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Liberals attempting to remove American history, Liberals trying to ban the Confederate flag for PC purposes, Liberals re-writing history at their leisure, Liberals turning the Founding Fathers into villains, Renaming buildings in the South etc.

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2017 @ 4:20 am

SELLING BLACK MEN as slaves is alive and well in some Muslim countries 11/15/17Race, Islam, Remove History
VIDEO: What is the Truth About the First Thanksgiving? Prager University 11/13/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
John Hamed, Jr. repeats as fact several myths about Muslims and Columbus trying to give Muslims credit for discovering the New World 11/9/17Remove History, Islam,
San Diego State professors approve resolution to abolish Aztec mascot despite its popularity 11/9/17Remove History, PC, Race
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, appeared on a counter extremism panel in Europe and promptly claimed Christianity was responsible for the Holocaust. 11/9/17Christianity, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Yale removes white mens portraits from hall to promote diversity; then says its temporary11/9/17Education, Race, Remove History
Washington Post Writes 4,700 word essay: 100 years later, Bolshevism is back. And we should be worried. Discussing how we should be worried about Conservatives because they are todays Communists.11/7/17Socialism, TDS, Remove History
Social justice extremists at Vassar College in New York have launched an assault on the Constitution and the founding principles of our society. In a response letter to a campus lecture given by William Jacobson titled: (Hate Speech is Sill Free Speech, Even After Charlottesville) the group Healing to Action (H2A) made it clear that any speech not approved by them cannot be covered by the First Amendment. H2A insists that the Constitution is inherently racist and therefore, free speech is for the protected class (whites) only. H2A doe not believe the First Amendment offers a blanket right to any individuals speech, but only that speech which has the collective well being of all members of our society in mind.11/3/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
A Stony Brook University art professor has come out in support of leaving Confederate monuments where they stand, a controversial stance that has garnered some backlash 11/2/17Remove History, Conservative,
3 University of Tennessee professors say colleges should rename controversial monuments because of the psychological harm they cause to minority students 11/1/17Professors, Remove History, PC
CNN host Chris Cuomo said White House chief of staff John Kelly’s comments on Fox News about Confederate monuments were bigotry being ignored and rationalized10/31/17Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
NO MORE SHAKESPEARE: Yale Decolonizes English Department After Being Accused Of Too Much Whiteness. New standards have been implemented to guarantee a more diversified slate of courses. The course called: Major English Poet, is no longer a graduation requirement for Yale English majors 10/27/17Remove History, Race, PC
DNC Chairman Tom Perez does not really understand the Constitution as he does not appear to understand precisely how the American electoral system actually works, nor where the guidelines for such elections appear. Perez claimed the Electoral College does not appear anywhere in the Constitution and is merely a figment of American tradition designed to dash the hopes of would-be First Women Presidents. Perez said The Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution; It doesn’t have to be there. the Electoral College does, in fact, appear in the Constitution, in Article II,10/26/17Liberal Bias, Freedom, Remove History
UCLA grad students create gay, Latino Shakespeare play Romeo and Julio10/24/17LGBT, PC, Remove History
UNDERMINING AMERICA: Why the Left is intensifying attacks on the Founding Fathers and the origins of the US by Walter Williams10/24/17Conservative, Remove History,
VIDEO: To Kill a Mockingbird novel is being removed from the 8th grade reading curriculum because It Teaches People That Women Can Lie (and lie about being raped)10/20/17Remove History, Feminism, Education
Columbia University student is urging classmates to demand that the school cancel conservative speakers and tear down a Thomas Jefferson statue to combat white nationalists 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Race
Christian Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho drops Crusaders name 10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
Federal court rules World War I memorial cross must be torn down in Maryland10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
Eastern Illinois Universitys Lincoln Hall eyed for name change 10/16/17Remove History, ,
Nestlé Removes Christian Cross from Greek Yogurt Packaging; say We avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs10/15/17Christianity, PC,
Dartmouth student leader says Homecoming honors legacy of colonialism 10/13/17Education, PC, Remove History
Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Atheists Against A Pennsylvania County Religious Flag, Now The County Is Fighting Back with lawsuit10/13/17Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
VIDEO: Larry Elder: Native Americans Are Not Saints 10/13/17Race, Conservative, Video
Wisconsin Calls for Plaque Near Lincoln Statue Recognizing His Brutality Towards Indigenous Peoples 10/10/17Remove History, ,
The Latest Racist Statue: Teddy Roosevelt 10/10/17Remove History, ,
Pro colonialism article taken down after journal editor Bruce Gilley, political science professor at Portland State University receives credible death threats 10/9/17Violence, Education, Freedom
The Colorado State University, Fort Collins campus was vandalized with spray painted phrases such as fuck Columbus and decolonize 10/9/17Vandalism, Remove History,
More universities shun Columbus Day, decry colonialism10/9/17Remove History, ,
Bill Maher: Second Amendment Was to Protect Slavery 10/9/17Celebrities, Gun Control, Remove History
When Pepperdine University ceded to demands and removed a Christopher Columbus statue from its Malibu campus earlier this year, the institutions president said it would be relocated to their campus in Florence, Italy; however, it has not been relocated and may not ever be 10/9/17Remove History, ,
Dr. Seuss museum mural to be replaced amid claims of a racist depiction 10/6/17Remove History, Race, PC
The Left Begin Their Takedown of Christopher Columbus 10/6/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS ACTUALLY WAS A GREAT MAN | Ep. 37 10/6/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
Massachusetts Only Confederate Memorial, A Grave Marker, to Be Removed 10/4/17Remove History, ,
Harvard moves forward with decision to delete Puritans from alma mater song 10/4/17Remove History, Christianity,
Dallas Renaming Four Schools Named After Confederates 9/29/17Remove History, ,
Students at Reed College are protesting a required humanities class that focuses on texts from the great thinkers of ancient Greece and Rome, saying that forcing students to take a mandatory Western Civilization course is really harmful and are protesting predominantly white authors 9/27/17Remove History, Education, Race
George Washington University committee will explore renaming problematic campus buildings 9/27/17Remove History, ,
4th Grade Teacher Changed The Word Men In Declaration Of Independence To Humans; Had Students Recite It 9/22/17Remove History, Professors,
Antifa Group Rallies Rioters Nationwide to Deface Columbus Day9/22/17Remove History, Violence,
Univeristy of North Carolina students organize boycott to protest Confederate statue Silent Sam 9/20/17Remove History, ,
Dallas Independent School District School Board discusses renaming 21 schools with some sort of Confederate tie9/18/17Remove History, ,
Public university stands behind white supremacist professor for defending colonialism9/18/17Conservative, Remove History, Professors
Dallas Removes Statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Park 9/15/17Remove History, ,
Angry SJWs Take Over Western Civilization Class Because Course is Eurocentric9/15/17Education, PC,
Florida State University Orders Review Of Potentially Racist Statue of School Founder, Francis Eppes, the grandson of Thomas Jefferson, and, according to SDS, an unrepentant slaveholder who supported the Confederacy. 9/14/17Remove History, ,
Leftist vandals did not satisfy their bloodlust with the removal of Confederate statues and now have begun their assault on religious figures. A bronze statue of the Roman Catholic priest Junipero Serra at the Old Santa Barbara Mission was decapitated and doused with red paint 9/13/17Christianity, Remove History,
Where The Founding Fathers got the idea for Democracy: Debunking the Claim made by the National Congress of American Indians strongly implies the white man had never heard of democracy before he stole it from the Iroquois 9/13/17Conservative, Remove History,
Students Born After September 11th Want to Know What Happened, But Schools Arent Telling Them9/12/17Remove History, Patriotism, PC
Minnesota Activists: Replace Statue of Columbus With One of Prince 9/8/17Remove History, ,
A petition is running on that targets: eBay, PayPal and for actively supporting racist sellers and buyers by allowing people to sell Confederate items and flags9/8/17Freedom, Remove History, Economics
School Bans American Flags, Students Protest with Flags, School Reverses Ban9/8/17Patriotism, Remove History,
Confederate Stained Glass Windows Coming Down at National Cathedral 9/6/17Remove History, ,
Stockton University in New Jersey recently removed a bust of its namesake, Richard Stockton, from its library entrance. A signer of the Declaration of Independence, Stockton also owned slaves. 9/5/17Remove History, ,
High School Removes Lincoln and Jefferson Davis Painting to Avoid Potentially Offending Anyone9/5/17Remove History, ,
Larry Elder: Confederate Monuments and the Problem With Politically Correct History8/30/17Remove History, Conservative,
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed 10 military bases as Confederate monuments that need to be taken down 8/30/17Remove History, Liberal Bias,
