THE ATTACK ON ACADEMIA? An assault from within.2/16/18Professors, Indoctrination, Education
Scholars denounce victim-centered junk science approach to sexual assault2/15/18Science, Professors, Feminism
Cornell professor: The American Dream now a hallucination2/15/18Professors, ,
Anti Military High School Teacher Remains Defiant, Refuses to Resign2/14/18Patriotism, Perverse, Professors
An Australian Professor of Physics is suing his university, which is trying to gag him from telling the truth about the “dying” Great Barrier Reef.2/14/18Environmental, Science, Professors
Duke University College Professor says Libertarians Are Autistic 2/13/18Professors, ,
Despite no increase in white supremacist activity at UCLA, profs still invoke Trump, Hitler2/12/18Professors, Race, TDS
College class studies fascism from Mussolini to Trump2/9/18TDS, Socialism, Professors
After conservative activist Charlie Kirk tweeted about conservative students being penalized for their views by professors, a liberal journalist replied that professors should drown the students instead of docking their grades.2/8/18Perverse, Professors,
Elementary principal comes out as transgender in middle of the school year2/8/18LGBT, Professors,
Parents Furious about Sexually Explicit Maya Angelou Math Assignment 2/8/18Perverse, Professors,
UK: Teacher Showed ISIS Beheading Videos to Kids 2/7/18Islam, Professors, Perverse
An economics instructor at George Mason University says most of what students learn at college isnt used for their jobs 2/7/18Professors, Conservative, PC
Northeastern prof says he wouldnt mind seeing Trump dead2/7/18Perverse, Professors, TDS
Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew criticism for teaching a course titled White Racism, now argues that black racism does not exist2/6/18Professors, Race,
Stanford claims Robert Spencer is agitator for violence2/6/18Professors, Islam, PC
Princeton Physicist Points Out The Obvious: Climate Models Dont Work2/5/18Environmental, Professors, Science
California Professor: We Must Abolish White Democracy 2/1/18Race, Perverse, Professors
Credible Philosophers Attribute Consciousness to Inanimate Objects Like Rocks and Tableware 2/1/18Professors, Science,
A syllabus for a political science course at California State University Dominguez Hills blasted President Trump as a white supremacist, failed businessman, orange reality star, and much more.2/1/18TDS, Professors, Race
Democrats took 100% of donations from Williams College in 2017 1/31/18Professors, Indoctrination,
UK headteacher called Hitler, severely bullied into reversing hijab school ban 1/30/18Islam, Immigration, PC
A professor at Broward College in Florida cut an American flag in half, painted it white, and laid it on the ground as a doormat for a school art display1/29/18Professors, Perverse, Professors
REASON UNDER SIEGE IN THE ACADEMY of the Hard Left1/29/18Indoctrination, Conservative, Science
VIDEO: California teacher slams military members as lowest of the low in classroom rant1/28/18Patriotism, Perverse, Professors
University of Michigan professor recently presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association arguing that male dominated textbooks may be partly to blame for the lack of women in the field. Betsey Stevenson found that 77% of the people represented in 8 leading texts are male, and concluded that concrete steps are needed to make textbooks reflect the diversity of the student body we would ideally like to attract1/26/18Professors, Feminism, Science
A professor of religious studies at Michigan State University recently argued that white people who practice yoga are guilty of enjoying a system of power, privilege, and oppression. 1/26/18Professors, PC, Race
A New Jersey public school teaches Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last & final Messenger of God; describes Christians and Jews as infidels and praises Muhammad in gruesome detail for slaughtering them 1/25/18Islam, Indoctrination, Violence
Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science will be hosted at the Northern California school next week and teach researchers how to practice a socially just science1/24/18Science, Feminism, PC
Emory University informed staff members that they will now be required to undergo training in cultural humility and social justice1/24/18Indoctrination, Professors, PC
Western Michigan University maintains a set of guidelines to help students avoid gender bias in writing, such as avoiding the terms mothering and fathering1/23/18Professors, PC, Indoctrination
NYC Professor launches profane tirad on twitter at Pro Life womens march: please sit down and shut the fuck up. 1/23/18Professors, Feminism, Abortion
A University of Illinois professor was arrested for filming the student president of the Honor the Chief Society that seeks to bring back the Chief Illiniwek mascot. The professor is an ardent opponent of the mascot and makes documentaries and was trying to film the president of the opposition party with his pants down 1/23/18Perverse, Professors, Remove History
More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy mission to support viewpoint diversity and free inquiry on campus. Several Heterodox members said that they were motivated to join after witnessing firsthand the corrupting influence of the increasingly authoritarian culture on campus. 1/22/18Professors, Conservative, Freedom
Designated terrorist group CAIR gets 2 Texas teachers fired for voicing their opinions of Islam on social media1/22/18Islam, PC, Professors
New York Times is more worried that the U.S. census will be less accurate if illegal aliens are asked their citizenship status and would rather them lie by not being asked at all. UCLA professor argues that invasive questions like are you a U.S. citizen? need to be rethought in a culture that is battling over what it means to be an American1/19/18Immigration, Professors, Media
A black law professor at Fordham University argues that African Americans should embrace the notion that being black in America is a disability as a new legal strategy toward enacting protections for the black community against unconscious bias, stereotyping and structural inequality.1/19/18Professors, Race, Science
An Australian professor has taken aim at the small chairs used in early childhood education, calling them problematic. Such furniture can haunt individuals, and they symbolize the undervalued nature of teaching young children. Argues small classroom chairs reinforce sexism, disempower women1/19/18Professors, PC, Feminism
Middle Schoolers Learn About Graphic Sex And Gender From Anti Science Genderbread Person1/19/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Angela Davis speaks at FSU, no riots. In 1970, Davis was implicated by more than 20 witnesses in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, fellow Black Panther George Jackson, by hijacking a Marin County, California courtroom and taking hostage the judge, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors. In an ensuing gun battle outside the court building, Judge Harold Haley’s head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Ms. Davis. To avoid arrest for her alleged complicity in the plot, Ms. Davis fled California, using aliases and changing her appearance to avoid detection.1/19/18Violence, Race, Socialism
Team of Professors unhappy with minority depictions in textbooks now. After reviewing nearly 1,500 images in K12 textbooks, they discovered that not only are women and racial minorities represented parallel to their representation in the population, but are even slightly over represented. Despite this progress, since racial minorities were barely depicted in textbooks just two decades ago, the team argues that this is actually worrisome, saying the representations of minorities and women have now become superficial and tokenistic1/18/18Professors, Race, PC
Harvard Prof Still Thinks There is a Way Hillary Clinton Could Become President 1/18/18Clinton, Professors,
Muslim teachers bizarre religious rant, behavior under investigation after cops called to classroom1/18/18Islam, Professors,
After a conservative journalist challenged a CNN tweet labeling socialism as cool, a Columbia University School of Social Work lecturer responded by blaming capitalism for both world wars, slavery, and genocide. When another user challenged him by asserting that Nazism was a movement of the left, Anthony Zenkus retorted that Hitler was a capitalist.1/17/18Professors, Socialism, Media
Meet The Professor Helping Antifa Dox Far Right Extremists1/17/18Perverse, Professors,
Antifa fascists find a champion and leader in Stanford Professor David Palumbo Liu 1/16/18Perverse, Professors,
An assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, argues in a recent academic journal article that valuing emotion as knowledge is a good strategy for deconstructing hegemonic white identity in the classroom 1/16/18Professors, Race, Science
A class taught this spring at Ohio State University will review a parade of reasons why white heterosexual masculinity is allegedly problematic, tackling the topic from the constructs of racial issues, bullying, pop culture, societal expectations and much more, according to its syllabus. 1/16/18Race, Indoctrination,
Anti PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out1/15/18Professors, Freedom, Conservative
The National Science Foundation has awarded $1 million to a Portland State University dean and some colleagues in order to diversify computer science. The dean added that white males are preparation privileged they are disproportionately exposed to computer technology and encouraged to pursue CS from a young age1/14/18Education, PC,
Rutgers professor: White women voted for Trump because sex difference is itself a racial structure1/14/18TDS, Professors, Race
New York University law professor Parallels Trump with How Hitler Attacked Media to Rise to Power 1/12/18Professors, Media, TDS
An economics professor recently warned that the increasingly leftist skew within higher education is likely to get worse before it gets better. After remaining relatively consistent at 40% to 45% for three decades, Phil Magness observes that the percentage of self identified liberal professors has shot up to 60% since 19981/11/18Professors, ,
Teachers Union One Percenters Make More than $300K Per Year 1/11/18Professors, Economics,
The National Association of Scholars, a higher ed watchdog group, recently excoriated the College Board for failing to remove progressive propaganda from its AP European History exam. The NAS has publicly criticized the exam for things like ignoring the role of individualism in European history and validating a Soviet propaganda phrase, but says the College Board responded only with superficial changes1/11/18Professors, Indoctrination,
Three British professors recently promulgated the theory that statistics serve white racial interests because numbers are neither objective nor color blind. The QuantCrit approach has since attracted adherents among professors in the United States, several of whom have written their own articles suggesting ways of disrupting racism in research1/11/18Professors, Science, Race
The Yale University psychology professor who has repeatedly diagnosed President Trump with a mental impairment appears to lack a valid license in the State of Connecticut. 1/10/18Professors, TDS, Science
A Louisiana school superintendent complained of obscenities and death threats directed at himself, his family and staff on Wednesday after a teacher who questioned his pay raise was roughly handcuffed at a school board meeting and taken to jail. 1/10/18Professors, ,
A college professor in Canada wrote an oped for The Washington Post which argues that social justice warriors are the true defenders of free speech and open debate. Apparently, he has never been struck in the head with a bike lock for disagreeing with one. 1/10/18Professors, PC, Freedom
More than 150 University of Chicago professors and lecturers are protesting a socially regressive plan to build an Obama Center next to the schools campus. Not only does the current plan involve forfeiting huge portions of public parks to the private Obama Foundation, the professors say, but it would also impose hundreds of millions of dollars in additional costs to the taxpayers.1/9/18Economics, Professors, Obama
University of Minnesota Professor With Down Syndrome Son: I Support Eugenic Abortion; just another example of an extremely pro abortion professor who preaches an anti life message and lacks any sort of coherent moral framework1/9/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Federal appeals court gives green light to administrators to expel students for tweeting in colleges within states of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah or Wyoming. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals released a bizarre opinion exonerating an administrator who expelled a student because he called his ex girlfriend a psycho bitch on Twitter1/9/18Freedom, Media,
