The View Condemns Pence for Talking to God, is Silent on Oprah Listening to Him 2/16/18Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Earlier this month, creationist Ken Ham was disinvited from speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma by student government organizers after intense pressured from campus LGBT activists, But the president of the university has reversed that decision 2/16/18Education, Freedom, Christianity
Student paper accuses Harvard Christian group of homophobia and hate for hosting ex gay speaker 2/16/18LGBT, Christianity, Education
CNN Amanpour Gives On-Air Bible Lesson to Push Gun Control Agenda2/15/18Guns, Christianity, Liberal Bias
ITALIAN MUSEUM under fire for discriminating against Italians and Christians by giving discounts only to Arab and Muslim visitors2/15/18Islam, PC, Christianity
SELF HATING SWEDISH BISHOP welcomes loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer to be blasted from mosque loudspeakers2/15/18Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Univeristy of Dayton says Saying husband or wife violates Christian dignity, school says 2/14/18Education, PC, Christianity
The View Joy Behar, Hostin Mock VP Mike Pence Christian Faith as Dangerous and Mental Illness2/13/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington promotes abortion to students via eugenics group2/9/18Abortion, Christianity, Education
Progressive Rabbi Says First Case of #MeToo in Bible: Eve Sexually Assaulted by God2/9/18Feminism, Christianity, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Absolutely Butchers Gay Wedding Cake Ruling And Its Not Even Close2/9/18LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Eric Holder Calls DOJs Apology to Tea Party Groups Targeted by IRS Unnecessary 2/9/18Obama, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Salon Deletes Article Slamming The Bible After They Get Wrecked On Twitter2/8/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
ENGLAND: Teacher Fired For Telling Lesbian Student God Loves You2/8/18Professors, LGBT, Christianity
Republicans tried to ban late term abortions in America, a measure that was sadly voted down. Among those who voted against the measure were 14 Catholic senators. Catholic Priest Father Dwight Longenecker believes that they should be excommunicated from the church. 2/8/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Group Tries to Prevent Team From Praying Before Games. West Branch high school basketball team in Beloit, Ohio has a nondenominational prayer before games. This is a tradition that the community appears to enjoy, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a group dedicated to defending the non existent constitutional separation between religion and government, is fighting to take it down. 2/7/18Christianity, Education, Freedom
A California judge ruled the state couldnt force a cake shop owner to bake a cake for a gay couples wedding, ruling that doing so would constitute a violation of free speech.2/6/18Christianity, Conservative, LGBT
VIDEO: 5 Wrong Assumptions of Atheists. Atheism Kills2/5/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
Turkey to meet with Pope, thank him for opposing Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital 2/4/18Christianity, Islam, Liberal Bias
U.S. Episcopal Diocese Votes To Stop Using Masculine Pronouns For God 2/2/18Christianity, PC, LGBT
Report: Georgetown Hijacked Funds Intended for Pro Family Campus Group 2/2/18Christianity, LGBT, Education
A language resource guide from the University of Dayton cautions against the use of the terms husband and wife2/1/18Education, PC, Christianity
Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards: Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions 1/31/18Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Clergy Bless Late Term Abortion Clinic that performs third trimester abortions and is run by notorious abortionist LeRoy Carhart in Maryland1/30/18Christianity, Abortion, Perverse
Google Says Home Device Doesnt Identify Jesus to Ensure Respect1/29/18Christianity, Indoctrination, Media
New Sponsor On Arizona Highway: The Satanic Temple 1/29/18Christianity, ,
Washington DC Episcopalians Push Open Borders And A Gender Neutral God 1/29/18Christianity, PC, LGBT
Germany: Judge removes crucifix from courtroom in trial of Muslim who threatened a convert to Christianity 1/26/18Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Matt Walsh: Dear Churches, If You Arent Making People Feel Judged, You Arent Doing Your Job1/26/18Conservative, Christianity,
A New Jersey public school teaches Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last & final Messenger of God; describes Christians and Jews as infidels and praises Muhammad in gruesome detail for slaughtering them 1/25/18Islam, Indoctrination, Violence
Google Celebrates Virginia Woolf. The author fits snugly in the arms of the Left, for not only did she endorse a feminism that would later drive a deeper wedge between the sexes, she had little regard for both Jews and Christians; , referring to the Christian religion as an excuse for self righteousness 1/25/18Feminism, Media, Christianity
A federal judge ruled that the University of Iowa must reinstate a Christian student group that had lost its official status for requiring its leaders to endorse a Statement of Faith1/24/18Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Pope Slams Fake News as Sign of Intolerance Spreading Arrogance and Hatred1/24/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
According to US News & World Report, America is now only the 8th best country in the world, down from #7 last year. The best country in the world is apparently Switzerland. Also most pollsters say the biggest cause of conflict is Religion1/23/18Patriotism, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Hitler was no Christian1/23/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
WALSH: Christians In The East Lose Their Lives, But Christians In The West Are Losing Their Souls 1/18/18Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Citrus Colleges rocketry club was selected to compete in NASAs annual Student Launch Competition, but is being prevented from attending because of California politics. The competition is being held in Alabama, which California added to a travel ban list after the state passed a law allowing faith-based adoption agencies to deny adoptions to gay couples 1/18/18Freedom, California, LGBT
Facebook Says Group Wanting To Burn Christian Mom Alive Meets Community Standards1/16/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Atheism Kills1/10/18Christianity, Conservative, Video
What, Indeed, Is the Quran?1/9/18Christianity, Islam, Conservative
The New York Times Proves It Hates Religious Americans With This Obituary1/4/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Question for the Pope: If Islam is in itself a good religion, as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?1/4/18Christianity, Islam, PC
A theology professor at Morgan State argues in a recent academic journal article that white Christians tend to support Donald Trump because they are facing an existential crisis1/3/18Christianity, Professors,
Pope: Those who decry security risks of Muslim migrants demean the human dignity of the sons and daughters of God1/1/18Christianity, Islam, Liberal Bias
PBS Broadcasts Crusade Myths for the Holiday Season 1/1/18Islam, Remove History, Christianity
The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who were ordered to pay the money to a lesbian couple after declining to bake them a gay wedding cake in 2013, before gay marriage was legal in Oregon 12/29/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Google Celebrates Christmas By Replacing Jesus And Santa With Tropical Birds 12/27/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated anyone hashtagging Merry Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas or Jesus a far right wing extremist 12/27/17Liberal Bias, Christianity,
Washington Post Republishes Old Jesus Isnt Real Piece On Christmas Day12/26/17Christianity, Media, WAPO
In a recent piece published by Newsweek, professors claimed that Trumps insistence on saying Merry Christmas is connected to white nationalism. Washington State University professor Richard King said he sees such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle12/26/17Professors, TDS, Race
Topless Feminist from the militant group FEMEN Snatches Baby Jesus From His Crib at the Vatican AGAIN; says God is a woman 12/26/17Feminism, Christianity,
France allows Muslim street prayers but bans Christmas movie as too Christian12/26/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro just gave an AMAZING Speech, on why Collectivism is evil and violates every single one of the 10 Commandments 12/24/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Swarthmore College is offering a course next year that will survey queer and trans readings of biblical texts by using queer and trans theoretical approaches, with faculty staying silent on the specifics of the course material.12/22/17LGBT, Christianity,
GERMANY: Exterminating the Christ in Christmas, so as not to offend Christianity-hating Muslims12/22/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Washington DC Subway Bans Christmas Ads but Offers Gay Dating and Sex sites ads12/22/17LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
A set of guidelines distributed by an employee within a department of the University of Minnesota urged readers to consider neutral themed (Christmas) parties, and declared decorations should be general, and not specific to any one religion 12/21/17Professors, Christianity, PC
Black Lives Matter Preacher Starts New Christian Denomination to Address Black Suffering12/20/17Christianity, Race,
The University of Iowa pulled a bait and switch on a Christian student club by asking it to clarify its beliefs and then revoking its club status when it replied honestly, according to the clubs lawyer 12/20/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
STUDY: According to a new study of more than 50 schools course catalogues, Americas top universities have been wholly infected by a leftist worldview. With classes on topics such as queering God and the racist nature of capitalism, an entire generation is being indoctrinated. 12/20/17Education, Conservative, Professors
CNN promoted a new childrens book on Sunday that portrays Santa Claus as a gay man, calling the controversial book a fresh, new twist on Santas story. 12/19/17LGBT, Perverse, Media
Yes, the war on Christmas is alive and well at some universities12/18/17Christianity, Education, PC
Italian city removes Christmas tree from town hall to avoid offending Muslims 12/17/17Islam, Immigration, Christianity
UK government refuses to say whether proclaiming divinity of Christ is a hate crime 12/17/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Sifting through the arguments of gay wedding cake supreme court suit 12/15/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
Denmark: School cancels Christmas to avoid preaching to Muslim students 12/15/17Christianity, Islam, PC
University of Minnesota memo says that wrapped gifts, Santa, Christmas trees are not appropriate12/15/17Christianity, Education, PC
A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite Jingle Bells to be a racist song and is urging people to shun the jaunty tun 12/14/17Professors, Race, PC
A pro abortion group in Ireland has taken the Lefts War on Christmas to a whole new level by hijacking the season of Advent to promote their deathly institution. The takeaway from their #AdventforChoice promo: the Virgin Mary should have had an abortion. 12/14/17Abortion, Christianity, Perverse
A Christian student group has filed a lawsuit against the University of Iowa, alleging that the school tried to make it REVISE its Statement of Faith before reinstating its official status. A member of the group had claimed in 2016 that he was denied a leadership position in the group for being openly gay, a charge the group denies, saying the student was turned down because he rejected the groups core beliefs 12/13/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Hollywood Celebrities Throw Christmas Fundraiser For Planned Parenthood 12/13/17Abortion, Celebrities, Christianity
A group of conservative scholars has weighed in on the College Board’s latest revisions to its Advanced Placement European history framework, saying the changes include some positive elements but still ignores European historys important contributions to the modern world. The framework also continues to snub Christopher Columbus, gloss over Soviet genocide, and doesnt even use the word liberty. Last year, the group of right of center scholars led the charge in criticizing the new framework after it was released, pointing out that it eliminated religions influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignored Winston Churchill, whitewashed the evils of communism, and lauded the welfare state.12/13/17Remove History, Education, Professors
The man in charge of the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem has taken it upon himself to refuse to meet with Vice President Pence when he visits the Old City of Jerusalem in December. According to Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is where Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected.12/13/17Christianity, TDS,
NYC subway jihad bomber chose location because of its Christmas posters12/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
California Governor Jerry Brown went Biblical; saying that President Donald Trump does not fear God because he does not believe in climate change 12/10/17TDS, Environmental, Christianity
UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus12/8/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Students question Catholic school Loyola University in Chicagos emphasis on Christmas 12/7/17Christianity, Education, PC
Nancy Pelosi says God Sides with Democrats 12/7/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
UCLA professor wrote an oped that called for a Black Christmas protest against White Capitalism12/7/17Economics, Professors, Race
VIDEO: California Sues To Make Nuns Buy Birth Control12/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
The Gay Lobby Is Fighting For Special Rights, Not Equal Rights12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro DEFENDS Christian Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker 12/6/17Conservative, LGBT, Freedom
The Exorcist Features Gay Kiss With An Ex Priest. Showrunner Tells Critics: Fuck You12/6/17Perverse, Christianity, Celebrities
Universities strive for Christmas free campuses12/6/17Education, PC, Christianity
Jesuit Priest: Jesus Doesnt Care If You Say Merry Christmas12/6/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic To Christian Baker In LGBT Rights Dispute12/5/17LGBT, Freedom,
The Gay Couple In The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Are Vindictive Bullies, Not Victims. 12/5/17LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Dont be fooled: Muslims dont have the same family values as Christians 12/5/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Dear Liberal Christians, It is Not The Government's Job To Give To The Poor. It is Yours 12/4/17Christianity, Economics, Conservative
Anglican Minister: We Should Pray for Prince George to be Gay 12/4/17Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
In Europe, Volunteers have criticised the Red Cross charity after receiving a communication telling them to remove crucifixes from the walls of their branches as the organisation looks to become more secular 12/4/17Christianity, Remove History, Islam
France Christmas market cancelled due to high security costs 12/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
How the PC term Happy Holidays is far from some inclusive gesture, but rather a suppressive insult cooked up by rabid secularists that seek to morph Christmas into incoherence 11/30/17PC, Conservative, Christianity
Catholic Church Sues D.C. Metro For Blocking Religious Christmas Ads11/29/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
Christmas Themed Ad Campaign Rejected by D.C. Metro 11/28/17Freedom, Christianity, PC
A Response To Ben Shapiro: Christians Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Voting For Roy Moore 11/28/17Conservative, Christianity,
