby boxes' where women can drop off unwanted babies instead of kill them5/5/16Abortion, ,
College students form shield to block a Pro-Life display on campus5/2/16Abortion, Freedom, Education
A flash of light occurs at the moment of conception 4/27/16Abortion, ,
Pro-Abortion Students at Harvard Hurl Profane Insults at Black Pro-Life Speaker4/22/16Abortion, ,
The House finds the smoking gun of aborted fetal tissue sales by Planned Parenthood4/20/16Abortion, ,
Former U.S. Prosecutor tells Congress there is 'proof beyond reasonable doubt' that Planned Parenthood is selling and profitting from aborted fetuses4/20/16Abortion, ,
Pro Abotion rally at the University of North Georgia display cookies shaped as babies with their heads cut off and laughing at the idea of murdering babies4/20/16Education, Abortion,
U.S. Documents: Profits from baby body parts is real4/19/16Abortion, ,
An estimated 200 million women have been murdered in sex-selective abortions. Feminists don't care though4/14/16Abortion, Feminism,
Democrat leader says it's okay to kill a 7-pound baby just before birth because it's a woman's right4/14/16Abortion, ,
UC Berkley demands the University give out free abortion pills4/13/16Abortion, Education,
Democrats fuming after massively popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory' takes a pro-life stance4/12/16Abortion, ,
Abortion advocates protest with coat hangers and compare babys to cancer tumors saying that tumors are 'live tissue' too and just the same as unborn babies4/12/16Abortion, ,
The New Leftist Fascist Role Model: Kamala Harris raiding Conservative investigative reporters home after Planned Parenthood was found selling aborted baby parts4/9/16Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Anti-Abortion activist has his home raided and footage of companies buying aborted baby parts from planned parenthood4/6/16Abortion, ,
Abortion advocate and author of college biology textbook called 'Life' says science does not know when life actually begins, despite what objecive scientists say. Proving once again how liberalism is corrupting science itself3/29/16Abortion, Liberal Bias,
Obama Admin says they have the power to make churchers fund abortions3/24/16Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Student Senate says the administration should take a pay cut in order to fund on campus abortions3/22/16Abortion, Education,
Whitewashing the Bloodiest and Most Deadly Holocaust in All History3/15/16Abortion, Conservative,
Asking Pro-Choice Abortion activists at what point in the pregnancy should abortion be illegal makes them terribly uncomfortable3/14/16Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Pro-Abortion Activists Can't Answer This One Simple Question 3/14/16Abortion, Conservative, Video
Swedish liberal party argues that men should be able to legally abort children up to 18 weeks3/12/16Abortion, ,
University offers counseling to students for stress endured by seeing Pro-Life displays on campus3/9/16Education, Abortion,
Protestors threaten student group after Pro-Life Flyers on campus2/24/16Education, Abortion, Race
VIDEO: A Conversation with a Former Abortionist: Full Interview with Dr. Anthony Levatino 2/24/16Abortion, Video,
VIDEO: 1st Trimester Surgical Abortion: Aspiration 2/23/16Abortion, Video,
VIDEO: Former Abortionist breaks down how they kill babies in the second trimester2/23/16Abortion, Video,
New Google Chrome extensions change's word 'Pro-Life' to 'Anti-Choice' to make saving lives of babies more demonizing2/20/16Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Purdue staffer refuses to apologize for comments about raping pro-life women. Feminsts also silent on the issue2/13/16Education, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Leftist promote abortion to eradicate diseases in other countries1/29/16Abortion, ,
Abortion radicals disrupt Pro-Life protest1/23/16Abortion, ,
60 Million Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 1/14/16Abortion, ,
Planned Parenthood uses King Herod's slaughter to promote abortion as 'a social good'12/28/15Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Mizzou students asked to fill out Bias Reports because of 'offensive' pro-life display12/14/15Abortion, Education,
Former Miss Ohio USA, OSU law student threatened over pro-life op-ed12/3/15Abortion, Education,
CNN Says Anti Abortion Rhetoric causes violence 12/1/15Abortion, Violence, Liberal Bias
Brace yourself for Pro-Life voices to be demonized11/28/15Abortion, Conservative,
Public university steers students, dollars to Planned Parenthood11/13/15Abortion, Education,
How the Catholic Church helped Canada elect its most pro-abortion prime minister in history 11/4/15Christianity, Abortion, Conservative
College Student launches hunger strike over Planned Parenthood contract cancellation11/2/15Abortion, Media, Race