Yale University has announced it will take down an 88yr old stone carving from one of its buildings that depicts an armed Native American and Puritan side by side after campus officials determined the artwork depicts colonial violence 8/28/17Remove History, Race, PC
Alabama HS students want classroom LGBT flag removed, compare it to Confederate flag 8/28/17LGBT, Conservative, Remove History
VIDEO: David Barton Destroys Racist Slave Owning Founding Father Myths with Steven Crowder8/26/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
Thomas Jefferson monument at University of Virginia vandalized with paint 8/25/17Remove History, ,
Christopher Columbus Association Links Anti Statue Crowd Directly to KKK 8/25/17Remove History, Race, Conservative
Statue Of Revolutionary War Hero Colonel William Crawford Decapitated 8/25/17Remove History, ,
California Catholic School Removes Alienating Jesus and Mary Statues8/25/17Christianity, Remove History, PC
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that a Statue of Christopher Columbus in Manhattan is being considered for removal8/24/17Remove History, ,
Larry Elder: Why Stop at Reassessing Confederate Monuments? What About the Kennedy Brothers?8/24/17Remove History, Conservative,
Nancy Pelosis father helped dedicate Confederate monument She wants removed 8/24/17Remove History, Liberal Bias,
Petition Calls for Replacing Confederate Monument with Statue of Missy Elliott 8/23/17Celebrities, Remove History, PC
Kasich Administration Takes Down Painting Of Confederate General 8/22/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Confederate monuments are a threat to our homeland security8/21/17Remove History, Video,
University of Texas removes three Confederate statues in middle of the night 8/21/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument in U.S. Smashed by Antifa Resistance Vandals 8/21/17Remove History, ,
Six Flags Over Texas Removes Historic (Confederate) Flags Flown at Park for 56 Years 8/21/17Remove History, ,
Poll: 90%t Oppose Removal, Erasure, of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington from Monuments8/21/17Remove History, Conservative,
Houston Man Arrested Trying to Blow Up Confederate Monument 8/21/17Remove History, ,
A Marist Poll conducted this week found that 60% of respondents aged 18 to 29 think the Confederate monuments should remain as a historical symbol, compared to just 30% who think they should be removed because they are offensive to some people8/18/17Remove History, Conservative,
Leftists Coming After Columbus Statues, Boat Replicas 8/18/17Remove History, ,
Confederate Flag Looking Tiles To Be Removed From Subway 8/18/17Remove History, ,
It Turns Out One Confederate Statue Vandal Is A Pro North Korea Marxist8/17/17Remove History, Socialism,
A Duke Chapel statue that resembles the Robert E. Lee has been vandalized 8/17/17Remove History, ,
Baltimore Vandals Replace Robert E. Lee Statue With Social Justice Statue Madre Luz. Madre Luz was erected by artist Pablo Machioli from papier mache and features a pregnant black woman with a baby on her back, and with one fist raised into the air, a signal typically associated with the black power movement of the 1970s8/17/17Remove History, Race,
Vice Editor: Lets Get Rid Of Mount Rushmore8/17/17Remove History, ,
The Left Now Wants This Iconic Confederate Monument Removed 8/16/17Remove History, ,
Anonymous Plans Ops to Take Down Confederate Monuments at 11 Sites Friday 8/16/17Remove History, ,
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Pastor Calls For Removal Of George Washington Name From Chicago Park 8/16/17Remove History, ,
CAIR Calls for Removal of All Confederate Symbols 8/15/17Remove History, Islam,
How Theodor Adorno redefined Fascism by Dinesh DSouzaa8/11/17Socialism, Remove History, Conservative
Removing The History of College Campuses 8/11/17Remove History, Conservative,
Guest on Charlie Rose: America Founded By Cult of Religious Nut 8/10/17Remove History, Christianity, Media
Two Temple University professors have sharply criticized the upcoming HBO series Confederate, with one declaring that some things should be censored 8/7/17Remove History, Education,
A group of students from the University of Minnesota is reinterpreting Shakespeare plays through the lens of trans identity8/4/17LGBT, Remove History,
CBS News Pushed Myth that Lady Liberty was Originally Muslim 8/4/17Remove History, Media, Islam
Oregon school district to drop Lynch from school names due to racial implications7/31/17Remove History, Education, PC
VIDEO: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON GOT OWNED! Calling out the BBC for Depicting a typical Roman Family as Black to be PC7/26/17Remove History, PC, Media
VIDEO: Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican? Prager University; Showing the Myth that Conservatives were the racist party 7/24/17Race, Conservative, Video
Game Of Thrones Creators Next Show: An America Where Slavery Still Exists; an alternate history series titled Confederacy, which would explore what would have happened if the South had successfully seceded from the Union and slavery still existed.7/19/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
Professors fear alt right is taking over Medieval Studies 7/18/17Education, Remove History,