Fordham University recently highlighted a theology professors new book claiming that white Christians are responsible for racist policies and structural discrimination in America. She also asserts that the belief that Jesus is the savior of all people is discriminatory to those who do not share the Christian faith.11/27/17Christianity, Professors, Race
Church of Sweden Castrates God: No Saying He Or Lord; must use gender neutral language11/24/17Christianity, Feminism, LGBT
VIDEO: Amazon Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL! Calls Jesus a fictional character | With Steven Crowder 11/24/17PC, Christianity, Liberal Bias
An historic church which has rung its bells since 1779 is to be silenced after a single noise complaint, in a move residents say threatens the traditions and history of the medieval town. 11/24/17Christianity, PC, Remove History
ABC The View host Joy Behar tells MSNBC: I am Being Told by God to Save This Country11/24/17Media, TDS, Christianity
Atheists Are Now Suing An Animal Shelter For Having A Priest Say A Blessing11/22/17Christianity, Freedom,
Christian college allegedly harasses pro life students after approving their Homecoming display11/21/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
U.K. bakery chain Greggs has come under heavy fire from Christians for replacing the baby Jesus with a sausage roll on their Christmas 2017 Advent calenda 11/20/17Christianity, ,
Irish Catholic Priest Tells Christians to Abandon the Word Christmas11/20/17Christianity, PC, Liberal Bias
In spite of Pope Francis repeated declarations that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, one of the Islamic States (ISIS) main targets still remains the Vatican 11/19/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Germany: 200 churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region11/17/17Vandalism, Islam, Immigration
Cherokee County Georgia Pastor used a gun to defend his family and shoot an intruder who broke into his home11/17/17Guns, ,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Can Government Force Speech Against Your Beliefs? Can state politicians demand a Catholic pregnancy center to pimp pro abortion propaganda. The state of California says yes. 11/17/17Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Jonathan Haidt: Leftism is the New Fundamentalist Religion (WATCH AT 3 MINUTES WHERE HE OPENLY ADMITS TO BLACKLISTING CHRISTIANS FROM SCIENTIFIC CATEGORIES) 11/17/17Christianity, Science, Liberal Bias
JOHN GUANDOLO, Former FBI special agent and counter-terrorism expert tells Congress that U.S. mosques should NOT be afforded the same legal rights as churches 11/16/17Islam, Conservative, Christianity
Fake News: 53 Pastors Didnt Endorse Roy Moore After the Sexual Assault Allegations. Despite being reported by Newsweek and Huffington Post; among others 11/14/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
UK Christian Teacher Suspended for Misgendering Transgender Student 11/13/17Christianity, LGBT, PC
Paris cancels Christmas market; holds special Ramadan party every year 11/13/17Islam, Immigration, Christianity
YEAR OF THE SWORD: A CENTURY OF CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: How the grandparents of todays Christian victims of ISIS were also butchered by Muslims.11/13/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
UK government discriminates against Christian refugees from Syria. 10,801 Syrian refugees who came to the US under Obama in 2016, only 56 were Christian. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, declared that politically correct officials were institutionally biased against Christian refugees in the UK11/10/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
What if Elites Are Nothing Special At All? 11/10/17Conservative, Christianity,
Germany: Muslim migrants systematically persecuting Christian refugees, especially converts from Islam11/9/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, appeared on a counter extremism panel in Europe and promptly claimed Christianity was responsible for the Holocaust. 11/9/17Christianity, Liberal Bias, Perverse
MSNBC Roland Martin Uses Moore Allegations to Smear All White Evangelicals11/9/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Notre Dame flip flops, says employees will keep getting free abortion drugs 11/7/17Abortion, Christianity, Education
Video: UK supermarket chain Tesco runs Christmas ad featuring hijab wearing Muslims 11/7/17Islam, PC, Christianity
LGBTQ students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian private school in Southern California, now demand that the school end its support of traditional marriage and its disapproval of same-sex relationships on campus; basically, end their support of biblical morality. 11/7/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Refuses To Call Abortion Sinful: Live To Your Own Convictions11/6/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
New York Governor Cuomo SLAMS Praying For Shooting Victims: We Have Pastors, Priests And Rabbis To Offer Thoughts And Prayers: Ben Shapiro11/6/17Liberal Bias, Guns,
At Least 27 People Reported Dead in Texas Church Shooting 11/5/17Christianity, Violence, Guns
Victory! Georgetown Catholic student group will not be sanctioned by Catholic university for advocating for traditional marriage; despite attempts by LGBT activists to have the group defunded and stripped of its official status 11/3/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Dem. Senator Repeatedly Asks Judicial Nominee About His Religious Opinions On Same Sex Marriage 11/2/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Camille LeNoir is suing New Mexico State for rescinding a job offer after learning about her religious faith and embrace of heterosexuality. 11/2/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Hungarian Prime Minister: Governments should be dedicated to Christian values that made Europe great11/2/17Islam, Conservative, Christianity
Separate The Art From The Artist phrase Is A Con Mans Principle; as Pope Saint John Paul II explained, neither the artists disposition nor the values inherent within their work are mutually exclusive 11/2/17Celebrities, Conservative, Christianity
Christians In America Arent Closed Minded Or Intolerant, But They Should Be10/31/17Conservative, Christianity, PC
Student group delivers condoms, pregnancy tests on Catholic Depaul University campus 10/30/17Christianity, Education,
VIDEO: ABC show The View Censors the word Jesus During 10 Commandments Discussion 10/30/17Media, Freedom, Christianity
A Pakistani Christian who said he was beaten unconscious by Muslims angered at poppies and a cross displayed in his car has warned that Islamic intolerance is on the rise in Britain and more violence is coming 10/30/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
UK: Vicar bans Onward Christian Soldiers hymn from Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends non Christians 10/27/17Christianity, Islam, PC
VIDEO: Robert Spencer: Pope Francis, the Pope of Islam 10/26/17Violence, Christianity, Islam
UK minister: Only way of dealing with ISIS jihadis will be, in almost every case, to kill them 10/25/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Moderate Indonesia: Muslims threaten to disrupt Christian celebration, force its cancellation 10/24/17Islam, Christianity,
Many Millennials Are Rejecting Christianity and Turning to Witchcraft and Astrology 10/23/17Conservative, Christianity,
Leaders of LGBT organizations at Jesuit Georgetown have denounced the pro marriage group Love Saxa as homophobic, calling on the university to strip the group of funding and to deny it access to campus facility benefits.10/23/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Another liberal church is teaching its congregation that breaking the law is perfectly in line with the Gospel by offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona 10/20/17Immigration, Christianity, Liberal Bias
A student group at Georgetown University, stands accused of being a hate group due to its advocacy of marriage as an institution based in man & woman conjugal union; university may sanction student group for promoting Catholic doctrine 10/20/17Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
The University of Montana Dean of Journalism objected to a major donors invitation of conservative professor Mike Adams to deliver an annual address for the scholarship program that she funds. The dean protested that Dr. Mike Adams appears to be siding with Christians in the culture war,' saying that some of his remarks could be interpreted as hate speech 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Christianity
Muslim Ban? Tillerson State Department STILL discriminates against Syrian Christian refugees 10/19/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Christian Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho drops Crusaders name 10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
Federal court rules World War I memorial cross must be torn down in Maryland10/18/17Christianity, Remove History,
For the First Time, Majority of Americans Believe Faith Is Not Necessary for Morality. A new survey from Pew Research has shown that, for the first time, a majority of American surveyed believe that belief in God is not necessary for morality. Among the adults surveyed this year, 56% do not see religious faith as a prerequisite for virtue, up from 49% in 2011 10/17/17Christianity, Conservative,
Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls For Christian Media To Expose Religious Persecution In Iran 10/16/17Conservative, Christianity, Media
Persecution of Christians Has Increased Worldwide 10/16/17Christianity, Conservative,
Nestlé Removes Christian Cross from Greek Yogurt Packaging; say We avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs10/15/17Christianity, PC,
Nigerian Christian: Why do they think Islam is a religion of peace? These people have been killing us for decades 10/15/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Nigerian Catholic bishop: Western politicians damage African Christianity by pandering to Islam10/13/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Atheists Against A Pennsylvania County Religious Flag, Now The County Is Fighting Back with lawsuit10/13/17Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
VIDEO: Jesus Calls Zakir Naik Satan! For telling people that the Sign of Jonah proves against Jesus actually dying10/12/17Christianity, Islam, Video
Planned Parenthood And Satanists Fight To Repeal Missouri Abortion Laws. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri alleging that its abortion laws are unconstitutional, an argument shared by the Satanic Temple whose own lawsuit is headed to the states Supreme Court. 10/11/17Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
Members of the Christian Union (CU) were banned from attending a freshman fair at the University of Oxford for fears that incoming students might face potential harm and feel unwelcome10/11/17Christianity, Education, PC
Pope Calls For Outright Condemnation Of Death Penalty In All Circumstances10/11/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
ACLU Silent On Gay Coffee Shop Owner Who Kicked Out Christians. The gay shop owner forced the group to leave his business, telling them he would fuck Christ in the ass. The ACLU in the past has represented gay couples in lawsuits against Christians who refused certain services to them10/10/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Associated Press says the Catholic Praying the Rosary is Islamophobic10/9/17Christianity, Islam, Media
Transgender Boy Named Homecoming King: Says God Saved Her From Christian School 10/9/17LGBT, Christianity,
Confused Atheists Call New Obamacare Religious Exemption A Burden To Religious Freedom; The Secular Coalition for America, an aggressively anti Christian lobbying group based in Washington, D.C., condemned the new birth control exemption by attempting to argue that allowing more religious freedom is in itself a substantial burden to religious freedom10/7/17Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Harvard moves forward with decision to delete Puritans from alma mater song 10/4/17Remove History, Christianity,
Christian Group Takes Seven Years But Shuts Down Horrific Late Term Abortion Clinic 10/2/17Abortion, Christianity, Conservative
VIDEO: Pope Francis tells Muslim migrants: You are warriors of hope 10/1/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Australian Priest Assaulted For Supporting Traditional Marriage 9/29/17Christianity, LGBT, Violence
A Florida school teacher is planning on setting up a Satanic display that specifically calls children to Hail Satan next to a Christmas display in December9/29/17Christianity, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 6: The Rapid Growth of Islam by David Wood 9/29/17Conservative, Video, Christianity
Catholic university Marquette to host LGBT Pride Prom dance in campus ballroom9/28/17LGBT, Education, Christianity
VIDEO: Answering Islam 11: Where Does the Bible Call Jesus the Son of God? David Wood 9/28/17Christianity, Video,
Pope Francis: Christ himself asks us to welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open9/27/17Christianity, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON The Pope is the AntiChrist 9/23/17Christianity, Islam, Video
Pope welcomes to Vatican the head of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror 9/21/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
VIDEO: Muslim refugees go on sex assault spree at church festival in Germany9/21/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
LGBT Activist Threatens to Burn Down Church Over Traditional Marriage Billboard in Australia 9/21/17LGBT, Violence, Christianity
Rep. Barbara Comstock (R VA), introduced House Resolution 257 (HR 257), which offers protection against racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, for Muslims, yet excludes Christians from such safeguards 9/20/17Freedom, PC, Islam
Germany: Muslim migrants viciously attack Christian for wearing cross near a train station in the German suburb of Neukölln allegedly because his attackers saw his Christian cross and were angry he had converted from Islam.9/15/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Leftist vandals did not satisfy their bloodlust with the removal of Confederate statues and now have begun their assault on religious figures. A bronze statue of the Roman Catholic priest Junipero Serra at the Old Santa Barbara Mission was decapitated and doused with red paint 9/13/17Christianity, Remove History,
Pope Francis: People Have a Moral Responsibility to Combat Climate Change 9/11/17Christianity, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Pope Francis ripped into Trumps Decision to end DACA and said anyone who is pro life should be pro open borders. Then Pope Francis said the recent Hurricanes are because of global warming 9/11/17TDS, Christianity, Abortion
A Christian baker from Colorado, Jack Phillips, broke down over the vitriol thats been unleashed on him since he declined to service a gay wedding. Phillips found the accusation that he is just like a Nazi, launched, incredibly, by a government official, the most hurtful of all, especially since his father fought against the Nazis during WWI 9/7/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
VIDEO: Senator Dianne Feinstein attacked University of Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic and nominee for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, by accusing, The dogma lives loudly within you; which means, according to Feinstein, people of Christian faith should not be judges9/7/17Christianity, Freedom, Liberal Bias
THE VATICAN ATTACKS TRUMP SUPPORTERS, but The National Catholic Register condemns the article as a collection of uninformed assertions spiced with malice 9/6/17Conservative, TDS, Christianity
Poll: Less than half of U.K. citizens identify as religious for the first time in country history 9/5/17Christianity, ,
Modern Family Producer Tweets To Christians Who Support Trump Ending DACA: Your Christianity Is Bullshit and Fuck You 9/5/17Celebrities, Perverse, Christianity
Chinese Christians Beaten While Defending Church Property from Demolition 9/4/17Socialism, Christianity,
Pastor, Descendant of Robert E. Lee says we should Answer Gods Call, Find Inspiration in Black Lives Matter8/28/17Christianity, Race, Violence