A Professor claims that Asian American students reinforce colorblind racism by taking responsibility for integrating Asian international students on campus. Her theory suggests that normative whiteness in America actually causes Asian students to self segregate. To her dismay, Kwon discovered that despite such efforts at integration, many international Asian students preferred to spend time with classmates of their own nationality, and that most didnt express concern over the matter. The Professor believes that failing to take race into account when confronting various issues can be problematic because it ignores the structures of power that privileges whiteness and white supremacy 1/9/18Professors, Race,
Laziness is a virtue! University of Denver Professor argues in the research journal Qualitative Inquiry that lazy practices can become useful for postqualitative inquiry that seeks to disrupt normative explanations of the world. As political action, laziness, then provides postqualitative inquiry with an additional tool for contributing to social justice via social research. Laziness combats the neoliberal condition in which academic research is situated and might serve as a virtue of postqualitative inquiry.1/9/18Professors, Science,
A recent history conference hosted a session on resisting immigration control, American nationalism, and what it perceived to be the resurgence of xenophobic policies. This roundtable will take serious the idea that historians have an obligation to provide a useable past that can be applied to debates and actions concerning policy and the enforcement of laws, and that historians learn from engaging with community based organizations,” 1/9/18Immigration, Professors, Remove History
Scholars: Recent protests in Iran partly due to climate change1/9/18Professors, Environmental,
Antifa Marxist Teacehr Yvette Felarca has been ordered to pay the legal fees of a conservative student at the University of California-Berkeley after she failed to get a permanent restraining order filed against him 1/8/18Violence, Professors,
Brooklyn College Professor, Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and color blindness as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Mathematics Education. 1/8/18Professors, Science, Race
Yale Expert: Trump Could Cause Extinction of Human Species. Dr. Brandy Lee, a professor of psychiatry at Yale, a university that is supposed to be highly respected, told Newsweek that, if possible, she and other like-minded psychiatrists would be declaring a public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible1/8/18Professors, TDS, Science
Based on interviews with 8 female STEM students, two professors recently concluded that masculine norms are to blame for the lack of female STEM graduates. According to the professors, these masculine norms include asking good questions, capacity for abstract thought and rational thought processes, motivation, independent thinking, and a relatively low fear of failure. 1/5/18Feminism, Professors, Science
A Swedish professor is making international headlines after refusing to obey an instructional gender quota at his university that called on him to teach a feminist author as part of his course curriculum to ensure gender balance 1/5/18Professors, Conservative, Feminism
A San Diego State professor who has led an effort over the last few years to get the schools Aztec mascot abolished, calling it racist, has been found guilty of discrimination against a white student by the California Department of Justice 1/5/18Professors, Race, Remove History
False Prophets of Islamic Multiculturalism1/5/18Conservative, Islam, PC
A Northern California community college, Diablo Valley College, Professor Albert Ponce, recently told students they should be violating laws to combat white supremacy1/5/18Race, Perverse, Professors
THE LEFTS SIEGE OF OUR UNIVERSITIES by David horowitz1/5/18Education, Conservative,
California State University Northridge class final exam questions blast Trump as bigot, tout Hillary as unifier 1/4/18TDS, Clinton, Professors
A professor at East Carolina University recently discovered that the diversity course, which is mandatory for Criminal Justice majors and minors, that she teaches isnt actually effective in changing students racial or gender biases 1/4/18Professors, Race, PC
A theology professor at Morgan State argues in a recent academic journal article that white Christians tend to support Donald Trump because they are facing an existential crisis1/3/18Christianity, Professors,
A sociologist at the University of California, San Francisco wants more comedians to joke about abortion, calling it new ground for television comedies to addres1/2/18Abortion, Perverse, Professors
The American Psychological Association recently honored the creators of the controversial Implicit Bias Test with its highest award for academic research1/2/18Professors, Science, Race
A group representing 23 institutions of higher learning in San Antonio penned an open letter earlier this month declaring that hate speech and inappropriate messages are not legitimate forms of free speech. 12/28/17Education, PC,
Two professors at Oregon State University (OSU) recently published an academic article warning that personal trainers and gym instructors are guilty of perpetuating fat oppression and anti fat bias while on the job. 12/28/17Professors, PC, Science
James Madison University wants more of its faculty members to become inclusive teachers, and so is offering a $250 stipend to professors who participate in a program on inclusivity and multiculturalism12/28/17Professors, Education, PC
A biology professor from San Jose State University recently argued in several tweets that chromosomes dont determine sex. The tweets were written in response to Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain, who had tweeted a picture of the XX and XY chromosomes as reminder of how many genders there are12/28/17Professors, Science, LGBT
A Diablo Valley College professor recently told students they should violate many of our existing laws because they perpetuate a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system. The professor also argued that about 50% of the students in the room should not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because the American flag is not really representative of everybody12/27/17Professors, Race, Patriotism
EDUCATIONAL ROT: The roots of Americas epidemic of substandard teachers by Walter Williams 12/27/17Education, Conservative, Professors
New York University Professor Justin Lerner and Simmons College Professor Anjali Fulambarker urge their colleagues to cultivate a space free from microaggressions by adopting a social justice agenda in class12/27/17Professors, Education, PC
Two San Diego State University professors contributed a chapter to a new anthology arguing that farmers markets are insidious white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized 12/27/17Professors, Race,
Feminist Professors say that selfies perpetuate classic gender roles 12/26/17Feminism, Professors,
n a recent piece published by Newsweek, professors claimed that Trumps insistence on saying Merry Christmas is connected to white nationalism. Washington State University professor Richard King said he sees such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle12/26/17Professors, TDS, Race
University of California Merced Students Want To Promote Prof Who Threatened Shapiro 12/26/17Perverse, Professors,
Student protesters at Reed College spent weeks occupying its administrative building, demanding the school cut its tie with Wells Fargo. Their activism wasnt enough. Reedies Against Racism had been occupying Eliot Hall since late October, requesting the Portland private college divest from Wells Fargo because of the companys ties to private prisons, police militarization and the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The occupation, which lasted nearly two months, included student activists sleeping in tents and on couches and floor mats in the presidents office12/22/17Education, Environmental, Conservative
Wisconsin Middle School Gives Students Privilege Test12/22/17PC, Perverse, Professors
South Carolina Higher Ed Failing to Teach Constitution. A 2015 survey of institutions of higher learning, 42% of Clemson students never take a course on the founding documents of the U.S. In fact, several schools fail to require the study of founding documents for one year. Those include University of South Carolina (USC), Clemson University, The Citadel, College of Charleston, Francis Marion University, Lander University, SC State, and Winthrop 12/21/17Education, Patriotism,
A set of guidelines distributed by an employee within a department of the University of Minnesota urged readers to consider neutral themed (Christmas) parties, and declared decorations should be general, and not specific to any one religion 12/21/17Professors, Christianity, PC
Numerous feminist professors in Al Franken home state of Minnesota decline to condemn him 12/21/17Feminism, Liberal Bias,
STUDY: According to a new study of more than 50 schools course catalogues, Americas top universities have been wholly infected by a leftist worldview. With classes on topics such as queering God and the racist nature of capitalism, an entire generation is being indoctrinated. 12/20/17Education, Conservative, Professors
Osaka University Professor: Princes in Snow White snf Sleeping Beauty are sex offenders12/20/17Professors, Feminism, PC
Canadian University only 3 of 23 faculty running for task force on free speech are overt defenders of free speech12/19/17Education, Freedom, PC
Canadian Wilfrid Laurier University admits it violated its own rules to investigate TA for gender neutral Jordan Peterson debate video 12/19/17Education, Freedom, LGBT
Penn State exchange admin defends student who praised September 11th and openly says he wants dead U.S. soldiers. Faculty condemns student group calling out his comments and suggesting they be taken more seriously. Admin calls the outrage over his comments hateful and intolerant12/18/17Education, Perverse, Professors
Kennesaw State University president Sam Olens, has resigned his position after coming under fire for attempting to prevent university cheerleaders from taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. 12/18/17Education, Patriotism, Professors
A Pace University Professor (NY) published a pro Palestine childrens book which has outraged some Jewish groups by praising intifada, an Arabic word that also refers to two violent uprisings against Israel that left thousands dead. Not suprisingly, the muslim professor wears a bag on her head12/15/17Professors, Islam, Perverse
THE ACADEMIC THOUGHT COLLECTIVE: Understading why opposing views are not allowed 12/15/17Conservative, PC, Freedom
2 University of Colorado professors have proposed using classrooms to counter the injurious effect on students caused by Donald Trumps election. Omar Swartz and Lucy McGuffrey advocate using a creative approach to social justice to contest increased social inequality and exclusionary discourse toward immigrants that is now being amplified by the Trump Administration12/15/17Professors, TDS, Perverse
In a recent academic journal, 2 University of Northern Iowa professors blast the prevalence of (whiteness informed civility) in college classrooms, saying that civil behavior reinforces white racial power. They say that endeavoring to treat everyone the same regardless of race, for instance, functions to erase racial identity in the attempt to impose a race evasive frame on race talk12/14/17Professors, Race, Science
A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite Jingle Bells to be a racist song and is urging people to shun the jaunty tun 12/14/17Professors, Race, PC
A group of conservative scholars has weighed in on the College Board’s latest revisions to its Advanced Placement European history framework, saying the changes include some positive elements but still ignores European historys important contributions to the modern world. The framework also continues to snub Christopher Columbus, gloss over Soviet genocide, and doesnt even use the word liberty. Last year, the group of right of center scholars led the charge in criticizing the new framework after it was released, pointing out that it eliminated religions influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignored Winston Churchill, whitewashed the evils of communism, and lauded the welfare state.12/13/17Remove History, Education, Professors
Pensacola State art instructors anti Trump creations put on display at college 12/12/17Professors, TDS,
Liberals are not happy that a New York Times columnist had the audacity to write about a college student declaring white DNA an abomination and how universities are increasingly promoting a disturbing animus for white people, taking as his inspiration a recent oped by a Texas State University student that garnered national attention. The column itself was rather mild and firmly rooted in contemporary liberal ideas. Bruni even spent a good chunk of the article attacking Trump. The one different thing about the op-ed is that it took note of the fact that higher education is producing toxic sentiments towards white people12/12/17Race, Media, Conservative
