Earlier this month, creationist Ken Ham was disinvited from speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma by student government organizers after intense pressured from campus LGBT activists, But the president of the university has reversed that decision 2/16/18Education, Freedom, Christianity
Scholars denounce victim-centered junk science approach to sexual assault2/15/18Science, Professors, Feminism
Report: Political Environmentalism Is Hampering Research At Federally Funded National Laboratories 2/14/18Environmental, Science,
An Australian Professor of Physics is suing his university, which is trying to gag him from telling the truth about the “dying” Great Barrier Reef.2/14/18Environmental, Science, Professors
Duke University College Professor says Libertarians Are Autistic 2/13/18Professors, ,
The View Joy Behar, Hostin Mock VP Mike Pence Christian Faith as Dangerous and Mental Illness2/13/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Bill (Not A Scientist) Nye: says Fertilized Eggs Are Not Human: however, pro life leader responds writing: The predominance of human biological research confirms that human life begins at conception/fertilization. At fertilization, the human being emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism, a member of the species Homo sapiens, needing only the proper environment in which to grow and develop.2/9/18Abortion, Science, Celebrities
Creationist Ken Ham disinvited from speaking at Univ. of Central Oklahoma2/8/18Education, Freedom, Science
Plus size model Alexandra Thomas is fat shamed by her dermatologist: Im not just my weight2/7/18Feminism, PC, Science
Princeton Physicist Points Out The Obvious: Climate Models Dont Work2/5/18Environmental, Professors, Science
UC Santa Barbara conference to celebrate self identifying women of color2/3/18Education, Race,
Social Justice Teaching is lowering students test scores. Math scores for black students in 11th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 31% proficiency in 2014 to 14.6% in 2017. In reading, scores for black students in 10th grade at Edina Senior High dropped from 51.7% proficiency in 2014 to 40% in 2017. 2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Credible Philosophers Attribute Consciousness to Inanimate Objects Like Rocks and Tableware 2/1/18Professors, Science,
Pomona College adds social justice to stats curriculum2/1/18Education, Race, PC
Women Scientists: Bill Nye Doesnt Speak For Science; The letters insistence on loading the scientific argument against Bridenstine by linking his positions on social issues is as nonsensical as Nye is as posturing as a scientific expert.1/30/18Science, Feminism, PC
Lack Of Diversity In Video Games Is Like Experiencing Everyday Racism, Claims Canadian Study 1/29/18PC, Science, Race
REASON UNDER SIEGE IN THE ACADEMY of the Hard Left1/29/18Indoctrination, Conservative, Science
VIDEO: NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory 1/29/18Environmental, Conservative, Video
University of Michigan professor recently presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association arguing that male dominated textbooks may be partly to blame for the lack of women in the field. Betsey Stevenson found that 77% of the people represented in 8 leading texts are male, and concluded that concrete steps are needed to make textbooks reflect the diversity of the student body we would ideally like to attract1/26/18Professors, Feminism, Science
38 Year Old Pedophile Claims He Likes Kids Because He is Trans Age 1/26/18LGBT, Violence,
Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science will be hosted at the Northern California school next week and teach researchers how to practice a socially just science1/24/18Science, Feminism, PC
Oxford University was apparently troubled that men were outperforming women on math and computer science exams, so they decided to allow extra testing time in an attempt to alleviate the gender gap since female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure 1/23/18Feminism, Education, Science
A black law professor at Fordham University argues that African Americans should embrace the notion that being black in America is a disability as a new legal strategy toward enacting protections for the black community against unconscious bias, stereotyping and structural inequality.1/19/18Professors, Race, Science
Middle Schoolers Learn About Graphic Sex And Gender From Anti Science Genderbread Person1/19/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Medical Journal: Adolescence Now Lasts Until Age 241/19/18PC, Science,
Citrus Colleges rocketry club was selected to compete in NASAs annual Student Launch Competition, but is being prevented from attending because of California politics. The competition is being held in Alabama, which California added to a travel ban list after the state passed a law allowing faith-based adoption agencies to deny adoptions to gay couples 1/18/18Freedom, California, LGBT
The legacy media and the Left are practicing Soviet style psychiatry against Trump 1/17/18TDS, Science, Socialism
An assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, argues in a recent academic journal article that valuing emotion as knowledge is a good strategy for deconstructing hegemonic white identity in the classroom 1/16/18Professors, Race, Science
New think tank at Duke focused on sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence1/16/18Education, PC, Science
The National Science Foundation has awarded $1 million to a Portland State University dean and some colleagues in order to diversify computer science. The dean added that white males are preparation privileged they are disproportionately exposed to computer technology and encouraged to pursue CS from a young age1/14/18Education, PC,
STUDY: Sex Differences In Brain Anatomy Present In 1 Month Olds1/12/18LGBT, Science,
Princeton Study Tosses Cold Water On Method Used For Measuring Climate Change. Climate scientists grossly underestimate the effect cloud cover has on global temperatures, according to researchers at Princeton University’s environmental institute. Climate models factor in too much of the suns daily heat into their projections about what the Earth’s land temperatures could look like long term. Inaccuracies in accounting for daily cloud cycle distorts the effectiveness of a tool scientists use to measure climate change1/11/18Environmental, Science,
Three British professors recently promulgated the theory that statistics serve white racial interests because numbers are neither objective nor color blind. The QuantCrit approach has since attracted adherents among professors in the United States, several of whom have written their own articles suggesting ways of disrupting racism in research1/11/18Professors, Science, Race
Republican senator sponsors bill to fund junk science in rape investigations. Memory and neuroscience experts told Yoffe there was little evidence backing these pseudoscientific claims that sexual assault creates neurobiological change, induces tonic immobility in the victim during the act, represses memories that can be accurately recalled much later (just not immediately after), and that contradictory or changing narratives are actually evidence of assault. 1/11/18Science, HoaxFraud, Freedom
The Yale University psychology professor who has repeatedly diagnosed President Trump with a mental impairment appears to lack a valid license in the State of Connecticut. 1/10/18Professors, TDS, Science
The journal, Whiteness in Education, claimed to publish peer reviewed academic articles on issues such as critical discussions of white racism, white identity, privilege, power, and intersectionality has resumed publishing after it went dark following a Campus Reform report on its unusually brief peer review process. 1/9/18Science, Race,
Laziness is a virtue! University of Denver Professor argues in the research journal Qualitative Inquiry that lazy practices can become useful for postqualitative inquiry that seeks to disrupt normative explanations of the world. As political action, laziness, then provides postqualitative inquiry with an additional tool for contributing to social justice via social research. Laziness combats the neoliberal condition in which academic research is situated and might serve as a virtue of postqualitative inquiry.1/9/18Professors, Science,
Brooklyn College Professor, Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and color blindness as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. 1/8/18Professors, Science, Race
Yale Expert: Trump Could Cause Extinction of Human Species. Dr. Brandy Lee, a professor of psychiatry at Yale, a university that is supposed to be highly respected, told Newsweek that, if possible, she and other like-minded psychiatrists would be declaring a public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible1/8/18Professors, TDS, Science
Based on interviews with 8 female STEM students, two professors recently concluded that masculine norms are to blame for the lack of female STEM graduates. According to the professors, these masculine norms include asking good questions, capacity for abstract thought and rational thought processes, motivation, independent thinking, and a relatively low fear of failure. 1/5/18Feminism, Professors, Science
To get over hippie stoner image that holds down enrollment, UC Santa Cruz lowers its standards. The Los Angeles Times reports the campus dropped its minimum GPA for transfer students from 2.6 to 2.4, which is the UC systemwide minimum1/3/18Education, Science,
The American Psychological Association recently honored the creators of the controversial Implicit Bias Test with its highest award for academic research1/2/18Professors, Science, Race
Boys prefer trucks! STUDY: A study published in the journal Infant and Child Development by John A. Barry of University College London’s Institute for Womens Health found that young children tend to prefer toys typed to their gender1/1/18LGBT, Science,
Elizabeth Warren Gets Decimated After Claiming To Believe In Science12/29/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Science
A biology professor from San Jose State University recently argued in several tweets that chromosomes dont determine sex. The tweets were written in response to Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain, who had tweeted a picture of the XX and XY chromosomes as reminder of how many genders there are12/28/17Professors, Science, LGBT
Two professors at Oregon State University (OSU) recently published an academic article warning that personal trainers and gym instructors are guilty of perpetuating fat oppression and anti fat bias while on the job. 12/28/17Professors, PC, Science
New York University Professor Justin Lerner and Simmons College Professor Anjali Fulambarker urge their colleagues to cultivate a space free from microaggressions by adopting a social justice agenda in class12/27/17Professors, Education, PC
World Health Organization Says Playing Video Games Too Much Is A Mental Disorder, Transgenderism Isnt12/27/17LGBT, Science,
Merrimack College is offering undergraduates an opportunity to earn a degree in social justice 12/26/17Education, PC,
The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) offers Social Justice House for wannabe activists 12/26/17Education, PC,
Another study confirms women who go to college are far less likely to be raped12/21/17Feminism, Conservative, HoaxFraud
Transgender volleyball player debuts in Brazils top league, sets sights on Tokyo Olympics12/21/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Feminism
Baby Born From Embryo Frozen for 24 Years, Leftists Complain12/20/17Abortion, ,
STUDY: According to a new study of more than 50 schools course catalogues, Americas top universities have been wholly infected by a leftist worldview. With classes on topics such as queering God and the racist nature of capitalism, an entire generation is being indoctrinated. 12/20/17Education, Conservative, Professors
Colleges are increasingly offering programs on the dangers of masculinity, teaching male students to combat issues such as toxic masculinity, rape culture, and violence against women. Campus Reform contacted five schools that currently offer such programs, but none could provide specific evidence that the programming is effective at reducing violence on campus 12/18/17Feminism, Education, PC
There Are Either 2 Genders Or Infinite Genders, Says Zenos Paradox12/18/17Conservative, LGBT, Science
In a recent academic journal, 2 University of Northern Iowa professors blast the prevalence of (whiteness informed civility) in college classrooms, saying that civil behavior reinforces white racial power. They say that endeavoring to treat everyone the same regardless of race, for instance, functions to erase racial identity in the attempt to impose a race evasive frame on race talk12/14/17Professors, Race, Science