A bakery in Bakersfield, Calif., is facing criticism for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple who posted about the ordeal on Facebook8/28/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
National Catholic Reporter: The Muslim Jesus provides common ground for Christianity, Islam8/25/17Christianity, Islam, PC
California Catholic School Removes Alienating Jesus and Mary Statues8/25/17Christianity, Remove History, PC
Vatican places barriers, police and army vehicles around St. Peters Basilica to head off Barcelona type jihad attack, but Pope still loves Islam and we should welcome them8/25/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
9th Circuit Rules That School Was Right To Fire Coach For Praying On 50 Yard Line by Ben Shapiro8/24/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Catholic Priest Leaves Ministry Because He was KKK Member 40 Years Ago 8/23/17Christianity, Race,
AMCs Preacher Depicts Jesus in Gratuitous Sex Scene8/22/17Christianity, Media, Perverse
Pope Francis: Migrants Rights More Important Than National Security8/21/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Obama Spiritual Advisor Chides Christians for Silence, Cowering to Wave of Hate 8/15/17Christianity, Obama, Liberal Bias
ABC Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd says Radical Christians As Misguided And Frightening As Radical Muslims by Ben Shapiro8/11/17Christianity, Media, Violence
Hillary Clintons Pastor Said Loss Was Like the Death of Jesus, But Her Resurrection is Coming8/11/17Clinton, Christianity,
Vietnam Communist Government Arrests And Tortures Christian Activists 8/11/17Socialism, Christianity, Violence
Guest on Charlie Rose: America Founded By Cult of Religious Nut 8/10/17Remove History, Christianity, Media
UK: Christian festival to feature Islamic worship chants 8/7/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Pink News says Muslims Are More Accepting of Homosexuality than Christians8/4/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Swedish Artist Who Created Gay Jesus Says She would Never Do Gay Mohammed8/4/17Christianity, LGBT, Islam
Public universities could ban Catholicism if appeals court upholds defunding of student paper8/4/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Archaeological find in Jerusalem proves Bible passage is historically true8/4/17Christianity, ,
UK: Christian woman prosecuted for talking about Christianity to a Muslim colleague 8/2/17Christianity, Islam, PC
To Defend Public Schools, the Hard Left Puts On the Tinfoil Hat; refuting the leftist conspiracy that Conservatives want more charter schools to push Christianity 7/31/17Conservative, Education, Christianity
Sharia UK: London police ask ex Muslims to pull Allah Is Gay sign, but allow Jesus Is Gay to stay 7/25/17PC, Islam, Christianity
Too many Christian pastors in America, both on the left and right, have become fixated on running businesses and growing profits instead of saving souls 7/22/17Christianity, Conservative,
Poll: Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr Considered Extreme By 1 In 4 Brits7/21/17Christianity, PC,
Samford University has refused $3 million in annual funding from the Alabama Baptist State Convention as a result of the Christian institutions decision to support a LGBTQ student group rather than accept the money 7/20/17LGBT, Christianity, PC
This Huge Leftist Teaches At A Mormon University. She Put Up A Facebook Post Supporting Homosexuality. She Was Fired7/19/17Education, LGBT,
An education professor from the University of Arkansas claims there is widespread anti Christian bias in higher education, but that it is overlooked by administrators with no real understanding of traditional Christians 7/19/17Christianity, Education, Conservative
Facebook Blocked 25 Catholic Pages Simultaneously, Most of the blocked pages had significant followings; between hundreds of thousands and up to 6 million followers each; Facebook claims it was a spam malfunction, yet only Catholic pages were affected7/19/17Media, Christianity, Freedom
Tech millionaire turned LGBTQ activist Tim Gill said he is aiming to punish Christians who dont want to participate in gay weddings. For more than two decades, the software programmer has poured an estimated $422 million into various gay rights causes7/19/17LGBT, Christianity,
Baylor University, the largest Christian college in Texas, has unveiled 22 new diversity efforts over the last year, including a Diversity 101 faculty and staff training, a concerted effort to hire more scholars of color, student workshops on cultural humility, and much more7/18/17Christianity, Education, PC
Marquette University, a Catholic institution, will foot the bill for members of its faculty to attend an upcoming seminar on combating Islamophobia 7/18/17Christianity, Islam, PC
ABC Analyst Matthew Dowd Says One Can Be An Atheist And A Christian 7/17/17Christianity, Media,
A federal court ruled that praying at the opening of North Carolina county commission meetings is unconstitutional7/14/17Christianity, Freedom,
VIDEO: Study: Religious people more tolerant than atheists with Tucker Carlson7/14/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Christian Legal Group, The Alliance Defending Freedom, a non profit legal org that specializes in First Amendment cases, demands ABC News Retract Story Labeling Them A Hate Group. ABC, NBC, Mediaite, Newsweek and The Daily Beast all portrayed ADF as an anti gay hate group in their coverage of a speech that Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave at an event for the group earlier this week. The news outlets all relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left wing group that frequently smears conservatives as extremists, as the basis for labeling ADF a hate group. The group spokesman said: ABC News has committed journalistic malpractice. For ABC News to essentially cut and paste false charges against Alliance Defending Freedom by a radically partisan, violence-inciting organization like Southern Poverty Law Center is a discredit to ABC News and to the profession 7/13/17Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Harvard University will delete the reference to Puritans from its alma mater song, saying the word is not inclusive 7/12/17PC, Remove History, Christianity
Melinda Gates Has No Clue How Catholicism Works. Thinks Catholic Church should accept abortion, homosexuality, and divorce to evolve with the present times7/12/17Christianity, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Government stops blocking Christian geologist from studying Grand Canyon to settle lawsuit. The National Park Service allegedly kept him from doing research to study four sedimentary structures thought to be 245 million years old, because of his religious views he believes the earth is not that old 7/11/17Christianity, Freedom, Science
Germany: Muslims planned to finance jihad massacre with money extorted from the Vatican 7/11/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
New York: Jesus painting left at mosque being investigated as hate crime7/10/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Robert Spencer: Pope Francis, Defender of Islam7/9/17Conservative, Christianity, Islam
VIDEO: Dennis Prager & Michael Shermer: A Conversation About God and Morality (Full) 7/7/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Oklahoma Attorney General defends campus chapel from atheists7/6/17Christianity, Freedom,
Vatican cops bust drug fueled gay orgy at home of cardinals aide7/5/17Christianity, ,
VIDEO: Joy Behar Says Jesus Would Have Made Cake For Gay Weddings 7/3/17LGBT, Christianity, Video
The Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel at East Central University (de)Christianizes chapel because anti religion group said it looks religious by having 3 Latin crosses on the top of and inside the building, Bibles, and a Christian altar 7/2/17Christianity, Freedom, Education
A church in North Carolina has sheltered an illegal immigrant and her children, shielding her from arrest by ICE 6/30/17Christianity, Immigration,
Nancy Pelosi: Republicans are Dishonoring God by Attempting to Defund Planned Parenthood 6/28/17Abortion, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Government bans prayer to God; Christian preschool forced to thank sun and rain for meals instead 6/28/17Christianity, Indoctrination, Freedom
Christians Not Second Class Citizens! Supreme Court case Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer dealt with playgrounds since Missouri has a state program providing grants to help provide rubberized, recycled tires to cover playground to keep kids safe. However, one highly ranked preschool and daycare was excluded from obtaining the funds because it is run by a church. Case ruled in churches favor 6/27/17Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
Shaun King Slams Christians Over Immigration Ban, Calls For Ban on White Men6/26/17Race, Media, Christianity
The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear a landmark religious liberty case about Colorado Baker concerning the rights of merchants who object to participating in gay weddings given their moral and theological convictions. 6/26/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Memorial Cross near San Diego Airport Threatened with Removal After One Complaint 6/25/17Christianity, PC,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Discuss Sam Harris View On Religion 6/25/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
A law allowing business owner to deny service to LGBT couples was ruled enforceable in Mississippi by a federal court. The U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th circuit struck down a district court’s injunction against the law, which now allows business owners to refuse to serve gay, lesbian, or transgender couples on grounds of religious objection and also permits clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples6/23/17LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Lowering tuition would violate Catholic theology, Notre Dame president says 6/23/17Education, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Austria recognizes Islamic State genocide against Christians 6/23/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
California Bans Government Travel List to 8 States: Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama because of LGBT Discrimination for Religious Liberty 6/23/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
A stunning 61%, believe businesses should not be allowed to refuse services or products to gay people based on religious grounds6/22/17Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Evangelical Christians are under fire as an Alberta school board is demanding a Christian school stop teaching offensive scripture that indicts homosexuality as a sin 6/19/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Four New York Churches Vandalized With Satanic Graffiti 6/19/17Vandalism, Christianity,
Left Cries Foul Over Christian Schools Right To Vouchers. The Lighthouse Christian Academy of Bloomington, Ind. has been the center of the debate about school choice ever since Senate Democrats claimed that the school discriminated against LGBT students 6/19/17Christianity, LGBT, Education
The St. Louis Cardinals resolved to host Lance Berkman as their Christian Day speaker, despite outcry from the LGBTQ community. St. Louis Pride, an LGBTQ organization, protested the Cardinals decision to host Berkman and demanded that the Cardinals cancel his appearance at their annual Christian Day, a post-game event where a public figure, usually a former player as in Berkman’s case, speaks about how Christianity has affected their life. Berkman drew criticism from the LGBTQ community in 2015 and has been lambasted as a homophobe over his opposition to a Houston city ordinance that would allow transgender people access to bathrooms opposite their biological gender.6/16/17Conservative, Christianity,
The Trump administration is set to deport over 100 Iraqi Chaldean Christians. According to ICE, all of the Iraqi nationals detained had hard criminal convictions for such offenses as murder, rape and drug trafficking. They all been ordered deported by an immigration judge, who had ruled the criminal aliens were ineligible for any form of relief under U.S. law 6/16/17Christianity, Immigration,
Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has elected a social justice academic to moderate its annual General Assembly meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina. 6/16/17Christianity, PC,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: The Bible Is Conservative, NOT Leftist. Get Over It. 6/15/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Catholic Cardinal: No, Christians And Muslims Do not Worship The Same God 6/14/17Christianity, Conservative, Islam
Administrators at a Christian college in Indiana fired an employee and former student body president after he posed for a mock rap album cover, alleging that the picture was racially insensitive, even after one administrator liked the cover on Facebook.6/13/17PC, Education,
U.S. Soccer team announced that members of both its mens and womens teams will wear rainbow-colored jerseys to celebrate LGBTQ month, devout Christian soccer player Jaelene Hinkle withdrew from the team 6/12/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
The Archbishop of Canterbury says many theologies are violent, and counters the Srebrenica attack that counters the 30,000+ attacks by Islam. The massacre by Serbians of Bosniak Muslims in July, 1995 did indeed have nothing to do with Christianity. There were no Christian texts that the Serbs invoked to justify their murders, because no such texts exist. 6/9/17Conservative, Islam, Christianity
Al Gore Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming 6/9/17Environmental, Christianity,
Canadian Pro Life Leader To Pastors: Your Silence Is Killing Us!6/5/17Abortion, Christianity,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro OWNS Atheist Film Directors of the Noahs Ark movie And Leftist Colleagues6/5/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Say You are Like The Taliban If You Dont Want to Force Nuns To Pay For Birth Control 6/2/17Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus, Republicans In Netflix Promo 6/1/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
The City of East Lansing, Michigan, will not let a Christian farmer participate in their farmer's market because of his views on gay marriage. The farmer is fighting back through legal action against the city. 6/1/17LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Pew Poll: Islam Slated to Surpass Christianity as Worlds Largest Religion by 20505/30/17Islam, Christianity,
Presidents of top Catholic colleges are once again calling on the Trump administration to give DREAMER (DACA) students a free pass from immigration enforcement actions 5/26/17Immigration, Education, Christianity
Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims murder 26 Christians in bus on way to monastery 5/26/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Obama Cites God To Make The Case For Immigration 5/26/17Obama, Christianity, Immigration
Here is the 12 Catholic colleges with graduation speakers who support same-sex marriage, abortion and more5/25/17Christianity, Abortion, Education
Advertising Publication AdAge puts on front page: Mashup of Similarities Between Islam and Christianity since Islam is taking heat for so many terrorist attacks 5/25/17Islam, Christianity, Media
A school district in New York, Saratoga County, has announced it will set aside rooms in which its Muslim students can pray during the month of Ramadan. Christians still no praying5/25/17Education, Islam, PC
VIDEO: Ep. 318 - The Death of God and the God of Death | The Andrew Klavan Show5/24/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
rutal Soviet Antireligious Propaganda 5/23/17Socialism, Christianity,
A new CBS report reveals how over 800 churches nationwide are harboring illegal immigrants, helping them evade federal immigration orders for deportation 5/22/17Christianity, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: DEBUNKED: Separation of Church and State Myths | Steven Crowder 5/20/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
