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MSNBC Host Joy Reid Forced To Apologize For Smearing Conservative Writer David French. She tweeted We have truly entered the age of insanity when the conservative argument in favor of risking nuclear war is, ‘don't worry, it will only kill Democrats and minorities. Shame on you, @DavidAFrench, wrote Reid. 1/18/18Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC Rubin Slams GOP Guest As Inhumane Beast, Raised by Wolves due to immigration stance1/14/18Immigration, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Loses Net Neutrality Debate With Former FCC Chairman 12/14/17Media, Video, Freedom
MSNBC Nut Warns Mentally Ill Trump Headed Toward Violence 12/4/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Joy Reid Apologizes for Charlie Crist Gay Attacks from decades old post 12/4/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC contributor that joked about the possibility of his daughter being raped, back in 2009 and now his old tweet is going viral. His tweet read: Dont care re Polanski, but i hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man with a great sense of mise en scene, Seder tweeted.11/28/17Perverse, Media,
VIDEO: Princeton Professpr on MSNBC: Trump is a Bigot, Period11/28/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Panelist Calls Republicans a Domestic Terror Group11/26/17Media, Liberal Bias,
Georgetown Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson declared on MSNBC that President Trump wakes up every morning to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a country that he has turned into his psychic commode 11/24/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
ABC The View host Joy Behar tells MSNBC: I am Being Told by God to Save This Country11/24/17Media, TDS, Christianity
VIDEO: Romina Boccia on MSNBC's AM Joy to discuss tax reform 11/19/17Economics, Media, Healthcare
MSNBC Horrified by Trumps Nomination of White Men as Judges 11/15/17Media, Race, TDS
MSNBC Guests Compare GOP to Pedophiles, Hitler11/13/17Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC Joy Reid continued her pattern of spreading fake news on Saturday by falsely claiming that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies claimed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. This claim was debunked in July. While the intelligence report she mentions does express high confidence that Russia sought to undermine her campaign, it only represents the views of three agencies: the FBI, CIA and NSA. Clinton incorrectly claims this report shows consensus among 17 intelligence agencies.11/13/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
New York Times Columnist Via MSNBC: Trump a Brain Sucking, Brain Eating Disease11/9/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Roland Martin Uses Moore Allegations to Smear All White Evangelicals11/9/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC: White House Treasury official Bruce Bartlett says Virtually All Racists Belong to Republican Party on Joy Reid show 10/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
MSNBC Joy Reid lies again about Hillary Clinton Russia/Dossier report10/26/17Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Calls GOP The RepubliKLAN Party10/23/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: illegal Immigrants Jump Over Border Fence as MSNBC Reports on Wall Construction 10/23/17Immigration, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Makes Comparison To DDay Over Russian Hacking Of Election10/13/17Media, TDS, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said that Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting President Trumps golf score is Kim Jong Un type of antics 10/10/17Media, TDS, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC Guest: Hunters Use Suppressors So Deer Cant Hear Them 10/2/17Gun Control, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Nicole Wallace on MSNBC defended Antifa and referred to them as good people on the side of angels9/14/17Violence, Video, Perverse
VIDEO: MSNBCs Joy Reid: Living Under Trump Worse Than Black Death, Slavery, Holocaust 9/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Anchor Recalls Night Trump Won: I Was About To Throw Up9/12/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBC Fave: Ending DACA Is White Supremacy9/5/17Race, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: CNN and MSNBC have been working double time to turn the Hurricane Harvey disaster into a conversation about climate change 8/29/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN, MSNBC Ignore Violent Antifa Protesters 8/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Violence