A group of conservative scholars has weighed in on the College Board’s latest revisions to its Advanced Placement European history framework, saying the changes include some positive elements but still ignores European historys important contributions to the modern world. The framework also continues to snub Christopher Columbus, gloss over Soviet genocide, and doesnt even use the word liberty. Last year, the group of right of center scholars led the charge in criticizing the new framework after it was released, pointing out that it eliminated religions influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignored Winston Churchill, whitewashed the evils of communism, and lauded the welfare state.12/13/17Remove History, Education, Professors
UK Schools Turning Gender Neutral. Hundreds of schools in the UK take steps to break down the binary division between male and female12/13/17LGBT, Perverse, PC
Here are some of the most outrageous college classes of 2017. A recent survey of course catalogs detailing classes taught at colleges nationwide this school year has revealed that current higher education trends include an emphasis on queering topics, teach that gender is a choice and a fluid construct, and argue that capitalism is evil. 12/13/17Education, LGBT, PC
A Purdue University engineering professor recently lamented the emphasis on academic rigor, calling it a dirty deed that upholds white male heterosexual privilege; calls for doing away with the notion of academic rigor entirely, suggesting that higher education pursue other ways of knowing in order to build a community for inclusive and holistic engineering education12/11/17Professors, Science, Education
VIDEO: The Dangers of a Transgender Ideology | The Daily Signal 12/10/17LGBT, Science, Video
CEO of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, has called proponents of Natural Family Planning (NFP) insane, dismissing them as backward rubes with no grasp on science. 12/8/17Abortion, Science,
Fake Science: Misleading Headlines Claim To Have Found The Gay Gene 12/8/17Science, LGBT,
Washington State Next to Offer No Gender Birth Certificates12/8/17LGBT, PC,
Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston: Climate Denial Is Like Not Believing In Gravity12/8/17Environmental, Celebrities, Science
Writer who exposed junk science in Title IX cases warns that real courts arent the answer, either12/8/17Feminism, Education, Science
Top Transgender Weightlifter: I Have No Advantage Over The Biological Women I Beat 12/8/17LGBT, Feminism, Science
POLL: Pew Research Center Poll shows 25% of women think the physical differences between men and women are not based on biology, but based on societal influences. 18% of men also think biological differences are because of society expectations 12/7/17Science, Feminism,
Big Educations Bad Month12/6/17Economics, Education,
VIDEO: REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind Steven Crowder 12/5/17LGBT, PC, Violence
A British professor who recently took a temporary gig at Harvard University argued in a recent blog post that universities should impose a racial quota system to ensure that they accept enough minority students. Saying higher education is rife with institutional racism and white privilege, Kalwant Bhopal denies that racial quotas would lower academic standards, saying they would merely level the playing field for minority students.12/4/17Professors, Race, Science
Flawed Psychological Test Used Everywhere To Ignite Claims Of Implicit Bias. In a prolix article at, writer Olivia Goldhill delineates comprehensively how a single test administered to the freshman class at Yale University in 1998 has been used to justify claims of implicit bias commonly trumpeted by the Left, and how the original test, much to the discomfiture of those seeking to wield the epithet to target others, has serious flaws.12/4/17Science, Race, Conservative
Rhodes Scholar Claims Discrimination Against Conservatives Within the Organization 12/4/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Brown University is implementing a change to its graduate school application that will allow applicants to self identify as persons of color 11/29/17Education, Race, PC
In Washington, D.C., where Ballou High School saw every one of its 164 seniors graduate, an investigation found that the schools administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences. Half of the graduates missed more than 3 months of school last year, unexcused. 20% were absent more than present, missing more than 90 days of school. The 2017 standardized tests revealed that just 9% of the students were proficient in English, while zero percent were proficient in math. Tragically, many of the college bound students cannot read or write 11/28/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
Only about 30% of California 9th graders are expected to earn a bachelors degree, with the vast majority falling off the path to college in the last two years of high school or the first two years of college 11/27/17Education, California,
Baltimore school system has recommended closing four more city schools, in addition to two others previously announced, because of declining enrollment and poor academic performance. 11/27/17Education, Race,
Will Chicago Close Another 50 Schools? 11/25/17Education, Economics,
Stanford University Mark Jacobson accused the National Academy of Sciences of defamation for publishing an article this summer that questioned Jacobsons 2015 article about renewable energy, also published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Seeking $10 Million in damages for debunking his claims that we can have 100% renewable energy by 205511/22/17Environmental, Science,
STUDY: Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked to a Higher Risk of Suicide. Studies show risk of suicide doubles after a year and 30% higher after 7 years 11/21/17Abortion, Science,
The prestigious scholarship program Rhodes Trust announced its 32 scholars for 2018 and about half of the scholars are aspiring social justice activists. 11/20/17Education, PC, Science
Professor: Scientists use seemingly empirical facts to explain how race, inequality are related. Also said that Scientists invented race as an explanation for social inequality and that researchers now must root their studies in realized experiences11/19/17Science, Professors, Race
Massachusetts lawmakers approve bill to impose campus rape training derided as junk science; missing most of the same procedural protections as the guidance rescinded by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos11/17/17Science, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Jonathan Haidt: Leftism is the New Fundamentalist Religion (WATCH AT 3 MINUTES WHERE HE OPENLY ADMITS TO BLACKLISTING CHRISTIANS FROM SCIENTIFIC CATEGORIES) 11/17/17Christianity, Science, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: The Truth About Soy Boys (Truth about Buzzfeed wimpy males) with Paul Joseph Watson 11/16/17Environmental, Conservative, Video
Professor Debbie Christel developed fat fashion pedagogy upon critical feminist and narrative pedagogies, and seeks to fight fat stigma by promoting activism to erode the thin centric orientation among students. 11/13/17Feminism, Professors, PC
Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4 Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth. Three out of four college educated Democrats seem to believe that a man can be a woman if he just says so, regardless of his biology, genetics, and genitalia, according to a skewed survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.11/12/17Science, LGBT, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? By Prager University11/9/17Freedom, Conservative, Media
VIDEO: Minute Physics is wrong by 1791L 11/7/17Feminism, Science, Video
A Sociology PhD Professor from Emory University argues in a new book that efforts to get more women into STEM fields could actually diminish their happiness 11/6/17Professors, Science, Feminism
Top Climate Research Scientist Blasts Media For Lying About Climate Research Report 11/6/17Environmental, Science, Media
Transgender lesson gets New York 7th grade teacher suspended 11/5/17LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Forbes Editor Finds EPA Chief Bible Reference to be Scarier than Allahu Akbar 11/2/17Environmental, Science, Liberal Bias
Professor Stephen Hawking fears that artificial intelligence (AI) will become a self-replicating life form that may replace humans altogether11/2/17Science, ,
A group of feminist professors will publish a new anthology in November extolling the merits of queer feminist science and a queering of science more generally 10/31/17Science, Feminism, Professors
Brilliant scientist István Markó. It tells you all you need to know about the science of global warming. 10/28/17Science, Environmental, Conservative
Why is San Francisco tCalifornias worst county for black student achievement? In San Francisco, the statistics for black students are especially grim. In fact, SF NAACP President Amos Brown told the local school board that it should declare a state of emergency, because just 19% of black students are proficient in English, compared to 31% of black students statewide. San Francisco, a progressive enclave, has the worst black student achievement of any county in California.10/28/17Education, Science, Race
NO MORE SHAKESPEARE: Yale Decolonizes English Department After Being Accused Of Too Much Whiteness. New standards have been implemented to guarantee a more diversified slate of courses. The course called: Major English Poet, is no longer a graduation requirement for Yale English majors 10/27/17Remove History, Race, PC
Several Democratic leaders have reached out to a group of psychology professors known as Duty to Warn, which maintains that Donald Trump is too mentally unstable to serve as President. The professors have received harsh criticism from some quarters for violating the Goldwater Rule, which prevents health professionals from diagnosing a public figure if they have not personally examined them. 10/27/17TDS, Liberal Bias, Science
VIDEO: How the academic Left parodies itself in the claim mathematics is whiteness 10/27/17Conservative, Professors, Science
The new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) draft Strategic Plan defines a human being as beginning at conception. However, the term conception is vague and does not solve the issue. This distinction matters because fertilization occurs (a new human life starts) about five to seven days prior to implantation. HHS’ use of the muddled term “conception” is thus not only unscientific, but it also leads to scientific illiteracy and confusion for the general public10/24/17Conservative, Abortion, Science
White privilege bolstered by teaching math, university of Illinois professor says. She also says that addressing equity in mathematics education will come when teachers can understand and negotiate the politics outside the classroom. Gutierrez is an established and admired scholar who has been published in many peer reviewed publications. Further, she says mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, “just like whiteness 10/24/17Professors, Race, Science
A feminist professor at the University of California Davis has vowed to challenge the authority of Science by rewriting knowledge through a feminist lens; argues that traditional science relies on a colonial and racialized form of power, and must be replaced with an anti science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production. 10/24/17Professors, Feminism, Science
STUDY: Credentials, not race, determine bar passage rates. University of Arkansas at Little Rock law professor published his findings on race based admissions policies despite being pressured for months to abandon his research. Robert Steinbuch and UCLA professor Richard Sander found that racial discrepancies in bar passage rates are primarily explained by student credentials, suggesting that more stringent entry criteria would eliminate the disparity 10/23/17Race, Science, Education
The EPA kept three scientists from speaking at an event in a move condemned by researchers and Democratic members of Congress as an attempt by the agency to silence a discussion of climate change 10/23/17Environmental, Liberal Bias, Science
California Now The First State To Legally Recognize A Third Gender 10/17/17LGBT, Science,
College Anthropology Class: Scientific Facts Are Social Constructs10/17/17Science, Education,
Austin Community College recently developed an Equity Report Card for individual departments to self assess how inclusive they are. 10/16/17Education, PC,