University to hire professor who can teach Shakespeare through social justice lens 7/17/17Remove History, Education, PC
Harvard University will delete the reference to Puritans from its alma mater song, saying the word is not inclusive 7/12/17PC, Remove History, Christianity
Drive to remove Confederate symbols spurs backlash 7/3/17Remove History, ,
VIDEO: Confederate Monuments Removed: What happened to them?7/3/17Remove History, Video,
Two Confederate Army leaders have streets named for them in New York City; Stonewall Jackson Drive and General Lee Avenue in Brooklyn. Now some elected officials are trying to undo it. 7/1/17Remove History, ,
Gettysburg anniversary seeing few flare ups, despite rumors of violence 7/1/17Remove History, ,
Gettysburg Museum: Anti History People Killing Tourism6/29/17Remove History, ,
Poll shows students do NOT want the name of James Madison University changed 6/29/17Remove History, ,
Memorial Cross near San Diego Airport Threatened with Removal After One Complaint 6/25/17Christianity, PC,
Black Feminist gets Professor fired over a question that the black student got wrong because she answered that slavery destroyed the black family but it did not. Though the student was adamant that the professor did not use any racial epithets or pejoratives, she felt that the way Morelock responded to her correction exhibited racism6/20/17Education, Race, Remove History
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes: Some Myths about Native Americans are True6/19/17Race, Conservative, Video
George Orwell said: The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. In the former USSR, censorship, rewriting of history and eliminating undesirable people became part of the Soviets' effort to ensure that the correct ideological and political spin was put on their history. Deviation from official propaganda was punished by confinement in labor camps and execution 6/14/17Remove History, Conservative,
University of Iowa Professor Sarah Bond says that the white marble often seen in classical artwork was initially colored. As a result, she suggests that the equation of white marble with beauty contributes to white supremacist ideas today6/8/17Remove History, ,
Rejecting dead, white authors: Universities push progressivism with reading programs, says study6/5/17Remove History, Race,
Ted Cruz OWNS Idiotic Harvard Professor Thesis On How America Was Created 6/2/17Patriotism, Remove History, Education
An online petition is demanding that Louisiana State University change its Tigers mascot, calling the moniker the most prevalent Confederate symbol in the United States 5/31/17Remove History, ,
University of Arizona Feminist researcher invents intersectional quantum physics to fight oppression of Isaac Newton 5/30/17Feminism, Remove History,
Susan Platt, A Democrat running for statewide office in Virginia is calling for the state to take down and rename monuments to the Confederacy 5/26/17Remove History, ,
Civil War Museum in Georgia Closes Doors After Politician Demands Confederate Flags Be Eliminated5/25/17Remove History, Freedom,
Dismantling Civil War Monuments Across the South Erases History 5/24/17Remove History, Conservative,
Washington Post puts Removal of Confederate Statue on front page; Anthony Weiner admitting to sexting a 15yr old buried back in page 3.5/21/17Media, Liberal Bias, Remove History
Louisiana Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) says residents of his city left because of monuments dedicated to Civil War icons 5/19/17Remove History, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Dead white guys pay posthumous price for residential schools5/19/17Remove History, Conservative, Video
The College of the Holy Cross is considering changing school team name, the Crusaders, because of its connection to the Crusades in the Middle Ages 5/18/17Remove History, PC, Christianity
Confederate Monuments Taken Down in New Orleans: Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard honors the military leader who died in New Orleans in 1893 5/17/17Remove History, ,
Demonstrators create educational disruption to get Confederate flag banned at school 5/11/17Remove History, ,
The New Yorker Mocks The American Revolution: American Revolution A Needless And Brutal Bit Of Slaveholders 5/8/17Remove History, Media,
Reed College Radicals Complain That Course in Greco Roman Thinkers Needs More Non White Authors 5/5/17Remove History, Race, PC
A class project at Boston College aims to spotlight the global phenomenon of governments and organizations attempting to make amends for what are seen as historical wrongs. An incognito Social Justice Class5/4/17PC, Education,
University of North Carolina student starts petition to ban Confederate flag in state school district 5/3/17Remove History, ,
Honors students at Clemson University are contemplating whether to follow in Yales footsteps by removing the name Calhoun from their school5/2/17Remove History, ,
Newest Liberal version of history tries to say a black woman actually wrote Shakespeare and it was not WilliamShakespeare himself 4/24/17Remove History, Race,