Hundreds of professors have signed onto a letter calling for New York City to remove monuments honoring Theodore Roosevelt and Christopher Columbus, saying the statues of the historical figures represent white supremacy12/12/17Remove History, Professors,
A Purdue University engineering professor recently lamented the emphasis on academic rigor, calling it a dirty deed that upholds white male heterosexual privilege; calls for doing away with the notion of academic rigor entirely, suggesting that higher education pursue other ways of knowing in order to build a community for inclusive and holistic engineering education12/11/17Professors, Science, Education
A college adviser caught on video last month taking a conservative speakers speech at the University of Connecticut has been charged with attempted theft12/11/17Professors, Freedom, PC
In the UK, a teacher who was fired for calling a transgender student by her biological gender hit back at the school with a lawsuit. 12/11/17LGBT, Freedom, Professors
UK Teachers Union Urges Gay Teachers to Come Out in the Classroom, Teach LGBT Experiences12/9/17LGBT, Perverse, Professors
New York Times Oped Chooses Abortion Over Free Speech. Yale Law professor and Planned Parenthood donor Linda Greenhouse had an oped of hers published in The New York Times in which she attempted to justify the state of California forcing pro life pregnancy centers and medical clinics to post notices alerting their clients where to get a taxpayer funded abortion.12/7/17Abortion, Freedom, Liberal Bias
UCLA professor wrote an oped that called for a Black Christmas protest against White Capitalism12/7/17Economics, Professors, Race
A sociology professor at the University of California, Merced recently told students that he would not be willing to debate Ben Shapiro but he is willing to fight him in an MMA fight 12/6/17Professors, Perverse,
Kutztown University students received an email Tuesday morning inviting them to earn additional extra credit for attending a rally against the GOP tax plan hosted by the faculty.12/5/17Perverse, Professors, Economics
A Virginia Tech professor declared that the modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy 12/5/17Professors, Race,
A British professor who recently took a temporary gig at Harvard University argued in a recent blog post that universities should impose a racial quota system to ensure that they accept enough minority students. Saying higher education is rife with institutional racism and white privilege, Kalwant Bhopal denies that racial quotas would lower academic standards, saying they would merely level the playing field for minority students.12/4/17Professors, Race, Science
The University Star, the student newspaper at Texas State University, has fired the author of a controversial opinion piece that proclaimed white death will mean liberation for all amid calls from a growing chorus of students that the paper should be defunded. 12/4/17Professors, Race, Perverse
A University of Colorado, Denver administrator is worried that white children may forfeit their humanity if they aren’t raised by sufficiently progressive parents in a recent academic journal article. Calls for critical race parenting of white children "to ward off white identity and whiteness before children succumb and forfeit their humanity in order to join the oppressor12/4/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Penn State Professor Argues that Eating Meat Perpetuates Patriarchy 12/4/17Professors, Feminism, Environmental
A professor at MiraCosta College offered her Anthropology 102 students extra credit to attend an campus LGBT TedTalk featuring oral presentations and a drag show. Other extra credit options include a Social Justice Symposium and a lecture on climate change 12/4/17LGBT, Perverse, Professors
After Robert Spencer event, Stanford hosts Muslim speaker who falsely claims Islam means peace. In reality, Islam means submission, not peace. Nor does the (you) in (Peace be upon you) refer not just to Muslims but to all of humanity. Islamic law directs Muslims to say Peace be upon you only to fellow Muslims.12/1/17Islam, PC, Professors
A Trinity College professor says popular dating site OkCupid invisibilizes LGBTQ people through an attractiveness algorithm that favors white, heterosexual, cisgender, Western males who are able-bodied, healthy, and aged appropriately. A spokesperson for OkCupid vehemently denied the claim, pointing out that it has 22 gender options and 12 orientations to choose from, and even lets users select up to five descriptions at once. 12/1/17LGBT, PC, Professors
The University of Nebraska insists it is not hostile to conservatives, but voter registration records reveal that professors in major academic departments are overwhelmingly Democratic. Of 203 professors in the 7 departments, 108 are registered Democrats and just 16 are Republicans, a ratio of nearly 7 to 1. 11/30/17Education, Liberal Bias, Professors
A California State University Los Angeles professor is urging Americans to participate in Black Christmas by boycotting white corporations and fighting White Capitalism. Arguing that White supremacist capitalism is responsible for state-sanctioned violence against Black people11/29/17Professors, Race, Economics
A Florida Gulf Coast University professor is steadfastly defending a course titled White Racism that has become subject to intense criticism. The instructor, Dr. Ted Thornhill, argues that his course is not anti white; it is anti white racism, but also asserts that the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society11/28/17Professors, Education, Race
San Diego State University history Professor Pablo Ben told a room full of students recently that President Donald Trump is a racist 11/28/17Professors, Race, TDS
Duke Professor Banned Student Journalists from Economics Course 11/28/17Professors, Freedom, Economics
VIDEO: Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee 11/28/17Liberal Bias, Race, HoaxFraud
Beating Wife if She Denies Sex is OK, Say Islamic Schoolbooks in UK11/28/17Perverse, Professors, Islam
Fordham University recently highlighted a theology professors new book claiming that white Christians are responsible for racist policies and structural discrimination in America. She also asserts that the belief that Jesus is the savior of all people is discriminatory to those who do not share the Christian faith.11/27/17Christianity, Professors, Race
Elizabeth Warren says Trump calling her Pocahontas a Racial Slur11/27/17Race, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Teachers Attend LGGBDTTTIQQAAP Sensitivity Training11/26/17LGBT, Education, PC
Georgetown Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson declared on MSNBC that President Trump wakes up every morning to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a country that he has turned into his psychic commode 11/24/17TDS, Media, Liberal Bias
The New McCarthyism: Dr. Jordan Peterson Labeled Hitler By Liberal Professors11/24/17Professors, Education,
Canadian University apologizes for telling TA she broke the law by playing video of gender neutral pronoun debate featuring Jordan Peterson11/21/17Education, Freedom, PC
A border studies professor says she is upset with National Geographic for two of its reality tv shows which she contends exalt border patrol agents in various ways.11/21/17Immigration, Professors,
New James Madison course: Black Lives Matter in the Era of a New Jim Crow11/20/17Education, Race,
An anonymous professor complains that contrary to their reputation as liberal havens, college campuses are actually hotbeds of institutional racism11/20/17Professors, PC,
Professor: Scientists use seemingly empirical facts to explain how race, inequality are related. Also said that Scientists invented race as an explanation for social inequality and that researchers now must root their studies in realized experiences11/19/17Science, Professors, Race
A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti Trump protest, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk 11/18/17Professors, TDS, Violence
The University of Nebraska, Lincoln announced that is will release a lecturer who had harassed and berated conservative students tabling on campus 11/18/17Professors, Perverse,
CONNECTICUT: Parental outrage and community backlash forces public middle school to cancel Islamic indoctrination speaker Annam Choudhry11/17/17Islam, Education, Perverse
A Canadian teaching assistant was reprimanded by her supervising professor for showing a video in class featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson and compares Jordan Peterson to Hitler 11/17/17Professors, Education, Freedom
Stanford official Snehal Naik responds to charge that he sabotaged Robert Spencer event, issues no denial. Naik actively aided and abetted the destruction of Spencer event at Stanford University, making sure that the room was packed with student fascists who quickly walked out, and then barring those who wanted to come in from entering. 11/17/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Florida Atlantic University professor RJ Boutelle said colleagues should fight against radical militarization of white men11/17/17Professors, Race,
THE NEW SCHOOL in New York City has invited pro-sharia, fake feminazi Linda Sarsour and other notorious antisemites to lead a panel on antisemitism11/17/17Education, Professors, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Jonathan Haidt: Leftism is the New Fundamentalist Religion (WATCH AT 3 MINUTES WHERE HE OPENLY ADMITS TO BLACKLISTING CHRISTIANS FROM SCIENTIFIC CATEGORIES) 11/17/17Christianity, Science, Liberal Bias
University departments endorse Campus Antifa Network 11/16/17Perverse, Professors,
Stanford deans Nanci Howe and Snehal Naik engineered destruction of Robert Spencer event11/16/17Education, Freedom, Islam
White inventor of white fragility term tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers 11/16/17Professors, PC, Race
Menlo College professor blasts Stanford over disruption of Robert Spencer event: Worthy of a fascist state11/16/17Education, Freedom, Professors
A professor at San Diego State University has advised her students against generalizing gender terms that favor men in the papers, arguing for more verbose gender neutral language instead. 11/16/17LGBT, Education, PC
University of Memphis nursing assistant professor Wishes Cold Death on Press Secretary Sanders: 11/15/17Perverse, Professors,
Inside Higher Stanford Professor Jeremy Bauer-Wolf who attacks Robert Spencer for responding to attacks from Stanford students11/15/17Islam, PC, Conservative
At Boston College, panel of white professors lament whiteness11/14/17PC, Professors, Race
VIDEO: Keith Fink, a former communications professor at the UCLA, recently revealed the dirty tricks that he says UCLA uses to silence conservatives on campus 11/14/17Education, Freedom, Video
Black high school students demand white principal of a Louisville, Kentucky high school to be fired ouster for saying that in taking a knee during the National Anthem like Colin Kaepernick, some students were choosing to take a knee for sensationalism 11/14/17Education, Race, Patriotism
Dartmouth professor to donate half of book proceeds to Antifa 11/14/17Perverse, Professors,
Newly obtained documents show anti Israel professors covertly took over major academic group. Nearly 17,000 documents belatedly turned over by current and former ASA leaders show that BDS supporters waged a campaign to covertly take control of the ASA and use it to support the BDS movement, 11/14/17Islam, Perverse, Professors
Virginia School Gives 11yr old students Inappropriate Quiz; asking them nicknames for secret lovers of parents like Mistress and Boytoy 11/14/17Perverse, Professors,
Last month a University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant came under fire for using a technique known as progressive stacking in her class — she would call on students of color first (black women get top priority), and at the very bottom of the pecking order were white men. The TA, Stephanie McKellop, had bragged on Twitter about using the discussion method, and when the denunciations began to roll in she called critics Nazis11/14/17Professors, Education, Race
University of Oregon President: Social Justice Warriors Are Fascists. He said: One of the students who stormed the stage during my talk told the news media to expect resistance to anyone who opposes us. That is awfully close to the language and practices of those the students say they vehemently oppose. However, (Awfully close) is an understatement.11/13/17Education, Freedom, Conservative
Professor Debbie Christel developed fat fashion pedagogy upon critical feminist and narrative pedagogies, and seeks to fight fat stigma by promoting activism to erode the thin centric orientation among students. 11/13/17Feminism, Professors, PC
A former UCLA communications professor known for his staunch defense of free speech who was recently fired by the university offered a sobering message to a room full of conservative and libertarian students enrolled there. 11/13/17Education, Freedom,