A high school teacher resigned after facing vicious backlash; including a death threat for writing a column that cited the Bible 5/19/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
FAITHKEEPERS Movie, A groundbreaking new documentary that sounds the alarm on Christian genocide by Muslims worldwide by Clarion Project5/19/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Trumps deputies have begun to remove a pro transsexual legal time bomb hidden inside Obamacare by officials working by Obama 5/18/17Conservative, LGBT, Healthcare
The College of the Holy Cross is considering changing school team name, the Crusaders, because of its connection to the Crusades in the Middle Ages 5/18/17Remove History, PC, Christianity
Atheist organization, Freedom from Religion Foundation, is suing the Texas attorney general over prayers before court proceedings and government meetings 5/17/17Christianity, Freedom,
Val Kilmer Credits Christian Science Faith for Helping to Cure His Cancer 5/17/17Conservative, Christianity,
Mexico: Muslim stabs priest at the altar of Mexico City Cathedral5/16/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Catholic university rejects student demands for trans inclusive spaces 5/15/17Education, Christianity, LGBT
Kentucky shirt company wins religious freedom case against lesbian couple who sued him for discrimination for not making pro LGBT shirts 5/14/17LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
ABC News analyst claims Muslim persecution bigger problem than Christian persecution 5/12/17Media, Islam, Christianity
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Drops Undeniable Truth Bombs About Religion In Debate 5/12/17Christianity, Freedom, Video
U.S. Catholic bishops complicit in Muslim persecution of Christians 5/10/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
The country (Indonesia) that Vice President Mike Pence declared to be a moderate Islamic country that is an inspiration to the world just jailed a popular Christian governor for blasphemy against Islam 5/10/17Islam, Christianity,
Austria: Dark skinned (probably Muslim) man attacks, destroys crucifix, does over $16,000 in damage 5/10/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
13 countries have death penalty for apostasy and they are all Muslim 5/9/17Islam, Violence,
The Catholic Church is punishing U.S. priests for speaking the truth about Islam and jihad 5/7/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Egypt: Islamic State top dog warns Muslims to stay away from Christian gatherings because there will be many more terrorist acts at Christian events 5/5/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson and Atheist Brawl Over Park Bench 5/5/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Another Hate Crime Hoax. A church organist vandalized his own church with a swastika and pro Trump graffiti in order to mobilize a movement 5/4/17HoaxFraud, Christianity,
Germany: Muslim migrant murders convert from Islam to Christianity in front of her children 5/3/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
A Northern Arizona University Professor accosts a student for reading his Bible prior to the start of one of his classes 4/27/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Christian Seattle Pacific University, must celebrate panromantic gender identity, LGBTQ students demand 4/27/17Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
The Atlantic claims that conservatives want to restrict Muslims religious freedom 4/27/17Islam, Media, Liberal Bias
The Catholic Church has become one of Islams loudest boosters 4/26/17Christianity, Islam, Conservative
After Palm Sunday jihad massacres, Pope Francis to Egypt to reach out to Muslims 4/25/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Liberal Minister Tells Al Sharpton: Christians Invented a Jesus That is Too White4/24/17Christianity, Race, Remove History
Georgia Gwinnett College tried to dispel a First Amendment lawsuit by claiming that it removed a preacher from campus because his discussion of the Gospels rose to the level of fighting words. Apparently, the Gospels are dangerous 4/18/17Christianity, Freedom, Education
Meet The Lefts New Hero: A Christian Doctor Killing Innocent Babies In The Name Of Christ 4/18/17Abortion, Christianity,
A Catholic Bishop is speaking out against the practice of parishes housing illegal aliens from federal immigration law 4/13/17Christianity, Immigration, Violence
The Muslim professor who was accused by one of her students of asserting that Jesus’ crucifixion never took place and that Christs disciples did not believe he was God has resigned from Rollins College4/12/17Christianity, Education,
Australia: Muslims assault Orthodox Christian while screaming Fuck Jesus 4/11/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Piers Morgan asks Why Isnt Christian Genocide Dominating Mainstream Media. Thats a good question4/11/17Media, Christianity, Islam
Pastor Nancy Pelosi Keeps Preaching Morality, Democrats Doing The Lords Work 4/10/17Liberal Bias, Christianity,
The new superior of the worldwide Jesuit religious order said that Jesus words about marriage were never recorded and there is no basis for a black and white church doctrine centering on lifelong marriage between one man and one woman 4/5/17Christianity, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Students at all female Catholic Alverno College display graphic, pro-sex poster of a large vagina 4/4/17Feminism, Education, Christianity
North Dakota State University went after Christian students for showing bias, records show 3/31/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
College drops charges against Christian student who challenged Muslim professors claims about Jesus 3/31/17Christianity, Islam, Freedom
Vox Interview Features the Worst Description of Christianity Ever. The secular author says Christianity is like a video game that you get points from God 3/30/17Christianity, Media,
Pastor Nancy Pelosi says Trumps Energy Plan is Really Sinful and Degrading of Gods Creation3/30/17Environmental, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Liberals Attack Mike Pence for Being Faithful to His Wife 3/30/17Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Three Questions That A Muslim Professor Must Answer On Jesus Resurrection 3/28/17Conservative, Christianity,
Millennials Are Not Going to church can be attributed to the breakdown of the family 3/27/17Conservative, Christianity,
Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim professors claim that Jesus wasnt crucified 3/27/17Christianity, Islam, Freedom
UK politician says Westminster attacker was violent Christian before he was a violent Muslim 3/27/17Christianity, Islam, Media
Christian clubs cant be forced to accept non-Christian leaders under new Kentucky law3/24/17Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
The IRS under Obama was used as a weapon against Tea Party and conservative groups, denying them tax exemptions and burying them in miles of bureaucratic red tape lasting years for those who finally were approved. But, an After School SATAN CLUB was fast-tracked to nonprofit status in just 10 days 3/22/17Obama, Freedom, Christianity
Princeton Seminary revokes award for popular NYC preacher because he is too conservative 3/22/17Christianity, Liberal Bias, Education
A Beloit Colleges Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness administrator, gave a speech entitled, Working Against Whiteness in which he described whiteness as a way of thinking, a way of acting that is fundamentally opposed to Christianity 3/21/17Education, Race, Christianity
U.S. Appeals Court Thoroughly Rejects Atheist Groups Attempt to Stop Public Prayer 3/21/17Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
11 Times The Anti-Bible Democrats Cited The Bible To Defend Their Big Government Programs 3/18/17Christianity, Conservative,
Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon said that he wishes he could rip pages out of the Bible as soon as he arrives in a hotel room3/16/17Media, Christianity,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Throws Down With Athiest At Q&A 3/16/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
A former radical Islamist turned Christian evangelist is warning the West of another form of jihad being waged in the education front3/15/17Islam, Christianity, Conservative
Bethel University is encouraging its faculty to be clear in our Christian witness by eschewing masculine terminology, despite the Bible consistently referring to humans as man or mankind. Specifically, the guide urges professors to avoid terms like man and mankind, suggesting words like humanity or people as adequate substitutes.3/15/17Christianity, Remove History, Feminism
New Jersey: Pastors house attacked, again, after mosque fails to get votes 3/15/17Islam, Violence, Christianity
VIDEO: Should We Remove Under God From The Pledge of Allegiance? -Ben Shapiro3/15/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Australian Brewery Drops Bible Society Beer After Gay Marriage Backlash 3/15/17Christianity, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Transgender Pastor Scolds Bathroom Bill Supporters, says God Is Transgender! 3/14/17LGBT, Christianity,
University of Wisconsin-Madison students support religious freedom for Muslims, not for Christians 3/14/17Islam, Christianity,
The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) A religious-based charity has received nearly $18 million in federal grants to help refugees and immigrant children who entered the country illegally 3/10/17Christianity, Immigration,
Satanists host lamb sacrifice and Bible torching at Clemson University3/8/17Christianity, Education,
Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) invoked the Bible against repealing Obamacare 3/8/17Christianity, Healthcare, Liberal Bias
Norway immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug slams the liberal media after being accused of wearing a crucifix necklace merely as a prop to promote xenophobic views3/6/17Christianity, Media, Islam
CNN publishes story questioning whether Jesus ever existed 3/6/17Christianity, Media, Remove History
Catholic holy day of Ash Wednesday was hijacked today by over 150 religious leaders, primarily Episcopalian, who wiped purple glitter-infused ashes on their congregants' foreheads to show solidarity with LGBTQ members. 3/1/17Christianity, LGBT, PC
Christian Worship to Be Replaced with Multi-Faith Assemblies in British Schools2/28/17PC, Freedom, Christianity
Pope Francis Tears at History’s Walls against Islam. No movement to tear down 39 foot Vatican City wall2/27/17Christianity, Islam,
Safely ensconced behind the Vatican’s walls, Pope Francis calls on others to tear down their walls and condemns Europes ancient walls against Islam 2/24/17Christianity, Islam, PC
A Lutheran pastor’s talk at Washington University in St. Louis on the goodness and importance of procreation and marriage between a man and a woman prompted two separate protests by students and professors who accused the event and its speaker of hate-mongering 2/21/17Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
New Jersey School District Teaches Islam But Censors Christianity 2/21/17Christianity, Islam,
German Minister Pledges to Protect Families; not from violence, but from Social Media Posts About Migrant Rapes 2/21/17Christianity, PC, Islam
Jesus Statue at Indiana Church Beheaded Twice in Two Weeks 2/21/17Christianity, Violence,
The Catholic bishop of San Diego attacked U.S. President Donald Trump, telling his audience of social justice warriors that they must disrupt Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises 2/20/17Christianity, Economics,
VIDEO: PRANK CALLS: Will Liberal Churches Accept Refugees? -Steven Crowder2/20/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Pope Francis denied the existence of Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously asserting that 'the ecological crisis is real' 2/17/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Huffington Post says White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ Because Trump Won 2/17/17Media, Race, Christianity
Christianophobia: A Global Perspective and the reality of anti-Christian persecution. 2/17/17Christianity, Conservative,
Christian College, McMurry University dedicated the space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers 2/16/17Islam, Christianity, PC
The Church of England’s main legislative body has rejected a report saying marriage can only be between a man and a woman, plunging the church into a new crisis 2/16/17LGBT, Christianity,
Pro-life activists: Catholic universities must reclaim their values and defend life 2/15/17Abortion, Conservative, Christianity
Student groups at Plymouth State University, which hosted a six-week series exploring 'the intersections of sexuality and spirituality,' are now offering the 'Vagina Monologues' presented inside a church 2/14/17LGBT, Education, Christianity
US Catholic bishops, heedless of jihad terror risk, welcome block of Trump immigration ban 2/13/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Muslim Persecution of Christians: ‘If You Love Jesus, Then Die Like Jesus!’ 2/12/17Christianity, Islam, Violence
Win for Religious Liberty! The state of Georgia agreed to pay $225,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit, after state officials dismissed an employee because of sermons hegave in his capacity as a lay minister 2/9/17Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
Pushing Mexico to Pay for Border Wall Is ‘Not Christian’, Says Pope 2/9/17Christianity, Immigration,
POLL: Most Democrats Think Christians in Muslim World Treated Better Than Muslims in U.S. 56%t of Democrats told Rasmussen that Muslims living in the U.S. are mistreated because of their faith while only 46% believe Christians in the Islamic world are persecuted over their faith 2/9/17Islam, Christianity,
A Christian street preacher was locked up and charged with a hate crime for quoting from the Book of Genesis in response to a gay teenager’s questions on how God views homosexuals 2/6/17Freedom, Christianity, LGBT
The West's Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted Christians 2/5/17Christianity, Conservative,
POLL: Nearly 7 out 10 Democrats believe Islam 'encourages violence about the same as other religions,' according to a new CBS poll 2/5/17Islam, Christianity,
Bernie Sanders tweets: Government Should Destroy Religious Freedom In Order To Fight 'Racism, Sexism, Homophobia' - Ben Shapiro2/3/17Christianity, Freedom, Socialism
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says he's behind President Trump's vow at the National Prayer Breakfast today to 'destroy' the rule that keeps tax-exempt organizations, including religious institutions, from participating in political campaigns2/2/17Christianity, ,
Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Do 'the Lord's Work,' Republicans 'Dishonor God 1/25/17Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Imam at Trump's Prayer Service Recited a Condemnation of Jews and Christians 1/24/17Islam, Christianity,
Texas Christian University prof mandates students visit mosque on Good Friday. Attending the trip and therefore not worshiping Christ on Good Friday – is worth 10 percent of the entire course, or a whole letter grade1/22/17Christianity, Education, Freedom
Pope Tells Marchers ‘Life Is to Be Protected Unconditionally from the Moment of Conception’ 1/21/17Abortion, Christianity,
Catholic university of St. Thomas in Minnesota plans to bus students to both the state and national Women’s Marches on Saturday despite the anti-Trump movement’s explicit pro-abortion stance 1/19/17Abortion, Feminism, Education
The Cal Poly group with The Satanic Temple and San Luis Obispo Anti-Racist Action to sponsor a counter-MILO 'Demonic Double-Feature' Satanist event on campus. 1/17/17Education, Christianity,
Germany: Muslim translators deliberately misinterpreting Christians to get them deported1/17/17Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Vanderbilt and Duke Divinity Schools Want Professors Teaching a Gender-Neutral God1/17/17Christianity, Education, PC
VIDEO: The Crusades Myths with Steven Crowder1/17/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
2016 as the 'worst year yet' for Christian persecution, ever since the World Watch List organization began monitoring persecution 25 years ago. World Watch List (WWL) ranks the 50 countries across the globe where persecution of Christians is most severe1/13/17Christianity, Violence,