Feminists Gloria Steinem says Abortion helps fight Global Warming and those who are against it are helping cause global warming 10/22/15Feminism, Abortion, Environmental
Cecil Richards admits 86% of Planned Parenthood revenue from abortions9/29/15Abortion, ,
Univ. of Minnesota reveals purchase orders for fetal tissue9/29/15Abortion, Education,
Non-Scientist Bill Nye Tries To Scientifically Support Abortion. Fails Miserably… 9/25/15Abortion, ,
Office Depot refuses to make copies of 'Pro-Life' prayer; says its 'hate material'9/11/15Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: The Most Important Question about Abortion-Prager University8/17/15Abortion, Video,
Planned Parenthood's 3% Abortion Lie 8/3/15Abortion, ,
FACT CHECK: The Largest Women’s Health Care Provider In America Is NOT Planned Parenthood 8/3/15Abortion, Conservative,
Grad student threatens abortion unless she raises $1M7/2/15Abortion, Education,
55% of Americans want abortion to be illegal5/29/15Abortion, Conservative,
Pro-Choice Feminists Crash Pro-Life Rally; Say Women have the right to an abortion even a day before birth5/15/15Abortion, Video,
Madonna gets blasted by gays for Margaret Thatcher post4/21/15Media, Abortion,
ACLU demands Catholic Bishops provide abortions for illegal minors; forget religious freedom4/10/15Abortion, Christianity,
Fact Check: How Does Planned Parenthood Spend That Government Money? 4/5/15Abortion, ,
Topless women snatches baby Jesus in Pro-Choice protest act12/25/14Abortion, ,
Justin Trudeau now says incumbent Liberal MPs opposed to abortion will be required to support a woman’s right to choose in any vote on abortion 6/18/14Christianity, Abortion,
President Obama’s Budget Eliminates Abstinence Education Programs4/5/14Obama, Abortion, Christianity
VIDEO: University of Alabama tries to silence pro-life group, taking down anti-abortion poster 2/15/14Abortion, Video, Freedom
Susan G. Komen pays price for fighting abortion1/8/14Abortion, ,
Army Briefing Tells Soldiers Christians and Pro-Lifers are a 'Radical' Threat10/23/13Christianity, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Abortion Laws by State graphic from the New York Times6/17/13Abortion, ,
Hooking Kids on Sex Video Exposes Planned Parenthood Agenda 4/1/13Abortion, ,
Huffington Post defends sex-selective abortions7/29/12Abortion, Media,
Sex-Selective Abortion thrives in America5/29/12Abortion, ,
Liberal Writer: I Wish I’d Been Aborted4/15/12Abortion, Media,
In the Birth Control Controversy, the Mocking of Conservative Religious Women by Militant Secularists Will Soon Backfire 2/19/12Christianity, Abortion, Conservative
Susan G. Komen official resigns over Planned Parenthood bullying2/7/12Abortion, ,
Planned Parenthood lies about providing mammograms2/2/12Abortion, Race,
VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Why Taxation is Theft, Abortion is Murder, & Government is Dangerous 11/22/11Freedom, Conservative, Video
Meta-Analysis of 22 Worldwide Studies on Adverse Effects of Abortion on Mental Health show 81% higher risk of mental health problems for women who have had abortion 9/3/11Abortion, ,
HHS’s New Health Guidelines Trample on Conscience8/2/11Abortion, Christianity,
VIDEO: Abortion laws protect sexual promiscuity, and more reliance on government 5/5/11Video, Conservative, Abortion
Obama Ignores Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Videos3/2/11Obama, Abortion,
A Compilation of Obama's Pro Abortion Record11/7/10Obama, Abortion,
White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Constitution That Legalizes Abortion7/21/10Abortion, Obama,
Andrew Breitbart offers $10,000 for anyone who can prove 'n-word' was used in Tea Party protests…no reply4/26/10Race, Media, Freedom
University of Arizona tells Pro-Life group they have to include pro-choice members1/21/10Abortion, Education, Liberal Bias
Efficacy of the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning 1/1/10Abortion, Science,
According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), studies show that couples who follow their Natural Family Planning methods guidelines correctly, and all the time, achieve effectiveness rates of 97 to 99%1/1/10Abortion, Science,
Obama Admin Terrorism Dictionary Calls Pro-Life Advocates Violent, Racist 5/5/09Abortion, Obama, Christianity
The Vatican has vetoed three of Barack Obama's potential nominees as US ambassador amid a growing dispute between the White House and the Roman Catholic church over the new administration's support for abortion rights4/14/09Christianity, Obama, Abortion
Obama Administration Announces $50 Million for Pro-Forced Abortion UNFPA3/26/09Abortion, Obama,
Pro-Life Group Left off Obama Health Care Summit List; Abortion advocates are fine though 3/5/09Abortion, ,
Having an Abortion Linked To Long-Term Anxiety, Stress 12/12/05Abortion, ,
Abortion demographics in America; black women disproportionate level of abortions1/1/01Abortion, ,

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