The removal of Civil War monuments is underway after almost two years of calls by Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) to remove four that he deemed racist 4/24/17Remove History, ,
Liberal Minister Tells Al Sharpton: Christians Invented a Jesus That is Too White4/24/17Christianity, Race, Remove History
VIDEO: Dinesh Dsouza: Did America Steal Mexican Land? Excerpt from Dinesh Dsouza book: America: Imagine a World without Her4/21/17Race, Conservative, Video
Columbia University students recently adorned a Thomas Jefferson statue with a Ku Klux Klan hood to protest a man who is the epitome of white supremacy and demand it be removed 4/20/17Remove History, ,
Student government again rejects political correctness, votes to keep Aztec mascot 4/20/17Remove History, ,
Black Lives Matter vandalism strikes Civil War monument at UNC. Confederate monument vandalized for a second tim 4/19/17Remove History, ,
San Diego State University played host to a patriarchy decolonizing speaker who claims sexual assaults committed by American colonials are partly responsible for contemporary eating disorders suffered by minority women 4/13/17Remove History, Feminism, Education
MLB Commish Wants Cleveland Indians Mascot Replaced Away from Chief Wahoo 4/13/17Remove History, Race, PC
Harvard to change its 181 year old anthem to be more inclusive 4/7/17Remove History, PC,
Federal Court Finds LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination Covered By 1964 Civil Rights Act, which was the opposite of what the previous court found. Likely headed to Supreme Court 4/6/17LGBT, Race, Liberal Bias
A new course at the University of California, Santa Cruz examines the rise of Trump in the context of white supremacy, patriarchy, and Islamophobia and counts as a history credit4/6/17Remove History, Race,
VIDEO: Dinesh DSouza: Is America Stolen Land? Excerpt from Dinesh Dsouza book: America: Imagine a World without Her 4/5/17Race, Conservative, Video
Students majoring in English at Harvard University will soon be required to take a diversity course featuring authors that have been marginalized for historical reasons 3/27/17PC, Education, Race
Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim professors claim that Jesus wasnt crucified 3/27/17Christianity, Islam, Freedom
Liberals are upset that the Confederate flag was next to NCAA tournament arena in Greenville, South Carolina3/19/17Remove History, ,
Bethel University is encouraging its faculty to be clear in our Christian witness by eschewing masculine terminology, despite the Bible consistently referring to humans as man or mankind. Specifically, the guide urges professors to avoid terms like man and mankind, suggesting words like humanity or people as adequate substitutes.3/15/17Christianity, Remove History, Feminism
Catholic Alvernia University Drops Crusaders Mascot For Being Offensive 3/7/17Remove History, PC,
CNN publishes story questioning whether Jesus ever existed 3/6/17Christianity, Media, Remove History
A San Diego State University Native American group wants schools Aztec mascot eliminated 2/27/17Remove History, Education, PC
VIDEO: MOCKING the Western idiots who buy into the crap sandwich that Muslims were responsible for so many (1,001) wonderful inventions given to the world 2/26/17Islam, Video,
Yale Women’s Center is happy with the decision to change the name of John C. Calhoun College to Grace Murray Hopper College, but SJW's and Feminists aren't satisfied because she was a WHITE woman 2/17/17Education, Race, Feminism
Clemson students jump on anti-Calhoun College bandwagon to rename Tillman Hall at their own school 2/16/17Remove History, ,
Pepperdine University students protest Christopher Columbus day by dressing in black and white ribbons to call out the Italian explorer's 'celebration of genocide and racial oppression' 2/15/17Race, PC,
Thomas Jefferson Statue At William & Mary Vandalized With Fake Blood, Targeted As Slave Owner2/14/17Education, Remove History, Violence
Yale drops slavery proponent John C. Calhoun from college name2/11/17Remove History, ,
Pepperdine University will remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from its main campus after students at the Southern California Christian school made multiple demands to take it down because he was a bigot 2/2/17Education, PC, Remove History
History Is Being Distorted to Insinuate Trump Will ‘Defy’ Courts Like Andrew Jackson 2/1/17Remove History, ,
Cleveland Indians working on changing Indian logo to appease the PC crowd 1/27/17Race, PC, Remove History
The president of the University of Oregon has refused to accept a demand that his institution rename a building honoring university founder Matthew Deady because of his pro-slavery views1/26/17Education, Race, Remove History
Black Lives Matter activists aim to 'reclaim' MLK as radical 1/16/17Race, Remove History, Violence
VIDEO: The Civil War was NOT a war for Slavery- Debunking Prager University 1/15/17Remove History, Video,
The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) student union at the University of London is demanding that philosophers Plato, Descartes, and Kant should be replaced by philosophers from Asia and Africa. 1/8/17PC, Remove History, Race