Most congress members who graduated from Catholic colleges are pro-choice, survey finds 1/13/17Abortion, Christianity,
In Germany: Muslims 'devastate' Christian parish centre, write 'Islamist' slogans on walls, but police are still searching for the 'motive'1/13/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
VIDEO: The Impact of Relativism, Postmodernism, and Cultural Marxism -Tony Costa 1/13/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Atheism Skyrockets Under Obama Admin. A new Pew Study says that those who self-identify as atheists or agnostics, as well as those who say their religion is ‘nothing in particular,’ now make up nearly 25% of the U.S. adult population, up from 16% in 20071/12/17Christianity, Obama,
ISIS Singles Out First Baptist Church in Dallas in Call for Arson Jihad 1/6/17Islam, Immigration, Violence
Egypt: Muslim screaming 'Allahu akbar'cuts Christian shopkeeper’s throat 1/6/17Islam, Christianity, Violence
Canada: Muslim groups harass Arab Christian school principal over 'Islamophobia' 1/3/17Islam, PC, Christianity
Gospel Singer Attacked for Expressing Christian Views on Homosexuality1/1/17LGBT, Christianity,
Italian Priest Dresses Virgin Mary in Burqa for Nativity Scene12/29/16Christianity, Islam, PC
in Italy, Schoolchildren banned from singing 'Silent Night' for fear of offending Muslims 12/26/16Islam, PC, Christianity
VIDEO: Why Atheism is Vacuous Grandiloquence12/26/16Christianity, Video,
A statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the French municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as 'ayatollahs of secularism' 12/25/16Islam, Christianity, Freedom
Pope, under heavy guard at Vatican, says refugees like 'baby Jesus, who could not find shelter'. Yet there was heightened security at the Vatican last night for Midnight Mass. But Why? Aren’t Muslim migrants just like 'baby Jesus, who could not find shelter'? Was the Pope afraid that the baby Jesus would scream 'Allahu akbar' and blow himself up in the middle of a crowded St. Peter’s Square? 12/25/16Christianity, Islam, PC
Environmentalists are really worried that your home’s Christmas lights will ruin the planet.12/25/16Environmental, Christianity, Freedom
The number of Britons who believe in God has fallen by four percentage points in under two years, a new survey on religious attitudes has found, putting atheism ten points ahead of belief in a deity 12/23/16Christianity, ,
BELGIUM: Nativity scene removed out of fear it will offend one of the four Muslims living in the town 12/23/16Islam, Christianity, PC
Washington Post and Daily Beast Question whether the Virgin Mary was really a virgin Ahead of Christmas12/23/16Christianity, PC, Remove History
Huffington Post advocates Atheist group the American Humanist Association (AHA) is demanding a stop to public school children participating in nonprofit Operation Christmas Child, which collects shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies, toothpaste, and soap for needy children 12/22/16Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Democrats, Jacobins, Soviets, Nazis, all have in common the ideologue that has waged war against a common enemy: Christmas. 12/22/16Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
Louisiana – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is attacking a public Christmas display, this time targeting a small, Louisiana town’s nativity scene 12/22/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
Islamic State has published a list containing the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States, Canada, France, and the Netherlands, encouraging followers to attack them during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season 12/22/16Islam, Violence, Christianity
A Texas health instructor who is also an immigrant from Guatemala has charged her former employer for discrimination after she lost her job for refusing to teach contraception, which violates her religious beliefs. 12/22/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
NJ Textbook says The Crusades have had lasting effect on Muslims and that 'Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues' today. Despite The Crusades being a late, small-scale, defensive action after 450 years of Islamic jihad had conquered and Islamized over half of the Christian world. But the myth that the Crusades were unprovoked protocolonial aggression against a wholly innocent Muslim world persists, and has even made its way into public school textbook 12/22/16Education, PC, Islam
Australian police thwart planned Christmas jihad bombings 12/22/16Islam, Immigration, Violence
A school in Sweden has removed references to Christianity in the carol ‘Now Light 1,000 Christmas Lights’, citing a need to prepare children for a “changing world”, and to be inclusive of all religions 12/22/16Christianity, PC, Remove History
A Pennsylvania elementary school canceled the fifth-graders performance of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, 'A Christmas Carol,'an annual tradition for over 40 years, in part because two parents reportedly complained about the character of Tiny Tim saying, 'God bless us, everyone' 12/21/16Christianity, Education, PC
A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, 'historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed.' 12/21/16Christianity, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Georgia Gwinnett College repeatedly restricted how an evangelical Christian student could communicate with passers-by on the public campus, even stopping him from proselytizing in a designated free speech zone, according to a new lawsuit 12/20/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Top Italian Bishop: Islamist Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Religion 12/20/16PC, Christianity, Islam
Turkish School 'Bans' Christmas; Stirs Outrage in Germany 12/20/16Christianity, PC,
VIDEO: University of Virginia Students Petition to Ban Christmas 12/19/16Christianity, Education, PC
Washington Post says Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims for being a Virgin 12/19/16Media, Christianity, PC
VIDEO: The Truth About the Berlin Christmas Market Attack - Paul Joseph Watson 12/19/16Conservative, Video, Islam
VIDEO: MILO: The War On Christmas Is Real 12/16/16Conservative, Video, Christianity
White House Chief of Staff says Obama is the 'Most Catholic' President ever; despite ordering religious images being covered at a 2009 Georgetown speaking event or forcing religious organizations to fund abortion or a long list of religious attacking12/15/16Obama, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Texas School Bans Charlie Brown Christmas Poster 12/13/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
An anti-Christian group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has criticized a recent decision by the Air Force Academy not to punish an assistant football coach for posting Bible verses on Twitter12/12/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
A teacher at a private school in British Columbia, Canada has been fired for expressing his personal opinion about abortion 12/12/16Abortion, Freedom, Christianity
ACLU Sues Indiana Town Over Cross Atop Christmas Tree; Town Caves 12/12/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
CATHOLIC PRIEST in Italy sparks outrage after he cancels Nativity scene because it could offend Muslims 12/12/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Muslims Bomb Christian Cathedral in Cairo 12/12/16Islam, Violence, Christianity
VIDEO: The War On Christmas: A Complete History - Andrew Klavan12/12/16Christianity, PC, Conservative
Trump won in every single Christian demographic. The Republican took a solid 79% of born-again evangelicals, while 18% favored the Democrat 12/10/16Christianity, ,
Swedish Muslims taken into Catholic Church and end up masturbating and defacting in the Church pews out of hate of Christianity 12/9/16Islam, Immigration, Christianity
LGBT Groups Blast Vatican for Banning Homosexuals from Seminaries12/9/16LGBT, Christianity,
Why is the Catholic Church in the U.S. selectively silent in the U.S. about the genocide of the Middle East Christians, our newest martyrs? 12/8/16Christianity, Conservative, Islam
Colleges Banning Religious Christmas Displays 12/7/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
A Michigan State University instructor used a PowerPoint presentation in her class to mock Christians and cajole students to bring up police brutality and white privilege at Thanksgiving 12/7/16Christianity, Education, PC
'Family Guy' Calls Jesus a 'D*ck' 12/5/16Media, Christianity,
Anglican Pastor Facing Jail Time for Praying Outside Planned Parenthood 12/5/16Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Hotels Not Offering Bibles Due to Millennial PC Culture 12/5/16Christianity, PC,
6 of 7 Nations With Worst Record of Christian Persecution Are Muslim12/4/16Islam, Christianity,
Why the Persecution of Chip and Joanna Gaines Is a Good Thing 12/2/16LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
With Christmas approaching, universities are cracking down on potentially offensive religious decorations, all but banning displays of the 'Nativity Scene' and images of the 'crucifixion' 12/1/16Christianity, Education, PC
Monument to Christian missionaries under review by Williams College censorship committee 11/29/16Christianity, Freedom, Remove History
German Priest: Muslim Migrants Bully Christians11/29/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
Teen Virgins have long-lasting health benefits 11/29/16Conservative, Christianity,
Public university accused of violating Catholic students’ religious freedom: Lawsuit 11/29/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Catholic Charities Resettled Muslim Who Waged Jihad at Ohio State Univ11/29/16Islam, Christianity, PC
VIDEO: The Battle Between Religion and Atheism (Andrew Klavan Interview Part 2) 11/28/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Atheist activist professor tells conservative student paper to ‘f*ck off and die’11/23/16Education, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Worried parents and religious groups in Portland, Ore., protested the inaugural meetings of the After School Satan Club at local elementary and middle schools, which were started as part of an effort to counter evangelical Christian after-school organizations. 11/17/16Christianity, Education,
Tennessee: Christian mom wants history textbook removed from schools for promoting Islamic propaganda11/17/16Christianity, Islam, Education
Islamic Republic of Iran: Sharia court sentences Christians to 80 lashes for drinking communion wine 11/16/16Islam, Christianity,
5 Essential Biblical Doctrines Our Kids Need When the Wicked Seem to Prosper 11/14/16Christianity, Conservative,
UK: Muslims force family who converted from Islam to Christianity to flee home 11/10/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: Why the United States Is a Christian Nation (David Wood)11/8/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Students and faculty at a Catholic college are up in arms over a professor suggesting that Catholic unity is more important than cultural diversity and try to get him fired 11/7/16PC, Freedom, Christianity
In Nigeria, over 800 Christians killed, over 800 injured, and over 100 churches destroyed by Muslims 10/30/16Islam, Christianity,
Former US General: Muslims Plan ‘To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church’10/30/16Islam, Christianity,
Muslim Persecution of Christians: July, 201610/30/16Islam, Christianity,
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia: 'I admire the integrity' of Muslim women who wear hijab and burqa 10/25/16PC, Christianity, Islam
Michigan: County to Pay $197k for Violating Christians’ Rights, Defending Violent Muslim Mobs 10/25/16Christianity, Islam,
'Humanist' scholar at Northwestern University told the Seminary Co-op near the University of Chicago that 'the Christian fundamentalist movement in the United States is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism' 10/24/16Christianity, Education, PC
Muslim Persecutions of Christians in June 2016 10/23/16Christianity, Islam,
Pennsylvania: Bristol Township Catholic Church to Become Mosque, Bought by Turkish Muslim Group10/23/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
More than 700 Christians Attacked by Muslims…in German Refugee Camps10/23/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
VIDEO: The Atheist Delusion Movie 10/22/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Sweden's First Atheist Cemetery Bans All Religious Symbols 10/21/16Christianity, ,
Russell Simmons tells the DailyShow that 'Probably More Christians Are Radicalized' Than Muslims 10/18/16Christianity, Islam, Media
Former Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams says that Female Trump voters aren’t ‘smart,’ Christianity is ‘disconnected,’ and whites males are ‘erasing history’10/17/16PC, Feminism, Christianity
VIDEO: Hitler Wasn't Christian Or Atheist But He Had A Religion 10/17/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
The Vatican Submits to Islam (2006-2016) 10/16/16Christianity, Islam, Conservative
Christian Marriage in a Campus Culture of Homosexuality and Transgenderism 10/16/16Conservative, Christianity,
WikiLeaks Exposes Soros Millions Pushing to Undermine Catholics 10/14/16Christianity, ,
Christian Florist Wonders if There’s Still Room for Christian Businesses in America10/13/16Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
Leaked e-mail shows Hillary Clinton's campaign communications director Jen Palmieri, and Center for American Progress fellow John Halpin mocking Catholics as 'backwards' idiots trying to look sophisticated and being attracted to the religion for its 'severely backwards gender relations'10/11/16Christianity, Clinton,
Islam or Die’ Reportedly Tagged on Texas Churches 10/11/16Christianity, Islam,
Oregon Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake a Cake for Gay Couple Closes 10/7/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
A creationist scholar receives a six-figure settlement from California State University Northridge, because the scholar had been fired after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops horn and publishing his findings, which are evidence of a 'young earth' which would contradict evolutuonists claims 10/5/16Freedom, Christianity, Education
Massachusetts’ legislature added 'gender identity' to the list of protected classes covered by the state’s anti-discrimination laws. The Commission Against Discrimination has used the new law to declare that any church that holds 'secular' events 'open to the public' must conform and cannot challenge anyone’s chosen gender identity and can criminally charge pastors for using the wrong gender pronoun 10/4/16Christianity, LGBT, PC
A Catholic LGBT advocacy group is blasting Pope Francis for his ongoing criticisms of gender ideology, which he calls a 'global war against the family'. 10/3/16LGBT, Christianity, PC
A Yale Professor blast Christian philosopher over gay marriage10/3/16Education, Christianity, Liberal Bias
More Islamic Genocide of Christians ensures, but Obama still isn't taking in Christians10/2/16Islam, Christianity, Obama
The 5 Most Dangerous Wolves Preying on Christians-Joel Osteen, Rachel Held Evans, Jim Wallis (Sojourners), Matthew Vines, Andy Stanley 9/30/16Christianity, Conservative,
Student Sues Catholic School for $1 Million After Rejecting Same-Sex Homecoming Date 9/29/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Uganda: Christian convert from Islam beaten unconscious by husband for attending church. Religion of Peace! 9/29/16Islam, Christianity,
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse's 'Hate Response Team' investigates the display of a Crucifix, the mere existence of a Christian student group, and an off-campus blog post about life as a white student 9/27/16Education, PC, Christianity
Christian Girls are only Meant for One Thing, the Pleasure of Muslim Men 9/26/16Christianity, Islam,
An Italian television news anchor has ignited a firestorm of criticism by wearing a crucifix around her neck while reporting the news, drawing the ire of 'Muslims, atheists' because Christianity is offensive 9/24/16Christianity, PC,