Kutztown University professor Colleen Clemens fired off a series of tweets blaming toxic masculinity for the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas11/13/17Professors, Feminism, Violence
The New York Times ran yet another execrable oped, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This oped argued that black children should not be friends with white children, and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly makes things awkward at Yeshiva University, a Jewish school (by Ben Shapiro) 11/13/17Professors, Race, Media
Stanford staff encourage students to tear down flyers for Robert Spencer talk11/13/17Professors, Vandalism, Islam
Johns Hopkins professor: Trump won election by invoking the history of white supremacy 11/12/17TDS, Professors, Race
New San Diego State Course aims to rid students of racist, classist, heterosexist, ableist, privileged attitudes. The class is called Foundations of Cultural Competency in a Changing World, is taught by the director of Intercultural Relations. 11/10/17Education, PC, Race
A professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania Wants Conservative Group, Turning Point USA, Banned For Promoting White Supremacy, and Authoritarianism11/10/17Professors, Freedom, Race
A New York university has removed a professor from teaching inside the classroom after using the term shemale as part of a controversial transgender themed quiz. 11/10/17LGBT, Education, PC
San Diego State professors approve resolution to abolish Aztec mascot despite its popularity 11/9/17Remove History, PC, Race
Rutgers University has hired a former spokesman for Syrian President Bashar Assad to teach courses on international criminal law. UN Watch charges that Adi acted as an apologist for the mass murder committed by the Assad regime against his own people. In 2014, former Secretary of Defense Condoleezza Rice withdrew from giving Rutgerss commencement speech after being labeled a war criminal by students and faculty11/9/17Violence, Perverse, Professors
Occidental Professor Warns: Be Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men; Masculinity is Hazardos Ideology11/9/17Professors, Feminism,
Georgia Southern Professor Delores Liston, and Regina Rahimi, who teaches at Armstrong State University. Have new book that includes chapters on using learning to engage with social justice, the link between ethics and social justice, and using personal narratives to fight for social justice in the classroom11/9/17Education, PC, Professors
The Drexel University professor who tweeted (all I want for Christmas is white genocide) recently blamed whiteness for the Texas massacre that killed 26 people 11/8/17Perverse, Professors, Race
The Indiana Court of Appeals issued a stunningly broad ruling that shields Public university officials from any consequences when they violate the constitutional rights of people in the course of their duties.11/8/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
A professor at Occidental College calls to end all fraternities; with exception to black fraternities 11/8/17Race, Professors,
A professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) recently argued in favor of using art education to help kids turn out queer. Complaining that heteronormativity is pervasive in school curricula, Adam Greteman suggests that we can, and perhaps should, help our kids turn out queer” through "queer affirmation strategies in class11/7/17LGBT, Professors, Perverse
Professor regrets tweeting that GOP, NRA want mass shootings11/7/17Professors, Guns, Perverse
A Sociology PhD Professor from Emory University argues in a new book that efforts to get more women into STEM fields could actually diminish their happiness 11/6/17Professors, Science, Feminism
Professor who calls Antifa violence vital is giving proceeds of his propaganda to Antifa 11/6/17Perverse, Professors, Violence
A professor at Columbia University Law School recently discussed three ways that private colleges can ban speakers that students find threatening. According to Suzanne Goldberg, preemptively banning speakers whose views students fear will cause longer term harm may be the best approach11/6/17Education, Freedom, PC
Transgender lesson gets New York 7th grade teacher suspended 11/5/17LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
A professor at Florida International University recently argued that the Disney film Beauty and the Beast is rife with toxic masculinity11/3/17Professors, Feminism,
Boise State clears professor under fire for criticizing radical feminists: no policy violations11/3/17Feminism, Professors, Freedom
Columbia refuses to punish students for shouting down College Republicans speaker, but wont say why. More than 100 faculty, mostly in the humanities and social sciences, protested the Ivy League school’s investigation of the Robinson disruption, telling President Lee Bollinger in a letter that the protesters were victims. Professors issued one set of standards for white students and another set for students of color and Muslims. Students of color and Muslims should be held to a lower standard, faculty say 11/2/17Professors, Race, Freedom
A Stony Brook University art professor has come out in support of leaving Confederate monuments where they stand, a controversial stance that has garnered some backlash 11/2/17Remove History, Conservative,
3 University of Tennessee professors say colleges should rename controversial monuments because of the psychological harm they cause to minority students 11/1/17Professors, Remove History, PC
A trio of University of California Riverside professors argue in a newly published academic article that hegemonic masculinity is responsible for mass shootings 10/31/17Professors, Feminism, Guns
White sociology professor says Its racist for whites to have mixed race children; postsa series of tweets last week that suggest white people must forgo reproducing if they want to combat white supremacy 10/31/17Race, Perverse, Professors
A group of feminist professors will publish a new anthology in November extolling the merits of queer feminist science and a queering of science more generally 10/31/17Science, Feminism, Professors
Professors from across the political spectrum are expressing concerns about a proposal to weaken tenure protections in the University of Arkansas system. The new policy would allow professors to be fired for unwillingness to work productively with colleagues and other vague reasons, which critics see as a threat to minorities, including conservatives.10/31/17Freedom, Liberal Bias, Professors
A sociology professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) recently argued in an extensive series of tweets that the white nuclear family perpetuates racism 10/30/17Professors, Perverse, Race
A feminist professor at Occidental College recently argued that men must renounce their masculinity and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it 10/30/17Professors, Feminism,
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI music professor under fire for responding to a Muslim students anti America post with several facts about Islam and Muslim women.Writes: The U.S. Presidents first sworn duty is to protect America from enemies, and the greatest threat to our freedom is not the President, it is radical Islam. Review this list of Islamic terrorist attacks and then tell me about your hurt feelings. Muslim females are safer in America than in any Middle Eastern country. How dare you complain while enjoying our protection! AWESOME 10/30/17Islam, PC, Freedom
Professor injured in Middlebury riot tells Congress free speech is national security issue 10/27/17Freedom, Education, Conservative
VIDEO: How the academic Left parodies itself in the claim mathematics is whiteness 10/27/17Conservative, Professors, Science
A Rutgers University professor is facing backlash over a series of aggressively anti-Semitic posts on his Facebook account 10/26/17Professors, Race,
A University of Southern California professor says he stands behind his tweets that include obscenities directed toward President Donald Trump, calls for whiteness to be destroyed, and the promotion of violence against the white supremacist heterosexist patriarchy10/26/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
A history professor at UCLA announced plans to partner with anti-incarceration groups to shape Black Studies on campus, including one organization that has received at least $800,000 from George Soros Open Society Foundations and others with deep ties to Black Lives Matter. 10/26/17Race, Liberal Bias, Education
INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Muslim former professor who confessed to faking several anti Muslim hate crime incidents, gets away with a one year suspended sentence 10/26/17HoaxFraud, Islam, Professors
Emory University professor: whites inherently racist, men inherently sexist 10/25/17Professors, Race,
Taxpayer Funded Video Game Blows Up Pipelines And Blocks Energy Projects; an assistant professor at Michigan State University created a computer game that allows players to torch oil pipelines and block energy projects to bring awareness to climate issue 10/25/17Environmental, Professors, Perverse
The University of Nebraska English Department has displayed several politically charged anti-Trump signs in the windows of its on campus office 10/24/17Professors, TDS, Liberal Bias
USC Professor says Universities Disciplining Leftist Students Who Shut Down Conservative Speakers Reinforce Institutionalized White Supremacy10/24/17Professors, Freedom, Race
White privilege bolstered by teaching math, university of Illinois professor says. She also says that addressing equity in mathematics education will come when teachers can understand and negotiate the politics outside the classroom. Gutierrez is an established and admired scholar who has been published in many peer reviewed publications. Further, she says mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, “just like whiteness 10/24/17Professors, Race, Science
A feminist professor at the University of California Davis has vowed to challenge the authority of Science by rewriting knowledge through a feminist lens; argues that traditional science relies on a colonial and racialized form of power, and must be replaced with an anti science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production. 10/24/17Professors, Feminism, Science
STUDY: Credentials, not race, determine bar passage rates. University of Arkansas at Little Rock law professor published his findings on race based admissions policies despite being pressured for months to abandon his research. Robert Steinbuch and UCLA professor Richard Sander found that racial discrepancies in bar passage rates are primarily explained by student credentials, suggesting that more stringent entry criteria would eliminate the disparity 10/23/17Race, Science, Education
Elementary School Displays Donald Trump Tombstone Halloween Decoration 10/23/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
Augustana University, a small, private, South Dakotas college, an instructor Susan Claussen Bunger believes that the United States social and economic maladies are centered around white peoples grip on privilege. Says whites slaughtered, maimed way to power, little has changed today10/23/17Professors, Race,
California School District Approves Workshop Accusing Israel of Genocidal Policies10/23/17Education, Perverse,
A graduate student teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania admitted to intentionally calling on white men last, and only if she has to, during class discussions 10/20/17Education, Race, Professors
Hamas linked CAIRs Nihad Awad to speak at Harvard 10/20/17Islam, Perverse, Professors
San Jose State University lecturer threatens to beat the shit out of pro life protesters. The professor Kapell has previously taught at the University of Michigan, Swansea University, University of Michigan Dearborn, Wayne State University and several other institutions.10/20/17Perverse, Professors, Abortion
Florida Professor Thought State Troopers Were Armed Aryan Militia 10/20/17Professors, HoaxFraud, Race
A University of Connecticut professor frets that female students dont feel oppressed enough 10/19/17Professors, Feminism, PC
The University of Montana Dean of Journalism objected to a major donors invitation of conservative professor Mike Adams to deliver an annual address for the scholarship program that she funds. The dean protested that Dr. Mike Adams appears to be siding with Christians in the culture war,' saying that some of his remarks could be interpreted as hate speech 10/19/17Education, Freedom, Christianity
A University of Maryland sociology professor is suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter10/19/17Professors, TDS, Freedom
California School Suspends Teacher for Kneeling During National Anthem 10/18/17Patriotism, Professors,
Muslim Boston University professor: Robert Spencer is Grand pooh bah of the legion of American Islamophobes 10/18/17Professors, Liberal Bias, Islam