NCAA wont punishthe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for offering fake classes that benefited student athletes, because it couldnt find any NCAA rules that were actually violated by the university10/13/17HoaxFraud, Education, Science
ARE WE ALL UNCONSCIOUS RACISTS? No: there is scant evidence to support the trendy implicit bias theory. 10/13/17Race, Conservative, Science
Two Seattle Pacific University physics professors argue that it is necessary to redefine our approach to science in order to combat white male privilege, which they believe is the primary reason that few women enter STEM fields 10/6/17Feminism, Race, Science
A PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver recently filmed a TedX Talk criticizing the unfairness of thin privilege, and calling for more fat acceptance in society10/5/17Professors, PC, Science
Study: Vegetarian Babies More Likely To Abuse Drugs: According to a new study from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, pregnant mothers who avoid meat throughout all nine months of carrying their child further increase the risk of their offspring abusing drugs or alcohol later in life; citing B12 vitamin deficiency 10/4/17Environmental, Science,
Professor SUSAN STRYKER AND TRANSGENDER STUDIES 10/4/17LGBT, Conservative, Science
More Transgenders Are Regretting Surgery, But No One Wants To Talk About It 10/2/17LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Delingpole: Barrier Reef Dying Scare Exposed as Fake News 10/2/17Environmental, Science,
Two Canadian professors recently wrote an academic journal article arguing that white students from Western countries need to take workshops to confront their white fragility before going on study abroad trips 9/27/17Professors, Race, PC
Scientist Blocked From Researching Reverse Gender Surgery, Might Be Offensive 9/27/17Science, LGBT,
A popular journal that claims to publish peer reviewed research on white privilege appears to have a highly questionable peer review process 9/27/17Education, Science, Race
Academics say whiteness journal has fishy peer review process that takes only 2 days to review instead of typically three to six months 9/27/17Science, Race,
California State University, Long Beach is looking for a new professor to teach classes on transgender studies and gender variant theories9/26/17Science, LGBT, PC
The Faculty Council at Ball State University looks to add diversity rating to faculty evaluations 9/25/17Science, Education, Race
Mother! Film Director: My Movie Flopped Because Americans Reject Science 9/25/17Celebrities, Science, Liberal Bias
Bath Spa university bars research into transgender surgery regrets 9/23/17LGBT, Science, PC
Leonardo DiCaprio says We Shouldnt Have People in Office Who Dont Believe in Science9/22/17Science, Celebrities,
University of North Carolina-Charlottes College of Liberal Arts and Science has 345 Diversity courses; including Religious Studies, Womens and Gender Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, and Africana Studies9/22/17Science, Education, PC
An Oxford University professor recently suggested that conservatives are outnumbered by liberals on campus because the former are truth deniers9/20/17Professors, Science, Liberal Bias
Climate Scientists: Climate Models Have Overestimated Global Warming9/19/17Environmental, Science, Conservative
Students offered extra credit to determine their level of white privilege at San Diego State University9/19/17Education, PC,
A trio of Australian academics say that the gender gap in physics or boys being better at the subject than girls, can be traced to the pee games in which boys engage during their youth.9/18/17Science, Professors, Feminism
The National Science Foundation recently issued 27 new grants totaling more than $8 million to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.9/15/17Science, Education, PC
VIDEO: ACCORDING TO SCIENCE with Lauren Southern9/13/17Science, Conservative, Video
Real Scientist Slams Bill Nye For Blaming Hurricanes on Climate Change9/11/17Science, Environmental,
Jennifer Lawrence Says Hurricanes Are Punishment For Electing Trump 9/8/17Celebrities, TDS, Environmental
Memory and neuroscience experts warn Title IX training is driven by junk science 9/8/17Science, Freedom, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Google Memo: Beyond the culture war | FACTUAL FEMINIST 9/7/17Feminism, Conservative, Video
STUDY claims Female Named Hurricanes Are Deadlier Because We are All A Bunch Of Sexists9/6/17Feminism, Media, Liberal Bias
The University of Cincinnati tweets a link to a recent study purporting to find that anger is linked to conservative economic views. The study, based on interviews with more than 1,000 students, claims that those who are more prone to feelings of anger also tended to favor economic conservatism and competitiveness, as did those who were prompted to feel anger 9/5/17Liberal Bias, Science, Education
VIDEO: You Cant change GENDER! Smart man DESTROY Transgenderism with FACTS 9/4/17LGBT, Science, Video
Only 37% of U.S. 12th graders were prepared for college level coursework in mathematics and reading in 2016, because many public school districts have become fixated on the latest progressive trend of social and emotional learning9/3/17Education, Science,
Muslim columnist: To say Islam isnt a race is overly simplistic, and Islamophobia is racism 8/30/17Islam, Media, Race
CNN and Washington Post say that All The Studies Prove Climate Change Is Real8/30/17Environmental, Media, Science
VIDEO: Roger Scruton: How Fake Subjects like Women Studies Invaded Academia8/26/17Education, PC, Science
Hurricane Harvey Dubbed Racist Because More Blacks Will Be Affected 8/25/17Media, Race, PC
The number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has risen sharply each year since 2013, more than doubling in that time, federal and state data show. In 2016, of the 115 drivers in fatal wrecks who tested positive for marijuana use, 71 were found to have Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in their blood, indicating use within hours, 8/25/17Violence, Science,
Neil DeGrasse Tyson: If You Believe In Eclipses, You Must Believe In Climate Change by Ben Shapiro 8/21/17Environmental, Science, Celebrities
A professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte recently penned an academic paper that argues that obesity should be fashionable and fit8/21/17Professors, Science, PC
These INSANE College Course Descriptions Must Be Read To Be Believed: Oberlin College: How to Win a Beauty Pageant, UCLA: Queering American History, Stanford University: Love as a Force for Social Justice etc.8/21/17Education, PC, Science
Brooklyn Law School and Harvard Law professor Argues Eclipse Racist Because its Only Passing Over White America 8/21/17Professors, Race,
The New York Times Says Science Can Predict Climate Change As Accurately As Eclipses 8/21/17Environmental, Science, Media
Bradley University Women’s Studies Project Claims Losing Weight Is Dangerous8/21/17Professors, Science, PC
Women dont choose STEM majors because society forces them to be feminine, a new paper published in the journal Gender Issues by University of Oklahoma sociologists 8/18/17Science, Feminism,
A recent survey of 259 med school students found that more students unequivocally support the use of trigger warnings in class than oppose them 8/18/17Education, PC, Science
Does biology explain why men outnumber women in tech? by Alice Eagly 8/15/17Science, Feminism, Conservative
A physics researcher at the University of Washington says that the scientific citations within the leaked Ideological Echo Chamber Google memo must be ignored because the research was conducted primarily by white men8/14/17Science, Feminism, Professors
Sociology majors at Vassar College can fulfill an introductory course requirement by enrolling in a section explicitly devoted to social justice issues 8/14/17Science, Education, PC
Death of objective truth on campus is destroying higher education, university president says 8/14/17Conservative, Education, Science
Slate Demands People Stop Equating SCIENCE! with Truth 8/10/17Science, Media, Liberal Bias
Fat Studies is returning to Oregon State University next spring, when students will be able to earn three credits to explore forms of activism used to counter weightism perpetuated throughout various societal institutions8/9/17Education, PC, Science
Public Schools Must Develop Systems to Address Disparate Outcomes Among Minorities, Says Board 8/9/17Education, Race, Science
Preschool teachers cause children to be heterosexual, peer reviewed paper suggests8/9/17LGBT, Education, Science
A University of Iowa education professor recently wrote an academic journal article explaining how she endeavors to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments, and pedagogy 8/9/17Professors, Race, Science
Sexual neuroscience PhD: The engineer who wrote the Google memo is right 8/9/17Science, Professors, Feminism
Professors stress reduction policy lets students select their own grade8/7/17Science, Professors,
A psychology professor gave a lecture at an academic conference claiming that medical fat shaming at the doctors office is mentally and physically harmful. Joan Chrisler asserted that doctors repeatedly advise weight loss for fat patients rather than CAT scans or blood work, and also commit microaggressions like wincing at their medical charts 8/4/17Education, PC, Healthcare
California State System Will No Longer Force Students To Know English And Math To Graduate8/4/17Education, Science,
Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations 7/31/17Environmental, HoaxFraud, Science
Transgender ideology is producing large scale child abuse, asserts Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician and President of the American College of Pediatricians7/27/17LGBT, Science, Conservative
University Iowa Oped: Intelligence is an example of cognitive privilege 7/27/17Education, PC, Science
Star Wars spoof paper on Jedi powers inside cells accepted by peer-reviewed science journals 7/26/17Science, HoaxFraud,
Psychiatry Group Encourages Members to Share Knowledge About President Donald Trumps Mental Health 7/25/17Education, TDS,
Psychology Professor says The lack of women in science and mathematics is largely a matter of personal preference, not discrimination. Dr. Lee Jussim, a professor at Rutgers University, explored the issue in an article published last week in Psychology Today, explaining that girls with strong math and science skills also tend to have high verbal skills, giving them access to a wide variety of potential career options7/25/17Feminism, Science, Conservative
Bill Nye Cant Wait for Climate Deniers to Die Off 7/20/17Environmental, Science, Perverse
Interviewed on NPR, a chancellor of the California community college system argued that since it may be too difficult for students, algebra, the single most failed course in community colleges across the country, should be eliminated from their requirements 7/20/17Science, Education, PC
A Florida high school principal who had teachers do his sons math homework, pressured teachers to alter grades, and charged students money to attend school-hours functions has been allowed to maintain employment within his district7/20/17Education, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys Justin Trudeau on Bill C116 7/20/17Conservative, Video, LGBT
Deplorable Climate Science Blog: Hey, Remember THIS Climate Crisis? A March 1992 Detroit Free Press article warns that the ozone layer is a life or death issue and chides those who dismiss environmentalists 7/19/17Environmental, Science, Conservative
The American Association of University Professors has filed an amicus brief arguing professors at a public university should be exempt from public records act requests from a conservative think tank seeking to review the scholars’ unpublished climate change research7/19/17Education, Science, Environmental
EVERYONE IS SPECIAL: Almost 50% Of High School Students Earn A Grades While SAT Scores Drop. According to the study almost half (47%) of high school seniors in 2016 had an A average, a percentage that had risen from 38.9% in 1998. In that same time span, average SAT scores fell from 1,026 to 1,002 on a 1,600 point scale7/18/17Education, PC, Science
Science conferences need diversity programming, prof says. 3 researchers are proposing a list of interventions intended to combat gender inequity at scientific conferences, such as appointing a Safety Officer to address discrimination complaints. The academic journal article also suggests incentives to participate in diversity programming, free child care, and travel grants for women to attend STEM conference7/18/17Science, PC, Education