MSNBC Pushes Blatant Lie That Right Wingers Committ 3x as many terrorist attacks as Muslims 8/14/17Media, Violence,
MSNBC Analyst: Trump Sounds Like a North Korean Leader8/8/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka Schools MSNBC: Radical Islam Is Evil And Has To Be Destroyed 8/8/17Islam, Conservative, Video
MSNBC Joy Reid: Trump Personifies the Rage, Vulgarity of Right Wing Radio Listeners 8/2/17Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC Just Loves this Cartoon of McCain Suffering from Cancer in Hospital 7/25/17Perverse, Media,
VIDEO: MSNBC Host Calls Ted Cruz Health Amendment Garbage, Backs Off When Expert Proves Him Wrong 7/24/17Healthcare, Video,
VIDE: MSNBC political analyst & feminist Joan Walsh, questioned what message Ivanka Trump was trying to send at the G20 Summit by wearing a pink girly dress with bows. Walsh suggested that the dress Ivanka chose when sitting in for her father at the summit made her look like property and undermined her own value. 7/11/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: An MSNBC guest decided to make some guesses about Trumps mental state on and even urged the president to call her for a therapy session 6/30/17TDS, Video, Media
VIDEO: MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost Because Obama Is Black6/29/17Media, Liberal Bias, Obama
VIDEO: Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, MSNBC gave Richards the assist by using debunked state that abortions are only 3% of Planned Parenthoods services 6/28/17Abortion, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: MSNBC Political Analyst: Republicans Close to Trump are Hugging a Suicide Bomber 6/23/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC Host Fudges Facts On Planned Parenthood. MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle incorrectly stated that Planned Parenthood has had huge increases in the number of essential womens health services they provide6/23/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
Petition Calls For An End To White Conservative Hiring Spree At MSNBC 6/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Race
VIDEO: Evy Poumpouras, a correspondent and security analyst for NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN, was invited on NBC to give expert opinion on the assassination attempt of congressional Republicans. This former Secret Service agent President Obama and current cast member on the CBS show Hunted inaccurately described how semiautomatic rifles and pistols function. Her remarks are what continue pushing the narrative that assault rifles are somehow more deadly than other firearms 6/14/17Media, Liberal Bias, Gun Control
VIDEO: MSNBC Analyst Who Called for Terrorist Attack Now Bashing Guns for Bernie Supporter Shooting GOP Congressman 6/14/17Gun Control, Media, Video
VIDEO MSNBC Analyst Says Trump Travel Ban Like FDR Interning Japanese6/13/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Great Moments in Fake News Journalism by Larry Elder; Obama lies in debate with Romney, Keith Ellison says George Wallace was a Republican, MSNBC says liberals vote for Obama because they are smart and more 5/17/17Conservative, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: CNN/MSNBC Fake News and Russian Collusion Montage5/14/17Media, Conservative, Video
Former Hillary Clinton Spokesperson says to MSNBC: I Dont Know How the Hell You Can Say Hillary Clinton Is Unpopular 5/6/17Media, Clinton,
MSNBC counterterror expert Malcolm Nance calls for Islamic State jihad bombing of Trump property 4/19/17Media, Violence,
MSNBC Asks: Does Fox News had a responsibility to replace oustedhost Bill OReilly with a non white male? 4/19/17Media, Race,
MSNBC Guest Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Provides Mammograms4/3/17Abortion, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin misled over 5,000 people3/16/17Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Black Lives Matter is Like the New American Revolution says MSNBC Chris Hayes3/6/17Media, Race,
MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump 'could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job' 2/22/17Media, Freedom,
MSNBC Guest Says Anti-Semitism Now ‘Mainstream’ Behavior on the Right 2/22/17Media, Race,
MSNBC Host Compares Gender-Specific Bathrooms to Racial Segregation 12/20/16Media, LGBT, Race
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Works Double-Time To Make Berlin, Turkey Attacks NOT Seem Like Terrorism 12/20/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