A 70+ year-old female landlord in Massachusetts was sentenced by the state's Supreme Court to serve jail time and undergo a mandatory class on Islam after being convicted of assault and battery on a Muslim tenant in 2012. The landlord, Daisy Obo, is also a Christian minister. Not only does she deny ever having pusher her tenant, but says being forced to take classes on Islam violates her freedom of religion. The incident was caused after the Muslim the tenant had complained about the apartment's heat and electricity and appeared to have more than a dozen people living in her apartment 9/23/16Freedom, Islam, Christianity
Washington state schools will allow Satanists to start an after-school satanic clubs in their elementary and high schools9/23/16Christianity, Education,
Christian Life Communities at Jesuit university allow students to pick their own ‘gender identity’ give students dozens of options to select what their gender is 9/20/16Christianity, LGBT, PC
Pope: Welcoming Refugees Helps Keeps Us Safe from Terrorism9/17/16Immigration, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Obama-Appointed Judge Omits ‘So Help Me God’ From Naturalization Oath 9/16/16Patriotism, Obama, Christianity
Most Christian colleges on LGBT ‘shame list’ have no documented discrimination complaints 9/15/16LGBT, Christianity,
Vox's Sports Blog: NCAA Leaving NC 'Meaningless' Until It Expels BYU 9/14/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Muslims set fire to Orthodox cathedral, use it as a toilet in Kosovo. Had this been the other way around it's an international story 9/13/16Islam, Christianity,
Spain: Muslim banned from entering churches after vandalizing several, burning images of Virgin Mary 9/13/16Islam, Christianity,
West Point’s top general said Friday that people complaining about prayer at an Army football game had completely 'valid concerns,' saying the football coach would apologize for his actions and adding that he has already gone through reeducation9/12/16Christianity, Freedom,
VIDEO: Were the Founders Religious? They all believed in God and the afterlife (J.Adam's letter debunk) Prager University 9/12/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
A reader friendly guide of the differences between Christianity and Islam 9/9/16Conservative, Christianity, Islam
Martin R. Castro, a Chicago Democrat and Obama appointee as chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, believes 'religious freedom' and 'religious liberty' are nothing more than 'code words' for discrimination and intolerance. 9/9/16Christianity, Freedom,
VIDEO: Atheists Guide to Intellectual Suicide | James N. Anderson, PhD 9/6/16Christianity, Science, Video
VIDEO: Why Atheism Cannot Account for Science | James N. Anderson, PhD9/5/16Science, Conservative, Video
More examples of Muslim persecution of Christians in 2016 9/4/16Christianity, ,
Discrimination That Is Necessary For A Civil Society: A Response To David Gushee9/1/16Christianity, Conservative, LGBT
How American Colleges are on a Crusade against Christianity 8/31/16Christianity, Conservative,
VIDEO: Rape is Morally Arbitrary | RE: Richard Dawkins 8/31/16Perverse, Video, Liberal Bias
Clemson University officials approaches two men praying on campus and tells them they are not allowed to pray here because this is not a designated free speech area 8/29/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
University of Texas Professor mocks Jesus and the Lord's Prayer at a Faculty sponsored anti-gun rally from the publicly funded institution 8/25/16Christianity, Guns, Education
Atheists Lawsuit blocks $65,000 from an approved city tourism grant for the National Baptist Convention8/25/16Christianity, Freedom,
STUDY: Christianity is actually on the rise in America 8/25/16Christianity, ,
Virginia Muslims are trying to build a large mosque on a 135-acre piece of land in Virginia and the community is pushing back. The mosque development proposal was presented to Development Services in June 20150, but at that time, the place of worship was referred to as Avery Community Church and Cemetery. In August 2016, the name was changed, admitting that it is a giant Muslim Mosque. An official said 'it is absolutely legal to call the project anything they want to call it, but I will leave it up to people in the community to decide for themselves why it was called the Avery Community Church and Cemetery until last week' 8/24/16Islam, Christianity,
Professor at Madison College is under investigation for mentioning God in class8/22/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
A University of Miami law professor says the U.S. Constitution is used to 'justify irrational and destructive agendas' and has compared the NRA to Planned Parenthood, suggesting that Congress should investigate the gun rights group for 'profiting from dead children'8/16/16Guns, Christianity, Education
VIDEO: The Resurrection Evidence that Changed a Generation of Scholars by Professor Gary Habermas 8/14/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
California Democrat Ricardo Lara will amend SB 1146 that will remove a provision that would open California religious colleges to litigation if they enforce lifestyle expectations that disfavor LGBT students, such as a prohibition on same-sex intimacy and prevent Transgender students from being able to sue if their colleges kept them out of housing, bathrooms or locker rooms reserved for the other biological sex 8/11/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
The pope of the Roman Catholic Church should be its greatest advocate. But because of leftism, he isn't8/11/16Christianity, Conservative,
A new website explains how a California bill that would pull grants from private religious colleges negatively affects minority students, an argument that is also being made by leading evangelicals 8/10/16Education, Christianity, LGBT
LGBT group wants BYU excluded from Big 12 for Mormon beliefs8/9/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
A high school football coach who lost his job after defying orders to stop praying at the 50-yard line today is suing the school district after they allow Buddhist chants but not Christian prayers8/9/16Christianity, Freedom,
Catholic university's new vice provost is former chair of abortion provider8/8/16Abortion, Education, Christianity
Pope Francis says Gender Ideology Behind the Annihilation of Man as God's Image8/2/16Christianity, LGBT,
Democratic Reverend: White Male Christians, Not Muslims, Should Apologize For Terrorism 7/28/16Islam, Christianity, PC
An atheists’ rights group has accused an Ohio city council of violating the separation of church and state for offering scholarships to a local Christian college, potentially setting the stage for a legal battle. 7/27/16Education, Christianity,
An 84-year-old priest had his throat cut while a nun is critically injured in hospital following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting ‘Allahu Akbar' in France. Muslim migration at its finest 7/26/16Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Despite Christian Genocide going on in the Middle East, 6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. So Far in 2016--But Only 23 Are Christians7/25/16Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Leftist group Freedom From Religion Foundation sends letters to public schools saying that taking field trips to the new Noah's Ark exhibit violates the First Amendment somehow7/18/16Christianity, Freedom, Education
Christian Billboard Denied for GOP Convention, Pro-Atheism Sign Greets Instead 7/14/16Christianity, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Supreme Court Stands by and Watches as Religious Freedom Is Curtailed by declining to take up the case of Stormans v. Wiesman 7/6/16Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
Of the 1,069 Syrian refugees were admitted during May, only two of them were Christian. The rest were Muslim. Despite Christian Genocide7/5/16Islam, Immigration, Christianity
Gays sue Christian dating site '' for not allowing same-sex couples, because it's against their religion. Now will be forced to allow gay men and lesbian couples on They never stop 7/3/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Atheism activist Richard Carrier stunds Atheist Activists for sexually harrassing girls. Yet he continued speaking to Secular Student Alliance chapters at numerous universities over the past year, even while the national office was 'fully aware' that he had harassed students, according to his accuser, who stayed quiet more than a year before going public 6/30/16Education, Christianity, Liberal Bias
The new Advanced Placement European History framework has received a makeover that eliminates religion’s influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignores Winston Churchill, whitewashes the evils of communism, and lauds the welfare state 6/29/16Education, Remove History, Liberal Bias
Supreme Court declines to hear religious liberty case that forces family-owned pharmacies to offer morning after pill against their religious beliefs. Another blow to religious liberty6/28/16Christianity, Freedom, Abortion
VIDEO: Catholic League’s Donohue, Cuomo Spar Over Pope’s Comments ‘I Want an Apology From Gays!’ after Pope says Catholics owe gays an apology 6/28/16Christianity, LGBT, Video
A new web series called 'Queer Kids Stuff' aimed at preschoolers (yes, you read that right) is now attempting to teach those barely out of diapers what the phrases 'gay,' 'bisexual,' and 'transgender' mean. In the opening minutes of the first show, the host tells a teddy bear, as well as innocent viewers, that 'gay means love'6/27/16LGBT, Christianity, Education
Atheists Target A New Texas Town Over Public Reference To God6/24/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
The Democrats and LGBT Movement's Sinister Plan to crack down on Christian Schools 6/23/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
A California bill intended to protect LGBT people from discrimination in colleges could also deprive as many as 42 Christian colleges of their First Amendment rights. The bill would prohibit schools that claim exemptions from Title IX anti-discrimination provisions from requiring attendance at chapel or taking religious studies courses 6/20/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
‘Satanic Temple’ Joins Planned Parenthood in Pro-Abortion Crusade 6/17/16Abortion, Christianity,
VIDEO: Obama PRAISES Islam and BASHES Christianity 6/15/16Obama, Christianity, Video
The ACLU blames Christians for the Orlando shooting6/14/16Liberal Bias, Christianity, LGBT
Indecent Exposure: The Gender Identity Gap and it's push by Cultural Marxism 6/10/16Conservative, LGBT, Socialism
California LGBT bill attempts to overrule colleges’ First Amendment religious freedom rights 6/8/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Italy tells Christians to pray in silent to avoid offending Muslims6/6/16Christianity, PC, Islam
A public school in California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch and sent a Sheriff to his home to let them know how serious California schools are against religion 6/3/16Christianity, Freedom, Education
All research shows kids do better with a traditional family with a mother and a father regardless of what the LGBT movement tells you 6/3/16LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Fort Riley cancels Delta Force hero's prayer breakfast speech because he's Christian. Which is now 'hate speech' 6/3/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
A California state assemblyman used a Bible verse to support a bill mandating overtime pay for farmers 6/2/16Christianity, economics, Liberal Bias
Are Atheists Afraid of God? -Eric Metaxes 6/2/16Christianity, Conservative,
A Pennsylvania public high school is ending its long tradition of offering a prayer or benediction during its graduation ceremony due to atheist complaints 6/1/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
ACLU wins lawsuit to block funding for religious colleges 5/31/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Satanists to construct giant pentagram to raise awareness for satanism in downtown Los Angeles5/31/16Christianity, ,
Eldery Christian woman stripped naked and beaten by Muslim mob in Egypt. No feminists outrage here either5/27/16Islam, Feminism, Christianity
Bills aim to force California Christian colleges to embrace transgenders or lose funding. If approved, would disqualify Christian colleges from receiving state-funded student financial aid if the institutions deny students on the basis of their 'sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.' What’s more, the bill would disallow colleges from obtaining waivers from the U.S. Department of Education on the issue5/26/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
TRANSGENDER VETERAN SUES CHRISTIAN BARBER: Two months after a Southern California barber cited scripture as a reason for denying a haircut to a transgender Army veteran, Kendall Oliver has filed suit, alleging a violation of civil rights5/26/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Despite Christian Genocide happening in the middle east, out of the 500 'refugees' admitteed into the U.S. this past week, there were zero Christians admitted. All were Muslims5/26/16Christianity, Islam, Immigration
House Democrats file legislation that would amend the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to ensure religious exemptions cannot be applied to any health care service, including abortion and gender transition treatments 5/25/16Freedom, Christianity, Abortion
New study advocates targeting religious students to convert them to social justice causes and helping students overcome their religiosity 5/24/16Christianity, Education, Liberal Bias
Islamic State carries out third attack on Christians in Syria. Killing dozens5/22/16Islam, Christianity,
Bangladesh: Islamic State murders doctor who 'called to Christianity' as Muslims proselytizing for any other religion is forbidden in Islamic law. Not that this has anything to do with Islam5/21/16Islam, Christianity,
VIDEO: The Pope Completely Betrays Christianity5/19/16Christianity, Video,
Huffington Post publishing a series of articles trying to convince Christians to give up to Islam5/19/16Media, Islam, Christianity
Huffington Post says Jesus was the first 'transgender man' and tries to argue that's why letting males in girls bathrooms is okay5/18/16Christianity, Media, LGBT
The Transgender Bathroom bill IS NOT ABOUT BATHROOMS 5/18/16LGBT, Conservative, Christianity
Vatican Cardinal to American's: God is being eroded from your country5/17/16Christianity, Freedom,
The American Library Association names 'The Holy Bible' on it's 'Most Challenged Books' list for its 'religious viewpoint', but the Quran advocating murdering and raping women is not on the list 5/16/16Christianity, Freedom,
Fairfax County in Virginia to force gay and gender identity lectures in classrooms5/15/16Christianity, LGBT, Education
Harvard Professor tells liberals to treat Conservative Christians like Nazis5/12/16Education, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Germany documents 231 cases of Christian harrassment from Muslim migrants5/10/16Islam, Christianity,
The ACLU files a lawsuit in Mississippi attempting to gain momentum for the end of religious liberty5/9/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
On National prayer day, a Rabbi scolds Obama, reminding him he took an oath over the bible when sworn in office that he has betrayed pushing for gay marriage5/6/16Obama, Christianity,
Congress now trying to psychologically profile your children and datamine your children's values to Big Brother knows how to change them5/6/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Conservative groups going after Target for helping push the LGBT's move to deconstruct the American family5/6/16LGBT, Conservative, Christianity
The ACLU is trying to coerce it's values onto Christian colleges5/4/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Student suing Missouri State University over being kicked out because of his Christianity5/3/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Hillary Clinton claimed to be a person of faith lol. Liberal Publication ThinkProgress writes Hillary Clinton Is Now The Most Religious Candidate Running For President 5/2/16Clinton, Christianity, Media
To try and find a middle ground in LGBT bathroom law, a pastor actually says that Jesus was 'intersexed' 4/27/16Christianity, PC,