25 Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All: lists a few of the big environmental catastrophes the Left has sounded the alarm over in recent decades: DDT, Global Cooling, China Syndrome, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Climate Change7/18/17Environmental, Science, Conservative
VIDEO: Students Love Socialism, but cannot define what it is7/17/17Socialism, Education, Video
VIDEO: Study: Religious people more tolerant than atheists with Tucker Carlson7/14/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
Two feminist Geography professors recently wrote an article for an academic journal arguing that citations in scholarly articles contribute to white heteromasculinity by ignoring research by women and people of color7/13/17Feminism, PC, Science
5 psychiatry professors recently signed an open letter urging Members of Congress to remove President Trump from office on the grounds that he is mentally unfit 7/13/17TDS, Education,
Government stops blocking Christian geologist from studying Grand Canyon to settle lawsuit. The National Park Service allegedly kept him from doing research to study four sedimentary structures thought to be 245 million years old, because of his religious views he believes the earth is not that old 7/11/17Christianity, Freedom, Science
Pediatrician Debunks Junk Science Behind Obsession With Transgender Youth 7/10/17LGBT, Science, Conservative
A Delaware sized chunk of ice is about to split off from the Antarctic ice sheet, and reading many media outlets would have you believe man made global warming is to blame. But this is a normal occurrence, despite Washington Post Chris Mooney noting the Larsen C rift to could draw further attention to the threat of climate change at a time when President Trump is considering whether to exit the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Scientists have been pretty consistent in not blaming the Larsen C rift on man made global warming 7/10/17Environmental, TDS, Science
VIDEO: Glenn & The Guys Find Proof Scientists Are Lying About Global Warming7/10/17Environmental, Conservative, Science
STUDY: Temperature Adjustments by Scientists Account for All Claimed Warming. A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Almost all the surface temperature warming adjustments cool past temperatures and warm more current records, increasing the warming trend, according to the studys authors. 7/6/17Environmental, HoaxFraud, Science
Climate Mafia Caught Tampering With Evidence Again; earth surface temperature datasets have been adjusted to fit the climate change narrative7/5/17Environmental, Science,
Duke University admitted it used manipulated and completely fabricated data about respiratory illnesses to obtains grants from the Environmental Protection Agency, among other agencies. 7/3/17HoaxFraud, Science, Environmental
Scientists Criticize Stephen Hawkings Bizarre Claim Trump Will Push Earth Over The Brink7/3/17Media, Science, Environmental
According to a new study headed by University of Exeter Professor Charles Tyler, a fifth of all male fish are now transgender or intersex as a result of the chemicals in the water from contraception pills being flushed down drains at homes.7/3/17Environmental, Abortion,
A City University of New York (CUNY) professor is offering an online math course based on the idea that quantitative literacy is essential for social justice. The course is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, which also funds a corresponding course geared toward math professors7/3/17Science, PC, Education
More than 1,500 professors, students, and left wing activists are expected to attend the Socialism 2017 conference in Chicago next month. The conference will feature more than 100 workshops exploring strategies to fight the right and build the left from a Marxist perspective. 6/30/17Socialism, Education, PC
A class through the American College of Healthcare Sciences, which offers online schooling as well as a campus in Portland, offered a question on a quiz that reads: If I should move I can be pretty sure that I can rent or purchase housing in an area that I can afford and in which I want to live. The answer is (A), White Privilege 6/29/17Education, Race, Science
An education consultant said that a crisis is brewing in New York public schools where the number of eighth graders failing math exams has tripled since the state started administering Common Core tests 6/25/17Education, ,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Discuss Sam Harris View On Religion 6/25/17Christianity, Conservative, Video
New study claims most terrorists in US are right wing and not Muslim. Another study that manipulates variables to get its desired result, despite the study even showing Muslims killed more6/23/17Liberal Bias, Islam, Violence
Study: No, Blocking Puberty With Drugs Does NOT Help Kids. Puberty blockers prolong gender dysphoria in children who would otherwise outgrow such damaging confusion. Puberty blockers are not supported by any rigorous science. And there is no way of knowing if it is even safe, let alone effective. Not reversible, despite what the transgender movement is selling. There are virtually no published reports, even case studies, of adolescents withdrawing from puberty suppressing drugs, and then resuming the normal pubertal development typical for their sex, can cause damaging health effects 6/20/17LGBT, Healthcare, Conservative
Feminist Camille Paglia On Transgenderism: The Cold Biological Truth Is That Sex Changes Are Impossible6/15/17Feminism, LGBT, Conservative
VIDEO: Faith Goldy: Is Soy Feminizing the West? 6/15/17Feminism, Science, Environmental
A professor at a California college was reported to his dean after one of his exam questions asked whether it was fair for biologically male athletes who are transgender to compete against women6/14/17LGBT, Education, PC
After three years, researchers have finally published a study claiming to have debunked science the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used to justify imposing costly regulations on U.S. industries. The study led by veteran statistician Stan Young found little evidence for association between air quality and acute deaths in California between 2000 and 2012 6/14/17Environmental, ,
Ontario schools now use something called Genderbreads to teach gender fluid fake biology.6/12/17LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
The University of California, Riverside (UCR) may soon become one of the first universities in the country to implement a mandatory gender studies program on campus 6/2/17LGBT, Education, PC
A student in Long Island, New York has been asked by school administrators to sign a contract confirming her gender identity after she had switched it two times 6/1/17LGBT, Education, PC
Peer Reviewed Paper Discusses PhD Students Hippopotamus Identity 5/31/17Education, LGBT, PC
A Yale University professor of psychiatry has continued to push the ethical boundaries of her field by once again saying Trumps mental impairment makes him unfit for office. 5/30/17Education, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Teaching Senate What Statistics Are and Bias Medical and Psychiatric testimony that is being used to ban free speech on bill c16 which rules not calling someone by their gender identity as a form of harrassment5/24/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
Study: Adult Like Nerves Developing In 1st Trimester5/24/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes: 20 Reasons Why School Sucks 5/24/17Education, Science, Video
The University of Illinois has capitulated to faculty complaints and rescinded a speaking invitation to Nobel Laureate James Watson, who has ruffled feathers with past comments about race.5/23/17Education, Race,
Men behind Conceptual Penis hoax published in peer reviewed scientific journal says academics trades respectability for ideological crusades 5/22/17HoaxFraud, Conservative, Education
Bill Nye Trolled Online By THOUSANDS Of Tweets From Scientists 5/22/17Media, Conservative,
Gender transition surgeries jumped nearly 20% in a year, but the new data highlight a worrisome problem 5/22/17LGBT, Healthcare,
Peer Reviewed Journal Publishes Gender Studies Hoax Claiming Penises Cause Climate Change 5/19/17Media, Conservative, HoaxFraud
STUDY: Journalists Have Emotional And Alcoholic Issues; Journalists are in the Top 20% of Americans for alcohol consumption5/19/17Conservative, Media,
Telling women not to drink during pregnancy sexist 5/18/17Feminism, PC,
A University of Hawaii professor recently claimed that universities should stop hiring white cis men until the problem goes away. The Math professor, Piper Harron, never gets around to specifying which problem would be solved by culling cis white males from academia, but insists that real solutions require women of color and trans women 5/17/17Education, Race, PC
VIDEO: Professor Debunks Claims That Global Warming Is Causing Violent Conflict 5/17/17Environmental, Video, Violence
Scientists Find Lost Forests The Size Of Seven Texases. They found millions of acres of lost forests not accounted for in previous research. The increase in forest cover means forests hold up to 20% more carbon dioxide than previously thought 5/17/17Environmental, ,
Teach for America and EdX are partnering to provide a training course for middle school math teachers on how to incorporate social justice into their curricula. According to the course developers, regular math is too abstract for many students, and incorporating social justice can help them better understand the power and meaning of math 5/16/17Education, Liberal Bias,
The National Science Foundation awarded a professor over $200,000 to research microaggressions 5/16/17Education, PC,
VIDEO: Bill Nye: Anti-Science Zealot! Bill Nye says science is political — Steven Crowder5/13/17Liberal Bias, Conservative, Video
California Polytechnic Institute Paper creates self censoring policy after conservative oped about gays was too offensive 5/12/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Cal Poly Professor Argues Squirrels Are Subjected to Racially Charged Media Bias 5/10/17Education, PC, Race
Teaching Racism at (K—12) schools in America5/9/17Conservative, Education, Race
Berkeley teachers union: Education is political work 5/9/17Education, Liberal Bias, Science
TRANSGENDER AGENDA FAIL: Scientists Say There Are More Than 6,500 Genes That Express Differently In Men And Women 5/8/17LGBT, Conservative,
Student Writes The Word (Man) in Essay and Gets (B-) for it and Scolded in Florida5/3/17Education, PC, Feminism
Stephen Hawking says we only have 100 years to leave the planet 5/3/17Environmental, ,
The evidence for man made climate change is so flimsy that you might just as well believe in magic, says one of the worlds top physicists Richard Lindzen, Alfred P Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Emeritus at MIT, has long expressed doubts about the science behind anthropogenic global warming theory 5/2/17Environmental, Conservative,
A pro choice professor accused pro life organizations of child pornography for using images of dead fetuses as a rhetorical device during a debate at Purdue University 5/2/17Abortion, Education, Liberal Bias
Feminist Apologizes for comparing Rachel Dolezal to transgenders 5/2/17Feminism, LGBT, Race
Bill Nye Ice Cream Cartoon Condemns Monogamous Heterosexual Sex As Unnatural And Immoral 5/2/17LGBT, PC, Media
A recent study from the Columbia University School of Public Health found that while alcohol increased the risk of causing a fatal car crash five times, testing positive for pot increased it by 62 percent. 5/1/17Violence, Science,
VIDEO: Climate Change: Where did 97% of Scientists Come From?4/28/17Environmental, Conservative, Video
WATCH: Bill Nye Used To Know That Chromosomes Determined Gender 4/28/17LGBT, Conservative, PC
Climate scientists are canceling their subscriptions to The New York Times because the paper hired a columnist who is skeptical of man-made global warming 4/28/17Media, Environmental, Freedom
STUDY: Describing Breastfeeding as Natural Reinforces Gender Roles say Liberals4/28/17Feminism, LGBT, PC
Professors Criticize Anti LGBT Paper. The paper suggests that biology does not play a role in determining sexuality and gender identity and argues that children who identify as a different gender will likely grow out of it4/27/17LGBT, Liberal Bias, Education
UC Berkeley to Offer Class on Fake Language from Game of Thrones HBO series 4/27/17Education, ,
A real scientist explained to fellow panelists including children's TV show host Bill Nye that the Paris Agreement makes no scientific sense and constitutes appeasement in the same way as Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Nazi Germany in the 1938 Munich Agreement. 4/26/17Environmental, Conservative,