Desperate Harvard Professor Devises Plan to Put Hillary in White House 10/18/17Professors, TDS, Clinton
University of Florida President is surprised and shocked that UF must allow free speech10/16/17Education, Freedom, PC
A University of Virginia professor wrote an OPED over the weekend arguing that faculty members, and not students, should have complete discretion over which speakers are invited to campus 10/16/17Professors, Freedom, Education
Students at some London universities were given leaflets promoting extremists who call for homosexuals to be killed and say the punishment for mocking Allah is death10/16/17Education, Islam, Violence
VIDEO: University of New Hampshire professor tells class that US should ban all guns 10/13/17Professors, Guns, Video
Wyoming School Gives Kids Shooting at Trump as Option in Multiple Choice Quiz10/12/17Perverse, Professors, TDS
A recent California State University, Long Beach teach in charged that America was founded on white supremacy and racism, and built on a racist capitalist system, meant to weaken the minority 10/12/17Professors, Race, Economics
Getting Them Young: Educators in Edina, a wealthy Minneapolis suburb, subject children to an ABC book; A is for Activist, F is for Feminist, T is for Trans etc. Indoctrination at the most extreme levels10/12/17Perverse, Professors, Freedom
University of Texas professor says cultural appropriation is like theft of intellectual property10/11/17Professors, Race, PC
Transylvania Universitys president recently asked Congress to enact legislation that would force Facebook to remove any postings of hate speech from its website 10/11/17Education, Freedom, PC
George Ciccariello Maher, who has previously tweeted favorably about the ethnic extermination of white people, and who blamed the brutal massacre in Las Vegas on white people and men, threatens legal action in wake of administrative leave from Drexel University; calls it smear campaign by conservatives10/11/17Race, Perverse, Professors
Conservative student paper called‘propaganda by professor who leads publications committee at Wake Forest University10/10/17Professors, Media, Liberal Bias
Antifa Professors Washington Post OpEd: The Real Threat To Free Speech On Campus Is Angry Right Wing Whites 10/10/17Professors, Violence,
UC Berkeley Professor: Hate Speech is Inherently Conservative; classifies all conservatives as racist for attributing successes of whites to society, that conservatives think whites are more evolved, racist government etc. Completely unaware his entire essay classifies a group of people and smears an entire class on actions of a few 10/6/17Professors, Race, Conservative
Two Canadian professors at Nipissing University in Ontario brag of tricking students into social justice classes. They developed an approach they call Trojan horse pedagogy to peddle social justice to otherwise unassuming students.The professors argue that the ruse is justified because most students are not interested in learning about social justice 10/6/17Professors, PC, HoaxFraud
Two Seattle Pacific University physics professors argue that it is necessary to redefine our approach to science in order to combat white male privilege, which they believe is the primary reason that few women enter STEM fields 10/6/17Feminism, Race, Science
A private college (Albion College) president allegedly told a student government meeting that a young womans assault at the hands of campus protesters was justified on the grounds that the victim had privilege10/6/17Professors, Race, Violence
VIDEO: UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump 10/6/17Professors, TDS, Video
University of Texas at San Antonio: Professor threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays 10/5/17Professors, Freedom, LGBT
A PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver recently filmed a TedX Talk criticizing the unfairness of thin privilege, and calling for more fat acceptance in society10/5/17Professors, PC, Science
Only 7% of Yale professors identify as conservative, survey finds 10/5/17Education, Liberal Bias,
A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization adding that Congress must act on gun control 10/4/17Guns, Liberal Bias, Professors
An adjunct professor at Eastern Connecticut State University argued in favor of repealing the Second Amendment after the tragic massacre in Las Vegas 10/3/17Guns, Professors,
Librarian Who Refused Racist Dr. Seuss Books from Trump Loved Them When Obama was President10/3/17Professors, Race, Liberal Bias
Ohio professors label GOP lawmakers as extremists. One GOP state representative, Candice Keller, has had her house pelted with feminine hygiene products, received death threats, and had fake accounts used to smear her on social media. 10/2/17Professors, Perverse, Liberal Bias
A professor of politics at Drexel University blames Vegas massacre on narrative of white victimization without any evidence10/2/17Professors, Race, Perverse
Professor says God Bless America is a warmongering song10/2/17Professors, Patriotism,
Boise State University Professor Scott Yenor who critiqued radical feminism is accused of promoting violence, and targeted for termination 10/2/17Professors, Education, Freedom
Bridgewater State University has placed a professor on paid leave following revelations that he made disparaging comments about Trump supporters on social media such as Fuck Anyone Who Voted For Donald Trump9/29/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
A Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine) Professor says meritocracy is a whiteness ideology9/29/17Professors, Race, PC
A Florida school teacher is planning on setting up a Satanic display that specifically calls children to Hail Satan next to a Christmas display in December9/29/17Christianity, Perverse, Professors
Georgetown Law professor says eff Sessions threatens the basic premises of American law; does not explain how though9/28/17Professors, TDS,
Charges filed against Muslim passenger and former professor of Islamic Studies who complained of allergies on Southwest flight and was forcibly removed, demanded dogs be removed from airplane because Muslims hate dogs former 9/28/17Professors, Islam,
Two Canadian professors recently wrote an academic journal article arguing that white students from Western countries need to take workshops to confront their white fragility before going on study abroad trips 9/27/17Professors, Race, PC
California State University, Long Beach is looking for a new professor to teach classes on transgender studies and gender variant theories9/26/17Science, LGBT, PC
A male professor who underwent a yearlong Title IX investigation claims that professional disagreements with female colleagues have been redefined as sexual harassment at University of Missouri St. Louis 9/25/17HoaxFraud, Freedom, Education
Marxist professor doubles down on Trump must hang tweet 9/25/17TDS, Perverse, Professors
Faculty at California State Fresno ask campus cops to confront immigration officers, block them from campus 9/25/17Immigration, Professors, Freedom
4th Grade Teacher Changed The Word Men In Declaration Of Independence To Humans; Had Students Recite It 9/22/17Remove History, Professors,
A University of California, Berkeley professor recently called Ben Shapiro a racist, sexist, misogynist jerk who poses a threat to the campus community and that free speech laws fetishized free speech9/21/17Professors, Race, PC
5th Grade Teacher Forcing Class to Use Gender Neutral Pronouns 9/21/17Professors, LGBT, Freedom
An Oxford University professor recently suggested that conservatives are outnumbered by liberals on campus because the former are truth deniers9/20/17Professors, Science, Liberal Bias
Dozens of University of Nebraska professors and students held a demonstration for academic freedom in support of a former lecturer who was reassigned after she harassed conservative students on campus9/19/17Perverse, Professors,
A UCLA research professor recently took to the school newspaper to rebut accusations that racism and xenophobia are behind his opposition to excessive immigration9/19/17Professors, Conservative, Immigration
Missouri State program will help students cope with toxic masculinity9/19/17Feminism, Education, Professors
A trio of Australian academics say that the gender gap in physics or boys being better at the subject than girls, can be traced to the pee games in which boys engage during their youth.9/18/17Science, Professors, Feminism
Public university stands behind white supremacist professor for defending colonialism9/18/17Conservative, Remove History, Professors
College Professor & Antifa Activist Tweets: I Think Its A Privilege To Teach Future Dead Cops9/15/17Violence, Perverse, Professors
An Austin Community College professor has resigned amid fallout from a recent tweet in which he said he would be ok if Betsy Devos was sexually assaulted9/14/17Perverse, Professors,
UC Berkeley profs urge campus boycott, shutdown during upcoming Free Speech Week9/14/17Professors, Freedom,
A professor from the University of Rhode Island published an article that argued for placing more books with transgender or gender fluid protagonists in preschool libraries9/14/17LGBT, Professors,
Mike Isaacson, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a cofounder of the Antifa organization Smash Racism D.C. Justifies Antifa Violence And Jokes About Dead Cops9/14/17Perverse, Professors, Violence
SDSU Professor to Teach Black Minds Matter Because Nearly All Educators Are Racist. His course, will tell future educators to use the classroom as a place of civil resistance against racism and to develop new pedagogical practices inspired by the intentional application Black Lives Matter principles of loving engagement, restorative justice, and collective value9/14/17Professors, Race,
Professors across the CUNY system are adding statements to their course syllabi pledging to fully support the rights of undocumented students to an education and to live free from the fear of deportation 9/12/17Professors, Immigration,
Former Harvard psych prof: Trump a very sick sociopath 9/12/17Professors, TDS,
Professor tells students that right wing terrorism more of a threat than Islamic terrorism9/11/17Islam, Violence, Professors
British Teachers Too Scared to Teach About 9/11 Attacks9/11/17Islam, Immigration, PC
Researchers receive $138k to question young children about their gender identity9/11/17Education, Professors, Perverse
France: Principal told Jews not to attend his school, would be harassed by Muslim students9/10/17Islam, Immigration,
Two University of Southern Maine professors recently received a $600,000 grant to organize free courses related to social justice9/8/17Education, PC, Professors
A professor at Rice University appeared to compare climate change skeptics who oppose politicizing Tropical Storm Harvey with the terrorists responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks. 9/8/17Environmental, Professors,
A University of Georgia (UGA) engineering professor declared on Twitter that Trump and others in the Department of Justice are racists for repealing DACA 9/8/17Immigration, Race, Professors
The cofounder of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is slated to give one of four keynote speeches at Gonzaga U 4th International Conference on Hate Studies. The conference aims to encourage and suggest ways for individuals, institutions, and organizations to become change agents for social justice in their communitie 9/7/17Liberal Bias, Education, PC
George Mason University advised graduate teaching assistants (TAs) during a mandatory training not to use words or phrases including (freshman) (last name) and (it is easy to imagine)9/7/17Professors, PC,
Dartmouth Antifa Apologist: Antifas Violence Should Be Seen In Larger Political And Ethical Context 9/7/17Violence, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Teacher Kicks Students Out of Class Over Trump Shirts, Compares to Swastika 9/6/17Freedom, Professors, Liberal Bias
An anthropology professor at a community college in California hands out white privilege checklist, then warns students who stereotype will be punished 9/6/17Professors, Education, Race
UC Santa Cruz professor Elizabeth Stephens filmed the documentary Ecosexual Love Story, in which she and her partner licked trees, played with mud, and made love with the environment while naked, the term ecosexuality. Now Google trends show interest in the term has increased exponentially over the last 12 months, seemingly exploding. 9/5/17Environmental, Perverse, Professors
Public school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing domestic terrorist violence9/1/17Violence, Professors,
An Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island argues that microaggressions invalidate meritocracy and equal opportunity for minorities 9/1/17PC, Professors, Race
U of Texas Prof Calls Young Black Trump Supporter Racist Names9/1/17Professors, Race,
Two law professors have been accused of racism and homophobia over an oped lamenting the breakdown of bourgeois culture and arguing that all cultures are not equal8/31/17Professors, Conservative,