The war on religious liberty affects all Americans negatively, not just religious people4/26/16Freedom, Christianity, Conservative
Bakers who refused to bake gay wedding cake in Colorado case takes another turn4/25/16Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Leftist making moves to have 'The Bible' banned from libraries4/21/16Christianity, Freedom,
Georgia Pastor is files religious discrimination lawsuit for being fired from government job because he said homosexuality is a sin4/20/16Christianity, Freedom,
The reason anti-religious people say that Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the same God4/19/16Conservative, Christianity,
Destroying Leftists demonizing of Christianity4/19/16Conservative, Christianity,
The battle for religious freedom and how the left is using the role of government to enforce THEIR values at the expense of Conservative values4/18/16Christianity, Conservative,
Judge rules in favor of removing cross from Los Angeles seal, despite it making the seal historically inaccurate, the judge believes political correctness is more important than historical accuracy4/18/16Christianity, Remove History,
Federal Report: China’s Suppression of Rights Getting Worse, Not Better. A new U.S. State Department report, which describes organizations and individuals that suffered egregious attacks on their religious, civil, and political rights 4/18/16Socialism, Christianity,
Liberals upset that moms are throwing students free 'Jesus Lunch' at a public park because to liberals, religion is evil4/15/16Christianity, Education, Freedom
Federal Court bans a Cross on the county seal because liberals want religion eradicated from view4/8/16Christianity, PC,
San Francisco college students remind 'Christians' to 'check their privilege' with signs on campus4/6/16Education, Christianity,
How the left has no real concern for the LGBT community, it's really just a vehicle to eradicate Christianity4/6/16Conservative, LGBT, Christianity
More bakers in Texas targeted by gay rights activists for declining to bake a gay wedding cake4/5/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
How the Left is killing Christianity and religious liberty4/3/16Christianity, Conservative,
New Television show represents the complete breakdown of marriage. Showing how millennials see marriage more of semester abroad than 'til death do us part'. Even 43% of young people think you should be allowed to split up easily after two years of marraige3/29/16Christianity, LGBT,
Homosexuals harrass and threaten Christian Bakers, threatening to burn down their house, take their son and sodomize him with a broken beer bottle and more3/28/16LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Pakistan terrorist bomb Christian parade on Easter Sunday3/27/16Islam, Christianity,
New Book Documents 1,200 cases of Christian persecution3/26/16Islam, Christianity,
Hollywood threatens to boycott Georgia for law protecting religious liberty. They says its persecution of homosexuals to not marry them3/26/16Freedom, Christianity,
VIDEO: No, Jesus was NOT a socialist3/26/16Socialism, Christianity,
Mexicans burn Donald Trump effigy because somehow that will make Jesus proud3/25/16Christianity, Immigration,
Obama Admin says they have the power to make churchers fund abortions3/24/16Abortion, Christianity, Freedom
Disney threatens to remove business from state of Georgia if they pass a bill protecting religious people. More businesses politicizing our way of life and holding state governments hostage3/24/16Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Liberals and LGBT community fighiting Kansas passing 'religious liberty' bill, which allows campus religious groups to reject people who join their religious group that don't share the group's actual religion. Liberals call that discrimination3/17/16Education, Christianity, Freedom
The Obama administration romanticizes Islam and finds Christians 'distasteful'3/17/16Obama, Islam, Christianity
58% of Liberals prefer political correctness over freedom of speech3/16/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
House votes 393 to 0 that ISIL is committing Christian 'Genocide'. The media and Obama admin still won't call it Genocide3/15/16Media, Christianity, Islam
College Satanists movement work to silence budding Conservatism on campus. Liberals are such wonderful, moral groups of people aren't they? 3/15/16Education, Christianity, Freedom
The ACLU switches position on religious freedoms to comply with more current liberal orthodoxy3/11/16Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
Atheist students throw a fit and shut down pastor leading school prayer. Then students lead it themselves3/10/16Education, Christianity,
Idaho Pastor shot six times after leading Ted Cruz prayer3/7/16Christianity, ,
Muslims claim the Lion's share of Christian victims3/7/16Islam, Christianity,
Meet the Anti-Religious Sitcom called 'The Real O'neal's bashing Catholics everywhere3/4/16Christianity, LGBT, Media
College tells students in assignment to confess being atheist if they're Christian, or confess to being gay if you're straight3/4/16Education, Freedom, Christianity
Oregon Bakery's appeal on being fine $135,000 for declining to bake cake for gay wedding could destroy the First Amendment3/2/16LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Atheist group appeals failed lawsuit to ban WWI memorial Cross2/29/16Christianity, Freedom,
Thousands sign online petition asking John Kerry to call the rampant Islamic killing of Christians what is is, GENOCIDE2/25/16Christianity, Conservative, Islam
Atheists lose battle to remove Jesus statue from Montana sky resort2/24/16Christianity, Freedom, PC
Pope says if you're Christian you should be pro-open borders, despite the Vaticans giant wall around itself2/21/16Immigration, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Pope slams anti-immigration proponents, forgetting his own Vatican walls were built to protect against Muslims2/21/16Immigration, Islam, Christianity
Christian Refugees under threat in EU assylum centers2/19/16Islam, Christianity,
Pope Francis, apparently desperate to reach out to the Catholic Churchs growing base in Latin America, spent the day slapping Americans in the face from across the US & Mexico border and ripped into Capitalism and said that capitalism cut against God. This would appall Pope John Paul II, who said, This conception of Christ as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth does not tally with the churchs catechism. Pope Benedict XVI said liberation theology was a singular heresy and fundamental threat to the Catholic Church 2/18/16Christianity, Immigration, PC
Muslim Prayers Take over General Assembly Area at the U.N; which costs U.S. Taxpayers $488 Million dollars to build2/17/16Islam, Christianity, PC
Ohio Christian Restaurant attacked by Muslim with Machete2/12/16Christianity, Islam,
Study: Religious people are more fair with money2/10/16Christianity, ,
Southern Oregon University warns students to check their 'Privilege' at the door; especially you white Christians!2/10/16Education, Race, Christianity
Obama Uses Mosque Speech to Subordinate All Religion to the State2/4/16Christianity, Obama,
President Obama scolds Americans for criticism of Islam. But attacking Christians is still fair game2/3/16Obama, Islam, Christianity
NBC Comedy suggest Jesus was gay2/2/16Christianity, Media,
MARYLAND High School punishes Christian student for refusing to profess her faith in Islam1/30/16Christianity, ,
Huffington Post says Christians should just accept Muhammad as a prohpet1/30/16Media, Islam, Christianity
Court reverses school district ban of bible verses on cheerleader banners1/29/16Christianity, ,
Satanists to give opening prayer at Phoenix city council meeting1/29/16Christianity, ,
Public School sued for pushing Islamic doctrine on students1/28/16Christianity, Islam, Education
HuffPo writes about how Christianity should accept Muhammed as a prophet1/28/16Christianity, Media,
HS Football teams banned from praying1/27/16Christianity, Education,
Frito-Lay doing some of its own Christian Bashing1/26/16Christianity, LGBT,
Christian Refugees hide in fear in Turkey1/25/16Christianity, Islam,
Pastor destroys same-sex argument from gay pastor1/25/16Christianity, LGBT,
Pakistani Men kill Christian Woman for rejecting them1/23/16Christianity, Islam,
Muslims kill Christian girl, says christian women only for pleasure of Muslim men1/22/16Christianity, Islam,
VIDEO: Fact Checking Sam Harris 2: Did Jesus Command Christians to Kill in Luke 19:27? — David Wood 1/22/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Jennifer Lawrence moves from bashing Christians to romanticizing Castro1/21/16Christianity, Conservative,
12 arrested in India for converting to Christianity 1/19/16Christianity, ,
Study says Christianity is dying in Britian; only Islam is religion growing1/18/16Christianity, ,
Socialist looking to replace religion with socialism1/15/16Christianity, Socialism,
Lawsuit to remove 'In God We Trust' from money1/14/16Christianity, PC,
Even Richard Dawkins admits Christianity may save us from more destructive religions1/12/16Christianity, ,
VIDEO: Fact Checking Sam Harris: Islam and the Virgin Birth of Jesus1/11/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Liberals calling Christian professor removed for saying Islam & Christians worship same God; calling it Anti-Muslim bigotry1/7/16Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Majority of British say Religion is 'unimportant'1/7/16Christianity, ,
Illinois professor says Christians, Muslims pray to same God; Jesus, Muhammed same1/5/16Christianity, Education,
Group of Atheist Demand Cross be Removed from Kentucky Water Tower1/4/16Christianity, PC, Freedom
Justice Scalia pushed back on Secularism push against Religious Liberty1/4/16Christianity, Conservative,
2015: The Year of Anti-Christian Jihad12/31/15Christianity, Conservative,
T-Shirt maker going to court for refusing to print Gay Pride T-Shirts12/31/15Christianity, LGBT,
Muslims are Persecuting Christians all over the world12/31/15Islam, Christianity, Freedom
Atheist Mega-Donor Geroge Soros: talking bad about Islam is playing into hands of Islamist12/29/15Christianity, Media,
Planned Parenthood uses King Herod's slaughter to promote abortion as 'a social good'12/28/15Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Poll confirms Americans abandoning religion12/26/15Christianity, ,
Forbes says GOP is responsible for Christian Persecution in Middle East12/26/15Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Huffington Posts advocates Christians stop using Christmas Lights 12/25/15Christianity, Media,
How the Secular movement is destroying our values12/22/15Christianity, Media, Freedom
CNN Report compares Muslim migrants to Jesus Christ12/22/15Christianity, Media, Freedom
Islam is a war between civilizations12/22/15Christianity, Islam,
The Gay Agenda and the Real World12/19/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Catholic High School creates 'safe space' for Muslims to pray12/17/15Christianity, ,
Texas town removes Jesus nativity scene to avoid atheist lawsuit12/14/15Christianity, PC,
JMU banned from singing Christian song at ‘unity tree’ ceremony; only secular songs allowed12/7/15Christianity, Education,
Ole Miss renames Christmas event because it 'connoted too much Christianity'12/7/15Christianity, Education,
Ireland strips religious freedom laws when dealing with gay rights12/4/15Christianity, LGBT,
Colleges making sure Christmas isn't too Christian; work to insure PC approval12/3/15Christianity, Christianity, Education
Liberals attack Christian call to 'pray for victims' of San Bernadino12/3/15Christianity, Media,
Castro destructs 5 Christian churches; hollywood making movie honoring Castro12/2/15Christianity, ,
Government’s ‘British Values’ Agenda Slammed For Ignoring Christianity12/1/15Christianity, Conservative,
Teacher under fire for telling class 'God is a myth'11/29/15Christianity, Education, Liberal Bias
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tried to use a Bible passage to argue in favor of Obama's Syrian refugee policy 11/22/15Media, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Slalom Medical Center changes position; reversing Chrismtas tree ban11/20/15Christianity, ,
White House employees banned from saying 'Merry Christmas' to veterans11/20/15Christianity, Liberal Bias, PC
Whoppi Goldberg says Hitler was a Christian; despite enormous evidence to contrary11/18/15Christianity, Media, Freedom
Yale professor says Christianity and Islam are basically the same11/16/15Christianity, Education,
Washington Post: its time to 'eradicate religion'11/16/15Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Starbucks war on Christmas11/10/15Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Concerned for Women group oppose destruction of values in Cali schools11/9/15Christianity, LGBT, Education
VIDEO: Robert Spencer The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades11/9/15Islam, Christianity, Video
How the Catholic Church helped Canada elect its most pro-abortion prime minister in history 11/4/15Christianity, Abortion, Conservative
Largest religious group in Democratic party is 'no religion'11/3/15Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Bremerton Football coach suspended for leading prayers10/31/15Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
Atheist Richard Dawkins says religion holding America back, says things are better pretending there is no God10/30/15Christianity, ,
House Sub-Committee examines global crisis of religious freedom10/27/15Christianity, Freedom,
Deaf Christian Woman gang-raped by Muslims10/26/15Christianity, Islam,
Atheist see religion & science conflict while religious people don't see them conflicted at all10/22/15Christianity, ,
Islamist destroy more Christian Churches10/21/15Christianity, Islam,
State Department refuses to put Pakistan on watch list, despite egregious religious crimes10/17/15Christianity, ,
Christians are 'Prime Target' for ISIS10/14/15Christianity, Islam, Freedom
British publishes report on 'Global Persecution of Christianity' 10/13/15Christianity, ,
China announces increasing crackdown on Christian churches10/11/15Christianity, Conservative,
ACLU files lawsuit over birth of Jesus nativity scene at Christmas concert. Attacking religion again10/8/15Christianity, ,
ACLU gets 10 Commandments removed from Oklahoma statehouse…attacking religion again10/8/15Christianity, Liberal Bias,
California schools 'bring your bible to school day' faces discrimination backlash10/8/15Christianity, Media,
Swedish Church Removes Crosses to make Muslims feel more welcome10/6/15Christianity, ,
Arkansas schools ban Christian Music on school buses10/6/15Christianity, PC, Education
New York Times writes hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word Christian10/3/15Christianity, Media,
College in Colorado denies donor request to include Bible verse on plaque10/2/15Christianity, Freedom, Education
VIDEO: David Wood destroys Shabir Ally in under 3 minutes! Is Jesus the Son of God? 9/29/15Christianity, Islam, Video
Mike Huckabee shows Doritos a video of their new hire, the Anti-Christian Gay Bully, Dan Savage9/23/15Christianity, LGBT,
Obama Respects Dictators more than Popes9/19/15Christianity, Obama,
Pepsi CO is okay attaching itself with Anti-Christian Bullies9/17/15Christianity, LGBT,
Students forced gay history in classrooms9/16/15Christianity, LGBT, Education
VIDEO: Answering the Biggest Objections to Christianity - Dr Ravi Zacharias 9/16/15Christianity, Video,
Texas university backtracks on ‘God bless you’ ban9/14/15Christianity, Freedom, Education
Office Depot refuses to make copies of 'Pro-Life' prayer; says its 'hate material'9/11/15Christianity, Abortion, Freedom
Atheists complain over 'In God We Trust' decals on Police cars, want to restrict religious liberties9/6/15Christianity, Freedom,
Atheist organization goes after college football chaplains for praying8/25/15Christianity, Education,
Teachers banned from giving students free bibles in Oklahoma8/15/15Christianity, Education,
VIDEO: DOJ seeking to legalize, beastiality and pedophilia; we told you this would happen when gay marriage is legal8/15/15LGBT, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: Psychopathic Atheist Turns to Jesus | Short Testimony of David Wood8/11/15Christianity, Conservative, Video