VIDEO: Neil Degrasse Tyson's CuIt of Science 4/25/17Media, Conservative, Video
Dennis Prager: The Cowards of Academia 4/25/17Conservative, Education,
At least 16 scholars worked for Democratic politicians or left leaning groups receive $30K Truman scholarship, but only two students who worked for Republicans received it 4/25/17Education, Liberal Bias,
Math is Racist: The Atlantic points to a paper by Rutgers associate math professor Dan Battey whose theory suggests whiteness is to blame for the disadvantages aimed at minorities in math class 4/25/17Education, Race, PC
People who are Physically Average Now Have Privilege 4/25/17PC, ,
Study of transgender preschoolers assesses preferences and identity4/25/17LGBT, Perverse,
Princeton study warns of robot racism, sexism. According to the researchers, robots have always exhibited racist and sexist word associations, such as connecting women with families and households but not professionalism or careers 4/24/17PC, Education, Race
Bill Nye DESTROYS Whats Left Of His Credibility by making biology gender binary 4/24/17LGBT, Liberal Bias,
7 Dumbest Signs From The March For Science 4/24/17Conservative, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: Neil Degrasse Tyson mistakes science for religion 4/22/17Media, Conservative, Video
Old Planned Parenthood Pamphlets ADMIT Abortion Kills The Life Of A Baby 4/21/17Abortion, Conservative,
Arizona State science professor argues Children should learn queer theory in elementary science class 4/21/17LGBT, Education,
A group of psychology faculty and mental health professionals convened at Yale to discuss the threat Trumps alleged mental illness poses to America. The professors accused Trump of being paranoid and delusional, and having grandiose thinking, thereby violating (the Goldwater Rule) which forbides psychologists from psychoanalyzing people they have not personally evaluated4/21/17Education, Liberal Bias,
Choose Between A Green America And A Brown America. how the Sierra Club sold its soul and screwed the Earth for a $100 million donation –Ann Coulter 4/19/17Environmental, Immigration,
Return to Rationality: Homosexuality and the slippery slope 4/17/17LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: MIT Publishes a Childrens book called Communism For Kids -Steven Crowder 4/15/17economics, Conservative, Socialism
Gender Expert Says Teens Are Trying To Be Transgender Because Its Cool 4/14/17LGBT, Conservative,
Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity4/14/17Education, PC, Race
A University of Michigan professor told Iowa State University The English language is sexist 4/14/17Education, PC, Feminism
Science: Babys are Racist! Researchers at the University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), says while people aren't born racist, adorable little 6mo old infants often are 4/14/17Race, PC,
San Diego State University played host to a patriarchy decolonizing speaker who claims sexual assaults committed by American colonials are partly responsible for contemporary eating disorders suffered by minority women 4/13/17Remove History, Feminism, Education
Clemson University Diversity Training says that Expecting People To Show Up On Time Is Racist 4/12/17PC, Education, Race
A recently released Duke University sexual assault survey suggests female students at the prestigious university are raped at a higher rate than in Americas most dangerous city 4/11/17Education, Feminism,
Leftist Researcher: Teachers Should Stop Requiring Standard English From Minorities, Too Oppressive 4/11/17Education, Race, PC
Doctors are now more inclined than ever to prescribe powerful, hormone blocking or soon, cross sex hormone therapy to adolescents who want to be transgender more than ever before4/10/17LGBT, Healthcare,
Delingpole: Only Gullible Fools Believe that the Great Barrier Reef Is Dying 4/10/17Environmental, Science,
A new course at the University of California, Santa Cruz examines the rise of Trump in the context of white supremacy, patriarchy, and Islamophobia and counts as a history credit4/6/17Remove History, Race,
Stanford Accepts Muslim Teen for Writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times on Application 4/4/17Education, Race, Islam
This Indian Court Declared Glaciers People In Order To Fight Global Warming 4/4/17Environmental, ,
Dr. Kesten Green, the author of a study that revealed just (a fraction of 1%) of scientific journal papers follow the scientific method and said Most of what passes for scientific research these days is either useless, or its harmful, because it seems like science, but its actually designed to support a predetermined position. And advocacy is the opposite of science 4/3/17Conservative, Education,
Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria. Puberty suppression may have side effects on physiological and psychological development, the evidence that something like normal puberty will resume for these patients after puberty-suppressing drugs are removed is very weak. This is because there are virtually no published reports, even case studies, of adolescents withdrawing from puberty suppressing drugs and then resuming the normal pubertal development typical for their sex. Rather than resuming biologically normal puberty, these adolescents generally go from suppressed puberty to medically conditioned cross-sex puberty, when they are administered cross-sex hormones at approximately age 16.The sex hormones that are normally secreted by the maturing gonads are not produced, and physicians administer sex hormones normally produced by the gonads of the opposite sex. This means that adolescents undergoing cross-sex hormone treatment circumvent the most fundamental form of sexual maturation; the maturation of their reproductive organ4/1/17LGBT, Science, Perverse
A Texas State University history professor called the employers of at least two conservatives, one a current student, and tried to get them fired over a political disagreement on Facebook3/31/17Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
STUDY: Emory Professor Scott Lilienfeld argues that there is little evidence that microaggressions cause psychological harm 3/31/17Education, PC, Conservative
A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word mankind instead of a gender neutral alternative. 3/28/17Freedom, Education, PC
Students majoring in English at Harvard University will soon be required to take a diversity course featuring authors that have been marginalized for historical reasons 3/27/17PC, Education, Race
60 Minutes Admits that Mostly Affluent and College Educated Liberals Fall for Fake News 3/27/17Media, HoaxFraud,
Melissa Harris Perry, Who Wore Tampon Earrings On National TV Goes On Anti Science Abortion Rant 3/27/17Abortion, Media,
Teachers in North Carolina are blocked from attempting to read to first grade class a book called Jacobs New Dress, where a schoolboy wants to wear a pink dress and his parents even make the boy a new dress and send him to school adorned in the garb of the opposite sex. 3/24/17LGBT, Education,
Chelsea Clinton Touts Study Linking Global Warming to Increase In Diabetes 3/23/17Environmental, Clinton,
Psychologist Speaks Out Against PC Slogan The Future is Female 3/22/17Conservative, LGBT, PC
Sarah Lawrence College wants all official school publications to adhere to a set of Gender Neutral Language Guidelines that prohibit the use of terms such as brotherhood and mankind 3/22/17LGBT, PC,
A group of Wellesley College professors claims speakers with objectionable (or offensive) views are not only offensive to students, but actually diminish their liberty 3/21/17Education, PC, Freedom
University of Washington students protested the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) after they learned about it in a new class that mixes social justice and environmental science. The class goal was to teach environmental science through a decolonization lens 3/17/17Environmental, Education, PC
More Bias from Associated Press: Those Pesky Republican Science Deniers regarding new EPA orders. The AP said (Trumps proposed budget would gut programs for science and the environment, reflecting the Republican's rejection of mainstream science)3/17/17Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Anti-Science Planned Parenthood: Abortions Arent Just for Women!3/14/17Abortion, Liberal Bias,
A professor at Gallaudet University has written that curing deafness can be seen as cultural genocide that results in the demise of the deaf community3/14/17Education, PC,
Appalachian State Writing Center now advises students to include disclaimers on academic papers indicating that they are using gender neutral pronouns in an effort to be inclusive. If students choose to use (they) in place of (he or she")on an assignment, they are encouraged to add a disclaimer at the top stating that: This paper uses (they) as a singular third-person pronoun to be inclusive of all genders. 3/14/17LGBT, PC,
Yale administrators consider replacing the term Freshman with gender-neutral term (first-year) as the new term 3/14/17LGBT, PC,
NPR features an African American studies professor Robin Means Coleman of the University of Michigan who asserts that King Kong has always been a tale about black lynching. A big, black ape who is absolutely obsessed with whiteness and particularly white women. That has to be cut down, she asserts. 3/13/17Race, PC, Media
Sally Kohn Claims NYCs Weather Indicates Global Warming. Weather Experts Then Mock Her. 3/10/17Environmental, Media,
Education specialist at Central Queensland University in Australia says: For Girls to Pursue Science Fields, They Need Nurturing in Safe Spaces 3/9/17Feminism, Education, PC
A group of white faculty and staff members at MIT have formed a White Persons Accountability Group to help white people understand their roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it. 3/7/17Education, Race, PC
Environmentalists Once Compared Energy Companies To Rapists3/6/17Environmental, ,
Ohio University asst. director of Global Studies Program says White people are responsible for racism3/1/17Education, Race,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Chris Cuomo's Anti-Science Trans Rant -Steven Crowder2/28/17LGBT, Conservative, Video
Bill Nye to Tucker Carlson: Humans Cause 100% of Climate Change 2/28/17Environmental, ,
VIDEO: REBUTTAL: Chris Cuomo's Anti-Science Trans Rant -Steven Crowder2/28/17LGBT, Conservative, Video
Feminists Complain: If You Sexually Harass Siri on Your iPhone, She Doesn't Fight Back. A Feminist writes that bots such as Apple’s Siri exhibit signs of submissiveness that not only reflect the feelings of dominance among men but also reinforce the concept that women are made to be submissive 2/27/17LGBT, PC,
STUDY: A University of Wisconsin-Madison geoscientist and Northwestern astrophysicist presents an explanation of the fluctuations of the earth's temperatures that global warming alarmists are going to make sure to bury: The cycle of changes in the climate over the millennia is a result of changes in the amount of solar radiation, in part caused by small changes in the orbits of Earth and Mars. 2/24/17Environmental, ,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Destroys Liberal On Transgender Bathroom And Pick Your Own Gender Issues Fox News 2/23/17LGBT, Video, PC
An Iowa state senator recently introduced a bill that would require all prospective faculty members to disclose their political affiliations to ensure ideological diversity. Schools would be required to ensure that the percentage of faculty belonging to one party does not exceed by more than 10% the percentage belonging to the other party 2/22/17Education, Conservative,
Scientific American published an article claiming that climate change is to blame for the ongoing Oroville Dam crisis, due to engineering calculations made that did not anticipate global warming2/22/17Environmental, ,
University of Washington Tacoma's College Writing Center Declares American Grammar A ‘Racist,’ ‘Unjust Language Structure 2/20/17Education, Race, PC
Dr. Steven Beutler made the diagnosis in a piece for the progressive independent journal The New Republic he called, A Medical Theory for Donald Trump’s Bizarre Behavior' where with no evidence he diagnoses Trump with Syphilis because of his bizarre behavior2/17/17Media, Liberal Bias,
The Northern Arizona University Political Science department recently hosted a 'Specter of Fascism' event at which professors repeatedly compared Donald Trump to Hitler and the Nazis and label Trump a 'neo-fascist,' 'rapist in chief'2/17/17Education, PC,
Trevor Noah: When Are We Going to Start Treating Racism Like a Disease?2/17/17Media, ,
VIDEO: Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity2/16/17LGBT, Feminism, Video