Dr. Bruce Gilley, a Portland State University professor, says he recently quit the American Political Science Association to protest the organizations refusal to embrace intellectual diversity 8/30/17Professors, Conservative, Education
100 Dartmouth faculty supports professors comments justifying Antifa violence 8/30/17Professors, Perverse, Violence
The University of Tampa has fired a professor who said that Texans deserved Hurricane Harvey because of their support for Donald Trump 8/29/17Professors, TDS, Perverse
A visiting scholar at Dartmouth College, has repeatedly defended Antifas use of violence in response to white supremacist organizations8/29/17Professors, Violence, Perverse
UK: Primary school teacher urged Muslims to wage jihad and establish caliphate8/29/17Islam, Violence, Professors
Professor advocates for the queering of higher education8/28/17Professors, LGBT, Education
A University of Tampa professor recently suggested that Texans deserve the fallout from Hurricane Harvey because of their support for Donald Trump in the 2016 election8/28/17Professors, TDS, Perverse
Several University of Nebraska professors harassed the president of the school Turning Point USA chapter while she was tabling on campus grounds 8/25/17Professors, Education, Freedom
First Grader Sent to Principal for Calling Transgender Student Wrong Pronoun 8/25/17LGBT, Education, PC
Profesor says Cat in the Hat is racist and so is other kid literature8/25/17Professors, Race, PC
Parents of kindergartners attending a California charter school are frightened after a teacher read her class a book about transgenderism without notifying them 8/24/17Perverse, LGBT, Education
VIDEO: SJWs Interrupt College Presidents Welcome Back Speech, She Thanks Them8/24/17Education, PC, Professors
A Clemson University professor took to Facebook recently to voice his contempt for Republicans in a post that called all members of the GOP racists 8/23/17Professors, Race,
Many Leftist are Wannabe Totalitarians says NYU Professor8/23/17Professors, Conservative, Freedom
A female professor from Skidmore College wrote an op ed in the Washington Post that colleges should shut down conservative speakers from speaking on campus in order to forestall violence8/22/17Professors, Freedom, PC
Brooklyn Law School and Harvard Law professor Argues Eclipse Racist Because its Only Passing Over White America 8/21/17Professors, Race,
A feminist professor at Clark University recently lamented that she cringed upon seeing the American flag unfurled at Fenway Park Boston Red Sox game8/21/17Professors, Feminism, Patriotism
Bradley University Women’s Studies Project Claims Losing Weight Is Dangerous8/21/17Professors, Science, PC
Two professors, one from Purdue University and the other from Stanford University, are assembling a Campus Antifascist Network (CAN) to serve as a big tent for anyone committed to fighting fascism. Despite the reputation Antifa groups have cultivated for employing violence to shut down opposing speakers, the professors insist that they only support self-defense by those who are being threatened by fascists8/21/17Professors, Violence, Perverse
A professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte recently penned an academic paper that argues that obesity should be fashionable and fit8/21/17Professors, Science, PC
A professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston wants business professors to engage in more intellectual activism to promote social justice8/21/17Professors, PC,
UCLA instructor: time to rethink free speech8/18/17Professors, Freedom,
University of Minnesota professor claims that Trumps proposals to deport illegal immigrants and regulate Muslim immigration are a form of racist nativism8/18/17Immigration, Professors, Race
A group of pro-abortion University of Michigan professors recently suggested that abortion providers should be more open about the gruesomeness of their jobs. Despite the risk of pushback from pro-life groups, the professors believe that speaking more openly about the most disturbing aspects of their will give abortion providers validation and pride in their work 8/18/17Abortion, Perverse, Professors
Teacher arrested for assaulting white nationalist: Violence against far right not a crime8/18/17Violence, Perverse, Professors
Rutgers Law School recently announced the hiring of three social justice scholars who will help students work for social justice throughout their careers8/16/17Education, PC, Professors
Professor at CUNY says: privileging of standard English' is linguistic racism8/15/17Professors, Education, Race
A physics researcher at the University of Washington says that the scientific citations within the leaked Ideological Echo Chamber Google memo must be ignored because the research was conducted primarily by white men8/14/17Science, Feminism, Professors
An assistant professor at Portland State University recently argued that talking about higher obesity rates among blacks and Hispanics can help reproduce racial injustice and and high white obesity rates jeopardize whiteness8/14/17Professors, Education, Race
A feminist professor at Grinnell College is offering a course this fall on American Whiteness that will focus on attacking racism by making whiteness visible 8/11/17Feminism, Education, Race
The head of the Psychology Department at Englands Birmingham City University said the chilling incident where a jogger shoved a woman into the path of a bus in London is the embodiment white male privilege 8/11/17Professors, Feminism, Race
Russell Rickford, an associate professor of history at Cornell University, makes this argument in a recent Black Perspectives piece, suggesting news coverage of academics controversial statements is really a conservative effort to silence liberal academics 8/10/17Professors, Liberal Bias,
James Franco Demolishes an Abortion Argument by Professor in 5 seconds 8/10/17Abortion, Celebrities,
VIDEO: Was The Cat in the Hat Black? English Professor says Dr. Seuss book was really racist8/10/17Professors, Race, Video
California State University Professor Mohammed Abed reaffirmed his belief that genocide is not always immoral and is sometimes even morally required 8/9/17Islam, Violence, Professors
A University of Iowa education professor recently wrote an academic journal article explaining how she endeavors to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments, and pedagogy 8/9/17Professors, Race, Science
Sexual neuroscience PhD: The engineer who wrote the Google memo is right 8/9/17Science, Professors, Feminism
Professor at Wayne State University says punishing disruptive students is unfair to the left 8/8/17Education, Professors, Freedom
Law professor warns: Congress must act on growing sexbot industry 8/8/17Professors, Freedom,
The University of Georgia has made Professor Richard Watson remove a stress reduction policy from two of his course syllabi after facing national backlash for the practice 8/8/17PC, Professors, Conservative
UC Berkeley pays ex-chancellor $434,000 to do nothing for a year 8/8/17Professors, Economics, Education
Two Temple University professors have sharply criticized the upcoming HBO series Confederate, with one declaring that some things should be censored 8/7/17Remove History, Education,
Professors stress reduction policy lets students select their own grade8/7/17Science, Professors,
A Clemson University professor is comparing President Trump ban on transgender soldiers to Nazi eugenic propaganda, calling it ableism deployed to incarcerate or kill disabled people8/7/17TDS, Professors, Race
Princeton Professor Launching Trumplandia Course 8/7/17Education, TDS,
UCLA Climate Change Study Says Pets Are Causing a Lot of Global Warming because they eat a lot of meat and requires a lot of carbon emissions8/3/17Environmental, ,
A graduate student who teaches sociology at the University of Michigan published an article declaring that preschool classrooms are rife with heteronormativity that perpetuates inequalities related to gender8/1/17LGBT, Education, PC
The Diversity Chair for the University of Central Floridas student government has resigned amid controversy over his past statements that Trump supporters are not welcome on campus7/31/17Education, PC, TDS
Remember back in February when an Asian UCLA law student was denied Airbnb accommodations due to her ethnicity? The Airbnb host is (or was) an adjunct at two institutions. 7/31/17HoaxFraud, Race, Education
Womens studies scholar says of Trump: I wish someone would just shoot him outright7/30/17Feminism, Violence, TDS
Two University of South Carolina professors argue in a recent paper that color blind racial attitudes are unethical and can also perpetuate White norm 7/27/17Education, Race,
University of Chicago professor: It should be legal to kill newborn babies: it is time to add to the discussion the euthanasia of newborn7/27/17Abortion, Perverse, Violence
A retired UC Irvine professor recently wrote a blog post on the school's website claiming that Trump violated the First Amendment by retweeting the infamous video of him body slamming CNN video7/25/17Education, PC, TDS
Psychiatry Group Encourages Members to Share Knowledge About President Donald Trumps Mental Health 7/25/17Education, TDS,
University of Chicago Ethics Professor says Children Do Not Belong To Their Parents; government knows better than parents 7/25/17Education, Perverse, Freedom
Canadian Professor reports to Hate Bias Unit criticism of policies that led to Muslim cop killing of unarmed woman 7/24/17Education, Freedom, PC
Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago resigns after Attacks by militant LGBT students 7/21/17LGBT, Education,
Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in Berkeley, was arrested and charged this week with assault and rioting at a rally in Sacramento last summer 7/21/17Education, Violence, TDS
Scholars blast profs for telling students speech is violence. Two leading free speech advocates are warning that teaching college students to view speech as violence only encourages them to counter opposing opinions with actual violence7/21/17Violence, Education, Freedom
Interviewed on NPR, a chancellor of the California community college system argued that since it may be too difficult for students, algebra, the single most failed course in community colleges across the country, should be eliminated from their requirements 7/20/17Science, Education, PC
Professor claims campus free speech crisis is manufactured, Ignoring violent activists, 7/20/17Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
The American Association of University Professors has filed an amicus brief arguing professors at a public university should be exempt from public records act requests from a conservative think tank seeking to review the scholars’ unpublished climate change research7/19/17Education, Science, Environmental
This Huge Leftist Teaches At A Mormon University. She Put Up A Facebook Post Supporting Homosexuality. She Was Fired7/19/17Education, LGBT,
A black student athlete suspended by Colorado State for a rape his white partner denied ever happened is nearing a settlement in his 2016 gender discrimination lawsuit against the school. Jennifer DeLuna, the university director of diversity and inclusion, concluded he engaged in non consensual sexual intercourse with athletic trainer. However, that investigators ignored exculpatory evidence such as the trainers own testimony, which defended the sex as consensual 7/19/17HoaxFraud, Education, Liberal Bias
A Trinity University professor who tweeted a photo of himself making derogatory gestures in front of Trump Tower is set to lecture on navigating hate and xenophobia in modern America7/19/17Perverse, Education, TDS
An education professor from the University of Arkansas claims there is widespread anti Christian bias in higher education, but that it is overlooked by administrators with no real understanding of traditional Christians 7/19/17Christianity, Education, Conservative
Marquette University, a Catholic institution, will foot the bill for members of its faculty to attend an upcoming seminar on combating Islamophobia 7/18/17Christianity, Islam, PC
Student government leaders representing universities across Oklahoma recently approved a resolution calling on state lawmakers and higher education regents to force professors to use trigger warnings7/18/17Freedom, Education, PC
Professors fear alt right is taking over Medieval Studies 7/18/17Education, Remove History,
Science conferences need diversity programming, prof says. 3 researchers are proposing a list of interventions intended to combat gender inequity at scientific conferences, such as appointing a Safety Officer to address discrimination complaints. The academic journal article also suggests incentives to participate in diversity programming, free child care, and travel grants for women to attend STEM conference7/18/17Science, PC, Education
An assistant professor at Georgia State University has published an academic journal article about how white professors contribute to oppression by failing to speak out against microaggressions 7/17/17Education, Race,