American Studies Professor: My Field is Now About Anti-Americanism saying 'The field is hostile to scholars who don’t want to use it just to berate American traditions and signal their imagined virtue'1/2/17Education, Patriotism, Remove History
New Study on College Textbooks shows Introductory psychology textbooks are rife with factual errors and often present information in a way that is politically correct, 12/28/16Education, PC, Liberal Bias
At Pearl Harbor, Obama Twists History to Sell Agenda. Implies that WWII was because Americans couldn't 'resist the urge to demonize those who are different' 12/27/16Obama, Remove History,
Washington Post and Daily Beast Question whether the Virgin Mary was really a virgin Ahead of Christmas12/23/16Christianity, PC, Remove History
A school in Sweden has removed references to Christianity in the carol ‘Now Light 1,000 Christmas Lights’, citing a need to prepare children for a “changing world”, and to be inclusive of all religions 12/22/16Christianity, PC, Remove History
U.S. history no longer a requirement for history majors at George Washington University 12/22/16Remove History, Education,
A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, 'historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed.' 12/21/16Christianity, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
A former police officer fired for flying the Confederate flag at her suburban Atlanta home has filed a federal lawsuit saying her termination violates her constitutional right to free speech 12/16/16Freedom, PC, Remove History
Confederate flag attire banned at Pennsylvania HS for causing ‘disruption’ 12/10/16Remove History, PC,
Virginia district bans ‘Huck Finn,’ ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ due to racial terminology 11/30/16Race, Remove History, PC
Monument to Christian missionaries under review by Williams College censorship committee 11/29/16Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
Obama’s Statement on Fidel Castro’s Death Whitewashes History 11/26/16Obama, Remove History, Conservative
University of Colorado Professors call Founding Fathers ‘terrorists,’ founding ideals a ‘fabrication’ 11/17/16Remove History, Patriotism,
Restaurant owner opposed in bid to lower Confederate flag 11/16/16Remove History, ,
Hundreds of students, and some professors, at the University of Virginia have signed a petition requesting that their president stop quoting Thomas Jefferson in official university communications because they find Jefferrson offensive11/14/16Education, PC, Remove History
Muslim Imperialism Reaches the United Nations as the gutless liberals have agreed to rewrite history in favor of Islam 10/29/16Islam, PC,
Man trashes Civil War era portrait to protest the Confederacy 10/10/16Remove History, ,
Black Lives Matter says they will tear down Andrew Jackson monuments themselves in New Orleans 9/22/16Remove History, Race,
The Alexandria City Council voted unanimously Saturday to remove a statue of a Confederate solider from historic Old Town, and to rename the Jefferson Davis Highway so it no longer honors the president of the Confederacy9/17/16Remove History, ,
With 3 Months Left in Office, Rawlings-Blake Still Considering Action on Confederate Monuments9/14/16Remove History, ,
Education Board President says It's Time to Drop George Washington's Name from School Buildings and bring on more women and LGBT figures because they’ve NEVER done anything wrong. 9/12/16Remove History, Liberal Bias, Education
Mississippi State University recently joined six other universities in the Magnolia State by removing the state flag, which contains the controversial Confederate battle emblem8/30/16Remove History, PC, Education
Confederate Flags Taken Off 70 Graves at Historic Cemetery in Brunswick 8/24/16Remove History, ,
The University of Mississippi marching band will no longer play the song 'Dixie,' which has been a long-standing tradition at football games because everything tied to the Old South and the Confederacy is racist 8/22/16Education, PC, Remove History
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: How the Left is alters history to fit its purposes of the present8/16/16Conservative, Video, Remove History
Vanderbilt to spend $1.2 Million to take the word 'Confederate' off the schools 'Confederate Memorial hall'8/15/16Remove History, PC,
University of Houston spends $1.2 Million to ditch Confederate building names and the parents are sueing the school district for wasting their tax money on political correctness8/13/16Remove History, Education,
University of Oregon is the latest to rename campus buildings after 'racist' ties; continuing the slaughter of history 8/11/16Education, Remove History, PC
Feds: ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ gear could be considered racial harassment8/5/16Remove History, PC,
Seattle University students occupy Dean's office for 24 days until she resigned. The students demanded a new cirriculum that 'Decentralizes Whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc' that would only be 'taught by prepared staff from marginalized backgrounds, especially professors of color and queer professors'. In other words, these students want to be taught their imaginary version of PC history7/25/16Education, Race, PC