Ben Shapiro Debunks Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments2/9/17Abortion, LGBT, Conservative
A newly developed MRI scan allows parents to see detailed images of the beating heart of even a 20-week unborn baby, as well as clear pictures of the baby stretching its legs and even swallowing in the womb. 2/9/17Abortion, ,
VIDEO: Climategate II, NOAA Whistleblower, Exclusive Background 2/8/17Environmental, Science, Video
NOAA To ‘Review’ Allegations That Scientists Manipulated Global Warming Research 2/6/17HoaxFraud, Environmental,
A women’s college is planning to hire new professors based on the color of their skin because of the 'demonstrated benefits' of nonwhite faculty. 2/3/17Education, Race, PC
Suggesting that biology is inextricably linked with womanhood, angers pro-transgender scholars who considered the discussion intolerant and bigoted against them 2/2/17LGBT, Feminism, PC
Transgender bathroom mandate ignores science and harms children, legal groups tell Supreme Court1/31/17Freedom, LGBT,
British Medical Association says do not call women expected mothers because it might offend transgenders 1/29/17LGBT, PC,
Student gets a 'C' grade for writing Conservative viewpoint essay at Syracuse, then writes a liberal one and gets an 'A-' with the professor applauding the students change of perspective 1/27/17Education, Liberal Bias,
California state Senators Toni Atkins (D) and Scott Wiener (D) introduced SB 179 Thursday. The bill would add a third 'gender' option to state documents such as drivers licenses and birth certificates for those who do not identify as male or female. However, not only is it contrary to all science and medicine, it also creates national security concerns and less ability to verify people trying to get passports1/27/17LGBT, PC,
Al Gore Dodges a Question About Why His '10 Year' Warning Was an Inconvenient Falsehood 1/24/17Environmental, ,
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro STOMPS Neil Degrasse Tyson 1/23/17Conservative, Video,
Feminist Professor of Psychology at the University of Cincinnati says that Women Only Want To Have Sex With Men Because Of Rape Culture 1/19/17Feminism, Education,
Washington Post Calls Yale Professor ‘Anti-Intellectual’ For Joining Trump Cabinet 1/19/17Media, Liberal Bias,
New York Magazine’s the Cut' talked to some women and found that they’ve been getting more headaches this past year, and it’s all because of Donald Trump.1/19/17Feminism, PC,
Republican Lawmaker Stops Bill to Prevent People From Changing Gender on Their Birth Certificate 1/16/17LGBT, ,
The liberal media is finally admitting what it has refused to acknowledge for years: conservatives are better looking than liberals. Duh. The Washington Post even said, 'Conservatives really are better looking, research says,' citing a study from the Journal of Public Economics confirming that generally when voters assume good-looking politicians on television are ideologically conservative, they are correct. 1/13/17Media, Conservative,
Transgender Sues Catholic Hospital For Refusing To Perform Hysterectomy, but the Media Say Shes a Man?1/6/17LGBT, Healthcare, Freedom
More Proof Academia Is Useless: Harvard Study on 'Electoral Integrity' Ranks N. Carolina Alongside Iran1/6/17HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias, Education
Obesity Advocacy Group says that 'weight stigma' is what leads to chronic obesity.1/6/17PC, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Study: Harvard's 'Implicit Association Test' found 'very little evidence' that making individuals aware of their implicit biases 'has anything to do with changes in a person's behavior.' 1/6/17Conservative, PC,
New York has now issued the United States’ first non-binary gender birth certificate 1/5/17LGBT, PC, Freedom
VIDEO: The Left-Wing Electoral Integrity Project says 27 states are less Democratic than North Korea 1/4/17Media, Conservative, Video
The Anti-Science Mainstreaming of Mental Illness - Ben Shapiro 1/4/17Conservative, PC, LGBT
University of Michigan professor Susan Dynarski managed to twist a survey to say the exact opposite of its results, which indicated that economists think school vouchers will help education, but she changes the results to suggest that economists thought it wouldnt help education1/2/17Education, HoaxFraud,
American Studies Professor: My Field is Now About Anti-Americanism saying the field is hostile to scholars who don’t want to use it just to berate American traditions and signal their imagined virtue'1/2/17Education, Patriotism, Remove History
5 Pieces of News That Show Global Warming Still Isnt Happening The Way Leftists Say12/29/16Environmental, Conservative,
VIDEO: Alabama State Climatologist John Christy Testifies 12/29/16Environmental, Conservative, Video
The ‘Ocean Acidification’ Narrative Collapses Under The Weight Of New Scientific Evidence12/29/16Environmental, ,
Biggest Fake News Story: Global Warming and Phony Consensus 12/28/16Environmental, HoaxFraud,
New Study on College Textbooks shows Introductory psychology textbooks are rife with factual errors and often present information in a way that is politically correct, 12/28/16Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Media-Hyped 'Heat Waves' in Arctic have been occuring since the 1930s12/25/16Environmental, ,
Seattle judge says kids can sue government for climate change inaction12/23/16Environmental, Freedom,
The Hockey Stick Collapses: 50 New (2016) Scientific Papers Affirm Today’s Warming Isn’t Global, Unprecedented, Or Remarkable12/22/16Environmental, Conservative,
U.S. history no longer a requirement for history majors at George Washington University 12/22/16Remove History, Education,
NJ Textbook says The Crusades have had lasting effect on Muslims and that 'Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues' today. Despite The Crusades being a late, small-scale, defensive action after 450 years of Islamic jihad had conquered and Islamized over half of the Christian world. But the myth that the Crusades were unprovoked protocolonial aggression against a wholly innocent Muslim world persists, and has even made its way into public school textbook 12/22/16Education, PC, Islam
A status report on global warming. Much depends on the next few years as scientists are hoping that the warming pause stops12/21/16Environmental, ,
As polar bear populations fail to decline with sea ice, message of doom intensifies12/21/16Environmental, ,
Scientists are trying to prove the theory of Gravity is wrong 12/19/16Science, ,
National Geographic Displays Transgender 9yr old on the cover of the magazine promoting transgenderism 12/16/16LGBT, Media, PC
VIDEO: Social Justice Warriors - why Universities became crazy and how to fight back - Jonathan Haidt 12/16/16Conservative, Video,
University of Arkansas redacts information on professors study on the effects of race based admissions policies because it might expose the prioritization of minoritiy admissions over others with equal scores. After extended legal battle, Arkansas will be forced to disclose the information12/15/16Liberal Bias, Freedom, Race
The University of Colorado, Denver is offering a course called 'Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice' in 2017 which aims to explore the plight of people of color AND how Whites are also complicit in a system of race'12/14/16Education, Race,
New research suggests scientists may be wrong about a key measurement for projecting man-made global warming 12/14/16Environmental, ,
Various prestigious scientists and a wide range of experts in various disciplines converged here, in Phoenix, Arizona, to forever demolish the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) alarmism and the deadly policies the alarmism underpins. After seeing the evidence, it will be impossible for the intellectually honest to go on believing the Green Cult as some top scientists have referred to the alarmist movement. But of course, it is not the first time that top scientists have debunked the climate hysteria 12/13/16Environmental, ,
Evolutionary biologist John Wiens of the University of Arizona, One of the leading purveyors of climate change panic says Trump should go 'kill himself' 12/10/16Environmental, ,
Are GMOs Bad? No, Theyre Not 12/8/16Environmental, Conservative,
Johns Hopkins University placed adjunct economics professor Trent Bertrand on paid leave for the rest of the semester due to his unwillingness to comply with political correctness12/7/16Freedom, Education, PC
Pew Research: Young Generations Believe More in Organic Foods being good and Gmos being bad 12/7/16Environmental, ,
University of Toronto lecturer says it’s a Misconception that there’s a thing called ‘biological sex’ 12/1/16LGBT, Education, Liberal Bias
Muslim Scholar from Georgetown says on Tucker Carlson that Americans are more likely to be killed by Right-Wing Extremists than by Muslims11/30/16Islam, Conservative, Video
George Washington University students scolded for expressing their fear over publicly discussing their Conservative beliefs 11/30/16Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Philosophy professor: Students too fearful to debate controversial topics 11/30/16Education, PC,
A study published by a nonpartisan scholarly group found there are far more Democrat professors than ever before teaching at America’s top 40 universities — in some cases by ratios of 60 to one and 40 to one — and that it’s not uncommon for entire departments to be devoid of a Republican scholar 11/21/16Education, Liberal Bias,
Columbia University astrophysicist hyper-advanced aliens may have gone beyond turning themselves into machine creatures and gone as far as becoming a complex physical system; showing how moronic college professors are 11/18/16Education, ,
The White Coat Waste Project to release a report about ' how government laboratories are conducting wasteful, bizarre and deadly experiments on beagles, hounds, and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—with little or no transparency about what is being done and what it costs taxpayers.' 11/17/16Misc, ,
Liberal Publication the Atlantic says Transitioning to another gender is 'healthy' even though it mutilates your body11/15/16LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Viewing planet Earth as a lover: ‘Ecosexual’ the newest form of sexual identity 11/3/16PC, LGBT,
NYC health official: 'We must name racism as a cause of poor health' 11/3/16Race, PC,
Most college students think America invented slavery, professor finds10/31/16Education, Race,
Two University of Maryland researchers claim that among racially biased white voters, fear triggers greater support for voter ID laws. In reality, its common-sense to try and prevent fraud, but thats not important to the Liberal10/30/16Liberal Bias, Education, Race
At Yale, Almost three-quarters of those who participated (2,054 respondents from across the political spectrum) say the school 'does not provide a welcoming environment for conservative students to share their opinions on political issues'10/27/16Liberal Bias, Education, Conservative
SURVEY: 43% of Trump voters gave correct answers on issues compared to 31% of Clinton voters 10/27/16Conservative, ,
A sociology textbook in use at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne teaches that American exceptionalism has 'racist overtones' and that capitalism is to blame for the persistence of poverty' 10/25/16Education, Race, Socialism
American Rates of STDs Reach an All-Time High: 2014 and 2015 saw record rates of reported syphilis, chlamydia,and gonorrhea — the three most commonly reported STDs in America.The numbers and percentage increases are staggering, with a rise in gonorrhea by 12.8%, syphilis by 19%, and chlamydia by 5.9%. Of those percentages, more than 1.5 million people reported chlamydia last year, with two-thirds of those in the 15- to 24-year-old young adult age range. For gonorrhea, 395,216 reported having contracted the disease in 201510/21/16Healthcare, LGBT, Feminism
Northwestern University is putting on social Justice Advocacy Training'. The promotional poster for the event promotes liberal causes such as Black Lives Matter and the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel 10/21/16Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Partial-Birth Abotion is ripping a baby apart. The basic idea behind the procedure is to remove the fetus partially from the womb, where it is most commonly killed by puncturing the skull with scissors or a similar implement 10/20/16Abortion, ,
Students at John Hopkins University are protesting an scientific study that found no evidence that genetics play a significant role in determining sexual orientation, undermining the 'born that way' argument favored by LGBT activist, because any science that runs contrary to what liberals want it to say should be banned 10/14/16LGBT, PC,