Two Illinois professors are using social justice video games developed by high school students to teach about white privilege and police misconduct7/13/17Education, PC, Race
5 psychiatry professors recently signed an open letter urging Members of Congress to remove President Trump from office on the grounds that he is mentally unfit 7/13/17TDS, Education,
Pew Research Center poll shows that Republican leaning voters have grown increasingly hostile toward academia, with 58% saying higher education has a negative impact on the country. Some professors are blaming conservative media outlets, including Campus Reform 7/12/17Education, Liberal Bias,
Top public universities pay administrators with jobs related to diversity initiatives an average of $175,088 per year, substantially more than other professors and faculty member 7/12/17Economics, Education,
Several American Indians have accused a new Native American Studies professor of faking her ethnicity, using data from U.S. census records and ancestry websites 7/11/17Education, Race, HoaxFraud
Princeton University professor Robert P. George is condemning the Boston Public Library for hosting a Drag Queen Story Time event for young children recently because it is an indoctrination sessionin the religion of sexual liberation that should not have been hosted by a government institution7/11/17LGBT, Perverse,
While Evergreen State College students were protesting a professor for questioning a diversity event, the school provost asked professors to go easy on students who have diverted time and energy from their academic work 7/6/17Education, Liberal Bias,
The University of Hawaii professor who made waves by declaring that universities should stop hiring white cis men has apparently expressed even stronger views on social media. Saying she distrusts white people, Piper Harron posted that cis het white people need to lose more, complaining that they want to even control their dismantling of privilege7/3/17Education, Race,
Law professors: Colin Kaepernick could sue NFL for race discrimination 7/3/17Education, Race,
A City University of New York (CUNY) professor is offering an online math course based on the idea that quantitative literacy is essential for social justice. The course is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, which also funds a corresponding course geared toward math professors7/3/17Science, PC, Education
A professor from Stanford University who initially implied that saying homework is easy can be a racist remark appears to have quietly retracted that claim. 6/30/17Education, Race,
More than 1,500 professors, students, and left wing activists are expected to attend the Socialism 2017 conference in Chicago next month. The conference will feature more than 100 workshops exploring strategies to fight the right and build the left from a Marxist perspective. 6/30/17Socialism, Education, PC
Professor who called whites inhuman assholes put on leave 6/27/17Education, Race, Perverse
Professor Who Said Otto Warmbier Got Exactly What He Deserved Fired 6/26/17Education, Perverse,
Black Feminist gets Professor fired over a question that the black student got wrong because she answered that slavery destroyed the black family but it did not. Though the student was adamant that the professor did not use any racial epithets or pejoratives, she felt that the way Morelock responded to her correction exhibited racism6/20/17Education, Race, Remove History
Ontario schools now use something called Genderbreads to teach gender fluid fake biology.6/12/17LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
VIDEO: Gavin McInnes: 20 Reasons Why School Sucks 5/24/17Education, Science, Video
Yale Dean June Chu was forced to apologize after she called people white trash and uneducated morons in a series of Yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses in the New Haven, Connecticut, area 5/17/17Education, Race,
Berkeley teachers union: Education is political work 5/9/17Education, Liberal Bias, Science
VIDEO: Tucker Debates Free Speech With Liberal Professor 4/26/17Freedom, Conservative, Video
At least 16 scholars worked for Democratic politicians or left leaning groups receive $30K Truman scholarship, but only two students who worked for Republicans received it 4/25/17Education, Liberal Bias,
After a recent study dismisses objections to the 1 in 5 statistic for campus sexual assault as misunderstandings,saying the controversy is ultimately about values. The authors contend that conservative women like Heather Mac Donald and Christina Hoff Sommers are confused about the research because of their political biases4/18/17Feminism, Education, Liberal Bias
Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity4/14/17Education, PC, Race
VIDEO: Harvard students say Trump is more dangerous than the Islamic State 4/6/17Education, Violence, PC
The Orange Coast College professor who called Trumps election an act of terrorism was named Faculty Member of the Year by her colleagues 3/21/17Education, Liberal Bias,
New York Times op-ed with Drake Universitys Jennifer Harvey argues white parents who teach their children that all people are equal and are utilizing ineffective strategies for combating racism and making their white kids more racist 3/16/17Education, Race, Media
Bucknell Economics Professor Marcellus Andrews wrote a tempestuous email titled, 'An Open Letter to Professor Wooden, the Faculty and the students of Bucknell,' in which he called for 'a steep and lasting price' to be imposed upon the student libertarian group of 'racists and fascists' that invited a conservative speaker to speak on campus last February 2/10/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
A women’s college is planning to hire new professors based on the color of their skin because of the 'demonstrated benefits' of nonwhite faculty. 2/3/17Education, Race, PC
New York University College Professor urges cops to attack Gavin McInnes after speaking at Republican event shouting 'You are fucking assholes!' 'You’re protecting the Nazis' 'You should kick their ass!' 2/3/17Violence, Education, PC
A Morehouse College professor asserts that Tom Brady’s support of Donald Trump is 'more threatening to America' than Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest 1/31/17Education, PC, Patriotism
Clemson students, the first-year experience class at Clemson University is designed to provide freshmen with ethical guidelines on how they should act on campus is filled with 'progressive propaganda'1/31/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Clemson students, the first-year experience class at Clemson University is designed to provide freshmen with ethical guidelines on how they should act on campus is filled with 'progressive propaganda'1/31/17Education, PC, Liberal Bias
Marquette University Staff Caught Sabotaging Shapiro Event 1/30/17Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Student gets a 'C' grade for writing Conservative viewpoint essay at Syracuse, then writes a liberal one and gets an 'A-' with the professor applauding the students change of perspective 1/27/17Education, Liberal Bias,
Vanderbilt and Duke Divinity Schools Want Professors Teaching a Gender-Neutral God1/17/17Christianity, Education, PC
The University of Oregon tells professors that if you say things about race, sexual orientation, sex, religion and so on that enough people find offensive, you could get suspended and possibly even fired. Goodbye Free Speech 12/27/16PC, Education, Freedom
A Colby College professor Professor denies that college campuses are 'liberal echo chambers' 12/22/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Harvard lecturer worries in Slate that Berlin jihad attack will 'give a big boost to the far-right' 12/20/16Media, Liberal Bias, Islam
Orange Coast College Professor who called election ‘act of terrorism’ told students who support Trump to stand, ID themselves 12/13/16Education, Liberal Bias, Freedom
A Michigan State University instructor used a PowerPoint presentation in her class to mock Christians and cajole students to bring up police brutality and white privilege at Thanksgiving 12/7/16Christianity, Education, PC
Harvard University law professor Lawrence Lessig has pledged his legal expertise to any Elector who wishes to betray the voice of the people and vote against President-elect Donald Trump 12/6/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Destroys Georgetown Muslim Professor After She Makes A Truly Idiotic Statement 12/1/16Conservative, Video, Islam
Professors praise, defend Castro: ‘Inspiration, remarkable, powerful, complex’ 11/28/16Education, Socialism, Liberal Bias
Atheist activist professor tells conservative student paper to ‘f*ck off and die’11/23/16Education, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Professors at the University of New Hampshire are calling for the expulsion of two students who counter protested an anti-Trump rally while wearing Harambe and Richard Nixon costumes 11/21/16Education, PC,
The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work encouraged its professors to offer students extra credit to participate in an anti-Trump rally in downtown Pittsburgh. 11/18/16Education, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Professor Creates List of 'Fake News' Sites and Includes Prominent Conservative Outlets like Red State and The Blaze 11/16/16Education, Media, Liberal Bias
Loyala University in Chicagos history course on slavery has a new section on Donald Trump 11/7/16Education, Race,
Distinguished scholar’ lectures University of Washington crowd on whites’ ‘racial illiteracy’11/1/16Education, Race,
Liberal brags about stealing 40 Trump Lawn Signs Because she was 'Angry'10/27/16PC, Liberal Bias,
Harvard Law grad: History of free speech ‘racist’ and ‘oppressive,’ concept needs a ‘second look’ 10/12/16Education, Freedom, PC
Black Ivy League Professor says hes rather have his children mess with drugs than police because police are more dangerous10/11/16Education, Race,
Teachers Union President says that Donald Trump is creating schoolyard Bullies and filling them with Hate 10/4/16Media, , Liberal Bias
A Black Oberlin professor previously suspended over her anti-Semitic Facebook posts is now claiming that the disciplinary action taken against her was based on racism 10/3/16Race, Education,
A Yale Professor blast Christian philosopher over gay marriage10/3/16Education, Christianity, Liberal Bias
A Black Oberlin professor previously suspended over her anti-Semitic Facebook posts is now claiming that the disciplinary action taken against her was based on racism 10/3/16Race, Education,
Two professors who voiced conservative viewpoints at Grand Valley State University in Michigan were reported to the school’s bias response team by students in their class, 9/30/16Education, PC, Freedom
Administrators at the University of Michigan announced a new campus-wide policy that allows students to select their own 'designated personal pronoun' informing the campus community they are expected to adhere to those preferences, and in mocking the politically correct policy, one student has changed his pronoun to 'His Majesty' which professors now have to address him as 9/28/16LGBT, Education, PC
Donald Trump campaign signs were stolen from a man’s lawn by the former vice president of a small college 9/28/16Education, ,
Brown University Law professor says that school faculty should act as 'gatekeepers' against social justice and filter out acceptable free speech 9/16/16PC, Education, Freedom
College Professor denounces free speech. Claiming that free speech is unfounded, because the intention is not to foster an environment of healthy discourse. Instead, free speech proponents only want a cover under which they 'can say racist or sexist things without consequence,' which amounts to violence. 8/29/16Education, Freedom,
A University of Washington Activist Professor hosts a workshop intended to 'provide an in-depth analysis of the specific ways that racism manifests through white fragility' and the professor says that 'White fragility is the concept that due to living in a social environment that insulates them from racial stress, whites have not had to build their capacity for constructive cross-racial engagement' 8/18/16Education, Race,
At National Librarian Conference, suggestions of segregation is applauded to separate blacks from other groups in the name of safe spaces 8/15/16Education, PC, Race
A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is calling for the complete 'abolition of whiteness'; saying only then will America see an end to racism 7/18/16Education, Race,
In 1995, the liberal-conservative ratio among university faculty was roughly 2-to-1, but by 2010, it had risen to nearly 5-to-1 7/8/16Education, Liberal Bias,
A professor who described himself as an 'anti-gun type' is under investigation for threatening to kill everyone at the NRA by shooting them up7/7/16Education, Guns,
A professor who described himself as an 'anti-gun type' is under investigation for threatening to kill everyone at the NRA by shooting them up7/7/16Education, Guns,
Ontario government tells court: No opt outs for LGBT lessons, its embedded in all subjects and grades 6/30/16LGBT, Professors, Freedom