Prisons to recognize 'humanism' as a religion7/29/15Christianity, Liberal Bias,
Liberals pushing for Satanic statue in Detroit7/20/15Christianity, PC,
State Agency orders Christians to stop talking about their faith7/7/15Christianity, Conservative, Freedom
VIDEO: Has Science Discovered God?7/3/15Science, Christianity, Video
ACLU: ‘We Can No Longer Support Federal Religious Freedom Law’…wants ban religion6/30/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Time Magazine advocates ending tax exemptions for religious institutions6/28/15Christianity, Media, Freedom
VIDEO: Obama demands Christians deny Jesus6/28/15Obama, Video, Christianity
Obama says those against gay marriage for religious reasons need to change their religion to accept homosexual marriage 6/28/15Obama, Christianity,
Author slams Kerry for his anti-Christian persecution6/27/15Christianity, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling is Unconstitutional6/27/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
State of Kentucky forbidding pastors to talk bad about homosexuality6/25/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Supreme Court holds up ObamaCare subsidies6/25/15Christianity, Healthcare, Freedom
Christian business owners forced to close chapel for refusing to marry gays6/22/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Bakers ordered to pay $135,000 for refusing to bake gay wedding cake6/8/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Obama speechwriter conducts illegal gay wedding on White House grounds6/4/15Christianity, LGBT, Obama
King County City Council makes June 'Gay Pride Month' 6/1/15Christianity, LGBT,
VIDEO: Parody of Atheist Arguments 5/30/15Christianity, Video,
Marine court-martialed for posting bible verse5/28/15Christianity, Freedom,
Gay Agenda's next step is to define Christianity as 'Hate Speech'5/27/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: How Could God Punish Jesus for the Sins of Others? (Christianity vs. Islam) with David Wood 5/22/15Christianity, Islam, Video
Study shows people who go to Church live longer and liberals are not happy about the results5/16/15Christianity, ,
Complaint Demands Christian Crosses be Removed From INSIDE Catholic School so as Not to Offend Muslims5/9/15Christianity, Freedom, Islam
College Supports Anti-Christian Professor Who Failed Student For Defying His Atheistic Worldview5/7/15Christianity, Education, PC
Gay bullies force apologies to Cruz banquet hosts4/27/15Christianity, LGBT,
LGBT group bombards March for Marriage 4/26/15Christianity, LGBT,
Oregon Official Silences Christian Cake Bakers Accused of ‘Mental Rape’ by Gay Couple4/26/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Muslims throw Christians off immigration boat in Mediterranean Sea4/17/15Islam, Christianity, Video
Pro Gay Marriage baker refuses to bake anti-gay marriage cake; no lawsuit...double standard?4/13/15Christianity, LGBT,
ACLU demands Catholic Bishops provide abortions for illegal minors; forget religious freedom4/10/15Christianity, Abortion,
Politico says GOP supporting religious liberty is political suicide4/10/15Christianity, Media, Freedom
Prosecuting Religious Believers rights is the end of religiious liberty4/8/15Conservative, Christianity, LGBT
Charles Barkley says religious freedom and bible is about discrimination4/3/15Christianity, Media,
Gay Bullies shut down Indiana Pizza Parlor4/2/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Mayor jumps on bandwagon to boycott Indiana over their protection of religious liberty3/31/15Christianity, Freedom,
Gay Activist Dan Savage is absolutely horrible3/31/15Christianity, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Street Preacher fined for quoting the bible3/27/15Christianity, Freedom,
Bakery sued over refusing to bake a 'Pro Gay Marriage' cake3/26/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Navy Bans Chaplain from Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor 3/24/15Christianity, Freedom,
Former Navy SEALS Chaplain Could be Kicked out of Navy for Christian Beliefs3/9/15Christianity, Freedom,
HuffPo says Christian's should support Satanic statue at Oklahoma statehouse3/8/15Media, Christianity, Liberal Bias
State worker attempts to re-introduce religious liberty on college campuses2/27/15Christianity, Education,
VIDEO: Obama hates Christians2/25/15Obama, Video, Christianity
Gays ruin Seattle Christian florist over refusal to sell to gay wedding2/18/15Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Gay Activist Dan Savage is egregious2/16/15Christianity, LGBT,
New York Governor Cuomo says our rights 'do not come from God' but from the State, just like a good Socialist would claim. However, the Declaration of Independence says different2/12/15Freedom, Christianity,
VIDEO: Why Obama Defends Islam But Attacks Christians 2/7/15Obama, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: Gay Marriage advocates using violence against Christians1/14/15LGBT, Freedom, Video
52% of Americans think Islam more violent than other religions; 48% still have eyes closed1/13/15Islam, Christianity,
Obama quotes nonexistent Bible verse during speech about immigration 12/10/14Obama, Christianity, Immigration
VIDEO: Atheist Scientist Becomes Christian After Researching Evidence for God12/7/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist) 12/5/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Best debate ever Christian vs Atheist Christian wins 11/11/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
Gay Group Targets Christians receiving death threats11/10/14Christianity, LGBT,
VIDEO: The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians 11/10/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
John Kerry says The Bible Tells Us to Save Muslim Countries from Global Warming 9/8/14Environmental, Christianity, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Oh wait, Christian White Men have actually done a whole lot of good for the world6/30/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
Justin Trudeau now says incumbent Liberal MPs opposed to abortion will be required to support a woman’s right to choose in any vote on abortion 6/18/14Christianity, Abortion,
How does Gay Marriage hurt people you say? It destroys religious freedom & freedom of speech6/17/14LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree 6/5/14Christianity, ,
President Obama’s Budget Eliminates Abstinence Education Programs4/5/14Obama, Abortion, Christianity
VIDEO: The Pope, the Constitution, and Economics 101 | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano3/22/14Freedom, Christianity, Conservative
VIDEO: Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments 2/17/14Christianity, Conservative, Video
NBC gives 13x more coverage on anti-gay law in Russian than Syrian attacks on Christians2/7/14Media, Christianity,
Pew Study: Christians the most oppressed religious group2/6/14Christianity, ,
VIDEO: Why are Christians persecuted in the Middle East?12/20/13Islam, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: Why Im a Christian and no longer a Muslim 12/11/13Christianity, Islam, Video
Gay Waitress fakes hateful note11/28/13Christianity, LGBT,
What Is Evil & Where Did It Come From? - RC Sprou 10/27/13Conservative, Video, Christianity
Army Briefing Tells Soldiers Christians and Pro-Lifers are a 'Radical' Threat10/23/13Christianity, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Obama Administration Denied Mass to Catholics 10/8/13Christianity, Obama,
IRS leaks donor list for National Association for Marriage; non-profit is suing10/3/13Christianity, Freedom,
VIDEO: How the Crusades saved Europe 9/5/13Islam, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: How the Crusades Saved Europe and Christianity from being taken from Islamic radicals 1,000 years ago 9/5/13Islam, Video, Christianity
The Story of the First U.S. hospital, created by Christians 8/14/13Christianity, ,
Chaplain ordered to Remove Religious Essay from Military Website 7/24/13Christianity, Freedom,
Gays suing wedding companies on the rise7/8/13Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Gay pride event participants attack a Christian protester 7/5/13LGBT, Video, Christianity
VIDEO: Gay pride activists scream in the face of Christian preacher6/17/13LGBT, Video, Christianity
Obama Strongly Objects to Religious Liberty Amendment 6/12/13Christianity, Obama, Freedom
Air Force Removes Video that Mentions God 6/7/13Christianity, Freedom,
The Pentagon Censors Christian Art6/4/13Christianity, ,
Airforce Officer Told to Remove Bible from Desk5/3/13Christianity, Freedom,
Pentagon Confirms it Will Court Martial Soldiers who Share Christian Faith 5/1/13Christianity, Freedom, Obama
Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water. The incident took place at a University in Brussels where the archbishop was participating in a debate on blasphemy law 4/24/13Feminism, Christianity, Perverse
The U.S. Army is directing troops to remove a Bible inscription that a vendor etched into the serial numbers of weapon scopes4/22/13Christianity, ,
Soldiers in the U.S. military have been told in a training briefing that evangelical Christians are the No. 1 extremist threat to America – ahead of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others4/5/13Christianity, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: JESUS VS. MUHAMMAD!! (Qur'an Challenge II) -Steven Crowder3/21/13Christianity, Islam, Conservative
VIDEO: The crusades, fact vesus fiction3/9/13Islam, Christianity, Video
VIDEO: American Muslim Rights Advocate Leader want Jesus removed from Catholic schools 2/11/13Islam, Video, Christianity
CNN says President shouldn't be sworn in with Bible1/17/13Christianity, Media,
Obama calls NDAA conscience clause for military chaplains ‘unnecessary and ill-advised’. The Clause would protect Christian Chaplains from Condoning Gay Marriage and not preaching in favor of it. Obama hates that idea1/3/13Christianity, Freedom, Obama
Scottish Parents cannot remove children from gay marriage lessons12/13/12Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Obama mocks passages of The Bible after taking them painfully out of context11/6/12Obama, Video, Christianity
New York company being sued for refusing lesbian wedding10/18/12Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Obama Most Bibilically Hostile President 10/12/12Obama, Conservative, Video
Christians Stoned by Muslims in Michigan Retain AFLC, Civil Rights Lawsuit Coming10/7/12Christianity, Islam,
VIDEO: Obama'as War on the Bible10/5/12Obama, Conservative, Video
VIDEO: Democrats BOO GOD At Convention 9/5/12Christianity, Perverse, Video
Vanderbilt driving out Christians8/20/12Christianity, Education, Freedom
New Jersey company attacked over gay weddings8/2/12Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Chicago Mayor pledges to ban Chick-fil-A from Chicago for supporting traditional marriage7/25/12LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Military Logos No Longer Allowed on Troop Bibles6/14/12Christianity, Freedom,
4 in 10 liberals hold anti-mormon bias6/13/12Christianity, ,
New Mexico Court says Gay Rights is above Religious Rights6/5/12Christianity, LGBT,
White House 'Strongly Objects' to Legislation Protecting Military Chaplains from Doing Same-Sex Weddings or Being Forced to Act Against Conscience5/16/12Christianity, LGBT, Obama
NBC attacks Kirk Cameron's religious beliefs as Hate Rhetoric3/20/12Christianity, Media,
Bill Maher says Christians want to go back in time3/9/12Christianity, Liberal Bias, Media
Why Obama is the most biblically hostile President in U.S. History3/8/12Christianity, Obama, Freedom
Sandra Fluke is a feminist tool3/2/12Christianity, Feminism,
Obama's War on Religious Liberty2/20/12Christianity, Obama,
In the Birth Control Controversy, the Mocking of Conservative Religious Women by Militant Secularists Will Soon Backfire 2/19/12Christianity, Abortion, Conservative
Air Force unit removes 'God' from logo; lawmakers warn of 'dangerous precedent'2/9/12Christianity, Freedom,
Obama's Gay Rights Bullying Administration2/2/12Christianity, LGBT,
Obama Omits 'God' from Thanksgiving Address 11/25/11Christianity, Obama,
Protecting Charities and Churches from Government Taxation proposed by Obama11/6/11Christianity, Obama,
Obama Administration Opposes FDR Prayer at WWII Memorial11/4/11Christianity, Obama,
Even Liberal Justice Kagan Balks at Obama's claim to rule over churches10/11/11Christianity, Obama,
VIDEO: David Berlinski: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions 9/1/11Christianity, Conservative, Video
HHS’s New Health Guidelines Trample on Conscience8/2/11Abortion, Christianity,
Islamic Supremacism Trumps Christianity at Ground Zero 7/21/11Islam, Christianity, Conservative
California forcing Gay History in classrooms7/14/11Christianity, LGBT, Education
VIDEO: Liberal Hypocrisy: The Devil Made Dem Do It? w/ZoNation 7/8/11Christianity, Conservative, Video
Houston Veterans Claim Censorship of Prayers, Including Ban on 'God' and 'Jesus' 6/29/11Christianity, Freedom,
Federal Reserve Bank flies gay pride flag6/4/11Christianity, LGBT,
GLAAD honors bias Gay Blogger applauded for Kobe Bryant $100K fine5/27/11Christianity, LGBT,
Obama White House Fails To Release Easter Proclamation. The White House did release statements recognizing the major Muslim holidays of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha4/25/11Obama, Christianity,
Atheists steal cross from Veterans Memorial. Feds rule it doesn't need to be replace because Obama hates religion. Feds being sued to replace it 1/14/11Christianity, Obama,
No, Jesus and Muhammad are not the same and did not preach the same thing. Here's how12/1/10Islam, Christianity, Conservative
Obama omits 'by their creator' from Declaration of Independence quote9/27/10Christianity, Obama,
Obama Backs Mosque building near Ground Zero8/13/10Islam, Obama, Christianity
Why hasn't Obama even nominated a candidate for the position of ambassador at large for international religious freedom?4/5/10Christianity, Obama,
Militant Atheist Objects: Anti Religion Museums in the Soviet Union 2/22/10Socialism, Christianity,
MSNBC claims religious people are like the Taliban10/22/09Christianity, Media,
Its now anti-gay to describe gay school czars failures10/1/09Christianity, LGBT,
Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans5/27/09Christianity, ,
Obama ends Bush-era National Prayer Day service at White House 5/7/09Christianity, Obama,
Obama Admin Terrorism Dictionary Calls Pro-Life Advocates Violent, Racist 5/5/09Abortion, Obama, Christianity
God was testing my faith responded with 'dumb bitch' 4/21/09Christianity, ,
Obama leaves Jesus out of Georgetown speech4/17/09Christianity, Obama,
The Vatican has vetoed three of Barack Obama's potential nominees as US ambassador amid a growing dispute between the White House and the Roman Catholic church over the new administration's support for abortion rights4/14/09Christianity, Obama, Abortion
Ohio University bans Christian group from campus3/8/09Christianity, , Education
Gays protest restaurant over manager donating to Prop-8 due to her religious beliefs12/14/08Christianity, LGBT,
How leftists and Muslims try (and fail) to make Christianity look like it has violent passages like the Koran does12/1/08Islam, Christianity, Conservative
Mormon Theater Director forced to resign over proposition 8 money11/12/08Christianity, LGBT,
Nancy Pelosi makes up a fake Bible verse in order to use it to promote environmentalism4/24/08Christianity, Environmental, HoaxFraud
The PC holidaycalled Kwanza was Invented in 1966 by a convicted felon who was accused of torturing two women, one who claimed he beat her with an electrical cord 11/22/06Violence, PC, Perverse
Father of 6yr-old arrested for his objections to teaching his son homosexual curriculum in school4/28/05Christianity, LGBT,
Stop calling Timothy McVeigh Christian. He defined his religion as 'agnostic' in his final letter. Not Christian6/11/01Christianity, Media,
Pope Pius XI famously responded when asked whether socialism was compatible with the Christian worldview, the two cannot be reconciled. 1/1/00Christianity, Socialism,
While some 4,500 people demonstrated outside St. Patrick Cathedral yesterday, several dozen disrupted the Mass at 10:15 A.M. to protest John Cardinal O'Connors recent statements on abortion, homosexuality and AIDS 12/11/89LGBT, Christianity,

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