Political activism is the antithesis of academic teaching and research. Its habits of thought and behavior are un-academic, even antiacademic. Political activism values politically desirable results more than the process by which conclusions are reached. In education, those priorities must be reversed. 10/12/16Conservative, Education,
Eleven departments at Cornell have zero Republican professors, including government and philosophy 10/11/16Education, Liberal Bias,
Barnard College is hosting a month-long discussion series in October intended to educate students about 'power, privilege, and oppression.' which will include a discussion on the Cultural Appropriation of Yoga10/10/16Education, PC,
An abortion-rights group at a Catholic Loyola University in Chicago hosted a 'papaya workshop' last month that showed students how to perform abortions using a tropical fruit.10/7/16Abortion, Education,
A Group of students at Claremont college say that masculinity is toxic and a mental health problem10/4/16Feminism, Education, PC
A former NASA climate scientist is urging a full-court press against the fossil fuel industry to get the hundreds of trillions of dollars necessary for the next generation to combat global warming.10/4/16Environmental, Freedom,
A dissenting psychiatric study in The New Atlantis that was also submitted as evidence in the Supreme Courts transgender bathroom case written by Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer, an epidemiologist trained in psychiatry, and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, arguably the most important American psychiatrist of the last half century to improve public understanding by examining research from the biological, psychological, and social sciences. This report shows that some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence 10/1/16LGBT, Healthcare, Conservative
Psychology's reproducibility crisis: why statisticians are publicly calling out social scientists 9/23/16HoaxFraud, Education,
The Dallas Morning News: 'Islamophobia' leads to high cholesterol, obesity, and cancer' which is odd that a subjective term could lead to such health illnesses 9/22/16Islam, PC, Media
At the recent high-level climate change conference in London, a fundamental error in climate science was revealed for the first time9/20/16Environmental, ,
The Student Association at George Washington University has awarded significantly more funding to the university’s branch of College Democrats than to theCollege Republicans. The GW College Republicans requested $19,757, but was only granted $2,000. The GW College Democrats requested $49,471 and was awarded $13,000. 9/19/16Liberal Bias, Education,
Head of the University of Indiana sustainability' student association says students should take cold showers to save the planet 9/16/16Environmental, Education,
The Doctor from the film 'Concussion' portrayed by Will Smith, Tweets Hillary Might Have Been Poisoned by Putin or Trump9/14/16Clinton, Liberal Bias,
A scientist and global warming skeptic applied for a climate change editor position at The New York Times to help it show readers how climate models fail more often than celebrity marriages9/13/16Environmental, Conservative,
Left-leaning, radical Hispanic activists, ponded the table for special treatment to get approval for a special course that nobody else wanted, called 'Mexican-American studies' and are now protesting the textbook for the course saying its racist9/13/16Education, PC,
Corrupt Academics and the Media. Colluding forces of the left and how they do irrevocable damage to minority children9/7/16Conservative, Education, Race
VIDEO: Atheists Guide to Intellectual Suicide | James N. Anderson, PhD 9/6/16Christianity, Science, Video
94% of Ivy League employee donations go to Democrats; showing how balanced they are9/5/16Education, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Rape is Morally Arbitrary | RE: Richard Dawkins 8/31/16Perverse, Video, Liberal Bias
Charlize Theron says that 'HIV is not transmitted by sex, It is transmitted by sexism, racism.' and also added that adding that the pandemic is predominantly the result of social discrimination in the West 8/30/16PC, Liberal Bias, LGBT
A University of North Carolina professor says Liberals dominate college faculty because Conservatives are anti-science. However, the claim of republicans being 'anti-science' conflicts with the reality as 'conservatives are better represented in scientific disciplines, like engineering or physics' and 53% of college professors 'harbor negative sentiments toward Evangelicals' so yes its because of liberal bias8/25/16Education, Liberal Bias, Environmental
Chestfeeding: Cosmo Reports from New Trans Frontier where transgenders breastfeed even when identifying as a man but a biological woman 8/25/16LGBT, Media, PC
University of New Mexico’s dean of the School of Medicine has admitted that college staff utilized the brain tissue of aborted babies “for dissection by high school students at a summer camp. 8/24/16Abortion, Education,
Liberal Cesspool SLATE says we should explore using Volcanoes to cool the earth and save us from global warming 8/23/16Environmental, ,
The entire faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico must complete a sensitivity training course where required participants are told to endorse the concept of biological males using girls bathrooms and avoid saying words like 'crazy' or 'psycho' because they might stigmatize people with mental problems 8/15/16Education, PC, LGBT
Schools in Baltimore County will no longer use the 'gifted and talented' moniker for students so identified, and these students will continue to be denied separate classes. Part of the motivation for the change was that there were not enough 'minority' students that were classified as 'gifted and talented' and that is racist8/14/16Education, PC,
The University of Idaho will let students play Pokemon Go for academic credit. The new physical activity class, called 'Pop Culture Games' aims to teach students about 'active lifestyles, building teamwork and exploring their communities' 8/5/16PC, Education,
UGA profs refuse to believe study showing no gender pay gap despite State government data showing that female full-tume professors actually receive a higher average salary than their male counterparts8/5/16Economics, Feminism, Liberal Bias
The New York Times says the Invention of Fire has caused Sexism, Global Warming, and Smoking 8/5/16Media, Feminism, PC
STUDY: John's Hopkin's Hospital study finds no evidence that genetics play a significant role in determining sexual orientation and gays are not happy about the findings8/1/16LGBT, Conservative,
According to the World Health Organization, being transgender is a mental illness. Now WHO prepares a new edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), its global codebook that influences national disease diagnostic manuals worldwide. The current version has been around since 1990 and is expected to be changed and approved in 2018. The proposals to declassify transgender identity as a mental disorder have been approved by each committee that has considered it so far. A study published this week in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, offers up new evidence supporting the change. A condition is designated as a mental illness when the very fact that you have it causes distress and dysfunction, said Geoffrey Reed, a professor of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a consultant on the ICD-11, and author of the study told the Washington Post. The study argues that this isn't the case with transgender identity.7/29/16LGBT, Science,
A Jesuit university employee who was suspended and investigated for the “hate crime” of believing in two genders has been reinstated by the school 7/25/16Education, Freedom, LGBT
Hamilton College of New York will mandate a diversity course requirement in which all students, regardless of major, will need to study race, class, or another identity. 7/22/16Education, PC,
A former gay professor, who was forced out of his position against same-sex parenthood after being raised by two lesbians himself is fighitng for the first amendment rights of children for gays saying gay children cannot speak openly about their problems at home because the LGBT community is so hostile to anyone against them 7/19/16LGBT, Freedom, PC
California to Teach LGBT History as young as Second Grade7/17/16Education, LGBT,
VIDEO: Do 97% of Climate Scientists Really Agree? No, it’s a VERY misleading and outright fradulent statistic 7/11/16Video, Environmental,
In 1995, the liberal-conservative ratio among university faculty was roughly 2-to-1, but by 2010, it had risen to nearly 5-to-1 7/8/16Education, Liberal Bias,
New Analysis finds there are no Republican professors teaching in the University of Nebraska’s political science department7/8/16Education, Liberal Bias,
Ignoring science to convince the public that we’re doomed by climate change7/7/16Environmental, ,
Wayne State University recently eliminated its math requirement, which it is considering replacing with a mandatory diversity course and their Presidentreceived an award for using their respective positions to promote equality and social justice7/6/16Education, PC,
Study: Gay Parents more Likely to have Depressed Kids 7/5/16LGBT, ,
Syphillis is Making a Comeback in America, thanks to Gays 7/3/16LGBT, ,
Study says 'gender-neutral' tenure policies designed to help women have actually ended up helping men instead. Yes, sometimes things that look good on paper or in computer models dont actually work in practice6/30/16Education, PC,
9-Year old Autistic girl having surgery to remove breasts and become transgender after seeing a transgender boy on the TV show Degrassi. Leftists Transgender therapist of the girl gave her approval to have sugery after two meetings. Her mother cant do anything to stop her either, despite her unstable medical history. Just unbelievable 6/29/16LGBT, Media, Freedom
California university seeks to ‘deconstruct’ masculinity 6/29/16Education, PC, Feminism
Why Is Transgender An Identity But Anorexia A Disorder? 6/27/16LGBT, Conservative,
Democrats Continue to Call For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics 6/27/16Environmental, Freedom,
Tutors claim to find gender bias in SAT questions 6/27/16Education, PC, Feminism
The Huffington Post is trying to convince people the Men can have Periods like women 6/24/16Feminism, PC, Media
At The University of North Carolina, 16 departments have zero registered Republican professors, analysis finds6/20/16Education, Liberal Bias,
Transgender who had sex-reassignment sugery says it's a disorder, nothing to be celebrated 6/9/16LGBT, ,
Obama's collaboration with Madness 6/5/16Obama, LGBT, Freedom
All research shows kids do better with a traditional family with a mother and a father regardless of what the LGBT movement tells you 6/3/16LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Washington State to Teach Kindergartners about Transgenderism and gender is a social construct6/2/16LGBT, Education, PC
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist says the Support of Transgenderism and Sex-Change Surgery Is ‘Collaborating With Madness’ 6/2/16LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
California is seeking to institute a new K-12 history and social science curriculum that is decidedly leftist and anti-America. Blames America for all the worlds problems6/2/16Education, Patriotism, Liberal Bias
Mental Illness of gender-confusion should not drive policy that disrupts social order5/26/16LGBT, Conservative,
Yale professors who defended freedom of speech that sparked protests at Yale last fall, have resigned amid reports of students refusing to accept diplomas from the professors5/26/16Education, Freedom,
College exam at school for engineering says government is for wealth redistribution5/21/16Education, Economics, Socialism
Liberalism: The party of scientism, not science5/21/16Conservative, Environmental,
The CDC is blaming 'racism' and 'homophobia' cause gay men to have high HIV rates5/21/16Race, PC,
Huffington Post says Jesus was the first transgender man' and tries to argue thats why letting males in girls bathrooms is okay5/18/16Christianity, Media, LGBT
The American Library Association names the Holy Bible' on its 'Most Challenged Books' list for its religious viewpoint', but the Quran advocating murdering and raping women is not on the list 5/16/16Christianity, Freedom,
Doctors say Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution. A drastic physical change doesn't address underlying psycho-social troubles5/13/16LGBT, Healthcare,