You wont be able to handle the level of idiocy that Leftists Diversity and Open Borders panels say out loud 6/28/16Liberal Bias, PC, Media
Professor compares transgender bathrooms to 1960’s segregation 6/25/16Education, Race, LGBT
At The University of North Carolina, 16 departments have zero registered Republican professors, analysis finds6/20/16Education, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Protester Says Make America Mexico 6/18/16Immigration, Video,
Stanford Law Professor suggested not only that a judge isnt being fair in the Stanford rape case because of hes a male, but that a male judge is incapable of being fair in sexual assault cases because of his gender6/7/16Feminism, Liberal Bias, Education
Prominent Harvard Law professor: ‘The rule of law’ and ‘the First Amendment’ are ‘almost entirely without content’ 6/6/16Freedom, Conservative,
Professors who made anti-Republican statements still teaching, given pay raises6/6/16Education, Liberal Bias,
Florida Atlantic University Muslim professor: Chopping off hands a ‘better solution’ to crime5/26/16Islam, Education,
Anti-Trump protesters shout 'Viva La Mexico' while burning the American flag5/25/16Patriotism, Immigration,
Professor offers extra credit for students to write legislators to demand free tuition. Bribing students for political gain are we?5/20/16Liberal Bias, Education,
Harvard Professor tells liberals to treat Conservative Christians like Nazis5/12/16Education, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Professor called racist and protest was organized for creating a hostile climate for correcting a black students grammar and spelling5/10/16Education, Race, PC
Students refuse to say that America is exceptional because theyre leftist professors have convinced them it isnt5/10/16Education, Patriotism, PC
VIDEO: Canadian college professor talks about her class which discusses at length the habitual sex practices of homeless people. Great way to spend your money right there5/9/16Education, Video,
Salaries for full time, continuing faculty increased by 3.4% this year and 2.7% adjusted for inflation, according to the American Association of University Professors Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession4/11/16Economics, Education,
Law professers call posting 'All Lives Matter' sign on campus an 'incident of intolerance'4/4/16Education, Race,
Professor says chanting 'All Lives Matter' is covert racism4/4/16Education, PC, Race
Law professor suggests ending Democracy in order to stop Donald Trump. Tolerance?3/18/16Education, Freedom,
Professor says white people still breed dogs to kill black people2/25/16Race, Education, Liberal Bias
Harvard Professor advocates registering republican to vote in primary to sabatoge Trump2/22/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Harvard Professor advocates registering republican to vote in primary to sabatoge Trump2/22/16Education, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Teachers banned from teaching after caught infecting UK children with Islamic doctrine2/19/16Islam, Education,
College Professor Caves to 13-hour sit in bullying to change cirriculum to be more Black and Latino2/17/16Education, Race,
Purdue staffer refuses to apologize for comments about raping pro-life women. Feminsts also silent on the issue2/13/16Education, Abortion, Liberal Bias
Princeton Professor arrested for speeding, suspended license, says it was racist2/10/16Race, PC, Education
Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in colleges1/29/16Socialism, Economics, Education
Public School sued for pushing Islamic doctrine on students1/28/16Christianity, Islam, Education
Major Universities offering course credit for attending 'White Privilege' conference1/27/16Race, Education,
Arizona proposing to make sex education in kindergarten mandatory1/26/16PC, Education,
LSU Professor fire over free speech1/21/16Freedom, Education,
University professor calling for muscle officially suspended1/21/16Freedom, Education,
Kent State professor recruiting students to ISIS1/20/16Islam, Education, Education
Former Harvard professor blasts creeping totalitarianism on college campus1/20/16Liberal Bias, Education, Socialism
Black Principal orders to teacher to start opinions with 'As a white woman I...'1/18/16Race, Education,
Professors admit U of Louisville promoting liberal agenda1/18/16Liberal Bias, Media, Education
Professor DEBUNKS study claiming right-wing extremists in U.S. more deadly than Islamic terrorists 1/18/16HoaxFraud, Islam, Education
North Carolina Professor requires 8-page commitment to 'Social Justice'1/15/16PC, Education,
Professors profaine tirad against police earns her a trip to White House1/14/16Liberal Bias, Education,
Harvard Professor: 'When I speak in favor of Israel, I need armed guards'1/14/16Freedom, Education,
Illinois professor says Christians, Muslims pray to same God; Jesus, Muhammed same1/5/16Christianity, Education,
USC professor says Trump supporters are the least educated12/29/15Media, Education,
Notre Dame professor links lenient gun laws to racism12/28/15Guns, Education,
Yale professor says war against ISIS more unconstitutional than protesting first amendment12/18/15Liberal Bias, Education,
Former prof. says plans for Temple Univ. stadium is white supremacy12/11/15Race, Education,
Harvard Law's Shameful decision to show the film 'The Hunting Ground' to students; presenting the film as an accurate portrayal of rape on college campuses in general and showing several discredited cases to make their case12/1/15Feminism, Education, Liberal Bias
Teacher under fire for telling class 'God is a myth'11/29/15Christianity, Education, Liberal Bias
Cornell professors display artwork depicting GOP as terrorists, rapists11/20/15Liberal Bias, Education,
Yale professor says Christianity and Islam are basically the same11/16/15Christianity, Education,
College professor: no moral right to more than one child11/16/15Freedom, Education,
Black Vanderbilt professor latest target of racial protests11/13/15Race, Education,
Students for Justice blame 'zionist' professors for high tuition costs11/11/15Race, Education,
College Professor says agriculture is 'capitalist, racialized patriarchy'10/27/15Race, Education,
REPORT: 99.51% of top liberal arts prof. contributions go to Democrats10/26/15Liberal Bias, Education,
Georgia Tech deans claim the word ‘cheer’ is sexist10/23/15Freedom, PC, Education
College Professor says all GOP candidates talk out of their asses10/9/15Liberal Bias, Education,
UCSB teaches students to reconcile faith with homosexual behavior9/18/15LGBT, Education,
Oregon prof tweets obscenities at conservative leaders9/17/15Liberal Bias, Education,
#BlackLivesMatter leader to teach Yale Divinity School course9/10/15Race, Liberal Bias, Education
WSU student syllabi warned one could fail courses for using words 'he' or 'she'9/1/15Freedom, Education,
Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’8/29/15Freedom, Education, Liberal Bias
Harvard Prof Excuses ISIS Sex Slavery and Terrorism Because USA Had Slavery 150 Years Ago8/24/15Education, Islam,
CU-Boulder prof. arrested for highway blocking protest8/18/15Freedom, Education,
Teachers banned from giving students free bibles in Oklahoma8/15/15Christianity, Education,
Prof. arrested after falsely claiming she was profiled8/7/15Race, Education,
Rutgers Professor says America more brutal than ISIS 7/23/15Perverse, Professors, Islam
Professor compares Scott Walker to Hitler7/16/15Liberal Bias, Education,
Prof.: blacks perpetuate racism by believing in American Dream7/15/15Race, Education,
Professor wants anyone who displays the Confederate Flag to be arrested for a hate crime7/11/15Freedom, PC, Education
Professor jokes about whites committing 'mass suicide' because of slavery guilt7/3/15Race, Education,
Liberal Professors go nuts on Twitter to Charleston shooting7/1/15Liberal Bias, Education, Freedom
Women's studies prof calls for 'men control' because of the rape epidemic on College campuses6/23/15Education, Feminism,
University of California says calling America the 'Land of Opportunity' is offensive6/15/15Patriotism, Education, PC
College protestors protest and break up meeting on traditional marriage. Tolerance?5/27/15Education, Freedom, LGBT
Boston professor blames white males for US's problems5/9/15Race, Education,
College Supports Anti-Christian Professor Who Failed Student For Defying His Atheistic Worldview5/7/15Christianity, Education, PC
Lesbian: I use math class to teach young kids about homosexuality so I can hide it from parents 4/24/15LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay marriage, starting at 4 years old 4/20/15LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Liberal professor writes understanding economics makes you a bad person3/29/15Liberal Bias, Education,
New York Teachers Protest legislation to make them accountable; including making a teacher evaluation system rely more heavily on state tests, and allowing failing schools to be taken over by outside groups. 31% of 3rd to 8th graders are proficient in English, but 99% of the teachers are rated effective, 3/28/15Education, Liberal Bias, Science
ASU offers 'US Race Theory & Problem of Whiteness' Class1/23/15Race, Education,
Academic left goes after Conservative Marquette professor…12/21/14Liberal Bias, LGBT, Education
UofMichigan department chair writes 'its okay to hate republicans...they're bad'12/17/14Liberal Bias, Education,
The great campus rape hoax: Law Professor John Banzhaf said that illegals crossing the border have more rights than college men accused of rape12/14/14Freedom, Education, HoaxFraud
A letter was published in the Boston Globe signed by 28 Harvard law professors voicing strong objections to the school's one-sided, feminist-inspired sexual misconduct policies. Harvard's policy was written by people who think sexual assault is so heinous a crime that even innocence is not a defense 10/16/14Feminism, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Muslim Student Challenges Jewish Professor, He Shuts Her Up On The Spot9/14/14Conservative, Education, Islam
In a new book, Massachusetts Democratic senator and potential presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempts to rewrite history regarding the controversy surrounding her Native American ancestry that emerged in the 2012 Senate campaign. To be fair, most reviews note that Warren has never substantiated her claims of Native American heritage, which is true. The larger and unaddressed issue, however, is whether or not Warren falsely claimed minority status in order to gain an unfair advantage in her academic career. This was a question that was unresolved at the end of the 2012 campaign and it remains unresolved with the publication of Elizabeth Warren's book.4/22/14Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Moms at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference Tell MEW about Social Studies CCSS Aligned Curriculum 12/9/13Education, Professors, Indoctrination
Common Core and the 2013 National Council for the Social Studies coming to St. Louis. Eye Opening Common Core Aligned Topics10/14/13Education, Professors, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Arizona Classes Taught from an Anti-White, Mexican-American Point of View3/15/13Education, Immigration, Video
A professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) published an article on how bareback sex should be taught in sex education programs, to create a theory of risky (sex) education 12/3/12LGBT, Professors, Perverse
College administrator's Twilight Zone moment: we aren't determining whether there was a rape when we expel a young man for rape 12/1/12Education, Freedom, HoaxFraud
College Professor censors Anti-Obama comment on free speech wall10/1/12Freedom, Education, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson vs Jehmu Greene: Tempers flared and race was invoked during this heated debate about the authenticity of Elizabeth Warren American Indian heritage.5/4/12Race, Conservative, Video
Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and likely Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Scott Brown, has been defending herself against allegations that she used her Native American heritage to advance her law career. 5/1/12Race, Liberal Bias, HoaxFraud
Harvard Professor wants to eliminate white race2/26/12Race, Education,
Teacher deems American flag offensive5/10/10Patriotism, Education,
Western Reserve University assistant professor received a six-month prison sentence Friday for falsely reporting to the FBI that she received racially-charged hate mail. 11/16/07HoaxFraud, Education, Race
DePaul professor fired for Muslim Political Correctness10/21/07PC, Education, Video
Study finds academics favor liberalism4/7/05Liberal Bias, Education,
A psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California fakes own hate crime. Kerri Dunn had spoken publicly on topics such as hate crimes and racial tolerance broke the windows, slashed the tires and spray-painted anti-Semitic slurs on her own car12/12/04Education, HoaxFraud,

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