California to Teach LGBT History as young as Second Grade7/17/16Education, LGBT,
The new Advanced Placement European History framework has received a makeover that eliminates religion’s influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignores Winston Churchill, whitewashes the evils of communism, and lauds the welfare state 6/29/16Education, Remove History, Liberal Bias
Protesters kicked off campus for flying Mississippi state flag with the Confederate symbol in it6/21/16Remove History, Education, Freedom
The Washington National Cathedral says it will remove two images of the Confederate battle flag from the building’s stained glass windows 6/9/16Remove History, ,
Yale Students Tell English Profs to Stop Teaching English: Too Many White Male Poets 6/1/16Remove History, Education, Race
A Leftists Activist Wants You to Burn the Confederate Flag On Memorial Day5/29/16Remove History, ,
Robert E. Lee Elementary to Be Renamed over Public Objections and polls showing 2/3 of people DID NOT want the name to be changed5/25/16Remove History, PC, Education
Washington Post writes a piece about how the Confederate flag is treason. I guess we should ban the American flag then too huh?5/24/16Remove History, ,
House passes law that will not allow Confederate Flags in funerals, such a shame political correctness is overruling history5/22/16Remove History, ,
Liberals Bill to withhold funding from The Citadel for having a Confederate Flag on campus gets struck down by the House5/19/16Remove History, ,
Seattle University Students Protest Ciriculum for having Too Many Dead White Males 5/17/16Remove History, Education, Race
Rapper ties noose around her neck, advocates people destroy the American flag in protest of 'Confederate Heritage month' in Mississippi5/6/16Race, Patriotism, Remove History
Kentucky Confederate Monument removed after 120 years 5/1/16Remove History, ,
ESPN filters Curt Schillings 'bloody sock' Game 6 performance from Boston Red Sox documentary because he doesn't want boys to use the girls bathroom4/30/16LGBT, Liberal Bias, Media
The PC police has infiltrated the GOP with the taking down of state flags in the capital over Mississippi having the Confederate flag on the state flag4/23/16PC, Remove History,
Judge rules in favor of removing cross from Los Angeles seal, despite it making the seal historically inaccurate, the judge believes political correctness is more important than historical accuracy4/18/16Christianity, Remove History,
Mississippi students demand the state flag be removed due to Confederate ties4/13/16Education, Remove History,
Students protest the word 'illegal alien' is de-humanizing and forces the Library of Congress to change the term on all documents to 'non-citizen' because calling breaking the law illegal or foreign citizens 'alien' is offensive43/31/16Immigration, PC, Remove History
The Hypocrisy behind the craze of students trying to rename buildings to be more PC3/24/16Education, PC, Remove History
Student forced to remove t-shirt at school with Confederate flag on it. Continuing the onslaught against accurate history3/17/16Remove History, PC,
UC Berkley investigating all campus buildings to be 100% sure they are politically correct3/17/16Education, PC,
Afircana studies professor leads protest to remove Confederate flag3/10/16Education, Remove History,
Harvard Law school to scrap its 'Crest' over loose links to 18th century slave owner3/5/16Race, Education, Remove History
Black Lives Matter says supporting the Constitution is white supremacist. Need to abolish Constitution 2/20/16Race, Education,
Universities starting to phase our President's Day Holliday but now implementing Cesaer Chavez Day2/15/16Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Man Denied the ability to enlist in the U.S. Military for Confederate Flag Tatoo1/20/16Remove History, ,
Bulldozing Monuments and the War on American History1/11/16Remove History, Conservative, PC
Oxford College destroying Rhodes monument 12/18/15Remove History, Education,
Liberals got Jefferson Davis statue removed, now they're coming for Andrew Jackson12/18/15Remove History, PC,
New Orleans to remove four major Confederate monuments 12/17/15Remove History, Liberal Bias,
New Orleans to remove Robert E Lee statues12/17/15Remove History, ,
Ole Miss renames Christmas event because it 'connoted too much Christianity'12/7/15Christianity, Education,
JMU banned from singing Christian song at ‘unity tree’ ceremony; only secular songs allowed12/7/15Christianity, Education,
University reports a students Confederate Flag laptop background is 'bias' incident11/23/15PC, Education,
The Left Purges Woodrow Wilson for his racism, but not his Progressivism11/22/15Remove History, Conservative, Liberal Bias
Rutgers creating committee to study racist history, suggest atonement11/12/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: Walter Williams The Confederate Flag 11/7/15Remove History, Conservative, Video
University drops Crusaders nickname to ensure school is 'welcoming and inclusive'11/5/15PC, Education,
Mizzou students deface, call for removal of 'racist, rapist' Thomas Jefferson statue10/13/15Remove History, Education, Race