With the Gender bathroom issue, liberals have officially jumped the shark5/10/16LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Canadian Foreign Minister calls for finding a link between global warming and world conflicts. In other words, he is trying to blame global warming for terrorist killing Christians5/9/16Environmental, Liberal Bias, Video
Children as young as 3-years-old are receiving transgender therapy5/3/16LGBT, ,
The CDC reports that 28% of 'transgendered' people have HIV and attributes their infection of HIV to social 'stigma', lack of family support, and 'discrimination'4/26/16LGBT, Liberal Bias,
The Big Bang blow atheism out of the water4/26/16Science, ,
How the Left has normalized the mental illness of transgenderism4/21/16LGBT, Conservative,
The Leftists efforts to criminalize climate change 'deniers' is a crime and the opposite of free speech4/11/16Environmental, Freedom,
VIDEO: Feminists are celebrating sexual transmitted diseases and arguing that its empowering to women. No its not a joke4/11/16Conservative, Feminism, Video
VIDEO: High School Teacher Talks openly on camera about indoctrinating his students with socialist thought4/1/16Video, Socialism, Liberal Bias
Esquire does a piece on some gender androgony person who isn't a 'him' or a 'her' also pointing out the World Health Orgranization doesn't discuss biology when defining male or female. Another example of scientific corruption3/31/16LGBT, PC, Media
Tennessee may pass a school voucher program that could go to Islamic schools that teach Sharia Law is above the U.S. Law and portray following Muhammeds words at all cost3/29/16Islam, Education,
Abortion advocate and author of college biology textbook called 'Life' says science does not know when life actually begins, despite what objecive scientists say. Proving once again how liberalism is corrupting science itself3/29/16Abortion, Liberal Bias,
Study: Gender Ideology harms children3/21/16LGBT, ,
College of Pediatricians says in statement giving children drugs to block puberty and change their sex is child abuse and mental disorder3/21/16LGBT, ,
VIDEO: The Truth Cannot be Sexist - Steven Pinker on the biology of sex differences3/19/16LGBT, Conservative, Video
College students can earn extra credit for attending gay sex ed workshop. Is that equality?3/18/16LGBT, Education,
University of Texas drops national tests showing what students learned in college after the scores were abysmal. Still a giant waste of money to be liberally indoctrinated3/16/16Education, ,
Scientific paper inferring a creator made the human hand to be retracted3/3/16Science, ,
The Doctored Science of Global Warming3/3/16Environmental, Conservative, HoaxFraud
New York Times suggest Climate Change could cause Contagious Cancer2/22/16Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Study say, Yes, College Makes People More Liberal2/10/16Liberal Bias, PC, Education
It's dangerous and wrong to tell people they are 'gender fluid' 1/30/16LGBT, Conservative,
Major Universities offering course credit for attending 'White Privilege' conference1/27/16Race, Education,
Liberals say trans people get periods too; bigoted to say only women get periods1/24/16LGBT, Media,
University of Maryland introduces Fat Studies Class1/12/16PC, Education,
VIDEO: Fact Checking Sam Harris: Islam and the Virgin Birth of Jesus1/11/16Christianity, Conservative, Video
Doctoral students say courses taught them to embrace liberal activism1/11/16Liberal Bias, Education,
USC professor says Trump supporters are the least educated12/29/15Media, Education,
New research paper shows the Climate Computer Models have been very different from the Climate that we've seen and the computer models have been wrong A LOT 12/15/15Environmental, Media, Liberal Bias
Transgender population rapidly spreading HIV12/1/15LGBT, Liberal Bias,
CNN Says Anti Abortion Rhetoric causes violence 12/1/15Abortion, Violence, Liberal Bias
UMD Fat Studies course labels dieting 'special enemy' of diversity12/1/15PC, Education,
Harvard law professors point out the evidence doesnt support accusations in the Hunting Ground'; the filmmakers accuse them of hating women for speaking out against a video that uses fake rape cases as evidence of the rape epidemic11/19/15Feminism, Liberal Bias, PC
CDC Finds alarming rise in homosexual STD's. So yes homosexuality is a health issue too 11/18/15LGBT, ,
Tennessee school thinks giving impoverished children free school lunches will help test scores. Test numbers actually went down11/10/15Education, Liberal Bias, Socialism
University of Colorado fashion show attempts to normalize HIV/Aids11/4/15LGBT, PC,
Biased College Course contest list: taking Marxism seriously' and refusal to work' courses indcontrinating our youth 10/30/15Liberal Bias, Education,
College poll: Conservative ideas tolerated less than liberal ideas by a ratio of 2 to 1. In reality its probably more than that 10/27/15Liberal Bias, Education,
REPORT: 99.51% of top liberal arts professor contributions go to Democrats. Showing how 'diverse' our education system is10/26/15Liberal Bias, Education,
Bradley University combats 'Fatism' by promoting 'fat acceptance'10/22/15PC, Education,
Another Liberal Media Outlet Claims Colleges are covering up epic numbers of rape reports; except they arent and the author is a retard10/13/15Media, Liberal Bias, Feminism
No, Scientists Have Not Found the ‘Gay Gene’ 10/10/15LGBT, Conservative,
5th grader gets first estrogen treatment for her transgender migration9/30/15LGBT, Education,
A Quick Guide to the Replication Crisis In Psychology. The replication rate is worrying low. The epidemiologist John Ioannidis estimated that around 50% of published findings are false, at least in medicine - so this result is worse than even he was expecting. Taken at face value, Noseks study suggests that any given finding in psychology is more likely to be fiction than fact 9/6/15Science, ,
Harvard raises bar for recognition of gender-neutral pronouns9/3/15Freedom, Education,
Universities urge students to use gender-neutral pronouns9/1/15Freedom, Education,
Study manipulates data to provide false conclusion Catholics support gay marriage8/30/15LGBT, Media,
Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’8/29/15Freedom, Education, Liberal Bias
Oxford Study: Republicans are smarter than Democrats and the media surely hasnt reported it7/22/15Media, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: John Stossel - Scientific Consensus on Climate Change 7/14/15Environmental, Science, Video
Science Foundation to grant $300K to make engineering more LGBTQ friendly7/10/15LGBT, Education,
Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Ivar Giaever, Who Endorsed Obama Now Says President Obama is Ridiculous & Dead Wrong on Global Warming7/6/15Environmental, Obama, Science
VIDEO: Has Science Discovered God?7/3/15Science, Christianity, Video
71% of MSNBC Viewers Agree -- You Can Be Black if You Want regardless of your skin color 6/17/15Race, Media, PC
There is no homosexual gene6/5/15LGBT, Conservative,
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’6/5/15LGBT, Healthcare,
NOAA Fiddles with Climate Data to erase 15 year cooling hiatus6/4/15Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Science Journal has to retract study that didnt paint gays in positive light5/26/15LGBT, Media,
Education Is Political. Can Teachers Afford Not to Be? Says Teachers Publication 5/1/15Education, Liberal Bias, Science
New York Teachers Protest legislation to make them accountable; including making a teacher evaluation system rely more heavily on state tests, and allowing failing schools to be taken over by outside groups. 31% of 3rd to 8th graders are proficient in English, but 99% of the teachers are rated effective, 3/28/15Education, Liberal Bias, Science
Sexual orientation and gender identity are not like race3/18/15LGBT, Conservative,
Asians Get Penalized 50 points for SATs. Blacks get bonus of 230pts and Hispanics receive bonus of 185pts on College Admissions SATs2/21/15Education, Race, PC
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea a huge problem for homosexual men2/1/15LGBT, ,
ASU offers 'US Race Theory & Problem of Whiteness' Class1/23/15Race, Education,
VIDEO: The Indoctrination of Higher Education1/12/15Conservative, Video, Education
Top 12 studies showing risks to couples in gay unions12/18/14LGBT, Science,
Rate of College Sex assault is 6 per 1,000 not 6%! Better rate then 7.6 per 1000 for non-college students12/11/14Liberal Bias, PC, Education
About 1% of the population (gay men) accounts for 83% of syphilis cases12/1/14LGBT, ,
The 1 in 5 women sexually assaulted is a total lie. Here are the actual DOJ college rape statistics and the number is actually 1 in 52, which is lower than non-college women12/1/14Education, Feminism,
STUDY: Study reveals surprising statistics behind Tinder hookups 11/19/14Feminism, ,
Denver Students protest proposed censorship of history curriculum9/22/14Remove History, Education, Liberal Bias
The Corruption of Peer Review Is Harming Scientific Credibility and being used be Liberals to push their agenda7/13/14Liberal Bias, ,
Does Global Warming increase kidney stones in people? Experts say probably, now give us more money7/11/14Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Climate Change to cause break out of massive number of rapes and murders according to climate alarmists2/27/14Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Yale Study: Tea Party voters know more about science than general population and the media is appalled10/17/13Media, Liberal Bias,
In the largest study of twin transgender adults, published by Dr. Milton Diamond in 2013, only 28% of the identical twins both identified as transgender. 72% of the time, they differed. More on study called: Transsexuality Among Twins: Identity Concordance, Transition, Rearing, and Orientation 5/16/13LGBT, Science,
STUDY: Girls get higher marks than boys at school because they are better behaved in grade school1/4/13Education, Feminism, Conservative
Liberals fall for Hoax Study that Fox News viewers are mentally deficient12/10/12Media, Liberal Bias, Freedom
A professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) published an article on how bareback sex should be taught in sex education programs, to create a theory of risky (sex) education 12/3/12LGBT, Professors, Perverse
New peer reviewed study: Good food, walking and cycling keep climate change away6/7/12Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Environmentalist says Climate Skeptics should be treated' for mental disorder4/3/12Environmental, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Post: The Science of Truthiness: Why Conservatives Deny Global Warming3/26/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Huffington Posts says Conservatives are inherently reason-less. Everyone who opposes liberalism is you silly goose!3/14/12Media, Environmental, Liberal Bias
Republicans rejection of climate change disaster scenarios means they are without reason3/13/12Environmental, Media,
Huffington Post says Conservatives are bad because theyre less evolved for the second time 2/8/12Media, Liberal Bias,
Journalist claims Republicans waging a war on science and reason10/25/11Media, Liberal Bias,
Salon Journalist claims Republican war on science 10/15/11Media, Liberal Bias,
Efficacy of the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning 1/1/10Abortion, Science,
According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), studies show that couples who follow their Natural Family Planning methods guidelines correctly, and all the time, achieve effectiveness rates of 97 to 99%1/1/10Abortion, Science,
OKCupid Study: Women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse looking than medium 11/17/09Feminism, ,
Study finds academics favor liberalism4/7/05Liberal Bias, Education,
Doctoral Degree Awards to African Americans: Blacks earned 13, or about 1%, of the nearly 1,200 doctorates in physics. In computer science, blacks won 0.7 % of all Ph.D. awards. In the atmospheric sciences, less than 1% of all doctorates went to blacks. In chemistry, only 2.3% of PhDs went to blacks. In the earth sciences such as geology, oceanography, and the atmospheric sciences, blacks were 1.3 % of all doctoral recipients, down from 2.3% in 2003. In the ocean and marine sciences, only 1 of the 190 PhDs in the discipline was awarded to an African American. In 2004, 148 African Americans were awarded a PhD. in the biological sciences. But they were only 2.5% of all doctorates awarded in the discipline. Black PhD awards in the biological sciences did increase by 37% from 2003. That year, blacks were awarded 1.9% of all doctorates in the biological sciences 1/1/05Science, Education, Race
Who Pays for Science? 75% of Clinical Trials are Privately funded 1/1/00Economics, Science,

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