VIDEO: MSNBC Shows Clip of Electors Having Meltdowns When Trump Wins 12/19/16PC, Video,
Andrew Sullivan on MSNBC: Trump, Coulter Are Racist, Fascist Islamophobes 11/7/16Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBCs Andrea Mitchell blatantly lies—saying Hillary Clinton is not under FBI investigation 11/4/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBCs Joy Reid lies again; tweeting a false narrative that the police planted a gun on Keith Lamont Scott9/23/16Race, Media, Liberal Bias
CNN, MSNBC Sprinted to Spin Hillary’s 9/11 Health Episode as Just Conspiracies 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
VIDEO: MSNBCs embarassing attempt to make Hillary Clintons fainting episode totally normal and caused by heat 9/12/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
Liberal Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest appears on ESPN saying Colin Kaepernick is actually the 'best kind of American' 9/7/16Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
MSNBCs Joy Reid and Rolling Stone Accuse Republicans of Stealing Elections 9/5/16Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: CNN & MSNBC Protecting Hillary Clinton, Cutting Off Guests, Media Bias 8/17/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
VIDEO: MSNBC with Cokie Roberts says those who support Trump are 'Morally Tainted'8/16/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton 8/10/16Media, Liberal Bias, Video
MSNBCs Chris Matthers still doesnt understand what Hillary Clinton did wrong in Benghazi 8/9/16Clinton, Media, Liberal Bias
Orlando Shooters Father seen at Hillary Clinton Rally8/9/16Clinton, ,
MSNBC Host Shouts Down Guest for Saying That 33,000 of Hillarys E-Mails Are Missing 8/1/16Media, Liberal Bias, Clinton
University of California to dedicate $8.4 Million to illegal alien education5/13/16Education, Immigration,
Anti-Abortion activist has his home raided and footage of companies buying aborted baby parts from planned parenthood4/6/16Abortion, ,
MSNBC says Hillary shouldnt be prosecuted because shes running for President, saying theres a higher bar for her as opposed to the rest of us when it comes to crimes3/28/16Media, Liberal Bias,
Crazy MSNBC host says her firing was ofcourse, racist3/14/16Media, Liberal Bias, Race
Asian police officer charged with manslaughter; Supporters say he was only guilty because he was Asian & if he was white, he wouldnt be charged2/13/16Race, ,
oe Scarborough and MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe' crew claimed that Bill Clinton 'accidentally told the truth' when he recently criticized the Affordable Care Act10/6/15Healthcare, Media,
Media member confesses the Liberal bias of the MSM9/18/15Media, ,
71% of MSNBC Viewers Agree -- You Can Be Black if You Want regardless of your skin color 6/17/15Race, Media, PC
MSNBC Apologizes for mocking Mitt Romneys black grandson. Lesson: its okay to be "trans-racial' as long as you are not republican6/7/15Race, Media,
MSNBC cuts microphone on opposition4/1/15LGBT, Media,
MSNBC still failing attempt to move away from 'left tv'2/23/15Media, Liberal Bias,
Race Baiting MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry was born into a White Mormon Family 10/1/14Race, Media,
VIDEO: MSNBC Tweets that Conservatives will hate a biracial Cheerios Commercial because Conservatives are racists 1/30/14Media, Liberal Bias, Video
VIDEO: Boys Education mocked by MSNBC feminists9/18/13Feminism, Conservative, Media
MSNBC: “White supremacy” is a pretty big part of all of this opposition to Obama. All Obama opposition is purely racially motivated, moronic liberal say5/15/13Media, Race,
MSNBC hosts insists radical Islams cause is poverty; not religion (despite the facts)3/6/13Media, Islam,
VIDEO: Foxs The Five Attacks MSNBCs Chuck Todd For Denying Widespread 'Liberal Media Bias'2/20/13Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC smears conservatives as racists for the 100th time6/21/12Media, Race, Liberal Bias
Questioning Obama is Racist6/16/12Media, Race, Obama
MSNBC says reporter that interrupted Obama only did so because hes black 6/15/12Media, Race,
MSNBC: Muslims in America that contact al-Qaeda is not a crime and they shouldnt be investigated for it. The idiocy is unbelievable 11/9/09Media, Liberal Bias,
MSNBC claims religious people are like the Taliban10/22/09Media, Christianity,
ObamaCare protesters are racist because Obama is black8/18/09Healthcare, Race,

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