Schools replace Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’10/1/15PC, Education,
Maryland trying to remove Confederate monument9/23/15Remove History, Liberal Bias,
Jefferson Davis statue removed at UT8/31/15Remove History, Education,
Obama Decides to change name of Alaskan Mountain; because President McKinley was a capitalist which means he's bad8/31/15Obama, Remove History,
Jefferson Davis Statue Removed at University of Texas8/30/15Remove History, ,
Yale college master puts end to 'racial and gendered' title8/15/15Feminism, Education,
VIDEO: Walmart refuses to make Confederate Flag cake, but is okay to make ISIS cake. See the cake7/26/15PC, Freedom, Video
To get History Right, Liberals would Destroy it7/24/15Remove History, Conservative, PC
MIT fellow: Thomas Jefferson a ‘rapist’, ‘white power’ 7/20/15Remove History, Race, Education
VIDEO: New social media hashtag has people stealing Confederate flags from people's property. Stealing is okay now if you're liberal7/16/15Freedom, Remove History, PC
Confederate Monuments defaced in Charlotte7/15/15Remove History, Liberal Bias,
So called Tolerant Liberals threatening Gun store owner over Confederate Flag7/14/15Freedom, Remove History, PC
Clemson hall named after its founder vandalized; vandals say founder was racist7/13/15Remove History, Education, PC
Memphis City Council to Remove Nathan Bedford Forest 100yr old Statue because he was Confederate General7/11/15Remove History, Conservative, PC
Professor wants anyone who displays the Confederate Flag to be arrested for a hate crime7/11/15Freedom, PC, Remove History
Confederate flag comes down on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds 7/10/15Remove History, Liberal Bias,
Confederate statue at UNC Chapel Hill vandalized because statue is racist7/9/15Remove History, Education,
Critics say SC Governor Ben Tillman, Confederate statue should be removed7/9/15Remove History, Liberal Bias,
Activists want Yale to rename building named after slavery-supporting secessionist7/8/15Remove History, Education,
Liberals want to change Minnesota Flag because it shows a white man working on it….7/5/15Remove History, PC,
Liberals Removing Confederate Flag Just Like ISIS and the Taliban7/2/15Remove History, PC, Liberal Bias
Birmingham officials vote to start removing Confederate Flag monuments7/1/15Remove History, ,
Memphis prof.: Confederate flag a symbol of 'white heteropatriarchal capitalism'6/29/15Remove History, Education,
Liberals removing Confederate Flag6/26/15Remove History, Liberal Bias, PC
Liberals sign petition to remove George Washington statue6/25/15Remove History, Conservative,
Apple Removes Apps that associate with the Confederate Flag; displaying their ignorance of the Civil War"6/25/15Remove History, PC, Liberal Bias
CNN Thinks its Time to Take Down Thomas Jefferson Memorial; citing racism6/24/15Remove History, PC, Media
CNN says Confederate Flag incites violence after massacre 6/24/15Remove History, Violence, Liberal Bias
Robert E. Lee Was A Far, Far Better Man 6/24/15Remove History, ,
Getting rid of the Confederate Flag is just the start of liberlism's quest to change history6/22/15Remove History, PC,
University of California says calling America the 'Land of Opportunity' is offensive6/15/15Patriotism, Education, PC
Feminist censor iconic 'Athena Tennis Girl' photo; say it should be eradicated from history3/24/15Remove History, Feminism,
Feminists Group wants Andrew Jackson Removed from $20 Bill, put a woman on instead3/3/15PC, Feminism, Remove History
ISIS destroys priceless 3,000yr old artworks smashed to pieces in minutes at Mosul museum2/26/15Remove History, Islam,
Liberals pushing to whitewash history1/27/15Remove History, Conservative,
Liberals remove Civil War Statue; History is bad to Liberals12/11/14Remove History, PC,
Denver Students protest proposed "censorship" of history curriculum9/22/14Remove History, Education, Liberal Bias
Media: Conservatives are wrong to try and Preserve History; re-branding America as evil is better 8/14/14Remove History, Media, Liberal Bias
Liberals trying to get Ole Miss to Remove it's 'Rebel' name8/11/14Education, Remove History, PC
Liberals move to in-doctrinate students with a Marxist interpretation of history; no heroes, only villians and America is bad 8/3/14Education, Remove History, Freedom
Liberals re-writing history why not geography8/9/13Remove History, Conservative,
VIDEO: Arizona Classes Taught from an Anti-White, Mexican-American Point of View3/15/13Education, Immigration, Video
Politically Correct History -John Stossel9/13/12Remove History, Conservative, Video
American History Distorted: How Lawrence O'Donnell Unintentionally Shows Why Contemporary Leftist-Style "Liberalism" Is Wrong5/9/12Remove History, Education, Liberal Bias
People seem to forget the FDR was the President who put the Japanese in interment camps 1/1/10Race, ,
Congress declares Civil War's aims July 25, 1861 (official announcement that the Civil War was not about slavery)7/25/07Remove History, ,
Cherokee Declaration of Causes of the Civil War (October 28, 1861)1/1/00Remove History, ,
Robert E. Lee freed slaves years before the Civil War 1/1/00Remove History, ,

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